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Author Topic: White Lies ( GB Kojiyuu, Atsuyuu, Atsumina) Chapter 40Update/ May 27, 2018  (Read 90677 times)

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 7 Update
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hahaha walang tawag ngayon busy ako e, talagang hiniling mo pa na matalo ako,

wag kang mag-alala na sabihan ko na walang ng magbubukas ng dilata mo

hahaha dude alam mo na Atsuyuu pa more :shakeit:

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 7 Update
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I like possessive Haruna ...
I mean, I'm still in the process of writing it ... about the story, of course it's a secret!! hehe ... wait and see what will happen, it will be many surprises in Look at Me, My Love ... hihi ...
thanks for your update ...
i will waiting for the next chap ...

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 8 Update
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Chapter 8

To my readers: Thank you

Shanju: oh yes bro... I like reading too...

Claito: sorry po na late.. i'll post it later

Jhom: ewan ko sayo.... busy tot..
          dapat lang..... :shifty:

@cisda-83: hmmm............... thanks for reading

@korisu29:  I like possesive nyan nyan too..
                  i'll definetly be waiting for that...
                  here is my next chap...

(Atsuyuu/ Atsumina / Kojiyuu)

A/N: Please do not hate me If my fan fiction disappoints you. I apologize for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my fictional story do not meet your standard then just ignore it.

Atuko’s POV

I’m happy..

I’m not bothered waiting for a week as long as his with me for the entire day though he had to excuse himself  receiving calls from his work from time to time even its weekend but at least his with me now..We shared chair while he is playing piano in our mansion’s living area. I enjoyed watching him on his piano skills..

“Acchan ….Acchan” He called my name sweetly.

“Yes Yuu-kun?” I answer him in half daze..

“Are you tired already? Do you want me to walk you in room?” I shook my head.

“I told you, not to wait for me every day to coming home. It is bad for you health, Now you look so pale. Are you sick?"He put his hand on my forehead I shove it of before he noticed my entire face was turning red.

"No, I am not sick I’m just happy that you spend your weekend with me and I’m fine waiting until midnight. I’m really worried that something might happen to you.”

“Stop thinking like that Acchan, nothing bad will happen to me.” He sighed and smiled. “You are really sweet girl.” If you only know that I love you.

"But-but I can’t help it Yuu-kun, you know Am~."He caressed my back making me stop to utter my little sister’s name that I can’t do since the accident.

"I get Acchan don’t force yourself.” He gave me reassuring smile.

“I promise I will mail you if I’m going to be late or not so you will not worry too much and wait for me."I nodded.

"Thank you Yuu-kun.” he smiled again and wiped the tears in my eyes.

“So Acchan what song do you want me to play.”

“Rivers flows into you my favorite."He got startled when I answer him while sobbing.

"I’m sorry but you know I can’t play that song.” his voice sounds broken.

“You never played that song to me since high school."I forget when he started to refuse playing that piece even though hr knows that I really love to see him played it.

"How about this you like this too, right?” Then started playing Birthday song. I giggled as he sung it too.

“Yuu-kun it’s not my birthday.”

“But I am practicing so it will perfect when I play it two months from now.”

“Try different song."I requested.

"Ok this one.” He played twinkle-twinkle little star. 

“Stop teasing me I’m not a kid anymore.“I pouted my lips.

"Ok, you love this song too, right."He shifted the musical sheet on its stand and started playing.

"I like playing this one” Its john cage ‘in the landscape’.

“I like that one too."I closed my eyes and rest my chin on his shoulder. The sound of his music and his scent makes my heart go crazy.

"Acchan tired?” He asked I shook my head in response.

“Acchan.."I love him calling my name in sweet tone…"I will be having business trip in Hawaii next week.”

I open my eyes and stared at him asking for further explanations. I know that I don’t have the right to do that’s why I can’t utter a word. I just make a facial expression hoping he could notice it.

“I have to visit our hotel their and talk to the investors. I hope Acchan will understand.” He smile he knows that I can never refuse to that face..

“Will it be too much if I accompany you? It’s been three years since I haven’t visit Hawaii”

“No” he answered in half shouted.

“I mean no, Acchan I will be very busy working. I don’t want you to be bored there and I can’t focus on my work worrying about you.“

"I see, maybe next time.”

“Yes next time I promise.” I gave a reassuring smile at him and he continued playing. 'Yuu-kun’ he knows how to make me laugh. I remembered when we were kids, whenever cold Kai makes me cry he always make face to make me laugh. 'I love you Yuu-kun please hear me.’

Kai’s POV


Was the word I murmured trying to calm myself from nervousness. This is the first time I visit Acchan with bouquet of roses and big teddy bear. I am now executing my mission to make the love of my life fall for me. But I can’t stop my left feet from stamping while I am sitting on the sofa of Maeda’s huge living area. It has a classical design with big Chinese ceramic vases and Ionic column. I see Atsuko’s figure coming down from huge spiral stair case.

Oh my god. She was so perfect with that lacy white dress. I jaw dropped, gulped as I can’t feel that I ‘am breathing irregularly as my lung and heart are fighting for space in my chest, she is like an angel walking towards me.

I stand up and bow my head lightly. My body was shaking with her smile.

“Good evening Kai-kun”

“Good evening A-acchan.” I am stuttering.

“What brings you here?"He offered me to sit down as she sat in front of me.

"I am just visiting my friend. I know you are bored because Yuuchan was out of the country.”

“Yes I am kind of bored because I can go out. His absence makes me lonely.” Oh shit Kai you just make her sad. You cannot do right when it comes to her

“Tha-that’s why I a-am here t-to accompany you while Yuu is away. He asked me to do that.” I said with my head down.

She smiled and clapped her hands.

“I ‘am happy to hear that.”

“Really..I am really touched Kai-kun.” Did she just say that I made her happy? I cannot stop myself giggling.

“Did he really say that because he was worried for me?”

Damn I did the same mistake. Kai why did you say that? I just nodded.

“I think his really busy because he have not mailed me since morning.”

“I don’t know, Maybe I can ask him to mail you."She is really sad, but I really ask Yuuboy not too mail her so she will at least see me. I am guilty for making her sad. How can make her happy again I don’t want her to be hospitalized again. I forget the teddy bear and roses. I got an Idea to make her happy.

"Hey Acchan, Yuu ask me to bring you this.”

Her eyes widen seeing the roses and teddy bear.

“Really, Yuu asked you to give me that?”

“He sent me as messenger.” I remove the note and put it in my pocket.

“I’m Takahashi Kai was sent by Oshima Yuu to make Atsuko Maeda happy when his not present. I am working as his messenger."I was about to give my gift for her.

"Oshima Yuu-sama told me not to give this to a crying lady.” I went back to my seat. The short hair girl wiped the tears on her cheeks.

“Ok I will not cry."I gave it to her.

"Hey Acchan you like animals right?”

“Yes I love them”

“How about we go to zoo tomorrow after lunch?”

“But you have worked right?”

“I have site visit at our project in the morning but after that I am free.”

“Really, Ok I will go with you. I’m excited.”

I think I have to leave it like this for now I will just make it up tomorrow.

Haruna’s POV


I ‘am resting my head on my boyfriends arm, He may not have muscular body but I still love his lean and manly arm. We are walking in the beachfront of the resort owned by his family, waiting for sunset, leaving trails of our footsteps in the sand. I wish we could always be like this I’ve been enjoying this trip for three days. Our works ended early so we decided to have some romantic walk. I feel the love in his hand intertwined with mine while i am caressing the same arm.

“Yuuchan thank you” He got startled when I broke the silence between us.

“What for Nyan nyan?“ He smiled endearingly, cupped my right cheeks with his free hand and kissed my temple.

"For calling me every night until I fall asleep whenever you’re in Acchan place."I know his doing it to reassure me that he was just staying there and not doing something to make me over think.

"It’s the least thing I can do. I’m not doing something that will break your trust.”

I smiled at him “I know". I turn my eyes to the sea that turning orange.“Do you think Kai could make Acchan fall?”

"We should hope for the best baby this is the only way, I can detach myself without hurting her.”

“You’re such a good person Yuu chan” He puts his right hand on my waist and pulled me closer.

“I am not. I always have to lie to her and I always make my girlfriend cry.” I saw his eyes become watery.

“But it’s necessary to keep our relationship. I know that you’re hurting too. Please don’t give up on us."I pleaded.

"Baby I should be the one saying that. Please don’t give up on me."I kissed his soft lips and turn into smooches. I feel his right hand trailing upwards. I know if this little squirrel  was up to something. His hand is cupping the side of my right bosom. I held his hand with my right hand and clench my nails on his skin.

"Ittai !!” He yelped in pain.

“Goccha!!!"But he still manages to squeeze a little while I’m trying to remove it away."Yuu-ahh” I moaned.

“I goccha too, Nyan nyan."He grinned evilly.

I smack his arms as many times as I can” You pervert squirrel, why do you always ruin our romantic moments with your perverted action.“I shouted at him.

"Shhh!!!! Nyan nyan your creating a scene someone might hear you…”

I smacked his head

“Ittai !! Nyan nyan your smacks are getting harder.”

“You’re concerned if someone will hear me but you did not care if they see you in your perverted action."He pounced on me and kissed my cheeks.

"I will not do that again promise. Please don’t be mad."He pouted with puppy eyes. He knows that I can’t resist that face.

"You often say that after harassing me.”

“Nyan nyan, how many times do I have to tell you it’s not harassment it skin ship, skin ship."I rolled my eyes on him. He cupped my face to make turn on his face. He rested his forehead in mine and caressed my cheeks. He really knows how to make me calm and closed his eyes. I feel his breath on my cheeks. My heart was now beating thousand times faster on its normal rate. I initiate the first action, I lean closer to him but before I can kiss him.

"Nyan nyan can I claim my reward."I smack his shoulder again. "Ittai!!”

“You’re starting again Oshima” I gritted my teeth and give him exasperated look.

“Baby we’ve been three days here but your still not giving my reward the other day you told me your tired with our travel, Yesterday you said you have too reserve your energy for today’s photo shoot. Baby you don’t have work tomorrow and I can control myself seeing you in your bikini."Oh my god why did I fall in love with an Idiot. He is pleading like a kid asking to buy him candies.

"It’s not my problem? You are the one who always refuse to come to my apartment.” I turn around and walk back to the hotel that we’re staying.

“Nyan nyan you know, how I really wanted to claim my reward as soon as possible but I’ am reserving it in Hawaii, Nyan nyan?”

“I will think about it Oshima, it’s not my problem that you always choose to be with Acchan rather claiming your reward."He is following me.

"That’s not true Nyan nyan I never choose Acchan. You know that.

"Whatever, I can’t hear you squirrel“I turned around stuck my tongue out and run back to our hotel room.

"So you’re calling me squirrel now? Don’t let me catch you my kitten I will make you pay the price for calling me squirrel.”

I giggled. He is really pissed whenever I call him squirrel.

“Catch me if you can” I teasingly shouted at him.

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 8 Update
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Yo.. Ayos ah? kojiyuu pa.........

dude maya hintayin mo lang, hahahaha :shakeit:

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 8 Update
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Oh... it's still very very long time for Kai to get atsuko...

When would they cut the tie between Atsuko and Yuu?

When they would be honest about Yuu status to Atsuko?

Can't wait to find out more

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 9 Update
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Chapter 9

(Kojiyuu/ Atsuyuu/ Atsumina)

A/N: Please do not hate me If my fan fiction disappoints you. I apologize for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my fictional story do not meet your standard then just ignore it.

Kai’s POV

The day that I’ve been waiting finally arrived. Zoo date with Atsuko though this is just two friends going to a zoo. But my heart can’t stop jumping in anticipation, going out with her alone without Yuuboy is very rare to happen firstly because I don’t have guts of asking her out without as my best friend doing it. Secondly she always turns  down my invitations if she knew that Yuu was not coming so this will be my chance. Driving my car I always took quick glance on the girl sitting on passenger sit using back seat mirror. Though I wanted her to sit by my side that will be hard after the trauma she had on the accident. For four months it was hard for her to ride a car until Yuuboy assured her that nothing bad will happen.

“Acchan are you ok there?”

“Un” she nodded” Kai can you turn your radio on"

“Ok I will” I turned the radio on and find for some love song. I took a glance on her again then saw her lip syncing along the song. She was so cute no I mean lovely I can’t find a words enough to describe her.’ If I can only say how much I love you and express my feeling on you.’

Atsuko POV

I want to initiate a conversation with Kai but I don’t know what will be the right topic to talk to. I only have one thing I can find myself comfortable to open up with him and that was my feelings towards Yuu-kun. It’s started when Yuu-kun avoided and hated me when I slip my mouth with his serious relationship with Miichan in dinner at his family’s mansion being the reason of their break up I don't have guts to apologize as I don't really feel sorry on what I did. After that incident Miichan’s family filed bankruptcy and forced to live in London. We all know that it his family's doing, which serves as a warning for him not to date anyone without his parent’s permission.


I’m not attending the class for a week after I noticed that he was avoiding me not knowing how to show myself and say sorry. The guilt of being the reason of person you love heartbroken eats me but being happy for their break up made me confuse too, do I still have conscience. I just made the person I love got separated from his lover. What are you thinking Atsuko?

“Acchan!? Acchan!?" A shout from the door be heard twenty meters from my glass garden that I was sitting since morning. I saw my childhood friend Kai hurriedly walk towards me.

"Acchan I been looking for you. Why are you not attending school?” He brought me some of notes of classmates and placed it in the table.

“Your classmates visited you yesterday but your maid doesn’t let their in. What’s wrong with you? You don’t seem sick just like what Yuu said?”

“Kai-kun I will attends school on Monday, thanks for your concern but I want to be alone." I hate his strict attitude and being insensitive. Did he even care that his best friend was pissed of me and hates seeing me. He pulled one chair and sat beside me, this guy he always acts like a yankee. I don’t know how Yuu likes too hangs out with him cause there personalities are opposite. I just let him do whatever he wants he is still my childhood friend.

"Is this all about Yuuboy?”I got startled on what he said, well he knows what happened on that night too so maybe he just said it as his hypothesis.

"What are you talking about?  thank you for the notes but if you have nothing to say just live me alone.”

“You like him? No you love him, right?!That sentence kept me speechless am I that too obvious or is he thinking that I talked about Yuu-kun’s girlfriend because I want them to separate

"About it, don’t think that his blaming you about what happened between him and Miichan. We never know that his parents will do it on her family business  and forcefully separate them." Now tears are running down my eyes remorse caused by feeling responsible for what happened to my friends.Kai is glaring at me like stop being a bitch.

"You never know what I ‘am feeling so ple-please leave me alone.”I said half shouted and cover my face.

“I know what you feel because I- I-….I care about you, cause you’re my friend Acchan."He lowered his head."I know you love him since we were kids. I know that you always admired him not like a brother but differently.”

“Did Yuu-kun notice this too?"He shook his head.

"I don’t think he knows because if he did then I will surely talked it with me because you know his always concerned about you and why did he fall for Miichan.”

“Then why did you notice and he did not?”

“I-I just know it because I…. I … am with you guys since we are five … You treat him different as you treat me and I feel that you acted differently when you are around him.”

“If only I have the courage to confess maybe I will be in Miichan’s place instead but I can’t do that now.”

“Just give him sometime or just wait until he noticed your feelings and he will be the one to confess.”

“Yes maybe your right.”

“Yuu-boy was worried to your sudden absence in our school he already asked your parents and they told him that you’re not feeling well. He was the one who informs our teachers that you’re sick.”

“So I made him worried?”

“We are always worried about you. I talked to him well actually he's distancing him self to everybody. He needs time to reflect on what he do wrong and you know feeling his bad for everything, his blaming himself for everything that happens most specially on her family. I know your feeling bad because your involve to but your school responsibilities are affected now.  ”

“What did he tell you?”

“Of course his heartbroken so it’s just normal for him to do that. He told me the he never blame you, you never know that it will turn out to this and you don't have a choice but to answer her moms question if his dating someone. He is blaming him self instead because he cannot even do something for Miichan family. His guilt was eating him, just give him some time. OK?”

End of flashback

We’ve had our tour in the zoo. I am really about Kai intention to entertain me while Yuu was away. I’ve been so bored staying in our mansion doing nothing. Kai was really kind to spare sometime to ask me out. Even though we grew up together It’s rare for us to get along he is very cold and straight forward so I’m little scared to approach him unlike Yuu-kun who is gentleman and sweet.

“Do you want to eat before I send you home?"I nodded.

We find nearest restaurant, After Ten minutes of walking we found one.

"Acchan do you have fun?”

“Yes, thank you Kai. Pandas are really cute, right?”

“Yes they are. I want to take them home.”

“I pity them if you become their owner.”


“It’s because Kai-kun is busy with his work.”

“But you can take care of them too.”

“No I want some squirrel to pet. Panda’s should stay on the zoo for other.” We remained silent for few minutes. Our orders has arrived, it was two order of pasta.

“So you still choose the clever squirrel than the panda.”

“I like panda but I love squirrel."He sighed and smiled.

"I see “We start to eat our pasta.

"Kai do you think Yuu-kun still love miichan." Kai stopped eating then shifted his head seems like his thinking how he will respond on my question.

"Why did you ask?”

“I never see him date seriously after Minami and him broke up."He frowned,then  after a while he started  twirling his pasta on his spoon.

"I don’t think he still in love with Minigeshi.”

“Do you think he was dating someone?"He coughs while patting his chest.


“You are the closest person to him I mean you guys are like brothers, so you will know if he is dating someone, If he is not in love with Minegeshi and not dating someone. Why did still not notice me?”

“We both are focusing ourselves on  business. It’s hard to be successor of huge company that- that's why dating would be hard for us. After Miichan and Yuu broke up he understands that it will not be easy for him to fall in love. He did not want to be a failure and hurt other girls feeling because of his impulsiveness..

“ Yuu-kun” I mumbled..


That's the word I can describe the girl who was resting her head on my chest while sniffing the scent of her hair, we both just lock ourselves in hotel room since morning .We both sitting on our bed while reading the book  that she brought. I was leaning on the bed’s headrest while she was hugging and looking on my face from time to time.

“Nyan nyan” I called her attention she just hummed at me.

“Why do you always ask me to read books for you?” I’m curious about her hobbit of buying romantic novel books but I always end up reading it for her, It’s like father telling a story for his daughter to fall asleep.

“ I hate reading books, Yuuchan."She tightens her hug and rubbed her feet in mine.

"But why do you keep on buying them if you don’t like reading?"I caressed her hair.

"Because I’m curious about the story and Yuuchan loves reading books."I sigh as I get her point.

"I get it baby."I kissed her cheeks.

"Why, don’t you like reading the book for me?"I sigh and put down the book then I rested my head to the pillow that supports my back to my head and looked up to the ceiling keeping my hand do its work on her head.

"Yuuchan, what wrong are you sick?”

“I’m just tired Nyan nyan” I released a big ball of air in my mouth, she lift her head and cupped my cheeks.

“Do you want me to give you massage baby.” I look at her she seemed very worried to me shaking my head while I lean forward to her .She just blink her eyes, her lips are pouting.

“You look so cute Nyan nyan."I pinch her cheeks lightly.

” Yuuchan stop teasing me.“

I pulled her waist closer and started our staring contest.

"Nyan nyan, do you know what could energize me.”

“What is it Yuuchan?“

"That is if you give me my reward.”

“But you loss yesterday, you failed to catch me.”

“You cheated and hide from me and return when I’m asleep, you are avoiding it. Don’t you? She shook her head.

"I did not cheat."She pinched my arm lightly."My manager saw me in the lobby and dragged me to have dinner meeting for my next projects.”

“But you’re not answering my call.”

“Because I’m busy Yuuchan. ”

“Ok.. Forget it I don’t want to claim it."I laid down on the bed on cover my face with pillow.

"Yuuchan don’t get mad. I’m sorry."She is caressing my chest. I’m not actually mad at her I just want her to surrender it to me, sometimes you don’t have to plan things you just have to go with the flow. When Nyan nyan is trying to remove the pillow covering my face my phone rang. I took it in the bedside table, as my girlfriend watched me rushing over to get it.

"Acchan” I mumbled. I saw my girlfriend eye turned into cut shape.

I tried to get out from my bed but Nyan nyan pulled my hand, so I can sit in front of her, she snatched the phone out of my hand.

“Do you really have to get out answering her call? You can answer her here."I just shook my head.

"Ok,  I will talk to her here.” I tried to reach my phone on her hand but she shoved it. Tapped my phone to answer my friends call and put it in loudspeaker. I smirk as I see her face burns in jealousy.

“Hello Yuu-kun."I can hear Acchan voice on the line but I know don’t how to answer her, just one mistake would turn out as arguments between me and Nyan nyan again.
"Yuu-kun?.” I looked at my girlfriend who was not pleased on my friends call, arching her brows. Nyan nyan mouthed the word ‘say something on her lips’.

“Hai Acchan, I’m here why did you call?”

“I’m sorry to disturb you Yuu-kun, are you busy?”

“No I’m not that busy."Nyan nyan gritted her teeth when she heard my answer. Well I’m not really busy, I was about to sleep when Atsuko called.

"Have you eaten lunch? Are you sleeping well? Sorry I’m just really worried because you never reply to my mails since morning."I giggled and blush a little Acchan is such a sweet girl. But Nyan nyan kicked my legs making me stop. She mouthed 'What’s funny?’ I answer her in the same way’ nothing’ shaking my head. She is really pissed of Acchan sweet talking. It’s her fault she’s been cold to me since we arrived.

"Yes I ate lunch Acchan and I did not sleep well last night maybe because I’m not use to my bed."Nyan nyan pinched my arm.’
"Ittai” I shouted

Now she is really hurting me.

“What happened, Yuu-kun?”

“No I just missed my step Acchan, Don’t be worry."I look at the girl in front me who was with arm crossed with cursing glare.

"Ok, take a good care of yourself Yuu-kun I don’t want something bad happen to you.”

“Remember I promise you that I will take care of myself."I looked again at Nyan nyan who was turning red in jealousy.

"Ah, Yuu-kun I almost forgot. Thank you for the roses and teddy bear that you gave me I really love it.”What? I never bought her anything. I see my girlfriend clutching the cell phone on her hands almost crushing it.

“What roses and teddy bear?"I look at Nyan nyan, mouthing 'I never do that’ and held her hands. This is bad, as I saw her eyes are starting to be teary.

"Stop teasing me Yuu-kun, I know you just want me to be happy. Kai gave it to me yesterday. He told me that you asked him to bring me roses an teddy bear."Boom I’m so dead right now.

"Ok. Acchan you’re always welcome but I have to go now. I have to do something important, Bye.”

“Ok, Bye Yuu-kun.”

Nyan nyan end the call and throw the cell phone at my direction I successfully dodge it. Thanks to my fast reflexes. But to bad for my cell phone as saw it crushed to the floor with pieces shuttered in our room.

She stood up wipe her tears and smacked my shoulder really hard.

“Itai!!!"I protested. I quickly hugged her waist tightly halting her from leaving.

"Baby I really don’t bought her anything.” She’s trying to remove my arms on her waist.

“Shut up Yuuchan! Your liar, you bought her roses and teddy bear but you haven’t given me one since my birthday.”

“Ok baby I will buy you but I don’t really bought anything for her. I promise."Kai what did you do. I will surely kill you when I return to Japan.

"You seemed to like her sweet talking more than my company but why didn’t you ask her to accompany you instead. I hate you…I hate you… I will never believe in you."She cried harder. I release my hug and sat back to bed.

"I’m sorry, but believe me Nyan nyan please I don’t” Before I can finish my sentence she got out of our room and slammed the door very hard.

I docked my head feeling guilt for making her cry again. It’s not what I want I just want her to be little jealous but making her cry like that. Do I have to let her go? It’s been running to my mind for past few days making, hard for me to sleep. I ruffled my hair picking the parts of phone in the floor after assembling it I try to turn the power. I’m glad it was still working but I think I have to buy new phone because the screen are now broken. I type something I held my cheeks I didn’t notice that I am  crying I wiped tears, slump down the bed and covered my face with pillow..

“Arrrgh” Damn you Kai. What did you do?


I feel bad for cutting atsumina date but I've already written one I just don't know what chap will it be..........

Jhom-san: Bhooo.... :P :P :P :P....... :shakeit: :shakeit:
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@cisda83: Thanks..

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 9 Update
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Ehhh part 9? Its soo fastt, or i didnt notice? Heheee
Ahh the war has begun..
Haruna so jealousy personnn.. hmm
Atsuyuu moreee >,<

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 9 Update
« Reply #47 on: September 07, 2015, 03:36:35 AM »

Hey i read your fic, hindi nga lang dito  :on_pick:

pero dude..... Atsuyuu pa more  :onioncheer: :onioncheer:

hahahaha  :shakeit: :shakeit: :shakeit:

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 9 Update
« Reply #48 on: September 14, 2015, 12:00:30 PM »
I do not know that you've updated your fic ... muehehe ... I'm late again
they fight again, huh ... hmm ...
thanks for your nice update
moreee pliiisss ....

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 9 Update
« Reply #49 on: September 16, 2015, 11:08:01 AM »
Oh.. Kai made problem for Yuu

But it was Yuu's fault to try to make Haruna's jealous when she already felt insecure

Poor Kai for always just be there for Atsuko...

Everything good that he did, he would just say it was Yuu's

Well... yeah... as I thought Atsuko did not feel bad about telling Yuu's secret

Even the damage that she unintended cause for Minegishi's family

She was just sad and scared when she might have made Yuu's sad or angry at her.

I think Atsuko is just a selfish and spoil girl...

I can understand that Yuu would never like her...

Yuu just thought of her as his sister

Well I think there is no reason for them to keep Haruna as a secret...

Yuu's parents knew about it already...

The only one that did not know would be Atsuko

Now that she is getting better...

Would they start telling the truth to Atsuko about Yuu?

Would Yuu and Haruna get back together?

Would Yuu tell the truth about Haruna to Atsuko?

Would Yuu start to put himself 1st from others?

Would Yuu start to put Haruna 1st from Atsuko?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 10 Update
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Chapter 10

(Kojiyuu/ Atsuyuu/ Atsumina)

A/N: Please do not hate me If my fan fiction disappoints you. I apologize for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my fictional story do not meet your standard then just ignore it.

My eyes are blinking many times   trying to return on my dreamland when I felt a soft hand brushing my hair. This familiar feeling.. There is only one person who I let my hair be touched I don’t know how long I've been sleeping but I think it does not took an hour. I felt like I sleep too deep not noticing her to enter our room. Shifting  my position to her while hugging the pillow that I used to cover my head.

“Yuuchan are you awake?” She whispered sweetly to my ear, her hand traveled from my hair to  cupped my cheeks and lay on the bed with face  few inch apart she start staring at me but I averted it, noticing how I reacted.

“Yuuchan I’m sorry, Kai called me and explained everything.”

I still did not answer then I shifted my position and stare on the ceiling with my arms folded on the back of my head.

“Yuuchan, Please say something. I know that you’re mad at me."Her hands are trailing on my cheeks. She tried to kiss my lips but I avoided it and smack my arm in disappointment. "Yuu please I promise I will let you explain first before getting mad. I’m really jealous with Acchan sweet talking."She rested her temple in my forehead.

I sigh

"So you trusted Kai more than me?"I closed my eyes. She now hugging me tightly

"No, it’s just his one involved.’

"Whatever” she lifts her head about to give a kiss to my cheeks again but I pushed her body

“I’m really sorry I will just replace your phone just forgive me please..” Pouting her lip with puppy eyes that I usually surrender but not in this case. If it’s the issue about Acchan and Kai I can easily forgive her but this is different we have issue deeper than that, however we never talk about it. But this keeps us in pain every time. I turned my back on her to avoid seeing her as she was starting to cry and I can never think straight whenever I feel pity for her.

“Yuuchan If this is about your reward then I will double it."Tagging my shirt and asking me to turn around.

"I told you forget about to it, I don’t like it anymore."She sobbing harder and put her body above mine, she rested her chin on my shoulder.  "Stop this Yuuchan, this really hurts. Please forgive me.”

“Get off me Haruna, I’m trying to sleep."She knows that I am serious calling her in given name.

"Yuuchan….Stop this….. please……please…..I’m begging you."She tighten her hugged and buried her face on my arm.

But I felt numb on her pleadings though I hate seeing her like this but I cannot say anything my confusion, guilt, and anger on myself mixing my emotion.

"Haruna sit down I have to tell you something.”

“Stop calling me Haruna, I’m your Nyan nyan remember? Your Nyan nyan, Please stop playing this is not funny.”

I pushed her body up however she keep fighting and dragging me back to the bed.

“We need to talk this is important.” I don’t call her anymore and replied shaking her head.”Can you please listen to me, Kojima?“ I said half shouted."Please …” I pleaded.

Haruna sat in front of me glaring I just turn my head down. I think she still don’t have any idea of what I’m going to say. She tried to hold my hand but I pulled it. Tears still running down her cheeks pouting her lips to stop the sobs come out from her mouth.

I let out big ball of air out in my mouth.

“I’m setting you free Kojima Haruna. You deserve someone better than me” She t got startled on what I said. “We need to bre-” but before I can finish.


Aloud sound surrounds our room, when her right hand landed on my face. I touched my cheeks I feeling the heat that her hand left.

“Yes I deserve that Haruna.” She lifted her left hand and about to slap my face again. I closed my eyes tight, anticipating the landing of her hand on my cheek. But I feel her arms around my neck hugging me tightly. She kissed my swollen cheeks and pressed her nose on it. She released aloud cry to my ears.

“Setting me free? Who told you to do that? Deserve someone better?"She cried harder and harder I this is the second time I heard her cry like this."You told me before starting this relationship that breaking up will never be an option. You promise me that we are going to fight for this…I believe in you…..I believe in you for eight fucking years then now you’re telling me that your setting me free and I don’t deserve you…Yes you are and I know It before everything…Where is the person who was always making me laugh when I’m sad? Where is the person that always believes in an airhead like me? Where is the person who thinks that giving up is never an option? Where is the Yuuchan who willing to do everything for me, tell me Yuuchan.”

“But Haruna you’re hurting too much, I can’t stand always seeing you cry.”

She cupped my cheeks.

“Every time it hurts me I cry but you leaving me will kill me Yuuchan."I kissed her lips.

"Please just hugged me or kissed me every time I cry, knowing that you still love me will take away all my doubt in this relationship. There only two things that will truly hurt me Yuuchan it’s leaving me and saying that you don’t love anymore.”


“Please stop it… call me Nyan nyan."She pleaded, clutching her fingernails on my shoulders.

“Why do you love me this much? Haruna?”

"Because I know you love me more Yuuchan. You made me realize my dreams and believe in me. Even my own family and I myself doubt that I can attain my dreams but you never do that. Now I’m living on it.”

“Yuuchan stop this….You told me you will do whatever I want right?”

I nodded.

“I want you to stay by me forever and never leave me. Please” I did not answer her.“Yuuchan you still love me right?”

“I love you Nyan nyan…I really.. really love you” She kissed my lip passionately.

“That was enough for me to fight. Please never let me go…. Yuuchan I cannot live without you and I know you cannot live without me too. Please never say this again. Even if I cry at every night.."She buried her face on my neck

"I’m sorry Nyan nyan..”

“Let just say that this thing doesn’t happened”

I nodded she rest her forehead on mine. Pushing my body a little so she can sit on my lap, My torso are in between her legs that was crossed on my back..It’s very unusual for her to act like this. She look like a koala hanging in eucalyptus tree I rest my hands on her legs.

“Ne nyan nyan, what is the meaning of this?”

“I will never move out of this position until you promise me that you won’t be breaking up with me and forgive me.”

“This is absurd. Even if I go out and let people see us?”

“I don’t care. I will stick to you like this."She shouted.

"What if your manager asked you too?”

“Even if she revokes my contract I will never move."We giggled.

"Even if my mom tells you that if you don’t go out of my body she will not acknowledge your relationship with me?” She cried harder and moved her head a little.

“Do you want me to slap you again Yuuchan?"Then she cried harder.

"Shhhh…Nyan nyan… I’m just kidding baby stop crying please.."I pleaded while wiping tears on her cheek with my thumb.

"Baka Yuuchan you’re the one making me cry then you just asking me to stop like that."She continued crying like a kid.

"Ok I promise I will never break up on you.”

“Promise?” She said in between hiccups..

“I promise. I will never do that.”

“I love Yuuchan.”

“I love you more Nyan nyan. Even if takes hurting me just to give your happiness.”

“You’re my happiness.”

“You forgive me on throwing your phone?”

“About that I have to think about proper punishment for you.”

“What if I just triple your reward?”

“A bargain ha? You’re doing business deal with Oshima Yuu. Nah, I think a have to think about the profits I’m going to earn.”

“How about I until we go back to Japan or I can extend the contract well it is up to your cooperation baby.”

“I think that’s not bad. Can we start now?”

“Anytime baby."She kissed my lips. Scratching the skin of my back, I groaned, my cat starts her scratching fetish again.

 Haruna’s POV

Watching him sleeping peacefully that’s what I’ve doing for few minutes. He is really cute sleeping with his dimples on. I poked it for about five times since I started watching him, his front body was facing the bed with right cheek on his pillows. His face was in my direction so i can see his handsome face. Our eyes are in the same level my hands started to brush his black hair. His manly scent that always turns me on was so strong  I smell it and kissed his shoulder.

After our fight yesterday we had to make up things with how he call it skin ship plus. I missed doing it with him because we are both busy. I remembered our fight yesterday that was the third time I felt do scared losing him first was when he introduce me with his family second was his parent asked him to move on Acchan’s place and take care of her. Third was yesterday when he tries to break up with me.

That was the first time he told me that he will set me free.I always felt like crying Whenever I remember him saying it. He never do that to me.Though we fight and had arguments before he always submit on my demands or keep things cool before reconciling. Of course that’s was not the first time that we almost split,Way back in our college days we always fight and I always be the one who initiate break up.But he will do everything to work things in our relationship even swallowing his own pride just to keep our relationship.Things differ, when I moved to New York we become more mature. yes we still had arguments and fight but it never went to the point like yesterday.

We manage to keep our relationship hidden from everybody even with my girlfriends so we can still be together. Thats what matter to us , even though it was also the caused of our fights. I'am glad that even if he act  like a fool sometime he was really mature in keeping our relationship.Eight years together will never happend if it’s not because of him.

Begging him to hold on was nothing with his hardwork just to make this relationship work.

"Nyan nyan” He mumbles. His eyes half awake.

“Why Yuuchan, do you need something?"I lean my face closer. He puckered his lips, knowing what he means that I comply with peck.

"There I gave Yuuchan his morning kiss."He kissed me back. Put his hand on my waist and pulled my body closer to him he nuzzled his face to my neck.

"I gave Nyan nyan her morning kiss too.” We both chuckled as he hugged me tightly. “Nyan nyan made me so tired last night.” He mumbled.

“That was my punishment for not claiming your reward early.”

“Hai, whatever my Nyan nyan wants his Yuuchan will comply.” I fixed the blanket that covers our naked bodies.

“Yuuchan do you really mean it?.” He nodded his eyes still looked sleepy.

I pulled his head backward so I can see his face, cupping his left cheek and caress it he does the same on my back. He smiled.

“If my Nyan nyan want his Yuuchan to run then his Yuuchan will run until she ask him to stop .If my Nyan nyan want her Yuuchan to leave Yuuchan will leave until his Nyan nyan wants to see him again. If my Nyan nyan wants to go because she was hurting, Yuuchan will closed his eyes and set her Nyan nyan free."My tears started to fall.

"But what if Yuuchan’s Nyan nyan want his Yuuchan to be his knight and fight for him."He sighed. He pulled my head closer and rested his forehead on mine.

"If my Princess Nyan nyan cast her order to his Knight then he needs to abide by her order with full pleasure. I smiled and pulled him for a passionate kiss.

"Yuuchan only thinks the best for his Nyan nyan. He thought that his Nyan nyan was hurting too much so he will set Nyan nyan free even if it hurts him."I cried.

"But Nyan nyan does not want his Yuuchan to set her free.”

“Then Yuuchan will have to be selfish and do what will make her princess happy.”

“Yuuchan was Nyan nyan’s happiness.”

“Yuuchan was too happy to hear that.


I'm Back..!!

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@A1712: Ah they can't...

Jhom09: ah ah.............weah!! !! !! !!  YES ATSUYUU MOREE

@korusu29: thanks

@cisda83: Yeah...ah lets see...

And for r thank you I will try to update this like before..
Heading to my next proj. TB yeah!!!!!

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 10 Update
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Oh?  Kojiyuu naman dude  :shakeit: :shakeit: :shakeit:

hahaha pagaling ka....  :cow: :cow: :cow:

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 10 Update
« Reply #52 on: September 26, 2015, 02:52:59 AM »
This is seriously one of the best stories ever  :heart: :heart:

I mean... IT'S ATSUYUU AND KOJIYUU! and Atsumina eheh  :twothumbs :P :D

Put those two pairings together and what do you get?  :? :?

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 10 Update
« Reply #53 on: September 26, 2015, 05:52:14 PM »
To be honest... Yuu is already mature man...

He should just marry Haruna...

Haruna already waited for Yuu for 8 years...

Getting abuse and looked down by his parents...for 8 long years

What would his parents do.... kill Haruna career?

Then he should quit his job in his family company... make his own company

He has the ability

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 11 Update
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Chapter 11

(Kojiyuu/ Atsuyuu/ Atsumina)

A/N: Please do not hate me If my fan fiction disappoints you. I apologize for bad English, grammar and sentence structure if my fictional story do not meet your standard then just ignore it.

Yuu’s POV

After a week of  business trip in Hawaii I went to the office an hour early than the usual office hours. Being away for too long means my work is piling up.  A call from my secretary made me paused for reviewing files.

“President Oshima, Chairman has arrived for visit.”

“Let him in.” It’s obvious that I don’t have the right to refuse for my fathers sudden visit. He always do this at least twice a week but as early as this was his first. The door  opened with a figure of a man on his early sixties, Thin and short well where my genes are from.

“My son your business trip had a good impact on our new investors.”

“Well I guess it run smoothly as I expected.”

“Well congratulations my son, I ’m always proud of you.”

“Thanks dad.”

“So I heard that you are with her in Hawaii?”

“Yes she also have a work there.."

“I’m just reminding you son not to forget the deal. You're relationship should not be exposed.”

“I know and we never forget about it .”

“You know, family is business too, you have to control it to make it prosper.”

“I know dad, you’ve said it about a million times.”

“Ah by the way I already assign someone to take over the vacant position as a head of planning department.”

“You haven’t talk to me about this?”

“Well I already made a decision for the company. She will arrive soon.”

“She? A girl, then who is she?”

“I ask her to report to your office so she will be here in a minute.”

Few minutes past my office phone rang I knew that was from my secretary.

“President Oshima the new Planning Department head had just arrived to report.

"Send her in” I commanded my secretary.

The door open I saw my secretary who opened the she ask her to come in.

Oh my God !!

“I  glared at my father who was sitting on the couch sipping a cup coffee he requested to my secretary.

"Good Morning, I am Maeda Atsuko the new Chief Planning Department, Please take good care of me."Atsuko bowed and smiled politely. I don’t how to react on this. I loosen up my neck tie so I can breathe easily. I look at Atsuko then return my glare to my father .What was he up to? Did they really eager to make me and Nyan nyan suffer or are they thinking something more?We almost break up in Hawaii and now. This is not just coincident I know my parents are up to something. My father offered Atsuko to sit beside him and asked me to sit in front of them.

"So Atsuko-san how are you on your new working environment?”

“Hai, Mr. Chairman Oshima I’m starting to get used to the office stuff.”

“ Atsuko just call me Kenji-ojiisan. You don’t have to be formal it’s just three of us."My father smiled at her.

"Hai ,Kenji Ojii-san.” she bowed her head.

“So Acchan is this your first day of work?”

“ Yes Yuu-kun it’s my first day.”

“Well if that’s the case Yuu will tour you around  the building so you can get to know more about the company.” My father winked at me. What seriously this old man is thinking something more. Did he ever know that I have a lot of   pending work after my absence in the company for a week. No it’s just my excuse because I have a little hint if his plans.

“Yes chairman I mean Kenji- Ojisan” Acchan answered him” I’m sorry Kenji Ojiisan I have to go back to my office.“

“Ok you may go, and Atsuko don’t stress yourself to much if you need something you can ask for Yuu’s help. I don’t want your father yell at me for stressing her baby girl too much.”

He chuckled, I just mentally faced palm on my father’s actions. I look at Acchan who seem to be waiting for something.

“Maeda- san.” my father glared at me and he cough I get what his trying to do “Acchan, I’m looking forward of working with you and lets work hard .“I smiled, I think she blushed on what I did say and she is  kind a cute when smiling . But I prefer my Nyan nyan blushing face more I cannot help to smile  my cute cat girl face. I offered my hand for a shake our hand.

After that she left my office. I sat again on in front of my father who was acting like an Innocent child whistling an old love song."What is this all about?” I ask him in strict voice.

“Hey my boy, you know I’m just thinking what’s good for our company.”

“Yes always for our company’s welfare, ne?”

“You know Acchan had good credentials and experience she was suited for that position I mean she’s over qualified for that.”
“But Acchan is sick dad.”

“No, I mean yes but son her therapist agreed to this and said that making her does again her normal stuff gradually was good for her condition.”

“But that dad making her head of Planning Department will be too much for her to handle.”

“It’s not too much son well you are here to help her and it will only be too much If I give her the position of the President of the company."I just give him exasperated look.

"Come on don’t you believe in her? You know more than anyone that she can handle this perfectly.” I raise both of my hand in surrender knowing that this conversation with my father will not go anywhere.

He laugh, stood up and walk to the door. I remained on my position. His back was facing me.

“Take a good care of her. I’m counting on you Oshima Yuu.” I did not answer him. He opened the door and about to go when he stopped and looked back “And I know why you are holding back Mr. President. Don’t worry I have plans for your other girl."He left me thinking on what he said before leaving. And what’s with that serious tone? Why am I in this fucking situation? Damn!!!!


Short Update.....

Jhom: Thanks man......
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rindg: WoW really?..... Thanks for reading my fic and dropping a comment..... : :bow:

Cisda83:  Actually Yuu really wants to break away but Haruna wanted to prove herself on Yuu's family... Chapter 2
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Sorry for bad english.. :fainted:

Thanks to all the silent readers and who send their suggestions and comment on my acc here and my blog....

TB will be updated soon........

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 11 Update
« Reply #55 on: September 29, 2015, 05:18:17 PM »
I've been dying here waiting for you to make an announcement about TB lol And YAY!

It's not right in the kokoro, it's right in the OSHIRI!

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 11 Update
« Reply #56 on: September 30, 2015, 03:10:50 AM »

ohh study? talaga lang huh ang alam ko iba pnagkakaabalahan mo, hahahaha  :shakeit: :shakeit: :shakeit:

but dude.. thanks for the update we need more kojiyuu :cow: :cow: :cow:

kojiyuu pa more  :otomerika: :otomerika: :otomerika:

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 11 Update
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heeehhh ... it's increasingly difficult for them...  :mon scare:
thanks for your nice update ...  :gmon sing:
waiting for the next ...  :gmon hi:

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 11 Update
« Reply #58 on: September 30, 2015, 03:03:41 PM »
Oh... I think the Yuu's parents want Yuu to be with someone that par with their family

And Atsuko is the one they chose to be the future partner for Yuu

What about Kai when he heard about this new position of Atsuko in Yuu's company?

What's Oshima chairman's plan for Haruna?

Will this new development bring about bad impact on Yuu and Haruna relationship?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: White Lies ( GB kojiyuu, atsuyuu, atsumina) Chapter 11 Update
« Reply #59 on: September 30, 2015, 08:27:26 PM »
-still waiting-
Author-san,update quickly please...i want to read that chapter,if u know what i mean  :roll:

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