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Author Topic: "The games of sins" Atsumina, OS, 26.01.17  (Read 31875 times)

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Family things - Drabble #2 - AtsuMina [1.12.15]
« Reply #40 on: December 01, 2015, 01:09:01 PM »
Amm.. Hi! I probably should update something too, before I update  next chapter for that one unfinished story.. But of course, thank you everyone who readed that OS before.. Thank you!


It was time, when in the middle of the day, the head of Takahashi family, was peacefully sitting in living room couch and reading some newspaper. The head of the family was Takahashi Minami. Her wife Takahashi Atsuko and their two kids  - Minna (11 year young girl) and Jun (13 years young boy). 

Minami - *peacully reading hers newspaper* „Hmm..” *suddenly got approached by her kids*
Minna, Jun - *sits besides her* ….” Dad, can we do something for you? „
Minami – „Hm? Not really” *continue to read* „..besides, I am your mom too.”
Minna - *ignores what was just said* „Your shoulders looks tight.. Maybe we can do a massage?” *stands up, go behind couch and start to massage*
Minami – „Oh, that was good” *enjoyes it*
Jun – „Maybe you want something to drink too” *stand up and walk to kitchen. Not long atfter that returns back with glass of water* „Here you go.”
Minami – „Oh, thanks, kid.” *takes glass and drink it*
Jun – „Maybe something more?” *Looks at Minami*
Minami – „Thank you kids for your kindness, so, what is a reason for this?” *Looks at them with smile* „..coz when you do this, you always want something.”
Jun –  *smiles awkwardly * „We just wanted to be nice, that’s all.”
Minna – „Yeah, that’s true.”
Minami - *Looks at them* „Nice to hear it, but..” * deep breath * „..but your momy Atsuko was faster then you two.” 
Minna, Jun – „That’s not fair!” *both pouts*
Minna* mumbling* „Not again! We wanted some money too.”
Jun - *with angry voice* „I told you, that we had to ask for it already in the morning. But nooo.. you always need some plan.”
Minna - *pouts* „Mou.. don’t blame me.. It was your idea too.” *goes to back their room*.. *Jun following her*
Minami – „Hehe.. just like their momy Atsuko” *continue to read newspaper*

After some while

Minami - *hears some foot steps* *suddenly feel hands around her neck, got hugged* „Oh..”
…….. – „What are you doing?” *speak in low voice*
Minami - *smiles* „Nothing much.. Atsuko.”
Atsuko – „Hmm… You smell nice” *nuzzle in Minamis neck*
Minami – „Mou, Atsuko.. stop tickling me” *tried to resist* „..By the way.. kids tried your method how to get money from me..” *Looks at wife*
Atsuko - *with innocent voice* „I don’t know what are you talking about.” *goes around and sits beside to Minami*
Minami - *Put down newspaper and looks at her wife* „So, tell me.. what did you bought?”
Atsuko - *start to stroke wife/husbend hair* „Hmm.. then you will see it.”
Minami - *thinks* „…is it something what I can eat?” *exciting*
Atsuko - *with seductive voice* „Well… You can take it in that way too.” *grinning*
Minami - *looks suspicious at her* „What that supposed to mean?”
Atsuko – „Hehe… don’t worry. Later you will see it..”
Minami – „Oh..” *still confused*
Atsuko - *bent closer to Minami and tells in her ear* „..but only when our kids will be fall asleep.” *tracing fingers at wife/husband chest zone*
Minami - *gulp* „Ca-can’t w-wait?” *smiles awkwardly*
Atsuko – „Trust me, you will like it.” *grinning*
Minami – „Oh boy…” *in thoughts „And you still kids wonder, why momy Atsuko is always first who get it when she wants something.”*

The end! J
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                                                                             Imagine, how you can fly,
                                                                             If you wanna reach a top,
                                                                             Then never try to stop.
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Re: Family things - Drabble #2 - AtsuMina [1.12.15]
« Reply #41 on: December 05, 2015, 06:17:18 PM »
Ah... Atsuko is such a teaser....

Thank you for the short OS

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Hot friendship " A secret", AtsuMina [21.03.16]
« Reply #42 on: March 21, 2016, 07:39:40 PM »
Hi! It's already some while, when I last time posted something in here..
So... This is something what I already have in my tumblr, but with password, cuz.. it's smut in some way.. xD
Any way.... I will give also a chance to read those, who hasn't tumblr account, but have access in perv forum.
Sorry about grammar errors.
Of course, enjoy reading. :) 

                                                    HOT FRIENDSHIP “A SECRET”

Already being a famous actress and filming in many movies, I was ready to make my next big step and filming nude and in a very picant episodes. But this is where my problem begins…

I am Maeda Atsuko, 22 years old actress. I was given a big rule in movie.. in picant movie, where is big possibility, that I have to sleep with someone. No, I didn’t mean by just sleeping in bed. I meant.. a hot episode.. with some actor.

My problem… I never had slept with someone like that. And doing my first time with some kind of actor, would be end of me. Embarrassing. Shame. My fame will be ruined.  No. I won’t let it happen and I need to find someone with who to do it.

Time to find someone and do it – one week.


Sitting in my house couch I tried to make a list with my friends and add some bad and good points to them in short way..
1.      Miichan – Good friend. Like to kiss me. Too much talking, it will be like to put in the first page of the newspaper. No.
2.      Haruna – Too shy. Stubborn. If Yuko will know that, she will for sure wanna watch it too, while drooling. No.
3.      Yuko – She will do it for sure. Too much pervert and touchy. But then she would tell it this thing to a younger ones how ‘those things’ works. Big NO.
4.      Mariko – Too risky. Cuz she definitely will take some pictures. No. Just no.

Ah.. my situation was too bad.. cuz after these people everyone will know and I am done. I need a person who is ready to do it everything because of me and won’t tell it to nobody. Person who I trust the most. Wouldn’t hurt me. Will be gentle. Do this kind of person I even know it?


It was my phone. A message. And it was from… Takamina. Hmm.. Neah.. she is too shy. She is definitly against to those kind of things. Also if she sees me naked, she probably would faint. But yeah… she at least won’t tell it no… hmm.. nobody.. *evil smirk*

In her message she wrote it that she has boring and asked what I am doing. Just in time.

After some while.

„Soo.. what was so important that I had to come here very fast?” There she was.. sitting in my couch. She looked so calm while drinking her own tea, what I made for us some while ago and didn’t have any clue about what I want to ask her.
„Amm.. Takamina? You know that I am filming and want to be more popular actress.” First thing, try not to scare her.
„Yeah, I know. That’s good for you and I am happy to hear it.” You always are happy for me.. that’s why we are so good friends.
„..and also about that I am now filming in very… hot and picant movie.” In her face I could see little shyness, but she still tried to act normal. „..and I have to sleep with someone.” In that moment she started to act strange. More like, trying to find best position how to sit.

„So.. that’s good.. for you.. But why are you telling me… this?” She didn’t even looked at me. Acchan, just remember not to scare her.
„Well, that’s the problem. I never had slept with someone.. in ‘that’ way. And I don’t want my ‘first time’.. like that.” My cheeks felt hot.. my heart, beating faster.
„Oh.. I see. Bu-but what…. I have to do with… it?” Her cheeks was already red.. And she smiled very awkwardly.
„You see.. I.. I hoped that you.. you know.. could do it.. I… I mean.. You-you could be my ‘first time’.” I closed my eyes, cuz I didn’t know what to expect. It was silence. More like too silence. Does it mean.. she already left? But I didn’t hear doors shuting.  Slowly opening one eye and looking at my side… there she was. Sitting. Looking in one place. Red as tomato. And I think she isn’t even breathing. Oh my! Is she even alive?

„Takamina? Takaminaaa~~!!?” In moment when I tried to put my hand on her shoulder, she let out some sounds.
„W-what? A-Are you serious? Cuz you know.. it’s .. it’s very serious thing… and.. and you should do it with someone special. And – and besides.. we are.. both girls. And I don’t have any experiences too..” She didn’t even looked at me, when said it.
„I understand that things too what you just said, but.. but I don’t have so much time to found someone like that.. You are my only hope.” I looked at her with pleading eyes.
„W-what did you mean – not so much time?” She tried to drink tea, but failed, cuz her hands were shaking and she put it back on the nearest table.
„One week.”  I said to her.
„O.O” .. she looked shocked. „One week.!? Are you serious.? Oh.. I know.. You are playing trick with me and it is some prank.. I bet someone is filming it and then you will laugh about me. Okay guys.. I get it.!!! Come out.. no matter where are you.!! I won’t play this game.!! And this kind of things isn’t funny!! I really mean it! Come out!” She stand up on her feet and started to look around.. Like searching for something. At first I didn’t get it, but then..

„Mou, Takamina. I am serious. And there isn’t no one. Only you and me.” I pretended to be mad… cuz I know.. she can’t take it if I am like that and just will do anything to make it better..
„Geez, Acchan.. you can’t be serious.? Or can?” I didn’t answer her. I still pretended to be mad while crossing my arms on my chest. After few seconds I felt weight besides to me. „Please, Acchan, don’t be mad at me. You know I am very shy for this kind of things and I don’t think so, that I am perfect person with who… to do it.” in the end I couldn’t stay silence and said some sentences.
„That’s why you are perfect one for ‘that’. I can trust only you. You only knows me the best and you are only one whom I can trust my secrets, like this one.” After what I said, she was silence. When I looked at her, she was in her deep thoughts and her face looked serious.
„Acchan, are you really sure about it?” She looked at me with serious look.
„More than everything.” I gave her my smile, what she always has liked.
„Then okay. I will do it.” Under this serious face I could still tell it, that she was nervous as hell.
„Yee, Minami. You are the best.” I gave her a big hug. „So.. can we go to my bedroom?” Saying this was mistake.
„W-WHAT!? NOW!? NO!! I am not ready for it so fast!” She again changed her color of face. From white to red.
„But.. but there isn’t no time.. and beside, I have to be ready, not you.” Sometimes I don’t really understand her.
„Geez, Acchan.. You already sound like a horny person. I mean.. at least.. not to day.. but.. maybe tomorrow?” Ah…
„Oookay.. But remember.. I trust you..  And you already promised me to do it. Don’t even plan to run away too.” I sounded really serious.. cuz time was more less and less.
„Y-yes.. of course. Don’t worry. Tomorrow I will… come. But now.. I better go, cuz.. you know.. need to prepare myself… for losing some blood.” Blood? Oookaaay…
„Thank you, Minami.” With that she left. Ah.. so, tomorrow.. nee…

Next day.

Now or never. Friends for life.

There we both was, sitting on my bed. She was in my left side. If yesterday I wasn’t nervous, then now I am. Already from morning my heart wasn’t calm. Just thinking what will happen today makes my head go dizzy. I just hope she won’t get scared and will do it like she said it. But for my surprise… Takamina looked calm. I could say too calm and this is what makes me more nervous as hell. At first I thought that she had drink some alcohol, but I couldn’t smell anything like that.. maybe some medicine?

Sitting side by side in my bed I could see, that she have something in her hands. It looked like a scarf, or something like that.  But for more surprising she covered her eyes with it and tied it behind her head. I somehow don’t get it..

„Takamina, what are you doing?” I asked her, cuz I was confused about this kind of action from her.
„Blindfolding myself.” With serious voice.
„Puft.. Why?” I made out silent laugh.
„Because.. if I see your body without clothes, then I couldn’t concentrate of things what I have to do and probably will be first who loose some blood. So.. if I doing this, I can only use my touches and don’t think about your face expression..” With calm voice she answered to me, but it didn’t make me calmer not even little bit, but more opposite.
„Oh.. But where did you get this idea?” I asked her.
„From previously night, when I had to watch a lot of porn, cuz I need to know how things working and I understand that I can’t do it until I see the person. About those sounds what will come out from you I don’t mind about it, even if you start to scream.” Did she just said it how it sounded?
„Eh? What did you do with your shyness?” I was shocked.
„Locked in closet. So, if you still want me to do it, then don’t tell me what to do or don’t start to undress me .. in other way.. I will left you alone in middle of the process.. and I don’t care how horny you are. Now be good girl while you are still girl and enjoy this moment, cuz there won’t be second time. So, now I am a boss.” Okay, now I am not only nervous, but also scared. How could she change like that… in one night?
„EH!?” where did go shy and pure Takamina? Give me the key of that closet. Please?

It’s starting. Side by side. Breath by breath. Beat by beat. Is it good sign that in my stomach right now is very strange feeling like I could throw up everything what I ate it in today?

While I was deep in my thoughts I didn’t feel, that she was already taken my left arm between her. Taking it closer to her lips, she kissed it. One time. Two times. Kisses was gentle. Now this feeling in my stomach start to get more feelable. Is it really a good sign? With her right arm she holds my left one, while with her other she slowly sliding by it higher and higher. Our bodies right now was more like facing each other.

Her arm on my shoulder…

On my neck…

Gentle, warm touches....

On my right cheek…

She tried to get our heads closer.. slowly… with no hurry.

I could feel her breath in my face. Only thing on who I could concentrate was her lips. They looked soft, tasty and so kissable. I few times I licked my own lips to make it sure they are not too dry. Finally I could feel them. Slowly closing my eyes I enjoyed this moment. All my fears just faded away.

Deepening our kiss, she with free hand started to unbutton my blouse, what I wear to make it easy for her to open it. Button by button it was open. Slowly and gently she with hers fingertips touched my skin.. from neck and lower till my stomach. This kind of feeling made strange thrills thru to my body. I wasn’t familiar with this kind of touches or feeling. Everything was new for me. I didn’t know if that feeling when everything is spinning in my stomach was good thing or not. I just waited. Waited more of her touches… but more, how my body will respond to it.

Full story in "HER"

„Thank you, Minami.” I gave her weak smile and she returned me the same, but like also telling to me – I did my best.

After one week.

After filming I got called by director of the movie. He said that he has made few changes in movie and in there won’t be parts where I have to sleep with someone.  So, no picant and hot moments with me.. Well… I am not with hurry with it either.

Hmm.. do I need to tell it to Takamina? Neah.. she don’t need to know..
But maybe, instead, I should tell her, that there was some changes where I have to sleep with someone and I have to be on top? She could be perfect one on who to trane my skills. Hehe…

Cuz who knows what happens in the future, besides, I have to be ready for everything. And why don’t use a chance to do it now with Takamina while she is available?

Hmm.. what she is doing right now?

End! :)
                                                                             Look at the sky,
                                                                             Imagine, how you can fly,
                                                                             If you wanna reach a top,
                                                                             Then never try to stop.
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Re: Hot friendship " A secret", AtsuMina [21.03.16]
« Reply #43 on: March 24, 2016, 01:12:49 AM »
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Let me Be, AtsuMina [24.04.16]
« Reply #44 on: April 24, 2016, 07:52:50 PM »
Hello! I don't know why, but I really start to get lazy at writing.. hmm.. maybe because both of them (AtsuMina) now are graduated and... yeah.. But still hope to see them together in some future pictures. Uh.. so, in any way.. my latest OS what I already have in my tumblr.. and accepting a fact, that there are readers who already had read it. But still,  my apologies about grammar errors.
Enjoy reading!  :)

                                                                                                                LET ME BE

You know, when you something tried to avoid it, it somehow comes to you more faster than you expected. At first you didn’t even notice it, not even seen it, cuz you felt it. Not by touch or aroma around, but by your own heart. It tells you, that things aren’t the same as before. It tells you, that you can’t sit in your living rooms couch just so simply, but instead you have to go and do. After you had realized what really is going on and what your hearts is saying to you, start to think. You have to prove, that you are worth of that someone. That you can be everything what this person has ever wanted.

But of course, you can’t forget that, cuz you can’t just go and tell it just by that. Show it little by little. Don’t scare it with your upside down attitude.

Step by step.

Word by word
Control your emotions… slowly and gently.

Make this someone to believe in you. In your words, attitude.. your heart.

And now - GO!!! While you have a chance…! Times isn’t waiting. It have its own plan.


When we were kids, we really liked to listen stories about love. About how romantic it is, when someone gives to you flowers every day and saying how beautiful you are. Telling in your ear sweet and kind things what can make you blush and in return you only can give your beautiful smile. Caressing your cheeks in gentle way and looks deep in you eyes what showing how happy this someone is.

Especially I liked that story about princess, who was waiting her prince in white horse. However in reality, ‘horse’ was first who came before prince and you have to live with it. But all those stories always ends happy. Mmm… how romantic. I always wanted to know, who will be my prince, who could melt my heart, who will confess to me and will give me my first and sweet kiss. Kiss, what could melt my heart and feel like in heaven. Kiss, what could-

„Acchan! Why you always so long in bath!? It’s not good for your health you know..” Yes, like usually. There is someone who will end my imagination.. ah.

„Yes, mom, I am coming!” and like usually I lost track of time with my thoughts.

I am simple ordinary high school girl, who every day wakes up and go to study things what somehow I don’t even understand why I even doing it. But education still is education. So, in any way. My full name is Maeda Atsuko, age 18 and that ‘Acchan’ names is my nickname, what gave me my friends. They always saying that I am cute and kind girl and every boy wants to go out with me.

But truly… I don’t.

You ask why? Simple..

I am not so nice like everyone thinks. I don’t want that ‘horse’ comes first and broke my heart in million pieces, makes me cry oceans and turns me into pathetic and ugly girl, cuz I have spent all my energy because of that someone. That’s why.. I say ‘no’ to everyone, who wants to date with me.

I know, it’s cruel from me, cuz there is also possibility, that one of them was my prince, but I never had gave to someone even a little chance.

So, if life won’t be in my side, then I will accompany those old ladies in park on bench, who still are waiting their one and only one.

Well, in that situation even cats would be good opportunity for me. Cuz they at least won’t cheat on me. I think..


Slowly going to school and deep in my thoughts I didn’t noticed, that someone was calling me from afar. Ops..

„Acchan, Acchan.. wait!!” Finally realizing who it was I stopped my steps and turned my view to caller side. Finally reaching me and heavily panting while trying get more oxygen, was non other than my good friend Takamina, who was like a routine of my day. Her full names is Takahashi Minami, but we gave her this nickname and just like me, she is 18 years old girl.

Speaking about her, somehow I admire her. She is short girl like elementary school kid. Full with passion, enthusiasm and never gives up no matter what she is doing. Very good at school subjects. However, she fails a lot of times, but she will continue to do her best. She have cute smile and with cute ribbon on her head. But she is also in perfect position who I can hug tight and tight like teddy bear.. and most important, she never fails for making me smile.

„Oi, Acchan.. You.. uh.. again… was… in… your… dream… world.” She tried to speak and breath in the same time. It looks funny.

„Sorry.” No matter what I will do or say bad, or even annoy her with my stubbornness, she will never get offend about it. Somehow, I appreciate it that side of her.

Continue our way to school a lot of times my mind was somewhere gone and I find myself looking at her. I don’t know, if she had noticed it, but I can’t stop doing it. I just-



Straight into bollard and I was on the ground. My head felt dizzy and I was sure, that I will have a bad headaches after this, but in next moment I felt something soft and gentle on my cheeks.

When I opened my eyes, it was her. She was holding my cheeks and tried to look at place what I just hurt. Looking at my forehead, she looked so worried, so serious, so.. adorable.

On some moment I just forgot about pain and could only look at her. I never had seen before this side of her, somehow, I didn’t even wanted  look to somewhere else.

„There will be bruise after this. But till marriage it will be gone. Acchan, you should be more careful where you going.. You made me worried, when you bumped in.” I could feel her warmness from her words. Not saying anything, she tried to help me get up. Cleaning my clothes and again checking my forehead we slowly continued our way.

What was that? What just happened?

I am confused. Not about her action, but about myself.

Why everytime when I am near to her, I can’t stop myself from not looking at her? Why my heart is refusing to be calm?


Like everyday I felt boring in school and in  most of the subjects I was day dreaming. My mind couldn’t stop to recall that moment, when she touched my cheeks. Her eyes showed how much she cared and how  much important I was for her.

After getting back to home she accompanied me. That part wasn’t unusual, except this time when she holds my hand. I was little bit confused.


„Sorry, if you feel uncomfortable with  my acction, but lately your mind isn’t on earth, so, for making sure, that you won’t bump in again in somewhere. At least I could act fast.” She looked at me with serious look.

„Oh.” I didn’t know what to say, cuz somehow I liked what she was doing it.

„But of course, if you don’t like it, I won’t do it.” She slowly started to release my hand, when I-

„No! It-it’s okay. I.. don’t mind it.” Her hand was small, but warm. It doesn’t matter if we just in simple way holds our hands together, cuz it made me feel safe and comfortable.

Finally getting home and saying good bye to her, I missed that feeling. Feeling of her soft hand. Why from that accident I can’t stop thinking about her? Why when I close my eyes, I could see her? Why do I already miss her touch? Why I can’t wait next day, when I have a chance to see her?

What is this feeling?


Next day she didn’t came to school.

Before this I didn’t even noticed, but when she wasn’t in school…. All this time was going so slow. Every minute turns into hours. There was nothing anymore, what could attract my attention.

Step by step going home, I heard that someone was calling me. I knew this voice. I knew the owner of it. Only by this voice my heart started to beat stronger.

„Takamina?” There she was. Running with her tiny legs towards me. I could watch her all day long and never feel boring.

„Hi, Acchan.. Sorry for disturbing you.” She always shows me her smile, however, in her eyes I could see, that something was bothering her.

„No, it’s okay. By the way, why you wasn’t today in school?” Her smile slowly changed.

„Amm, can we talk to somewhere else? Maybe in park what is near from here” Something wasn’t right. While going to park, we didn’t talk, only silence between us. Finding empty bench we sat down on it. She started to talk.

„You know, my dad always has wanted to work in big company. All this years he had work so hard and few days ago his hard work repaid…. He got new job in popular company in very high position. Today… he moved to that city.” Why in her words I heard sadness?

„Oh, congrats for him.” I said to her.

„Yes, I know. But you also know, that lately my parents have big fights and their marriage isn’t the same like it used to be. However, they promised to me, that no matter what, they won’t divorce and be good parents for me. Of course, I appreciate it, but in the same time, I feel sad for them.” Her words made me realize how hurt she truly was. That things wasn’t so good how they looked from afar. It hurts to know it.

„So, then what will happen now, won’t you miss your dad?” Why my mind was telling that something wasn’t right?

„Hmm.. of course I miss him. But…… after one week I will see him. I will fly with plane to that city to meet him.”

„Then, it not so bad how it sounds?” Why she looked so sad?

„Acchan, I am leaving.” She looked at me with teary eyes.

„Well, I understand it. But what about school and other things.? You will miss a lot of things in there.” I don’t understand, what she is trying to tell me.

„No, I am leaving for real. I won’t come back.” She turned her view to the ground. I couldn’t look at her. I felt… hurt and broken.

I didn’t know what to say or what to ask. I was confused and shocked.

„Why?” I tried to look at her.

„Hmm.. cuz… I don’t have a reason to stay in here.”


I didn’t cry… until I got home. Laying in my bed and trying to understand what happened in park. Why I didn’t like what she said? Just thinking that she won’t be anymore in my daily life makes me feel empty. That something will missing. It’s not right. She can’t leave. What’s about her mom, her friends, who support her, what’s about me?

It was time. This week went too fast.. I barely remembered something from it.

After four hours she will be gone. After four hours I will never see her again. I never again will have a chance to see her smile, not even have a chance to hug her in my arms. It hurts. My heart hurts. Why?

Sitting in my living room couch and changing TV channels I stopped at some kind of movie.. it looks like one of those love movies. However, right now looks that in there is happening heartbreaking moment.

“Why don’t you try to understand that I need you in my life? That my hearts beats only for you. That your touche makes me feel like in heaven. Not seeing you only a day, makes me miss you. Why you don’t want to understand that I can’t live with out you? Everytime when I see you, I can’t look away. You make me smile, you make enjoy my life and be happy. Just thinking that you won’t be any more beside to me, makes me feel empty and broken. Why don’t you want to understand that I love you?....”

Love? This feeling is love? All this time what I felt towards Takamina is love?

Minami, I love you. I really do. I don’t want be like that girl into that movie. I need to tell her. Where is my phone? I need to call her.

No. It’s not a thing what I can tell it thru the phone. I need to say it her a properly. I want to see her eyes when I telling it. I want to be her reason to stay. And it doesn’t matter if she reject me, cuz at least I tried.

Time was little. Taking my coat and run out from my house. Catching taxi I went straight to airport. Traffic was slow. I won’t make it. Paying to a taxi driver I got out from car and started to run. I was running in the middle of street. Everyone was looking at me, but I didn’t turned my view to them. I only run as fast as I could it. From afar I could see a airport. I was close. Getting in, I could see a lot of people. Everyone were going somewhere.. but I couldn’t see her.

“Where are you, Minami?” Still running, but little bit slower, my eyes saw something. Going closer to this person, I understand one thing. It was her.


“Acchan?” Why are you-” I put my finger in front of her lips.

“Don’t talk. Let me.”

I can’t let her go like that.. She needs to know what I feel.

“Minami... From the beginning I didn’t realize what was this feeling all this time inside of me, until I understand it, that I am losing you. That’s why, Minami - hear me, even this is last time.” She was standing in front of me and waited.. saying nothing, but just listening.

“Also I know that your life isn’t easy. Your family is slowly breaking apart, so, I... I mean, there is only one thing what I can do for you. Minami -” Putting together all my courage I let it out.

“Let me be that one, who hold your hand and keep it warm.

Let me be that one, who tells you sweet and kind things in your ear.

Let me be that one, who  cherish you up when you feel down and when you think that all world is against to you.

Let me be that one, who holds your cheeks and looks deep in your eyes, saying that I am here for you.

Let me be that one, who hugs you tight and tight cuz only wants to protect you.

Let me be that one, who sees you in way what no one had seen it before.

Minami, let me be that one….. who is saying “I love you”.

Let me be that one, who gives you soft and gentle kisses on your lips.

Let me be that one, who make your heart beat faster everytime when you think about me.

Let me be that one, whom you can trust all of yourself.

Let me be that one, who you see every morning when you open your eyes.

Let me be that one, who brings you a morning tea in the bed and says “Good morning my sunshine.”

Let me be that one, who tells you every day how beautiful you are and it doesn’t matter how many wrinkles you have on your face.

Let me be that one, who is part from you past, present and future.

Let me be that one, with who you crate your best memories.

Let me be that one, who brings you a courage to do amazing things

Let me be your shoulder, when you feel tired.

Let me be your light into darkness..

Let me be your shadow who accompany you everywhere where you wants to go.

Let out all your madness, anger and hate towards me, but no matter how many times you will shout and scream at me or even throw at me something, I will just stay there and listen in all of it, cuz I care for you.

Just let me stay beside of you.

Every second when I couldn’t see you made me understand and realize how much I love you. Every second makes me fall in love with you deeper and deeper.

My heart is screaming after you. It telling to run after you. Never give up on you. Never let go your hand. My heart needs you. It won’t survive with out you. It will turn into dust and fade away into desert where ends all hearts who are left alone.. broken and forgotten.

So, please, Minami. I know I am selfish and arrogant person, but can I at least be your reason to stay?  That’s why I am begging you. Don’t live me in here alone. Don’t fly away, cuz ones you will do it.. I will lose piece of me. I will feel empty. Days will be darker and colder. I will be nothing, but like a doll which is left in shell. *sobs*

You probably think, that I don’t know what I am saying and some kind of crazy person who tells some kind of nonsenses. All of this are just my illusions and nothing from this is real… just fake.

But I know what my hearts want it and I will stay like that with my thoughts cuz I won’t change them.” 

Standing middle in airport and crying I couldn’t do nothing more, just telling her, what my hearts tells me to say it. I just want her to know it. My view was blurry. I wasn’t even sure, if she was still in front of me. I just-

I felt something so soft on my lips. It made my heart beat more faster than it already was. It made me close my eyes and understand how looks in heaven.

I am not dreaming? Did just happened what I am thinking.? Did she just-

“Atsuko. I hope my action make you understand what I think and feel about you?”  Her words snapped me out of trance. I could only think about her lips, what just while ago touched mine. It wasn’t long kiss, but enough to be a happiest person on the world.

“Minami. I won’t let you go. Never.” I hugged her.

“Then don’t.” Her words only I could heard. Her two words sounded so gentle and with meaning of trust.

“I won’t.”

Times just stopped. I didn’t even need nothing more. Only her besides of me.


After few months.

“Minami~” I hugged her from behind, while she was busy with her phone.

“Hm?” She didn’t feel bothered by my action.

“I love you.” I whispered in her ear and slowly started to kiss her neck with soft kisses.

“ you too……….. Atsuko, what are you doing?.” She stopped what she was doing and tried to look at me. My hands started slide in front of her collar bone and lower. I tried to open buttons of her blouse and feel her soft skin, what just makes me go crazy.

“No~thing. Just removing your clothes, cuz they don’t suit you and I want to know if my marks on your body are still visible. Maybe I need make new ones.” I let out a smirk.

“W-what?” When she tried to make better view at my face I couldn’t resist and give her gentle kiss on her lips.

Slowly pushing her back on couch. Being to be on top of her, left me in perfect position to see all of her.

Finally my heart has found what it was looking for. I found not my prince, but my princess. And like every other day, I will enjoy my life with her into it.

“Minami - You are mine and I am yours.”

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                                                                             Look at the sky,
                                                                             Imagine, how you can fly,
                                                                             If you wanna reach a top,
                                                                             Then never try to stop.
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Re: Let me Be, AtsuMina, OS [24.04.16]
« Reply #45 on: April 24, 2016, 08:25:23 PM »
Thank you for your very cute OS.  :love:
It is very good.  :twothumbs
Hope to read more of your fic.    :D

Atsumina is the best  :wub: :inlove:

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Re: Let me Be, AtsuMina, OS [24.04.16]
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Hi, how are you? One question, you will not finish the fanfiction NEVER GIVE UP? The beginning is great, I would like to know the end, Acchan jealous scary.

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Re: Let me Be, AtsuMina, OS [24.04.16]
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Hi, how are you? One question, you will not finish the fanfiction NEVER GIVE UP? The beginning is great, I would like to know the end, Acchan jealous scary.
Hello, you too. Well, busy and lazy in the same time. xD But about that story.. hmm.. Next chapter was in the middle wroten already back then when I stopped it... Plan points for next chapters also have it.... Until..... I forgot and couldn't  think what to add more and then it was left hanging.. That's why, my apologies about that story. Sorry. :(
                                                                             Look at the sky,
                                                                             Imagine, how you can fly,
                                                                             If you wanna reach a top,
                                                                             Then never try to stop.
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Re: Let me Be, AtsuMina, OS [24.04.16]
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Perv section TT

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"The games of sins" Atsumina, OS, 26.01.17
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Hello! After a long while I came back with new Atsumina OS. Many of us know, that this couple ship has already deep down in the sea, but still, they used to be on the water and sailing all around.
About this OS... well.. name is strange, I know, but.... it's nothing like that... xD More like, this is for some fun.. ;)

Anyway... If there is still some reader for this couple, then.. Enjoy reading. ^-^
My deepest apology about grammar errors.


My sin was to toying with other people hearts.

My biggest sin was to lose to my own created pride and game.

Her sin was to breaking her own rules.

Her biggest sin was to fall in love in me.

I am Takahashi Minami and to whom I lose was noone other, but to Maeda Atsuko.

This was dangerous game. It was our weakness and power. We could lose everything. But it was worth it.

One look. One smile. One  simple touch. This is how it started.


Desire. Pleasure. Hungriness. That was what happened in one night.

It wasn’t enough…

„They will cought us.”

„Don’t think about them, Acchan. Look natural. Smile and enjoy your drink.” It doesn’t matter where we are.. we just couldn’t resist it.

„How I am suppose to do it, if your hand is under my skirt, Minami?” Her heart beats was slowly speeding up.

We were in ball with tables. Drinks. Foods. Laughs. Dances. Everyone enjoys their time. While we are sitting besides to each other and to one of the corner tables. Already some while my hand was under her skirt and giving her a soft massage to her  upper leg, more like, to the inside part of her leg. My hand was going higher… lower. I could see, that she close her eyes in moments, when my hand was dangerously close to ‘there’.

„Minami, someone will see us. There are too much people. They are looking at us.” She was trying to stop me, but I also knew, that she wants more than that.

„Hm, don’t worry about that. Those who are watching us, also are trying not to be cought.” This ball just made our blood to boil in our bodies. We wasn’t only one who were playing around.

„What a-are you talking about.. Khm..? Minami, your hand is too close. My voice is starting to crack.” Everything was too obvious.

„Look at the Kojimas Haruna table. Beside of her is Oshima Yuko. They both are married with different people. Do you think right now it’s just a simple talk between them? No. Since they entered in here, they are smiling to each other, while trying to cover their marks on their necks. Truthfully, those marks they made it to each other few hours before this ball. And now in their talk, Haruna is trying to stop Yuko from all the time touching her butt.” Ah..

„How do you know?” There are things like evidences.

„How? Hm.. When I came in here, I first went to lady room. When I went in, I saw her cleaning her collar and neck from lipstick. Color was dark red and only person who use that kind of color of lipstick, is Haruna.” You can’t hide from me thing like this. I can see everything.

„Oh.. but still, there are also other people, Minami.” After drinking so much alcohol… Did someone even cares?

„Okay,  over  there are Mariko and Miichan. They are biggest enemies in everything. They hate each other more than you can imagine.. well.. that is what everyone think and see.. But.. uh.. so wrong. Yesterday I saw them two making out in Mariko car. That car was in the place where was a lot of other cars left.. ” Uh… those two really likes to play dangerous game. If I want, I could make fall down many people lives.

„Hard to believe it..” Everyone in here was playing a some sort of game, but in different ways.

„So, Acchan, do you want to go  out and to take some fresh air?” This was just a excuse.

„I don’t think so----- ah! Minami… y-your hand?” Maeda Atsuko.. I know, that you want it… and I know, that you can’t hide it.

„Shall we?” I am too used to this kind of situation. This kind of people are so easy get under control. You just need to touch it in right place and in right time. After that.. everyone are too predictable.


I let her go first… After few steps I followed her. Smiling at everyone. Sometimes exchanging some words with other people. But also continue her way. Passing away to everyone, in front was less and less of them. Until there was only the two of us. Last time looking back to the way where we was coming from, I found half opened doors. Grabbed her hand I pushed her in there. Room was half dark. For safty behind me I locked doors.

There she was, looking at me with those hungry lion eyes. Smiling with those mischievous lips. In this kind of moment I am not sure anymore, whose game we are really playing? Who is a real victim, but who is a predator?

In next moment my back was against to wall. Her lips against mine.
So hungry for this.

Hands didn’t know where to start. What to take off first.

„Minami, you drive me crazy. I want you… I could eat you.” So desperate.
„Slow down, honey. We have plenty of time, but… let me be first, who eats you up..” After this, you will be fully under my control.

I pushed her away from me and pressed her against to opposite wall. With her hand she something touched and it dropped on the floor. But let it be…

Pressing both of her hands against wall and slowly leaning closer to those soft and sweet lips. Just one centimeter from her lips I stopped. I could feel hers heavy breathing and crazy heart beats. In every moment when she tried to press her lips against mine, I retreated back.

„Minami, please, don’t tease me. Kiss me.” How I like to watch this women.
„Shh… be patient..” You will scream in this room.
„How I am suppose to do it, if your knee is also between my legs.. Minami, please!”
„You mean this leg?” So weak in my arms. 
„Ye-aaaah!!” I pressed my knee little harder to ‘that’ part of her.

In that moment I shortened our distance between our lips. I kissed them. Sucked. Even bite in it.


If in this place wouldn’t be a ball, then every person in here could hear her voice.

„Minami, I want it more… more.” She really didn’t like to wait.
„You scent is so sweet..” Now my view was on her neck..

I licked it.. Sucked…
Her skin was so soft and gentle.. Like a new and fresh pillow.

I left free one of her hand, what in next moment was behind to my head and made me to change my view from her neck to her lips. She wants to dominante me.. But no.. I won’t let it.

My free hand tried to reach hers two targets, who all the time was pressed hard against my chest.

„Acchan? I want to rip it off you dress from you skin and see your perfect body.” I slowly started to lose my own control. My own desires started to take control for me..

„Minami.. Take me!”


Someone was in other side of the doors. I could hear some kind of voices. We tried to stay in silence.

But then….. In next moment I could feel again her hand behind my neck and her lips against  mine. This just made her to be more agressive. She didn’t cares and she will get what she wants.

People in the other side of the doors was gone. We could continue what we started.
My hand behind her back reached a zipper  from her dress. I slowly tried to open it. My fingers could feel her smooth skin.

„Minami~ I love you so much.” … She digged her nails into my back.
„Acchan..” She was ready…

In front of me was a target.. and I will reach it no matter what. Too close to all of this….

„Minami… MINAMI… MINAMIIII!!!!!!” Why she is calling my name so loud? My hands wasn’t yet reached best place in her body. Someone will hear it. It’s to loud.

„Acchan.. not so loud.” Why I can’t move it.? What is this weight on my shoulders? Is there someone else too?

„Minami~! I will smack to you head, if you won’t stop drooling in here.” What? What are this clothes on her body?  I just took off her dress. What’s going on?

„OUCH!!! Why did you do that?!” What the hell was that. My head hurts.

„Minami, you again drooling on your computer.” What she is talking about?

„Computer? What are you talking about.. We were in ball and then we went-”

„In my butt. You were dreaming again. Again your pervert dreams where you so called ‘dominate’ me.. And why you again writing those strange stories? At least don’t write things, what you can’t do it properly yourself in your real life.” Oh no.. Not again. Crap.. She looks mad. I want to get back in my dream land. I want to cry right now.

„Mou, Acchan, what is wrong with this story.? It’s nice one.” I pointed to my computer, where was my half written story.

„People want romance. Sweet things. Love under moonlight. Without other people in there. Only two lovers.. Simple kisses. Ah.!”  Yeah, yeah… It’s you who like this kind of things, not me. So, who is really dreaming in here right now? „But you.. even a name of your new story is creepy.. ‘Sins’.. seriously?”

„Hey, hey, wake up.. it’s just a story. And I like that name. It sounds cool.” Sometimes I don’t understand her. Geez…

„Cool.? You will teriffay your readers. Nothing more…. Khm..Yeah..  Besides..  what about those ‘screaming things’ you were writing about?” Damn.., she readed.

„Nothing.” Please, say nothing more.

„Oh, I see.. okay.. lets see.. who will scream louder tonight?” Oh crap.. „Cuz, If I remeber right, then usually you are the one who lose in our games.” ….not again? Why me? Why!? Why in the same time I have sweet and devilish girlfriend.?


Night was long. I can’t feel my body. Every my body part is in hurt. She is a sadist. From the begining I felt that something was in her mind. And who even gave her a handcuffs. And those other strange toys.

Now she is sleeping beside to me like nothing had happen. Like a angel. I want get back in my dream land. However… after this, I don’t think so it is even possible. But, I will try to think about it… maybe I fall a sleep and it will continue.

My sweet Acchan… where we left.. Oh.. yes..

I wanted to touch more to your body and take those two soft, pinky-


„Mi-nami~” Even in her own dreams she hits me.! After this, how can she ask me to write  a romantic story, when… when she don’t do nothing what could be call ‘a romance’?

Ah… Looks like no more my sweet dream…

„Good night, Acchan. I hope tomorrow you will be sweeter and nicer to me,”



That would be all.!
                                                                             Look at the sky,
                                                                             Imagine, how you can fly,
                                                                             If you wanna reach a top,
                                                                             Then never try to stop.
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Re: "The games of sins" Atsumina, OS, 26.01.17
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Ah... Been a while...

Yeah... more Atsumina OS

Thank you for the OSs

I enjoyed reading them as always

Can't wait to see more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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