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Author Topic: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 36 (11/06/2016)  (Read 29674 times)

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 16
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Terragen: i'm really sorry, mayu'sp art will be for the half of the story. Mayu is fine, so far, but nobody likes to see somebody important to get sick.

kurogumi:shock: true! i hadn't realized.

gek geki: i wonder when mayu's truth will be revealed.



During vacations, we stay in the dorms... the house, i asked my father and he gave me the permission, we explained him that we had a new student and she would stay with us, he accepted it really well, i remember i never mentioned mayu's surname,  i just forgot that little detail.

-Nee, yuki-chan - mayu was dressed for going out.

-Yes?- i was working with something.

-Kai and i are going to buy some ingredients to prepare pancakes, wanna go? - she grabbed my arm.

-No, thank you, i have some things to do here –

-Princess, what are you doing? -

-Hm? i told you yesterday, i'm proving this robotic arm -  on the table several pieces scattered.

-I forgot, my apologies - he put a baseball cap, he liked the baseball, the cap looked old.

-A robotic arm? for what? - mayu asked and started to touch the pieces.

-Oh, because i noticed it has a presicion error in its movements -

-Woooow! i want to see this! - she looked really excited.

-St-stop please! - now my pieces were disordered.

-This is incredible, these pieces are all old! i never have seen these ones, yuki chan where did you buy these? - she was getting more and more excited.

-Eh? Ah, well, kai is who gets the material i need, i don't know from where he get those -

-Kai! why didn't you tell me? i need some material too!- she turned and punched kai's stomach.

- Excuse me, watanabe-san, but why are you so interested in this? - he asked, stopping her with a hand.

-Ah!, because of my crush, i love this since i was a little child - she took a quick look at me.

-But, watanabe-san is still a little child - he giggled, his eyes were funny.

-What?! Mooo, kai stop staring at me like that!- she punched his knee, and started to run outside the house.

-Ouch! hey that's dangerous!- he shouted, and started to laugh when noticed i was laughing.

-Kai please, take care of her - i was wiping my tears, it was strange, still, cry when you feel happy.

-Yeah - he disappeared behind the door.

Two hours later they came back.

-Tadaima~ - mayu entered and hugged me.

-O-okaeri?- i was not used to those expressions of caring. 

-Yuki, done? - kai was carrying three bags.

-Yes, thank you, kai- they went to the kitchen, after some minutes of discussion inside the kitchen mayu came back with a little cone with ice cream.

-Look yuki-chan we brought ice cream, this is neapolitan flavor- she offered.

-Oh, thank you- i took the ice cream, she was staring at me, like hoping for something, i noticed kai's gestures and understood she was waiting for me to prove ice cream, i bit it. 

-How is it?- she asked, closer.

-Watanabe-san, please don't ask, your question may bother her- kai stepped toward us.

-Hm? -

-Umm! It's delicious! -  i said, trying to express emotion.

-WHAT!!- kai slipped.

-Really? Yaaay! yuki-chan likes this flavor!-mayu started jumping.

-Hold on!- kai stood.
-I told you she would like this ice cream!- she pointed at kai.

-But... but!-  kai was astonished.

The truth...  i had no sense of taste but i didn't wanted her to feel sad, i already knew what sadness was, because of that i said my first lie.

Since I met her, even now ... her voice and her presence create a strange reaction on my system. For me this could be love, that's my wish as a human being ...

#The same park, far from the kids#

-Ey! k1-

<Hm? i'm playing right now... >

-Are you sure they won't try to kidnap the girls?-  "they" the couple with the bubbles, ryo and rie.

<Don't worry, they just have orders of watch them >

-Fine but, what about the other two from before?-

<The two girls?>


<They are acquaintances of kai>

-What... what are you saying?-

<The girl with glasses was his fiancee >

-The girl with glasses - - Atsuko Maeda... -

<Yes, that one that one!>

- But, why she is with the bad ones, her brother knows this?-

<Kai-sama has his own past, i don't like to talk about this but... i just can say... revenge>

-Is she dangerous?-

< She may be not but the midget who was with her sure is quite dangerous>

-Oh, i see-

<Nee, hayashi-san>

-Hm? what is it? -  hiro was sat on a bench, waiting for the time to come back to the house.

<This may be some selfishly but, i want to ask you a favor >

-Sure, tell me-

< There is a game store near to the park, can you buy this game for me?>

In hiro's display you can read "MonHun F3"

#Mayu’s apartment#

-Nee, umeda-san-

<Yes, young lady?>

-Would have been better if yuki-chan and I hadn't fallen in love before? things would be better? –

<Maybe… after all ,you know kashiwagi and watanabe are curses to each other >

-Yeah… and I am a bug hehe yuki-chan… -

<Young lady..>

#Itano residence#

-Oi! Old man! – a guy with wavy brown hair entered to the office.

-Hm? Need something my *-Where are those two?- the guy hit the table* ok, ok it’s hard to hear you say something without seeing you angry? They went to Tokyo, why?-


-Why so concerned? – the man asked seeing his son slamming the door.

-Forget it- he walked faster than before.

#In the hotel#

< Maeda, better for you not to  touch mayu, understood? >

-As if I care-

< Listen,  if you touch mayu, I will get rid of your little toy>

-She is not a toy!-  she shouted.

-Maeda-san, please don’t get angry – minami grabbed her shoulder.

< Really, why do I have to deal with you two?>

-I’m sorry- minami apologized.

<Why not just disappear?>

-I can’t do that yet. Please forgive me, itano-sama –

< Whatever, remember this, minami, you are forbidden to hurt mayu, understood?>

-Yes, I won’t hurt to ojou-sama –



I think i didn't mentioned kai's age, he was 19.

Next chapter, mayu is in trouble! a little guy starts to play with her and some more characters are mentioned.

Thanks for your thanks!   :onioncheer:

Greetings! :byebye:

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 16
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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 17
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gek geki: i forgot to tell this, all these chapters are in the same day (rena's birthday). the first  chapter was her party, the next chapters were some hours after the party, XD the day is about to end (two chapters more and we pass to the next day, i hope).   :kneelbow:

Heh... this chapter is a little longer ...

this one is the same day as chapters 13-16 (incredible XD a long day XD)





4.- <This means they are using communicators>
Please don't get lost in this labyrinth   :err:


#Yuki’s house#

-I will stop there, I’m thirsty – yuki stands up - do you want something from the kitchen?-

-Ya… I want some fries! – sae raised her hand, the way jurina uses to do.

-Whatever you want for me is fine – said this yuki went to the kitchen.

-What happened after that? –  sae asked noticing yuki would take her time because of the fries.

-Remember I told you that yuki was a cyborg, and that someone is trying to destroy her, all I know, so far… thanks to our recent information is that they started to mobilize- right now they are watching us… - he crossed his arms – I don’t know what mayu knows about this–

-But mayu-chan is a smart person, I think she could deal with this –

-Maybe you’re right but there is something they are hiding from us–

-Something like what?-

-You may know the "BLACK SYSTEM" can be activated automatically only in presence of another high-tech weapon –


-And the only high-tech weapon we know is targeting us is a first-generation droid…- 


Mayu and I were shopping all kind of things, that was  the first time I saw her talking with someone more aside from  yuki and me; in fact I was spying mayu during those months, I noticed she used to stand alone all the class time, but this occasion she was chatting with a tall and good-looking guy, he seemed around his 18, two years later he would be the guy who stole mayu away from yuki.. His name… Mark Shinoda, someone I met when I was a child.

-Gomen, I just saw a friend from my old school - mayu ran to me, i was waiting in front of a supermarket.   

-Please don’t get lost, yuki would be worried –

-Fine, won’t do it again- she raised her fist.

-Watanabe-san, is it ok for you to be here?-  we entered to the place.

-Why you ask?-

-Your father knows where are you?-

-You know my father?-  while i was pushing the car, she was throwing inside all kind of no-healthy things.

-He is well know –

-Ah, I don’t know, I don’t care what he does in his work, again what is your name? I feel I have seen you before –

-Please, maybe that was another person, my name is kai kashiwagi –

-Kashiwagi… but your real surname was…  -

- Now I see, you investigated me the same way you did with yuki, correct? - i pat her head.

-Yeah, well , we are friends – she smiled.

-Haha friends don’t do that –


- No - i stopped in front of the vegetables - kawachi, before I was adopted for Mr. kashiwagi my name was kai kawachi-

-It’s strange… you and a man I met when I was a child look a lot alike- she was taking out the vegetables.

-Really?- i started to laugh, she seemed as someone serious but her attitude was the same as a child of  eight years.

-I’m not lying! Don’t laugh!- she punched my shoulder.

-What was his name? –

-I don’t know… but I remember  it started with “Taka…” something like that-

-Sorry for the wait, here are some snacks- yuki came back with the fries and two cups of mint-tea and cookies.

-Yumi, thanks yuki! I love you! – sae grabbed the plate with the fries.

-Thanks- kai took a tea cup.

-where we was? Oh, right - yuki sat again.


As the days passed I discovered that Mayu was much smarter than me, but when she was surrounded by people she always looked upset, the only time I saw her smile was when she was with me and kai. The months passed quickly, she, like us, did not participate in club activities and did not help in the student council, so in the afternoon we had too much free time which were busy discussing scientific issues of all kinds.

Remember ever having seen chatting with someone via video chat, apparently talking to some friends, I now knew that she did have friends besides kai and me.

-Yuki-chan, Yuki-chan see, I want to introduce you to my friends! -

She introduced us, they were a boy with wavy brown hair, and had something particular, when he smiled you could see his fang, the other person was a girl with short black hair and a quiet look that somehow, expressed the emotion of trust and honesty, their names Tomohisa Itano and Yui Yokoyama, during the time we were together, mayu always talked with them ...

-By the way kai, you know what happened to them? -

-I dunno-


When finishing her work, mayu decided to go get some fresh air near her block is a small park where she likes to go to clear her thoughts, today, however, someone has been sent to give her a little lesson.

-Onee-chan, found you~!-

-Onee-chan?- mayu turns around.

-Nee nee – the boy approached her– you know? I thought you were waaaaay scarier, but you look like a little mouse, wanna be the cat  – he grins - oh, but I was told not to play with you, if I do, they might get angry and I don’t like when sensei gets mad-

-What… who are you?-

-Ah, gomen, gomen! I forgot- he facepalmed grinning - but… if I tell you, for sure you won’t play with me, so  first let’s play!-


-Asuka-nee gave me this - he extends a letter to mayu, she opens the letter – then, wanna play?-

She finished read -What will happen if I win?-

-Huummmmm… let’s ask her!  asuka-nee what will be the prize if she wins?- while the child was talking to someone, mayu  took the oportunity to communicate with umeda.

-Umeda… who is this?-



-Ah, gomen for that, asuka nee-chan hates when someone is peeping, but when finish the game you will hear your slave’s voice again, jejejeje-

-She is not a slave!-

-Wasn’t she hired to serve you?-


-Well, now you have ten minutes to find where did I put the bomb – the boy sat on a swing and started clapping.


Before we knew, it had been half a year ... and at home my father announced a commitment.

-Nee, Yuki-chan, kai-kun let's go to the movies! - the classes ended and we were going to our house-dorm.

- Sure, why not? -

-Oh, almost forgot, Mr. Kashiwagi wants to see us in the living room - kai said.

-All right, afterwards we will go to the movies- i told mayu, trying to she won't feel sad.

-Oh, mayu, would be better if you stayed at home, Mr. Kashiwagi is a bit special with strangers-

-All right, but don't delay too-

We changed clothes and left the school, a limousine was waiting outside.

When we arrived at the residence, saw a limousine that not belonged to the family - who might be? - kai did not know either, we got to the living room, a butler told us that my father was waiting.

-Kai, yuki, my children - my father embraced us, he is not a person to express his emotions in that way so that surprised us a little, also, he was wearing his uniform and medals as if attending an important event - Please allow me to present -


Sitting on a sofa  was another man, wearing in the same way as my father, and beside him a girl in a beautiful white dress, her face expressing fear and sadness, that's what I thought.

-I present to my beloved son, kai kashiwagi - mi father took kai by the shoulders and guided him to stand in front of the girl.

- Finally I meet you, boy! you're just like i imagined! - Gave him a handshake, kai looked at me confused, I was confused as well - please daughter present yourself - the lord offered his hand to the girl, she stood up - come on, don't be shy-

Surely that was not shyness.

-It-it's a pleasure to meet you, my name is atsuko maeda - the girl bowed.

-The pleasure is all mine - kai did the same, taking the hand of Maeda-san - kai Kashiwagi at your service -

-No no no no - the men laughed - my son, this young lady is your fiancee - to hear this kai was surprised, maybe "fiancee" was something dangerous, i would ask him after - and from next year she will be attending the same institution that you, isn't it fabulous? -
After a long talk, kai and I left the place and returned by mayu, she was ready to leave, that was the first time I went to a cinema.

-Think think think… asuka… i remember this name but… argh! From where? –

-Onee-chan, seven minutes-

-Shut up!-


-"The place where consciousness merges, emotions extend, an almost heavenly song that transports you to the infinity of your existence"... - mayu was thinking -a brain? a melody? -

-I like music, sure you like it too- the boy was swinging.

-You shut up! -

- “The words that make you sleep in a world of madness, madness ... when sanity is redeemed at the time of the climax of eternity” ... what sort of puzzle is this? -

-A very funny one, Mr. Foster taught me to play with it-

- Mr. Foster? -

<…yu … hear me … trap … away … kura… >

-Uneda?! Uneda?!- 

-Onee-chan, four minutes –

-Damn it! I will kill you if you don't shut up!-

-Scary~- the boy embraced himself, laughing.


- What is the state of consciousness? -

-You know we can control people's thoughts, emotional engineering is responsible for shaping their thoughts at will, of course, don’t like how they do it but it really works quite well-

- Do they create a false consciousness for each individual? -

-You could say that, they are like little babies who have trained to fight to death, beyond that, their consciousness is blocked with this practice, which could translate as "hypnosis" -

- But they would still be like robots, isn't it? -

- They would remain, but they are not, I've shown you, they managed to perfect the design of the y003kw cyborg series -


<Hi~ little Miss. Here is a clue: “the sound of the soul” you know what it’s referring, I gladly would accept if you give up and come with us but I know kashiwagi-dono is waiting for you in her little fortress>

- So, it is you who have been watching us? -

<Please don't confuse us, these children couldn't against one of us, unless, of course, it was Kashiwagi-dono>

“The sound of the soul”

-Onee-cha~n one minute- he stood up.


-In recent research found that, despite being artificial, some of them can create human sounds ... what do I mean by this? Humans emit a very specific wavelength, this what we call "soul", because we discover that there are some of them that can emit that frequency, to our surprise, are the same who have demonstrated behaviors different than those who are in their programs-

- Did you see something like that in the center of the military engineering? -

-During my stay in that place ... yes, I saw it twice, was spectacular-



The movie we went to see was a horror movie or so said mayu, at that time I still wasn't able to interpret my strange behavior...

There was one scene ... I remember it well, was kind of alien being studied while sleeping in an incubation chamber, this chamber was a large glass tube filled with strange liquids and connected to a host of devices, a person appeared before the alien who slept inside that big tube and spoke, when this person said his name, the alien opened his eyes ... that scene scared me, and I discovered that what they call fear.

I remember mayu was eating popcorn and had a soda in the other side of her seat, kai was on the other side of me, he just yawned and carved his eyes, i didn't understand why some people shouted and covered their eyes, in fact, for me was normal to see blood, death and that sort of thing, but somewhere in my knowledge and what I believed at that time was my own ethics, never spoken of such things with others, i discovered that even though my body remembered, for example, combat maneuvers, in my database i never found graphic files about those learning events.

In an unconscious movement i grabbed Mayu's arm, remained so until she put a popcorn in my mouth and said - just a movie - if at that time my system was that I have now, I think my reaction would have been different. She took her popcorn with the other hand, released my grip and with her hand released she stroked my head , she smiled, got up a bit and kissed my forehead, sat down again and took my hand, laughing said - won't let you go - and so it was, not let go of my hand until the movie ended and even after finishing, she kept grabbing my hand.

It was a strange feeling, did not understand why she treated me so, did not even know why my body reacted that way.

- Charles Allen! - Mayu shouts.

-Congrats! - The boy stood up and pulled confetti out of his jacket, tossed it on mayu.

<You know very well his work, do you?>

-Where is Mr. Allen?! -

-We put a bomb inside his body, the boy showed a video where he got a bomb on the old man's left rib - right now he is in his house, oh! But he doesn't know he has a bomb inside him! - Began to laugh out loud.

<Your Prize is in front of you, is my treat, please enjoy>

At that moment the boy pulled a grenade from his other pocket, activated it and threw it into the middle of a bunch of kids who were playing at the other end of the park, more than fifty feet away. In seconds the grenade exploded causing mayu close her eyes and bend down, she hated that feeling of destruction. The cries of children and bystanders, some on the floor, dead.

Mayu was shocked, could not move, she was just there motionless, like a mannequin.

-You saved your sensei's life, you are awesome! -

-Who ... are you ... -

- I'm y003kw third generation, you can call me haruki. If you want to play again, I'm with shimasaki-sensei - the boy said goodbye and, laughing, began running lost amid the ambulances that had arrived at the scene.

Hearing that infernal noise, mayu attempted to control herself, her breathing sounded more forced, her pulse quicken further, beginning to feel the lost of strenght in her legs and as if gravity put all its weight on her, she fell down, hurting her elbows in the process.

#Yuki’s house#

-Mayu is in danger - yuki stood and started to walk outside the house – ubication:  2952 yards… enemy: y003kw...-

-Yuki?- Sae called, no response – oi yuki, you became black?- she walked in front of yuki, her eye's color was between red and brown – kai!-

-Where is mayu?- kai appeared in a car – black, hurry up!-

-I’m yuki but i don’t know how much time i can control this –  she sits up the copilots seat.

-Seriously?- Sae aboard the car, sitting behind, the car began to move.

#With Mayu#

The pain was becoming unbearable, she felt she wanted to die, everything began to give more and more spins ...

<Young lady! Young lady! Please resist! Young lady!>

- Miss. Are you ok? - A thin young man appeared before her, wearing leather clothing, and in his hand grabbing a helmet, was apparently biker - Miss, please, resist - the guy carried mayu bridal stile, was about to take his motorcycle but on the way saw as a car collided squarely with his vehicle and sent it flying.



so far, yeah, you can kill me  :on freeze:

Noticing the characters

i made them males because of the lack of male characters, and i wanted to use just akb members (except for the three outsiders,  Huxley, Allen and Foster).

Hm... i like the male tomomi (tomohisa, why that name? i liked it, the same as mark, ryo, haruki and others)

there are 4 members more that i made males.

and in the female side we have asuka, yui, atsuko, minami, ayaka, megumi, yuko (not appeared yet) and some more)

Thanks for your thanks!  :grin:

Greetings!  :on drink:

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 17
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Mayu got hit by that car?

Hope yuki come in time

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 17
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Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Mayuuuuuuuuuu~


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 17
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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 18
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Terragen mayu will be hit by something else  :thumbsup

kurogumi yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees mayu!  :panic:

gek geki i will hut yuki the most  :twisted: and mayu too  :lol:

Thank you for your words, really  :kneelbow:



-All done! she believed me- a tall and good-looking guy entered to the house.

-So easily?- mayu was laying on her bed, sobbing.

-Who do you think I am?-  he sat next to her.

-Thank you, mark… -

-It’s my pleasure to serve you, my little genius!- he pets her head.

-I’m not little anymore-

-To me, you are the five-years little child I met in the watanabe house–

-Why does it hurt so much?-

-Hm~ ‘cause love is so! Is like a good picture you can’t get because your camera has a poor resolution-


-Hey dad- mayu called.

-Dad? Not father? -

- I like dad more than father, this way I feel closer to you-

-I will pass this one – the man hugs his daughter.

-Then, dad… what do you think about love? –

-About love… hm… it is difficult for me to talk about something I do not understand very well –

-Then… what do you think about seeing your only daughter walking hand with hand whit another… woman? –

-…- the man froze.

-You know yuki-chan already!-

-Are you telling me that you are… how do you say this? You have a crush on that girl?! –

-… Yes –

-If the one you love is yuki-san then I can’t do anything, I think she is a very good person-


#In the park with the matsui daughters#

-Nee, megumi-san- rena is playing with a paper craft.


-Why are we in the park? It is late and jurina and I want to go home – jurina was sleeping on megumi’s lap.

-Fine, then let’s go buy something for the dinner –  the woman stood up.

-Ok – both started to walk.

#With mayu#

- Miss. Are you ok? - A thin young man appeared before her, wearing leather clothing, and in his hand grabbing a helmet, was apparently biker - Miss, please, resist - the guy carried mayu bridal stile, was about to take his motorcycle but on the way saw as a car collided squarely with his vehicle and sent it flying.

-Ome more step and I’ll kill you!- kai threatens him with a gun.

-Don’t dare to hurt mayu!- a punch from yuki was about to impact with his face but he jumped, without move mayu from his arms, thanks to the jump he reached the seven meters high.

In the air – sorry but this Miss. needs help! –

From his position, kai shot to one of the guy’s legs, which was a direct impact – just let go the girl! – he shouted, shooting again.

< Kai, the children want to return to home, please confirm the situation>

-Can’t you hear? She needs a medic! – the guy landed on his feet on a slide.

Yuki attacked again, her speed was above normal, the same her strength, but no matter what she did, the opponent was faster and stronger than she. She attacked with some kick but he stopped with one foot.

Sae was watching the confrontation;   again another punch and another jump, and every shot kai made looked like nothing occurred to the enemy.

-If you keep doing this I will not show mercy!- the guy started to attack, with a kick, he sent to yuki to collide against the car, with another kick he broke a light post that was about to crush kai, sae barely saved him.

“This voice, I've heard before!” sae thought.

-Watch out! - yuki threw a sort of mini-projectile that hits with a metal figure that the guy was thrown against them.

-If you want to live better don’t attack me!- the guy now was carrying mayu with just one of his arms, the another was pointing against yuki’s heart.

-Yuki! Stop! – Sae shouted, running getting in the way of both.


-When you feel lonely, don’t you feel this pain inside?- one night on the rooftop of the school, mayu was with yuki, those days kai was absent and the girls were doing whatever mayu suggested to yuki.

-Mother used to tell me that when I feel loneliness sometimes the tears come to help me- yuki leaned on the floor the same as mayu.

-Now you won’t need tears anymore, because you have me by your side- the little embraced yuki, showing a big and caring smile.

-But tears are not in my system- at that time yuki’s system was about so suffer the first change from mayu.

-Come on! All the human beings have lacrimal glands!- now mayu punched yuki’s arm.


-You are an a017dw, fourth generation…-

-Oh! You noticed? – the guy smiled – I swear, I don’t care you are kashiwagi-sama’s daughter, I will kill you if you don’t let me take her to a doctor – suddenly he started to walk noticing yuki was crying? He was so surprised -Why are you crying?-

-The one you are trying to steal away from me is… - more tears fell.

-What? You are crying because of… - now he looked at the little girl.

-Yuki!- kai and sae stopped yuki when noticed she was about to faint.

-What? - the guy stopped moving – what now? – Something was interrupting his movement capability; the same as yuki, he started to feel weak.

– Not yet!- she stepped and grabbed mayu – this is my prey…- finally she fainted.


-Please protect them; they are our precious daughters, they are our treasure-


-You have to protect her; she is your heart-


Another explosion near the place.

-Kai! Hurry, take yuki and mayu to the car! – 

-What about this thing?!- this ting, the guy who is on the floor.

-I’ll take him with me, this “thing” may be of help, please believe me! - now she carried the guy and called from more help – K1 where is hiro? I need he to bring his car! –

<Good time you ask for help! Ayashi is distracting some people, better you go now or they will find you>

-Whatever! Just help us to escape!-

<Fine! Wait there! I will go for you!>

#With rena and jurina#

<Megumi, go to the house immediately!>

-Where is mom?- rena calls.

-Maybe she went with mistress watanabe to a date-

-A date?- she smiled -  Megumi-san, you know my mother since she was a child-


-How was her relationship with mayu-san?-

-It was cute, a lovely couple *sight* -

-Please tell us…- jurina awoke, was rubbing her eyes.

-Yes! Tell us! –

-Fine, but don’t tell your mother about this –

-Promise – both said.

  #With Sae#

-Hey! Over here! – A man was calling inside a gray car -Huh? What is he doing here? –

-Haru!- Sae felt relieved – the both helped to carry the guy to the car, kai was already gone - that is exactly what I want to know- the car moved and some minutes after, they were inside an apartment.

The guy opened his eyes and said -I received a new message, yesterday night… Mr. Huxley was murdered; I thought it was better to tell you in person-

-I knew it! You are the guy who was in charge of Mr. Huxley! Akimoto! right?- sae extended her hand.

-Yes, I’m kou - he sat – it seem’s you have difficulties with kashiwagi-sama's daughter- he did the same.

#In yuki’s house#

Kai arrived without problem, he put mayu and yuki on yuki’s bed, the two looked exhausted, before he left the room he turned on the lights, half hour later megumi and the girls arrived.


-Nee, yuki-chan look, the moon is full- mayu pointed at the moon, the night was beautiful and again, kai was outside the school.

-Hm? Waaah, is pretty – yuki was smiling.

-What? Really? – Mayu was surprised.

-Yes! Is the first time I notice this beautiful view! And everything is thanks to you- yuki, lovingly, squeezed mayu’s hand.

-…- mayu looked away.

-Heh? Mayu-chan is blushing?-  yuki giggled.

-I’m not blushing!- she pouted.

-You look beautiful, like the full moon- yuki stood up from her improvised seat on the branch of a tree and offered her hand to mayu to help stand, to mayu’s surprise yuki carried her in her arms and jumped – better to go home, it’s late and tomorrow we have exams- that night was yuki’s first night after mayu changed her system. They were 18 and 15 years old.

Suddenly the whole picture changed…

Now somebody is in front of her, her vision is blurry, and the pain in her body is unbearable, the sound of destruction is unstoppable and she can’t move her hands to cover her ears, she want to cry, she want to scream…

The blood’s smell and the death around her…


A piercing scream coming from yuki’s room was heard in the house, at the same time the electric power was cut off and all lamps exploded, rena and jurina were frightened, megumi embraced them and kai went to yuki’s room.

Inside the place, yuki was hugging mayu tightly while this last (mayu) was screaming and kicking, throwing punches and pleading –No more! Please stop! – mayu was crying, still unconscious.

At the same time yuki was fighting against the sudden order: “auto destruction”.



Here we have kou and haru, kou of akimoto and haru aka K1.


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 18 (21/07/2013)
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Why why? Why?

I cant bear look yuki painful like that

Aww so mayu and that mark shinoda just an act,yuki! Mayu never cheat you!


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 19 (25/07/2013)
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kurogumi: she can deal with anything if it is to be with her beloved one  :thumbup



The day I met you… was thanks to Mr. Allen that I came to read your information, at first I was surprised because of the great job they did. Inside the large file were a picture and many reports, in the first sheet the general info:

“Yuki Kashiwagi ”

“Age of death: 6 years”

“Code Name: BLACK”

“Series Number: y003kw zero. (C. Prototype)”

“Researchers in charge: Yuri Matsui, Mana Matsui, Vilhelm Huxley, Charles Allen, Jean Foster”

“Classification: Military Weapon”

“Individual in charge: Lieutenant General Fudo Kashiwagi”

“Project Status: In progress”

In addition to that was a disc containing videos and the original code of “black system”.

-I see you got interest for this-  Mr. Allen said while writing something in his pc.

-No, the girl here is… pretty- mayu sitting on a big table, moving her legs from side to side.

-Haha, but how is it that you are talking like that? You are just a 13 years kid!-

-She is pretty, that is all! Geez… -

Days and months passed… I read all your archive and when finished I thought about ask to Mr. Allen why he had those important documents in his house and not in the facility, before asking he told me –I left the project but before that I made a copy of all it - I was studying and he was my teacher? I don’t know why but I just remember when I had seven years my father took me to his house and told me –Starting today this gentleman will be your personal tutor – and starting that day I visited Mr. Allen’s house every weekend, I read each book he had in his studio, more than 700 books about AI, neuronal nets, emotional intelligence, NLP, sensorial simulation, heuristic, expert systems, robotics, and more. 

When I was 14 my father told me to go to this school, at first I did it reluctantly, I found the library a bit interesting and after some weeks we… bumped? Well I bumped into you. If I could tell you… I felt the happiest person I the entire world, it was as if I was looking for you since I born, during my whole life… something inside my heart started to move.

So far, I didn’t know what exactly my father did in his job, it is true that his personality is a bit cold and he never talks about his work but I know perfectly well that he is unable to hurt anybody...

The day he discovered the truth about your name…

-Mayu, I need to ask you about something-

-Yeah, tell me-

-Yuki-san’s surname is Kashiwagi?-

-Yes, why?-

-Stay away from her, cut your relationship and try to think she never existed-

-What are you saying? Dad, today you are acting weird-

-Listen! I don’t want to see you with her again!-

The day we tried to elope… we were just young dreamers…

-Yukirin no!- those men were hurting you with all their might, while tree grabbed you by the back, two more were hitting you, and the other seven were trying to catch me, one of them grabbed me from my toe and I fell… another man was thrown against the one was grabbing me, both fell.

-Mayuyu! Hurry up, get out of here…!- you gained strength from I don’t know where and threw away all of them, you ran toward me and embraced me, I noticed you was trembling but I thought it was better not to ask you why, I was as frightened as you.

Some bodyguards of yuki tried to separate us, in the best way possible for sure, they were trying to kill me, why? Even now I don’t know! I remember we promised to meet in the train station past midnight; I was so happy that I arrived to the place half hour before, I even made a bento for you and I put all what you liked to eat, it was like a dream… and like a dream, it turned into a nightmare…

I heard some steps behind me, I thought it was you, the opposite… there was a man wearing in black, I heard another steps and when I noticed I was surrounded, they were 12 men, I don’t know why so much people for just one little and defenseless 17 years girl, yeah…

I don’t know how but I managed to deal with those men, the time necessary until your arrive, sometimes I think it started that day, the first time I saw you as BLACK the weapon and not yukirin, MY yukirin, my life.

-I won’t do that! – I responded and started to run with you – we promised we will be happy, and my happiness is wherever you are, if we are not together then I don’t want to live!- that was the truth, even now and then, if it is not you, I can’t live…

-Listen… I can’t resist this…. any-anymore… please, I promise we will be together after this, but please escape!- se was running as fast as she can, and those men were following us – listen to me! They are persistent and it seems they won’t give up, you are in danger here!!-

-And you not?-

-Mayuyu I don’t want to lose you, I have told you this, you are my heart and I won’t lose against anybody who tries to separate us!- she pressed my hand warmly.

-But! – it is true that I am bad in the auto-defense theme – First promise you will be fine!- 

-I can deal with more than a thousand – she smiled – I promise you I will finish them before the next train arrives. 

It happened in the worst way possible, one of the men took a gun and shoot, the target… me, your strength and speed changed in the blink of an eye, the bullet was about to pierce my head but you protected me covering me in your embrace when I opened my eyes, we were lying on the floor, your head was bleeding and you seemed unconscious, almost as if you was dead… 

I was shocked, I didn’t know what to do, maybe guided for an impulse I put my hand in your head and something red and oily stained my hands. Your hand moved the moment a man approached us, when he got closer to me you grabbed him by his collar and ripped his head, I noticed your eyes were red, now blood spilled on you and me… you got up and said- it is my prey, if you touch it I will kill you- all of them started to attack you with guns, daggers and electric shocks but you was like a monster you almost killed all of them, I heard the noise of a train coming from one of the tunnels, you looked at me and started to walk without expression, when the train arrived another man pushed you against the train carriages, he fell and died under the railway, you…

-Yukirin!- again there I was, running toward you, trying to keep you by my side. Before you fall I took your left hand, but your right hand and your right leg… I managed to pull you away from the rails then I heard – I’ll kill you…- again – I’ll kill you- again- my prey… - again…- ma-yu…?- your eyes came to normal.

-Yukirin?! – I didn’t know what to do, I just did what I wanted –you idiot! – I embraced you, I kissed you, I was crying like a baby – I almost lost you! You big idiot! – you hugged me with your left arm.

-Sorry… can’t… - again your blood called my attention – mayuyu all right?- you asked in a strange way- all of a sudden I noticed your head had a death wound and your arm and your leg were broken.

-What the…?! – I shouted, in that moment you started to repeat – all right, all right, mayuyu… all… ma… right… ma… yu… all.. you… - noticing what was happening I took out my laptop and connected you, your system seemed without problems but you had an overload of emotions? I did my best with what I had on hand but it was not enough, if I left you so, you could have irreparable damage to your functions.

-Where can we go?! I need to took you to a reliable place but where?!- I was feeling frustrated, in the screen of my laptop appeared a map and in the map the route to go to kai’s apartment, they way to go to your house, the way to go to somewhere else far away from there and a map to go to my house… the only one option from the beginning was kai’s.

Minutes after we arrived to kai’s apartment

-Wha the…?!-

-I shouted the same when i saw yuki's blood you know?-




Rena and jurina were trying to release from megumi but the woman was really strong –please, stay calm! Everything is all right!-

But that was just a big lie because in yuki’s room she and mayu are fighting against their own curses…


-Mayu! Mayu! I’ts all right, I am with you, right here!- yuki took her hands – no need to worry! I will protect you! So please open your eyes…- said this last in a small voice.

-I WILL KILL YOUUU!- she shouted, still hitting and kicking.

Without any opportunity, kai tried to grab mayu but in the midst of the struggle yuki hit him, sending him against the wall – I will stop her!- she seemed angry, worried, sad…

-But we don’t know what is happening to her! – he got up – and why are you shivering? Is something wrong with you?-

-I don’t want this! – mayu low her voice.

-Listen to me!- yuki ignored him.

-Please…!- mayu’s tears stopped coming out.

-Mayu! you are my heart! I will not lose you again!-

-I don’t…- mayu hugged yuki.

Inside yuki’s system the auto-destruction message disappeared.

-What are you doing, yuki-chan?- after a minutes mayu spoke.

-What do you mean what am I doing? Isn’t it obvious?- yuki released the embrace.

-It seems you were having a nightmare- kai told, he was leaning against the wall.

-I just was trying to wake you up- yuki saw to another way.

-Yuki-chan, thank you- she smiled, hugging her tightly.

-It’s nothing, but… tell me, who you will kill?- this question took to mayu by surprise.

-Hm… nobody? What are you talking about?- she stretched and yawned.

-Nothing- after this yuki went to look for her children.



-It’s all right- at the time yuki saw the girls, she hugged them and kissed their foreheads.

-Did something happen to mayu-chan?- jurina asked.

-No, why do you ask?- meanwhile the light came back thanks to the house’s emergency system.

-We heard her screaming- now rena is talking.

-She just had a bad dream-

-Is that all?- for some reason, she don’t believe, but jurina is all right with that.


-Then… why the lamps exploded?-

-I don’t know… maybe a short circuit-

-But this has never happened, mother-

-Yeah, right, but right now we are going to sleep ‘cause it’s too late – she was bringing both girls to their dorm.

-Fine… let me go give to mayu-chan a goodnight kiss- jurina escaped from the embrace and went to yuki’s room.

-I will go too!- rena followed her.

After that they went to sleep, yuki slept with them.

That night, yuki forced to mayu to stay in her house, mayu slept in yuki’s room.

#Next day in the morning#

Inside yuki’s lab, she is reading the last analysis – nothing is wrong with me… maybe it’s an error?- she was drinking coffee – but we don’t make mistakes, they say so… - the secret door opened.

-Good morning yuki-chan- mayu enters and hugs yuki by the back.

-Good morning and I have told you not to do that- she broke mayu’s embrace.

-What are you watching?-

-Nothing of your business-

-What is this “error in system” thing?- mayu was reading what was in the screen.

-Nothing!- yuki closed her laptop, stood up and walked outside the place.

-Fii~ne, my tsundere is adorable! You know?!- mayu giggled following the taller one.

-Don’t you remember?- yuki asked before close the door.

-Remember what?- mayu was wondering that since she woke up and kai asked the same “do you remember what did happen last night?” – I don’t remember anything, really-.


thanks for your thanks!

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 19 (25/07/2013)
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Thanks for the update~
the story is getting more interesting in every chapter!! Yuki is acting so tsundere xDD and the girls are really adorable! ^^
i'm waiting for the next chapter i wanna know who Mayu wanna kill :O

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 19 (25/07/2013)
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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 19 (25/07/2013)
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yes yuki is so tsundere
please just be honest,mayu loved you and you love her right?so just being honest,im worried about mayu,like gek san said lot people wanna her died,wonder why?dint tell me mayu is the one who made all the android type?that's scary to know back when mayu still young she already know yuki and remain silent.
i though mayu's secret is more than yuki here,since looks like mayu know al about yuki past but yuki doesn't really know who mayu beside she loved her and her heart.yeah.
and yukirin~ what the point to ignored mayu if you still wanna mayu being around you everyday?
rise san please keep update this is going more and more interesting,i enjoy this story
and i cant waitt mayu and yuki sweet moment again like in the past...
i think mayu want yuki being honest
you know loving someone but the one you loved doesnt responded you back is kind of tiring too~,so please yuki dont be so tsundere

thank you

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 19 (25/07/2013)
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Mayu is forgetful girl~


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 20 (27/07/2013)
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rochilu: Thank you! i want to know that too, really.

gek geki: i want to see yoki being lovely with mayu too T~T

Terragen: mayu's secret may be the last or maybe not, i am still thinking about this.

kurogumi: well all she did was for yuki's sake, we will se this soon, i hope so?
Yuki is tsundere, no doubt!


*The day after the commotion I slept in haru’s apartment, the next morning kou made breakfast and after that he explained everything what happened with Mr. Huxley. The same as us… somebody was erasing the evidence, and the evidence had names of people…

I went to yuki’s house, first to tell them what kou told us, second I needed to know why yuki was rejecting mayu so, here was the key for our first step over the enemy*

#Yuki’s house#

Sae has told them everything kou reported, right now yuki is finding the words to explain what is the problem…

-To know I am a weapon… *sigh*-


I remember one day I invited mayu to stay at home, kai helped me to convince to my father because he didn’t like to have strangers as guests and mayu, despite she was my girlfriend, was still a stranger; before going to his work my father greeted her, they talked some words and he left, he was smiling, that day was the last time I saw his smile.

The whole day mayu stayed in the house, was like a never-end party, we were in the kitchen trying to make dinner when kai arrived, he was with his fiancée maeda-san, heh~ he screamed like a girl when discovered all the personal of the house took the day off.

-What are you thinking?! When father come’s back he will be angry!- he was panicked.

-But without the butlers and maids here we can do whatever we want- I was grinning.

-Yeah! But but look at this! the place is all a mess here! It looks as if a tornado passed through here!-

-It’s fine, we can clean everything after finishing this- inside the oven was a cake- this is the last thing we are doing in the kitchen-

-And try to guess what was the first thing we did here!- mayu giggled, she knew that kai knew what she did to me some weeks before in the living room; kai face and ears were all red, for sure kai knew that mayu knew that the truth was I told him what she did to me.   

-What’s wrong with you?!- he started to clean the kitchen – the house has four floors and more than 26 rooms! We couldn’t make it for tomorrow! And who you think father will blame?!-


-Of course you!-

Maeda-san and mayu were laughing.

-Kai-sama is a protective and loving brother-  said maeda-san, just in that moment I noticed she was there.

-Yeah, he is too protective when it comes to yukirin, he is like a bodyguard - mayu was taking pictures.

-I’m not her bodyguard!-

-Ah! I’m really sorry, maeda-san – I walked toward maeda-san and left kai talking alone – I didn’t kow you were to come home, welcome – I bowed – I hope kai treats you well.

-Thank-you, yuki-sama, he is a god person – she bowed.

-And what brings you here?-

-Yes, kai-sama invited me to come to your home to see the meteor shower –

-Oh! same here!- mayu talked, she served tea and gave a cup to maeda-san – I told yukirin today will be a meteor shower and we are seeing it with the telescope! –

-Really?!- kai forgot his panic at the moment he heard “telescope” – CAN’T BELIEVE IT!-

-Why do you think we gave them the day off? The guards wouldn’t let us touch the telescope-mayu showed the keys.

-Mayuyu! – he hugged her and kissed her check – love you! My beautiful sister!-

For that time maeda-san knew about my relationship with mayuyu *cough* mayu, even she was so happy for us, she congratulated us and, unexpectedly, after that she became closer to both us. Of course, she didn’t stop being shy.

The hour of the meteor shower came and the four of us were in the telescope’s room.

-WOOOOW IT’S BEAUTIFUL!- kai was mesmerized.

-IT’S INCREDIBLE!- maeda-san too.

-Nee yukirin! Let’s make a wish!- mayu took my hand and walked me away from them.

-A wish? – she hugged me tightly – but those things are non…– before say “nonsense thoughts” she kissed me, so warm, so soft and sweet.

-Please, let’s make a wish- her words vanished in my mouth – let’s wish “to be together forever” –

-I don’t need to wish for that – I embraced her by her waist – because we will be together forever, mayuyu – I pecked her forehead – but if you want to make that wish – pecked her nose – I will make your wish come true, no matter what happen, no matter who tries to separate us, I will make that wish to come true – pecked her lips – because I love you, my mayuyu – I kissed her fondly.

-Ahem! Mayu-san I gladly accept your relationship with my sister but please If you dare to do something more than just kissing, better both of you go out of here!- kai was angry and flushed, next to him was maeda-san giggling while looking at the sky.

-Fine! Here in front of you – I pointed kai – and you – now pointing at maeda-san – I wish to be together with this girl for the rest of my life! And promise you – I was looking at mayu’s eyes – I will love you forever and ever, because my happiness is wherever you are, if it is with you then nothing else matters- mayu blushed really hard.

-You idiot! – she started to slap my shoulder.

-But you asked me to –

-Haha, Sis, what you did is more like a marriage proposal hahahahaha-     

Next day my father called home to say he will arrive next day, maeda-san came home again, now she was bringing a lot of droid pieces, kai told me that her father has a robot parts factory.

That day while maeda-san and mayu went to the mall near home kai and I stayed at home thinking about our new acquisition, when they arrived we had finished the first design, it is true that the pieces were all old but worked really well.

Next day my father came back, the four of us waited for him in the entrance; the first thing we noticed was that he was mad.

-Welcome home father- both said.

-Welcome Mr. Kashiwagi –
He didn’t responded, noticing things would go bad, kai asked to maeda-san to go to her house, he took her in one of our limousines and send her. He looked at me, his expression was exactly the same as me, we didn’t know what was happening with father, suddenly the sound of breaking glass inside home called our attention, when we entered to the living room all the window glass was broken. We (me, kai and mayu) went to my room.

-Mayuyu, it’s better if you go home –I told her before my father called out for me.

-Yuki!! Yuki!!- I asked her to hide and with a look kai understood “please, take care of her” before my father entered to my room; the door opened, my father enters and mayu disappear along with kai, I didn’t know where she hided.

-Where is mayu-san?-

-She left with maeda-san- back then I learned to lie according to the situation but I didn’t like it at all.


-Is something wrong, father?-

-Listen – he sat on my bed – I don’t want to see her again in the house-

-Eh? But why?-

-It is better for you if you don’t know- I took his hands, he seemed really worried.

-But… but... two days ago you were all right with her-

-Yuki, please don’t make this more difficult-

-No, father, I love her, you agreed with this!-

-It was my fault and I apologize!-

-I am very sorry but I can’t do what you are asking me- I step away from him.

-…- I know he mumbled something, his fist began to hit my bed – Why is always this way?!!-

-Father what are you talking about?-

-Don’t dare to disobey me!!-


I was crying too… but I felt strange, it hurt, of all the people I knew he was one of the persons I didn’t want to hear saying those things, because was true… everything was true, I was just a cyborg… just a weapon… more than five years without go to the facility to another examination… obviously I had forgot I was…

-Just a weapon, that is all? I am more than just a weapon! I am your daughter! I am the daughter you and mother brought to life! How can you say I can’t have this feeling? If this were the case then doesn’t it means that you can’t love the same as me? Because we are related we have the same curse? If this is the reason you saved me when I was about to die then I rather be died, a thousand times better to be dead with mother than to be alive here with you, looking at you, the one who distorted my entire life!- mother’s image came to me, she was smiling and crying “he may be this strict but he really love you, after all you are our precious daughter”

–For the last time I will tell you… -

-I can’t obey you!-
-I forbid you to see her again! – he shouted - ... don't you understand I do this for your own good? - and approached me.

-And if I refuse? -  I crossed my arms and looked away.

-My dear daughter ... you are my treasure, I do not know what else to do to stop you... but believe me, it is not what it seems – he put his hand on my shoulder.

-Then what is this feeling? – I didn’t know what to think anymore.

-Just a ... –


-She is just a bug in your system– he said as if it were the easiest thing in the world.

-Father! – I turned and pushed him – I hate you!- I began to run, to where? Anywhere was fine…

Thank you, minna-san!

Greetings! :dozing:
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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 20 (27/07/2013)
« Reply #74 on: July 27, 2013, 07:15:58 AM »
so that was yuki father

still confused why?

what happen behind this two family?

they are enemy?

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 20 (27/07/2013)
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GAAAD, what's happening here!! >.< Why he say that Mayu is so dangerous and she is just a bug? whaaaaaaat D:
i can't wait for the next update !

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 21 (27/07/2013)
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Terragen: the truth I am thinking about this too, it was my first idea but I don’t know… :catglare:

rochilu: imagine mayu as a bug XD (thenI think about a virus with mayu’s image XD)

Thank you!

I felt inspired or something


-When I noticed I was in front of a grave, my mother’s grave… I felt the urge to destroy something… when I woke kai was carrying me to his apartment. Months after, we went to visit my mother’s grave but he told me… my mother’s grave was destroyed, when I saw it I remembered what I did *laugh* I am really a monster-


-You are not a monster- kai pet yuki's head.

-When I saw her, after those four years, the day the BLACK system was reactivated… - she began to cry – a message appeared, the order was to kill mayu, since that day… every time she is next to me I feel this urge to kill her, but I love her, even knowing that I could hurt her if she keeps next to me… and yesterday… while I was trying to calm her… a message of self-destruction appeared…

-To tell you the truth I was so happy when I saw her in your party – sae giggled – I had decided not to talk with her, no more than the hello and good bye, everything was fine, I didn’t feel anything wrong with me, even I thought we could, maybe, become good friends but… that happened- they remember the scene where yuki almost die – and when I awoke… those words…


-Well... there is a very good reason for that... i... I still love you-

- Please don't go and say things like that so lightly...-

-But yukirin...-

-Wait right there! i know perfectly well this scene and this won't work again!-

-Then please let me explain!-


-I'm really sorry about what happened back then! Believe me, there hasn't been a day when you aren't in my thoughts-


-After she said she loved me… I started to feel strange, the more she got closer to me the more I got angrier, I was happy to hear those words but at the same time I felt as if my system were rejecting my orders, I started to feel I would lose the control, that is the reason why I was trying to keep her away from me but I didn’t want her to know… I have been restraining BLACK but even as BLACK I want her… I don’t know how to say this but I am sure the more I am with mayu the more BLACK tries to manifest-

-Maybe BLACK is in love with her too- again sae giggled – but being the “BAD” her love may be aggressive?-

#With mayu#

Right now she is playing ps3 with jurina, rena is writing something in her laptop and Ohori-san is watching them.

-Eeeeh? No way! – mayu shouts.

-Yeeeey I woon!- jurina is jumping.

-It’s the seventh time you win! How is it possible?- she pouts and sit next to rena.

-Hehe, does mayu-san not used to losing?- rena giggles.

-Moou! It’s an easy game!- she cross her arms.

-But you win in everything don’t you?- she close her laptop.

-Correct! Then how is it that jurina wins every time we play?-

-Because sae-chan always play with me! – jurina sits on mayu’s lap and this hugs to the little girl – and sae-chan is amazing in these games!-

-Them I will have to play against her to be able to win against you…-

-Mayu-san want to play with me?- rena got up and took a control.

-Fine! – jurina passed to the side where rena was sitting –I won’t lose to you! Jurina told me you don’t like to play much-

-Rena-chan don’t lose! – jurina was cheering to her sister – it is easy!-


-Heh it may be easy but if you don’t play once at least you can’t win the first match!-

-But rena-chan see all my gamins so she will win to you!-

-Jurina you are scaring sometimes – 

-So much faith in your sister, good, you will lose!-

The game started. 

#Back to yuki’s room#

-No freaking way!- kai started to laugh – that would be a good notice for us! Is so hilarious but much better than look at BLACK as the enemy, please you are kidding me-

-I would be perfectly fine with that… - yuki seemed angry with that comment – but I don’t want to lose my control and hurt her-

-And here comes my theory!- she made a sign to them to get closer to her, they did it – after some research with the recordings we came to this conclusion… when you have a power overload your emergency system starts to run and the only way to make this happen is… -


-Well, first… is mayu, second is… she has to kiss you- sae covered her head, in case yuki wanted to hit her.

-What? But when you kissed to yuki she came to normal- kai was still laughing.

-Wait, kai, you are wrong- yuki blushed.

-Eh?- sae and kai.

-When she kissed me i was about to kill her but i remembered mayu and… -

-That’s the reason you said “I belong to mayu” am I wrong?- sae laughs.

-Yeah… - yuki mumbled.

-And now the plan!-


-You should be with Mayu, no matter what happens, if you're not with her, rest assured that BLACK will become the destructive weapon you fear-

-What are you saying? I can’t do that! – yuki stood and started to walk side to side in the room – how can I do that after all I did?!-  she put her hands on her head.

-Calm down please, if all you need is a reason to stay near her it is simple – kai had wide open his eyes – ask her to *-DON’T SAY IT!- yuki’s hands were shivering* - to hell! You know you want to be with her! She is trying her best to be with you and you are just acting selfishly! Now if you don’t ask her to be with you again then I will tell her everything, and when I say “EVERYTHING” I mean it! –


#Gaming room, with mayu#

-Yes!- rena raises her fist.

-Yaaaaaaaaayyyy! Rena-nee-chan won!-

-This can’t be possible!-

-Mayu-san, you should accept your defeat-

-Ok, ok, I declare the war! One more match!-

#Yuki and sae, they are walking to the garden#

-Now go and ask her!-

-But right now? Why not tomorrow? – she was blushing.

-Come on! Better if you do it soon!-

In front of the gaming room is kai – Watanabe-san would you please come to the garden?-

-Eh?, yes, rena, jurina wait here! We need to setle things! –

-What do you need kai?-

-Nothing special, please go to the garden-

#In the garden#

-Yuki-chan?- yuki was looking at the flowers, mayu appeared behind her.

“They are fast…” – Hi…- she turned – m-mayu –

-Yes?- mayu walked, stopping in front of a file of lowers that separated her from yuki – do you need something? Need some new accessories? Your system is responding strangely? I swear I haven’t done anything to our system! – she was waving her hands.

-Don’t worry – right now yuki is glaring – I don’t care what you did to my system if you touched it – she muttered –the reason i wanted to talk with you is… -

-Oh! Then it is you who called for me?-

-Yeah… well, *cough* i… was wondering if you… -

Hiding behind the bushes were kai, and sae, they were grinning; looking from the window was rena she was looking at sae while whispering trying not to cry.

-What can I do for you, yuki-chan?-

-You are not allowed to go away from me!- yuki grabbed mayu’s shoulders and, just at some inches to kiss her, she stopped. Blinked a few times, blushed, let go mayu and went to lock up in the library.

-Yuki-chan, you don’t need to say it like that – mayu smiles and walk back to the gaming room – I will never be apart from you again, yukirin- she seems happy, really really happy

#Inside the library#

<Yuki, you hear me? Really you are an epic fail *laughs from kai and sae*>

-I will kill you when I leave here- yuki muttered.

<Oh! BLACK-san are you? *sae still lauging* why not right now? Let me guess you are all red, right? *more laughs*>

#END OF FLASHBACK# (Yeah, the flashback that started in chapter 13… from 13 to 21 was all a flashback o.O!)

#Back to the present#

The happy family is having Chinese food in the gaming room, wrong, yuki and mayu are in the kitchen, eating mayu’s favorite food while the other are in the gaming room eating Chinese food.


-Hm?...- in yuki's cold way.

-It tastes really delicious!-

-Thank you-



Greetings! :dozing:

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 20 (27/07/2013)
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I really need mayu LOVELY MOMENT

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 21 (27/07/2013)
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ahahahahhahaha what an epic chapter!! >w<
i love it :3 i had to go back to the chapter 13 and see where the flashback begins ahaha xD

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 21 (27/07/2013)
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you mean I was reading a Falshback all these chapters  :O
and inside these chapters there flashbacks too   :rofl: :rofl:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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