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Author Topic: My Crazy Love Story Chap 3 (Kojiyuu+Atsuyuu+Sae,Yuki,Sayaka) 1/23/17  (Read 5166 times)

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My Crazy Love Story

Chapter 1
Part 1

In the center of Tokyo where you can find the company name Akiba Corporation, they are the top seller and the famous lingerie brand in Japan. But inside the Akiba you can find our center, she’s famous for designing the lingerie, her and one of the ace of this company. You can notice inside that all the people there freaking out because they have a big event this month and all of them didn’t have plan yet. But our center is chilling while watching her crush. Oshima Yuko, 27, living with her two best friend and have this perfect life. Stable job, very supported parents and NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) well she don’t have because she like’s girls. The only person knows she’s in love with her co-worker are Akimoto Sayaka and Sae Miyazawa. They been together since high school, their classmate call them Shinyuu but the three of them? Only Yuko is the normal one. If they together all the things they do is disaster, like today, while Yuko watching her love of her life. The two whispering each other like they have this plan, the two walk closer to Yuko and sit beside her. “Nee? Yuko? You have plan for tonight?” Sae ask but Yuko just give her a shake head. The two look each other and give each other a eye contact that who want to start the conversation. But Sayaka lose because Sae give her a puppy eyes, Sayaka sight and put her arm to Yuko while looking at the same spot where Yuko looking. “You know what Yuko? if  you really like her, then confess we will help you” Sayaka said hoping that Yuko will give her a little attention. “You know I can’t do that, she have someone she like and looking like this is my best option” Sayaka didn’t argue anymore. “Ok? But Yuko? Stop looking at her while your mouth is open? It’s gross..” When she said that she slowly touch Yuko chin and close her mouth but what she do make’s Yuko pissed. She give Sayaka look that she want to say something, but when she try to speak suddenly a handkerchief appear in between of their face. Yuko frown and look at Sae, “I think you need that? you drooling” the two laugh and give each other a high five. “I don’t know if you two really my best friend” she cross her arm and suddenly the two tower keeps silent. “So? What you two want?” Yuko ask. The two walk closer again and now their face closer to each other, “Were planning to go in the bar and have a drink?” Sae start. Yuko suddenly think and the two waiting patiently for her answer, “You know we have a deadline right? We have this event and you see all of the people here is so busy while here we are planning to have fun tonight” She answer. “I know but you already do your design right? And the others will do the rest” the two give her a puppy eyes. “I can’t!! sorry guys” when the two hear that, they both sigh and wants to leave and do their work too but Yuko suddenly stop them, “Ok!!! We will go” she said while not looking at the two. And her eyes focus with the two person, the two tower surprise and look at the direction where Yuko still looking, they give each other a “O” look. “Oh? Our Team Leader make his move again?” Sae said while not thinking what she said, Sayaka hit her head when she said that, Sae just rub her own head. They pat Yuko shoulder, “Don’t worry you will find a girl there, we promise” they give her a wide smile but what Yuko thinking right now is she’s in a big trouble. She back her eyes again at her, she give herself a bitter smile, she really love this girl. She’s the reason why she doing her best so that she can be with her, but all her effort is nonsense if her love is with their Team Leader. It’s not secret to her, she knows everything, they are close and tell that. While she staring at them the girl notice someone looking at her and saw Yuko looking. She give her a wave and smile, Yuko respond with a smile and back to her desk and continue where she finish. And for the last she look at the other Ace of this Company, Maeda Atsuko.

Maeda Atsuko, the others call her Acchan, like Yuko she’s one of the top designer, they say she’s a perfect girlfriend. Perfect smile,  beautiful face, and sexy body, everyone likes her but her eyes belong to one person and that’s Takahashi Kai their Team Leader. She really admire Kai and make an effort so that the guy will notice her, like right now? She want his opinion about her design but the truth is she already ask this to her close friend Yuko. But of course the reason she ask her Team Leader again is to praise her work. And her plan work, she can hear what the boy said, “Wow Maeda-sa this is perfect I like the way you put the lace, hmm the President will like this for sure if I show this to him” Kai said. “Really? Wow that’s great..” she try to less her distant to the boy and pretend looking at her design. And now their face is more closer like an inch and she can kiss the boy now but when Kai want to look straight she’s surprise that Acchan face is too close to him. He step back and now his face is too red, she saw Acchan bit her lower lips. “I will get this first and show to the president” he smile awkwardly at her. “Ok..” she answer him with a cute voice and gesture, and suddenly his heart beat fast, he can’t explain what’s happening but he want to get out with this situation. “I think I need to go now Maeda-san, you can go back to your work now..” but Acchan hold his hands, “Senpai? I still have a question?” Acchan pout at him and now his dying with her cuteness. Takahashi Kai the team leader, 5’2 small yes, everyone make fun of his height but only person respect him Maeda Atsuko. He don’t know but from the beginning the girl is really nice to him, his successful with his profession. He and the president know each other since his kids, he call him uncle if no one can hear them. The President treat him like a family because he is the best friend of his only child. He really want to leave because he have a meeting to the President, but he notice the girl looking somewhere and he saw Oshima-san looking at them. Acchan wave her hand to the other girl, they are close and sometimes he think that there’s something about them. But that’s only in his head and because of that he said his farewell to the girl. “I really need to go now Maeda-san the President want to talk to me too, maybe next” the guy smile. Acchan don’t have a choice so she let the boy go, she watch him leave and give herself a sigh.

He knocked 3 times until someone shout at the other side, “Come in” he heard a deep voice. He slowly open the door and saw him sitting at his chair, he give him a smile and come in. He saw in his side his secretary, their always together and now his wondering why? His Secretary should be outside but every time they go out she always following him. I look at his Secretary and give her a curious look because her buttons in her blouse is open and his mind going somewhere. But his mind back to reality when the old man speak again. Shinoda Mario, the owner and President of Akiba Corporation. He only have one child and the future owner of this company but sadly to say his daughter not interested with this. He dated lot of girls in the past before he met the only girl he marry but after she get birth with his daughter she die and after that she never get marry anymore and make this Company. Even if his old there's still lot of girls wants to be his woman, “So? Kai? How’s the event plan?” I ask the person I trust the most I treat him like my child. Too bad because my daughter don’t like him,  “They doing find but I feel outside is like a party” Kai chuckle. But the old man just look at him and think is this a  joke, “Ahmmm” his Secretary make a fake cough. “I heard she’s in Japan right now?” Kai ask to make the atmosphere changed, “Ah? Yes, she is but I don’t know where is she now, she’s got here last night” “That’s good right? So someone can help you now” but the old man give him a serious look. “I don’t think so, you know what she can do right?” “Well she can do nothing I think” they both agree when Kai said that. They talking about her after all, his daughter and Kai study with the same school in America but when Kai decided to go back in Japan and study his degree. He left her and now the only news he can hear is that his daughter doing disaster there and for not finishing her degree and start modeling. They both sight when they remember her, “When she will go here and see the company you love?” Kai ask. “Tomorrow I think, I’m not sure… she’s busy travelling somewhere here in Tokyo” Kai give him a “O” look. “I hope she can go here I want to see her too, it’s the only reason why you want to talk to me?” “Ahh yes and I also want to know if our staff doing find” Kai sat up and give his boss a bow and leave at his office. The Secretary close the door and look at her boss, she give her a smirk, “I think you really unbutton that, so Kai can see and think about us?” he point the buttons in her blouse. “Really? hmm let see? If its Kai I think it’ s ok, I know him so well, don’t worry about him let’s continue were we stop?” And then you can hear the door lock and his Secretary seductively walk at him “You really a bad girl Michan.”  Minegishi Minami the Secretary, no one know about her relationship with her own boss. She madly deeply in love with her pervert boss, it’s a secret and even her daughter don’t know about this, they meet when she’s working with the other company and then the President ask her to be his personal Secretary she fell in love with him the first time she meet him. She know the gap between her age but she don’t care anymore has long she can be with him every day and defeat all the girls wants to flirt with her boss. Michan grab her boss neck tie and make her face closer to him, “I know…” and then sat in his lap and put her to arm in his shoulder and the two kiss for the second time.


In the bar….

Yuko trying her best not to feel irritate with the two who drag her to this bar and now suddenly there gone somewhere. She try her best to find her friend in the dance floor even if lot of people pushing her. The two remind her not to drink any alcohol or something bad will happen but she’s in the bar where lot of people drinking. She take a deep breath and make herself calm, she look again hoping she will notice the two but she failed. And then suddenly bunch of people squeeze her she feel someone grab her hands and then she suddenly feel  soft in her face. She move her left hand and grab that thing, she squeeze that and she hear a moan, “Ahhh” and then she make herself curios and squeeze that again. She look up where the moan came, she saw a beautiful lady, smiling at her and find her  hand groping something. She step back fast and bow, “I’m sorry Miss, I didn’t mean it” her face is red and feel shy because of her action. While she still bow, she hear a giggle, “It’s ok, I mean you’re not the only one wants to grab my boobs but if it’s you? I think it’s ok” and then when she try to look at the girl again she wink.



This is my new story  :) hope you all like this and i want to remind that i'm not really good in english so lot of wrong grammar.

and to my friend Thanks Dude
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Ahhh, you writing again? Its good :D
Hmmm, and i guess the model and mario daughter is the one and only kojima haruna.
And they met in bar? Haruna and yuko? I think haruna is tsundere type with kai but she so open with yuko? Love at first sight eh?  :lol:
So, kai is boy and yuko girl?
Im waiting the next chapter, its so interesting.
Thankyou for the fanfic :)

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oh what is this?

make sure you have your back up copy for this...

don't make things so complicated..... :on yellcard:

going to wait for kojiyuu :on hypto:

Panindigan mo

Nice job dude..... :on GJ:

why am I so serious?

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Ah... Atsuko likes Kai

Kai like whom?

Yuko likes Atsuko?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the story

 :twothumbs  :twothumbs  :twothumbs

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My Crazy Love Story

Chapter 1

Part 2

Yuko Pov

I feel unease with this girl in front of me, I don’t know what she wants but the way she look at me? I feel she like an old man wants to hit some random girls. I look at her body, head to toe, she’s pretty, tall, perfect body and beautiful face and in my opinion? She’s prettier than Acchan but there’s something about this girl that I don’t like. My thought stop when she start to speak to me, “Your with someone?” and then I remember I’m looking for my two idiot friends, “Ahh yes… but I lost them” I move my face closer so she can hear me. And now I can feel her breath, “Ahh I can help you if you want?” I shook my head, “I can handle this don’t worry and I’m sorry too, about what happen earlier? i didn’t mean it.” “Like I said it’s ok, I’m used to it..” my eyes wide when she said that, “Ehh?? What do you mean?” but she answer me with a giggle, “You really cute when you react like that, so? What’s your name? a girl with a cute dimples?” and then she wink. I’m blushing and look down and whisper my name, this is the first time I feel this, weird but I don’t know why. “Osh… Oshima Yuko…” I’m stuttering, I saw a smirk in her face “Oshima Yuko? Ahh your name is cute, Kojima Haruna” she offer her hand to me. I grab that and we shake hand, “Now I know your name, I think you will allow me to help you finding your friends?” I frown and look at her. I look around at the bar again and hoping I will saw Sae or Sayaka and save me with this girl. “About that? I want to find them A.L.O.N.E” I say the ‘alone’ word to her with more louder, I hope she get that. When I turn around and say  my goodbye, I feel she hold my hand again and pull me and then she hold my waist and push her body to mine. I'm shock as I felt the heat of her body, “I won’t allow a beautiful girl like you wandering here, it’s dangerous..” she move her lips in my ear… Cutie pie" and felt warm breathe on my neck....that sends chills on my whole body. Feeling the heat on my body while her eyes started staring contest on me. I pushed her hiding the effect of her flirting on me so I composed myself. I push her a little “Thank you Kojima-san but they are my friends I know where I can find them, don’t worry about me” and for the last time I turn around again. But when I try to run far away from her, all the people here pushing me back at her, I take a deep breath and close my eyes, I saw her standing while cross her arm and smirking, “I told you.” I think I really need her help, she give her hand again and smile wide. And then I held her hand, she gently hold my hand and guide me and protect me with the people dancing.

We both feel tired looking for my two idiot friends, she offer her VIP room so we can take a rest, at first I don’t want but seeing her beautiful face and I see her effort to help me, I think I can trust her. She sit beside me even if her VIP room is big, “I think, try to call them or send a message and let them know your here” I look at her. And get my phone fast, “Ahh shit why I didn’t think that?” now I look stupid, but I feel disappoint when my phone is low bat. I’m still holding my phone and still can’t  believe this is happening to me tonight, she look at my phone too and “Oh?” she grab her drinks and sip that. “What are you going to do now?” I feel she’s happy because of her tone. “Going home?” I answer her, she put her drinks down in the table and “Alone? It’s dangerous if you go home alone” “I can get a taxi” “No!! I won’t allow that” she said. “But? I have a work too” “Don’t go home yet, please…” she grab my two hands and hold that too tight and look at me. And she slowly move her body closer, I try so step back, “Ahmm Kojima-san? I want too but I really need to go home.” But I know she won’t listen to me, she still holding my hands, “Even if just one drink? And after that I will allow you to go home if you really want.” I can’t say no with that pout, she trying her best to look cute in front of me. “Ok.. ok... just one drink and then I  will go” she nod fast like a kid, “Here..” she offer me a vodka, I look at the vodka and then look at her face, “You don’t put something right?” “Ehh??? Why I will do that? of course not..” “I want to make sure you know…” “I promise I didn’t put anything.” Before i drink the vodka, i remember Sayaka, ‘Yuko?! Listen ok? Don’t drink alcohol or something bad will happen.’ I gulp and look at the vodka I’m holding and close my eyes before I drink that, ‘Kami-sama please take care of me after this’, I said in my head.

Haruna POV

I’m watching this little cutie pie in front of me, I said one drink but after she finish her first drinks. She said she want more, I don’t have a choice so I give her more and now I think she’s drunk. “Hey..? are you ok? Oshima-san?” I call her name because she put her head down. She’s not moving, so I hold her shoulder and shake her a little. “Oshima-san?” I heard a giggle, “I think you’re drunk? I will accompany you home, can you tell me your address?” she still not answering me, “Ok, I will get some help, wait me here ok?” when I said my goodbye, she held my hands and pull me. “Don’t go anywhere sexy..” I saw a smirk in her face, its surprise me because the situation changed. “I think you’re really drunk, if you start to flirt I don’t have a choice and enjoy this” I said. “Shh don’t say anything” she put her one finger in my lips, that action make me blush. She push me in the sofa, and put her arm in under my head and slowly touch my face, I like the way she touch me. She slowly move her face into mine, I close my eyes and feel her lips. She kiss me gently, I open my mouth so she can get an access, I feel her hands move downward and then I feel her hand in my chest. When I start to enjoy this moment I remember where we are, I open my eyes and push her little and whisper something in her ear, “Let’s find a place were comfortable” I said seductively.

We find a perfect place for us, were lucky because we find a hotel near in the bar. While I try to put the key, she grab my waist in my back a hug me tight i giggle. And her hands don’t stop roaming my body, “Wait a little ok? Let’s open this door first” but she hug me tight and I feel her breath in my neck, “Do it fast sexy, I don’t want to wait more.. I want to eat you now..” when she said that she kiss my neck. “Ahhh…” I moan, I love the way she do that and when I successfully open the door. I pull her inside, but she’s so strong for me, she’s the one dominate the situation. She pulls me in my waist and push me in the door and kiss me roughly, I try to take off her blouse but why she’s the one good with this. I didn’t notice I’m only wearing my underwear, “You smell good, Sexy..” she said while enjoying my neck. But the only thing I can answer is my loud moan, “Ahhhhh….” “Yes.. Scream please…” she said. She step back and walk closer to the bed, she sit in the side of bed and cross her legs seductively in front of me. She point her finger to me and sign to get closer to her while she bit her lower lips, I don’t know but this girl I met make  my heart race. At first I found her cute but now I find her so damn hot, I walk fast and push her in the bed, she giggle. But she changed our position  she roll and now she’s the one in top, she sit in my hips and take off her clothes. I watch her every move, she’s really sexy and now she push her body into mine. And own my lips again, she bite my lower lips and rub her legs in between of my legs, “Ahhhh” and then kiss my neck. I hug her tight because I like the sensation and this night is so damn wild, for me and this cutie pie.

Sayaka POV

I notice Yuko not with us the whole time, I’m worried, I try to find Sae first but I put my eyebrow up when I saw her flirting with the girls in the bar. I cross my arms in front of her, I saw she whisper something at the girl besides her. And then she notice me “Oh? Sayaka? I’m looking for you” “Where’s Yuko?” “Yuko?” she frown, “I thought she’s with you?” “She’s not with me, I thought she’s with you? I said I will go to the rest room right?” I said panic. She sat up fast when we both know what the situation right now, “So you lost her?” I ask Sae for the last time. “She’s not with me the whole time” “Shit!!” I cursed. I look around and hoping I can see her, “She will be fine Sayaka, she’s a big girl and you’re not her mother” Sae said trying her best to calm me. “You know Yuko, I’m worried, she’s so fragile and what if someone try to hit on her?” but Sae reaction is too annoying. “Wow… that was over acting” I look at her, “Sae?” “Yes?” “Stop flirting with the girls ok? We have a bad situation here we need to find Yuko fast, I hope she’s not drinking” I said. “Hey..?!! I’m not flirting” I walk closer at her and grab her hand, “So? Who is the girl you holding?” I lift up her hand and we both look at the girl beside her. “Ehh? I didn’t know I’m holding her hand”  I frown at her, “Really Sae? Sorry Miss but we have a problem here if you don’t mind leave us alone?” I said at the girl beside her, I saw Sae give her a sign that she will call the girl, I sigh this idiot girl never change. “Come on Sayaka? Don’t feel worried, Yuko will be fine, what if she find a girl here and now she’s doing this wild thing” I look at her. And “I doubt” we both said that at the same time, Yuko is shy person and too serious she can’t open a conversation to the new people she met. “Remember when we go to Hawaii?” “Ahh No..?” “When we go in the party in the beach? we lost Yuko too and then I found her, right?” Sae gesture she remember that day, “ Ahh yes I remember now..” we both look up and reminisce that night. 

We both try to find her that day, we ask lot people when we start to give up I saw her talking with someone I think. I walk closer and she keep talking and talking, “Ahh Yuko?” she look at me and I can see her whole face is red and holding a bottle of beer. “Sayaka?” she walk at me and hug me tight when she almost stumble, “Sorry I’m clumsy” “Ahh it’s ok Yuko, let’s go to our hotel? your too drunk” but she push me and walk again, “I can’t, I’m talking with the most sexy girl in the world and I’m not finish talking with her” I notice all the people looking at us. “Ahh Yuko I think we really need to go in our hotel” “Ehh? I don’t want, I want to know her name first” And now she hug that.“Yuko listen ok? Even if you talk the whole night she won’t answer you?” “Ehh?? Why?” “Because that thing is a coconut tree!!!?” She look at me dumb and then laugh, “Hahaha.. that’s why she’s not answering me and I thought she just tall because I can’t see her head.”   

And that was the day I promise to myself I won’t allow her to drink any alcohol or else she will do stupid things.

After me and Sae remember that day, we both feel chill, “I think we really need to find Yuko right now” Sae said. “So let’s find her” “Ahhh? Sayaka?” “Hmm?” “You know where we can find a coconut tree here?” Sae ask me. “I don’t have a clue and why you ask that?” “I’m just thinking maybe we can find her there?” I hit her head too hard and look at her angrily. “This is not the time to joke Sae!!” She rub her head “I’m not joking!!.”

Haruna Pov

I love watching her sleeping face, I form a smile in my face when she hugging me and buried her face in my chest. I don’t know but this girl sleeping beside me? there’s something about her that make my heart race so fast. The first time i saw her in the bar, i notice she's kind of lost and try her best to push all the people dancing and I feel I need to save her that time. And when i can see her face  I notice her cute dimples and the way she feel nervous when I try to flirt at her, I love it, she look so innocent. And that night I promise to myself I will make a way to know her name and make her stay with me longer. I help her find her friends but my goal is I want to be with her more. Yes, I’m happy when she can’t find her friends, I love the way I call her cutie pie and the way she react is priceless. My plan is get her number and don’t want her to forget about me but the situation changed when she drunk. I didn’t expect she’s the one initiate that, she suddenly love touching my body but I don’t blame her. And now she's with me in one room and were like a couple hugging like this. I feel she hug me more and smell my scent in my chest, i notice she’s awake now but didn’t know the situation. "Hmmm" she make a sound, i comb her hair and give her a kiss in the forehead. She look up, try to open her eyes. "Good morning.." i said lovely and smile at her, "Good morning" she answer me back. And then she buried her face again in my chest, i think she really  love my chest. "Ehh?" she said suddenly and look at me again and let go the hug and sat up fast in the bed and look around for a second. I want to calm her, i also sat up and sit beside her in the bed. "What I’m doing here?" she said while try her best to cover her body using her arms, "And why im not wearing anything?" she continue. I titled my head, "You don’t remember? we...?" i stop for a while i want her to guess what i mean. "We?..?" she said too, i bit my lips and look at her seductively. I take off the blanket in my body and show my naked body. "Ah... wha.. what are you doing?" she said and trying her best to close her eyes using her hands. "Why you covering your eyes? You already saw this right?" i said while pouting. "I don’t know what you mean because i didn’t remember anything, Kojima-san please cover your body first...." she get the blanket and cover my body with that. I want to laugh with her action, she really cute when she's shy. I want to hug her now, when she fully cover my body. "So...? You and me we do it last night??" she ask me while she’s nervous. I think for a while, i don’t know how to answer that because the truth is?


She kiss me roughly and own my lips again and then she take off her clothes. I feel good inside me, i want more, she touch my chest and she squeeze my mountain. "Ahhh...." i moan loud and arch my body, and now she kiss my neck and leave a mark there. I hug her tight, i want to feel her body into mine, while she kiss my neck she whisper something, "Acc.. Acchan..." i didn’t hear it clearly. I feel she stop, i thought she’s just resting but one minute pass she's not moving in top of me. I try to look at her face but i can’t see her, "Oshima-san?" but she answer me with a snoring. I frown and i feel her sleeping so soundly in my body, "Ehh..?" when i try to look at her again and lift my head. I saw she really sleeping, when i confirmed, i sigh. "Hmm?  I think it’s good too, sleep well cutie pie" I kiss her forehead for the last time and cover our body with the blanket and let her sleep in top of me the whole night.

End of flashback

"You really don’t remember?" i ask her to make sure, "If i remember, i won’t ask you Kojima-san" she said with a irritate tone. I smirk, "YES... you and i do a naughty thing last night.." when she hear me, she open her mouth wide. And not moving like a statue, "Are you ok?" i want to touch her shoulder. But she grab her head and make her hair mess, "Ehh??? my first? i give that to some random girl? ahhhh.. NO!!!!!" I want to laugh hard because I lie to her but I want to play more, "Why you’re smiling?" she ask me. "I'm not..." 'Ahhh she really cute when she's like that, maybe its ok if i lie more’  I said in my head. She sat up in the bed and get her things fast, she try to put her pants fast even if she stumbling. "What time is it?" she ask me I grab my phone in the table and look at the time "Hmm? almost 8.”  When she hear me, "Ahh god I’m late, I’m sorry but I’m hurry maybe next time if we meet again, i will talk about this but right now, I need to go" she said. I want to stop her but I saw in her face that she really need to go, so I don’t have a choice when she’s done and want to leave, I stop her. “Wait…?” I shout when she’s in the door and want to leave while me I’m still in the bed. She look at me, “Yes?” “I know you’re in hurry but can you please don’t bring my bra too?” she blink her eyes many times before she look at my bra she’s holding. Her face turn red, she try to say something but instead she throw my bra in my bed and bow, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean it” and she leave fast. And now I’m the only person here in the hotel I feel sad but the sad news is I didn’t get her number, when I want to put my clothes on too, I notice something in the floor. And for the last time I smirk, “Hmm? Cutie pie this is not the last time I will see you” she forgot her phone.

Sayaka POV

We try our best to find her last night but here we are, no sleep, me and Sae looking at Yuko’s table while we both sigh. “What happen?” we heard someone ask us in the back, we both look at her lazy, she frown, “There’s something wrong?” she ask again. But we answer her with our cry, me and Sae hug each other like idiot and crying. “Eh?? What happen? And I want to ask too, where’s Yuko? she never late before, is she sick?” When we both hear Yuko’s name, we cry more. And Sae mumble something, “I’m sorry Yuko… we didn’t mean it…” the girl beside us less the distant. “What happen to Yuko?” she ask, Sae let go the hug and look at her with a puppy eyes. “We lost her last night Acchan in the bar, we try to call her but her phone is off and she did not go home too” she said while sobbing. I saw a worried face at Acchan, “Wait I will try to call her and why you lost her?” she said with a angry tone. She get her phone and dial Yuko’s number, “Her phone still off” after that we both cry again but this time more louder that everyone can hear us. “We really sorry  Yuko, we will miss you…” Sae said and we both look up, but suddenly we feel a strong smash in our head. “Ouch!!!” me and Sae said at the same time, we both touch our head and rub that but were surprise that we saw Yuko standing and cross her arms. Our eyes wide and hug her, “Yuko?!! Your alive” Sae said but she push us far away from her, “Baka!! Why you two think I’m dead?!” “But.. but.. we try to call you last night but your phone is off.. where are you last night?” I said. She look at her right and think for a while and then her face turn red, “Nothing..? I sleep somewhere” “Ehh??” “You two?!! don’t ask me what happen because there’s nothing happen and we need to talk when were home.” We both see the serious Oshima Yuko in front of us, I saw Sae gulp we saw a fire in Yuko’s eyes I know she really mad at us for leaving her. “Ahmm? I’m glad you’re safe Yuko” Acchan said and Yuko facial expression changed and smile wide to Acchan. Me and Sae look at Yuko with a disbelief look, if it’s Acchan Yuko mood changed so fast. “Thank you for worrying Acchan I’m ok, you know I can handle myself” she said trying her best to be cute. I want to vomit here if we see her like that pretend to be cute but the truth is she’s a monster squirrel. “I look for you because the Team Leader said the President want to say something in the conference room, he will announce something” Acchan said. “Can I come with you?” Yuko ask Acchan, “Of course, let’s go?” and the two start to leave but Sae stop them, “Wait? How about us?” “The two of you can go there without me” Yuko said with a irritate tone. And she walk fast with Acchan, we just watch them for a while before we realize we need to follow them.

In the conference room all the staff was there so some of them standing and wait for the President announcement when we go inside I walk closer to Yuko. She’s still talking to Acchan, ‘Wow our Yuko do her move’ I said in my head. We don’t want to interrupt her with Acchan, and then we hear the door open and all the staff talking keeps their silent. We saw the President standing in the center but his with someone a beautiful lady. We all curious who is she, but Yuko suddenly touch my shoulder and i notice her face look shock, “Hide me?” she said suddenly. “What?” I said the two of you hide me, let me use your height for once” Sae and me feel curious why she reacted like that. “Ahh ok?” she stand in our back and try her best to hide herself and then the President start to speak. “The reason why I call all of you is because I would like, all of you meet my only daughter” the President said. “Ehh???” we both hear Yuko reacted too much in our back, we want to look at her but she stop us. “Don’t look at me and let me hide here” we look at the President again, “My daughter Kojima Haruna” (Writer Pov: maybe some of you thinking why I still use the Kojima even if her father is Mario Shinoda, I will explain that in the next chapter)  “Yuko?” Acchan notice her and because of that we both look at her and all the people looking at us. When she notice that, she sit and form herself a ball, “Oi Yuko what are you doing?” Sae ask. “Ahh.. don’t say my name too loud” she said, “Yuuchan?” we heard the President daughter call Yuko with a different name, “Shit!!” she said. We look at the girl walking, “It’s that you Yuuchan?” she said again, we look at Yuko but her face turn read, “Yuuchan?” me and Sae said to Yuko and ask her why the girl call her Yuuchan. “Ahh Yuuchan it’s really you?” but Yuko didn’t say anything she just sit there and wants herself gone with that situation. “Hey? You forgot your phone in the hotel” when we hear that we look at Yuko with all of us mouth open.



@shanju - your question answer with this chapter   :roll:  thank you for always supporting me more chapter to come

@ache - hahaha dude? i have a back up copy dont worry
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@cisda83 - about kai love interest? hmm i will reveal that soon  XD you welcome... and thank you for reading this

hmm like i said i'm really not good in english so lot of wrong grammar

i promise to someone i wont post this until i finish my latest chapter, well i cant write anything so let's post this, just wait dude i'm almost done..

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Re: My Crazy Love Story Chap 1 Part 2 (Kojiyuu+Atsuyuu?)
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Yo cute kojiyuu!

Role reversal....

Hmmm.....I already read this somewhete and waiting for new update...

I want milkyuu!!
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Wow, i laughed very hard in last part, i'm curious about the next update. Please update as soon as you can.
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Sorry for my broken english, english is not my first language.

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Re: My Crazy Love Story Chap 1 Part 2 (Kojiyuu+Atsuyuu?)
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Don't worried about your english.

It's so amazing my favorite parte is  "“Hey? You forgot your phone in the hotel”" my mouth goes wide...

for being honest I don't like Atsuyuu couple but.. Im gonna give it a try.. I know that some author doesn't say about how their story going to end so I'm going to wait for the story

i'm waiting for the next chapter!
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Ahhh, finally you update this fic,
Wow, i love haruna character here, its good to make acchan jealous in your next chapter.
I want more! Hehee
Dont put alot of drama ok,
Thank you

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My Crazy Love Story

Chapter 2

Yuko Pov

"Yuuchan..? What are you doing?" she asks me and titled her head. And when i look around I notice all their attention in me, it’s because of this I can’t face my co-worker, my boss, my team leader, my friends and of course Acchan. I take a deep breath and slowly sat up i know i can’t hide myself anymore. I face Haruna with my chin up, "Nothing..?" i said and force myself to smile. "I'm lucky i saw you here, i thought i don’t have a chance to see you again" “Ahh yes.. and I didn’t expect you here also” I said but too low that Haruna can’t hear. "What did you say Yuuchan...? Ahh.. I’m glad I saw you here, and Yuuchan that was the best night I ever " when she said that, my face turn red. I feel nervous i look at my friends, and i hope they can help me with this, but when i saw them, they still froze and mouth still open. They can’t help me I guess, i look at Acchan but she give me a questioning look. And the President?  his also shock and all of the people here, this is my biggest nightmare, what happen last night is a mistake. And now they will look at me different, i give all of them a teary eyes and walk out in the conference room. I hear Haruna voice calling my name, "Yuuchan..? Where you going?" but i ignore her. I want to run far away from her, and when she give me that name?

After my walk out, here i ‘am in my table, while my head rest in my desk and my body slump like I don’t have a life. "Yuko?" i hear Sae call my name and feel her hand in my shoulder.  "Is she still alive?" Sayaka ask her, "I don’t know? i think not" "Should we call an ambulance now?" "I think so" when i hear them talking about me like didn’t care what happen. And playing joke, my strength back and hit their head too hard and look at them so mad, "This is not the time for a joke and you two not helping me, and who is the reason why this is happening?" i said angrily. Sayaka come closer to me, "So you really slept with her?" she ask me. They really interested but i want to forget all of that. "I don’t know, to be honest I can’t remember anything, when I wake up, I’m naked" their eyes wide open. I notice some of our co-workers looking at us and whispering something, i make myself closer to Sae and Sayaka so were the only one can hear this. "And she said we do it" they still listening so serious "But i don’t feel anything weird in my body, i mean i should feel that right?" Sae cross her arm and think, asking her about this is the best she know all about girls. And then Sayaka say something "Ahh i don’t know about that Yuko, you know i don’t have experience" she said so serious but we don’t mind her. Me and Sae answer her at the same time, "It’s obvious," after we said that Sayaka spirit gone she walk like a zombie in the corner and sit there while writing something in the floor using her finger and mumble something, we didn’t mind her. I ask Sae "So what do you think?" "I don’t know Yuko, ask her about that, what if you’re the one make that to her?" "Eh why me? You know i can’t do that right? and.." I want to say more but someone interrupt us. "Ahh Yuko-senpai?" we look at that person, "Paru-chan? What is it? You need something?" Shimazaki Haruna our intern I call her Paru-chan but most of the people call her Paruru , she's a salty person and don’t like talking, except me her senior, if she have a question in work I’m the one she always ask a help, she's nice with  me and i treat her like my little sister. "I... I want to ask something Senpai?" she said while her head down and feel shy. "You can ask me anything, what is it?" i give her a smile and show my cute dimples. "Is it true that you and President Daughter did you really do it?" she look straight in my eyes and so eager to know the answer. "Eh..?" i saw Sae smirking, and also waiting for my answer, "Ahh I can’t say anything about that Paru-chan." i look away so she can’t see my face but i hear a sob, i look at her face and see a teary eyes. "Hey? Why you’re crying?" i lift my hand to touch her face and wipe her tears but she step back. "So it’s true? Yuko-senpai?" after she said that she run crying and lost in my sight, while me speechless and don’t know what happen. "Eh..?" that’s all i can say, "Tsk tsk, you broke an innocent heart Yuko" Sae said while she cross her arms. "What do you mean? ahhh i don’t get it anymore!!!" i grab my head and mess that because of frustration. “You didn’t know?" Sae ask me, "Know what?" "Wow, all of the people here know except you, i can’t believe that Yuko" she said while shaking her head. I grab her shoulder and shake her body fast, "Tell me Sae, what do you mean? and why I’m the only one didn’t know about this!!" i ask her. It’s because I don’t stop shaking her body, she’s knock out, "Sae wake up!! tell me!!!" "Paruru have a crush on you Yuko" Sayaka answer me she still sit in the floor. I frown at her, " Ehhh Paru-chan? And why you two know about that? And why you still sit there?" but Sayaka didn’t answer me instead she still mumble something. When i look at Sae she still knock out, "Oi Sae? There’s a model here wearing bikinis" Sae suddenly wake up and look around, "Where? i can’t find her" and when she feel it’s not true she look at me while I’m smirking. "Ok.. ok.. i will tell you follow me in the rest room, you will see there" she said. "Why in the rest room? " i ask her but she drag me fast, I held Sayaka hand and drag her too.

In the Restroom…

“Why you bring me here Sae?” I ask her, “This place will answer your question Yuko” I dint get what she mean but I think I don’t have a choice and trust this idiot. “Ok? So..?” but we both notice Sayaka still like that, we both look at her and give her a disbelief look. “Leave her like that Yuko, she can’t accept that no one give interest at her” Sae said. “Ok..? so what now?” I ask her again, “You see the last toilet cubicle?” she point. “Ahh yes..? so? What’s the connect?” “Go there and open the door” I frown and i don’t know what she mean. “Sae? This is not the time for a joke ok?” “I’m serious Yuko..” she drag me again. “Open the door..” she said, I take a deep breath and look at her before opening the door. But I look surprise and speechless because there’s someone inside, I raise my hands and close my eyes. “I’m sorry I didn’t know there’s someone there” I bow many times, while my head still down I look around to find Sae but she’s gone fast and Sayaka still lost her soul and stand there without life so I’m the only one can blame here . ‘Sae!!!!!!’  I shout in my head while i grit my teeth, “Senpai..?” I hear a girl voice in front of me. I lift my head and look at her with my puppy eyes, “I’m sorry Milky, I really don’t know your there” I said while there’s a tears in the corner of my eyes. Watanabe Miyuki my co-worker, she’s new in the company, hard worker, cute, like Paru-chan she also admire me with my design. Very talkative and useful to this company, sometimes she model for us and have this perfect body. “But Senpai..? you saw my…” I raise my hands and stop her, “Ahhh.. Milky I didn’t meant it  I swear…” But she walk closer and slowly raise her hand and ready to slap me. I close my eyes hard hoping it’s not that hurt, but second pass i didn’t feel anything. I slowly open my eyes and saw her hands still want to slap me but she just stand there “I hate you Senpai…” and then run. “Ehh??” I’m speechless, and then I feel someone put her arms in my shoulder, “Wow Yuko I think she like you too” Sae said . But instead I will feel happy, I feel pissed, I push her, “Why you leave me? Ahh Sae!!” she stop me with her hands “Hey?? Don’t mad ok? Remember I will tell you something” she said with a smirk. I take a deep breath and give her a force smile, “Ok?! Tell me now? And Sayaka? Don’t emote too much!!” I look at Sayaka still in the side of the restroom while facing her back to us. “Don’t mind her, I will do something later so she will wake up Yuko” Sae wink but I feel gross with that. “I’m waiting….” “Ok!!? So this is the one I want to show you” she slowly open the door. “Tada!!!!” when I saw what she mean, my mouth hang open and froze for a minute. I can’t believe what I saw and why I didn’t see this, I saw vandalism, with my name and with her name, “Paruru love Yuko-senpai.” I’m still not moving, “Oi Yuko?! Are you still there?” Sae shake me. “How long that vandalism there?” I ask her, “Ahh I think it’s been there for too long, everyone saw that already and I think your Acchan too” I look at Sae with slow motion. “Ahh!!! Sae give me something that can erase that” I point the vandalism, Sae panic when she notice I’m on fire, “Haii Boss” she run fast and look for some rag but I can’t wait anymore. I look at the handkerchief in my pocket and start to erase the vandalism, I wipes that hard hoping I can erase that fast. I hear the restroom door open. “Sae it’s that you? You bring what I need” I said but not looking. “Ahh what are you doing Yuko?” I stop for a while because I heard a familiar voice, I look at her and saw Acchan.  “Wha… what are you doing here Acchan?” I ask her and feel nervous, “I want to use the restroom? And why Sayaka there?” I look outside in the cubicle. “Ahh don’t mind her, she’s fine, she just need space I think” Acchan frown, “So what are you doing?” I scratch my head back, “Ahh I saw someone vandalism so I want to clean this.” “You mean the  one Paruru write?” I nod at her. “You want my help?” “Really? I mean you’re busy right?” she shook her head, “It’s ok” she smile and show her angelic smile. And now I want to die, I feel I’m in heaven with my angel, “Ahh Yuko? Are you ok?” “Huh? Ahh of course I’m fine, hehe” I said while scratching my head. Acchan beside me while we try our best to erase this, she didn’t know but I try to make a move and close to her and when her arms hit my arms, I feel my heart beat fast. I secretly look at her, she really beautiful and smells good, if I’m with her I turn to be a pervert. When I suddenly bump her, we both look at each other eyes, and for a minute i think Acchan wants to say something, “Yuko..?” she said while still looking at me. “Yes?” she look at her right and think for a while, “It’s true that you and Miss Kojima sleep in the hotel?” she ask me. I frown because she suddenly ask that, “Acchan I can’t answer that, I’m sorry..” I saw a sad face. “It’s ok I understand, I know you Yuko, I know you can’t do that” she give me a little smile. But I feel guilty, ‘I’m sorry Acchan’ I said in my head, we both back in cleaning the wall while not saying anything. “Were done..” Acchan said and when I look at it she’s right the vandalism is gone, I didn’t notice. I bow at her, “Thank you for helping me Acchan” “It’s ok, hmm I forgot I need to use a toilet, hahaha” we both laugh. “I need to go Yuko, Kai.. I mean the Team Leader need me” I feel sad when I hear our Team Leader name, “Ahh…? Ok, thank you again for helping me” I smile at her and watch her leave. But when I’m ready to leave too I hear foot step, but I know who is it, so I just stand in front of the door and cross my arms. And when she open, she saw me standing in she know I’m pissed, “Your late Sae” I lift my one eyebrow, but I frown when I notice she’s with someone. “Ahh..? why Akihiro-san with you?” “You said you want something to erase the vandalism right? So I bring Akihiro-san” she’s so proud what she bring to me to smile wide like that. “I said something not someone” I sigh because this is nonsense I ask a help with her so it’s my fault too. “Ehh??” “And I already do that, so Akihiro-san?” I bow at him, “I’m sorry because my friend bring you here and thank you for your time and you can go back to your work” I saw a smiling old man in front of me, he give us his farewell. Akihiro-san, employee of this company and our “Janitor”, I hit my own forehead with my palm, “It’s done already?” she ask me, “Yes Acchan help me” “Wow? That’s why you’re not mad at me” she’s smirking while we both walking in the hallway and going back. “I think we forgot something?” I ask Sae, I saw her titled her head, “Really? hmmm..?” “Maybe not, let’s go back to our work fast.”


“Why everyone think I can’t get a boyfriend?” she whisper and mumble lot of words about being single and no one get interest at her…. in the restroom.

Kai Pov

I heard a knocked in my door, while I’m busy doing my paper works, “Come in” I said in the other side, I put down the papers I’m holding when I saw her walking closer and sit in front of my table. “I thought you’re not going to visit me” I joked at her, “Of course not.. You’re my best friend right? So Kai how are you, it’s been too long since we saw each other” Haruna said. “I’m ok, I’m enjoying my work, how about you? And what’s happen earlier about you and Oshima-san?” “Ahh Yuuchan?” “Since when you two close to call her like that?” “Last night? Were really close actually, super close” I saw a smirk in her face, I’m worried about Yuko. “Oshima-san is one of the best designers we have, so if you’re playing around stop messing with her Haruna” I warn her. “Ehh?? I’m not playing around..” she pout, “Actually at first I thought I’m just curious with her but she’s always in my head, I think I’m in love” she continue. I look straight in her eyes and try to read her if she’s telling me the truth. “But still don’t mess with her we have this big project and we really need her design” “You said she’s a designer right? What she do?” “Of course she design the lingerie, and other than that they handle the models too” I want to say something more but.. “Models..? you mean she need to talk to them assist them? Like that?” “Ahh yes.. like that, why you asking?” she didn’t answer me but instead she think too deep that I think she have a plan or something. “Thank you Kai.. I will go now I want to see Yuuchan, its lunch already come join us?” she invite me. “No it’s ok, I’m waiting for someone too, I need to discuss something, go find your Yuuchan” I give her a bitter smile and pretend I continue my work again.  I secretly look at her leaving, when she grab the door knob, the door open on its own, another girl open that they both surprise. I sat up when I saw her, “Acchan..?” Haruna look at me and smirking, I know what she’s thinking, Acchan bow at Haruna, “Did we meet before?” Haruna ask her. “This is the first time I met you Miss Kojima” Haruna titled her head, “Really? hmm I feel I heard your name before , hmm? Maybe not” and for the last time Haruna look at me and give me a malicious smile, “Enjoy your day Kai.”

“You can sit now Acchan” I offer the chair in front of my table, “Why you suddenly call me Kai-kun?” “You really love calling me that name..” i smile at her. “Of course.. I want to be the only one can call you with your name K.A.I-kun” she said, my face turn red and look down, this girl really like to tease me. “So Kai-kun… why you want to talk to me…?” she ask me cute, “Hmm” I fake a cough, “I want to see your last design for our event..” I said so serious but my face still red. “Here..” she give me her design and show that, “You said before, it’s cute if I put some lace her right?” she point her design while she put her hands in my table and bend and make her face closer to  mine so close that I can kiss her. I step back  from her when I feel her hot breath, “Good, like I expected” ,”Kai-kun?” “Yes..?” “Did you eat your lunch? Do you want to join me?” “I’m sorry Acchan but..” I can’t finish my words when I saw her teary eyes in front of me. I sigh and give up, I can’t say no with that “Ok…” I saw a big smile at her face and her eyes full of joy, I smile at myself, ‘Really I can’t say no with this’

Haruna Pov

I’m looking for my Yuuchan but they say she’s in the cafeteria, so here I ‘am try to find her. And they right, she’s eating her lunch with her two friends, I bit my lips and ready to surprise her, “Yuuchan…” I call her name loud. All the people here in the cafeteria can hear that, I saw her froze when she saw me, while her spoon ready to put in her mouth. I run at her, “Yuuchan,,, I miss you…” i said lovely in front of her but she didn’t say anything instead look at me blank. “Yuuchan…? Why you’re cold?” I look at her friends and sign to them to leave. “Ahmm excuse me I want a private talk to my Yuuchan” I said to them, they look at Yuuchan, she just shake her head. “Were eating Kojima-san” she said to me, but I don’t want to give up, “I think I want to call my father and say something to him” and then look at her friends.  Her friends look at each other eyes, “Ahh Yuko..? I forgot something” the girl with a short hair said. “Ehh?? Wait?” “I will go with her too, I think she need my help Yuko, see you later..” the two bow at me before they run fast. I smile at her while she watch her two friends leave, when I sit in front of her, “I think I need to do something too” she said, she sat up and ready to leave. “Hmm? Really? what if I shout here what we do last night?” she suddenly froze and go back to her sit. “Ok what do you want?” she ask me serious, “Nothing I want to see you..” I said while I’m pouting. “Kojima-san? I’m busy.. I can’t talk long” “Can you please stop calling me Kojima-san call me Nyan-nyan..” I said cutely. She frown, “Nya…. Nyan-nyan..” I nod at her, “No!!! I like Kojima more” “Eh?? But Nyan-nyan is cute..? and they say I also like a cat that’s why they give me that name” “A cat? You’re not like a cat.. it’s weird actually, what’s the reason they call you that? you don’t have a tail either..” she said. “Hmm you really want to know??” I tease her, she grab her drinks and sip that, I bit my lips and said seductively at her, “Because I’m good at licking everything” When she hear me she almost spit her drinks and cough hard. “Are you ok Yuuchan?” she raise her hands, “I’m ok…” “And I’m curious too, why you use Kojima not Shinoda” she ask me. “Ahh about that? Shinoda is not perfect for my name so I choose my mother last name” I said but she give me a frown face. “Hey..? Yuuchan..? date me” “Eh?? Why? I don’t want” she answer me fast. “But why..?” I give her my puppy eyes, “I’m busy and I don’t have time for that” “Hmm I heard you have a big event this month” “Yes.. so I don’t want to go anywhere” “That’s weird I saw you in the bar last night” she’s speechless when she hear that. “That.. that was a special occasion..” “Hmm..? but dating me a special occasion too right?” she look at me, “No!!!” I ask her many time to date me or have a dinner with me but she always said no and said she’s busy. I need to think other way so I can be with her always, she’s really cold to me but I will do anything to make her fall for me, “Oshima Yuko you will fall in love with Kojima Haruna”

In the Restaurant….

I invited my father to have a dinner with me which is i don’t do, his surprise, we have this private dinner in one of the famous restaurant in Japan. “So Nyaro? What’s the reason you invited me here? You want a car again? Or you want to buy something?” he said to me while we eating. “Why you think I need something that’s why I invited you?” I pout, “Father?” “Yes..?” “Why your Secretary also here? It’s supposed to be a family dinner right?” we both look at her Secretary. She eat quietly in our side and pretend she didn’t hear us, “Ahmm..?” my father fake a cough, “I need her Nyaro, for my business” I give him a curious look. “So..? What’s your reason?” she ask me again. I slice the steak before I answer him, “I want to work in your company” I said so lovely and eat the steak. But my father can’t believe what he heard, his speechless, he look at his Secretary, “Am I dreaming..?” he ask her but me I didn’t mind them, I enjoy the food I’m eating and think lot of things I can do if I’m working with Yuuchan.

Yuko POV

Our Team Leader call me and Acchan to the conference room, he said he want to say something for the both of us. “The reason I call you two is because I want to say we have a new model for the event, she’s one of the top model in New York and were lucky to have her.” Me and Acchan surprise, we look at each other eyes and asking if we know about this, but I guess she also don’t know. “I want you to meet your new model” Team leader point the door and we look at that direction and wait. But my mouth hang open when I saw who is the model he talking about, “Kojima Haruna.. our new model” she bow at us. And me still speechless and I think my biggest nightmare coming, I saw Acchan look at me with a worried face, while Haruna smirk like she win this time.



@ache - dude dont spoil anything yet...  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: well yes you already this unfair i think hahhaha.....

@yocelin17 - thank you for reading this fic  :D i'm glad i make you laughed with this... and here's the new update

@Haruko - thank you for saying don't worry about my english i really appreciate that, i will work hard to improve myself  :)
and about the fic, hmm i wont spoil anything but one thing i can promise my heart belong's to Kojiyuu  :D i hope it's answer your doubt.

@shanju - thanks master..  :D well i love Haruna character here too... dont worry about some atsuyuu here... don't worry more chapter coming... you welcome  :)

and my silent readers thank you all....  :heart: :heart: :heart:

Like i said i'm really not good in english so lot of wrong grammar

i will try to update this fast...

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Re: My Crazy Love Story Chap 2 (Kojiyuu+Atsuyuu? +Atsumina)
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What is this? Lol Yuko's harem.....

Well I'm waiting for more ma friend

Update soon!!! The sooner the better!!!!

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Re: My Crazy Love Story Chap 2 (Kojiyuu+Atsuyuu? +Atsumina)
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Dear Jhom_09 san. I am midori lime, this is the first time I meet you and read your fic. I like it. You write an interesting and funny and romantic and easy to read story. And I like the prvrt moment of Yuko's and the unknown tall girl in the bar. You are a smart and great writer. Thanks for writing and finish this fic asap okay. I am a slow reader but I can't wait any longer for an interesting fic like this. Please post the next chapter asap. Thank you again. I like it so much and I like the tall girl's boobs too  :twothumbs
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Re: My Crazy Love Story Chap 2 (Kojiyuu+Atsuyuu? +Atsumina)
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I miss this fic

btw I like your kojiyuu & atsuyuu gif  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

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Re: My Crazy Love Story Chap 3 (Kojiyuu+Atsuyuu+Sae,Yuki,Sayaka) 1/23/17
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Sorry for not updating this.. but from now on i will continue this, i will update every week  :) :) again sorry for my grammar and lot of mistake.

My Crazy Love Story

Chapter 3

Yuko pov

My mouth hang open while still looking at my computer. "Dude… Your girlfriend is really famous” Sae said while she still looking at my computer screen and drooling.

"She's right Yuko... Wow number 1 model in New york?" Sayaka agree.

We still looking at my computer screen and we all agree search the name Kojima Haruna and this is what we found, Kojima Haruna is one of the top model in New York. "For the two of you information she’s not my girlfriend, this is not true, it can’t be.." i shake my head and can’t believe that crazy girl is really famous.


When Kai said that our new model is Haruna, i disagree fast, "Hey..? Are we doing this fast? Our event is near changing our main model is not a good idea" I said. 

All the people in the conference room looking at me, i look at Acchan and hoping she will agree too. She looked at Kai, "I think Yuko is right, we already plan this, you know we already get the sizes of our models right? And the lingerie, we finish that already too" Acchan said.

I breathe out a big air ball and feel relief she's with me, Kai look at us and think for a while. "Nee..? Yuuchan you don’t like working with me?" Haruna ask me.

I look at her and feel pity and I saw tears in the corner of her eyes because I don’t give her a chance. "It's not what i mean... this is big event and..." i can’t continue my reason because the truth is, i don’t really want to work with her.

"I know the two of you will disagree with this" Kai said and look at us. "But...?" he continue, "This girl?" he point Haruna, "She can help us a lot, she’s one of the top model in New York and if she became our main model? Our company will be known even in other country that’s what we want right?" he said.

I look at Haruna and she raise her chin up and really proud what Kai said. But actually I don’t know this Kojima Haruna was a top model. “I’m sorry but I want to think about this first…”

“Yuko..?” I hear Acchan call my name, I give her a small smile. I walk out in the conference room, maybe I don’t really want to work with her because she give me a rough time but that’s not the only reason. I’m so serious with this event so I give all my time and effort and of course this is my dream and Acchan, to be a famous designer in Japan.

End of Flashback

When Kai said that she’s one of the top model in New York I search her name and here I ‘am speechless, how this crazy girl good in modeling. I browse all her picture and all of them is really beautiful, actually she really perfect with my lingerie but when I imagine myself working with her, I feel she will do crazy things, like always remind me that night and worst of all do a pervert things. I’m looking at my computer screen too serious that I didn’t notice that Sae and Sayaka are not around anymore. I cross my arms and look at her picture, where she only wear a bikini, I titled my head and imagine my design at her, I know in myself she really perfect with that. And then I hear someone talking in my back “Hmm..? why you looking at my pictures Yuuchan? Hey you can ask me if you want to see me wearing bikini’s privately..” she said while her body bend down and her face too close with mine.

I look at her and feel surprised, “Ahh…” I stay away fast, “Wha… what? Are you doing here Kojima-san?”

“Eh?? Why you still calling me that name? I said call me, Nyan-nyan” she cross her arms and pout.

“No!! Kojima-san is better..” she pout hard and she didn’t like it.

“Ok….  But why you’re looking at my picture Yuuchan? You imagining something in my picture?” she said.

“No!!!!” I shout and sat up fast and then I notice that all the people here looking at me. My face turn red and feel stupid, so I slowly sit again, “Of course not, I want to know if the Team Leader is telling the truth about you, so?? You really a model.”

I see her face she’s happy she pull the chair near her and sit and face me while holding my hands, “You want me to be your model now? I will do my best Yuuchan” she said smiling wide.

I slowly pull my hands at her because she hold that too tight, “I want to think first Kojima-san and…?” I pause.
“And…?” she said too.

My heart don’t stop from beating faster, “And..? why your face too close…” she giggle but her face still close.

“Because Yuuchan lips said kiss her?” she said while looking at my lips. I don’t know but my body froze like waiting her to kiss me, I breath too hard because I can feel her hot breath and now I’m also looking at her lips. Our face is too close, she slowly move closer, I close my eyes and ready for her lips into mine but.

“Ahmmm..” I hear a fake cough.

I open my eyes fast and look at that person, but my mouth hang open when I saw Acchan standing in front of us. She smile but I feel it’s fake, “Ahhh..? Acchan..?”

“Did I disturb you two?” Acchan said.

I want to say something, “Obviously yes, you see, me and Yuuchan talking about something and then you came here and inter….”

“Stop!! Kojima-san…” I stop her or else this girl won’t stop talking. “Why you’re here Acchan?” I said to distract her

“Ehh??? Yuuchan..? Why you stop me?” I close my eyes because I can’t handle this girl.

“I want to discuss something” Acchan said.

“Huh?” I said frowning.

“Just the two of us” and then she look at Haruna.

“Hey!! if you want to talk to Yuuchan, talk here with me”

 I look at the two who is now glaring at each other. “This is private matter Kojima-san.”

“But.. Yuuchan is mine” I saw Acchan furrow her eyebrow.

“Hey..? since when I’m yours?” I said and look at Haruna.

“Yuko? Can we talk?”

“Of course Acchan” I sat up in my chair and follow her.

“Yuuchan… don’t leave me!!”

I face Haruna and look at her, “Me and Acchan need to discuss something Kojima-san can you please wait?? After I’m done talking with her.” I said.

While me and Acchan walking in the hallway, “I didn’t know you two are close..”

“I don’t think were close she’s annoying actually”

“Hmm..”  she hummed and nod.

“Why just hmm? You know I really don’t know that girl.”

“O..K..” I feel weird, when we reach the office coffee station.

“So what do you want to discuss?” I ask her and watch her preparing a coffee. She put a little bit sugar in one cup.

“Here..” she give that to me and smile at me.

I hold the coffee and look at that for a couple of seconds, I’m surprise she know what I like in my coffee. “I want to know if you agree with our Team Leader, putting Haruna in our main model?” she asks me.

“To be honest, I don’t want.. really, but I search about her and that was impressive and the Team Leader is right if we want our lingerie to become famous in the other country we need her.”

Acchan sip her coffee and look at me, “You know, whatever your decision is, I will support you Yuko” she said.

It makes me happy, “Thank you and of course we need to work hard right? This will be harder than we thought”

“Of course.. As long my partner always with me I can do anything” I look at her and can’t believe what I heard. I don’t know but why Acchan suddenly like this, why she’s so sweet, well she’s sweet always but this is different.

And because of my happiness, I bow at her, “Please be patient with me, I will do my best.”

“Hey Yuko don’t do that” she chuckle. And I feel my face turn red, “And be careful with your coffee it’s hot” I smile at her too wide and we both laugh.

Sayaka POV

When I’m looking for Yuko I notice a girl need my help, her things scattered in the floor and trying her best to pick all of that even if she’s holding something too heavy. I walk closer at her and help her pick her things, “Ahh thank you..” she said while not looking at me. We both pick her things silent and when we done, we both sat up and she really need my help with the one she holding. I catch her when I notice she’s almost stumble and hug her.

“If you want I will help you with that..” I point the bunch of papers she trying to hold. And for the first time she look at my face but I frown when she suddenly froze and look at my face. “Are you ok Miss?” I ask her and feel worried, she open her mouth to say something but no voice came out in her lips. I just help her to stand straight and grab some of her things, “Where you going I will help you with this” she just nod at me, I smile, she’s weird but cute, I think she’s new here because I never saw her face before. I try to look at her, but when our eyes met she look away and I notice her face is red. While were walking she still not saying anything, we turn left and then she bump someone and for the second time her things scattered again. I sigh when I saw who that person is.

“Ahh sorry!!!” Sae said while pick the girl stuff fast.

“It’s ok it’s my fault I’m the one not looking” and finally I heard her voice. But the atmosphere feel weird, when I saw Sae looking at the girl and drooling and for the second time I sigh.

“Hi..?” Sae said when she give that girl stuff, ‘Ok here goes Sae again with her technic’  I said in my head.

“Yes..?” the girl said.

“Can I get your number? Or your name?” Sae ask her, I want to hit my forehead with my palm because of this girl.

“Excuse me?” the girl tone changed into annoyed one.

“You’re pretty, so if you don’t mind date me?” Sae said, my eyes wide but I didn’t expect what the girl said.

“No thanks!! You’re not my type” she said and then walk again and leave Sae froze because for the first time a girl dump her. I want to laugh, but I follow her and when I almost pass Sae, I look at her and laugh at her.

“Hahaha better luck next time Sae.”

Yuko POV

I squeeze my hands together because I feel nervous because the President is in front of me, he just look at me and like watching my every move, “Ahh President? Why you suddenly want to talk to me?” i said while deep inside I’m shaking.

“I heard you don’t agree with my daughter demand?” he said with a deep voice, I know he want to talk about this.

“It’s not what I mean President but all her request I can’t do that, maybe if she want something not related with me and all about my work maybe, I’m sorry President but I really can’t” I said. I saw a sad face at him, I feel guilty I little bit but what happen earlier in the meeting room I can’t do it.


They call a private meeting to talk about our new model Kojima Haruna, when me and Acchan agree and change our main model.Haruna is standing in front of u while I sit beside Acchan and Kai in front of us, his so serious looking at Haruna, while she’s with someone I didn’t saw before. “You can speak now Haruna” Kai said at her, she smile and before she speak she look at me first.

“I want to demand something before I agree with this” the three of us look at each other, so no one knows about this.

“Haruna? What do you mean? You never mention about this” Kai said.

“Yes but… when I think about it, I need to demand something, I will be your best asset with that event right? But don’t worry my demand is easy” she said and again look at me.

The girl beside her speak, “I have the demand of my talent Kojima Haruna, I want all of you read this first and you have free will to say your opinion about this, if you all don’t agree, me and my talent will cancel the contract and by the way I’m Kashiwagi Yuki her manager” and then she bow at us. She give the paper and we all read that, “Eh..?” I just said when I read all of her 10 request; I feel Acchan and Kai look at me.

1.   Yuuchan the only person can assist in the event.

2.   Yuuchan can only take my body size privately.

3.   I want Yuuchan always with me, wherever I go and wherever she will go.

4.   If I feel sleepy I want to sleep in Yuuchan lap.

5.   I don’t like Yuuchan cold to me.

6.   Yuuchan don’t need to look in other girls body, mine is enough.

7.   Yuuchan need to eat her lunch with me.

8.   I want Yuuchan with me 24/7.

9.   Yuuchan wont angry if I hug her.

10.   And last Yuuchan need to call me Nyan-nyan.

Acchan raise her hands, “I think your demand is not right, I don’t agree with this” I look at Acchan and give her my teary eyes.

“She’s right Haruna, if this is your reason why you want to work here, this time I won’t spoil you” Kai said.

“Why? That’s what I want and if you all don’t agree with this, I can’t be your model” Haruna look at her manager and wants her to say something too and I’m still can’t believe it turn out like this.

“That’s her demand and if you all don’t agree with this she can’t be the main model in the event” her manager said.

I just look at them and not saying anything I feel I’m left out because they never ask my opinion about this and what the heck this is all about me. The meeting filled with silent and all of them thinking, “I’m sorry Haruna” Kai said.

Haruna look at him angry. “I hate you Kai!!!” after she said that, she run outside.

End of Flashback

“I understand Yuko” the President said.

“Thank you sir” he looked in my eyes and wants to tell something again.

“But…” he said while his face is serious, “I want you to accept her demand because I want her to work in my company” he said. I want to say something but I can’t find a words, “I’m happy when she said she want to work here that was the first time she said that, I know it’s hard for you but please do her request” I saw a sincerity in his face and because of that I can’t say no with my boss.


“Why you look so mess Yuko?” Sayaka ask me and sit in the sofa besides me, were in our apartment after we finish our work. I look at her with my tsundere face.

“Because she accept what Kojima-san wants” Sae continue.

She also sit beside me and now I’m in the middle of this two, Sayaka just give Sae a “O” look, I take a deep breath, I grab the remote and open the TV. We watching some drama series and Sae start to tell a story, “Hey Sayaka? Who is that pretty girl with you earlier? I want to know her name.”

“Ahh the girl I help earlier? I don’t get her name, well if I saw her again maybe I will ask her for you.”

When Sae hear that this genki girl start to be hyper, “Really??!!”

“Yah sure, I think she’s nice and a little bit shy, when I’m with her she never say anything”

“Ahh.. she really pretty you know, I think I’m in love with her” me and Sayaka look at her because she start  imagine something in the ceiling while her hands clutch together and act like she’s praying.

“Stop it Sae, you said you’re in love too yesterday” I said with my bored tone.

“No.. Yuko she’s different this girl is different, she have beautiful face, eyes, nose, body, ahh I’m in love!!!” she said while she giggle non-stop.

Don’t mind her Yuko, if she find a beautiful girl tomorrow she probably in love with her too” I nod at Sayaka.

We continue the drama we watching while Sae dreaming and imagining herself with that girl I think, we all startled when we heard a knocked. I hit Sae with my elbow and sign her to open the door but she throw the pillow to Sayaka and sign her to open the door for her. Ok we always like this if were three alone in our apartment, the two glare at each other. I take a deep breath, “If the two of you don’t open the door, I won’t cook anything for 2 days.”

The two gulp and Sayaka accept her defeat, she stand up and open the door, me and Sae continue watching, until I hear a familiar voice.

“Yuuchan…???” i look at the door fast and confirmed if my guess is right.

“Ohh shit!!!!” I said softly.

“Ohh my god” Sae said too, I look at her and frown and saw this big smile on her.

I stand up fast, “What are you doing here?” I said.

“Wahhh!!! You’re the girl earlier…” Sae said too. I look at the girl beside Haruna, but the girl she mentioning is looking at Sayaka too deep.

“So the girl you mention earlier is Yuki?” I said.

“Yuki??” Sae murmur her name too soft and run at that girl. “My name is Sae so your name is Yuki? You have a beautiful name” Sae said and offer her hands.

But the girl ignore her, “Hi I’m Kashiwagi Yuki, and you are? I’m sorry I didn’t get your name earlier and thank you for helping me” she said to Sayaka.

I raise my one eyebrow and little by little I get this situation, “Ahh.. I’m Akimoto Sayaka, nice to meet you Kashiwagi-san” Sayaka said to her.

“You don’t need to be formal, you can call me Yuki if you want, Sayaka-kun” she said while blushing.

“KUN!!!??” the four of us say that at the same time, but Yuki just smile wide at Sayaka while Sae crying in the corner and me?

“What are you doing here Kojima-san?” I said and try to push her a little because she’s hugging me and push my head in her chest, “And.. I can’t breathe.”

“Because I want to see my Yuuchan and hug her.. you see we have a contract remember?”

“Ahh yes… but why you wearing a pajama’s?” I look at her clothes and we all notice that the two girls wearing their pajamas.

“Ahh I forgot to say, I’m your neighbor now” she said while smiling so wide.

“What!!!???” I shout and can’t believe what I heard.

“Yes!!?” I heard Sae shout in my side and happy, my mouth hang open and can’t believe what is happening I feel she loosen her hug at me and looking for something.

“Where’s your room Yuuchan?” but her question don’t sink in my head.

“Just walk straight and turn left that’s her room” Sae said while she’s busy with Yuki and Yuki busy with Sayaka.

“Ne..? Yuuchan? Can we sleep now?”

“Wha… What…?” she pulls me and drag me in my room. She push me in my bed, “Wha.. What..? why I’m suddenly here?” I look at Haruna and now walking seductively in front of me, I crawl back in my bed and gulp, but I’m surprise what she do, she put her head in my lap and start to sleep, “Contract number 4, If I feel sleepy I want to sleep in Yuuchan lap” she said until she sleep so soundly in my lap.



I will update this fic next week.. and thank you for reading  :heart: :heart: :heart:

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