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Author Topic: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 36 (11/06/2016)  (Read 29674 times)

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 9
« Reply #40 on: June 25, 2013, 03:36:34 PM »
Gosh im just finish reading this fic

Ok i dont understand with this story at first,but now its better

So yuki is what? Super human or what?

Mayuyu background seem more dark than yuki

Hopefuly they together again now that i know mayuyu never mean to leave yuki

Please update soon i lovd this fic

Thank for the update


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 9
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This just gets interesting.  Yuki is controlled by another person against Mayu figuring it out before it is too late
Random Thought:


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 10
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Ahem... I escaped from confinement.

1.- To be exact, yuki is a cyborg, so far is what is known or planned better explain short term.

2.- Maybe you're right we will know soon.


One weekend, saturday night to be exact, mayu has been playing all night with rena and Jurina, the girls are already asleep ... now is time to work.

-Nee yuki-chan - mayu enters to yuki's room.

-What? - yuki replies upset.

-Rena-chan is right, you are being childish, come on, i need to change something - mayu offers her hand to yuki - I know that you have a lab here but never managed to locate,  so take me there and for sure tomorrow you will be able to walk a little -

yuki, reluctantly, took mayu's hand, feeling a little nervous and blushing at the instant she noticed that mayu was carrying her bridal style - now to where? - asked mayu trying with all her might to not kiss yuki in that moment.

-g-go to the closet - mayu did what was told - now enter -

-Wow i didn't know you liked this kind of games- mayu giggled

-Shut up!- yuki hit mayu's head, after some instructions that yuki indicated to mayu, a secret door opened, they went inside. 

-What are you going to do? - yuki asked.

-kai gave me the piece i needed to replace in your body. I noticed you can't walk; although you were hibernating, it seems this thing just stop working, and you have to be thankful, it cost a bunch of money - mayu put yuki on a surgical bed - have you done this before? - she asked noticing some papers and panels still in operation.

-Nothing of your business - yuki looked away.

-Whatever... - mayu connected yuki to the computer that was next and after a few seconds the analysis had been completed - what the...? who changed this?! -

-Stop peeping on my system! - yuki disconnected the device.

-Ok, ok, sorry...-

After a few hours...

Mayu was cleaning yuki's leg, the blood looked reddish, but it was not red as is the normal blood ... was a reddish and oily substance.

-done, with this, by tomorrow you will feel better -

Yuki noded


-With this you will feel better by tomorrow - mayu kissed yuki's injury.

-And... while i wait, can you stay with me?- yuki hugged mayu by her waist causing the latter to lose her balance and falling on her - the sofa will be much more comfortable if I share with you - kissed her neck.


- you're not going to ask me to stay with you? - Mayu asked, remembering the past.

-No, thank you, now go home - yuki lied down  and closed her eyes.

-I can't go home, it's one in the morning - mayu stood up - well... maybe i should go to the kitchen and eat something, i'm hungry - she took yuki's hand and kissed it - see you later Yuki-chan –

Yuki was still with her eyes closed, feeling the pain it causes the engagement of the new piece to her body.



-Father, when I grow up, I wanna be like you! - Said a 6 year old kid, he was playing baseball with his father.

-Haha thank you! That makes me very happy! Did you hear, honey?! - The man called his wife, who replied with a big smile.


Takahashi Family House.

-Noooo! Father, mother! Please wake up! - The same boy, now ten, hugging two coffins, crying desperately - Please father, wake up! you are not died ... - the kid dropped, a woman held him through tears.

-You should be proud of them, he died serving his job and will always be remembered as a hero - a man put his hand on the boy's shoulder - I promise that one day, all for what he risked his life, will end- 

-I don't need your stupid words of pity - the child, with contempt in his eyes, hit the hand of the man.

-Kai! Don't talk that way to Mr. watanabe! - A woman scolded him through tears - your father was a very brave man and your mother protected you, thanks to her, you're still alive! please -

- Father, mother ... I swear that i'll take revenge - he said, looking with some hate the man who was standing beside him.

-Child, revenge does not lead to anything good, is one of the lessons that your parents gave you, is not it? - Mr. started walking towards the center of the place. That day they will honored to his parents who had died in the line of duty, in the place were important families, and the most respected or feared among them, was the watanabe family.


-Woaaah!! - The child fell from the branch of the tree - stupid tree! - Started kicking the trunk.

-And could you tell me what fault has the tree? - An angelic smile woman approached the boy and crouched.

-You do not mess! meddlesome woman! - the boy stood up, seemed to be eleven, he started running.

A few feet away was stopped by a woman dressed as a maid. The woman had in one of his hands a box of cookies - if I listen to you talk that way as disrespectful to Ms. Kashiwagi ... i promise you will never see the sun again... - the woman looked at him with contempt.

- Please megumi-san, he's just a kid, you have to treat him well, now apologize! - The woman stood up, making a gesture of feigned annoyance.

- My sincerest apologies ... - megumi said looking down.

- And who do we have here? - Asked the woman stirring the blond hair of the kid.

- First tell me who are you! - The child hit the woman's hand.

- Hm ... I live here so I think I have a right to ask first! - Winked, the child looked away.

- First tell her to let me go! - Megumi let go his wrist - my name is kai ... kai kawachi ... –

- Honey! Look! - A man dressed in military uniform came to the garden, he seemed very happy - look what our daughter drew! - had in his hands a canvas where they were drawn, the woman, the man and girl smiling happily - who is this child? - He asked when she saw the child.

- He is kawachi kai is the new gardener - she lied.

- Boy, you're too young to be working! - The man came to examine it.

- Do not worry, love, it gradually learn-

- Very well, then welcome! - The man stirred the the child's hair.

- Thank you ... - said the child feeling a little strange at such reception.


-Kai, hello! - The woman greeted him with the same angelic smile as always - today I want to introduce someone very special to me - she took the child's hand and took him to the library of the house, a building located in the middle of the  great garden.
They entered the building - daughter? - The woman called, no answer.

Kai continued walking and was amazed by the large amount of books it had in place, finally arrived, in the middle of several towers of books, sitting on the floor, a girl who read and read as if there were nothing more than that.

-Yuki - the woman called, the little girl turned and smiled in a way that kai felt very cold.

* She was nine at the time, was the first time I saw her, all I could think was that she looked like a beautiful princess ... almost as beautiful as her mother, and for a moment i forgot my reason for being in that place... * (kai thought)

########################################### (end of kai's memories)

kai walked to the door and opened it, in front of him was mayu eating a sandwich.

-You could have told me you were coming ... - yawned as he sat on his bed - is something wrong? -

-Someone changed her emergency code? -

-Should have told you before? No regrets at all-

-Ha ha, tell me, that really was black? - She remembered the cold look of yuki.

- It's true that she is still black in some part of her. I don't know what the hell have the military done with her - he looked upset.

- Haha, I knew you still spoke that way, back to the subject, who improved her emergency system? –

The young man took a deep breath before telling what had happened - besides you, the  Messrs matsui tried to remove that part, but it is simply impossible. After running over and over several simulations, the result was the same, if you remove that part ... her basic functions stop, leading to the release of a virus that ends up destroying everything, in other words... she dies.  The only change that they could make was a small program that was installed in a part of her memory that is not achieved by others codes running. Once it receives the signal from the "BLACK SYSTEM" this little code runs, it is the first time I see it running, they did not lie when they said it would not fail and I'm really grateful -

-So they discarded my program? -

-No, they were surprised to see your work and used it as the basis for their. Well... as you realized four years ago, they recovered the deleted files containing your information, that's why she recognizes you - concluded, remembering when sae introduced them. Kai saw that in a recording.

-Why did they do that? - Asked between sobs.

-Because i asked them for - stroked mayu's head - also they realized that the whole system showed an error in its operation, once recovered your information, the system returned to normal-

-Are you sure I can stay by her side? -

- Now why are you hesitating? –

-Because even genies have doubts, fears and make mistakes as humans we are-

- Don't worry, I will protect you with my life - gave her a warm smile.

- And who will protect your life? -

-I am happy to serve the daughter of my first love, the same way I was happy to become her friend and I was happy to become her brother, I'm happy if she's happy, I'm happy if my life can serve to her -

- Kai... - she embraced him.

- All I ask for you is that you don't separate from her, no matter what she does as black, the fact that you exist in her "life" is what makes her human, thanks to you she became a true human and that's what her mother and I thank you. Thanks to you, mayu ... yuki could again have a heart, because of you she smiles, cries, gets angry and make jokes, thanks to you she understood the meaning of "love" and thanks to you today ... she's still alive - he corresponded to the hug.

In his mind came back those moments, days, times when yuki, he and mayu discovered that to love someone and be loved by that person was as complicated as choosing life or death ...

Next day.

-Good morning, yukirin!- mayu hugged yuki and pecked her cheek.

-I told you to not doing that!- yuki grabbed mayu's wrist.

-Yeah but i just can't resist you - yuki was hurting mayu but this time mayu won't give up so easily -you know? when you glare at me with that anger, you have an erotic look-

Immediately yuki released mayu's wrist and looked away.

-Good morning mom! - jurina entered to the room and hugged yuki.

-Mother, good morning - rena entered and did the same.

-I'm going to help megumi with the breakfast- mayu walked towards the door.

-Nee mom, you look red, are you feeling sick? - jurina asked makin rena look at mayu and mayu going out of the room with  a smirk.



Just one week...

Thanks for your thanks and replys. :bow:

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 10
« Reply #43 on: June 29, 2013, 12:13:58 PM »
Mayu life is in danger?thats why she doubting she could stand by yuki side or not?

Interesting.please update soon

Yuki why so cold?stop being tsundere.accfpt mayu love before its to late.i sense something bad happen on mayu and yuki.but yuki is is more dangerous for mayu

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 10
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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 11
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1.- Yeah, mayu is in danger but not the way we think  :? and yuki will be like that for a while... maybe next chapter we can explain something about this

2.- mayu didn't leave yuki because of black, well... not at all...

And... here the next chapter


* We didn't know that things were even more sinister than they seemed, yuki was happy in the midst of her refusal to seeing mayu, mayu every day seemed more tired because of her work and new research, in addition to deal with black-yuki, who was, in her opinion, funny and dangerous. Kai began to behave more expressive whenever mayu visiting the house, everything seemed to start to be shaped like a beautiful family scene, rena and Jurina looked happy,  and  hiro and I finally managed to communicate with Mr. Huxley in Canada, and after our visit , we returned to Tokyo *


He was an old man of perhaps eighty-four years, his large enclosure was surrounded by awards, books, newspapers, magazines, recordings; wherever  we saw it, the place was a perfect library.

- Been so long since i've seen some guys so interested in the biogenetic ... - he said hoarsely and worn - you remind me of that beautiful pair of Japanese researchers, yeah ... What were their names? Matsui ... - said turning the sphere that adorned the top of his cane - they were very dedicated to their research, always so optimistic, always hungry for knowledge, even I was surprised when I saw their work. I still remember when I was asked to work with they, it took a few months to build our first fertilization room... - he stopped and looked out the window it began to rain - we invest so much in this project and could only find ... - he started laughing, followed by a cough - I can't remember what we got but it was a big step for us. Sometime later, we would contact with my friend Allen in England, he would help us with the part of artificial intelligence - the old man made a big break ... Maybe he didn't know whether to continue with his story - to hear them talk of creating an artificial intelligence, accurate to human existence, I thought they were crazy, you should know as well as we do, no matter how many times you tried, no one has ever created life so perfectly as God ... –

-Please tell us what happened with the investigation - hiro took the old man's hand.

-He he he ... I have never seen God ... - the old man continued smiling, now looking at a photograph, I looked at that picture and they appeared there, he, Messrs. Matsui and two other men, all smiling, they seemed to celebrate something, behind them ... Two capsules filled with liquid, and surrounded by machines that, at that time, I never would have imagined for what they worked.

-You who wish to attain the power of God, I must warn you about something ... - the old man stopped smiling, we listen attentively...


- Hi, hi! -

Upon hearing this greeting by the front hallway, the matsui girls ran to meet them.

-Sae-chaaan! -

-Sae-san! -

Both girls ran to hug her in the act, sae caught them, filling their faces with warm kisses - i missed you a lot! Did you missed me? - she asked still hugging the little girls.

-Yes! - They answered in unison.

- Guess what! - Jurina asked, pulling sae's hand - mom awoke! - they entered to yuki's room.

-Hi! - Greeted sae, approaching - how are you? - Sat on the bed, Jurina was about to sit but hiro stopped her.
*-Juri-chan! You don't greet me? - Asked the man making an expression of sadness.

-Hiro onii-chan! - She hugged him - please don't be sad, look! Let's go eat ice cream! - she led him to the kitchen, in the distance, with gestures, sae thanked him. *

-Well, thank you! I'm glad to see you - yuki smiled.
-Hey, hey, how did it feel to see your daughters as grown? -

- It was funny, a big surprise, I think I passed out haha -

- Hahahaha I would have liked to see that! -

- And how have you been? –

- Traveling and knowing the world, by the way, did you know you still have your job? -

-What!!! - yuki shouted.

- Did not they tell you? - was surprised - I now understand why the others keep asking about you - she crossed her arms with fake annoyance.

-But how is this possible? -

-Because we were assigned a project in the north pole, and the others have moved up there, don't worry about work, Yuko is leading at the moment, just need to report you to them when you can, by the way, why are you in bed? -

- Um ... I can't walk much, I need to exercise more -

-Oh ... Oh! Wait, I got you a gift! - speed out of the room and soon returned with a cane that had a strange sphere on top - I hope you like it, but I think it looks a bit old ... -

- Don't worry, it's the thought that counts, thanks - she took and examined it - you bought it at a yard sale or what? - She smirked.

-Ha ha ha - seriously looked at her and then laugh with her - i could say it's a secret, see you later, I'm going to have fun with the girls - winked and left.

-Sae-san! - Rena called, waiting in the hallway.

-Rena-chan! What's up? Finished reading the book I gave you? - sae smiled with some complicity.

-Yes! - rena made the sign of peace - it was very interesting! -

-Great! I hope next time i can find another book as interesting as this! -

-Sae-san, can I talk to you for a moment? -

-Sure, tell me - took her hand and led her into the garden of the house.

- Have you ever seen my mother behaving coldly with someone she loves? -

-No, why? -

- She behaves strange when mayu-san is at home, sometimes I think she looks at her with contempt ... And suddenly, when mayu-san is looking at other way mother is looking at her lovingly; and when they talk,  mother always behaves sarcastic or sharp - rena sigh - but despite behave that way, mother does treat her with care, I know because ... -

- So was she when you meet her? -

-Yes ... But back then, she wasn't even sarcastic, she showed only indifference, it's a little different and I wanted to ask if that is normal between two people who love each other? -

- In yuki's case I think it's perfectly normal, and we don't know how her relationship with mayu was  when they were young so don't worry, to yuki, mayu is the love of her life so you can be sure that this is normal between them -

-All right, thanks sae-san-

-Yep -

-I have another question-

- Tell me -

- How did you get my mother's diary? -

 -I got it six years ago, one day she went to the park with you two and I was preparing dinner, while i was cleaning the place I found it, it seems that yuki never noticed or did not take importance. -She sighed -  the day of the party, four years ago, I didn't believe that the "mayuyu" she was talking about in her diary were the same, so ... - she remembered the scene - the world is very small, I suppose - smiled as she felt rena was hugging her, sobbing, sae only pat rena's head while looking at the sky - I promised you, the three of you will be happy again, you'll see- sa hugged rena and kissed her head, somehow sae was about to cry, too - just wait -.

*Now i think i... Somehow... I just can't... I will keep that promise for the rest of my life...*

Days after…

-Since when? - Kai paled and immediately left yuki's room.

-Mayuyu...- yuki sighed, instantly feeling an awkward sensation of anger and love... - Mayu-chan... - again she started to feel the urge to be with her… and hurt her... - mayu... - she was crying... repeating in her mind the words "i love you" and "destroy" - please... save me... mayu...yu...- yuki was on the floor, writhing in pain, she was beginning to lose control…

Outside yuki's room

-Megumi! take the girls away from here! - kai seemed to be desperate, in minutes the house was empty, only kai and yuki remained inside.

‘Mayu… please don’t come home!’ he was thinking while trying to calm yuki.

The doorbell rang.



No, yuki don't...  :cry:

Thanks for your thanks and replys.  :bow:

See you next week!  :badluck:


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 11
« Reply #46 on: June 30, 2013, 06:50:01 PM »
Uwa what happen?broken system?seem yuki lost control.

Yuki love mayu but at the same time want destroy her.

Why? I mean why mayu?

Who's ringing the bells?hope is not our dear mayuyu

Thank for the update.i will wait patiently this week LOL


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 11
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Yuki no!!!

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 11
« Reply #48 on: July 02, 2013, 12:59:26 PM »
Then what kind of danger mayu will face if its not her life?

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 12
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just can't stand  :panic:


-OK! Is settled!- Sae stood up, clapping.

-Yaaaaay!- Jurina shouted jumping on mayu’s arms – now we have two moms!-

-W- what? - mayu was surprised, yet unable to believe that something like that was happening.

-Wait jurina, first they have to marry – rena said making everyone look at her – well... I read on a book, so... mother! mayu-san! You have to marry, soon! - she pointed at the two.

-Wait wait wait there, I just asked her to go out- while speaking, yuki was glaring at sae who forced her to ask mayu to. 

- And I haven’t answer yet – mayu was smiling despite know that what yuki was doing was just sae’s order.

-Well then, tell us your answer – kai asked from his seat.

-Yes! New mom mayu! – jurina sat on mayu's lap.

-If… if yuki-chan is ok with this…. – *- I’m ok with this - yuki was staring at her but in her eyes there wasn’t a little sign of love, instead she seemed angry * - then… yes! I think… yeah! – yuki smiled at her  in a cold way and immediately stood up and walked towards her …

-You! Show more interest please! – sae pushed her – stop being boring, now! – she pulled yuki towards mayu – to commemorate this event you have to kiss mayu-chan! – the children clapped, kai was laughing, hiro was taking pictures, megumi was serving champagne and yuki and mayu blushed.

Days after...

-Mayu-chan, hi!- jurina ran and hugged her.

-Hi jurina-chan!  where is yuki-chan? - they were in the garden, a big place where they used to play together when yuki was in coma.

-Mother is working with kai-kun, they are in the study - rena appeared reading a new book -Wow, look jurina! this is what mother was talking about! - the younger sister ran and took the book rena was reading, both sat on the lawn.

-Awesome!- both were immersed in the book - but, rena-chan this is a story, right? imagine if it was real! -

-Yeah! would be incredible! - the girls were so excited, mayu approached to know what it was what they were talking about.

-Hmmm? what are you talking about? - sat beside them, and glanced at the book.

-Last night, mom told us a story of robots -

-And i went to the library of the house and found this book- rena gave the book to mayu - i just finished to read it - she was grinning, showing a face who says "praise me".

-Wow, all the book? - mayu was surprised, she knew that book.

-Yes! -

-Nee, rena-chan, this looks like the toy we made the other day - jurina was pointing to a robotinc arm.

Rena nodded but suddenly seemed to remember something - oh! mayu-chan please don't tell to mother that we are reading this book! pleeeease -  she bowed worried.

-Yeah! don't tell her, she never allow us to read those books - jurina pouted, as a small child whom take away their toys.

-Hehe fine, but don't tell her that i was here, i'm going to hide in her room, can you ask her to go there? - she smirked.

-Understood!  now we go! - the girls ran to the study while mayu went to hide in yuki's room.

-Watanabe-san - megumi appeared behind her, they were in the hallway.

-Ah, please don't call me with that.. - mayu turned to see to a very angry megumi -now what did i do?- mayu already knew perfectly that expression of the maid, when megumi looked at her like that it was always because she did something hidden from yuki, and this time was the same.

In fact it was megumi who had charge of watching mayu during those two years, with the indication of not allow her to enter to yuki's lab, kai asked her to do. However, at the same time megumi had realized that mayu really loved yuki, so now she must reprimand her.

-I know you are planning to play a prank on master, now tell me what is this time? -

-Sometimes you're boring - mayu expressed disappointment, had been discovered very quickly - how did you know i was going to... - 'trapped!'

-I just was playing but now i know that you was planning something - megumi sighed - please don't make her angry, lately she is a bit difficult to calm - said this, she went to the garden with some pancakes.

Inside yuki's lab.

-Hm... looking better this place ... is large enough, should cover the size of the house ... (It was an underground floor) - mayu kept walking until she found, casually, the security tape recordings - oh! i didn't know that yuki liked spy us - driven by their innate curiosity and as if she was watching a movie, she sat on the chair and the recording began, at the beginning she was smiling but sudden the smile vanished, she stopped the recording and started to look at the papers that were on the desk, as she read her face grew pale - but on that day... - she paled even more when she saw the date of the recording. 

Several minutes later, inside yuki's room.

Yuki was sleeping, she didn't know why rena and jurina asked her to go to her room but seeing that nothing happened she fall asleep, she was sleeping face down.

-This can't be... whi kai didn't tell me? this is important for me too! - she muttered out of the lab and noticed yuki was there, sleeping - lucky! - now said in a low voice, she didn't want to wake yuki.

Carefully mayu climbed onto the bed and lay down next to the other and slowly embraced her- yuki-chan, don't you hug me? - Trying very hard not to laugh, she expected to see yuki bothered, invading her personal space.
In an unexpected reaction to mayu, yuki apologized still asleep, turned around and hugged her, kissing her forehead and smiling - mayu...yu - she said starting to caress mayu's back, as she used to do years ago - Hm? what... - yuki started to open her eyes - who...? -

-Hi, honey!- mayu was smirking, a bright smirk.   

-Whaaat are you doing here?!!- yuki sat, her eyes were, well you know -.-

- When i came to you room you asked me to sleep with you, i told you that you didn't know what you was saying but you insisted, now don't tell me you don't remember - mayu sat as well.

-You liar - yuki stood up and took her cane.

-Sorry! - mayu stopped her by her wrist.

-Fine fine, you should stop telling lies, now, hands off! - but mayu pulled her towards the bed.

-Ahem... the truth this wasn't my main plan, but i just... i can't let go an opportunity like this- she blushed, she was on the top and yuki down, instinctively mayu took yuki's hands and laced their fingers - i... -

-You?- yuki was upset but not looking into her eyes, she was unable to do that, she felt her temperature began to raise - was sleeping very well, thanks for waking me... - muttered.

-Yuki-chan! - now yuki felt an extra weight on her body, felt everything again was failing.

Mayu embraced her by her neck, surprisingly she felt a hand caressing her face,  she noticed some tears but in yuki's face was no expression until that moment that for a long time she was dreaming of.

Yuki was kissing her, finally, she wasn't rejecting her. But something was strange, now her body began to feel strange - Yu-yuki-chan? - she felt yuki's hand going under her blouse - wait, yuki-chan! - but there was no answer - Yuki-chan, you can't imagine how i feel after all i did before but, please... *sigh* s... stop... *moan* - ' what is she doing me?! stop attacking me! i can't resist and... and... someone can hear us! you baka!!'

-This is what you call desire, right?- yuki asked hypnotized by mayu's scent, creating a trail of kisses from her neck to her ear - i don't kow what to do... - she started to unbutton the blouse - if you don't stop me...  *sob* - now she was staring at mayu as if she was asking her for help, she couldn't control her impulses. Mayu remembered those words, tose words yuki told the first time they did that.

'But that time she wasn't sobbing... ' mayu hugged yuki, for sure what she saw on the recording made this - i'm sorry for everything, i promised you, you still remember? *peck* i don't care what you are *peck* or who you was *peck*  will always love you  - yuki's eyes expressed fear - you can hurt me all you want, and even if you don't want, i don't care what hapens, i just want to share my life with you and i want you to share your life with me, because you are my entire life - finally yuki fainted.       

Seconds later...

-Honey!, you are awake - mayu pecked yuki's ear.

-What are you doing here?- yuki asked a bit confused.

-Hm... i don't know... when i noticed i was here, oh, but i could see you sleep, i missed your sleepi face - she grins.

- ... Whatever - looked at the wall clock - it's late... let's go to the kitchen, you haven't eaten, right? - she stood up and took her cane.

-How you know? - mayu followed her.

-Ohori-san told me  you get off work at five and it's almost six thirty-

-Hehe, if you are going to prepar the meal then i think i pass -

-To your knowledge since i am with rena, jurina and sae i have improve my cooking skills -

'It is me or she is being bland' - Nee, yuki-chan -


'It is me...' - Nothing - mayu sat and enjoyed the moment, which yuki prepares the food for her made her feel part of her life again.

-M... Mayu- yuki calls.

-Hm? what is it, yuki-chan? -

-I'm sorry for what i did, i don't know what happened, i tried and tied to stop me but my body didn't respond... - behind yuki mayu was staring at her, she could feel in her body, but she had to apologize.

-... you remenber? - mayu was blushing, remembering all she said.

-I'm really sory-

'what is worst? the fact that she remember, or the fact that she is telling me that she didn't meant to do what did? ' -Yeah, don't worry, honey-

-Can you stop calling me like that, please? - yuki turned to see at mayu.

-Why? honey?-

-Because is irritating -

-I don't want to, and haven't eaten, come on, hurry up, i'm hungry! - she started to act like a child.

-Yaaaay mom is preparing the food! - jurina enters to the kitchen  -what are you preparing mom? -  she looks - Nee rena-chan call the chinese food! - she said and sit next to mayu.

-Let me guess - rena enters to the kitchen with the phone - it's mayu's favourite food? - 

-Yeah...- both girls sigh.

- You don't like it? don't worry, it is not as bad as it seems - yuki smiles - and for the dessert we have fruit jello-

-Call the chinese food - and both sigh again. 

But... what did happen that day?...


(July 27)

-Happy birthday-rena-chaaaan! -



1.- Yuki is a troublesome.

2.- Hehehe  :on drink: actually... you will know but i don't know when  :nervous

Next chapter let's see what happened here!  :O

Thanks for your thanks!  :mon roll:


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 13
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More and more characters.


(July 27)

Inside a building, in front of the train station that certain young lady takes to pick the girls from the school, someone is watching, waiting comfortably from their seat.
The room's door opens- they take too long to arrive - someone sighed and sat next to the person -here, brought some snacks -

#Meanwhile somewhere#

-Nee, mayu-chan, why we took the bus rather than the train as ever? -

- 'cause i wanted to change the routine - she smiles.

#In the building #
-Argh! they really take too long! i'll go look - the boy stood and walked outside the room.

< Inu-chin, can you see them? >

- I’m sorry, the station is crowded and it's really late and i have a lot of homework...- "inu", a girl with long hair in a ponytail and dressed in a white short  and an aqua strapless blouse, is watching with the binoculars, suddenly someone catch her attention - what the heck is he doing there?!-

<Something is wrong?>

-I think "wrong" is still good for this, cancel the mission! - the girl hurried out of the place to intercept the person who was with her moments ago.

<Done! but what happen? need backup? near your location are...>

-It's ok, actually is this stupid ryo, why did you paired me with him? i can't stand him when working! whenever he feels bored, he goes and ruin the plans!- she was running, crossing the street, finally reached him - You, dumbass! what do you think you're doing? - grabbed his shoulder.

- Hey hey hey i'm sorry but i have a social life and this work is wasting my time and we supposed to have a date, i just wanted  to *- as if i care, don't go believing that everything you do is the correct way!- * fine, sorry... - the boy apologized with a bow.

<Oh, now i see, ryo-chan was discovered, hehe nee inu-chin,  your boyfriend is funny, it's the sixth time this month>

-Please, don't mention it... -  inu took off the communicator.

- What's up rie-chan? - the boyfriend ryo, a good-looking guy who likes to wear a dark jacket no matter what clothes is wearing, he uses glasses to hide his girly eyes.

-Whatever... let's go to your date - she grabs rino's hands and both walk in the middle of the crowd.

# In yuki’s house #

-She's coming, she's coming!- sae reported and all hid.

The door opens, revealing to rena and Jurina followed by mayu, the noon just passed and the girls are returning from school. They rushed calling to their mother but there was no answer.

-It seems that there is no one - mayu pretended to search in the kitchen and then didn't return.

-Nee, mayu-chan, where did you go? - Jurina went to find her, she didn't return either.

-Doesn't it suppose that today they would come out to celebrate my birthday? - Rena seemed a little sad –hey where is everyone? –

-Happy birthday, rena-chaaaan! - all came out of hiding, mayu and jurina brought a cake.

The surprise was a success and now everybody was enjoying the moment, the kashiwagi family was having fun just like years before, and this was the first birthday yuki was celebrating after those four years, of course she was happy.

The hours passed and it was already six in the noon, mayu announced that she will leave soon since she had work to do for the next day, hiro offered to take her home and she accepted.

-See you!- she part while the kids were waving their hands

-Let's go to the pool tomorrow! - jurina said and rena nodded -we will be waiting!-

-Sure! i'll call you! –

Mayu and hiro entered to his car.
-You look tired - the car started to move - you have been overworking again, don't you?- he sighs.

-Yeah... i should ask for vacation - mayu leaned over the seat, she felt that at any moment would fall asleep.

-Don't wory too much, for sure she will be fine - hiro grabbed her hand.
Mayu open her eye and look that gesture - i hope so... -

-Mayu... are you sure YOU are well? - he was really woried.

-Yeah... i tell you, i'm fine, maybe with a good rest i can recharge my energies - the truth she was feeling dizzy.

#Yuki's house#

-Oi, are you ok?- sae grabbed yuki by her shoulders, it seemed the latter was about to faint.

-Yes... just feel a bit dizy - yuki sat, they were in the kitchen, rena and jurina were in the game room with megumi.

#Hiro's car#

They arrived to mayu's apartment.

 -You know my number, please whatever happens just call me and i immediately will come help you - mayu nodded and opened the door.

The car moved again.

After mayu closes the door, she started to feel even worse.

#Yuki's house#

-Hm... you may rest, come on, i'll carry you to the room - sae carries yuki bridal-style.

-Thanks...  -

-No prob -

#Mayu's apartment#

- Damn you... da... - mayu muttered before faint.

#Yuki's house# 

- i'll go for some medicine or something, wait here - sae left the room.

Yuki began to feel a sharp twinge in her head.

-Kai? ... - called and immediately the butler appeared.

-What's wrong? - kai asked noticing yuki was feeling bad.

-I don't know... i just started to feel dizzy and... - her eyes started to change color, from brown to red and again to brow... - ¿where is mayu...? - put her hand on her temple - it hurts... -

-Yuki?- kai approached and grabbed yuki's wrists - are you... losing control again? -  his concerns were increasing.

She pushed him - I have to elim... mayu... - yuki movements began to be strange, she hugged herself to calm a bit, closing her eyes tightly, trying not to talk - mayu ... - and trying not to think...
-Since when? - Kai paled and immediately left yuki's room.

-Mayuyu...- yuki sighed, instantly feeling an awkward sensation of anger and love... - Mayu-chan... - again she started to feel the urge to be with her… and hurt her... - mayu... - she was crying... repeating in her mind the words "i love you" and "destroy" - please... save me... mayu...yu...- yuki was on the floor, writhing in pain, she was beginning to lose control…

Outside yuki's room

-Megumi! take the girls away from here! - kai seemed to be desperate, in minutes the house was empty, only kai and yuki remained inside.

‘Mayu… please don’t come home!’ he was thinking while trying to calm yuki.

#In the drugstore#

<It's an emergency! Miyazawa hurry up and return to the house!>

-What? why? - sae rushed back.

<It's black! she is waking, hurry or butler-san will die >

-Oh right and what supposes i gonna do?-  she was almost there, just other block.

<What we told you! she has an emergency system, she just needs a power overload>

-And who can I do that?-

<According to the records, the only functional form is ...>

She rang the doorbell, nothing, again, nothing... she opens the door with a kick and enters...

-You are kai... kawachi, right?- yuki asked, standing up.

-Yes, and you... - he walks a step back - yuki kashiwagi, am i right?-

-Master told me... you actually are a takahashi, but i wonder why is it that you are and no are the same human - she walks a step towards him.
-Yuki!- sae enters to yuki’s room.

-And you are... - yuki looks at her and start scanning - Sae miyazawa -  turns her view to the blonde guy again -she is near, i can feel it - closes her eyes.

-Sae move!- in one swift motion, kai pushes sae, thus preventing the object yuki just throw strike them.

-What do you think you're doing? the hell...! she is your friend! - both stood.

-Friendship is unnecessary - again she throws something.

#In the park#

-Megumi-san why are we in the park? is boring... - rena was sitting next to megumi on a bench in front of the games.

-Is good for you, here outside you can learn a lot of things, much more interesting than just learn from the books, for example, you like the flowers right?- rena nodded - but it's not the same to look a flower in a book and to look a flower in live, there are things that books can't explain  -

-For example? -

-The flower wasn't a good example? -

-Oh, sorry-

Jurina was playing on the games, she was fast to make friends, everywhere she went she made friends instantly, she was having fun.

 -The both of you are extremely different in some things-

-I know, but she’s my sister and i love her -

Looking at them, from another bench was a couple making soap bubbles.

#Yuki's house#

-The truth... i don't want to... but... you should die - yuki was still attacking, kai and sae hardly can dodge her attacks - even if the night covers everything... nothing can change... to the next day... neither the sunlight nor the cold heart-

-Kai, cover me - they hide in the kitchen - at the moment she positions there - she pointed some place - you have to distract her and i attack in that moment-

#Mayu's apartment#


-Just listen what i have to tell you!-

-And what are you going to tell me? in the first place you never have been concerned about what i do or  with whom i am!-

-Listen, i don't allow you to talk to me with this tone of voice! -

-In second place, she is not a stranger, you said that she seemed to be a good person, didn't you?! then why suddenly you are changing your mind?! -

-This is an order! if you don't stop acting that childish i will have to... -


-Another damn dream... - she stood noticing the door was opened yet.

#Yuki's house#

Sae just kiss yuki, yuki stop moving, now mutter - i belong to mayu... don't dare to kiss me again... - she sits on the floor, feeling relieved.

-Sure but if you do that again, i will steal more than just a kiss - sae winked, sitting too.

-Why didn't you tell us? -

-I'm sorry, i didn't notice -

-This means... the black systen wasn't activated automatically... –



As you can see i made rino male here, yeah with the chan, i prefer instead of kun XD for some reason, i don't know why... i described them so.

So, sorry if it bothers someone  :kneelbow:

and yeah, with rie, i don't know why i like that pairing XD and others XD

Thanks for your thanks!

Greetings! :cathappy:

Edit: thinking i changed rino's name, his name will be ryo, suddenly i thought of this.
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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 13
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Is mayu has an ill? Or is just tired?

About yuki Its confusing me a lot LOL

Well i just need to read this neyt next and next chapter LOL



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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 13
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Me too me confused gosh is mayu fine?well not she not right

Who control our dear yuki!! Damn when yuki who love mayu back,not the cold one

And heck! Sae! Dont you dare kissed yuki! Yuki belong to mayu!

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 13
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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 14
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1.- Mayu's health is fine, we will know more about her in next chapters for sure.  ;)

2.- With this chapter i think we can guess who is controlling her, yeah she belongs to mayu  :smhid should share.

3.- Here start the first half of the past. Revelations...   :twothumbs

Hi there!

I think i should explain... this chapter is part of the flashback of the chapter 13, the continuation.


-This means... the "BLACK SYSTEM" wasn't activated automatically... –

-"Nothing can change... neither the sunlight nor the cold heart", what did you wanted to say with that?- sae recalled the words spoken by black-yuki.

-Since i met her, she read certain books that Mr. kashiwagi gave her... - kai got next to yuki and grab her shoulder.

-What should i do?- yuki covered her face trying very hard not to cry, she knew that if she couldn't control herself maybe she could cause damage to the girls and that was one of the things she never wanted to occur.

- Listen! - sae hugged her - even if you can't control yourself right now, i know there may be a way to! - yuki hugged her and started to cry - i promise you, i promise you won't hurt them! - she held her tighter, she knew perfectly how caring was yuki with those children.

# In the park #

The world is unexpectedly very small, so small that no matter how much you want to run away from reality, it always finds you; sometimes shaped like a person, with the form of words, in the form of candy, shaped toys, disguised as objects. .. it is sometimes feared that despite who is in front of you, you could never tell that is it...

-Nee, onee-chan, can you help us? the ball got stuck in the tree - this voice was jurina's.

A young woman of small stature and disinterested expression turned to see the little girl who spoke. For a few seconds both stared at each other, jurina smiles as ever.

-Please can you help us? - another girl, behind jurina spoke too.

-Yeah! please, onee-chan! - some more voices were heard.

-Im sorry but this is not my work- the young woman bowed and started to walk.

-Nee, minami - at the moment she heard her name the short woman stopped walking and turned again.

-What is it, Maeda-san? - she asks, still not showing interest.

Next to the little girls was a woman, she seemed a bit older than the short one, she was wearing glases, and as the same as this "minami" girl, she didn't express any feeling in her eyes, though she was smiling and her smile seemed animated, she wore feminine clothes, unlike the other who was wearing boyish clothes.

-Please, help them to get their ball - this "maeda" woman asked, getting close to the short one.

-If that is your wish then it's all right - minami, as she was called, was a woman with long hair tied with a big ribbon in the top of the ponytail,  being the only female thing she was wearing.

With great skill and in the blink of an eye, the young woman recovered the ball and gave it to the girls, all thanked them.

-It was not the big deal, now go and keep having fun, be careful - the woman with glases waved and the girls ran to play again - kids are lovely, don't you think, minami? - she grabbed minami's arm.

-If you think so - both walked again.

-This time don't walk too fast - maeda rest her head on minami's shoulder.

-I won't do it again -

#Yuki's house#

-I tell you, for sure this will work, kai?-

-You're asking for my opinion?-

-Well, you are like her older brother -

-I can trust on you kai, i'll do it if you tell me to do- yuki took a deep breath.

Inside yuki's room, they were planning a way that worked, drastically or not, to control black-yuki whenever she loses control of her own actions.

Indeed there was a way that sae had thought and discussed before with certain people, she had seen yuki's house recordings thanks to kai, had also heard about the incident when mayu and yuki were young, and now had seen everything on her own, as Mr. Huxley told... "humanity is the best example to show the wrong sample of perfection being absolutely perfect itself", there was something that could counteract any effect of black on yuki, however it was still something extremely risky for the only person who could do it.

Sae knew that this time could have been just luck... and to kiss yuki... just to see her angry eyes, was the best proof of her hypotesis.

-Yuki, tell me, what is the reason you don't want to be next to mayu?- sae's question brought a sharp silence in the room.

The only one capable to control her and the only one yuki can't  bear...


* Thanks to what yuki told me that day, i could understand only half of what was actually happening ... *

#Mayu's appartment #

<Young lady... we have problems>

-Yeah... i have too... what happened here?  - she entered to her room, it was a mess.

<About that... your father has taken all your notes, copied all the data you got and left you a message>

'Don't tell me the time is over...' mayu began sifting through the mess, not finding what she was looking, began to despair, putting hands on her head - this can't be! - she already knew...

<... He said... "come back home">

-This can't be... - she dropped on the floor - where... where is him? i need to talk to him! -

<I'm very sorry young lady, right now he is in a meeting with some * - I DON'T CARE! - mayu shouted in despair * ... fine, wait a moment please>

 #Yuki's house#

-It's ok, yuki, she is reliable and you know that better than me - kai nodded, with this gesture yuki took courage and decided to tell the truth, her truth...

-As you know thanks to kai... i am actually a cyborg... - took a deep breath - mayu knows this as well,  in fact she discovered my secret by herself, we met  when she was 14 and me 17...

#Mayu's apartment#

<Young lady, master is waiting in the private line>

In front of mayu was a screen, the screen showed a man, his hair was gray, the same as his eyes, he seemed in his 50's .

-I´m in a hurry, don't waste my time... - the man said.

-Please, give me more time - mayu kneeled in front of the man.

-You has had more than four years and i don't see the difference - he crossed his arms - how much more time do you need? this is not a game, i told you not to... -

-This wasn't planned, i did my part of the promise, wasn't in my plans to see her again, so I told you several times- spoke haltingly - i beg you... father... -

-How much time do you need? can you destroy her if it's necessary? have you questioned this to yourself before? this is neither for love nor for peace, this is a war, understand it already!-

-... i beg you... - she was crying.

-I will not allow further losses- the transmition ended.

<Young lady...>

Mayu stood - Umeda-san... tell my father that there won't be any more losses, he can keep the material he stole from me - walked outside the apartment - you better not intrude in our lives, i warn all of you, Yuki-chan's life belongs to me!- mayu shouted to whoever were spying her.

#In a hotel, away from there# 

-How she dares? well whatever... i don't mind this yuki, i just need kai - she smiled and hung the phone.

-Maeda-san, the shower is ready -

-Ok, thank you minami - she went inside the bathroom.

#Yuki's house#

-My father is a military man, you know that already -

-Why you call him "father"? he created you or what? -

Yuki didn't know how to respond to that question, she looked at kai, she thought sae already knew that detail...

-He is my real father -

Sae was astonished. 
-Mr. kashiwagi is a lieutenant general- kai said and showed a picture to sae, a man, a woman and a little girl in the middle - this is yuki when she was four...- sae put a hand on her mouth, she couldn't believe.

-I became into a military experiment, although i wasn't aware of that ... they created the system called "BLACK" and changed my body almost completely, all in order to create a perfect weapon ... they made many mistakes but managed to make me work, my mother was happy in the beginning, she could be with me again but ... just hugging me, she understood that I was not the same girl who she loved so much ... -

-Over time yuki learned everything the military demanded and finally was given an opportunity to have "a life of her own" and at fifteen years of age she entered the academy AKIBA -

-Two years later I met mayu ... -

A 17 year old girl walking through the halls, many people look at her and smile, she smiles in response, keep walking until reach a large door, she knocks on the door.

-Go ahead - she listen from the other side.

-Excuse me - the girl comes - did you called for me, principal? - She asks the man sitting in front of her.

-Yes, Miss Kashiwagi, as you know today has come a new student, is said she is a genius - the man smiled - and as geniuses, I think you are the right person to show the surroundings, I'm sure you two will get along to perfection -



Here onward (i don't know how many chapters will need for this :sweatdrop:) we will read the past, starting from when yuki meets mayu and ending when yuki's father tell her not to be with mayu (well, if you read this before, then you noticed i changed this, the reason is because the part of sae will be in another time, and i think sae will be the one who talks about this) 

Next chapter: yuki meets mayu!!  :cathappy:

Thanks for your thanks!! :grin:

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 14
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ah better now...LOL 

this day my brain conection is so slow to catch the topic LOL

next would be interesting mayuki moment...sweet~ yet bitter in the end but hope sweet in the future

someone spying mayu...wh's mayu father? why he againts mayu yuki relationship??

yuki is a cyborg....what kind of father that want their daughter become a weapon?? is any solution that yuki could back her humanity body?? mayu is genius but even a genius has a hart time too~ mayu will over work again...she doing that all just for yuki sake...sweet

update rise-san i love this fic! LOL

thank for the update


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 15
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kurogumi Thank you for your words, i know this is some crazy to read, since i'm still bad whit the english  :nervous so, sorry  :err: XD but is fun.

now starting here:

this is the past and

this is the present

hope you understand  :sweat:

A 17 year old girl walking through the halls, many people look at her and smile, she smiles in response, keep walking until reach a large door, she knocks on the door.

-Go ahead - she listens from the other side.

-Excuse me - the girl comes - did you called for me, principal? - She asks the man sitting in front of her.

-Yes, Miss Kashiwagi, as you know today has come a new student, is said she is a genius - the man smiled - and as geniuses, I think you are the right person to show the surroundings, I'm sure you two will get along to perfection -


I don't remember anything before the incident where i almost died, when i was a child my parents used to be extremely caring with me although i never understood what they used to call affection... 

As i grew i learned all what i read, all what they told and everything that were necessary, obviously it was thanks to my system... obviously if i were  a normal being i couldn't learn so fast; i should say i was aware of everything and because of that i never showed expressions.

I met kai when i was 9, starting that day my life began to change... in the blink of an eye we became very close friends, and... after he was adopted by my father ( I was 11)... being like her sister was one of the most happiest moments of my life.

I think i'm still being human somewhere inside me... when my mother died, i was 12,  was the first time my system collapsed,  the scientists last more than two months repairing me... actually... they erased my memory, i know this is not the first time but i can't stand the fact that they erased someone so important to me.

Well... when i was 14 i learned about Yuri and Mana Matsui, i heard their names in the facility, but the comments about them were all badmouthing... but, thanks to them i discovered some interest on the sciences research. I discovered some classified information about them and for some reason i started to study more and more about what my new world was... what a cyborg was, what was my purpose in this artificial life.

When i was 15, i asked to my father the permission to go to a prestigious school, it was the AKIBA academy, a place that had all the qualities for me to develop my knowledge; everything i wanted to learn i could find there, a place where were only the best students from all over Japan, a place where they met so many renowned professors in their areas of study, it was definitely the perfect place for me.

My father, at first, disagreed to my request; he said it would be dangerous for me to be in a place where I exposed too much. To solve this matter kai offered himself to go with me to that academy and he would take care of me, my father trusted him more than in his own comrades.

With this, kai and i went to AKIBA, faster than what i though i became the best student in all the place, my knowledge was above everyone there, and thanks to that i gained some privileges with the time.

I have to say that we lived inside the school's dorms. Here we have the first privilege, i was allow to live with kai in one building like house, yes, kai and i became housemates.

I should have to say that kai did pretty well becoming the second student with high grades, after me. Thanks to that we had many many troubles with our classmates, for example, kai never left me alone, i never got away of kai, we always ate together,  we always went together to everywhere we needed to go.  We were inseparable, but most of the people said we were more than just siblings, i think i understand, nobody treats her sister that way, always so caring, so lovely, so polite,  didn't know about that because of my confinement in the house during all those years, in fact i didn´t know anything about the society and it's rules.

In the last months of our first year we realized that we were very popular with everybody and starting our second year a lot of fans started to follow us, that worried kai a lot, suddenly everybody wanted to be close to me and kai. We never became part of the student council, kai told me that could be troublesome for us and because of that we rejected the proposal.

Almost at the end of the second year i met her, a little girl who was running in the hall, she was wearing a gray hoodie (covering her head), a pink blouse and a white short, she was smiling almost as if she were making fun of someone... and she carried a book in her right arm, i saw some library staff following her. 

I intercepted her way and she stopped - Get out of the way! - was the first time i heard her voice and i felt something strange inside me, something i never felt before - get out of the waaaaaaay! - but i didn't took off of there.

As you could suppose she bumped into me and both fell down. Kai appeared and helped me to stand, the girl stood with a jump and...

-I told you to get out!- with her eyes still closed, she rubbed her head, the hoodie fell from her head showing two tails; staring at her, i could say she was maybe 12, but hearing her speak i could say she was 15, the truth she was 14. Her voice was something strange, like a different language, like a different sound, her voice was a mystery to my ears.

-Kashiwagi-san! please stop that little rat, she has stolen a book from the library!- a man shouted still running far from here, really, the needed exercise, the would last some to arrive here...

-Ka-kashiwagi?! - the girl looked at me and her expression changed to a strange smile - Oh! - she accommodated her hoodie, now she put the book inside her backpack.

-Nice to meet you - she said - i'm mayu, just mayu, you know the little friki who scares the teachers- she was smiling in a strange way. I heard that about someone who was making fun of the teachers those last days, i investigated about that, this little girl in front of me... she got a recommendation to enter to the school, actually they are thinking about where to put this new student since she is still very young to be with the college students, but is more intelligent than all of them, what means she is maybe more intelligent than me. 

-O... ok, nice to meet you, i'm... *-kashiwagi yuki, you are the smartest student here, i heard that from the principal, but i think they are wrong saying that you are super special- she interrupted* - i did hear you are better than me so there is no worries, to tell you the truth i don't like the way they see me, as if i were a stranger or something like that, nice to meet you, watanabe-san- I said walking in the hall.

- Hey wait there, i didn't tell you my surname! oh! i know! maybe it's because you are a rich girl, right?- she said walking behind me. I didn't know if she knew that because most of the students here were from rich families or because kai was wearing her butler uniform in that moment.

-Then you are the one i was told i have to show the place for today?- i asked angry.

-Yeah, oh by the way, you look waaaay better when you smile, i love your smile and i know nobody has told you this but... - she aproached to my ear - i think your design and your algorithm are very interesting, i think i fell for you the moment i saw them...  - she whispered in my ear and, again, my body reacted strange.

I stepped away and fell down - don't worry, i supposed you couldn't explain this sensation but i think i can fix that and improve you- she stepped away and started to run again - Next month show me the place! and nice to meet you yuki-chan!-

- That's right, starting today she is officially a student -

-Master, if you are not going to show her the school, maybe we can go home and do the homework, besides today arrived the material you asked for - kai carried my bag and both walked to the house.

The next month we showed her the school grounds.
-Hey yuki-chan!- the little girl had a wide smile, she was wearing the school uniform, the same as kai and me. 

-Kai, what does that mean by calling me like that? -

-She is being friendly, don't worry -

-Fine then, good morning watanabe-san -

Just people very close to me used to call me like that, just my mother and sometimes kai... this little girl why was she calling me like that? i didn't know.

-Please don't use my surname, rather, use my first name, call me mayu - again i feel this strange thing in my body.

-Fine, then... mayu?-

-Yeah! that's fine!, now let's go see the school grounds - she grabbed my hand, pulling me, that was the first time i couldn't explain why mi body was reacting that way. Why she smiles so much?

In the cafeteria, some guys and girls approached us.


-Kyaa is mayu-chan!-

-Oi oi... she is smarter than you, you know?-

- Don't care, she is like a doll!-

-Hello, watanabe-san! - someone said extending their hand.

Since we arrived to the cafeteria i noticed she stopped smiling, now her eyes were showing something like that what people call anger?

-Let's go out here yuki-chan - she grabbed my hand tighter and started to walk, i apologized while walking behind her.

-Watanabe-san shouldn't act like that-

-Why not? they interrupted our walk, and who are you, butler-san?-

-I'm yuki's brother, her butler and her friend - kai replied walking fast.

-Then you aren't going out? - she asked, what does mean "going out"?

- Kai...-

-Don't worry, as i told you, we are friends, why do you ask? -

Mayu was smiling again, but now her face was red, i wonder how does that occur?  - I am in love with yuki-chan - she stopped walking and turned to face us - maybe i'm still young but when i grow i wan to ask her to be my... well... you know... -

-WHAT?- kai's reaction took me by surprise - but you are just a kid -

-Because of that i told you "when i grow"! piece of... -  after that she was quiet all the way.

We went to the dorms and asked for her room, in none of the buildings had her name.

-Let's go ask to the principal - i suggested and after some minutes of walk.

*knock knock*


-Excuse-me, it's kashiwagi-

-Oh, please, come in - the door opened, the man was in front of us- how is the school, watanabe-san?-

-Hi, it's great, i love the library!- she enters, i think she is like a child, kai has told me about little children and i think she is like one -you know? the dorms are great too! - she extends her arms, i don't understand.

-Principal, we came to see you because watanabe-san's name isn't in the lists of the dorms - kai spoke.

-Oh! i thought i told you! she is going to live with both of you, since she is still younger than everyone else here, besides the three of you are the smartest students in the entire academy as well - he started to laugh, in that moment i saw kai making a weir expression, that is called frustration.

#Mayu's apartment#

 The phone rings - hello, here watanabe - she replies - oh! i forgot! please, two days, the next judgment will be in a week, don't worry, just remember to agree with tle client, yeah yeah, don't worry, almost done... fine, bye - she hung.

<Young lady, please stop overworking, could be dangerous>

-Don't worry, umeda-san, i'm strong, i can with this - she writes something in her laptop - please, send this to Mr. Allen -


- Inform me when he responds -



Well... mayu and yuki meet when they are 14 and 17 years old, yeah, mayu loves yuki despite her age (14 XD) .

will be fun having the three together, i hope so.

Thanks for your thanks!  :on gay:

Greetings! :byebye:

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 15
« Reply #57 on: July 09, 2013, 12:18:18 PM »
Mayu's healthy is fine.

Then why overworking could be dangerous?

Please explain what so dangerous with mayu do?


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 15
« Reply #58 on: July 09, 2013, 05:04:13 PM »
Wow somehow mayu was like tony stark here LOL

And instead jarvis,she had umeda la la la~

Thank for the update


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 15
« Reply #59 on: July 11, 2013, 01:46:44 PM »
I felt something bad might happen to mayu,

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