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Author Topic: Miniju's OS box - [OS] Stupid Game (YuriAnnin)  (Read 14773 times)

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Miniju's OS box - [OS] Stupid Game (YuriAnnin)
« on: July 25, 2017, 12:25:14 PM »
Hello !

I'll post my OS (or TS) here, (even though I publish it on my blog ^^"). Well, it will be mostly YuriAnnin, I hope you will enjoy it. Sorry for the mistakes :bow:


I know, isn't YuriAnnin and it's a two shots  :roll:

Have a nice reading !

Come back to me [Part 1] (SayaMilky)

I was walking, the soft music playing in my ears. I light wind blew in my hair. It was Monday, the beginning of the week.

“Ano…” An unfamiliar voice said next to me.

I took one of my earphones off and looked at the girl. I never met her before. She seemed to be lost.

“Can you help me?” She asked with a bright smile.

I nodded, staring at her. The girl was really friendly, maybe too much.

“I’m lost, I’m looking for Namba’s High School.” She told me, pouting a bit.

“I’m going there, come with me.” I told her and she started walking happily next to me.

We reached the school. We didn’t talk. I was afraid to ask her name or even talk to her. I didn’t really know why, I just stayed quiet. Then, she left, yelling her thanks.

“Who was she?” Miru asked, referring to the girl.

“I don’t know, she was lost.” I shrugged before going into the classroom.

My friend must have thought I was weird. I took a girl in our school without asking anything.

It was few minutes later. We were in the classroom while the girl vanished from my view after taking her to the school. The teacher came into the class, a student next to him. It was her. I released a hopeless sigh. 

“I’m Watanabe Miyuki.” The annoying girl bowed in front of the class.

I couldn’t believe it, she was transferred in my class. She was rich. We knew that the school will accept each of her requests. Our school was pretty poor, the principal could accept anything for money.

“You will sit-”

“Here!” She interrupted the teacher, pointing the seat next to me.

I looked at Kei who was sitting here. She let out a sigh and left me. The princess sat next to me with a stupid grin. I already hated her. I couldn’t believe what just happened. The students whispered around me, speaking about Miyuki.

“Nice to meet you again, Yamamoto Sayaka.”

I stare at her without answering. How did she know my name? I told nothing that morning. 

It had been four days that Miyuki was in our class, still next to me. We didn’t use to talk. Well, she talked to me but I never answered. Bad first impression I guessed. 

“Sayaka-chan~” A voice yelled, waving to me.

“Oh God…” I mumbled.

I didn’t want to see her, especially during our lunch time. She reached my friends and me, the same smile on her face. She called me ‘Sayaka-chan’, I didn’t like it. I should’ve tell her but I reminded quiet about it.

“What do you want?” Kei snapped at Miyuki.

“See Sayaka-chan.” She answered simply with a cute voice.

“We’ll go then.” Miru said and my two friends left me.

“Wait!” I yelled, running after them, but Miyuki grabbed my arms.

I watched my friends walking away. I sighed. I looked at the girl who was happily next to me. I didn’t know what to do anymore.

I took another deep breath. Two months. Two months that I was trying hard to stand her. Miyuki didn’t stop following me since we met. My friends couldn’t see her anymore and I started being very mad against the girl. They avoided me. I needed to tell her to stop this stupid behavior. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Miyuki?” I called her suddenly when we were in the corridor.

“Did you really say my name…?” She answered, stunned.

I sighed and grabbed her arms to pull her in a quiet place. Was she really stunned? It was the first time but why? It was something really important, right?

“Stop it!” I shouted, making her stepped back.

I surely afraid her. I used to be calm and I started yelling at her.


“That’s enough! I can’t take it anymore! My friends are avoiding me because of you. Stop calling me ‘Sayaka-chan’, we aren’t friends. You’re just an annoying girl.”

My words were harsh. I finally told her the truth. Was it wrong? Did she deserve it? I couldn’t know. But it was too late anyway. She was on the verge of the tears. We stayed both quiet for a few seconds. The tears started running along her cheeks.
“Sayaka baka!” She shouted, crying.

I couldn’t answer, she already left after her words. I wondered why she was crying. We weren’t close friends, we never met before these two months.

- In the middle of the night -

“You don’t deserve to be alive!” A male voice shouted at the kid next to me.

The little girl started crying while I took her hand gently to comfort her.

“Don’t cry...” I mumbled, wiping her wet cheeks.

“Thank you… Sayaka-chan...”

I opened my eyes wide and sat on my bed. The sweat rolled on my forehead. I felt my heart pounding fast. I tried to calm myself and looked at the clock. Who was this girl? Was it my childhood’s memories? Why did she call me ‘Sayaka-chan’? There were too much questions in my head. It was pretty late… or early in the morning. I couldn’t stay in my bed anymore and decided to stand up. I reached the window and I stared at the dark sky, covered by the shiny stars. I let out a sigh. What was wrong with me?

I left my bed painfully. I was tired. I didn’t sleep well for last night. My mind couldn’t stop thinking.
“Hello Sayanee.” Kei greeted me when I came into the classroom.

I answered with a light wave. I was sleepy. The seat next to me was empty, Miyuki used to be here time every days.

“Did you see Miyuki today?” I asked Miru after the class.

She didn’t come. I didn’t know why I felt almost worried about her.

“No. Why? Do you miss her?” My friend teased me while Kei laughed.

“Never!” I yelled, surprising my friends.

Was that true? Of course no. I didn’t care about her, right? 

It had been one week, I didn’t see Miyuki. I did this weird dream each night. It was bothering me. I still didn’t know who the girl was.

“I’ll never leave you, Milky.”

That came in my mind, as a memory. Milky? Who was she? Did I knew her? I guessed I do, as I called her.

It was a little park. The kids were playing around us. I felt the grip on my hands being tighten. I could see the trees, the benches and hear the screams of the children playing.

“Milky!” I shouted at the girl.

She was sitting in front of me. I couldn’t see her face but I recognized her brown hair.

“Sayaka-chan.” She spoke in a soft tone.

I reached her without sitting on the bench. She smiled at me.

I quickly opened my eyes. I felt a big pain on my chest.

“What happened?” I asked, looking around me, stunned.

Miyuki was here, next to me. I was lying on the floor. The street was quiet. We were alone. I didn’t understand everything. Had I an accident?

“Don’t move, I called an ambulance.” She told me.

She squeezed my hand. It was warm. I looked around me, seeing no blood. My chest had no mark, my body seemed intact. Suddenly, my head started spinning. I closed my eyes, feeling Miyuki who shook me.

“Hey! Stay with me!”

“I missed you...” I could mumble before fainting.

I opened my eyes again, looking around me. I seemed to be alone. I sat upright, my head hurt me.
The girl. It was her. It was Miyuki. I thought I could never meet her again. She was my childhood friend. Her father made her left the city when she was still a kid. I understood her behavior. But I couldn’t recognized her. I hoped it wasn’t too late.

“Sayaka.” I quickly turned around.

I stood up, unable to stop the pain. I didn’t know what happened but I didn’t care.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked in a sad tone.

“Stay sit.” Miyuki told me, reaching my side before pushing my shoulder to make me sit on the bed.

She avoided my eyes. I raised her chin to make her face to me. I needed to know. She should have tell me when we met. She wasn’t a mysterious girl. I didn’t understand why she stayed quiet.   

“I can’t stay. My father will come to take me.” I distinguished the tears in the edge of her eyes.

“Don’t leave me.”

The first tear left her eyes, rolling on her cheek. I wiped it with my thumb. She couldn’t go away again.

“Yamamoto.” A male voice called my name.

I discovered Miyuki’s father in front of us. Miyuki turned around slowly. She started walking but I grabbed her wrist strongly. I couldn’t let her go.

“Why? You lived far from her for all these years. Let her go.” He told me without any emotions in his voice.


I never saw her since that day. It had been six years. I still thought about her, I missed her. I felt guilty because I made her cry.
I rode down from my bike. I stared removing my helmet and a ball hit my legs made me turn around. I looked at the little girl who ran to me. She grabbed it before staring at me. She was wearing a cute pink dress with a ponytail. I smiled a bit. She seemed a bit stunned to see someone.

“Nagisa! Come back here!” Her mother shouted.

I raised my eyes on the woman. The little girl ran to her mother’s arms. 

“M-Miyuki?” I mumbled while she took her daughter.

I couldn’t believe she was in front of me. For all these years, I missed her and she was now in front of me.

“What’s wrong?” He asked and looked at me. “Hello Yamamoto-san.” He smiled.

I was here for a new contract. Miyuki quickly left us. I learnt that the man was my new manager and also… Miyuki’s fiancé.
 She grew up in these six years, becoming a beautiful woman. I was sitting in the living room. My manager talked. I wasn’t really listening to him. I couldn’t stay as if nothing happened. My mind was thinking about Miyuki. I loved her. I couldn’t miss someone like that except her.

“Papa~!” Nagisa shouted, running toward my manager.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m coming sweetie. Go to see mama until I’m over.” 

These words were killing me. Miyuki had her life, a daughter, a husband. I couldn’t mess everything while talking to her.

“Yamamoto-san, you should come at our weeding next month. I want you to sing.” He told me with a bright smile.
I couldn’t. I couldn’t see the one I loved with someone else. I looked at the document in front of me, I needed this contract. I nodded with a fake smile. Feeling I was going something wrong.

“Thank you. I’ll let you talk about it to Miyuki about the song. I have a meeting and I need to take my daughter to the school.” He reached his daughter and left.

I looked at Miyuki who didn’t dare to raise her head toward me. She was sitting not far from me.

“Milky.” I spoke almost as a whisper.

“Don’t call me like that.” She snapped, standing up.

I made her upset. Was it about the wedding? She left me, I didn’t understand what was wrong. Maybe, she didn’t want to see me anymore. I followed her, grabbing her arms to not let her go.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t accept for your weeding.” I said while she turned around slowly.

“No. I want you to come.” I stayed surprised. “Sayaka, I missed you…” She said, falling in my arms.

We kept the embrace for some minutes and then we sat on the couch. My heart pounded fast in my chest. I wanted to hug Miyuki for a long time. I had so much questions and things which bothered me for these past years.

“Why did you leave?” I asked without looking at her.

I finally decided to be brave.

“My father wanted me to never see you again…”

“Why?” I tried to understand.

“I loved you… And it was wrong.”

That broke my heart. I bit my lips, trying to not cry. If only… I could do something. But I knew it was too late. She was engaged and she had a daughter.

“I should go.”

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I lost her already.

“Sayaka!” She yelled when I stood up. “Please… I won’t lose you again.” She begged me, pulling my arm.

“Sorry. I won’t see you again.” I spoke without looking at her before leaving.

It hurt me too much. I needed to let Miyuki have her own life while I lived mine… without her.

The next month came quickly. It was the wedding day. I came to sing. I knew today was my last chance to talk with her. I needed to tell her. I didn’t want to regret it forever.
I reached her room, where she changed herself in her wedding dress. I knocked but no answer. I decided to push the door. The wedding dress was putting on a large seat. Didn’t she wear it? I heard someone sobbing.

“Miyuki…” I called her, looking at the crying girl.

That was broking my heart.

“Isn’t a good idea...” She raised her head toward me. “I don’t love him…”

But she had a daughter. I didn’t understand.

“What?” I muttered, confused.

“My father wanted me to marry him.” She told me while I sat next to her.

I didn’t know what to do. I said the stupid thing ever.

“Run away then.”

“I can’t run away. I haven’t any money.”

She was right. I couldn’t let her alone. I loved her. I wanted to protect her, no matter what.

“Run away with me.” I said, patting her head.

I was serious, I hoped she understood it.

“And Nagisa?” She asked.

“Take her with you. She is your daughter.”

Did Nagisa need to see her father? I guessed yes. But I was selfish and I wanted Miyuki to be with me.

She stared at me without speaking. I lowered my hand to stroke her cheek gently. I wanted it so badly. I titled a bit my head and leaned toward her lips. She slowly answered my kiss. I felt in heaven. I didn’t want to let her go.  Someone knocked at the door but none of us wanted that to be end.

“Miyuki!” The voice shouted at the door.

We finally pulled away slowly. I stood up and reached the door to open it.

“Who are- Yamamoto-san?!” The girl shouted at me, surprised to see me her.

“Watanabe-san needed some help…” I answered, feeling my cheeks turning pink.

I lied. I had nothing else to say anyway. Hey, I just kissed your friend and I asked her to run away with me and her daughter. I felt… I didn’t know how I felt. Should I be guilty? Should I be afraid? 

“I see. We’re waiting for her.” She said before leaving.

I closed the door and looked at Miyuki who was behind me. A question was burning my lips.

“What will you do?”

I was sitting with the other people, doing as if nothing happened. I waited.

The door was pushed strongly. Miyuki was here, with her normal clothes. Everybody looked at her, dumbfounded. A slight smile appeared in the corner of my lips.

“The wedding is canceled!” She shouted, walking toward my manager.

“What?” My manager let out.

The people started being restless. Miyuki’s way to announce it was pretty rough.

“I never loved you.”

“What will you do alone?” He asked, completely lost because of what happened.

“I-I…” She mumbled.

I couldn’t let Miyuki like this.

“She’ll go with me.”

All the gazes were on me. I didn’t like it, but I hadn’t any other choices. I reached Miyuki, grabbing her hand to reassure her.

“You? I’ll break your career then.” He muttered but I could hear him. “Miyuki, stay with me.”

“She will come back to me.” I answered without leaving his eyes.

Miyuki was more important than my career.

“Do you forget your daughter?” He looked at the young girl, sitting on the bench.

Miyuki took Nagisa in her arms and we started leaving. Nagisa buried her head on her mother’s neck.

“Yamamoto!” He shouted. “Don’t forget, I’ll ruin your career.”

Miyuki cast me a worried glance. I didn’t care. I showed her a light smile, showing that was okay. All I needed it was Miyuki by my side.

We lived together for the past year, it had been thirteen years. We raised Nagisa, she was a calm and cute kid. She grew up quickly.

“Tadaima~” Nagisa yelled when she entered in the house.

She had a young girl by her side. It was Shu, her best friend in high school.

“Okaeri.” Miyuki said, looking at the girls.

I raised my head toward them with a light smile.

“We will do our homework.” Nagisa said, her cheeks a bit red.

Nagisa’s phone vibrated. She took it and checked the text but her smile dropped quickly. I wondered what it was. I hoped it wasn’t something serious. She put it in her pocket again and left toward her room with Shu…

To Be Continued…

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Re: Nezumi's OS box - [Two-shot] Come back to me (SayaMilky) [Part 1]
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2017, 03:35:51 PM »
Miniju-san, Konbanwa,

The new semester had started and that means that I had started to get busy again. Very busy actually that I don't think I will have time to read fics, let alone write some, for a while. In fact, right now, I need to work on something that is due tomorrow. But, I came across this new thread of yours and couldn't help but thinking that I have to leave a comment just to say that: I am very proud of you.

Yes, there are still many rooms of improvement. Yes, there are still some parts that are grammatically incorrect or you simply confused an English word with another (like "remained" and "reminded"; perhaps because they sounded similar). But, comparing to some of your other fics that I had read, I can say that, in my opinion, this story flows better. You took advantage of the 1st PoV used to explore and explain more about the character's feelings and, I think, that improves your writing a lot.

Giving more explanation related to each character presented in the story, and more description related to the time skip (since you use quite a lot in this story) may improve the writing even further. I can't really go into detail right now about how you may do that. But, when I do have another chance to get online (for leisure, not for work), I'll let you know on Twitter (if that's all right with you).

Anyway, still, congrats! I'm glad to see your improvement. Please keep on writing and improving. We do need a lot more YuriAnnin stories (and I do appreciate your occasional SayaMilky story)  :)

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Miniju's OS box - [OS] After All Night Nippon (YuriAnnin)
« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2017, 12:26:10 PM »
@DeNight: I have nothing more to say here so : Thank you a lot :3

So ! Finally: YuriAnnin :D Don't worry, the second part of Come Back to me will come... another time :P

Have a nice reading ! :)

After-All Night Nippon (YuriAnnin)

It was dark. I just left the studio of the All Night Nippon. It was really great and funny, as always. I was tired. Tanochan and Saho were afraid because of the scary mails. Well, I was a bit too. When the phone rang, I just jumped to grab Juri’s arm as a kid. Also, Naachan was really brave, she went into the studio alone. But anyway, the night around me didn't reassure me after that two hours in the horror atmosphere. I reached my home, opening the door when suddenly-

“BAH!” Someone shouter next to me.

I moved quickly, hitting the wall with my back. I closed my eyes and my heart pounded hard in my chest. My breathing speeded up. The girl afraid me so much. I was nervous because of what happened for the night. I was angry against her. She should have known it wasn’t a good time to joke. 

“You’re an idiot.” I said, upset, looking at the girl.

“You’re a coward, Annin.” Yuria teased me but I stayed annoyed.

I didn’t answer and left to the bathroom. I had nothing to say. I didn’t want to fight with her, I was too tired for it. I took a long shower. With the hot water running along my body, I felt less afraid. A light knock on the door made me jump with surprise. I let out a long sigh, I was definitely not calm. 
I went out from the room, drying my soaked hair with a towel. I reached the couch and sat. Two arms wrapped my neck from behind. I curled up, hugging my knees. I felt a soft breathe against my ear. It was Yuria, I knew but I couldn’t be helped, she scarred me.

“I listened to the All Night Nippon and… you’re sexy voice.” She whispered. 

My heart turned wild again but not for the same reason. She was referring when I read the letter. My face flushed because of Yuria’s comment. I didn’t dare to move, staying stiff on the couch.

“But… somehow, I’m jealous because everyone could listen to it.” She told me, removing her arms from my neck.

I quickly turned around and pulled her, my hands on her face, I gave her a rough kiss. I didn’t know if it was because I was mad and I wanted her to be quiet or because I wanted it so badly. She didn’t really move her lips, mostly stunned by my reaction.

“You’re annoying, you know?” I told her, pouting.

I stood up and walked to the bedroom. I wondered why Yuria didn’t answer. Had she enough of teasing me? I stopped in front of the door, looking behind me. She didn’t move and stared at me.

“Are you going to come?” I said in the same tone.

She reached me and lowered her head. She finally understood I was mad and she needed to let me. I sat on my bed and chuckled a bit because of Yuria’s pouting face. She looked a bit stunned.

“I’m just tired, let’s sleep.” I said, smiling.

I pulled her into a hug, my head rested on her stomach. She stroked my hair gently before speaking.

“Can I have good night kiss then?”

I removed myself, she looked at my with puppy eyes. I nodded, showing that she could. She leaned toward me and I gave her a proper and real kiss. We cuddled in the bed. Yuria took my in her arms, I felt safe, it was warm, I wasn’t afraid anymore. My day exhausted me. I closed my eyes, relaxing.

“Anna?” Yuria’s voice called my name.

I looked at her, waiting for her to speak.   


Her tone was definitively cute.

“It’s okay.” I smiled, showing her I was not mad before closing my eyes again.

I felt a light kiss on my forehead. I put my head against her neck, breathing her soft scent. Her arms wrapped my waist and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The End.

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Re: Miniju's OS box - [Two-shots] Come back to me [Part 2] (Nagishu)
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2017, 12:16:41 PM »
Finally, the second and last part is here ! :D
It will be about Nagisa and Shu, I hope you will enjoy it :)
Have a nice reading :)

Come back to me [Part 2] (NagiShu)

I was sitting on my seat, putting my stuff in my bag. My friend, next to me wasn’t moving and stared at the desk. She seemed to be lost in her thought.

“Are you okay?” I asked, pushing a bit her shoulder.

She quickly looked at me, her weird look turning into a bright smile.

“Y-Yeah!” She almost yelled, looking at me.

Shu was my best friend since long time. I was nervous, I didn’t know why. I should have feeling comfortable to speak to her.

“Shuu… Do you wanna come at home today?” I said but she looked at me with disbelief. “T-To do our homework!” I quickly added, feeling my cheeks turning pink.

“Why not.” She told me, a slight smile on her lips.

I rarely asked her to come at home. It was really embarrassing, I was clumsy.

- At the house - 

“Tadaima~” I yelled, entering in my place.

“Okaeri.” Mom said, looking at us a bit surprised.

I was alone usually. I hope she will not ask too much questions about Shu.

“It’s Shuu. We will do our homework.” I told them and my phone vibrated.

I took it out, checking the text. I wondered who it could be, as Shu was just next to me.

From: Unknown
To: Nagisa
Would you come back to me?

My smile dropped. Who was it? I didn’t know the phone number. Come back? I never left someone… Maybe- No it couldn’t be… I did as if it was nothing and put my phone on my pocket again. I showed a reassuring smile at Sayaka who seemed a bit worried about my strange face. Then, Shu and I left toward my bedroom.

“Are you all right Nagisa?” She asked in a soft tone.

“I am!” I said with a bright smile to not make her worry.

I had been one hour since I was at home with Shu. I felt something was wrong. It was him, it was definitively him. I couldn’t stop thinking about the text. Will he come to take me? He will hurt me?

“Nagisa! Listen to me!” My friend shouted, pulling me from my thoughts.

I looked at her, emotionless. I didn’t want to that happen. I tried to show a slight smile but it cracked immediately. I felt the tears on my cheeks, I bit my lips and closed my eyes, trying to stop it. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Hey…” She whispered while I put my hands on her waist to embrace her. “What’s wrong?” She asked but I couldn’t answer, continuing to cry.

“I-I won’t see him again…” I managed to say between my sobs.

She didn’t know what I was talking about. Even me, I wasn’t sure.

“What?” I heard Sayaka behind us.

Sayaka’s voice sounded worried. Did she understand?

We pulled away from the warm hug and I showed my phone at Sayaka. She took it. Reading the text, her face changed little by little. She left us, clenching her fists.

We stayed quiet for a few minutes until I calmed myself. I needed to tell Shu.

“It was my father, I guess.” I stared speaking without looking at her.

I told her all the story. That he wanted mom to marry him but she ran away with Sayaka. I also explained about mom’s father, he didn’t let mom see her lover. But I didn’t expect for this kind of answer.

“But you can’t hate him.” She said, avoiding my eyes. “I mean, without him you will not be there…” She lowered a bit her head.

She couldn’t understand. I should have known it. That made me angry. All the pain which was stuck in my heart suddenly came out.

“How can you say that?! He broke mom’s life and Sayaka’s career!” I shouted at her.

“Don’t you want to be born then?” She asked as a provocation to make me understand.

She made it worse. It was enough. I didn’t care about being here.

“Yeah and I never met someone like you! Go out from here!” I yelled at her.

She looked at me sadly. Did my words hurt her? I didn’t care. She reached the door and spoke before leaving.

“Nagisa, you should be glad to be alive.”

When she left, I laid on my bed, crying loudly. I lost my only and best friend. I hated myself for being alive. Because of him, mom and Sayaka’s life was broken and I was here.

“Nagisa? Why was Shu crying?” Mom asked, sitting next to me on my bed.

“I don’t want to see her anymore.” I snapped, burying my head in the cushion.

She surely noticed my tears as she stroked my hair to calm me.

“Don’t say that. She is your friend.”

“Never! I don’t need anyone!” I shouted again, leaving her.

I passed by the living room. Sayaka and Shu were there, looking at me. I walked toward the door.

“Nagisa!” Shu yelled at me when I was outside. “What’s wrong with you?!” She asked, grabbing my arm tightly.

“I shouldn’t have to be alive!” I finally yelled, telling the real pain in my heart.

I didn’t deserve to be alive. I didn’t want to someone loves me or I fall in love. I didn’t want to ruin other’s life as happened with mom and Sayaka. Nobody deserved something as that. I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt guilty.

“Don’t say that…” I looked at her, for the first time the tears were running on her cheeks. “I need you…”

“Then, you should find other friends.” I answered coldly.

I couldn’t hide it anymore. I didn’t want to Shu be my friend. I liked her but the text reminded me I didn’t deserve her kindness.

“I love you Nagisa.”

I couldn’t be true. She was lying, nobody loved me. I didn’t want to hear that stupid thing. I slapped her hard. A red mark appeared on her cheek. I ran away, leaving her.

I looked at the sky. The stars appeared, illuminating the dark night. What is okay? I didn’t know. I just needed to be alone. Did I mean it? No. Maybe, I was just mad. I couldn’t want to die. Life was… precious? I was just trying to convince myself. Shu’s words were still in my head, ‘I love you’. Was it true?

Suddenly, I felt a grip on my arm, pulling me in a darker place. I stared at the guy, emotionless.

“Nagisa?” He said but I didn’t answer. “I know, that’s you… I missed you so much, my daughter.”

It was him. The guy I hated so much, my father. The one who destroyed mom and Sayaka’s life. I tried to remove his catch, make him release me but it was useless.

I always thought that was my fault if mom hadn’t a great life. I came when she was only nineteen years old. She ran away with Sayaka when I was four years old. If I wasn’t here- If only he didn’t- He was my father and I couldn’t stand him. One tear flowed on my cheek. I was in a little room, laying down on a mattress. I let out a long sigh. The door was being open slowly. I looked at him with disgust.

“Where is your bright smile?” He asked as if I was a kid.

“Why? Why will you do? I just wanna-”

“I missed you Nagisa, you know? So stop being moody.” He approached his hand to pat my head but I stepped back. “What the hell do you want?!” He suddenly yelled.

I couldn’t talk, the words didn’t find their way in my mouth. A chilling feeling wrapped my heart.

“Don’t look at me with these eyes. I missed you. Miyuki was selfish when she took you.” He started speaking. “I love you, you know? It wasn’t my fault.”

“Stop.” I interrupted him in a shaking tone. “It’s you.”

“Me? I thought she loved me.”

Did she hate me? Why? Why am I here if she didn’t love him?

I waited. My mind full of questions. I needed to go out from here. Should I stay? Wait for… for what? Will mom and Sayaka come to take me even after what I said? Did they hear us? Shu must have also hated me.

“Nagisa? Do you know her?” My father asked, showing a pic on his phone.

“W-Why?” I mumbled.

I knew her. It was… Shu.

“Who is it?”

“She is… my friend.”

What will he do? He couldn’t hurt her, she was my friend.

“We fought last time. I don’t know how she found me…” I added, hoping to stop him from a possible bad action.


His tone was strangely calm. He wasn’t angry against me. I didn’t understand what he wanted. I was stuck in the house. He gave me food, clothes… I could move everywhere in the house.

He came back a few minutes later, Shu next to him. I was afraid but she smiled.

“Hey Nagisa. I wanted to talk to you because of your little fight.” She was definitely lying.

Shu wasn’t a lost cause… at least, not all the time.

“Let’s talk in my room.”

My father grabbed my arm, making me stop.

“Don’t tell her anything.”

Shu did as if nothing happen and we reached my bedroom. 

“I’m so sorry. Please Shu, don’t hate me. I begged you.” I sobbed but I managed to say these words.

“I can’t hate you Nagisa.” She answered, kindly.

She pulled me into a hug before patting my head.

“I will find a solution.” She whispered in my ears, making my cheeks flushed.

“I was mean to you. I didn’t mean it. I love you Shu.”

I froze in her arms. Did I really say it? I didn’t want to. She will think I love her. Wait. Was it true?

She didn’t move her hand anymore.

“I’ll go.” She said aloud, pulling away.

I stared at her. I didn’t know what to think.

“I’ll save you. I promise.” She murmured, smiling.

Then, she left. I tried to clear my mind, closing my eyes.

“Nagisa!” I quickly looked at the woman in front of me. “My girl!” She hugged me tightly.

“S-Sayaka?” I mumbled, hugging her back.

I wanted to ask her how she came here but she quickly pulled me outside. I saw mom with relieved face. I smiled and took her in my arms.

“How do you…?” I recognized my father’s voice not far from us.

I released my mom and looked at him, distinguishing a figure coming next to me.

“I can give you a great life. We can make up for lost time, right?” He said, trying to convince me.

I looked at my left. Shu was here. I didn’t think and ran in her arms. She seemed a bit surprised but she hugged me back.

“Take care of her. We have something to do here.” Sayaka told Shu.

I followed Shu to my real home. We didn’t talk, both stayed quiet. I wanted to tell her I was sorry, to hug her again.

“Nagisa.” She called me when we were in the front of the house.

I turned around and stared at her. I tried to talk but the words were stuck in my mind. She gently grabbed my hand before looking into my eyes again.

“I’m glad you’re fine.”

It sounded wrong. There was something which bothering her. What was it? That made me worried. I came closer and hugged her again. We didn’t stay too long in each other’s arms. I pulled away, letting my arms around her body. Did I want it? I didn’t want to hurt Shu’s feelings. What should I do? I leaned to kiss her but I stopped myself a few inches from her lips.

“Are you… sure?” She asked in a concerned tone.

I closed the gap, putting my lips against Shu’s ones. I kissed her. I felt fine. I enjoyed the warm feelings which wrapped around my heart. I loved her. She answered at my kiss, putting her arms around my neck.

“I am.” I told her when we pulled away. “I love you.” I said, a slight smile was drawing on my mouth.

The End.

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Re: Miniju's OS box - [OS] Dream (Yuria's POV) (YuriAnnin)
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You can check Anna's POV here : Dream (Anna's POV)
Have a nice reading ! (Sorry for the mistakes ><)

Dream (Yuria’s POV) (YuriAnnin)

I looked at myself in the mirror. The blood was running along my lips. I took a tissue and wiped it. It didn’t hurt anymore, I used to wipe my lips. I let out a hopeless sigh. I felt lost and alone. It’s just the same every day now. People, fight, yells. My parents wanted me to stop fighting. I would like but what will I do after?

“Yuria!” I heard my dad shouting my name.

I reached him and my mother who were waiting for me. I didn’t look at them. I didn’t dare. I knew they will notice it quickly.

“Did you fight again?” My mother asked in a concerned tone.

I didn’t answer and started eating in the silence. They knew I fought. But the stopped telling me. They kept quiet, looking at me. I was hopeless. I forgot how to smile or laugh.


Someone rang at the house’s door. I suddenly remember, my father’s co-worker and his daughter came to visit us. I opened the door, looking at them. So, it was her. Poor girl.

“I’m Wataru Kizaki. You’re supposed to be Anna, right?” My father who just reached my side said at the girl.

“Yes.” She simply answered, bowing a bit to greet us.

“There is my son, Tatsuya, and my daughter, Yuria.” My brother and I bowed in front of Anna and her father.

“We will eat! Come on!” My father told us in a loud tone.

We simply followed him before sitting around the table. Anna was next to Tatsuya. She seemed a bit lost. After some minutes while nobody talked, my father said suddenly.

“Anna can stay here for the night.”

The young girl raised quickly her head, stunned.

“Fine, her bag is in the car.” Anna’s father answered.

Her cheeks flushed, I didn’t dare to talk, she didn’t know why she was here. I had no words to describe it. They couldn’t do that.

“Sorry but, why I need to stay?” She asked in a polite tone.

“To spend time with your fiancé.”

The shock was clearly on Anna’s face.

“What?” She mumbled, trying to understand.

“It’s for business.” Her father answered.

Anna didn’t talk anymore until her father left us. We put her in a single room, near to mine. I wanted to help her but I didn’t know how. I could hear my brother who talked to her, pulling me from my thoughts.

“Kiss me.”

That made me angry. I couldn’t understand why he was acting like an idiot. I left my room and reached Anna’s ones. I leaned against the wall, next to the door.

“Leave me now.” Anna voice’s sounded a bit hopeless.


“Leave her.” I snapped before quickly disappearing.


I opened my eyes. I took my phone and looked at the time. I stretched out and decided to stand up. What a weird dream…

“Hello Yuria.” My mom told me, a light smile on her face.


“Don’t forget about tomorrow. Would you buy a few things for us?” She asked, looking at me.

Ichiro and his girlfriend will come here. I became a bit stressed. I never met her before. I wondered how she was. She must have been a good person. I nodded and took the paper she was handing to me.
One hour later, I left the house, going to the downtown. I didn’t really like to do errand. It was so long and boring. But anyway, I knew I couldn’t say no to my mother. I hoped to see nobody who could disturb me on my way.
I felt something unusual under my foot. I stopped myself and looked at it. It was a white purse. I took it and looked for the person. I quickly distinguished a young girl who was walking in the opposite direction. I wanted to ask her if it was hers but when she turned around, I totally lost my words.

“Sorry, you lost that.” I said, handing it to her.

She stared at me, confused.

“Thanks…” She answered in a quiet tone.

I quickly left her. Was it possible? She really looked like the girl from my dream. She had the same expression, the same voice. It was really surprising.
The D-day came quickly. I heard someone ringing at the door. I will act cool. Everything will be fine. I didn’t need to worry, right? What could happen after all?
I reached the main room, looking at the girl next to my brother. Wait. Again? It was her.

“I’m Yuria.” I simply said.

We stayed quiet for a few seconds.

“I know you, you’re the girl who lost her purse.”

Why did I say that? There was nonsense. I was too stressed out. But it seemed that she didn’t notice I wasn’t feeling comfortable.

“Yes, it was me. I’m Anna, nice to meet you.” She smiled at me.

I turned around while my father told us it was the time to eat. I remained quiet for all the dinner. My father and Anna’s one knew each other. It seemed he was something like his co-worker or maybe his old friend. Well, I didn’t really remember. I wasn’t focused on the conversation.

It had been a few weeks since the dinner with Ichiro and Anna. I was in the city, walking around. I passed close to a girl. She didn’t seem happy to see me here.

“Eeeeeh, I know you.” The girl told me in a mocking tone.

I stopped myself and looked at her. I put myself into troubles, again.

“You’re such a daddy’s girl.” She grinned, walking to me.

I couldn’t let her say that. It was enough. It wasn’t true. I… I wasn’t a daddy’s girl.

“Don’t speak to me like that, little brat!”

“Oh, is something wrong, old dear?” The leader answered, grabbing my collar.

“What did you say-”

She stopped my sentence, punching me in the face. I touched my lips quickly before kicking her stomach.

“Stop it now!” A familiar voice yelled at us.

The girl ran away, I wanted to run after her but I was curious about the voice. I turned around and made out Anna who reached me.

“Yuria, are you okay?” She asked in a worried tone.

Really? I didn’t her to take care of me. I didn’t need her to help me.

“Yeah…” I simply answered, looking away.

I wanted to leave but she put a tissue on my injured lips, wiping the blood away. I stared at her. I noticed her cheeks becoming red.

“I’m fine.” I snapped in a cold tone.
I didn’t like to see her blushing. It made me uncomfortable. But she didn’t stop and continued to wipe the blood.

“You shouldn’t fight like a kid.”

I pushed her hand, annoyed.

“Tsk… You’re not my mother.”

“But I-”

I quickly left her. I didn’t care anyway. She didn’t need to take care of me because I was her boyfriend’s sister.
I didn’t see Anna since the last time, it had been a few days now. I was a bit mean with her. She just tried to help me after all. I sent a text to my brother, asking him to give me his address. He was a bit stunned at first but I told him I wanted to see Anna. He didn’t ask me why. I acted as if we became friends.

“Hey.” I said with a light smile when Anna opened the door.

She must have been surprised to see me there. She let me go in. It was awkward. Really.

“I want to apologize. I know you just tried to help me.” I told her without looking at her.

“It’s okay.” She answered in a soft tone.

I could hear my heart beat in my chest. It was faster than usual. What was it? Stress?

“Be careful, please.” She added, a light smile on her lips.

I looked at her, nodding.

“Let’s going out next time, okay?”

“Okay.” I said, a bit surprised. “I’ll go. See you later.” I told her before leaving.

We hanged out a few times. I understood that it wasn’t the stress. It didn’t want to stop. Each time, each day I saw her. My heart turned wild. I couldn’t understand. I closed my eyes, thinking about her. I released a light sigh. Why me? Or why her? Was I falling in love with my brother’s girlfriend?
She asked me to stop fighting. I told her I didn’t know and she didn’t insist. I decided to talk with the girl who liked to fight with me. I wanted to stop.

“So, what do you want?” She asked in a harsh tone.

I bit my lips, trying to not punch her in the face.

“Stop everything. It’s enough.”

“Oh really?” She said with a mocking smile.

“I’m tired of this.” I looked away.

I heard her laugh and felt a big pain in my stomach. I didn’t react. She punched me. I let me fall on the floor, against the wall. I started couching, feeling my lungs which were burning.

“Yuria? What happened?” I immediately recognized Anna’s worried voice.


I didn’t want her to see me hurt. I felt bad. What should I do?

“Why are you here? Every time I lose…” I mumbled, trying to act cool to not cry.

“I-I… Just… I’ll help you-”

She leaned to help me. I pulled her, cutting her sentence. She stared at me, her cheeks flushed. She was so pretty. I stood up, still holding her.

“I wanted to see you more closely. I want…” I said in a soft tone, grabbing her collar with me two hands.

“Y-Yuria… S-Stop it…” She mumbled, turning her eyes away from me.

I pulled her again, our faces a few inches apart. I wanted to kiss her so badly. I was dying to taste her lips.

“W-We can’t…”

“I know, but I can’t help it…”

Of course we couldn’t. What will think Ichiro? My parents? At that very moment, I didn’t think about the consequences and our lips met. I gave her a gentle kiss. I didn’t expect her to answer but she did it. I felt her lips which replied back to my kiss. But after a few seconds, she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me away.

“D-Don’t do it again…”

“I’m sorry, it was a mistake…”

I wasn’t sorry. I didn’t really care. I needed it. But, she will hate me. I wondered why she didn’t push me earlier. She couldn’t love me, right?

I needed to act as if nothing happened. I hoped Anna didn’t talk about it with Ichiro. They were at our parent’s house today. Anna was talking with my mother. I reached them, a light smile on my face.

“Are you okay Anna?” I couldn’t help teasing her.

Her cheeks turned immediately red when she noticed me. I guessed, our kiss disturbed her, making her feeling uncomfortable. I put my hand on her forehead.

“Y-Yeah, I’m fine.” She answered, trying to be annoyed.

I smiled, but in fact, I just tried to not laugh at her. I quickly left them. I didn’t go too far. I could hear them talking. My mother was right. I found how to smile again when I met Anna. It hurt. I knew it was wrong. But I didn’t want to let her go. I wanted to stay her friend.
It was time for Anna and my brother to go home. I looked for Anna, she was close to him. I called her, making her turn around to me.

“Yuria, what’s-”

I pulled her arm to an empty and quiet place.

“Yuria! What’s wrong with you?” She almost yelled.

“I saw you in my dream. It’s really strange you know.” I lowered a bit my head, feeling embarrassed and stupid.

“Thanks for your help. I know, I’m not a student anymore. I should stop fighting. But I love fighting…” I told her.

I was lying. I didn’t like to fight anymore. Anan asked me to stop. I needed to stop.

“Can we stay friend?” I asked, a bit nervous about her answer.

“We can.” She simply answered while I looked at her.

A question was in my mind since a long time. Why didn’t she reject me earlier? I wanted to ask her. It was the good time now.

“Do you love Ichiro?”

I didn’t know why but I believed a bit that she could love me. But my brother was her boyfriend. She must have been in love with him, right?

“Of course I love him.”

She quickly answered. It was over. I just could be her friend. I will only be her friend then and I will support her. I couldn’t be her lover but I’ll stay by her side.
It wasn’t easy. My heart was pounding fast when we met. I stayed as usual, showing nothing to her. I didn’t want her to avoid me because of my feelings. She surely thought that I didn’t love her and… I didn’t know. Did she think my kiss was just for fun? I couldn’t know. I didn’t want to speak about it anymore.
I was lying on my bed, my eyes closed. I enjoyed the music which filled the house. A ringtone disturbed everything. I groaned, annoyed and took it without looking who the caller was.


‘Yuria… Can we… meet?’

I easily recognized Anna’s voice. Her tone sounded broken, was she fine? Why did she want to see me?

‘Yeah, where are you?’ I asked, going to leave my flat.

‘The place where we kissed…’

Her tone was too light. She wasn’t fine and it worried me a lot.

‘I’m coming.’

I quickly hanged up and run toward the place.

I distinguished her, standing without moving.

“Anna…” She looked at me, the tears were rolling along her cheeks.

She didn’t answer. I quickly pulled her into my arms, rubbing her hair gently. I felt her hugging me back. The rain started. Great. Really good timing. We pushed away.

“Come with me.” I grabbed her hand and we reached my flat.

Her hair was soaking, it made her look sexy. What was I thinking? I told her to sit on the sofa. She did it and her phone rang.

“My father…” She mumbled without answering.

I took it and replied at the phone. She only looked at me, surprised.

‘It’s Yuria.’

‘Where is Anna? She didn’t come back.’

‘She’s with me.’

‘Is she okay?’

‘Yeah, don’t worry.’

‘Great. Take care of her.’

‘Fine. Bye.’

I gave her the phone back.

“You can stay with me if you want…” I told her with a light smile.

I didn’t know what happened but it seemed that it wasn’t a good thing.

“Thanks… Your brother…” She started talking while I sat next to her.

“Hm? What happens?” I asked, waiting.

“…And me… We will be married…”

Oh. My brain surely forgot how to work when I heard her words.

“It’s a good news.” I told her, putting my hand on her shoulder.

She looked at me, it seemed that she didn’t believe me. I couldn’t smile. I wasn’t happy. I didn’t want it to be real.

“Aren’t you happy for us?”

“Of course. But like you cried, I thought that you broke up. It’s really a good news.” I tried to show her a fake smile but she seemed mad.

“I hate you!” She shouted at me, the tears flowing again.

What? Why? She stood up while I stared at her, dumbfounded.

“You’re hurting me so much.”

No. I didn’t want to that happen.

“It’s a misunderstanding…” I mumbled, trying to understand.

“Fine! Don’t play with my feelings anymore.” She yelled before taking her bag to leave.

“I never played…”

I loved her. I didn’t want to hurt. I never played with her. The kiss had a real meaning for me. I was about to cry, my cheeks burning.


I stood up and reached her. I quickly raised my hand and slapped her. I hated what she said. It wasn’t true. I didn’t want to make her upset. I didn’t her to leave me.

“Please… Don’t leave me alone…” I grabbed her shoulders, putting my head on her chest.

I couldn’t stop crying. I wanted to convince her to stay but I wasn’t able to speak.

“It was painful, you know.” I felt her rubbing my back gently.

Her tone didn’t seem angry. She wasn’t angry against me. I felt a bit relieved.

“I’m sorry.” I leaned, kissing her red cheek slowly. “Is it better now?”

My cheeks also turned red, red of embarrassment. I didn’t used to be in that kind of situation. I couldn’t look at her. I felt she wiped my tears with her soft hand before answering.


I quickly felt her lips upon mine. I closed my eyes, enjoyed the warm feeling. I wrapped my arms around her neck, pulling her closer to deepen the kiss. Our lips played for some minutes. The sounds of kisses filled my quiet flat. We parted away, gasping for air.

“Now it’s better.” She said with a smile, looking at me.

“I love you Anna.”

That was all I could and I wanted to say. I knew she will not answer me. She suddenly looked a bit embarrassed.

“You know, you’re cheating on my brother.” I teased her, pouting a bit.

“I-I… It’s…” The words couldn’t come out, I looked at her, distinguishing her red cheeks. “S-Sorry… Are you-” I stopped her, putting my finger on her lips.

“I’m hungry.” I only said with a light smile.

I didn’t want to talk about it. I just wanted to enjoy my time with her. We ate, she made the meal. Anna was really a good cook, not like me.

“Take my bed, I’ll sleep on the sofa.”

I took a cover for the night. Anna needed to sleep well, she was my guest after all.

“Don’t you have a guest room?” She asked a bit surprised.

“No, I don’t need it.”

I hadn’t any friends, nobody came here. I didn’t want to have a big flat just because my family was rich.

“I’ll take a shower, good night.”

I kissed her forehead gently. She smiled at me. This smile made my heart turn wild.

“Good night.” She told me in a soft tone before going into my room.

After my shower, I came back to the sofa. I released a deep sigh, trying to not think too much before closing my eyes and falling asleep…

“Yuria…?” A cute voice called my name.

I opened my eyes, half-asleep.


“Can you… sleep with me?”

My brain was completely off.

“Yeah…” I only answered and stood up.

I reached, taking her hand gently to pull her into my room. We laid down on the bed. I felt her arms wrapping my waist from behind. I also could feel her breath on my nape. It was good. I closed my eyes, and peacefully fell asleep.
I turned around, looking at the empty place next to me. Anna wasn’t here anymore. I stood up, going into the main room. I was alone. I made out a paper on the table. I took it to read it.

‘I’m going to see Ichiro. I want to tell him. Please, don’t be angry.’

Angry? Why should I be angry? Will she… leave me? No. She couldn’t, right? I hoped she will break up with him. I wanted to be with her. I sat on the couch, waiting for her to come back.

After a few… times, I didn’t really know, someone rang at the door. I opened it slowly, looking at the person in front of me.

“Anna…” I mumbled before hugging her tightly. “Don’t leave me… Please…” I told her in a broken voice as if I was about to cry. “Please… Even if you don’t break up…”

I wanted to continue but she cut my ramblings.

“Do you hear me?” She pushed me away, looking at me with a soft smile. “I love you. I broke up with him.”


I knew I was selfish. Ichiro must have been sad, they planned to be married. He was a good person but… I wanted Anna to be mine, no matter what. She pulled me, putting her hands on my cheeks. Her breath against my lips teased me so much, I couldn’t hold it anymore and I leaned.

“Yeah… Really…” She whispered between two kisses. 

Weeks passed. Anna stayed at home. We decided to leave the city. We went to Ichiro’s house to take her last stuff. She didn’t really like to go there. I quickly understood why. My brother was yelling at her, asking her about her leaving.

“I knew it! You found someone else!”

“Stop it, we’re not together anymore.” Anna answered in a calm tone.

I didn’t like the way he was talking to her.

“She’s right, stop yelling at her.”

“Yuria? Why are you here? Did you come to say goodbye at your friend?”

He didn’t know, we didn’t tell our family. They only knew that Wataru and Anna canceled their wedding. It was burning inside me. I wanted to tell him.

“No, I’m her girlfriend. I’m leave with her.”

He looked at me without talking. He was completely dumbfounded. I wanted to laugh at his weird face but I kept acting cool. I took Anna’s bag and left him.

“Yuria…?” She called me when we reached her limousine.

“Hm?” I turned around to look at her.

“Do you remembered… when you saw me in your dream?”

I was a bit surprise about her question. But yes, I remembered, I couldn’t forget our ‘first meeting’ after all.

“Of course, why?”

“You know… In fact… I saw you too…” She said in a hesitant tone. “In my dream.”

I smiled. That was totally weird but mostly funny. I thought it was.

“We’re attaching.” I giggled.

Yeah. We were attaching in our dreams but now we are attaching in the reality.

The End.

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Re: Miniju's OS box - [OS] Lovely Silence (Anna's POV) (YuriAnnin)
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Have a nice reading !
Sorry for the mistakes
You can also check Yuria's POV here : Lovely Silence (Yuria's POV)

Lovely Silence (YuriAnnin) (Anna’s POV)

I was walking, quietly. I followed my mother. She brought me to school today, to my new school. I felt stressed. We went into the sensei office.

"Nice to meet you Iriyama-san." She told me, with a light tone. "I am Yokoyama Yui, your new homeroom professor.

I bowed a bit, a smile on my lips. Then, we sat in front of the office. My mother talked with Yokoyama-sensei. I waited. Everything will be okay. That was what I kept thinking.

"Don't worry. I will take care of your daughter."

I knew. That was they said. But the students rarely felt the same toward me. I followed Yokoyama-sensei to my new class.

"Good morning. It's Iriyama Anna. She moves from Chiba. She's mute but not deaf. So, I hope you will take care of her." The teacher said, looking at the class.

I was mute. I didn't have a lot of friends. They couldn't talk with me after all, why should I be their friend? I stayed alone. I didn't like it but I had no other choices.

"Well, you can take the seat behind Oshima-san." Yokoyama-sensei showed me the place.
I nodded and sat behind the girl. I listened to the class carefully. I was good at study. I was only good at study. So, I did my best to get good grades. The class ended quickly. I wanted to leave the classroom but Yokoyama-sensei stopped me.

"Iriyama-san, I hope you will make some friends here." She told me in a light tone.

I only smiled at her and left. I knew it was impossible. I left the school. Well, I tried to but I lose myself in the corridor. I heard a strong music which was playing not far away. I decided to reach it. I quickly recognized the girl she was one of my classmates. She was dancing but the song ended soon after I came. She took a bottle and started drinking. But she suddenly spat the water, looking at me. I started giggling at her funny reaction. I moved my hands, I knew she will not understand but that was my only way to apologize right now.

"I'm sorry… That… was funny…" She said while I was telling her.

Did she understand? Really?

"That wasn't!" She answered me while I stared at her, surprised.

[Can you understand me?]

"Do I startle you? I learned sign language."

That never happened before. It was the first time I could communicate with someone. Sometimes I used to write but it wasn't the better to have a discussion.

"By the way, my name is Yuria." She told me, smiling.

[Nice to meet you. You're a great dancer.]

I meant it, I could saw her a bit but her moves were perfect.

"Ah… T-Thank you." She mumbled, embarrassed.

[Maybe, do I disturb you?]

Why didn't I think about it sooner? She was surely training and I was just bothering her.

"Not at all. What are you doing here?"

I felt relieved. I couldn't tell her the truth, it was so embarrassing.

[I just passed by.]

"I see. I need to go, it's already late. You should go home too." She told me after looking at the clock.

Well, I should have been home since a long time but I lost myself here.

[You're right. See you tomorrow.]

I wanted to leave first but I didn't know where I needed to go. I just took my phone and pretended to send a text. When Yuria left me, I silently followed her to the exit. I finally reached my home.

"How was your day?" My mother asked me while I sat on the sofa.

[Great.] I only answered.

I didn't if it was great but it was only my first day. I didn't want to tell her about Yuria. I meant, we just talked a bit. I didn't want her to think we were already friends.

I didn't like to stay in the cafeteria. There were too many people and noises. That made me feel uncomfortable. I distinguished Yuria and her friends around a table. I decided to ignore her. She mustn't have talked to me.


I stopped quickly. Did she really call me? I turned around and walked to them.

[Hello.] I smiled a bit.

"Do you want to eat with us?"

I was a bit stunned. I didn't expect her to ask me. But I was glad, I wanted to find a friend. Was she serious or only polite?

[I don't want to bother you.]

"It's fine. Please." She begged me a bit.

It made me smile. I was really happy right now.

[Thanks.] I said and sat next to her.

"Here, Renacchi, Juri and Naachan." She told me while her friends greeted me.

I felt it will be hard to talk with them. They were talking and I stayed quiet as usual.

"Hey Anna, what do you like?" Juri asked me with a smile.

I looked at her, surprised. I felt everybody was waiting for me and I quickly answered.

[I like reading.]

"She said she likes reading." Yuria told them.

I hoped I didn't bother her because she needed to copy my sentences. I enjoyed my time with them. We quickly became friends. They told me that didn't care if couldn't speak, it didn't matter. Even when Yuria wasn't here, I was with Rena, Juri and Nana. We found another way to talk, I wrote. Sometimes they asked me to learn them some words or easy sentences. I felt fine with my new friends.
I was sitting next to Yuria. It was our break.

"Yuria, you'll be fine for the test next week?" Rena asked, her tone sounded a bit worried.

"Aaaaah, I hope so."

I guessed she was lying. We knew she wasn't good at it. I wanted to help her, I knew I could. I patted a bit her shoulder to make her turn around to me.

[Do you want some help?]

She didn't answer and stared at me. What was wrong? Didn't she understand?

[For the test, I can help you.]

"Eh? Really? I mean, is it okay for you?"

Of course it was. I liked to be with her. She was… my friend.

[It is. Are you free after the class?]

[I am. Thank you.]

It was a quite rare that she answered by sign language.

"Hey, we can't understand you." Naachan said, pouting a bit.

I giggled at her.

"Well, you don't need to know." Her tone sounded harsh.

Why? Was something wrong?


I didn't understand. I thought she teased her but she wasn't. She seemed serious. I wondered why. I was in a hurry for the class ended. We decided to go to my home to study today.

[Can we go?]

"Yes." She answered and we left the school.

We didn't talk. I wondered if she felt bad. It wasn't Yuria's style to not speak. Did it bother her? No, if not she would have accepted, right?

"Are we alone?" She finally asked when we reached my house.

[Yes. Is it bothering you?]

Did it bother her to be alone with me? Why did she ask then?

"No, it's fine." She smiled a bit.

Yuria did her best to work and understand. But it was getting late and she seemed tired. I stood up to pick some drinks and when I came back, she was sleeping on the desk. I sat next to her, smiling a bit. After a few minutes, she started crying. I looked at her, I guessed it was a nightmare. I stroked her hair gently. I couldn't speak to reassure her, I felt useless. She suddenly woke up, looking around her. I extended my arm to wipe the tears on her soft cheeks. My heart turned wild.

"I-I'm sorry…" She only mumbled.

[It's fine. You seemed tired, so I let you sleep.]

"Thank you…" She lowered a bit her head.

I was worried. Why did she cry? Why did she have a nightmare? Something must have been disturbing her lastly or… was it something else?

[Are you all right?]

"Just a nightmare. I will go back home. Thanks and see you tomorrow Anna."

I wanted to know more but I remained quiet. I didn't want to let her go but I couldn't. I only waved my hand, looking at her.
Weeks passed. Yuria seemed a bit sad lastly. I found a dance contest. I wanted her to go, I knew she could win it. But she said she didn't want to go. So, I decided to ask my other friends to help me to convince her. Finally, she accepted. And she won. I knew she was the best. But even with that, she seemed still sad. Something was wrong even though she kept telling she was fine. I wanted to support her but my mother fell sick. She was in the hospital. I didn't know if it was serious. My father called me, telling me they found her unconscious on the floor. I wanted to see her but I couldn't. So, I stayed here, crying.

"Hey?" I immediately recognized Yuria's voice.

I raised my head, trying to stop crying. She was sitting next to me with a worried face.

"Anna? What happens?"

I couldn't answer. I put my head on her shoulder and she took me in her arms. It was so warm and comfortable. I wanted to tell her about my mother, to thanks her but I still couldn't. My sobs stopped after a few times. She released me a bit to let me talk.

[My mum is in the hospital.]

"Why?" She said in a light tone.

[I don't know.]

"Do you wanna see her?"

Of course I wanted but I couldn't. I nodded and she smiled at me. She stood up and helped me. I stared at her, stunned. She seemed to have an idea.

"Well, we will see her now."


It will be the time for us to go in the classroom soon. That was why I couldn't go. She came closer to wipe my tears. Her hands were warm. I felt my heart pounding faster.

"Let's go." She grabbed my hand.

She didn't release my hand. When we reached the hospital, I heard her take a deep breath. She stopped suddenly. I turned around and looked at her.


I was a bit stunned. I didn't understand what was wrong.

"S-Sorry." She only mumbled and we went into the hospital.

She squeezed my hand. She wasn't fine and it made me worried. We quickly found my mother's room but the nurse said we couldn't see her now. We sat on a bench. I looked at the window, distinguishing my mother who was asleep. I made Yuria released my hand.

[You don't seem fine.]

It was bothering me too much, I couldn't keep it for me. I put my hands on my laps and she immediately grabbed it again. My cheeks flushed, I hoped she didn't notice it.

"I don't like this kind of place. I will wait with you."

I understood now. I felt sorry for her. It was my fault if she was here. I put my head on her shoulder, squeezing her hand. I wanted to stay with her. I understood. I understood that I fell in love with her.
I woke up, I didn't know how many times I stayed asleep. I removed my head from her shoulder. I looked at her, she was still sleeping. I smiled a bit, it was a bitter smile. I stood up and reached the roof. I needed to get some fresh air. What should I do? I didn't know. I heard footsteps coming toward me. I turned around, looking at Yuria.

[Why are you feeling so bad?]

I was still worried about her. I didn't like to see her sad or upset.

"I told you, I don't like hospitals." She showed me a light smile.

I knew. But I wanted to understand why. Why didn't she understand that I'm worried?


"My dad is dead in a hospital. That brings bad memories." She finally told me looking down.

I didn't know that. I suddenly felt bad. I shouldn't have insisted. I reached her, grabbing her hands. My heart immediately pounded fast in my chest while my cheeks flushed badly. She raised her head slowly. Our gazes were locked. I didn't know what to do. I stared looking at her lips, I wanted to taste it. I leaned and I noticed she did the same. I could feel her breath against my mouth.

"Iriyama-san, your mother is awake!" A voice yelled from the door.

We quickly pushed ourselves away. She looked so embarrassed, her face was red. I guessed, my cheeks flushed too. But I was more upset that embarrassed.

"G-Go see to your mother!" She managed to see, looking away from my eyes.

I nodded and left her. I was finally able to see my mother. It wasn't something serious. I was relieved. Yuria avoided me. It hurt. We didn't talk like before. Did she regret it? She leaned to kiss me too. I thought she loved me. Was I wrong? I missed her. I let out another sigh, again. I was packing my stuff to leave. Yes, I was leaving. I didn't tell Yuria about it. I heard a knock at my room's door. I opened it and stayed stunned in front of the girl. I quickly let her go in.

"What are you doing?" Yuria asked.

I needed to tell her.

[I'm going to America…]

I closed the door behind her. I couldn't hold myself anymore and I wrapped my arms around her body from behind. I felt so… sad. I buried my face in her neck.

"I missed you." She spoke in a light tone, squeezing my hand.

I removed my arms and she turned around to look at me.

[I will be operated. I lost my ability to speak when I was three years old. They can treat it now. It's my last chance.]

"If it doesn't work?" She said in a worried tone.

I didn't want to think about it. But there was a chance for a failure.

[I will stay mute.]

"Anna… I-" I stopped her, putting one finger on my lips.

It was enough. I couldn't hold it anymore. I removed my finger and leaned to her. I felt her hand stroking my cheek to pull me closer. Our lips finally meet and played together for a few seconds. I smiled at her. I couldn't tell it, it made me sad but…

[I love you.]

She looked at me, surprised.

"I-I don't understand."

Really? It was famous. I just chuckled a bit.

[It's fine, I will tell you when I come back in Japan.]

She opened her mouth to talk again but I kissed her quickly.

[You should go.]

I didn't dare to look at her. It was too painful. I took her one last time in my arms, doing my best to not cry. And she left.

It was today. I took a deep breath and knocked at the door. It was a long time… I missed her so much. I hoped she didn't forget me.

"Can't you do it-" Yuria stopped talking when she looked at me. 

I showed her a bright smile and hugged her tightly.

"A-Anna?" She muttered while I felt she hugged me back.

She quickly pulled me to her room. It was better, both of us alone.

"I'm glad to see you, I miss you a lot." She told me.

I knew she was waiting for me to speak. I was stressed out.

"Anna? Talk to me."  She lowered a bit her head.

Was she afraid? She was cute.

"Yuria?" I finally called her.

I could remove the smile from my face, she raised her quickly.

"I love you!" I shouted, so glad to be able to tell her.

I took her in my arms again. I was so glad to see her, to be with her. She was smiling, I leaned slowly to kiss her.

"Yuria…" I spoke in a light tone.

"Oh my god. Your voice is so beautiful." She said, surprised.

I laughed at her. I was in heaven. She wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled in a long and slow kiss.

"Did you find what does it mean?" I asked her when we pulled away.

"I swear, I tried but I didn't find." She admitted.

"'I love you' I said."

She smiled at me. I liked it, her beautiful smile.


"I love you."

"I love you too."

It was our lovely silence.

The End.

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Re: Miniju's OS box - [OS] Drunk Love (YuriAnnin)
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Have a nice reading :)
Sorry for my mistakes ^^"

Drunk Love (YuriAnnin)

I stayed sitting on the sofa, looking at the people in front of me. I didn't know what I was doing here. I didn't like it, I just wanted to leave. My friend, Rena made me come to the party. I didn't drink but they became drunk, one by one. I just wanted to leave.  A girl, who had the same age as me, reached me. She looked at me, blank. That girl was so pretty and cute. I easily recognized her. She was the one I loved, Kizaki Yuria. I felt my cheeks turning red. I kept quiet, avoiding to look at her until she spoke.

"Hey, Anchan…" She started talking.

I finally dared to look at her. She was definitively drunk. There was a strong smell of alcohol coming from her mouth.

"Can we talk?" She asked, surprising me.

I just nodded. I didn't know what to do anyway. I followed her to outside. I breathe the fresh air. It was too hot inside. The wind on my skin made me feel better.

"You know… we know each other for a long time…" She told me without avoiding my eyes.

That was true. We meet four or five years ago. We used to talk, Yuria was a cool and strong girl. Nobody could bother her and she was a quite popular at school. I could discover her sweet side. She was really a bad student. She brought herself in a lot of fights, she didn't like to study, so, she had bad grades.


"Are you okay?" I asked in a concerned tone.

Yuria raised her head, silent tears ran on her cheeks. That broke my heart. She seemed so frail and cute at that time. I smiled a bit and sat next to her.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm stupid. I'm not able to do the right choice." She mumbled, avoiding my eyes. "We will graduate from school and I still involved myself in fights. I don't know what to do."

I wanted to help her. I helped her in her study. I hoped she will pass the exam with my help. Every day, after the class, we went to the library and we worked. Well, we laughed and talked a lot too. I never told anyone about that. I wasn't used to helping others. I was a shy and quiet girl. I worked hard, I didn't have a lot of friends and I didn't really like to talk with people. I didn't understand why I talked with Yuria so easily but I felt fine when we were together.

*End flashback*

After the high school, we stopped talking, suddenly. She clearly avoided me. I didn't know why. I thought I will forget her. But, I kept seeing her often. She lived not far from my house. We didn't talk anymore. My heart hurt, I understood that I still loved her and it was too late.

"I love you." Yuria said suddenly.

I felt as if my heart stopped beating. I knew she was drunk. It couldn't be true. I showed her a bitter smile before answering.

"You're drunk. And even if it's true, you'll not remember tomorrow." I admitted, that hurt me.

Her words could be true and that killed me. If it was true, what should I do? Nothing, right? Because she couldn't remember. I should have stayed at home finally. She pouted a bit.


She removed the hair from my neck before grabbing my shoulders. She leaned and sucked my neck slowly. I tried to push her away but she was too strong. I didn't know what to do expect to hold back my moans. After a few seconds, she pushed herself away, an amused smile on her lips.

"I could remember."

I stayed stunned in front of her. My face flushed, making me looked away. Yuria was an idiot. I knew she couldn't remember and she just… I touched my neck, letting out a weak sigh. My crush just confessed to me and I couldn't believe her. She closed her eyes and leaned on the wall next to her.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm not feeling well." She told me.

"I'll take you home."

That was all I could do. She wasn't fine, I had to do something. I heard someone walking to us. I turned around and saw my friend.

"What are you doing?" Rena asked with a mischievous smile.


"You love her, right?" Rena asked for the umpteenth time.

I looked at her, unable to answer. She showed me a warm smile.

"That's so cute." She almost yelled, making me stare at the ground. "I knew you gave her private lesson." She teased me but I just felt the blood rushing to my face. "You will tell her, right?"

"I…" That was all I could say.

"The party is a good opportunity."

*End flashback*

The party was a really bad idea.

"I'll take her home." I answered in a quiet tone before leaving with Yuria.

She was clinging to my arm until we reached her house. I felt a bit uncomfortable, mostly because of what happened. I took the keys in her pocket and opened the door of the silent home. Nobody was here, we were alone. I brought Yuria to her bed and she laid down. I looked at her. My mind full of worries. I wanted to leave. I had nothing to do here. I turned around and started walking but a voice interrupted me.

"You will stay, right?" Yuria asked in a cute tone.

I looked at her, she was pouting. This girl was definitively cute. I didn't know who to refuse her. I sat next to her and she closed her eyes again. I did the same, I was tired.

I opened my eyes, feeling the hot body next to me. My head was on Yuria's chest, my arms wrapped her waist. I could feel her hand on my hair. I heard the girl grumbling and I quickly removed myself. She will hate me. She looked at me, stunned.

"What happened?" She asked me.

"I-I…" The words didn't want to come out.

I turned my eyes away. She sat upright and removed the hair from my neck. She looked completely stunned and lost.

"Who did you do that…?"

I couldn't tell her. She didn't seem to remember. I felt like crying. Even though I already knew it. I bit my lips, trying to control myself. I grabbed her warm hand on my neck. My heart pounded faster in my chest while I looked at her. She was still so perfect.

"Are you feeling better?"

She nodded, avoiding my gaze and removing her hand. I kept my eyes upon her, thinking about what to do.

"Did I say something? Besides the mark on your neck…" I looked at her, stunned.

She understood. Did she regret it? Of course, she was drunk. I didn't know if I could say it. I wanted to know if it was true. Maybe it will hurt me more.

"You said you loved me…" I answered and left quickly the bed.

"I'm sorry!" 

I stopped myself, sighing. I knew it after all, it wasn't true. I was so stupid to believe it. I was such an idiot.

"I didn't want to tell you like that…"

She what? Did she mean it? Did she… love me? I felt a light grip on my wrist. She was kneeling on her bed, trying to make me stay.

"I did something wrong again, right?"


The park was quiet. There were no kids who were playing. Only a young girl, sitting on a bench. I reached her.

"Anchan…" She mumbled when she saw me.

Her lips were bleeding. I immediately took a tissue to wipe the blood. She brought herself into another fight, again.

"What happened?" I said in a worried tone. "Why aren't you on your exam?"

"I… fought. I needed to choice between- I just needed to go…" She answered without looking at me. "I disappoint you, right?"

No. She will never disappoint me. She finally raised her head toward me. I showed her a slight smile.

"It's okay. If you needed to do it, it's okay."

*End flashback*

"Yu-Yuria…" I mumbled, turning toward her.

"I'm sorry…" She told me again, releasing my hand little by little.

I quickly distinguished the tears running on her cheeks.

"Hey, don't cry." I said, taking her face with my two hands.

I gazed at her, her eyes, her nose, her lips. Everything was perfect to me. I wiped her tears with my thumbs. We were close, my heart beat quickly. I couldn't hold it anymore.

 "You must hate me, right? I ran away and now I tell you that. I'm so stupi-"

I interrupted her with a kiss. It was a quick one. I needed it but I felt lost. I removed my hands. Our faces flushed badly. She stared at me, stunned. I stepped back and left her alone.

I still loved her but her sudden confession afraid me. I opened her home's door when I felt a grip on my wrist.

"Please. I want to make the right choice. I won't let you go again. I won't be a coward anymore."

Was it the reason why she avoided me? Her words sounded honest. I slowly turned around, looking at her. I didn't dare to talk. I was… frozen.

"Anna. Say something." She looked at me with sad eyes.

I didn't know how to react. She loved me back. Should I trust her?

"Do you really love me?" I finally could ask.

She nodded. It was true. I leaned, pressing my lips against hers. She slowly kissed me back. Yuria's lips tasted like heaven. Her arms wrapped my neck while I put my two hands on her waist. She pulled me closer to her.

"I love you. I was afraid that… that wasn't true. But I do love you." I told her after our kiss.

"I love you Anna, since we meet." She said, stroking my cheeks before pulling me into a warm hug.


"What is that?" I said to my friend when I grabbed the letter in my locker.

It was colored by a light pink with a heart to close the envelope. It was a love letter. I wondered who it was. Rena took it from my hand and opened it quickly.

"Hey! Give me back. It's mine." I almost yelled while she looked at me with an amused smile.

"Read it Annin, I wanna know."

"Hello Anchan,
I'm really a coward but I'm not able to tell you except by that letter.
I fell in love with you and I know you don't love me back.
I'm sorry if that makes you uncomfortable.
I love you."

"Who is it?" Rena asked, a pout on her face.

"I don't know. I really don't know." I stayed stunned.

Anchan? One person called me- No it must haven't been her.

*End flashback*

I never knew who it was. But suddenly, something came to my mind. Yuria was the only one to call me Anchan. I knew it was when we were still in high school but if it was hers, she must have remembered.
"Nee Yuria… The love letter… Was it yours?" I asked without broking the hug.

"You didn't know…? I thought you knew and you acted as if nothing happens." She answered me in a bewildered tone.

I felt a bit disappointed and sad to have not noticed it before. It was really her. I was stupid. But I finally could tell my feelings. 

"Eh? No, I didn't." I tightened my arms around her body. "I still have it you know."

"Really?" She said in a stunned tone.

Of course, I always thought it was from her. I wanted to believe as she was the only person who called me Anchan.

"Thank you." I only said without really knowing what I thanked her for.

She smiled looking at me before kissing my lips quickly. She showed a weird face.

"Are you okay?"

"My head hurts." She answered, looking away from my eyes.

I only giggled. A usual headache after a party I guess.

"Take a rest." I spoke in a soft tone, breaking the comfortable hug.
She nodded and laid on her bed. I only looked at her for some seconds before turning around.

"Anna. You will stay, right?"

It reminded me what she said yesterday night. I smiled even if I knew she couldn't see me. I just couldn't hold it back. 

"I'll bring you something for your headache."

When I came back, she was peacefully sleeping. I put the glass on the table. I didn't want to wake up her. I sat on her bed, stroking her hair gently. Finally, even drunk she could make the right choice.

The End.

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Re: Miniju's OS box - [OS] YuriAnnin Forever (YuriAnnin)
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Well... Have a nice reading ^^
I'm gonna miss them in AKB T_T
(I already miss them in fact ^^" )

YuriAnnin forever (YuriAnnin)

It will be tomorrow. I wasn’t ready. I didn’t want you to leave. I was afraid. I didn’t know what will happen once you will be gone. Will we still meet each other? I hope. I stayed lying on my couch, looking at the pictures that we took together. Your photobook is on the table next to me. I saw it a million times. Thinking how gorgeous and perfect you are. I remembered when you announced your graduation. I promised myself to not cry but I couldn’t hold the pain of hearing it.
I was tired. I wanted to go to sleep but I remained looking at our photos. A light sound on the door made me stood up. I wondered who it could be at this hour. I opened the door. It was you.

“Y-Yuria?” I said in a stunned tone.

“I wanted to see you.” You answered in a shy tone, avoiding to look at me.

I let you go in. You saw your photobook and showed a slight smile. I wondered how many times you looked at mine. Surely not as much as me.

“Did I wake up you?” You asked me, sitting on the couch.

“Not at all. I can’t sleep.” I told you, coming next to you.

You stayed quiet. We both knew why I couldn’t sleep. I felt upset. I wanted to cry. I didn’t want you to leave me.

“I’m sorry.”

Your words took me aback. I looked at you, seeing that sad expression on your face.

“It’s okay. It’s been a long time you are in AKB. I understand…”

It was true. I understood. But it was you. It was different from another member. I loved you.

“We will still hang out together, right?” You finally dared to look at me.

I showed you a weak smile, nodding.

“YuriAnnin forever?” You told me, blushing a bit.

“YuriAnnin forever…”

I could feel a single tear on my cheek.

“Thank you Anchan.” You added, kissing my cheek gently.   

You pulled me in a warm hug. I wrapped my arms around your body and put my head on your shoulder. I cried. I couldn’t hold it anymore, it was too painful. I didn’t want you to leave. But I couldn’t do anything else that let you go. So, I will be strong and I will stay by your sides no matter what. YuriAnnin forever, right?

The End.

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Re: Miniju's OS box - [OS] Painful Love (Yuria's POV) (YuriAnnin)
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Hello :) A new YuriAnnin OS is here~
Have a nice reading !
Sorry for the mistakes
You can also check Anna's POV here : Painful Love (Anna's POV)

Painful Love (Yuria’s POV) (YuriAnnin)

I looked at the window. I quickly noticed her, walking to the school building. Her long hair, her perfect features. I felt something weird in my chest, again. Each time I watched her, I felt it. I hated it. It made me angry. She disappeared from my view. She must have been inside.

"Come on." I coldly said to my friends.

I stood up, leaving the empty place. I wanted to these feelings leave me. I saw her again. She was turned, I couldn't see her face. I caught up with her and gave a light punch in her back. She didn't move anymore.

"Are you all right?" I asked, making fun of her.   

My friends laughed, knowing she was surely afraid. She didn't turn around and walked without paying more attention to us, to me. I couldn't let her go. I quickly grabbed her shoulder and pushed her. She lost her balance and fell on the floor. My friends stayed looking at the scene. I was mad. I was mad at her. I hated her. I hated the feelings inside me each time she was around. I heard footsteps but I didn't care, I remained staring at the girl on the floor.

"What happened here? Are you okay Iriyama-san?" It was Yokoyama-sensei.

She stood up, turning her eyes away from me.

"She stumbled, we help her." I only answered.

I knew our sensei will not believe me. She was right, she couldn't trust me. I was bullying an innocent person. Anna was my classmate. We met for the last year, we were also in the same class. I just used to ignore her until I couldn't anymore. She got on my nerves for no reason.  I never understood why.

"Be careful." Yokoyama-sensei added before leaving us.

I turned around and left, followed by my friends and leaving Anna alone. As usual, my friends bullied the people they found on their way. And me, I just walked without talking or doing anything. My friends asked me a few times ‘Why don't you play with other students?' I wanted to say ‘They didn't do anything for' But it was the same for Anna after all. So, I just remained quiet.
I was sitting, playing with my pen. Someone was reading in front of the quiet class. I didn't really listen to her. I let out a long sigh and looked at the girl next to me. Anna was focused on the book upon the table. I just stared at her for a few seconds. I quickly extended my arm and pushed her pencil case. All the gazes were on her, she looked down, embarrassed. I giggled a bit. The way she acted embarrassed made me laugh, I couldn't tell why. Once she picked it up, I noticed her red cheeks.
Anna quickly left the classroom, as usual. I knew she must have been feeling bad here. A few seconds after her, I also went out from here. I walked to the gate until a voice stopped me.

"Answer me!" I easily recognized my friend's voice.

I looked at it, curious. She harshly pushed someone. Wait, Anna? I couldn't let her do that. Anna was on the floor, afraid. My friend's punch raised toward her face.

"Oi! Don't punch her!" I yelled, making her turned around.

"Why? You said-"

I grabbed her collar, making her shut her mouth. I didn't even remember what I said. I never asked her to punch Anna. My friends did their business, I didn't care. They were never that violent with her when I was around. I hoped it was the first time that happened. I didn't want anyone to touch her.

"You don't need to hit her." I told her in a harsh tone.

Anna stood up quickly and left us. I released my friend's collar, letting her go.

"You should calm yourself Yuria." She added in an almost playing tone.

"Don't mess with me!" I shouted, punching her face.

It was too much. I didn't need to be calm. I was perfectly okay. I didn't need anyone advice. The students were around us, looking at us.

"You serious? Only because I touch at your girl?" She clearly provoked me.

Anna wasn't my… girl… It wasn't because of that. They didn't understand me. They couldn't.

"What happened here?" Yokoyama-sensei asked, telling the students to move.

"Nothing." I snapped and left the school.

I walked around in the park. I had nothing to do. I didn't have school. I will not see Anna nor anybody else. I thought about what happened for the past days… or weeks. I didn't even know. My mind was messed up. I started going crazy with Anna. I felt the tears coming. I sat against a tree, hiding my face in my knees. I hated crying. I felt completely weak. Well, I was weak anyway. Here nobody could see me. That was what I thought until I felt someone patting my head slowly.

"Hey, what's wrong?" A soft voice asked me.

I raised my head, discovering a stunned Anna in front of me. She quickly stood up. Did I afraid her...? I grabbed her arm. I couldn't let her go. I needed to do something. She must have hated me. But I didn't care. I stared at her, my eyes locked with hers. I never noticed how her black gaze looked beautiful

"I-I'm sorry…" I only could say.

She seemed completely lost because of my sudden apologizes. I released my grip slowly. She left me without looking back. I bit my lips, turning around. Why? Why did I do that? I was so stupid. I leaned on the tree with my arm, putting my forehead against it. The silent tears started running again. I wanted to break everything.

I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to bother Anna again but I felt as if I needed to see her. I knew she will have her activities club in a few minutes. I asked my friends to push out the other students. Well, I couldn't do it by myself. I wasn't in a good mood anyway. Once they were over, I walked to the place and sat on a seat, waiting for Anna patiently. What will I do? I didn't know, I had no idea. Apologize? I already did it and it will not change anything. I stayed turned around from the door. I knew if she sees me, she will quickly leave. I heard a light sound coming from this door. I didn't move, holding my breath. I felt her, just behind me. I stood up, grabbing her wrists to prevent her from leaving.

"What do you- What are you doing here?!" She shouted at me.

I stared at her for a few seconds before pushing her against the near wall. I felt like crying. I did my best to hold it. I was definitively angry, again. It was because of her.

"It's your fault…" I said, looking into her eyes.

She remained quiet until she did something I never expected.

"Release me! You apologized last time but you didn't mean it, right? You don't care about me. I can't understand you. Just leave me alone!" She yelled at me.

It was the first time. I never heard her yelling at me. She was always so afraid when she saw me. I was stunned. I meant it, I was really sorry. But I only made the things become worst than before. I understood what I've done. I released her wrist, seeing the tears flowing on her face. She left me.

"Anna." I called her in a calm tone.

She stopped and looked at me. I took her wrist again but gently this time, pulling her to me. I put my lips against hers. I knew I shouldn't have kissed her. It didn't take too long for her to push me. She quickly raised her arm and slapped me. It was hurt but I deserved it after all. Then, she left. I lowered my head, still feeling the painful touch on my cheek. This girl made me become crazy. I didn't know what to do anymore. I understood that I loved her. But it was too late now, she hated me.

I didn't talk to her since the last time. I stopped bullying her. I watched my friends closely, I didn't want them to touch her. I felt jealous each time someone was around.  I tried to hold it. I knew I couldn't hold it forever. And this day was too much. She was hanging out with a friend of hers. How did I know it? I just accidentally ran into her. I watched them. I know, it was a bit creepy. It took a few seconds until I heard a painful sentence.

"… I love you." Her friend said in a clumsy tone.

I stood up, walking to them. I clenched my fists. What will I do? I didn't know. I will make things become worst.

"Rina I-"

I grabbed her collar, making Anna stop talking.

"She's mine." I told the girl, looking straight into her eyes.

She wasn't. Anna definitively wasn't mine. I was nothing to her. Wrong, I was the one she hated the most. What a shame.

"Stop it! Don't touch my friend." She yelled at me.

I released my grip, letting the afraid girl free. I looked at Anna. She was angry with me. More than I could think.

"I don't lo- I hate you!" She shouted at me.

Her friend left us, running. Anna looked at her but she didn't move or say anything. I remained quiet, still staring at her. After a few seconds, her eyes met mine.

"Why?" She said with an almost hopeless voice.

I didn't know. I didn't know what I was doing. I messed up everything. I was never mad at her. I was mad at myself. And now… Fuck. I had no words.

"Why?" She shouted suddenly.

I didn't answer. I couldn't say anything. It slowly started snowing. A light wind passed. She shivered a bit because of the cold. Our gazes were locked. She let out a soft sigh and started leaving.

"Wait!" I hoped to stop her, even though I didn't know what will say.

She did it. She stopped walking but she didn't turn around.

"I'm sorry…"

I was. I meant it, really. She left me.  I didn't expect her to answer anyway. I let out a weak sigh. I decided to stay here until I calm myself. I leaned against the same tree as the last time. I waited. I didn't how long I stayed here, thinking about Anna. I buried my face in my knees and cried again. It will not change anything but I couldn't do something else. I heard a few footsteps coming to me.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

I raised my head, looking at her. It was Anna. I felt worst but she showed me a warm smile.

"She hates me…" I told her, stopping to sob.

She? Did I just use ‘she'? I was so stupid. I even couldn't tell her directly.

"Who?" She asked, sitting next to me.

You. I wanted to say it, I needed to. But it couldn't come out. It was burning my lips.

"The girl that I love…" I quickly avoided looking at her.

I was dying inside. Really. I didn't understand why she was still around. Why didn't she leave? Why did she ask me? I didn't know. But it made me feel better to talk to her. Even though she still hated me. Well, I didn't really expect her to love me back. Especially because of what I did.

"And… why does she hate you?" She continued to ask me in a soft tone.

"Because I was afraid of my feelings, so, I hurt her."

It was the truth. I couldn't say anything else. I hurt her, a lot. I didn't deserve her kindness. She must have left me right now. I didn't understand. I cast a quick glance at her, she was blushing. I couldn't tell you how cute she was.

"I'm sorry." I quickly wiped my tears away.

I finally dared to look at her. I didn't know how many time I told her but I hoped she wasn't tired of hearing it.

"Yuria…" She said my name in a cute tone. "I love you…"

I felt as if my heart stopped beating before turning wild. Was it true? Was I dreaming? I suddenly felt…  I don't know, panicked? What was this strange feeling? I wanted to stand up. She was afraid. I noticed it, she moved back when I started moving. What did she think? I will hit her or what? Could she really be in love me? I was lost. I stood up, avoiding her eyes.

"Sorry…" I mumbled and started leaving.

I felt something grabbing my arm tightly. She pulled me to turn around. I looked at her, stunned. She quickly took me in her arms. It was the first time we were so close. I put my arms around her waist. I started relaxing with the hug. But, my mind was playing with me. I wanted to stay here and I wanted to leave. 

"I love you…" I said, pausing a little. "But, I hurt you, I was stupid and I don't deserve-"

"Yuria." She called my name, making me stop talking.

‘I don't deserve you or your kindness' that was what I wanted to said. She pulled away, my hands on her waist. She stroked my cheek gently. It made my heart beat faster.

"I love you."

"I promise, I'll not hurt you anymore." I only said, looking away from her eyes.

I meant it. I will do the contrary, I'll protect her no matter what. I didn't really understand how she could love me but it made me happy. I noticed her look on my lips. She leaned slowly as if she wanted to stop the time. I smiled, she looked so cute. I felt her lips on mine. I liked it. It was better than the first time I kissed her. I enjoyed the kiss, her lips were so soft. We pulled away, a slight smile was drawing on my mouth.

"Thank you." I said as a whispered, feeling a single tear rolling on my cheek.

She only smiled and wiped it away.

The End.

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Re: Miniju's OS box - [TS] Because I love you (YuriAnnin/YuriRena)
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Hello ! :)

Here a YuriAnnin and YuriRena story!
I hope you will enjoy it :)

Because I love you (YuriRena/YuriAnnin)

I pushed the door slowly, hearing the bell ringing above my head. This sound was usual for me, I often came here.

“Welcome!” A familiar voice shouted at me.

I answered with a light smile, glad to see my friend. I reached my place. I said ‘my’ because I always sat here.

“How are you Yuria?” She asked, coming to me with a bowl of her delicious ramen. 

“Fine and you?” I told her in a lazy tone.

“Really? You don’t seem to be.” Yui avoided my question, sitting in front of me.

Yui was always worried about me. I felt protected but I wasn’t a kid anymore. She couldn’t help it, I guess.

“But I am.” I answered a bit annoyed.

“Did you see her these days?”

I stopped eating and looked at my friend in front of me. It wasn’t the first time I heard this question. She used to ask me even though she already knew the answer.

“We’re in the same university.”

It was definitively a yes. I couldn’t avoid… her.

“That’s why you’re moody.” She teased me and stood up.

“No, I don’t care about her.” I ate again.

She only giggled at me that made me sigh. We both knew I lied. I cared about her. But I didn’t want to admit it. I was alone in Yui’s shop. Except her of course. I liked to go there, it was my secret garden. I felt calm, knowing that Yui was always here for me.


“Hey.” A young voice said.

I turned around while my girlfriend grabbed my hand before kissing me quickly.

“Hey.” I said with a little smile.

Rena leaned closer, stroking my cheeks, and our lips met again. I barely answer her kiss. She pulled away and looked at me worried.

“Are you okay Yuria?”

Rena was my girlfriend for a whole year or maybe a bit more. I didn’t remember. She was… special. 

“Yeah, don’t worry, Rena.” I ended my sentence, kissing her forehead.

“Let’s go?” She asked, handing her hand.

I nodded and grabbed it. I cast a quick glance at the group of girls not far from us. They were laughing, they seemed happy. I was envious, the quick glance turned into a stare. I knew these girls. I used to be with them... before everything happened. I felt Rena’s hand leaving mine. She will be angry with me.

“Hey, don’t stare at them!” She yelled a bit at me.

“So-Sorry.” I muttered and followed my girlfriend.

I didn’t know what I was doing. It wasn’t me. I didn’t like people decide for me. But Rena made me change. I wanted to be myself. I was tired of being what she wanted me to be. Yet, I didn’t want to break up with her. I loved her, I really did.


I left the school, the earphones in my ears, I listened to the sweet music which was played. I felt calmer.

“Don’t stare at us in front of Rena.” Someone shouted next to me.

My heart stopped beating. I stopped myself and looked at her. Finally, a large smile appeared on my face. It was just my friend.
“Don’t scare me like this Juri.” I said, removing one of my earphones.

“Your face was funny, ya know?” Rina said, reaching us.

“Hey, stop making fun of me.” I giggled at them.

Juri and Rina. My two friends. They’re still my friends, I talked a lot with them by texts mostly. We were friends for a long time.

“Juri, Ricchan, don’t leave me behind.” A sweet voice yelled, running to us.

I turned around, my smile dropped immediately. Why now?

“Sorry Annin.” Juri spoke in a warm voice.

Juri was always kind. She took care of her friends. I missed her a lot. Rina was always funny. They were a bit the opposite. I missed them. Anna was… not my friend. We didn’t really know each other. She met Juri and Rina when I stopped talking to them.

“I-I need to go…” I mumbled and ran away.

I didn’t want to see her. Not because I hated her. She was the famous ‘her’ that Yui talked about a few days ago.


“I saw you after school yesterday.” Rena said while I was closing my locker. “I told you, I don’t like when you are with them.” She told me, mad.

I knew she will be angry but I didn’t expect her to see me. I didn’t answer and just looked at her who left me. I let out a sigh. Rena was jealous and possessive. She hated my friends. She asked me to stop talking with them. I felt a warm hand on my shoulder.

“Good luck.” I could recognize Anna’s voice saying it in a teasing tone.

My body froze. I turned around but she was already gone, walking to her friends, to our friends.


“What happened again?” Yui looked at me with a sad face.

“It’s Rena.” I mumbled, avoiding her eyes.

I was in Yui’s shop, sitting. I looked down. I felt empty.
“Again? Break up with her.” Yui said in an emotionless tone.

It was the first time she told me this. Break up with Rena? Impossible. I liked her. That was why I was going out with her. She asked me first. I gladly accept it. We were kind of friends.

“What?” I let out, surprised.

“Yeah, go to find your true love.” She told me with a warm smile.

My true love? I didn’t love Anna. I never loved her. It was just… I was lost.

“She isn’t…” I looked at Yui.

“Stop being blind Yuria. You love her, as you always do.” She spoke in a soft tone.

I stayed here, glaring at the girl in front of me. Perhaps, she was right and I wanted to avoid the truth. I didn’t want to suffer because I knew she couldn’t love me back. Wait, did I just admit it? I wanted to be with Rena. 


Rena didn't talk to me again. I didn't know why. I send her text but she didn't answer. Until today. I was alone, leaving the school.

“Yuria?” A cute voice called me.

I turned around, discovering the young girl behind me. My cheeks turned immediately red when I tried to answer back.


“Your friends told me that you often go to a good ramen shop… I wonder if… we could go together.” She avoided my eyes and spoke in a shy voice.

I wanted to kill my friends for this. I never talked about Yui's place to Rena. I wanted to keep this secret garden for me. But I couldn't say no to Anna. I also wondered why she wanted to go with me. What was it? A d-date…? My phone rang in my pocket. I took it while Anna was still waiting for me.

‘Yuria, I'm sorry for being jealous. I love you. Can we go out today? I miss you a lot.'

‘T-Today? Sorry, I have things to do. But I promise you next time we will.'

‘Thank you, I love you.'

I hung up, looking at Anna again.

“Sorry.” I apologized for the phone call.

“It's okay, I understand.” She showed me a bitter smile.

She turned around, starting leaving me. Why? Did she think I refuse her?

“Wait. I didn't tell you no.” I spoke in a confused tone.

She looked at me, stunned.

“I thought you had things to do…”

“Yes, we're going to eat ramen.”

She smiled. My heart turned wild. I avoided her eyes, a bit nervous. We reached Yui's shop. It was empty, as usual. Deep down, I enjoyed this time with her. We talked a lot on the way. Her laugh sounded cute, it was the first time I heard it.

“Hello, Yui-san.” I spoke quietly.

“Yuria why-” She quickly stopped her when she saw Anna next to me. “Welcome.” She showed us a warm smile.

We sat, quietly. I didn't dare to talk. I didn't know why. Perhaps, Yui made me nervous. Anna finally broke the silence.

“Do you come here often?”

“Yeah…” I answered shyly.

“What do you want to eat?” Yui asked in a teasing tone.

She knew, but it was Yui, Yui liked to play with me.

“As usual.” I said, a bit mad at her behavior.

“You're friend with Juri and Rina, aren't you?” Anna avoided quickly my eyes. “Why aren't you with them?”

“I-I… It's just because of Rena…” I told her the truth, looking away. “She doesn't like them so she doesn't want me to stay with my friends.”

I didn't know if I could tell it. It was horrible when I thought about it. Rena controlled my life.

“That's mean…” She mumbled while Yui brought the food.

I didn't answer and started eating. I didn't know what to say. Anna was right. I thought I couldn't let Rena do it anymore. But if I tell her, she will break up with me.


My heart stopped beating. I stared at her. What? What with that serious tone?

“We don't really know each other but I-”

“Yuria-chan! Annin!” I recognized Rina's voice yelling.

I bit my lips and stood up. Rina, Anna and Yui stayed quiet, looking at my weird face. I turned around toward Rina, showing her a dirty look. I hated her. Why did she interrupt her? I was sure she wanted to say something important.

“I need to go.” I suddenly snapped and left them.

I wanted to know. It seemed important. She had a serious tone, it was a quite unusual.


“Yuria!” A warm voice called my name when she opened the door.

“Hey sweetie.” I quickly took her in my arms.

I missed her. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I felt guilty. I couldn't love two girls, right? I loved Rena, I liked to be with her but Anna made me crazy, I couldn't control it. Rena quickly let me go in. I sat on the couch, looking at her.

“I'll grab dri-”

I interrupted her sentence, pulling her on my laps. I kissed her lips, feeling that she was answering me back. She pushed herself away, stroking my cheek. I put my arms around her waist while she looked at me.

“Are you okay?” She spoke in a worried tone.

“I love you Rena, I really do.” I told her without avoiding her eyes.

Her cheeks flushed and she leaned to kiss me again.

“I'm sorry for being angry.” She told me, looking away from me.

“We need to talk.” I said, feeling my heart squeeze in my chest.
She remained quiet, waiting for me.

“I… I love you but…” I managed to say, afraid
“Yuria? Are you going to break up with me?” She said in a lost tone.

She was more sad and confused than angry. I never saw that face. Rena seemed almost afraid. She looked like crying. I couldn't let her go. I couldn't break up with her.

“No. Of course no.”

I couldn't, I loved her too much.

“I would like to see my friends. I'm feeling as if you were controlling my life.”

She didn't answer and pulled me until I buried my face in her neck. It was warm and soft. I felt her hand playing with my hair.

“I'm sorry. I know it's my fault. But I can't help it.”

“I don't understand why you hate them.” I talked in a weak tone as if I was going to cry.

“I don't. It's because of Anna.”

My blood froze in my veins. I removed myself, looking straight into Rena's eyes.

“I know her, I don't want something happens to you.”

I didn't understand. Did they know each other? Why didn't she tell me earlier?


“She is my ex.”

Flashback two years ago (Rena's POV)

“I love you, really.” Anna told me again, kissing my neck.

I loved this girl. I couldn't tell how my heart started beating faster when she was around.

“I love you too.” I managed to say.

She looked at me, a playful smile on her lips. She leaned and kissed me. I felt her pushing me until I touched the bed's sheets. She pulled herself away, gazing at me. Her deep gaze was so perfect, I liked the way she looked at me. She bit playfully my neck, starting to unbutton my shirt.


I was staring at her. She was so pretty. She was sleeping peacefully next to me, her hair on her face. Her skin was so soft, I could see her bare collarbone. I noticed she received a text as her phone lighted up. I took it, curious. I quickly regret it. It was a girl or a boy. I don't even remember. I read their talk. She was cheating on me. The tears started running on my cheeks. I looked at her, she just woke up.


“Rena… I'm so-”

I slapped her and left the bed, taking my clothes. She only stared at me while I grabbed my stuff. She had nothing to say anyway. We both knew she was cheating on me.


Back to present time (Yuria's POV)

“Hello Yuria.” Yui greeted me when I went inside the shop.
“Hey.” I said back, a bit sad.

“How are you since the last time?”

I bit my lips, I felt like crying. Yui quickly noticed it and came to me.

“What's wrong?”

I fell in her arms. I needed it. She hugged me without asking anything else.

“Anna is Rena's ex. She cheated on her.”

I pushed myself away, looking at Yui's surprised face.

“That's why Rena doesn't want me to be with my friends.”

“So, what will you do?”

“I will be with my friends again. Anna isn't one of them, I don't care about her.”

I suddenly started hating Anna so much. She broke Rena's heart. I couldn't like her even as a friend. Yui looked at me, she was worried. I could see it in her eyes. But she managed to show me a slight smile.

I was happy, I could finally see my friend. I quickly came to school today. I felt better.

“Hey!” I greeted them.

They looked at me stunned.

“Yuria?” Juri muttered.

“Don't look at me like this. Everything's okay. I just wanna spend time with my friends.” I smiled.

“That's great.” Rina answered me.

I knew Anna will come. I didn't know what I will do. Ignoring her? It will not be really good. Maybe we should have a little talk.

“Hello. Yuria? Is everything fine with your girlfriend?” Anna asked, a bit stunned.

“Yeah, everything's perfect.”

My heart turned wild. I just needed to not pay attention to her. Not attention to Anna… It will be fine, right?

I walked to the washroom. I opened the door, seeing my two friends. I just stared at them. They were passionately kissing. Oh, I didn't know that. I didn't say anything and only went back. I was wondering-

“Watch out!”

I looked at the person in front of me. I was in my thoughts, I didn't see her. 

“Sorr- Oh, Annin.” I said in a stunned.

“Are you okay?” She asked in a worried tone.

I was until I talk to you.

“Yeah.” I snapped, starting leaving.

“I don't understand why you suddenly hate me.”

I stopped and turned around.

“Did I do something wrong?”

Her voice sounded concerned. Why? Did she care?

“We're not friends, Iriyama.” I answered, harshly.

I didn't let her any time to answer and left. Not friends. We were nothing for each other. I… I needed to hate her.

“Yuria!” I immediately stopped again.

It wasn't Anna. My girlfriend was next to us. Rena and Anna's gazes met for a few seconds. I never saw Rena with this kind of expression. She was definitively mad at the smart girl. She looked at me, smiling. I smiled back and she came to me, grabbing my hand. We walked together. We had a bit of time before the next class.

“Are you okay?” She suddenly asked me.

We sat on a bench, outside. I cupped her cheek with one of my hand.

“I am.”

“I'm worried.” She told me, avoiding my eyes.

Worried? Didn't she trust me enough? Nothing will happen with Anna. She… she was a player. I let a light kiss on Rena's forehead before speaking.

“It will be okay.”

“Thank you… I'll do my best to change.”

I pulled her into my arms. It was warm and soft. I felt relaxed. She was still jealous and possessive but I felt better with her now. I always loved Rena. I saw she tried to change for me. I couldn't be happier. I didn't want Anna to bother my feelings anymore. Should I tell Rena? No, she will be mad. I thought the same about her behavior, I thought she will be angry with me but she didn't. Well, it was different, it was about my love for her. I… doubted my love for her. I was an idiot. I had Rena.

“I love you.” I said in a light tone when I removed myself from the warm hug.

“I love you too, Yuria.” She answered back, kissing quickly my lips.

“I need to go. See you after?”

She only nodded and I stood up, leaving her. I reached my next classroom, walking in the quiet corridor.

“I love you a lot.” I heard it, coming from another corridor.

Wait. Was it Juri’s voice? I cast a quick glance at it, I was curious. I distinguished Juri against the wall and Rina leaned on her. Juri let a light kiss on her lips. I didn’t know about their relationship. I was a bit surprised, I wonder how many times they went out together.

“Move lovebirds, we will be late.” I only said, looking at Juri’s red face.

I smiled and walked again. I could hear them reaching me a few seconds after. It was quiet. None wanted to talk. I tried to hold myself from laughing before going into the classroom. I let out a light giggle, seeing Juri and Rina weird face.

“You’re late Kizaki. So don’t get yourself noticed.” The teacher snapped at me.

I didn’t apologize or say anything. I just sat without really paying attention to him.


I was waiting for Rena. I wanted to see her so badly today. But I felt something was wrong.

“I don’t understand you.” A familiar voice told me.

I turned around and looked at her. I didn’t want to see her now.

“Why?” I snapped back to Anna.

“Did I do something wrong?” She walked closer to me.

My heart stopped beating. I bit my lips. My mind was going crazy. Why did this girl have so much effect on me?

“Leave me alone.” I lowered my eyes.


“Enough. I don’t want to talk to you. Please, go away.” My voice sounded hopeless.
I wanted to see her. But I was glad with Rena, I couldn’t destroy everything. I needed to resist at Anna. I closed my eyes, leaning my head on the wall.


I felt a cold hand on my cheek. I opened my eyes, staring at her with a stunned expression.

“Don’t. Please.”

She didn’t listen to me. She leaned slowly, I felt her breath on my lips. I couldn’t let her.

“Anna.” I pushed her shoulders, avoiding to look at her. “Let me.”

She lowered her head without a sound and she left. I bit my lips. My heart began crazy, pounding hard in my chest. I let out a sigh. Rena will be there soon, I needed to stay calm.

“Hello.” A voice disturbed me a few minutes after.

I looked at her. It was Rena. I showed a slight smile and kissed her lips gently. I grabbed her hand and we left in silence. I was nervous but I didn’t want to show it. We reached her home. She kissed me again before sitting on the sofa. I sat next to my girlfriend, taking her in my arm gently. She put her head on my neck before talking.

“You’re weird.”

I pulled away, looking at her. Weird? No, it wasn’t true. I acted as usual. It couldn’t happen…

“Is it because of Anna?”

My heartbeat began faster. I couldn’t control it. Even hearing her name made me crazy. I tried to hide it. I didn’t want to mess up the things with Rena. Why now? It couldn’t be true.

“I knew it, Yuria.” She suddenly said without looking at me. “You love her, right?”

My heart stopped beating. I wanted to answer but my voice stayed stuck in my throat. The truth suddenly hurt me, I didn’t know.

“Let’s break up.”

I wanted to scream, to tell her no. I still loved Rena. She stood up and started walking. I quickly grabbed her arm. The tears rolled on my cheeks.

“No… I love you Rena.” I managed to say while she turned around, looking at me. “I swear. I do love you.”

She extended her free arm, stroking my cheek gently. She showed me a bitter smile.

“I’m sorry Yuria.” I released her slowly.

I put my face in my hands, crying again and again.

“Be careful. I don’t want you to become her toy.”

It was the last sentence I could hear from Rena’s voice. I couldn’t believe it. She dumped me. Rena and I were over.


“Hell- Yuria?!” Yui walked to me, pulling me into her arms.

“It’s over.” I sobbed.


“Rena broke up with me.” I felt Yui patting my head gently.

I cast a glance behind her. She wasn’t alone. Juri, Rina and Anna were here. They looked at me.

“Sorry…” I mumbled, a bit ashamed of what just happened. 

“It’s okay Yuria.” Juri told me, standing up. “It will be a hard time.” She added while Yui released me slowly.

“I still love her.” I sobbed, looking away from Juri’s eyes.

“Come here.” Rina told me in a calm tone.

I sat next to Juri. I tried to stop sobbing but I couldn’t do anything else that think about Rena. I didn’t want her to leave me. Rena was everything for me. I couldn’t love Anna, right? Juri patted my head gently. I wanted to scream, to tell Anna it was her own fault. But it was mine. I couldn’t control my feelings. I couldn’t be in love with two people.

“You need to change your mind. Let’s go to the karaoke next week.” Rina told us, trying to help me.

I didn’t know if it was a good idea but I accepted.


We were quiet. No one of us dared to talk. I didn’t want to be alone with her. I turned my head to see her. She… she was so gorgeous. I noticed she was also looking at me. I felt my cheeks flushed, seeing her serious gaze. She showed me a warm smile as to reassure me. I didn’t think twice and crashed my lips against hers. I felt that she answered back to my kiss.
But, I felt nothing. It was empty. She didn’t love me, right? I knew it after all. I suddenly remembered what Rena told me. ‘I don’t want you to become her toy.’ Anna was a player.
I quickly pushed myself away, looking into her eyes. She looked like crying.

“I should have known it after all…” She mumbled, a bitter smile on her lips.

She stood up and left me, alone. I felt the tears reaching my eyes. I should have to cry because of her. I didn’t want.

“Yuria? What’s wrong?” Juri who just came back with Rina asked me.

I didn’t answer and also left the place. I was such an idiot. What did she mean by ‘I should have known it’? Know what? That I will push away? I released a sigh, walking home.


Time passed. Rena dumped me and Anna didn’t seem to show any feelings for me. I was alone.

To Be Continued…


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Re: Miniju's OS box - [TS] Because I love you (YuriRena) [END]
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The first end with YuriRena :)
Have a nice reading ! Sorry for my mistakes !

Because I love you [END] (YuriRena)

Rena’s POV

I knocked on the door. I was angry. I hated this girl so much. She broke Yuria and my life. We were fine together before she came back to us. I didn’t her to hurt Yuria again. I waited for a few seconds and then she opened the door slowly.

“What are you doing here?” Anna told me in a cold tone.

“I wanted to warn you.” I paused myself a few seconds. “Don’t dare to hurt Yuria.”

She showed a slight smile before answering.

“You’re the one who dumped her.”

I hated her way of talking. I didn’t hurt Yuria. She didn’t love me anymore, right? I didn’t know. I remembered when I told her. She was upset. Did I do something wrong?

“I was here when she came back crying at Yui’s restaurant.”

Yui? Who is that? Why didn’t I know about it? Why was Anna here to comfort her? I just wanted to slap her for no reason right now.

“She loves you.” I told her, avoiding a bit her eyes.

I suddenly felt nervous. I didn’t understand myself anymore.

“She still loves you.” It was her only answer before closing the door.

I wanted to knock to talk to her but I didn’t. I left the building feeling about what I should do.

I didn’t really sleep for this night. I rushed to the school, looking for Juri. I finally found her, Rina next to the girl.

“Juri!” I called her name.

She looked at me for a few seconds, bewildered.

“I need your help.”

“What? Do you think I will help you after what you’ve done?” She spoke in a harsh tone.

I felt like crying. I didn’t deserve any of her kindness. But I was selfish and I wanted to talk to Yuria again.

“Do you know where I can find Yuria?” I only asked, hoping she will tell me.

She looked at Rina for a few seconds before answering.

“She must be at Yui’s restaurant.”

I still didn’t who was this girl.

“She is Yuria’s close friend and confident. I will give you the name of the place.”

I thanked her and left. I knew Yuria will not be at school today. I hoped I could find her at Yui’s place. I pushed the door, hearing the bell above my head.

“Welcome.” The woman greeted me with a warm smile.

I stayed quiet, looking at her. Her smile dropped a bit. She knew me. She knew what I have done to Yuria. She knew I was… the one who hurt her close friend.

“Hello.” I finally dared to say.

“You are Rena, right?” She only said, smiling again.

I nodded and she came to me.

“Sit here, Yuria will be here soon.”

I did it and I waited. There was nobody around me. I let out a sigh. Suddenly, the door had been opened and a familiar voice spoke.

“Hello Yuihan.”

“How are you Yuria?” Yui answered without moving from her place.

I remained sitting but Yuria passed in front of me. Did she ignore me or didn’t she see me?

“It could be better.” Yuria only answered.

“I’m sorry.” I said, standing up behind her.

Yuria turned around slowly. Her face showed a mix of anger, sadness and surprise. I stared at her. We both stayed quiet.

“I…” I started talking but I cast a quick glance at Yui and I immediately stopped.

“You can go to the floor to talk.” Yui told us.

Yuria walked to the floor and I followed her. Once we reached it, she turned around and looked at me again.

“I… I don’t know what to say. I’m truly sorry Yuria. I still love you…”

She didn’t answer me but she turned her eyes away from me for a few seconds.

“I was jealous because you seemed to be in love with Anna. I realized too late that your feelings toward me were real.… I just wanted to tell you I was sorry for hurting you.”

I was ready to leave but her voice stopped me.

“I was. I loved Anna. When you left me, I understood it was nothing. My feelings were nothing unlike these ones toward you.”

I felt tears running on my cheeks. I was so stupid.

“I’m sorry Yuria. I hope you will find someone who can love you as you deserve.” I told her without looking at her.
“I already have this person.”

I started leaving. I was angry with myself. I broke everything with the one I loved. I passed in front of Yui, walking to the door. I felt a strong grip on my wrist. I turned around, feeling Yuria’s lips on mine. I didn’t answer at her kiss and I only broke it. I didn’t understand. Why? I didn’t want her to play with me. It wasn’t Yuria’s style.

“You are this person Rena. Because I love you. I still love you…” She told me, releasing my wrist to hold my hand.

I remained quiet. She smiled. It made my heart beat so fast. I missed her smile, I missed her so much. I leaned to her, kissing her soft lips again.

She pulled me into her arms. I felt relaxed here. I didn’t want to leave her anymore. I needed Yuria more than anything.

“I love you.” I said, burying my face in her neck.

The End.

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Re: Miniju's OS box - [TS] Because I love you (YuriRena) [END]
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i barely give a comment on someone thread or story, i just silent rider actually, but your story about yuria anin and renacchi are really good, i was expecting that you will make at least 5 part or more of this story, but is already end on part 2 😄😄 i still enjoy it though ,, hope you can make another story about them again and sayamilky please 😁,, great story btw

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Re: Miniju's OS box - Couples' stories (Multi Couples)
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@yamamoto_din: Yeah, it's quite short ahah ^^" Thank you a lot!

A quick story about my favorites couples! I hope you will enjoy it!
And see you soon for the end of 'Because I love you' with YuriAnnin!

Couples' stories (YuriAnnin, YuiParu, SayaMilky, JuRicchan, MaYuki, Poyoyon, FuuMiru, NagiShu, WMatsui/JuriSaku)

Thank you. You became someone important to me. I didn’t think it was possible. But you left. And I’m alone now. It was not a long ago but I already miss you. We are both busy and we don’t really see each other lately. You don’t know how much I miss you.

I looked through the window, releasing a light sigh. I felt arms around my body. I bit my lips trying to not cry with the warm embrace.

“Are you okay?” You asked in a stunned tone.

My grip on your hand tightened a bit. I couldn’t answer, my voice stayed stuck in my throat.


I wished I was the only one able to hear your sweet voice. I was so selfish. I wanted you to be mine and mine only. You removed your arms from me while I turned around, looking at you.

“Don’t cry…” You cupped my cheek gently.

You leaned to me, putting your lips against mine for a few seconds.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I smiled and pulled you into a warm hug. I could stay in your arms forever.

~ YuriAnnin Story ~


You’re the one I love. I keep telling it to you. You’re jealous. It makes me laugh each time you say it. Only because it sounds stupid to me. But I try to hold it, I know you’ll be angry if I don’t. I hope we could see more often, I miss you a lot. But we meet, we can see each other. It’s fine as we’re happy.

“You’re smiling.” You said, sitting next to me.

“I’m thinking about you.”

You put yourself in my arms, trying to hide your red cheeks. I stroked your hair gently before talking again.

“Are you free tomorrow?”

“I have work.” You paused a few seconds. “Sorry Yui.” Your tone sounded sad.

“It’s okay. We will meet another day.” I placed a light kiss on your forehead. “I love you Haruka.”

“I love you too.”

You blushed, showing it was your true feelings.

~ YuiParu Story ~


When will I see you? It’s the question which is on my mind every day. I miss you, I miss our moments. I keep telling that I’m not with you anymore, saying there is someone else now you’re gone. But that’s not true. You’re still in my heart. Where are you know? I wonder.

I let out a sad sigh, looking down. I felt two hands hiding my view.
“Who is it~?”

My heart jumped into my chest. I put my hands on yours, removing it slowly. I turned my head, looking at you.

“That’s not fair Sayaka-chan.” You pouted a bit before sitting on the bench next to me.

“Really? Why?”

“Because you had to guess.”

I giggled at you. You were so cute. You blushed, looking away from me.

“May we go?” I asked, standing up.

You nodded, grabbing my hands. I stared at you for a few seconds.

“Something’s wrong?”

“I missed you Miyuki.” I said, kissing your cheek quickly.

~ SayaMilky Story ~


You left me behind. But it’s okay. It’s okay because we will be friends forever, right? I will never leave you. You’re everything to me. A life without you looked impossible but I manage to do it. I can’t help but smile when I think about our moments. I never this comes to end.

“Nagisa! Look here!” You yelled my name.

I looked at you, feeling something cold hitting my face. You just threw a snowball at me. I groaned, taking one to throw it. You giggled, running around like a child. I smiled and run after you.

“Try to catch me.” You shouted again, sticking your tongue out.

I grabbed your waist but we both fell in the snow, laughing hard.

“That’s not fair.” You said while I was on the top of you.

I stared at you, unable to talk.

“Shu…” Your name left my lips naturally.

I leaned slowly, looking at your lips. You did the same, kissing me gently.

“My girlfriend is so sweet.” You teased me when we stood up.

“Mine is an idiot.” I pouted until I felt your hand wrapping mine.

You were so perfect.
~ NagiShu Story ~


I can’t decide what you do or want. I never did. I’m feeling awful when I see you. I’m getting jealous of these boys you kissed. But, isn’t real right? You’re an actress after all. Each time we meet, I would like to say the truth, to tell you that I love you. Because I do. I fell in love with you.

I turned off the TV. I heard someone coming to me. I turned around, seeing you. You smiled.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing.” I snapped.

You looked at me, stunned. Okay, it sounded rude. I felt angry. Angry at myself for having these feelings.

“What about your new drama? Any kissing scene?”

“I still don’t know.” You answered me, sitting on the couch. “Do like me.” You paused a few seconds. “Leave AKB and become an actress. You could kiss all the cute boys you wanna.”

I stared at you, blank. Was it really what you thought? I bit my lips.

“D-Don’t glare at me. I’m just kidding.” You told me in a weak tone.

I leaned quickly to your lips, kissing them roughly.

“I’m. Not. Kidding.”

Your face immediately turned red. I only giggled. I didn’t know what meant this kiss for you but I tried to hide that for me, it was important.

“R-Ricchan?” I mumbled your name, seeing the tears coming from your eyes.

“You idiot-!”

I shut your mouth, placing my lips on yours again. Only, you kissed me back this time and put your arms around my neck.

“Juri… I-I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I gave you another long kiss.

~ JuRicchan Story ~


Already? You are leaving me. We are friends, aren’t we? Why so sudden? Yes, we’re not popular. But it doesn’t matter. We have fun, right? But you decided to leave. We promised to stay together. And you broke it. It’s your life after all, I can’t do anything to stop you. I’ll miss you.

“You’re spacing out.”

I turned around, looking at the voice behind me. It was you. I didn’t know if I wanted to cry or smiled but I didn’t move or say anything. I remained here, staring at you.

“Kayoyon? Is something wrong?”

“Yes. Yes there is something wrong.” Your expression changed quickly. “You’re stupid Miyabi…”

You opened your mouth to protest but the tears ran along my cheeks.

“Kayoko…” My heart turned wild, hearing your voice saying my name.

You pulled me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around you back. You stroked my hair gently while I closed my eyes.

“I’m not going to leave you.”

I felt your lips on mine for a few seconds and I forget everything. I just remembered I loved you.

~ Poyoyon Story ~


So, the time is coming. It will be soon. In a few days. I was able to write you a letter for your graduation concert. You can’t know how much I was happy to see tears coming from your eyes. More than ten years. Ten years by your side. I’ll never forget them and I’ll never forget you. But, I’ll feel lonely without you. I hope we could still see each other. You’re a big part of my life.

Your arms wrapped my body from behind. I knew it was you. I could recognize your scent, your soft perfume.

“What are you doing?”

“I was in my thoughts.”
“Hm?” Your tone was curious, you wanted to know.

I giggled, making you releasing my waist. I turned around, smiling.

“About my cute girlfriend.” Your face became red.

I leaned and let a light kiss on your lips.

“I love you so much Yuki.” You told me, kissing my lips again.

“I love you too Mayu.”

~ MaYuki Story ~


2 years. Time is fast. We don’t see each other anymore. You avoid me, right? I know it. It’s sad. I thought we were friends. Why? Why don’t we see anymore? Why do you see other SKE members and not me? Perhaps I should give up on you and focus on something else, about someone else. I loved you.


“Sakura? What are you doing here?” I asked, a bit stunned.

“I was looking for you…” She said, looking away from my eyes.

She was so cute.

“And why?” I came closer to her.

“B-Because you don’t seem fine lately.”

I smiled, it was a bitter smile. I suddenly pulled her into my arms and bit my lips to hold back my tears.

“Sakura… Don’t leave me. Please.”

“I’m here, okay? I’m here…” I could feel hugging me back.

Maybe the one I needed was Sakura and not you anymore Rena. Thanks for all these moments and memories.

~ WMatsui & JuriSaku Story ~


We are friends for a long time. The new generation. We should be the next center. But you saw it was impossible right? You couldn’t be, someone took your place. You gave up. And you looked happier. It didn’t matter if you were not the top of the group. I just wanted to be by your side. Even this will stop soon. You will leave me. Never going back.

“We need to go.” I easily recognized your voice.

“I don’t want.” I mumbled, surprising you.

You stepped forward, your usual smile on your face.

“But we need, so let’s go.” You grabbed my hand but I remained here.

I didn’t want to go. I wanted to stay here. I didn’t want to see you. It hurt.

“You’re worried, aren’t you?” Your voice sounded concerned.

I nodded, avoiding to look at you. Your fingers ran through my hair slowly.

“Miru. Look at me.” I couldn’t do anything else than doing it. “I love you.”

I felt your lips on mine after your sentence. I enjoyed it for a few seconds until we pulled away.

“I love you too.”

“Let’s eat an ice cream now.”

I finally smiled and followed you, your hand still in mine.

~ FuuMiru Story ~

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Re: Miniju's OS box - Because I love you [Part 2] [END] (YuriAnnin)
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The second end with YuriAnnin!

Enjoy :)

Because I love you [END] (YuriAnnin)

Anna’s POV

I messed up everything. Yuria hated me. I was so stupid. I was in love with her. She hated me because of what happened between Rena and me. Yet, I didn’t expect her to come to me. I didn’t think she will kiss me. And finally, she ran away. What should I do?  I heard a light knock on my home’s door. I opened it, discovering Rena.

“What are you doing here?” I told her in a cold tone.

“I wanted to warn you. Don’t dare to hurt Yuria.” She answered in an almost harsh tone.

I could do anything else than smiling. This girl was more idiot than me.

“You’re the one who dumped her.”

She looked at me without talking. I was right, it was her whole fault if Yuria was upset.

“I was here when she came back crying at Yui’s restaurant.”

I was angry with her. I didn’t understand how Yuria could fall in love with her. She deserved better than Rena. Well, I wasn’t better than Rena anyway. We were both stupid to let Yuria go. 

“She loves you.” She told me, turning her eyes away from mine.

I knew it. As I said, she deserved better than us. I didn’t know if she still loved Rena. I didn’t want her to suffer. I let out a sigh and closed the door without answering. 

It was the end of the day. I spent my time with Juri and Rina as usual. Yuria was still not at school. It made me sad. I missed her. I was talking with my friends until a voice stopped me.

“Anna!” She shouted my name, making me stop chatting.

I turned around, looking at her with a stunned expression. It was Yuria. Too many questions were in my head right now. She grabbed my arm and dragged me to a quiet place. I only followed her in silence.

“Can you stop playing with me?” She yelled angry with me.

I couldn’t hold it anymore. She kissed me, she hated me and then she loved me. I didn’t understand anything.

“Me? I’m not the one who kissed you.” I shouted back, making her release my wrist.

“You serious? You keep smiling at me, you even kissed me back.”

I had a reason.

“Because I love you!”

I wanted to cry but I managed to calm myself. Yuria remained quiet, staring at me.

“Anna…” She spoke in a light tone after a few seconds.

“I’m leaving.”

I turned around and started walking away. I felt her hugging me from behind tightly. I didn’t move anymore.

“That’s your fault if Rena and I broke up.” She said in a low voice.

I grabbed her hands, trying to make her released me. I couldn’t, I wasn’t strong enough.

“Because I love you.”

My heart stopped beating, hearing her words. She unwrapped her arms while I turned around. She was intensely looking at me.

“I thought you hated me.” I said, letting out a light sigh.

“I know what happened between you and Rena. That’s why I tried to hate you.”

It made me upset. My past suddenly came back. It wasn’t me anymore. I grew up, I’ve changed.

“You shouldn’t love me then.” I spoke in a harsh tone.

“What if I do? What if I believe in you? What if I think you’re not a player?”

I remained quiet, staring at her. I didn’t know what to say. Did she trust me? I couldn’t think that it was true. I let out a weak sigh and turned around. I didn’t walk, I only stayed here.

“You’re an idiot…” Yuria muttered still behind me.

I burst into tears. I couldn’t take it anymore. It hurt me. I wanted to be with Yuria but I couldn’t accept it.

“Anna!” She said, running to me.

I hid my face in my hands. I was weak. She took me into a warm hug. She stroked my hair slowly, making me calmer.

“It’s okay… Don’t cry…” She said in a whisper.

“I love you Yuria. I’m sorry for what I have done. But please, don’t leave me.” I said between my sobs.

We stayed like this for a few seconds, until I calmed myself. I didn’t want to let her go. I didn’t want to break the hug. I moved a bit, making her stop to stroke my hair. I pushed myself away without looking at her.

“You must think that I’m an idiot…”

She let out a light chuckle, lifting my chin with her hand. She smiled. I couldn’t tell how cute she looked.

“You’re not.” She paused a few seconds and released my face. “I love you Anna.”

I leaned to her, crashing my lips against hers. It was so soft. I felt her kissing me back. She put her feelings in that kiss, not like the first time. It was perfect, our lips playing together. I didn’t want this to end.

The End.

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Hey guys! A little gift for you :)

Merry Christmas and enjoy !

Special Christmas: An unexpected present (YuriAnnin)

Christmas was soon and I needed to buy a present for my lovely girlfriend.  But it was the point, I didn’t know what. I released another sigh, looking at the shop in front of me. I needed to find something which could make her happy. Something which could make her smile. What would Anna have liked for Christmas? I cast a glance on my phone. It was getting late. I left the downtown, coming back home.

“Hey love.” I greet Anna with a quick smile.

She stood up and welcomed me with a hug.

“Yuria, have you planning something to do tomorrow?”

I shook my head. My life was pretty calm since I left AKB.

“Wanna go out? I should have a photoshoot but it was cancelled.” She pouted a bit, she looked disappointed.

A smile appeared across my lips and I nodded. Of course, I wanted. I never could refuse her after all.

“A walk in the downtown?”

Anna could give me a few ideas for her present by looking in the shops. 


Well, it didn’t really help me. Anna was mostly playing around like a kid. It was the Christmas effect I guess. I sat on the couch, releasing a long sigh. I could hear the water flowing in the bathroom next to me. I grabbed my phone and checked my texts.


The sudden call made me jump with surprise.

“Y-Yeah?” I quickly put my phone on the table.
“Are you hiding something?” Anna whispered in my ear, putting her arms around my neck from behind.

I felt something moist licking my ear. I closed my eyes. This girl knew how to make flustered. She bit my neck gently, my heart beats speeded up. The phone rang, breaking our moment. Anna moved away and replied. That was not fair.

I knew. I knew what I needed to give her. I stood up and left the house. I let a quick note, letting Anna know I was outside.

I was stressed out. I had never been that nervous since I was going out with Anna. Maybe the day she moved to my house could also count. Well, we had a perfect Christmas. We cooked together the meal. I couldn’t help to have this feeling in my chest. Once we were over with the food, I felt my heart squeeze.

“Hey, open it.” Anna handed me a present.

I smiled, nervously. I grabbed it with my shaking hands. I looked like a stressed teenager who tried to make happy her girlfriend. I quickly showed a stunned face, seeing what it was.

“You don’t like it…?

“N-No! I-I mean yes I like it!” I muttered, trying to hide my surprise.

I grabbed Anna’s present and gave it to her. She opened it, making the same face I previously had.

“We gave the same thing at each other…?”

I couldn’t help but finally giggled. Yeah, we did. It was… a sexy underwear. The patterns were different though.

“Thank you.” She kissed my lips slowly.

I pulled away, staring at her. She was wearing a red dress. She already looked sexy.

“I…I have something else…” I mumbled, distinguishing a light smile on her lips. “Wait here.”

I reached our bedroom, taking a deep breath. I called her a few seconds after, saying she could come. I heard her coming in the room and my cheeks immediately turned red.

“How cute is my girlfriend, embarrassed in this sexy outfit.” She spoke in a soft tone, hugging me from behind.

“S-Shut up…”

She put her lips against my hot neck, nibbling my skin slowly. I held my moans, biting my lower lip.

“Well…My present isn’t unwrapped yet.” She spoke in a seductive tone.

It will be a long night…

The End.

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Re: Miniju's OS box - Because I love you #Bonus (JuRicchan)
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A little bonus :)
Enjoy !

Because I love you #Bonus (JuRicchan)

My girlfriend, Rina, was in my arms, my back leaned on the wall.  I knew we will be late for class but I was fine here. Her hands put on my waist, she was smiling at me.

“Juri.” She called my name with a shy voice. “I love you.”

I noticed how red her cheeks were. I smiled. This girl was too cute. I lifted her chin with one of my hand.

“I love you a lot.” I told her in a quiet tone before kissing her lips gently.

They were so soft, tasting as sweet cotton. I liked it, feeling her lips against mine. I could stay with her in my arms all the day. I felt fine when she was around me.

“Move lovebirds, we will be late.” A voice startled us.

My face became red. It was Yuria. She tried to don’t laugh at us. Surely because of my actual shocked face. She didn’t know about us. We were not in a relationship for a long time. She left us. I cast a quick glance at Rina. She didn’t dare to look at me. I grabbed her hand and dragged her to our classroom. Yuria sat first after we excuse ourselves to the teacher. She looked at us, letting out a light laugh. Looked as if she couldn’t hold it anymore.

“You’re late Kizaki. So don’t get yourself noticed.” The teacher told her in a harsh tone.

She remained quiet. She was surely a bit angry because of the teacher’s comment. I knew Yuria, she wasn’t the quiet girl who just listened to the older people.
I didn’t say anything for the class. I just left, perhaps quicker than usual. I reached my looker, taking my stuff before going home. I felt a hand grabbing my hand. I looked at the person. It was Rina, she avoided to look at me. She dragged me to the library. The students were leaving the school. The library was the only quiet place. She pulled me until we were far enough of the other people who were still here.

“Why…?” She only spoke, still holding my wrist.

“I… I’m sorry Rina.”
I didn’t know what I was sorry for. I usually waited for Yuria and Rina. I was afraid. I didn’t know what but thinking that Yuria surprised us… it could be someone else. I was afraid of people’s judgment.

“Juri, I don’t want us to hide anymore.” She finally looked at me, putting her other hand on my cheek. “I love you.”

I pecked her lips quickly. I noticed she was upset but I didn’t expect her to slap me… I was so stupid. She left. I stayed here, the tears running along my face.

The next morning was terrible. I went to school, seeing Rina, Anna and Yuria chatting together. Together wasn’t the right word as Yuria and Anna were still in bad terms.

“Hello.” I muttered, feeling Rina’s cold gaze on me.

She let out a sigh before grabbing Anna’s arm. She even didn’t look at me and left with Anna.

“What happened?” Yuria asked me in a concerned tone.

“It’s my fault.” I told her, lowering my head. “She doesn’t us to hide our relationship anymore.”   


“I refuse.”

I felt Yuria’s hand on my shoulder, trying to comfort me. She finally pulled me into her arms.

“It’s okay. You shouldn’t take care of others.”

I knew but I couldn’t help it.

“You love Rina a lot, right?”

Of course. I never felt like this since we were together. I liked her being with me. It was all I needed.

“Don’t break everything Juri.”

I will not.

I released Yuria, running toward Rina and Anna. They were sitting, talking.

“Rina!” I yelled, feeling all the student’s gazes on me. “I love you!”

Her annoyed face disappeared. She was stunned by my sudden confession. Anna was smiling. I wanted Rina to smile. But she didn’t. I was afraid, I didn’t know what she was thinking right now. She stood up, my heart beating faster and faster. She grabbed my collar, pulling me until our lips meet. I only enjoyed this sweet time. We pulled, our looks locked together.

“Why did you do that?”

“Because I love you.”

The End.   

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Re: Miniju's OS box - Special New Year – A Ruined Proposal (YuriAnnin)
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Happy new year minna-san!

Special New Year – A Ruined Proposal (YuriAnnin)

Tomorrow will be another year. Another year with her, another perfect year with the one I love.
“Yuria, you’re taking too much time.” My girlfriend complained while I was still in the bathroom.

“Sorry love. I just wanted to look good for this evening.” I told her, coming out from the room.

“You’re always looking good.” She kissed my lips quickly, letting me stunned.

I prepared everything for today. The dinner, the place, the time. I was going to propose to Anna. Of course, I was nervous. But I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

“I’m ready.” A cute voice spoke behind me.

Already? Well, I was surely spacing out.

“Let’s go.” I grabbed her hand and we left our home.

I reserved a table in a nice restaurant. It was on the roof. I will do it a few minutes before midnight.

“They planned fireworks before midnight.” Anna told me, pulling me out form my thoughts.

 “F-Fireworks?” I mumbled, surprised. “Isn’t a bit stupid? I mean, they are supposed to do it at midnight.”

“Yeah, but they will put a kind of ‘Happy New Year’ in the middle. I guess.” She tried to explain. “Like to do more funny stuff…” She mumbled, a bit lost. 

My plan was kinda ruined now. Well, it should have been a miracle if everything was like I planned. I only smiled, looking at Anna again.

“We will go close to the gate to watch it then.” She nodded after my words.

I waited nervously for the firework to start. I leaned against the gate, feeling Anna hugging me. And it started. ‘Will you marry me…’ was written in the dark sky. How cute. I wasn’t the only one who decided to propose today. But the words were followed by an unexpected name. ‘…Yuria?” W-Wait. I wasn’t ready for it. Anna’s grip released my body. I turned around, feeling my heart being reckless.

“So? What’s your answer?” She asked, looking into my eyes.

I kept staring at her, too flustered to be able to speak. But her face quickly turned upset. Was she going to cry?

“I…” I managed to talk. “I love you so much.” I wrapped her shoulders, pulling her closer to kiss her.

“Is that a yes?”

“Of course.”

We broke the hug. I took the box in my pocket. Anna looked at me, stunned.

“Well, I wanted to ask you too…” I admitted, showing the ring.

“My girlfriend’s so sweet.” She teased me while my cheeks becoming red. “I love you.” She added, kissing my lips again.

“I love you too.”

The End.

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Re: Miniju's OS box - Special New Year – A Ruined Proposal (YuriAnnin)
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Wahhh! :wub:
Yuria thought her plans were ruined, but it turned out to be a reverse proposal. :lol:

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Re: Miniju's OS box - Refusal (YuriAnnin)
« Reply #18 on: February 03, 2018, 11:17:58 AM »
@four4four: Ahah ^^ Thank you for commenting :)

Heeeey! I really liked to write this fic, I hope you will enjoy it :)
Have a nice reading :D

Refusal (YuriAnnin)

I was roaming around the school. It had been a few hours. I told her everything. I told her the truth. But she rejected me, saying she couldn’t accept my feelings. I didn’t expect her to accept me, but it hurt. It hurt a lot. Somehow, I felt free. I had enough of strength to be able to tell her. Yet, I was alone now. At the beginning, I was afraid of these feelings growing in my chest. I couldn’t make sense of it. When I realized what these feelings were. It was too late to go back. I was in love with my friend.

“Yuria?” A concerned voice called me.

I turned around, discovering my friend, Rena. I managed to show a weak smile.

“Are you okay?” She reached my side, putting her hand on my shoulder.

“I told her.”

I quickly felt her hand tightened. She must have been worried about me. She knew how hard it was.

“She rejected me.”

Rena’s eyes didn’t leave me, but she remained quiet. Her hand slipped around my waist, pulling me into her arms. It was warm. I liked it. I suddenly felt like crying. I slowly bit my lower lip. It will be fine. I hoped at least.

“What will you do now?

It was a good question. What should I do? What do I want to do? I broke the hug and leaned against the wall near to me. I needed to think about it. Anna didn’t love me. But, we couldn’t stay friends, right? It will be too hard for me, and it will surely make her uncomfortable. Feelings are so complicated. Everything was messed up in my heart.

“I don’t know.” I finally spoke after a few seconds of thinking.

I will wait and see what will happen tomorrow. Maybe she will avoid me, maybe she will act as if nothing happened. I didn’t know, and I was afraid to know.

I didn’t want to go. I knew I will see Anna at school today and I didn’t want to. What if she avoids me? Or worse, what if she hates me?  I stared at the window in front of me. I barely touched my breakfast.

“You will be late honey.” My mother told me in a soft tone.

I let out a sigh. She was right. I couldn’t miss school, after all, it was quite important. Well, even though I was terrible but I did my best. I knew it mattered that I was trying.

“I’m leaving.” I grabbed my bag and almost ran toward to door. 

And then, I saw her. Anna was standing there. I couldn’t talk, my heaty was beating hard, and my voice stayed stuck in my throat. Anna’s face was empty. She hated me, right? No, she didn’t. It looked sad and hurt. What was that? Why? I didn’t understand. She didn’t say anything and started walking again. My heart was suddenly torn. I had lost her.

Days passed. Nothing really changed. I tried to focus on something else than her, than Anna. But it was hard. She was always close to me. We were in the same class, we took the same path to come back home. Rena was here, thankfully. I don’t know what would have happened to me if she wasn’t here.

“Stop bothering me.”

The voice intrigued me. I passed my head through the door, looking in the corridor. Some stupid guys were surrounding a girl. Should I do something? She could handle it by herself. What if she couldn’t? I didn’t want to be guilty of anything, so I just left the class and reached the group. By the way, it was for the lunch break. I didn’t leave the classroom that suddenly.

“Everything’s okay here?” I asked in an almost bored tone.

One of the guys moved away, letting me see the girl. Anna…? Seriously, they messed up with the wrong girl.

“Let her alone.” I put my gaze on the students again.

“Wanna play with us, girl?”

“Give me one reason to not punch you right in your filthy face.” I harshly answered, ready to kick their asses.

One walked closer to me. I smiled, I wasn’t afraid. It was okay to fight, mainly when it was to protect my friend.

“It’s okay Yuria. You don’t need to do this.” Anna’s voice stopped my thoughts.

I immediately looked at her, dumbfounded. What did she mean? Should I have let her being bothered with these idiots? I grabbed her wrist and pulled her to a quieter place. I didn’t care if it was against her will. I didn’t want to let her go. But she didn’t try to protest. She kept calm, following me in silence.

“I did it because I wanted.” I suddenly spoke once we reach the roof.

I liked to be there. I felt free. I was used to coming here alone. I enjoyed looking at the view. But now, something was more important than the view from to school’s roof.

“Isn’t because you love me?” Her words took me aback. “Is it, right? So, don’t.” I remained quiet, letting her speak her mind. “I told you, it was impossible for us to be together.”

I smiled nervously. I already knew it. She didn’t need to tell me twice. It hurt.

“It’s because you matter to me. Even though you rejected me, Anna. You’re still the same in my heart. No matter if it’s love or not. I still want to protect you, to be with you. You can’t stop these feelings. Nobody can.”

I tried to act cool, but in fact, I was deadly afraid. It was as if I was playing my life. My heart pounded hard. I felt dizzy, feeling my hot cheeks. Anna opened her mouth to talk, but nothing came out.

“You know. I thought a lot of telling you. I knew what I could lose. But I did it anyway because it hurt me too much to keep it secret.”

“You’re not the only who is suffering Yuria.” I quickly shut my mouth. “I never thought about you loving me.”

“I wish I never had those feelings for you.”

She stared at the floor without answering. She looked hurt. I didn’t know how she understood my words. It scared me a bit. I didn’t want to be mean. I just didn’t want to break our friendship.

“So, that’s it.” She almost whispered as if she didn’t want me to hear.

“Yeah, that’s it.” She quickly raised her head. “I love you, and I can’t do anything else than accepting my feelings for you.” I took a deep breath. “I’m sorry for making you suffering Anna. I’ll leave you now. I’m gonna do my best to make sure you don’t hear from me again.”

I wanted to cry. I couldn’t in front of Anna. I couldn’t show that I was weak. I started walking, passing next to her. I felt a firm grip on my left arm. I stopped without looking at her.

“You can’t do that Yuria.” She managed to say between her sobs.

My eyes widened, she was crying. It was the worse feeling ever. I made her cry. I finally dared to look at her.

“You can’t leave me…” She released my arm.

I didn’t understand. What was going on? Did she want us to stay friends? I put myself in front of her, raising her chin with my hand. Seeing the tears in her eyes was breaking my heart into pieces more than anything.

“Don’t cry anymore. Please.” I wanted to wipe her pain away, but I couldn’t reach her.

I couldn’t do it. Even if… Even if…

“Stop being indecisive.” She suddenly told me, showing a slight smile on the corner of her lips.

I trusted her, I trusted her with all my heart. I wanted her to be happy. I wiped her tears slowly, feeling her hot cheek under my touches. I stayed my fingers on her skin for a few seconds, my gaze locked with hers. What the hell was I doing? I was suddenly close to her, I could almost feel her breath against my lips. No, I definitively felt it, I felt the heat of her breath. My thumb danced on her cheek slowly. I wanted to pull her closer until our lips meet. But I couldn’t. I almost moved away until I remembered her words. ‘Stop being indecisive’ she said. I brought her closer to me, my other hand on her waist. I didn’t want to be indecisive. I put my lips against hers, gently. She replied to my kiss. Her lips tasted like cotton, so soft. I enjoyed them, I never thought it was going to happen. She was the one who broke the kiss. I couldn’t say anything. I remained staring at her, unable to ask for an answer.

“I don’t want to lose you Yuria. You’re so important to me.”

What did this mean? We could just stay friends. Why did she kiss me? It made me so confused. She kissed me again. It was more passionate than the first time.

“I love you.” She whispered against my lips.
My heart squeezed in my chest. Too many emotions for today I guess. I only pressed my lips further and harder until I couldn’t stand the kiss anymore.

“Y-Yuria?” Anna mumbled, surprised.

She removed her arms from around my neck, putting her hands on my both cheeks.

“Don’t cry.” She told me when I closed my eyes and let the tears leave with the pain from the previous days. “I’m sorry Yuria. I took so many times to understand my feelings.”

‘It’s okay’. I wanted to tell her. But I felt weak, and I kept quiet, trying to control the silent tears. Her lips pressed against my cheek slowly. I opened my eyes, showing a slight smile.

“Thank you.” I spoke before burying my face in her neck.

I felt her fingers dancing in my hair, making me calmer.

“I love you.” I told her again and kissed her forehead.

I heard the ring bell of the school. It was already time to come back. I grabbed her hand gently, and we walked together to our class.

The End.

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Re: Miniju's OS box - Refusal (YuriAnnin)
« Reply #19 on: February 04, 2018, 01:41:26 AM »
So it was a rejection that turned into realizing her own feelings for Yuria?
Annin you need to realize your feelings earlier. Yuria was ready to never speak to you again. :(
I'm glad that it ended happily for Yuria. :)

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