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Author Topic: Kumo's OS pit: Different two tops (wmatsui & sayamilky snippet) / 6 jan  (Read 5910 times)

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Wmatsui OS #1 I do care

It was only few days before their long-awaited concert in Nagoya Dome. They did our best in the Request Hour yesterday, and the result is sastifying. Only few days more...and finally they'll perform on their dream stage. On that performance they'll pour all of their feelings, all of their hardwork since their last concert, and hopefully it'll end with tears of joy as the applause and cheers of their fans echoed in the venue. Just few days can't afford to miss any moments of that awaited days. Stay strong, for the fans, for the members, for SKE, you can do it, Matsui Rena!

After finishing her chant inside her head, slowly Rena opened her eyes. The fire of determination burned even stronger than before.

She looked around and saw some other members were still resting in groups, some were have a small chit chat, some were practicing their dance, while most of them just sat and preserving their power for later. Like herself. Little did she knew there were several pair of eyes that was focused on her since awhile.

Being fed up enough, one of them finally have the courage to confront the Nagoya hime.

"Um, Rena-chan?"

Hearing her name Rena tilted her head and saw her fellow me,ber, Churi, knelt beside her. Concern were evident in her eyes.

"Yes?" She forced a smile.

"Are you okay? You look paler than usual."

"I'm okay. Don't worry." Lie. Her head was throbbing since this morning, and sometimes she find it's hard to focus. But she didn't have the luxury to rest, not now. And neither her friends. They were exhausted to the bone. But few days more and they'll finally achieved their dream. That'll drive them past their limitations. Because SKE is strong, they'll not bow down to any obstacles present on their path, especially when said dream is almost on their reach.

SKE will overcome this absurdly tight schedule. And so will she.

"Don't worry. I'm just preserving my strength for better use. You should too, Churi."

Churi nodded and stood up, she walked back to Airi and Nishinishi. She shook her head as the answer on their curious gaze.

"She insisted she's fine." Churi said.

"It was the same answer when I asked her this morning. I doubt her condition is really fine." Airi added. "But the determination in her made me couldn't argue with her."

"Let me talk with her. She's important to us. We can't afford her to collapse before the Nagoya Dome. I hate to abuse my authority, but if push come to shove--"

"Wait, the way she answered me just now...she almost lost her temper. Don't you think it's better for us to give her some time to rest instead of bugging her?" Churi halted Nishinishi. Her statement made Nishinishi rethink her decisions.

"No. She has to rest, even if we have to force her to." Someone said as she walked past the three members. Said person was overhearing the talk between the three regarding Rena and decided to butt in.


"Let her, Airin. Maybe if it's her, she can made Rena change her mind." Nishinishi stopped Airin who was about to go stop the girl.

"Both of them are stubborn, hopefully things will end peacefully..."


After Churi left her, Rena let out a long sigh. It's been nth people today who asked whether she was okay. Were her appearance that messed up? She hoped no one will approach her more and she just can rest in peace until the rehearsal started again. She knew they were worrying about her and have good intentions but...


Great, just great. It was the voice of the last person she wanted to talk at the moment.

Rena looked up to see the cheery smile of her other half as SKE's center. Her face unconsciously turned into one of a scowl when she saw that puppy smile.

"Your eyes were bloodshots. No wonder why Churi was afraid." That made her scowl even deepened. "And you're flushed too. We should get you to the infirmary."

Her eyebrows scrunched and she gritted her teeth. Just as she opened her mouth to retort, she felt soft fingers silenced her.

"Not here, Rena-chan. Don't lose your composure here, there are juniors who looked up to you."

Rena closed her mouth, but her eyes still glaring daggers towards the puppy girl.

"Let's go to the infirmary, you can yell your heart out there." Jurina grabbed Rena's hand and felt her boy temperature was indeed a bit higher that it should.

Rena didn't budge at first. It made Jurina rolled her eyes and tugged harder. "Rena-chan...please?"

She didn't want to waste her energy arguing with Jurina, or rather, she didn't have energy to even if she wanted to. She let herself be dragged with the younger girl.

Meanwhile in the journey to the infirmary was spent in complete silence. Rena found sometimes she almost lost her balance as her sight got blurred sometimes. It was not a good sign.

"Lay down there." Jurina said.

Rena snapped out of her musings and found that they already arrived in the infirmary. There's no one beside them inside at the moment. Has the doctor been out at the moment?

Rena sat down on the bed and saw the younger girl opened the cabinet searching for something.

"Aha, glad they have some this." Jurina offered a pill and a glass of water to her. "Drink it, it'll help with your fever, but you still have to rest properly."

Rena eyed the pill suspiciously before took it reluctantly. She drank it and felt a bit better when the cool liquid streamed down her throat.

"Now sleep, I'll take you home after the rehearshal finished." Jurina commanded. "You should know this. Even though sometimes we need to push ourselves, going overboard will just make people worry over you. The other were worried sick, you know."

That's it. She had enough.

"It's kind of funny to hear it from you, of all people, Jurina."

"Excuse me?"
"For you, who's been sent into hospital several times because to her stuborness and pushing herself too're one to talk." Rena chuckled, her headache was going worse and worse, she didn't even think before those words escape from her lips. "You don't have aright to lecture me!"

Jurina sighed, "Yes, I admit I was stubborn sometimes. But it didn't justify your actions, Rena-chan. You are better--wait where are you going?"

Rena walked towards the door. Before she went out, however, Jurina took her arms and pulled her back inside.

"What do you think you were doing Rena-chan? You should rest." Now, it was Jurina who's scowling.

"Let me go, Jurina. I need to get back to the rehearshal."

"No, you're not going anywhere. You're going to rest." Jurina's vice like grip didn't gave Rena any chance to escape.

"Jurina, please. I don't want to argue with you." Her patience's running thin. If Jurina didn't let her go, she'll explode anytime.

"Neither do I, Rena-chan. You'll rest and that's final. It'll do no good to SKE if one of its aces collapsed during these crucial moments."  And that was the last straw. With her newfound energy from her anger, Rena yanked her arm free and pushed the younger Matsui back.

"How dare you talked about me and SKE like that!" Rena roared, she didn't care anymore if there's somebody out there who heard her yell. Using her index finger she thrusted on the younger Matsui chest. "You, who barely have time for SKE, what do you know about the current SKE?! Do you know about the current SKE that was reduced to a mere sister group?! We lost our fierceness, our compassion to surpass AKB! SKE was on stagnation--and if we don't properly deal with this situation-"

"Rena-chan--" Jurina tried to soothe her companion who's on the verge of tears. All the pent up frustations and burden she kept locked inside her was erupting.

"I hate you."

That sentence made Jurina froze.

"I hate you that you seem to forget about our promise as SKE and instead focusing to be AKB center...but I hate myself more--as I couldn't do anything to change this situation and I-deep inside I still wanted to-hic-rely on you like before--back then-hic-when we vowed to surpass AKB--" Rena's voice went smaller and smaller as she sobbed, tears streamed down her exhausted face. "I was afraid-hic- that you would-hic- left me-hic-and SKE-hic-"

Suddenly Rena felt warmth enveloped her. Her captor rubbed her back slowly to soothe her pain and anger. Rena buried her face on Jurina's shoulder and let more tears of frustration escape.

Rena hated herself, why was she this weak? Even as one of the SKE double ace, she couldn't do anything. If only, if only she's as strong as Jurina, she definitely can do something to drove SKE past their weakened state. Even though deep inside her heart, she knew that her other half can do way better than her. She always longed to see again those smiles that always cheer  the members up, and those fierce gaze and words that burned their passion.

She need her back on her side. To support her and be supported back. To be the other pillar that support SKE.

"I miss you...a lot..."

Those last words were barely a whisper for Jurina. But it warms her heart. She felt special.

"Gomen ne, Rena-chan...I made you suffer so much." Jurina backed off a little to take a look of her other half's tear stained face. Using her thumbs to erase the tears, Jurina gave Rena her catty smile. "But you still need to rest. Please, rest for me?"

Those puppy eyes made Rena reluctantly nod to the puppy's request.

Jurina led the older Matsui back to the bed and tucked her in.

"Rest well, okay?" Jurina parted Rena's bangs and planted a soft lingering kiss on her forehead.

"I may not look like it, but I do care for you and SKE..."

Those reassuring whispers was the one that made Rena close her eyes and surrender to her fatigue.

A slight smile appeared on her face, knowing that a reliable partner will be always on her side.




Sigh, sorry for the bad grammars and weird storyline and dialogue...but it's how my heart feels about wmatsui lately. They still beautiful on our alternate world versions, but on the real's kinda depressing... 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

The ending was left open, and Jurina's open answer is open for everyone to interpret on their own.

I'll try to update shinku no hana after this. Stay tuned ^^
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Re: Kumo's OS pit: Wmatsui OS #1 I do care
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oooooooooh!! poor rena, she feels alone.... without jurina all the time at her side....
i like it!!
 :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Kumo's OS pit: Wmatsui OS #1 I do care
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Wmatsui so sweet

Please updatesoon

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Re: Kumo's OS pit: Wmatsui OS #1 I do care
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How sweet is Jurina  :mon innocent:

Please update soon.. Kumo-San :pen_whirl:

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Re: Kumo's OS pit: Wmatsui OS #1 I do care
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good job jurina 8)2
This is goood :twothumbs

"Once I told Yui a message, 'no matter what happens, I only want Yui to be by my side.' To think of it, it just become a vogue, isn't it?"

-Shimazaki Haruka-

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Re: Kumo's OS pit: Wmatsui OS #1 I do care
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Wmatsui makes a great angst material... It's sad

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Re: Kumo's OS pit: Wmatsui OS #1 I do care
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Sweet and cute!!

i know that juribaby feel like that

she dont forget her duty with Ske,,,,

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Re: Kumo's OS pit: Wmatsui OS #1 I do care
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Wmatsui OS #2 Of birthday, expectation, and more

8th March.

My sweet seventeen.

It should be a birthday that would change me, right? I'm an adult now after all.

I sighed, both in happiness and frustation.

Today has been a good, no, great day. The birthday stage ended successfully both in S and k stage. Those cute cake, flowers, birthday presents, and wishes made me smile again, even some of the members mentioned my birthday in their gugutasu or twitter post. Yet...

She didn't gave me anything.

My smile dropped immediately.

No call, no text, no post, no present, no letter, no freaking nothing!

It's not like I'm that desperate for asking to have her attention.

But it's my birthday! My sweet seventeen birthday! I should be showered with attentions, gifts, and wishes...Yes I am desperate wanting her attention.


Stop acting like a kid, Jurina. You're an adult now. Adult does not rant. Adult does not sulk. Adults do raise their head high and keep going.

Suddenly I regretted my wish to being an adult quickly.

This is too soon... I want to go back as a kid again.

As a kid I'd be able to cling to her, and I'll be showered with her attention. I want to be Rena-chan.

I curled on my bed and released a whimper.

The cold, monotone tick-tock on the wall had my attention as I glare to the innocent clock hanged on the wall.

It's past ten already.

I wonder what's she doing now?

Was she so busy that she didn't even have time to check her account? Shouldn't she saw lots of members and fans congrulated me on gugutasu and twitter if she opened hers? If she saw, why don't she gave me a 'happy birthday'?

I pouted, slowly tears accumulated and threaten to fall any seconds.




Who's it? Visiting at this hour, seriously?


"Aah! So noisy!" I jumped out of my bed and rushed to the door. I'm not in a good mood at the moment, and ringing doorbells sure as hell didn't help me.

I walked faster and gripped my door handle, a bit rougher than usual, and yanked it open forcefully. For goodness sake, if I open the door and just find a drunkard rang a bell at the wrong room, I swear I'm gonna--what?

"Rena-chan?" I squeaked.

My anger seeped out instantly as I saw a drenched young pale girl stood in front of my apartment. Her damp hair stucked on her face. Her eyes a bit red and her lips quivered along with her body trembling slightly now and then.

Alarmed with her state, I touched her shoulders and my hands flinched slightly as I felt how cold was she.

"Re-Rena-chan, why are you so wet?"

I waited in anticipation as I saw her mouth opened slightly and what went out from her was...


I blinked as I saw her sneezing again several times before coughing few times more.

"Let's change your clothes, Rena-chan. Or you'll catch a cold soon." I said the truth and grab her hand, but she didn't moved.

Instead I was welcomed with a shrilled giggling. THAT giggling that made her so famous. Her gekikara-style giggle.

She yanked me towards her and hugged me tightly. Arms circled on my neck as I felt her front pressed up against mine, sending cold air and another tingling feeling down my spine.

It made me confused, happy, and afraid at fhe same time.

"Happy birthday~!" She breathed against my ear, "Ju~ri~na~"

Oh. My. God.

Rena-chan's drunk!

Being especially full of surprise tonight, she released me a little and gave me a hard kiss on my cheek, no it's nearing my lips within seconds!


In panic I ripped her off of myself. Oh you don't know how I really wanted to stay in her embrace in, let's about forever? But this is wrong. She's not being herself right now.


She pouted, "You don't like your present?"


"Me, your present. Today is your birthday isn't it?"

Blush. That caught me off guard. Poking my head to the corridor, I sighed in relief as I saw no one there. Else this would be a hot article by tomorrow morning.

Has Wmatsui finally make it official?! Midnight rendezvous on Matsui Jurina residence! ...or something as ridiculous like that.

I grabbed her hand and drag her inside, all the way to my bedroom. And no! Not for any perverted things you guys had thought and hoped! ...I just wanted her to change her clothes before she really caught a cold. And since my dresser is located in my bedroom...yeah.

She plopped down on my bed, quickly I threw her a dry towel to dry herself.

"So, what were you doing, Rena-chan? It's midnight, you're wet, and you're drunk! Well maybe not literally drunk, but you definitely are not in your right state of mind." I speaked as I rummaged through my clothes, looking for one that would be fit for Rena-chan.

" is your birthday. A-and since tomorrow morning I don't have any job..." She mumbled, back to shy Rena-chan, I see. "I-I thought I can spend tonight celebrating your birthday... Co-courageously..."



Great, what now?

"A moment, Rena-chan," I excused myself outside and receive my call. "Hi, Churi."

"Hi Jurina, sorry to disturb you at this hour. see..." My eyebrows raised suspiciously from Churi's timid words. "Has Rena arrived to your place yet?"

My lips formed a thin line. Somehow I had a vague idea on how come Rena-chan's ended with her current state. "Yes, just few minutes ago." I answered, receiving a relieved sigh from the other end of the line. But those short relief ended with my next question. "How do you know Rena-chan's heading to my place?"

I heard an 'eep' sound, which made my curiosity increased. "Did you plan something? Something smells fishy here."

"Fishy? Maybe you mean 'smell birdie'." Another voice intercepted our conversation, continued by a giggling on the other end.


"Airin? Airin's there?"

"Well, yeah--hey keep your hands off!"

I smirked, oh ho, "You sounded busy at the moment, Churi."

"Anyway, Jurina!" She got my attention with her desperate plea. "We created this opportunity for you and Rena with lots of efforts, don't waste it! Bye! Click-"

She hanged the phone.

Opportunity? What opportunity? For what? Those went unanswered. Maybe I'll dig an answer both from Churi and Airin when we meet later.

I walked back to my room, but the sight from the door made me rooted on the spot. The sight of ger undressing is just...ugh, now I'm sounding like a pervert! The blush never got away, but I averted my gaze and continued my way to the dresser. I pulled a big tshirt for Rena-chan. Hopefully it can made her sleep comfortably.

I definitely am not going to let her go home at this hour. Alone. And in a drunkard state.

"Here." I handed her the shirt without even looking on her direction. I didn't want any impure thoughts invading my minds and made my relationship with Rena-chan more awkward than it already is.

Bad move. Instead of receiving the shirt, she grabbed my wrist and pulled so I ended up on top of her. In a compromising situation.




My head pressed on her chest, I can hear how loud her heart beat. Her hand enveloped me in a loose hug. She's warm, and soft, and smells really nice. I really enjoyed her boldness. It turns me on in  so many ways, but...

"Rena-chan?" I started, murmuring.


"Do you feel funny? I mean, tonight you're so daring. Way too different from the usual shy Rena-chan." I confessed. It's a complicated feeling down there. I'm happy with the situation, but Rena-chan's state is unsettling.

"I'm just being courageous. I really really wanted to say this, but never had the courage to do so...Until finally Churi and Airin gave me a courage juice today."

"Surely don't you think they spiked the juice?" I giggled jokingly.

"I'm not sure either. But after I drank it, I feel funny. I Really hot. So when the rain poured, I stayed outside to cool my head..." Her voice's drifting, she must be really tired. To finish her job in a tight schedule and still makes time to come. And to stand in the middle of night when it's raining...she's nuts.

"What are you going to say anyway?" That's important enough that she risked herself being drunk.

"...Happy birthday, Jurina...I love you." She mumbled

I beamed at those words. Even though I didn't know whether the one she meant is the one I thought it was. Hopefully it's. Nonetheless, I smiled happily and kissed her chest playfully.

"Thank you for saying a happy birthday. I'm really happy. I love you too, Rena-chan."

She responded by tightening her hug and planted a soft kiss on my hair.

"Let's sleep, you must be tired. Oyasumi, Rena-chan."



Heya! Happy belated birthday to Jurina!

This story was supposed to be posted on 8th, but apparently I couldn't make it in sorry! 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

Please stay tuned for its sequel, Of birthday, expectation, and more: side R.


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Re: Kumo's OS pit: Wmatsui OS #2 Of birthday, expectation, and more
« Reply #8 on: March 14, 2014, 03:15:35 AM »
AH~ Kawaiii Wmasui!! :luvluv1: :mon lovelaff:

Thanks for this OS! this was really cute! :inlove:

HEHE  :mon squee: so the furuyanagi couple planned this !

Can't wait for its sequel!  :on gay: :bingo: :luvluv1:

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Re: Kumo's OS pit: Wmatsui OS #2 Of birthday, expectation, and more
« Reply #9 on: March 14, 2014, 09:50:40 AM »
Ahhhhh~ So cute~  XD
I'll wait for Rena's side~
Loving AKB48 everyday~

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Re: Kumo's OS pit: Wmatsui OS #2 Of birthday, expectation, and more
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Just really, really missed you (Sayamilky fluff)

"Nee, Sayaka-chan?"


Sayaka was in the middle of removing her make-up. She just finished her job and came back to her apartment to find Miyuki was already made herself comfy on her bed. It was a pleasant surprise. Especially since Miyuki's graduation, their time to be spent together is become less and less in the recent time.

"What is it, Miyuki?" Sayaka stopped her routines and looked back to find the other girl pouting. She hugged Sayaka's pillow and turned to the window muttering something under her breath.

Raising her brows, Sayaka made her way to the bathroom to wash her face. She chuckled a bit when she remembered a few minutes ago when she opened her bedroom and find Miyuki was already asleep hugging her pillow and drooled a bit. Though later she awoke when Sayaka placed her bag and changed her clothes.

'I wonder how come she know my schedule tomorrow was a day off.' Sayaka thought. Since Osaka was quite a distance from Tokyo, they sometimes only met when Sayaka's at Osaka for work, and only when her schedule allow for a short meeting between breaks. But tonight Sayaka was for a surprise to find Miyuki appearance at her Tokyo apartment.

After thoroughly cleaned her face, Sayaka walked back and plopped herself beside Miyuki on her bed.

"Is something on your mind? You'll get wrinkles if you keep frowning like that."

"Ne, do you remember that mic performance against AKB-san?" She eyed Sayaka with suspicious eyes.

"Eh? Which one?" Suddenly Sayaka was very aware of Miyuki's apparently glare. She didn't remember doing any mic performance that would make Miyuki's angry recently.

"That one when you said you were being groped by Acchan at the changing room."

"Oh, that one? That was years ago." Sayaka tried to laugh it off. "What's with that? Isn't that a common occurence at AKB's changing room?"

"I just suddenly remember about it. Even though some members liked to grope, I didn't recall that you were one being groped." Miyuki mumbled sullenly.

'Because you glared daggers at the members who tried to groped me. Therefore they never tried anything when you're at the changing room.' Sayaka thought, but of course she won't tell Miyuki about it.

"Maa, well sometimes it happened. It's part of the job afterall." Sayaka grabbed Miyuki's hand and intertwining their fingers. "You jealous?"

Miyuki whipped her her face and see a grin plastered on Sayaka's face.

"I don't like it. Even though you didn't like it, but you have to endure it because they're your senpai."

Sayaka chuckled hearing her response, she scooted closer and rest her head on Miyuki's shoulder. "Really, what's wrong with you? You're being awfully sentimental tonight."

"Maybe it's because I missed you too much." She whispered softly, but it still can be heard by the other girl who's being awestruck with the sudden confession.

Sayaka felt her cheeks become hotter and she can't come up with a good reply.

She felt Miyuki shifted and curled herself, resting her head on Sayaka's lap. Her face is hidden but Sayaka could see the tip of her ear reddened.

She felt butterflies danced in her stomach. But she didn't really good at dealing with such delicate situation.

Sayaka started to caress Miyuki's hair. Slowly her hands journeyed further to pet her side, and arrived to the hem of her shirt...and...

She launched her furious attacks on her sides!

"Mou! Ahahaha-Sa-sayaka-chan! Stop it!" Miyuki said between laughs. "You know I'm tick-lish~Ah! Ah~!"

"Yadaa~" Sayaka grinned and continued her assaults on both Miyuki's sides, earning a holler of laughter from the other girl.

"You-you left me with no-ah~ no choice-kya~ahh!" Miyuki tried to ignore Sayaka's hands and launched her own counterattacks.

Her left hand shot to fondle Sayaka's breast that momentarily paralyze the other girl. She smirked as Sayaka's too stunned to continue her tickling.

"Got you, Sayaka-chan ♡."

Sayaka felt her blood rushed to her face as she saw the oh-so-wicked expression on Miyuki's face.

Her stunned face quickly changed as she squirm under Miyuki's tickling that assaulted her sides.

"Ah-wa-wait a sec, Mi-Miyuki-haha-ah-aah~"

"You'll get your punishment for tickling me." Miyuki purred, "I'll make you regret it."

"I won't let you sleep tonight, Sa-ya-ka-chan~"

And so the tickling war ensues insides the Yamamoto's apartment. Their hollered laughter filled the flat but luckily none of her neighbor came to complain the noises.
A soft knock rapped at Sayaka's front door, but came unanswered.

Another knock came within a minute, this time a bit louder than the first. But this one too, left unanswered.

"Are? Has they left already?" Muttered the girl.

"I don't think so Maachun." The girl beside her replied.

"But they didn't answer the door, Yuihan."

"Hmm, it can't be helped then." Yuihan fished a key out of her bag.

"Huh? How come you have Sayanee's apartment key?"

"I asked Milky to lend her key, in case something like this happened." A soft clicks, and Yui opened the door. "We rarely hang out nowadays. So in exchange of telling Milky our schedule, I'd like to have a tea and chat for a bit today. I won't let them sleep the day in."

"Eh-eh-eh, but Yuihan, now you mention it... What if we disturb them? You know, if they're doing 'it'." Mayu made an air-quote to emphasis what she meant.

Yuihan stopped her tracks and look thoughtful for a bit. "I guess we'll be better to knock first."

Yui and Mayu arrived at the bedroom door and knocked few times. Hearing no response, Mayu pressed her ears to the door to see if she can hear any suspicious sound. When she also heard nothing, she nodded at Yuihan who nod back.

Slowly, Yui opened the door and peeked inside.

What she saw made her smile a bit. She chuckled and turned back to Mayu.

"I think we should let them sleep a few minutes more. I'll prepare the coffee. Maybe coffee smell can wake them up." Yuihan said as she walked to the kitchen.

Mayu took her phone and snapped a photo of the couple who still dozed off. She grinned while typed at her phone, 'most adorable couple ever'. Just before she hit the post button, she take a second look at the couple who curled against each other, and finally she hit the cancel button.

She giggled as she heard Miyuki mumbled something and curled closer to Sayaka's warm, inviting chest, her drool left a noticable small stain on Sayaka's nightshirt.

Mayu closed the door softly and join Yui at the kitchen to prepare a light breakfast for the couple who's still sleeping peacefully in each other's arms

Yep, she'll definitely keep the photo's as an important teasing material for both of them.


Sayanee: Uhmm... *wake up, but can't move herself because Milky's latching onto herself*

Sayanee: Miyuki? But I smell coffee from outside?

Sayanee: *walk into the kitchen and find Yuihan and Maachun there*

Yuihan: Ara ara, the sleeping beauty already arise from her slumber.

Maachun: You two are so cute so we don't want to wake you up. *show the picture*

Sayanee: !#&$^@??? *blush so hard*

Milky: *walk in* Are, Yuihan and Maachun~ Good morning 😊

Maachun: Look Milky, both of you are so cute in this photo *also showing the picture to Milky*

Sayanee: Maachun, delete the photo now! *run chasing Maachun*

Milky: Uwaa~ Sayaka-chan so cute~ Maachun, send me the photo please! I'll upload it to my twitter~

Sayanee: don't you dare! *red as tomato*


Ahahahaha finally I write it!

I hope you enjoy this snippet. Fluff is my turf lol, hopefully it's fluff enough for your taste

It was just I really missed Sayamilky after Milky's graduation...and also I just really, really curious as to Sayaka's comment to being groped by Acchan at the changing room. Since some of the member have reputations of groping *coughyukocough* I was wondering, whether she's often being groped (especially with her asset) when she's working with AKB?

And also today I re-read the manga AKB49. During the NMB arc, it's said Sayanee didn't like her body seen, let alone touched even by the members. But I don't know if it's true or just made up for the plot bunny. Any thoughts of this matter?

Oh and have a very happy new year 2017!! I hope this year will be great to all of you! And to Sayanee too. May she reign supreme at this years' sousenkyo! 😆😆😆

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Happy New Year! Very good story.
Like the Wmatsui, Sayamilky is a couple I will definitely miss.

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Different 2 tops (wmatsui & sayamilky snippet)

MC: please describe your partner using 2 words!

MC: let's start with SKE48, the infamous Wmatsui!

J: hmmm~

R: for Jurina would be... energetic I think. She's a bundle of energy.

MC: oh that's true! Energetic, and?

R: puppy, she's always clingy towards other members and kissing them.

J: ehehehe~

MC: but you're often declining her advance?

R: ehh~ well...yes. *laugh awkwardly*

MC: and why is that?

R: it's embarassing! Doing so in public is off limit.

J: ehhh 😢😢 but on the other hand Rena-chan sometimes also hugging and kissing other members! She even posted about it!

R: 😨 ehh!

MC: maa, let's get going, how about Jurina-san? What 2 words would you use to describe Rena-san?

J: hmm, gorgeous, I think? Like, beautiful and elegant princess.😘😍😍

R: *blush*

J: and...hmm *hesitate* 😐😐

J: I think Rena-chan's a bit lolicon.

R: lo-lolicon??? 😱

MC: lolicon?? 😂😂 what do you mean by that??

J: you see, when we started debuted as SKE48, she's okay with me clinging into her... but lately she didn't even spare me a glance 😢😢😢 I wonder it's because I don't look appealing to her taste anymore?

R: no no, of course it's not like that...

J: Rena-chaan~ chuu~ 😚

R: Jurina! 😬 stop it!

J: eeh~ Rena-chaaan... 😭😭


MC: please describe your partner using 2 words!

MC: now we have the other two tops from NMB48! Please welcome Sayamilky duo!

S: Hello!

M: Sayamilky here~

MC: let's start with Sayanee-san, please tell us about Milky-san in 2 words.

S: hmm Milky, huh? Fisher. And she's the best in whole 48 group, Nishi no kami-taio.

MC: ooh! Yes, she's famous with her fishing skill, it's even recognized by national fan.

M: ehehehe~😄😄

MC: please tell us more!

S: hmmm~ she's a mischievous, no. Rather than mischievous, I think she's the devil incarnate herself.

MC: right, devil incarna- wait, what?!

S: well, her another nickname, Warukii even got a song dedicated to her mischievous side. She may looks like a cute, harmless girl, but don't let her innocent smile fool you! Many members already being fallen prey to her mischief.

MC: that so? 😰

M: ehehehe~ Sayaka-chan~ 😄☻

S: *innocent smile* 😛😝

MC: So what about Sayanee-san? Milky-san, please tell us about her.

M: about Sayaka-chan...hmm, a dork maybe?

MC: d-dork? Yamamoto Sayaka? I was thinking about the line of cool, kakkoi, ikemen, but dork? 😂 That was rather unusual.

M: well yes, many members and fan called her cool, and ikemen, and she also exude boss-like aura--

S: boss like aura~ what the heck *snicker* 😂

M: like when she say something, and her stare's so intense you can't say no. Isn't that 'like a boss' like?

MC: her stare.

M: passionate gaze~

S: what 😂😂

M: but the gap when's she's in a 'bossy' mode and when she's being 'shy' is pretty moe too.

MC: well yes, that's true...Wait we're sidetracked. Let's get back to the topic.

M: right. Even with her selling cool and serious character, when she's relaxed she just show her funny side. Lately she even casually show it during stage or when she's MC-ing.

M: Like, it's the real Yamamoto Sayaka, below the cool talented girl layer, she's just an  adorkably cute girl.

MC: ooh~ it's great to see another side of Sayanee-san isn't it?

M: and also...her CHIN!

S: what the heck, Milky?! 😲

MC: what? 😰

M: it's like her trademark, isn't it? Even members and fans also joked and acknowledged it as her trademark trait.

M: it also sticked as her on Majisuka Gakuen, come on, when you say 'chin' in 48 group related things, obviously the first one came to your mind is Sayaka-chan, right? Yes she's that famous.

S: the heck, Milky? Are you looking for a fight? 😬😬

M: look at her chin! Eh isn' it bigger and shinier than yesterday? Sayaka-chan you're awesome! ☻

S: see? It's the devil incarnate herself 😬😝

Wmatsui is like a gentle breeze in the middle of summer heat. Heavenly existence that made us yearning more and more as we face the harsh current reality. well, Wmatsui is strictly business pair. Irl they rarely gave us a treat, though mostly the resistance came from R side.

On the other hand, Sayamilky is like a tidal wave. You see the wave rising, play with it, and without realizing suddenly you were swallowed by it. I always knew Sayamilky was there, but never really paid an attention before. And when Milky graduate (I missed her announcement), here I am writing about them shamelessly, reminiscing the good ol' days.


...and here I am suddenly see a plot bunny:
an one sided love wmatsui story where Jurina is a student who crushes on her teacher, (R). Despite her unrequited feelings and rather fruitless advances, she also happened to play cupid matchmaker for her friends, whom have their own troubled relationship, like:

Milky whose advances never sway her beloved Sayanee, who actually is rather jealous to J because Milky always looks so close and so flirty with J

Mayuyu and her LDR with Yukirin (who, apparently is R's friend and also consulted with R about her troubled relationship)

And Yui Paru who are bestfriend almost turned girlfriend, but happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, offering good advices that backfired to them, creating a great jelaousy rift between them.

And also cameos from other infamous pairing like atsumina, kojiyuu, saeyaka, and others as they get entangled in the red string of fates


Too bad the show48 was shot down. I was watching geinin but never really completed it. Good thing I watched the movie first. It was awesome. Anyone know where to watch geinin series online other than youtube?

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Re: Kumo's OS pit: Different two tops (wmatsui & sayamilky snippet) / 6 jan
« Reply #13 on: January 26, 2017, 08:32:20 PM »
Thanks especially for the SayaMilky fluff.
Never will have enough SayaMilky fluff in my life  :lol:

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