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Author Topic: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 36 (11/06/2016)  (Read 29352 times)

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 27 (26/08/2013)
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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 28 (28/08/2013)
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rochilu: they are special; let’s wait to the fourth or fifth day in the cottage, thank you!  :cathappy:

gek geki: they are genius but there is more behind all this? thank you!  :cathappy:

#DAY 2#

-Master, may the young ladies and I going to see around the place?- megumi and the girls enter to mayuki’s room. Yuki is about to take a shower.

-Sure, just don’t go far away I heard there are monsters in the forest!- she grabs jurina and began to tickle her.

-Hahahahahahaha mom stop! Mom!- jurina is kicking and laughing.

-Fine fine, i’ll stop, jurina you used to laugh a lot when you were a baby *sigh* I lost four years of your life… I’m sorry- yuki sat next to jurina who was recovering from the attack of laughter.

-Don’t wory mom, because mayu-chan was with us all the days were fun!- jurina jumps on the bed.

-Yeah, mayu-san is a good playmate, and speaking of her, where is she?-  rena approach jurina and begins to jump too.

-Mayuyu is taking a nap on the hammock, why?-
After hearing this, rena’s eyes shone and she grabbed jurina’s hand -Jurina let’s go! Megumi-san wait for us at the entrance, jurina and I need to do something!- they left the place, seemed in a hurry.

-What are they going to do?-  yuki asked arching an eyebrow just before she enters to the bathroom.

-Master…- megumi facepalmed, she knew perfectly well rena’s pranks and couldn’t believe that yuki didn’t noticed it.


-You need to be speeder!- kai was on the branch of a pine, had four daggers in his hand.

-*cough* Zeee… kai-san you are incredibly strong, zee… I don’t remember you were a very difficult opponent *cough*– hiro wiped the blood from his mouth.

-I was being gentle those days, now we need to improve as fast as possible, we don’t know if the enemy is here as well – again kai threw the four daggers towards hiro who barely dodged. 

Now hiro kicked a wooden trunk and hit it with the tonfas he was holding, the trunk exploded in front of him and the daggers stabbed in the fragments -You’re right-   


Sae was preparing some snacks for the girls, she heard they and megumi would go to the forest and she wanted to make a bento before they went.

While she was walking in the kitchen she saw something through the window.
-Hm? What are those two doing?- she got closer to the window and opened it  - heh, another prank on mayu-chan? they really love her- continued doing the preparations. 


-Sorry for make you wait, megumi-san- they were running and laughing.

-Have you done with mistress watanabe?- she asked knowing what they did.

-Yeees!- both said loundly.

-Then let’s go-

-Yaaaay! A walk around with megumi!- the three began to walk, megumi was carrying a bento and some drinks. 


-Here you are, I was looking for you- yuki entered and sat next to sae who was eating and reading some information on a display.

-Oh! Yuki, want some?- sae offered of her snacks.

-No, thank you. I heard from kai that hiro and you are training here? We are supposed to be enjoying the week- yuki drinks sae’s chocolate milkshake.

-Yes, right now hiro is with him and we are enjoying the stay, I’m telling the truth-  sae tries to snach her milkshake. They begin to struggle until sae finally recovers her milkshake but it's over.

- So… Should we do some training too? – yuki smiles with excitement.

-Heeeh?! You can do it?- sae began to laugh.

-Sae-chan I am a weapon, of course I can!- yuki pouts and pull sae out of the place.


She was crying -… gh… Master… *snif* gh… I don’t… I can’t… gh… I… *snif* let me help you… - megumi was kneeling holding her master’s hand, she had her eyes closed tightly, her head was down, her hands trembled and she still couldn't believe it... 

-Please don’t cry, meetan – yuuki stroked megumi’s head, she was smiling as always.  She was on a wheelchair.

-Heh… been years since you stopped calling me that way, Yuuki-sama- megumi laughed softly, wiping her tears. 

-Well, you were like my big sister after all, thanks to you I never felt lonely- now yuuki hugged her and some tears fell.

-…-  the hug lasted until fudo entered the garden followed by several soldiers and scientists.

-This is my last request… starting tomorrow you will be yuki’s bodyguard, she may cause you problems but she is still human and my precious daughter, remember megumi-chan, all she needs is love-
-Megumi-chan?- megumi stood up and walked behind yuuki, she started to pushing the wheelchair while mourn bitterly.

-Because we are friends, aren’t we?- yuuki wiped her tears and smiled to her husband and her daughter  which was being numbed with a gas that scientists forced her to inhale, the frightened girl was crying as she lost consciousness.

-Yes… yuuki-sam… yuuki-san-


She heard some information that made her have fear for the first time in her life, it was necessary to make the perfect soldier lose all it’s unnecessary emotions… and she knew who was the “unnecessary emotions” in yuki’s life…

-Master! Please master answer! Where are you?! – megumi was running in the middle of the confrontation. She knew that when her master told her they asked her to help them to improve yuki’s skills  she was hiding something but never thought it was that! 

-What are you doing here?! I think told I didn’t want civilians in the field!- a colonel said, megumi didn't think twice and with a hit left him unconscious. Finally she found her master… and at the other end of the field was fudo being subjected by several soldiers.

-Yuki, my dear yuki, don’t cry, see? I am not crying so please don’t cry my daughter- yuki’s mother embraced her and yuki corresponded, she was crying. Despite all the injuries she had in her body she was able to keep stand up but all the previous fights and kills… all the soldiers dead behind her… all the bodies destroyed as if a monster…

-Mother… *sob* am I a monster? *sob* - her hands pressed more her mother’s clothes; yuki was trembling and crying and losing her control and consciousness.

-You are my daughter, don’t forget it, you promise?- her mother smiled again, trying with all her might not to cry.

-Mother… I don’t want… - again yuki embraced her with more strength, the sound of a rib being broken made her to step away.

-It’s all right, believe me, if you do it you will feel better by tomorrow, I promise you- while she was telling this, yuki’s hands placed around her neck.

-Mother… *sob* I’m scared… *sob*-  her face had some scratches and her head was bleeding.

-Yuki, I love you- yuuki closed her eyes noticing her daughter's eyes became redder than before – I will always love you…-

Megumi ran to protect the woman in the wheelchair -MASTEEER!- just before yuki tore her mother’s head megumi’s shoulder  was stabbed by a dagger, she didn’t know from where it came but it immobilized her.

-YUUUUUUKIIIIII!- fudo was still trying to break free of those soldiers but it was late, everything seemed over before his eyes.



-Megumi! answer me!- 

Two voices made her recover the conscious -hmmm… tsk… it hurts… - rubbed her head and tried to stand, a sharp pain in her leg prevented her.

-Megumi-san are you all right?- rena heard megumi’s complain, she peered through the hole that was in the ground, jurina did the same. 

-Yes, please don’t worry, little ladies- looking around the place, megumi realized she was in some cave or underground passage…

-But you fell into a ditch four meters deep!- now was jurina’s voice, suddenly some dust fell over megumi.

-Jurina-sama don’t come, could be dangerous!- knowing what fearless used to be Jurina, megumi tried again stand before the girl arrived.

-Don’t worry, I am strong enough!-  Jurina started down to the cave relying on some roots that were hanging.

-Jurina-chan hurry! – rena took a big jump on a rock and then another to get where was megumi  who didn't seem surprised.

-No fair, you jumped!- now jurina took a big jump like rena and she came to megumi.

-It is no time to play, we have to take megumi-san to kai-san, he can heal her wounds!- rena aproached megumi and offeres her shoulder to help her to walk, jurina did the same in the other side.

-Megumi, you feel ok? Can you walk?- jurina looked with concern.

-I can walk, thank you- megumi gave her a warm smile.

-Don’t thank us, you know is what we do when somebody is in problems, we are a family after all- rena stopped when remembered they didn’t know where they were. 

-Rena-chan look- Jurina looked around and saw something a little familiar.

-Yes? What is it?- rena looked at the same place, megumi did the same.

-Seems like an elevator…?- Jurina leaned her head.

-What is this place, anyway? – she didn’t know if take that elevator or keep walking.

-Young ladies, here in my pocket I have a map, you can use it to know what route to take- megumi took out a display and showed them the map.

-All right- rena took the device and they began to read.

-Matsui fort?... megumi why is this place called like this?- jurina asked but rena began to remember that route and that name. 

After a big yawn mayu scratched her eyes and… - WOAAAAAH!! - a loud slam was heard. In the moment that mayu tried to get up she discovered that her feet were tied to the hammock and fell down, she tried to untie her feet but the knots were too tight, need help and at that time no one was close ...and she knew that the only people able to play her such jokes were – WMATSUIIIIII!- 



Next chapter mayu and yuki explaining the reason they think their fathers don’t want them to be together.

Thank you!!

Greetings!  :wave:
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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 28 (28/08/2013)
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hahahaha the wmatsui really like trolling mayuyu

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 28 (28/08/2013)
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hahaha that littles demons xDD
maybe they were there with their real fathers when their were young and for that they said that the place was familiar :O

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 28 (28/08/2013)
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mayuyu~ aah she got trooled by wmatsui again and yuki doesn't even know it kekekeke

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 28 (28/08/2013)
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wwwhat rena and jurina what??? they...


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 29 (09/09/2013)
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rochilu: maybe  :). Thank you!

Terragen, gek geki, kurogumi: Thank you!

In this chapter the dialogues in bold are mayu and hiro and the normal are sae and yuki (you will notice which parts are).  :nervous
-Can’t believe it, tsk, he was being mild? I almost died there…- hiro is back after the training with kai.

And mayu is still waiting for help -Hiro?- she raises her head after hearing his complains. 

-Huh? Mayu?!- he can’t believe what is seeing, mayu still on the grass and her feet tied to the hammock.

-Yeah… hi…- she waves her hand with a wry smile.

- What are you doing… and who did…? - he approaches and help her to untie.

-Well... they do love me so much, I guess? -  she rests her head again and closes her eyes  - thank you –

- In fact, they are the only people that can play those jokes to you - he chuckles.

-Silly… and why are you all wounded? -  opens an eye and takes a look to her friend.

-I was training with kai-san -

-Ok, let’s go for the first aid kit- She is finally free and both walk to inside the men’s dorm.

-Haha… thank you-


A loud knock is heard in the woods, followed by an explosion.

-Wow! You are fast! – Sae stands with a jump, and attack again to yuki.

-Well, I am a cyborg after all – yuki, meanwhile, dodges and hits back to sae against some branches that break off and fall.

-Oi oi! You are having fun, don’t you? - sae is fastened to a branch, trying not to fall.

-Hahaha yes! But I think it’s time to stop- yuki walks towards her.

-What?!- when she realizes, yuki takes a big leap - uagh!- and hits, sending her against a pile of dry leaves.

-Are you ok?- yuki approaches   worried.

-Perfectly!- sae raises her thumb.

-Let’s go back-


Yuki helps sae to stand up and they return to the cottage.

-Yuki, what happened between you and mayu before and after she dumped you?-

-Hm? What do you want to know?-

-I mean, did Mr. kashiwagi do something?-


-Mayu, there is something I want to ask you-

-Yes, tell me-

Mayu is healing hiro’s wounds.

-Why did your father opposed to your relationship?-

-*Deep sigh* Should I tell you?-


-Yuki… -

-What do you want?-

-I need to talk with you about something-


-Please open the door, this is important-

-Even if you tell me, I won’t forgive you-

Yuki is in her room, lying in bed, crying, and her father is on the other side of the door.


-You are the worst… Then all this time…- mayu is wiping her tears.

-Mayu, you are my beloved daughter and nobody can change that-

-Dad… what should I do?-

They are talking in mayu’s room, she is lying on the bed and her father is sitting next to her.

-End your relationship with yuki-san, could give us time to discover what is going on in the MRC –

-Anything but that!- She throws a pillow to her father.

-Mayu! you are not in position to be selfish!-

-But we promised!-

-If you don’t do what I say they will dispose of yuki-san and then you will never see her again!-

-Why would you help me, anyway?!-

-You are as stubborn as …! Forget it… - he stood up and got out of the room.


-You know that every time we tried to elope someone or something stopped us, well ... this happened a few days after... heh ... after I propose marriage to mayu ...-

-It happened a little after Yukirin asked me to marry ... * sigh * of course, the youth and the illusions always make us behave in ways incomprehensible ... I think you can imagine how happy ... I felt ...-

-She started to behave strange with me, she treated me ... different, the change of her behavior was not from one day to another, it was a gradual thing, every day a little more distant and I didn't know why ...-

-Somehow I managed to get that my father tell me why he didn't want Yukirin and I were together ... I had to threaten him in many ways, had obtained confidential information after hacking the computers that were under the care of Mark, I discovered that my father was an undercover agent for the PSIA and his mission was then investigate and get rid of the perfect soldier project that the military research center was conducting secretly-

-I thought it would be planned by my father "maybe ... he threatened her" thinking this, one day... kai and I force him to talk ... -

- How did you do that? - Asked sae.

-I threatened him with taking my life, we had discovered that there were soldiers disguised as students inside the campus, all were watching me when I was with mayu ... more than once occurred "accidents" that threatened her life, that was too... my father is a person who dislikes technology so no computers at home more than I had, all the equipment and information of importance were in the military research center, even during my last visits to labs I couldn't get information , no more than I already knew about my mother, about my "death" ... the perfect soldier ... Nothing more important than that, it was very difficult to decrypt locks or someone or something interrupted my access to those files, ... the last resort was threatening him with my suicide-

-As you know ... Yukirin is the best prototype designed so far ... My father had no bad intentions, I understood after that he gave me the order to stay away from Yukirin to not hurt her ... he was really upset, he said "don't let them destroy her" so ... I tried to figure out some way to be with Yukirin and not cause problem, I even tried to modify her algorithms, to find the way they controlled BLACK, I had tried everything but at some point in all her being ... "BLACK is the backbone of yukirin's actual existence" –

- "Everyone who is related to Yusei Watanabe is dangerous for you" "If you care about this girl, better stay away from her" was like a plea, I couldn't be angry with him, not after what he said, he really didn't want to hurt mayuyu, just wanted to avoid the fact that being near me ... mayuyu would be hurt by those people, he was trying to protect her –

-I was aware that they wanted to get rid of me but Yukirin and I had decided to face whatever and so would have been but ... * sigh * Yukirin's father wasn't kidding when he said I was an error in her system * giggles * it wasn't  mistake when he said we should separate, her father is very soft-

- You are a lost cause - hiro stroked her head.

-You can't imagine how lost I am ... following, Yukirin has been analyzing me unconsciously, I found an entire special database for information about me, its first record date is ten years ago-

-Wait, a decade ago? But at that time you didn't know each other- hiro arches his eyebrow.

-Haha I thought the same thing and like I said, she is not aware of this –

-Yet she and I had made a promise, we were determined to face whatever it was and I didn't care that she had begun to distance herself a little but "that" happened ... Her behavior changed completely the day which Mark Shinoda entered the campus.. she completely turned away from me, I became a stranger when they were together. Two months later she dumped me, I tried to explain to me why she did that and then ... BLACK seized me –

-¿What happened?- sae asks.

-Immediately at night I entered the facility without permission and destroyed the lab where I was created, destroyed all the information of my existence and tried to destroy the whole place but they stopped me and disconnected me for three days ... I know they modified something in me but kai didn't find problems on my system, no more than multimedia information about mayu, is as if they had not touched anything more than that but I know they are able to do anything to see their project realized-

- I asked for help to my father and he told me mark would help me as necessary, few days after mark entered to the campus and with his help I managed to get yukirin away from me. While I didn't know how to help her I couldn't afford to hurt her, no more... But nothing is as one wishes... days later I found out that she had requested do internships away from me, when our eyes met I could feel that she was no longer my Yukirin. I don't know how to say it but ... I was sure that it was not yuki and neither was BLACK –

-I remembered that in my studies I had read something about matsui researchers and I decided to apply my internship with them, it was amazing that they accept so easily. In some unknown part of me I felt happy and sad... I decided to stop take importance to all –

-The day Yukirin went... I tried to talk to her but kai stopped me-

- Why would he do that?! - Stood up angrily.

-*Gloomy smile* because I asked that no matter what I did, he shouldn't leave me get closer to her, apparently yuki's system were looking for something and that something was related to me, but it was still an incomplete part on her system, so it didn't take importance to me... because I could never reach a specific part of her code-

-It was funny to know that the matsui had participated in my creation, maybe that's why they  treated me so familiarly from the beginning ... thanks to them ... my life shone again-

-Mark and my friends helped me to not fall apart, it was really painful to know that I wouldn't see her again... after that I put aside my initial studies and changed careers. I became a lawyer and in my free time helped my dad on some of his work and sought information about Yukirin, so it was until I met you. Somehow ... your presence reminded me a little of her, I guess it's because your character is similar to hers-

-I still wonder what was the real reason for all this to happen to us, that is, I know I'm dangerous and every day I strive to be just a loving mother to rena and Jurina but ... why them? why Mayu? Why...? There are many things my father should explain but I think now it's hard to see him-

-Hiro ... the reason why my father is watching me because as soon as they found out that Yukirin and I meet at that party ... his superiors ordered him to destroy her, he told me that now ... yuki is dangerous even if she is not in BLACK mode. I asked for time to show them that yuki is not dangerous but still can't find evidence to suggest that ... in the last review I did ... Yukirin ... since four years ago, has been receiving an instruction that she  eliminates and locks over and over again but that instruction reappears-

- The bug? – hiro asks.

-She's not a monster ... it's all because of my existence-

- This time I won't give up so easily, rena and Jurina are with me and  you, tomoki, kai, Ohori-san and hiro-san support us, this time we won't lose -

-Now that I realize why your cold behavior disappeared once we got here? - sae asks before get inside the cottage.

-There's just something that intrigues me right now... who managed to block the signal between BLACK and the research center? – mayu asks before stand up and leave the room.


-Almost there ... - continued walking until they came to another corridor to an exit indicated on the map.

- Rena-chan look look, the output is this but has an ID of DNA! - Jurina indicated a device that was next to the elevator door.

- What?! We don't have time for this - rena approached the dusty machine and pulled out a small pocket multipurpose device she created.

- Don't worry, we can find another way out - megumi suggested.

-According to your map, megumi, safest exit is this so we won't obey you - Jurina said as she checked the map again.

- Finished, wow is not that difficult - rena had opened the unit, in the midst of some wiring and boards found a connection - Jurina can you help me with this? -

- Yep! Megumi, wait for us a moment please - approached rena while megumi leaned against the wall - Wohohoho!This is super outdated! - Both girls started working.


- Kai-kun, kai-kun, these blue and green dots on the screen... what are they? - tomoki points on the device in his hands.

- The little ladies!- Kai started running towards the point indicated on the device.

- The girls? What do you mean? And don't go so fast! - Tomoki ran after him.

- I told them not get in trouble! -

- Why the rush?! -

- They must not remember! -

- What do you mean?! -

- Rena and Jurina shouldn't know what's down there! -

- Understood! - Tomoki quickened his pace and quickly overtook kai.

- Tomoki-san??! -

- You think you're the only rigorous training here? ¡Also they are my nieces! –


- Ready ~! Now we enter our genetic code and ... - rena entered a hair sample in the machine.

- Huh? - Both girls seemed surprised.

- Something wrong, little ladies? -

-Our code already exists in the registry - both turned to see megumi and their eyes began to fill with tears.

- Please, don't be afraid - megumi approached them and bent down to hug.

-Megumi ... -

-Megumi-san ... -

Both girls began to mourn and ran to hug megumi.

-I want my mom ... * sniff * -

-Jurina... don't cry * sniff * -

-Little ladies, let's get out of here soon-

-Yes ... -

They entered the elevator, it began to move and when the door opened they saw before them several fish around, they were in the deepest part of the lake, in a kind of large-resistant dome with glass walls.


-They are moving! - Kai began to move in another direction - They are at the lake! -

- At the lake? How can they go to lake so fast? -

Continued moving.


-Megumi ... I'm scared ... -

-Jurina-sama, look, it is a beautiful place isn't it? -

- This place ... - rena touched the wall and lights turned on.

Knowing about where they were, megumi quickened their pace and went inside the next elevator, when it oppened they were behind the cottage, the elevator was camouflaged as a pine construction which was a few yards from the cottage.

- Megumi! -

- Megumi-san! -

-As I said, don't fear, this place exists for you-

The girls were holding her tightly.


- No way, now in the cottage! -

- So Fast?! -

- Let's hurry! –


- Did you find out anything? - Sae enters the men's bedroom.

-I think the same as you - Hiro closes the window.

- So who we are facing if not them? –


Yuki enters the room and finds mayu with dust on the clothes and her hair a mess. The latter is looking for a change of clothes.

- Mayuyu? -

-Hm ... - Mayu turns.

- Pfff! What happened? - Yuki covers her mouth to hide a little the urge to laugh she has; take a seat on the bed while mayu is still looking for clothes.

-It happened that you have very impish daughters, Kashiwagi Yuki - mayu touchs yuki's nose with her index finger, take her clothes and a clean towel and walks towards the bathroom to shower.

- Glad to hear you get along "too well", because soon they will be your daughters too watanabe mayu -yuki grabs mayu's wrist and stops her, stands up and hugs her from behind.

-Ha! Sure. They won’t take even the slightest respect to me - was guided by the older which began to walk slowly to the bathroom.

-You're right - yuki gave a little kiss on the head of mayu.

-Hey! You should not affirm so - mayu struck her with the towel - on the contrary, you should help me when they play these jokes on me - and finally reached the bathroom, entered and yuki closed and locked.

- And ... what do you think if I help you in the shower? - Whispered at the ear of mayu, making her an exceedingly blush.

-T-that ... that would be fine, too... - bowed and smiled between nervous and excited.

- Perfect! - Yuki made her turn around and without hesitation began to take off mayu's clothes.

- Wa- hey wait! - Mayu took a step back and put her hands in front of them for some distance. Yuki being so direct was new since from years ago was mayu who always initiated everything.

-Hm ... - yuki put her index finger on her chin then grinned mischievously - nop - thereupon returned to her work mayu clothing off.

- Yu-Yukirin! - And mayu was in the dilemma of "let yuki do what she wants" or "take control of the situation" and when she finally decided to go with the insistence of her partner...

- We're back! - Was heard at the entrance of the cottage, followed by footsteps which quickly came to the room. Mayu regained her composure and got nervous thinking that these girls were dangerous for her.

- Mother? - Rena called.

- Mom! - Jurina called.

-Shhh ... - Yuki covered mayu's mouth because the younger one was about to say something - from now you are mine until dawn - yuki discovered mayu's mouth and slowly brought her face close to hers - until they leave ... - whispered before kissing mayu, a kiss that would last until the girls left the room.

-How strange ... I thought she would be here - said rena, Jurina began to look under the bed, opened the windows and went to the closet, rena moved to open the bathroom door.

-Rena-chan, Jurina-chan, let's play around with tomo! - Tomoki came running into the room and hugged both girls, making rena forget check the bathroom.

-Tomo-kun, I still think you're strange - Jurina said while was being carried on the side of tomoki.

-Tomoki-san, you have leaves in your hair - rena said being carried on the shoulder of tomoki.

-Ah! This is because of kai-kun for taking tomo to dangerous places! - Complained leaving the room, jurina closed the door.

-Tomoki-sama was the one who followed me - kai passed near them carrying a cup of tea, the voice sounded a bit far.

-That's true ... - tomoki pouted and lowered his gaze feigning disappointment, mayuki could still hear the footsteps.

-Tomo-kun-Haha you're funny in your own way - heard the voice of Jurina lost down the hall, soon after, the cottage door closed again.

- What were we? - Yuki asked after that long kiss, you could tell she was enjoying it and didn't seem to come to a stop.

- In that ... you would help me ... - began mumbling getting all red, nervously trying to remove yuki clothes as well.

-Sorry, I didn't hear you... - whispered to mayu and let this one take away her clothes, her hands caressing amused the back of mayu, making strokes with her index finger on mayu's body, passing through here and there.

-Yukirin idiot! - Mayu grabbed yuki's collar and pulled her against her, closed her eyes tightly and kissed her.

-Yes!-yuki smiled from ear to ear as she enjoyed the kiss and everything else that her future wife wanted to do to her and vice versa.


Zeeee…  :depressed:

Thank you!


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 29 (09/09/2013)
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The final part!! >///////<
so, Jurina and Rena remember about her past? or not yet? i dind't get well that part xD because they started tu cry xD

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 30 (15/09/2013)
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rochilu: they began to cry because sometimes things don't go as one wish and they are not familiar with those kind of things? hm... so far, they are unexperienced with those machines (let's say it more or less), well we will understand later?? XD i hope so? Thank you!

Leave next part to your imagination  :glasses:


-Ngh…! Yu-yuki…! –

- I missed so much that voice... –

-Gh…! Please… s-stop it… -

-Told you… won’t stop –

-I’m… gah…! You… hm… meanie… *sigh*-

-I love this voice of yours –

-Y-you i-iidiot! *moan* -

 -Let me know if I hurt you –

-Wai-wait…! –
-I love you…-

-…ve you too… Can’t… can’t stand *sigh* anymore…!-

-… mayu… My treasure… My… everything… -


Giving freedom to their love, after so many years of miss and crave every detail of her, could finally surrender completely, again, without fear, in the darkness illuminated by a narrow beam of light cast by a window. Hearing her voice, feeling so full of that love... lost in all her being... just wanting to be one with her... again...
-I love you –


-Mm…- mayu awake feeling that someone is caressing her cheek.

-Morning, my dear – beside her was yuki, waving with a gentle smile.

-Morning to you too – mayu stretched her arms followed by a yawn, yuki then took the opportunity to kiss her neck bare and stick to her waist, feeling her skin was something both missed.

-How do you feel?-

Mayu made an expression of confusion with the question that yuki just had done, did not take long before show a mocking smile and correspond the hug - now you asking me if it hurts, right?- besides yuki's warm skin, mayu had missed a couple of attributes, same ones that at that moment she served to hide her face and keep laughing in derision.

Yuki blushed heavily, listening the question a more direct mode -now that I can think clearly… maybe I did hurt you… I mean I was all...- she mumbled this last part. 

-You were WILD last night! – mayu burst in laughter watching all the expressions yuki was making -  Indeed, but first – sat on the bed, covering her body slightly with the blanket. 

-First?- yuki did the same while watching her, expectantly.

-You were great!- Now, mayu hugged her and gave her little kisses on the shoulder, turning to her neck, across her chin, ending in her lips.

-A-are you complimenting me? – yuki blushed even more - And… for making you… - 

-Yukirin, you know already, this body belongs to you- mayu grabbed yuki's head in her hands, kiss her forehead and smiled.

-B-but I should have been more careful, also this body belongs to you as well, all of me is entirely yours…- yuki placed her hands on mayu’s cheeks, still had a worried expression. 

-I know it, and because of that you don’t have to regret, I love you, I love everything of you, your selfish side, your naive side, your clumsy side, your lovely side and your wild side too *peck* - mayu put on her pajama shirt and was about to stand - Ouch…! – but the sudden pain in certain part of her body stopped her.

-I did hurt you, I knew it!- yuki facepalmed blaming herself for not to be more gentle last night.

-Don’t worry, really some way this bit of pain makes me happy– pats yuki’s head.

-Are you M or what?!- yuki removes mayu's hand, seems to start getting angry.

-Hey I’m not like you! What I am trying to tell you is it makes me happy because this remember me that what happened last night was not just another dream –

-Mayu…- hear those words has calmed her down a bit.

-Come on, quit that worried face -now mayu puts yuki's hand on her cheek and smiles..

-But I did hurt you…- again, making mayu feels a bit irritated.

-Well, if I you want to make up for this, then go ahead and help me in the bath – mayu raises her arms telling to yuki to take her to the shower – and I tell you, is not the big deal, really – smile.

-Yeah… – yuki dressed in her pajama shirt and took mayu to the shower.


-*yawn* Morning…- sae look both ways and finds rena and jurina still sleeping, smiles and looks at the ceiling - I hope you enjoyed a lot because these girls didn't let us sleep * yawn * -

#FLASHBACK (what happened at the same time as in mayuki’s room) NIGHT OF THE SECOND DAY#

Last night she took the girls to the lake, tomoki, kai, hiro and megumi accompanied them, kai had a telescope, hiro carried the inflatable boat and megumi had a thermos with tea, marshmallows and some cookies. Tomoki meanwhile had some logs that had been gathering before they left.

Within minutes a fire was made, all sat around the campfire, rena and jurina were at the sides of sae, both recharged their heads on her lap, tomoki began telling jokes and embarrassing anecdotes about mayu and yuki in their youth, girls burst in laughter, the young yuki was too unreal comparing with the yuki they knew. Next came hiro, rena asked things about mayu, was an issue that did not draw much laughter, he told them that when he met mayu she was too serious and cold, he told them how slowly managed to get close to her and finally told them how it was that he asked her to marry him.

-Although she said "I'm sorry but I could never love you" I wanted to be with her - hiro threw the fire a stick - when she accepted me, I was so happy that it did not matter if she never really came to love me , to see her smile like that made me happy and if I could do it for her then that would be enough for me-

- But hiro-oniichan should feel sad - while eating a toasted marshmallow jurina walked up to him and hugged him - and don't be sad - thereupon gave him one of her toasted marshmallows.

-I think it's a beautiful love you have for mayu-san, Hiro-san - after saying this, rena felt a hand rest on her shoulder, was sae  and smiled with a touch of melancholy - that's why ... there are no regrets - finished speaking and hugged sae hiding her face.

-Little ladies, time for the tea - megumi began serving tea cups and giving them starting with the girls - here - also offered cookies.

- Yuummm! These cookies are delicious! - Tomoki spoke making an expression so shocked that jurina and rena giggled softly - the cookies tomoki bakes always burn and if not burn then are not cooked well - he pouted.   

-Tomo-kun, tomorrow let's do cookies - jurina suggested and rena followed her raising her hand.

- I also point! - Said older matsui.

- Great! Tomorrow will be a day of cookies! - Tomoki rose his fist.

- How about if we do a competition? - sae  suggested smirking towards kai and megumi.

-If that is your wish is fine for us but please be careful not to make a fire - kai suggested though his words were translated as "You three don't dare to touch the kitchen"

-I'll take care of the preparations - megumi said although her words were translated as "I won't let you waste food"
-Done! - sae  took a paper and made some strips - now choose one and strips that are the same size will be the teams -

-But we are seven and I suspect teams will be of two so one will work alone? - Asked tomoki.

- So is -sae.

-I have another question -kai raised his hand - who will be the judge?-

- How about if we do that my mother and mayu-san be the judges? - Rena suggested jurina instantly became more excited and both high five.

-Done! - sae.

All strips removed.

Almost at two in the morning the girls were quite awake. It was the turn of kai, prepared the telescope and began to see stars, rena and jurina were excited, laughing and talked of things that yuki had taught them.

If girls had questions, megumi and kai took care to answer.

Almost at three in the morning they entered the lake in the boat along with tomoki, a strong wind blew making girls close their eyes for a moment, tomoki told them to look at the lake, fireflies began to fly, flooding the place with small green lights and some petals of small flowers at the scene. Clear skies, a warm night, thousands of stars covering the space and a beautiful crescent moon.



- Hm? -

- What are dreams? -

-The dreams ... are representations of the things we have seen, we have heard, we want or we fear, we don't understand and over-
-Once I dreamed I was surrounded by many green lights in the middle of a lake-

- Haha rena-chan, that's not a dream, that's a memory -

-Father? –

-You see, when you were more or less the age of Jurina - Mana was carrying baby jurina - we brought you here for you to see what is the work of nature -

- Yep, rena-chan, never forget that the most beautiful thing in this world there are sometimes so small that the naked eye can't see them - Yuri carried rena on his shoulders.

A strong wind blew and around the lake many fireflies began to fly.

-Father, mother look! What is that?! -

-Haha yes, are the lights of that time, these small insects are called fireflies-

-Fireflies? And why do they shine? -

That night, in sync rena and jurina began to laugh as the fireflies created a strange dance around the family.


-Rena-chan, rena-chan! -

- Hm? What is it,  jurina? -

- I just had a strange dream-

- What did you dream?-

-I dreamed I was with you and two people more  in a lake and lots of green lights started to surround us -

-Wow! what a beautiful dream must be! -

- Yep, do you think that could be real? -

Outside the room, kai and megumi listened in silence.


-Renaaaaa! Look look look! It is like the dream I told you! And what are those things that shine? They are rare! - jurina jumped and pointed small insects that approached the boat.

-They are called fireflies - sae  said as hiro caught one to show it to the smallest matsui.

-Megumi-san told me it would be good that you saw this - tomoki said taking the oars to return to shore.

-Thanks, megumi-san - rena said quietly.

-Megumi - kai looked with some discomfort to the woman - why did you do this? -

- Because you wouldn't have the courage to do –

-You know that they may not remember, could be  very sad for them-

-But rena-sama is a strong person and I'm sure jurina-sama also could deal with it, you just have to look in front of you, is a beautiful family-

These last words kay smiled sadly and took some photographs before returning to look at some more stars.

At four in the morning they were back to their rooms, the girls had slept on the road.

-Today they will sleep with me - sae reported as she opened the door of her room, kai and tomoki entered and placed the girls in bed - thank you and good night -

They parted and everyone went to sleep.


-I think i'll wake them at eleven o'clock ... * yawn * - a few minutes later sae  fell asleep again.


Mayuki enjoyed the shower, when they went to eat something in the kitchen, they found megumi preparing some things for the competition, she informed them that they two would be the judges of the event. They ate quietly, they were also informed that rena and jurina had awakened and were in the shower, sae was waiting for them to help them dress and men were making kites for later.

Those were definitely quite calm days.




And then here i am...  :mon curtain: wondering what terrible things did yuki to mayu... 

next time! :on cloudeye: :kneelbow:

Thank you!


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 30 (15/09/2013)
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hahahah Yuki gone wild xDD
i'm afraid, what will hapend when the calm days ends? :c i don't wanna know TnT

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 30 (15/09/2013)
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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 30 (15/09/2013)
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aww mayuki are really cute

wmatsui wonder if they will do in future

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 30 (15/09/2013)
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i missed this one mayuki too

why need long time for me to comment LOL

yuki yuki yuki yuki love her


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 30 (15/09/2013)
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I miss this one too  :cry:
Where are you Rise-san i hope you can continue this fic soon :3

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 30 (15/09/2013)
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And i'm really sorry for not posting any new chapter here   :kneelbow:

gek geki and terragen: thank you!

kurogumi and rochilu: thank you and sorry for the long wait, i am having some work to do heh, that and translate the next chapter (although i'm not so good translating), finally next chapter.

And then i leave this image here:

A friend helped me, i like how he draws.

I hope not to cause problems posting images here.

Next time i will ask him to draw yuki and mayu since now is drawing some for "handsome girlfriend"

Then see you next chapter.


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 30 (15/09/2013)
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wmatsui sooooo cuteee *-*

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 31 (09/011/2013)
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mo-chan: thank you!



Main entrance to private grounds - A barricade, huh? - the guy sped his motorcycle, in front of him was a tractor-trailer and robots over two meters, heavily equipped.

/ / We suggest you desist from continuing this way / / A female voice called from one of the machines, kou's infrared vision activated and scanned inside the robots, had no driver.

- What if I say no? - Smiled confidently and jumped with the bike making a reverse rotation just above the robots.

/ / This is our last warning, you are entering private property / /

One of his hands was transformed into a weapon and shot the robot, almost completely destroying it, the strong explosion caused the trailer also destroyed - Tell Yusei Watanabe that kou Akimoto has come to talk to him! - Smiled confidently, his eyes showed how determined he was.

-This is bad, this is bad! - Rie runs down the hall toward the room of private line, on her wrist there is a plasma screen showing input levels to private property and dots marking the locations of the machines that are facing kou - Guys, we're in trouble! - informs from her communicator.

< Is Akimoto sensei's toy?> mark.

-Yeah, yeah, call it what you want but is destroying my machines very easily! If he keeps it up, he will be here in nothing! - On her screen several points show the word "DELETED" .

< Copied. Where are you?> yui.

-I'll get umeda-san, I need to contact with watanabe-sama! -

< That won't be necesary, I will talk to it, of course, if it first achieves to come here alive> mark.

- Seems we have no choice... - inside the meeting room, a silhouette stood.

- You don't have to face it, I will take care of him - another silhouette, shorter than the precious one, ran in front.

- Are you sure? - Smiled.

- Leave it to me - the second figure ran and jumped high in the first window that appeared on its way -Rie -chan, this time I promise I won't be defeated! - Under the moonlight ryo discovered his wrists, showing his bracelets, and fell with a graceful movement, continued running towards the main entrance.

< Ryo, don't do anything crazy! I warn you that if you die, I will revive you and kill you again with my bare hands! >

- Inu -chin ... - aki takajo, responsible for communication between the main members, ryo- rie -mark- yui - tomohisa, appeared behind her - Ayaka -san is not here, said she had to contact with someone urgently - grabbed the girl and pulled her towards the meeting room .

- Why did you let him go? It is kou who is fighting - tomohisa still in his seat.

- He needs to perfect his moves , this is useful enough for him - mark began to walk calmly out of the place , leaving in the meeting room to yui and tomohisa, opened the door and aki and rie arrived - * sigh * I can't guarantee that I will remain here for much longer... - as he walked through the halls smiled again - Perhaps by now they have discovered , covered her mouth with the sleeve of his suit and chuckled - Watanabe- sama ... they have discovered that those nonexistences actually do exist... -

< I know ... >

- Maeda-san caused severe damage in the northern part of the facilities of the MRC, unfortunately her  android was damaged, right now it is being repaired at our mansion, putting that aside... today is the anniversary of the death of Takahashi-sama ... -

<You will visit his grave like every year, right? Please add a bouquet of flowers for me> yusei.


Mark continued walking, enjoying the view, had already left the building; now walk to the entrance which was at about two miles away.


- Mark, you're a mess! See how you left the house, stop acting like that and now go do your homework - maid.

- Hahahaha I will not and you're not one to send me! - Mark (six years).


- Maaaark don't run, it's dangerous! - Servant.

-Hahahaha, catch me if you can, turtle! - Mark (seven years).


- My son, starting today Mr. takahashi will be your sensei, you need discipline and I'm sure with his teaching you will learn -

- But father, this place looks boring and disgusting - mark (seven years).

A boy came up behind him and took a direct hit on the cheek -Don't dare to talk like that about my father's dojo! - Kai (eight years).

-Kai! - Serious and serene voice was heard at the entrance of the place, everyone turned - apologize immediately -

Kai pouting apologized.

- Please don't apologize, is our son who has insulted this respectable place - spoke Mr. shinoda - and thank you very much for attending our call, sir takahashi -

- It is a pleasure for me to be able to serve to the closest friends of yusei -sama, Mr. takahashi took a seat across from the parents of mark and beside him the little blond boy sat in the same way.

Mark remained silent all the time, for some reason the image of Mr. takahashi impressed him.

-Is settled, from tomorrow you will come to train with Mr. takahashi and his son - listen to this both children looked and frowned.


- Mr. yusei - mark (8 years, a few months after starting his training) pulled the sleeve of the man he spoke.

- Yes? - Yusei watching kai training.

- That child ... -

- Kai? -

- Why I had never seen him in your house, sir? -

- I've invited him but says he must respect the status of people-

- Pfff, what kind of thought so absurd is that? -

- Mark-
- Yes? -

- Do you like your training with Mr. takahashi? -

- Yes! He is great! Is very strong and agile, waaaah ~ I would want him to be my father! -

- But if he were your father you would be like kai and if I am not mistaken, you don't like the way of thinking that kai has, i learnt you don't train with kai-

-Hm ... kai has a great father-

- I know, that's why I trust him so much-

- When I become an adult I want to be like Mr. takahashi! –


- Sen ... sei ? - Mark ( 10 years ) was waiting at the entrance of the dojo of Mr. takahashi when he saw two coffins were carried into the main house, the boy stood up and his face turned pale, stepped, his hands trembled - sen... - ran to where they had those coffins, stopped crashing when hitting a blonde toddler ran out with tears, indeed he was kai.

-You! - Kai grabbed him by the neck of his uwagi - where is Mr. watanabe? -

- Sensei ... - the tears still falling.


-Gh! - was released from the grip of the child - follow me - both children were furious, rushing, mark guided him through the halls of the enormous mansion, finally came to an office, they found yusei watanabe drinking a glass of wine looking out the window.

- If I apologize ... no matter how many times I do, he will not wake up -

Both boys looked at him with fury.



- The time to finish your desserts will be 4:30 - mayu reported taking a stopwatch.

- Aaaand~ as mayuyu and I also want to have fun~ we will team with kai - now yuki grabbed kai's arm and hugged mayu by her waist.

- And why do I have to team up with you? - Kai hissed.

- To remember old times - mayu winked.

- Haha it would be good to remember - kai smiled turning away.

- You all know what you will prepare, so.... Start! –


-Master, we found the secret lab under your daughter’s house, please your order – aki appeared next to fudo's seat.

-Hm… I suspect there will be more guests so… call shimasaki sensei and ask him to send haruki, we need to find where those friends of my daughter have hidden that disc–


<Fudo-sama, here kojiharu, I got to research the signal from yuki-sama’s but it is replicated almost one hundred times around the world, looks like they have a hacker really good, I bet kuramochi-san has the same problem in the facility>

-Oh, haru-kun, don’t worry, right now we don’t need to pressure my daughter, so do as you wish-

<Fine, sir if you let me say this… I suspect yuki-sama will go visit you soon, at this rate she may misunderstand everything >


Jurina and tomoki were making a mess with the ingredients , curiously, their mix for the cookies was perfectly fine, it was just clutter .

Rena and hiro had their space very clean, in this case, rena commanded and hiro was in full working.

Sae and megumi, while megumi working in silence sae talked and talked, although both movements were pretty coordinated, it was a one-sided conversation.

Kai ... he would have been fine but mayuki were working on his side so it was a bit...

- Aaaargh! I never understand these things from recipes, a pinch? What the hell is a "pinch"? - Mayu threw the bowl of flour to the wall, everyone turned to see - what? Those things don't even have a measure marked! - Crossed his arms and pouted.

- Watanabe-sama is behaving like a spoiled child, we should ask master to punish her again - a look of scorn and retaliation by kai - don't you think? - smiled mischievously.

-Su- sure... - Yuki looked away, hiro, tomoki and sae mocked.

- That seems like a good idea kai-san - megumi also supported the idea.



Days after hiro and sae escaped below the great wall...
- We finished up restoring the system, only need to load the new entries and ready - yui and mark report on a screen.

- The disc that was stolen... - tomohisa was a complete mess on his desk, had several discs, memory cards and pictures  with faces everywhere, and a cup of tea.

- Come on tomochin, don't stress so much - mark patted his shoulder.

-And how you suppose I don't get stressed? Those two idiots stole our only proof about the project K! - Stands up and opens the window.

- Until they'll get  the password to decrypt the information I think we have time to recover it - yui still typing on her machine.

- But if the little matsui are with them then we have serious problems - mark chuckles, making tomochin to stress more.

- That no way ... how could that stupid android let them go? - Sat down again.
- Minami is not a stupid android, it is true that she follows complete orders of its owner but also is able to make decisions for herself, and if maeda-san listens to you, you bet she sure kills you, so be careful with your words -mark, displaying a holographic screen - but back to the main issue ... now kou is investigating where are these intruders - in the hologram appear some pictures taken by minami and some security camera videos, the culprits hiro and sae.


-So I just have to get back that disc... - kou looked at the pictures of the culprits, seeing  at hiro and sae caused a few laughs from him.

-Kou-san ... who are you exactly? - Ryo had a bandaged hand and mark drinking a cup of tea.

-Just doing my mission - stood while waiting for his arm after being repaired by aki and rie.

-You don't need to know much about it - tomohisa loaded some files on the removable memory of kou, located in the neck, yui meanwhile gave one last checked to his motor system.

After the confrontation in the morning the only one who hadn't received any damage was mark.



- Finished -

-Wohooo! Megumi -san and I will win with this! -

Jurina runs to the table where kai is -kai-kun ... what is that? -

- This? It's just something I thought of doing, is extremely sweet -

- ... Yukirin ... wasn't that Acchan 's favorite dessert ? - Mayu whispers in the ear of the mentioned.

-Shhhhh, don't say her name - yuki also responds with low voice.

-Mother, mayu -san , good to know we will not have to prove what you did - rena, walking toward the table where kai and jurina are, eyeing the amorphous thing that is before mayuki.

- Hahahaha look, the cookies tomo-kun and I did seem more delicious than that, Jurina pointed mayuki's amorphous thing.

Five o'clock.

- Well? -

- Yukirin and I have agreed, definitely the best of all these desserts was kai's-

-Whaaaaaat?! -

-It can't be better than what hiro -san and I did - rena tested strange sweet dessert made by kai, a halo of light surrounded her.

-It can't be as good - Jurina did the same and another halo of light surrounded her.

-They have tasted the forbidden paradise ... - mayu, smirking.

- Welcome to the club... - yuki, worried.

Sae and Hiro tried it too; no doubt the taste was out of this world.


-Mmmmmmm this is delicious!- atsuko.

-I’m glad you liked it- smiling dreamily.

-Thank you, kai!- hugging him.


-Kai-kun, kai-kun -Jurina pulled from his sleeve.

-Tell me, jurina-sama –

-This is delicious! - rena and jurina.

-Heh, thank you, little ladies – caring smile while patting rena’s and jurina’s heads.


Finally  chapter 31

After being lost for weeks.  :kneelbow:
Not much to say.

Thank you!


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 31 (09/11/2013)
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yeppy an update!! loved it!!

it start!

yeah aye! forever mayuki

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 31 (09/11/2013)
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you're back rise-san , always loved your fic

yuki love!


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Here chapter 32.


#DAY  4#

Rena is packing some snacks in her bag pack, she is in the kitchen with kai who has done preparing the snacks she is packing. 


-Yes, Rena-sama?-

-Did you put the camera in my bag pack?-

-Yes, jurina-sama asked me to-

-Oh, thank you, then we will be back after the midday-

-Sure, take care, little ladies- cleaning the table.

She walks to the hallway.

-¡Yaaaaay, a walk with mom and mayu-chan!- jurina down the stairs, jumping on rena’s back. 

-Wait there, jurina – yuki appearing behind both girls.

-What is it, mom? -  Innocent smile.

-Show me your hands- crossing her arms.

-Eeeh? W-why?- looking away while rena staring at the scene.

-Hm… I heard you are bringing something suspicious– holding jurina’s shoulders.

-Eeeeh? Rena!- jurina gave a reproachful look.

-This is a payback for you eating my melonpan during the meal – crossing her arms, grinning.

-Eh? Whai *-HA HA HA! Trapped!- mayu taking a pen jurina had in her hand* jurina fell and noticing mayu was about to open the pen  -Hey! Mayu-chan don’t!-  too late to tell her, the pen was actually the next prank, if somebody opens it a splash of green paint would come out of the object.

Yuki facepalmed.

Rena grinning.

Jurina worried.

Mayu with green paint all over her face.

-Don’t worry, mayu-san, here, use this to clean your face- rena gave her a napking.

-Rena…- yuki frowning.

-Ye-yes, mother?- turning back to yuki.

-I thought it was my imagination but you are the mastermind behind all these pranks to mayuyu, right?- rising an eyebrow.

-You’re right, mom! It is aaaaall rena’s plans!- jurina jumped in front of yuki –  plus, I didn’t eat rena-chan’s melonpan!- now looking at her sister.

-Don’t lie! Mother don’t like to eat them so much, and megumi-san and kai-kun always eat with us! – pointing at her sister.

-But I’m not lying!-

-Then who was the culprit?-

Mayu... giving a cold look toward jurina.

-E… Ah… I don’t know?- looking away.

-… then I don't either know what would happen to your little mr. teddy- menacing glare.

-Ok ok ok ok it was mayu-chan!- pointing to mayu who is hiding behind yuki.

-Hey!- showing up from behind yuki's shoulder, reproachfully.

-I don't care what happens to you, mr. teddy is my most precious treasure! Beeeh! – grimacing.

-I didn’t know you liked those- yuki says mockingly while turns to see mayu.

-Yeah… - looking back – ahm… actually… since I visited you so much I started to eat them, I didn’t know those kind of flavors existed, I mean, you know, back then my dad forbid me to eat unhealthy things…-

-Yeah, whatever… melonpan is banned for two days – starts to walk outside the cottage. 

-Hey, anything but the melonpan!- mayu, rena and jurina running behind her, mayu closes the door and the walk begins.

-I was thinking on you make some exercise with kai but the melonpan will do it better -

-Whaaat?!- the three at the same time.

-Now, don’t lose the path, near here is an interesting place I want to show you-


< Here kou, I already got rid of the last source of energy in the house, now I'm entering > kou entering from a secret place inside the house.

-Kou, I copy you – in kojima department, a girl speaks from the communicator while haru is playing his psp on the balcony - ryo-chan is entering from the front entrance –

<Ryo reporting, access allowed, first key unlocked without damage, cameras have been diverted ... it seems strange, rie-chan said the main entry was dangerous but so far nothing has happened you know anything about this, aki-chan?>

-Sorry ryo-chan, you know that the information inu-chin provides me is the only one with I work, take care, on the next lap there are two laser that... - in the sccreen aki is watching appears a point in red -  Ryo-chan ... watch out!-

<Ou! Hey why scream?> covering his ear.

<¡Ryo-kun hurry up, you are not alone in there!> kou breaking a wall, looking with his scanner the location of ryo.

Ryo continues walking, listening to what aki and kou say - Uh? But if there's no ... - the sound of debris falling calls his attention, in fact there were lasers, they are now destroyed and the one who destroyed them was it, the android called "minami".

<Ryo-kun, don't confront her!>

<Ryo-chan get away from there!>

-Hehehe ... hahhhh ... - scratches his head - I guess I can no longer run away? -

-Sorry for the damage caused - she bows - please ... try to survive -

-Minami, don't talk to the enemy - sitting on what a moment ago was a wall is atsuko.

- Enemy?! - Ryo takes a step back and gets defensive, his hands shake a bit - but if we repaired minami for you! -

-If you get in my way then you are - after these words, while atsuko looking at a framed photograph, minami and ryo began to fight.

#Mayuki and wMatsui#

The happy family has arrived to a ground full of flowers and rocks and a little river -Here- yuki stops walking. 

-Wooooow!- the other three.

-It’s beautiful- rena and jurina looking at the river, running and jumping in, covering their feet with cold water.

-What is this place?- asks mayu following yuki and sitting on a rock whit her.

-Is a garden, obviously…- stretching her arms.

-Are you being BLACK?- rising an eyebrow.


-Wahahahaha mom mom look there, stones of all kind of colors!- jurina taking a handful of stones. 

“I have seen this place…” rena is watching the flowers.



-I want to show you something- hugging mayu.

-We are being mysterious, I like it- hugging yuki.

-Rena, jurina, come with us, I want to show you something-

-Yeeees- both children run and sit next to the couple.


They are reviewing information in sae laptop, files of old, names and pictures labeled.

-So yuki and mayu have not clarified what happened back then, but I still don't understand why this whole mess, that is, this is out of cause, kai attacking kou and kou threatening to destroy yuki when I thought he was our ally, when yuki was out of control kai also said there is a first-generation android who is following yuki, also mayu is still hiding something and is not just about her father, I'm sure - sae sitting in a chair.

-Mark ... she always spoke with a man named mark, I'm sure it must be the mark of that time - staring out the window.

-But if so, it means that it is true that the watanabes want to destroy yuki? -

-And I don't think that can be true, why not look at it from the other side? - Suggests turning to see sae.

-What you talking about? –

-Come on, remember, when the accident happened with yuki-san, the first man said he knew nothing- 

-The second one had a list of very suspicious contacts and was murdered after he gave us that information - sae, standing - when we met the father of yuki I thought he was suffering but now... you saw it, as we said we had gotten the information that watanabe had stolen from the MRC... –

-Mr. kashiwagi is hiding something else, I'm sure, no matter if he offered to help us to discover who was behind yuki, it would be obvious to assume that once all the pieces were found, the watanabe would be the ones behind all this but what mayu said is disturbing too. Someone was playing with us all this time? Why they would want to blame the watanabe family? - hiro crossing his arms.

-It's true, mayu's father knew how dangerous the situation was and remained out apart - sae, leaning against the wall.

-They can't go for Yuki-san just because they want, she is not a weapon that has escaped ... does she? -

A deathly silence.

-She told me that all those silent persecution began when she started her residence with the matsui researchers, but why then and not before? If they wanted to keep yuki away from mayu that couldn't be just because yuki was dangerous, I have been friends with her all this time, I'm sure it's not just that... –

-You suggesting that the real problem is when they are together? We had assumed that possibility and remember that Kuramochi-san said that was impossible ... -

-What other option do you suggest then? As k1 told us, the only person cappable to free yuki from her state as "BLACK" is mayu-

-And at the same time she is the main reason that yuki remain in that state most of time since they had seen ... -

-Rena-chan and Jurina-chan are very perceptive, not be long before they realize what's going on ... -

-Aaaargh! What to do!- Hiro dropped down on sae’s bed.



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