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Author Topic: Mayuki : about me and my childhood friend (end of drabbe, new OS begin)  (Read 14728 times)

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Cruel punishment

Milky is pouting. She is angry right now.  Even though she is angry to the certain person,  but that certain person didn't even give her any attention.

This is all because of the new game Yui just show to him. Yes, her boyfriend is ignoring her in their special day.

She should have guess when he asked her to stay at his house tonight.

She thought she can be lovely dovey today. But his boyfriend didn't even care to look at her.

Milky : I am hungry !!!

Sayaka : huh?... Er I have order a pizza please wait a minute

Milky then come closer and want to rest her head at Sayaka shoulder. But Sayaka is to hyper playing the game. So she can't lay her head comfortably.

Milky then clings at Sayaka, holding his hand. But Sayaka didn't even bug.

Feeling angry and frustrated. She then plan a evil things.


It been a while for Sayaka to play. As he finally realize that his girlfriend is missing. He finally realize that he have ignore milky.

Things gonna be bad one. Angry milky can be scary. He shiver remember the last time she is angry at him. No kiss for 1 month full.

Sayaka began searching for Milky. He then went to his room.  In his bed, Milky is laying in there sleeping soundlessly. Guilt finally haunted him.

He move closely and caress the girl hair and then her chubby cheek.  Giving her a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Milky then wake up rubbing her eyes cutely, as she fully wake up, she pouting again. As Sayaka find it cute.

Sayaka : Milky, I am sorry to Ig... Hmmppt?!

Sayaka is silenet by Milky kiss. She kiss her passionately. As her kiss seems hungry, Sayaka also kiss her hungrily. They kiss become passionate. As Sayaka began to touch her girlfriend, until he supprise that beneath the bedcover she find that milky is naked.

He began to kiss her neck and leaving a bite mark on her neck, as Milky can't help  to moan when Sayaka bite her.

He then giving it a lick in a place where he bite her. He roam her body and began to touching her back, upper body until when his hand finally want to touch her lower body, Milky stopped him.

She give him a devil smirk, and began to move from the bed.

Milky : I am going home~

Sayaka : eh?!!

Milky : this is your punishment for ignoring me.

Sayaka : warukii!!

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Re: Drabble time (SayaMilky)
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2016, 02:02:56 PM »
Eeeeeh...? "0///0) *closing my eyes with my palm while taking a peak through the
Thank you for the fic. Reminds me of all those times when I was too busy playing games and made a certain someone felt irritated *chuckle*
(Seriously, Sayanee... You shouldn't love your game more than your GF...)

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Re: Drabble time (SayaMilky)
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 :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
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Re: Drabble time (Yuiparu & Atsumina)
« Reply #3 on: June 15, 2016, 11:13:48 AM »
@denight : I know right? I got the idea after my mom scold me because I ignore her. To focus on the game :P

@janix :  :cow: :cow:


Troublesome... That what Yui thought right now. Why not?! Right now he must accompany his brother student.

His brother is a college student and right now he is working part time job as a private teacher. But due to his brother have another things to do for whole one week, and unfortunately his student also have final exam this week. So without further ado his brother ask him to replace him for this whole week.

Of course Yui reject it quickly as he doesn't like a troublesome thing and teaching will be one of thing Yui didn't like. Yes, he is smart but he is one of lazy bum .

Minami : come on Yui, help me for this time okay? Please !!!

Yui : no in million chance. Just  tell her to study alone and if there is something she doesn't know tell her to line you.

Minami : this can't be do. Well, she is really bad at math. And I don't think she can manage to do it alone.

Yui : well, just tell her good luck then.

Minami : I guess I need to used my last move

Yui : you won't dare!!

Minami : try me!

There is he, standing in a luxury house, sighing before pressing the bell. The person who greet him looks like a maid of this house. She have a questioning look when she see Yui.

Yui : er.. I am Takahashi Yui, I come here to replace my brother to teach.

The maid then smile and welcome him to go inside. Yui looked around the house. It is quite spacious and indeed very quiet too.

They go to the second floor and the maid knock the second door, before they entered the room.

Looks like a little library, inside have a lot of books and there is a person with her glasses reading a book. She is beautiful and have her long hair tied nicely, she is perfect on Yui eyes.

One week later
Yui : Minami nii chan, can I the one to teach her for now on?

Minami : hee? Why? Is you are the same person who complain to be week ago?

Yui : it is not like that, when did I complaint?  I have no memory of it.

Minami : okay2, I understand that she is beautiful right? I also will want to date her if I doesn't have Atsuko.

Yui : uh oh, nii chan I think you need to run right now..

At minami back standing Atsuko with her dark aura. She quickly grab minami before he can run away.

Atsuko : well Yui, I don't think Minami will complain if he give the job to you. Right Minami?

Minami : su..sure, dear.. Glup.

Yui : Thank you nii chan, I know you are the best. Now I will be able to meet my girlfriend every day!!

Minami : MASAKA?! You dating with Shimazaki Haruka?? Since when?

Yui : yup! That is secret ~

Atsuko : by the way, Yui why did you tell me to come today? Do you have something to ask me?

Yui : er actually Atsu nee chan, I forget what I need to ask you for. Er.. I need to go now.. Bye, have fun with Minami nii chan.

In the middle of the room enchoed minami voice calling his name.

Minami :  Yuii!!!!

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Re: Drabble time (Saeyuki)
« Reply #4 on: June 16, 2016, 11:50:21 AM »
I love you always

You always come here every year. And you always bring my favorite food. Telling me about everything you feel. I will always try to listen. Sometimes you giggle, smile, and sometimes you are crying.

you come here every year. From a cute little girl who will always cry and now you become a beautiful girl. You told me a lot of thing, and lastly you tell me that you have a boyfriend. You seems happy to talk about him. I am happy for you too. But deep inside I am hurting. I never know that it is hurt this much to hear it. I never realize that I have fall for you. It is too late for me. Too late 15 years.

Two years have pass since you got a boyfriend. And in that two years you stop visiting. I kinda miss you. No, I be lying if I said that. I really miss you a lot. I miss hearing your voice, miss your face, and much reaction you have when you tell me a lot of story. But the most I miss is your lovely voice every time you sing me a song. A exactly same song every time you come to meet me.

I guess, you won't come here this year. As I smile bitterly thinking about it, I guess I really don't have a time to say good bye to you. I have postpone my departure. I will go to far away place, and i afraid i can see you again. But I guess you won't come anymore.

But much to my surprise, I hear your voice again. It is really you!!

Yuki : Sae kun, how are you? Still genki like always? (giggle)


Yuki : are you mad at me? I am really sorry, I should have visit you last year and two last year. But I really are busy, you know my dream right? I want to become a singer. And you know what? I really did it this time.  I have my own concert, handshake event, and my own CD.


Yuki : and I will tell you one more surprise, I will getting married. He purpose to me last month, and I said yes to him.


Yuki : please don't be mad at me, kay? I am sorry...


Yuki : I love you... Sae kun, I love you forever.  I want you to know, I will always love you. So, this is good bye I guess...

When Yuki stand up and ready to go, she hear a faint voice.

"Yappari, it is really worth for me to wait in here. I am happy for you, Yuki. I hope we can meet again. Good bye.. And thank you"

Yuki is very shocked. To hear the voice she want to hear the most.  She turn back again but nobody and only to see the same thing that she always see. It is written :

"Here rest in peace..
Miyazawa Sae"

Yuki : Sae kun..?


Ten years later
Yuki run with her might to the class room. Today is her son graduation day from kindergarten. She curse the traffic which cause her to be late. When she is arrive. Her eyes met with certain cute boy. His handsome figure and his cheerfulness really caught many people heart.

'Mama !!"

The cute boy quickly run to Yuki and reach his hand wanting to be held.

Yuki : I am sorry I am late, Sae kun.

Sae : it is okay. The important thing, you came. Mama so beautiful.

Teacher : Watanabe kun, it is time for you to read your writing.

Yuki then put him down and Sae quickly go in front and begin to read. He smile at Yuki before tell the title.

"I love you mama"

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Re: Drabble time (Saeyuki)
« Reply #5 on: June 16, 2016, 11:57:23 AM »
Why did you kill Sae T^T

Still its nice drabble, thanks for writing for my otp though its angst story.....
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Re: Drabble time (Saeyuki)
« Reply #6 on: June 16, 2016, 01:23:30 PM »
@buciq : I let Sae reborn though.   :cow:

It is not whole angst right?

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Re: Drabble time (Saeyuki)
« Reply #7 on: June 16, 2016, 01:53:51 PM »
@buciq : I let Sae reborn though.   :cow:

It is not whole angst right?

Hahahaha yes you did! XD

well its like ummmm bittersweet fic (?)
but whatever it is I LOVE IT ! :D

Its so rare to see someone writing about Sae, except me lol.  so Thank you for that ;)
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Re: Drabble time (Saeyuki)
« Reply #8 on: June 16, 2016, 06:24:23 PM »
At first, i thought that Sae was a tree or something like that, but the reality is that Sae was dead. But at least he reborn became Yuki's child.

Thanks for your story
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Re: Drabble time (Wmatsui)
« Reply #9 on: June 18, 2016, 10:44:25 AM »
If you have a puppy
Rena POV
Puppy is a happy go lucky creature. When a  puppy is sad or happy you can directly see from it facial expressions or from its tail. A puppy love to eat,  play and love to cuddle.

Same goes to Jun, when he is happy or sad, you can see from his expression. He love to eat sweets. Love sport, and enjoy people attention.

Jun doesn't have tail to wag, but when he is really happy, you will see a imaginary tail wagging behind him.

When Jun is spotting somebody, he will become so focus. Just like he spot me, he will run with all his might and hug me tightly. I know he want to express his love to me, but sometimes he really doesn't know when to hold himself or not.

To become a proper adult dog, a puppy need to be teach some kind of manner, which you can or can not. When they misbehave, you need to scold the puppy.

Note : you need a extra heart to scold them, puppies have a special attack which is called puppy eyes.

Same goes to Jun, I will try to tell him, advise him, and when he misbehaved, I will glare at him and it always work,  he will also activated his puppy eyes attack begging me for a forgiveness.

Ignoring him won't be a good thing to do. Because like puppy who will whine, Jun will be say a lot of sorry to me until I am not mad at him.

But for all the thing that have happened or done, I would say that my live is perfect because of Jun, my little puppy.

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Re: Drabble time (Wmatsui)
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I want a puppy~ :on gay:

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: Drabble time (Wmatsui)
« Reply #11 on: June 18, 2016, 02:12:08 PM »
I want a puppy~ :on gay:

Me too! I want a Jurina-puppy! >w<

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Re: Drabble time (Wmatsui)
« Reply #12 on: June 20, 2016, 01:15:57 AM »
Oh, wow... Looks like you're really productive lately.
I was just gone for a while and now I found many new drabbles! *I'm not complaining  XD
Thank you for the AtsuMinaYuiParu fic. Reading the story put a smile on my face  :)
That SaeYuki story though... Wow...
Yes, it was sad. Yes, I don't really like sad stories (though I did write some). But, the way you write it...
I'll say that it's my favorite among all the other drabbles in this thread so far  :)
Hope you'll keep on writing.

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Re: Drabble time (Wmatsui)
« Reply #13 on: June 20, 2016, 08:34:44 AM »
@ruka & @key17 : I also want too  :lol:

@deNight : I know right? I post too much lately. Lols
But I do that so I can write OS again. Actually I have lost much of my 'soul' to write fanfic. But I need to finish what I have start (long OS awaiting) so I try to write the short one, in order to regain much of my feeling back to it. Hopefully I didn't lost my touch yet. Lols

More than a puppy

Yuuma (aka Watabe Mayu) : where are you going?

Jun : the usual place.

Yuuma : again? Sigh.. I never see such determination. Or should I say stubborn. Give up already!

Jun : and yet my best friend told me to quit. (Fake cry)

Yuuma : whatever. I don't think she will come again today.

Jun : and I am sure she will.

Yuuma : the so called beauty you say? What will you say?  She must be think you are weird.

Jun : definitely no!

Yuuma : I am out of here. For sake of  God,  I think you should give up. It almost 6 months.

Matsui Jun, a middle schooler. He is a happy go lucky guy. Good at study and also sport. Good attitude. And now he is falling in love with older girl. He doesn't know her, she looks like a college student

Flash back
It was raining that day when Jun stand outside of the book store.  He was shivering a bit due to the cold that day. He never imagine that day would be raining.

He was thinking that his mother must be furious because he didn't listen to her about umbrella things.

Then he get a gentle tug on his sleeves. When he turn around, he saw a beautiful lady standing beside him, she have a gentle brunette eyes, pale skin, raven silk hair and a wonderful smile.

Jun tried to smile at her, but his shivering make it worst. The lady chuckled a bit before give him a cup of warm tea, and hand him a melon pan.

" Eat and drink this you will feel warmer."

Her voice is gentle, as gentle as her eyes.

"Rena, we gotta go. We will miss the event if we don't hurry."

Rena : i have to go now, bye bye.

Before Jun say a thanks, the lady have go. But Jun notice something in the ground.

Jun :  Rena..

That day, Jun know what is it mean to fall in love in the first time.

End of flashback

Since that day,  Jun always go around the book store. The owner of book store come to know him. Sometime he will stay inside the store. Sometimes he will help the owner mending his store.


Just like another day, Jun still waiting in the same place. Hoping to meet her again.

Masana : hi Jun, still waiting for that girl to come again?

Jun : yeah, I don't know why but I have feeling that I can meet her again soon.

Masana : you always say the same thing jun. (Giggle)

Jun just sigh, true that he have say the same thing again and again. He is very sure about that, or should say he try to hypnotize himself that they will meet someday.

But what if Yuuma said is true, what if she is not from this town, what if he just too optimistic, and too blind to see the reality. What if everything he
Just as he go inside the store and help Masana to clean the store, there are somebody that come to the store. Jun didn't realize it, because he really in his deep thought.

"Ano... Excuse me, could you find me this book ?"

Jun eyes widened in surprise as he hear that angelic voice again, he directly see the source of the voice before falling down from a quiet high chair.


Rena : oh my gosh?! Are you alright?

Jun was awestruck. He see Rena from up till down, forgetting the hand that Rena give to him. Feeling being see like that make Rena slightly nervous.

Rena : umn... Are you alright?

Rena looks nervous but she also worried with Jun. Jun directly snap from his deep thought.

Jun : ah, yes... I am alright. Thank you.


There is silent between them as they didn't talk to each other. It become very awkward.

Jun : ano, the book you search is at the second shelf. I will bring it to you.

Rena : thank you.


Silent again, Jun usually never like to keep quiet. He will always find his way to have a conversation with somebody. But with Rena, he really nervous and didn't know what to say.

Until Rena pay her book and ready to leave, finally Jun muttered his courage to speak to her.

Jun : ano.. Matsui san, I don't know If you still remember me. But I want to thank you for what you did on that rainy day.

Rena blink a few times unsure about what he is talking,  and it make Jun feel sad inside. Seeing the sad Jun, her memory soo recall back.

Rena : ah!?  You are that puppy chan.

Jun feel confuse, indeed many people say he is really like a happy go lucky puppy. But to be said as puppy for the first time by your crush is really something.

Rena look down to hide her redden cheek.

Rena : I am sorry, I don't know your name. And I don't really remember the boy. I just know he looks like a lost puppy back then.

Jun : well, many people say I do look like puppy. My name is Matsui Jun. Nice to meet you.

Rena : my name is Matsui Rena. Nice to meet you too.

Five years later
Finally, I get to meet her, I am so happy to see her, and now that we are dating each other really make my day become perfect than anything. It took a lot of effort to win her heart.  Especially from her best friend, Airi. But that aside my life is perfect to have Rena beside me and of course I do need to prove her that I am more than a puppy.

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Re: Drabble time (Yuiparu)
« Reply #14 on: July 18, 2016, 01:58:55 PM »
More pleaseee  :cow:

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Re: Drabble time (sayamilky)
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Yeah!! More Drabble~ :cow:

Sayamilky : Stay with me.

Milky sit alone in the middle of the party.  She usually love to hang out and greet a lot of people. But not this time, she feel her whole  body is is on fire.  But certain guy didn't seem to notice  her anger.
Well,  she don't really  show it anyway.  Only certain people can see is she is angry or not.  After all she is famous of her smiling face.   She good to hide her feeling.

The certain guy is talk friendly  with another girl,  but Milky can't  really show that she didn't like it.  Both of them just friend they said.  It is just a friendly smile and hug they said.  But...  But..!!!! Milky  feel really jealous.  She have right to be angry. Of course,  if the skinship develop to another level. But... Will Sayaka find her childish?

Milky is in her deep thought how she end up with him anyway.  He is rich,  handsome, hardworking, full of leadership that lead a big company, and he is also famous.  Why would he choose milky above all women in this world. Milky just another  girl who work in the little cafe when they met.
She didn't recognise  who he is until he become her boyfriend. Sayaka even laugh how surprise milky when she knew that she is dating a super rich and famous Yamamoto Sayaka.


"hey,  Milky?"

somebody snap her from her thought. Sayaka is standing beside her and have a worried look.
Sayaka : what wrong?

Milky : Huh? Nothing...

Sayaka know something  is wrong with his girlfriend. Somehow he figure it out what make his girlfriend like this.  It is the first time he brought her with him to the party. And as usual  many will come and approach him. Some even  try to seduce him.

Sayaka then held milky hand and make her stand up beside him.  He held her close by her waist and make their forehead  attach with  each other. And when he look deep to her eyes.  He can feel that  she is upset. They have a staring contest  with  each other. And even though  Milky really want to kiss him right   now,  she hold herself. After all she is a bit angry with Sayaka. 

Can't held it anymore.  Sayaka  then capture  her alluring lip.  He kiss her deeply, and he sneaked his hand to caress her hip. Which make Milky moan in the kiss.  But she quickly  withdraw  and back to sit down  again.

Sayaka : milky?

Milky : angry milky.

Sayaka just chuckle,  which enough to make milky more angry .  She is pouting which Sayaka find her very cute. He then sit beside her and hold her hand.

Sayaka : I am sorry  née. I know you are upset. Sometimes I can't help when people come to me,  I know some of them even flirt with me.  As you know I do love you,  so I want you to know who am I,  and how I lived. Actually  I need you help for this...

Milky :...?

Milky look at him with her wondering eyes and it is enough to make Sayaka grinned.
Sayaka : I need you to be with me,  please don't leave me  like just now.  Hold my hand,  and show that I am yours.  I don't mind if you look possesif around  others. That just show how much you love me.

Milky can't held her tears anymore. She cry and hide her face, which make Sayaka quickly  hug her.

Milky : I just a plain girl.. You can get much better girl than me. Why? I afraid that..  You will leave me...

Sayaka : please be confident. I love you. And I don't care what people think,  to me you are beautiful,  I love your smile, how you care of me, and how you always know how to cheer me up, how you always clingy to me,  and I love how your reaction when we are on bed.

Milky face is very red, although the last part Sayaka whisper it to her but it is really  make her shy.

Milky : Sayaka wa BAKA!!!

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Re: Drabble time (SayaMilky)
« Reply #16 on: July 20, 2016, 12:35:37 PM »
 :inlove:  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :wub: :wub:  hehehe this two are really unpredictable. Hehehhe love them though
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Re: Drabble time (SayaMilky)
« Reply #17 on: July 24, 2016, 03:20:53 PM »
 @Janix123 : yes, it is sad. That I become to attach with them, after Miyuki Graduate. :(

SayaMilky : Lonely

“I am all alone… but.. I guess it is okay.”

“Liar… you are sad”

“I am not, because in the end I know that I will be alone… I guess… Why ? Because I deserved it…. after all I bring misfortune to other…”

There is a pain look at the girl who asked the question. She can feel the sadness and loneliness, but will she be able to help?  Well… she just met him. it is the first time she ever met him and yet, she have this huge feeling to help him.

“well it is about time for you to go anyway.., don’t worry you will go to a better place  and thank you. you are the first one that ever ask about me, and more you don’t hate me or even afraid of me, I am a shinigami.”

The girl smile at him as she just shook her head, she look at the man again. He has this black wing behind him, he has a cold look at his face as if he is a cold heart one, but when she look at his eyes directly, she know that this person is lonely.  Actually just as lonely as her, she know because she have the same eyes. The same kind of eyes that she look every time she look at the mirror.

Yes.. she is dead, that day, she is walking alone in the middle of the rain, and one of the truck have hit her. But, as she is always alone in this world, she never really mind of dying at all.  But for the first time Miyuki is afraid. She never know when somebody is dying, they will be in complete darkness, no voice, no light, nobody, nothing. Only she, herself. She never know she will be this lonely. She is alone, in this darkness. Until she met with the certain man who have a black wing. He held her gently and take her out of that darkness.

Her parent has died five years ago because of the car accident, and the only survivor was her. She don’t understand why she didn’t died on that day together with her parents, maybe she won’t be alone. She is depressed, sad, lonely. She try to kill herself because of she feeling desperate, but she always fail.  Time flies, she is healing, and met friend. She wouldn’t feel sad again, she smile at them, as if her life is a happy one, as if she is okay with it,  but that all a lie, she always feel lonely every time she is at home. When she is alone, she will remember her past. How she used to spent time more with her parent, because she love her parents dearly.  She try to date, but none of the guys she have date really made her heart skip a beat, so she stopped, she give up to find one.

“what is your name?”

“why do you want to know?”

“well, you know my name and I don’t know yours, does Shinigami doesn’t have a name?”

“I used to have a name… but now everybody call me Shinigami”

“well, let’s start from the beginning shall we?, My name is Watanabe Miyuki. Nice to meet you Shinigami san”

“you are funny “

Miyuki : that’s not how you reply the introduction. (pout)

“well… sorry… nice to met you…”

Miyuki : that how it is. Gosh… you are too serious.

“I am sorry”

Miyuki : don’t say sorry. You didn’t do anything wrong, but I was wondered.. why you didn’t go with me to that place? it is scary?

“well.. I don’t have choice…. I need to wait for my time to come. I heard from the angel, that place is very warm, and bright, there won’t be sadness, loneliness. You will feel happy.  Now go, your time has come and you have been choosen”

Miyuki : but… what actually happened to you?

“I have done the most unforgivable sin for myself, suicide… I made God upset. The live I have given was  a waste for me. So I was lost in this nowhere, until my time has come. So after a long time, I came to pry to God, that I want to help people who are lost. To help them to come back to you, and God granted my wish, I now have a black wing.”

Miyuki : … how long have you been in here?

“I wonder… I have lost count”

Miyuki : then… I will be waiting here with you. I will wait until your time have come.

“?! No.. can’t do that”

Miyuki : that is not you decided. I decided that for myself.

“you are weird.. you are not afraid of me?”

Miyuki : no, why should I? You are kind.

“to called Shinigami kind? People say I am part of death. I bring death to people”

Miyuki :  but you guide them right? So they won’t be lost, just like me.

“you are a weird one. if you go there soon, you will be happy”

Miyuki : I don’t know too, but I know loneliness is a scary thing, and happy or not it was me who decided for it.


Miyuki : eh?

Sayaka : my name is Sayaka before I become a shinigami.

Miyuki : then, nice to meet you, Sayaka.

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Mayuki : about me and my childhood friend (end of drabbe, new OS begin)
« Reply #18 on: July 29, 2016, 10:32:40 PM »
Not sure if this is count of Sayamilky and YuiParu, anyway enjoy and sorry for the bad english

I really not sure should I continue writing or not... I will try to continue all my postpone fanfic and finish it soon, and after that I will think again if I want to write or not. This will be the last drab from now.

I feel not much people want to see my fanfic anyway... so i will close it one by one

I Wondered

Haruka : can I asked you something?

Milky : sure, what is it? don’t need to be that formal, you scare me, Paruru. (giggle)

Shimazaki Haruka aka Paruru just look at her friend with bored face, before continue with what she want to asked.

Haruka : I just wondered…

Milky : hmmm?

Haruka : why… how… can you fall in love

Milky : eh?? Paruru, what with that sudden question?

Haruka : I mean… from all boys that fall in love with you, why you choose him…

Milky just smile with her friend question. It is true, that she has fall in love far from her ideal type. Milky can’t help but giggle because she also doesn’t really know why her heart just beating faster for certain guy, he stole her heart. Until now nobody can really ‘fish’ her heart, but he did, her beloved boyfriend Yamamoto Sayaka.

Milky : why did you asked?

Haruka : well, just like I said, I just wondered, what do you like from Yamamoto san? I remembered you ever said that you want to date a romantic guy, who is kind, gentle, and friendly, and will always protect you, be there for you. As from my point of view,
Yamamoto are far from your ideal type, he is the leader of bad boys at our school, he never smile at anybody, he is scary, as far as I know he loved to fight…

Milky : stop! jeezz Paruru, thanks for that bunch of salt. (pouted)

Haruka : well, I just say the truth.

Milky : hm… maybe from your point of view he is that kind of guy, huh? but for me, he is kind person, because he never think of himself, he is not selfish person, he has cool aura, with his ikemen look, I don’t care if he don’t smile to other people, but when he is with me, he give me the warmest smile I can have, he does fight a lot, but he does that because his friends are hurt, he doesn’t hurt people without reason, he has romantic part too, you know. But, I am happy he just show that to me only, he is the only one that I love the most, and so do him.

Haruka : …

Milky : what wrong?

Haruka : well, I just wondered will I find the right person for me too…

Milky : of course you can, if I can find happiness, you also can

Haruka : thanks Miyuki. I hope I can meet him soon.


at other place there is one person who is sneezing.

Sayaka : Yui, are you alright? You been sneezing for a while.

Yui : nah.. maybe there is somebody who talked about me.

end of drabble

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SayaMilky OS (To be with you)
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Alright, I made a promise that I will make SayaMilky OS.
I don't know if it is good or not. But anyway enjoy my OS, and sorry for bad english
PS : The format is a bit different then I used to write.

SayaMilky : To be with you

The first time I saw you,  there nothing special about you. People said the first impression is important. But how I end up falling in love with you is still a mystery. All I know that I have fallen in love with you.

You never are a good friend. All people around me said that to me. They said a lot of awful word around you. Yet, I find more good things about you. You never bother to show it to them, aren’t you?

I really admire you, the one who never bother about what people said about you.
I still remember the first time I try to talk to you. You look shock when I called your name, but despite all that, you just give me a question look and didn’t say anything.

Miyuki : Yamamoto Sayaka san

Sayaka : …

Miyuki : ano… thank you for helping me yesterday.

Sayaka : … what do you mean?

Miyuki : you are the one who help me right? When I was walking back to home, I was attacked by a stray dog.  Thank you so much, I am sorry I didn’t say anything back then. I was too shocked.

Sayaka : … it is nothing. Everybody will do the same with me.

With that you leave me without even look back when I try to called your name again. it is really hard to get you attention back then. Since then, I make up my mind. I will be your friend. I want to be your friend, and I don’t care what people will said about me.

Everyday I will greet you, and you will always give me a cold respond. As if you didn’t see me at all.  I am hurt at first. I never used to be ignored by somebody. I guess I need to try more and more, I believe deep inside your heart, you are a kind hearted person.

And God really are in my side this time, in new semester, I get to sit next to you, I know even if you ignoring me, you still listen to what I said, so I try to tell my activities, what my hobby, what I dislike, about my family, friends, and when I used to live in Kagoshima before I move to Tokyo.

But still, you never give me your attention I wish for.

Until one day, it happened to be us alone in the classroom. I forget my wallet in my desk, and when I come back, I see you. sitting in my desk, with your blue hoody. In your hand there is my wallet, you come and give it to me.

Miyuki : Yamamoto san, thank you so much.

Sayaka : if there is nothing more, then don’t talked to me anymore. People will start to talk bad around you too. You better stay away from me.

Miyuki : I .. I don’t want to. You are not a bad person.

Sayaka : … what a stubborn girl. what is your benefit to be friend with me? I just bring you more trouble.

Miyuki : no, it is not who you decided I want to be friend with who. I myself will decide that.

Sayaka : … stubborn girl

After that day, you seems to give me your heart a little, you opened up to me. Talked to me, and even more, I can see your smile sometimes. Although you tend to hide your feeling, I am glad to see that part of you. I glad I can know more about you.

But not everything turn to be a good one. That day, the day I find out, you are kissing with one of our classmate. My heart is broken.  That time, my eyes started to feel so hot, that time I also can’t forget your shock face, yes.. I cry. Tears fall from my eyes, as I can’t hide my sadness anymore.

I run, doesn’t want you to see me like this. I understand you are cold person, you hardly talked to the other, and people talked bad about you. you distrust people around you. You have been hurt so much and yet you try to push all people around you. You afraid to be hurted again. I think I prepare, to be hurted so I can reach your heart, to feel how your feeling. But, I guess I am too naïve, because I have fallen in love with you.

This time, God really hate me. Just when I want to go out from school, it is started to rain. But, I don’t care, I run and run until I am out of breath. Rain will erase all my tears, rain will ease my heart.

I can feel somebody pull me to an embrace. It was you. I try to resist, but you hug me so tight, as if you are afraid I will go away if you break the hug. I wonder why.. I just an annoying person to you right?

Miyuki : Yamamoto san, let’s go of me.

Sayaka : … I am sorry

Miyuki : … let’s go of me, it is enough. hiks… you don’t have to pity on me

Sayaka : no, it is not like that… please… I am sorry… I am stupid…

You pull me to follow you, I try to resist but I guess it is no used, you have more power than me, and I am too tired to fight back.  We end up under the tree, standing there in silent. Cold air started to play it trick, and it give  my drenched body a shiver. But it didn’t come long, since I feel a warm present,  you are hugging me. I hate it, the warm feeling in my heart, I hate it the way you gently hug me. I hate you to make me fall deeper in you.

Miyuki : let go of me

Sayaka : you are cold.

Miyuki : I am fine. Please…

Sayaka : I am sorry… Watana.. Miyuki look at me.

You then lead my hand and put in your heart. I can feel it, it is beating so fast, just like mine. Tears still fall from my eyes, as one of your hand wipe it gently.

Sayaka : I am sorry… I am not good at talking, but please hear my heartbeat, my body won’t tell a lie, please listen to my heart. I know I have upset you.

Miyuki : …

Sayaka : I made a deal with Iriyama san, she said she will let go off me, because in the end I still doesn’t love or like her.  She said she also will stop bother you after I kissed her. But I guess, I am stupid because I didn’t think about you. I just want to settle the things peacefully.

Miyuki : you have no reason to say sorry to me… after all we are just a classmate.

Sayaka : I know it sound a fake, after all I have just kissed another girl, but no! I refuse to give up. Not now. Even if you hate me, ignore me, I will be the one who will chase you back. After all you are the one who give me the light. I love you, all by my heart. Watanabe Miyuki. Please be my girlfriend.


“Miyuki? what are you doing in here, dear?”

“ah, nothing, I find my old diary, and I feel like remember thing back then when I read it…”

I smile when you sit beside me. As now we are not young anymore. We both have winkle in our face, but the way you see me every time, always remain me when you confess to me. There will always be love.  50 years have passed and you always be my light. I love you too, Sayaka kun.

end of OS

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