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Author Topic: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 36 (11/06/2016)  (Read 29353 times)

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THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 36 (11/06/2016)
« on: June 19, 2013, 05:35:44 AM »
It was a special day. All my friends were there, she was there too...

Sometimes I think it would have been better not to make that party... then, maybe she... and maybe them...

(August 13, day of the party)

-No way! you are getting married?! congrats mayu!- a tall girl with short hair said to the shorter girl,  who was in front of her.

-Thank you –

-And... who is the lucky one? -

-Sae! Hi there!- a young man hugged mayu by the waist  and peck her cheek.

-Yo! so this was you!- she said looking at the lovely couple - congrats for your marry, when will it be?- the girl asked.

-Hey thanks! - the guy blushed a little  - well, my beautiful wife asked for a wedding in the snow so... we're marrying on December 24th-

-Ooooh, great!-

-Nee sae-chan, where is your girlfriend? - mayu asked.

-Eh? Have a new girlfriend?- asked her future husband.

-Um... please, don't remember me this... - she said pouting - she rejected me -

-Eeeeh?! But nobody resist against you! - mayu said.

-Well, she said she was in love with her... ex - she sighed -... yet. -

-And she works in the same building?-

-Yeah! we're coworkers, je! Besides, she is our boss - sae said - oh, speaking of the devil, you wanna meet her? – she said while looking at someone who was walking around the garden.

The woman who was in the garden was seeing some flowers but in front of her was a group of people, she didn't pay much attention to them but noticed someone was waving their hand, she looked at the person and noticed it was her friend sae. The woman smiled in reply and saw the girl was asking her to go there. -Come here! - sae shouted.

There were so much people and she wasn't paying proper attention to the surrounding.

-Hey! glad you came, just for a second i thought you won't come!- sae said hugging the woman.

-How could I forget your birthday party? These events occur once in life- she smiled and hugged her in response - congratulations for your birthday, sae-

-Yeah, thanks! Oh! By the way, i want to introduce you with some friends - she turned around...

*Maybe I should have noticed it since that moment, i remember very well how she made a face who said "it hurts", and she too... her face saying something like "it's a nightmare"... sometimes i wonder if... if it was all my fault...*

Sae turned around - she is my friend and my boss- mayu was being hugged by her fiancée, she was smiling, she seemed happy until she saw that girl's face ... she got pale and freeze.

The woman, just for a moment seemed as if was shocked, after, she just smiled as ever and finally spoke - hello, my name is yuki kashiwagi - she said politely, bowing.

-Yu-Yuki kashiwagi? The famous researcher who last year received the tokyo award in Planetary sciences, astronomy and astrophysics?! – the guy shouted in ecstasy.

-Heh... -

-HA! i knew it! Everybody knows you because of that! - sae poked at  yuki while she was blushing.

-Ni-nice to meet you! - the guy grabbed her hand - you know? I admire your work, iie, because of your work I want to become a researcher too! it's my honor to know you for real! -

-Thank you, etto... what's your name? -

-Oh, my bad! i'm hiro hayashi -

-And... - yuki looked at the short girl who was between both of them.

-She's my fiancée, mayu watanabe -

*Those eyes... who were shouting something like "i miss you" why things turned out like that?*

-Hm? - sae looked at mayu - oi mayu, mayu~ earth calling to mayu! -

Mayu was staring at yuki an her ... smile.

-Watanabe-san? - yuki said smiling.

-Yes? – finally she said.

-Did you know her? - sae asked to mayu who was looking at the tall girl in front of her.

-I don't think so, it's the first time we meet, right watanabe-san?-

-Yeah, nice to meet you, too-

-Congratulations on your wedding, i'm sure you will be very happy, and have Childs as pretty as their mother - she looked at mayu who blushed - and as tall as their father - she saw at hiro who was grinning.

-Then you are the girl who sae says rejected her? - hiro said.

-Haha, yes i think? Although she is quite popular among women in our building-

-But I want you, only you!- Sae said smirking.

-But I already told you... -

-But I told you in response that I would take care of *-Mother- someone said interrupting them*

The four adults saw to a little girl behind sae.

*This was the first time I saw her smiling with so much love*

-Mother...- the little girl approached yuki and pulled her hand.


I hate it when this occurs, but if I didn’t write it right away, I would forget this idea  :banghead:

This is a Mayuki story (i love mayuki stories) :bow:

Well hope you like and still working in the second chapter of my other fic. :kneelbow:


Edit: i just thought about this, i'm really sorry  :kneelbow:
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« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2013, 08:57:44 AM »
Mayu and Sae are going to married in December 24th :stoned:
I think Mayu is Yuki's ex :wahaha:
EH!?!?! The littile girl, who called Yuki's mother :shock: Who's that? Her daughter :dunno:
Yuki rejected Sae :ding:
I also love Mayuki's stories cause I'm a bif shipper of Mayuki :luvluv1:
Well, it's a Mayuki's fic so I'll wait for your next update :on gay:
Update soon, please :kneelbow:
Working on translating an awesome Kojiyuu fanfic, right now ☆〜(ゝ。∂) :mon beam:

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« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2013, 10:28:41 AM »
Looks like a great start for a MaYuki drama. Wonder what went wrong in their relationship... did Yuki get knocked up by some guy?
Is this told from Sae's POV (I mean the bold parts)? Sorry I'm a bit confused.

Thanks for writing this :cow:

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« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2013, 10:39:34 AM »
me want more please! :bow:
thanx for this :cow:
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« Reply #4 on: June 19, 2013, 10:51:56 AM »
Interesting start to the fic

Yuki meets the ex and throws everything into a swirl
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« Reply #5 on: June 19, 2013, 11:05:30 AM »
interesting start...  :twothumbs

my guess is that mayu is yuki's ex that she can't forget?? :dunno:

the bold parts seemed more of mayu's thought?? though the first bold thought leans more towards yuki??  :dizzy:

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 2
« Reply #6 on: June 19, 2013, 11:07:37 AM »
-Mother?!- hiro shouted - b-but but kashiwagi-sama has 24 years, don't she?- he was surprised.

'Mother?' Mayu tought looking at yuki and that smile, too lovely, too motherly 'but this little child may  has more than five years... she couldn't be yuki-chan's... child'

The only one who seemed not be shocked was sae.

-Yo! rena-chan, are you having fun?- she bent on her knees and pet her friend's child.

-Yes, thank you for inviting us - the liitle girl said smiling -Mother - rena said staring at her mother's eyes.

-Yes? -responded yuki grabbing both hands of rena, shanking them

- Jurina says she is hungry- the little girl said - will you come to eat with us?- said while starting to walk, pulling her mother.

-Ok, ok, wait a moment, hey guys- she turned around -  nice to meet you, again, and please just call me yuki or kashiwagi and don't add the "sama", it's a bit embarrasing, well, see you later - she waved her hand while grabbing her child with the other hand.

They disappeared between the crowd.

-Wow, did not know that Kashiwagi had children and less at that age - hiro said looking at sae.

-Yeah, i was surprised at first, so i asked her about those kids -

-And... who is the father?- asked mayu in a normal way.

-The truth is... i'm the father-

- No freaking way, come on! tell us! - said hiro hitting sae's head.

-Ok, ok, ok, but please promise me not to tell anybody about this!- the three started to walk.

#on some table#

-Nee, mother let´s eat this! - said rena while tastes some melon pan.

-Hey, first you have to eat all your vegetables- the mother said while feeding to the other little girl.

-Mama, this tastes good hehehe, and smells funny, like the toast with honey- the little girl said.

-Oh, jurina likes vegetables?- rena was looking at her little sister while she ate whit no worries.

-Want to try a bit?- asked yuki, aproaching a spoon to rena's mouth.

-Um... fine, and after finishing the vegetables i can eat this melonpan, right?- she has a bright smile.

-Of course!- yuki smiled.

-Yaaaaaa~y! did you heard jurina? Let’s finish the meal and eat the melonpan-

yuki hugged the children -love you, yu know?-

-Yes!! we love you the most!-

-Yeeeeey i love mama!- said jurina jumping on the chair.

-Jurina stop, it's dangeous-

-Ah! ok –

#coming back with the friends#

-four years ago I met yuki, she was in the same hospital as my father.

'four years ago? in that time... '

-whenever i visited my father she was there too, with a baby in her arms, at the beginning i thought she was there for some familiar like us. One day i stayed the whole night at the hospital and noticed she was still there, so i aproached her and tried to talk, besides me and her, there was nobody in there. after speaking about trivial things she asked me why i was there and in short i told her that my father was in his last days; when i asked about the little baby she was carrying she looked at the stairs and told me "her big sister is in a surgery" .

she told me that three days ago there occurred an accident at the facility where she was working with some colleages, they were in the middle of the forest and the rescue finally arrived but both of her friends had already died. for their bad luck them went with their children, nobody knew that accident would occur. The little girl you saw is the little girl who she was waiting for in that hospital. After that, she got custody of the girls at the request of the deceased parents.

-Oh, i remember, that was a breaking news,  and the people who died in that incident was the matsui couple... - hiro thought, something was missing, but whát?-  ooooh!!!! are you saying that the girl from before is the daughter of the most respectfull researchers in japan? and her little sister is their daugther too?  but at that time yuki couldn't be a researcher, she may have been studying-

-yes, she was about to finish her career, and she got to work with them thanks to her good grades. when they died she promised then to finish their proyect, that's why when you read about her articles there ate writen three names, the name of yuri matsui, the name of mana matsui and her name. She really loves those kids as if they were hers -

-She looked really happy- said mayu, hiro nodded.

-Yes! she's happy, all the time she speaks about them hahahaha- 

-When i finished my studies i wanted to work with her so i got the job here, but as you can see, she rejected me...-

'At that time i was just a high schooler...' mayu tought 'yeah, that occurred months after we broke up, yuki-chan... i didn't know the pain you... and the responsablity... maybe you was right and i'm a coward like ever' 

We got interrupted for a crowd surrounding and screaming "call an ambulance!"  suddenly i heard a familiar voice.

-Mama wake up!- jurina was crying.

We approached the crowd and i started to look for rena and jurina, finally i found them... they were hunkered down, hugging their mother who was bleeding on the floor. 

-What the...? - i ran and hugged both of then while covered their eyes - she will be al right... -

-¡Yuki-chan! - mayu reached the woman in the floor and started to cry...



The second chapter yeah! Right, mayu has 21 and sae 23.

and yes those bold parts are sae's pov  (then i think it is surprising that it's sae's pov)

thakns for your thanks! and for your replys! :bow:

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« Reply #7 on: June 19, 2013, 01:53:11 PM »
I don't know but  I kind of didn't understand  :nervous

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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« Reply #8 on: June 19, 2013, 06:18:10 PM »
rena and jurina are so cute :cathappy:
yuki?! :cry: is she alright?? :?
i find the ending a bit confusing :nervous
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« Reply #9 on: June 19, 2013, 06:39:09 PM »

haha  :sweat: please let me know what part is confusing  and maybe there could be an explanation  :on speedy:

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« Reply #10 on: June 19, 2013, 06:50:33 PM »
I think i got it. In this chapter sae explains whats with yuki's kids, they are her dead sister's kids. And then suddenly yuki feels sonething wrong and tells the kids that she loves them and then faints or something right?
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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 3
« Reply #11 on: June 19, 2013, 09:26:26 PM »
I hope the doubts are clarified as the story goes by. :panic:

I think I understand the question but if i answer them the story may be more obvious?  :OMG:

oh, but if I can answer some, I will  :kneelbow:

thank you!


-Itaiiiii!- yuki said barely audibly, she tried to move but couldn't, hes whole body ached and felt as if at any moment she was going to mourn because of the pain.

-Yuki-chan!- mayu shouted, she was about to embrace yuki.



The both girls ran and hugged their mother.

-Hey! wait!- sae tried to reach them but they were already embracing yuki  who with all her might smiled at them, trying to calm them down.

-Mama...! sorry... -

-Jurina, it's not your fault - yuki said stroking her daughter's face.

-Hey, what happened here?- sae asked to someone

- it seems the little girl was playing on the edge of the second floor, someone called her out and when yuki reached her... looks like someone pushed them and ... both fell-

-Sae, you have security cameras in your house, right?- said hiro - let's go see who did this - both stared to walk inside a room.

- Mother, please don't die... - said rena crying and embracing jurina.

- Hey, i won't let you alone, besides i'm really strong you know?- both girls nodded - as the ambulance arrives and heal my wounds, we can go home -

-Mother, can you stand up?- rena asked realizing that yuki was lying on the floor yet.

-Hehehe... i feel much better in the floor, just let's wait for the ambulance, ok?-

-Yuki...- mayu was just seeing the situation, what exactly she can do for her? nothing, the truth like ever.

-Hi, mayu-chan - yuki looked at the short girl standing besides them. 

-Yu-yuki-chan! are you alright?! - mayu approached  and took yuki's hand.

-Yeah, i'm fine, it's just... i feel a bit of pain, that's all- yuki said... the ambulance has arived.

-Mother... who is she?- rena asked, her face seemed familiar.

-She is mayu-chan, nothing else, she is a good person, so while i'm in the hospital... - yuki stared at mayu who nodded while wiping her tears - while i'm in the hospital she will take care of you two, understood?-

-Yeees- they nodded calmly.

Yuki's eyes looked tired ... mayu noticed this and asked the girls to accompany her, she would take them to the hospital so they could see their mother. while walking mayu glanced at the paramedics and was surprised to hear a piercing scream when yuki was moved to lay on the stretcher, yuki was crying, the pain was unbearable.

-Hee~h,  yuki sure loves both of you - mayu said smiling - she's incredible-

-When my parents died, yuki promised us she will never let us alone - rena said - now she is my mother and jurina loves her - rena grabbed mayu's hand the same way jurina was doing - when mi parents introduced her with us. she seemed like a cold person and because of that, i didn't like her-

-She was a cold person back then?-

-Yeah, she just worked as if she was a ciborg, my parents asked me to play with her and I tried but she didn't like to play, one day I got lost in the forest and she found me, she was really worried and hugged me - rena smiled - since that day she became my best friend-

-But, why are you with her, I mean, she is not blood related with you, she is a stranger-

- I heard... my mother didn't have familiars and my father's didn't like him, but we are really really happy being with her, she is a great person!-

#in the security room#

-stop there!- hiro said - look at this guy - he pointed at someone in the screen.

There was a man, he pushed jurina to the edge and yuki grabbed her, he pushes both and them fall, yuki embrace jurina to protect her and now yuki is in the floor and the blood start to flow, someone scream, rena down the stairs and approaches, yuki smile at jurina - it's all right - and faint, seconds later sae, mayu and hiro appear.

#the hours passed, now they are in the hospital's cafeteria#

-It seems... somebody wants yuki out of the game, i knew something was strange in the recent incidents she has had!-

-Eh? Something else has happened?- asked hiro.

-Yeah, her car, the station, the streets - sae hit the table - this is wrong! what will happen with the children!  Them not to blame!- 

-Ok, calm down; first let's hope she get out free of this... -

#meanwhile, out of yuki's room#

- She will be all right, i promise you...- mayu said staring from the big window at the pretty and sad scene , rena and jurina were speaking with yuki, them hugged her and kissed her forehead, them were smiling and yuki pet their heads, she caresses their faces... but... yuki absolutely seemed really tired.

-Um... excuse me - a doctor approached mayu - you are watanabe-san  right?- mayu nodded - we did what we can, i'm really surprised she didn't die for that fall, to be honest, she may not last the night, i'm sorry - the doctor started to walk to other direction, mayu felt her tears coming out while staring at the happy famili inside the room.

*knock knock*

The door opened - hey, you are having fun and don't invite me? - she smiled - rena-chan, jurina-chan can i talk to your mother?-

-yeah, come on jurina, let's go to the cafeteria, sae is there-

-ok, mama can buy pudding? - jurina asks.

-Fine, tell sae - saying this both girls got out of the room.

-You have good children-

-Thank you - said yuki trying to move her arms, the pain was still unbearable.

-If hurts so much how is that you can move well when they are here?-

-Because I don't want them to be worried-

-Wow, just wow, you are a strong person...-

-The doctor told me... maybe this is the last... - yuki stopped, she was thinking something.

-You know my young brother, he lives in the same place so... can i ask you a favor?-

-Sure... - mayu sat on a chair next to yuki and grabbed yuki's hand.

-Heh, it feels awkward... I think - yuki smiled - maybe I missed you...  whatever, if I die please bring the kids at my brother place, he sure will be pleased, you know him, he loves kids-

-The same as you- mayu said smirking.

-Well, we are siblings; obviously he is, like I told you in my will I have left written that if I die he will take care of them.

-And he is *-he agreed- yuki said before mayu finished her question*

-Ok, but please, don't say you will die, they need you and love you, i also love you... - mayu said sad.

-Thank you..., you know? That guy is a good person, I’m pretty sure he will make you happy – yuki smiled.

Several minutes later mayu got out of the room and the little girls returned from the cafeteria, accompanied by sae and hiro, there were all talking outside the room, suddenly a strange sound caught their attention, all of them turned just to see that yuki was convulsing.

-Yuki-chan!- mayu shouted and sae and hiro looked at her.

All entered the room, rena and Jurina ran to hug their mother, they cried, mayu embraced them trying to separate them, sae helped too, hiro called the doctors.

Everything was going to end with a sad ending?

-Please don't die, you promised us!-


Yuki was losing consciousness, the sound of voices everywhere, her daughters crying 'please, don't cry...' she couldn't speak, just her thoughts... everything started vanishing...

*was at that moment that I realized, and I'm sure hiro too ... sometimes it's best, perhaps, not realizing, yuki was in love with mayu and mayu must be yuki’s ex-girlfriend, but she was about to ger married so… *



next chapters... the past maybe?  :hehehe:
thanks for readding!! :)


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« Reply #12 on: June 19, 2013, 09:36:04 PM »
Okay I think I have it down now....

Yuki saves Jurina and as they wait they are there to find the person who forced them over the edge :nervous
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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 3
« Reply #13 on: June 19, 2013, 10:06:48 PM »
Oh no, this is gonna be a sad fic  :cry:

Can we have a happy ending, please? This is just too sad  :cry: :cry: :cry:
It's just that Mayu and Yuki will never get to be together...

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 3
« Reply #14 on: June 19, 2013, 10:29:47 PM »
thank you I understand it more now :deco:
YUKI!!  :cry: :cry:
me wanna kill the man who hurt yuki :angry:
omg rena and jurina i feel so sorry for them :(
no yuki can't die :shocked :panic: poor mayu and yuki they love each other but mayu's getting married :banghead:
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 3
« Reply #15 on: June 19, 2013, 10:41:14 PM »
Somehow, I feel like I understand it and I don't at the same time
well, it's interesting~

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 3
« Reply #16 on: June 20, 2013, 01:11:20 AM »
 No Yukirin can't die!!!!

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 4
« Reply #17 on: June 21, 2013, 05:45:49 AM »
-Happy birthday juri-chan!- sae said holding a peach cake, in the center of the cake had a little candle with form of No. 4

-Now make a wish, make a wish!- said rena excitedly.

-Wait there! I have not yet taken a picture - said yuki holding a camera.

-But i want to eat already!- said jurina, eating a slice of peach.

-Oooooh! come here rena-chan, let's take a beautiful picure all together!- said sae hugging both girls - hurry up, mom!- she said to yuki.

-Heeeh wait, wait - yuki was adjusting the camera - ok, ready? - she walked to the others and hugged her daughters.

-Ok! say cheese!!! - said jurina rising her hands.

in the picture there were jurina rising her hands, rena making peace with her fingers, yuki hugging both her daugthers and sae extending her arms showing a big smile.


-Hm i think we are forgetting something...- said yuki.

-mother, it's too dark out here - said rena.

-look rena-chan! this is a tiger lamp! - said jurina while holding a lamp -grrraaaaw -

rena giggled looking at her little sister.

-Ooooi! - someone shouted in the middle of the darkness.

-let me know the next time you'll be late! - yuki pouted after cross her arms.

-Sorry sorry but i didn't find a good one- said sae hidding something behind her.

-look sae-chan! this is a tiger lamp! - jurina said illuminating sae's face.

-woooooh! looks great, who gave you this?-

-mama gave me, because here is dark and with this monsters won't come!-

-Yeah, right! the monsters won't come to scare us!-

-Ahem!! it's late now you know? and here is cold!-

-Sorry, i forget, now rena, close your eyes! -

After a moment there was atelescope-shaped cake with seven colored candles.

 -ready?- said sae, placing a camera on a frustum.

-Happy birthda~y!-

there were yuki and jurina hugging rena whileshe was smiling, sae was holding the cake in front of her. 


-mama I want to sleep- jurina is laying on the couch.

-no, you have to drink you milk before going to kindergarten- says yuki grabbing some papers.

-but it's cold out there...-

-jurina, in the  kindergarten are many many toys and you can have a lot of friends! you will have fun!- rena says down the stairs.

-um... if rena-chan says so... -

-ok, let's go - yuki and the girls go into the car.


-Is a great honor for me to receive this award, but it's much more special to know that we have finally achieved our goal. Something that had been possible thanks to the doctors yuri matsui and  mana matsui, they believed in this project and now we can see it realized - yuki was about to cry - I want to dedicate this to the most important people in my life, rena and Jurina - she stepped down the stage and hugged their daughters.

-Master, congratulations- said her butler.


-Hm... why don't you try with mama, it's easier than mother or mom, i think?- sae was eating a banana with jurina.

-As if... stop teaching her like that - said yuki grabbing a bottle with milk.

-rena-chan what do you think?-  sae asked.

-sae-san is like the father and yuki is like the mother-  rena said watching the tv.

-Ouch that hurt's you know?, i'm a woman too - the woman said walking to the couch next to rena.

-i don't believe you- rena said without looking up at her. 

-i think the same as you, rena - said yuki.

-whyyy? - shouted sae - come on juri-chan you won't say the same, right?-

-jurina, let's try saying mama ok?-  jurina was drinking her milk.

-ok, say with me, maaaaa-maaaa - sayd yuki with some strange expresions.

-you wanna scare her- whispered sae.

-did you say something?- asked yuki with a bad aura.

-rena-chan let's play wii- sae looked at rena.

after minutes of try and try...


-did you hear? she said mama!- shouted yuki smiling.

-now jurina, again- said sae but jurina just fell asleep.

-maybe she don't want- said rena kissing the little baby's forehead.


-wait a minute, i'm not familiar with them!-

-i understand what you are saying but Mr. and mrs. matsui wanted for you, exactly you, to have custody of their daughters.

-and what will happen with the children if i deny? -

-they will be send to an orphanage-

-Fine then! i'll take care of them!- yuki shouted and went out- anything else please talk to my lawyer!- her lawyer and the judge were astonished.

-Rena, jurina i swear you i will never let you alone!- she hugged both girls, rena was sitting on a chair and she was grabbing jurina, yuki started to cry.

-Yuki... it's all right- rena kissed yuki's cheek, jurina was sleeping.


 -it's ok, everything is all right, your big sis will go out of the surgery and you two will be send to some familiars, after that... you... you will be happy again, i'm sure- yuki was walking in circles in front of a surgery room.

- rena will be all right, she is strong, she is strong... please rena, you have to be strong - yuki started to cry.

- please god, not only their parents but she too?- she sat on a chair.

a doctor came out of the room  - the operation was fine but we need to wait until tomorrow and hope se can bear it-

-can i go in?-

-i'm sorry but in this moment they are claning her, you look tired, why don't you go to the cafeteria and eat, i haven't seen you eat anything- said the doctor.

-fine then... -

- you can go in her room after you eat-

-ok, thank you- she walked to the cafeteria, there was nobody except for someone drinking coffe in one of the tables next to the windows.  (you can say this is the scene where she meets sae)


-Renaaaaa!- a man was shouting in the middle of the flames.

-Yuki-san, please take care of jurina - a woman says and goes inside the building too.

-Please Mr. Matsui! Mrs. Matsui! is dangerous! get out of there!- yuki was scared, she was trembling and she was grabbing a baby who was crying.



the screams were heard from inside that building, the walls began to collapse.

-Yuriiiii! Manaaaaaa!- and in the silence yuki kept screaming until the ambulance and the firefighters arrived. they took care of jurina and yuki ran to the rubble looking for the doctors and her daughter.

-we found them!- someone said and yuki ran towards the place.

there were yuri and mana protecting their daugther from the fire and the walls, they were died.

-...- yuki was shocked, they were died and hours before they were laughing, suddenly something catched her atention - rena?- rena started coughing. 


-Come in come in, let me introduce you to my little daugthers- said a man with black hair, round glasses and a cat smile.

-Nice to meet you, i'm rena, i have 4 years old and like melonpan- said rena eating melonpan, after that se ran to the couch. 

-wow, she speaks like an adult- said yuki with a surprised expression (you know what expressions she makes so please imagne her like that in the whole story, well... just  in the parts where she is like happy or something)

-hahaha yeah, she speaks like her mother- said the man eating melonpan too.

-please forgive my husband, he is a little childish sometimes- appeared a woman with wavy hair, pale skin and a beautiful smile.

-please, don't worry, i'm the strange one here- said yuki looking at the fathen and daugther who were playing on the couch.

- well then, please introduce yourself- the woman was grabbing a little baby.

- i'm kashiwagi yuki, i'm 20 years old and i'm here to work under your command - she bowed.

-hahaha you freak me out! please can you speak with more enthusiasm? you will be a bad example for our daugthers!-  said the man laughing because of the lack of enthusiasm.

-this little one is jurina, she has three months - said the woman - i am mana matsui and he is my crazy husband yuri matsui, nice to meet you, yuki-san-


-congrats! you got accepted!- said a guy with blonde hair, hugging yuki

-yeah, thank you...- she was sitting showing no reaction. 

-come on! you have to be happy! let's try again! congrats! you got accepted! - said again. 

-yay! thank you! - said yuki overreacting.

-ok, time out! - the guy sat next to her - why aren't you happy? this is what you wanted, didn't you?- he pets yukis head.

-yeah... i should be happy... this way i won't see her anymore... -  she said grabbing her cellphone.

-well - the guy  took the cell - you don't need this anymore then- he started to erase a number.

-what are you doing?- she shouted.

-I'm making sure you won't call her anymore- he was erasing her messages and pictures.

-please... as if i wanted to- she crossed her arms.

-but you want to! yuki... you are crying... - the guy hugged her friend.

-it's because i'm happy, i'm really really happy that i won't see her anymore... -she began to sob.

-and because of that we have to celebrate!- the guy gave her a chocolate.

-thanks, kai...- yuki hugged him.

-yeah, we are freids after all-  he started to cry - but it really hurts when your love is unrequited...-

-we know perfectly well, let's go celebrate our unrequited love...- she giggled while wiping her tears

-as you wish my dear princess- they started to walk.



yeah, these are yuki's memories  :fainted:

next chapter!!!!!  :panic: will be yukis memories about mayu!!  :on speedy:

edit: i forgot the greetings -w-
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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 4
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This is like a movie where they tell the story backward loll. It's just sad that Yuki is not gonna make it.
Next chapter will be even sadder cos it will be about Mayu :cry:

I'm gonna go prepare a box of tissue.

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 4
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I guess she is unconscious at the moment with all the memories
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