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Author Topic: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 36 (11/06/2016)  (Read 29354 times)

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 21 (27/07/2013)
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LOL yuki~ it's funny LOL

sweeet moment more please~


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 22 (30/07/2013)
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gek geki: i need it too! But I don’t know how to create the scene  :OMG: Thank you!

rochilu: I did the same to know where to continue the chapters  :on lol: Thank you!

mo-chan: yes  :on drink: flaskback in the flashback, will do it again in the future.  Thank you!

kurogumi: I try my best to do this  :on study:  but I feel I need to learn more, than you!

I swear I tried my best to make to occur that scene between mayu and yuki, knowing that the time for that (mayuki lovely moments) to occur is a bit far in the future.

Please don't kill me Q.Q :on cloudeye: or do it fast  :on blackhole:


#Kashiwagi Residence#

-Did you called, master?- a young guy with black hair and butler clothes walked near to fudo kashiwagi.

-Have you found her?- the man was sitting on his chair.

-Yes, we found her; she is with your daughter-


-My apologies but, you know that kai-sama is with them-

-What about the matsui daughters?-

-We know Ohori-san is in charge of them and it seems to be that the elder sister is interfering with the control signal of your daughter-

-Speaking of older sisters- the man turned his face to the guy.

-Master I’d rather not to talk about this topic – the guy apologized.

-Fine, hm… I heard someone murdered Mr. Huxley *sigh*-

-Kojima-kun informed us that someone unknown send to kou, from akimoto-sensei, to protect Mr. Huxley but it seems… - the young guy shows to Mr. kashiwagi some pictures; in the images put more emphasis in the details of the techniques they used to murder Huxley – somebody got first-

-Who do you think was the culprit?- the man took the pictures and placed them on the desk.

-Considering they did it without staining the place... and the note they left, it seems as something made by Shinoda's ...-

#Yuki’s house#

-Mom! Hurry hurry! We are late!- jurina is down the stairs, she is carrying  a box.

-Come on girls, your mother can’t walk well yet- sae takes some drinks from the fridge.

-Sae-san! Let me help you!- rena approach her and grabs six cans of fruit juice.

-Oh! Thak you rena-chan- both walks outside the house.

-Honey! Done?!- mayu enters to yuki’s room – jurina-chan is right, we are late!-

-Yeah yeah, almost, just let me put this in the basket- yuki is keeping a gift, suddenly feels someone is behind her.

-What is that?- mayu looks over yuki’s shoulder.

-Nothing!- she closes the basket.

-Come on! Let me see-

They begin to struggle, mayu trying to take the basket off  yuki and yuki, taking the basket away from mayu.

In one swif motion mayu takes the basket -Hey! Don’t!- and yuki push her, causing her to fall on the bed. The silences takes over the place and yuki is troubled not knowing if apologize or not.

-Now apologize, yuki-chan – mayu raises her hand, waiting for yuki to help her up, she is smiling. 

-S-sory – yuki looks away and offers her hand to mayu – but is your fault for not doing what I said- she pouts.

-You must rely more on me, I won’t tell sae-chan, moou... – now mayu hugs yuki and tries to kiss her but the taller one eludes her – come on! Yuki-chan, just one kiss! - now mayu jumps on yuki’s arms and both fall, mayu is on the top.

-You…! – yuki gives a headbutt to mayu and both complain about the pain, now yuki puts on the top and grabs mayu’s wrists – do it again and I will hit you really hard, haven’t you heard about personal space?- their faces are close. 

-Scary~! Yuki-chan is trying to rapMhphmf!- yuki covers mayus mouth before she ends the phrase.

-Remember that I have children, so don’t speak like that…- now releases her and stands – hurry up, we have a celebration to do- she help her to get up too.

Outside yuki’s house are three cars, sae’s, hiro’s and yuki’s

-Mom! I want to go with sae-chan! – jurina calls from sae’s car, she is looking out the window.

-Yay! Juri-chan is the copilot! – sae goes to her car and high five with jurina.

-No fair! If jurina can go with sae-san then I want to go with her too! – rena runs, enters to sae’s car and buckles her seat belt.

-More fun! – now sae high five with rena – but if the both of you go with me who will go with your mom?- she raises an eyebrow.

-I am going with mister hayashi for some things to the supermarket in the road, my apologies – megumi enters to hiro’s car – and Kai-san went first, said he would have the cottage ready for when we got – as she finished speaking, hiro closed the trunk.

-Ready here!- hiro calls –Whatever, why not mayu going with yuki-san?- he suggested.

And now the thing is so, sae is going with rena and jurina, they are singing children songs; hiro is going with megumi and stops in front of the first supermarket they found on the road; in the end yuki is going with mayu.

#Sae’s car#

-Yahoooo! This feels awesome!- Jurina is poking out the sunroof of the car.

-Oi! Juri-chan be careful!- sae still driving, the highway is free and there are many trees around.

-Sae-san! You know if my mother finds out, you will be scolded!- rena now is doing the same as her young sister and both are enjoying the moment.

#The supermarket#

They are buying the pantry of the week

-Megumi-san, are you sure yuki-san and mayu will be fine alone?-

-Yes, I think master need to be alone with watanabe-san, they need to settle some things –

-Yes but, what about BLACK?-

-Master’s mother told me… “BLACK may be a weapon but she is still yuki, and yuki is a very sweet girl” I can trust in her words-

-Why are you helping us? You know that at any moment they can or we can betray you or ambush you –

-Because I vowed to dedicate my life to the welfare of this child –

-That is not all, right? But I think it is better than nothing-

-Hayashi-san reminds me to Master’s father, a really good person, just before he lost his wife and his daughter…-

-If I were yuki-san’s father I wouldn’t have done what he did!-

-Believe me please, he had no choice; he was devastated, even attempted suicide countless times when he learned her daughter had been taken by his own investigation squad. The only one who could help him out of that depression was master’s mother, my first master Yuuki-sama-

#Yuki’s car#

Awkward moment.

-Nee, yuki-chan, can we hear some music?- mayu is playing with the window.

-Sure, whatever you want to hear- yuki is driving, the music starts and after some minutes mayu turns it off.

-Hm… hm… let’s talk about something- again the awkward moment.

-Sure, what do you want to talk about?- still driving without look at mayu or smile at her. 

-Why did you asked me to *-don’t say it!- yuki blushes and close her eyes* But look at the road you idiot!- mayu takes the wheel and move it evading a tree, yuki stops the car – that was close… *sigh* - 

-Sorry!- yuki gets out of the carr and open mayu’s door – are you all right?- checks mayu’s face and arms.

-Yeah, just the shock – mayu gets out too – and you?- now she asks removing yuki’s bangs.

-I’m fine- yuki hugs her tightly- I’m sorry for that–

-No prob, now let’s go, we will be late and don’t worry, I won’t ask again – mayu takes yuki’s hand and start to walk, yuki stops her – something wrong?- she looks.

-The reason I asked you… you know… is… - yuki is blushing, again.

-Yuki-chan is a shy person, I know it perfectly well- mayu hangs from her hand, giggling.

-Then I’m sorry about the “not allowed” thing… I want to say it properly- yuki steps in front of mayu and takes both her hands – Mayu… -

-For real?- mayu remember this scene.


Two months after their try to elope.

They were in mayu’s room, was a Wednesday after school – yukirin? Are you asleep?- mayu sits next to yuki who seems to be sleeping in mayu’s bed.

-Welcome home, mayuyu- yuki yawns and sits.

-Yes! Tadaima~ - kiss her.

-Today I had a strange dream- now the two are lying on the bed.

-Yes? what was it? -

-I dreamed that we were a family -

-A family? you and me?! – mayu shouths.

-Yes! and had two daughters! -

-Hahaha what? with children? -

-Yes! was amazing!  And I thought –


-I know my condition as cyborg… and I know that at any moment I could lose control, even so…
And is exactly the same…

 Still in mayu’s room -Even so, I think I can make you happy, no! I know I can make you happy! and I know my happiness is with you, hence I will fulfill  that dream where you and I are a family. No matter that my father is opposed to this and no matter whom else wants oppose this, I will protect you from those who want to hurt you or separate us. I am being serious about this, please, marry me –


-… I am being serious about this, please – yuki kneels – marry me…- A cellphone rings, neither yuki nor mayu pay attention to the call.

-Tomato-san – mayu embraces yuki, laughing – you are funny –

-Hey! And what about… *-shhh- mayu puts her finger on yuki’s lips – I will give you my answer right now – whisper in her ear and bites* Ouch! – yuki complains.

-I gladly accept, my yukirin – she kisses yuki who corresponds to the kiss and embrace her. Yuki’s cellphone is still ringing.


He is in the cottage, cleaning all the rooms and activating monitors and alarms around the place

-Hey, kai-san! is ok here?- a brown haired man calls from the entrance, he is helping kai.

-Yes, thank you!- kai proves the signal of that camera - are you sure about this? I mean… They don’t know you-

-It’s fine kai-san, you know I wanted to personally meet with my nieces- the guy smiles –huf! Today is sunny, hope these days here the weather will be good, and how is one-chan?-

-You will see her soon –

#Yokoyama residence#

<Ryo-chan! Ryo-chan!>

-What’s up?- ryo is on rie’s bed, cleaning his bracelet.

<Intruders on the east side!>

-Whaaaat?!- he stands up.

-Hey don’t complain- rie calls, she is writing some reports.

-But today is our day off…-

-Hurry and go!-

-Then go with me, I don’t want to be alone- he opens the door.

-I am doing the reports, silly- she throws a candy which ryo catch in the air.

-Meanie- closes the door and begins to run -How many are?-

<Seven, be careful. They are armed>

-And what happened to the guards of that side?-

<Precisely that is the reason why I am warning you! The guards were subjected, only two remain standing and shinoda-sama isn’t here>

-Eh? Where is he?-

<He went to visit watanabe-sama>


They will be in a cottage all the next week *\(owo)/* yay!  :nya:

And we will know yuki’s young brother (for sure you forgot yuki has a young brother) :hehehe:

Greetings! :depressed:

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 22 (30/07/2013)
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Aww Yuki, that  was too sweet >////<
and yes, i forgot about Yuki's brother xDD who will be :O

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 22 (30/07/2013)
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awww it's sweet finally some sweet moment i loved it rise-sa thank you for making this scene~ LOL

the story being complicated but its fun

thank for the update rise-san


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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 23 (31/07/2013)
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rochilu: thank you! Next chapter we will know him!

kurogumi: thank you! I hope to improve more (I need to)



-Are you feeling well?-

-Perfectly fine, I just want to feel you a little more –

After the previous scene, they are enjoying the view, yuki is embracing mayu by her back and peecking all her nek.

-Etto… yuki-chan?-

-What is it, homey?- now takes her hands and intertwine their fingers.

“And now you call me: honey? Damn I wanna …”-It feels a bit odd, don’t you think?- mayu likes the feeling but after more than eight years not doing it she feels more like “let’s do it right now” but of course she won’t do that.

-You think so? Fine then let’s change- now yuki is in front of mayu and… sits her on the front clip  of the car and hugs, starting to kiss her collar, without restraint.

-No! I-I mean… let’s go to the picnic and after coming back… I don’t know… let’s stay alone?- and of course mayu’s reaction would have been different if they weren’t in the middle of nowhere. She is pushing yuki’s face away of her collar.   

-Are you rejecting me…?- now yuki looks a bit angry, she puff her cheeks.

-No! No! Is just… - and mayu waves her hands and gets of the car and hugs the taller one.

-I understand, maybe I behaved a little mean with you, I deserve this- yuki is referring to her behaving lately.

-No! is just… we are… look, it’s not the moment ok? –

-Then, when we are in the cottage… will you share room with me?- 

-…- she raises her finger, but nothing came to her mind.

-Hm?- she is looking with puppy eyes.

-Yes…- after this yuki enters to the car and mayu facepalmed knowing the big problem she is getting into. 

#Itano residence#

-Crap!- the itano guy is typing at high speed on the computer and seems angry.

-Again?- the yokoyama gil enters bringing two cups of tea, she put one of the cups on the desk and sit’s next to him.

-Yeah…- he scratches his head and gets up, starting to walk in circles.

-Let me help you- changing seat - he~? Nice one, little girl- is reading at high speed all the info that is appearing and disappearing on the screen.

The guy pulls out a disc from a locker and hands it to the girl -here is a backup-

-Thank you- she takes the disc and places it in the disc reader.

-But why can’t we warn mayu about this?- he drinks the tea – it’s frustrating!- sits  on the chair.

-Imagine, if we have all these problems, how frustrated she is considering that she coexists with the two of them- she is tipping as fast as she can – wohooo… she is fast! – a smile is hovering on her lips.

-Shi**y luck… and does it just when we have already the result of the analysis-

-Well, we are not playing with adults-

#The matsui girls in sae’s car#

Rena and jurina are in the backseats, jurina is enjoying the view, trees and farmhouses.

 -Heh! This one is a bit faster…- rena seems to be playing something in her laptop, she is having fun.

-Playing again rena-chan?- sae talks while driving.

-Yes! It is fun!- she smiles to the rearview mirror where sae’s eyes are looking.

-Ohhh! This is a new game? Looks a bit more difficult than before!- Jurina comes over and looks at the screen.

-Let’s call it a new level!- she is tipping fast.

-Nee, can I play too?-  jurina seems interested in the game.

-Sure! – she hands her laptop to her little sister.

-What was your last record?- jurina starts typing and her expressions looks alike when she is playing with some game in the gaming room.

-Twenty seven minutes- rena is watching the screen – watch out in this part, here comes an enemy and if it touches the goal the game ends and the laptop turns off- in the screen more commands appearing – great! I didn’t know you can use these!- she says when notices Jurina was writing low-level instructions than just had read a few days ago.

-Hm… I will do it in half the time!- jurina grins getting more exited with the “game”.

-Can you? – Sae doesn’t kow what “game” the children are playing but seems is interesting and knowing these girls like to play to the end all kind of game they find, she decided to take the long road to the cottage.

-Sure! – Jurina still typing.

#Fifteen minutes later, itano residence#

-Aaargh... - she scratches her head and gets up, she is giggling.

-Again?- the guy burst in laughs.

-Yeah...- she turns off the computer and walks outside the studio.

#At the same time, inside sae's car#

-Yeeeeey, i won!- jurina raises both her hands and throws the laptop.

-Really?! wow! juri-chan is faster than rena-chan?!- sae is still driving, she grins to the little girl.

-You did very well but it took you almost sixteen minutes - rena stops her chronometer while takes the laptop.

-Hum! – yurina pouts – then i lost…-

-But you did very well, I didn’t know you can use those instructions – referring to the low-level instructions.

-Hey, look, there is a river! –

After parking the car, sae and the girls come out to see the place – whooo! Is beautiful!- rena is holding sae’s right hand and jurina is holding the left hand.

-Sae-san! Sae-san! Let’s take a picture! –

-Yes! I want to have more pictures with sae-chan! And fill our photobook-

-Sure! –

In the picture jurina is sitting on sae’s shoulders with the sign of peace with her hand, rena is in front of sae doing the sign of peace and sae’s right hand is on rena’s shoulder and her left hand is holding jurina’s leg.  They are smiling.

-Nee, sae-chan! I think if I had a dad, I’d like it were you!-

-Heh? I think if you were my children I would love you the same I love you already, you know I will be there for you ever, juri-chan, rena-chan-

-But you know, sae-san… ?-

-Hm? Rena-chan?-

-… nothing – she smiles.


-Rena-chan what do you think?-  sae asked.

-Sae-san is like the father and yuki is like the mother-  rena said watching the tv.

-Ouch that hurt's you know?, i'm a woman too - the woman said walking to the couch next to rena.

-I don't believe you- rena said without looking up at her. 

-I think the same as you, rena - said yuki.

-Whyyy? - shouted sae - come on juri-chan you won't say the same, right?-


“You are the father and mother is mother” *sigh* -Sae-san can we buy something in the next store?- rena sits after jurina.

#Watanabe residence#

-They are going to that place?-

-Yes, so far, mayu-chan is doing well but I wonder how is kai-

-Well you know that he is a “traitor”, as long as he is with mayu I think she will be all right-

-About what I was talking before-

-Mr. Vilhelm, what did he told you?-   


-I was waiting for you- the man was drinking a glass of wine.

-Watanabe-sama is desperate and it seems to be that the government is trying to get to you, “they found your secret and you know what are we talking about” this is watanabe-sama’s message for you- a tall guy appears behind the man.

-Gladly they came to me sooner, now I don’t have more debts to pay, they were *sigh* they were people too precious for me; tell Mr. Yusei “thank you for wait this long” – the old man smiled and sat on his favorite sofa in front of the window that gave a view of the town and the ocean far away.

#End of flashback#

-There is another message but he asked me to… -

-Is mayu the addressed one?-

-I am sorry but this is it-

-Do not worry; you have done excellent, mark-

-Thank you sir-

-You could have been a great husband to my daughter *sigh*-

-Hehe, but you are perfectly fine with her decision, and you know I support her-

-HAH! I remember the day when yuki-san slept here, hehe was so fun- a tear drop fell.


Yusei watanabe’s work:

-Sir. Someone called fron your home…-

-What did they say?- he is in the middle of a meeting.

-It seems an intruder burned the west side of your home, but don’t worry, the firefighters already have everything under control!-

#End of flashback#

-Ah… just before we kew yuki-san was “that thing”-

Mayu’s father is drinking some wine with mark while they plan their new move.

#Yuki’s car, in the road again#

-This is bad… -

-What is it, yuki-chan?-

-I have a new message from my work-

In yuki’s cellphone four calls from oshima-san and a new message from the same person.

Mayu takes the cellphone and reads the subject:

"Report yourself immediately!"

-I think you should call her-

#somewhere in the North Pole#

After sending the message she returns to the room –Ufff! Today is coooooool! – she rubs her arms for warmth. 

-Yuko-san! Here is the new reading!-

-Oh, that was fast!- she turns to one side where someone is calling her.

-Yes, but we have problems with the snowstorm, the snow covered all the solar panels- Another person talks while reads some information in front of her screen.

I have to say this RENA PREFERS SAE OVER MAYU!

Thanks for your thanks! :bow:

Greetings! :cathappy:

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 23 (31/07/2013)
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i'm sorry for asking xD but i'm kinda lost, so Mayuyu's dad is ok with Mayu and Yuki daiting buuuuuuuut Yuki's papa don't?
or how is the thing? @.@ maybe i have to reread all the chapters xD
nice update! if Rena likes more Sae maybe she would marry her e.e ahhaha ok no, just kidding xD i love the little matsui sisters, the game that they were playing was something related with the thing that were doing in the itano's house?
nee i wanna to read the chapters in the cottage, sure they will be funny ~

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 23 (31/07/2013)
« Reply #86 on: August 02, 2013, 01:58:04 AM »
Whuut? Rena prefer sae over mayu? Well that reasonable,yuki being with mayu just make all thing complicated and dangerous situation,so  sae is more safe.but we should know that yuki is belong to mayu and mayu belong to yuki,without mayu there's no yuki that we know now.and i dun think yuki could keep her sanity without mayu.i mean its true that yuki could life normaly alone without mayu before,just yuki,rena and jurina,and maybe a little bit sae.they are happy family,but at that case mayu existence is strong,she alive.i couldn't imagine if one day mayu's died.what happen with yuki system,since mayu is yuki heart that case rena didn't have choice to accept mayu.

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 24 (02/08/2013)
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rochilu: both fathers oppose, in different ways I think XD and yes, they were playing, about this I think this chapter can explain the gaming XD? Thank you!

gek geki: you’re right! But remember yuki don’t know why her father don’t want her to be with mayu and don’t know that mayu’s father think the same about their daughters being together. Sae is more safe, indeed she is the perfect choice but, well, it’s a mayuki fic XD thanks to mayu yuki is how is now BUT maybe what mayu did was an error from the very beginning, I don’t know. Mayu is the only one who knows why yuki’s father is against their relationship but even she doesn’t know her own father’s reason. Here is a mystery. Thank you!

I know I said “next chapter” about yuki’s brother but I forgot in the end XD, then! here is yuki’s brother! (her real brother).



-Nice to meet you, I am yuki kashiwagi, daughter of fudo kashiwagi, what is your name?- she extends her hand (18 years old).

-Tomoki kasai… - the boy (14 years old) hesitated for a moment and then shook hands with the girl.

-*sigh* You know? You look exactly as our father but I think you have the eyes of your mother–

-Don’t compare me to that bastard- he muttered then drank his coffee – buegh... tastes terrible – made a grimace.

-Pffff sorry but you asked for black coffee- yuki was giggling, covering her mouth.

-Hey! Don’t laugh!- the boy threw a ball made with paper napkin -  besides, what do you want from me? my mother told me not to get involved with the family of this man –

-Hehe sory sorry, is just, you are so adorable – she was still giggling – I just wanted to meet you, tomoki, oh! ¿can I call you by your name?-

The guy blushed – y-yeah… sure…- looking away – after all… we are siblings *sigh*-

-Nee, tomoki-


-Is it ok if I come to visit you from time to time?-

-Do as you please but don’t tell anybody about this, I don’t want to trouble my mother-


-Whaaaaat?! She’s your girlfriend?! For real?! – they were playing tennis (tomoki, 15 years old), he lost the ball.

-Shhhhhh! Don’t make a fuss about this!-  (yuki, 19 years old) now she hits the ball.

-But onee-san, she is my age!- he returns.

-No no no, tomoki-kun, I am a year older than you – (mayu, 16 years old) - if you lost this one yuki win the match-

-Whatever is the same, onee-san you may be arrested!- another hit.   

-Calm down tomoki, moreover she was the one who asked me to – she return.

-Whaaaaaat?! But what were you thinking watanabe-san?- and he lost the ball again.

-Mayu, I told you to call me mayu since I am your sister’s girlfriend – mayu pouts as the time she walks and punches tomoki’s shoulder.

-M-mayu-san! At least please tell me you haven’t done anything… - both girls flushed – I… I give up… - the guy sat on the grass – what the … onee-san you are too strange!- drinks some water from the bottle mayu gave him.

-You don’t know how!- mayu chuckles.


-Your father asked me about you… - (Tomoki, 16 years old) they were in a hospital, in the hospital’s garden.

-And what did you told him? –  (Yuki, 20 years old) she was sat next to a table.

-Onee-san, please, tell me, what is going on?  They told me you were dangerous, why did they tell me this? Even they brought a troop of soldiers and cops- he grabbed yuki by her shoulders. 

-Nee, tomo-kun! Let’s play, we already ate all our vegetables!- some kids came to play with the guy.

-Really? WOOW you are so awesome! Fine then let’s play hide and seek!- he got up.

-Yeeeeeees- all children cried out in ecstasy.

-But who will seek?- another kid asked to the guy.

-Hm… since it’s the first game, tomo will be the seeker! Now go and hide!- he covered his eyes.

-Eeeeeeeeee!- all the children ran to hide.

-You love children don’t you?-  yuki smiled tenderly.

-When I grow up… *-Yukirin! They found us, we have to go!- (mayu, 17 years old) she ran and interrupted the conversation, grabbed yuki’s hands and began to run again*-


-And who are you?- (tomoki, 18 years old) he opened the door of his room, he heard some noises outside the building dorm, in the afternoon his classmates told him somebody was asking for him and now…

-Yo! I came to you because matsui-sama asked me to, it seems he trust in you, it’s my pleasure to work with you, I am kou akimoto, a017dw, fourth generation, akimoto-sensei is my mechanic and creator, starting today I am at your command – a guy with motorcycle clothing was in front of him. 


-I am a cyborg and…-


#Sae’s car#

-Hey rena-chan, is jurina asleep?- sae is driving.

-Yes, she fell asleep half an hour before –  rena is doing something in her laptop, jurina is sleeping in the other side.

-Fine, we need to talk about something-

-Yes, tell me, sae-san- se is concentrated on reading what is in her screen.

-Don’t do any kind of joke to mayu-chan during our stay in the cottage-

-Eeeh? But, it is funny! – now she is paying attention to sae.

-How can that be funny?-  she is looking at rena by the rearview mirror -Megumi-san told me you did a mess in mayu’s apartment the last time you were there!-

-But, was her fault for left us alone!-

-She went to make dinner –

-Sae-san, that thing was not dinner, which was a poison! Mayu-san doesn’t know how to cook!-

-And you?- she raises an eyebrow.

-All you have taught us!- rena pouts.

-Fine… but that doesn’t mean you can do those things to mayu-chan, and jurina told me that you was the one who planned each of your jokes-

-…Tch… jurina…- rena mutters.

-Hey don’t blame your sister-

-*sigh* yeah…- back to her laptop.

-And what are you playing? You have taken more than two hours using your laptop-

-I am playing something, remember the game from before?-


-I am in the last lever-

-Oh! Better to finish your gaming before we arrive to the place, I won’t allow you to use your laptop there-


-Sae-san, can I ask you something?-

-Sure, tell me-

-Do you still… hm… love my mother?-

The car stops all of a sudden and sae turns to look at rena.

-Seriously why do you ask?-

-Nothing!- rena looks away, sae is angry.

#With kai#

-Hey, tomoki, they are about to get here, wake up -

-Five more minutes…-

-More, nothing! What image do you want to give to those girls?- kai throws tomoki of the hammock.

-I’m sorry – he scratches his head – by the way, kai-san, I noticed this before but, where is the food?- he stood up.

-Oh, about that, we will have a picnic after all the guest get here –

-Ooooh… - they walk to the entrance and sit, waiting for the others.

#Sae’s car#

-And… send!- rena press a few keys, three envelopes immediately appear on her screen with three timers, after being charged with the necessary information, are sent to three small towers marked with small flags colors and letters.

The first tower, painted in black and a flag with the letter M, receives the envelope, the timer began to run.

#Military research center#

A strange message has appeared in all the computers and a virus start to delete all the data. All staff panics, they do not know what happened.

-What is going on?!- kuramochi asuka tries her best but it’s late, the data is all deleted.

-Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha shimasaki-sensei win get mad! Hahahahahahhahahaha- haruki is laughing watching the scene from a window.

#Sae’s car#

The first timer ends.

The second tower, painted in blue and a flag with the letter K, receives the envelope, the timer began to run.

#Kashiwagi residence#

-No way! No way! No way! Damn it! My game!-

<Kojima-kun, here is occurring the same, all the data is being deleted!>

-Aki-kun! Don’t fool with me!- he is typing as fast as possible.

Kojima haru and maeda aki are in the same situation.

-Damn it! I almost finished the game!-

<And what about yuki-sama?! She is our main priority>

-Yeah yeah! I lost the signal from her tracker-

<We need to inform to master>

#Sae’s car#

The second timer ends.

The third tower, painted in green and a flag with the letter W, receives the envelope, the timer began to run.

#Watanabe residence#

-Don’t fu**! – tomohisa itano is in watanabe residence while yokoyama yui is in itano residence, right now in both places is occurring the same, hes is is typing but all he tries is useless. 

<Hey tomohi! Don’t panic! For sure is this girl again>*Yui*

-Yeah but all the data is being deleted!-

-Tomochin, let me help you- Mark enters to the command room and takes off his suit coat.

-Mark?- itano is surprised.

-Hurry and lend me the keyboard!- mark begins to type.

<Yui here, I almost done with the backup but…>

-I know, all the data got lost- mar sighs heavily.

<Yeah… the same occurred with umeda-san, mayu-chan’s tracker signal is lost>

-Ufff! Then this is the girl?- tomohisa wipes the sweat from his forehead.

-Yes…- mark grins - hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! So fun this little ojou-sama!- he gets up – I admit it, we lost- left the place.

#Sae’s car#

The third timer ends.

-And with this we will have a whole week without worries!- rena grins.

-Did you said something rena-chan?-

-Nothing! I just finished the game!- she turns off her laptop and close it.

-Wow! That is good, we are about to get there!-

-Is that place?- rena points.

-Yes, hey look! There is kai!- in the distance, kai is greeting waving his hand.

-Hey jurina, wake up! We are here!- rena moves jurina’s hand.

-Huh?  And mom?- the little girl yawns and scratches her eyes, opening the door.

#Yuki’s car#

-Nee, honey- they are listening music.


-How much longer?- mayu sighs.

-Almost, fifteen minutes more and…- a hand caress her cheek and guide her to turn her face.

-Kiss me- mayu says in a seductive way.

-As you wish…-

#The cottage#

-Look, they are here! Awww those are my nieces? Kawaiiii!- rena and jurina got out of the car, instantly tomoki hugged the both of them –You are soooo cute!-

-Wooo! Who are you?!- jurina was trying to get loose – kai-kun, help meee!- she extends her hand for help.

-*chucle* little ladies, don’t be so mean, he is your uncle- kai told them.

-What?- both girls said in unison.

-Oh! So, you are yuki’s young brother?- sae approached him – nice to meet you!- she extends her hand – I’m sae-

-Nice to meet you too, tomo is tomo, and who are the both of you? Little fairies?- still hugging the girls.

-You are weird- jurina- why do you talk so? - tomoki releases the girls.

-Odd but funny, nice to meet you, my name is rena –  she pets tomoki’s head.

-Jurina…- the little says then runs to hide behind sae.
-And where is onee-chan?-

-Onee-chan?- again the girls ask.

-Yeah, yuki onee-chan-

At the same time, yuki’s car is parking, she and mayu get out.

-Oh! Tomoki?! How is..? wooow long time no see!-

-Onee-chan!- both of them hug each other – and mayu-chan, you have grown up!-

-The same to you, tomoki-kun!- hug.

-Nee nee onee-chan, you have such beautiful daughters!- he began to cry.

 -Thank you!- she extend a handkerchief.

-Heh, onee-chan? This is what you get after working with kindergartners - mayu giggles.

-I love kids, you know- tomoki extends his arms.

-Once megumi-san and hiro-san arrive, we can start our picnic- kai announces.

*Minutes later*

-Sorry for taking so long, here, we brought some sweets and stuffs- hiro brings a bunch of bags.

-Master, we reviewed the surroundings, the entire area is clear- megumi talks to yuki’s ear.

-Fine, thank you, ohori-san-  all of them enter to the cottage and, after left all their luggage in the living room and the bags in the kitchen, went to the picnic, not so far from the place.
-Oh! I forgot! Sae, could you come with me for a moment please?- yuki call’s for sae.

-Sure, what do you need yuki?- they are in the living room.

-This- yuki takes the gift from the basket and gives to sae.

-Huh? But it’s not my birthday or something like that, heh why? – she takes the gift and opens it.

-Well, you have done so much for me and the children, I am really grateful to you, sae-

-Yuki… you don’t need to, you know I love those girls, and you, the three of you are precious to me, but! Thank you! It is beautiful!- inside the little box is a butterfly shaped pendant necklace.

After this they went with their friends and the picnic began, tomoki told some anecdotes about yuki and mayu, kai showed some magic to the girls, megumi handing the food, sae taking pictures, mayu and yuki having fun as little girls.



Greetings! :byebye: :dozing:

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 24 (02/08/2013)
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ahahahaha souka so rena-chan doesn't want her mother being with mayu LOL

yeah sae is perfect for yuki indeed but it's not gonna fun right? if we chose the safe way...i mean where's the adrenaline LOL life need some challenge!!! LOL

who's dare to through this way...happiness is the gift...well hope so for mayuki LOL

rena-chan was so smart...wonder jurina is also has that kind of skill like her sister....

even though rena doesn't like yuki be with mayu but she not hated mayu right?

sae is a good person,but she could not control yuki like mayu do

ah can't wait for the next, this chapter somehow become more interesting

mayu know why yuki's fater againts their relationship but not know her father reason that weirds....

but the one is clueless is yuki she not even know why or anything about her mayu LOL seems rena is know and tried to do something,maybe it's that why she want yuki with sae...

thank for the update rise-san



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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 24 (02/08/2013)
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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 24 (02/08/2013)
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waaaaa rena!! and jurina sooo smart!!

safe picnic

Lovers, keep on the road you're on
Runners, until the race is run
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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 25 (05/08/2013)
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kurogumi: say no to the safe way XD yeah, rena and jurina, I love these children, and yes, she did that because she want to have a good week with her family. Thank you!

gek geki: Thank you! She is a genius, yeah >w<

terragen: Thank you! Yes, both are like that.

Thank you!


*At that time I was about to know who is ally and who is not. In the wrong way I discovered that despite they wanted to destroy everything which had something to do with the watanabe name, didn’t mean they wanted to help the kashiwagi family; it was because of the military, more than yuki's cause. I was wondering if the watanabes were the villains in this “war”... or not.*




-What does “a purpose in the life” mean?-

-Eeeh? Why you ask?-

-Those books you gave me-

-Oh, those… you don’t need to understand, therefore, you already have a purpose in the life and it is to serve me-


Atsuko and minami walked in an aquarium, all the people there was dead.

-This is the best date of all my life! - atsuko extends her arms to hug minami – thank you minami!- she kissed minami’s cheek.

#Cottage, in the night after the picnic#

-But, girls please, let me share room with yukirin- mayu.

-No! we want to sleep with mom!- jurina, crossing her arms.

-Why not you two sleep with me and we tell stories of ghosts and so?- sae, with a bright smile.

-Thank you, sae-san, but we want to be with my mother- rena, giggling.

Let’s go back some minutes:


-Since this is a small place, there are five bedrooms, mister hayashi, master tomoki and I will be sharing a room – kai is explaining how will be the sharing of the rooms in the place –next is megumi-san, usually she has her own room, she will use the one next to ours- so far all the people were listening calmly – those two rooms are in the first floor, in the second floor are three rooms, and there will be mistress miyazawa in the first room, in the second room will be the little ladies and *-Wait!- ju rina raises her hand and gets up of the sofa* jurina-sama?- kai turns to see the little girl.

- That means mom will share room with mayu-chan and not with us? Why?- she pouts and hug her mother, yuki’s reaction is a bit surprised.

-I am sharing room with yuki-chan?- mayu is a bit blushed.

-Yes, that is- kai is watching some sheets, he wrote their entire schedule for the week.

-But I want to sleep with mom too- jurina is still grabbing her mother.

-If jurina can sleep with mother then I want to be with them too- rena giggles, sae glare – oh! Sae-san, it is not my fault – she says to the woman sat in front of her.

-But…- So far, yuki has been quiet, knowing her daughters… it’s better if they decide this.

-Master, what do you think?- yuki glare at kai.

-I am fine with *-Mom! No fair! – jurina is complaining before yuki ends her opinion*-


-E… why not the four of us share room?- yuki sais with an insecure voice.

- But, master- kai was trying to give to yuki and mayu their personal space but, in the end yuki said this.

-Yaaaay! We will sleep with mooom!-

-And with mayu-san too, heh better than nothing, I think- rena pet’s mayu’s head, mayu turns to see the girl which is still giggling.   

-*sigh* well then, the second room will be empty, in the third room will be master, mistress watanabe and the little ladies-

Mayu and yuki interchange looks, they feel a bit disappointed.

#Allen’s Mansion#

-I said all I know about this but it seems they will find it sooner or later, I wish those girls will be fine *sigh*, umeda-san, it is the only thing I can do for you, please send this to mayu-san, she will know how to decipher this puzzle –

-Allen-sama, what should we do with this information?-

-You will know once you know what it means; on the other hand, I heard that kashiwagi lost it again, in the last interview I had with the matsui doctors I met their daughters, they are beautiful, you know?-


#Men’s room#

-Kai-kun, kai-kun I want to sleep in my futon- tomoki gets out his futon.

-Futon? But here are three beds- hiro points at tomoki’s bed.

-Hayashi-san, tomoki-san uses to sleep in a futon since he does it with his kindergartens – kai explains.

-Eh?- hiro shouts, how far is this guy, tomoki, able to go? - Ok, then I will be in the bed next to the door – kai.

-Then I will be in this – hiro sits on the bed near to the window.

#MaYuki’s room#

-Where is my towel?- yuki is going to take a shower.

-Sorry, mother! I took it!- rena is getting out of the bath.

-Here, use mine, yukirin- mayu lend hers to yuki.

-Thank you, wanna go in with me?- the taller one takes mayu’s hand and gets closer.

-Mom! We are here!- jurina is getting out of the bath and cover her eyes, rena laughs and the adults get nervous.

Mayu loose yuki’s hand and walks to the door - Go ahead, I will shower in the other room – opens the door and get out.

After taking their baths in separate rooms, mayuki brushed their teeth.

-Girls, did you brushed your teeth? – yuki asks going out of the washroom, followed by mayu.

-Oh! Almost forgot, jurina let’s go- rena take’s jurina’s hand and both enters to the washroom.

-Finally alone *sigh*- yuki grabs mayu and pecks her cheek.

-Yeah *sigh*– mayu embraces yuki by the neck, they are walking slowly to the bed, still hugging.

-Mayuyu- pecking mayu’s lips.

-Hm? Honey?- and mayu is enjoying the sensation.

-Love you- says yuki in mayu’s ear, feeling how mayu’s goose bumps with those words.

-Heh… love you too- she caress yuki’s cheek and kiss her, a kiss that should be more pure since rena and jurina are watching with their eyes wide open, and enter again to the washroom.

Some minutes later, both women remembered that with them were two little girls and with this they laid on the bed, hugging, mayu’s head was on yuki’s right arm, they were talking until…

-Mom I want to be in the center!- jurina finish brush her tooth and jumps between mayu and yuki.

-OUCH!- jurina’s elbow hit mayu’s stomach and mayu’s head, because of the sudden move, hit the headboard.


#Sae’s room#

-What was that?- sae stands up and opens her door.

#Mayuki’s room#

-Mayu are you ok?- yuki covers her mouth, she is laughing. Jurina is hugging yuki by her waist.

-Yeah…- mayu is rubing her stomach.

-No fair, I want to sleep with mother too, jurina come on, make space for me!- now rena jumps between mayu and jurina.

Mayu is waving her hands -No, no no no rena-cha… OUCH!-


Knocking the door, outside mayuki’s room is sae, the door opens showing a mayu covering and rubbing her stomach.

-… need something, sae-chan?- she asks not hiding her pain.

-I heard some noises, are you all right?- sae is worried.

-… yeah-


-yeah, don’t worry, is just… these girls – mayu moves her hand without energy.


-yeah, thank you, sae-chan and goodnight –


Mayu closes the door when sae enters to the next room, after this she walks, slowly, to the bed and lays, turns her head to yuki, who is seeing her.

[sorry] yuki whispers, noticing jurina and rena are falling asleep. 

[Don’t worry] mayu respond the same way.

They put their hands over rena and jurina and hug them while intertwine their fingers.

I wonder what they will do during all the week, I am still thinking about this part.   :depressed: :err: :frustrated: :temper:


See you soon!  :mon ignore:

Edit: re-reading this last par i noticed something was wrong... and i changed it, since are yuki's daughters who jump on mayu >.< sorry a little mistake.
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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 25 (05/08/2013)
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hahah those kids xD they really want to get between Mayuki haha
sure you will came with greats and funny ideas for the week!

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 25 (05/08/2013)
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The kids distrub mayuki moment kekeke.did they do on purpose?
When rena know that mayu is really important for yuki's

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 25 (05/08/2013)
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Lol lol rena and jurina hahaha lol



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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 25 (05/08/2013)
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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 26 (22/08/2013)
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rochilu: i hope not disappoint you (¿?)

gek geki: they do it just because they are children and want their mother attention, o.o I used to do that with my mother too o.o

kurogumi: yeah, I love those kids.

And here chapter 26!



-Atsuko, flee from here!- her father shouted from inside the hall.

-Father! Father! – two of her bodyguards were pulling her outside the house, she was extending her hand, as if doing that she could save her father who was being stabbed by several daggers that kai threw.

Kai was five meters behind atsuko’s father; three men were fighting him.

-Father!- a guy younger than atsuko appeared  and helped her father to stand up – what’s going on?! Who did this?!- he shouted looking for clues, suddenly stopped - ¿kai-sama…?- he was astonished, kai was fighting the guards, killing them.

-Aki…- the man spoke coughing blood – protect you sister *cough* protect fudo-sama for me *cough* kill kai… -

-Father! Resist! – aki was shaking her father but the old man didn’t answered.

-KAAAAAAAAIIIIIIII!- aki stood up and ran over to where kai was, aki took out a gun and shot, he was furious, he was crying – HOW YOU DARE?! – more shots – EVEN ONEE-SAN!  -

-Don’t blame me when you don’t know any single thing! - kai used the men as shields, they died in the middle of the shots. The flames were reaching the place, kai jumped to the nearest window and pushed a switch, and immediately in the second floor were head four explosions.
-Onee-san! – aki ran to protect his sister atsuko but the strenght of the explosion sent him flying away and crashing with a tree. 

-Kai! It is not like you!- she was crying, not believing what she was witnessing – please, stop this! – she dropped and fell – please stop…! –

The flames were already there… atsuko was cornered after running to get next to her father.

-Please, wake up… father… - she was crying – father… - in the blink of an eye a dagger stabbed on the floor, some centimeters next to atsuko, she turned her face and saw him, kai was pointing at her with his daggers, he stepped towards her and smiled - who would think that things would end so? – smirked – now, maeda-san, please… die – he raised his hand and she closed her eyes.

The sound of a heavy blow made the girl open her eyes in front of her was another girl, a bit shorter than atsuko, holding the dagger that kai threw to atsuko.

-…- he stepped back and the short girl threw the dagger to him hurting his left arm.

-Who…? –

-Master, please command me something – the girl said, atsuko didn’t know what was happenig, all she knew was that when she arrived to home her father was arguing with kai, then some guards came to the place and they began to attack kai, now this strange girl – master, your orders – the girl asked again.

-You are in the way- kai said, the girl turned to look at the girl behind her – not moving, fine – he began to attack and the short girl stopped all his attacks, their fight was as if he was fighting to a mirror.

-HEH~ you are a strong opponent, why not help me to destroy all this place?-  he asked yet fighting.

-MASTER!- the short girl shouted on the air, she jumped to get to where atsuko was and grabbed her, run to the nearest window and jump outside, the last thing atsuko saw before fainting was kai’s figure vanishing in the big explosion that destroyed the entire house.


-*Yawn* good morning, minami – atsuko woke up after feeling the sun rays on her face, next to her was minami, sitting on a chair, holding atsuko’s hand.

-Good morning, maeda-san- minami answered without expression, like ever.



-Like I said… Apologize to my girlfriend! -  mayu was in front of a man of two meters height, well not, a moment ago the man took her by the collar of her shirt and lifted up, looking at her eyes.

-Ah?!- he raised an eyebrow and at the same time shook her, the scene was hilarious, was as if he were shaking a doll or something like that – and why would I do what you, little rat, want? – asked angry.

-Because if you don’t do what I said… - she smirked – I’ll kick your ass- after saying those words she kicked the man’s low part making him scream.

-Mayuyu! – yuki covered her mouth and tomoki facepalmed, now they were in big troubles.

-You didn’t need to be so harsh, you know?- he walked to help the man – please forgive her –

-You! Damn rat!- the man stood up and began to run behind mayu – when I catch you…!! –

-Oh please, you can’t run at least, how that would occur then?- she was making fun of him.

-Mayuyu please, stop doing this!- yuki began to walk outside the store, the same as tomoki.

The reason of the fight was because the man called yuki “hottie” and mayu got angry.  Some minutes later a patrol came to the place and arrested mayu and the man. Yuki and tomoki followed them.   


-And then kai-kun went for us to the police station-

During lunch time everyone laughed while tomoki was telling anecdotes about when he, Yuki and Mayu were young.

-Mother I didn’t know you were like that!- rena was drinking watermelon water.

-Heh, yukirin was a crazy girl when she was young- mayu played with the holder and the fruit salad.

-Mayu! don’t tell  those things- yuki slaped mayu’s shoulder.

-Eh? But don’t you remember? The time when we hacked the campu’s database and changed our profesor’s names?-

-But it was your plan!-

-Yes but you followed me, or the time when we exploded the science lab-

-I remember that one! We got suspended from school for more than two weeks-

-Hahahaha nee rena-chan, they are the same – jurina told rena with low voice.


-By the way, looking at the map of the place, here is a lake, right?- sae asked.

-Hm, yeah, is near here, why not we go there?- yuki suggested.

-Yay! Mom! Let’s go fishing! – jurina grabbed yuki’s hand and shook it.

-Ok! Who want to eat fish for the meal?!- yuki raised her hand.

-MEEE- rena and jurina raised their hands at the same time, jumpim fron their chairs.

-I want to go too!- sae raised her hand.

-Oh! I brought four fishing rods!- hiro raised his hand.

-Tomo want to swim! Can I swim in the lake, one-chan?- tomoki stood up.

-Sure, is a safe place- yuki smiled.

-I want to swim, too!- jurina stood up too – tomo-kun let’s go for our swimsuits!- she took tomoki’s hand and ran to the house to look for their swim suits.

-Mother, mother I want to get on a boat! Can I? –

-But here we don’t have boats- yuki told.

-Master, actually we brought two inflatable boats, kai-san asked us for – megumi told.

-Heh rena-chan, lucky girl, then let’s go to inflate those boats – mayu offered her hand to rena who accepted, they went to the house.

-Wait, I will help you – yuki joined them.

-Mother – rena took yuki’s hand – you should say that you want to be with mayu-san- now took mayu’s hand and placed it with yuki’s – I’ll go ahead to look for the boxes!- rena began to run. 

-Now we are alone – hiro said – i don’t know if you noticed but we don’t have communication with the others- 

-Yeah, since we arrived here the communicators don’t work – sae said.

-We supposed this may occur but, we don’t know how this happened- kai crossed his arms.

-According to the information I got from this place, here is a strong security system but I didn’t found it – megumi took a display and showed them the points where the energy towers were hidden.

*I still remember the place’s name “MATSUI FORT” is funny to know it was the most precious place to that family *

-Other anomaly is that X-rays showed no trace of the laboratory- hiro said.

-We need to know what Mr. huxley was trying to tell us – sae stood up and took out a note that huxley gave her - what is the meaning of this? – in the note were some numbers and letters – kai –

-I know, yuki’s system is stable, we don’t have to worry about BLACK-

-If we can’t get in contact with each other, then is better if we are close all the time, we don’t know if they will attack or not - hiro stood up – we have to protect them-

-Hiro, are you all right with this? I mean, you love mayu-

-You know me, I love her, I really do but you know? When she was with me I never saw a smile as beautiful as when she is with yuki-san, I want to protect them, and you are in the same case, if is for yuki’s sake you will do whatever you can –

-Yeah – sae stretched – they are my family – a dream, just a dream.

-Miyazawa-san, hiro-san – megumi called – kai-san and I need to tell you something about yuki-sama’s father-


-Found them!-

-Wow you are fast-

-Teah, thank you, mayu-san-

-Then let’s start –



-When will you marry?-


-Yeah, marry, you know jurina-chan and i want to make a ceremony and a party to celebrate your wedding, even she said she want to carry the rings-

-Wait wait wait there, rena-chan, aren’t you rushing things?-

-I don’t know, you and my mother love each other since you were so young, and speaking of youth I have to tell you were so young *sigh* I can’t believe that my mother were that behaving thanks to you… -  suddenly rena stopped talking.

-.. what? What are you talking about, rena-chan?- mayu noticed the meaning of those words, maybe rena knew about yuki’s secret? “this can’t be” she thought back to her job.

-Hm, rena is right, is your fault I’m this childish and serious and soooo in love with you!- yuki hugged mayu smiling, and soon we will be a family for real, I promise you, rena – now hugged rena.

-Hehe, mother –


-When mayu-san is around you, even jurina-chan and I can feel your happiness and we share that happiness of yours, thaks for being you- she grabed yuki’s hand.


-Tomo-kun I’m ready – jurina appeared in the men room wearing her swim suit and goggles.

-Nooooo! tomo lost!! – he fell on his bed.

-HAHA! Now you owe me a big big big melonpan!- jurisa jumped on kai’s bed – hurry, hurry! I want to swim already! –

-First let tomo change his clothes!- tomoki stood up and carry jurina outside the room – now wait here – he closed the door.

-I will count to 6435, if you are not ready in that time I will have to give me another super big melonpan! – jurina said outside the room.

-if you are counting to 6435 then tomo can do it without pressure – he mocked.

-OK! Start! 1,1,1,1,2,1,1,3,3,1,1,4,6,4,1…- jurina began to count.

“Eh? What is she counting?” – jurina-chan wh are you counting that way? – “this can’t be… maybe… but she just is 7 years old…” –

-9,36,84… don’t interrupt me!  And don’t tell me you don’t know it – she knoked the door.

-Ok, ok, sorry, then change of question, that is the Fibonacci sequence?-  he asked.

-… 330,462,462,330… yeah and don’t interrupt!-

-No way! No fair! You should have told tomo before! You are just like your mother!- he began to hurry.

-Mom doesn’t count this way! She always uses names of stars to count!- after this she continued counting.



Thank you!!!

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 26 (22/08/2013)
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awww Rena chaaan >u< little cutie :3 i want they to marry to!
aaaah What... Kai? why he would do that ._. so Minami is like Yuki too?
i wanna read the next chapter. the adventures in the lake! yey :3

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 27 (26/08/2013)
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rochilu: actually I don’t know why he did it XD  and I want them to marry too o.o Thank you!


-Jurina-chan let’s hurry – tomoki grabs jurina’s hand and they run to the lake.

-Tomo-kun where is the lake? Do you know? –

-A… - they stop running – I forgot to ask- he scratches his head – let’s ask kai – they walk to where kai is.

-Tomo-kun, may I ask you something? –

-Sure, tell me-

-Does my mom have pictures of my parents?-

-… I… I think we sould ask her later, I will go with you, what do you say?-

-Ok!- jurina pulls tomoki to run faster.


-Finished!- mayu raises her fist.

-Fi.. finished…- rena and yuki say after inhaling deeply.

-Mayu-san has big lungs or something… - rena.

-You know? When yuki and I played to see who could resist more in a kiss *-Mayu!- yuki covers mayu’s mouth, she is red*

-Let me guess, my mother used to lose – rena grins noticing yuki’s red face.

-She losed all the time!- mayu escapes from yuki’s embrace.

-Mayuyu don’t say those things to a child!- yuki began to follow her.

-And you know what else? – she was dodging yuki easily, rena began to laugh.


-There was some time when she went to my house and because she wanted to do crazy things with me in the kitchen all the room ended burning!-

-Mayuyu you are dead!-

-And the personal called to the firefighters and my dad came to the house in a blink! –

-Stooooop it already!-

-When my father heard what really happened he began to laugh and pet yuki’s head –

-Fine with that, stop it!-

-And then he said “next time, be more discrete” hahahaha-

- Wow mother you were something!-

-Here ends her respect for me… - yuki fell on the floor covering her face with her hands, she was really red.

-Come on mother, this is not that bad, in the first place I never have respected you, in second place now I respect you –  rena kneels and strokes yuki’s head.

-Nee rena-chan -  now mayu lays on the floor next to yuki.

-Yes? –

-How was yukirin when the two of you met?-
-She was… she was like you when the first day you went to our house –

-And how was that?- yuki asks holding mayu’s hand.

-Mayu san… was the same as you when you and I met for the first time -

-Heh? You are playing with us, no fair rena-chan!- mayu pulls rena and starts to tickles.

-Yes, no fair, I want to know!- yuki begin to tickles rena as well.


-Yuuki-sama was the only child of a rich family and fudo-sama was a young soldier who dreamed of becoming a person to impose peace. You have to know I have worked under kashiwagi family since I was a child, my family served to yuuki-sama’s parents and I served her since then… however… they loved each other; I am sure about it… They married just when he was promoted to colonel, even he accepted to marry under yuuki-sama’s family and despite the weak body my master had… she wanted to give birth… to their child... and he wanted all the ways to make her wish to come true… -

-When fudo-sama found yuuki-sama’s weak condition he decided not to have children and save his wife’s life, he was desperate and suggested to abort… Yuuki-sama refused to the idea –

-Unfortunately… yuuki-sama’s first child… was aborted during her fifth month of pregnancy-

-He was devastated… but tried his best to not show his depression to yuuki-sama, he tried his best to make her smile again… -

-Then he heard about a new research to make a perfect soldier… the idea was surreal but he thought “why not use this research to grant her wish?” and then…   he worker even harder and harder… he just needed five years to become a Lieutenant General and two years later the research began with him as the individual in charge –

-You already know that yuri and mana matsui were *-Kai!- jurina shouted behind kai, he was shocked* ju-jurina-sama what are you doing here?!-

-Sorry about that, she left me behind and i couldn’t catch her, are we interrupting something? -  tomoki hugged and lifted jurina.

-Don’t worry, tomoki-sama- megumi said. 

-Heh~? Are you going to swim already?-  sae asks.

-Yes! I will teach tomo-kun how to swim!-

-let’s hope he can be a better student than me, don’t you think jurina-chan?- hiro strokes jurina’s head.

-Eeeeh? Did you teach hiro-san too?-

-Of course – she cross her arms – hiro onii-chan was my first student! –

-Then I will follow you after this little chat- hiro smiled.

-Ok, we will be waiting for you to have a swim race! – jurina.

-Invite me to see the race, little lady – kai strokes jurina’s head, too.

-Yeah, kai-kun may I ask you about something?-

-Is my pleasure to response –

-Who are yuri and mana?-


-Because their name is the same as ours-

-… I wonder why… please let’s talk about this later, is better if you go to the lake now that the weather is so warm-

-Ok, then later I will ask my mom-

-By the way, kai-kun, where is the lake?- tomoki asks.

-Over this way – kai points behind some pines.

-Ok, thank you kai-kun!- tomoki and jurina left the place.

-I think… yuki-sama and they need to…- kai felt guilty, all that time those names weren’t told in front of the children and because his mistake… now jurina will be asking about them… 

-It’s all right, kai-kun, they are their children after all they deserve to know the truth-

-Thank you hiro-san, back to the story… yuri and mana matsui were part of that research… the same as mr. Huxley, mr. allen and mr. foster… -

-With the help of yuri-sama and mana-sama  yuuki-sama gave birth to their own child… my actual master, and after two years of study the practices on her body began and fudo-sama, knowing yuuki-sama’s condition was becoming weaker… he began to feel loneliness and… he met tomoki-sama’s mother… -

-The only condition that the military put on fudo-sama’s wish was to use his own child as a test instrument, he accepted reluctantly, when my master was three years old she and her mother had an accident, both were operated in the military center but thanks to the incident my master lost her sight –
-Since yuki was three years old, her eyes were reconstructed with biotechnology, those months fudo-sama found counselor in tomoki-sama’s mother and… some months later yuuki-sama came back to the mansion with yuki –

-Then this happened… at the age of six years occurred another accident and my master almost lost her life…-

-Fudo-sama and yuuki-sama were devastated again and this time was the worst… -

-The military offered him to save his daughter’s life in exchange for using her to create the perfect soldier first prototype, yuri-sama and mana-sama promised him they would save my master’s life…-

-He had no choice, he didin’t want to lose their daughter no matter what… he… decided on his own to be the prototype’s guard and instructor… this way they wouldn’t be separated –

-That day my master died - 


-Huge! Hey tomo-kun the lake is huge!- says jurina extending her arms, running inside the lake – and it’s cold!- she step away of the water.

-Trat’s true! The lake is cold!- tomoki puts a feet inside the water – let’s do stretching and try again!-

After some stretching exercises they tried again  - tomo-kun I feel the water the same cold as before –

-Hm… we just need to accustom, let’s play here and later let’s try to swim, what do you say?-

-Fine! Oh, mom over here!- she runs to hug yuki who is bringing an inflatable boat with mayu.

-Jurina, how is the water?-  yuki asks still walking, jurina is clinging on her leg – hey hey I can’t walk-

-You can walk, mother – rena says resting on the boat, now she take a peek – jurina-chan you have to get in, is as if you were on a river!-

-Hey rena-chan you are heavy, don’t move so much or I don’t know if I can resist…- mayu is complaining, walking to the lake.

-Tomo-kun help me to climb to the boat!- jurina runs towards tomoki and raises her arms.

-May I do this?- he asks to yuki.

-Sure, we can with the two of them, right, mayuyu?-

-Maybe you but not me…-

-Hahaha ok, jurina-chan here we go!-

Now rena and jurina are on the boat while yuki and mayu carry it to the water.

-Nee, mother… I feel something familiar in this place – rena looks around.

-Yeah… is a beautiful place, don’t you think?-

-Ok, jurina-chan let’s row to the other side of the lake!- rena suggests.

-And what about our race?!- tomoki asks.

-Tomoki-san If you make that race jurina-chan will win- rena smirks.

After some fun with the boat, sae and the others joined them and began to fish while tomoki and jurina make their race.

-I woooon! Yes!- jurina is jumping on the water.

-Zeee… zeee… wow.. just…. Wow…. – tomoki walks outside the lake – jurina-chan sure is good at this…-

-Right? And to think I just taught them once!- sae is preparing a bonfire, kai is helping her.

-WHAT?! – tomoki was astonished “nobody can learn so fast…” he thought.

-Hey the fire is ready – sae calls hiro and kai who are bringing some fishes.

-Sae-san this reminds me when we were in those missions- hiro is preparing the fishes.
-Un, I was thinking the same-


-Umeda-san is there something I need to know about mayu’s whereabouts?-

-No, sir. All you know is all I found but… how dangerous can be yuki-sama? I mean… she is…-

-You know I love my daughter… I won’t lose her so easily-

-Right now… the first gen droid is going to the military research center, I heard shinoda-sama and ryo-kun are trying to stop them but maeda-sama is… -

-Maeda Atsuko… poor girl…-


-Maeda-san is better if you stop this!- ryo shouts in the middle of the fight.

Ryo throws a tornado kick to minami but she is still standing up, now uses a rear horse kick and afer receiving it, minami step back once and attack him with a wing chun punch he is thrown three meters away.

-Heh~ your weapon is stronger than I thought!-

-Don’t underestimate my minami and she is not my weapon… and what are you doing? Stop this chit-chat already… - atsuko was watching with her arms crossed, the same as mark who was near her.

Minami aproachs ryo and is about to kick him again but he stands in a jump and trhows her with a sanda takedown, before she tooks the grass she takes his hand a apply  a juji gatame.

-Owowowowowowowowowow!!!- ryo shouts, his arm is being hurt with much strength.

<Ryo, resist!>

-Sure! Try to be in my place! Owowowow!! –  he kick minami’s head and somehow manages to escape fom the attack.

-Why aren’t you helping him?-  atsuko asks to mark.

-Why haven’t you told her to kill him?-

-Hmph!- she pouts and keep looking at the fight.

Ryo applied the seiken choku zuki but at the moment his fist collided with minami’s body all his arm felt shivers – damn it! *pant* Your body is *pant* as hard as steel-

-I apologize for that- minami said and bowed as apology, ryo looked confused.

-You know? *pant* you don’t need to… *gulp* apologize … because you are doing this for her sake- he looked at atsuko.

At this point he was tired and his body had bruises and scratches everywhere, minami had no bruises or scratches and showed no signs of being tired.

Just before minami finished her last attack (half python) maeda shouted- stop minami!- and minami stopped, her fist was inches close to ryo’s chest , she stood up and left ryo on the grass – let’s go- atsuko offered her hand and minami grabbed it; they continued walking direction to the mrc.

-It seems… I lost huh?- ryo stood completely sore.

-You lost, ryo-chan- mark strokes ryo’s head.

<Are you fine?> rie asks from her hiding place.

-Yeah… I think a broken rib –

-Wow, she was gentle with you- mark smiles mischievously while helps ryo to wakl – my young apprentice –


-Now who want to hear a story?- tomoki asks raising his hand.

Rena and jurina raise their hands too – tomo-ku tomo-kun tell us a story of mistery!-

-No!- yuki hugged jurina to sit her on her lap – if he tells those stories you won’t be able to sleep-

-Then tell us more about my mother and you – rena suggested.

-Good idea, rena-chan!- sae high five with rena.

-Then I will tell you about the day your mother and mistress watanabe had their first lover’s quarrel- kai suggested.

-Heh? The two of you, I can’t imagine- hiro laughed looking at the couple. 

-Well, they are troublesome… I assure you- tomoki laughs.

After the story everybody returned to the cottage.

-Mother- rena grabs yuki’s hand just before mayu did it.

-Hm?- mayu changes to the other side and just before she can grabs yuki’s hand jurina does it. Mayu pouts and cross her arms glaring at the girls.

-Don’t worry mayu-chan, I will make a free time to only the two of you, just bear with this a little longer?- sae laughs mockingly.

-But I want my yukirin now…- again pouts.

-I knew it! You are being childish when you are with rena-chan and jurina-chan, you are the same as yuki, I can’t believe it! Now I understand why they like to joke with you!- she pats mayu’s soulder.

-By the way, did you know that we have no communication with the others?-

-Yes, we know it-

-What would be the reason?-

Rena is hearing the conversation and smirks.

-Rena did you do some mischief?- yuki looks with suspicious.

-No, mother-

-You are a bad liar-

-No, she can lie perfectly but mom knows us very well that rena’s actuations doesn't result as expected-

-Hm… I think you are right, jurina- the three keep walking, the stars looks beautiful and somewhere in the planet (North Pole) yuko is blaming at yuki who hasn’t reported to her.

Thank you!!

Greetings!  :)

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Re: THE STORY OF YOU [MaYuki] ch. 27 (26/08/2013)
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aah thanks for the chapter!
mmmh.. Jurina and Rena have something special? because they are super inteligent and fast and that (?

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