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Title: Mafia Princesses [6] - Monster and Sinner.
Post by: AAAice on July 09, 2011, 10:45:43 PM
 A's Note: Ok, Ok. I know I still have two on-going fanfic - Kojiyuu fic and Future Love. But I can't help it my hands are so itchy that's why I posted it. Though, I was thinking to post this fic when Future Love finishes.  O0 Since I'm too kind to create a different fic then why not? xD Anyway, I will still update the other two no matter what. And, if there is any story related to AKB with a same concept on this one, tell me okay? So i'm aware.  O0 HUHU I TALK TOO MUCH.  :thumbdown: Hey, I'm just sayin.

Mafia Princesses
Poster - 1 (
Poster - 2  (
Trailer - 1 - by Hott3stson3  (
Trailer - 2 - by Hott3stson3  (

It started again. The rattle of the guns and weapons are back from their graves. Noise and explosions coming from each weapons are blasting inside the Akiba residence. Another Mafia Family War had started. Akiba against Nanahara family. Mixed of bloods are stained on the floor, corpse of Mafiosa’s are loitered around the residence, screams are played repeatedly on each Mafiosa’s ears and bullets of different weapons are scattered around the floor. Everyone is fighting for their family, staying strong and fierce until they kill all the members of the other family. A game; on how many member you can kill in the opposer family.

“EAT THIS!” The badass looking girl barked and fired her PPS 41 gun to the enemy. 10 shots went directly to the person’s face.

The badass girl scoffed and went to the dead body. She dipped her index finger to the person’s blood and drew it with ‘M’ on its forehead.

“Remember the name Matsui Jurina when you arrived in hell.” Jurina said to the lifeless body.

Matsui Jurina run along the hallway, discharging her black shiny MP5K gun crazily to each Nanahara member blocking her way.

A girl wearing a pajama was firing her gun angrily. She detest all the people who ruins her reading time by making an amateur move. Of all Mafia family, why do they have to attack Akiba family now? And to herself…

“WHY DO YOU HAVE TO ATTACK NOW WHEN I AM READING MY FREAKIN’ MANGA???!!!” The fierce yet innocent looking girl barked out loud along with the firing sound of one of her signature gun MP44 Rifle.

The fierce innocent girl end the life of 14 Nanahara soldiers mixed with capos in less than 4 minutes. She is one of the Mafia Princess who can kill 30 person straight 11 minutes. Worst, she can kill more than 30 if a certain person ruined her reading, watching and playing time.

She dipped her palm on the large pool of blood and marked the floor with a big ‘W’ and trace the outline of the letter by firing her gun.

Who said innocent people always stay quiet?

“You worthless Mafiosa’s! You will never get any respect from Watanabe Mayu!” Mayu shouted, giving one bullet each on the forehead of every Nanahara member appear in her way.

A girl with a gentle and sweet face slide her butt on the stair rails. The gun in her hand is still unused. For being the gentle type, she target her darts directly in the enemies chest. However, the 37 darts in her hands are already empty. Killing 37 Mafiosa using darts nearly beat her top record – 43. Being empty handed, a nerve inside her pop up to her annoyance.

“Maeda Atsuko cannot be gentle on murdering you daughters of Satan!” Atsuko warned the Nanahara members by giving them each shot on the chest using her Remington 870 gun.

“Oops. The gentle girl over did it.” Atsuko teased. Her serene face faded, she smiled wickedly and wrote a letter ‘M’ on the freshly killed Nanahara member on its forehead.

The tall goddess girl strut her way on the entrance of the house as she is wearing a mini fitted black bandeau dress and a black Christian Louboutin Clou Noeud heels with so much confidence. She hasn’t kill anyone at the moment. The goddess girl just came back from a party. The noise of the rattling guns made her stomach growl due to hunger.

“Ah. I’m hungry.” The tall goddess girl squeeze her stomach as it is screaming for food.

Killing each of Nanahara members by breaking sharp things to pieces and throwing it at their throat like a shuriken, she finally reached the kitchen. After making a veggie sandwich she sensed that someone is trying to open the kitchen door. The goddess girl took a big bite on her sandwich.

“That bite isn’t a goddess move.” Her lips formed into a pout.

Click’ The door clicked open… Nanahara capo.

The girl quickly grabbed the two kitchen knife near her. Without looking, she darted the knives on the person’s chest. And there’s the capo, lying on the floor... Dead.

“Ew. I can’t eat my veggie sandwich. I don’t stand seeing blood while I’m eating.” She murmured.

She dipped her index finger on the blood and marked a ‘K’ on the person’s forehead.

“Let the studded heel of Kojima Haruna kiss you sins!” Haruna stomp her six inches heel on the capo’s stomach.

The strong sexy tall girl effortlessly kicked the door open using her foot, she don’t give a damn if she is being greeted by the Nanahara capo’s as they are waiting for her entrance. She riled up her M16 gun with a mixture of Famae Saf on the other hand. Brutally placing all the bullets in their weakling bodies. Bloods splattering on her face. The strong sexy tall girl become more fearsome, her eyes are also set to kill.

Within a long seconds, the little room she entered are pooled with blood and dead bodies. She’s not satisfied yet. The tall girl launched her M203 Granade Launcher that stucked in her M16 and blasted the room with so much gruesome attitude.

“If Akimoto Sayaka is your fearsome enemy, you will be the strongest person in the world.” Sayaka held her chin up high. She saw herself on the broken mirror. Sayaka wiped the blood dripping on her face and splat it on the floor.

Sayaka drag each one of the exploded bodies as she created a little masterpiece with a letter 'A' using the dead bodies she dragged.

“They say; Forgive your enemies, but never, never forget their faces. Hell, I see blasted faces everywhere!” Sayaka scoffed.

“Looks of a model do kill!” A fearsome chic wooshes her long hair and warned the Nanahara members around the room.

The tall sophisticated chic strapped the bullets of her two studded M60 around her body as it clings around her. She spreads her arms wide and blazes her gun around the room where most of the Nanahara members gathered. The sophisticated girl roared with cackles. Seeing the bullets pierced into each person’s body made her feel like she’s only exterminating pests.

“Die tight unwanted freaks. Shinoda Mariko, the model fairy is going to paint a magic bullets in your body.” Mariko scoffed. Tracing the wall covered with blood from her M60 bullets with a sophisticated ‘S’.

The six girls gathered around at the bottom of the stairs and nodded to each other. They run their way at the top of the stair, blocking the top so no enemy will reach it. Of course, for a final slaughter to end the war. The five girls unloaded their gun and explode their bullets at the bottom of the stairs where all Nanahara army congregates. The residence become quiet – Nanahara Family had been erased on the Mafia Family list.

“Six Mafia Princesses mixed together is a recipe for slaughter.” The six Mafia Princesses notify with so much proud in unison.

A's Note:
- Don't like it?  :( I know Yakuza is like the Mafia in Japan, but I've grown more to know a lot about Mafia so I picked it instead of Yakuza and since Yakuza is sort of complicated to me.
-Oh Oh! I have this habit of making a Promotional Poster whenever I create a story. So I did one for this fic too. I'm going to show it to you guys when Chapter 1 is posted because...  O0
- Don’t worry, this story won’t be focusing on actions cause I'm weak to do those scenes.
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wow THEY so in it   XD

Remington FTW!!!

the 5 princesses are so bloodthirsty  :shocked
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Euh... I think it kinda hot lol and I always wanted to see Takamina, Sayaka and Sae on yakuza mode. Will they appear?
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I added one Mafia Sexy Princess! You get to see her after Haruna's scene. :]

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THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!  :mon woo:
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ARE YOU GOING TO KILL ME WITH BADASS SEXY GIRLS AND MY OTPS?!!!!!  :dizzy: :luvluv2: :luvluv1: :shy2: :on bleed:

(badass is already enough to kill me... add my OTPs and you watch me go crazy on everything I do...)

please continue....  :kneelbow:
Title: Re: Mafia Princesses [1] - One Year.
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The morning of the six girls are a blur. Smoke from the guns lastnight surrounded the whole Akiba residence, the smell of guns and strong odor are mixed together, all the red body fluid is dried up and stained on the floor(thankfully cleaners are taking care of the mess), and the whole Akiba mansion is wrecked – walls, floors, furnitures. Hell, it’s worst than in the battle field.

The bloody gang wars had ended.

Wonder what happened to the bodies? They crimated it. Though it is a bull to crimate an already dead person. But hey, that’s what being a Mafia is.

Did the curiosity hit you on what it is like being a Mafia?

Well. You have to deal with any businesses that your Family is holding. Negotiating, or should we say Extorting the business who crosses your line. Before, there’s one owner who spreaded their bad breathe together with the bad rumor about us. The next day? His building become a Casino and we took all the possessions the owner has. Of course, crime is also a number one in Mafia life. Family Loyalty; if you betrayed us, you’re dead. Lastly, it takes more than just an oath and a drop of blood to get into the Mafia. Yet, having a blood of Mafioso is an exception.

Matsui Jurina, Watanabe Mayu, Maeda Atsuko, Kojima Haruna, Akimoto Sayaka and Shinoda Mariko are the notorious Mafia Princesses ever born in this society. Their Grandfather is the one and only Akimoto. Thus, he died in the Mafia war with the fathers of the six Mafia Princesses. Therefore, they are left with their Mothers who is now the Boss of the Akiba family. Their mothers are all the offspring of Akimoto. The moment they leveled-up as a Boss, all the rules had changed. The most unique rule that has been declared in Mafia world.


The Five Mafia Princesses grew up having designer clothes, eating delicious foods, getting things they want, and having a buckets of money from extorting the other people’s money. Which in short, they all grew up in bad deeds. That’s why they called as Mafia Princess right? The Princesses say it is worth living to have a life like this. Screw normal life! Mafia life is more adventurous, actions everywhere, death threats flying over, shining bullets, buckets of money, big family names. Being a Mafia is hotter than your mother would ever be.

Enough on this already. The six girls are itching to go out to celebrate their fierce success. They were about to go out to the house when someone called them.

“What?!” Jurina hissed, turning her body around to the person.

Haruna rolled her eyes. “Don’t you know you just ruined my strutting moment?” She placed her hand on the hips and pouted. Giving the person an attitude. Mariko and Mayu glared at the person.

“Consigliere Kuramochi Asuka-san.” Sayaka greeted Kuramochi politely by lowering her head.

Consigliere Kuramochi Asuka the far most important person in Akiba Family. She is the most trusted person of the family. By far most the right hand of Akiba by making a strategies on different vendattas, representing the Boss in every meetings with different families. Overall, Consigliere is the adviser of the family.

“Sorry. It is not the time to celebrate today.” Kuramochi Asuka apologized. She then gestured the girls to follow her in the ruined living room.

The girls walk behind Kuramochi. Mayu sat on the couch with lots of holes while playing her DS. Haruna sat next to Mayu, legs crossed while watching Mayu killing the enemies in the game she is playing. Shinoda Mariko sat next to them too, legs crossed and the right arm resting on the arm supporter of the couch waiting for Kuramochi to blurt the news why they had been drag in here. Atsuko stand at the back of the couch behind Mayu, watching Mayu play. Jurina rested her bottom at the arm supporter of the couch while Sayaka was standing arms crossed patiently waiting.

Kuramochi Asuka cleared her throat. She can’t help on how cool these girls are. She just wanted to hug them and cry with happy tears.

“Lately, the death threats you girls receiving are increasing. The Madam’s decided to hire six personal bodyguards for each one of you.” Kuramochi set her eyes to the shocked girls.

Mayu was killed in her game the moment she heard it. Haruna shrieked. Mariko is still in her position but with irrated facial expression. Atsuko’s hand reacted for some reason and accidentally smacked the shoulder of Mayu. Jurina quickly went to Kuramochi. Sayaka scoffed thinking it is a joke. However, after 10 seconds had passed, the news that Kuramochi said went through their brain.

“WHAT?!” They all said in unison.


Four Hours Ago. In a secret place where all the Mafia Families are individually placed on their respective cases, pictures of each members are lined in the long table while the information of the members are at the bottom of the pictures.

“Akiba Family.” The middle-age woman said to the six girls who are looking in the interactive board.

“I know you guys are aware that they are the most notorious and powerful family. The family that has the six Mafia Princesses in hands.” The woman continued and pointed on the next slide she shown to the six girls.

“Matsui Jurina. Entitled as the Badass Mafia Princess. One of the most rebel princess and the youngest in Akiba family. With or without reason, this girl creates ruckus.” The woman then went to the next slide.

“Watanabe Mayu. People see her as the Innocent Mafia Princess in the family. The girl really doesn’t care about the society, yet if you interupt her whenever she is reading manga, watching anime and playing her gadgets, you must prepare to die or kill yourself first before she murder you brutally. Watanabe Mayu is like an exploding bomb. Once exploded, everyone dies.” She warned the girls and mostly to the person who is assigned to be with her.

“Maeda Atsuko. The Gentle Mafia Princess. She’s far most the perfect lady that every guy wanted. Yet her gentle personality is also fearsome.” The woman the turn her gaze to the person who will be assigned to Atsuko.

Before the woman open her mouth, one of the girl was making a groping movement as she is imagining her groping the next Mafia Princess asset.

“Ehem!” The woman faked cough and continue. “Kojima Haruna. The Goddess Mafia Princess. Haruna is probably the most airheaded Princess in Akiba Family. But when it comes on fighting, she is a know-it-all. Just like you.” The woman pointed to the girl earlier. The girl then become serious and nodded her head to the woman.

“Next. Akimoto Sayaka. The Sexy Beast Mafia Princess. Her skills is unreal. A mixture of a two country war and mafia war. Akimoto Sayaka is the number one when it comes to war. She brutally slaughter all the enemies. Yet, it would be a double slaughter if you destroy her trust.” The woman look at the girl who will be assigned to Akimoto Sayaka.

“Moving on to the last. Shinoda Mariko. The Sophisticated Model Mafia Princess. She goes second to Akimoto Sayaka’s war skill. The oldest among the six. She is very a matured person which it made her despise immature people.” The girl who is eating a marshmallows stopped chewing as she is sensing the woman is glaring at her.

“Here you go.” The woman tossed the folders to the six girls that contains lots of information about the Mafia Princesses.

“Your assignment in Akiba Family is easy. Be the girls bodyguard.” The woman flashes the six girls a playful smile.

“EH?! Are you serious?! Is that it?!” The tall girl with short hair exclaimed.

“In fact, you six are already hired.” The woman continued, earning a double ‘EH?!’ from the girls.

“Minegishi Minami, you will be Shinoda Mariko’s bodyguard.”

“Miyazawa Sae, you will be Akimoto Sayaka’s bodyguard.”

“Oshima Yuko, you will be Kojima Haruna’s bodyguard.”

“Takahashi Minami, you will be Maeda Atsuko’s bodyguard.”

“Kashiwagi Yuki, you will be Watanabe Mayu’s bodyguard.”

“Lastly, Matsui Rena, you will be Matsui Jurina’s bodyguard.”

The girls seriously nodded. The woman then give the character and personality that the six girls will show in their mission.

“Oh by the way, the team already packed all your stuffs. And...” The woman looked on her watch and smile. “You have two hours left to get into Akiba residence.”

“WHAT?!” The girls said in unison.


Somewhere along in the silent highway. Three cars are crazily competing along the road. The drivers can even beat the top notchers street racers.

“WOO!!!” Minegishi Minami flail her arms in the open air, screaming at the top of her lungs with lots of enthusiasm.

Riding in a white BMW S1000RR. Oshima Yuko clutched the bike backwards. Finishing her little weak trick, the girl clutched the handle again to speed the bike so she can overtake in front of the sports car beside them. Busting a little smoke on the exhaust made the sports car behind them block with fumes.

“I WILL KILL YUKO AFTER THIS!!! I WANT TO DRIVE MY OWN MASTERPIECE TOO!!!” Kashiwagi Yuki whined. The girl is stuck inside the car along with Matsui Rena who is also having fun driving the smoking hot Bugatti Veyron. Rena was roaring in laughter along with the loud music blasting in the stereo.

“I WILL KILL THEM NOW!!!” Rena pressed her foot hard on the accelerate, bringing a cloudy smoke at the back of the exhaust. Matsui Rena laughed crazily the moment she looked at the rearview mirror, seeing the car behind them covered with dirty smoke.

“KYA~!!!” Yuki shrieked. The feeling she is having now is like riding in the fastest roller coaster.

“SON OF A-“ Miyazawa Sae cursed inside the Koenigsegg CCX. The BMW S1000RR and the Bugatti Veyron are already ahead of them now. Sae cursed more when the Bugatti Veyron in front of them let out a cloudy smoke.

“SHOW THEM WHO IS THE REAL MAN MIYAZAWA SAE!” Takamina roared as she punch the bicep of Sae. She is getting hyped on on this little play they are doing. Although, she envy the three drivers who got to drive the cars. Takamina already hated the character she is assigned to act on this mission.

“Now for the nitro.” Sae smirked and ignited the nitro of her car.


After playing along in the silent highway. The six girls successfully arrived in the Akiba turf. The mansion is wrecked due to the current gang war happened last night. Associates, soldiers and capo’s are scattered in the domain as they are being alert on their respective jobs and different types of guns are seen in their arms. The six girls felt this assignment they are currently holding now is different from the other mission in the past. A weird unsure feeling is raging up inside them.

Miyazawa Sae breathed out, “We now set our foot on this ground. No more turning back.” The girl informed to the girls who nodded in agreement.

“One year.” Takamina examined the Akiba residence one more time.

“To kill.” Yuko added on to Takamina’s words. Yuko pointed her arms to the house and made a motion as if she shooted the house using a gun. “Bang!”

“The Mafia Princesses.” The six girls stated together in unison. Remembering the short order given by their secret society.

Work as their bodyguard in one year. By the end of the time… Assassinate the Mafia Princesses.

A's Note: Ok, about the habit that I am saying on my last post. Click these two > Mafia Princesses  ( and Bodyguards  ( -  :pimp: Yeah!! That's my habit every time I create a story. :]]
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YAY the "boys" are going to be the BODYGUARDS!!!! XD

man how i like the settings  :lol:

One year to kill?! then after that kill the princesses O_O nuuuuu

pls update sooon
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‘Work as their bodyguard in one year. By the end of the time… Assassinate the Mafia Princesses.’

WOWWWWW~~~  :shock:

this fic gonna be one of my fav... yeah~~~  :ding:

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 :shocked :shocked :shocked 1 year in disguise then  :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:

i wonder would be any romance here....  XD XD XD XD

I like it  :thumbsup :thumbsup
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ohh!! why they should assassinate the princesses after one year??!  :mon hanky: :mon hanky:

btw i love the pairings!  :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff:

i want romance too!  :mon whine:

(nice fic! please continue! update! :mon fyeah: :mon fyeah: :mon fyeah:)
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These pairing....  :on gay: :on GJ: :on bleed:

LOL please continue~!!! ROMANCE  :on drink:
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Did you add Saeyaka for me?
I like this fic mafia + love + akb = win yeah!!!!
Title: Re: Mafia Princesses [2-1] - Their Bodyguards.
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Pairings? :]] NO! Jk.

Kahem - Technically yeah you can say that. Although, in my original plot I set her as one of the close friends. xD But... Sayaka fit perfectly to have a role of Beast Mafia Princess.  :pimp:

2 - 1

“Ah, the new hired bodyguards eh?” The Consigliere Kuramochi Asuka greeted the six girls who are waiting outside the house.

“I’m the Consigliere in Akiba Family. Kuramochi Asuka.” She bowed her head politely.

“Osu.” Miyazawa Sae did a little chin up and a two finger salute. Miichan and Yuko only glared at Kuramochi. Takamina tilted her head on the side and raised an eyebrow. Yuki was giving Kuramochi a blank, dark expression. Rena has her calm impression.

Kuramochi Asuka sighed. ‘They’re so cool! They also looked scary. Their aura is just…’ Kuramochi realizes that the six girls are waiting for her to invite them inside the house. Kuramochi coughed fakely.

“This way please.” She gestured the girls to follow her lead through the house.

“Ehh. The Consigliere is checking you out.” Yuko whispered, teasing the small girl beside her - Takamina. Yuko and Takamina still has their serious expression, deep inside they were giggling.

The hired personal bodyguard were guided into the wrecked living room. The Mafia Princesses was standing across them. Jurina gave them death glare, Haruna titled her head to the side and pouted her lips, Mariko and Sayaka has the same standing position, Mayu was clinging her hands onto Atsuko.

“These six girls are going to be your bodyguard.” Kuramochi alarmed.

“What the—are you sure they passed the crap?” Jurina angrily asked. The Mafia girls couldn’t believe they have a bodyguard who doesn’t look like a professional killer.

The Consigliere only nodded. She then introduced the personal bodyguard’s by reading the information of each girls.

Matsui Rena were introduced as the calm and nice girl from a yankee school. Good at kendo, therefore she can use swords. She can brutally murder each enemy or a person if there is a war or needed to protect the Mafia Princess. Her calm and nice girl image will change into a fearsome girl when in war.

Kashiwagi Yuki were introduced as a normal student with a quiet personality. Her dark side is a positive and her unique skills into sharp things. She is a number one when it comes on hiding. On the given character that the secret society given Yuki is that she must not talk that much to attain her quiet girl characteristic.

Takahashi Minami were introduced as a yankee student. Her speciality is using her fist to fight. Thus, Takamina hated her given role as she doesn’t like using her fist when fighting, and also how can she protect the Mafia Princess if she uses barefist? A single entrance in a war, she would be dead on the spot right away. The secret society given Takamina a permission to use guns if needed.

Minegishi Minami and Oshima Yuko were introduced as the two people that just came out of the jail in the morning and titled as best friends. Minegishi Minami is fierce at guns and having a distinctive strategies. Oshima Yuko is a know-it-all on using guns and her fighting strategies.

Miyazawa Sae were introduced as a self-taught fighter which she goes to the same yankee school as Rena and Takamina. Yet, she’s good at using guns. The secret society stated her that she has to continue her boyish personality. 

“I need to kill someone.” Jurina hissed and went out to the room.

“Jurina, you promised me we’ll do something later.” Acchan pouted.

“I’ll be back at night.” Jurina said without looking back.

“Tsk. These two looks like a comedy duo.” Mariko scoffed, looking up and down to Yuko and Minegishi’s outfits. Haruna giggled on Mariko’s joke.

The two girls are wearing a black and white prison clothes. As to the given characteristic they have to come out like they have been sent out to jail.

Minegishi Minami went towards Mariko and grabbed the girl’s collar. Yuko went to her ‘best friend’s’ side and grab her arm.

“Nanda tou?!” Minegishi Minami glared at Mariko. The model Mafia Princess just looked down at her with a cold facial expression.

“Miichan.” Yuko blurted even though she must use Minegishi’s real name. Yuko now wanted to shoot herself for saying Miichan’s nickname. Miichan then slapped Yuko’s hand away.

Mariko scoffed again. “The midget called you Miichan. Aww.” Mariko made fun to the two. Miichan release her grip in Mariko’s collar by shoving the girl away and walked off the room. Yuko followed her friend.

Takamina wanted to follow her two close friend but she is forcing herself not to go after Yuko and Miichan. Her nerve is getting irritated to this Mafia Princess, Shinoda Mariko. All she wanted to do now is to get her Micro Uzi SMG gun and kill the loose girl straight away therefore Miichan won’t have a problem pretending to be a bodyguard in one year.

“Miichan!” Yuko shouted the girl’s name. Miichan ignored her friend and went straight to Yuko’s BMW S1000RR.

“There is no chance to start the engine of the bike. I have the keys.” Yuko swing the keys in her hands, giving Miichan a silly face.

Miichan rested her hand on the handle. “Augh! That small-faced Mariko needs to get assassined right now. How can I protect her if she’s like that?!” Miichan lowered her voice so no Akiba member can hear what she’s saying.

“Let’s do a double kill. She called me midget y’know! Midget!” Yuko hissed.


The sun finally went back to sleep. The sky turned dark. All the girls also calmed down from the commosion happened earlier.
“Your height pisses me off. There is no possibility you can protect me.” Haruna complained as she is talking to Yuko in the veranda. Her personal bodyguard keep shadowing behind her back.

Haruna was about to sip the glass of vodka in her hand when Yuko snatched it. Yuko tossed the glass in the air and kicked it as if she is playing soccer. The broken pieces of the glass went to the wall in a horizontal line behind Haruna.

The tall girl snorted. “I can do that too.” Haruna proudly said.

Yuko smirked. She knew her princess didn’t recognize what she did. Yuko pointed at Haruna’s thigh, left arm and at Haruna’s neck, there is a deep cut and Haruna’s skin is already vomiting in blood. Haruna touched her neck, she felt something wet and look at her hands that has blood on it.

The tall girl shrieked from the fact her skin will get a scar later. She slap Yuko hard on the face on what she had done. Haruna then stormed off inside the house.

How? I didn’t even feel a pain.’ Haruna wonder. The experience is new to Haruna. She never encounter such skill like that.

Yuko was clutching her stomach, she let out all the laughter built inside her when she saw the tall girl’s face the moment she realizes a blood is dripping in her skin.

“Tsk. A real airhead.” Yuko breathed out, recovering herself from the laughter.


“Immature bodyguards should walk out the Akiba turf.” Mariko insulted Miichan again about the immaturity her bodyguard acted earlier.

“Go guard in a circus with that attire instead of guarding me.” Mariko looked on the other way. Seeing the outfit Miichan’s wearing she just couldn’t help but insult the girl.

Miichan pushed Mariko on the wall, pressing her hand on Mariko’s neck.

“Is that all the best you got?” Mariko smirked. She kneed Miichan on the stomach, the small girl bent down, Mariko then elbowed the back of Miichan which made the girl stumble on the floor.

Mariko set her foor in between Miichan’s body. She then grab Miichan’s colar and inch her face closer to the girl.

“Immature people is a joke.” Mariko then stare at Miichan’s hurt eyes. She shove Miichan with so much force back on the ground when she realizes she’s been staring at the girl for long.


Jurina pulled the trigger of her Nambu Type 14 gun. The girl is too furious to have a bodyguard.

“I can freakin’ protect myself. Most of the people are scared of me.” Jurina set her gaze to Rena. She wanted to get rid of the bodyguard. Matsui Jurina fired one bullet onto Rena’s thigh. Her plan for now is to make Rena resign. Not to kill. To resign.

“Don’t ever come back in here if you wish to live.” Jurina warned.

Rena’s thigh has a hole where a bullet is stuck inside, the blood is scattering in her skin, dripping on the floor. Her first day with this girl is… created a fun tingles inside Rena’s body.

Murdering Matsui Jurina demonically is ecstatic.’ Rena warned inside her. Trying her best to give a calm and hurt face as possible. Hell, why did she got the characteristic of a freakin’ calm girl if her personality is the opposite.


Atsuko couldn’t believe she got a bodyguard with a height lower than hers and uses bare fist to fight.

“So how can Takahashi Minami will protect her Mafia Princess in a war?” Atsuko is referring on Takamina’s height and skill.

Takamina only lowered her head. For some reason, she doesn’t understand Maeda Atsuko to have an attitude of a rude girl. Maeda Atsuko is the Gentle Mafia Princess right?

I couldn’t wait to assassinate you.’ Takamina warned inside her.

“I am strong enough to kill everyone.” Atsuko continued.

“Give me a gun then I’ll shoot you.” Takamina muttered under her breath.

Atsuko turned her body around and frown her eyes.

“You’ll shoot me? You don’t even know how to pull a trigger.” Atsuko snickered.

Takamina pushed Atsuko on the wall. Her eyes is raging up in anger and her blood is boiling. Atsuko could feel her body is tensing up, the girl is small yet strong enough to make her feel weird. Atsuko couldn’t help but set her eyes to Takamina’s eyes and lower her gaze on the small girl’s lips. Takamina was taken aback when Atsuko lick her lower lip and bit it afterwards. She then parted away from Atsuko. Atsuko notices the blush in Takamina’s cheeks.

“Oh my. Are you a… lesbian?” Acchan did a seductive tone on the last word. She giggled at the panicky expression Takamina is showing.

Reaching for her dart wrapped in her thigh. Atsuko aimed at the other girl’s heart. She pretended to target it on the chest, in reality she dart it at the wall behind Takamina.

“Gotcha!” Atsuko winked and went to her room, leaving the small girl paralize.


Sae glared back at Sayaka who is giving her a death glare. The energy of Sayaka are in her eyes and her eyebrows are becoming a unibrow as she has been glaring at Sae for long now.

“Akimoto Sayaka will give trust to Miyazawa Sae. Once you broke my trust. I’ll murder you and your family.” Sayaka broke off the silence by declaring her trust over Sae.

Sae suddenly remember what the secret society said to their mission…

Work as their bodyguard in one year. By the end of the time… Assassinate the Mafia Princesses.


“Why are you looking so guilty?” Sayaka sharped asked.

“You’re just having an illusion cause the energy in your eyes is so much.” Sae talked back.

Sayaka frowned her eyes and was about to speak but Mariko interrupted Sayaka.

“Sayaka. Let’s go clubbing, this bodyguard issue is getting on my nerves.”

Sayaka then set her gaze on more time to Sae and left with Mariko.

Phew. Thanks Miichan’s Princess.


Watanabe Mayu is getting bored on reading her manga, the anime she is currently watching had ended and she was too lazy to play with her gadgets. Yuki couldn’t believe that her Princess’ room is so bright and warm as if she is not a Mafia Princess. Watanabe Mayu is a human afterall.

“Entertain me.” Mayu blurt out, startling Yuki. “Or else I’ll kill you.”

The sudden order of the small girl shocked Yuki. She doesn’t have any idea how to entertain her as she haven’t reviewed Mayu’s information yet. Yuki gulped when she saw Mayu is becoming impatient and slide her arms under the pillow, revealing a Shipka SMG Marakov. Yuki didn’t have a choice but to use her embarrassing talent.

Kashiwagi Yuki imitated Marimokkori’s smile.

“…” Mayu was speechless. Mayu is not impressed at all. She gestured Yuki to leave the room.

The moment Yuki is out of her sight, Mayu covered her face on the pillow and started laughing by the silly face and yet stupid impression her personal bodyguard showed her. Funny.

I should order that often to scare Kashiwagi Yuki.’ Mayu started laughing again.

After recovering herself from laughing. Watanabe Mayu opened the drawer beside her bed and took out the sharp paring knife and aimed it on the calendar on the wall which landed on today’s date.

October 7, 2010


Haruna plastered all the cuts she received from her personal bodyguard earlier. Thinking, she underestimated the skill and power of Oshima Yuko. Yet, Haruna does not want to be stomp by a new character that entered Akiba family. Kojima Haruna soon will crush Oshima Yuko.

“You remember the plan Madams?” Haruna stopped on her track when she heard a familiar voice behind the doors. Her mother – Madam Kojima. Haruna pressed her ear against the door so she can hear them properly. She is sensing another plan coming from them.

“Make sure we’ll blow down the Wakamiya’s.” Madam Matsui responded. Jurina’s mother.

Wakamiya? They are the one who took over our turf all the way Asaka.’ Haruna pondered.

The Madam’s are deciding to pull off a revenge. Tomorrow, another family will be erased on the name of Mafia. Freshly purchased by the Akiba family. Haruna gulped as soon as six guns was triggered.

Kojima Haruna smell World War II.

Of course there is no war if the fierce Mafia Princesses is not invited...

...Along with their mysterious Bodyguards.

A's Note: As you can see, my plot for this chapter is just to introduce the Bodyguards to the Mafia Princesses so there is not much to expect from this chapter. Well, except for the last scene. And yeah, I wanted to show you guys how the pairings WORK together. :]]
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2 - 2

Haruna changed her attire in a high-speed motion. Pounding the door of Mayu and Atsuko, signalling the two to come out their room when Haruna refashioned herself. The tall girl caught Jurina’s figure going out of the house and motioned the badass girl to approach for a small assembly. Atsuko dialed Mariko’s phone, ordering Sayaka and Mariko to go back home already and told the details over the phone about what is happening. The moment the two girls arrived, they sneaked down the basement to take their best-loved guns.

“I’ll take these.” Haruna chosen the Lamborghini Reventon inside the Mafia Princesses own garage.

“If you don’t want to be noticed. Picked the GMC Yukon Denali.” Yuko offered out of the blues. The five bodyguards beside her were showing the keys for the chosen car.

“We don’t need you op—“ Haruna was trailed off by Yuko who tossed the keys towards Haruna.

“Most of your capos, soldiers and associates selected the car. You don’t want to get busted by the Madams right?” Yuko cunningly smiled on her sharp comprehension of the girls trying to join in the war declared by the Akiba Madams… in a sneaky way.

Before Haruna could open her mouth, she has been interrupted by Mariko. “Guess the bodyguard is right this time.” Mariko sly smiled to Yuko’s smart thinking. Though, she can feel Haruna’s annoyance on losing to her bodyguard’s antics.

“Thank you.” Yuko lowered her head. She then headed to where the GMC’s are parked which they stole from the garage by sneaking in.

“Smart bodyguard you have Goddess Haruna.” Mariko whispered. She is making fun of Haruna’s knowledge by comparing to Oshima Yuko. Wishing she can have Yuko instead of the immature Minegishi Minami.

All the girls went to their respective bodyguards.

“Oi. There is no way for you to drive the car with that deformed thigh.” Jurina attempted to push Rena away from the driver seat but she sink hard on the passenger seat when Rena already ignited the engine and accelerated the car with a speed velocity, giggling on her wicked time.

“Sorry. Too small to reach the pedal.” Atsuko winked at Takamina in a tease way. Atsuko knew Takamina don’t know how to drive as she is just a student from a yankee school.

Sayaka, Mayu and Haruna let their bodyguards to drive the cars while Mariko didn’t let her bodyguard. The four bodyguard who is driving made a little fun time on their driving. Rena and Yuko was fighting head to head, overtaking in the middle of the road. Yuki and Sae were raging up in challenge to caught up with their two friends. Rena and Yuko gave the two cars behind them their fun by spreading in each side of the road. Yuki smirked by the fact the two give her a way to accelerate at the front. Sae knows what Rena and Yuko is thinking so she stayed at the back. The two cars at the side was overtaking to each other by swapping positions while Yuki and Sae was swapping positions back and forth.

The whole ride from Akiba to Asaka took nearly a hour. Some Wakamiya members are already firing their guns in one of the Akiba cars. The Wakamiya cars are all lined up in front of their mansion’s gate. Bullets of shotguns and armalite is blaring at one of our associates and soldiers. The Mafia Princesses and the Bodyguards separated on their own ways, for some reason the princesses does not want to be be with the bodyguards.

“Welcome to Rena’s hell!” Rena shouted, making a rain of bullets inside the mansion using her two SA80 L85 in each body of the enemies. Laughing demonically on the bloody place. There are two HK G36K and M32 grenade launcher are dangling around her shoulders which she take along with her when they had moved in to Akiba house.

Yuko and Takamina did a triple back flip together and landed in the middle of the room. They get down on their knees in unison, resting their gun on their arm and started firing bullets. Yuko blasted her AKS 74U grenade launcher at the main door whilst blasted all the Wakamiya members who keep coming inside the main door.

“Now for our 360 kill, Takamina!” Yuko shouted over the crackles of the guns, signalling Takamina to do one of their signature kill.

Takamina loaded her two Micro Uzi SMG. She stood at the back of Yuko and started firing her Uzi’s clockwise, she kept circling into a 360 angle around the location they are in now. Yuko kept on her knees and started circling too under Takamina, moving anti-clockwise. Takamina is loving her moment. All the bad memories she had with Maeda Atsuko was gone. Her visuals around the room is full of Atsuko’s faces which she aggressively firing her gun around the room. Yuko on the other hand wanted to prove her skill is too hard too reach by having this kind of height given to her by Kami-sama.

“YOSHA!!!” The two shorties high-fived when the room is dead empty just by doing their 360 kill.

“Ehh. Where are all the freaks? I’m still warming up.” Yuko pretends to do an exercise motion. Takamina giggled on her close friend’s silliness.

“Outside. Upstairs. Rooms. Everywhere.” Takamina replied before running her way out of the house. “Meet you in the end!” She shouted over her shoulder.

Little did the two know… Earlier when they were doing their 360 kill - Mariko, Haruna and Sayaka dropped their jaw on the floor. They never seen a slaughter like that before.

“I HATE BEING QUIET!!!” Yuki screamed. Darting all her M9 Bayonet knives to each enemies.

“So you have a voice?” Mayu asked, holding Yuki’s hand for a tag-team. Mayu give her spare M44 Rifle to Yuki as she notices her bodyguard has been using knives since from the start.

Yuki only nodded and smirked at the other girl. The two girls kept their hands clasped together while blaring their guns to the enemies.

Miichan jumped over Mariko the moment she saw a certain Wakamiya member was about to shoot Mariko at the back. Miichan then shoot the guy straight on his chest.

“Move!” Mariko kicked Miichan away from her. She then aimed her gun to Miichan’s head. Miichan recovered fast from the kick.

“I don’t want him to shoot you. I want myself to shoot you.” Miichan took a few step closer to Mariko and place her SIG 550 onto Mariko’s chest.

“Wow. What a bodyguard I have.” Mariko rolled her eyes.

Setting her gaze above. Yuko saw Miichan and Mariko points their gun to each other. What they are doing right now is so immature and they aren’t thinking an enemy will appear soon. Yuko run along the rail of the stairs to get at the top and shot the capo she found.

“AH! A HUMAN SQUIRREL!” Haruna pointed her gun to Yuko almost shooting the bodyguard. Feeling amused, she quickly run on the stairs towards Mariko and her bodyguard.

“Are you sure you’re from a Yankee school?” Sayaka asked Sae who killed a number of Wakamiya members. Sayaka is still having a vague thoughts about Sae and her fighting skills. The moves her bodyguard do is so professional just like the skills of the Mafia Princesses.

“Yes and I trained hard to be your bodyguard.” Sae answered. “You trust me right?” Sae fired her Suomi M31 to the last Wakamiya associate. She dropped on the floor, feeling exhausted.

“Heck, you easily get tired?” Sayaka scoffed. “Get up. The war is not finish yet.” Sayaka then run inside the house to kill some more. Sae sighed and followed her princess.

“OH SHI—“ Takamina exclaimed when a familiar dart almost hit her face. Atsuko’s dart. Takamina looked on the direction where the dart came from. Atsuko was giggling and winked at Takamina.

“I swear to Mafia Gods.” Takamina muttered. She then realizes she was holding something in her hand. “Oh god the guns!” Takamina quickly tossed the Uzi’s at the side so Atsuko won’t see she’s using one.

“Damn it, now I’m going to die.” She grumbled. Takamina is sensing that there are lots of Wakamiya members coming inside the room. “Yuko, Miichan, Sae, Rena and Yuki. I’ll meet you guys in heaven.” Takamina closed her eyes but she felt a presence of someone in front of her.

“You really are useless.” Atsuko sighed and fired her Remington gun to the useless enemies. After killing, she grabbed Takamina’s hand and headed to where the other Mafia Princesses is at.

“Stop living by the fiction! Get real!” Jurina barked. She felt alive and hyper again. To Jurina’s careless state, one Wakamiya member shot Jurina at her shoulder using the pistol.

“Fuc—“ Jurina exclaimed. No one ever tried to shoot her before. She never expects her flesh to be screaming in pain. Jurina stood up and killed the person who give her bullet. She leaned on the broken side table near her and pressed the shoulder which she winced in pain.

Rena saw Jurina along the corridor, her left shoulder is bleeding. She quickly run towards the girl. Rena looked at Jurina’s shoulder for a second and blasted her M32 Grenade Launcher on the enemies who are marching towards them.

“Re-rena.” Jurina squinted her eyes. Rena hugged the girl. Her anger is increasing again. Rena take an action by firing her guns to the unwanted weaklings while hugging Jurina.

“Lets go.” Rena carry Jurina over the threshold but Jurina wriggled her body as she does not want Rena to carry her and for Rena to think she is weak.

“Carry on your work. I have to finish my war.” Jurina loaded her gun and left Rena behind.

Haruna is the only person who has got a lot of space, she killed most of the foes. Now it is her time to kill the Wakamiya Boss. Haruna went her way up to the stairs, firing her gun on each Wakamiya members who keeps appearing in her way. Haruna sly smiled from the fact this scene reminds her from a line in her favorite foreign show… Gossip Girl.

Queens aren’t born at the top. They climb their way up in heels, no matter who they have to tread on to do it.’ Haruna chuckled on the line. Her Goddess attitude is creeping up inside her even more.

A sudden appearance of a familiar face blocked Haruna’s way on the hallway. The Wakamiya Underboss.

“If this isn’t the Kojima Princess.”

“Ye-yeah.” Haruna attempted to smile but her panting is on her way from running endlessly.

“Tired are we?” He give Haruna a cunning smile and pulled down the hammer on his gun.

“Yes. But for now, step back and relax while I murder you.” Haruna shot back a same smile.

“Show off, just like you mother.”

Now that he mention, where is their mothers anyway? They should be here having a war against Wakamiya as well. The Mafia Princesses completely forgotten about them from too much enjoyment this war is giving them.

Haruna nodded in agreement. Yet, she doesn’t have any time to create a conversation to him. Haruna fired a bullet of her AK74 Rifle to the Underboss. However, she missed it. The Underboss is fast. He fired his revolver, yet Haruna quickly dodge the bullets. She broke the vase near her into pieces, throwing the one piece in her hand at the Underboss to get him distracted.

“Our world is not a fantasy. This is life and it’s real.” Haruna warned him as she fired her AK47 to him… 7 times. She took a few steps to him and marked a ‘K’ on his forehead using his own blood.

Haruna breathed heavily. Next stop, Wakamiya Boss. Haruna headed to the room where the Underboss come out earlier. She knew that it is the room where the Boss is hiding in his secret door. Haruna searched the room, hoping to find the secret door inside. Yet, she can’t find any trace or hint where the secret door locates. Searching around the room and not giving up, she found a dirty shoe mark by the closet. A dirt that probably from the Underboss’ shoes.

“Closet?” Haruna crossed arms, pouting her lips and pondered for awhile. “Closet!” She clasped her hand together by her smart thinking. ‘This proves Kojima Haruna is not an airhead.’ Haruna smiled.

She went inside the closet and kicked wall behind the clothes. As soon as she entered there are two men waiting for her and darting their guns to Haruna. She also darted her gun to the Wakamiya Boss. Haruna frowned, wondering who is the other person standing next to him.

“You think by killing him doesn’t make you think he is the FAKE underboss?” The Wakamiya boss emphasized the word fake to Haruna.

That person I killed is fake?! Now, this person next to him is the real underboss?!’ Haruna asked inside her. She felt stupid for falling to their trap.

“I’m the daughter of the Kojima’s. I, Haruna Kojima is not stupid.” Haruna lied. She really does feel stupid right now. Her gun is till targeting the Boss. The consequences if she killed the Boss is she will get shot by the Underboss too.

The Boss pointed his hand to the couch. “Take a seat kid. We’ll show you how to kill.” He smirked. Haruna didn’t move a single motion, her gun is still aiming to the Boss.

Out of a sudden, someone bursted in. “PRINCESS!” The not-so familiar voice shouted. Haruna saw at the corner of her eyes that it is her bodyguard – Oshima Yuko.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” Yuko shouted, not setting her attention to the current situation.

“Can we talk about this later?!” Haruna hissed. Up to this time, her eyes are locked on the Wakamiya.

“I’ve never seen this one before. Does the Akiba Family is becoming a circus now? Having a dwarf to perform infront of me?” The Boss looked at the Underboss and chuckled.

Yuko give a black look to the two men laughing and aimed her AKS 74U to the Underboss. Feeling blissful to this short time, Haruna smirked on her bodyguard’s attitude.

“Fierce Army huh?”Haruna communicated to Yuko by signalling one of the Mafia Princesses’ line when it comes to their armies. Haruna showed her victory smile and Yuko did the same.

“Count to six, three times and we’ll meet you in hell.” Yuko announced, pressing her finger slowly to the trigger.

Three from Kojima Haruna and three from Oshima Yuko.

“Akiba is your karma.” Haruna scorned and drew a ‘K’ letter on the Wakamiya Boss.


All the girls assemble outside the Wakamiya’s mansion. The mission fiercefully succeeded. Blood splattered on their clothes and faces, heavy breathes can be heard from the girls, rapid speed rate of the heart from the thrilling action and of course, their ecstatic victory for burning the Wakamiya Family in the name of Mafia. Though, the girls are curious why the Madams are not here killing with them. The Mafia Princesses are amused on their bodyguards skill but that won’t change their minds of being furious to them. Mafia Princesses feel the threat on the aura of their bodyguards.

“Uff. I wanna cling at your back and sleep.” Yuko whispered to Takamina’s ear. Afterall her muscles were beaten for doing so much action.

“Control yourself.” Takamina whispered back. For some reason, her cheeks are starting to get hot again.

“Eh? Jurina? Where’s Jurina?” Atsuko asked and examined the girls properly as she felt Jurina’s presence isn’t with them.

“Souieba, I haven’t heard her voice yet.” Mariko confirmed Atsuko’s question. She then looked at Jurina’s bodyguard and raised an eyebrow while crossing her arms to her chest.

“I—“ Rena was cut off by the sudden sound of a car engine.

A black Hummer curved around outside the mansion. The girls quickly fired their guns to the car as they knew Jurina might be inside it. Unfortunately, the car is bulletproof which a single bullet isn’t trashing the car. The girls who has a grenade launcher with them is no use at all as they had used all the ammo’s already. Three shots coming from the car is the only conveyance they did to alarm the girls.


A's Note: Ahhhh I want to start with the ROMANCE already!!! Sorry guys if it is getting boring on the action stuffs. I swear, I will start with the romance soon. Blame the plots on each of my chapters. :thumbdown:
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3 - 1


The loud bang of the fist that slammed on the oak table, startle all the ladies inside the room. Silence; entered the room as no girls is interrupting the outburst of one Madam. Madam Matsui is transforming into a dragon spitting fire. How could her daughter become so careless and been kidnapped by some unknown people inside the black Hummer that has no number plate and three shots in the air is the only answer they give them? Madam Matsui knew this will happen soon. Jurina’s spunky attitude will lead into a careless situation. Now, Madam Matsui is putting all the blame to Jurina’s bodyguard – Matsui Rena.

“YOU!” Jurina’s mother pointed her index finger to Rena. “YOU ARE HER BODYGUARD RIGHT?! HOW COME YOU ARE NOT ALWAYS IN HER SIDE?! IF YOU WERE THERE, THIS SITUATION WOULDN’T BE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! FOOLISH!” Madam Matsui angrily shouts to Rena who is looking straight into the furious Madam, accepting all the blame that Madam Matsui is spitting at her.

“Im sorry.” Rena apologized. She clench her fist behind her back. No one ever shouted to Rena at the past like this. Yet, she has to remain calm for the sake of their assignment.

Madam Matsui rested her hands on the table and lowered her head. “FIND MATSUI JURINA! ALL OF YOU! FIND HER!” She suddenly ordered to the girls, including the Mafia Princesses.

“THEY CAN’T! YOU WOULD PUT THEM IN DANGER!” Madam Shinoda protested. Madam Matsui suddenly jerked her body straight and grabbed Madam Shinoda’s collar.

“ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY THE KIDS ARE NOT GOING TO HELP?!” Madam Matsui is triggering Madam Shinoda’s eyes with daggers. The two Madam’s glared at each other, forehead to forehead. “I’M NOT SAYING ANYTHING. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS BRINGING THAT UP.” Mariko’s mother shot back at Madam Matsui, her arms are crossed in her chest.

The four Madams are making an effort to pull the two Madams away from each other while the Mafia Princesses and Bodyguard just stood on their position with their blank expression, watching the silly fights their mothers are showing them.

“Leave it to the two Hara.” Madam Akimoto proposed to the two mother. No, to all the mothers. She knew the two Hara is the only solution for this situation. Madam Matsui and Madam Shinoda parted their forehead away and stare at Madam Akimoto.

“Bring Sashihara Rino and Kitahara Rie here.” Madam Akimoto ordered the girls to call the pair.

“HAI!” Coming out of nowhere, a unison voice presented. Appearing at the back of the girls. The existence of the two girls surprise each souls inside the room.

“E-eh?! Wh-where did you two came from?!” Madam Kojima stammered on her words as she cannot believe the Hara pair are already in the room.

“Gee. Kitarie and Sasshi coming out all of a sudden.” Maeda Atsuko placed her fingers on her forehead, shaking her head in disbelief. The pair stick their tongue out and winked at Atsuko. “We were just behind you guys.” Sashihara Rino pouted and played with her fingers.

The Madams did the same thing as Atsuko. Surely, these two girls are like camouflage that always hide and come out if they feel like it. “Okay, enough. Matsui Jurina is in a hands of Devil’s worshipper right now and we need your skills to search the Mafia Princess.” Madam Matsui ordered to the two. “There is no need for details as you had heard everything right?” Madam Matsui flashes the two girls a smile.

“Off we go!” The two said in unison again and left the room.

“Now you girls, you can have a rest now. Leave it to us.” Madam Matsui gestured her hand, ordering the girls to get out of the room.

Waiting for a minute or so, Madam Matsui sat herself on the couch and rub her temples. “If only we didn’t plan to make them go in to that war just to prove the skills of their bodyguards.” Her words earned a nod from the five Madams.


Haruna shut the door in her room, to her laziness she didn’t bother to turn on the lights, either way she knew from the heart her way around the room. The blank silence in her room is calming her down and the shine of the moon coming from the big glass panel door illuminates inside her room. Her body is bruised and dirty and it has been a very very long day for her.

She entered in to the shower room and took a cold bath. Resting her head on the edge of the bathtub soothed all the irritating events occurred. Of course, her bodyguard – Oshima Yuko are number one on her anger.

Yuko Oshima.

I’m vowing to God, she’ll be a goner not lasting this week.’ Haruna smirked, the blood in her body is starting to get warmed up. Staying for 30 minutes long in the bathtub. Haruna finally came out of the shower room, her body is dripping wet and get the towel in the closet. Fixing and dressing herself while humming.

Opening the lamp shade beside the door of the bathroom, she had been greeted by a figure comfortably sitting in her bed; supporting the back by leaning in the headboard, arms crossed, legs steadily resting on her bed and the figure’s eyes were closed. Haruna almost stumble backwards.

“Why the hell is your body resting on my bed?! Second, what the hell are you doing in my room?!” Haruna shouted at the close-eyed person. The girl open her eyes and gaze at Haruna.

Control yourself Yuko Oshima. Remember your character. A conceited person. Behind that short white towel is a… naked body.’ Yuko gulped. For some reason, she really is making an effort to control herself. Yuko let her hand do a rectangle shape and observed through it. Her body is tensing up as it will explode in a minute. The tall girl in front of her is dripping wet while a towel is wrapped around her body. The round ears… of a cat is a must.

“Nyan Nyan.” Yuko smiled and stepped her feet on the floor. Haruna tilted her head on the side, confused on what her bodyguard is saying. Yet, a little tint of red appear in her cheeks for no apparent reason.

Yuko let out a big grin in her face. Without a second, she squeezed her two itchy hands on Haruna’s breast, “I’ve seen your dripping wet naked body in the dark.” Yuko said in a fast way and quickly run out the room, earning a loud shrieked from Haruna inside the room.

“KYAAAAAAAAA~!!!” Haruna screamed, her throat are nearly going to come out on her mouth from screaming.

“A pervert bodyguard!” Haruna started to pant from anger. She opened the drawer beside her bed and took out her Colt 45 Revolver and dashed out the room. Towel still wrapped around her body.

“I thought you are only a human squirrel. Now, a pervert squirrel!” Haruna groaned, tracing the pervert squirrel who groped her virgin breast.

“COME OUT COME OUT PERVERTED SQUIRREL!!!” A loud bang coming from her revolver echoed through the hallway.

“I’m sorry Princess. I’m sorry!!!” The voice fading out leading to the garden made Haruna sprint even more while holding tightly on her towel.

“Genking, help! Genking!” Yuko cried out on the person she saw and hides at the back of the tall girl. Feeling lucky she caught up to see Sae in the garden with Sayaka. Haruna rushed in and fired one bullet in the air.

“Don’t hide at her back! Face me!”

Sayaka and Sae stared at each other, wondering what is happening to the two and for Haruna ready to kill Yuko. “Wh-what’s going on?!” Sayaka asked looking at Haruna and looked to Yuko at the back of her bodyguard.

The whole face of Haruna become red, too embarrassed to say what Yuko did to her. Yuko stepped in front of Sae and set her eyes straight into the mad Princess. Haruna pointed her revolver at Yuko and pulled down the hammer of the gun, ready to fire her revolver to Yuko.

“Don’t stop the beating of my heart by killing me. If you do, I wouldn’t be able to protect my Princess. I don’t want my heart to stop so I can protect my Princess forever. I’m sorry.” The wholehearted smile of Yuko catches Haruna. Sayaka and Sae’s mouth are hanging open on the sweet statement of Yuko. Yuko said her last sorry to Haruna and left the garden. Sayaka and Sae left the garden too. Leaving Haruna alone, her revolver are still pointing where Yuko is standing seconds ago. Stunned on her bodyguards words of honor.

Haruna’s soul went back to Earth. She melted her arms on her side, dropping the gun on the floor from her grip. Her body heated up, the hard blush in her cheeks will combust any seconds now, her heart is palpitating fast.

Not a single soul ever give her an experience of a bliss throughout her 23 years of living.


After refreshing her mind and body from taking a cold shower, the feet of Takamina dragged her to the garden, the light of the pool are illuminating in her skin. She had a deep thought earlier to use her barefist for fighting in order to make Maeda Atsuko not discover what she really is. Takamina throw different punches, kicks and other techniques in the air, making it as her personal sparing.

Takamina spins around and jabbed her right hand the moment she stop on her spinning. The size of her eyes increased when she saw Atsuko right infront of her, the right hand of Takamina are inches away on the middle of Atsuko’s assets.

Atsuko created an amused smirk. She leaned in closer, making her assets touch Takamina’s knuckles and pointed her pistol to Takamina’s hand. “Nice jab.” Atsuko swing her arm and grabbed Takamina’s hand. She quickly went to Takamina’s back, putting the small girl’s hand behind Takamina’s body.

The bodyguard flail her arms to reach and hit Atsuko’s face but Atsuko dodge quickly which made the hit miss. Atsuko kneed Takamina at the back of the knees, dropping the small girl on her knees and kicked the back of Takamina which Takamina’s face hit the grass.

Atsuko blared a single bullet near Takamina. To Takamina’s eyes, she saw the bullet digged in to the soil next to her.

“You’re weak. Tomorrow, be prepared.” Atsuko declared.


I’d walk a thousand miles just to see her.
But she’s far, far away~
The moment I left, I regret it.
Not seeing you right now makes me want to do anything,
Just to see your face.
Protect you in my arms,
With you I’d spend my life.
But you’re far, far away~

Rena chanted in the open air of the balcony. The lyrics that the song is playing in her phone make her sing without a further notice that she’s singing it out loud. A tap on her shoulder stopped Rena on singing. The person went beside her, she leaned her elbow on the balcony railing and stares at the dark sky with a smirk on her face. Rena removed her earphones and glance at the person next to her.

“Miichan.”Rena spoke in a mere whisper.

“Find Jurina. She needs you right now.” Miichan pulled away from the railing and stretches her arms and yawned. The girl beside her scoffed. “Find Jurina?” She repeated Miichan’s words by asking.

Now it’s Miichan’s turn to scoff. “You miss her don’t you?” A clever smile formed in the small girl’s lips.

“Miss her? No. Why would I? In fact, she deserves to be kidnapped. I thank them for doing so.” Rena broke her gaze to Miichan and looked away, feeling uncomfortable.

Miichan nudged Rena’s arm with still a interested smile on her face. “Then what is this – ‘Not seeing you right now makes me want to do anything, but you’re far, far away~’ that you were singing awhile ago?” Miichan’s eyebrows moved into an up and down way, teasing the tall girl.

“For your information, I’m not singing. I was listening to my—“ Rena paused and thought, how did Miichan knew the lyrics if she can’t hear what Rena is listening to? Rena sighed at her dense. “You know me, I always sing along to the song whenever I’m listening.” Rena stated her excuse, earning a ‘You kidding me?’ look from Miichan.

“By the way, why are you here? Aren’t you suppose to be with Shinoda Mariko-sama?” Rena change the topic to avoid the Jurina situation or whatever Miichan is trying to come up with.

It is now Miichan’s turn to sigh. “Every time I’m with her, I always hear her insults. For real, I don’t understand her for spitting insults to me. So it is better to stay away from her…” Miichan stopped for a moment and made a silly face expression “… That tall stick! Have you seen her thumb? It’s a TOE THUMB!!!” Miichan then showed her thumb in her foot which is a bit longer than Shinoda Mariko’s finger thumb. Rena burst into laughter and so did Miichan. “You should see it, you’ll laugh more than this laugh.” Miichan suggested while still holding her stomach from laughing.

Behind their laughter, Rena couldn’t stop the sense of a worried feeling inside her.

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This is awesome ! You added sasshi and kitarie lol love their appearance out of nowhere keke

Awww Rena miss Jurina, must go find her now XD

I was getting weird looks from coworkers when i started to laugh while reading the Yuko and Haruna scene.
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Rena miss jurina..awww, so sweet..

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Augh, what's wrong with me now?!

I might not update for a week or so. :] My Kojiyuu fic, Various Pairings Fic and this fic.  :pimp:
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A's Note: I don't know what happened to me last night. :]] I was hyper and someone made me get mad so I become emotional that's why I said I won't be updating for a week.

3 -2

Find Jurina. She needs you right now.’ The words of Miichan lastnight is singing repeatedly on Rena’s mind. She has to find Jurina but how? The two Hara hasn’t come home yet. Rena is waiting for them the entire night, she didn’t let her eyes to reduce completely even though her body is begging Rena to sleep. The girl she has to find somehow become attach to Rena, yet Rena doesn’t know what is the exact reason is.

Patiently waiting, the pair finally came back. The two is happily skipping like they had the answer in their arms. Rena quickly approach to them, trapping the two girls in the wall. Their expression from excitement faded away and become scared.

“Have you found Jurina? Where is she? Who are those damn people behind this? Are they from a Mafia family too? What family name do they hold?” The questions of Rena are making the two girls have troubles to answer her questions.

“I-in Yo-yokohama. O-on the oldest and abandoned warehouse located in Tsurumi-ku.” Kitahara Rie squeaked and push Rena away after giving her answer. She grabbed Sasshi’s arm and went to the direction where the rooms of the Madams is at.

The five bodyguards behind her heard the conversation. Rena quickly run towards outside the mansion and went to the garage along with her friends who were following her behind.

“Rena!” Takamina and Yuki called out when Rena was about to ignite Yuko’s BMW S1000RR

“I’ll save Jurina.”

“We’ll go with you.” Takamina demanded, she placed her hand on Rena’s shoulder and smile.

“No you can’t! You are not Jurina’s bodyguard!” Atsuko suddenly appeared, along with the four Mafia Princesses at her side.

“I’m Rena’s friend! She’s more important than you!” Takamina shouted back at Atsuko and went inside Sae’s Koenigsegg car. Atsuko’s mouth fell, throughout her years she had never been humiliated by someone who has a low rank.

“Oi bucktoothed, where do you think you are going?! I’m going shopping today!” Mariko raised her voice to Miichan who was about to go inside the car with Yukirin. Miichan glared at Mariko from the insult she gave the very first thing of her morning.

“I’m not in charge to carry all your shopping bags. Go shopping on your own, tall stick!” Miichan shut the door of the Bugatti Veyron. Mariko groaned at Miichan’s attitude.

“Protect your friends and Jurina. Comeback soon.” Sayaka patted Sae’s shoulder. Sae nodded to her Princess, “I will.” She accidentally tapped Sayaka’s head instead of her shoulder. To her embarrassing move, she then quickly went in to the car where Takamina is waiting.

Mayu only smirked on her position. She’s really not bothered to support Yuki on her mission with her friends and also not bothered on her cousins demands to their bodyguards. She’s only bothered on the events that will happen later with Yukirin. Oh, it will be an ecstatic night for Watanabe mayu.

I’ve prepared everything Yukirin.’ The smirk on Mayu’s face turned into an evil grin.

A little red tint shown on Haruna’s cheeks when she heard her bodyguard whining ‘I want to be with Nyan Nyan!’. She close her eyes for a second before putting her gaze to Yuko. The small girl at the back of Rena was wriggling her body like a kid begging to get what she wants. Rena put the helmet to Yuko’s head to shut the girl up. Rena hissed something to Yuko as it makes her stop whining, Haruna wonders what kind of magic word Rena told Yuko to make the girl become solemn.


“Ehh? Only silenced pistols?” Sae asked in amusement. Although she is kinda disappointed there will be no intense actions later. Sae sighed. “Mou~ they need a hardcore shipment of killer weapons. Cheap pips!” The girls with her snickered and nodded their heads in agreement.

The six girls hid in a far distance when they had reached the warehouse. They noticed that the majority of the who wears an all black clothes all have silenced pistols in their hands. Who would have guess they only have a common weapon in their hands? The girls then reach for their pocket to get the guns… oopps.

“Son of a---“ Sae roam her hands around her body to double check if she is guessing right. “No guns?!” She hissed while the girls nodded with a sad expression on their faces. She melted her body on the ground, feeling stupid that they didn’t bring any guns.

“I took out all my weapons in my car.” Rena confessed.

“Me too.” Sae smack her forehead.

“Yosh, lets do the acting way.” Miichan said to the five. Her blood inside her body is rushing into excitement. She can’t wait to give her ideas to the five girls who is looking at her with their ‘Oh, you did not just said that!’ expression, Miichan stick her tongue out.

Yuko sighed, “Spill the bad breathe Miichan.”

“Please, not the last time.” Takamina pleaded.

“Cut the crap guys, I know you are all excited to act.” Miichan grinned to the girls, earning a defeated sigh.

“We’re listening.”

“Ok here goes.” Miichan started to whisper all her ideas to the girls.


“EH?! Maji?!” Yuki exclaimed. Her reaction where far most different from the expressions she show to the girls before. She really is the reaction queen of the group. Miichan quickly placed her hand to the girl’s mouth, hushing Yukirin.

“Oh come on. Go out there. They have a pee brain anyway.” Miichan then push Yuki to get into act. The girls gave their regards to Yuki and praying the plan of Miichan will work.

Yuki let out a deep breathe, fixing her clothes and hair. She then walked her way infront of the warehouse, Yuki looked around the surroundings; the men are gawking at her. ‘Augh, Miichan why do we have to swap our clothes? This is too small and tight to me. These men… augh I can’t wait to slaughter them.’. After observing the place, Yuki walked back and forth to show she is waiting for someone. The moment Yuki took a step she twisted her ankle.

“Itai.” Yuki yelped. Someone grab her hand. Yuki looked up to the person to see a man. One of them. “I-it hurts. I… I…” Yuki bursted into a cry. The guard suddenly felt sorry for Yuki and helped her to get up, supporting her in his arms. ‘Phase One completed.’ Yuki did a victory dance inside her.

Yuki looked at the corner of her eyes to see Miichan, Yuko, Takamina, Rena and Sae doing a victory dance and flashes her a thumbs up. Yuki giggled inside and continue on her act.

Only a number of men. We can totally wipe all of them in no time.’ Yuki predicted while still giving her fake cry to the guards inside the warehouse. She covered her face using her hair and looked through it to search Jurina. ‘Where’s Jurina anyway? She should be here somewhere.


“How do I look?” Takamina raised her eyebrow and pouted her lips, stroking her invisible beard. The girls chuckled on her silly actions.

“Hmm. Still small.” Yuko stick her tongue out with a weird facial expression to Takamina. Rena, Sae and Miichan laughed. Takamina shoved Yuko lightly, “At least I’m not a squirrel.” Takamina then left the girls and headed infront of the warehouse to start her act.

Ok, I’m only going to act like her boyfriend? Girlfriend?’ Takamina inhaled, exhaled.

“Err… uhm… have you seen a girl who is… err… wearing a pink sleeveless shirt and a denim short, who walk past this road?” Takamina asked one of the men who is guarding the gate of the warehouse. The man looked at Takamina and nodded. “Are you a friend?” He asked.

 “Ye-yeah.” Takamina stutter. “Can you tell me if she left already? Cause I suppos—“ Takamina was cut off by the guard. “Get her inside, your friend is hurt.”

Takamina pretended to act worried as possible. “EH?! I NEED TO CHECK ON HER!” She barged in to the gate without hearing the approval of the guard. “Yuki!” Takamina said out loud when she saw Yuki sitting in one of the chair inside the warehouse and run towards the girl.

“Mi-minami.” Yuki cried more. Takamina bent down and stare at Yuki. ‘Phase two is complete.’ Takamina mouthed to Yuki and pretended to check the ankle of Yukirin. “I’ll treat your ankle later when we get home… with all my love.”


“Yatta, Taka’s inside already. Yuuchan you’re next.” Sae poked Yuko with a grin plastered in her face. She knew Yuko won’t disappoint her, afterall Yuko is the only person who helps Sae to get away from the fangirls of Sae by pretending to be Sae’s girlfriend. “Ganbaro.” Sae saluted to Yuko using her two finger. Yuko said her regards to the three people remaining and went her way to the warehouse.

I’ll pretend Yukirin is Nyan Nyan. Tall, sexy, big boobs, round ears, flawless, had a very long hair.’ Yuko nodded to herself and sat on the sidewalk, pretending she’s waiting for a person. Later on, someone shadowed behind her. Yuko turned around and looked up to see a guy wearing an all black clothing.

“You shouldn’t be here. Go chill somewhere else.” The man gestured his hand in a form of ‘Shoo’ to Yuko.

The small girl stood up and bowed her head. “Ahh, gomen. I’m actually meeting up with someone and I’m waiting for her right now. Have you seen a girl who is tall, sexy, big—I mean small boobs that is perfectly fit for my hands to grope, hmm flawless and has a black long hair? And… she’s wearing this uff… seductive short clothing.” Yuko bite her lip and showed to the guy how passionate she is by describing the girl. She looked at the guy who has red tint in his cheeks. ‘I know how you feel pervert. We are family, but I am the CREATOR OF ALL PERVERTS!’ Yuko smirked inside her.

“O-of course. Sh-she’s inside. E-excu-cuse me.” The man covered his mouth and went somewhere else. Yuko shrugged. “That guy over there told me to meet that sexy, flawless, small boob girl inside.” She described again at the guy who is blocking the gate and earned a nod from him. Yuko happily skipped her way inside the warehouse.

“Yuki!” She hurriedly went to the girl. “Yuko.” Yuki whimpered. The small girl then went infront of Yuki and gropped the breast only for a few seconds. ‘Too small to grope. Nyan Nyan’s breast are still perfect to harass.’ Yuko shooked her head to prevent herself from fantasizing Haruna. “I’m here Yuki. I won’t leave you.” Yuko leaned in to Yuki for a hug and nuzzled her face to Yuki’s neck. “Phase three is officaly completed by Yuko Oshima.” She whispered to Yuki.


“I’m not going to act like Gekikara from Majisuka Gakuen!” Rena whined to Miichan who is forcing her to act as a crazy person just like the character from a drama series they worship. “My true personality may be violent but I’m not going to act like—“ Rena paused and imitated Gekikara’s moves by putting a hand on her neck and stretch it in a circle motion and jerk her head to the side, bitting her nails and giggled, “Ne~ okotte iru?”. Rena stopped imitating the character, “Gekikara? No.”

“Rena’s right. Gekikara is more fearsome than Rena. Besides, the guys might fight Rena…” Sae started to snicker, “… then boom, Rena’s dead on the spot by having lots of bullets pierced in her body. That’s how completely different Rena is, compared to Gekikara.” 

“The girl in the series is fake! I’m the real fearsome violent girl in here! Except, I’m normal than Gekikara.” Rena gave Sae a death glare and pretended to be Gekikara again by giggling. “You mad?” She raised an eyebrow to Sae.

Miichan pouted. “Tsk. I’m just trying if she’ll agree and wanting to see her act that character… Fine. Go save our lovely marimokkori Yuki.”

“Ne~ okotte iru?” Rena chuckled on her own gag and left the two girls alone.

For real, I hated Gekikara’s character. It feels like she’s taking my spot on being so wild and brutal in fights. Why am I affected in her anyway? She’s just a fictional character. Matsui Rena is real. I eat spicy food too. Wait what?!

“Ahh where are you?” Rena pretended that she’s impatient. Looking around back and forth, waiting for the person to appear.

“Yuki? Yuki?” Rena called out in the air.

“Are you okay?” One of the guy asked as he notices Rena has been wondering around the street.

“Eh? Err… I think I’m late? Or she’s late? Err…” Rena showed a puppy look to the man. “She said that she’s here already 20 minutes ago. I think she’s gone.” Rena sighed.

“Ohh. That sexy, tall, and has black long hair?” The guy asked by describing what Yuko had described earlier.

“Eh? Well… er… yes?”

“She’s inside… with her friends. Gee, you guys are having a group meeting infront of this old warehouse.” The guy rubbed his nape and opened the gate for Rena to enter.

Stupid. Group meeting? More like a group slaughter. I guess, phase four is done.


“Mou~ where are the actions? Are they really stupid not to notice, that each one of us is appearing and looking for the same girl?” Sae complained from the fact those guys are too foolish that they had been intruded by the best people in world.

“That was a fail. I was actually expecting a lot from Rena.” Miichan shook her head in disbelief. “Go, so we can get this done.” Miichan shoo’d Sae away.

“Yuki!” Sae shouted in front of the warehouse, earning attention to the men guarding the gate. “Yuki! I know you are here! Stop hiding!”

“Oi. Stop creating a ruckus. Damn it, how many friends of that girl already appeared?” The guy sighed. “Go in.”

Ehh? Is that it? Just like that? We’re in already? Are they for real? Shouldn’t they be like interrogate us for more questions before going in?’  Sae chuckled inside her. ‘Men are so dumb.

The moment Sae entered the place, she immediately went to Yuki and hugged the girl. “W-why are you here? Wh-who are these people? God Yuki, stop making me worry.” Sae gripped her arms tightly and kissed the top of Yuki’s head. “I’m here. Our life together is complete now.” Sae stared right into Yuki’s eyes. Yuki nodded, she knew what Sae means on her second sentence. ‘Phase four is complete. Miichan is the real person who will complete our lives.


“Here goes the phase.” Miichan stood up and walk her walk to the warehouse.

Miichan tried to find a sad reason to make her cry. Mariko insulting Miichan? Her blood began to boil, no help. Yuko kissed Miichan on the lips when Miichan was shot on her stomach, no? Close but no help. Miichan become furious for not finding a sad reason, so she really did her best to cry.

Her tears are really showing her effort on doing her best as she had been asked by one of the guard if she is ok. “So-someone broke up with me to be with… someone. I want my lover back. Why am I so stupid to let that person go?” The tears of Miichan rapidly flow in her face. ‘Heh, I’m a good actress.’ She patted herself at the back only by imagining it on her mind. “I WANT YOU BACK!!!” Miichan slumped on the floor, her knees are on her chest and she placed her head on her knees, showing how heartbroken she is.

“At least you are not with them for a group meeting. Get up, calm yourself first for awhile inside.” The guy lead Miichan inside the warehouse.

“Yuki…” Miichan whispered. Her expression still has pain and sadness. She then walk her way to her friends.

The girls, except Yuki glared at each other. Their final stage on acting.

“Who are you guys to Yuki?!” Sae broke the silence by asking the five girls who circled together. The same answer coming from the five girls surprise all the guard inside the room.


Sorry it's lame. Still recovering from a flippin' headache when writing this.
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This chapter is so funny, totally LOVE IT!

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3 - 3

“HER BOYFRIEND!” The five girls yelled at the same time. Loud enough for the men to hear.

The guards who are sipping their coffee, water or any beverages choked on the liquid and some guards splashes their drink from their mouth. They left their mouth hanging the moment they heard what the girls shouted. The girls. They are girls! Girls who are in a relationship with the same sex. Worst, the ‘Girlfriend’ has five ‘Boyfriends’ at once. The girl is really something, they thought.

“BOYFRIENDS?!” A number of guards asked the five girls. The girls ignored them, they kept on glaring at each other.

Moving closer and closer, Sae grabbed Miichan’s collar, killing the short girl with her dagger eyes. Yuko and Takamina hold on to each others shoulder and thug their foreheads. Rena stood on her position, watching the four girls on their own fight. Rena smirked and started to participate. She hurl a right hook on Sae which the girl immediately landed on her knees and looked up to Rena. Sae got up and threw a kick in Rena’s stomach, making Rena flew a feet away. The girl she kicked only laughed and went back to her for another round.

“I kill people who steal precious objects to me!” Rena spat the words to Sae and slapped her hard on the cheek. “I’ll kill you!” Rena clamped her hands on Sae’s neck and knee the girl on the stomach a few times until Sae collapse on the floor.

“I won’t give up my love to Yuki. Kill me anytime but my heart still beats for her.” Sae wiped the blood coming out in her mouth. She raise her foot up and booted Rena who was about to grab her.

 “Oi Gekikara! Go spicy on me!” Miichan shouted as she is standing behind Rena. Until now, Miichan wanted to see Rena act as Gekikara. Afterall, the six of them knew from the heart on how to imitate the characters in the series.

Miichan commence her fighting stance, waiting for Rena to attack. “I want to try spicy food too.” Miichan smirked. Rena turned around to face Miichan, seeing the tall girl who has the looks that she’ll accept the act, the blood of Miichan started to get hyper even she knew she’ll be a goner after this.

Rena begin to impersonate the character of Gekikara. The girl first shown the insane cackle of Gekikara, clapping both of her hands and stopped mid-way as she tilted her head on the side and land her eyes to Miichan with a cruel smile forming on Rena’s lips. She placed a hand at the side of her neck and start to lengthen her neck in a circle motion. Rena bit her nails and blinked twice, her wicked smile are still visible in her face.

“Ne~ okotte iru?” Rena burst into giggles and step a foot forward to Miichan and swing her arms to Miichan’s face.

“Yes I am.” Miichan bent down as she dodges the punch and jab Rena’s stomach. The tall girl clutch her abdomen. Little did Miichan know, Rena recovered quickly and gripped her hands on Miichan’s shoulders. She hurled a knee on Miichan’s chin which a blood starts to group inside her mouth. Rena collide her fist into the girl’s temple a few times until Miichan got knocked down. She then burst into giggles and left the girl on the floor before attacking Sae again.

“A dwarf like you can get a giant girlfriend?!” Yuko thug her forehead one more time to Takamina’s forehead. The two dwarfs are proving to themselves who is more powerful and dominant on forehead fights.

“A squirrel like you can get a HUMAN girlfriend?! You’re an animal!” Takamina parted her forehead and toss a punch to the other girl which Yuko easily dodge the hit.

Yuko lightly punch Takamina’s chest a few times. “I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! You are taking my Yuki away!” Yuko cling at Takamina’s front body, making them fall on the floor. Yuko is the first one to recover and roll the other small girl on the ground.

Now it is Takamina’s turn to roll Yuko. “Squirrels should be with squirrels! Not to humans!”

“Gnomes can’t reach giant people! They should be in a relationship with their own height!” Go back to your tribe! Gnome tribe!” The two girls just kept rolling themselves.

Seeing the girls fight, the guards automatically made an effort to part the girls away from each other as they are making too much commotion. Yet, they are too strong as if they are not those normal weak girls. They tried one more time again by giving all their strength as they ganged up around them. The girls knew this is the very last phase they have to do. As expected from Miichan’s plan this would happen.

Without a further notice, Sae bent down quickly and went to the side of the guard as she snatched the silenced pistol on the guard’s holster. Miichan and Rena did the same, Yuko and Takamina both still act they are fighting but in reality they took the gun at the guards. Rena snatch a spare gun at one of the guard and kick it on the floor which it slides on Yuki’s direction.

To their fast hands and skills, they immediately start shooting the guard in a smooth way. They had killed a number of men in no time. Lucky, the gun has a silencer so therefore the people upstairs won’t know the uproar.

“Never let a crying girl enter your turf if you don’t want to have a blood scene.” Sae scoffed while picking another gun.

“I love my five boyfriends.” Yuki giggled and so did the girls.


(Fifteen minutes ago – before the act starts) – At the third floor of the warehouse.

Jurina regained consciousness. She’s trying to recover her memories back last night but everything seems to be a blur and only remembers the moment she got shot by a Wakamiya associate and telling Rena she has to finish the war. After that her vision become pure black. Jurina opened her eyes but her vision is still black and felt there is something wrapped around her head.

Huh? What’s this? Why am I blindfolded? And… eh?! My arms are tied up!’ Jurina wriggled her body. A chuckle is the only noise she heard.

“The Mafia Princess, Matsui Jurina is awake.” A deep tone of a man said and suddenly a loud bang jolted Jurina on her seat as it sounded like a fist had been slammed on the table.

Trying to sense Atsuko, Sayaka, Mariko, Haruna and Mayuyu’s presence around, Jurina couldn’t identify if they are here or not. ‘They should be here.’ She thought. Jurina opened her mouth to scream but there is no sound coming out. Her dry mouth is blocking her voice.

“What’s wrong Princess? Lost your rebel guts? Too scared to say anything?” The man mocked. Jurina kick her foot but fail as it was also bind together.

“We’ll call your Mama don’t worry.”

The sudden call alerted all the Madams and the Mafia Princesses in the room. It must be one of those guys who kidnapped Jurina or either the bodyguards will tell that they have Jurina in their arms. Madam Matsui snatched the phone and pressed the answer button. Madam Maeda gestured her to put it on loud speaker so they can hear the conversation as well.

“Mama, daughter is awake.” He snickered over the phone. All the tension around the room turn into a fury.

Madam Matsui drop her fist on the table. “Damn you! Which household you came from?!” She shouted.

“Why would I tell? By the way, are you not going to rescue your rebel princess?”

“THE BOD—“ Haruna was stopped when Atsuko and Mariko placed their hands to cover her mouth. Telling her not to say anything regarding to the bodyguards as it will make the situation worst.

“Heh, too bad my daughter is going to kill you in a minute now.” Madam Matsui bragged.

“What the—show off!”

“Mama!” Jurina shouted. Somehow, her voice soothed all their worries. Now, the bodyguards are the only chance they have.

“Shut the girl up will you?” The man ordered on one of his henchmen. “Oh, I forgot to tell you, I’m only here to finish my Godfather’s order.” There was a pause for a moment. “To kill Matsui Jurina.”

The girls looked at each other. Miichan, Sae, Yuki, Takamina, Rena and Yuko have to get into action before Jurina’s heartbeat stop. A loud howl on the other line frighten all the ladies inside the room.

“SHI—“ The guy was cut off as the guns started to fire, and a sound of silenced pistol can also be heard over the phone.

“Jurina! Oi!” Madam Matsui shouted. The Mafia Princesses are about to step out the room when Madam Watanabe told them not to go after them.

Rena and the others burst into the door, they fired their guns to each person they see. They saw Jurina at the corner of the room. She is sitting in a old throne, her eyes are blindfolded, and her arms and feet are tied up. The man beside her dropped his mobile phone on the ground. Sae and Yuki went to the left side of the room to kill a number of men, Miichan and Takamina are on the right side while Rena and Yuko went towards Jurina. Rena then ordered Yuko to go help the others and murder the guys while she is going to untie Jurina.

“Jurina!” Rena shouted when the guy was about to blaze his gun to Jurina. Rena run faster and uses her back to shield Jurina.

Taking two bullets at her back, Rena got a chance to remove Jurina’s blindfold. The girl sitting on the throne saw her bodyguard looking at her, Rena’s eyes has so much bravery and gave Jurina a small smile before falling into Jurina’s body. “I… I’ll do… anything to… protect you.”

“KYAAAA!!!” All the girls shrieked in horror. The man saw his phone on the floor and fired a bullet into it to create a cliffhanger to the women on the other line.


“No! I’ll stay with her!” Jurina shouted to the nurse who is stopping her to go inside the Emergency Room. The five girls with her are washed over with worry in their faces. Each one of them is guilty not to be with Rena’s side when that incident happen. Yet, they knew Rena did that to protect her Mafia Princess.

“Wait for Rena okay? We’ll go back to Akiba and tell the Madams about this.” Takamina hugged the crying girl, stroking the back of Jurina to calm her a little. Jurina only nodded and parted away from the hug.

“Take care.” She said. Takamina and the girls nodded. “You take care too.”


Miichan got off Yuko’s bike when they got in front of Akiba mansion and headed inside the house to see the Madams and the Princesses running too. They stopped on their tracks as they saw Miichan and the rest of the bodyguard looking so haggard and downcast. Madam Matsui approached to Miichan as she is the first one to enter the house.

“WHAT HAPPEN TO JURINA?! WHERE IS SHE?!” The madam asked in worry, not seeing her daughter already killed her life.

“Jurina is safe. She’s in the hospital with…” Miichan let out a single tear before continuing on her sentence. “Rena was shot two times at the back. She shielded her back when the guy was about to kill Jurina. Now, we don’t know her current state.”

Mariko gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. Her breathe got hitched. She run away as possible after hearing what her bodyguard’s awful news, Mariko couldn’t stand hearing those kind of news. She went to get her Audi R8 at the garage and drive far away to the Akiba mansion.

Miichan on the other hand saw her tall Princess crying her way outside the house and in a minute she saw an Audi car drifting its way outside the turf. A sudden rush inside Miichan made her follow the girl by taking Yuko’s keys away from her hand and ignited the BMW motorbike to trail Mariko’s car.

“Oi Mariko!” Miichan shouted after getting off the bike. Mariko stopped in the middle of the highway bridge and positioned herself at the side of the railing, staring into the thin air. It is her first time to see her Princess shed a tear and a lost expression in her face. A face that is different from the cold and bully Mariko she knew. It is also her first time to say Mariko’s name.

“Mariko, look at me.” Miichan called out, turning Mariko to face her. The tall girl just stare blankly, not making a single move. Miichan examined Mariko’s eyes – Fear. Death. Lost.

“Mariko… look at me.” Miichan forced Mariko to meet her eyes to Miichan by cupping the tall girl’s face downwards.

Minegishi Minami. Facing the girl I don’t really know makes me feel a real person and… secured. What if… what if she’s like him?’ Mariko shook her head, freeing her face from her bodyguard’s grasp. 

“Stop Mariko. Please, don’t. I’m not here to seek for a fight.” Trying to pull the tall girl into her arms, Miichan failed. Her Princess wouldn’t let Miichan to press her body against her. Instead, Mariko slapped her solid when Miichan keeps gripping her arms to Mariko as she doesn’t let go.

Shocked; rushed through Miichan. Holding her cheek where Mariko slapped.

I need to disappear.’ Mariko headed on her car but stopped midway as she saw Miichan went infront of her and…

A single kiss from Minegishi Minami. Mariko eyes are still open – wide and tears start to flow down. Mixed emotions came through her as she don’t understand how should she react. The short girl protected her from the hug she received. Miichan tiptoed to reach Mariko’s nose and kiss the tip of her nose and went back to press her body against Mariko.

The small body of Miichan is fitted perfectly into Mariko. Two bodies pressed together are perfectly fit. Mariko broke down into more tears, her body melted on Miichan’s arms. A person yearning to be completed on someone’s presence.

I tried to close the door but you blocked yourself in between. I’ll let you in. Promise me one thing… please don’t kill me like what he did to my life. Don’t double the fear I hold inside.

A's Note: Sorry if the first half is kinda not properly written because I wrote it when I was on my break time and my mind is preoccupied on the routine of the dance. :]] And the second half?

A's Share: I've watched Ikemen Desu Ne before I wrote the second half of this update, so that's why I didn't have a proper scenes. :]] I see my squirrel's wife. The premiere episode made me cry at the near end. I actually don't know about the Korean Version cause I've only watched half of the first episode and stopped watching it (I got bored watching it. IDK Why) But yeah, Ikemen Desu Ne has a lot of humor, they made me laugh in some scenes. xD

Off to sleep. I stayed up late just to post this thing. :]] My eyes and body are now officially dead.

P.S. Sae's lines are inspired from Majisuka Gakuen :]]]]. xDD
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Poor Rena I hope that she is ok
I'm glad that jurina is ok
Thanks for updating
Update Soon!
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At least puppy is okaii.... im sure Rena will miraculously recover since her princess is right there~!

I can't wait for more~! :3
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Rena don't die. Jurina is by your side
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4 - 1

Taking a doubtful decision, Mariko finally settled her resolution to link her life to Minegishi Minami. Being protected by someone, she will return the favor by protecting Miichan back. Although, there are lots of consequences in the future, just like Rena and Jurina’s situation right now. Risking your own life only to shield the important person from danger. Mariko couldn’t help but laugh inside on how foolish she can be the moment she lay her own eyes to Miichan from a being vixen to falling into the Gachapin’s trap for making her infatuated towards Miichan. Yet, this girl she’s sharing an embrace to, doesn’t seem to love her back. Miichan loathed her right? Her judgement to Mariko is far opposite on Mariko’s feelings. A one-sided love? Me think so.

The short girl squirm from the embrace as she notices they have been hugging for a short time now. Miichan look at the road, not placing her view on Mariko’s figure. “Err… we better go back to Akiba.” Miichan went her way where Yuko’s BMW parked. Her track was stopped when she heard the princess ordered her on something and looked back over her shoulder.

“Take me to the hospital where Jurina and Rena is. Drive the bike and I’ll trail you behind.” Mariko then slam the door of her car and ignited the engine.

Miichan then walk her way to start the bike, following Mariko’s behest she then usher the girl to the hospital. When they got into the hospital, there are already a number of an Akiba capo’s guarding outside the hospital and also in Rena’s room and some of them are wandering around the hospital.

Opening the door where Rena has been confined, Mariko quickly enfold her arms to Jurina who is impatiently waiting for Rena to wake up. Jurina’s image are haggard as she is still wearing the same clothes from the war between Wakamiya and Akiba. Her face was a mess as if she has been crying all along. Mariko then wonder if Jurina also had been captivated by her bodyguard. Come on, this is Jurina what we are taking about. The badass Mafia Princess; she’s too hard to reach, kills people if she’s bored or want to, and no one ever spell a cast to Jurina’s heart as she isn’t interested on those sort of love things.

“How is she?” Mariko asked while looking at the frail Rena. She knew her question is nonsence as the obvious answer is infront of her but Mariko wanted to make sure Rena will open her eyes soon and to make Jurina’s spirit to be happy.

If Jurina is fond of Rena already. Then it is similar to my story – for being attached to Miichan.’ Mariko then looked at Miichan who is sitting beside Rena’s hospital bed.

“The freakin’ doctor mentioned Rena’s state is minor, therefore she’ll be awake later. Damn him! Can’t he see her condition is major?!” Jurina sneered sarcastically. She then bursted into little tears, wrapping her arms around her cousin’s waist.

Fury etched to Mariko. This is Jurina’s second despair and Mariko wouldn’t want to confirm it to make it as Jurina’s real second agony. The past first pain is enough on Mariko’s memories.

I’m vowing to all Mafia Gods that I’ll go deep down in the abyss to savage the flesh and blood of the family masked behind this. I, Shinoda Mariko oath to Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena’s blood.

“For the sake of the double Matsui, I’ll massacre the family hiding on their masks. Your history won’t arise on its grave.” Mariko cupped the cheek of Jurina. Mariko pressed her lips to Jurina’s lips - A pledge of her testimony.

Jurina then collide her forehead to Mariko. “I hate you for taking this slaughter. I should be the one who will annihilate those bastards. I’ll be waiting Mafia Princess, Mariko Shinoda.” She then show Mariko her daredevil smile while Mariko smiled back boldly.

“Oi Gachapin.” Mariko signalled her bodyguard by motioning her head towards the door in form of ‘Let’s go.’ Miichan quickly pecked Rena’s forehead before following Mariko’s path.

Following the trail of Mariko, Miichan only raise her eyebrow in awe on where her Mafia Princess real destination are. She had been following Mariko’s Audi R8 throughout the town but the trail is not leading them back to Akiba territory.

Her question only been answered when Mariko’s R8 halt into a 38-storey residential condomnium building. On Miichan’s eyes, every staffs in the place had been greeting Mariko with so much respect. Not because she is one of the Mafia Princess, it is because she is a Model Princess of the fashion modelling industry. A sophisticated model is her label. And her label to Miichan?

“Tall stick.” Miichan murmur. Mariko heard what she said and only glared at her. The model actually likes it. A brand new trademark for Mariko Shinoda. Of course, she only love hearing it from Miichan’s mouth. If some stranger? Oh well, we’ll just have to keep our mouth shut and watch her brutal scene.

“Like it? Not? Prepare to die then.” Mariko faked smile at Miichan as she headed her way inside the room.

The jaw of Miichan dropped to see a spacious black and white modern unit. Miichan jaw double drop the moment Mariko pressed a button which the wall rotated as it reveals computers and laptops are lined up. Mariko then quickly went to open the computers and any other technologies she needed to use on her real intention why they are in here.

“I’m fine seeing you with your mouth left hanging but please don’t drop a saliva on the floor. Or else, I’ll make you lick it..” Mariko shouted to Miichan as she peeked on the door. “Come here. I need you in this.”

“Waa, sugoi!” Miichan exclaimed the moment she step a foot inside the secret room of Mariko behind her shoe collections. Although the room is dark, those rogue machines and technology is to drool for.

“What’s the exact event happened in the warehouse?” Mariko asked when she is writing furiously on one of the computers and moving onto the other machine to operate it.

Damn.’ Is all what Miichan can say inside her. Shinoda Mariko is making an amusement to Miichan.
After telling Mariko from having no guns in their hands, acting to the guards, create a fight until to Rena’s heroic action. Mariko only nodded and smirked on her clever mind as she is sure Miichan contacted a skin-to-skin to one of the bodyguards.

“Did a guard hold your hand or in any expose skin?” Mariko asked for a double check.

“Ye-yeah.” Miichan answered and confuse why Mariko asked such a question.

“Remove your clothes.” The sudden command of Mariko made Miichan’s eyes widen, her heartbeat began to rise and sweat due to tension starts to form in her skin.

“Remove?! Are you out of your mind?! No way! Why would I expose my virgin-self to someone I don’t like?!” Miichan covered her body even though she’s wearing a clothes. A dark shade of red painted on her cheeks.

Someone you don’t like?’ Mariko asked inside her. That phrase really struck her. She felt heartbroken on Miichan’s words as it feels like her hopes faded. Now, she blames herself for being so mean to Miichan before. ‘I have reason why.’ She then shook her head to get back to the real reason why she wanted the girl to strip off her clothes.

Mariko snickered. “As if I want to see your lame body! I need to detect the finger print of whoever guard touches your skin.” Mariko laughed even more the moment she thought Miichan is thinking to have an intercourse with her. “Leave your underwear and bra attach on your body. Remove the clothes only.” Mariko pointed her hand to the bed where she can scan the prints in Miichan’s body.

At least I can see what’s behind those fabrics.’ She then bit a chunk of flesh inside her cheek to prevent from giggling like a pervert old man. Oh she can’t wait to see it.

“Or… if you want to remove everything by all means be my guest. My eyes are all yours, Minegishi Minami.” Mariko teased as she flashes Miichan a predetor smile impatiently waiting for her prey to appear.

The other girl gulped. Miichan seems to be melting due to the hot temperature her body is giving her or is it the tempting smile of Mariko? A new character of Mariko become visible on Miichan’s eyes. Not the rude Princess. A Promiscuous Princess.

Playing your ploy towards me huh? Aight, I’ll give you a little playtime.’ Miichan made an invisible smirked.

Stripping off in a slow, seductive, sexy and lazy motion, revealing a creamy flawless shoulders. Mariko’s heart exploded to excitement. Inside Mariko, her imagination took a journey to where she pushed Miichan rougly to the bed, tearing the girl’s clothes, colliding her skin to Miichan’s exposed skin. Mariko will give the girl a sultry kisses starting to Miichan’s naked stomach to her waiting vindictive lips, hands are travelling around the girl’s flawless body until Mariko’s satisfaction reached her. The only noises deepening in her ears are the groan/moan, sounds of sticky kisses, hot breathings, thrilling beats of their heart are uncontrollable in Shinoda Mariko’s fantasy. No one can help her.

“If you’re aroused on my body, baby you just have to ask.” Miichan paused and bit her lower lip in return on Mariko’s inviting smile. “Ahhh. Better yet. Touch. My. Tempting. Skin. Or for more alluring. My. Body.”

Out of the blues, Mariko moaned in pleasure. Those blood-red color underwear and bra must be off her body. Mariko wishes she’ll be the one who will removes those and let Miichan to return the action by taking Mariko’s clothes off one by one, in a slow seductive motion. Uff!

Gotcha.’ Miichan smirked again inside her as she glanced at Mariko who is gripping the chair tightly. ‘Playtime’s over Shinoda Mariko.’ She then lay her body on the bed so Mariko can scan the finger prints now.

“My body is waiting. Hurry up!” Miichan disturbed the dazing off Mariko.

The daydreaming girl snapped out. She closed her eyes for three seconds and went back to reality. Mariko turned her chair around to face the computer and furiously tap the keyboard, going back and forth to one of those machines, setting Miichan’s scanner bed, reviewing the nine listed names from the finger prints appear in Minegishi Minami. Mariko showed a sly smile and patted herself at the back on her achievement. Three unfamiliar names are recorded on the computer screen. Suichiro Takagi, Kenichi Inagawa and Masaru Irie.

“Kurita family.” Mariko tapped her index finger on her chin. The family name explains it all. She then stood up on her seat and turned off all the machines inside the room and headed outside the room, leaving the exposed Miichan on the bed.

“Gee. The rogue Shinoda Mariko is back.” Miichan sighed, feeling a little bit disappointed for no apparent reason and dressed herself back again.


The two pair headed to the mall as Mariko wanted to buy new clothes for her upcoming assassination. Afterall, she needed a new image for the mission and also for her new love. Buying all the clothes she needed, Mariko went to the beauty salon for a haircut.

Bye, long hair. Hello short hair.’ Mariko reflect a smile on the mirror. The short new hair she has right now gives her a light feeling that in the future will be a bliss.

Miichan wolf-whistled at Mariko’s short sexy hair. Somehow, it presents a good vibe to Miichan. She wonders what kind of good vibe it is.

Before going out the salon, Mariko watched her new self in front of the mirror. A devil smile formed in her lips as she blurt out a warning.

“Striving to extinct Jurina’s life eh? Then, Mariko Shinoda is the main antagonist in your nightmare. Harukichi Kurita.”

A's Note: Ehhh, the playtime is originally not written on my Chapter Plot but when my best friend proofread it he suggested to have a playtime. :]] Of course, I agreed. xD And yeah, this chapter is long so I cut the half and will be posted on the next update. Sorry if this update is not much or something you expect turns out to be different.

Off to write my next chapter for Future Love and I'm With You!!! Weee. Babush!!!  :shakeit:
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Too bad Mariko went back to her old self,
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For the update...

To be honest, I lost my laptop which my plot was saved, that's why I haven't update a chapter. :[[[ Good news is that I made a new plot for this story. I just need to think on how to link the last chapter to my new one. xD Oh I have Mariko's revenge chapter on this computer so that will be easy ne?

I don't know when I'll update again. Probably... next week or this Friday or weekend or next month or next year. Jokes. Yeah, I'll update as soon as I'm finish with the plotting. Well, only the plot on one of the character then I'm done and I can update.

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After finishing her warning, the two girls went back to Shinoda Mariko’s condo unit. Mariko tossed the shopping bags on the floor as she make her way on one of the computer that already turned on. She quickly set her username and password on the messenger that always encrypts the messages. After the logging on process, Mariko fingers are fuming in heat as she type on the keyboard, creating a message for Mayu Watanabe. The Princess who knows all about gadgets, route on each programs and whatnots inside the said technology.

<< SM86311: CG! Need help! >>

Waiting for 30 seconds, Watanabe Mayu replied in an encrypted message but converted in a proper writing system as it goes by.

<< WY94326: What is it you want? Where are you anyway? You suddenly ran off earlier. >>

<< SM86311: Not important where. Trace Harukichi Kurita. Now. >>

Taking a time on typing on the keyboard, Mariko got tired and become lazy. She then reached for the bluetooth earpiece lying on the side of the desktop and places it on her right ear. The device will connect to the messenger and can talk over it as the device can translate what the user wrote on the message with a robotic voice over. Mariko then went on one of the steel appliance or the refrigerator as you can call it and pressed the blue button to reveal a different type of guns and stroke her hand to the precious aluminium gun cases.

<< WY94326: Kurita is at Armani Exchange in Shibuya Koen Dori. >>

Hearing the robotic voice of Mayuyu create a chuckle to Mariko. She’s really a cyborg girl.

<< SM86311: Being formal won’t change his informal image. >>

<< WY94326: Planning to gatecrash in the party? >>

<< SM86311: I got an invitation… from hell. >>

Mayu is right. Her plan is to gatecrash. She extends her hand to get the aluminium gun case at the bottom drawer. A Luger 9MM appeared when she opened the box. The type of gun that is perfect for a welcoming gift for Harukichi Kurita. Mariko smirked and said her goodbye to Mayuyu.

“Catch!” Mariko tossed the shopping bag to Miichan after she examined the girl from top to bottom. The girl has a dull fashion style at the moment, her face looks wrecked. Since, Mariko is too clever to know that her bodyguard doesn’t have a high-class gala dress; she brought one for Miichan though she hopes the dress fits her.

“It’s Fendi. Clean yourself, wear that and prepare to escort me to Kurita’s party.” Mariko then strip off her top as it reveals a black lace bra, her clavicles that stick out is to drool for. She winked at Miichn who is gazing at her and went inside the room where the shower is. “Oops, I forgot. Open that door. It’s a bathroom.” Mariko pointed at the door she’s talking about before closing her room.

I’m interested to see your naked body inside the shower.’ Miichan clasped her hand to her mouth, feeling like a pervert for thinking such a thing. Hanging out with the perverted girl, Yuko is a bad idea, she thought. She then went to the bathroom.


“This is so not me.” Miichan grumble when she looked at her grande self in front of the mirror. Minegishi Minami wearing a lace draped Fendi white dress and embellished cut-out heels from Versace whom Mariko picked at her wardrobe full of shoes. The girl in front of her is not the real Minegishi Minami.

“What are you talking about? You actually look like a real person on that dress.” Mariko said as she is examining herself on the mirror. The Mafia Princess is wearing a grey Gucci stretch silk dress that cut-out the middle of her chest. The couture is equivalent of a bulletproof dress, especially made for her. A YSL grey suede pumps that match in her dress, but of course the plain grey pumps look so cheap. Mariko picked the similar shoe that has a studded spikes glued on it, a handmade of Haruna who is good at adapting designs.

“Whatever.” Miichan walked off.

“Tsk. Saying that she can’t wear heels. Look at her, she can properly strut on that heels.” Mariko rolled her eyes and thought for awhile why Miichan can genuinly walk if she came from prison or that sort of type of girls who doesn’t like heels?

“Oh well.” She then went outside the room.

“Bucktoothed, start the engine of that BMW.” Mariko behest, walking her way to the BMW.

“What?! Don’t tell me we are going to ride on that bike wearing this?!” Miichan pointed at the dress and the shoes. There is no way she would be able to manage to drive the bike wearing that short dress and their make-up and hair is going to be ruined when they got at the destination.

Mariko chuckled and shrugged her shoulders. “Get the key out.” She raised an eyebrow. Waiting for Miichan to get the key from the purse, Mariko suddenly grabbed the key and hopped on the bike like she’s not wearing a short dress. “Hurry up! I’m itchy to kill that bastard!” Mariko shouted over her shoulder, starling the other girl.


Harukichi Kurita.’ Mariko formed a plastic smile in front of the person she’d been wanting to slaughter. ‘Too bad your three days of being free won’t go forward anymore.’

“Shinoda Mariko! How did you get in here?” Kurita asked as he spreads his arms wide to hug Mariko. The tall girl hugged back with still a fake smile plastered in her face.

“Front door. Like you and everyone else.”

Kurita let out a little laugh and stopped when he saw an unfamiliar figure standing behind Mariko. “Who is this lovely lady here?” He was about to wrap his arm around Miichan’s shoulder when Mariko immediately snaked her arm around her Miichan’s shoulder and pull the girl closer to her.

“My girlfriend.” Mariko blurt out. Miichan’s body reacted which she bumped Mariko’s arms that hold a champagne glass and the liquid splashes on Harukichi Kurita’s suit.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Mariko apologized as she brush off the suit and Miichan did the same.

“No it’s okay. Lucky I’m not wearing my Armani suit yet. Well, ladies enjoy yourselves and I’ll go change my suit since the highlight will start soon.” He raised his champagne glass to Mariko and headed on the direction leading to his room.

“Wait for me. It’ll be quick.” Mariko patted Miichan on the head and followed the Boss of Kurita family.

“Now, let me create a special ticket for you to hell.” Mariko mumbled. She pulled out her Luger 9MM that is already has a silencer attached into it. Mariko whistled on her shiny black pistol.

Strutting there and then, Mariko successfully reached her hell destination. Harukichi Kurita’s master bedroom. The sophisticated chick stopped on her track when she saw the Kurita Godfather are exposed on his naked upper body. A prick of dire made Mariko smirked like a devil’s right hand. No, she herself is the devil.

Kurita rotate his head when he heard his door opened to vision Shinoda Mariko leaning in the door way whom has a different expression masked on her face. To his illusion, he saw Mariko wearing a seductive manner. He twitched his lips into a smile and gestured Mariko to close the door which she do so.

“Who would’ve thought our exquisite Mariko Shinoda has the hots for… older men.” He winked and slowly walks his way towards Mariko.

With that said, Mariko notices the wrong intention of the Kurita Boss. She pulled down the hammer of her pistol at her back, waiting for an open invitation to the Boss. Bit by bit of his footsteps, Mariko oh so slowly bit her lower lip to entice the desperate old man even more.

“Rogue older men whom about to rot in hell, freshly invest by Shinoda Mariko.” Mariko winked at the old man and path her way towards the bathroom of Kurita.

As she sit her bottom on the verge of the bathtub whilst Kurita drooled over the tease of Mariko, he then locked the room they were in now and slowly, oh so slowly, strips off the clothes that clads him. The sophisticated girl bites her index finger alluringly and pointed the finger on the bathtub, symbolizing the man in to get in.

“Open the faucet.” Mariko ordered. The man did so.

After doing the command, Mariko smirked like she is the devil herself and softly places her palms on the eyes of Harukichi Kurita for him to see dark before becoming a cold corpse. The smirk tripled when Mariko set her vision to the old man enjoying every bit of Mariko’s scheme like a hungry drooling deformed beast. Gross, Mariko thought.

Shinoda Mariko pulled out her Luger 9MM behind her and distanced closely to the man’s forehead before shooting three bullets right in the middle. Of course, our short-haired Mafia Princess hasn’t reached the top of her satisfaction on her meter. She picked the electrical toothbrush and removed the brush which reveals a not-so spiky metal and slit the dead man’s throat.

On her one last kill…

Mariko pierced one bullet on the heart of Harukichi Kurita.

The Mafia Princess noted a R.I.P on the wall with her initials at the bottom of her message before jumping off the window, landing her feet on the ground, startling and confusing each people around as to why Shinoda Mariko came from upstairs.

“You might want to check your Godfather in his chamber.” Mariko hinted in the eyes of the people staring at her, giving her heads up to either Kurita’s soldier or capos.

Without bothering to give a care on their confuse expressions. Mariko strut her sexy elegant body towards the front entrance as to where Minegishi Minami, her bodyguard is waiting in the BMW S1000RR. The bodyguard boomed its engine after seeing her Mafia Princess swaying her hips side to side as if our notorious Mafia Princess did not done something… brutal.

“I’m here pondering, where’s the fun? All these actions of the six Mafia Princesses show their bodyguards bore us. Now, where’s the fun again?” Miichan lousily asked. Creating an irritating nerve inside Mariko for saying all the Godfather-like actions doesn’t entertain the bodyguards.

“I’m taking yours words in. Our future should be pretty interesting.” Mariko cooed her last five words before snaking her arms seductively on Miichan’s slender waist.


One month had passed. Eleven months remaining. All their relationship slowly promoting into a good friendship. The six pairs; Shinoda Mariko and Minegishi Minami still have their hot and cold friendship. Akimoto Sayaka and Miyazawa Sae’s bond had been playful to each other as if they know each other since they are still in the womb of their mothers. Kojima Haruna and Oshima Yuko stays the same as Yuko sneakily groping Haruna whenever the Mafia Princess is off guard yet the princess is ever bitter and cold towards the bodyguard whilst in the outsider people would see the love of Yuko is one-sided. Maeda Atsuko and Takahashi Minami’s friendship similar to Yuko and Haruna, though the bodyguard is not the one who has affection towards the princess, it is the reverse. Atsuko lust over Takamina while the 148cm girl hides away from the predator’s hungry heart. Watanabe Mayu and Kashiwagi Yuki has their sister-sister relationship but there is something behind to their friendship that no one can know. Lastly, Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena seemed to surpass their friendship and climbed upwards to… well, it is for the audience to learn.

Dancing that only our bad and wild Mafia Princesses can do in the middle of the dance floor are making the normal damsels spitting word of fires on them. The five princess dance wildly more to make the insecure girls’ irritating meter to burst with so much envy. Of course, drooling and almost-exploding men have to be in the scene as they attempt to touch the expose skins of the Mafia Princesses. Too bad, their handsome face could not cast a spell on the four female bodyguards. Aww.

One Mafia Princess and one bodyguard were left alone on the V.I.P lounge as the four Princesses transformed again into a party beasts.

Kashiwagi Yuki glanced at the corner of her eyes to see the side view of Watanabe Mayu’s borred and not impressed face as she is trapped here in the T-Club owned by their dearest and loyal friend and their Capo, Kasai Tomomi. This is her first time to enter a club though her excuses never enter their ears to get through their brains. I’m too young to enter! A sixteen year old princess!

‘Jurina is lucky that she’s only outside the club and we’ll be back later.
’ Mayu cursed her cousin.

Stuck here and there, the only thing to entertain her is…

“Collaborate your body to the rhythm.” She ordered to the girl sitting beside her.

“Wh---“ Yuki stopped on her question, she knew her lifespan will go zero if she disobey. Instead, she listened first to the English song called Letting Go by Sean Kingston ft. Nicki Minaj blaring through the bass speakers.

Kashiwagi Yuki made her whole body stand up. Finding a perfect timing of the song, she swayed her hips. At first it was stiff until it became normal as it used to be. Without feeling embarrassed to her Princess, Yuki entertained the young girl pretty well but a prick of hot feeling rushes inside her. Someone is watching her behind.

Kashiwagi Yuki knew exactly who it was.

“Nyan Nyan, let’s go back to our lounge.” Yuko excitedly shouted over the loud song after seeing Yuki and Mayu having a… perverted time together (That’s what Yuko sees it).

“Nyan Nyan?” The said name asked.

Yuko looked up on the strobe lights to see a different face. Not her Nyan Nyan.

 “Ah, I’m sorry.” She lowered her head before dashing out, looking for her Nyan Nyan. Kojima Haruna. Her Mafia Princess.

The tall goddess girl left Oshima Yuko again.

On Oshima Yuko’s peripheral vision, she saw someone so familiar to her which made her stop on her objective on finding Kojima Haruna and squished her way towards the person she certainly saw walking with someone to the toilet.

“Oi Yuko.” A hand gripped on Yuko’s wrist.

She looked up to see Takahashi Minami whom successfully escaped from Maeda Atsuko. “Takamina.”

“Where are you going? Haruna is already on our spot. I saw her with Sayaka and Sae.” Takamina informed. Her eyes in the different color of lights show curiosity, wondering her close friend is not with her beloved.

“I… I. I…” Yuko tiptoed over the crowd to find the person but failed, the person is already out of sight. “I don’t know. Perhaps, too many lights hallucinates my eyes.” Yuko feigned her smile even if it deepens her dimples.

“Ohh-kay.” Takamina raised an eyebrow to Yuko before walking back to the group. However, she turned around once more to see the look of her friend to find… nothing.

Yuko’s petite body is fading away. The 152cm damsel knows only a vague clue of the person she saw. The person is near at the toilet earlier before Takamina appears.

“Yuko!” Takamina shouted and run over to keep in track with her also small friend.

Entering the already in-commotion toilet, Takamina almost chocked on her own spit to see a guy slap Yuko. She ran near them but the gossip mongers are blocking her way, yet she manages to squeeze herself little to get into her midget friend’s side. Takamina moved her eyes north east to see the person Yuko is giving care of. She knew, this is a scene to not interfere to.

“No one dare to slap me bastard.” Yuko then punched the guy on his groin before turning her head to the other person and combine her palm to the person’s right cheek.

“And you, you ungrateful btch! You’re repaying us with this sex-in-the-public with a low class bastard?! In a men bathroom I must say. No wonder I already think of you as a high class prostitute when you enter the Oshima’s. From orphan to hooker. You don’t have any place to fit in. You’re a messy naked body lost in a big pile of dirty clothes.” Yuko said while pointing her index finger straight in front of the girl’s face. Takamina grabbed Yuko’s shoulder but Yuko seemed not to notice because of her anger.

“Yuko.” Takamina said in a worried tone. However, Yuko properly didn’t hear Takamina as the volume was quite low. Also, the girl and Takamina said Yuko’s name in a chorus.

“Yuu-chan.” The girl said, whimpering.

Yuko wrapped her two hands on the harlot’s neck, “I’ll never let you spread ugly dirt on my family. Oshima’s.” She spat her neglecting words to her half-sister. Ops, to a harlot perhaps.

With that said, Yuko left where the contagious plague is at and the wanting-for-more eyes of the crowd.

“Hmm.” The girl bit her lower lip alluringly after having a lip-locking session with her girlfriend. She gave the other girl a passionate kiss and ended it with a change of eyes from passion to sincere. “Eleven months left. After, we can stop pretending we’re nothing.”

“You know I don’t like secrets when it comes to our relationship. I want to show to everyone we are together. To show you are my girlfriend and I love my girlfriend.” She said, a tone of sincere yet lone is in her voice too.

“So cheesy.”

The two girls stare on each other’s eyes for a mere seconds.

“If I said, I want your body now. Would you hold it against me?” Her girlfriend sang the chorus booming into the club’s speaker. She snaked her thin arms around the waist of the average tall girl, she then lead the hips to sway side to side in a sexy way. “I saw you swaying the hips I claimed mine to Watanabe Mayu. Heck of a naughty girl you are, Kashiwagi Yuki.”

Kashiwagi Yuki chuckled on her girlfriend’s jealous side. The giggle of Yuki escaped a giggle to the other girl too. She pressed her forehead to Yuki and smiled affectionately.

“How about this twin towers I’ve been hearing huh? Damn you playboy Miyazawa Sae.” Her eyebrow twitched higher, feigning she’s mad.

“Hey, I love you Kashiwagi Yuki.” Sae instead said. The eyebrow of Yuki lowered and melted Yuki’s heart which made the girl grip tightly onto Sae’s shirt.

“I love you too Miyazawa Sae.” The two place a kiss on each others lips.

“Oh, looks like your princess, Watanabe Mayu is looking for you.  Answer her, “I’ve been making a hot session with my girlfriend.” as an excuse okay?” Sae said when she saw Watanabe Mayu's figure looking so lost in the dancefloor.

After laughing, Yuki headed out first on the dark corner of the club before Sae.

Partying and dancing here and there. All the girls went back to their lounge to find a piece of paper folded neatly on top of the black table. As the responsibility of being elder, Akimoto Sayaka unfolds the letter. An italic handwriting widens the eyes of the six Mafia Princesses.

‘Surprise! Each of your nightmares is back! Miss me?’

That’s that. The monster digs itself upwards from its grave to haunt them. Let’s just hope our Mafia Princesses can still be Mafia Princesses and… survive this one.

The person tattooed on their existence.

A’s Note: Guess who is back? I feel like I am that person from the letter (probably I am really). LOL. :]] Well, I’ve been busy on my review for an entrance exam and to this business thingy of our family. Party here and there too. And as what I said before of losing my laptop where the original Mafia Princesses doc. is at. :[ Making new continuation plot for the last updates of this story and linking to the last update. Lucky I have Mariko’s revenge stored on my other computer. :]] Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this comeback chapter.

I miss sitting my ass on a computer chair for long and typing a chapter. :[

I also lost the image of Mariko and Miichan's dress. :/

Lastly, IDK when I'll be back again.:]] Will be MIA soon again. So bye?
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Please update soon!!! I need to know who Yuko's half sister...  :dunno:

‘Surprise! Each of your nightmares is back! Miss me?’

and.... who is this person~~~  :panic: :panic: :panic:
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Who can be that person? I'm also curious about Yuko's past
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Welcome back, AAAice. I've been waiting for the update of this fic since I'm still be a silent reader.
Still hot as always, Shinoda Mariko.
Yuko's half-sister? Oshima.. Oshima Mai, I guess?
I can smell some SaeYukiMayu here.
I'm curious who sent the letter.
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HOORAY!!! A new chapter!!! Yuki and Sae's secret relatioship is so interesting! Great! Will wait for a new chapter!
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WOw Mariko is so cool, killed the dude with style  :twothumbs

Ohh Secret SaeYuki relationship =O

CAn't wait to read the next part, please update soon (when you can)   :thumbsup
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Awesome update!!!
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I never expect SaeYuki having a secret relationship as I thought it'll be Mayuki! But this SaeYuki is more awesome than Mayuki!!!!
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Wanna know more about everyone's past not only Yuko's and who's back??? It is Tomochin?
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a bad bitch to enter the life of our mafia princesses

[quoteLet’s just hope our Mafia Princesses can still be Mafia Princesses and… survive this one.


intense! from top to bottom of this chapter is a lava! update soon AA
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All six pairs of eyes are scattered around to find the person who gave them a surprise. It has to be that person the Mafia Princesses all thought inside their minds. Curiosity strikes their very own six personal bodyguards as to who is the person behind those italic handwriting and vindictive message. Interesting is the only word in their mind right now.

The Mafia offspring felt the goosebumps arising on their skins after the DJ changed the song to an English song (Which they understand as they know English fluently) into If You Seek Amy by Britney Spears. Its lyrics confirmed it all.

Matsui Jurina groaned in frustration as she cannot see that mysterious person. “Augh! Someone give me a permission to kill all these mankind blocking the view. We need to find her.” She slumped back on the lounge sofa and snatched Atsuko’s Cosmopolitan cocktail that propped on the table and she tossed it against the wall.

“Jurina.” Rena softly said, standing in front of the badass princess, looking down at her with a sincere expression.

“Shut up Rena if you do not want to have another hole in your body.” She coldly spat back, earning a hiss from Sayaka for being rude to Rena.

“Harsh!” Maeda Atsuko scolded.

Before Jurina could answer back to Sayaka and Atsuko, she felt a vibration inside her pocket. She took it out and flipped the phone open to read the new message. “You know what, whatever. Why waste my lifespan searching if I know the devil itself is living in the pit of hell?” Jurina stood up and walked off with Rena trailing behind.

“Wait, who the eff is this person they have been talking about?” Takamina whispered to her four peers. Surely, she never learned anything from this new character appearing which the Mafia Princesses seems to be drowning from all strikes of horror.

“Do you think we have any clue? I’m sure you can observe in our face that we are eager on finding out who that person is. Duh!” Kashiwagi Yuki answered, rolling her big eyes heavenward. “Besides, we never had any information from the past about this soul scaring them.”

“Tss.” Takamina snarled at Yuki before turning on her other side to the spacing out Yuko. “Yuko.” She places her palm on top of Yuko’s hand and squeezed it lightly.

Yuko closed her eyes for awhile and nodded her head twice before opening her eyes. “I’ll be back. Need to inhale some urban air.” Yuko showed a dry smile to Takamina before heading out.

Maeda Atsuko saw Yuko walked past them and she also saw what Takamina did to her as if the two girls share something special to each other. Therefore Atsuko sat to where Yuko was sitting moments ago and bump her leg into Takamina’s leg, an inviting smile seen on her face.

“Takahashi Minami doesn’t do business with pleasure Maeda Atsuko.” She bluntly informed Maeda Atsuko and followed the tracks of Yuko, leaving the now open-mouthed Atsuko.

Takahashi Minami left Atsuko’s mouth hanging open when she stormed off the VIP lounge and headed outside the club to find her close midget friend. Atsuko feeling so humiliated in front of the other bodyguards had a wicked scheme. When the light bulb on top of her head exploded with the brilliant diablerie plan is transforming her into the opposite of her gentle character. A sinner.


Jurina climbed on top of Haruna’s red Lamborghini Reventon and flipped open her phone to read the text she received awhile ago. After scanning over and over, she stared down to Rena whom also looking at her. She felt the guilt wash over her for being rude to Rena earlier.

Since that day of their first meeting, first heroine action of Rena and seeing Rena for the first time fighting death made Jurina swore to all oaths of Mafia Gods and Godfathers that she won’t transform into a new Matsui Jurina who is going to fall into the trap of love. Matsui Jurina should not present her love to Matsui Rena. Yet, she wants the opposite.

“Rena, I—“ Jurina was disturbed when she heard her dearest friend’s voice even though she wanted to shot a bullet to her friend for interrupting the moment. She sighed heavily and mumbled the name of the running person. “Ishida Anna.”

Ishida Anna is Matsui Jurina’s trusted friend and a loyal Caporegime to the family as she had been serving them and defending the existence of Akiba Family. The girl was found by Jurina on the streets, begging for food and charity to the Mafia Princess as Jurina just came back from a blood bath, Jurina’s clothes were soaking with red liquids. To her surprise the homeless girl was not scared to the bloody monster in front of her, people would normally distance themselves whenever they see Jurina and worst to see a bloody Jurina. Imprudent individuals. Jurina said inside her. Without hesitating, Jurina took Ishida Anna into the lair of Akiba Family.

“Jurina!” She shouted once more, running towards them with a SC70 Beretta in both hands which scares the majority of people.

“She’s back.” Anna informed Jurina.

Jurina nodded and extends her arm to pass her phone to Anna.

“It’s blank.” Anna said after she scanned the blank message appearing on the screen. “Why?” She looked up to Jurina for more details.

“Exactly. Stalker is anonymous, so does their schemes.” Jurina paused and smiled cunningly. “Your stalker is back.” With that said, she laughed quietly. “Give the phone a dozen of bullets please.” Jurina behest which Anna courteously followed the order of her Boss.

“Isn’t that Haruna-san’s bodyguard, Yuko?” Anna asked when she saw Oshima Yuko walking in a fast pace outside the club.

Jurina followed the gaze of Anna to the person she is talking about. “Yeah, so unbelievable to see a life-threatening face than a pervert facial of hers.” Jurina’s eyes drifted to the second person coming out of the club following the footsteps of Yuko. “Oh.” Is the only word she muttered.

Rena took a few steps to catch up to her two small friends but she heard her princess’ disapproval therefore she stayed at her side and remained quiet. Her fists were curled behind her as she wants to be there on the side of her friends – especially to the person who is in need.

Ishida Anna felt the heavy atmosphere between her Boss Jurina and Rena, so she chosen to leave the two Matsui, only nodding her head once to Jurina as a sign of goodbye.

“I’ve dictated you for umpteenth time not to leave on my side. Are you that dense Matsui Rena for not following a simple rule?” Jurina hissed.

The badass Mafia Princess could not fathom her choice of words. It sounded like she wanted her quiet bodyguard to stay, unlike the past month she was neglecting the existence of her bodyguard. Now she wants Matsui Rena’s presence.

"Rena.” The young girl’s tone of voice is stern for Rena to lock up an eye-to-eye with her. “You are my bodyguard. Yet, your protection is a waste. I don’t understand why the Madams hired bodyguards for us. Scrap bodyguards I presume. Example, to Haruna and Atsuko, how will the two senseless short persons can oath their life to the two notorious tall Mafia Princesses? Come on, common sense, what if the enemies aim their bullets to their heads? Can the midgets reach the ammo? To Mayu, does a pair of Bayonet knives of her bodyguard can stop the raging bullets darting to Mayu’s body? Futile bodyguard. Lastly, Mariko and Sayaka do not need immature and boyish protectors. Vicious mafia Princesses can survive on their own mafia blood without the help of lesser bodyguards.”

Rena on the other hand, waited the honest perspective of Jurina to finish. After the long attack of sickening words, without noticing, her whole surroundings became black.

Suffocation shortened Jurina’s breathing as the tight grip of hands wringed around her neck. Gasping for air, digging her nails onto the blood-like colored shirt of Rena and a tiny liquid starts to form in her redden eyes. Matsui Jurina’s death destined to her monster bodyguard’s mitt – Matsui Rena.

The dominant person was laughing demonically. It did not matter to her if she is eradicating the rules given by her superiors. The reel of words spinning in her brain is the death of Matsui Jurina.

“The devil’s spawn will absorb your soul, dragging it to the abyss of hell.” Rena tightens her hand strongly this time. Her brutal eyes are keeping Jurina’s mouth to be erased. “Are you scared?”

YES!’ She honestly shouted inside her. This is not the death she wanted to have, not to her bodyguard’s hand. The tears in Jurina’s eyes are perpetually having tide on its own until a full of relief burst inside the nearly dying Jurina when she heard the shouts of worry and of course the monster’s name.

“OI RENA!!! UNGRIP YOUR HANDS!!! YOU’RE CHOKING YOUR PRINCESS JURINA!!!” The familiar voice shouted. Jurina slowly opened her eyes, only to be opened half-way.

“OI RENA!!! CAN YOU RECOGNIZE MY NAME?! MINAMI TAKAHASHI! PLEASE LISTEN! STOP!” For the second time of attempting to break the devil possessing inside Rena is not working.

“Creating a monster inside you to destruct a princess also dethrone the true heart of Rena Matsui. Are you scared Rena?” A soft spoken voice of Oshima Yuko calmed down Rena as the girl is starting to set back to her real self.

Placing her hand on Rena’s wrist, Takamina also lowered the volume of her voice as she kindly request a favour to her dear friend. “Yamete kudasai Rena. Break-free your hands to your princess’ neck.”

Slowly releasing her hands to Jurina’s  cape, the helpless offspring of Mafia immediately sharply inhaled an oxygen and pushed Rena away using her feet which the girl flew a few feet away. While tears streaking down her eyes, Jurina took the waiting gun lying on the floor and aimed it to Rena’s figure even if her hands were trembling due to her trauma and fear of Rena’s character.

“Monster.” Matsui Jurina said in full hatred and agony.

Closing her eyes, thinking this would be the end of her lifespan. “I’m sorry.” Is the only word she said before her heart stops.

“Rena.” The two short bodyguards called out in chorus but Rena halted them, not wanting Yuko and Takamina to interfere.

“Bllshit!” Jurina clamoured and fired a bullet into the dark and dull spacious sky and stormed away from the monster, Yuko Oshima and Minami Takahashi.

Rena examined her two hands used for strangling Jurina.

“I’m a monster.”


“Are you not going to your slumber yet Acchan?” Mayuyu asked, hugging her teddy bear as it matches her pajamas. A look of tiredness is visible in her face.

“I’m not yet sleepy Mayu-chan. Go ahead. I’ll see you later in the morning okay? Goodnight Mayuyu and Mayubear.” Atsuko said and patted the teddy bear on its head.

Atsuko went to the bar lounge of their lair and poured a Cosmopolitan (her favourite cocktail) into her cocktail glass after Mayu was already out of her sight.. She rested her chin on her palm while she’s encircling her middle finger on the tip of her cocktail glass as her eyes are staring outside of the dim front entrance of their residence, waiting for a figure to come back.

Recalling the humiliation she received earlier gave her the urge to do the wicked scheme she has in her head. Yet, the flashbacks stopped on its reel when she heard a click on the mammoth double door. Atsuko knew it is the person she’s been wasting her night by waiting to arrive.


A sharp grip on the waist and a sharp knife pressed on her neck, the figure who is victimized by a sneaky person behind her is currently struggling to guess who.

“Oi. Who ar---“ She was stopped when a hungry smooch ate her alive.

Breaking free to the tight kiss won’t give a damn to the person because of the sharp knife pressed on her neck while a torrid kiss is having an action. Taking the risk she might die to the weapon in hand or she might die of suffocation for not taking oxygen inside her; she let the taking in charge person to slouch her on the cold floor while its hand was aggressively stroking the lesser person, making it moan and grasp for air.

A giggle burst out on the furtive person and bit the lower lip of the bottom person.

She knew it is not the person she’s been catching heart to the past few months because this aroused person has an average height. Instead that giggle gave her the inkling as that titter is pasted on her head permanently.

While moaning, the victim parted her wet lips and closes the gap of her lips to the person’s ear and whispers…

“I’m not Takahashi Minami, Atsuko… I’m Oshima Yuko.”

A’s Note: LOL I know the last scene is too short, sorry. xD Seriously, I created the first half of the story in the middle of October. And what month is it now? :]] NOVEMBER!!! -.- IDK what will happen in the future as I am starting my college days this Nov. 8 so.
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Before the woman open her mouth, one of the girl was making a groping movement as she is imagining her groping the next Mafia Princess asset.

“Ehem!” The woman faked cough and continue.
  I can seethe  pervert squirrel in-front of me :tama-piss:

‘For real, I hated Gekikara’s character. It feels like she’s taking my spot on being so wild and brutal in fights. Why am I affected in her anyway? She’s just a fictional character. Matsui Rena is real. I eat spicy food too. Wait what?!’


While moaning, the victim parted her wet lips and closes the gap of her lips to the person’s ear and whispers…

“I’m not Takahashi Minami, Atsuko… I’m Oshima Yuko.”

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