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Author Topic: Mafia Princesses [6] - Monster and Sinner.  (Read 28645 times)


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Re: Mafia Princesses [4-1] - Little Playtime.
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the trailers was awesome!!  :twothumbs

waiting for your update!! ganbare!!!  XD

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Re: Mafia Princesses [4-1] - Little Playtime.
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The trailers were just EPIC
Can't wait for the next update for mafia princesses
I will be waiting  :bow:
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Re: Mafia Princesses [5] - Letter of Surprise.
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Tha AKB48 Mafia Boss - AAAice is back!!! >:]]]


After finishing her warning, the two girls went back to Shinoda Mariko’s condo unit. Mariko tossed the shopping bags on the floor as she make her way on one of the computer that already turned on. She quickly set her username and password on the messenger that always encrypts the messages. After the logging on process, Mariko fingers are fuming in heat as she type on the keyboard, creating a message for Mayu Watanabe. The Princess who knows all about gadgets, route on each programs and whatnots inside the said technology.

<< SM86311: CG! Need help! >>

Waiting for 30 seconds, Watanabe Mayu replied in an encrypted message but converted in a proper writing system as it goes by.

<< WY94326: What is it you want? Where are you anyway? You suddenly ran off earlier. >>

<< SM86311: Not important where. Trace Harukichi Kurita. Now. >>

Taking a time on typing on the keyboard, Mariko got tired and become lazy. She then reached for the bluetooth earpiece lying on the side of the desktop and places it on her right ear. The device will connect to the messenger and can talk over it as the device can translate what the user wrote on the message with a robotic voice over. Mariko then went on one of the steel appliance or the refrigerator as you can call it and pressed the blue button to reveal a different type of guns and stroke her hand to the precious aluminium gun cases.

<< WY94326: Kurita is at Armani Exchange in Shibuya Koen Dori. >>

Hearing the robotic voice of Mayuyu create a chuckle to Mariko. She’s really a cyborg girl.

<< SM86311: Being formal won’t change his informal image. >>

<< WY94326: Planning to gatecrash in the party? >>

<< SM86311: I got an invitation… from hell. >>

Mayu is right. Her plan is to gatecrash. She extends her hand to get the aluminium gun case at the bottom drawer. A Luger 9MM appeared when she opened the box. The type of gun that is perfect for a welcoming gift for Harukichi Kurita. Mariko smirked and said her goodbye to Mayuyu.

“Catch!” Mariko tossed the shopping bag to Miichan after she examined the girl from top to bottom. The girl has a dull fashion style at the moment, her face looks wrecked. Since, Mariko is too clever to know that her bodyguard doesn’t have a high-class gala dress; she brought one for Miichan though she hopes the dress fits her.

“It’s Fendi. Clean yourself, wear that and prepare to escort me to Kurita’s party.” Mariko then strip off her top as it reveals a black lace bra, her clavicles that stick out is to drool for. She winked at Miichn who is gazing at her and went inside the room where the shower is. “Oops, I forgot. Open that door. It’s a bathroom.” Mariko pointed at the door she’s talking about before closing her room.

I’m interested to see your naked body inside the shower.’ Miichan clasped her hand to her mouth, feeling like a pervert for thinking such a thing. Hanging out with the perverted girl, Yuko is a bad idea, she thought. She then went to the bathroom.


“This is so not me.” Miichan grumble when she looked at her grande self in front of the mirror. Minegishi Minami wearing a lace draped Fendi white dress and embellished cut-out heels from Versace whom Mariko picked at her wardrobe full of shoes. The girl in front of her is not the real Minegishi Minami.

“What are you talking about? You actually look like a real person on that dress.” Mariko said as she is examining herself on the mirror. The Mafia Princess is wearing a grey Gucci stretch silk dress that cut-out the middle of her chest. The couture is equivalent of a bulletproof dress, especially made for her. A YSL grey suede pumps that match in her dress, but of course the plain grey pumps look so cheap. Mariko picked the similar shoe that has a studded spikes glued on it, a handmade of Haruna who is good at adapting designs.

“Whatever.” Miichan walked off.

“Tsk. Saying that she can’t wear heels. Look at her, she can properly strut on that heels.” Mariko rolled her eyes and thought for awhile why Miichan can genuinly walk if she came from prison or that sort of type of girls who doesn’t like heels?

“Oh well.” She then went outside the room.

“Bucktoothed, start the engine of that BMW.” Mariko behest, walking her way to the BMW.

“What?! Don’t tell me we are going to ride on that bike wearing this?!” Miichan pointed at the dress and the shoes. There is no way she would be able to manage to drive the bike wearing that short dress and their make-up and hair is going to be ruined when they got at the destination.

Mariko chuckled and shrugged her shoulders. “Get the key out.” She raised an eyebrow. Waiting for Miichan to get the key from the purse, Mariko suddenly grabbed the key and hopped on the bike like she’s not wearing a short dress. “Hurry up! I’m itchy to kill that bastard!” Mariko shouted over her shoulder, starling the other girl.


Harukichi Kurita.’ Mariko formed a plastic smile in front of the person she’d been wanting to slaughter. ‘Too bad your three days of being free won’t go forward anymore.’

“Shinoda Mariko! How did you get in here?” Kurita asked as he spreads his arms wide to hug Mariko. The tall girl hugged back with still a fake smile plastered in her face.

“Front door. Like you and everyone else.”

Kurita let out a little laugh and stopped when he saw an unfamiliar figure standing behind Mariko. “Who is this lovely lady here?” He was about to wrap his arm around Miichan’s shoulder when Mariko immediately snaked her arm around her Miichan’s shoulder and pull the girl closer to her.

“My girlfriend.” Mariko blurt out. Miichan’s body reacted which she bumped Mariko’s arms that hold a champagne glass and the liquid splashes on Harukichi Kurita’s suit.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Mariko apologized as she brush off the suit and Miichan did the same.

“No it’s okay. Lucky I’m not wearing my Armani suit yet. Well, ladies enjoy yourselves and I’ll go change my suit since the highlight will start soon.” He raised his champagne glass to Mariko and headed on the direction leading to his room.

“Wait for me. It’ll be quick.” Mariko patted Miichan on the head and followed the Boss of Kurita family.

“Now, let me create a special ticket for you to hell.” Mariko mumbled. She pulled out her Luger 9MM that is already has a silencer attached into it. Mariko whistled on her shiny black pistol.

Strutting there and then, Mariko successfully reached her hell destination. Harukichi Kurita’s master bedroom. The sophisticated chick stopped on her track when she saw the Kurita Godfather are exposed on his naked upper body. A prick of dire made Mariko smirked like a devil’s right hand. No, she herself is the devil.

Kurita rotate his head when he heard his door opened to vision Shinoda Mariko leaning in the door way whom has a different expression masked on her face. To his illusion, he saw Mariko wearing a seductive manner. He twitched his lips into a smile and gestured Mariko to close the door which she do so.

“Who would’ve thought our exquisite Mariko Shinoda has the hots for… older men.” He winked and slowly walks his way towards Mariko.

With that said, Mariko notices the wrong intention of the Kurita Boss. She pulled down the hammer of her pistol at her back, waiting for an open invitation to the Boss. Bit by bit of his footsteps, Mariko oh so slowly bit her lower lip to entice the desperate old man even more.

“Rogue older men whom about to rot in hell, freshly invest by Shinoda Mariko.” Mariko winked at the old man and path her way towards the bathroom of Kurita.

As she sit her bottom on the verge of the bathtub whilst Kurita drooled over the tease of Mariko, he then locked the room they were in now and slowly, oh so slowly, strips off the clothes that clads him. The sophisticated girl bites her index finger alluringly and pointed the finger on the bathtub, symbolizing the man in to get in.

“Open the faucet.” Mariko ordered. The man did so.

After doing the command, Mariko smirked like she is the devil herself and softly places her palms on the eyes of Harukichi Kurita for him to see dark before becoming a cold corpse. The smirk tripled when Mariko set her vision to the old man enjoying every bit of Mariko’s scheme like a hungry drooling deformed beast. Gross, Mariko thought.

Shinoda Mariko pulled out her Luger 9MM behind her and distanced closely to the man’s forehead before shooting three bullets right in the middle. Of course, our short-haired Mafia Princess hasn’t reached the top of her satisfaction on her meter. She picked the electrical toothbrush and removed the brush which reveals a not-so spiky metal and slit the dead man’s throat.

On her one last kill…

Mariko pierced one bullet on the heart of Harukichi Kurita.

The Mafia Princess noted a R.I.P on the wall with her initials at the bottom of her message before jumping off the window, landing her feet on the ground, startling and confusing each people around as to why Shinoda Mariko came from upstairs.

“You might want to check your Godfather in his chamber.” Mariko hinted in the eyes of the people staring at her, giving her heads up to either Kurita’s soldier or capos.

Without bothering to give a care on their confuse expressions. Mariko strut her sexy elegant body towards the front entrance as to where Minegishi Minami, her bodyguard is waiting in the BMW S1000RR. The bodyguard boomed its engine after seeing her Mafia Princess swaying her hips side to side as if our notorious Mafia Princess did not done something… brutal.

“I’m here pondering, where’s the fun? All these actions of the six Mafia Princesses show their bodyguards bore us. Now, where’s the fun again?” Miichan lousily asked. Creating an irritating nerve inside Mariko for saying all the Godfather-like actions doesn’t entertain the bodyguards.

“I’m taking yours words in. Our future should be pretty interesting.” Mariko cooed her last five words before snaking her arms seductively on Miichan’s slender waist.


One month had passed. Eleven months remaining. All their relationship slowly promoting into a good friendship. The six pairs; Shinoda Mariko and Minegishi Minami still have their hot and cold friendship. Akimoto Sayaka and Miyazawa Sae’s bond had been playful to each other as if they know each other since they are still in the womb of their mothers. Kojima Haruna and Oshima Yuko stays the same as Yuko sneakily groping Haruna whenever the Mafia Princess is off guard yet the princess is ever bitter and cold towards the bodyguard whilst in the outsider people would see the love of Yuko is one-sided. Maeda Atsuko and Takahashi Minami’s friendship similar to Yuko and Haruna, though the bodyguard is not the one who has affection towards the princess, it is the reverse. Atsuko lust over Takamina while the 148cm girl hides away from the predator’s hungry heart. Watanabe Mayu and Kashiwagi Yuki has their sister-sister relationship but there is something behind to their friendship that no one can know. Lastly, Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena seemed to surpass their friendship and climbed upwards to… well, it is for the audience to learn.

Dancing that only our bad and wild Mafia Princesses can do in the middle of the dance floor are making the normal damsels spitting word of fires on them. The five princess dance wildly more to make the insecure girls’ irritating meter to burst with so much envy. Of course, drooling and almost-exploding men have to be in the scene as they attempt to touch the expose skins of the Mafia Princesses. Too bad, their handsome face could not cast a spell on the four female bodyguards. Aww.

One Mafia Princess and one bodyguard were left alone on the V.I.P lounge as the four Princesses transformed again into a party beasts.

Kashiwagi Yuki glanced at the corner of her eyes to see the side view of Watanabe Mayu’s borred and not impressed face as she is trapped here in the T-Club owned by their dearest and loyal friend and their Capo, Kasai Tomomi. This is her first time to enter a club though her excuses never enter their ears to get through their brains. I’m too young to enter! A sixteen year old princess!

‘Jurina is lucky that she’s only outside the club and we’ll be back later.
’ Mayu cursed her cousin.

Stuck here and there, the only thing to entertain her is…

“Collaborate your body to the rhythm.” She ordered to the girl sitting beside her.

“Wh---“ Yuki stopped on her question, she knew her lifespan will go zero if she disobey. Instead, she listened first to the English song called Letting Go by Sean Kingston ft. Nicki Minaj blaring through the bass speakers.

Kashiwagi Yuki made her whole body stand up. Finding a perfect timing of the song, she swayed her hips. At first it was stiff until it became normal as it used to be. Without feeling embarrassed to her Princess, Yuki entertained the young girl pretty well but a prick of hot feeling rushes inside her. Someone is watching her behind.

Kashiwagi Yuki knew exactly who it was.

“Nyan Nyan, let’s go back to our lounge.” Yuko excitedly shouted over the loud song after seeing Yuki and Mayu having a… perverted time together (That’s what Yuko sees it).

“Nyan Nyan?” The said name asked.

Yuko looked up on the strobe lights to see a different face. Not her Nyan Nyan.

 “Ah, I’m sorry.” She lowered her head before dashing out, looking for her Nyan Nyan. Kojima Haruna. Her Mafia Princess.

The tall goddess girl left Oshima Yuko again.

On Oshima Yuko’s peripheral vision, she saw someone so familiar to her which made her stop on her objective on finding Kojima Haruna and squished her way towards the person she certainly saw walking with someone to the toilet.

“Oi Yuko.” A hand gripped on Yuko’s wrist.

She looked up to see Takahashi Minami whom successfully escaped from Maeda Atsuko. “Takamina.”

“Where are you going? Haruna is already on our spot. I saw her with Sayaka and Sae.” Takamina informed. Her eyes in the different color of lights show curiosity, wondering her close friend is not with her beloved.

“I… I. I…” Yuko tiptoed over the crowd to find the person but failed, the person is already out of sight. “I don’t know. Perhaps, too many lights hallucinates my eyes.” Yuko feigned her smile even if it deepens her dimples.

“Ohh-kay.” Takamina raised an eyebrow to Yuko before walking back to the group. However, she turned around once more to see the look of her friend to find… nothing.

Yuko’s petite body is fading away. The 152cm damsel knows only a vague clue of the person she saw. The person is near at the toilet earlier before Takamina appears.

“Yuko!” Takamina shouted and run over to keep in track with her also small friend.

Entering the already in-commotion toilet, Takamina almost chocked on her own spit to see a guy slap Yuko. She ran near them but the gossip mongers are blocking her way, yet she manages to squeeze herself little to get into her midget friend’s side. Takamina moved her eyes north east to see the person Yuko is giving care of. She knew, this is a scene to not interfere to.

“No one dare to slap me bastard.” Yuko then punched the guy on his groin before turning her head to the other person and combine her palm to the person’s right cheek.

“And you, you ungrateful btch! You’re repaying us with this sex-in-the-public with a low class bastard?! In a men bathroom I must say. No wonder I already think of you as a high class prostitute when you enter the Oshima’s. From orphan to hooker. You don’t have any place to fit in. You’re a messy naked body lost in a big pile of dirty clothes.” Yuko said while pointing her index finger straight in front of the girl’s face. Takamina grabbed Yuko’s shoulder but Yuko seemed not to notice because of her anger.

“Yuko.” Takamina said in a worried tone. However, Yuko properly didn’t hear Takamina as the volume was quite low. Also, the girl and Takamina said Yuko’s name in a chorus.

“Yuu-chan.” The girl said, whimpering.

Yuko wrapped her two hands on the harlot’s neck, “I’ll never let you spread ugly dirt on my family. Oshima’s.” She spat her neglecting words to her half-sister. Ops, to a harlot perhaps.

With that said, Yuko left where the contagious plague is at and the wanting-for-more eyes of the crowd.

“Hmm.” The girl bit her lower lip alluringly after having a lip-locking session with her girlfriend. She gave the other girl a passionate kiss and ended it with a change of eyes from passion to sincere. “Eleven months left. After, we can stop pretending we’re nothing.”

“You know I don’t like secrets when it comes to our relationship. I want to show to everyone we are together. To show you are my girlfriend and I love my girlfriend.” She said, a tone of sincere yet lone is in her voice too.

“So cheesy.”

The two girls stare on each other’s eyes for a mere seconds.

“If I said, I want your body now. Would you hold it against me?” Her girlfriend sang the chorus booming into the club’s speaker. She snaked her thin arms around the waist of the average tall girl, she then lead the hips to sway side to side in a sexy way. “I saw you swaying the hips I claimed mine to Watanabe Mayu. Heck of a naughty girl you are, Kashiwagi Yuki.”

Kashiwagi Yuki chuckled on her girlfriend’s jealous side. The giggle of Yuki escaped a giggle to the other girl too. She pressed her forehead to Yuki and smiled affectionately.

“How about this twin towers I’ve been hearing huh? Damn you playboy Miyazawa Sae.” Her eyebrow twitched higher, feigning she’s mad.

“Hey, I love you Kashiwagi Yuki.” Sae instead said. The eyebrow of Yuki lowered and melted Yuki’s heart which made the girl grip tightly onto Sae’s shirt.

“I love you too Miyazawa Sae.” The two place a kiss on each others lips.

“Oh, looks like your princess, Watanabe Mayu is looking for you.  Answer her, “I’ve been making a hot session with my girlfriend.” as an excuse okay?” Sae said when she saw Watanabe Mayu's figure looking so lost in the dancefloor.

After laughing, Yuki headed out first on the dark corner of the club before Sae.

Partying and dancing here and there. All the girls went back to their lounge to find a piece of paper folded neatly on top of the black table. As the responsibility of being elder, Akimoto Sayaka unfolds the letter. An italic handwriting widens the eyes of the six Mafia Princesses.

‘Surprise! Each of your nightmares is back! Miss me?’

That’s that. The monster digs itself upwards from its grave to haunt them. Let’s just hope our Mafia Princesses can still be Mafia Princesses and… survive this one.

The person tattooed on their existence.

A’s Note: Guess who is back? I feel like I am that person from the letter (probably I am really). LOL. :]] Well, I’ve been busy on my review for an entrance exam and to this business thingy of our family. Party here and there too. And as what I said before of losing my laptop where the original Mafia Princesses doc. is at. :[ Making new continuation plot for the last updates of this story and linking to the last update. Lucky I have Mariko’s revenge stored on my other computer. :]] Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this comeback chapter.

I miss sitting my ass on a computer chair for long and typing a chapter. :[

I also lost the image of Mariko and Miichan's dress. :/

Lastly, IDK when I'll be back again.:]] Will be MIA soon again. So bye?
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Re: Mafia Princesses [5] - Letter of Surprise.
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yEAY!!! AAAice you're back!!!!  :cow: :cow: :cow:

Man!!! i really miss this fic~~~  XD XD  this chapter is awesome as always!!!  :on GJ:

Please update soon!!! I need to know who Yuko's half sister...  :dunno:

‘Surprise! Each of your nightmares is back! Miss me?’

and.... who is this person~~~  :panic: :panic: :panic:

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Re: Mafia Princesses [5] - Letter of Surprise.
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Who can be that person? I'm also curious about Yuko's past

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Re: Mafia Princesses [5] - Letter of Surprise.
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Welcome back, AAAice. I've been waiting for the update of this fic since I'm still be a silent reader.
Still hot as always, Shinoda Mariko.
Yuko's half-sister? Oshima.. Oshima Mai, I guess?
I can smell some SaeYukiMayu here.
I'm curious who sent the letter.
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Re: Mafia Princesses [5] - Letter of Surprise.
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Welcome back! :P xDD Been reading. SaeYuki nuuu~ Where's my SaeYaka and MaYuki. x.x and you totally missed an AtsuMina scene (so demanding) LOL! Thank you for the epic update! I wonder who this person is now. =OO
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Re: Mafia Princesses [5] - Letter of Surprise.
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HOORAY!!! A new chapter!!! Yuki and Sae's secret relatioship is so interesting! Great! Will wait for a new chapter!
Had a withdrawal, so now I'm planning to fall in love with the couples all over again

\(^ - ^)/
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Re: Mafia Princesses [5] - Letter of Surprise.
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WOw Mariko is so cool, killed the dude with style  :twothumbs

Ohh Secret SaeYuki relationship =O

CAn't wait to read the next part, please update soon (when you can)   :thumbsup

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Re: Mafia Princesses [5] - Letter of Surprise.
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Welcome back AAAice XD

Awesome update!!!
Mariko-sama totally kiss ass!!!!
I never expect SaeYuki having a secret relationship as I thought it'll be Mayuki! But this SaeYuki is more awesome than Mayuki!!!!
Wanting more Atsumina moments please

Wanna know more about everyone's past not only Yuko's and who's back??? It is Tomochin?
update whenever you can

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Re: Mafia Princesses [5] - Letter of Surprise.
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a bad bitch to enter the life of our mafia princesses

[quoteLet’s just hope our Mafia Princesses can still be Mafia Princesses and… survive this one.


intense! from top to bottom of this chapter is a lava! update soon AA

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Re: Mafia Princesses [5] - Letter of Surprise.
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thanks for the update!!! Please update soon!!! the story is getting more interesting!!   :cow: :cow:

Please please!! update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :panic: :panic:

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Re: Mafia Princesses [6] - Monster and Sinner
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All six pairs of eyes are scattered around to find the person who gave them a surprise. It has to be that person the Mafia Princesses all thought inside their minds. Curiosity strikes their very own six personal bodyguards as to who is the person behind those italic handwriting and vindictive message. Interesting is the only word in their mind right now.

The Mafia offspring felt the goosebumps arising on their skins after the DJ changed the song to an English song (Which they understand as they know English fluently) into If You Seek Amy by Britney Spears. Its lyrics confirmed it all.

Matsui Jurina groaned in frustration as she cannot see that mysterious person. “Augh! Someone give me a permission to kill all these mankind blocking the view. We need to find her.” She slumped back on the lounge sofa and snatched Atsuko’s Cosmopolitan cocktail that propped on the table and she tossed it against the wall.

“Jurina.” Rena softly said, standing in front of the badass princess, looking down at her with a sincere expression.

“Shut up Rena if you do not want to have another hole in your body.” She coldly spat back, earning a hiss from Sayaka for being rude to Rena.

“Harsh!” Maeda Atsuko scolded.

Before Jurina could answer back to Sayaka and Atsuko, she felt a vibration inside her pocket. She took it out and flipped the phone open to read the new message. “You know what, whatever. Why waste my lifespan searching if I know the devil itself is living in the pit of hell?” Jurina stood up and walked off with Rena trailing behind.

“Wait, who the eff is this person they have been talking about?” Takamina whispered to her four peers. Surely, she never learned anything from this new character appearing which the Mafia Princesses seems to be drowning from all strikes of horror.

“Do you think we have any clue? I’m sure you can observe in our face that we are eager on finding out who that person is. Duh!” Kashiwagi Yuki answered, rolling her big eyes heavenward. “Besides, we never had any information from the past about this soul scaring them.”

“Tss.” Takamina snarled at Yuki before turning on her other side to the spacing out Yuko. “Yuko.” She places her palm on top of Yuko’s hand and squeezed it lightly.

Yuko closed her eyes for awhile and nodded her head twice before opening her eyes. “I’ll be back. Need to inhale some urban air.” Yuko showed a dry smile to Takamina before heading out.

Maeda Atsuko saw Yuko walked past them and she also saw what Takamina did to her as if the two girls share something special to each other. Therefore Atsuko sat to where Yuko was sitting moments ago and bump her leg into Takamina’s leg, an inviting smile seen on her face.

“Takahashi Minami doesn’t do business with pleasure Maeda Atsuko.” She bluntly informed Maeda Atsuko and followed the tracks of Yuko, leaving the now open-mouthed Atsuko.

Takahashi Minami left Atsuko’s mouth hanging open when she stormed off the VIP lounge and headed outside the club to find her close midget friend. Atsuko feeling so humiliated in front of the other bodyguards had a wicked scheme. When the light bulb on top of her head exploded with the brilliant diablerie plan is transforming her into the opposite of her gentle character. A sinner.


Jurina climbed on top of Haruna’s red Lamborghini Reventon and flipped open her phone to read the text she received awhile ago. After scanning over and over, she stared down to Rena whom also looking at her. She felt the guilt wash over her for being rude to Rena earlier.

Since that day of their first meeting, first heroine action of Rena and seeing Rena for the first time fighting death made Jurina swore to all oaths of Mafia Gods and Godfathers that she won’t transform into a new Matsui Jurina who is going to fall into the trap of love. Matsui Jurina should not present her love to Matsui Rena. Yet, she wants the opposite.

“Rena, I—“ Jurina was disturbed when she heard her dearest friend’s voice even though she wanted to shot a bullet to her friend for interrupting the moment. She sighed heavily and mumbled the name of the running person. “Ishida Anna.”

Ishida Anna is Matsui Jurina’s trusted friend and a loyal Caporegime to the family as she had been serving them and defending the existence of Akiba Family. The girl was found by Jurina on the streets, begging for food and charity to the Mafia Princess as Jurina just came back from a blood bath, Jurina’s clothes were soaking with red liquids. To her surprise the homeless girl was not scared to the bloody monster in front of her, people would normally distance themselves whenever they see Jurina and worst to see a bloody Jurina. Imprudent individuals. Jurina said inside her. Without hesitating, Jurina took Ishida Anna into the lair of Akiba Family.

“Jurina!” She shouted once more, running towards them with a SC70 Beretta in both hands which scares the majority of people.

“She’s back.” Anna informed Jurina.

Jurina nodded and extends her arm to pass her phone to Anna.

“It’s blank.” Anna said after she scanned the blank message appearing on the screen. “Why?” She looked up to Jurina for more details.

“Exactly. Stalker is anonymous, so does their schemes.” Jurina paused and smiled cunningly. “Your stalker is back.” With that said, she laughed quietly. “Give the phone a dozen of bullets please.” Jurina behest which Anna courteously followed the order of her Boss.

“Isn’t that Haruna-san’s bodyguard, Yuko?” Anna asked when she saw Oshima Yuko walking in a fast pace outside the club.

Jurina followed the gaze of Anna to the person she is talking about. “Yeah, so unbelievable to see a life-threatening face than a pervert facial of hers.” Jurina’s eyes drifted to the second person coming out of the club following the footsteps of Yuko. “Oh.” Is the only word she muttered.

Rena took a few steps to catch up to her two small friends but she heard her princess’ disapproval therefore she stayed at her side and remained quiet. Her fists were curled behind her as she wants to be there on the side of her friends – especially to the person who is in need.

Ishida Anna felt the heavy atmosphere between her Boss Jurina and Rena, so she chosen to leave the two Matsui, only nodding her head once to Jurina as a sign of goodbye.

“I’ve dictated you for umpteenth time not to leave on my side. Are you that dense Matsui Rena for not following a simple rule?” Jurina hissed.

The badass Mafia Princess could not fathom her choice of words. It sounded like she wanted her quiet bodyguard to stay, unlike the past month she was neglecting the existence of her bodyguard. Now she wants Matsui Rena’s presence.

"Rena.” The young girl’s tone of voice is stern for Rena to lock up an eye-to-eye with her. “You are my bodyguard. Yet, your protection is a waste. I don’t understand why the Madams hired bodyguards for us. Scrap bodyguards I presume. Example, to Haruna and Atsuko, how will the two senseless short persons can oath their life to the two notorious tall Mafia Princesses? Come on, common sense, what if the enemies aim their bullets to their heads? Can the midgets reach the ammo? To Mayu, does a pair of Bayonet knives of her bodyguard can stop the raging bullets darting to Mayu’s body? Futile bodyguard. Lastly, Mariko and Sayaka do not need immature and boyish protectors. Vicious mafia Princesses can survive on their own mafia blood without the help of lesser bodyguards.”

Rena on the other hand, waited the honest perspective of Jurina to finish. After the long attack of sickening words, without noticing, her whole surroundings became black.

Suffocation shortened Jurina’s breathing as the tight grip of hands wringed around her neck. Gasping for air, digging her nails onto the blood-like colored shirt of Rena and a tiny liquid starts to form in her redden eyes. Matsui Jurina’s death destined to her monster bodyguard’s mitt – Matsui Rena.

The dominant person was laughing demonically. It did not matter to her if she is eradicating the rules given by her superiors. The reel of words spinning in her brain is the death of Matsui Jurina.

“The devil’s spawn will absorb your soul, dragging it to the abyss of hell.” Rena tightens her hand strongly this time. Her brutal eyes are keeping Jurina’s mouth to be erased. “Are you scared?”

YES!’ She honestly shouted inside her. This is not the death she wanted to have, not to her bodyguard’s hand. The tears in Jurina’s eyes are perpetually having tide on its own until a full of relief burst inside the nearly dying Jurina when she heard the shouts of worry and of course the monster’s name.

“OI RENA!!! UNGRIP YOUR HANDS!!! YOU’RE CHOKING YOUR PRINCESS JURINA!!!” The familiar voice shouted. Jurina slowly opened her eyes, only to be opened half-way.

“OI RENA!!! CAN YOU RECOGNIZE MY NAME?! MINAMI TAKAHASHI! PLEASE LISTEN! STOP!” For the second time of attempting to break the devil possessing inside Rena is not working.

“Creating a monster inside you to destruct a princess also dethrone the true heart of Rena Matsui. Are you scared Rena?” A soft spoken voice of Oshima Yuko calmed down Rena as the girl is starting to set back to her real self.

Placing her hand on Rena’s wrist, Takamina also lowered the volume of her voice as she kindly request a favour to her dear friend. “Yamete kudasai Rena. Break-free your hands to your princess’ neck.”

Slowly releasing her hands to Jurina’s  cape, the helpless offspring of Mafia immediately sharply inhaled an oxygen and pushed Rena away using her feet which the girl flew a few feet away. While tears streaking down her eyes, Jurina took the waiting gun lying on the floor and aimed it to Rena’s figure even if her hands were trembling due to her trauma and fear of Rena’s character.

“Monster.” Matsui Jurina said in full hatred and agony.

Closing her eyes, thinking this would be the end of her lifespan. “I’m sorry.” Is the only word she said before her heart stops.

“Rena.” The two short bodyguards called out in chorus but Rena halted them, not wanting Yuko and Takamina to interfere.

“Bllshit!” Jurina clamoured and fired a bullet into the dark and dull spacious sky and stormed away from the monster, Yuko Oshima and Minami Takahashi.

Rena examined her two hands used for strangling Jurina.

“I’m a monster.”


“Are you not going to your slumber yet Acchan?” Mayuyu asked, hugging her teddy bear as it matches her pajamas. A look of tiredness is visible in her face.

“I’m not yet sleepy Mayu-chan. Go ahead. I’ll see you later in the morning okay? Goodnight Mayuyu and Mayubear.” Atsuko said and patted the teddy bear on its head.

Atsuko went to the bar lounge of their lair and poured a Cosmopolitan (her favourite cocktail) into her cocktail glass after Mayu was already out of her sight.. She rested her chin on her palm while she’s encircling her middle finger on the tip of her cocktail glass as her eyes are staring outside of the dim front entrance of their residence, waiting for a figure to come back.

Recalling the humiliation she received earlier gave her the urge to do the wicked scheme she has in her head. Yet, the flashbacks stopped on its reel when she heard a click on the mammoth double door. Atsuko knew it is the person she’s been wasting her night by waiting to arrive.


A sharp grip on the waist and a sharp knife pressed on her neck, the figure who is victimized by a sneaky person behind her is currently struggling to guess who.

“Oi. Who ar---“ She was stopped when a hungry smooch ate her alive.

Breaking free to the tight kiss won’t give a damn to the person because of the sharp knife pressed on her neck while a torrid kiss is having an action. Taking the risk she might die to the weapon in hand or she might die of suffocation for not taking oxygen inside her; she let the taking in charge person to slouch her on the cold floor while its hand was aggressively stroking the lesser person, making it moan and grasp for air.

A giggle burst out on the furtive person and bit the lower lip of the bottom person.

She knew it is not the person she’s been catching heart to the past few months because this aroused person has an average height. Instead that giggle gave her the inkling as that titter is pasted on her head permanently.

While moaning, the victim parted her wet lips and closes the gap of her lips to the person’s ear and whispers…

“I’m not Takahashi Minami, Atsuko… I’m Oshima Yuko.”

A’s Note: LOL I know the last scene is too short, sorry. xD Seriously, I created the first half of the story in the middle of October. And what month is it now? :]] NOVEMBER!!! -.- IDK what will happen in the future as I am starting my college days this Nov. 8 so.
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monster Rena!

Wait what? At the last part....ATSUYUU?!?!?!?!?!?!?  :shocked :shocked

Please update soon as you can AAAice!! i wanna know what will happen next!! please please!!!  :bow: :bow: :bow:

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I love dark side of Rena~  :inlove:

REALLY CURIOUS~! Please update soon~  :bow:


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OMGHFHDHDHJCCKURUYFDH!!! An update!!!!!  :hiakhiakhiak:

I need to know what happen next!!!! :panic: :panic: :panic:

Please update ASAP!!!!!! Argh!!!!!  :mon headbang:

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Finally an update!!!!! Hooray~!

 :shocked :shocked :shocked OMG!!! AtsuYuu?! This is getting more and more interesting!!!  :inlove: :inlove:
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Oh my... last scene was AtsuYuu... why not Atsuminami... omg.....

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YAYAYAY update :cow:

what happened to Rena.....was she possessed by Gekikara or something!!!

and Acchan way to go!!! :lol: 

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I like this side of Rena hehehe
Yuko!????? Why??? How??? Uptdate soon please ^^

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