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Author Topic: Dance : Rewrite by Jyurination48 (Jurisaku) and Sayamilky FanFicVid(?)  (Read 38155 times)

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Re: Dance: cabasuka gakuen (Jurina x sakura)
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Dance: Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2017 (Jurina x sakura)
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---- ---- -------


--- --------

Sakura struggling for air, her breath come out in fast desperate rhythm, in front of her, a beautiful magnificent being, but also at the moment; menacing.

"you run out of breath sakura" Matsui Jurina smirk, her eyes on sakura, savage

"I'm not!" sakura gather all her might and charging to Jurina, too bad, its sakura anyway, so it just end up as a cute powerless charge

Jurina easily catch and swept sakura down, pinned the hakata girl to the soft mattress below

" looks nice down there" the sakae ace smirk wider, looks amused

sakura frowning, clearly not as amused as Jurina, Jurina chuckled a bit, before stand up, and help sakura to also stand

"You improve a lot sakura" Jurina smile kindly to sakura, just like she always do,

However... when sakura look into Jurina eyes, she could feel it... an unusual gloom... clouded the usually Sunny eyes

--- ---- --- ---

They are in the practice room, only this time, a practice room for wrestling.

Yes... wrestling.

AKB new drama, Tofu wrestling, will make the poor akb girls challenging wrestling theme, top, Jurina and Sakura once again would be the main lead.

Sakura could feel her whole body aching, unlike the super sporty Jurina, sakura is famous on sport because of ... erm ...'something else'

Sakura herself aware of it, but all sakura know, that all she could do, is doing her best for it

"lets do it one more time!" Sakura calling Jurina, but instead of replying, sakura catch Jurina just stare blankly at the floor, that dark cloud is in the sakae ace eyes again "Jurina?" sakura call again, Jurina snapped

"um, y-yes? "



Kouhaku Uta gassen just ended, Sakura and Jurina as expected, successfully entered the 48 selected members, Sakura magnificently ranked 5, answering the heavy investment burden the management put on her, while Matsui Jurina, ranked 11.

unlike Sousenkyo, it is harder to vote multiple time on NHK kouhaku, this vote result is a more accurate picture of how popular the current members are.

Yamamoto Sayaka, the NMB queen, with total 41.190 votes, gloriously out ruled the said invisible Sousenkyo goddess, Sashihara Rino, who come second at 34,247 votes.

It is well known that SKE fan base is never the most major in numbers, but always be the most passionate one, encouraged by Jurina herself to support as much SKE members as possible, a lot of Jurina fans use their single vote on other SKE

Not to mention Jurina -along with watanabe mayu -is a member with Major fan base located outside japan, unable to fully vote this time. Jurina rank will not as high, Jurina understand that, she has grown up a lot, and just smile it off briefly.

But ever since, Sakura could see it sometimes, just like today, a veil on the eyes of the Sakae ultimate ace.

-- ------------

"Y-yes, sakura? whats up?"

"Ju, would you mind practicing with me for another round? "

"Sure sakura, anything for you" Jurina smile

"Thank you Ju!"

Jurina smile to sakura, just like she always do. and again, in a mili second before she turn around ... sakura catch it again, the glimpse in the Sakae ace eyes

--- ----- --


Its getting late, Jurina and sakura decide to wrap up the day, so is other members in the room

An exceptional beautiful girl who've been watching for a while in the corner, stepping forward

"Yui han, you done?"

Heard her name called, the Jiki soukantoku looks up, her face lit almost immediately when her eyes meet the caller

"Paru chan! " Yuihan quickly grabbing her stuff and go to the just recently graduate member, smiling, looks genuinely happy

"Thanks to swing by, I'm happy we still have lunch even after you graduate"

Paruru roll her eyes " you know i cant really leave you alone, beside..."

Paruru only stare at the soukantoku for a while


"I wanna see you training today... you looks good wrestling"

"W-what are you talking about" the Jiki Soukantoku went all flustered, Paruru really enjoy how cute the serious Yui could be sometimes

Jurina and Sakura passing by, sakura bowing politely to Yui and paru, while Jurina hanging her palm in the air, paruru automatically give Jurina five, also adding her rare cute smile to Jurina while doing so

"Paru chan really is cute" Jurina said brightly

" two... really close these days" sakura said "you even... make a surprise appearance on Paruru san graduation stage"

"yup, Paru is nice! we go out sometimes, just the two of us, really fun!"

"uh huh" someone start getting edgy

"so is it works?"

"what works" sakura start dragging her words

"making you it works?"

Sakura punch that annoying sakae ace arm immediately, "ouch!" Jurina shrugged a bit, but quickly recover and laugh, looking at sakura, teasing her with a smile

"I hate you Jurina"

"I love you too sakura, so much <3"

Sakura throw her most vicious glare to that SKE puppy, and Jurina, just like every time sakura does, just laugh it off.

Jurina laugh is bright and pleasant, it makes people feel happy with her.

She hate to admit it, but sakura really love the way Jurina laugh, so Sakura just secretly watch from the corner of her eyes when Jurina laugh at her, don't want to blow up her supposed to be angry self. but sakura catch it again, how in the end of Jurina laugh, her eyes portrait blankness once again

Sakura know, more than know, that behind all those smile, behind those tough act Jurina put on these few days, for the sakae ace knows if she looks sad, her fans would be more sad... sakura know, that Jurina indeed, affected by NHK rank results...


Jurina snap back from wherever she was back to sakura "u-um, yes??"

"....How about we have a date tomorrow?"

"huh??" Jurina obviously catch off guard

"What? you go on dates with other members but you don't wanna have a date with me?"

"What-- NO!! it just that, arent you... really busy these days?"

"Matsui san, do you have any job tomorrow ?"

Jurina laugh a bit with the sudden tone change "lol...just until 4 Miyawaki san"

"I'll cancel all my schedule tomorrow, so...Ju... take me somewhere nice "

Sakura look away, but Jurina notice it anyway, the blush on the hakata girl face, Jurina smile

"Sure!!! leave it all to me Sakura!!! ill take you to an unforgettable date!"

---- - - --------


Jurina swept her favorite black leather jacket, looking casual yet formal enough for the fancy restaurant she reserved, somehow a bit nervous. actually is a pretty special day

Jurina ginning, everything seems good! its still an hour ahead their meeting time, but she don't want to rushing their date, Jurina humming happily as she entering her car, putting on the seatbelt... when her phone start buzzzing

Jurina took out her cell and looking at the screen

Raising her eyebrows ... high

---- ---- ---- --

She is not picking up

Sakura keep listening to the dial tone from her phone, its her 7th times trying to reach Jurina

But the sakae ace do not picking up

Sakura looks anxiously at her watch, her beautiful white night gown not really the most comfortable outfit, its 8.30 already, Jurina said she will come around 7

where is she??

She looking at her window, winter rain start pouring hard out there


Sakura slam her body on her couch, swear to kill Jurina when she got here

--- - - - ------ --

knock knock

Knock knock knock

Sakura slowly opening her eyes, she fall asleep on the couch...

knock knock

The faint knocking sound that waking her up still there... its almost like someone just tapping their finger to the door gently rather than knocking

Sakura half awake walk to her front door, but as soon as she peek from the peepholes, Sakura snapped immediately, open her door right away


One mess up but beautiful piece of art; Matsui Jurina. Sakura remember she want to kill that Sakae ace, but all her sense pulled by how mess up Jurina is, its still raining hard outside, and Jurina is drenched, on her hand, some messy looking roses

"S-Sakura?? you still awake??" despite knocking, Jurina looks like she is not expecting the door would be opened

"Ju?!!what are you doing!! how if you catch a cold!!??" Sakura pulling Jurina inside right away, Jurina is AKB48 top three, and sakura knows better how big is the impact if that Sakae Ace were to catch even the slightest cold.

Sakura half running searching for towel, warping the soaked Jurina right away,

Jurina scanning Sakura who now gently drying her hair with fluffy towel, couldnt ignore how Sakura clearly just awake, looks dazzling still fully formally dressed. Sakura was waiting for her and Jurina know it. Jurina felt like killing herself

" sorry"


"I....SKE....I....I really... I'm sorry ....I" Jurina stuttered

" I have to go back to nagoya, some SKE emergency ... I.. I come back to tokyo as fast as I can but... but " Jurina looking down, not even able to look back at sakura

Jurina unsurely handed the messy looking roses on her hand "... the florist already close when I comeback here- but they kindly open up and give me this when I banging their door" the sakae ace biting her lip

"err...happy anniversary"

Sakura look at Jurina, her eyes widen

" remember our anniversary?"

"What?? you thought I forget???"

"No, it just that... you never brought the subject, so I thought you just... don't care with such thing"

"How could I?? I've been wanting to ask you out today for the whole week! but our schedule really don't match... so I'm being considered"

Jurina look at the mess up roses on her hand "well...either ruining our anniversary anyway... I ...really is... good for nothing"

And sakura find it again, the discomfort darkness on Jurina eyes, as Jurina look away while handing sakura the roses banquet

Sakura receiving the roses, shudder a bit as her finger touch Jurina hand, its ice cold

Sakura glance to the window, the temperature is below zero Celsius outside....just.. just how long has the sakae ace standing there, in front of her door, holding those roses ... in this freezing rainy night


"sakura... I..."

"...have you eat yet Ju?"

"huh?" Jurina clinched "no but-"

"Im starving, theres a Ramen vendor just around the corner, lets go!" sakura took Jurina cold hand with her

"S-Sakura its raining, umbrella--"

But Sakura already step out to the pouring rain, dragging the Sakae ace with her to the cold night, Jurina try to pull her back, knowing the hakata girl a lot more weaker against cold than herself

But Sakura only throw Jurina a warm smile, the rain ruining sakura beautiful dress, but sakura seems just like....dancing trough the rain.

And for a second there... Jurina could see the time actually... runs slower, that she could catch how the rain drops splashing when it touch sakura's skin, slowly forming a steam from her body heat, its... so .... cliche ...yet....weirdly ... real.

Before Jurina know it, the hakata princess has dragged her to a small but nice Ramen vendor close by, its late, no other costumer could be seen

They both soaked and cold, sit side by side on the corner, ordering two ramen. not taking long for their simple order to come

"Its looks good! " sakura put her hand together "itadakimasu~" and start digging her hot ramen

But Jurina only look down, she could feel sakura start looking at her, jurina feeling more and more useless, and then... just then... she could feel both of sakura hand on her cheek, gently pulling her head back up, let their eyes met


"Ju, the ramen, it'll warm you "



" sorry...I..I'll make it up to you somehow! I'm sorry I am such a useless person..lets...lets have another anniversary date!"

Sakura looking at Jurina, put her chopstick down, pulling Jurina miserable face with her hands, and kiss her


Sakura isn't the one who would usually initiating their kisses, and would be the least to do so in public place

But with Sakura soft and cold lips swapping gently against her lips, what else Jurina could do but to close her eyes, and return the favor

They kiss long

They kiss more than enough

They kiss too much

Just the way Jurina like it

As soon as sakura pull herself, and Jurina about to say something, sakura quickly stuffing some ramen on Jurina mouth, stoping the sakae ace from anything she would like to say.

"You could be anything but useless to me Ju" sakura said as Jurina swallow the ramen in hurry, but before Ju could open her mouth again, sakura put her chopstick on Jurina lips...immobilize it

" I don't care its in a fancy restaurant...or this nice Ramen joint, there is you... here with me...and as long theres you, anywhere... any weather....anytime...when you are on your best...when you are on your worst... I wanna be with you ...I want to be with you Matsui Jurina.. and thats all i ever need "

Sakura slowly removing the chopstick from Ju lips "together, with you"

For a single while, they just looking at each other, try defining their reflection on each other eyes

"I love you...stupid Ju" sakura said

"I love you too sakura....I do...I really do" Jurina lean closer...and closer...just a few inch from sakura lips, when sakura shoved another portion of Ramen to the SKE ace

"Your ramen getting cold"

"sakura !@#$"

"I told you to not kiss me in public place, you kissing monster"

"W-WHAT!! you- you are the one who kiss me first!!!"

*smirk* *eat ramen silently*

"WAIT what was that smirk about!!??"

"Just eat your ramen, it'll get cold"


Sakura eat her ramen silently, enjoying the annoyed puppy rioting, but then find from between the puppy rattles, a smile, a pure bright smile, Jurina usual smile has smile with her.

--- ----- ------

They have trough a lot

They fight a lot

But they stay together

Against all the tears, over all their laughs ...and all their sweet kisses

The imperfect two

I remember the day, the first time I ask you to dance with me

Even thou we met every single day, you were so distant, so that day... I was prepared to be brush off

I remember the day, when you suddenly come and ask me to dance with you

I use to dance far behind you, watching your back, but slowly, i am moving closer, closer to your side. but Im too shy to even look at I tough... I always tough you hate me...

But then you just stay there, silently dancing with me

And that I found my steps are lighter, when I know, that you are there... beside me

That I like how I dance with you, that ... I like you

And that I wanna dance with you again...and again ... and again... in this mess up gigantic idol group called AKB48, I wanna keep dance beside you.

Watching you closely... as you smile to the audience, hoping to give them a little bit of energy ... and accidentally , gave me some of your energy too,

I wanna dance with you, I wanna give you a bit of my energy too if I can, to brighten you up, even just a very tiny long as I can

Together, with you,

--- ------

Sakura smile with Jurina, unprepared of the fact, that later, when they've finished their very late dinner, and back to the dark rainy night, in one dark corner of the empty street

The sakae ace would pull her hand gently, and Kiss the hakata girl under the pouring rain.


happy 1 year anniversary,

january 3rd

Jurisaku, Dance.

--- ----- ---


so  um lol ...yeah, this fic published in the end of january, but It was first drafted on january 3rd, so i guess... today is this fic one year anniversary, happy birthday Fic!! (?)

this never intended to be this long, but Its a lot of fun, and suddenly its a year already! thank you very much for sharing this experience by reading this fic..really

as for this series

really sorry for the sudden updates here and there

SSK chapter is the last chapter, thats the grand finale, thats it

What come after that, like this one, is just random drabbles

at least until the SSK 2017, this fic would be updated with those random drabbles ONLY if theres something in the fandom triggered it. but don't worry, it would not  happen often. its cycling a year already, and really, there wouldnt  be anything like DANCE : valentine day again :3

again thank you very much and its really nice to meet all of you shippers!

happy belated new year  and happy sailing!

blog :
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Re: Dance: Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2017 (Jurina x sakura)
« Reply #142 on: January 03, 2017, 10:25:45 AM »
I was shocked too to see Ju's name on the 11th place. It just proved how passionate Ju's fans at the real sousenkyo for het to get 3rd

Oohhhh I'll be waiting for those random updates :jphip: :jphip:

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Re: Dance: Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2017 (Jurina x sakura)
« Reply #143 on: January 03, 2017, 10:47:59 PM »
Happy New Year
I love your stories you already know, and that I discovered a couple that I did not think I would like.
If you do a scene later I'll keep reading. Or if you decide to start another new fic.

I'm not surprised by the position of Jurina. SKE fans are not happy about how the group is managing and how they are moving away giving priority to other groups ignoring ske. This is generating SKE fans do not want the girls to go on AKB things, and this does not vote. Not counting all votes from outside of Japan.

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Re: Dance: Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2017 (Jurina x sakura)
« Reply #144 on: January 05, 2017, 11:01:18 PM »
@minami-chan i see your point, and really Jurina international fan base is one of the largest, and we are ready for war the next SSK!
lol,, and I'm glad you find this fic okay  XD

@genkikid sama TRUE! and i hope we could make her at least stay there this year too  :cat happy:

Thank you very much for reading all!

and um... i kinda highlighted that this fic would be updated by random events in fandom, and lol voila, a day after it posted, Jurisaku went on a 'date'

thank you very much for all the people that remind me of that remark, and I totally would update a wrestling date chapter or something IF only i don't just literally update this super long chapter not even a day before :') (i literally like...wait... a date chapter just updated and Jurisaku out of nowhere go watch a match together??LOL ).

so, no updates, but super thank you once again for read! and see you around!  :jphip:
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Re: Dance: Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2017 (Jurina x sakura)
« Reply #145 on: March 20, 2017, 11:31:40 PM »
Matsui Jurina and Miyawaki Sakura
AKB48 48th single

"this fic would be updated if something jurisaku happen in Fandom" I did said and what is even bigger than this???
so i was rushing to my laptop trying to type another chapter
i cant
after 10 whole minutes just stunning in front of a blinking cursor on an empty page...
heck yeah
imma repeat


 :nervous sorry for you who come here to read some (really sorryyyyy)

Jurisaku- is now a double center _ this is .... a new era, and Jurisaku deserve better than a half assed continuation chapter from half death series
wether is it from me, or other respectable author, jurisaku deserve a fresh fresh fanfic
this is a one year fanfic, and one year is a nice round up right  :grin:
nice to meet you all!

(heres a short conrats(?) jurisaku FMV I made out of mecha mecha ureshi feeling(???))

and really from the depth of my heart, congrats for matsui Jurina and miyawaki sakura for being the center of 48th single
ah...NB: you might wanna check my blog, i tidy up some stuff and add some more fanfic or shipping material i crossed upon
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Re: Dance: conrats on wcenter Jurisaku and this fic is end :)
« Reply #146 on: March 21, 2017, 05:44:32 AM »
Will you make a drabble on the 48th single??? Will you???

Is it just me who is getting a little bit more excited the jurisaku wcenter is for 48th single?? It's THE 48th single

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Re: Dance: conrats on wcenter Jurisaku and this fic is end :)
« Reply #147 on: March 21, 2017, 02:22:35 PM »
@genki kid sama lol trust me you are not the only one! thou the haters are also strong especially coz none of Jurisaku is a 'pure' AKB48 member, the fans also super exciting for this!! (immaaa too !!! immaaa too!!!!!!!)
as for drablles, i cant promise it genki sama. i was spend a lot of time trying to write one, and failed. lol but i keep it in mind

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Re: Dance: conrats on wcenter Jurisaku FMV and this fic is end :)
« Reply #148 on: September 28, 2017, 01:01:30 PM »

as much as I wanna post this as fast as I can, I... grew up a bit in terms of respecting original writers time privilege huhuhu

and um... I hope this okay but I really really wanna share this to you all. that this one of Jurisaku Series : Dance... which probably one of the first Jurisaku fanfic around, is rewritten by Jyurination48 san!

yup rewrite! well not all the chapter, but its not just a rewrite

When jyurination48 san said they gonna rewrite dance, i kinda imagine something else… i guess i imagine itll be something way…. lazier than this ( IM SORRYYYY I HV DOUBT YOU *dogeza*)

This is maybe based on dance and certaintly the hints are there, however this is clearly something new. With new rediscovery of every turn of emotions between the two young ace

Putting takahasi juri as a rising leader figure here somehow given me times leap. Lol.. its reminds me, its been 2 years since dance written n juri has grown into a strong dependable leader figure these past years.

While sakura already manage to hv a few friends on the main group these days n not as gloomy as when she first kennin in 2014,where she kept saying she doesnt have any friends in akb48 n i was like… hey gurl u know what? There! Jurinaaa! She is nice talk to herrr ! She just hv broken heart coz certain someone just grad, u two can fill each others empty- oh wait was this is why i start ship— erhm sorry to get distracted, ANYWAY its not a secret with a groups with 500 more members, some haters could still spurr. Especially to such visible member as sakura.

I like how this is new…and makes me feel kinda old lol

here is the link : enjoy !

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Re: Dance : Rewrite by Jyurination48 (Jurisaku) and Sayamilky FanFicVid(?)
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since someone kindly remake this FF (post above)
I guess at least I'm gonna remake the FMV
just gonna drop this here and... walk out silently

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