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Title: Ashura's OS's...Newest: More than Meets the Eye
Post by: AshuraX on August 01, 2013, 02:46:01 PM
Here are Ashura's (Fail) attempts in spreading his love for the AKB members. Most of them contain AtsuYuu and most, if not all, have Atsuko pairings since she's my Kami-oshi. Most of the AtsuYuu have TakaHaru (or at least hints) in them~ And of course, feel free to tell me your reactions to any of these OS's. I'm planning to spread the AtsuYuu love with all of these! Oh yeah, be sure to tell me if there are any ENGLISH mistakes in there. It's either I don't know or it's a typo XD Hope these pleases yar souls!

Be aware that most are fluffy fluffy fluff and that there's probably going to be some hints of MaYuki.

Of AtsuYuu and others which are not mentioned [Too obvious too say...] - This post
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Of AtsuYuu and others which are not mentioned
[After Sapporo dome's concert]

"Nice job there~"

   The well-known actress, Maeda Atsuko greeted her friends that has just finished their live. It brings joy to most of them, seeing her in AKB48's stage again even though it was impossible for her to actually sing WITH them. The ones in the 'special' dressing room are, Atsuko, Takahashi Minami, Oshima Yuko, Kojima Haruna, Miyazawa Sae, Akimoto Sayaka, Itano Tomomi and Minegishi Minami

Atsuko :"Wow, I never knew that there were THAT many girls in AKB." she nodded to herself, remembering the concert
Sae :"Yup. I'm proud of their growth." she nodded with Atsuko as well
Atsuko :"But isn't it crazy? Seeing so many girls dancing and singing like that?" she asked Sae, who is with her in this
Sae :"Well, you can't blame the 'Quantity over quality' AKB48."
Atsuko :"I know, right?"
Sae :"Yeah. I bet it's hard to get to know any one of them."
Atsuko :"True. Knowing that many girls, the Center must be insane to shoulder all of them"
Sae :"I know what you mean. Not to mention I heard this season is their graduation season."
Atsuko :"The Center should just graduate already. That way she can spend time with m- I mean, spread her wings"
Sae :"Can't blame her. The Producer won't let her graduate."
Atsuko :"Yeah, that crazy Producer."

Takamina :"No no, you two were in AKB as well. Sae's even in the 48Group. And you can't just badmouth your Producer like that..."
Tomomi :"Just leave them be..."

   Leaving Sae and Atsuko, who were badmouthing the Producer with words that are not suitable for the young audience, Takamina talked to the others who were happy to see both of them.

Sayaka :"Ah, it's been a long time since I saw them."
Yuko :"Well, I see both of them quite frequently, but seeing Acchan in an AKB concert brings me back..."
Miichan :"Too bad you weren't in the First Gen's MC. Jealous~?"
Yuko :"So not." says Yuko who is hugging Atsuko in a perverted manner
Atsuko :"W- Where do you think you're touching...?" she tries to hide her anger but alas ALL of them who knew the ex-Ace's personality realized that bad luck will come to the squirrel...

Yui :"Honmayan!" the Kyoto girl made her entrance inside the room
Sasshi :"Yeah! What SHE said!" another girl entered as well
Takamina :"Oh, captain." she greeted the Team A captain.
Yui :"Yes, nice seeing you again, General Manager" she shook hands with the General Manager
Haruna :"Sasshi~" the girl hugged the Senbatsu's center, making her blush
Sasshi :"K- Kojima-san! Not here!" she looked back and forth between the glares of last year's Center, General Manager and Team A's Captain.

   Maeda Atsuko, who was curious of what is actually going on between them, asked the others, since her girl finally let her go and walked towards Takahashi Minami.

Atsuko :"Ne ne, what happened?" she asked Sae, who is laughing as she watched them
Sae :"Well, I got the gist of it from Mii-chan, so you should ask her instead."
Sayaka :"She's the new gossip queen since Shinoda-san graduated."
Miichan :"And I'm proud of that title!" she sticks her chest out with pride
Tomomi :"But Mariko still knows what happens in AKB. Her line of friends never ceases to amaze me."

Miichan :"The truth is, NyanNyan has a thing for Sasshi, it's like she's fond of her for some reason. As you know, Yuko still harbors feelings for NyanNyan even though she's with you, Acchan. Takamina is currently dating NyanNyan so yeah, she's as jealous as Yuko. As for Yui, well, you know that she's often together with Sasshi so can't blame her."
Atsuko :"As expected of the Gossip Queen..."
Tomomi :"What I didn't know was that Yuko still have feelings for Haruna. You knew, Acchan?"
Atsuko :"Pretty much. You know that seeing your ex with somebody else kinda hurts."
Sayaka :"But you're okay with the midget?"
Atsuko :"Of course not. I want to pounce on her and do unspeakable things to her right this moment."
Sae :"As expected of AtsuMina's seme..."

   Meanwhile, Takahashi Minami, who felt a shiver down her spine, looked back and see her best friend looking at her while drooling

Takamina :"Y- Yuko... Your girlfriend is looking at me weirdly..." she shook Yuko's shoulder a bit and eyed her to look at Maeda Atsuko
Yuko :"I don't care. Acchan's Acchan. There's no way any of us could change her. You included."
Takamina :"I know, but it's still turns me on..."
Yuko :"Fantasize about my girlfriend and your ponytail's dead."
Takamina :"I'm sorry..."

   At that moment, Yokoyama Yui was staring needles at Sashihara Rino.

Sasshi :"I- I think you should stop, Kojima-san..." she pushed the girl away lightly
Haruna :"Eh? Why?" the unsatisfied catgirl pouted as she saw her junior turn her away
Sasshi :"I know you're trying to make Takamina-san jealous but you're also making your ex and your junior look at us with killing intent..."
Haruna :"Ah, you realized. It's okay. Acchan's here so Yuu-chan and Takamina won't do anything." she gave a reassuring smile to her
Sasshi :"If you can make 'her' calm down, then I won't mind..." she pointed at Yokoyama Yui who has an aura as dark as a certain girl who is not mentioned here yet
Haruna :"... I leave everything for Acchan to handle!" she quickly made her escape.

   Sashihara Rino, who was at loss of what to do, chased after her, followed by Yokoyama Yui.

Atsuko :"Why does she always leave everything to me and not Takamina...?" she sighed at her friend's misconduct
Tomomi :"Just shows how much she trusts you."
Sae :"Yeah, she won't do that unless you're here."
Takamina :"Yeah, I'm jealous..." she says as she and Yuko joined the gossip circle
Yuko :"Don't get jealous over something so trivial." she says as she hugged Atsuko again
Sayaka :"Look who's jealous." she teased the second shortest girl there
Miichan :"That's why I told them to get a room, but they won't listen."


   After a few mishaps, Atsuko and Yuko left to go take care of some things. Along the way,

Yuki :"M- Mayuyu! Not now!"
Mayu :"Hmm~ Mama's breasts feels the best~!"
Yuki :"I don't need that commentary! Get off!"
Mayu :"Don't wanna~"
Yuki :"Hey! Don't stick your hands there!"
Mayu :'Where, exactly?"
Yuki :"S- Stop teasing me already!"

   They heard two voices from the corridor. As they got closer, they saw a scene which couldn't be described as best friends playing, but a little more than that.

Atsuko :"You know what? I kinda wonder why the girls in AKB are all gay for each other." Atsuko looked at the action between Mayu and Yuki while eating popcorn as she asked Yuko
Yuko :"You know what's better? You graduated from the said group before things got out of hand."
Atsuko :"Hm? What do you mean?"
Yuko :"Things got crazier after the said 'Center', you, graduated from AKB and left us to grow up. But we grew up in a... rather... fascinating way"
Atsuko :"You mean everyone got out of the closet?"
Yuko :"Exactly. Whenever after a concert and no cameras are around, they start to cling to each other and have sex right there and then, not caring if people found out. Since they thought AKB was going to hell anyway."
Atsuko :"But that's never going to happen."
Yuko :"Huh? What makes you so sure?"
Atsuko :"Because my lover is there to lead the group back into their tracks." she gave an angelic smile to her lover and the other girl blushed furiously
Yuko :"You've grown as well, Acchan. In a lot of places. LIKE THESE!" she grabbed the girl's breasts, making her moan in excitement


   In the Producer's room, he was sitting in his desk silently.

Togisaki :"Are you sure we should turn a blind out towards their relationships?"
Akimoto :"What else could we do?"
Togisaki :"We should be more adult-like and advice them on it! I mean, they're all girls!"
Akimoto :"And what good might that be?"
Togisaki :"A- At least they won't go down the wrong path!"
Akimoto :"Are you possibly saying they're not old enough to make their decisions in life?"
Togisaki :"N- No.. But-"
Akimoto :"I know how you feel, but think positively... The fans won't mind them having that kind of relationship. Some might even support them til the grave. If the girls have at least one person by their side, then I'm sure they would do a lot better in the performances."
Togisaki :"That's only-"
Akimoto :"Trust me."

   Those two words from the producer made Togisaki speechless. He couldn't say anything back anymore. The presence of Akimoto Yasushi already overwhelmed the room, but those two words that carried AKB48 into National Idols made him stop in his tracks. He trusted the man more than he ever trusted anyone else. He knew. Once he said it, he'll fulfill it.

Togisaki :"... Very well then."


   A girl woke up and realizes that she has been sleeping on her girlfriend's lap. She tried to get up but once she looked at her girlfriend's face, who is still sleeping, she couldn't move. She was captivated by her. The face that became so beautiful in just a couple of years. Her hands slowly made it to her girlfriend's cheeks, running her fingers along her smooth skin. She remembered the days in which both of them stood up on stage together. Being called the 'Two Aces' was something both of them didn't want but for some reason, they feel comfort by those words. They knew more than anyone else that their partner's existence led them forward. Once the taller one graduated, leaving the shorter girl, she didn't know what to make of it. That is until the day of the 32nd Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo. Losing to the most unexpected rival was something not even the Producer thought of. That night, her only comfort was her own heat. But then, came an angel who made everything go away. The angel was her rival, her friend and her love.

   "Urm..." the taller girl woke up from her slumber, which startled the shorter one. "Good morning sweetheart~" she greeted the taller one, who gave her a suspicious look. "What's with that cheesy greeting? Gross." the girl commented, which made the shorter one pout. Using the chance, the taller girl stole a kiss, a very deep kiss with her, making all the things she thought go away instantly.

   "Hehe~" the shorter girl grinned, satisfied with the outcome. The taller one could only sigh at the girl's simplicity. But even though it's like that, she knew that deep inside, she feels attracted to her, longing for her, and even hungry for her. She would want to eat her up everyday if only she's edible. But alas, some of the girls stopped her.

"I love you, Acchan..." the girl smiled, her dimples showing her clumsy look
"I love you too, Yuko." she smiled as well and kissed her yet again, this time, without any more restraints.

   Time won't stop for them, but that was the time they wanted it to stop the most. Because in the future, something horrifying might just happen for the two pairs...

Title: Re: [AtsuYuu+Others OS] Aftermath
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 :w00t: I miss your atsuyuu story, but this is
still lacking, I want atsuyuu over
Title: Re: [AtsuYuu+Others OS] Aftermath
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:w00t: I miss your atsuyuu story, but this is
still lacking, I want atsuyuu over

Sorry, man.
This was just my idea for some fun XD
Maybe I'll create a real one when my brain's moving again..
Title: Re: [AtsuYuu+Others OS] Aftermath
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 :thumbsup good luck
I'll be waiting
Title: AKB48 and alcohol Pt 1
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Basically, I'm trying to throw in some OS stuff to make room for the fics I'm currently writing, since I'm not making any progress on any of them.

I actually stole(?) this from another fic, trying to make my own version of it. If anybody knows or realized that this OS is similar to another source, kindly PM me the link to it, so I could apologize to the author or credit them here. Thank you.

[AKB48 and alcohol]

   Ever wondered what happened after the the 32nd Senbatsu Sousenkyo? What were the real reactions of the members? What did Sashiihara Rino, known as the future star of the 48Family, think of the outcome of this year's elections? Why did Oshima Yuko, last year's Number 1, did nothing but laugh her ass off? What did Maeda Atsuko, the legendary Ace of AKB48, do when all hope is lost in her best friend? Who was crazy enough to predict the outcome of this year's elections even BEFORE the early results were posted? Was Itano Tomomi there?! (this is a joke. don't take it seriously) Why did my sweet angel Rena-chan still got beaten by her soulmate with the same last name?

   Who was the one scheming behind Shinoda Mariko's graduation? Why didn't Kojima Haruna stop her beloved from graduating? How did Watanabe Mayu feel when she was beaten by the person she didn't want to lose to the most? What did Takahashi Minami do to stop what was thinking in Shinoda Mariko's head, even though none of us could even figure out what the hell she's actually thinking? Did Kashiwagi Yuki feel sad when she lost to her loved one? How come Minegishi Minami get the end of the short stick? Was Akimoto Sayaka proud of the outcome? Did Miyazawa Sae think of anything else besides girls? Did Yokoyama Yui think this was all real? What did Akimoto Yasushi eat for lunch?!

   Luckily, most of these questions shall be answered in a brief moment of time. This program was brought to you by none other than the famous international superstar whose name isn't known by anyone. Now let us delve into the secrets, the thrills, the skirts and the thoughts of these members and more! For what we know might not actually be what they did!

-Insert advertisement here-


"Okay! Tonight we're gonna party til we drop!!!" UZA Rino announced spiritedly, which earned the glare of all the girls around her. They were inside Shinoda Mariko's house, since she invited them over to talk things out. Sitting clockwise on a round table, yes, a real big one, are Sashihara Rino, who's back is facing the door, Yokoyama Yui, Takahashi Minami, Minegishi Minami, Miyazawa Sae, Kashiwagi Yuki, Watanabe Mayu, Matsui Rena, Matsui Jurina, Maeda Atsuko, Kojima Haruna, Oshima Yuko, Akimoto Sayaka, and Shinoda Mariko, who is next to Rino. "Lucky for YOU to be able to grab the Center title." Shinoda Mariko hissed towards the girl.

"No, Sasshi's existence is the least of my worries." Maeda Atsuko says so boldly, not even caring about the new Center, since she's already free from all the bashing, pressure, pies and whatnot. "Cruel! Assan's cruel! Right, Yui?!" UZA Rino faked cried as she molested the girl next to her. "Where'd da hell ya touch'n?!" the Kyoto-ben girl removed the hands of the molester.

"Yeah, Acchan's right." Kojima Haruna agreed with the ex-Ace. "Does my entire existence mean so little to everyone?!!" Rino was in despair because of the hit from the catgirl. Ignoring this, Haruna continued "When did Mari-chan think of graduating?" she tries to put on a smile, not wanting the others to realize that she's crying inside. Unfortunately for her, this was gone unnoticed by none other than Detective Maeda Atsuko, because the two had a special relationship that nobody even realized. She grabs hold of Haruna's hand, not wanting anybody else to figure her out. Then, as if transmitting energy to the second tallest member there, she held her hand tighter, making Haruna realize that her best friend is there with her.

   Haruna didn't even know about the graduation until a couple of hours before. The only ones who knew were probably Takahashi Minami, the General Mananger, Akimoto Yasushi, the Producer, and Maeda Atsuko, Mariko's closest friend. Even though Haruna and Mariko were really close, the bond probably meant nothing to her, that's what Haruna thought of her friend.

   All eyes were on Mariko, who only closed her eyes and kept silent. She doesn't want anyone else, especially Haruna, to feel sad because of her. She even promised all of them that she would stay in AKB longer than that. She felt that she had betrayed everyone; Aki-P, her teammates, AKB48, her fans and even her manager. But even if that's it, she won't continue. She'll keep this secret to her grave.


   Someone shouted loudly and clapped their hands to divert the others' attention. It was the new Center, Rino.

"Why don't we play a game?" she suggested at the wrong place, at the wrong time. The others looked at her in disbelief. "HUH?! Why NOW of all times?!" Kashiwagi Yuki was dumbfounded by Rino's stupidity. So was her partner, Watanabe Mayu who only laughed at the girl while pointing at her and shouting "BWAHAHA! An idiot is among us!!!"

"Well, your cluelessness aside, what game are we playing?" Akimoto Sayaka asked her, already used to the girl's antics. Rino nodded and continued

"It's a game I just came up with a few seconds ago." she says and she played around with her phone. She then showed the phone's display to the others. It contained some sort of post. The post asking 'Hey~ It's me! Ask me any questions regarding what just happened and I might answer it!'. Obvious enough, It was Rino's Google+.

"I will ask a random question from the fans about a certain person, and the person must answer it truthfully. If the answer she gave was a lie, someone must say that she's lying, and tell the truth behind it. The one who lied will have to drink a couple of dose of alcohol. The amount of dose increases after each lie she say. The last one who is still sober wins." she pointed at the couple of bottle of alcohol which Oshima Yuko brought saying 'This might come on handy.'

   They all listened intently to Rino who explained. Some of them didn't have any interest in it, though, mainly Yokoyama Yui, Shinoda Mariko, Maeda Atsuko and Matsui Rena.

"And as a bonus, whoever wins this game, can do WHATEVER they want to all of us. Says Aki-P." she also showed the message she got from Akimoto Yasushi. 'Oh? How about you prepare a reward? Something like whoever wins could do whatever they want with the losers? It's okay. Say that I was the one who suggested it.'

   All of them were frozen in place. Some were speechless at Akimoto Yasushi's proposal and some were plotting unexpected things that would be too much for the younger viewers.

"Wait, Jurina's still underaged." Rena voiced out, pointing at the girl next to her. "Then Jurina will..." Rino searched inside her bag for something. Others waited for her. She took out something which looked like notepad. Wait, it IS a notepad.

"The one who realized Jurina is lying will write an order in this notepad. Jurina WILL do it, even if she wins." she explains, which Jurina pouted.

"Eh?! I wanna drink too!!" Jurina protested cutely.

"You're too young..." Rena comforted the girl "That's why you're a lolicon, Rena-chan." Atsuko teased Rena, who sighed in detest. "At least she's tall, unlike two of your partners. A.K.A the shortest two in here." everyone, except the two mentioned broke out laughing. Atsuko also laughed, seeing Rena crack a joke like that in the presence of her seniors already brings a joy to her day. Oshima Yuko and Takamina only looked away, already used to jokes about their height, but hearing Rena say that made them blush furiously.

"Hey, what if that person is lying and nobody realized that it's a lie?" Sae asked Rino. She thought for a moment and then answered. "Well, that just means that she's a great actress. And might even win this game. Everyone should act, I guess?"

   Everyone decided to play along with the game and see what's going to happen.

[Matsui Rena : Well, seems like Jurina's playing so I have to play as well. Hopefully she won't make any trouble]
[Matsui Jurina : Hehe~ I managed to trick her into playing~ Plus I can also have a taste of Mayuyu!]
[Maeda Atsuko : Jurina has some perverted aura inside her. I could guess where this is going. What I'm worried about is NyanNyan... I want everyone to accept Mariko's graduation... Oh well, ignoring that, I could use this chance to tease some of the girls]
[Kojima Haruna : Acchan's grip is tightening... She must be worried a lot... I hope something good will come out from this game...]
[Oshima Yuko : WOOT! I am SO going to win this! I'm sick of seeing the catgirl costume I bought for Acchan sitting there alone in the closet! I SWEAR I'm gonna make her wear it!!!]
[Akimoto Sayaka : Yuko's drooling with a slight glint of hope in her eyes... I'm gonna make sure she won't win...]
[Shinoda Mariko : Most of the members are thinking of something perverted... This is going to be fun~]
[Sashihara Rino : Hehe~ All of the senpai's bodies~]
[Yokoyama Yui : W- Whoa! Everyone's gon' wild! 'N Sasshi's hands r act'n weird!]
[Takahashi Minami : I'm sure Acchan's thinking about Mariko-sama's graduation as well. Except she has a sadistic grin on her face. Holy- I DON'T WANT HER TO WIN!]
[Minegishi Minami : Mariko's also thinking where this will lead~ She even has her cellphone ready~]
[Miyazawa Sae : This is good! Jurina gave me a signal with her eyes and we're teaming up! Yukirin, you're mine~]
[Kashiwagi Yuki : S- Sae's looking at me weirdly! And as for Mayuyu...]
[Watanabe Mayu : Butts butts butts butts~]


   Rino checked her cellphone and chose a random question from the fans.

"Okay, first question.
What does Yukirin do on her past time?" she directed the question towards Yuki

"Of course I spend time with my members and my friends" Yuki put on an adult-like smile.

"Pff, lies." Unexpectedly, it was Haruna that pointed out Yuki's lie.

"Harunyan's right. None of the members even know where you're going in your past time. Meaning that you're not with the members." the General Manager explained.

"Kojiharu-san is in Team B so she should know. Plus, she also got the support of the General Manager of AKB, so bottom's up, Kashiwagi-san~" Rino handed her the bottle.

   Yuki admitted it was a lie and had to drink a whole glass. After the drink, her eyes were already moving around in a weird, non-Yuki-like manner.

"Err, Mama? Are you still okay?" Mayuyu asked the girl next to her who is smiling in a creepy way.

"Whoa, Yukirin's fast! She's already out!" Jurina was shocked to see the girl smile like that.

"Okay, Yuki, you're out, so let's lie down for now, okay?" Sae led Yuki to the couch. Yuki protested at first but then calm down, even falling asleep on to of the couch. Thus, the game continued.

"Ooookay~ Second question,
is Yuko okay with yours truly getting the top place?" she directed the question to Yuko

   Everyone kept silent and waited as AKB48's current Ace thinks of her answer.

"Of course I'm happy for her for surpassing me~" she answered with that smile of hers. "Lies."

   The one who challenged her was none other than the Ex-Ace, Maeda Atsuko. "You were crying all alone in the parking lot. Luckily, I was the one who found you there. You weren't happy for her, you were only frustrated with yourself. If it weren't for me finding you and inviting you here, you'd just broke."

   Hearing this, Yuko only gave her a wry smile. "Yeah, I guess. If it weren't for you, Acchan, I think I might've gone mad... That's why crying in Acchan's breasts feel good~" she cracked a joke and hoped for someone to do a tsukkomi at her. And Takamina granted her that. "Were you sad or happy?!"

"One dose for Oshima-san~" Rino poured the alcohol in Yuko's glass and the older one drank it quickly.

"Well, will you look at that? The new center pouring some alcohol for the old center~" Mayu teased the two a bit and the others chuckled.

"Mooooving on~" Rino continued to read the questions "What did Sasshi think when she got the top?"

   Everyone grinned as they saw Rino read the question regarding herself.

"W- Well, of course I think it's only the first step and I should do harder for the future." "LIES"

   This time, miraculously, everyone stated.

"Didja forget it already? Ya were go'n 'HELL YEAH! BEAT THAT, OLD HAG! FEEL DA BLING!!!!'" Yui imitated Rino and the others laughed. Yuko was laughing dryly with veins popping out from her forehead. "'Old hag', huh~" everyone realized the tone in Yuko's voice was a pissed-off 'You're going to hell next time, kid' kind of voice.

"Okay, Sasshi, drink a dose." Sae poured for her. Atsuko went to where Rino sat and whispered in her ear "Be thankful it was Sae who poured it. If it was Yuko, then the next news would be 'New AKB Ace poisoned'". She said what she wanted, went back to her spot and held Haruna's hand, leaving Rino frozen in place. Rino thanked Sae for whatever she did and drank her dose.

"Senpai..." Yui raised her left hand. "What's with the formality?" Sayaka was confused. "Err... I think Sasshi's drunk." Yui pointed at the girl next to her who is trying to molest her, only to be stopped by Yui's quick right hand defense.

   After making Sasshi faint, thanks to Sayaka's skills, they continued their game.

"Okay... Next question..." Mariko checked Rino's post on the girls phone which she took.
"Did Acchan know that Sasshi might win in the elections?"

"No." she stated clearly. But, her eyes were going elsewhere. Everybody knew how the ex-Ace would act if she was lying. She would look elsewhere, grip tighten, mouth closed shut, and body fidgeting. Which all of these cases is what happened right there and then.

"Maeda-san, drink your dose." Rena ordered the older girl who is 17 days older than her. "Eh?! WHY?!" Atsuko was shocked. "And just call me Acchan, will you? We're the same age." she continued and pouted as Rena didn't call her by her nickname. "Okay, Acchan~" Rena smiled happily which made the ex-Ace blushed uncontrollably.

"What's with the lovey dovey atmosphere?" Jurina, who was between the two, voiced out her dissatisfaction. Rena poured the alcohol into Atsuko's glass and the ex-Ace drank it no problem.

"So that's why you graduated?" Yuko asked Atsuko and the girl averted her eyes.

'SERIOUSLY?!' is what all of the members thought at that time.

"N- Next..." Mariko read the next question
"What did Mayuyu feel when her name was announced first before Sasshi?"

"I felt surprised." she answered with that angelic smile of hers. We all know that this smile could even kill the heartless demon who is also a weather girl. After a few seconds of silence, just before Mayu won that round, "So anybody thinking this is a lie?" Mariko asked, in which everybody shook their heads.

"Well, Mayuyu, Yui, drink your dose." Mariko ordered. "Eh?! Why meh too?!" Yui voiced out in objection. Mariko glared at her "Because you didn't say that she lied. So that means you lied as well."

"Ehhhh? Wat's wif dat sorta logic?" Yui slumped in defeat, not even caring anymore.

"And what makes you say that I was lying?" Mayu stood her ground against the elder. Mariko only glared at her, but as time passes, the pressure on the young girl was evident. The glare of the one called as 'AKB48's older sister' was something she couldn't take.

"Okay okay, I felt trolled, okay? The night before, I got a mail from Acchan telling me to be careful or Sasshi, then this happened. Now I felt like I was trolled the whole night by none other than her and Acchan!" Mayu confessed and pointed at Atsuko who played a fool. "I don't know what you're talking about~"

"Okay, both of you drink." Mariko held a chuckle seeing her close friend ignoring her junior.

   They both reluctantly drank their dose, which was poured by Mariko. Then, as if fate has been decided for them, they passed out.

"O- Oi... Did you..." Sayaka looked at Mariko in disbelief. The eldest one gave her the priceless 'Hm? I'm innocent' face as we all knew she'd make. "Okay, Mariko-sama, we're gonna have to borrow your other room for a bit..." the level-headed Minami says to the one who owns the house. She gave her consent without much thought.


   After moving Yuki, Rino, Yui and Mayu into Mariko's personal room, they continued the game.

"What was the color of Matsui Rena's underwear during the elections?" Mariko read what was written by one of the fans

"EH?! What kind of question is that?!" Rena voiced out her surprise. Everyone looked at her with a grin. "I- I was wearing swimsuit underneath..." she says so while looking away. "Then, Jurina, what was the color of her underwear?" Atsuko asked Jurina who was beside her. Jurina then closes in on Atsuko and whispered something to her. After a few seconds, they parted and Atsuko does a thumbs down at Rena.

"Then Rena, drink a dose." Mariko tries to hold in a chuckle as she says to Rena even though the others are already laughing out loud.

"W- Wait! How do you even know what the color was?!" Rena asked Jurina surprisingly. The youngest girl only smirked and hid on Atsuko's left, using her senior as a shield from whatever Rena might or might not do.

"Just give up and drink already, Rena." Mariko orders the girl and gave a thumbs up at Jurina.

   Atsuko poured the alcohol into Rena's glass. At first Rena protested and tried to win everyone over with her angel-like smile, but alas that didn't work because Jurina pounced on her like a dog, but she drinks it in the end. Thank you, Jurina. Yes, that was sarcasm.

"What did Rena-" "Eh?! Me again?!" Rena interrupted Mariko who was reading the next question. Mariko rolled her eyes and continued reading. "What did Rena feel when she was beaten by Jurina?"

   Suddenly, the atmosphere turned heavy. The didn't know why Mariko even chose that question. Well, it was random but she could've just avoid it.

"Er... I'll tell you the truth..." Rena looked into Jurina's eyes, and blurted out her feelings.


"Where the hell am I?" Watanabe Mayu awoke in an unknown room.

   It was dark so she couldn't see much of her surroundings. She stared at the same spot, hopefully, the ceiling, for a few seconds and then the light was adjusted in her eyes. She looked next to her, on her left. to see a girl clinging to her.

"Mayuyu..." the girl's hot breath warmed the young girl's nape as the small girl flinched because of the sudden erotic situation.

   She looked closely to see the figure of a woman. A woman she held dear. The woman who took care of her for more than 5 years already. That woman now was holding her so tightly in her arms. Just the thought of it brings a smile to the young girl's face. But as she inspected closely, she could see the girl's wet lips are so close to her. The shining gloss on her lips. Mayu couldn't help but feel attracted to it. Her hands moved unconsciously towards it, but she stopped. She thought of why she's even doing it for a bit, but then continued to move her hands towards the elder girl. Then, after a few seconds of hesitation, her hands finally reached the girl's lips.

   Her lips were soft, moist and of course, sexy. Just the touch of it turns Mayu from the innocent twintailed angel to the hyperventilating pervert which we all know and love today.

".. Ehmm... M... Mayuyu..?" because Mayu was too focused on something other than the girl's lips and face, she didn't realize that the girl had already woken up, though was a bit sleepy. "Ohayo~" the girl greeted Mayu and the younger one instantly felt a little guilty about her actions towards her. "O- Ohayo..." Mayu managed to return the weird greeting at night.

"Did you sleep well~?" the girl drowsily asked the younger girl, in which Mayu flinched from seeing the girl say it in a sweet sexy voice, though it was all in her head. "... C- Comfortable.. I.. guess?" Mayu ended her answer with a question, which even surprised herself for how idiotic she could be. The other girl chuckled as she saw Mayu's behavior.

   They looked at each other in the eyes, as if locked onto their target. There wasn't any of those firework or flowers in the background, but they could feel themselves become attracted to each other. Then, as if they were in a trance, they closed in on each other. Metres became centimeters, centimeters became millimeters, and millimeters became god knows how much more. I don't do maths or science.

"Mayuyu, FYI, Yukirin's still drunk." she heard a voice that came from her right. It was none other than good ol' girl from Kyoto, Yokoyama Yui, who was trying to fend of the pair of hands that was coming around her body. Property of Sashihara Rino.

   Mayu realized what the girl was trying to say and looked back at Yuki and true enough, she had a perverted grin on her like those drunk men on bars would have.

"Whoa! Mama's dru-" before Mayu could finish, a pair of lips caught her own. And thus monopolizing what's rightfully hers.


"I'm... scared..." Rena finally confessed, which earned some shocked eyes from the other members and of course Maeda Atsuko the graduate. "I'm afraid... if she would ever..." she didn't have the courage to continue but after looking down and thinking of what she might say, she continued. "... If she would become like Acchan someday..."

[To be continued because this is too damn long and I'm afraid the readers would get too confused]

   So I'll update some other time~ Jaaan~
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Mayuyu's thoughts... that one... butts butts butts butts... laughs...
Rena-chan's underwear... somehow... lol...
Yuihan~ Yuihan~~ Yuihan~~ <3
Ah... suddenly it seems serious??
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What did Rena mean by becoming like Atsuko?

Can't wait for the update

Thank you for the interesting story

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Thankyouthankyouthankyou Ashura-san!!! (˘̩̩̩▿˘̩̩̩ƪ)
I really really need a new atsuyuu story, since such a long time those two didn't appear in fics T~T well I know that rare to see their shipper~ so thankyou! :D

Ah don't put an end like that, sure you will make it into continuation chapters, rite? XD

And that 'alcohol' story, interesting! Thumbs up~

Looking forward to your next update, soon (>̯͡⌣<̯͡)
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Shinoki, I know what you mean. Even I LoL'd while writing that. Yuihan oshii~? And yeah, sorry since it's turning serious. I'm actually trying to make it serious. Like what I said in the discussion. Dunno if it's working though. ^^''

cisda, NP, man~ Yes, what DID Rena mean by that? >w>

atsukojiyuu, It's gonna be a long while before I can write again... But please wait for me!! (LoL XD) Yeah. The both of these OS. (Of AtsuYuu and others that were not mentioned and AKB48 and Alcohol) are sequels or the aftermath of the A side of the fic I'm planning to write, Dunno when though~ And thanks!

Sorry for not updating since my laptop's broken thanks to a few 'individuals' messing it up. ==''
I was actually online from my phone, but hey, there's no way I'm going to use my phone for writing. Nu'uh.
Anywho, this  is actually a 'special chapter' of a new fic I'm thinking bout. As per usual, Acchan's the protag, she gets mega OP for some unknown reason, Aki-P makes his debut. But one thing's different is that I'm not gonna use AtsuYuu much in the A side. Probably some moments but that's it~ Sorry for the AtsuYuu shippers out there...
Okay, enough with unimportant things.

[AKB48 and alcohol pt. 2]

   Everyone froze at Rena's statement. Even the usually calm Atsuko had fallen into such a state where her heart would burst any moment now. Yuko looked at Atsuko questioningly which the taller girl only shook her head, saying that she doesn't know anything. Rena was in the state of tears. She was sobbing for unknown reasons which surprised even Jurina.

"What did you mean by that...?" Jurina asked the girl in a state of shock. However, Rena didn't answer. She was silent. Her head down, not looking at her junior and fellow group member.

"Ah... Rena's drunk." Atsuko said as she held a chuckle. Everyone who heard her inspected Rena as as she said, her eyes were going weird.

"Aw, so she's just drunk. What was that all about?" Sae who had kept quiet and became stiff finally loosened up as she realized the girl was only talking nonsense. Yuko offered to take her to the room which Jurina protested, saying that she was better suited for the task.

"If one of you goes to somewhere alone with Rena-chan, who knows what you two might do to the drunk girl." Mariko also loosened up and cracked a joke in between.

"I won't do anything. Promise." the squirrel made a toothy smile and as they all know, that toothy smile, is something that they can't trust.

"Then..." Mariko turned to look at the members and saw Atsuko staring at the drunk girl weirdly. "... Acchan, why don't you go?" She asked the ex-Ace, whom only nodded and got up to help her to another room.

   Everyone was amazed by her behavior. Atsuko wasn't the sort of person who would just follow somebody else's orders. Usually, she would complain about it, run away or even ignore it but this time, she abode someone's orders too easily. Atsuko lifted Rena up by the shoulder and helped her to walk to another room. Before she got out of the room, she whispered something in Mariko's ears in which she nodded.

   After the two left the room, everyone relaxed.

"Wow, what was that atmosphere?!" Mii-chan, who didn't say anything for hours maybe, finally couldn't take it anymore. "That was TOTALLY awkward!!!" she continued and waved her hands around like a little kid.

"Yeah, I was sweating all over thanks to Rena-chan's statement before..." Sae hugged her own body as if the cold had finally settled in to her body. The intense mood that they had gone through was too much for the Genking to take. Seeing the pained expression on her friend's face, Sayaka went to sit behind Sae and soothed her cold as she carefully rubbed the girl's back. Sae actually wanted a hug from the taller one but just pouted, knowing how dense the gorilla is.

"Feeling better?" one question and smile from Sayaka made her heart that was cold suddenly burst out in flames, beating faster and fasted, which surprised even her, for what happened right then never happened with Yuki. "F- Fine!" Sae hugged her knees as she answered, to hide her face that was slowly turning into a tomato. Nah, it's just that she's blushing like Takamina in the changing room. Thankfully, the oblivious gorilla didn't even realize her red face but...

"... Heh." The girls next to her were grinning as they looked at the bewildered Genking. It was none other than Mii-chan and Jurina. Sae couldn't even look at them, knowing that Sayaka was there behind her.

   Seeing the interesting situation unfolded in front of her, Mariko held a chuckle as she called for Sayaka, asking her to help her to make some tea, seeing as Atsuko didn't come back from her escorting mission yet. "Sure, but don't expect too much from me." Sayaka abided since she didn't have much to do, not to mention the others are already here to take care of Sae. "Yeah, I don't." Mariko joked which the others laughed for a while. "Sorry for being useless." Sayaka sulked and looked away, which made them laugh more.


"I wonder what the fuss is about..." Rena asked the older girl, who is sitting next to her while she was lying in bed. "Who knows." the girl answered as she looked at the night sky from Mariko's window.

   Atsuko borrowed the room from Mariko so that Rena could sleep a little better. She didn't even know what's happening in MaYuki and SasshiYui's room, but she has a guess, knowing that Mayu and Yuki were going out and Rino's personality to harass Yui never ceases to amaze her. She chuckled as she remembered a certain someone which amazed her even more.

"Why would you go so far...?"
"Because she's my reason of existence... And I'm here thanks to her..."

   Atsuko didn't even know the meaning behind her words, but remembering it makes something in her heart burn...

"What's wrong, Acchan?" the younger girl asked her worriedly, since she saw that her face suddenly turned from a happy mother-like smile, to a pained expression which she couldn't make out, but she knew what that meant.

"Don't tell me, you're jealous because I was spending too much time with Jurina?" Rena made an innocent pouting face as she looked at Atsuko seductively. Which she failed since all Atsuko could see was her cute playful face. But that alone made Atsuko flush.

"No way, like I'd care." she denies it strongly as she tries to fend off Rena's attacks.

"No~ I love Acchan too~" Rena joked around with the older girl and laughed a bit, seeing her play along.

"Get some sleep for a bit, you need it..." Atsuko finally advices her as the younger girl settled down because harassing Atsuko tires her out more than Jurina's advances. "Yeah..." Rena closed her eyes, and the older girl got up to leave the room but as she reached the door, "And...

... Sorry... for blurting it out to the others..."


"Hey, Acchan, you're back?" Mariko greeted the girl that has just finished escorting Rena.

"So, how was Rena-chan's body?" Yuko made a perverted grin as she looked at the ex-Ace. Atsuko sighed and hit the girl's head, and adding Haruna's punch of squirrel discipline, it became a two-way combo. The others, impressed by the two's teamwork, clapped their hands, even though the squirrel is writhing in pain. "I was just joking, obviously." she pouted cutely at Atsuko who is already immune to her. "Ain't happening." she finishes the conversation and sat on an empty spot in everyone's circle.

   They didn't use the table since it's too big so they made a circle and placed the beverages in the middle. The position changed to, in clockwise, Mariko, who's back is facing the door, Sayaka, Sae, Mii-chan, Takamina, Jurina, Atsuko, Haruna, and Yuko.

"Now shall we continue the game?" Mariko asked and everyone nodded in agreement except Mii-chan "Are you sure you're supposed to sit here and not supervising a certain someone?" she asked Sayaka, hinting Yuko with her eyes.

"Don't worry. I'm sure Acchan won't let her do anything to Haruna." Sayaka said so confidently from her experience.

   Whenever Yuko and Haruna were going somewhere private, Atsuko would always use her cuteness and pleads to win Yuko over, making Yuko bring Atsuko along in almost all of her adventures with Haruna. Haruna doesn't mind at all since she is really comfortable with Atsuko. Whenever they're together, they would feel at peace. But something tells her that she feels a little too at peace...

"Okay, let me read the question then." Mariko read a comment on Rino's post. "What is the relationship between Kojima Haruna and Maeda Atsuko?" she asked a question which lingers in their minds. The two whose names were read were actually surprised at first but... They are already prepared for this kind question. They knew that someday, somehow, someone would find out about it. They knew but couldn't do anything. Atsuko has no choice but to hide it.

"We're best friends~" Atsuko says in a playful voice. No menace, no sadness. Just a playful voice which everyone loved. The playful side of Atsuko which they remembered since the beginning. They missed that side of her. That side would only show up sometimes, but when it shows up, they knew that she was very happy. She was having fun. That's what she meant. Being with her friends, fooling around, making out with Rena, there couldn't be any more fun things than that... except another thing...

"Mou, Acchan's too clingy these days~" the taller girl says in a playful, dissatisfied voice as the shorter one clings to her and kept hugging her.

   She's already used to Atsuko's constant clinging. She knew the girl loves to hug or pounce on others. It's her nature. You could never stop the random assaults from Maeda Atsuko. Not even the General Manager could. Though one could say that Takahashi Minami is usually the target of the ex-Ace's assaults which led to many embarrassing moments mostly done by the taller one's constant teasings. But more than Yuko's perverted advances towards the cat girl's breasts, she likes Atsuko's more. The girl knows how to be playful and cheer her up, unlike a certain squirrel. You could say she likes to be hugged by Atsuko. It calms her down, knowing that her best friend is always there when you need her. Even though Atsuko left AKB48, there are times when Haruna looks around and blurts out 'Eh? Where's Acchan?' and that's what caused a stir in the members' hearts...

"Eh~ But NyanNyan loves hugs so it's okay, right~?" Atsuko's head found comfort in the abyss known as Haruna's breasts. The taller girl didn't mind though. Atsuko's Atsuko just like that. She's not Yuko so it's alright.

"Yeah, but two midgets might get jealous, you know~" she emphasized the word 'midgets' so the two would hear. Atsuko didn't get it at first but then it finally clicked. She grinned and continued her assault on Haruna's body. "Who cares about them~ NyanNyan's mine~" she playfully clings to her more and they collapsed lightly. Atsuko who didn't want it to end yet, rolled around with her on the floor, laughing together.

   The ones watching, except the two 'midgets' which is sulking and glaring at the two playful 'cats', had a smile on their faces. Haruna and her lazy personality and cat-like features already made her a cat long ago, and Atsuko who, unlike Mayu with her certain 'mouse' character, is more evil when it comes to playful things. Her constant teasing were always fun to watch. It wasn't that much fun for the one being teased, but she would always make up with her, clinging to her and making some cute faces for sympathy, she's evil but in a cute way. Like a cat. You just can't hate these two cats.

   But they also realized another thing. They don't know if Haruna has some sort of feeling for Atsuko or not, but they know that Atsuko doesn't have any evil feelings for the girl. Because when they're fooling around, she would always take a time to glance at a certain someone and continue her game with Haruna. They knew, her heart already belongs to someone else.

"Okay, okay, you two win this round." Mariko had a smile of an older sister watching her little sisters play. "You know you shouldn't force yourself, right?" a certain Gachapin asked the oldest. Mariko's smile changed from a warm smile to a wry smile. She remembered the reason behind her graduation. The reason why she left. And also the reason why she's even in this group to begin with.

"Yeah..." is all she could say.

"I think you two should stop that now, some of us are glaring at you both with killing intent." Sayaka was the one who called the two playful cats out and pointed at Takamina and Yuko. Atsuko and Haruna looked at the other two and stopped. Atsuko knows how jealous Takamina can get over Haruna and Haruna knows just how Yuko would kill to get the relationship she have with Atsuko right now.

"Well, next question then..." Mariko looked at the display of the phone's screen as the two cats took their seats next to each other.

   They didn't realize it. No, they never even suspected it. That below that table, are two intertwined fingers. One of the ex-Ace of AKB48 and the other is the cat girl who is known as the beauty inside AKB48. They would never know... No. They will never know it. That the past the relationship these two shared were closer than they have ever thought.

"..." silence filled the room. At first Atsuko and Haruna thought that they have suspected something, but it wasn't that. It was Mariko's staring at the screen. "Okay, change of question." she said normally, which made most of the members sigh, but, with a grin,

   Sayaka swiped the phone out of Mariko's hands!

"O- oi!" Mariko glared at the gorilla, but Sayaka only made her gorilla face and read the question on the display.

"What-" before she could finish, Mariko tried to grab the phone but...

   Sayaka passed it to Sae.

"-does-" Sae read it quickly and passed it to Mii-chan.

"-Mariko-" Mii-chan passed it to the one with the same first name

"-think-" Takamina passed it to Jurina

"-about-" Jurina passed it to Atsuko

   Atsuko read it and with a chuckle, passed it to Haruna without saying anything. Haruna was confused by Atsuko's actions and when she read the display

"-Kojima Haruna?" she read her own name.

   Mariko froze. She didn't know what to say. She didn't know what to answer. She didn't even know why anyone would even ask that sort of question. But then Mii-chan spoke at the wrong timing.

"Oh yeah, I heard that you called in AKBINGO's crew to ask for a lie detector. I wonder how that's going~"

   The girl's statement made them grin more and Mariko was in a state of crisis.

'No no! Don't mind it! There's no way they'd just send in something so expensive to us! But... I may have threatened them a little too much...' she thought to herself. Right at that moment, the doorbell rang.

'You've gotta be kidding be!' she cursed herself as Yuko got the door and came back with a lie detector.

'Relax, relax, nobody knows how to use this.' she assured herself but... "Oh! I know how to use this. I played it with Sae once when we were alone." Sayaka confesses and sets up the lie detector on Mariko. Everybody else gave a 'If you know what I mean' face as they looked at Sae.

   Atsuko got up and whispered something to Sayaka who nodded in response. She also whispered back to Atsuko but the girl only gave a smirk.

"Now Mariko-sama." This time, Takamina was the one who was going to ask her. "What do you think about Haruna?"

   They all had a grin on their faces, seeing the flushed face of Haruna and Mariko was too amusing. Even Takamina felt the 'S' inside her grow. Though Atsuko wouldn't let that happen.

"Wait, you should only use it as a 'True' or 'False' question, right?" Sae asked Takamina, who is lost.

"Then I'll ask!" Yuko volunteered and asked the question. "Does Mari-chan LOVE NyanNyan?!"

'WHOA! A straight fastball!' was what everyone thought.

   Mariko and Haruna were red to the ears. The two who were usually the ones who were always on top thanks to Mariko's Sadism and Haruna's double-personality are now being teased by someone like Takamina and Yuko. That's one of the most ironic things that could never be recorded on television. But sadly it will, thanks to Rino.

"M- Maybe...?" Mariko answered in a cute childish way which even surprised Takamina. Atsuko, Sae and Yuko were laughing their asses off whilst Jurina, Sayaka and Mii-chan were looking at Mariko while grinning mischievously.

"The answer is only 'Yes' or 'No', Mariko~" Mii-chan stated which Mariko averted her eyes from them.

"O- Of course I love her as a friend!" she confessed but the lie detector indicates otherwise.

"Eh... so... Mari-chan doesn't like me...?" Haruna was about to cry and Atsuko supported her and hugged her tightly. "There there, NyanNyan. Leave that fail human being and come to me." Yuko was the one who held out her hand but Haruna slapped it away and stuck out her tongue at her. "Tch. And you'd rather cling to Acchan?!" she says, dissatisfied with the treatment she's getting but

"Who wouldn't?" is what everyone said at the same time.

"Okay, you lost already Mariko, so bottoms up." Mii-chan filled Mariko's glass and the older one reluctantly drank it.

   But she was unsatisfied... so she made Mii-chan chug a whole bottle.

"O- Oi! Don't you think that's a little too much...?" Sayaka asked her but she ignored. "Stop it, you're gonna bring Jurina bad influence." Atsuko covered Jurina's eyes and the youngest protested. "I'm already 16 this year! Mou..."

   Behind all these laughter, all these fun moments, there was still some dissatisfaction. There were people who wanted an answer.

"Did you graduate because of NyanNyan and Mii-chan?" Atsuko asked the oldest girl of them all. Her eyes were bloodshot. It was not the Atsuko they knew. She was more scarier, terrifying even.

   The room was giving off a heavy atmosphere. From the cheery tones to the silence of nothingness. The wind wasn't blowing, and the fans weren't on. Everyone was sweating hard. Beads of cold sweat ran down from each of their bodies. What made it worse was the look in Atsuko's eyes. The look which terrified them to the bones. It was as if time itself stopped right at that moment.

   What's more mysterious was Atsuko's question.

'Did you graduate because of NyanNyan and Mii-chan?' that question which didn't make sense at all. Why would Mariko graduate because of them? What was the motif or merit of that? Will her graduation help the two in any way?
No. It will not.

"Yes." Mariko answered with a grin. The answer surprised everyone. Not even Mii-chan was amused...

"WHY?!" the one who snapped was Atsuko herself. She was the one who asked the question, but as expected, it was a double-edged blade. "Why would you go so far?! Why did you even think that it'll help them in the elections?!"

   Another surprise. Why? What? Why did Atsuko, who didn't care much about the elections suddenly talk about it? What does it have anything to do with the elections? Questions such as these played in everyone's mind. Yet, shall it be answered or shall it not?

"Answer me!" The menace inside Atsuko's voice reminded them of the pressure the girl had as the center. Her voice that made her become a solo artist, was not like that. It wasn't that voice anymore. This was different. Who was the girl right in front of their eyes? Where is Maeda Atsuko?

"Acchan... calm down..."

   A voice, no, warm arms were wrapped around Atsuko's chest. The warm scent which she loved. The voice which has been with her for many years. Yet nobody even realized it. Yet, these arms were warm, this voice was soothing, this scent was nostalgic. The feeling to be enveloped by that person was calming...

"Rena..." As she looked back, it was indeed Matsui Rena.

   She had been hearing on the conversation and immediately got out after hearing Atsuko scream. Thankfully the other four heavy sleepers were too busy sleeping or making out to hear it.

"R- Rena-chan?" Takamina was the one who broke the soothing but awkward silence.

"Mhm." She answered, not letting go of Atsuko who is closing her eyes to calm down.

"Okay, I'm fine now." as she said that, Rena lets go of her and was patted in the head. "Thanks" Atsuko thanked her and Rena made a warm smile.

"So, how about you answer my question, Mariko?" Atsuko asked the girl again. Mariko smirked and replied. "Should I?" she was obviously trolling with the young girl but Atsuko didn't back down. "Yes." She says it firmly.

"You've grown..." Mariko had a warm smile. A smile that relaxed the atmosphere a bit. Everyone found themselves smiling as well for whatever reason. It may be the atmosphere. It may be their instincts. Nobody knows.

"Well, ask me anything. I'll answer it truthfully." she challenged.

"No, explain yourself. Why did you graduate?"

[Dialogue : A:Atsuko, M:Mariko

M:"I want to leave everyone and pursue my own path"
A:"Selfish. Not like I have a say in this. That wasn't the only reason, right?"
A:"Then what was the other?"
M:"I don't want Nyaro to get out from the Kami8."
A:"What about Mii-chan?"
M:"She'll grow up once I leave. She broke down thanks to your graduation. Hopefully, this will set her mind straight"
A:"That might backfire, you know."
M:"Your graduation also might backfire. But did you back down? No."
A:"That's because I've thought about that for years."
M:"And you know I thought about that as well."


   Everyone was silent. They were shocked by the conversation. Some were looking at Haruna and some were looking at Mii-chan, though the girl was already down thanks to drinking a whole bottle of alcohol.

"Selfish..." a voice came from the cat girl.

   Haruna was about to slap Mariko but stopped midway. She thought about it. If she slapped her there and then, won't that make her selfish as well? Selfish for her own conclusion? Won't calling her selfish also make herself selfish? What is the meaning behind that word...

The game stopped there.

Rino came back to see Haruna crying and Mariko apologizing with her left cheek red. Takamina was completely lost as to what happened. Mii-chan didn't wake up that night. Yuko didn't get what she wanted but she learned something new. All of Sayaka's questions were answered so she was satisfied with it. Sae was as lost as Takamina not to mention her feelings were blooming for some reason. Yuki's mission was accomplished. Mayu's mission was still far from over. Yui's innocence was still safe. Thank god. Rena was worried of the outcome. Jurina... was afraid of her senior...

And Rino... took a one step forward in her own game.

"Hey, Sasshi. Help me fix up the things here, will you? I guess we're sleeping here tonight since it's already late." Atsuko called out to her former junior.

"Roger, Assan~" she smiled and followed Atsuko to Mariko's room to get some 'futon'.

"... Don't look at me like that..."

"Hm? Like what~?"

"... Nothing, I guess."

All the mysteries just became deeper. What really happened in AKB?

'I felt like I was trolled'
'Eh? Where's Acchan?'
'Wat's wif dat sorta logic?'
'Who cares about them?'

'I'm afraid... if she would ever... become like Acchan someday...'

What was the real meaning behind those words?

"Shall we continue... this game of revenge?"


   How was it? Bad? Disgusting? Blasphemy? Anywho, please reply what you REALLY think. Don't need to sugarcoat words with me. I'm used to it. Anywho, trust me. There PROBABLY won't be any AtsuRena. Sadly QAQ
Coz my AtsuYuu heart is bigger than my other intestines XD
I'll probably explain the whole Acchan setting and AKB48 in a new fic I'm planning. Good news: It's action. Bad news: I'm writing it. Yeah it's probably gonna turn out AtsuYuu. About 30%. AtsuRena, AtsuMayu, AtsuMari, AtsuJuri are 15%. MariHaru is 9% and AtsuMina is 1% XD What? There's still chances of AtsuMina. It's not like I hate the pairing XD But AtsuYuu is more dominant.

P/S Sorry for the typos, grammar, misuse of words and such... Oh and don't forget to comment on this thing~
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I guess I'm a Yuihan oshi when it comes to AKB48~

Wah... great ending? well, it's not really an ending... but hehe~ looking forward to that fic~
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Someone requested AtsuYuu?!
MUAHAHAHA! So be it!
I just LOVE AtsuYuu~
Don't you love AtsuYuu~?
Tough crowd >w>

[Temptations and Moans]

"I'm home, my love~" A squirrel-like girl entered Maeda and Takahashi's residence.

"I'm not your love, Yuko. NyanNyan would cry." The girl 'greeted' her back, not taking her eyes off the stove.

"Acchan~ I missed you~" Yuko pounced on the poor actress as if letting out all the frustrated feelings she have been keeping for a long time due to not seeing her.

"We just saw each other yesterday, you know..." Atsuko gave a wry smile as she pushed the older girl away lightly, her eyes still on the stove but then she continued to cut the potatoes.

"Huh...? What are these moans? Your neighbors?" Yuko asked. "Probably. I've been hearing it a lot lately. They never cease to stop, huh? Lovers these days." she answered in a sarcastic sense. Yuko chuckled and added. "I know, right~? It sounds like two girls. Lesbians~?" she kids. Atsuko only smirked a bit. "Probably?"

   Yuko puts the groceries she has brought on the table and scanned the area. No other life forms in sight. "Hey, where are the others?" she asked the younger girl. Atsuko's movements suddenly stopped. Her knife slammed loudly on the cutting board. The sudden loud noise surprised the older one as she jumped up out of instinct. She looked at the younger girl again and see that the girl is putting her head down, some of her hair covering her right eye, making it look like the famous emo hairstyle which she had years ago. "Who knows..." was all the answer she could make out.

[The day before]

"Hey... want to come to our house tomorrow and be my food testers?" the young actress blurted out as she finished her fourth sundae.

   Present on the table in an unknown restaurant are, Takamina, Haruna, Yuko, Mariko, Tomochin and of course, Atsuko.

"Huh? Acchan... The last time I ate your food, I had to skip my Team K practice due to stomachache." Tomochin stated as she remembered the incident which almost took her life away.

"And that's Tomochin. If even Tomochin fell thanks to your food, I don't know what kind of hell awaits us." Mariko backed her up, knowing that eating Maeda Atsuko's food would be the death of her. The others nodded along as they also didn't want to taste the wraith of Atsuko's fail dishes.

"Mou! That was YEARS ago! I've improved, you know!" Atsuko got up and pouted as she turned her head to the side. They all knew that this is a sign that the girl will eventually get what she wants. Seeing this, Takamina sighed. "Takamina! We've been living together for a while now, so tell them how great I've become~" Atsuko entrusted everything to Takamina as she slumped back down. Takamina looked at Atsuko weirdly and replied "Acchan... we have been eating nothing but instant noodles... and that's coming from an idol..."

"S- So... Y- You guys... don't want to... eat... my cooking...?"
There it was. Atsuko's deadliest weapon against wotas, cats, midgets, and the likes. The 'form a pout on the lips, tear up a little, head put down and eyes looking up, left shoulder slightly forward and showing a little service under the shirt' tactic.

"I'LL GO!" Instantly, everyone else except Mariko stood up and answered.


"I can't believe that worked... a little too well, I think..." Atsuko finally slumped down on the table, putting her 10th sundae to the side as she saw Yuko left. The ones left are her, Mariko and Tomochin.

"Yeah... and why the hell did you decide to join as well?" Mariko glared at the girl on her left after patting the girl on her right for her hard work.

"Hey, you know I can't resist Atsuko. That was frightening... I don't even know how you learned that... No human being can ever resist that technique. No offense, Mariko."
"None taken."

"Anyway, what sorta plan do you have for her, Acchan?" Mariko asked the girl who is trying to drift to eternal happiness. "Dunno. I'll get it done one way or another."


'Hehe~ Now I have Yuko all to myself~ I didn't see Takamina since morning and Mariko and Tomochin knows what I'm trying to do so it's just me and her today~ I'm gonna use this chance to make a move. You're gonna fall for me, Yuko! I'm gonna show ya what I've leaned from teasing Takamina all the time!!!'

"Yuko, can you bring me that salt?" Atsuko asked the older girl as she pointed at the shelf on her left.

"Wait, we're eating curry rice, right?" Yuko asked, nervous.
"Just shut up and bring me the salt, will you?"

   Yuko reluctantly went towards the shelf and inside are two black trays. Both are labelled 'Salt'. Yes, it's in japanese.

"Err. I see two salts in here, which one?" she asked, unsure of which to choose.

"Hm? Lemme see." Atsuko puts down the ladle and went behind Yuko, placing her head just above the girl's left shoulder and right next to her face.

   Yuko smelled an aroma which brought nostalgia.

'A- Acchan's so close!!! But more than that, she smells so nice... What kind of shampoo does she use...? Her hair that's rubbing against my face... It's so... nice...

   Yuko unconsciously leaned towards her left as if she was in a trance. But...

"Well, who cares. Just choose either." Atsuko took the salt on the left side and quickly left towards the stove. Yuko, without time to act, fell head first on the floor.

"What are you doing...?" she looked at the older girl, finding her amusing.

"Nothing... The floor... It's cold..." Yuko hugged her lugs as she laid down on the floor.

"I see..." Atsuko continued her work.

'Jackpot~ She's attracted to me~ Hehe~ Wonder what I'll do next~'

   Atsuko made a triumphant pose in her mind as she cuts the onions... with a kitchen knife......

   Yuko watched the back of AKB's ex-Center. The back which she longed for years. The back... She watched everything, from her nape line, down to her slim body, to her perfect-shaped bottom, even to her exposed legs. The girl moving her bottoms as she followed the melody of her humming. The humming of a song she remembered dear.

"I want you~" Atsuko sang the melody which she still remembered, even after all those years.
"I need you~"
"I love you~"
"Atama no naka~"
"Gan Gan ni atteru Miuziku"
"Hebii roteshon~"

"Ouch!" Atsuko let out a shriek.

   Yuko opened her eyes again which was closed before, listening to the younger girl's soothing voice. She looked at Atsuko and found that her finger on her left hand was bleeding lightly from a cut, probably because of the knife.

"Haha, sorry, my mistake." Atsuko playfully stuck her tongue out at her foolish mistake.

   In response Yuko got up without saying anything and grabbed the girl's hand which finger bled.

"Eh? Yuko?" the clueless Atsuko didn't know what the older girl was trying to do but Yuko didn't pay any heed.

   Yuko inserted the girl's finger which was bruised inside her mouth, disinfecting it, not forgetting to lick it in a way which made the younger girl blush madly.

"W- What are you doing?!" the surprised Atsuko tried to get away from the older girl but it backfired.

   As soon as Atsuko's finger was out of Yuko's mouth, the older girl pulled the younger one so that their faces met closely to each other, making Atsuko bend a little due to the poor girl's height.

"That was my special service. Did you like it?" Yuko puts on a smile at the blushed Atsuko.

"S- Special service, my ass! That was uncalled for!" the younger one was dissatisfied by what just happened.

"You know you wanted that, Acchan. You were 'inviting' me ever since I've stepped into the house."

"I- I don't know what you're talking bout!" Atsuko played the 'ignorance' card which made the older girl sigh.

"Oh? Did you know that my tongue is good for another service?" Yuko's face grew to a wide grin as she looked at Atsuko with demanding eyes.

"L- Like... what...?" this time, as Atsuko looked at Yuko, it was different. She looked at the girl with seductive eyes. Inviting her closer. And thus, she did.

   Yuko's face came closer to the girl, slightly tiptoeing. But...

"Ah... That was too much, NyanNyan..."
"Sorry, I can't help myself when I get wild and you know it, Takamina~"

"AH." They met. At the most awkward moment. With Atsuko who is holding a knife on her left hand and slightly red to her ears, Yuko who is tiptoeing and reaching for Atsuko's lips, Takamina who is naked(WHAT?!) and carrying her bed sheet which is wet and Haruna, who is half-naked and licking her wet fingers.

"Darn it all..." was all they could think.


   This is all I could do for now XD
   Actually I've thought of some twists and turns but that backfired. I somehow lost my drive. (Exam in two days. Meh)
   Sorry imteedee, but this is what I could come up with for now. I'll make it up to ya some other time, probably after the exams or at least when I get my laptop back.
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it was a DOKI DOKI scene turned LOL   :wahaha:

I didn't know this thread exists until... OMG I think I missed half of my life!!  XD
continue! I'll be waiting, please?  :bow:
Thank you Ashura!

Holy cow! just finished reading the other fics UP UP UP there! it felt like it really did happen LOL I'm so curious! lol your AtsuYuu heart bigger than your intestines?! I offer my body and soul :bow:

PS: goodluck on your exams gambatte!  :cow:
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Oh, wait hey...I kinda like ur crazy works!!~
-The most is AKB48 and alcohol part 1 & 2!!~
-The newest is great too which i like it~
-imteedee-san was right, i was going doki-doki...
-But then comes the awkward moments...I lol'd there..
-Oh yeah, good tactic by the way, Acchan...*thumbs up*

>Update ur OS soon, imma wait for it, yea..Ur crazy fiction..Lol
(Why am i so impolite to you??~ Cuz dude, we're same in some aspect?? Lol!!~)
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imteedee, yeah. I'm kinda proud of these OS's... It shows just how 'awesome' the members are behind the scenes XD And sorry, man. I'm not continuing that for 2 reasons. One being I have no idea how to continue dat XD and the other being it was too random~ Sorry but I don't want your body!!! >A< Except if yar body's like NyanNyan's *drools like a certain squirrel*

Kochiki, my works aren't crazy... They're just... Easily misunderstood >w> I'm gonna show just how evil Acchan is~~~ Ooooh! Yes! I finally meet another guy in here! QAQ

   AtsuYuu~~~ Why do I like AtsuYuu~? I have no idea... Wait, why DID I like AtsuYuu??? I mean, Yuko's not even in my 'like' list... She's neutral... Why was it...? If ya think logically, Acchan is WAY closer to Takamina, Tomochin and Mariko than Yuko could ever kill for... Then why did I choose Yuko as my Immovable Kami-oshi's partner??? Huh??? Now I feel like I'm starting to lose my AtsuYuu touch... O.O''

   Aaaaaaaaanywaaaaaaay, as some AtsuYuu lovers would know, Atsuko promised Yuko to take her to a sunday drive to the beach and she actually did it. Now the question is, why did Yuko feel so eager to request Atsuko of such, and why did Atsuko agreed, instead of inviting her 'best friend', Takamina? And of course, what actually happened in the trip??? I mean, come on... Fans spotted them wearing matching outfits!!! OAO Dunno if that's legit or not but who the hell cares?! ATSUYUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what happened to our lovely pair~? Let's find out!!!

Credit goes to this weird tumblr : AtsuYuu shipper(?) (

Sunday Drive

"Hey, I heard that Maeda-san was going to get her driver's license."

   Yuko strained her ears as she heard the gossip between two kenkyusei's. The topic of Maeda Atsuko and drive puts a smile on her face for some reason. And yes, she thought that Atsuko was going to smash the car into itsy bitsy pieces. I mean, seriously? Atsuko and driving? It's like hearing a topic of Takahashi Minami bathing with the members. Even if nobody cares, it's still a pretty hot topic.

"Yeah, she always gets what she wants. It was all because of her words on her coming-of-age ceremony." the other kenkyusei sighed as she remembered about what she heard.

   Yuko thought to herself of what Maeda has said and she remembered some AKB program about someone taking a driver's license course. It was oddly surprising since she turned the TV off the moment she saw Minegishi Minami as the President even though she saw Acchan's statement in the beginning.

"I bet Toyota-san would give her a car. I mean, he's an Acchan oshii and there's no doubt about it." the kenkyusei gossiped.

   Yuko smiled wryly as she too thought of that. I mean, Toyota loves to dote on Atsuko for no apparent reason. Not to mention that he's such a wota. But even so, it intrigued her, thinking of the fun and joys she could have with the younger girl. It's not surprise that Yuko herself likes to cling to Atsuko often. In fact, Yuko loves the girl's smell. The only things she disliked about Atsuko are her breast size and the fact that she's too clingy to her fellow midget even though the Captain A's captain doesn't like her Ace's skinship much.

"I wonder who Maeda-san would bring with her for her first drive?"

   The question lighted an imaginary light bulb as the squirrel fiddled with her phone to call the Ace.


"Acchan~ Here~" she waved her hands from the crowd to signal the younger girl of her location.

   Atsuko cleverly avoided the crowd and pushed her way through her fans and cling onto the older. Yuko, without no way out, used the weapon of pervertedness, kissing Atsuko out of nowhere which made the girl blush madly in front of the fans. All of the wotas around her was 'turned on', thus making them clutch down for some 'unknown reason', just like the squirrel girl planned. Using this chance, Yuko forced her way out of the crowd of hands, dragging Atsuko along with her and made their way to some unknown hotel.


"Wew. That was close." Yuko wiped her sweat off with her hands and a towel she found on the bed.

"Why do we ALWAYS end up in a love hotel?" Atsuko sighed at her misfortune.

"Hey, not my fault. It's just that this is the closest 'hiding spot' from the fans." Yuko flashed her funny smile and Atsuko chuckled.

"Yeah, right. That's not even a logical explanation since we've been in a love hotel for almost all of our outings and the only time we weren't in a love hotel was when Minami ordered us to go to the theater, thanks to your 'project' with NyanNyan." Atsuko looked at the squirrel girl in suspicion.

"What? It wasn't my fault that NyanNyan was so damn beautiful that day and seduced me by licking a lollipop, thus making me unable to resist and accidentally almost raped her, using you as an excuse to run away without any punishments. But damn, Takamina's too sharp in these sort of things." Yuko crossed her arms and made a thinking face, as she imagined Takamina comforting the crying Haruna.

"It was coincidence that Sae gave her a lollipop she got from her brother. I'm starting to doubt that you're bi and now I think you're actually a lesbian..." Atsuko sighed at what explanation she heard from her fellow Ace's mouth.

"No no no, I never said that I was bi, right?" Yuko winked at Atsuko and the younger girl rolled her eyes away, not wanting any more say in this topic.

   As per usual, Atsuko quickly went to bed and snuggled up to a hugging pillow. Seeing this, Yuko moved closer and also hugged the pillow. The only difference is that Yuko's hugging pillow is Atsuko.

"Yuko, hands off." Atsuko ordered the older girl but Yuko shrugged it off as harmless sadistic play by the Ace, snuggling up to her more and even going as far as to rub the girl's breasts, making her yelp due to the sudden sensation.

   Hearing the cute and seductive 'kya!', Yuko grinned sadistically as she tried to make her next move, only to be stopped by Atsuko's Ace glare. Thus, making her unable to move. Except that she's starting to get horny. As expected of the perverted squirrel.

"Anyway, you said you had something to tell me. Why not get into that topic already instead of going around in this cycle all day?" Atsuko said as she slaps another one of Yuko's hands trying to explore the unknown land of Atsuko's body.

"Ah, yeah. I almost forgot. Teehee." Yuko made a cute head bump, making the younger girl blush.

"Don't forget your reason so easily, idiot" Atsuko covered her blushed cheeks with the hugging pillow and the oblivious Yuko didn't suspect a thing. Thank goodness the lights were turned off. Though the AtsuYuu shippers were raging of why the lights were off.

"I heard you were going to get your license." Yuko smiled and hugged Atsuko in a childish manner and the younger girl lets her be, knowing that she won't attack anytime soon.

"Yeah, pretty much. It's already the third episode of the series and you just asked about this?" Atsuko raised her brow seeing the older girl not knowing of the ongoings in the group.

"Well, I just heard it from my sources." Yuko averted her eyes as she answered, not wanting the younger girl to question her more about it. "Anyway, so have you decided who's going to be your first passenger?" Yuko looked at the Ace in pleading eyes.

   Atsuko paused for a moment, thinking of something. She thought about many things, from her insurance, to her budget even to Takamina but there's no way to know that now, since she only started her lessons.

   Atsuko looked at Yuko only to see the girl staring at her with hope in her eyes as she made a puppy dog face which she only seen show to Haruna. Atsuko sighed in defeat as she knew that the older girl must've had her reasons for it.

"Not yet, I suppose." Atsuko smiled wryly as the squirrel jumped up and down due to the excitement and all the thrills she might be getting.

"THEN! Can I be your first?!" Yuko asked in a cute innocent face, though in her heart, she probably means something else. Typical Yuko and her typical way of twisting her words around.

Atsuko lifted and eyebrow. "I don't know what you meant by that, but I guess you'll be my first passenger."

   Yuko, in excitement of what she just heard from the Ace, even though she wanted her to get hooked by her 'misunderstanding question', clings to to the girl and rubbed her face in the younger girl's chest. Of course Atsuko didn't mind it. She knew that whatever she does, she'll just have to tattle to Haruna.

Yuko lifted her head once more and looked at Atsuko with her cute smile once more. "Promise?!" Yuko asked the younger girl and the latter chuckled and patted the older girl's head, giving her the best smile she could conjure up in her current state.



   Atsuko came to the theater the day after for her Team A's practice. She found a Mariko taking pictures with the girls around the theater.

"Mariko... What are you doing...?" Atsuko asked, curious of the older girl's actions.

"Oh, I made a bet with Rena-chan on who can take pictures with the most lolis." Mariko answered as if it was normal, which made Atsuko sighed at the older girl's childish behavior.

"SKE's Rena? I thought you were teaching Jurina on the know-hows of kissing girls naturally." Atsuko chuckled as she tries to leave.

"Yeah, but she already surpassed you, Acchan. I heard her next target was me." Mariko replied as she searched for other candidates. But, yeah. Team A's lolis aren't that deadly.

"I heard that, Mariko. And your jokes are going nowhere." Atsuko left the words and entered the dressing room, only to be welcomed by the sight of Takahashi Minami, only in her underwear.

   Silence filled the air as Atsuko's eyes shot wide open to save the memory of the defenseless Takamina trying to reach her ribbon on top of a high shelf, probably due to Haruna's bullying again. Atsuko actually considered to go outside again to call for Mariko and force her to take the picture, send it to her and make it a memorable 'CUUUUUUUUTEEEEEEE!' moment. But alas, she was too late.

   Takamina turned around to see Atsuko drooling as she looked at the younger girl's shiny skin, smexy underwear and perfect butt, and Atsuko reminded herself to never tell this tale to either Yuko or Mayu.

"A- Acchan?!" Takamina, taken aback by the sudden appearance of the younger girl, slipped and accidentally caught her underwear on her chair's edge, ripping her poor cute and smexy underwear.

   The funny development caused Atsuko to crack open and let out a huge laugh which surprised everyone in the theater. Hearing a laugh that loud could only mean either two things, one is something damn funny just happened and the other being Takamina just embarrassed herself. Lucky for them, it all happened!


"Thanks for letting me borrow your underwear, Acchan..." Takamina sighed as she headed out of the theater with the Ace.

"It wasn't mine. It was Yuko's." Atsuko answered as she cuddled with the short captain.

"Wait, why do you have Yuko's underwear...?" Takamina looked at Atsuko in a way which made the younger girl go mad inside her heart from seeing the cuteness.

"Dunno. I asked NyanNyan if she had any spare underwear and she gave me that." Atsuko answered truthfully, making the captain more curious of what she just heard.

"Okay then..." Takamina decided to just end the topic and cut open a new, more interesting one. "Oh yeah, you're taking your driver's license test, right?" she asked the younger girl and she nodded in response. Takamina's eyes lit up. As Atsuko saw this, she was thinking that it was... Deja vu all over again. "Then can I be your first passenger?!"

   The question made Atsuko think of how popular she's getting recently both with the fans and with the members and she remembered a proposal she just had with Takajo Aki about her authority over a certain junior with the name Rie.

"Sorry, Minami. Yuko just asked me yesterday so I agreed to take her." Atsuko explain, not trying to hurt the short captain's feelings. She knew that even though Takamina may look tough and manly, she's still an emotional child inside.

"Ah, I see..." Takamina looked down disappointed.

   The hurt face of her best friend in front of her made Atsuko think of the relationship she had with her for years and all the favors she owed her. This made Atsuko feel a little guilty for deserting her friend just like that. Thus, she made a decision which could turn everything around...

[30th September 2012]

"And I ask again... Why are there Takamina and NyanNyan with us...?" Yuko asked in a pissed off and sweet manner both at the same time. One for seeing her fellow midget and one for seeing her pet cat.

"Hm? I thought we should ask more people so it'd be more fun. So I asked Minami and NyanNyan so that we could have a double date~" Atsuko answered playfully, not taking her eyes off the road as she was driving.

"But still, I can't believe Acchan got a car this big!" Takamina, who was not used to being in a Toyota FJ Cruiser, looked around the inside of the car in awe.

"I can't believe Acchan actually got her license on her first try..." Haruna looked at Atsuko in disbelief as the youngest girl pumped her chest with pride. "But seriously Acchan..." Haruna chuckled and mimicked Atsuko trying to show how a manual works like in the first episode of AKB's Driving Club.

Atsuko, seeing this, blushed madly as she was embarrassed for what she did. "Well, I was an idiot back then... I'm kinda regretting doing something like that in front of camera..."

"It's okay, since what Acchan did was really cute~" Haruna smiled widely as she looked at Atsuko through the mirror, making Atsuko blush more.

"Hey, am I the only one who doesn't know what the hell those two are talking about?" Yuko asked Takamina out of curiosity, in which Takamina patted the girl's shoulder and gave a thumbs up, meaning she doesn't know what they meant either...


   After a few minutes of Atsuko driving, things started to turn a little too hectic.

"ACCHAN! FOCUS ON THE ROAD!!!" Yuko screamed out of fear as she looked at Atsuko who was eating chips and snacks in the car while driving.

"Hmfoo keirs. Bhust be gibbe bnek bonk bert~" Atsuko cheerfully replied.

"Anybody wanna translate what the hell she just said?!" Takamina clings to Haruna for her dear life and Haruna, who was used to Atsuko and driver's habits was calm enough to pat Takamina on the head and reassured her that it was going to be okay.

"I'm guessing she was saying 'Who cares, just a little snack won't hurt.'" Haruna translated.

"Acchan! Please! Focus! I don't wanna die here before I take NyanNyan's virginity in a jungle as we enjoy each other's warmth and body, me driving her insane with my finger skills and I just recently got a kiss from Mayuyu!" Yuko held her seat for her dear life as her life and Haruna's naked body flashed in front of her very eyes.

"I don't need your stupid fantasies! And what the hell was that last part?!" Takamina, finally gone mad by nothing, screamed her heart out at her fellow short member.

"Ah, that. Listen to this. I was just walking around in the theater and WHOA ACCHAN BE CAREFUL OF THAT TRUCK!!! yeah I found Shiriri-chan making out with Yukirin so I- ACCHAN WHAT THE HELL?! RED LIGHT!!! and as I was saying, Shiriri-chan was drunk so she suddenly kissed me out of nowhere and- WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU CHASING THAT BIKE FOR?! and yeah, Yukirin was pissed." Yuko explained while criticizing Atsuko occasionally, though the girl was only driving for about 60 km/h and that already gave Yuko a heart attack. Atsuko magic at it's finest.

"For some reason, I feel pissed..." Atsuko finally lets out her anger and punched it. And I don't mean accelerate.


"I'm... Saved... Now... Want... To... Pass... Out..." Yuko came out of the car and knelt down to the ground of Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park.

"Thank god! Land!!! SWEET LAND!!!" Takamina hugged Yuko out of sheer relief, crying with the older girl in their embrace.

"Why are you both so... sweaty???" Atsuko looked at the two, confused.

"Is it just me or is it so weird for someone to go more than 60?" Haruna asked, confused as well. Atsuko only sighed, not minding the question or the two midgets.

"So shall we go on our date, NyanNyan~?" Atsuko linked arms with Haruna as they both merrily skipped along the park, which made the other two shocked of the outcome.

A/N: I have no idea what Yuko and Atsuko was wearing so I'll let ya'll imagine it yarselves~ Na mean~?

"Thanks for letting me borrow your clothes, Acchan..." Yuko linked arms with Atsuko who yawned of how bored the drive was because of certain people screaming at her for no apparent reasons.

"Don't mind it. It's just some spare I brought in case I ever needed it." Atsuko explained.

"Ah~ And what kind of person would bring matching outfits to the case~? We're even matching right now~?" Yuko chuckled and looked at the blushing Atsuko.

"Hm~ Dunno. It was out of instincts. Plus I got these on a sale." Atsuko pointed at their outfits.

"I see~ So I guess we look like a couple right now, huh~?" Yuko teased and the younger girl looked away.

"Idiot. We're both girls, you know." Atsuko made a logical comeback which made the older girl dissatisfied by the younger girl's logic.

"Gender doesn't matter, my dear Acchan. It's what here that counts." Yuko said as she pointed at Atsuko's chest, 'accidentally' touching Atsuko's nipples.

"! You... You just wanted to touch it, huh?!" Atsuko smacked the girl's head as she covered her chest with her free hand.

"Tch, I was found out." Yuko smiled and bopped her head as she put her tongue out, making her look adorable even in Atsuko's eyes. "Is it just me or was there some people watching us?" Yuko asked, curious and as she asked that some people left, acting as if they saw nothing.

"Ahem. In case you didn't realize, we're here as well." Takamina stated, dissatisfied by the treatment she got even though the pair was right next to each other.

"Wait, Takamina was here?" Haruna acted shocked as she grabbed the shorter girl's head, showing how small the girl was.

"I was here clinging to you from the start!" Takamina glared at the taller girl as Haruna looked away, not interested in the topic.

"Ah... I see... I guess I didn't see you cause you're too short..." Haruna teased as Takamina hit the taller girl lightly, most likely due to embarrassment.

"Awww. These two are soooo cute together~" Atsuko teased as Haruna blushed lightly.

"W- We're not!" Haruna turned her head away in a tsun-like manner which made Atsuko chuckle due to the catgirl's cuteness.

"So that's why I love Acchan~ I'm considerate of both of your relationship~" Yuko smirked as she rubs her face in Atsuko's breasts.

"Yup~ Takamina and NyanNyan~ What was it called again, TakaHaru~? Cute~!!!" Atsuko squealed as she looked at the two who were blushing madly with Takamina dead silent of the tease.

"I- It's not like that!" Haruna tries to explain only to be cut down by Atsuko's sadistic glare.

"I guess I'll have to make due with Yuko for now~" Atsuko said as she dragged Yuko and ran away from the two.

"M- Mou!" She can hear Haruna being tsun behind them.

"So AtsuYuu's official now~?" Yuko asked with a grin on her face.

"Heh, maybe, Yuko. Maybe." Atsuko answered, not looking at the girl. Though Yuko already knows.

"Iiwake, Maybe... huh~?" Yuko lets out a chuckle as she looked at the back of the Ex-Ace. The back in which will lead her even in the future.

That ending, if you know what I mean~~~
And why did some fans only saw Yuko and Atsuko??? Well, the answer is~ Coz their AtsuYuu aura was too dem AWESOME XD
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TADDA! of course I'll pop out in here any moment if you know what I mean!  :cow:

Whoa! I love this OS way too awesoooooooome for me,  :w00t: AtsuYuu, TakaHaru, AtsuMina,

omgomgomg MaYuki I love you to bits  :deco:

and Oh i feel you about that continuing some random Ideas, i tried to do that before though, My brain hybernated for good  XD
okayokay, keep your OSs coming I'll get my popcorn  :deco:
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i love this part "Ah, that. Listen to this. I was just walking around in the theater and WHOA ACCHAN BE CAREFUL OF THAT TRUCK!!! yeah I found Shiriri-chan making out with Yukirin so I- ACCHAN WHAT THE HELL?! RED LIGHT!!! and as I was saying, Shiriri-chan was drunk so she suddenly kissed me out of nowhere and- WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU CHASING THAT BIKE FOR?! and yeah, Yukirin was pissed." Yuko explained while criticizing Atsuko occasionally, though the girl was only driving for about 60 km/h and that already gave Yuko a heart attack. Atsuko magic at it's finest." hahahahahaha :lol: :lol:
nice atsuyuu  :inlove:
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Watcha' mean by "I finally meet another guy in here!"??~
-Well, Acchan is WAY too closer to Takamina but...
-I heard some people talkin' bout' it is just a one-sided love..
-AtsuMina i mean...M-My AtsuMina...BUT, AtsuYuu is love~~
-Certainly, i can imagine how Acchan drive the car...No...Instead...
-I don't wanna to...Poor them~ X) Dahahaha!!~ Iiwake maybe~
-Really, can't help but to smile readin' all of your works!!~ *thumbs up*

>Plz update it soon!!~ I can't wait for the next one!!~ Great update!!~
Title: Realization [SaeAtsu}
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imteedee, yeah, I REALLY know what you mean *sigh* Sometimes I wonder why I ever added a '?' after the 'END'

Tam_atsu, yeah, I just LOVE AtsuYuu and Yuko's reactions XD

Kochiki, eh? Yar not a guy? Sorry... Q.Q And I agree bout that. Acchan's always the one initiating skinship with the midget but TKMN's like 'NO!' XD AtsuYuu~~~!!!

   ... I wonder why there's ALWAYS a MaYuki moment in ALL of my works??? None of them are in my Top 5... Wonder why...

   Coz I just read some KaixAcchan fic, I thought about making Yuko into a guy... But nah, that'd be too awkward. So I'll just make something a little different from the others. An alternate world FTW! XD And when we say guys, one name should pop up in our minds~ And no it's not a midget~

[Realization] -SaeAtsu-

   I looked at the scenery from the window while listening to the mumbling of the teacher. It's not like I don't like the teacher who's teaching us something we already knew for a hundred times already, it's just that I hate the small room inside the class. Not to mention some of them are already sleeping. Argh, how I wondered why guys love Girl's schools so much. Seeing the scene of the girls sleeping and SOME with only their bra on is kinda traumatizing. Luckily I'm used to it, and the teacher doesn't mind it.

   Then I realized there was someone outside flirting about. It was a certain cute cyborg girl with her taller raven-haired girlfriend. They were leaning on a tree and poking each other intimately. Some girls would say that it's just them playing with each other, or that their friendship is 'tight', but from the looks of it, and the fact that Mayuyu's eyes are different than usual, there's no doubt that they're going to end up doing something perverted. I reminded myself to ask the two of it later. It's not like I'm curious or anything. It's just that teasing the two feels too good!

"Atsu~" someone whispered in my right ears and I automatically flinched out of sheer reaction. "Pay attention to class, will you~?" she pinched both of my cheeks and I writhed in pain.
"Mariko! It hurts!" I lightly smacked the teacher and managed to make her release her grip. "And why are you only paying attention to me when half of the class are either doing something INDECENT or sleeping?!" I questioned half-raising my voice as I glared at Yuko, NyanNyan, and Takamina. They eventually stopped what they were doing and faked ignorance.
"Because YOU'RE the one with the WORST score in Japanese History. The others could get AT LEAST a C- while you could barely pass an E." Mariko countered and I pouted.
"But History's such a nuisance! Plus Mariko got an F when you were still in school!" I stated and got a smack on the head with the attendance record.
"That wasn't necessary, Atsu." I could see the veins popping up on her forehead. GAH! Maeda Atsuko's going to be dead tomorrow. Goodbye World!!!


   Or not. I was walking in the hallway when SUDDENLY! A wild Mii-chan appeared!

"Wifey~" she clung to me out of nowhere then I tried to release myself from her bounds. "So wanna go to the cafeteria like usual~?" she asked.
"Huh? No! You know I would NEVER go to someplace so indecent!" I half-shouted as I remembered the last time I went to the cafeteria which was two years ago, when I was still a freshman.

   As I entered, I could see girls stripping their clothes, and swimming in the private pool inside the cafeteria, I'm in a rich kid's school so there's A LOT of illogical things which were still new to me. One of them being an indoor pool and the other being a kid is running the school. What's worse is that when I entered the cafeteria, I could see girls kissing each other and touching themselves EVERYWHERE! I mean, seriously! GET A ROOM! It's not like I never expected that an all-girl's school would have something like lesbians, but thinking of this positively, aren't there a little too much and aren't they a little too open about it?!

"Eh~? But I wanna touch Acchan in all sorts of places~" she made her trademark pout and I of course hit her head.
"But I DON'T!" I stated as I finally got free from her. "Seriously, you and Yuko are the same!" I crossed my arms as I glared at the retreating Mii-chan.

"Hey, Atsuko. Want to go to the rooftop?" I heard somebody inviting me and as I turned around, I could see the figure of my closest friend and one of the most 'normal' people in this school, Sae!
"Sae-chan!" I literally shook her over and over "Listen to this! Mii-chan was-"
"Hey, slow down there, Atsuko. And stop shaking me, will you?" she used her strength to stand up normally and stopped my arms.
"Ah, forgot. Sorry." I tilted my head to the side and put my finger on my lips as I looked at her apologetically, which made her blush madly.

   That technique was one of the most dangerous techniques I have learned from Yuko. She always does that to NyanNyan and almost every time she did that, she would get forgiven right away. There was one time it didn't work. That was when she used it when Takamina was clinging to NyanNyan. Oh how Takamina was laughing at that time...

"Idiot, don't do that." she covered her blushed cheeks and took my hand, that was sitting there on my lips.

   This time, I was the one that was blushing. Sae-chan was one of the most famous girls in this school, next to me and Sayaka. Sayaka is famous for her sporty attitude and funny jokes. Sae-chan's famous for looking like an Ikemen, meaning a hot guy and is able to talk with the girls smoothly. I'm blushing out of the sheer touch of Sae-chan.

   The warmth of her hand on my cold hands feels awfully weird. This always happens when Sae-chan holds my hand or initiates skinship. My face would turn red and my eyes would deliberately wander around, not looking at her. Which was what happened at that time.

"S- Sorry..." I apologized out of sheer embarrassment.

   I know that Sae-chan doesn't really see me as anything more than a friend. Sae-chan always likes to fool around but she doesn't really like girls. She's actually a cute girl underneath and always wanted to wear cute clothes, like what NyanNyan would wear. But because the fanclub inside the school was protesting it, she had to wear cool clothes every time we go out. And that kinda... feels... weird...

"A- Anyway!" Sae-chan announced "Let's go to the rooftop!"


   We arrived at the rooftop and I could see the familiar faces of the girls. There's Takamina and Yuko, who's clinging to NyanNyan, Yui-chan trying to feed Paruru who was looking at Mayuyu who was sleeping on Yuki's lap, Sasshi who is fighting with Akicha over Rie-chan, and also Mariko who was letting Mii-chan sleep on her lap.

"Well... this is at least better than the cafeteria." I said and walked over to the space between Yui-chan and NyanNyan(who's being hugged by the two midgets)
"Haha... Can't argue with that." Sae-chan tries to search for some place to sit but Yui-chan, being the 'good girl' she is, tried made some room for her next to me as she 'unintentionally' got closer to Paruru.
"Thanks, Yui." Sae showed her her trademark smile and Yui-chan blushed a bit. Even I did. That smile was a KILLER!

   I looked at NyanNyan who was eating her lunch. A luxurious bento!!! and so I stared at her eating.

"Err... Acchan?" she looked at me worriedly as I almost drooled while looking at her lunch.
"Ah.. Don't worry about me. Please continue." I smiled and Yuko glared, for some unknown reason.
"I know what you're trying to get, Acchan." NyanNyan sighed but still smiled. "Here, Ahn~" she took an octopus sausage with her chopsticks and offered it to me, gesturing me to eat it on her chopstick.
"Ahn~" I ate it without second thought. Well, you should never turn down food. That's what great gramma Maeda said.

   I turned around to see Sae-chan glaring at me. It's rare to see her like that. Could she be jealous? Nah, can't be. I looked at NyanNyan again, with pleading eyes and she nodded, knowing what I wanted. I took one of the octopus sausages she has with NyanNyan's chopsticks, since she's already done eating and offered it to Sae.

"Ahn~" I gestured her to eat it as she blushed bright red.
"A- Ahn~" she slowly moved in and ate it. Thereafter, she closed her mouth. "I- Indirect kiss..."
"Pffttt! Jealous~?" I looked over at Yukirin who was trying to divert her attention as she patted Mayuyu's head.
"Heh. It's not like I care or anything. I already have Mayuyu and all." so she says but she's patting Mayuyu in a way that shook her head a little too much, waking up the poor junior.
"Eh? Yukirin, it hurts!" she looked at the taller one and Yukirin still didn't realize it, so I decided to ignore the situation.


   When I finally returned home, I was welcomed by the sight of my childhood friend on all fours as she looked like she was searching for something.

"Tomo~!" I instinctively hugged her out of nowhere and she flinched as she heard me back home.
"Atsuko? Long time no see." she greeted me after not seeing each other for five months already.
"So, what are you doing here in my home, Itano?" I asked, in which she faked coughed.
"Err... Just some things." she averted her eyes as she answered. Okay, she's keeping secrets.

   Tomo is one of the few people who I could read. She's usually kinda tomboyish, which is surprising because she's got a pretty good fashion sense. Well, at least better than mine. No offense to myself. She's also a good friend of mine since I was 6. I was always clinging to her and she always tries to run away, or hit me in the head.

"To.Mo~ You know I don't like it when you keep secrets from me, RIGHT~" I said to her, making my voice sound a little scarier than usual. It's one of the few techniques I could use on Tomo if she does something weird.
"It's my life, Atsuko." she says, still averting her eyes from me.
"It's MY house~" I made a confident statement.
"No, actually, it's mine." this time, someone said so as she entered. It was Mariko. "And why are you here, Tomochin?" she asked and I let go of Tomo as she bowed to Mariko.
"Good evening, ma'am." she greeted Mariko.
"Oi oi, didn't you always go around with me yelling "Mariko~" with Atsu here?" Mariko facepalmed as she heard Tomo being so formal.
"Anyways, I'll be living here for quite some time. Aunt's orders..." Tomo said, hinting a certain person who always does as she pleases.
"Mom, huh... This is gonna get annoying..." Mariko sighed.


"And so~" I said to the girls as I introduced Tomo to them. "This is Itano Tomomi. My childhood friend~" I hugged her intimately as she rolled her eyes, sounding 'urgh...' like she's sick of it. "Please look after her from now on~"

   All of them were frozen in place as I rubbed my cheek against Tomo's. Tomo of course actually didn't mind since she's already used to my clinging on her while the others didn't see me cling to others much, unless Sae-chan. But that's because I'm the closest to Sae-chan in the school.

"Err... Acchan... seriously?" Takamina looked at me in disbelief, as she eyed Sae-chan.
"Hm? Yeah? I guess?" I didn't know what Takamina was going after.
"Haha~" Sae-chan finally spoke, though her eyes are looking a little weirder than usual... It... hurts... "So that's your friend~" she took out her hand and offered it to Tomo. "Nice to meet you, Itano."

   When Sae-chan said that, Tomo looked like she realized something. I don't know what she realized but she chuckled a bit and looked at me back.

"Hm? What?" I probably looked confused since I don't know what actually was going on. Tomo sighed in return.
"I see..." she says as she had a smile on her face appeared. I recognized that smile really well. The smile in which she has something planned inside her head. The smile that I sometimes have when it want to do something explicitly evil. "Ne, Acchan~" she wrapped her arms around mine as she winked at me for some reason.
Okay... That's weird. She linking her arms with mine is already weird but she also used my nickname. She usually has too much of her pride to do that. "Yeah?" I just answered her with a question.
"Didn't we have something to do today~?" she grinned evilly as she traced her index finger on my arm, causing me to blush uncontrollably by my childhood friend's childish but cute action.
"Eh? Did we?" I asked, confused and embarrassed at the same time.
"We did~" she showed her fangs, which means she's already at the climax and is waiting for my next reply.

   My chest skipped a beat not because of my childhood friend but the awkward silence and smiles of the others and also... the sadness in Sae-chan's face.

   My eyes opened wide as Sae-chan forcibly got up and I could see tears falling down her eyes.

"I- I have something to do!" she ran away before I could even say anything.

   Realizing the situation, I also got up and chased her for whatever reason she was sad.

"Wait up, Sae-chan!" I chased her, not looking back at the others, because that was the first time I saw her cry in front of anybody. The first time I saw her sad face. And what I'm more scared of was... that sadness was probably... caused by me...


   I ran and ran, chasing her as she ran from me. I kept chasing her, my chest already beating at an impossible heart rate. One because of the unusual activity I'm doing as I'm not much of a sporty type and the other being the unusual feeling I have in my chest. What actually was it? What did Sae-chan do in which not even any one of my closest confidantes could?

"Sae-chan!" I shouted, half-ordering her to slow down, yet she paid no heed. She kept running, probably even faster.

   As I chased her, my vision became blurry. I couldn't see well. I was reaching my limit.

"Sae..." As I finally almost lost my consciousness, I collapsed.

   I could hear someone shout my name.


   Thus I lost consciousness.


   I slowly wake up from my slumber, feeling something wet on my hand. I lifted by eyelids with great difficulty. I finally looked at the one who caused the wetness.

"Huh...?" I recognized her and she quickly rose her head to me and a bright smile appeared, replacing the tears that was on her cheeks.
"Atsuko!" she immediately hugged me and cried as she ruffled my hair, worried. "Thank god... Thank... god..."

   I realized I was in the infirmary at school, since I fainted just outside the school. And also... She was crying because of me... I, with the blushed cheeks appearing on my face, hugged her back. Then, I though of something evil...

"... Who... are you...?" I asked, playing dumb.

   She was of course surprised. Her face grown worried of what she had done. Until, she finally thought of something... She looked downwards as she answered.

"I'm Miyazawa Sae..." Sae-chan answered and I almost chuckled by how serious she sounded. Just when I was about to prank her, "Your... lover..."

   Eh? What?

   I didn't know what she just answered. What did she just...

   Questions played all over in my mind. I didn't know how to react then. But for some reason, my heart was beating strangely. Far faster than before. I didn't know what I actually think of this, but for all I know, I feel kinda happy...

   Then I realized it... This feeling... Was something I had all along. Something I already knew but played dumb. Something I never accepted. Something that everybody else realized except me, myself...

"I... see..." I said, and Sae-chan immediately covered up.
"Haha, that was a joke, obv-" before she could finish,

   I kissed her. Deeper than what I ever did with Yuko or Tomo. This is the kiss that answered her feelings.

   She was at loss as well. She pushed me as lightly as possible.

"A- Atsuko! T- That was just a joke!" she says but I pulled her towards me again, kissing her passionately.

   At first she was struggling but as time passed, she accepted it. Even taking the lead. She pushed me back onto the bad, me lying on it as she got up on the bed and traced her fingers on my cheeks. She smelled the aroma from my hair and I smelled hers. I traced her fingers on her face and positioned herself for her eyes to meet mine.

"You don't even need to say it, Sae-chan. You don't need to say anything."

   Her eyes shot open as I said the thing I thought in my mind. Tears started to fall from her eyes as she kissed me yet again. Finally, I became hers and she became mine.


   We walked outside of school as I linked my hands with her and snuggled up to her. Many of the girls would kill for the chance to snuggle up to their great 'Miyazawa-san' so I wonder what kind of things would happen if we say we're going out? So I asked Sae-chan.

"Oh. It's going to be fine." she answered.
"Hm? How so? Your fanclub would skin me alive!" I remembered the horror when Yukirin went to school linking arms with Sae one day... Brr.. How they tortured Mayuyu by confiscating her favorite manga...
"You might not know this, but you're pretty popular, Atsuko." she says, as she chuckled a bit.
"Eh? Seriously? But I'm normal, you know." I asked for an explanation.
"Didn't you walk around and some girls were squealing 'Goddess Maeda-sama!' or 'The cold Beauty!'?" she says and I remembered.
"Wait, that's just their way of bullying me." I defended.
"Atsuko... Sometimes you're just too much of an airhead..." she pouted and got reminded of just a few hours ago.

   Seeing the cute pout on her face, which most people would say doesn't suit her but it actually did. If I could get a picture of her right now, then nobody in this school could ever call her 'cool' again, and would call her 'Sae-chan' instead. I chuckled and placed a kiss on her left cheek. Even though we just did something way more indecent, she still blushed madly.

"But even so, I'm yours." I gave her my greatest smile.

   As we passed the gates, we could hear a few chuckles as they saw us. I looked at my surroundings to see my friends, even Tomo were eyeing us weirdly.

"You were supposed to be straight, huh~" Yuko teased and I blushed
"Woot~ Omedeto~" Mayuyu also joined in.
"Sae-chan..." Yukirin looked at Sae-chan and then me. More like she GLARED at me!
"I knew these two would make a great couple~ Right, Paruru?!" Yui-chan smiled at Paruru.
"Heh. I guess so." Paruru winked at me, which was really rare.
"Omedeto, senpai!" Rie-chan congratulated Sae-chan and me.
"Well, we were actually waiting for this to happen since last year..." Akicha added.
"May you two have a great marriage!" Sasshi joked.
"Wait, we're not getting married, you know!" Sae-chan blushed madly again as she tried to fix whatever is in Sasshi's head.

"Took you long enough to realize, Atsuko." Tomo smirked as she patted my head, tiptoeing since she was a little too short. I bend down a little, used to her constant 'sister-like' traits.
"You didn't have to be so harsh on that play, though..." I said, dissatisfied by what she did to Sae-chan.
"Sorry, okay? It was for your own happiness, anyways." she chuckled.

   Sae grabbed my hand all of a sudden and dragged me away.

"Argh! These guys are teasing us too much!!!" she shouted at particularly no one as I giggled at their antics.
"Because Sae-chan's too cute~" I hopped on her back.
"Eh?! Not you too, Atsuko?!" She looked behind and just as she did, I placed another kiss on her right cheek.
"Yup, Sae-chan's cute~~~!!!" I said as I looked at her flushed cheeks yet again, the embarrassed Sae-chan is the cutest!


   SaeAtsu~ I love them just as much as I love... MariAtsu~ XD
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I LOVE SAEATSU too ! ~~~ so... ugh.. my heart.. :heart:
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Ah!!!! My AtsuYuu heart is pumping like crazy!!!! Motto!!!!!
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SaeAtsu~ I love it. I love to see Sae-chan with everyone, espescially with cute members~ And this fic is cute  :twothumbs
Title: The Family -RenAtsuYuuJuri- AKA sakura_drop_san's BDAY spec
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Fuu, 'too'~? I just love anyone that Atsuko pairs up with and who doesn't have the name 'Minami'~ Yeah, both >w>

sakura, I was actually thinking of continuing on my fics but... well...

eri, Sae's good to pair up with anybody~ XD Seriously! Last night, I tried to pair up Sae and Sasshi! It worked OAO

   Well, since I missed sakura_drop_san's bday, so yeah, it's a Happy Belated Birthday Sakura-san!

   Coz Sakura-san's an AtsuYuu shipper so, yeah! ATSUYUU!!!! was what I thought but meh. Let's add a little spice in it, shall we?

   Meh, it's like I'm writing just coz of boredom~ But no~ It's for her bday~ I swear~ >w> Now let's take a look at what pairing I'm gonna use~ It's Sakura-san's top three again~ and a certain 16 year old... Let's make it innocent~! I love innocent stories~

Sakura-san's belated birthday gift XD
[The Family] ~RenAtsuYuuJuri~

   Atsuko, the girl who was called a 'Goddess'. 18 year old. Is known for her angel-like smile and cat-like personality. The one in the Center of the family. The one who is the most 'normal' in the family. The second-born. Sees Yuko as a child and treats her like one. She's also the only one in the family who can cook and teaches Jurina sometimes to cook for herself.

   Yuko, the squirrel-like girl. 20 years old. The shortest of the four. Yuko was once known by her schoolmates as the 'perverted old man' thanks to her perverted jokes which always came out of nowhere. The oldest in the family. Yuko is sometimes responsible but whenever Atsuko is too tired, she would support her in any way possible.

   Rena, the dark-sided princess. 18 years old. She was always respected by her friends as someone who lives a princess-like lifestyle but little did they know that once she reaches home, she's the laziest of the four, even lazier than Yuko herself. She is the one who is in charge of the youngest's bath, and also sleeps with her every night. Has a hidden crush on Atsuko, but the girl still didn't realize it.

   Jurina, the energetic child. 12 years old. She is more developed than most of the children in her year. She's also the one who the family pampers the most. She helps Atsuko in any way she can and also clings to her too much in which caused Rena to have jealous fits most of the time. She sometimes fight with Rena because of small things, but they usually make up by the day. She is unexpectedly a little too developed, as stated by Atsuko.

   These four family members took care of each other in every way possible. Atsuko takes care of everyone and acts as a mother figure to both Jurina and Rena. Whenever you are with Atsuko, you will always feel like you need to do your hardest. Yuko takes care of Atsuko every time, not wanting the younger girl to fall apart. She also pulls the family along as the oldest and brings smiles to their faces. Rena might be selfish, but she cares for all of them just as much as she loves to be spoiled by Atsuko, even though they're the same age. Jurina brings the energy to everyone in the family. Whenever any one of them see the energetic Jurina, all their spirits will be replenished.

   Little did Atsuko know, that the family has something they hid from her since they were still small.


"Atsu-nee! Ren-nee's bullying me again!" Jurina tattles, running and clinging onto Atsuko.
"Am NOT! You need to take a bath already!" Rena came and tries to separate the two.
"*sigh*" Atsuko sighed and hit both of them on their heads.
"Ittai!" they exclaimed and covers their heads.
"Juri-chan, you need to listen to your older sister... Rena-chan, it's not good to force her into things." she lectures both of them as the two tries not to cry.
"Yo~ Waaa, what's with the mood?" Yuko came in the kitchen only to see the youngest two being lectured by Atsuko.
"Ah, Yuko, welcome back." Atsuko greeted the eldest, followed by Rena and Jurina.
"I'm back~"

   After that, Yuko cleverly stopped Atsuko's lecture of the two and asked Rena to come with her to go shopping. Rena of course accepted, not wanting to hear more of her older sister's nagging. When the two left, Atsuko was the one who needed to bathe with Jurina.

"Juri-chan, wanna take a bath with me?" Atsuko smiled and asked Jurina nicely and the youngest nodded her head vigorously.

[Yuko's POV]

"And I ask again, why do you always act differently whenever we're outside?" I asked Rena-chan who's smiling so happily, though it seems creepy to me.

   Rena-chan always had a 'chara' of a princess whenever we're outside and just when she reaches home, she slumps down and always seek for Acchan's attention. I don't mind it but, straining yourself just to keep your 'chara' intact isn't really good for your health. I mean, come on. Just look at me. I'm a pervert, as stated by Acchan, and I show my perverted side to whoever I befriend, outside or inside the house.

"Oh whatever do you mean, dear sister?" Okay, she just used polite speech with me. Now it's personal.
"Rena-chan~" I swiftly and cleverly put my hand over her shoulder and just when she lets her guard down, I groped her in a perverted manner!
"Y- Yuu-nee!" finally she lets out her true feelings, blushing madly and all~ So all we need to do is~
"TACTICAL RETREAT!"  I ran ahead and left her there, hearing cursed words come out from my little sister as she chases me.

[Atsuko's POV]

"Juri-chan..." I stared at my younger sister straight in the eyes.
"Atsu-nee..." she lets out as she came closer to me.
"Come..." I gestured her as I opened my arms to catch her.
"Onee-sama~!!!" she comes to me, running, and just when she hugs me, I squeezed her. "Ouch ouch! It hurts, Atsu-nee!"
"So be quiet and stay in the tub, will you?!" I pulled her inside the tub and she finally settles down.

   Juri-chan isn't really fond of taking baths. She always run away when any of us tells her to take a bath. So that's why sometimes, I'm the one who bathes with her, since she usually listens to what I say, even though the one who needs to take care of her is Rena, considering I'm busy with chores and Yuko's busy with work.

"Wan~ I feel bliss~" she says, being hugged by me as I washed her.
"Hm? Juri-chan, did your breast grow bigger?" I ask her as I realized that it was bigger than usual.
"I think so? Dunno. I don't care about it much~" she says, snuggling up to me.
"Stay still, Juri-chan~ Mou~" I felt ticklish whenever she rubs her face on my breasts.
"Don't wanna~ Atsu-nee smells nice~" she stated, not settling down.
"*sigh* You're similar to Yuko in some sense." I chuckled as I took the shampoo to wash her hair.

   Whenever I bathe with Yuko, she will always cling to me for no apparent reason, just like Jurina. Rena's a bit different. She's usually quiet when I bath with her. I would always clean her up as she looked down on the water. She sometimes pass out, probably from being in the bath too long. Yuko said that I spoil Rena too much, but I don't see that at all. Of course she's kinda lazy when she's at home, but she always listen to whatever I tell her.

   We got out of the bath when we're done and I dried her up with her towel before drying myself. After that, we put on our clothes and went to the kitchen to cook dinner.

[Rena's POV]

   When I caught up to Yuu-nee, I literally hit her head like how Atsu-nee did to us. She pouted and acted cute. It would've worked if it was with her friends or Atsu-nee but it won't fool me.

   I sometimes envy Yuu-nee. She's always the closest one to Atsu-nee. Because our house has only one bedroom, since the other bedroom is used for storage, and also that our bedroom has only two beds, who could only hold up to two people each, we had to split up. It's always Yuu-nee who could sleep with Atsu-nee. Atsu-nee said that I had to take care of Jurina, so I have to sleep with her. Of course, Jurina tries to sneak to the older girls' bed, but I always caught her. Jurina's too fond of Atsu-nee and I don't like it one bit. It's not like I like Atsu-nee or anything. Maybe like a sister, yeah. She's my sister so I have to protect her from Jurina's constant attacks.

"Hey, Yuu-nee. When can we switch our beds already?" I asked Yuu-nee as we took a few things for tomorrow's food.
"Hm? You wanna sleep with Acchan that badly, huh~?" she teased and I blushed furiously.
"N- No! I- It's just that J- Jurina's the one who couldn't sleep properly!" I defended myself as she looked at me with a smirk.
"RIGHT~ Then I'll change places with Jurina, then~" Yuu-nee said as she teases me more.
"I- It's not good!" I objected, still blushing, and made an 'x' with my hands.
"And why so~?" she asked.
"B- Because..." I searched for an excuse and made one up "I- I don't want to trouble Atsu-nee with Jurina!"
"What a lame excuse."

   Then suddenly, Yuu-nee flinched and hides behind me.

"Eh? What's wrong, Yuu-nee?" I looked behind me and see that Yuu-nee's looking elsewhere, to the left.
"N- Nothing~ Just walk~" she orders and I did as she said.

   I then look at the right to see someone I recognized. It was Kojima Haruna who was shopping with her friends. I already knew that Kojima-san likes Yuu-nee when she always comes to my house, but I never expected her to still like Yuu-nee.

"Ah~" I grinned as I ran ahead. "Kojima-san~"

[Jurina's POV]

   We finally finish making curry rice. Curry rice is the only thing that I know how to make so I would always help Atsu-nee with cooking it. And she sometimes made curry rice just so that I could be useful. Atsu-nee's really kind~ No wonder Ren-nee likes her so much~ Though It would be better if she realizes that love. Atsu-nee's too dense.

"Juri-chan, can you set the table?" Atsu-nee asked me and I nodded.

   I set the table and waited for Atsu-nee to finish. I then heard the doorbell and opened the door, only to see Yuu-nee who's sweating a lot, probably because she ran here.

"Hm? Something happened?" I ask Rena who's grinning weirdly behind Yuu-nee.
"She ran away." she answers, but I still didn't get what happened...

   They got in and the table's already set with the food. We took our seats, me next to Rena and in front of Atsu-nee and Rena in front of Yuu-nee. "Ittadakimasu~" we said in unison.

[Atsuko's POV]

"So you just ran away? Aw Yuko, you seriously need to tell her everything, you know." I chuckled as Rena finished telling me what happened before.
"I know, but... You know... She's not really someone who would listen..." she says, scratching the back of her head.
"I know her more than you do, Yuko. If you tell her straight, she will understand." I advised her.

   I'm not really too fond of romance, but hearing Yuko's perverted adventures puts a smile on my face. Of course I didn't want Juri-chan to grow up like her. Though, I think it's already too late.

"Atsu-nee, what about your admirer?" Juri-chan asks me and I flinch out of sheer surprise.
"Oh! Nice one, Jurina!" Rena-chan gave a thumbs up to her.
"Haha! Attack on Acchan's life!" Yuko stared at me, followed by the other two.
"Okay okay. I get it already" I chuckled and explain what happened. "Well, I of course turned her down but yeah, she still didn't give up. Sometimes when I cling to her just for fun, she would blush red, and that would turn it into an awkward moment. Though I think I heard rumors that she's currently going out with NyanNyan."
"Uso! She's going out with Haruna now?!" Yuko asked, surprised.
"Yeah, that's what I heard from Mariko." I explained to her, since she knows all of my friends.

   My friends would sometimes come to our house to hang out so they know my family quite well. Haruna fell in love with Yuko at first sight and confessed to her right in front of everyone else. Yuko's not really good with relationships so she would always run away whenever she sees Haruna at our house. Yuko and Juri-chan heard that Minami confessed to me thanks to Rena-chan, since she's in the same class as me and Minami.

"So are you two jealous~" Juri-chan smirked and asked me and Yuko.
"Huh? Of course not." We said in unison, not affected by her tease.
"Well, as expected." Rena-chan chuckled and smiles.

'So I finally have a chance to confess to Acchan now that her friend's out of the picture~ I should confess to her when we're alone~' all three thought as they heard what had happened.

"Atsu-nee~" Juri-chan hugged me as I was preparing the bed.
"Hm? What~?" I asked playfully,
"Yuu-nee said we're gonna sleep on futons today~" she explained
"Eh? But I already-" "NO EXCUSES" Suddenly Yuko came and dragged me out, Juri-chan followed.


   We were sleeping on a few futons in the living room.

"Jurina, stop clinging to Atsu-nee already!" Rena-chan separates me and Juri-chan.
"Waaa! But it's been such a long time since we all slept together!" Juri-chan tries to hug me again but was stopped by Rena-chan again.
"Go to sleep already!" Rena-chan hits Juri-chan's head lightly.
"Mou! But I can only sleep by hugging Atsu-nee!" Juri-chan throws a tantrum.
"Just let her be, Rena-chan." I sighed and lets Juri-chan do whatever she wants.

   Rena-chan wasn't satisfied, though. Yuko's on my left, Juri-chan's on my right, next to Rena-chan. At first I wanted Rena-chan to sleep next to me but Yuko protested, saying that I would spoil her by hugging her too much. Well, I spoil Juri-chan too though. After a few seconds the two of them were finally asleep. They only need seconds to sleep while Yuko and I couldn't sleep at all.

"Still awake?" she asks me and I held her hand, answering her question. She chuckled and clings to me as Juri-chan changed to clinging to Rena-chan, who also hugs her as well.
"I wonder why we're so weak against our little sisters." I asked.
"Correction, Acchan. YOU'RE weak against them. I've got no problemo~" she says so confidently.
"RIGHT~ And who was the one that ran away from NyanNyan thanks to Rena-chan's prank~?"
"Urg! T- That was just a one time thing!" she averted her eyes as I teased her.

   I cuddled with her as we hid behind our blanket, feeling cold after we put the blankets on our little sisters.

"Childish Acchan will always be childish." she chuckled as she teases me.
"Shut up, it's not like you're any better." I countered.

   She grins as she pinches my cheeks. I countered by poking her all over. Thus we roll around fighting with each other as we try not to make too much noise. We tickled each other, smacked each other and even shook each others' heads. Finally we settled down next to the couch. Yuko had a perverted grin on her face and I already know what she wanted to do. I tried to get away but she picked me up and threw me on the couch, which was facing the other direction of our little sisters. She then jump on top of me as we wrestled each other.

   I finally lost as she kissed me on the lips. It's only Yuko's way of playing around so I kissed her back, this time, even longer. Yuko let her guard down, and using this chance, I pushed her on the couch and pinned her down, this time, I'm the one on top of her. She tries to break free but I pinned her arms on her chest, grinning at her widely.

"Acchan's a pervert~" Yuko says playfully.
"I know, Yuko. I know." I said and kissed her on the lips while stroking her hips.

   She flinched as I reached her stomach, slowly moving downwards. In fear, she lets out a moan and I chuckled as I kissed her, satisfied of the outcome. Then I released her and get up.

"Okay, you two. Enough with horsing around and go to bed already..." we heard a voice and as we looked at the two sisters, Rena-chan, was hiding her red face in the blanket as she covers Juri-chan in her breasts, not letting the little one know of what just happened.
"... Atsu-nee's so forward..." which backfired. Juri-chan realized.
"Acchan used my body for her evil needs. Perverted Acchan." Yuko faked sobbed as she runs to Rena-chan and hugs her.
"And look who's the one who started all of this." I sighed and hugged Juri-chan.

   The four of us slept like that. Yuko hugging the embarrassed Rena-chan. and me hugging the flushed Juri-chan. Hopefully they won't take the moment with me and Yuko as something weird.


Okay, now THIS is something that I can continue XD It's so innocent yet fun~ I love shipping AtsuYuu for no apparent reason~ And a little YuuRena service for Sakura-san's birthday~ Yay~! XD

Tell me if I should continue this or not~ Coz it's innocent. I can think of a lot of innocent AtsuJuri moments in my head~ LoL
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Thank you!!!!

So happy~!!!!

This was osam!!!!


I can't contain happiness~!!!!!

More YukoRena and AtsuYuu moments, onegai~!!!!
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Ah.. Yuko and Atsuko..

I like Atsuko interaction with Jurina and Rena...

She spoilted both of them...

Great OS there...

Thank you

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I LOVE ATSUYUU.... feeling like i havnt read one in awhile
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Pftt...I've read that SaeAtsu pairings fic but i'm toooo lazy to comment~
-So hey, i'm happy if someone call me a guy though i'm a 100% girl...
-Don't cha' worry, threat me like a guy cos i tend to be a guy in here...Lol...
-Okay, okay...Back to da' story...Wow, you really can do an innocent fic, huh??~
-Haha sorry bout' that but it's quite interesting to read!!~ Them as siblings~
-Now that's what i call an 18-years-old girl...Such a goood move of her~~
-It'll be good if you continue it~~ The fic~ Can't really wait for the next one!!~

>Plz update the next continuation if there is but if not~ Another OS!!~ Hehehe~~
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sakura_drop, yeah, I'll try~!!!

cisda, I know, right~ Atsuko's a little too weak against her sisters~

jennybenzy, well, most of the fics/OS I make are AtsuYuu. Coz AtsuYuu's meh OTP!!!

Kochiki, haha, warui ^^'' I'll think of ya as a girl, then. Since, well... yeah... ANYWHO, I'll make another OS coz it's been stuck on my mind since yesterday!

   Yes, I know what one of you is thinking. I'm actually doing AtsuMina, my... guilty pleasure... but hey, it's not like I hate them. Just that I find Minami not worth Atsuko's love. I mean, seriously =='' Oh well, this might change my mind~
   AtsuMina OS starto!

[Be aware that this story might kill most of the AtsuYuu shippers. Do not blame the characters for any of their actions taken]

[Fallen] -AtsuMina-

"Atsuko, we've been going around for hours. Can't you just pick whatever gift you want to give to Yuko?" A short ponytailed girl asked the taller one.
"No, Minami. It's for Yuko, so of course I need to find something special!" The taller one's eyes shone brightly, thinking of the perfect gift while the shorter one sighed.

   The day after is the said Yuko's birthday, so Atsuko was searching for a right gift to give to her best friend, using her girlfriend as support since Minami's pervertedness and train of thought is about the same as the squirrel girl's. It's been two hours since they started searching and Atsuko hadn't bought a thing! Which made her girlfriend feel tired of her indecisiveness. So she put her foot down.

"Atsuko, I know Yuko's such a good friend to you ever since we've entered AKB but don't you think she would like any gift from you? You know just how simple-minded that girl can be." Minami advised her friend.
"You're the same though, Minami." she countered, earning a glare from her girlfriend. "But still, I want Yuko to get the best gift! She's my future rival and I don't just want to give her something so simple!" she added.
"That's what I'm worried about..." the shorter one sighed.
"Ah! Could it be..." Atsuko thought of something and smirked at her. "You're jealous~?"

   Hearing the overly tease that came from Atsuko caused Minami to blush uncontrollably. She knew herself just how close Yuko and Atsuko are but she just couldn't get rid of the insecure feeling in which the two are actually closer than what she had thought. In other words, yes, she was pretty much jealous.

"O- of course I'm not! W- Why would I ever get jealous of that midget?!" Minami defended herself, stuttering in the most convenient manner.
"She's 5cm taller than you, though~" Atsuko added oil to the fire.
"Huh?! Now you're using Yuko's excuse?!" Minami got even more jealous because of Atsuko's tease.
"Saa~" she chuckled. "But Minami," she patted the girl's head, looking at her straight in the eyes then smiled "You're the only one for me."

   The already red Minami was even redder due to the taller girl's words. She cupped her face with her hands, hiding her flushed cheeks from one Maeda Atsuko who was chuckling at the older girl's cuteness. Atsuko checked her surroundings and just when nobody's looking, she gently held Minami's hand down and kissed her right on the girl's left cheek.

"Could that be counted as an apology~?" Atsuko asked playfully.
"H- How about on the lips?" Minami averted her eyes, asking to be spoiled by the younger girl.
"Oh~ You want me to do it on the lips~ Ya da~ Minami's suck a pervert~!" she teased and faked tantrum.
"I- I'm not! I- It's just that... I'd... be..." Minami pouts and taps her fingers together cutely "kinda... happy... if you did..."

   That attack made Atsuko squeal inside of her girlfriend's cuteness. She checked her surroundings again and made the move. She kissed her on the lips. It might be just a peck on the lips but to Minami, it already made her satisfied, and of course embarrassed. Atsuko knew since the beginning. One could never turn down a Takahashi Minami's request. They separated and finally Atsuko's blush could be seen.

"L- Let's just go!" Atsuko, embarrassed of what she just did and of how cute Minami was, went ahead, leaving the satisfied midget.
"O- Oi! Wait up!"


   After Atsuko bought something, they finally went back to the apartment. They didn't see any sight of Yuko so Atsuko decided that she should cook for her girlfriend once in a while. Atsuko put the present in her drawer, and Minami follows.

"Ne, what do you want to eat, Minami?" she asked and the older girl backed away out of instinct.
"No! Atsuko, there are times when a girl needs to avoid danger!" Minami protested.
"Huh? What?" clueless Atsuko is clueless.
"I DON'T WANNA DIE!" Minami joked and hid under Atsuko's blanket.
"Oi!" Atsuko got a little pissed, seeing how much Minami's trying to avoid her cooking. "Fine, then!" she stomped her feet and left the room.

   After a while, Minami got out to see that Atsuko was lying on the sofa.

"Atsuko, I was kidding~" Minami tries to comfort the girl but Atsuko didn't reply.
"Boo~ Minami doesn't want me anymore..." Atsuko pouted. "Bah! I'm going to find comfort in NyanNyan's breasts!" Atsuko typed on her phone rapidly.
"Don't be like Yuko!" Minami hits Atsuko's head lightly at her joke.
"But Minami's not caring about me anymore..." Atsuko looked at Minami with teary eyes, causing the shorter girl to blush at how cute the sight was.
"I- I was just joking... Forgive me..." Minami sat on the girl's lap as Atsuko sat on the sofa properly, then Minami looked back at her with a smile. "Okay~?"

   Atsuko wrapped her arms around Minami's body, feeling her warmth. Time passed as two stayed in that position for a while. All that could be heard was the sound of two heartbeats synchronizing into one. Atsuko smelled Minami's hair, the fragrance of her girlfriend, that turns her on. She sniffed the girl's nape, causing the older girl to feel ticklish, thus flinched out of sheer surprise.

"A- Atsuko?" as Minami looked back again, her eyes met with Atsuko's.

   As one would say, as if they were attracted to each other, the two came closer, and their lips met. This time, it was far longer than they imagined. Atsuko slid her tongue into the opening of Minami's lips, causing the older girl to be surprised, but eventually joined in with her, tasting every bit of Atsuko's inside. The two intertwined tongues made dirty sounds around the living room as the two became more fierce with their partner. The temperature was raised unexpectedly, due to what? Was it the passion the two had? Was it the hot saliva they tasted? Or was it the heat of their partner transmitting into the room itself? They don't know, but never cared. The one in front of them is far more important than some unknown explanation.

   Minami pushed down Atsuko to the sofa, laying her down as she kissed her passionately on top of the younger girl. Atsuko lets out a perverted moan as the older girl's hands explored her every parts.

   After a few minutes of losing themselves, they finally separated to catch some needed air. Their breathing became ragged as they looked at each other seductively. Minami's hand went under the younger girl's clothes as her other hand slid below the girl's skirt. The now red Atsuko finally lost it and grabbed the older girl's hands.

"W- Wait..." she asked her to stop at the most delicious stage.
"Huh? What's wrong?" Minami asked, still sane.
"What if someone sees us? We should move to my bed..." Atsuko suggested as she looked away, embarrassed of the situation at the moment.
Minami chuckled as she saw how cute Atsuko acted and accepted her suggestion.

   As they finally entered the room, Minami locked the door and focused all her attention to Atsuko. Atsuko laid on the bed and opened her arms.

"Come, Minami." she showed her the smile Minami adored the most.

[The next morning]

   Atsuko woke up to see there wasn't anyone next to her. It seemed as if Minami had left for work. Atsuko yawned and got up from her bed. She then went towards the showers. After showering and changing her clothes, she felt something was wrong. What was it? There was a smell. An ominous smell of metal. She headed towards the smell and when she came to Yuko's room, the entire world flipped.

"Oh, morning, Acchan~" Yuko smiled at her roommate.

   Atsuko's eyes peeled open as she witnessed the scene in front of her. A girl was on the ground. Blood covered all over her and the obvious source of it was from her best friend. Yuko was holding a blood-covered knife. Atsuko forced herself to look at the scene, cupped her hands on her mouth, preventing her to vomit from the scenario.

"A..tsu...ko...." the blood-covered girl called out to her and Atsuko finally realized who it was.
"Mi...nami...?" Atsuko was at loss for words.

   As if from instinct, she quickly went towards the girl to check on her condition, she didn't know if it had hit any vital organs so she wants to make sure she'll be able to survive.

"I'm here, Minami... I'm here!" Atsuko screamed, holding her hands with the girl. She didn't know what to do but standing around would do nothing. She then glared at the girl which caused this.
"Ah~ You didn't even great me, Acchan~ That's bad~" Yuko still had a smile on her face.

   The smile Yuko showed wasn't the goofy smile Atsuko knew, but this was more forced, more evil. Questions played in her mind. Why did she do that? Why? The question she wanted to know the most was... How could she...?

   She turned back towards Minami. As if praying for a miracle, she held the girl's hands more, grip tightening and looking at her warmly. But after that, she felt a dull pain on her head, and she blacked out. Looking at the laughing Yuko finally gone insane as her last view.


   Atsuko woke up the second time, hands and knees tied to the bed. She knew the location. It was where she passed out. Yuko's room. Atsuko scanned around to see Yuko sitting right next to her with her creepy smile.

"Had a nice nap~?" the older girl asked, hands covered with blood.
"I- It was okay..." Atsuko answered, afraid of the older girl. She then realized and remembered what happened. "Where's Minami?!" she asked, half-shouting, demanding the girl to answer.
"She's still alive, don't worry~" Yuko playfully answered while playing with the younger girl's hair with her other hand which was not covered in blood. "But she won't be for long~"

   Atsuko's fears struck down as she realized the madness in Yuko's eyes. She was only looking at Atsuko, her eyes didn't move from her body, not even blinking once. Atsuko was frightened for her life, seeing her best friend and rival act in that manner.

"Acchan..." Yuko's voice sounded a little bit lonely to her. "Didn't you promise me that you'd marry me, when you were still in AKB~?"

   Atsuko searched or her memory and just as Yuko said, she did promise her something of that.

"That was when I was still 14, Yuko... It was just our childish promise."
"But it was still our promise!" Yuko shouted, striking fear in the younger girl's eyes. "Yet you..." she then stood up, walking to the end of the bed, picking up a certain object while glaring at it. "You still went to her instead of me..."
"Minami!" Atsuko called to the said object, Minami, who was still alive, but barely.

   Yuko glared at Atsuko, who couldn't move but struggled to get out and help her girlfriend.

"But now..." Yuko had a frightening grin as she glared at Minami with killing intent. "... You'll be mine."


   Blood was splattered all over the wall. Atsuko couldn't believe what she just saw. Yuko, Minami's supposed best friend killed her right in front of her girlfriend's eyes, chopping her body off as the girl held Minami's head firmly, laughing in a diabolical way. Atsuko shouted her name more than she could imagined, asking the older girl to stop what she was doing but the girl paid no heed. Tears fell out of Atsuko's eyes as she cried for her lover's murder.

"Acchan~?" Yuko licked the tears off of Atsuko and held her hand as the younger girl bit her lip of what's to come. "You won't leave me anymore, right~?"


   Now I just killed Takamina, Atsumina shippers AND AtsuYuu shippers... Damn... I don't know what I just did but I feel kinda... weird... As an AtsuYuu shipper I should feel happy but... Why do I feel like I should change it back? Why do I feel like I want Takamina and Atsuko to be together? Why did I think Yuko was insane, even more than Gekikara? Saa~

   Thus ends my first 'member dies' fic~ I'm prepared for all the hate so bash me all ya want!!! Okay, I'm kidding, I'm gonna hide in a hole...
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first i was like
atsumina was on a date(to buy a gift for yuko)
 so sweet and the kissu is so hot  :wriggly:

but watdahell!
yo-you kill minami omg!
 :OMG: :temper: :tantrum:

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 :stoned: :on blackhole:

Even if I am an AtsuYuu shipper....
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Very disturbing And twisted story there...

Poor Atsumina.... Well dunno who I should felt pity for?

Great OS thank you

Can't wait to see more OS

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Urm...I have my 2nd collection right now~ I'm so as-if-i'm-happy!!~
-First is a memorable headshot and second is a stab on my heart!!~
-Not so many people can get this 2 great gift!!~ Well, just a lil' bit happy~
-Because it involve dark, kill and most importantly blood!!~ Sorry for being creepy~
-Man...Honestly that's great, first scene (buying gift) -"Ah...So relaxing~"
-Second scene (AtsuMina!!) -"Uh...It's so hawt~ I wanna more~"
-Third scene (Yuko ftw!!) -"Sh!!!+...Yuko just killed my Minami!!"
-"But meh...It's dark, i like it and this is just a fiction~ Just my taste~"

>Anyhow, plz update the next OS!!~ Will be lookin' forward for da' next one!!~ Dark side!!~ Yuko!!~ Lol... <--Crazy
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 :mon wtfmm: <<< I was listening to a happy song while reading

yeah put there Atsuko suddenly woke up from a nightmare and realized she's tied on the bed once again  XD
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first i was like
atsumina was on a date(to buy a gift for yuko)
 so sweet and the kissu is so hot  :wriggly:

but watdahell!
yo-you kill minami omg!
 :OMG: :temper: :tantrum:

Yeah!!! jeje my favorite sentence "[Be aware that this story might kill most of the AtsuYuu shippers".. sorry o love atsumina :B.. I prefer atsuyuu like a partner in crime but not like lovers.. sorry..
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why you do that...


Minami TT.TT

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Y-you ki-killed Minami. Even worse, the brutal way.  :cry: It was so nice at the beginning too.   :fainted:

Title: Ashura's OS's... Newest : One does not simply... [AtsuYuu]
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Chichay, muahahaha! It wasn't my fault >.> I- It's just that I find it hard to actually write an AtsuMina pairing... So that just happened ^^''

sakura_drop, yeah, I know what ya mean... But, still, I feel proud of that one OwO

cisda, why, thank you~ XD And I guess ya should've felt petty for Yuko. Since she was played with by Atsuko...

Kochiki, I'm not gonna do more of those dark fics... Unless I need to... (Already has something in mind, but that's for another time)

   Atsuko opened her eyes from the nightmare which she has seen. She felt relieved to see Minami alive and well, sleeping on her left side, though there was something she didn't feel a little too comfortable from...
"Okay, Yuko. Why the hell are you tying me to bed...?"
"Oh, I thought you'd never ask~" Yuko made a triumphant pose as she and Minami, who was supposedly asleep, high-touched each other.
"This is our revenge neglecting us after you graduated~" Minami grinned evilly
"I don't care for the revenge. Just give me back my clothes, you two..."
"That's the whole point, my love~"

Haruko, It's the exact opposite for me. It's not like Minami couldn't get Atsuko... It's just that she never even showed affection towards her, letting the younger girl to hug, cling on, cuddle, kiss, **** her. As for Yuko, she loves all of the things Atsuko does, and she went through the pain Atsuko and her once shared. Not to mention if Atsuko cuddles with her, Yuko would do it 2x more affectionate... Damn, I'm nosebleeding...

Archer, simply, Magic : D

Feat, haha~ Sorry sorry XD It was just some random idea I got into my head~

   Dammit... my right hand isn't too good since I played Badminton til dawn... And so as an apology for the AtsuYuu shippers, (If I did AtsuMina again, it would end the same way, so... sorry AtsuMina shippers ^^'') I'll make more AtsuYuu!

[One does not simply...] -AtsuYuu-

"Hey, did you hear about what happened in AKB-san?" some NMB members were talking with each other.

   In the 48Family world, there has been many secrets of each other they have kept a secret from the public. They share with each other on the latest happenings inside it. For example, Maeda Atsuko's fondness for the female body, Yamamoto Sayaka's sudden liking for the AKB Ace, Matsui Jurina being spoiled by her Double partner, and a certain member's one night stand with Akimoto Sayaka. They have managed to keep everything a secret until now (Okay, Atsuko's case is pretty much leaked by her herself) and that shows just how much the Family is protective of each other's backsides.

"Yeah, I heard. Is this about MaYuki finally being official?" the other girl asked.
"No no no. That's five days ago. Something scary just happened..."
"What is it?"
"It looks like Team A and Team K are at war."
"Huh? For what?"
"It seems like Yuko-san initiated it..."
"Eh?! I thought Maeda-san was more hot-headed... Why did she?!"
"I don't know... Things are getting a little too heated up... Seems like Team B is trying to gather all of the young members so that they won't be indulged in the whole war..."
"The young members are going to be with Team B for practice?"
"I guess so. But... It seems that Maeda-san is pissed because Yuko-san ignored all her calls..."
"Okay... Now it seems like Yuko-san might be killed..."
"I sure hope not... But..."
One does not simply piss of AKB48's Ace..."


   Kashiwagi Yuki paced around the room from the same spot as she thought of how to make peace of the affair and looked at the two other Captains, of Team A and Team K. She bit her lip as she was reminded of how stubborn Minami is and how loyal Sayaka was to her team. She then decided to speak up for that matter.

"Any reason why Yuko-san would do such thing to Maeda-san?" Yuki asked the Team K Captain.

   But, Sayaka didn't talk. She didn't utter a single word of apology for the squirrel's misbehavior nor did she look at her junior. She only stayed there, hands crossed, lips sealed, looking at the table, finding it interesting for whatever reason as she sat on the chair across Minami's.

"I've managed to subdue some of Atsuko's anger... It'd be better for you to speak up now, Sayaka." Minami looked at Sayaka, asking her to speak up.

   Sayaka sighed after she heard that the Ace's anger has been subdued, but only for a while. She knew what Minami meant. If they needed to take action, now was the time. Any later would cause Atsuko's rage to take full form. She hoped that there won't be any murder happening in AKB any time soon.

"Listen..." Sayaka finally spoke up. "I'm very sorry for what Yuko did, but I won't just leave her for death at the mercy of Acchan. There would be no reason for me, as the Captain, to lead Yuko away for her death."

   Hearing this, Minami snapped. She puts her foot down and grabbed Sayaka's collar, making the glass of coffee fall down to the ground and broke into pieces.

"You know yourself just how Atsuko is when she's pissed! The juniors had already tasted her full rage! Heck, the Kenkyusei would've been KILLED if I wasn't there to stop her! YOU WANT THAT TO HAPPEN TO YUKO AS WELL?!"

   Sayaka's eyes widened at the hot-blooded Minami's words. She bit her lip for anything that might happen and ruin it. Even if she's scared, she knew Yuko had chosen this choice for a good reason. She'll gladly take the blame for Yuko. She believes in her Team's Ace.

   Suddenly, Yuki clapped her hands, diverting the attention towards her as she sighed.

"Okay you two, fighting won't do us any good." she stated the obvious but for some reason, Minami calmed down and let go of Sayaka. "I've already took care of the younger members and Kenkyusei. I don't know what might happen, but whatever the hell it is, I'm not gonna risk the girls' innocence. You two should talk it out with your aces. Who knows, Yuko-san might be sorry for what she did and Maeda-san might even laugh it off as a joke." she chuckled at the Ace's randomness. "Now, where's Yuko-san, exactly?" she asked Sayaka.

"Well, I think she was going to Team A's practice since Acchan isn't in."

"THAT DAMN IDIOT!" Minami slammed the table loudly as she remembered what's there.


   Yuko entered the practice room to find Haruna but she never succeeded. She couldn't find her anywhere. She then spotted Mariko who was busy teaching the Kenkyusei, so she decided to interrupt just for fun.

"Yo, Mari-chan!" she greeted the older girl.
"Huh? What are you doing here, Yuko?" Mariko asked, realizing the squirrel-girl shouldn't be there in the first place.
"Coz Acchan's not in, I decided to find NyanNyan to grope her breasts but I can't find her..." Yuko became disappointed.
"I see..." Mariko smirked and looked at the door behind Yuko.

   Mariko then grabbed hold of Yuko, tying her hands with a rope she found somewhere and then threw her to the ground, earning a surprised look of the Kenkyusei group who didn't know what to do. Yuko glared at the older girl but then, she felt an ominous presence behind her.

"Y- Yuu-chan?!" one was a surprised catgirl who just finished playing with her friend.
"Oh ho~" the other being the said friend, and the one Yuko doesn't want to see the most. "Good job, Mariko." she said to the oldest girl.
"You'd better talk things through..." Mariko sighed and looked at the two.
"I leave NyanNyan in your hands." the girl said and dragged Yuko by the collar towards the other room.

"Oi, Wait, Atsuko!" she heard a familiar voice behind her.

   Atsuko looked behind her to see Minami and the other Team A members, right behind them are Team K members, led by Sayaka who were trying to get past the Team A members.

"Takamina! Give us our Ace back!" Tomochin glared at the short girl.
"HUH?! You've gotta be kidding me! She's the one that waltzed in here during our practice!" Sasshi bickered.
"But that doesn't give you the right to take her away from us!" Mii-chan fought back.

   Everybody knew the bond of Team K could not be broken so easily. Not to mention their physical strength is far above Team A's. Team K is famous for their bond, Team A is famous for their individualism. No matter how you look at it, Team K would eventually get through Team A's wall, but there was something they had feared since long ago.

"Just shut up and leave, will you?"

   It was the AKB Ace, Atsuko. It's famous in Team K that only Tomochin could fight back against Atsuko, but if Atsuko puts on a mask, if she smiles while her her voice became far more sharp than ever and when her aura changes into something far more darker than what they've seen from Yuki, then Nobody, not even Minami could argue against her.

"Minami, this is supposed to be practice so why the hell are you wasting Team A's time with this useless farce? Gather up the members and do what you do as idols. Sayaka, you're Team K's captain. Have you no respect for the other Team's practice? Even Yuki, your junior knows not to disturb other team's practice. Take your Team and back off. I won't kill this 'thing', and that's a promise."

   Atsuko ordered with a voice that sent shivers down their spines. Sayaka decided to just follow and take her Team back outside. Minami clicked her tongue and gathered the members for practice. Seeing them follow Atsuko's orders, Yuko heaved a satisfied sigh. When she looked up, she saw the terrifying eyes of the Ace looking down at her as she dragged the squirrel-girl into an unused room. After they got in, Atsuko closed the door and locked it, and pinned Yuko to the door.

"Explain yourself."

   She used the same voice with Yuko and Yuko flinched out of fear, afraid of what might come. It wasn't the first time she has seen Atsuko so angry, but it was the first time that the anger itself was directed to her. She was disappointed at herself for making Atsuko, her best friend used it against her. But even so,

"My lips are sealed." Yuko answered firmly, avoiding the question.

   Atsuko gritted her teeth and punched the door, loud enough that even the Team K members outside the training room could hear. Fear was evident in Yuko's eyes but behind those fears, there was a resolution. A resolution in which she kept from Atsuko herself.

"Yuko..." This time. Atsuko's voice was weak, so weak that she couldn't hear it. The younger girl's head was facing down, her hair hiding her facial. "... please..." Atsuko looked up, tears in her eyes.

   It was Yuko's number one weakness. The tears of her best friend. No, something a little more than that.

   She couldn't hold herself anymore, thus strongly hugged the girl for what she did. Apologizing for what she had done, she caressed the younger girl, soothing the pain she went through for not being trusted by her best friend. "I'm sorry, Acchan..." it was a strong apology from her, a promise of what's to come.

   After crying her eyes out on the older girl's chest, Atsuko looked up, meeting Yuko's eyes. As Yuko saw the sight of the younger girl, in tears, looking up at her, her face naturally went closer to the younger girl. Atsuko didn't know why, but she as well, shortened their distance. Thus their lips met. It was just supposed to be one kiss. That was what Yuko wanted. But one became two, two became three, and three became however much that they lost count of it. Yuko then pushed her partner down lightly, making sure not to hurt the younger.

   No words could be expressed by what they had went through that time. The hot passion of the two Aces rang around the room. The outside members heard of the 'playful' interactions of the two and also Atsuko's moans. Some were blushing madly and some were laughing. But most of them had smiles on their faces, knowing that the two had made up.


"Seriously... What the hell did I just do..."

   Yuko cupped her hands on her face, still naked as she remembered of what she had done to the younger girl. Atsuko hummed happily as she finished putting on her clothes, not minding the mental damage she had done to Yuko, though Yuko was afraid of what she had done to her. She then sat down with Yuko who was mumbling something along the lines of an apology for a certain catgirl.

"Hm? You regret it?" Atsuko puts her index finger on her lips cutely as she looked innocently at the older girl, who blushed bright red after seeing her.
"W- Who knows..." she shrugged it off, not looking at the one she loves the most.
"Aw... Okay, I'm gonna tattle on NyanNyan!" Atsuko got up excitedly, while the other girl was hanging onto her, not wanting her to proceed any further. Atsuko then stopped her joke and looked back at Yuko. "So why DID you ignore me?"

   Yuko's blush turned more red than before. She averted her eyes from the eyes of the curious Ace. Yuko knows just how Atsuko is when she's curious. She'll dig deep down until she's satisfied. So she sighed and answered her truthfully.

"Y- You were so intimate with Saya-nee, so..."

   Atsuko lost it. Out of all the excuses Yuko would use, she never thought of her using the name of the one she loved to touch the most. In fact, she has a certain sort of liking for Sayaka's... body. The girl had earned the respect of the Ace herself. Atsuko herself doesn't know why, but she liked the girl for some reason. It could be like how Yuko is with Haruna or like how Sasshi is with 90% of the girl population in AKB, but she already knows something else. Something very important.

"I love you, Yuko, and that won't change a thing..." she patted the girl's head and leaned over, kissing her out of nowhere. Their foreheads touched as she separated herself from her lips. "Not even Minami, not even Mii-chan, not even oppai-chan. I'm yours and you're mine. You've stolen my heart since long ago." there it was, the smile Yuko loved the most. The goofy smile of the Ace. Not the angel-like smile she always had, this was far more beautiful, far cuter than what most normal people could see.

   Yuko didn't know how red she was, but it was evident that she was red to her ears. Her face was hot, her heart beating faster than before. It was after they had sex, but she was still like that. Was it love? Or was it something she didn't understand? She have never experienced love of that level yet, but she didn't care.

   Yuko kissed Atsuko passionately, surprising the younger girl as the older girl rubbed the girl's breast again over her clothes. Atsuko moaned even louder than before. She lets out a moan but then the door opened.

"Okay, stop it you two. The young ones are freaking out outside, you know." It was Yuki.

   Atsuko finally remembered that the lock was broken. She mentally facepalmed as she saw the expression of disgust by Yuki even though Yuki herself has done it. But still, Yuki didn't dare to do it in there. She's not in heat like the two.

"One more round?" Yuko smiled at Yuki, asking her permission, then was hit in the head by Atsuko who was embarrassed by the older girl.

   After that, they lived happily ever after. Well, that was until the group was teleported into an unknown dimension where the future group of successors was fighting against the ban of entertainment, but that's another story.

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Yuko is jealous.. kawaii..  :inlove:  :inlove:

Nice story !!  :twothumbs  :twothumbs
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Yea okay, i'm cool even if there's no dark stuff~ So really, thanks for the fic!!~
-Anyway, that's so tense...I thought that Yuko make a really big mistake but...
-Instead, just ignoring the calls or something like that??? Oh geez, c'mon...
-But for real, heck i was scared reading it...Especially when the conversation between...
-Urh...Sayaka, Akimoto Sayaka and Minami...Man, how the hell the ace could do that far??
-Well anyway, AtsuYuu make up and it's all okay...Damn, i really can't believe this...
-I'll admit it, you, i'll put you in my favorite author list...Just what the hell am i saying~

>Anyway, plz update soon...The next OS or whatever it is...This is just simply interesting!!~
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   Atsuko opened her eyes from the nightmare which she has seen. She felt relieved to see Minami alive and well, sleeping on her left side, though there was something she didn't feel a little too comfortable from...
"Okay, Yuko. Why the hell are you tying me to bed...?"
"Oh, I thought you'd never ask~" Yuko made a triumphant pose as she and Minami, who was supposedly asleep, high-touched each other.
"This is our revenge neglecting us after you graduated~" Minami grinned evilly
"I don't care for the revenge. Just give me back my clothes, you two..."
"That's the whole point, my love~"

now...that's better  XD
you simply can't ignore MaYuki, can you?  XD my heart skipped a bit there  :lol: so much fuss happened just because Yuko's jealous.......  ;) YukoRena YukoRena next  :ptam-mad: lol you made me rummage for an emoticon now  :lol:
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   Atsuko opened her eyes from the nightmare which she has seen. She felt relieved to see Minami alive and well, sleeping on her left side, though there was something she didn't feel a little too comfortable from...
"Okay, Yuko. Why the hell are you tying me to bed...?"
"Oh, I thought you'd never ask~" Yuko made a triumphant pose as she and Minami, who was supposedly asleep, high-touched each other.
"This is our revenge neglecting us after you graduated~" Minami grinned evilly
"I don't care for the revenge. Just give me back my clothes, you two..."
"That's the whole point, my love~"

now...that's better  XD
you simply can't ignore MaYuki, can you?  XD my heart skipped a bit there  :lol: so much fuss happened just because Yuko's jealous.......  ;) YukoRena YukoRena next  :ptam-mad: lol you made me rummage for an emoticon now  :lol:

YESH YESH, YukoRena ONEGAISHIMASU!!!!!!!!  :mon hanky: :mon prayer: :mon yeah: :mon roll: :mon trannie: :mon whimper:
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That's all I can say  :wriggly: :wriggly: :wriggly: :wriggly:

MORE  :on cny2: :on cny2: :on cny2:
yes...thats better!
more  :wriggly: :wriggly:
but please dont kill anyone especially minami! XD
or else im the one whose gonna kill U  :mon wtfmm:
thank u for the os :on gay:
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   Atsuko opened her eyes from the nightmare which she has seen. She felt relieved to see Minami alive and well, sleeping on her left side, though there was something she didn't feel a little too comfortable from...
"Okay, Yuko. Why the hell are you tying me to bed...?"
"Oh, I thought you'd never ask~" Yuko made a triumphant pose as she and Minami, who was supposedly asleep, high-touched each other.
"This is our revenge neglecting us after you graduated~" Minami grinned evilly
"I don't care for the revenge. Just give me back my clothes, you two..."
"That's the whole point, my love~"

now...that's better  XD
you simply can't ignore MaYuki, can you?  XD my heart skipped a bit there  :lol: so much fuss happened just because Yuko's jealous.......  ;) YukoRena YukoRena next  :ptam-mad: lol you made me rummage for an emoticon now  :lol:

holy gracious....I'm not alone. I wanna cry. YukoRena  :cathappy:
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I'm not a atsuyuu shipper XD but the end of this was awesome xDD
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Ara... So it is the prequel story before akb0048

Interesting story there between Atsuko and Yuko

Thank you for the lovely OS

Can't wait to see more

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olive, yeah, Yuko's so cute~

Kochiki, don't or I'll die of embarrassment, b- baka! <yeah, I don't even know why I said that

Chichay, owwkay.... Wazzat a threat?! OAO

DontMindMe, I see... so there was more YukoRena shippers around here...

abcari, glad ya liked it~ XD

cisds, I'll try my best~

   As for imteedee and sakura-san, let's make a deal~ If imteedee makes an AtsuYuu OS, then I'll make a YukoRena(Geki) OS XD Well, I can't ask sakura-san since she already did it like a few days ago XD
   So how bout it :w00t:
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I was about to say Yes Yes Yes! right away when I suddenly realized....wait....

what?! mou~ it's a Win-win situation for Saku  XD okay  :lol: I'll scratch my brain naaaooo  :doh:
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I just realized that in all of my fics, there are MaYuki moments... And also the presence of Maeda Atsuko... So here's something a little diff, as per sakura-san-san and imteedee's request. I bring you, Ashura's first weird pairing which should never be judged OS!

Oh yeah, this happened a few weeks after Atsuko was imprisoned. Yuko's still alive, though. Minami's dead but the officer Minami ain't. Oh, And JURIMAYU FTW!

[Negotiations] -YukoRena-

Looking at the lifeless beings in front of her, the girl sighed as she was reminded of the first time she saw the strength of her crush. The strong and spirited punches of a short girl was what she remembered. She chuckled to herself in a polite manner, putting the back of her hand on her mouth. She managed to hold in her inane laughter.

"So you were here, Gekikara?" she heard the sigh of someone she knew well.
"Acchan~" she greeted her 'Vice President' in a way which could make the people around her shiver, hearing the playful yet violent voice.

The Vice-President looked around to see the beat up bodies that was probably done in by the girl herself. She knew just how Gekikara couldn't control herself due to...

Due to what, exactly?

For what had made her that way? Was there a particular event which made her into the girl that was feared by the girls of the school?

"Didn't you promise Yuko-san that you won't go Geki again?" Atsuko asked.
"Hahaha~ Saa~" Gekikara showed the evil smile from within her as she took a step closer towards Atsuko.

Atsuko sighed again, knowing that she won't change the way the girl does things. She then called a certain person.

"Ah, Takahashi-san. Yes, I have found her. It seemed as if she 'played around' too much so if you could... Sure. Thank you, Takahashi-san." Atsuko then hung up after the talk with a certain person on the phone.

   Takahashi Minami, the name of her best friend, was also the name of an officer who helped her get out of jail.

"Takahashi-san said she'll clean up the area. So let's get out of here."


   In the Wind Instrument Club are two individuals.

"So how about the proposal?" the taller girl, Maeda Atsuko asked the shorter one.
"..." silence fell upon the clubroom.

   Atsuko knew it all. If the girl accepted the proposal, it would be a huge step towards another stage. It would change everything. She would gladly take the chances. Get shot down or take the first step? Which should it be?

"NO." the girl answered, no regrets.
"Why, Yui-chan?!" Atsuko wailed cutely, with tears in her eyes.
"I will NOT wear that 'thing' Torigaya wears!" she pointed at the chinese dress which Atsuko just bought.
"But it would look SUPER sexy!" Atsuko gave a thumbs up as the younger glared at her.
"No means no, Atsuko..."

   The two of them had been dating for quite some time. Atsuko took a well-deserved liking to Yui, also known as Otabe. But to tell the truth, they weren't really dating. Atsuko was the one who confessed while touching the younger girl in 'private' places and the younger girl turned her down flat. But the 'Genius' Maeda Atsuko thought of it as a tsundere act by Otabe and so they have been dating since then, or so she believes.

"But who would wear this for me...?" Atsuko pouted, teary-eyed looking for pity from the younger girl.
"Wear it yourself!" Otabe stated the obvious and Atsuko clicked her tongue at her failed attempt.

   In front of the others, Atsuko had been boring and plain, always secluding herself out of the others' conversation but when she's with Otabe whom she knows for quite some time, she lets out her inner emotions, being the sadistic teasing lovable kitten whom Otabe couldn't handle no matter how many times passed. The only other one who knew about the side of Atsuko was Oshima Yuko and Gekikara. Other than them, Atsuko is... plain.

"Didn't you say you were going to see Yuko-san now?" Otabe asked the girl, trying to push her away as the older girl was trying to hug, cuddle and do in-despicable things to her that she doesn't want to happen.
"Gekikara said she was going there so It'd be better if I gave them some time alone together." Atsuko said, still trying to grab hold of the younger girl even though she's far stronger than Otabe.

   Just then, they heard footsteps coming from the stairs outside. Atsuko stopped whatever she was doing and fixed her hair, clothes, drool and such as the younger girl watched in amazement for her quick shift in personality. The one who entered was someone they knew well.

"Ah, Gekikara? What are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to be with Yuko-san?" Atsuko asked the one who entered.

   Gekikara didn't look all too well as she shook her head, not answering the Vice-President's question.

"Erm... Can you... accompany me to Yuko-san's ward...?"


"Seems like she's okay." Atsuko said to the girl behind her after she checked Yuko.
"Well, I thought it was weird before... Sorry..." Gekikara, or should I say, Rena, apologized to Atsuko.
"Don't mind. It's probably just the effects of the morphine." Atsuko smiled and tried to leave.

   As Atsuko looked back once more, she saw a calm smile on Rena's face. The girl was looking at her senior warmly, as if entranced by the aura of Oshima Yuko. Rena was actually a calm and happy child, an energetic yet normal girl. But in an accident in which almost killed her, her inner sense of the wild kicked in, making her into a monster of fear, invincibility and insanity. No matter how much she was beaten she would always laugh aloud, not minding the pain. That was until she met Oshima Yuko. Yuko changed her completely. She was able to smile sincerely in front of the girl, leaving her 'Gekikara' state. It was only with Yuko that she was able to smile like that.

   Rena owed Yuko a lot for what she had done. Yuko had taught her many things, to keep calm, to judge and to act accordingly. If it wasn't for her, who knows how many more people she would kill. But ever since Yuko was hospitalized, Rena had lost all sense of reason, forgetting all that she was taught, going berserk for how many times which she couldn't count. Yuko wasn't told of this, that was until they met Atsuko. Atsuko had been the third-wheel of their relationship, making sure that Yuko knows things Rena does and calming Yuko down whenever Rena does a mistake. It was all because of her that Yuko and Rena kept their status quo. That was one of the reasons Yuko forced Gekikara to go to school again and live a new life in her new year, because Atsuko was there to keep it calm. It worked for a while, but once Atsuko was forced into custody, beating the yakuza in the streets for God knows why, Rena became 'Gekikara' once more.

   But even so, Rena did became a little more sane than she was before. She didn't kill, she didn't torture nor did she spill too much blood. It was an improvement. When Yuko had heard that, she laughed aloud, saying that she did the right thing, using Atsuko as the mediator. But that wasn't all. Atsuko didn't take much credit in it. It was also because of two other people who helped Rena look forward, the names of Center and Gakuran. The two befriended her in all honesty, protecting her from all the harm that could harm her or release her 'Gekikara state'. They were Rena's closest friends. A yankee wouldn't even need a friend but Rena was glad she had met them, even though Center was a bit childish and has a 'thing' for a certain mice and Gakuran was too popular, making every other girl fall for her even though she herself loves Atsuko the most. Though there WERE rumors of her actually making out with the former Student President which nobody even cared to remember the name of.

"I'll be seeing you tomorrow, Yuko-san." Atsuko bid farewell to the sleeping figure.

   There were no response. It had been a ritual day-by-day occurrence that Atsuko would promise to meet Yuko the day after. It wasn't actually a promise, but more of a wish, that they would see each other again. Who knows how many days Yuko had left. Who knows how many times she will open her eyes. Who knows how much of the pain Yuko carried. But still, they would meet again the day after, Atsuko growing stronger and Yuko growing merrier.

"See you, Acchan~" Rena bid her farewell to the leaving Vice-President.

   Rena has been clinging to Atsuko a lot more than usual. She respected the girl a lot more than usual. At first she also thought Atsuko was too plain and full of herself but time proved her wrong. She realized that Atsuko was more human than even her, more smarter than her and of course, much more kinder than her. When she said that to the girl once, Atsuko broke into tears from laughing too much. She denied the fact and countered back that Rena was far more human than Yuko. When Yuko heard this, she also laughed, agreeing with Atsuko. Rena didn't quite understand it, but she acknowledged it, though she still thinks that Yuko and Atsuko are both kind and forgiving.

   Atsuko smirked at the girl's farewell and finally left, leaving the two alone, though one could say that Rena was all alone, looking at the sleeping state of Yuko.

   Yuko's chest slightly moved up and down, meaning that she was breathing fine and the shorter girl would sometimes open her eyes, but then after a few seconds closed it yet again without realizing that Rena was there with her. She knew Yuko had it hard but she still felt a little disappointed. Rena eventually found comfort on the girl's left arm, placing her hand on the shorter girl's, feeling the warmth transmitted to her.

   It was one of those blissful moments which Rena would like to enjoy the most. The beeping sound of the ECG machine, the warm breeze entering from the window, the chatters of the occupants outside, and of course the cold hand of the one she respected the most. She wanted to stay like that forever, who knows when God would take their lives away. Rena didn't believe in such things but once she thought about it, she started to pray unconsciously for the shorter girl's well-being...



   Yuko awoke from her deep slumber. The effect of the morphine finally let her calm down and she surveyed the area, feeling a warm hand on hers. She found a cute sleeping Rena, laying her head on Yuko's side, sleeping peacefully and breathing cutely. She chuckled at the scene. She knew that nobody else besides her and Atsuko could see the innocent side of the girl right then. Yuko stroked the strands of the girl's long and silky hair, enjoying the peaceful and quiet moment.

"Yu..." Yuko flinched as she heard the sexy and sweet voice of Rena, hoping that she wasn't awake

   Yuko breathed a sigh of relief, her cheeks turned red from the thought of Rena calling her name in her sleep. But she was till clueless of what the hell was 'Yuppai'. And she will never know.

   Yuko then stroked her cheeks, smiling warmly at the sleeping girl. She thought of the times she was always with her. In fact, she spent most of her time in the hospital either lecturing and loving Rena or teasing the girl with Atsuko. She chuckled at the thought of the good times. As if tranced by the girl's beauty, Yuko leaned in for a kiss. A quick yet warm peck on the girl's cheeks.


   Rena grunted and woke up as Yuko quickly hid her blushing face and calmed her heart down, even though the damn ECG was not really helping. Rena was still a bit drowsy from sleeping in that position and it took her a while to actually think that she was in the hospital.

"Ohayo." Yuko greeted the girl, still red from the embarrassment.
"Ohaa...yoooo" Rena said dispiritedly, as she laid her head down, continuing her sleep.

   Yuko let out another chuckle and pinched the girl's cheeks. Rena writhed in pain as the older girl did so. She eventually released her grip on the taller girl as Rena was about to cry.

"Your fault for falling asleep." Yuko commented which Rena grunted. "So how was school?"

   Hearing this, Rena flinched. She didn't expect such a question from the shorter girl so she didn't know how to reply. But seeing the reaction, Yuko had already figured out what was wrong. Rena unconsciously sought help from a certain girl with black shoulder-length hair but all she found was an empty space by her side. She cursed herself for letting the girl leave early. She thought the girl was actually planning it all along. She knew just how evil Atsuko really is.

   Yuko sighed and thought of something. She reached for the girl's head, and pulled Rena close to her then leaned in and kissed her, right in the lips. Her tongue slipped into the girl's opening as Rena gasped out of sheer surprise. Rena was immediately lost in the pleasure the shorter girl gave, as she thought of how experienced the girl was and if she ever did it with somebody else.

   Feeling the pleasure, Rena moaned, causing the shorter girl to mentally laugh satisfied, and leaned the girl closer, making her yelp out of surprise. Yuko explored the moist cave of Rena's insides, but once she realized the movement of Rena, going forward for more pleasure, she separated herself from her and sat cross-legged, satisfied.

   Rena was dumbfounded as of the girl's actions and why she separated herself too early.

"So, do you want more~?" Yuko teased and the girl nodded, looking at the shorter girl with seductive eyes as she leaned closer to Yuko. "Not a chance."
"EH?!" Rena shouted, dissatisfied.
"It's 'cause you didn't listen to me." Yuko pouted.
"B- But-!" Before Rena could finish, Yuko interrupted.
"But~ If you want more, you're gonna have to control yourself~ And I'll be all yours when you want to 'release' it~" Yuko said seductively, stroking the cheeks of the girl and smiled sadistically at her.

   Rena didn't put much thought in it, but still nodded furiously while blushing furiously when she found out what the older girl meant. Yuko made a huge grin and thanked the win-win situation that she had made. She thought of all the possible 'plays' Rena would do to her and she thought of something again.

"Good girl~" Yuko patted the girl's head. "And here's an example of what's to come~"


"Okay, what the hell did I just see?"
"Shh, Yui! They're getting to the good part!"
"Why the hell are you drooling, Atsuko?!"
"Ouch! Don't hit me, mou!! It's just that I never knew that Rena was 'that' good!"
"W- What are you trying to say, aho?!"
"I just want to do that with Yui once... Please~?"
"If you agree, then I'll handle the Rappapa seriously!"
"Please~~~~??? :heart: :heart: :heart:"
"... F- Fine..."


Crack end FTW! XD
Dunno if I did it well enough. And of course, Atsuko will ALWAYS steal the spotlight =w=''
Can't stop my bias for my Kami-oshi, can't I~?
Anywho, happy Sathday~!
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UGH. my heart is not beating anymoooore!'s too much   :bleed eyes:
and I ship AtsukoxOtabe for some reason too  XD
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Title: Unanswered Affections -Fluffiness after the news-
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[Unanswered Affections]

"Long time no see~"

   First thing in the morning and what Oshima Yuko found at her doorstep was a sheepish-looking Maeda Atsuko who looked too sleepy for God knows why. Yuko sighed and dragged the girl inside, making sure to check and double check for any paparazzi which could endanger the girl more. She knows Atsuko was tired of all the questions regarding her relationship with her boyfriend, which Yuko knew from the start. Yuko closed the door quickly. She doesn't want to take any chances of making the girl hurt more than she was right there and then.

"You seem sleepy. Anything fun happened?" Yuko joked followed by Maeda's infamous nose-scrunching smile.
"Seems like I just found out that being a celebrity is tough~" Atsuko stretched her hands, looking like an old woman who's lost her muscles.

   Yuko chuckled at Atsuko's jokes. Being with the younger girl always makes her relaxed. It wasn't as if being with the others aren't that relaxing, but being with the girl, Yuko could feel a warm feeling which she couldn't describe. A warm feeling of security. That the girl is always by her side.

   The AKB's new Ace's smile turned into a sad longing smile. She was reminded of the time she cried so hard for the girl's graduation. The empty spot which somebody needed to occupy. There were a lot of candidates for the spot but truth be told, she wasn't actually fond of any of them. Someone who could handle Maeda Atsuko's '0' never existed inside AKB48, nor any of the other sister groups.

   She then realized something else. Yes, a sad premonition of what's to come. Her lover might leave the group not so long after... She knew that Haruna wasn't actually fond of leaving her so soon. She suspected her to at least wait for Minami to graduate, but that couldn't have been the case. Her relation inside the group has gone far worse than she imagined. She spaced around a lot more, she always puts on her 'mask', and she would always exclude herself from much of the happenings inside the group. She felt the 'Age' was coming.

"What's wrong, Yuko?" Atsuko asked, still with a smile on her face even though she had realized Yuko's saddened expression.
"Nothing much. Just some bad premonition, that's all." Yuko puts on a wry smile, answering the girl's question, mixing up a few lies inside.

   Atsuko figured out the message and her smile turned sadder as well. She was very fond of Yuko's lover, Haruna, and she even sometimes play around with her, even sometimes felt like she wanted to smooch the girl senseless, much to Yuko's dismay. She knew Mariko was going to graduate sooner or later so she had appointed Haruna to take care of her lover inside AKB, supporting her in any way that Atsuko couldn't, but she realized that was impossible. Kojima Haruna was not a type of person who could carry the amount of pressure Atsuko could when she was younger.

   As if the moment had called for it, Atsuko leaned her head onto the girl's shoulder, using her as support, as she drifts into her thoughts. Yuko also leaned on Atsuko's head, her hands playing with the girl's hair which turned longer after such a long time.

   Yuko still remembered when she first entered AKB48 and meeting Maeda, she laughed aloud, making the others curious, for a 2nd Generation member was laughing at her senior in a way which could be called as mockery. Atsuko eventually laughed as well, after Yuko made a remark about her 'coconut' hair. Even though that was the first time the members had seen Atsuko smile so unsightly, but that smile warmed up the room. The smile which could be reminisced as the early Gen's strength.

"I wonder if Minami will forgive me for this..." Atsuko asked, even though she didn't actually want any answer from the shorter girl. She was curious. Curious of the answer which could be given. Curious of the older girl's train of thoughts.

   Yuko thought of a few things. She unconsciously smiled at the thought of Atsuko and Minami's relationship. One could say that it was a 'More than friends, less than lovers' relationship, but it was far more. They had exceeded the point which could be the point of 'lovers'. They had known each other for so long, they had helped each other for more than they could imagine, and they had led the empire of the golden age, the empire of AKB48.

   She knew just how much Atsuko has this 'liking' towards their captain, even to the point which she would disturb anyone that even tries to make out with the 'man of AKB'. She chuckled as she remembered the time when they were filming HEAVY ROTATION. The real script of the scene was that Itano Tomomi and Takahashi Minami were going to kiss, but then came Atsuko, with the aura of the Ace, she managed to slip in between, using her smile to charm the director to change it. And it worked. Atsuko went in between, more like she was fighting for the midget. Tomomi didn't mind at all. She loved Atsuko's playfulness more than anything, though Atsuko thought of Tomomi as a 'rival', competing for Minami's affection. Then as if rivals finally recognizing each other, they kissed Minami on each of her cheeks, making the midget blush out of sheer embarrassment, being sandwiched by AKB's Ace and AKB's Fashion Queen.

"That was a funny story, huh?" Yuko chuckled, not even answering Atsuko's question, as if avoiding it for the moment.
Atsuko sighed and played along, "What story?" she got up Yuko's shoulder and looked at the girl, smiling.
"Remember HEAVY ROTATION?" Yuko smiled, asking the girl to remember of it.

   Atsuko's mouth gaped open as she took a few uneven steps backwards, dragging her butt away from the older girl as she crossed her arms on her chest, shielding it from any assault which could happen in any moment now and could even make the news as 'Maeda Atsuko, raped by Oshima Yuko the day after her rumor of having a boyfriend was revealed!'

"What ARE you doing?" Yuko eyed the girl weirdly for her weird acts, which was a little amusing, seeing the girl act so indifferently.
"You perverted bikini-loving ojii-san which loves to kiss girls with a peck on her lips!"
"Wow, that's a long title." Yuko chuckled at the younger girl's remark.

   There was never a dull moment when you are hanging out with Atsuko, that's what she believes. Yuko had an idea and crawled slowly to the girl, licking her lips as the mounds of her chest was intentionally shown thanks to the magic of hand-me-down shirts.

"Acchan~" she singed erotically, making the girl shiver to the bones as the older girl gets closer, with her drool coming out of her obviously excited mouth.
"My body is my own, Oshima!"

   Atsuko tries to escape but she had forgotten the fact that this was Yuko's home, so of course the older girl has more power inside her own house, and also the fact that Atsuko managed to slip on a banana on the floor. Why the hell was there a banana anyway?

   Yuko burst out laughing, unable to contain her laughter and surprise of seeing the ex-Ace slip on a banana so dramatically which could earn her an award in the acting business. Wait, she already had. Yuko helped the younger girl up, not forgetting to make remarks on Atsuko's fail escape, which surpasses even the Captain's stories.

   The younger girl pouted, hitting the laughing girl lightly with a few playful punches, kicks and shakes. Their impromptu battle with each other continued on, with Yuko fighting back, laughing maniacally at the younger girl's weak punches, telling her to be a man, which is obviously impossible, if you think about it. Heck, you don't even need to think about it. It lasted for a few minutes until the wrestling match ended up into some remarks of improper words, making fun of each of their lovers, not including Atsuko's current boyfriend which was for some reason, forgotten by their minds. All they thought about was the person in front of them. The fun they were having ended up making the two exhausted, with Atsuko laying on top of the smaller girl, putting all her weight onto her.

   Thanks to Yuko's constant involvement in Team K's hellish military training by a certain gorilla, and also to the fact that she had been carrying a heavier 'weight' on her shoulders just like the person on top of her, which didn't even weigh a feather, much to Sato Takeru's avail, Yuko didn't mind the girl on top of her. She was tougher than Atsuko had imagined, which the younger girl chuckled, burying her face in the older girl's hair, indirectly smelling the sweat of the smaller girl, and also the weird smell of vodka.

"You were drinking?" Atsuko asked, concerned.

   The older girl puts on a wry smile as she flinched when asked of the question. She wasn't even prepared for the younger girl's visit, let alone the answer to the unneeded question of the moment. She didn't dare speak of the reason of her number one concern. The concern which topped even her lover's future graduation of the group. Without answering the out-of-the-blue question, Yuko ruffled the younger girl's hair and stuck her tongue out, making remarks about how Atsuko was too 'immature' to be thinking of the older girl's drinking habits.

   The pouting Atsuko rolled around more with the older girl, biting her erotically which for some reason, turned the older girl on. She has been playing way too much with Haruna. Then after a few seconds, exhausted, Atsuko laid on top of her again, breathing hardly from all the fooling around.

   Looking at the tired girl, Yuko chuckled and buried the younger girl in her chest. "You can rest", was what she whispered to the girl. She knew just much how the girl needed a well-deserved rest. Even though she was done with AKB48, Atsuko still had remnants of it, probably due to her new single's promotional activities. Atsuko nodded, slowly enjoying the bliss of the moment that befell her. The warmth of the older girl, the ticklish strokes of her hair by the older girl's hand, the fuzzy and smell of the girl's hair, and also the sound of Yuko's increasing heartbeat made her feel sleepy for some reason. She actually thought to meet with her boyfriend thereafter to consult with him about the matter at hand, but for some reason, she didn't want to move. The embrace of the older girl had caught her into a trap, a trap of an intelligent spider, enveloping her in it's web. Then with a few blinks and come-and-go in her trance, Atsuko eventually fell asleep, finally feeling the peace which she longed for a long time.


"You really are too innocent for your own good, Acchan..." Yuko spoke to the sleeping Atsuko, stroking her hair as she chuckled in between, looking at the girl's cute sleeping face.

"I wonder if you'll be safe in that guy's arms.." she said cautiously, almost scared of her own words but then smiled a reassuring smile "Though that won't happen." Yuko knows. "Takamina's here for you."

   She had envied her fellow midget since the start of the group. Thinking again, she has way more friends that Minami, is way more funnier than her, taller than her, breasts bigger than hers, and even is FAR prettier than her, as per stated by Atsuko herself, but why did she feel the envy in her chest? Why did she ever envy her? Was it because Minami had the strength to control the entire 48Empire? No, she had to lead it as well. Even though she was sharing that 'load' of pressure, she still had the pressure, even to the point it became unbearable.

   But then she realized. The reason of her envy, the reason of her sudden increase of weight, the reason of her insecurity with her lover, the reason why she even drank til she passed out crying the night before. It was all because of the sleeping figure on top of her.

"You dense girl..." Yuko flicked her forehead lightly, making sure it wasn't hard enough to actually make movements which could wake the girl up. She knew just how much a heavy sleeper Atsuko was. In fact, the only ones who could wake her up properly were her, Minami, Mariko and Gon.

"I don't know why I fell for you but..." Yuko's embrace had became tighter and her eyes were becoming teary all of the sudden, due to the sudden burst of emotion.

"I want you to realize it already... idiot..." she breathed in the girl's hair, remembering the smell, taste and warmth. She was tranced by the girl, still with tears falling from her eyes.

   There were a lot of factors which led to the situation which Yuko did. One was the erotic smell of the girl's hair, the perfume which the girl used, the cute yet seductive face of the girl, the sudden increase in Yuko's heartbeat. All of them was coming from the girl on top of her. And what could she do to stop these feelings? There could only be one thing, but there is also a chance...

... of it becoming 200% worse.

   Yuko kissed the girl, a peck on the lips. But that wasn't anything normal for them. It was far more than that. It wasn't the sort of kiss you could see anywhere, it wasn't the type of kiss one should do even to their best friends and of course, it wasn't a kiss Oshima would do to anyone but Haruna.

   It has passed a few minutes but Yuko didn't budge, she closed her eyes to feel the moment with the girl. She didn't want the girl to wake up, since she would have to explain the unexplainable, which could even result in  her being killed my a certain midget and a certain Kabuki actor and of course, Atsuko's fans. But she couldn't stop. Like drugs, she was addicted to the girl's lips. She was addicted to the one Maeda Atsuko who was sleeping peacefully yet as if welcoming Yuko to do inexplicable things to her.

But she couldn't stop...
Her love towards the girl with already two current relationships.


"Nyaaaaah~ That was a good rest~" Atsuko stretched her arms and body, finally awoke from her deep slumber and was now waiting for the older girl to get out of the bath, which she did.
"Bath's free, your turn." Yuko went out of the bath, fully clothed.
"Yuko..." Atsuko was surprised to see the girl.
"What?" Yuko, confused of what the girl was surprised about, asked.

   Yuko hits the girl on the head with her free hand. Though lightly, Yuko's hit carried a huge change, which Atsuko smiled teasingly in the end, teasing her of how THE 'Oshima Yuko' had finally learned some common sense.

"Ah yeah, I was supposed to go to my boyfriend before to consult him bout the news..." Atsuko thought for a bit.

   Yuko had a sad smile on her face, hearing Atsuko mention about an existence she would rather forget than to be brought up. She then looked at the younger girl warmly.

"Don't worry. We met before, so I could back you up on that." she said, reassuring the younger girl.
"Thanks, Yuko~" Atsuko hugged the girl, before giving a peck on the lips as friendship, then went into the showers.

   Yuko smiled non-stop, making sure not to let the younger girl find out about her inner conflicts. She then took out her phone and dialed a certain number which she was used to.

"Yo, Takamina. So, shall we take care of him personally?"
"Yes... Tonight...
... It ends with either you or me."


   So basically, Atsuko came to Yuko for some comfort, fooled around, went to sleep and was raped by her without even realizing it so then comes the oblivious Atsuko facing her back to Yuko and Yuko, behind the girl's back was plotting of something for the Kabuki actor. WooT!
Go my heroes!!! (and Yuko)
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Ah... Both renaxyuko and yukoxatsuko fics are so good and interesting

But I preferred the Atsuyuu...

I like how you describe Atsuko had more than friend relation with Minami

Well great OS there...

Can't wait to see more

Thank you for the OSs

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Aa...It has been a long time there...I'm on hiatus...
-Don't, any author would be proud if a reader...
-Love their works...But anyway, man...
-Minami and Yuko is planning something or what?
-Whatever, as long this is interesting...Eheheh!!~

>Plz update the next OS too!!~ Eyeah, nice OS you've got there...
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UUUGH I want to put a 'decent' comment here but my brain is not WORKING ANYMOOOOAR!!!
my AtsuYuu feels right naaao is too much   :wub: :wub: :wub:

I'm not a hater, buuut I'm having this 101% feeling of Acchan breaking up with XXXX, oh well, Entertainment is Entertainment  :lol:

wMidgets go for eeetttt!!  :lol:
Title: The melancholy of a certain cat girl
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cisda, YukoRena's fun to ship but AtsuYuu's WAY easier. Dunno why. XD And there's no doubt in mind that Maeda and Minami has 'something' going on but who knows what that is.

kochiki, does ikki love Ashura's works? OwO LoL XD JK. Long time no see, man~

imteedee, well, I don't want them to break up unless Maeda's... 'virginity'... is still intact. And I don't know bout that since she's kinda... well... you know... but meh. Yuko and Minami are there to help her! Wait... crack that! Minami has nothing about love. So here goes Yuko to save the day! (Haruna is kinda too much... she's kinda like the one who would 'fish out' the guys, no offense)

   So since I was watching AtsuHaru's Yoru no chouchou performance, I saw that Maeda and Haruna's eyes were... different... I don't know how or why, but it was different. Like a maiden in love or something, like they longed for something so close, yet so far. Thus, I shall make an AtsuHaru OS which I just thought of just for fun while imagining AtsuYuu smut moments and a sudden intrusion of a catgirl! (No, I won't make that here XD) And here goes another weird pairing OS~

[P/S]: This is another version of the other OS, Unanswered affections.

[The melancholy of a certain cat girl] -AtsuHaru-

   It was the evening. The weather was harsh, rain dropped heavily in the streets as a figure was inside her house, doing something she like the most.

   Some might call the ex-Ace of AKB someone who was too stoic and strict to herself but in reality, the only thing she was doing at the moment was sitting on the bed and reading her lines to fill in the time. She wasn't intending to memorize it but just to read of how it goes. Her eyes rolled as she read it from word to word, from line to line, and even to the point where her neck started to hurt from staring down so much so she stretched in between the 'memorizing'. She then continued, her silky black long hair covered her eyes, but because of her usual self inside AKB, she had learned to adapt to the new way of seeing things through her hair.

   She then realized something. Something which she should've realized from the start.

She was actually reading a sci-fi novel.

   The girl mentally facepalmed herself as she hid her embarrassment with a dry laughter, since she didn't want her neighbors to think she was weird for laughing aloud in the middle of a rainy day.

   A sound of an electronic device, specifically her cellphone, rang, meaning that somebody had sent her a message. She quickly read the message that was sent and a smile appeared on her face as her boyfriend greeted her, finally able to get some free time from his work. The girl's scrunched up nose position was easily visible as she read it in her mind. She then replied to the boy's message, since the boy wanted to go out for some fun, finally able to go out.

"This guy never gives up, huh?" the girl chuckled, not forgetting to type in a few 'LoL's in between her message.

   Suddenly, just when she was about to send the said message, she was startled by the sound of a sudden ring. Her heart was startled more as she thought that the boy was actually there to see her there and then. She then happily yet shyly walked to her front door, that bell has rung, signalling somebody has arrived at her apartment. She then opened her door and what she saw wasn't her boyfriend who she wanted to see the most. It was someone she wanted to see, but the state the person was in, was something she wanted to know of the least.

"NyanNyan? What's wrong?!" she almost had a heart, worried of the girl's safety.

   The one called 'NyanNyan', presumably the girl's close friend and confidante whose real name was Kojima Haruna, smiled wryly, with her clothes wet, her hair messed up and her eyes red.

"Acchan... Can I come in for a bit...?" Haruna ask, almost pleading to the young actress who has been with her for so long.

   'Acchan', or more precisely, Maeda Atsuko, would never turn down a request from her close friend, more so when the said cat girl was in such a sad state which could break the hearts of dozens of the girl's fans. Atsuko smiled, not needing any words to communicate, she grabbed the girl's hand gently and pulled her along into her home, showing the girl her best smile, for the girl whom she owed to a lot.


   A short silence fell on Maeda's household as the two close friends laid their backs on the wall, the taller girl leaning on the shorter girl's left shoulder as she drifts into her own thoughts. The younger girl wrapped her left arm around the older girl's shoulder, comforting the girl with some positive words and heated the girl up, for she was too cold. Even though Atsuko had offered her to take a warm bath for a while, Haruna rejected, not telling her why. Atsuko sighed to the answer, because she knew the girl wasn't in the mood to be alone.

   Haruna was a lot like Atsuko. Many people would have though that Atsuko was the type to just exclude herself from the group around her, but in truth, she wanted to be pampered, always entering any of the girls' circles just for fun. The girls didn't mind it. They knew that the presence of the fun-loving Ace by nature could put on a happy smile on their faces.

   Haruna was similar to the above. She would sometimes exclude herself from the others, with her 'air-headed' personality, not listening to others and sometimes might even make harsh remarks to the ones she didn't know much. But in reality, she was actually listening to everything, she actually wanted to say things that would make the others like her more, but for some reason, she just couldn't. When she was with the 1st Generation members, she had to exclude herself from everyone until the moment when a short ribbon-wearing girl pulled her to their circle, saying that it would be 'fun'. In fact, it was. She never had much fun, always hanging out with either older girls or her guy friends. Being with the younger girls brought peace to her. More so when she met the 2nd Generation members, she stuttered, saying horrible things to them but what made her change was one squirrel-like girl who was a bit older than her, showing every bit of her attention to the cat girl.

   You could say that they are alike, but there was one thing which they could never like about each other.

   In Atsuko's case, it was how Haruna would always avert her attention from the affections of the said squirrel-like girl. She would always play dumb on some parts which was a little too obvious for them and even Haruna knows it. Though she won't actually answer to the girl's feelings, since she didn't feel the way to that squirrel. She was actually in love with another person... No... She was torn in between.

   In Haruna's case though, she actually didn't like how Atsuko had to leave the 'Captain' and the 'Center' alone to stand the pressure. When Atsuko was still with the group, she took care of the Captain, who took care of the entire group. She was the only mental support that the Captain had. And for the Center, they were always shouldering the burden together, though one could say the burden was less than what Atsuko had to take in. But alas, it was still an amount of pressure which the two endured until the end. But once Atsuko left, both of them broke down. The Center losing all of her past vigor and the Captain losing herself from all of the problems that rose inside the group. Haruna knows that Atsuko herself knows of the consequences that might happen if she left the group, but Atsuko paid no heed. She wanted a future not in the group, but a future in which she herself would carve.

   But even so, the two were so close to each other. Sometimes closer than how the two were with their respective partners. They were strong together. In the early days, they were always next to each other, even at times would cause their partners to be jealous, making the squirrel-girl to spend more time with Atsuko and the General Manager to cling a lot to Haruna.

   The short silence became minutes, 10 becoming 20, 20 becoming 30, and 30 becoming to how many they don't know since they didn't even have time to look at the clock. They were busy enjoying the long, yet comfortable silence. Of course it wasn't comfortable the least for Atsuko to hold her friend who was soaking wet, but for some reason, it was comfortable. They couldn't explain it no matter how many people asked, not even if one would offer an indecent amount of food to Atsuko.

"Takamina..." finally, Haruna broke the silence, her tears not coming out anymore, because she had let everything inside her out through the crying. Atsuko heaved a sigh, listening to the older girl who cried her eyes out. "Y- Yuu-chan..."
"T- They-" Haruna continued, but her voice was shaky, she couldn't dare say it... She was at lost for words. Nothing came out. No voice, no sentences, she couldn't think nor say of anything.

   But then, a hand soother her wounds, the hand of the younger girl stroking her hair, patting her head as she hugged the girl with the other hand, "Ganbaro..." as she gave the words of encouragement to her unbearable friend with a knowing smile.

   A smile formed on Haruna's lips as well, looking at Atsuko who tried to cheer her on. Her voice returned and her shaking stopped. She could finally see a bit clearly, from the hazy eyes that didn't even realize that the friend was actually wearing her hair in a ponytail fashion.

"Takamina and Yuu-chan..." she started from before, but this time, not shaky anymore. "They're going out..."


   Atsuko was speechless. Out of all the possible 'chaotic activities' the two could do that would make Haruna into such state, she would have never thought that the two were actually going out.

"C- Condolences to the two..." Atsuko said with a dry voice, still surprised as the older girl sighed, finally free from all of the thought because she had let everything out.
"Yeah... You could congratulate them later." Haruna stated, with a wry smile as she leaned her head again on Atsuko's left shoulder who was surprised to death.
"S- Sure. I- I'll tell them w- when I have t- time..." Atsuko stuttered in between her sentence. She actually didn't know how to react to the older one's statement. Though the girl only chuckled, patting the younger girl's head this time.
"Surprising, huh?" Haruna said, with a hint of sarcasm. She knew the day would come. The two of them had been spending a lot more time together than before. And probably even because of the new Captain-Ace relationship between the two. The 'General Manager' of AKB48 and their 'Surviving Ace'.
"A- A little, I guess..." Atsuko answered.

   It was the first time Haruna had seen the stuttering state of Atsuko. The first time Atsuko had lost it so much that she didn't know how to react. But for some reason, Haruna felt a sudden burst of emotion inside her chest from seeing the girl looking down, almost disappointed.

"Acchan..." Haruna called out to her, but Atsuko didn't answer. She just looked down, almost as if lost in thought.

   Haruna knew it... She knew just how much Atsuko was in love with the captain, 'Takamina', real name Takahashi Minami. It took Atsuko almost 7 years of throwing herself to Minami to make the girl realize her feelings but alas, it didn't happen. None of it happened. Haruna hated the weird idiotic side of Minami the most. Though she did have a feeling that Atsuko was actually falling in love with her own partner, Yuko.

"Do you love Yu-" "N- NyanNyan!" before Haruna could finish her sentence, Atsuko stopped her, as if finally finding the right moment to say it. "W- What?" Haruna was surprised by the sudden interruption by Atsuko who probably didn't realize that she was trying to say something.

"L- Listen carefully!" Atsuko shouted, half of it was for ordering the girl and the other half being an encouragement to herself.

   She took some breaths, looking at the older girl straight in the eyes and finally blurted out

"I love you, NyanNyan! Go out with me!"

   Shock. Shock out of the sudden confession. Haruna's eyes shot open as she watched the unbelievable scene of seeing the young actress who probably wasn't acting, confessing to her in a way which made the girl scream out inside of her. Atsuko was blushing bright red to her ears, teary-eyed from feeling the scared of Haruna's probability of answering a positive answer and her hands were shaking.

   The cute and adorable Atsuko there and then caused the heart of one Kojima Haruna to beat fast into almost bursting out from the pressure, surprise and Atsuko-cuteness.

   Haruna gulped, her saliva gathered in her mouth from being silent. She didn't make a move but just watched the shaking friend in front of her, scared and embarrassed to her wits and finally,


   The older girl swung her arms around the younger, enveloping her in a tight hug. She didn't question of the girl's sincerity. And she didn't even care if Atsuko was joking around. She wanted her more. A tight hug, with tears strolling down, this time different from being betrayed by Minami and Yuko. This time, she was happy for finally having her crush from the start of the whole group.

"I love you, Acchan. From the start!" From the start of AKB, the one who kept her going wasn't the encouragement from the squirrel girl nor was it from her captain. It was only a smile. A smile which kept her going until exhaustion. The smile of the younger girl which she loved the most. The smile she saw even until the girl's graduation.

   Atsuko was shocked, she didn't even think it was possible. She was taking the chances. She was prepared to be slapped, to be punched, to be hurt with harsh words that would make her cry far more. Out of all the possible endings she played in her head, she didn't once think of Haruna actually accepting it.

   She cried. She cried far more than the older girl cried before. She cried of sheer happiness.

   "NyanNyan... I'm not as good as Yuko... Nor am I as kind as Minami... But... Thank you... Thank you! You're the one I've loved the most!"

   In between cries, she thanked the girl, not only for accepting her, but also for all of the memories that they have spent together. They were always paired together, but nobody had even dared to give a thought of such. She wanted them to be paired together again, yet nobody would do of such. Accepting the warmth and tears of the older girl, Atsuko kissed the taller girl senseless, losing in the moment.

   Haruna didn't mind, she was surprised at first but eventually, she opened her mouth, accepting the girl's tongue inside her. Atsuko pulled the older girl's head to her, into a deep kiss. Deeper that made the older girl moan of the pleasure the younger girl was giving her. Their saliva mixed in with each other. Some even came out of their mouths but they didn't care. They were far into the moment. They didn't even care if anyone would come inside the residence. All they want was each other.

   Thus, their hands, their tongues, their minds, all of them explored each other into the climax, with exploding and desperate passion, wanting each of their very consciousness to be aimed at only them. Their mouths seeking each other, their hands exploring each of their parts. The cold night became something hotter than they imagined. It became the steaming room of their desperate, passionate love-making.


"Err... what are you two doing?"

   They heard a voice speak as their naked bodies grind on each other, with Haruna's face in a very pleasurable state. They looked at the door to find an Oshima Yuko, with a scared Takahashi Minami hiding behind her.

"Oh... Er... Just... Stuff..." Haruna answered, panting from pleasure from the awkward Atsuko.
"A- Acchan, you said you love me..." Minami said, almost crying cutely as she looked at the two intimate lovers... A little too intimate, obviously.
"Well, you were going out with Yuko and-" "Huh? When?" she was about to finish, but was interrupted by the two who asked in unison.

   Atsuko's mind finally clicked. She looked at the obviously scared Haruna who was looking elsewhere while humming some sort of song she thought out randomly. Atsuko's veins popped out from her forehead as she let out her 'Ace' aura, which startled the other three.

"Ko-Ji-Ma~" It was the end. Atsuko was using the girl's last name. All of them knew that once Maeda Atsuko calls you properly with honorifics or using your last name, that means you have a better chance of surviving from TomoRage. "Talk~"

"W- Well, I knew you love me and all and I don't want to admit my own feelings, so I just thought this was a good chance, seeing that it was raining and how Takamina and Yuu-chan were so close together these days. Plus the two were supposed to out today so... err... yea... sorry..."

   Haruna finally apologized sincerely. Though in her heart, she was about to die of waiting for her climax.

"Yuko, Minami, Haruna." she called the three. "From now on, you're going to live here with me.

MY orders."


   No AtsuHaru smut XD Oh well, at least it's vague but not too vague, I think... Probably???

Now. I. Am. Satisfied.
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I like the title LOL

okay proper comment later on :P

 MYGAAAAHD! i didn't expect that!! SERIOUSLY!!! I laughed hard! KO~JI~MA!!!! A surprise in a not so much surprising writer!!! just the 'rain' is enough to make me expect that scene  :lol: WET LOOOOK!  :lol:

my heart almost exploding  :nervous
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Well that's tricky for Haruna...

Now Atsuko demand that all the 3 girls to live with her...

Well instead if atsuharu it would be Atsuko x harem

Anyhow... Was funny towards the end...

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see more

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Iyeah...Long time isn't it, pftt...
-What's wrong for me loving others works??~
-Moreover yours...Urh...I don't wanna talk about it first...
-So, e-hem...anyway, that's so brave of Haruna...T-Takamina!!~
-Hrm...Quite confused...Haruna or her own boyfriend...Hrrm...
-If it is me...i'll choose Haruna for sure...Have no oppose on her BF...
-As you've said...If the virgin thing was involved...I dunno how to react...
-As if they'll tell it!!~ I'm so sthuped!!~ A-Anyway...I'll keep believing her...

>Plz update the next OS soon...Lol, what an awkward moment, again. Nice OS, title too...xD
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imteedee, LoL how many spots are ya savin?! XD BTW, I think the title is harder to come up rather than the story itself... Wonder why... O.O''

cisda, I support Atsuko-harem! :thumbsup But I don't think that will happen in dat OS. Since Haruna's a possessive type so she wouldn't let Atsuko go to anyone. She's like Atsuko herself XD

Kochiki, Well dat was an awkward moment XD And who knows, maybe Atsuko would come up in front of TV and admit "I lost my virginity to Yuko years ago..." and thus AtsuYuu shippers will go rejoice whilst the other shippers will cry. And of course Mariko-sama will laugh her arse off, Sae will be in dilemma, Tomochin will feel awkward and Yui will go "HONMAYAN!" I don't need to say anything bout Takamina, do I?

   So, since I promised to continue this a couple of years ago(LoL) so I'll continue [The Family]. All Hail AtsuYuu SathDay! Oh, and to those who actually thought that this OS might turn to Harem, well think again! Of course I'll put in Atsuko-Harem for Acchan's special swag service XD No, Kiddin. I won't do that unless I felt like it~

[The Family II] -RenAtsuYuuJuri-

   Jurina woke up from her deep slumber and stretched to loosen some sore muscles. Still drowsy from waking up, she looked around to see all of her other sisters were still sleeping. She looked at Rena who was sleeping so soundly next to her, hugging Jurina's knee while attempting to bite it, though luckily she didn't use her teeth, just a kiss on her legs. Jurina chuckled at the cute scene and patted the older girl's head and Rena meowed cutely with a 'Nyaa~' and continued sleeping.

   The youngest then took a glance at her second oldest sister, who was sleeping on top of the smallest sister, while chomping on the girl's lobe, probably from some dream of eating. Atsuko loves eating. She then looked at Yuko who was actually awake, her eyes pleading the youngest girl to help her get her sister off of her. Yuko was showing signs of pain and pleasure both at the same time, a moan escaped her lips each time the younger girl bit her ear so erotically, though Jurina didn't know what actually the oldest girl was moaning about. She knew only a little of girl on girl relationships.

   The girl shrugged her shoulders and attempted to lie down again, wanting to sleep, leaving the oldest girl in a state of devastation to yet again face the wraith of Atsuko with too bad sleeping habits which could even surprise the girl's fans at her school. Jurina closed her eyes to let herself drift into slumberland, but was stopped by the sudden movement from the girl next to her. Rena was already awake, rubbing her sleepy eyes with her slender fingers, and yawning quietly while looking at the two lovey-dovey sisters hugging each other, or as she thought.

"What are you doing to Atsu-nee, Yuu-nee?" Rena squinted her eyes, still drowsy and thinking she was high, seeing Yuko touching her older sister's butt.

   Yuko was surprised at first, but then after she realized where her hand was, laid slightly on her younger sister's buttcheeks, she slowly yet reluctantly pulled away, blushing furiously as the younger girl finally awoke. Atsuko yawned and wiped her teary eyes off of her, still not fully awake. She saw the face of her obviously embarrassed sister right in front of her and what else could she do? Easy. She pressed a tender kiss on the older girl's forehead, making the girl blush more and finally got up and scanned her surroundings to see her two other sisters, mouth gaped open at the exchange of the other two.

"Morning, girls." Atsuko greeted.

   But before the girls could greet back, Atsuko was already in front of them, enveloping them in a tight hug as she at first kissed Rena on the cheeks and finally her youngest sister. She then smirked and got up. She stretched after waking up from slumber and loosened up her sore muscles. She felt alive.

"What do you girls want for breakfast today?" Atsuko asked with a huge smile on her face, after having a good night's sleep with her sisters.

   Jurina was the first one to snap out of admiration state as she smiled as well, raising her hands up.

"Oh! I want pie!" Jurina ordered, bringing her two other sisters who were spacing out finally back to reality.
"I'm okay with Jurina's suggestion." Rena said, smiling sweetly as she signaled the youngest sister to go take a bath.
"I'll eat anything my lover makes~" Yuko winked, with a perverted smirk as all her younger sisters looked at her in disgust.
"Whoa, that was obviously disgusting, Yuko." Atsuko scorned and left for the kitchen.

   While Yuko was in a state of self-evaluation in the corner of the living room, thinking of why her younger sister didn't like the joke, Rena and Jurina headed to the bath. Jurina actually didn't mind if it's a bath in the mornings after waking up. She only hated to take a bath in the evenings since she wants to play more.

   In the bath, Rena took of her pajamas slowly, revealing her pale, smooth and soft skin, with added muscles from all of her work as the Student Council President, though it was actually from having to chase and grab Jurina all the time. Jurina watched the older girl taking off her clothes and ending up with the older girl shaking her head, and as if it was in slow motion, Jurina's mouth gaped open as Rena's long silky hair swayed around, with beads of sweat from how hot the bathroom was. The younger girl was drooling while looking at the perfect proportions the older girl has, wanting to touch it in every means possible, so she did-

"Huh? What are you doing? Take off your clothes already, Jurina." Rena ordered, looking at the drooling younger sister weirdly.

   -but was stopped by the glare of the older girl. She gulped her saliva and drool, thus taking off her pajamas as well, not wanting the older girl to question her more. Rena couldn't stop noticing the red cheeks of the younger girl and shook it off as the heat of the bath. After Jurina had finished undressing, Rena's glare became sharper as she clicked her tongue.

"Huh? W- What's wrong?" Jurina asked, frightened as the older girl's aura became far darker than she had ever seen.
"When did you start growing so fast?" Rena commented as the other girl was in confusion. "Nothing." she shrugged it off and finally entered the tub, followed by her reluctant younger sister.


   It was Sunday so the whole family had nothing to do. Yuko asked for a day off for that day and her boss didn't mind it so she was free for the day. Yuko thought of something as she watched Atsuko who was wearing a pink apron and her hair tied in a ponytail. The girl was waiting for the pie to bake, reading the book as she sat on the chair of the dining table with Yuko's eyes on her. The younger girl realized the stare of her older sister and reluctantly opened her mouth.

"Everything okay, Yuko?" she asked.

   Yuko smirked at the older girl's question and finally let out what she was thinking.

"How about we go to the amusement park today? The whole family, of course." Yuko suggested with not much ulterior motive.

   Atsuko thought as she took her eyes away from the book and looked at Yuko. Jurina doesn't have any problems nor does any of her sisters have plans for the whole evening, not that she was told there was any. Normally her sisters would tell her if they have something to do the next day and last night there was none so then she thought of their budget. Atsuko's eyes turned tired and Yuko could see that.

"Don't worry, it's my treat. From the rides to food. And yes, Acchan, that means I'll treat you to food." Yuko chuckled as the younger girl's eyes sparkled brightly as she heard the word 'treat' and 'food' together in the same sentence without any negative words in it.
"Fine with me." Atsuko hid her satisfaction but Yuko could easily tell that the younger was actually excited inside.

   They heard a 'ding' and Atsuko got up, taking out the apple pie as the older girl took out the plates.


"Ittadakimasu! (Thanks for the food!)"

   Everyone gulped down Atsuko's apple pie, complimenting the girl in any way possible. While Atsuko was eating, she enjoyed her cooking with a few moans of pleasure not in a perverted way but it was caught by Yuko and Rena who looked at their 18 year old sister weirdly.

"Hmf? What's wrong?" Atsuko gulped down her pie and asked, then the two shrugged it off as nothing and continued their eating.

   Jurina was next to Atsuko as per usual, in front of Rena and Rena was next to Yuko around the table. Atsuko remembered the conversation with Yuko a few minutes prior and stopped eating.

"You girls want to go to the amusement park later? Your older sister's treat." Atsuko asked the two and pointed at Yuko.
"Eh?! Really, Yuu-nee?!" Jurina's eyes sparkled brightly as she asked her eldest.
"Yeah, really." Yuko chuckled and answered the girl.

   Jurina threw both her arms up in a double fistpump as she was rejoicing the moment when Yuko treats the others to something. Yuko would never treat them unless she was forced to. Yuko knows just how much Atsuko would drain her wallet from eating too much food, much to the older girl's agony.

"But." Yuko said, raising her index finger, in a serious tone. "Acchan has to control her eating frenzy." she pointed at her younger sister.
"EH?! Why only me?!" Atsuko was shocked but the others nodded, knowing that it was a purely obvious condition.
"Yuu-nee's right, Atsu-nee. You should accept the condition as to not trouble her." Rena agreed, looking at her seriously.
"B- But I don't know why I'm the only one that needs to control myself!" Atsuko threw a tantrum as she was teary-eyed.
"Jurina wants to go to the amusement park, Atsu-nee~" Jurina said, childishly, looking at her older sister almost pleading.
"B- But-" Atsuko looked at her younger sister and almost lost all of her intention of protesting.
"Deal or no deal, Acchan?" Yuko smirked, looking at her helpless sister.

   Atsuko swallowed her resolve and finally sighed, sitting down forcefully as she looked away, lips pursued as she crossed her arms together in a sulking fit.

"Fine!" she agreed and finally everyone rejoiced.

Atsu joined in the conversation.

Atsu: Hey, girls.
Mari: Morning, Acchan.
TKMN: Acchan~ Morning~
Haru-Nyan: Surprising to see Acchan here in the mornings lol
Atsu: I'm anywhere Minami is~ lol
TKMN: If you keep that up, I'm going to seriously run to your house and drag you away.
Atsu: S- Sorry...
Saaya: Anything happened, Acchan? Rare to see you online in the mornings.
Atsu: Just some things with my sisters. Listen, Yuko asked us if we wanted to go to the amusement park, her treat, but I'm the only one that has to hold back on all the eating! Can you believe that?!
Tomo: That's obviously your own fault, Atsuko. Even I would want you to hold yourself back when we go out.
TKMN: So true.
Mari: The truth hath been spoken!
Haru-Nyan: lol Mari-chan
GenKing: Seriously, Atsuko. You eat too much. And hey, good morning.
Atsu: Tomochin~ I missed you~ You too Sae-chan~ lol
TKMN: qeqeruqwhd8wuqiahsdhasdd
Mari: Someone's jealous.
Chiyu: qireq3r4iwhrtqweihfsa
Saaya: Two, in fact.
Haru-Nyan: You're not jealous, Sayaka?
Saaya: Why would I?
Atsu: Hehe~ Sayaka's jealous~
Tomo: Woot~ She's jealous of Sae~
Mari: No comment from Sae.
TKMN: She's obviously embarrassed right now. Oh, she is. Whoa, her face is red!
Atsu: Forgot you two live together lol
Mari: You need to thank Sae for holding Takamina back when she's horny for you.
Atsu: WUT
Saaya: I don't get it but I guess it's something ecchi like you guys always discuss. And Tomochin's shutting up.
TKMN: Let us pray for her to survive TomoRage

Rena joined the conversation

Atsu: Shoot! I'm out!

Atsu has left the conversations

   Jurina, Rena, Yuko and Atsuko were speechless. No, they weren't surprised or such. They simply couldn't speak after the experience and 'thrill' they had felt. It's one of those moments where you should just shut up and enjoy the peace of mind you have for the moment. Even Jurina, the most energetic person out of the four, couldn't speak after what they had gone through. Sounds of screams could be heard as they sat outside of the roller coaster line.

   Finally, after a few minutes of long and uncomfortable silence, it was up to Yuko, as the oldest in the family to open up her mouth.

"I- I need to pee..." Yuko shivered and the others took a knowing glance at the older girl before bursting into laughter.
"Y- You serious?!" Rena grabbed her sides in pain as she looked at the girl who said one of the most unbelievable lines she had ever heard.
"Need- More- Air!" Jurina clutched her stomach on the ground as she laughed aloud.
"T- That was uncalled for." Atsuko commented, tears falling down her eyes from too much laughing.


   After a few mishaps, and a few more rides which made their stomach turn and Jurina laughing aloud from the fun, they finally arrived to Atsuko's heaven. On the table were a few sundaes for Atsuko, a plate of fried noodles for Yuko, choco crepe for Rena and a large bowl of udon for Jurina. The three sisters looked at Atsuko who was delighted to eat something sweet for a change since she never made desserts for Jurina because of Jurina's hyper sweet tooth reasons. Rena, realizing the satisfaction in Atsuko's moan, offered her crepe to Atsuko.

"Want some?" Rena asked, as she offered it to the girl.
"Eh? Really?!" Atsuko asked, with sparkles in her eyes.
"It'd be an indirect kiss, you know~" Yuko commented as she looked at her sisters' exchange.
"Don't care~" Atsuko singsonged and took a bite from the crepe.

   Rena had a look of satisfaction as the older girl finished swallowing her crepe and yelling out 'Sweet~' in a playful and childish voice. She then looked at Yuko who had a look of envy in her eyes. Rena gave a scornful grin as she took a bite from the crepe the same place Atsuko took a bite from, making the oldest girl to look at her in shock and depression.

   Just that moment, Rena's phone rang, with a melodic tone.

"SKE48? Seriously?" Atsuko asked, chuckling as she heard the notification tone from the girl's phone.
"What? I love those girls. They're so full of energy. Airin's my top~" Rena commented and checked the message.
"I love AKB48 better, though. And of course Maeda Atsuko." Yuko said as she finished her noodles.
"See~? Yuko gets me. But I think I'm starting to like NMB48 better, though. I just love Saya-nee~" Atsuko commented as her face turned bright red from mentioning her idol.
"Meh. I love Mayuyu more. She's cute~" Jurina also joined in, finished sipping the soup from the udon.

   They talked about how the idols were and what they liked about the idols. Yuko mentioned her love for Maeda Atsuko's randomness, Atsuko mentioned how she love Yamamoto Sayaka's breast and how cool she looks, Rena mentioned how she just loves Furukawa Airi's politeness and Jurina mentioned that she loves Watanabe Mayu's fun yet loving personality.


   After entering the rides more, and Jurina being happy for unknown reasons. Not to mention Yuko finally gave up on her rule and lets Atsuko eat whatever she wants. She regretted it thereafter. Finally at the end of the day, the girls entered the passenger car in the Ferris wheel. Jurina was sleeping on Atsuko's shoulder and the others looked at her, chuckling and smiling warmly at their youngest sister.

"She used too much of her energy being merry, huh?" Yuko snickered as she watched the sleeping Jurina in front of her.
"Can't blame her. It's been a long time since all of us went to the amusement park, huh?" Rena asked the girl next to her.
"True... Sorry for just having work off today." Yuko apologized feeling sorry and the guilt craved in.
"Don't be. We know just how busy you are. It's already a miracle that you could go home early on Saturdays." Rena put her hand on the girl's shoulder, reassuring her that her sisters are okay with it.
"B- But-" "Yuko." Before Yuko could blame herself more, a stern voice from Atsuko stopped her.

   She looked at the figure next to Jurina. She was smiling. A warm smile. The smile she was saved from since the very beginning. The smile of the one she took in.

   At first, Yuko was an only child. At the age of 13, she was abandoned by her parents and had to live with whatever she had. She didn't do anything illegal but to make her way up into society. Then she met with a certain 10 year old girl. She was the same as her. Abandoned, unneeded, a nuisance, in fact. She at first wanted to leave her alone but then as she looked back again, she saw the girl with a sad smile. The smile tugged her heartstrings and without any word, she grabbed the girl and ran back to her apartment, which she borrowed from a friend. She decided to take care of her in just that small amount of time. Little by little, the girl managed to smile sincerely yet again. Her first sincere smile she saw was when she got back from work and in front of her was an angel-like smile the girl had. The first she has seen. A smile which soothed her heart and was able to make her cry tears of joy. She hugged the girl there and then, promising her that she would take care of her more.

   Atsuko managed to learn of how to do the chores and helped the older girl in every way possible, taking care of the house, clean it, make dinner, and even do most things that the older girl had no time to. She made it her goal in mind to pay back Yuko for what she did. She saved her.

   Then, when the two went out to find dinner, they saw a girl playing by herself at night in the playground. She had clothes that were torn and her hair was a mess, which reminded of Yuko of how she met Atsuko. Without any ulterior motive, she looked at Atsuko and then came a knowing look from her. Atsuko wanted to help the girl just as much as Yuko. They smiled at each other and asked the girl if they want to live together.

   The girl turned out to be the same age as Atsuko and was named Rena. She at first was scared of the two. She ran away from home because of child abuse. She wasn't scarred physically, but mentally. Her former step-parents mocked her, abused her to exhaustion and even once left her all alone in some unknown place when they went out for a trip. Rena couldn't take it and of course, ran away. But after a few months with her new family, she learned to smile and accept them again. They became precious to her and she loved them dearly, all of it starting from when she went into rage one day, almost stabbing Yuko with a pencil she found lying around, but then Atsuko came and pinned Rena to the wall, glaring at her with the eyes she had never shown to anyone before except for her former parents. Frightened, Rena tried to get the girl off her but couldn't. Until Atsuko embraced her warmly in tears. Atsuko was afraid, afraid that her new younger sister would do something so cruel. She didn't want it to happen. She cried not because of herself, but because of her younger sister. Smiling, Yuko forgave the younger girl and hugged her as well, enveloping her with the warmth of her family. That night, Rena cried the most, apologizing to the two sisters and that memory became something far precious for her, as she felt the most emotion she had felt for a long time. One for discovering her real family that she loves and the other one for finally looking at Atsuko with another look, that far exceeds family love.

   When Atsuko was walking around one night, finally free from all the work as she left the two sisters, Yuko and Rena to cook for themselves since she was throwing a fit, unsatisfied with how the two didn't greet her and just plopped down sleeping, she saw a girl that was sleeping on the streets. Atsuko was 12 at that time. She woke the girl up and the girl was crying, hugging the stranger in front of her that she saw for the first time. Atsuko, unsure of what to do, hugged her as well and the younger 6 year old girl cried on her chest, explaining to her what happened.

   Jurina was left abandoned in the streets, just like Yuko and Atsuko's case. She then followed the girl into her home, unsure of what to find but two seemingly sorrowful sisters crying their eyes out as they hugged Atsuko and begged for her mercy. As she saw the sight, two older girls crying aloud, hugging Atsuko tightly, apologizing for their actions, Jurina chuckled. They finally noticed the unknown girl and Atsuko introduced her. She was at first shielding herself up in her room, unsure of what to feel but after a few weeks, she had turned to look up to Atsuko who managed to do everything in the house herself as Rena was too lazy and rolled around doing nothing, and Yuko was at work most of the time. She decided herself that she wanted to help Atsuko, her savior as much as possible, thus learned from Atsuko about most things, from cooking, to doing laundry, even when to hit Yuko on the head, mostly in times of the oldest sister's perverse.

   The four family, who actually had no blood relation to one another, became closer than what they initially thought. They thought that they belonged to each other. A real family. That's what they are.

"Yuko, you okay?" Yuko's mind was brought back to reality by the call of the younger girl, Atsuko.
"Ah, I'm fine." she shrugged it off, as her eyes was filled with tears.
"Seems like you're not." Rena chuckled and patted the older girl's head.
"I- I just remembered of how all of us came together..." Yuko confessed as she wiped her tears.

   That sentence was all it took for the other two to be quickly brought to nostalgia, their eyes wet with tears as well that started to fall down their cheeks. They looked at Atsuko with a knowing smile. But the smile wasn't that sad. It was a smile that they knew. A smile which was filled with nostalgia, which was filled with all the memories with each other, filled with all their emotions.

   Atsuko could feel the wet tears on her shoulders. At that time, they realized it, Jurina was actually awake. Rena smiled warmly at the younger girl and went to Atsuko and Jurina's seat, followed by Yuko, and indulged the two, more specifically, Atsuko in a bear hug, as she hugged Jurina, who opened her eyes.

"S- Sorry." Jurina apologized for crying and was forgiven with a kiss from Rena on the girl's forehead.
"You don't need to be. We're a family." A warm smile, a warm voice, warm eyes, from Rena, soothed the younger girl's heart as Jurina hugged Atsuko, the older sister whom she respects the most.
"W- Wait, you guys are leaning the passenger car!" Atsuko shouted, worried, but the others paid no heed.

   They stuck a tongue out at Atsuko childishly at their sister who was being too much of a worrywart, much to their amusement. Yuko got up, Rena sat on Atsuko's right, Jurina sat on Atsuko's left. The three looked at each other knowingly and they kissed the girl. Jurina and Rena on each of her cheeks and Yuko, as the elder, kissed the younger girl on her nose, making the girl embarrassed and red to her ears.

"Payback from this morning~" Yuko joked and was hit lightly on the head by Atsuko and Jurina.
"Atsu-nee's Jurina's property!" Jurina declared with a light bop on the head, complete with her 'player' tone.
"When the hell did that happen, you brat?" Rena asked, shocked but Jurina stuck out her tongue to the older girl and linked arms with Atsuko, satisfied.

   Yuko watched the exchange of her younger sisters and then smiled. The siblings which she had grown up with. She was thankful for them. If it weren't for them- No, if it weren't for Atsuko, she would have been doing improper things for money. If it weren't for her smile, she wouldn't even have thought of living properly. Tears rolled down her cheeks again as they finally reached their stop as their time was out. Smiling, she hugged the three girls, and finally whispered to her, a Thank You, for all of their time together. A thanks for being with her all the times. Being a family.


   MAN! That took too much of my time. Kinda heavy in some scenes but I guess it's pretty innocent? Phew. Now I hope satisfies everyone who reads this. Sorry for the long chapter, but I couldn't stop my burst of emotion once I started thinking of them as a family. And of course, like a ritual of some sort. I bid you all farewell, until next time, and of course, HAPPY SATHDAY!

[Probably has some grammar, misspellings and such, but bear with me. I'm too tired to re-read this. -Probably will edit this some other time, but not now. Too. Tired. Must stay calm and read other fics! LoL- Edited and satisfied~!
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dem 'past'  :( their past..  :cry: left across the street?!  :banghead:
I actually thought they're related by blood at first  :lol: that's why I was kinda having mixed emotions, should I feel disgust too? even so I love them four INCEST!!! well now, that settles it!  :P

I love the conversation part!  XD Rena Joined... Atsuko left (LOL)  :lol:

PS: I edited my saved spot :P

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Uh...No need to mention Takamina...I just know it~
-So yeah, this family thing is quite sad to me...
-Y-Yeah, it is totally innocent...A sympathy for the whole family...
-Man...It is so sad!!~ Yuko found Atsuko and then both of them...
-Found Rena and Rena stabbed Yuko?! But she was safe and then...
-The met Jurina who was left abandoned just like the AtsuYuu...
-It was so innocent yet sad~ Well, as long they're happy with each other~

>Pls make another one!!~ I'm gonna look forward to it!!~ Nice & sad storeh!!~ *thumbs up*
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imteedee, that, I was actually thinking of making it darker, add a little oil to the fire. But then I realized that I made it too long (I don't count the words. Just plain look at the length)

Kochiki, was sad... I'm pretty sure I'm curious more of how and why Atsuko glared at her parents to the death, more than the development XD

DontMindMe, was waiting for that XD Yeah, I'll add another side story for that some other time.

   I don't know why but for this Sathday tradition, I'm thinking of AtsuMina. So here's something sorta like an AtsuMina. Don't worry, nobody's gonna die :nervous Anywho, this is a multiple chapters. 4, probably. Thinking of ending it at 4. I'll end this up by the next Sathday, since I was planning some sweet fluffy AtsuYuu (and one smut) on Yuko's holy day~

[Fraught Consequences] 1/?

   Relationships come even in the simplest form of contact, but to maintain the status quo isn't actually an easy task at hand. One simple mistake could lead into the most distraught situations one couldn't simply imagine. If one mistakes it to that form, then there is no way to fix the relationship, without using meaner methods.

   This is a story of four friends, Idols of hundreds and thousands of people, yet still needy of each other. Their challenges in their relationships surpasses the river they needed to cross to gain of such titles, as entertainers. Simple entertainment lead to their relationship to be as solid as a wall. But little did they know, that the wall has already been breached long ago.


   Akihabara. The town of technology which became the town of 'otaku', or as some call it, addicts. It ranges from Games, to Japanese animation, even to 'manga'. But in recent years, it became the birthplace of a group of idols which revolutionized the nation and took the top of the entertainment industry. But what is this said 'idol'? Is it simply the symbol of respect and admiration? Or is it something that far exceeds it which could lead to idolization? None can explain it into words, none can even think of it. Yet, people admire these figures, not because they are idols, not because they even tried to be idols. It is because they are simply there. Their existence far exceeds the human mind, but they are there.

   The idol group which topped entertainment, is a group of girls, formed AKB48. Their dream ranges from Acting, Singing, Dancing and even Drawing, but they are still one. They came together to reach their own dreams, and also pull along other members into reaching their dream. 'Give and take', is what they say.


   Inside the AKB48 Theater, the theater known as the home of the idol group, a few girls were doing random things. Some were actually devoting themselves to practice, some were fooling around and some were taking pictures with the others. A girl, with black shoulder-length hair ran through the crowds towards a another girl, a small petite one who had made out her hair in a ponytail fashion.

"Caught. You~" the black haired girl laughed as she tackled the smaller girl, making them fall on top of each other due to the momentum and speed of the taller one.

   The shorter girl tried to wriggle her way out of the taller one's grip to no avail. The taller one rubbed her cheek on the shorter one's and snuggled up to her, much to the shorter one's agony.

"Acchan, there is a time and place for everything, you know." the shorter girl sighed as she patted the taller girl's head, and the taller one purred, and snuggled up to her more to find comfort in the shorter girl's heat.

   The two girls were known to be the most inseparable pair inside the group.

   The taller girl, the one with the black shoulder-length hair, is called Maeda Atsuko, the Ace of the group who has been in the center of it for years. Because of this, she was known to be the most famous in the group, even to be called the immovable Ace, until a certain girl who shared the 'Ace' title with her, stripped the girl of her title, only to be left as mockery by her fans. But because of that, she had grown up, feeling defeat for the first time, she saw something far more important to her, and that was her captain.

   The shorter girl, the one known to always keep her hair in a ponytail, is called Takahashi Minami, the group's captain who takes care of most of the problems inside the group. She was often called the 'Father figure' of the group, and has supported the girls in any way possible. But even so, scandals and hate arose from the group and she had been worried about it nonstop. She blamed it all on herself for all the problems inside the group and what stopped her from thinking that, was the Center of the group, whom she had befriended and trusted since the early days.

"Takamina's so nice to cuddle~" Atsuko said in her embrace and rolled around with the older girl.
"A- Acchan! Not now, I said!" Minami ordered, but was ignored since the younger girl only wanted fun more than anything.

   While the two were obviously making out, they were watched warmly by the other members and that includes two of the most famous figures in the group.

"Hey, you lovey-dovey couple. You're showing some bad examples to the juniors" the shorter of the two other girls scolded, who was slightly taller than the Captain.
"Un." the taller one only nodded in agreement, continuing to concentrate on her game.

   The shorter girl is called Oshima Yuko, the other 'Ace' of the group, who shared the same title with Atsuko. They were rivals, friends and even confidantes in themselves. They helped each other far more than anyone inside the group and had been like that for years. She also was usually paired with AKB48's most beautiful girl, and was content with it since she loves the girl dearly.

   The taller girl, playing her Playstation Portable like it meant the world to her, is the said Beauty of the group, named Kojima Haruna. She was often paired with the squirrel-like Ace, but truth be told, she wasn't actually too happy of it. The perverted squirrel would usually hug her, grope her, kiss her and once, slept with her. But even so, she liked the squirrel-like Ace a lot. She couldn't explain as to why, but the shorter girl gives her content and happiness that she had never felt with anyone else.

"Yo, Yuko~ Back from making love~?" Atsuko teased, followed by a perverted grin on her face.

   Haruna blushed bright red at the younger girl's tease and rolled her eyes, not minding the conversation, and continued to play her game. Seeing the lovely reaction from her pair, Yuko smirked and cleverly and skillfully shifted her body to Haruna's lap, making the taller girl to put her chin on Yuko's head since she was used to it.

"You know it~ But NyanNyan said we need to save our energy for t-" before Yuko could complete her sentence, she was met with Haruna's fist on her head.

   Yuko rubbed the pain she had received from the taller girl's love and pouted sweetly, making the taller girl to blush more and turn of her Playstation Portable, to join in the converaation.

"You have no delicacy, you know that, Yuko?" Minami asked the older girl and Yuko could only laugh, since she was used to such comments.

"Oh really, Takamna~? And who was the one who 'ACCIDENTALLY' came into my bath today~?" Atsuko smirked, making the shorter girl to blush bright red at the taller girl's tease, as she remembered of what she had seen.

"I- it's not like I did that on purpose or anything!" defended Minami who was clearly wrong in so many aspects of life.

"Is it so wrong to say you want to peek on Acchan? I do that with NyanNyan every time~" says Yuko with pride, confident of her familiarity with the cat girl.

"Shut up, Yuu-chan. Please, You're embarrassing me... Literally." Haruna said, hiding her face with the switched off Playstation Portable.

   Seeing the inseparable pairs laughing aloud and being so overly attached to each other, Togasaki, the Theater Manager of the group, sighed and grabbed Yuko and Atsuko by the collar, pulling the two away from their pairs. He then hauled the two Aces to a corner.

"Eh?! What was that for, Togasaki-san?!" Atsuko pouted, glaring at the man.

"Yeah! I was thinking that you were jealous or something, but NyanNyan is mine!" shouted Yuko as she stood up magnificently, or so she thought until she was hit in the head by Togasaki.

"I already know of your relationships, and frankly I don't mind since Akimoto-sensei gave his somewhat reluctant blessings." Togasaki said, mentioning the one known as the manager of AKB48, Akimoto Yasushi and continued "But I don't want you girls to just plain make out in front of the juniors, you know. You should learn some self control. You're not kids anymore." scolded Togasaki to the two Aces.

"But I don't give a f-" before Yuko could finish, she was hit in the head again, this time by Atsuko.

"Manners, Yuko." joked the younger girl as she stuck her tongue out playfully.

"Okay! This is the ninth time today! Can't anyone just let the squirrel go free without a hit on the head?! Are they TRYING to turn me dumb?!" shouted Yuko, dissatisfied with her treatment.

"You girls..." veins popped up from Togasaki's forehead, signaling the time for Yuko to just shut up or things would become worse. "From now on, for a week, Maeda is not allowed to meet Takahashi and Oshima is not allowed to meet Kojima. If you break that rule, it's the same as breaking the Ban of Love. For one week, you must not meet your pair. Understand?"

   Yuko and Atsuko couldn't say anything. They couldn't protest at all even if they wanted to. When Togasaki is angry, he's angry and it's better to just shut up and follow his orders. And thus, the two reluctantly accepted and was brought out.


   Haruna and Minami were waiting for their pairs that was until a certain girl came to them and joined their circle.

"Yo, where are your lovers?" the tall and energetic girl asked.

"Oh, hi Sae." Minami greeted the girl before answering "I don't know. Togasaki-san dragged them somewhere to lecture them."

"Oh. About that." Sae said, remembering what she heard. "Togasaki-san forbid you guys to meet them. Takamina can't meet Acchan and Haruna can't meet Yuko."

"Eh?! Why?" Haruna asked, surprised as she put down her Playstation Portable.

"Probably because they pissed him off or something. Says that rule will take affect for a week." Sae informed.


"Seriously?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Yuko in despair as she clutched her head with her hands, sitting down.

"I blame you for this, you know." nagged Atsuko as she sighed, making sure that the older girl is sorry for what she did.

"Hey, hey. Who was the one who always singed 'Takamina~~~' all around the room?" countered Yuko.

"Don't blame my love for Takamina!" Atsuko hits the older girl's head yet again.

"Okay! That does it!"

   Yuko, who was fed up with everyone just hitting her head for how many times they felt like, grabbed Atsuko's hands and pinned her down to the floor. She then punches the girl playfully and rolled around with each other. Yuko managed to contain the taller girl in her lock but then Atsuko fought back, slightly touching the older girl's hips and causing Yuko to moan. Atsuko grinned, and in that slight opening, she turned the tides and picked up Yuko then pinned the girl down.

"You're way too easy, Yuko." teased Atsuko, complete with her sadistic grin as she pinched the older girl's cheeks. "This is sooooo fun~" she commented.

"You little~" Yuko smirked and then tickled the younger girl.

   Still on top of Yuko, Atsuko laughed uncontrollably and clutched her stomach from too much laughing. She then fell down to the floor in defeat as the older girl tickled her on top.

"Y- Yuko! Ahahaha! Sor- Ahahaha! Sorry!" Atsuko apologized in spite of her uncontrolled laughter.

"Say 'Yuko-sama' and maybe I'll forgive you~" Yuko teased, demanding the impossible.

"Y- Hahahaha~ Y- Yu- Ahahaha -Ko- Haha -Sama"

"Meh. I'll take that as a success." satisfied, Yuko stopped and lied down next to the girl.

   Atsuko, in tears from too much laughing, finally stopped and calmed herself down. She then looked at the older girl to see her closing her eyes, enjoying the moment.

"Sorry for having to separate you and Takamina." Yuko apologized which caused Atsuko to flinch.

   The younger girl then chuckled. She had never thought that THE Great Oshima Yuko, her rival, would apologize to her anytime soon but she had already forgave her long ago. She respected the older girl far more. And it's not like she couldn't handle not seeing her lover for a week. It's just a week. Nothing much.

"It's okay, Yuko~ You're my best friend so of course I'm okay with it~" Atsuko smiled at Yuko.


   Silence crept in. Yuko didn't speak a word but only closed her eyes. The uncomfortable silence got to Atsuko and she thought of just apologize for calling her her best friend but then Yuko eventually opened her mouth, though her voice was a bit hesitant and lifeless.

"Yup. Best friends." Yuko smiled, showing her dimples to the girl and Atsuko chuckled.

"Best friends forever~" the younger agreed and embraced Yuko in a friendly hug, before falling asleep in each others' arms.

   Little did they know, that the week was short, yet long.

[To be continued]

LoL I missed Sathday XD
Anywho, thanks for reading and I hope I get to finish this by the end of the week~
Thus, farewell and see you next time!
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Can't wait for the next part, Ashu  :w00t:
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Interesting....Atsumina and kojiyuu

They are together and being blessed...

How are they going to spend thier 1 week punishment?

How about Minami and Haruna?

Can't wait to see the next

Thank you for the new OS

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*COUGH I can't wait for our HOLY DAY I feel like spamming in here  :lol:

TD IS IMPRESSED, HUMAN  :vv: LOL emoticon ftw AM I THE ONLY ONE? I'm having a hunch this will end up with AtsuYuu, *shakes head Maybe just my imagination  :nervous
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saku, I shall try!!! Though I don't promise if that would be good or not XD

cisda, I am sorry to betray you! >A<

TD, you know how I roll XD And I can't wait for tomorrow~~~

   And so without further ado, here's the second part!


   They lie, they pretend and they act. What else can they do? To admit these feelings was something that they could not hope to do. One wrong step and it will be over. They didn't want to break the status quo. But now, the gears had started moving again and they were lost in this roller coaster ride. This ride might even be their least, yet they still continue to act. For how long? For how long can they keep up with the farce they have put up?

[Fraught Consequences - Part II]

"Now that was unexpectedly useless." Atsuko sighed and threw the book to the wall, then plopped down on the floor again, being one with the earth.

   It had been five days since she had last seen her lover, Takahashi Minami and she had been in the room almost all the time. She had learned to keep her hands to herself the whole week and the only one who had to suffer for her urges was her best friend who was making a sandwich at the meantime.

   They say that the popular group, AKB48 was always busy and that their Aces rarely had enough time for themselves, but truthfully, Atsuko didn't have anything to do at all. She had all the time in the world and there was nothing she could do to fill it.

   Looking at the room yet again, she cursed the one who forbade her to see, hug, grope and do unspeakable things to her lover, Togasaki. She actually respected the man, since he had been with the group since the start and would always advise her in most situations but now, she couldn't help but despise him. The bottled up lust, that she had counted as 'boredom', was something she could not keep any longer She wanted to immediately run out of the room, search for a midget with a ponytail, glomp her, kiss her, and of course 'eat her up', but she couldn't do such.

   "What ARE you doing, Acchan?" a voice was heard from the door. It was Yuko, holding a plate of sandwiches and looking at the younger one suspiciously.

   Atsuko finally realized that she had been drooling while looking at a picture of Minami eating a popsicle. She mentally facepalmed herself as she looked back at her best friend. "I was mumbling a mantra. Do not disturb." Atsuko sat properly this time, legs crossed and palms put together to avoid the awkward moment.

   Yuko chuckled and put the plate of sandwiches on the table while looking at her friend being abnormal yet again. Yuko then grabbed a sandwich and offered it to the younger one, not saying anything. Atsuko looked at the sandwich as one would look at a lover, which made Yuko grin widely. She moved the sandwich to the left, Atsuko goes to the left, drooling. She moved the sandwich to the right, Atsuko goes to the right, still drooling. "You want one~" she asked and the younger nodded vigorously. "Then~" she puts her index finger at her bottom lip, looking at the younger one cutely. "Kiss me~"

   There is a popular saying in Japan, 'One does not simply step in between Maeda Atsuko and food.' and Oshima Yuko had just stepped in that line, and regretted it. Atsuko puts a chaste kiss on the girl's lips, startling the older girl and not only that, she also pulled the older girl closer to her, deepening it and makes the kiss longer. After a few seconds she parted, and looked at the older girl pleadingly with a small pout.

   Mouth gaped open, Oshima Yuko was too flabbergasted, surprised even, that she couldn't move an inch. She then looked at the pleading younger girl and sighed, finding her cute all of a sudden. Though she's always been cute. She gave the younger girl the triangular sandwich.

   Atsuko accepted it gladly and was about to dance, until she saw the blushing Yuko. She thought for a few seconds and then puts one end of the sandwich in her mouth, while offering the other end to Yuko.

   Yuko's eyes opened wide and she glared at the younger girl whose eyes were sparkling with excitement. Well, one could never turn down Maeda Atsuko. She bit the other one, hoping that it won't turn awkward yet again, and they slowly went towards each other with every bite.


   Haruna looked sadly at her captain who was walking back and forth impatiently. It was no mystery that her captain was missing the skinship of her lover, but there was nothing Haruna could do to stop or postpone it. She then thought of something and grabbed the small captain by the collar, lifting her up.

   "Eh?!" obviously, she was surprised. Minami tried to get off but to no avail as she was being lifted to a nearby chair and then sat there.

   Haruna, finally satisfied, heaved a sigh and looked at the captain seriously, surprising her. "You need to calm down, Takamina." she said it clearly without any use of her cruel voice. She was worried for her captain's sake.

   Hearing this, Minami stopped and looked down. She knew she was acting weirdly. She missed her lover far too much. She also knew that Haruna was worried about her but she could not do anything about it. Her body felt cold, not having the warmth of her lover.

   The older girl realized the insecurity with Minami and hugged her from behind, enveloping the younger one with her own heat as a replacement. "Don't worry. I'm still here. I'll be your heat for the meantime."


   After the battle for the sandwich, Atsuko and Yuko went out to the park. It was already night time, at about 9 or so. They walked around the park with Atsuko clinging to Yuko for no apparent reason, probably due to her missing her own lover.

   Yuko sighed, the weight of the younger girl wasn't really unbearable but she sighed at herself for being Atsuko's alternative cuddlebear buddy. The stars in the sky couldn't be seen much, thanks to air pollution and she thought of a subject at hand. "Ever wondered why the stars aren't shining so much here?" she asked.

   The younger one tilted her head, confused at the question. "Dunno? It's because we're in the city, right?" she said, not so confident with the answer since she had always been skipping her school lessons.

   Chuckling, Yuko patted the girl on the head, tiptoeing and making the girl to squat down a bit due to the height difference. "Nope." she smled, "Because you're shining brighter than any of them."

   Feeling embarrassed for some reason, Atsuko's face blushed bright red, and thanks to the darkness of the night, she managed to hide it well from the older girl. "Corny." she smiled, face already in her nose scrunching position as she stuck her tongue out at the older girl's attempt. "Though it's better than Minami's."

   Yuko pouted at her failed attempt but then laughs it off. "At least I tried." she nodded and patted the younger girl's head yet again, making Atsuko to purr like a cat, happy.

   Atsuko then separated herself and continued walking forward, grabbing the older girls' hands. She saw a flower, a sunflower, probably fell from someone's hands, on the ground and picked it up. She then smiled. "You know what, Yuko? I'm like this flower!" she says, offering the flower to the curious Yuko.

   "What do you mean by that?" Yuko asked, staring at the flower and the girl.

   "A flower can't just blossom by itself. The same as me~" Atsuko pointed at herself cutely. She then placed the flower at the older girl's chest, "It's because you're always with me that I've managed to become the one I am today. How I can shine on the stage, was because you're always right next to me, giving it your all."

   Yuko listened intently, her heart beating faster than before, and her own face was bright red to her ears, as the younger girl placed her hand on her chest.

   "Your smile gave me the strength to move on, to lead everyone. When I lost to you in the Sousenkyo, I felt happy. Happy because I'm still next to you, that I'll be cheering you on by your side. And after you gave me your blessings in the third Sousenkyo, I couldn't be any happier. Yuko, you're the reason I've been here for so long. Even when I'm separated from Minami, you're still with me." she says, smiling yet again. Her smile never faded. "Thank you... Thank you for everything, Yuko." she bowed her head deeply, thankful for the older girl for all the encouragement.

   Yuko finally caught on, tears fell down from her eyes. She smiled as well "Your song, FLOWER, right?" she asked.

   "Yup!" Atsuko nodded. "I've asked Aki-P to write something like that, so it was actually for you, Yuko~" she got up from her bow and smiled again at Yuko.

   The older girl sighed. "So Aki-P's already caught on, huh..." she said, not looking at the younger girl this time.

   "Huh? What do you mean?" Atsuko tilted her head to the side, confused at Yuko's sigh.

   Yuko then looked at Atsuko, and approached her. "Do you remember your final lines in that song?" she asked.

   Atsuko thought for a bit and smiled wryly. "Of course I do, Yuko~"

"'ichiban utsukushii FLOWER' (The most beautiful of all flowers)" she singed.
"'anata no egao ga hizashi ni nari' (In the sunlight of your smile)" Yuko joined in.
"'koko made sodatta' (It has grown up)"
"'kono hana wa' (That flower)"
"'maru de ai no you ni...' (Is made entirely of love)"

   Realizing this, Atsuko's eyes shot open and Yuko kissed her out of nowhere. The kiss was different than what Atsuko did a few moments ago. Yuko kissed longer, more passionately, and grabbed Atsuko's head so that she couldn't move, but to be kissed so passionately by her. It became worse for her as Yuko slid in her tongue, differentiating it with all the kisses they have done so far together. Atsuko then lightly pushed Yuko away but to no avail. Then finally, Yuko parted from the kiss, needing air.

"'maru de ai no you ni...'"

To Be Continued


Coz I'm running out of time, I'll end it at the next part, and delete some TakaHaru scenes.
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I can't breathe!!! I'M DEEEEAD NOW, I'm DEEEAD!!  :pen_whirl: :pen_whirl: :pen_whirl: :pen_whirl:
Title: Fraught Consequences III
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[Fraught Consequences Part III]

   Three days had passed since Yuko's abrupt actions, and finally the ban had been lifted. But...

   "Acchan~" Takamina cried tears of joy after finally seeing her beloved, not seeing her for a week, and glomped, tackled and hugged her, feeling the heat she hadn't felt for such a long time.

   Stumbling backwards, Atsuko hugged her lover as well, for she too had missed her far too much. She didn't have much time together with her though because of the concert they have at the moment for three days.

   "Hehe~ After the three-day concert, I'm gonna be yours for all day~" Takamina said, smiling at her lover, but she noticed something different the time. Something not Atsuko-like. "You okay, Acchan?" she asked, worried but Atsuko only kept silent, looking at the ceiling because the two were lying on the floor, Takamina on top of Atsuko.

   Patting the girl on the head, Atsuko thought of a few things, she had talked to Mariko, her 'big sister' in the group, and she had joked a few times with Takamina on it. Then she saw a figure, clinging to her beloved cat like usual, almost as if the week had became just a dream. A dream she could never experience anymore. A dream- No, a nightmare.

   Looking at the girl's eyes, Takamina's worst nightmare finally came true. The eyes which longed for something wasn't targeted at her. 'Whose eyes are those eyes?' The eyes of the loving Atsuko whom she loved so much, wasn't directed at her anymore.

   "I'll say it on the final day..." she had made her decision


   It's been over a year since she left us. The 'Ace's' graduation announcement shook the world by storm and the topic became popular even outside of Japan. People cried, some didn't believe it, some thought that she would say 'Just Kidding~' in the end... Oh how Gon-chan wanted her to say it. Wanted her to be with her. She didn't want Acchan to leave her. But... she never took her statement back.

   Her reason of her graduation was simple. She graduated to make way for her juniors. For her lovely, cute, little juniors. That was a farce. She didn't graduate for them. Acchan loves to dote on her juniors, mostly Jurina, Rena and Shiriri- I mean, Mayu. But to graduate because of them? No. Acchan would challenge them. She would probably become a wall for them to become stronger. She would not graduate and leave them. She had caused more pain that what she wanted if that was the case.

   The real reason for her graduation... is probably because she did not want to see a certain person anymore. A person named Oshima Yuko. That person, is me...

   I've caused her a lot of pain. I confessed to her, even forcing a kiss on her when she was already going out with Takamina. I heard from Takamina that after Acchan graduated, they broke up. She didn't say to any reason as to why they broke up but I could think of one... One being the usual, she wanted time out of AKB48, and the other, being she thinks she was tainted... I think it's the former, but Acchan's mind is weird.

   But... For some reason, it was as if Takamina found out about it. Though, she didn't say anything about it. Sometimes she would glare at me for no reason. She thought that I didn't realize but I'm THE Oshima Yuko. There's no way I won't realize it! Me and Acchan kissed and Takamina knew it. I was prepared for the consequences but... Takamina didn't do anything, same with NyanNyan.

   Speaking of NyanNyan... Ah, my beloved catgirl... I actually told her everything even before everything happened. She didn't actually get mad, more so she also confessed. She confessed that she was in love with Takamina. I was surprised as hell at that time, but yeah, we teamed up together. Me focusing on Acchan and her focusing on Takamina, though we always find some sort of comfort with each other. I like hugging NyanNyan. We gambled. We gambled on the slim chance of us succeeding, but both of us got rejected.

   Takamina still holds some lingering feelings for Acchan. So she rejected NyanNyan immediately once she found out about NyanNyan's feelings, though my case was worse. And as for how I managed to find out about such? Well, she told me after going to Acchan's house. She said that she cried in Acchan's arms. Why did she cry in Acchan's arms instead of mine? That, is still a mystery. Though I suspect the two of them had something going on.

   As for me and Acchan's relationship, it's still as solid as ever. We've been hanging out a lot more than before. But she never once mention about what happened. She didn't reject nor accept my love. And that, hurts more than being rejected tenfold...

   And now...
   "Acchan..." it's the first time since we saw each other since the incident. It wasn't the incident that I was talking about, the incident before the graduation. But this incident hurts more.

   "Yuko..." We didn't need to say anything.

   We walked around the park, the park where I confessed to her for the first time. My hand slightly moved towards hers and our fingers intertwined. She then looked down, down to the ground. I couldn't see her face much for she had grown her hair longer. The warmth of her hand, the warmth which belonged to someone else, filled my palm. My heart raced and my cheeks flushed. I realized then that she was still my crush. My heart still longs for her. I want her more than ever. As I was about to open my mouth-

   She looked at me in the eyes, and our gazes met. I was petrified, looking at the black orbs in her eyes. But her heat escaped from me. My hand felt cold. I called her, shouted her name, I couldn't move but I crawled my way towards her. My hands outstretched, reaching for her, reaching for her back. The back I was so used to. The back of the one I loved the most... But... she left me. In the cold, breezy night, she left me here... Alone.

   "Yuko?" I was brought back to reality by none other than her. She looked at me worriedly, same with the man next to her. The man that she had been going out with. I smiled, somewhat sadly and shrugged it off as nothing. The man used sweet words with her and she giggled.

   Without a goodbye, without any words towards me, she was brought away by that man. Skillfully leading her away. My heart broke into pieces as I saw the two figures away. But... as I was in tears, looking at them...

She glanced back my way, with sadness evident in her eyes....


Why can't these feet move?

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I DESERVE SEASON 2....  :fainted: such a troll.........
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Ah... so Yuko and Atsuko suddenly liked each other... Betraying each other lovers

Poor Takamina... for getting her heart broken from Yuko stealing her lover

But then Yuko did not even get her happy ending somewhat...

Because Yuko did not confess her feeling or Atsuko did not want to hurt Takamina more than that...

Poor Haruna... for being rejected by Takamina... and broken up with Yuko somewhat...

Ah... I like the story lots... but I do hope you would make the next season...

Can't wait to see more OS

Thank you for your updates

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Usually, I just the silent reader here.. But... Gahhh!!! You killing me in this fics Ashura-san.. :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: No way... Acchann... and Yukoo...  *I'm dead* :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:
Title: Everyday, ACCHAN!
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TD, I don't think a second season for an OS is good ^^''

cisda, Yuko liked Atsuko from the start. Haruna and Yuko didn't actually have feelings for each other since Haruna actually liked Minami. Minami, being loyal to the ex-Ace, never even gave a thought to Haruna's confession, so she rejected her. As for if Atsuko actually liked Yuko back, well, I'll leave that to yer imaginations XD

apple, < LoL. Anywho, I'm glad I managed to make yah suffer! MUAHAHAHA! That's for not telling me if Crazy Things Called Love is gonna be AtsuYuu or not! >3>

   Here's something non-AtsuYuu. Well, it does have AtsuYuu but this focuses more on Atsuko's daily life. So here's Acchan-Harem OS!

[Everyday, Acchan!]

   Waking up from her slumber, she slowly and lazily opened her eyelids, then looked at the alarm clock on the table. She realized that it was past her usual sleeping hours, so she instantly got up and quickly searched for her clothes. Opening her drawers, she grabbed anything which she could find, and put it on. It took her harder than usual to put it on, but she didn't have time to think of that at the moment. She stormed out of the room and then just as she was about to go the a corner, she bumped into a small girl, who was her roommate at the time.

   "Ouch! What's the big idea, Acchan?!" the small girl scoffed irritatedly and was helped by the one who bumped into her.

   "Sorry, Yuko. Gotta run fast!" Atsuko said hurriedly and pushed the girl lightly aside.

   The older girl sighed and grabbed the younger one's hand, making Atsuko stumble onto the floor by the older girl's trick. She then walked towards the younger girl and sat down next to her who was lying down.

   "What was THAT for?! If you wanted to confess your love to me, now isn't the time!" Atsuko raised her voice at the one who played the trick to her and the older girl pinched her cheeks, making her writhe in pain. "I- It hurts, Yuko! I was joking, joking!!!" she admitted and pried the hands of the older girl off of her.

   Yuko released the grip from Atsuko and ruffled the girl's hair. "Why are you wearing my clothes?" she asked and then Atsuko realized it. It was true.

   Everything she did the night before came back to her. She was drinking way too much because certain emotional things. Atsuko was with Yuko and Nakagawa Haruka. They drank until they dropped. Because Atsuko was unable to hold her alcohol, she raged and almost tried to rape poor Haruka. But thankfully, or regretfully, Yuko saved the day, and Haruka's chastity. Atsuko was acting more spoiled than usual, so the two girls dragged her to the nearest room, which was Yuko's room and the three of them slept together. She didn't remember anything happening after that, but hopefully there wasn't. Or was there?

   "You fine?" the older girl asked, smiling to the younger.

   Atsuko then smiled as well, "Yeah, I'm okay."


   Feeling a little lightheaded, Atsuko entered the AKB48 theater to search for some victims for her usual cuddles. She searched and searched but she could not find her anywhere, not in the dustbin, not in the lockers, and thankfully not under Togasaki's desk. She couldn't find her midget anywhere. Oh midget, where hath thou gone?

   "If you're searching for Takahashi, she's already gone to Akimoto-sensei to talk about something." came the voice from the door, and as expected, it was Togasaki.

   "Oha, Togasaki-san~" came the light and dizzy greeting from Atsuko. She was happy to see the man again, since he had taken care of her since the very beginning of the group. She felt respect for him. More than her favorite midget, he knows Atsuko more.

   Togasaki smirked and sat on his chair to work as per usual. She looked at the paperwork and tried to sleep on his desk, but was disturbed the the fist of Maeda Atsuko.

   "Get to work, you lazy bum!" she joked and chuckled a bit, seeing how childish the man was acting. She then left after settling everything and making sure Togasaki actually does his work.

   "Make sure you stop by and practice." Togasaki advised and Atsuko clicked her tongue. He knew just how lazy Atsuko is and she would not practice unless there was her captain. And Atsuko will always obey his orders.

   Atsuko reluctantly nodded and finally left the room.


   After practicing for about an hour or so, Atsuko plopped to the ground, tired. She was actually sort of weak when it comes to her energy and is not really fit for long performances. She grabbed some towel and wiped her sweaty face. She then looked at Mariko who wasn't sweating much. In fact, the older girl is actually sweating, but the sight of her sweating, her wet short hair, her wet almost see-through shirt, her long eyelashes, her sexy lips-

   "Acchan, what's wrong?" Mariko noticed the stare of awe from the younger girl and asked her status and Atsuko quickly shrugged it off as nothing. She knew that Atsuko would sometimes stare at her and she couldn't blame nor tease her. Atsuko is Atsuko with her quirky thought processes. She's not Yuko. If Mariko found out that Yuko was staring at her like that, hell is waiting for the squirrel. And it involves Haruna.

   "Mariko~~~~" Atsuko called the girl and hugged her from behind, feeling lonely all of a sudden and Mariko was the only alternative cuddle pillow there for now. Well, she can't actually hug the juniors, can she? And she most definitely would not want to hug Rino. Did it once. Let's just say that Rino fainted because of the skinship.

   The older girl almost lost balance on the chair thanks to the younger girl's playful manner but patted her on the head nonetheless. She loved it the most when Atsuko fools around. Not to mention the girl loves to joke and tease with her.

   When the older girl regained her balance, Atsuko playfully sat on her lap, with a sly and satisfied grin, wrapping her arms around Mariko's head. She hugged the girl in that position.

   Mariko chuckled at the girl's playful action. "You sure love to do these kinda things, huh?"

   "Heh. It's my forte." came the proud response from the Ace of Japan's renowned Pop group, AKB48. Atsuko then purred, nuzzling herself inside Mariko's neck, smelling her scent. "I like Mariko's smell~ It makes me feel calm~"

   "Thanks for the compliment." said Mariko, who was patting the girl on the head.

   "Nyaa~" she meowed and snuggled more with the girl, that was until she felt a pair of eyes watching them. Atsuko felt the tingle inside her chest and glanced at the source of her worries. It was Haruka. All glaring at the two and was obviously pouting.

   The young Haruka quickly left, leaving the two.

   "You seriously need to chase her, you know?" Mariko advised, getting up and placing Atsuko on the chair with her miraculous strength which Atsuko never knew she had.

   "Umu." she agreed and quickly chased the young Haruka.


   After having apologized to Haruka and promising her a date, Atsuko went to a nearby park to calm down a bit since her practice was over. Well, no, she actually skipped. But who cares about that. She sat on a bench under the warm sun. It's already 4PM then, since she had to talk about this and that with Haruko, promise her some things, say sweet words to her, let her lie on her lap... Argh, poor Atsuko.

   She suddenly felt tired from all the running she did with Haruka and she lied on the bench, with no intention of sleeping. Thankfully there was nobody there, so she just lied down.

   But, like it was meant to be, she fell asleep.


   The girl woke up again from slumber, her eyes felt sleepy still, but the back of her head felt warm and soft for some reason. She got used to the light and when she came to realize it, she was sleeping on the lap of someone she least expected, Yamamoto Sayaka.

   "Good morning, senpai." Sayaka greeted, patting the girl's head while smiling brightly to her.

   Atsuko groaned and hugged Sayaka, nuzzling in the girl's thighs for a bit before sitting back up again. "What are you doing here, oppai-chan?" she asked drowsily, a yawn escaped her lips as she asked that.

   Sayaka chuckled and pulled her senior again to her lap to make her sleep. She knew just how she needed one. "I was here for some job, and I saw you sleeping here. So I thought I should protect you if any bad guys come." she said, scratching her head awkwardly while trying to explain. Her sense of justice was too much for her to just leave her respected senior defenseless like so.

   "Ah~ I see~" Atsuko said, still drowsy while focusing on Sayaka's breasts. "Ei~" she said as she grabbed the soft mounds on the girl and Sayaka flinched. She lightly fondles them, while making 'kyaa kyaa' comments on how perfect the girl's breasts are.

   "S- Senpai, I don't think you should that here..." came the embarrassed response from Sayaka, red to her ears by the older girl's touch. But that didn't stop Atsuko. No. Atsuko loves her breasts way too much for Atsuko to just stop.

   Atsuko paid no heed to the younger one's pleas and just kept on rubbing and groping the girl's breasts. She loves it just how Sayaka didn't actually mind her breast-fondling. Not to mention she loves the girl's killer moans sometimes. But because of her satisfaction from playing with Mariko before, and also because she was tired, she decided to stop. She lets go of the younger girl's breasts and smiled brightly. "I like Oppai-chan's breasts. Better than Minami. And I love Oppai-chan~" came the cheerful comment of the older girl.

   Sayaka could only smile wryly while blushing and patted the girl's head yet again. "I'm happy to hear that, senpai." says she.


   Atsuko came back to the house and saw only Yuko eating instant ramen. Why the hell is the No.2 Top AKB48 eating instant Ramen? Well, she wouldn't care. "Yo. Eating?" she asked the obvious.

   "No, I'm fondling my boobs." came the perverted reply from the older girl.

   "Ya~ Ecchi!" Atsuko slapped the girl's arm lightly and sat next to her, a satisfied grin on her face. She then watched the older girl eating the ramen like it was some sort of fascinating activity Oshima Yuko would do.

   "Hm? So anything out of the ordinary today?" asked Yuko, who was obviously not too comfortable with the girl's eye sex. Though Atsuko wasn't even trying.

   Atsuko stopped for a while to think about her day. Everything that happened. She shrugged her shoulders indicating she didn't have anything particularly not normal in her everyday life. "Ah!" she remembered. "I didn't see Mayuyu today."


   Kinda random. Hope this pleases yar souls and ya'll forgive meh for my abrupt ending from the previous OS's! :nervous
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very weird and interesting adventure of Atsuko being the perv. here...

Very refreshing and new character for Atsuko

The interesting things everyone of them.. do not mind Atsuko's action at all...

Great fun OS there...

Thank you

Can't wait to see more Atsuko's OS

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Just reading this one.. and wow.. AshuraX sure cruel  :cry: :cry: lol just wait for my revenge later  :twisted: :twisted: huahahaha..  and nice fics there, but the ending its so so so....  --" lol~ヽ(^。^)ノ
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it cannot be forgiven!  :twisted:
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cisda, well Maeda is a pervert to begin with, as per stated by her herself, so it's not that weird. As for why she groped Saya-nee, well, she loves Saya-nee's breasts. And of course nobody would care about the Ace's perverted hands. Since they think she's just playing around XD

apple, chill, chill XD We called t truce, remember~? :lol: So no revenge. Notta! And thanks for the advice there. Means a lot.

TD, don't join 'em LoL XD And I thought we were brothers... :sweatdrop:

   Because I was bored, I thought which Pokemon suits each of the members. So here's something to pass the time by. Mostly mainstream pairings, since it'd be more fun like dat XD

[POKEMON to XX and Why's]

   "Urg... What happened?"

   A girl woke up from her slumber and she assessed her surroundings. A void of darkness. Nothing inside, not even air. It took her a few seconds to finally adjust herself with her current situation. Her eyes opened wide and she quickly got up and scanned the area.

"Hello there. *bla bla bla* Are you a boy or a girl?" a man appeared, with his usual coolness and awesome aura, he fixed his glasses.
"Wait- Akimoto-san?! What happened?! Where am I?!" the girl raised her voice, confused of why the man was there.
"*bla bla bla* Pokemon *bla bla bla* Are you a boy or a girl?" the man asked again.
"Huh? Pokemon? What?" the girl asked, still confused. "And it's pretty obvious that I'm a girl, right?" she said, as a matter-of-factly.
"What do you look like?" he asked.

   Then suddenly, in front of the girl were 3 mirrors. The left one has a face of Lady Gaga, the middle one with the face of her roommate, and the right one is her own face.

"What...? Of course it's that." she showed at her own reflection.
"Would you like to tell me your name?"

   Then the girl was silent. She remembered the very first time she met the man. The start of everything. She chuckled and finally looked at him straight in the eyes.

"Pretty ironic." she chuckled again. "It all started by that audition. The audition which turned my life from normal into something far wilder. Then I quit from everything and took my first step towards the unknown. I wanted to be independent so I could prove to you that you have raised me well... To tell the truth, I was happy. Happy that something like that could happen to me. To someone like me. You've changed my life, and for that, I thank you, Akimoto-san."

   The man was confused, which earned another chuckle from the girl.

"You probably don't know what I'm talking about, huh? I'm like a crazy person rambling about something. Don't mind it. I'm just talking to myself." she smiled warmly, this time, she smiled from the bottom of her heart. "Maeda Atsuko, reporting for duty."

   The man then smirked, and then...

   The door opened.


   Maeda Atsuko woke up again, in some sort of room, almost painfully as some sort of bird pokemon came in and headbutted her when asleep. She groaned and got up. She stretched to loosen sore muscles and then after a few seconds, she realized she wasn't in her own room.

"Okay... So the dream was real... I'm in the Pokemon world..." she judged and then tried to open the closet so that she could change.

   But... The closet won't open. She raised an eyebrow and tried to open it forcefully with her little strength, but the door won't budge.

"Guess it's locked" she stated the obvious and sighed. She looked around more and found that there's a door, probably leading towards the outside of her room.

   She opened the door and found some stairs. She then walked down coolly, not forgetting that she was still in her pajamas. She came down and then saw a figure. A woman she knows well.

"Mom?" she was surprised to see her own real mother in this faraway fantasy and weird house.
"Oh, Atsu! You look like you just rolled out of bed! Why don't you take a look at yourself in the mirror and change out of your pajamas?" Maeda-mama ordered her.
"Eh? But the clos-"
"Go, Atsu!" one interruption from her mother sent her sprinting towards her room.

   She closed the door and then found an mirror next to her bed. She looked at herself to find herself as stunning as ever, though she won't admit she thought that. She's no Narcissist. After smiling once in the mirror for self-appraisal, she then went to the closet again. This time, the closet opened without any hitch.

"What the f-" she cut her own words, thinking it was not polite and then her eyes went towards the clothes again. She was shocked to see that they were all her stage outfits. She laughed wryly, thinking that it was all set up for her or something.

   Atsuko chose her favorite costume, which was the Team A's PIONEER uniform. (forgot what it's called so imagine any uniform ya like) She laid in on her bed and then slowly but carefully unbutton her pajamas, and then strips herself, revealing her smooth and pale skin. She glanced at herself in the mirror, looking at her body. She actually takes satisfaction in seeing the naked female bodies, even herself. She smirked, with a nod, and then looked at her breasts. It was a little small, compared to most of her friends, so she sighed. Feeling a little sad with herself, she grabbed her own breasts to feel the size.


   Atsuko's hands stopped their actions after she heard a familiar voice call her nickname. She looked at the unlocked door and saw Yuko smiling wryly while seeing the scene in front of her. Her butt faced Yuko and the older girl couldn't help but look at them, amused.

"Nice ass."

   Thus, Atsuko snapped.


   Yuko rubbed her sore butt and looked at the angry Atsuko. The two were already outside. Turns out that Yuko and Atsuko were childhood friends and they were going to get their very own Pokemon from none other than the greatest Professor in the region.

   They arrived in front of a laboratory and saw someone sitting outside of it, near the door. The figure has long, silky black hair and nice proportions. She seemed to be tall and her face looked exotic and beautiful. Wait, that's Akimoto Sayaka.

   Atsuko, being the good girl she is, tried to wake up the poor, pretty girl and then Sayaka woke up.

"Un?" Sayaka's eyes focused on the two figures that woke her up.
"Morning." Yuko greeted followed by Atsuko.
"You girls are the ones that wanted Pokemon?" Sayaka asked, as she got up and yawned.
"Yes. My name is Maeda Atsuko. And this is Oshima Yuko." Atsuko introduced herself and Yuko.
"I'm Akimoto Sayaka. Daughter of Akimoto Yasushi. Nice to meet you." Sayaka also introduced herself and smiled brightly at the others.

   Sayaka then guided them into the Laboratory to meet with her father. They reached inside and Akimoto Yasushi was already waiting for them. Though there was one other person.

"I tell you, uncle! I saw it with my very own eyes!" the girl raised her voice.
"Jurina, you know that nothing of sort can ever happen. To stumble upon a Legendary is already rare enough, but to stumble upon Lugia in this region? That's ridiculous." Akimoto said, unmoving.

   Before Jurina could speak again, Akimoto redirected his attention towards the ones who had entered the room.

"Oh, welcome, Maeda Atsuko, Oshima Yuko." Akimoto greeted.
"No greetings for your own daughter whom you've locked outside?" Sayaka hissed but was ignored by her father.
"I heard that you've been wanting to raise Pokemons ever since you were little." Akimoto said.
"Hell yeah that's true!" Yuko pumped her fist up. "Isn't that right, Acchan?"

"Huh? No. I never even thought about raising a pokemon." Atsuko stated honestly.
"Quit joking, Acchan." Yuko glared at the younger girl.

"I heard that you've been wanting to raise Pokemons ever since you were little." Akimoto said, just like before.
"Hell yeah that's true!" Yuko pumped her fist up again. "Isn't that right, Acchan?" and stated the question.

"...No. Not that I recalled." Atsuko stated awkwardly
"Quit joking, Acchan." Yuko glared at the younger girl.

'What the hell is with this loop?' Atsuko thought to herself and finally answered 'Yes' after the 4th loop.

"I shall give you four, including you, Sayaka and Jurina, a pokemon each. On the table are four POKEballs. You may choose any one you want." He pointed at the table.

   Akimoto sat quietly and watched how they interacted.

"Matsui Jurina." Jurina introduced herself and the two, Yuko and Atsuko did the same. Sayaka and Jurina are cousins.
"Why don't you two pick first? Jurina and I can wait." Sayaka said.
"You can pick, Acchan. I think you deserved to get the first pick, since you've loved Pokemon even more than the Great 'ol me." Yuko joked.

   Atsuko rolled her eyes and then proceeded forward. The PokeBalls than shows a hologram of what's inside it and their species name.

"WAIT A FRIGGIN SECOND!" Atsuko raised her voice and pointed at the holograms.

   The other three and even Akimoto was curious as to the girl's reaction.

"THEY'RE HUMAN!" Atsuko said, and true enough, they looked human.

   Everyone looked at Atsuko with half-opened eyes and pity.

"Are you okay, Acchan?" Yuko asked worriedly and checked her temperature, placing Atsuko's forehead on hers.
"They're girls, I said!" Atsuko removed herself from Yuko and looked back at the PokeMons.

   Everyone else sighed and then pitied Atsuko.

"Why the hell?! That's Takamina!" she pointed at the EEVEE.
"That's Sae-chan!" she pointed at the POOCHYENA.
"That's NyanNyan!" she pointed at the VULPIX.
"And that's Rena-chan!" she pointed at the LAPRAS.
"AND WHY THE HELL AREN'T THERE ANY LEAF TYPE?! WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THIS REGION'S POKEMON?!" Atsuko protested, and voiced out her dissatisfaction.

[A/N: Blame the Author's lack of knowledge for the new Generation.]

   The girls then sighed and patted Atsuko on the head.

"There there. It's just your imagination." They said in unison, almost scary.

   Atsuko lost it and grabbed any of the PokeBalls at random. She showed it to Akimoto and he chuckled.


   After each of them picked a PokeBall, Akimoto gave them each some sort of outdated PokeDex and the four left.

"Now where to?" Yuko asked Atsuko.
"Did you two check with your parents yet? We're gonna have to go on a journey, like Yasushi said." Sayaka advised.
"Yeah, let's meet at the opening of the next route after we're finished." YUko said and left.


"Can't she just wait and go together? That Yuko." Atsuko said and entered her house. "Mom-" she was cut off before she could even say anything.
"Oh! Atsu! A PokeBall? You're going on a journey? Yuu-chan's going as well? Well, that's splendid! Here, have this map. I've got to go gossip with your neighbors a bit. Have fun on your long journey, Atsu~" then after handing Atsuko the map, Maeda-mama left.
"... What kind of mother did I have, again?"


   Atsuko reached the entering of the route and saw Yuko, Sayaka and Jurina already waiting for her. She sighed and then walked towards them. She brought a small backpack which could fit her normal AITAKATTA uniform.

"Hey." Atsuko greeted.
"Yosh. Now let's all take the first step together!" Yuko said.
"That's kinda childish." Sayaka chuckled.
"But that's kinda fun. Let's!" Jurina smiled widely.

   All of them took the first step with their right foot at the same time. Then, suddenly, a wild EEVEE appeared!

"Now THAT is an EEVEE. That's normal!" Atsuko said, pointing at the 'normal' EEVEE.

   Everyone sympathized with Atsuko yet again.

"Well, whatever. Come out, Pokemon!" Atsuko called out her Pokemon.

   It was a TakaMina!

"I just HAD to choose her of all people." Atsuko mumbled and ordered her Pokemon. "TakaMina! Tail Whip!"

   TakaMina used Tail Whip! She kicked the Wild EEVEE! Wild EEVEE's Defense decreased!

   Then the Wild EEVEE used Helping Hand!

   ... It doesn't have any affect.

"Takamina! Use Tackle!"

   TakaMina used tackle and then it choke slammed the Wild EEVEE and puts it in a cage.

   Atsuko Won!

   TakaMina gained 92 EXP!

   TakaMina's leveled up to Level 20!

"Phew. Wait, what did TakaMina just do?" Atsuko questioned herself.
"Whoa, nice one, Acchan! Your PokeMon's really strong!" Yuko congratulated her.
"Seriously. You're like a real trainer!" Jurina also complimented her.
"Your 'TakaMina' is stronger than most EEVEEs." stated Sayaka, looking at Takamina who was sitting on the ground, not minding the discomfort.

   Thus they continued on their journey towards a far better future with their PokeMon, though it was only the beginning.

[To be Continued(?)]

   Question yourself this.
   "What the hell did I just read?"
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Hey Ashura, so much things about the story I hope funny and nice.

Loved the fact that Jurina saw Lugia, same as Ash when he saw Ho-oh at the start:)

Seems like Acchan haven't came out of the closet yet >:(, just joking:) it stated in the story she desire sexy ass body:)

Last thoughts, clever and creative:), is there going to be more chapters? Slightly freaked out by human pokemon haahaha^^
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Yeah... Though... In weird relationship...

And Minami is already very strong...

What's going to happen in the next journey

Thank you for the new story

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   This might be the longest update I EVER did... Oh well. Here's some AtsuYuu. Since I miss AtsuYuu, TOO MUCH ATSUYUU HATERS LATELY :bleed eyes: AND WHEN THERE'S ATSUYUU, THERE'S BOUND TO BE TAKAHARU! It's a non-written rule, mate XD And no it has nothing to do with Halloween even though it sounds like it. Oh well, so I give you our two lovely Aces' drama story! DOUZO!

[Trick and love] -AtsuYuu-

"Yuko, wait up~"

   A girl with black shoulder-length hair chased her friend- Or at least trying to. She was out of breath from all the running they did since she woke up. It was clear in her face that she needed rest but that doesn't mean time had given her the chance to take one. Well, it was her fault for waking up late in the first case.

"Mou, you're too slow, Acchan! We're gonna be late for school, you know!"

   The shorter friend, with long brown hair called out to her to hurry. She mentioned one word which she couldn't help but to laugh it out. It was 'school'. The one named 'Yuko' could never imagine herself to even go to 'school'. But everything changed a year prior.


   A lone girl walked the streets, in search of some more victims she could take her anger out on. She spotted a brawny man, 200cm with a distinct mustache that could catch anyone's eyes. The girl smirked and went towards the man, causing the poor guy to flinch out of sheer surprise as the girl approached her. He was about to leave slowly but the aura the girl gave out wasn't something one could just ignore.

    Before the man could open his mouth to talk about something, the girl had already punched the man straight to his guts, causing the man to crouch down and clutched his stomach. The girl didn't stop. She beat up the man with a barrage of kicks aimed at anywhere she could hit. Anywhere one could think of.

   A few minutes later, the man laid in the alleyway, beaten to a state of demise. He had fainted from all the pain the girl had given him.

   The girl sighed and continued to walk away, that was until, someone else found the man to be beaten to a pulp. The cause of this was obvious enough but she didn't pay much attention to the girl whose hands was full of blood, which clearly wasn't hers.

   The tall girl reached for the man and shook him lightly, "Dad! Dad!!!" she shouted, not believing what happened to her dear father.

   The shorter girl, the cause of the man's bleeding, clicked her tongue and tried to get away, but for some reason, she couldn't move. Did she actually feel sympathetic for the taller girl? Or did she just want to look at the girl? She didn't know. But what she does know is that she should get out of there as soon as possible. She took a breather and slowly walked away. But, someone grabbed her hand.

   "... You're just going to walk away after beating someone half to death, miss?"

   The girl was surprised. It wasn't the taller girl, but the man himself. He could still stand up, even though he was bleeding badly. It was the first time the girl could feel fear in her heart. Though the man was all bruised up, bleeding all over, clothes torn a bit and eyes redden due to unknown circumstances, she wasn't scared the least about it. It wasn't anything, but the solitude of the man. How the man stood in all his glory, stood up, making an aura which frightens her even more.

   "... You... are strong..." the man said, before collapsing to the ground again, with a big thump. It was as if the fall itself caused the entire world to shake.

   A surge of emotion manifesting from her heart, the short girl used all in her strength to pick up the man. She gritted her teeth and looked at the taller girl who was in disbelief. "Come with me to the hospital!" she shouted at the girl, before dashing off to the nearest hospital she could think of. She avoided all obstacles and quickly went to her destination, holding the man in her arms. She didn't know... at that time... she was crying.


   Nothing could be heard except for the sound of people buzzing about, some shouting and some crying. It was a busy hospital, she knows. Some of the patients were lunatics and some were beating each other up. What is with this hospital?

   She looked at the operation status. It still wasn't done. As she waited, she could feel a surge of guilt built in inside her chest as she looked at the crying girl sitting across of her. She tried to come up with some courage and as time passes, "I'm sorry..." she finally apologized to the girl.

   The taller girl heard her apology and shook her head. "No... It's fine..." she was lying through her teeth. Of course she wasn't fine. Her father was beaten up half to death. How could anyone be fine with that?

   The time passed slowly, and painfully for the shorter girl. No more conversations were made for them. She wanted to introduce herself and also ask the girl's name, but of course she couldn't. It was far too uncomfortable at the moment.

   Then, the door of the operating room opened, and a man, probably the doctor, came out.

   "How is he?!" miraculously, both of the girls asked in unison.


   "Haha! Sorry to worry you two!" the man said merrily as he slapped the butt of a nurse next to him.

   The woman yelped and slapped him in the face, before stomping her way out of the room.

   "Whoa, cranky, ain't she?" the man joked, but continued to laugh it off.

   The short girl was stunned to her place as the taller girl facepalmed at her father's behavior.

   "I didn't quite get your name yet, miss." the man turned his attention to the shorter girl.

   The girl thought for a second before actually giving her name to a stranger but still, "My name's Oshima Yuko." she introduced herself.

   "Oshima Yuko-chan, huh?" the man smiled, which caused Yuko to blush a bit. "My name is Maeda Koji." he also introduced himself. "And that there is my daughter." he nudged his daughter to introduced herself.

   The taller girl smiled wryly but after a few thoughts, she decided to just get it over with. "I'm Maeda Atsuko. Nice to meet you Oshima-san." she smiled sincerely this time, causing Yuko to blush even redder than before.

   'Smiling Genetics???' Yuko thought to herself and then faced the man again. "I'm sorry for my actions... and if there is any way that you could forgive me... please ask of so." Yuko bowed to the man.

   Koji looked at the bowing girl with a smile and then asked her to raise her head. He patted the girl on the head and "There is one request that I could ask you to do...". He then continued "Don't worry, it's nothing TOO perverted."

   "Dad!" came the warning from his daughter, Atsuko.

   "I'm just joking~" he smiled and then turned his attention to Yuko again. "I want you to become friends with my daughter, Atsuko."

   Yuko was as surprised as Atsuko. She didn't know why the man had asked her of that. She beat up the man half to death and THAT was his request?

   "To tell the truth, Atsu, my wife, has already passed away and left us two when Atsuko entered midde school. Atsuko couldn't take it and cut all ties with everyone. She didn't have any friends and she never smiled in front of anyone except me. And you can't deny that, Atsuko." he cut off Atsuko's interruption before the girl could say anything. "I would be very glad if you can take the role as her friend. Because what matters more to me, is Atsuko's happiness. I lost my wife years ago, and I'm not ready to let Atsuko live unhappily. It would be as if my deceased wife is the sole cause of all her suffering..." he was silent for a bit, almost as if reminiscing a certain someone dear to her. And he opened his mouth again "So, if you could... please..." he got up, painfully, as Atsuko tries to stop him for hurting himself more. He got up and then bowed down deeply in dogeza. Tears started to run down from his eyes. "Please... at least... try to be friends with my daughter."

   Yuko was at loss for words. Asking a stranger he just met to become friends with his daughter. Was he nuts? She thought of such but for some reason, she felt touched. The man could do anything for his daughter. Yuko didn't know what it felt like since both of her parents had passed away and left her with her sister. She didn't know of the love a father could give to his child. But for some reason, she just knows it... Maeda Koji... is an excellent and kind father. "I will..." she agreed "... because you told me of such... and... because I really wanted to be friends with your daughter."


   Yuko started coming to school again. It turns out that Atsuko was a second year and Yuko was a third year. It was already the third semester when Yuko came to school and it terrified the students, knowing that 'The Wild One' was back. But Yuko didn't act like before. She was more kinder and friendlier than her past self. The old Yuko was wild, glaring and beating up everyone that even talks to her. The incident made her change herself for the better. She regretted beating people up for no reason. She would always go to Atsuko's class, even to the point that it caused their teacher, Shinoda Mariko to have a headache from the squirrel's come and go inside the classroom. Well, that was until Atsuko lectured her to behave and go o her own class during lectures. Yuko wasn't satisfied but she reluctantly obeyed the younger girl.

   Atsuko's days turned more fun after that. The squirrel would always hang out with her whenever needed AND unneeded, and she also gained the courage to talk to others again. She was always secluding herself before that, building up an invisible wall between her and the other students. She was gloomy and boring. But everything changed with an unannounced visit of Oshima Yuko to her class. She showed her true emotions to the squirrel who was always clinging to her and even groping her. She was always herself when with the squirrel. Her first smile was seen with the squirrel. And of course, she was the happiest with Yuko. But even so, she summoned up the courage and talked to some of her classmates, starting from the Class Rep, Takahashi Minami. The two become friends and hit it off right away, and then the chain of friends didn't stop as she made more and more friends, from Takahashi's acquaintance's to others', and even to people she met randomly.

   Turned out that Yuko had to repeat her year because she didn't meet the minimum attendance needed to graduate and thus, she became a third year again, with Atsuko. But she didn't care. All is well if she is with her friend- No, her best friend. And maybe... something far more...


"MADE IT!!!" Yuko yelled as she entered the classroom. Though the teacher was already there.
"S- Sorry we're late, Shinoda-san." Atsuko apologized for their tardiness and walked up to their teacher.

   Mariko-sensei sighed and then hit the two lightly with the attendance book.

"Ya can hit me all ya want, but if ya hit Acchan again, I'm gonna-" before Yuko could finish, she was met with another hit from Mariko and Atsuko herself. "Ouch! Eh?! Why Acchan as well?!" she looked at Atsuko, surprised.
"Because you're embarrassing me, Yuko." came the tired reply from the blushing Atsuko.
"You two are always late, you know that? You're already in your senior year, for God's sake!" Mariko scolded.
"That's okay. If I had to repeat again, then I'm gonna bring Acchan with me!" Yuko confessed honestly but was hit in the head again by the two. "Hey! Don't you know that this squirrel's head is sensitive?! Mou!"

   The entire class laughed at the scene. It was a normal day occurrence in the class and Yuko was funny. She would always bring laughter and smiles to everyone's faces. Also, seeing Atsuko blush like that was too cute for them to bear.

"Just take your seats, you two." Mariko sighed for the nth time, before giving up.
"HOORAY!" rejoiced the squirrel, making the others laugh yet again.


"Hey, Acchan. Late again as per usual, I recon?" Takahashi Minami, better known for her nickname, TakaMina, asked Atsuko on break. Their teacher was out so they had free study time.

"I blame Yuko. She stayed at my house last night to study but then it turned out my dad was back and we fooled around for how many times I lost count... So, we didn't study NOR get a wink of sleep. Wait, Yuko did but she slept on my lap, making me unable to sleep..." Atsuko sighed as she explained to her friend.

"You two are so close, you know?" TakaMina smiled wryly and commented.

"Well, we ARE best friends." Atsuko explained and then was hugged in the back by someone she didn't even need to turn around to find out who. "Get off, Yuko..."

"Hey, Acchan~ Study with me today~" Yuko asked, ignoring the girl's orders to let go.

"Yuko... We were SUPPOSED TO be studying last night but remember what we ended up doing?" Atsuko asked her.

"..." Yuko searched her memory. "Play games, fool around, tag, hide and seek, and sleep?" Yuko answered.

"YES! And you're the only one sleeping! How could I sleep when you're sleeping on my lap and clinging to me so hard that I couldn't sleep a wink?!" Atsuko complained.

"But that was yesterday and today is today~" Yuko made sense, though it doesn't and pleaded to her friend. "Please~" she showed her puppy dog face to Atsuko, causing the taller girl to sigh.

"Fine. Do as you wish."

"HOORAY!" Yuko rejoiced and hugged the girl more. "You really are my wife, Acchan~"

"Hai hai." Atsuko could only sigh as she was hugged tightly by her best friend.

"Hey! Acchan's MY waifu!" Mii-chan, another one of their friends, protested.

"You've lost to Yuko since the beginning, mate." Sae patted Mii-chan's head.

"And not to mention Yuko and Atsuko are already taken, you know." Sayaka also butted in.

"Oh yeah..." Mii-chan recalled such.

   Hearing about it, Yuko's smile turned a bit sad. In actuality, Atsuko was dating TakaMina and Yuko had been dating her girlfriend from the start. Yuko met her girlfriend ever since her delinquent days. TakaMina confessed to Atsuko at the start of the year and Atsuko happily accepted her confession. Then why... Why was she so sad...?


   After class, Yuko went to where Atsuko sat.

"Acchan, let's go home together~" Yuko asked sweetly.

"Ah, sorry, Yuko. I've got a date with Minami today." Atsuko said apologetically.

"Eh?! I wanna go too!" Yuko wailed her arms around like a child.

"Err..." Atsuko glanced at Takamina who shook her head and turned Yuko down. "Maybe next time, Yuko. Okay?"

   Then the two left quickly, leaving Yuko alone in the classroom.

   The girl sighed and then sat on the chair near the window. She looked at the people leaving the school. Some of them laughing, some of them running and some are being intimate. She found the ones she was looking for are one of the third group mentioned. Atsuko was clinging to TakaMina's arm, though weirdly, since TakaMina was a lot more shorter than her. They were talking about some things that Yuko couldn't make out. Well, not like she knows lip syncing.

   She sighed again for the nth time, while looking at the couple. In truth, Yuko had already broken up with her girlfriend. She confessed to her that she likes another person. It caused her a slap in the face and a beating but that didn't bother her much. What bothered was how she could proceed the relationship with the said 'Another person'. One could say that she is a player who is able to come inside anyone's hearts, but truthfully, she couldn't get past that. She could be friends with just about anyone, but she couldn't be more than that. Just friends, close friends, and acquaintances. That is why... Maeda Atsuko, is a special case.


   "Hey..." after a few attempts in banging the door, since knocking seemed a little too mainstream for the squirrel, a girl opened the door and greeted the guest with a glare. "Good to see you up and about, NyanNyan."

   Kojima Haruna, called 'NyanNyan' by Yuko, sighed and then pulled the older girl inside the apartment. Making sure that nobody was there outside of it. "What do you want, Yuuc- Yuko?"

   "You could just call me 'Yuuchan' like usual, you know..." Yuko smiled wryly at the taller girl.

   "After all that we've been through? After you walked out of my life, saying that you fell in love with another girl when you were still mine? Fat chance."

   Yuko was silent. She knew she had to cut all ties with Haruna, she knew that Haruna loves her even more than anyone, and she knows the close to nothing chance that her crush would return her love, her 'real' love. But she would take the chances. She would gamble everything for the chance. That slim chance. "I... want you to help me... with my crush."

   A slapping sound was heard. The cheek of Oshima Yuko was bright red, and the pain was evident. Haruna has slapped Yuko right in the cheek. A powerful slap which contained everything. Her love, her feelings and her pain. "You want your ex-girlfriend to help you with your current love life? Are you insane, Yuko? What happened to you...?"

   The shorter girl looked up to see Haruna in tears. The instincts and past love she had almost made her hug the girl tightly, enveloping her in the warmth Haruna missed so dear. Yet, she could only bite her lip, not wanting Haruna to think she still has a chance. A face, a smile she loved so much entered her head, thus making her resolve immovable. An iron will. "I'm simply in love." she smiled from the bottom of her heart. A smile which contained the love she has for another person. A smile Haruna has never seen before.

   Haruna was speechless. She couldn't even imagine the smile Yuko had at the moment. The smile of a person in love. Yet, her heart was at ease. It was as if the smile which the squirrel girl showed, was something unreachable to her. A line was drawn between them, and Haruna could see the distance between. But even so, she was happy. For she knew, that this was only the beginning. She could now move forward with her life. She wiped her tears away and patted Yuko on the head. "I'll help if it's not impossible." she smirked and went to the kitchen. "Your favorite orange juice like usual?"

   Yuko backed away for a moment, fear was evident in her eyes. "NO! I already got a slap! I don't wanna have food poisoning!!!"

   "Idiot. I could at least pour orange juice, you know." Haruna sighed.

   "Oh... You have grown, Haruna, my child." Yuko closed her eyes jokingly.

   "I'm not your child, you idiot." Haruna hissed.

   "Umm... Do you have some instant tea?" Yuko asked.

   "Yeah, why?" Haruna was puzzled.

   "Can you make it?" Yuko asked curiously.

   "OF COURSE I CAN, YOU IDIOT!" Haruna's pride was hurt.

   "Then I'll take some tea~" Yuko laughed.

   Haruna sighed at her ex-girlfriend's and current friend's jokes. She turned around to the kitchen and walked to the cabinet. "I'm not the only one that has grown huh, Yuko..."


   A few days later, since the next days were holidays, Yuko didn't come to Atsuko's house, which made Atsuko feel uneasy. She was woken up by her father who was going to go out and travel as per usual. Maeda Koji likes traveling. He's an adventurer. Atsuko went to school alone that day, which earned some questioning gaze by the other students. It was no question that Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko are close inside the school. Atsuko was known as The Silent Beauty while Yuko was known as The Wild One. The two were always hanging out ever since the year prior and nobody has once saw Atsuko alone. Though the sight of that was pretty famous in her second year, it was already rare in the third year, thanks to the overprotective Yuko always being with her.

   Atsuko entered the class and she greeted her classmates. But when she looked at her friend's seat, she was surprised. There was Yuko. Earlier than usual and still stunning as ever- Wait, that's not the point. Yuko's right hand was bandaged up. "Yuko?! What happened?!" Atsuko asked Yuko.

   Yuko greeted her friend and smiled wryly. "Well, it was just something. And no Acchan I didn't get into a fight." Yuko denied before Atsuko could even accuse her. "Don't worry. It will heal in a few days or so. Nothing too bad."


Atsuko :"Yuko..." she sympathized with the girl.
Yuko :"Something like this is no problem for the Great Oshima Yuko!" she was trying to open a bottle.
Mii-chan :"You could put it between your thighs, you know."
Yuko :"Yeah, but don't you think that's perverted? Having something sticking up from your thighs?"
Sae :"Sadly, you're the only one who thinks that."
Sayaka :"And why the hell won't you ask us to help anyways?"
TakaMina :"Yeah, we're your friends, Yuko. Here, give me the bottle." she reached for the bottle but Yuko puts it away.
Yuko :"NO! I need no assistance from ye! HISS!!!"
Sayaka :"Something wrong with her?" she directed the question to Atsuko.
Atsuko :"I have no idea..."
Sae :"Give me the damn bottle, Yuko."
Yuko :"Okay." Yuko cheerfully gave the bottle to Sae.
Mii-chan :"What the...?"
TakaMina :"I see..."


   Atsuko looked at TakaMina questioningly. "What's wrong? You figured something out?"

   TakaMina glanced at Atsuko once before sighing. "You don't need to know, Acchan. This is something she needs to settle herself."

   The younger girl pouted and hit TakaMina lightly "But Yuko's my best friend! Tell me~!!!"

   Yuko could only laugh wryly at the scene.


   When they were going home, Atsuko thought of something. "Tell me... What really happened, Yuko...? I promise I won't tell anyone. I'm your best friend, right?" she asked cutely, tugging the older girl's arms in hers.

   Yuko rolled her eyes, blushing slightly. "You don't need to know, Acchan. Plus, you'll laugh."

   Atsuko pouted and looked at Yuko pleadingly. "I promise I won't laugh nor tell anyone." she promised. "Please~" and asked cutely again, with pleading eyes which caused the older girl to gulp nervously.

   The older one bit her lip but sighed in the end. "Actually..." she says, before looking down "I was trying to get a cat off of a tree but I fell down on my arms trying to do a handstand. It failed and... yeah..."

   Hearing this, Atsuko burst out laughing uncontrollably, breaking her promise.

   "Oi! You said you're not gonna laugh!" Yuko glared a the younger girl.

   "S- Sorry, Yuko. It was too damn funny." she continued laughing, clutching her stomach from too much of it.

   After a few moments of Atsuko trying to apologize to Yuko and Yuko sulking for no reason, they continued their walk home.

   "Did that happen the day I told you that we're not going home together?" Atsuko asked Yuko randomly, for confirmation.

   Yuko was puzzled by the question. She didn't know why Atsuko would even think of such question. Her mind wondered about the incident which caused her arm to become like such. "Oh. If you mean how my arm got hurt, yeah."

   Atsuko felt a sudden guilt built up inside her chest. She felt guilty. Maybe she was the cause of why her arm became hurt. Maybe she was supposed to be with her to prevent any accidents to happen. She bit her lower lip and stopped.

   "What's wrong?" asked Yuko as she looked back at Atsuko who halted her movements.

   "Do you have anyone at your house?" Atsuko asked, which caused Yuko to feel puzzled again.

   "Not right now. My sister is studying abroad at the moment." Yuko answered honestly.

   Atsuko thought for a second. She bit her lip for what she was going to say. She was thinking she was foolish to even think of such, but she did anyway. "Can I stay at your house...? Until your arm heals."

   Yuko's heart skipped a beat at the question. It wasn't as to what Atsuko said, it was more of to how she said it. Wait, what she said was also perverted and loveable but that's not the point. She could never figure out what Atsuko was always thinking but then it hit her. She realized that Atsuko was feeling guilty for not going home with her that day. Atsuko is both foolish and easy to misunderstand things. "It's not your fault, Acchan. Besides, this happened because of my own mistake."

   Atsuko pouted and glared at Yuko, which made the older girl take a step back. "I don't care. I have to take care of you. It's not like you can do anything with one hand, right? And how can you even cook?" Atsuko asked the girl.

   "I could easily boil some water for instant ramen or order some food. No big deal." Yuko said and patted Atsuko's head with her left hand.

   "That's unhealthy! I can't let my friend become unhealthy, right?!" Atsuko grabbed Yuko by the shoulders once they were close enough and her face was right in front of Yuko's, only a few centimeters apart. "RIGHT?!"

   Yuko couldn't think straight. She could feel the hot breath of Atsuko's on her face and her own face was getting hotter and redder. Her heart was beating at an amazing rate and she bit her lip, looking at the black orbs of Atsuko's. They were so close to each other and could kiss each other at any moment. Yuko couldn't control her nervous heart. "S- Sure." she decided to just give in, before her heart explodes from the intimate Atsuko's heat and skin.

   "Good." Atsuko distanced herself and finally the two went to Yuko's house.


   "Everything okay?" the voice was heard from Yuko's handheld device. It was the voice of someone she knows well. Someone that she had spent her past with. Someone she had hurt more than anyone ever before. Well, except for her victims of stress-relieving.

   "Yeah. She's with me. Please take care of things on your side." Yuko said to her, making sure that her best friend is sleeping on her lap.

   Atsuko was sleeping soundly, tired from all of their fun they did. They were fooling around all night. Playing games and Atsuko was trying to make her friend become responsible and sleep rather than start glomping on her too much. Ironically, she was the one who fell asleep because of the older girl's 'kindness' to let her sleep on her lap.

   It became quiet all of a sudden. Haruna didn't speak, which was rare. Until, "If she finds out about this, she will kill you, Yuko..."

   Yuko was ready for all the consequences. She had thought about it long and hard. Her crush's happiness, or her own? Which was more important? "I'm selfish, NyanNyan..."

   Haruna sighed a the end of the line. She knows it far and well. "I love you, Yuuchan..."

   Yuko bit her lip, sadness and guilt wanting to manifest her and tears wanting to come out. But she didn't. This was the path that she chose. She could easily turn back and love Haruna again. But she knows it well. Her heart had already belonged to someone else. Someone she loves more than Haruna. She would not hurt Haruna any more than she did. Thus... "I loved you as well, NyanNyan..."

[Kojima Haruna's POV]

   It seemed that Yuuchan has made her decision. It means that it's over between us. I'm sad. Really... But what can I do? I can't do anything anymore. I'm hopeless without her... I'm actually a goody two shoes and I fell in love at first sight with Yuuchan when she was beating some punks in the alleyway. That time, she treated me harshly. Abusing me to the point she even punched me in the face several times. Yet my love for her was still strong. I loved her far too much to leave her.

   At some point in time, she became someone that I had never met. She was more cheerful, more kinder than her usual self. When I made mistakes, she would pat my head and say that it's alright. That time, she changed. She changed for the better. Becoming more like what she was supposed to be. Becoming the Yuuchan which I loved more.

   But... for some reason, sometimes I realized that her eyes were always looking elsewhere. She never once looked at me straight in the eyes when we're making out. She looked guilty. When we kiss, she didn't realize it, but her tongue didn't move at all. Usually she would become wild when we kiss, her hands moving across my body, pleasuring me, but for some reason, she stopped doing that. Then when we were walking one day, we met her friends shopping in the shopping district. She was talking with her best friend and I was talking with a certain midget, cuter and shorter than her. She looked absolutely cute that I refrained myself from taking her home with me. But then, when I looked back at Yuuchan, I realized...

Her smile... already belonged to someone else.


   To tell the truth, I already moved on. The week has become merry. It was all because one incident. It was raining at that time and I was crying, the day Yuuchan told me everything. I was sitting on a bench at a nearby park. I didn't have an umbrella with me so the rain watered me down to the core. I was wet, cold and messy but I didn't care. I cursed the world, cursed the entire human population. I was mad. Mad at myself, mad at the damn rain, and of course, mad at a certain squirrel...

   "Hey" then I didn't feel the raindrops. When I looked up, there was an umbrella above me and the one who brought the umbrella was one of Yuuchan's friends. "I'm Minami. Takahashi Minami. I believe you're Yuko's girlfriend, right?" she introduced herself as she sat next to me, sharing the umbrella.

   "'was'. I 'was' her girlfriend." I corrected her, looking down. For some reason, her height reminded me a lot of Yuko. She's so short that I almost mixed them up. "She broke up with me the past month." I explained to her.

   She smiled a knowing smile. "Let me guess. She fell in love with someone else?" Luckily, she's quick on the uptake so I didn't have to explain to who. I nodded and she sighed. "To tell the truth, my girlfriend's eyes were weird lately." I glanced at her. Her face looked sad.. "Like, she's always thinking about another thing... or someone else..." she bit her lip and I patted her back, knowing how she felt. "When we left Yuko to go somewhere else, earlier, she would sometimes glance back to check on her. I don't know why. And every time we go out, one name would always pop up..." she stopped for a while, almost as if she lost her breath. "And..." a drop of liquid started to fall from her eyes. "She never once mentioned that she loves me..."

   Were those raindrops...? Or were they tears? "We're similar in that aspect." I confessed... "I'm Kojima Haruna..." I introduced myself and she tried to smile. It was a sad smile, but it was all it took for me to know just how sincere she was.


   Now, in the current time, I'm here in front of her house to discuss of something. I told her what I heard from Yuuchan and the mission she gave me. "That's only if you want to..." I finished my explanation and she sighed, leaning back on the wall as I sat next to her.

   "She might kill your squirrel, you know." she said the thing I was worried about.

   "I know." I agreed and she sighed.

   "I'm in." she says, sighed and looking down. "This might be the only time I could let her go..." her voice sounded a bit sad.

   Then, came silence. I didn't speak so that I could give her some time to herself. She needed it. Then, I remembered something. She looked up again and sighed, meaning that she was okay a little bit. "Hey, are you free on Friday?" I asked her and she looked at me questioningly. "Want to go hang out or something? Just the two of us?"

   Thus, I moved forward.

[Kojima Haruna POV END]

   Yuko got up by the sound of roaring thunder as lightning cracks the sky and threatens to burn the world down. Yes, it was raining heavily. The heavy winds could be heard outside and she could not see anything outside of the window for it was far too cloudy. She yawned and went towards the refrigerator to see what she has in storage. A bottle of water, some canned sardines, ice cubes and ice cream. It was damn cold... Meaning.. there was nothing for her to eat. Her arm has healed and she could cook again, but for some reason, she did not feel like doing so.

   She yawned again and then laid on her bed, wrestling her hug pillow like her life depended on it. After a few seconds of doing wrestling moves to the poor pillow, she looked up towards the ceiling to just enjoy the peace and tranquility, though outside was in chaos, with the wind blowing hard and the thunder roaring loudly and all.

   The girl closed her eyes, and pictured the face of someone she loved dear. Someone she had wanted to have since forever, someone who changed her completely for the good. She smiled unconsciously as she imagined the girl's smile. The smile she adored since the first time she saw it. The smile that brought her heart to race unnaturally. The smile of that person.

"Acchan..." she called, for her beloved.

   Then as God wills it, if ever, there was a knock on the door. The knock signaling someone was there.

   Yuko raised an eyebrow with suspicion. There was a storm outside. Who would ever go outside with this storm? Then, her heart raced. She did not know why but for some reason, her heart raced madly, like a galloping horse on a sea of flames. She put her hand on her chest to feel the rate of her heartbeat and then tried to soothe it by breathing rhythmically.

   The girl got up and went towards the door, each step making her heartrate become higher than before. Each step brought her to uncertainty and of course, each step, was something she would remember dearly. She opened the door and greeted the figure outside.

"Hey, Yuko." It was none other than Atsuko. Her dress was wet and ruined, her hair was a mess and her eyes weren't alive.

"Acchan?! What's wrong?!" Yuko asked worriedly, as she grabbed the girl's hand and pulled her inside.


   Yuko forced the younger girl to take a bath and Atsuko had to borrow Yuko's sister's clothes. The older girl of course, didn't look at Atsuko changing for she did not want to cause anymore trouble for the girl. After bathing and putting on the clothes, pajamas of Oshima-neechan, Atsuko went towards the sofa to sit next to Yuko.

"Sorry for having to borrow your sister's clothes." Atsuko apologized, not forgetting her manners.

"Nah, MaiMai won't mind it. Plus, it's good that your heights aren't that far apart." Yuko smirked and then looked at the breast area. "Though maybe MaiMai's too big for you." thus she was hit in the head again by Atsuko. "Ouch! Okay, I'm joking!"

   Atsuko chuckled at the squirrel's jokes (probably) and looked at her cute pajamas, with rabbit patterns and such.

"What kind of person is your sister, anyway? I don't think I've met her." Atsuko asked.

"MaiMai... in one word..." Yuko glanced down, looking at the floor as if thinking into the past.

   Atsuko gulped from the nervousness and listened to Yuko's explanation.

"Is an idiot." she said, with a straight face, but again, received another hit from her best friend.

"She's your sister, you know? That's not nice." Atsuko pouted cutely and chuckled thereafter.

   Yuko also grinned evilly and then skillfully placed her head on Atsuko's lap, naturally at that.

   Atsuko only laughed it off and stroked the girl's head and scratched her scalp as one would do so to a cat.

   Yuko meowed cutely and stretched, hugging the younger girl's waist thereafter. She then looked up at Atsuko seriously and asked her "So what happened?"

   By the question, Atsuko's face turned sadder and she bit her lip. She clenched her fist tight and answered truthfully of what happened beforehand. "TakaMina... broke up with me..."

   The older one's eyes opened widely as she remembered her request of Haruna. She felt guilty inside but for some reason, happy. "Condolences." Yuko joked and was hit in the head again by Atsuko.

   "What do you mean 'Condolences', mou!" Atsuko pouted cutely but in an instant, everything changed.

   "I was waiting for this to happen." Yuko said honestly, but before the girl could question her on the matter, she brought Atsuko close to her, actually she just went closer to her, getting up from her position and kissed the girl sweetly on the lips, not giving her the chance to do anything.

   Atsuko was surprised, but even so, she accepted the kiss and kissed her back, sliding her tongue in between Yuko's lips, causing the older girl to yelp in surprise. Hearing the unexpected moan from her best friend, she placed a hand on the girl's cheeks and deepened the kiss, as she pulled Yuko's head closer to hers.

   Yuko was surprised by how well and skillful Atsuko messaged her insides and knew that it was something she never felt before. She felt how the girl was too much of a good kisser. More than anyone she had met. Another moan escaped her lips as Atsuko pushed her down on the sofa. "W- Wait up."

   The younger girl raised an eyebrow but parted her lips from Yuko's out of respect. "What's wrong?" she gave the chance for Yuko to speak up.

   Yuko blushed madly, embarrassed of what she was going to say afterwards, but for the sake of her best friend and of course, herself, she just had to say it. Even if it means being laughed at. "I- It's my first time..." she confessed, surprising the younger girl. "S- So can we... maybe... do it on the bed?"

   Hearing the request from the older girl caused Atsuko's heart to beat faster for some reason, her mind squealing from the cuteness of her best friend. She never once thought that the badass Yuko could be that cute and innocent. Atsuko chuckled and then placed a chaste kiss on the girl's lips, just a light peck. "It's the same with me, Yuko." which also surprised the older girl. "TakaMina sometimes made advances to me, but for some reason, you came into my mind the entire time." she confessed, and pulled her best friend up, obliging her request.


   After the fight for dominance between the two, it turns out that Atsuko won and they had a passionate time together. Sometimes Yuko would fight back and turn the tides, but for some reason, Atsuko would always dominate Yuko in the end, even though it was both of their first times.

   "Kuso~" Yuko whined, almost childishly as she hugged her pillow instead of the girl next to her in bed.

   "Don't be such a baby, Yuko." Atsuko chuckled and hugged the older girl from behind.

   The two were, of course, naked under the covers of the blanket, and Atsuko carressed to soothed the flesh she had just ravaged, due to her uncontrollable urges to break the girl silly.

   Yuko gave up and turned around, hugging the girl. "I swear I'm going to make you moan my name one day..." she said seriously, causing the younger girl to chuckle.

   "Yuko, I was moaning your name who knows how many times." Atsuko chuckled and kissed the older girl, naturally.

   The older girl thought and was still unsatisfied. "Meh. That was that. I WILL be on top!" Yuko declared and the younger girl only sighed and patted her head, with a 'Hai hai' like a mother would do.

   "I love you, Yuko." Atsuko smiled from the bottom of her heart.

   Hearing the confession, a surge of uncontrollable emotion surged from her chest and tears started to fall from her eyes. "I love you too, Acchan..." she hugged the girl tighter, kissing her with all the love she have, giving her all the emotion she had kept for far too long "Zutto."

   Under the night sky, under the roof, two figures vowed to each other, for an eternal love, that will be kept, forever. A love... from a mistake. A love caused by fate. Destiny. The love they will feel for each other. They looked forward, for the future, together.


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   So since this has a lot of MaYuki feels and some AtsuYuu, I made it kinda... weirder... It also has WMatsui, but since my bias for Atsuko is too biased, I made some AtsuJuri moment. And when I add Rena to the scene, I made some YukoRena.... Don't ask why >w>

   So here's my longest OS/Update yet~ Douzo U_U

[Desire] -MaYuki, AtsuYuu/AtsuJuri/WMatsui/YukoRena <I don't have a clue which one is it -w-

"But the girls said it's normal. Nothing too wrong with it."
"Mayu... Don't you think that kissing your friends is kinda wrong from your point of view?"
"Of course not. I kiss her all the time, Yukirin."
"And you just accept it?"
"Well, it's her way of playing around."
"You're gullible sometimes, you know?"
"I'm so not- Left- and I know how Jurina is."
"She already tried to kiss me a few times. Thank God Rena was there to stop her."
"Rena's just not so- above- up-to-date with these sort of things."
"She's the same age as me, you know."
"Exactly my point."

   And at that moment, Yuki was hit in the head with a baseball bat from one of her offenders. A man with red eyes, corrupted skin and lazy movements, A zombie. Yuki snarled and then hit the man with a kick in the sides. She glared at her friend who forgot to mention more of the zombies' attacks.

"Warui. I forgot to mention that one."
"Don't forget important things like that! I could have gotten killed, you know!"
"Who cares. You've already lived for almost 1800 years."

   Mayu then pointed to Yuki's left. The (Mentally and Physically) older girl reacted and kicked the zombie next to her again. Another one came from her back and Yuki used her nails to scratch the zombie's face. Feeling unsatisfied, she then proceeded to kick it yet again but this time in the nether region. Clutching his 'precious', the zombie could not even scream as he fell to the ground in the utmost pain he could ever imagine, even during his life.

"Ouch. That has got to hurt." came the comment from Mayu.
"You could at least help, you know!" Yuki said, dissatisfied that she was the only one fighting the hordes of zombies, coming to eat her brains.
"Me? Against those hordes of brainless hoodlums? Well I'd never!" Mayu said, almost as a matter-of-factly.
"MAYU!" Yuki snarled, surprising the younger girl as Yuki kicked another of the zombies in the face.
"You know well that my guns don't work on those zombies." Mayu sighed, clapping to cheer on the older one. "Go, Go, Yukirin~"
"SHUT UP!" Yuki punched another zombie right on the face. Poor zombie having to face the wrath of an angry Black-hearted girl.

   Yuki's eyes turned redder as she moved at an incredible speed, passing through the zombies, almost as if going through them. She ripped them apart, cruelly and violently scratching them, sometimes ripping their arms off. Assisting her, Mayu stopped hugging her sniper and shot each of them straight in the brains, killing them. It was their way of doing things. Yuki would paralyze the enemies and Mayu would kill them off with a single headshot. Thankfully, Mayu was an expert sniper in her days so killing zombies was something she could do even in her sleep.

"And done." Mayu said after shooting the last of the zombies in the head.

   Bodies of the 10 undead beings lied on the ground and it was clear that they could not even stand a chance against the two. Yuki sighed, finally free from her work and sat next to Mayu who was eating melon pan so peacefully. Yuki then sighted something rather fascinating next to Mayu. A necklace, a beautiful one at that. Simple, though.

"What's that?" Yuki pointed next to Mayu.
"Hm?" Mayu looked at her side and grabbed the necklace. She then examined it. "Dunno. Must be left by these dead people or something."
"Hm~" Yuki hummed, still not taking her eyes off of the necklace.
"Seriously?" Mayu realized the curiosity behind Yuki's eyes and sighed. "You want something you find on top of someone's grave?"
"Eh? Of course not..." or so she says, but her eyes indicated otherwise.
Mayu then sighed before smiling wryly. "Come here."
Obliging Mayu's request, Yuki went closer to Mayu and squatted down.
Mayu carefully put the necklace on Yuki, making sure that the older girl wasn't hurt in the process. "There!"
Yuki smiled happily, thanking Mayu. "Thanks~" and the younger girl blushed bright red.

   Ignoring how red Mayu was, Yuki then looked at the situation on the other side.

   They did not need words. They were focused on the fight. The taller girl would choke each zombie and slam them to the ground. The shorter one would use her katana to behead each zombies. They weren't talking, but for some reason, they knew each others' position, attacks and dangers. If a zombie was going to the taller girl, the shorter girl would drag the taller one away, and they would switch positions. They don't need to talk. They were already used to each other.

"Acchan and Yuko are really amazing, huh..." Mayu commented, watching them in amusement.
"Yeah..." Yuki agreed, not taking her eyes off of each of their movements.

   For some reason, Atsuko and Yuko were smiling. Not one of those cynical smile as one would do when enjoying the pleasure of killing, they were smiling from the bottom of their hearts, back-to-back, they held off each of the zombies, dodging them, helping their partner out. They were meant to be.

   After a few moments, the 20 or so zombies were down, and stood on top of the carnage was none other than the two girls. Yuko was exhausted and sat on the zombies in a tired fit. Atsuko chuckled and then sat next to her best friend as well, not minding the undead below them. Yuki and Mayu went to them and gave them some water bottles.

"Ah, thanks." Yuko thanked them, trying to catch her breath.
"You really need to exercise more, Yuko." came the low reply from her best friend.
"Shut up, Acchan. You're like 3 years younger than me." hissed Yuko.
"Physically. I'm more than 1800 years old already." Atsuko backtalked and got up, wiping the blood of the zombies from her butt and offered her hand to Yuko.
"Tch. At least let me rest a bit, you slave driver." Yuko sighed but still took the girl's hand, getting up, not minding the blood.
"Ah~ You just touched my hand that touched my butt." Atsuko commented but was then hit in the head by Yuko.
"I may like butts, but your butt is safe." Yuko chuckled.

   Yuko gave Mayu her sheathed katana and Mayu kept it inside her guitar bag. She then gave the bag, which contained her sniper, guns, ammunition and Yuko's katana and porn mags to Yuki. Yuki strapped the bag on and then followed Atsuko and Yuko who was walking away with Mayu. They chatted about pointless things.

"So, about our chat before, Mayu." Yuki re-opened the topic.
"Tch." Mayu clicked her tongue, thinking that she had made her forget about it.
"No more kissing with Jurina." Yuki ordered, making the young girl have a look of dissatisfaction.
"Huh? What's the deal? Something wrong with JuriMayu?" Yuko butted in.
"Oh. JuriMayu. I like the sound of that~" Atsuko agreed.
"Eh? Whatever happened to MaYuki?" Yuki looked at the two in disbelief.
"Ara~ Did our cute Yukirin feel jealous~" Yuko teased, causing Yuki to become slightly red due to embarrassment.
"A re~ You're red to your ears, Yukirin~ So you really are jealous because Jurina and Mayu were so close~?" Atsuko also joined the tease of the already red Yuki.
"O- Of course not!" Yuki protested, though her red face belied all of her efforts of protest. "I- It's just that I'm afraid if Mayu would be assaulted by that kissing monster or something! I don't want her to be like that!" Yuki avoided the gazes of the two amused older girls. "A- Anyway! Let's go! We need to report our findings to Rena!" Yuki stormed off from the group, going ahead of the others as Yuko and Atsuko chuckled at the girl's behavior.

   Yuko then patted Mayu on the head, smiling.

"You heard that, Mayuyu?" Yuko asked, a warm smile on her face looking at the retreating figure of Yuki as Atsuko chased her.
"Un..." head down, Mayu nodded, face also red of embarrassment.
"You just need one more step forward..." Yuko advised, ruffling the girl's hair.
"Hai!" Mayu grinned, with utmost confidence for that one step...


   Plopping down on the bed, Mayu finally let out her anger for the day. "MAN! THAT WAS EXHAUSTING!" she admitted, earning a chuckle from the older girl. "Well, that's to be expected. You're like Yuko. Maybe even weaker, since you're always acting sly and all." Yuki intervened and sat next to the younger girl on the bed. They always slept together at Mayu's request. Well, it's okay since Mayu is still a kid in Yuki's eyes. Though she did not know that Mayu had been staring at her breast almost every time they slept. "Wah, I worked really hard today!" Mayu continued to vent out her stress. Yuki looked unamused by the younger girl. "Oh really? And you were the one who sat so lazily not moving an inch while I had to use my entire body to fight the horde. You should be grateful I didn't report you to Rena."

   Mayu ignored the nagging of the older girl and continued to hug her pillow, earning a glare of dissatisfaction from the older girl. "You ungrateful brat..." Yuki could only sigh, and lied down on the bed next to Mayu.

   The two lied down, looking at the ceiling for some reason as if it looked interesting. Yuki then closed her eyes, in an attempt to sleep. It was impossible, though. Her internal clock doesn't allow her. It was only 3 A.M and a vampire would usually go out roaming the night for victims. Yes, Yuki, with Atsuko, is a vampire. Those blood-sucking monsters one would usually see on TV. But sadly for Mayu, Yuki is real, same as her thirst for human blood.

   "Mayu..." Yuki uttered the girl's name. Her voice was weak and her eyes are red. Mayu could tell what the girl wanted, and could only sigh. It was a nature of a vampire to want to drink blood. Like humans eating food to live, a vampire drinks blood to survive. Of course, they could drink animal's blood or something but a human blood's quality is far different. The blood of a human being could ease a vampire's hunger for days and could also boost their abilities. And Yuki couldn't just go to the streets to search for victims and harm them, could she? She has someone important to her that could be her alternate source of power and love. Yes, she has Mayu right in front of her.

   "Again...?" Mayu asked, sighing at the older girl's thirst. "You just drank my blood yesterday." she said in dissatisfaction. But, the older girl was already teary-eyed from holding in her thirst. Her vampire nature was screaming at her to jump on top of Mayu and drink the girl's blood forcibly. It was hard to control one's nature. Mayu lazily got up and faced her partner, followed by the older girl. "But I guess this can't be helped..." Mayu smiled and then turned around, her back faced Yuki. She turned around and smiled again, "You can do what you want." before taking a deep breath and looked ahead.

   Gulping hard, Yuki reached for Mayu's shoulder as she got close to her, decreasing the distance. She stopped midway as she realized that the younger girl was unbuttoning her shirt. She bit her lip, holding herself back as Mayu revealed her smooth and pale skin. The small figure of Mayu made Yuki think twice. Yuki touched the arm of Mayu, feeling the girl's skin. Mayu had such smooth skin, pale in comparison to her violent nature. One touch and the young girl yelped in surprise. A moan escaped Mayu's lips which was not gone unnoticed by Yuki. "Y- You okay?" Yuki was worried, she didn't want to sink her fangs inside Mayu's skin again because she just did the day before. She was afraid that Mayu was still sensitive to it. Mayu gave a short nod and then Yuki reluctantly moved her hands upwards the beautiful skin, making the girl shudder. It was so smooth, Yuki thought. It was as if Mayu was so fragile that just a little force could break the girl, like a slim, shiny mirror. "I'm going now..." Yuki warned and Mayu braced herself.

   It happened in a flash, one moment, it was okay but then, Yuki's fangs sank into her skin, making Mayu unable to move but to endure it. It wasn't painful. Yes, her blood was being sucked at the moment, but that wasn't painful in the least. All Mayu could feel was, something far weirder. Being bitten, was of course, painful. But having the blood sucked right out of her made her feel somewhat pleasurable. A moan escaped her lips as the older girl sucked her blood, making sure to hold Mayu's arm tight enough so that she wouldn't run away. "Yukirin..."

   The older girl's eyes gaped open by the low slurred voice of the younger one. Her wild instincts started to kick in, she was losing herself. The blood of the younger girl was making her think of things that she wasn't thinking of even before. Her hands moved by itself, touching the younger girl in her front. A questioning yelp escaped from Mayu and Yuki hugged the girl tighter, sinking her fangs deeper into the younger girl's nape. All her mind was thinking of only one thing. She was thinking of her best friend. She wanted her best friend. She wanted everything about her. Her blood, her breath, her mind, her soul, everything.

   "Y- Yukirin!" yelped Mayu as she felt the sudden force from the older girl. Yuki's hug was tighter than usual. She couldn't breathe at all. No air escaped nor enter her lungs as the older girl's fangs went deeper into her skin. Her eyes became unfocused and watery as she felt both the pain and the pleasure of being bitten by a vampire. Her heartbeat became faster than usual as if it could burst any moment. The coldness of the air and the warmth of the older girl made Mayu unsure of the idea. But even so, she couldn't think of anything. Anything except the older girl. She couldn't help but think of Yuki. Her mind almost lost control. She was almost at her limit. It wasn't as if she was sleepy, but for some reason, she was about to pass out. "Yu... ki..."

"YUKIRIN!" a loud shout was heard, followed by the door breaking. In an instant, Yuki was pulled off from Mayu and was slammed right into the wall. The perpetrator was glaring at Yuki straight in the eyes, her red eyes petrified Yuki to the core.

"Acchan...?" she was at loss for words. Atsuko pinned the younger girl to the wall with her elbow, not allowing the younger girl to move in the slightest. Yuki looked at the anger inside Atsuko's eyes. It was evident as day that Atsuko was pissed off.

"What did you try to do...?" came the simply yet sharp question from Atsuko. It took a few minutes for Atsuko's words to sink into Yuki's mind, but nonetheless, Yuki realized her mistake and kept her head down, afraid of not only the anger of the older girl but also, the actions she just did a few moments prior. "Tell me Yukirin...

Did you just attempted to sire Mayu?"


"You take Mayu to our apartment. I'll stay here and watch over Yukirin." Atsuko said to Yuko, gripping Yuki's hand.
"Are you sure about this?" Yuko asked, altering her gaze from Yuki to Mayu and then finally landed on Atsuko.
"I'm gonna be fine. You don't have to worry." Atsuko chuckled, followed by the older girl's sigh.
"I'm worried because you're my best friend." Yuko admitted honestly, earning a surprised and happy look from Atsuko.
"I know..." Atsuko smiled warmly, showing the girl that she was indeed, going to be fine.

   Yuko left, Mayu in tow, towards her apartment, leaving Atsuko in the room with a silent Yuki. Yawning a silent yawn, Atsuko plopped onto the bed, finally feeling the fatigue from all of her work before. Yuki was right next to her, looking down in the dumps. "It's not your fault." Atsuko commented, letting go of the younger girl's hands. "It's a Vampire's nature." Atsuko patted the younger girl on the head.

   It was calming for Atsuko. She already knew that the girl would not try anything to her. She knew the respect the girl had for her. There was no denying it. Ever since they met 1300 years prior, Yuki had came to look at Atsuko with eyes of respect. Though it crumbled away once Atsuko turned 548. She did not know why Atsuko did such. And why Atsuko had to make herself suffer. She knew nothing. "Acchan..." Yuki whispered softly, so quietly that Atsuko almost missed it. Atsuko hummed in response, not sitting back up, but just let heself drift in the moment. "Why did you stay behind...? You know I won't do anything to Mayu once I've regained myself..."

   The older girl was almost surprised by the younger one's bluntness and insecurity, yet she only chuckled, finally getting up and walked towards the window. In the solitude of the night, she stood, as the wind carried her hair, swaying it lightly. Yuki looked at the brilliance of the older girl. It was as if the girl was in a painting. The beauty of the older girl as she stood there, with the image of the night, was something which brought even the National Models to shame. "Who knows." Atsuko answered, back faced the younger girl. "Maybe it's because I'm lonely or something..."

   The statement caused Yuki to chuckle. She already knew of the older girl's hardships. Atsuko was exiled from her clan, the Shinoda clan, and lived alone in solitude for more than a thousand years. They were separated and Yuki did not know her location since. Though there were rumors of a lone Vampire walking the streets, only to not attack anyone. She knew though, that Atsuko have never tasted human blood since her exile. Though, she did not know why. Drinking human blood is what kept vampires strong and healthy. It's what kept them going for generations. "I see..."

   "Though, you can't attack me, Yukirin." Atsuko mused, looking at the bright moon above them. The beauty of the night which captivated her through all of her days of solitude. Even to that day. "Drinking your own kind's blood is taboo."

   Yuki bit her lip, looking at the back of the older girl. Something inside her burns. And she knows why. It was hatred. Hatred for the older girl. Hatred because of one thing. Hatred of the older girl's sin. The reason she was exiled in the first place. "AND YOU THINK KILLING YOUR OWN KIND ISN'T?!" she raised her voice at the older girl. All of her hatred came out. She didn't have any excuses. She realized her outburst and sank back into depression. "Sorry..."

   Atsuko shook her head, not looking back and only looking at the night sky. "I'm the one who should say sorry..." a stray tear streamed down her face as she apologized to the younger one. "I'm Sorry...

... for killing your brother..."


"Make yourself at home." Yuko invited her in, making sure that Mayu was comfortable.
"Un." Mayu nodded, and since she was already used to Yuko's apartment, she located the sofa easily and sat on one end, inviting Yuko to sit on the other.
"Hai hai." Yuko obliged and sat next to Mayu.

   Mayu leaned her head on Yuko's shoulder, enjoying the tranquility of the moment. In everyone she knows, she has the most trust in Yuko. She trusts the older girl more than even her family. The two are childhood friends. In her childhood age, Yuko was her neighbor. Because of such, Mayu would always go to Yuko's house to play with Yuko. They were together even when they became older.

   A moment of peace filled the apartment. Only the breath of the two girls and the sound of the cicadas were heard. There were also a few crows outside but that was probably one of Rena's familiars. "They sure are noisy, huh?" Yuko asked, seemingly annoyed by the sound of the crows being so lively outside. Mayu could only chuckle in amusement at the older girl's annoyance.

   "I guess..." Mayu flashed a wry smile as she cuddled with the arm of the older girl. Yuko could only oblige her silent request as she patted the younger girl who was slightly taller than her. "Ne, Yuko..." Mayu called the older girl and Yuko turned to face her.

   "What is it?" Yuko asked, slightly worried if there was anything wrong with the younger girl. She had taken care of Mayu for years, and she was always worried by how Mayu would seclude herself from other people. If it weren't for Yuko, Mayu would not have had any friends, though Yuki was a different case. One could say Mayu meeting Yuki and Yuko meeting Atsuko was something a little too amusing to be taken lightly as just 'coincidental occurrence'.

   "I wonder why she did that..." the forbidden topic. Mayu knew that it was because of a Vampire's nature, but usually Yuki would be able to hold it in, sometimes even to take it on innocent people. "I..." she stopped, thinking and choosing her words carefully. She gulped the saliva she had gathered inside her mouth and looked straight into Yuko's eyes. She needed courage, for the next step. She needed the older girl's wisdom. "I think... I want Yuki to sire me."

   'Sire', a word used when a Vampire turns his victims into a vampire as well, being obliged to the vampire's every will. Though that was only in fantasy. Being sired means that the human shall become a half-breed. They will become exactly like a vampire, except for the fact that they would need both food AND blood to live on. But, there are special cases, like Atsuko and Yuki. Both of them are pure-bloods, but they were born from Vampires involved in same sex relationship. Thus, they were born as humans and was sired at the age of 18, the both of them. Even so, they still became pure bloods even though they were sired. Though for a human, being sired... is also a loss.

   Using all of the strength in her twat body, Yuko pushed Mayu down hard into the sofa. Surprised, Mayu escaped a yelp and looked into the orbs of the older girl. Yuko was glaring at her, a glare that she had never seen before in all of her days knowing the older girl. Mayu was speechless. She could not believe that on top of her, the one who pushed her, the one with the eyes of a someone she doesn't know, was the one that she have spent the most time together with. Mayu couldn't breathe calmly as she looked at the older girl. It was clear as day that Yuko wasn't her usual self. Just what is wrong with her, that is the question.

   Finding a little bit of courage in her guts, Mayu finally opened her mouth. "Y- Yuko?" she called out to the older girl, yet the eyes of the older girl didn't change. The alien eyes she had never seen the older girl make. Her heart beat faster, afraid of what the older girl was trying to do.

   "Watanabe." Yuko opened her mouth and called out to the younger girl. Her voice had become one of anger. She knew the younger girl was terrified, but she could not just let this slip. She rarely even calls the younger girl or even anyone by their last names. Well, Yuko is Yuko with her lack of personal space. "Did you know? Being sired is something with it's pros and cons. The pros are, you will gain inhumane abilities, and also you will live for an eternity with the one you love." Yuko mentioned it carefully, "BUT. There comes a price." She did not move from her position on top of the younger girl, only locking her gaze with her. "The life you have as a human being, will be gone for good." Yuko tightened her grip on the younger girl's shoulder. "You will live an eternity, suffering forever. You will never see the sunlight again. You will not be able to control your urges, even seeing your family seemed hard. Everything you know, will be gone. Your human life, shall be finished. WILL YOU BE ABLE TO ENDURE THAT, WATANABE?!"

   Yuko's words spat out like venom. Like a hammer strike down in her head, it finally became clear to her. Her heart sank into uncertainty. She knew Yuko meant that in the nicest possible way, and the words of worry from the older girl was evident. Her decision was only on a whim. Knowing this, she wasn't so sure about it anymore. Mayu looked away from Yuko, turning her head to the side. She couldn't say anything. Her heart wanted to protest, but after thinking about it, was she ready to offer her life to Yuki? Was she ready for a huge change in her life? Were her feelings even real?

   "Mayuyu..." came the soft words from Yuko, caressing the younger girl's face. Mayu turned to Yuko and saw the smile she always knew. The smile of the girl she respected the most. "Rather than go to Yukirin, I would undoubtedly be of a more possible choice. I'm human, I've known you longer than anyone and I can offer you anything. I can make you smile even more than Yukirin could ever think of. I could love you and not hurt you. I can protect you for as long as I live." Yuko closed in the distance between their faces, almost meeting up.

   Mayu's heart beat became faster, but not like before. It was something far more than that. Was it love? Was it the emotion of adoration for the older girl...? No... It was... worry. "You don't love me like that, Yuko."

   Hearing the words, Yuko almost laughed aloud as she distanced herself away from Mayu to her original position. "Yeah, I guess you're right about that." Yuko then released her held in laugh and ruffled the younger girl's hair as she got up as well. "Though I'm serious that you have to think about it more." she smiled a wry smile at the younger girl.

   Mayu's thoughts were held up for a moment as she saw the wry smile of the older girl. One name entered her mind as she saw that smile of hers. "Would you be able to do the same if it's for Acchan, Yuko?" was the question she had thought. She knew the older girl loved Atsuko deeply. She knew the bottled up feelings the older girl kept from Atsuko. She knew just how hurt whenever she saw how Atsuko would always negate the older girl's feelings as 'Friends'. The word would probably mean something unexceptionally good for Yuko a year prior before she started having feelings for Atsuko, but now... She wanted something more than that. And Mayu knows that 'something more' is something unreachable for Yuko at the moment.


   It was quick. Quicker than Mayu would have thought. Yuko didn't waste any time answering her question. Only one word. One word was all it took. For Mayu, it might have seem simple, but for Yuko, it was one word which caused her to the state of complex inside her mind. But even so, Yuko managed to let it out, even to smile at the younger girl. Mayu didn't know what the older girl might have felt in her heart once she heard the question, but now it doesn't matter. Yuko had made her decision. That was when she realized it. Yuko was strong. To be able to face her feelings so simply. It was something Mayu could never do. Yuko was ready to face the consequences for Atsuko. Would Mayu be able to accomplish that? Would Mayu ever discover her real feelings?

   "Though..." Yuko bit her lip as she looked away. "It might take a while..."

   "Huh? What do you mean?" Mayu was confused. But after a short while, she finally caught on. "Ah..."

   "Yeah." Yuko had a faraway look on her. She was bothered by it ever since she met Atsuko. She didn't know when she might become someone more to Atsuko. She didn't know if Atsuko would sire her, because... "Atsuko wouldn't even suck anyone's blood, let alone sire me."


   Yuki sighed as she heard the apology from Atsuko. The older girl had apologized so many times before, and Yuki would usually get mad or something. That was why their relationship had been so rocky the past year. "I'd be lying if I said I'm okay with that, but could you at least tell me why you had to kill him, Acchan? Could you please tell me why you had to kill Sae?"

   Yuki loved her brother dearly. He would always be nice to her. Whenever she sees him, he would always smile a warm smile to her. The smile was of a good person, but why did Atsuko have to kill that sort of person? Why did he have to do such, even though she knew that she would have been exiled for killing another vampire. To that day, Yuki couldn't figure out why. She wanted an answer. She knew that Atsuko was actually a kind person, and she must have had her reasons. She only wanted to know what the reason was. She wanted to believe in Atsuko again, accepting her apology and being friends again. Why can't Atsuko just say it?

   "Sorry." It was the usual pattern. Atsuko would always dodge the question and apologize even though she could just answer it truthfully. It was just how she is. She would rather keep the secret for all eternity, until the time of her disappearance.

   Yuki sighed hearing Atsuko dodge the question. She could only smile wryly at Atsuko's evasion and patted the empty space next to her for Atsuko to sit on. "Come here, you'll be cold, you know." Yuki advised the one who was enjoying the breeze of the night sky. Atsuko chuckled and went towards the bed, getting inside the warm and comfortable blanket, not forgetting to smell it pervertedly to piss Yuki off. "Oi oi." Yuki glared at the older girl who was far amused at the situation. "And no I'm not jealous." Yuki denied before Atsuko could even tease her, which made Atsuko to click her tongue in dissatisfaction. Yuki then crawled up under the covers with Atsuko, prying off the perverted hands off the older girl in an attempt to remind the older girl to be responsible and act her age.

   "Ah~ Wait a sec, I'm not even sleepy." Atsuko stated the obvious. Well, it was to be expected. They're vampires. Of course they wouldn't feel like sleeping at around 5 A.M. There's still a little time before lights out for them. By the time, they would have gone out to have some 'fun' with the humans. Though Atsuko didn't want to do that and Yuki's too choosy of whose blood to suck.

   Which reminded Yuki of one other thing. "Why won't you suck human blood, anyway?" she asked the older girl as Atsuko cuddled with her under the covers. A vampire couldn't simply die by starvation. In fact, Atsuko enjoyed the weird tasting human food very much. But still, that didn't quench her thirst of blood. Atsuko had lived for more than a thousand years, suffering from starvation. Why?

   Atsuko bit her lip. She didn't know if she should answer the question or not. She was reminded that she had evaded Yuki for hundreds of years. The only reason they met again in the year prior was because of how Yuki met Mayu. If it weren't for that, Atsuko was positive that she would never even show herself to Yuki. Atsuko then sighed, finally feeling like she needed to open up to her 'childhood friend' more. "It was a promise."

   That was all Atsuko would say, Yuki thought and she sighed. Though, she actually did get a some good information. She embraced the older girl and then stroke her hair. Then, another thought crossed her mind again. "Wait... how did you even know that I was attacking Mayu?" Yuki asked the question which she forgot to question the older girl.


   One word made it all clear. The name she despised the most. The name Yuki was jealous of. Jurina was actually someone in Atsuko's clan, and she moved there to meet with Atsuko. Atsuko really cared for Jurina, and Jurina cared for Atsuko just as much. Jurina also loves kissing Mayu in the lips, much to Yuki's dismay. And Yuki hated that. Yuki despised Jurina just because of that. The smug look on her face when she snuggled up to Mayu in front of her. She was really annoyed with her.

   "Her again... that brat..." Yuki hissed, but was responded by nothing. She then took a closer look at Atsuko to realize that the older girl had fallen asleep quicker than usual. "Oh." Yuki was surprised, but decided to just shrug it off. It was rare for Atsuko to be hugged by her and even when they were kids, Yuki and Atsuko would always sleep together and Atsuko would be the first to fall asleep.

   Yuki then smiled.


"Are you sure you don't wanna sit on my lap, my cute Mayuyu?"
"Really~? It will help you sleep, though."
"Knowing you, Yuko, I don't think I would be able to sleep thanks to some 'wild hands' attacking me."
"Can't blame my lu- I mean, curiosity of the female body."
"Why don't you just grope your own body, then?"
"Tried. Unpleasant as it sounds..."

   "Seriously?" Mayu showed Yuko a surprised look, followed by the older girl's chuckle.

   "Kidding, kidding." Yuko snorted and got below the covers, before hearing a knock resonated on the door. Now who would that be? "Huh? Jurina?" she made an assumption and tried to stand up, only to be stopped by the sleepy Mayu who wanted to be of use to the older girl. But though, for some reason, something didn't seem right to Yuko. Why would Jurina come this late? The clock had already struck 5 A.M and she didn't think Jurina, a vampire, would be dumb enough to go out just before sunrise. There's a heavy feeling in her chest just by looking at the door. Like something, an aura of darkness resonated behind the door.

   "I'll get it. You sleep, Yuko." Mayu said calmly, making the older girl also smile, shaking off her worries as nothing. Mayu got up and walked to the door. It was a sheepish looking Yuki outside the door. Even though her hair covered a part of her face, Mayu could tell that it was Yuki, her best friend. A smile formed on her lips and she opened her door. She didn't know why she opened the door, nor why she gave the girl permission to enter. God knows... She was starting to regret the action.

   "Gotcha~" Yuki mused, grabbing Mayu by the collar. A gleeful grin formed on her lips as she placed Mayu on her arms, carrying her as she took one last look at the surprised Yuko. Yuko clicked her tongue and tried to get up but Yuki escaped, leaving Yuko alone inside the room. "See you later, Yu~ko~" Yuki teased, dashing off towards a certain direction.

   Seconds after, Atsuko appeared in front of the door, looking a little tired and exhausted. "Where's Mayu?!" Atsuko asked worriedly as she looked at how pissed Yuko was at the moment. "Yuko?" Atsuko's eyes widened in shock as she was slapped hard in the face by her best friend. Pain crept in her cheek, feeling the anger of the shorter girl. She was speechless.

   "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU LET HER LOOSE?!" Yuko shouted from the top of her lungs as she grabbed the collar of the taller girl. "NOW LOOK AT WHAT THE FUCK YOU DID TO MAYU!" the eyes of Oshima Yuko was a scary one. She glared at her best friend straight in the eyes. She tightened her grip as she pulled the taller girl hard enough so that their faces were only a few centimeters apart. Her heart raced of anger. The anger she has for the taller girl. That was until...

   "I'm... sorry..."

   Yuko snapped out of her anger once she looked at the taller girl closely. She was crying. Maeda Atsuko, the vampire, was crying from the bottom of her heart. Her eyes were already red ever since she came to the apartment, which meant she was crying on the way. What did Yuko just do? Did she just scream at her best friend without thinking of her feelings? No- Atsuko was her crush. She was feeling anger at her own crush. "... Sorry." This time, Yuko apologized as she lets go of the taller girl, looking away from her. "For now... Let's just search for her, okay?" Yuko asked for confirmation, still not looking at her. She waited until she got an 'Un' from her best friend who was wiping her tears away. Yuko smiled wryly and then called Jurina.

"Yo, Yuko. No need to say anything. I'm already on their tail at the moment. They're probably heading for the cemetery. You should come quick or things might turn ugly. I don't think I can hold Yukirin off once she's in heat right now. Rena can't help since she's in Osaka right now-"
'So that explains the crows.'
"-Anyways, I'm hanging up. I'll try to divert her attention from Mayuyu as long as possible."

   Then came the sound of a long Beep, signaling that the call has ended. Yuko sighed and then told Atsuko the details. Atsuko had a worried look for some reason but Yuko decided to just shrug it off. Then the two quickly gave chase to their childhood friends.



   A voice spoke, the figure looking at the shorter of the pair. She stroked the girl's arm, carefully pinning her to the ground, making sure she doesn't use too much of her strength. She smiled warmly as she played with the girl's hair, even though the younger girl was clearly glaring at her to the death. She didn't mind, though. The more the girl hated her, the more feelings the girl has for her, good or bad, the more she likes it.

"Aishiteru yo..." (I love you)

   She confessed, the lens of her eyes glowing bright red of all the blood she had sucked from before. She grinned evilly as she leaned a little closer to the shorter girl. Mayu, surprised by the sudden confession and advance the girl did, pushed her away hard.

"NO!" Mayu shouted as Yuki fell back.

   Vampires may have incredible power, but that doesn't mean that their bodies are tough. Yuki's expression didn't change. She very well liked the treatment the younger girl gave her. Her grin grew wider, laughing maniacally as she got up.

"This... This is the best..."

   Before Yuki could advance on Mayu more, she heard footsteps from behind her. Her grin grew to a frown as she realized the presence and smell of the intruder.

"What the fuck do you want, Jurina?"

   Yuki turned around to see the smug face of the person she despises from the bottom of her heart. The blood inside her boiled, her heart screaming at her to kill the vampire in front of her right there and then. She wanted to have fun with Mayu a little bit more, but for some reason, the nuisance in front of her eyes forbade her to do such. She wanted to take care of her first.

"Hoo~ Feisty, aren't we, Yukirin~?"

   Jurina teased almost mockingly as the older girl glared at her. Jurina was born a couple of years after Yuki. She was a pure blood. She was born as a true Vampire. What Yuki hated her more was that Jurina always had Atsuko's attention. Always, the young girl would cuddle with Atsuko and puts a smile on the older girl's face. Oh, of course Yuki didn't like Atsuko that way. No, she doesn't see her more than a best friend. Maybe... Or did she?

"Sorry, but Mayuyu is mine."

   Instantaneously, Yuki appeared in front of Jurina and tried to punch her in the face. Jurina reacted quickly, crouching down and then tackled the older girl hard, causing them to both fall to the ground. Yuki then kicked Jurina in the stomach with full force. Jurina was blown away by the strength of an older vampire and she was smashed into a tombstone. Jurina then quickly got up, and grabbed the rubble around her and threw it at Yuki in which she dodged, but without the older girl realizing it, Jurina crept closer in each throw. Before she realized it, Jurina was only a few meters in front of her.


   Jurina said playfully as she initiated her payback to the older girl, kicking her in the stomach and causing her to be blown away to Mayu, but Mayu dodged her. Mayu was not stupid enough to catch someone who was kicked by a powerful vampire. Besides, Yuki's also a vampire. It's not like she'd get critically hurt. Yuki spat her own blood and then glared at Jurina which makes the younger girl laugh childishly.

"Yukirin, can you turn around~? I wanna see that sexy back of yours~"

   Jurina said childishly, which earned a surprised yelp from Yuki. The older girl felt her back and true enough, her clothes were torn are her back was laid bare. She could feel the anger inside her boil up more as she looked at the laughing Jurina. She sighed and then without warning, leaped to Jurina, grabbed her head and punched her in the stomach. She then kicked her sides, and with that powerful blow, Jurina was sent flying to another tombstone.

"Ouch. Yukirin's not playing nicely!"

   Yuki wasn't effected by Jurina's remark. She only looked at the girl without any emotion showing on her face. She wanted to laugh at the girl's demise but for some reason, she didn't feel like it. She only wanted to finish the job that instant and continue to her beloved Mayu who was currently shielding herself with some basket she found lying around. Why the hell is there a basket in the graveyard?

   Then the two continued their fight, hitting each other and then recovered almost miraculously. Well, they're vampires. Of course their regeneration abilities are far more superior than a human's. Though it was clear in Mayu's eyes that Yuki had more of an advantage. She was faster and a lot stronger than Jurina. Jurina took many hits but didn't seem to fall down permanently. She would always get back up, even though there were bruises and scratches (which disappeared almost instantly) around her body.

   Even so, Jurina panted hard. It was clear that she was far too exhausted to fight with someone who was 'In the Zone' like Yuki. Yuki was far more superior than her, ability-wise. There was absolutely no way she could hold out for much longer. Just as Yuki was about to hit Jurina again in the head, she felt a sudden shiver down her spines. She knew just who could cause her into such state. Yuki clicked her tongue and then quickly backed away from Jurina. She looked at Mayu and saw that someone was with her. It was Yuko.

   She then looked at the source of the bloodlust. The one with the distinct beauty, her silky black hair fell slightly on her shoulder. The girl was smiling, but her eyes weren't.

"Acchan... Had a nice nap?"

   Yuki asked teasingly, but Atsuko ignored her and went to Jurina instead. Atsuko patted her 'sister's' shoulder and then her head. She smiled warmly at her and then managed to make her sit down.

"You can rest now, Jurina. You did a great job."

   It was no surprise that Atsuko had a certain liking for Jurina. She doesn't know why but when she's with Jurina, all her troubles would go away, like her times with Yuko. Yuko was a special case, since she's her best friend, but Jurina is more than that. She's like a sister to her.

   Jurina obliged her request and then took a breather, resting.

"Man, stalling me was your plan? You could've tried something a little more... I don't know? Hot?"
"What are you? Yuko?"
"Hey, I heard that!" came the response from Yuko herself for Yuki and Atsuko's conversation.

   Yuki paid no heed and simply dashed forward to punch Atsuko's face. The older girl tried to dodge it but alas, her body wouldn't listen to her will fast enough. Atsuko was hit straight in the face. Luckily, she was trained to handle heavy punches thanks to her years of traveling and learning. She took it well and was still standing, unlike Jurina who was blown away. Atsuko smirked and then punched Yuki in the face. Yuki was weak, but the punch from Atsuko's felt more like a human's. Yuki snorted and with full force, she punched Atsuko yet again, this time, sending her to the ground.

"What's this, Acchan? You're weak. Weaker than Jurina."
"Well, I can't deny that..."
"Weaker than Mayu."
"Well, that's true."
"Weaker than Mayu without her guns."
"Now that's a little too far-stretched."
"Hey! I feel insulted!" Mayu also complained at the two's close friendship, causing Atsuko to chuckle even though she was hit hard just seconds ago.

   Yuki continued her assault and Atsuko could only grit her teeth, trying her best to avoid or block the younger girl's attack but alas, it came to naught. She was badly beaten faster than Jurina who ended up playing with Yuki for a while. Well, it couldn't be helped. A source of a Vampire's strength and abilities comes from the blood of a human. Atsuko had never tasted blood for more than a thousand years. She lacks the strength she needed to be on par with Yuki's level. Truthfully, Atsuko was known to be the Ace of her clan, the most powerful Vampire that ever existed. But due to her starvation, she couldn't even muster up a small amount of her full potential.

"Do you still have the power to stand, Acchan?"

"I... guess... not...."

   Sighing at the answer, Yuki murdered Atsuko brutally, stabbing her with Yuko's katana whilst Yuko watched in agony, not being able to do anything. Jurina attacked quick and tried to stab Yuki but was stabbed instead by the older girl. Yuki then smiled evilly and strangled Yuko. Mayu watched in horror as her childhood friend was squashed to death by the force of Yuki's strength. Yuki still smiled and then raped Mayu there and then, siring her to become her slave. For an eternal service.

   Yes that was a joke. Now back to the real story

"Who... do you think I am...?"

   Atsuko grinned weakly, still standing tall and proud as she looked at Yuki. She knew that she was going to be killed either way, so it was better to at least stall her until sunrise which was in about 45 minutes. Hearing the proud response from Atsuko, Yuki snorted and smiled nostalgically. That was the Maeda Atsuko she knew. That was the girl she respected. It wasn't her strength but her ability to still look at the enemy in the eye even though she was faced with a threat that she couldn't handle.

   Yuki then stopped smiling and grabbed Atsuko by the collar. Atsuko stuck her tongue out in an attempt to agitate the girl more and it worked. Yuki has had it. She kicked Atsuko in the stomach again and she was sent flying to Yuko who caught her with difficulty. The two tumbled to the ground and then Yuki could finally divert her attention from the fight. She looked at Mayu and then went towards her.

   Ignoring the pain of her back that hit a tombstone, Yuko checked to see if Atsuko was okay. She cupped her hand on the taller girl's cheeks and then pressed her ear on the girl's chest. Wait, why did she even do that? Oh yeah, Vampires' hearts still functions well and still pumps blood like a regular human's, though they wouldn't need to breathe for it to work. It's just natural. Yuko still heard the heartbeat of the female and sighed a relief sigh.

"Acchan, you okay?"

   She shook the taller girl lightly and Atsuko slowly opened her eyes.

"Huh? Where's all the food?"
"No Acchan, there are no food here..."
"... I'm going back to heaven."
"Don't, you idiot!"

   Yuko chuckled at the taller girl's behavior and then took a glance at Mayu and Yuki's direction. Yuki pinned the smaller girl down to the ground again, this time with no one to stop her. Mayu struggled to get away from the older girl's grasp but failed miserably.

"Acchan, I need you to do something..."

   Yuko looked at the taller girl seriously. Atsuko had finally caught on with the grave situation and tried to get up. She was too exhausted though. Yuko made her sit down with her.

"I need you to suck my blood."

   Atsuko was surprised by the shorter girl's request. I mean, seriously. What kind of human in their right mind would just volounteera let a vampire suck on their blood for the first time? That's just unheard of! Even Yuki had to plead Mayu for weeks to get her to let her suck her blood. And that's from Tsuntsun Mayuyu!

"What are you talking about?! You know I don't like sucking human's blood! I don't even like blood in general!"

   Atsuko glared at Yuko, seemingly disturbed by the girl's request.

"Acchan... you know in your current state you can't even beat Mayuyu who's using one hand."
"Well, it IS true that I'm REALLY weak right now..."
'Why the hell do I feel like someone's making fun of me... AGAIN' Mayu thought as she struggled to escape from Yuki.

"But I'm not that we-"

   A heavy voice silenced Atsuko immediately as she looked at the calm Yuko in front of her. Yuko heaved a deep sigh and then placed her forehead on the taller girl's. Atsuko felt the warmth of the older girl resonating in front of her. She felt her heartbeat steadily increase, like a slow train beginning to move at a steady pace before going into accelaration. Only difference is, her heartbeat became a little too fast before she even realized it. Her cheeks flushed bright red but her face was still as calm as ever, belying her unsteady interior.

"Please... This is for Mayuyu..."

   Something inside Atsuko burned in rage. Was it jealousy? Was it simply angst? She didn't know. But for some reason, the shorter girl's persuasion succeeded. Atsuko smiled childishly, finally giving up. She then sighed and her face went closer to the younger girl's neck as she remembered a certain promise she had made to a certain girl.

"Don't talk, you idiot! You're injured!"
"My love..."
"... Even though I told you not to, you're still not listening...."
"Haha... I guess..."
"You... are a vampire... is that so...?"
"... Hai..."
"... I see..."
"... Sorry for hiding it all these times..."
"... Were you... the one who attacked Haruna...?"
"No! I would never do that to her!"
"... I guess you're right.... Then... Promise me one thing, Atsuko..."
"... What is it...?"
"... You will never suck a human's blood ever again..."
"But that's-"
"Unless... you find someone you would like... by your side... forever..."
"What about you?!"
"... I don't like immortality..."
"What kind of a-"
"Promise? That you would find someone... feed on the person's blood... only if you love them... unlike me..."
"How did you..."
"I know, Atsuko... I was always watching you..."
"... So... Promise...?"
"... I promise... Minami..."
"I... knew... you'd.... understand..."
"Sayonara, Minami..."
"... Heh... Sayonara... my love..."


"Mayu, don't you love me?"

   Yuki stared in the eyes of Mayu, as if pleading to her. She loved Mayu deeply, and she knows Mayu loved her as well, but why didn't she accept her love? Was it because of the state she was in? Was it because she was worried about the future? Was it because she's hungry? She didn't know. But she wants answers. She wants Mayu to love her just as much as how her heart aches for her.

"Yuki. I-"
"I love you too, Mayu!"

   The two looked at the source of the voice dumbfoundedly. There they found Jurina, looking impeccable as always, with no bruise left over on her body.

"EH?! You're still okay?!" Yuki asked, surprised.
"Well, I'm also a vampire, you know? Of course I'd be fine in no time." Jurina stated as a matter-of-factly, winking at Mayu's direction like Yuki wasn't there.
"I don't think this is a good time to proclaim your love for me, Jurina..." Mayu glanced at the the oldest of them three, both physically and mentally.
"..." Yuki was silent, but an aura of darkness could be seen from behi- Wait a sec.


   A voice shook her to the bones. As if a predator had crept up behind her, slowly but effectively. The predator was chuckling behind her, looking at her like one would look at food. And as we all know, Atsuko loves food.

"Acchan?!" Yuki turned around in a fast motion to see Atsuko smiling ever so childishly.
"Yo~" came the greeting from Atsuko though they just interacted only a few minutes ago.
"You're... different..." Yuki analyzed her childhood friend from head to toe to breasts.
"Hm? Really? I feel as light and fluffy as always!" Atsuko smiled cheekily, earning a questioning glare from the younger girl.
"Just what did..." Then it struck her. Yuki finally realized it.

   It was finally clear to her. Atsuko's aura changed. It was a lot more fiercer than before, even fiercer than the time Atsuko witnessed Yuki's assault on poor ol' Jurina. Yuki smirked, a soft laughter of thankfulness and one of exasperation could be heard as she stepped forward a little closer towards the older girl. Jurina grabbed Mayu's hand and backed away from the older girls in fear of what might happen. Yuko, exhausted from Atsuko's action, leaned herself on a tombstone watching the meet up of the two vampires.

"So, shall we get started?" Yuki asked quickly, not wanting to drag the scene any longer. It was only 35 minutes until sunrise and she had to finish the fight quickly or else, they would have to fight indoors. And she knows that she doesn't want to mess up anybody's property. Well, unless you call the graveyard someone's property. She hissed, initiating the start of the fight.

   The other girl though, was in complete silence. She was laughing moments ago but once she saw how serious Yuki was and how short the time she had, she didn't want to play around. Well, not unless her inner side has something to say about this. A loud thump in her heart was heard and her eyes shot open, almost as if something was triggered. She knew that it would come sooner or later, but this was way too fast. She bit her lip (not seriously, since biting her lip with those fangs are kinda...) and let her inner self out. Her eyes turned red, bloody red, as she looked at the younger girl who was shortening their distance.

   Not long after, Yuki let out a low seductive growl as she leaped fast towards the older girl, not wanting to give the her any time to react. She reached out to grab the head of Atsuko's but as she looked closely, she grabbed absolute nothingness. The older girl was no longer in front of her. Her expression turned into one of shock as she stopped her movements with her unused foot and turned around. There was no sight of her as well. She was nowhere to be seen!

"Yu~ki~rin~" unlike the threatening voice like before, this time, the voice become somewhat playful, seductive even. Yuki gritted her teeth for what might happen next and as she barricaded herself, crossing her arms in front of her as she jumped back in fear.

   That was a wrong move, and she regretted it. She wasn't behind her, or more specifically, she WAS behind her, but not that moment. She cursed her brain and what came next, was something she never even thought about.

"Oppai~" came the slurred voice of Atsuko's from behind her position and Yuki felt a sudden emergence of surprise and pleasure coming from the mounds of flesh at her chest. A red flush crept slowly on her pale face, replacing her surprised expression to one of embarrassment. Blushing furiously, she instinctively yelped from the sudden pleasure of her breasts and regretted it heavily as she heard the snort of satisfaction from the girl behind her. Yuki hissed loudly and turned around in one swift move, punching the spot where the older girl was but to hit nothing as the older girl had once again, disappeared.

"Now I remember why I hated your inner self." Yuki snickered, regretting to force the older girl to drink Yuko's blood.

   Yuko was laughing uncontrollably even though she was tired, pointing at the red Yuki, even though she was oh so exhausted. "HAHAHA! Now that's my best friend! I'm so proud I raised her like that!" Yuko joked, teary eyed from laughing too much as she clenched her sides. Jurina was trying to control herself from laughing but instead, she laughed along with Yuko, knees on the ground as she saw the priceless expression of Yuki. Yuki of course, had more priceless reactions but this one takes the cake! Mayu, on the other hand, was lost as to what happened. It was no mystery that she belonged in the Pervert ratio in the Defense Against The Undead (DATU) squad, the squad which the girls belonged to, (It was only her and Yuko though, but Atsuko, Jurina and Yuki were known as 'helpers') but she couldn't comprehend Atsuko's actions at all. Sure it was priceless and all, but she knew Atsuko for so long. There was never a moment Atsuko acted perverted even once!

   "Yuko! Your perverse is contagious!" Mayu put the blame on Yuko as Yuki covered her blushing face with one hand and her breasts with the other. Yuko denied it immediately (well, not really immediately, since she was trying hard to control her laughter) and Jurina also backed her up. They then looked at Yuki who was mumbling incomprehensible words that could not be made out by the three.

   "Oi, Yukirin~ Wanna tell these girls what the REAL Acchan was like~?" Jurina asked as she remembered the first contact.

   Yuki kept quiet, her eyes were becoming tired and watery. The first one because of how she actually wanted to fight seriously with Atsuko but regretted it since she finally remembered what happens when Atsuko drinks blood and the other is because of how she was groped by someone for the nth time, and ALL of those times were from the same person! Nobody has ever done that. Not even Mayu! The person who did that to Yuki, causing her into a state of regret and embarrassment was none other that Atsuko.

   She recalled the first time everyone realized about Atsuko's... condition...

   "Oi oi... what the hell happened here..." Yuki looked at the sight in front of her.

   Few bodies laid bare, not hurt or anything, but naked. Not a single thread of clothing on their naked bodies. She could see that most of them were girls and some of them were men. Even her (female) uncle, Shinoda Mariko, Atsuko's 'father', was surprised. Mariko has seen a lot of bloodshed in her life but never before did she see such a sight. Naked humans collapsed in the wet floor of their own sweat. They looked at the center of everything. The lone girl sitting on a chair, looking impeccable as always, though her eyes were red.

"... Is this maybe her first time drinking fresh human blood?" Yuki asked Mariko, curious as to what was the cause of the mess.
"Yeah. She usually drinks the blood supply we saved at the castle. This was the first time I let her out alone to hunt."
"I see... Where's Jurina?" Yuki asked again but was soon answered as the girl's figure was seen next to Mariko suddenly, almost as if she appeared out of nowhere. Well, they ARE vampires...
"Whoa whoa whoa! What did Atsu-nee do?!" Jurina's eyes sparkled in the pique of interest as she looked at the interesting situation right in front of them.
"..." Mariko decided to just pat Jurina's head, not giving the answer since she herself didn't know. "Atsuko." she called, her voice was heavier than usual, and Atsuko flinched as she heard the name. Atsuko's red eyes turned like usual, black orbs.
"Huh? Wha- Ow shit." Atsuko almost jumped from her chair as she realized the situation she was in. "Damn... I thought I was dreaming..." (Yes, vampires dream)
"Did you do this to them?" Mariko asked but was interrupted by Jurina.
"What DID you do?" Jurina asked but was stopped by the glare of Mariko and Yuki. She retracted herself from the front and pouted cutely.
"Explain yourself, Atsuko." Mariko locked her gaze with Atsuko's and the younger one had trouble trying to find the right words...

"Well, it was like this. I as per usual, sank my fangs into a girl's blood, since well, I thought they were more fragile than a man's skin, so I chose the easiest route. Anyways, when I tasted the girl's blood, my vision became blurry and for some reason, I lost control over my body... Well, not really..."
"What do you mean by that?" Mariko squinted her eyes as Atsuko avoided their gazes.
"Well... it's like my inner desires were unleashed..."

   Everyone was then silenced. Jurina was trying hard not to laugh since she found the situation really funny. Mariko had a look of a proud father and Yuki was showing her usual priceless shocked reaction.
"Bwahahaha! That's my sistah!"
"My daughter, you have grown into a fine woman."
"Oi! What the hell?! So your inner desire was to do perverted things to people?!" Yuki glared at Atsuko.
"Well, kinda... Sometimes my head thinks of perverted things- Wait, just to make myself clearer, I didn't lose my virginity or anything. I only stepped on a few 'rods' to see their reactions, and true enough, they looked pleasured. And I also started to like groping girls now... Boobs feel g-" Atsuko stopped herself once she realized her friend was looking at her with disgust. "Not my fault." Atsuko evaded.

"Well, let's do this." Mariko went closer to Atsuko and patted her head. Her eyes turned red, same with Atsuko's as they gazed into each others' eyes. Mariko then smirked, finally finding a solution for all the troubles. "If there is a time you feel your sexual needs and, or perverse rises to a certain point in which you want to release it, I order you to only do such to Yuki." then her eyes became back to normal.
"OI!" Yuki raised her voice and Atsuko grinned mischievously. Yuki turned around to run away but in an instant, she felt someone tackled her from behind and from the voice, she could already figure out who it was. "Acchan! Nooooooooooooo!"

   And from then on, whenever Atsuko is in The Zone, and she needed to do perverted things, she would either grope Yuki or kiss her deeply, much to the younger one's demise. And Jurina would never have enough from laughing at Yuki's luck. Well, even if Jurina became Atsuko's target, she wouldn't mind. Jurina loves the older girl a lot, and would gladly do 'indecent' things with her. Though there's no way she would admit it in front of her... 'partner'.

"This is damn embarrassing..." Yuki then looked at her chest and she finally realized something. She quickly searched the grounds to find the thing she dropped.

   Jurina looked at Yuki with surprise and Yuko looked curious. And then the two realized something. "Oh! Yukirin dropped her oppai?!" "HELL NO!" they were denied instantly by Yuki who was searching for something. Mayu also realized the situation and when she looked closer at Yuki's worried face, she then remembered something. "You dropped your necklace?" Mayu asked Yuki and the older girl nodded her head.

   "Oh, if you're talking about that necklace I gave you, you lost it the moment you fought with Jurina." Mayu stated and Yuki glared at Jurina. "Oi oi, I've got nothing to do with this. More like I never even knew you had a necklace to begin wi- Wait. YOU GAVE YUKIRIN A NECKLACE?! WHAT ABOUT ME?!" Jurina wailed her arms as she protested at Mayu who facepalmed at the younger girl's train of thought.

   As Yuko leaned on the gravestone, she sensed someone on the other side of it. "Jurina got it already." Yuko confirmed the (mentally) older girl's deduction and the taller of the pair sighed. "At least her inner desires were finally sealed. I don't wanna go through that again." Atsuko leaned her head. "Oh~ But that's a shame though~ I just found out an INTERESTING piece of information, ya hentai~" Yuko teased and the taller girl blushed slightly. "Shut it."


   "I wonder why I attacked everyone like that..." Yuki asked as she sat on the bed. Mayu could only shrug her shoulders and sat next to the older girl. "Who knows. Maybe you were in heat or something." Mayu joked and the older girl glared at her. "We're not werewolves! We do not go in heat!" she protested but after a few moments of thinking "Well, except Acchan. She's a special case." Mayu giggled hearing that part from Yuki and she leaned her head on the older girl's shoulder.

   Thankfully, it became sunrise just as soon as they got to their homes. Mayu and Yuki lived the farthest from the graveyard so the others made it back safely. Mayu closed her eyes, enjoying the peace of the moment yet again. Usually, her heart would beat in an unusually fast rate whenever she's with Yuki but this time, it was calm. Her heartbeat was slow and steady as she heard the sound of birds chirping and even though she felt uneasy before, she was calm now. She felt a little more assured as she enjoyed the time with Yuki.

   Yuki was supposed to sleep and Mayu was supposed to go to school in a few minutes but after Mayu put her head on her shoulder, she couldn't move an inch. It's not like she couldn't move, but moving meant she would disturb the younger girl from resting and she didn't want that. She wanted Mayu to be at ease with her, unlike what happened before. She regretted ever doing such to her. She took a glance at Mayu's sleeping face, but her eyes instantly went towards the younger girl's cleavage, visible through the opening of her shirt. Yuki's face turned red almost as instantly as the incident with Atsuko. Though this time, she thanked the heavens for such a valuable sight. Her breathing became ragged as she stared straight into the small cleavage of Mayu's. She gulped the saliva gathered in her throat and leaned a little to the side to get a closer look but then,

   "... What ARE you looking at, Yukirin?" Yuki instantly regained her posture, as ladylike as always, her face became more normal and her blush crept away, her breathing became like usual. "What are you talking about, my dear Mayu?" came the smooth and ladylike response from the older girl as she smiled ever so untruthfully. Mayu sighed at the response from the older girl and then an idea hit her head.

   "Ne, Yukirin..." Mayu tugged her arm with the older girl's causing Yuki to blush bright red again, and even Mayu's face had become slightly red as well. She leaned in closer to Yuki's ear and whispered to her in a seductive voice she learned from Yuko, "Do you love me?" she asked sweetly, causing Yuki to turn even more red than before. Yuki's eyes wandered from place to place, in search of something to take her attention away from the seductive girl next to her. "W- Well,.." she decided to just be honest this time. She sighed and looked into the eyes of the younger girl, locking their gazes. They were only a few centimeters apart, which almost made both of them lost. "I- I love you, Mayu!"

   This time, without the disturbance of anyone, without forcing her, she confessed to Mayu of her real feelings she had kept locked inside her. "All these time... I don't know since when though, but for a long time now, I've fallen for you... Head over heels for you..." Yuki braced herself for words she thought up. "I mean, it's kinda stupid, right? You're a human and I'm a vampire. The only way for me to be with you forever is to sire you..." Mayu's heart skipped a beat, almost in depression, but what she was going to hear next calmed it all down. "I won't sire you, though... You have something precious. A life as a human being. I won't rob you of that... Before my own selfishness, I care about your happiness the most. I want you to live the life you want, so..." Yuki got up, "This... is goodbye!"

   Mayu's heart ached as she sees the older girl pass by her. Time crept slowly for her, like there was something sharp, like her heart was wrapped around a tightened sack full of needles, like heart heart was being squeezed from the inside. Her mind went blank for a moment, as she looked at the quick yet slow retreating figure of Yuki leaving. Her hand moved instinctively forward, in slow motion. She didn't know why she acted like that, but seeing Yuki leave was something she would never want. Not even in her life did she think Yuki would leave. She thought the older girl would stay with her forever, take care of her, play with her, and of course... love her.

   "Don't leave!" Mayu raised her voice as she grabbed Yuki's arm. The strength of a vampire was supposed to gain Yuki strength to pull Mayu away but for some reason, she couldn't. There was something that pulled Yuki towards the younger girl. Yuki bit her lip and wanted to protest but she was then indulged in a tight embrace by Mayu. The warmth of the younger girl, even though Mayu was a lot shorter than her, warmed Yuki up inside as she felt the embrace of the girl turned tighter. She then felt that her torso was turning cold. No, it became wet.

   "Mayuyu...?" hearing the older girl's voice, Mayu couldn't help but cry more. She was afraid. Afraid of it all. "Please... Don't leave me..." Mayu mumbled in her soft cries, begging the older girl to stay with her. She didn't want to lose her best friend... She didn't want to lose her... "I love you more, Yukirin!"

   Hearing the confession from Mayu, Yuki felt a surge of emotion manifested inside her chest. She felt everything around her became white and all she could see was her and Mayu. She only needed her in her life. Yuki's lips formed a warm smile as she accepted the hug and embraced the younger girl as well, patting her head and back in process. She hummed a soft melody for the younger girl to calm down. After a few moments, Mayu's cries stopped and Mayu lifted her head, teary-eyed. "Oh, you cute little angel~" Yuki couldn't help but to push the younger girl to the bed, squealing on how cute Mayu looked.

"Y- Yukirin!"


"Mou, you tsundere..."

   Yuki rubbed her own head that currently has a bump with one hand and hugged the younger girl from behind with the other. Mayu glanced behind her and glared at Yuki with a 'Serves you right!' kinda look. "You still didn't negate the statement though." and thus, she was glared yet again by the younger girl. By Yuki's request, Mayu let Yuki hug her from behind since she pleaded ever so loudly that the neighbors could hear. Sighing, Mayu leaned back to Yuki's chest, blushing madly from the contact of the older girl.

   Seeing the chance to strike, Yuki grinned mischievously and placed a kiss on Mayu.

"Chu~" she placed the kiss right on Mayu's mouth, causing the girl to blush even redder than before.
"W- What are you doing?!" Mayu was surprised and embarrassed by what Yuki did. And now she realized how Yuki felt with a certain older vampire.
"Kissing my girlfriend?" Yuki replied innocently.
"Why?! We just confessed to each other like 5 minutes ago!" Mayu protested as she glared behind her.
"Eh~ But waiting's a pain~ I kiss you when I want to~" Yuki smiled cheekily and Mayu couldn't help but be surprised by the older girl's bold statement.
"You..." Mayu could only sigh again for the nth time.
"Hey, your ears are so small." Yuki said as she looked at the ears from the gap between Mayu's untied hair. "It's so cute~"
"W- Wha-" Mayu tried to cover her ears but Yuki kissed her ear before Mayu could complete the action. "Hya! S- Stop it, you idiot!"
"Eh? You don't like it when I do that?" Yuki asked innocently as she leaned closer to look into Mayu's eyes.
"Urg..." seeing the pleading eyes of the older girl, there was no way Mayu could turn don her pleas. "Yukirin, you idiot..." Mayu murmured, even her ears are red.
"Such a tsun~" Yuki giggled and then looked at Mayu seriously. "Hey, can I nibble your ear?"
"HUH?!" Mayu almost spat out her words at Yuki's question.
"Even though I already dranked your blood, your body looks really delicious." Yuki licked her own lips, looking at her target, Mayu's ears.
"W- What are y-"
"Can I?" Yuki asked, almost as if she didn't understand the younger girl's embarrassment.
"No!" Mayu rejected it firmly.
"You're a tsun, so that means that it's okay, right? And you even want me to punish you for being such a tsun~" Yuki chuckled.
"What kind of interpretation is that?!"
"Ri~ght~ and who is it that's avoiding my gaze right now~" Yuki snorted and gently rubbed her tongue at the end of the younger girl's earlobe.
Mayu squinted her eyes from the sensation and moaned from the pleasure. Releasing her moan for the first time caused Yuki to grin even wider almost as if a swich have been flipped inside her.
"Mayu's voice turns me on~" Yuki continued to lick the younger girl's sensitive ear.
"D- Don't say that!" Mayu puffed her flushed cheeks in protest. "Why are you even doing this, mou."
"Dunno. I wanted to try it once~" Yuki beamed a happy smile but then it turned slightly evil "I want to do LOTS of things you 'don't' like~"
"... W- What are you thinking right now...?" Mayu finally looked into Yuki's eyes.
"I wanna touch you." Ignoring Mayu's resistence, Yuki whispered next to Mayu's ear.
"T- Touch?! W- Where?!" Mayu looked confused and embarrassed,
"Well..." Yuki pervertedly looked at Mayu's body.
"Y- You don't need to say it. I can already tell from your perverted eyes..."
"Oh. That makes it easier then~ Lemme touch you~"
"No. I never said I would let you, right?" Mayu sighed "Geez, I can't believe you're such a pervert."
"Says the girl that loves to touch other girl's butts."
"T- That is-" Mayu tried to protest, but the more Mayu protests, the more turned on Yuki became. She started to wonder what would happen if she touched Mayu's body more.
When Mayu covered her ears to stop herself from hearing anymore of Yuki's perverted pleas, Yuki sighted an opportunity. She grinned widely and then pushed Mayu to the side, causing the younger girl to tumble to the bed. The position right now was Yuki, who was grinning ever so pervertedly, on top of the blushing Mayu.


"I think I forgot to tell Yukirin how you rigged their place." Atsuko said, eating her popcorn as she looked at the action of the two lovers.
"Probably. Now I don't regret anything. Popcorn~" Jurina hugged Atsuko from the side, wanting the older girl to feed her.
"Hm? Oh. Here, Ahn~" Atsuko took a piece and offered it to Jurina.
"Ahn~" Jurina opened her mouth and was fed by Atsuko from hand. "Waa~ Hugging Atsu-nee is the best~"
"Un." Atsuko only nodded as she focused on the actions of the lovebirds in the screen but then suddenly,
"Ahem!" Rena and Yuko coughed loudly, which got the attention of the two girls.
"So you like hugging her more than me, huh~?" Rena asked, almost as if there was an aura of darkness behind her.
"Err... I can explain!" Jurina got up and hugged Rena. "I love hugging Rena too~"
"Yeah, right." Rena rolled her eyes to look at Yuko, with a slight blush.
"Eh?" Jurina was surprised by the older girl's reaction and tried to look at where Rena was looking but was then hit in the head by Rena. "Ittai!"
"Serves you right." Rena said and then left the room.
"Matte~ Rena-chan~" Jurina chased after the (physically) older girl.
"Acchan..." Yuko looked at Atsuko who was busy staring at the screen.
"Well, instead of going for Jurina, you should go to me! I have bigger breasts than her!"
"... Nothing." Yuko pouted and then sat next to Atsuko. "Whoa, they're really going at it."
"I wonder if we can have a relationship like theirs one day..." Yuko murmured.
"A relationship without restraints of gender, race and tradition?" Atsuko asked.
"Kinda like that..." Yuko continued to look at the screen.
"Maybe one day... And by that time, I want you by my side, Yuko..."
"... Heh. Very well then, my little perverted vampire princess."
"You tease." Atsuko punched Yuko's arm lightly, careful not to release any of her inner strengths.
"Haha. I'll remain by your side, at least until I die."
"I'll wait for that day patiently."
"That is, unless you sire me."

   Before Atsuko could finish her sentence, Yuko grabbed the back of the girl's head and indulged her in a deep and passionate kiss as the girl blushed bright red and was surprised of her action.

Parting from the kiss, Yuko smiled cheekily and scratched her cheek. "How about now?"


   Woot! Yay~ My own record breaker XD 13k+ words @_@ Wew, I need a breather. I hope everyone, including AtsuYuu shippers enjoyed this~ Well, I really like AtsuJuri but in the end, Yuko deserves Acchan more U_U And sorry for killing Takamina >w> Bye bye Takamina~ *waves*
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eh, ya I mean, Yuko will the one who get killed lol~ and why Sayaka will kill Acchan?  XD
and long story you got there.. hahaha it really take my time to read it lol I'll blame ya for my lack of sleep later.. kidding~ and more Atsuyuu pleasee~ Huahahahaha... I want to be reader now *actually I always be the reader one* XD XD XD :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: thank you and sorry Ashura-san  :P
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 :on drink: :sashiko: hahaha
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Wow what a birthday present, LoyalFlutist must be very happy :)

I miss vampire MaYuki so much, this just made me realize that there used be so many vamp fics but not so many now (except your Supernatural Partner, of course!). Vamp MaYuki is the hottest XD

Thank you so much for writing this! :deco:
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"!!!!!~!"  :monster:
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a vamp fic...
that was awesome... and as said... there used to be so many, but now there ain't many...
I loled so hard at Acchan though :3
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Minami was Atsuko's lover

But she died... and she did not want to be a vampire

At last Atsuko had someone that wanted to be with her forever....

Atsuko's inner perv. was so fun.... Poor Yuki... getting harassed

Great OS here as always

Can't wait to see more....

Thank you for the OS

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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"I... guess... not...."

   Sighing at the answer, Yuki murdered Atsuko brutally, stabbing her with Yuko's katana whilst Yuko watched in agony, not being able to do anything. Jurina attacked quick and tried to stab Yuki but was stabbed instead by the older girl. Yuki then smiled evilly and strangled Yuko. Mayu watched in horror as her childhood friend was squashed to death by the force of Yuki's strength. Yuki still smiled and then raped Mayu there and then, siring her to become her slave. For an eternal service.
   Yes that was a joke. Now back to the real story

Made me feel what I felt when I read Fallen for the first time.  :lol: I thought its true but then I laugh when I read it was just a joke :lol:
Perv Atsu at the end XD  :thumbup :thumbup

Thanks for this:  :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: XD
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Finally you back with great story!!
Although it doesn't atsuyuu-centered story, but makes me happy a lot :D
Vamp story, hilarious well-writen, and some atsuyuu scene already makes this great xD

Well, I'm still waiting for your next atsuyuu stories :3
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Apologize for delayed reply, but please allow me to edit this in the near future to properly respond to you. Just letting you know that I didn't forget about it, haha. :sweatdrop:

[Will be edited]

A comment like I promised! :)

First off, I would like to thank you for writing such long OS for my birthday! It doesn't matter how late or early you decide to write it, the thought does count and I'm more than glad to know that you took the time and effort to creating this fiction. 13,000+ words is A LOT. I can tell you at least that while I was reading it, I was smiling like a doofus with great content. I took the time to read it through and despite being excited, reread it through at a much slower pace to soak in the entire storyline. Seriously, thank you! :cathappy:

Now it's time to get on with the story.

In the opening scene, I couldn't help but chuckle and even laugh out loud with amusement of the dialogues between both Mayuki and Atusyuu. To see that Mayu watch Yuki fighting as she herself merely point out the zombies is hilarious. The poor vampire. Spoiling Mayuyu and at the same time, both mentally and verbally expressing her hopes for the younger girl to assist her in exterminating the creatures. In the meantime, she was busy scolding and having a serious talk about Mayu going around and kissing Jurina. Hints of JuriMayu I sense there. And to see that this all happened during the battle! Honestly, my favorite part was this:

"Warui. I forgot to mention that one."
"Don't forget important things like that! I could have gotten killed, you know!"
"Who cares. You've already lived for almost 1800 years."

Oh poor Yukirin, LOL. Got attacked and ended up in a position that nearly got her killed due to a simple mistake by Mayu. Then again, Mayu did have a point about how long the vampire was living. If she lived that long, then it would be fairly difficult for the girl to be struck down, yes? Anyhow, at least Watanabe got the chance to finally get serious and use her sniping technique with her gun to bring an end to the zombies. Attacks combined by the duo are fatal. :nervous

And some Atsuyuu moments I spot here:

"Ah~ You just touched my hand that touched my butt." Atsuko commented but was then hit in the head by Yuko.
"I may like butts, but your butt is safe." Yuko chuckled.

I could not imagine what would happen if Yuko actually dare touch Atsuko's oshiri there. Whether she would end up blushing and trying to smack Yuko's hands away or going batshit crazy and scolding the squirrel... It's a wonder. But I don't know if I want to ever know about it, haha. (Or it could end up with a smexy scene but that topic is for another day, LOL)

At least at the very end of the section there, Yuki is clearly seen to be jealous from Mayu's affection towards Jurina. Oh you Yukirin. :rofl: I'm sure Mayu's playful personality is only for jokes and her heart truly lands on you. When Yuki went on ahead, it seems that Mayu had already clearly gotten the message. Even Yuko got it too. Mayuki~ One of the many cute couples~ :deco:

Fast forwarding a bit... Uh oh. Although knowing that being bitten by a vampire at least isn't agonizing and painful, being a sire without consent due to the nature of the vampire wanting to intake in more blood is... well... That's definitely not a good sign. Not at all. Glad that Atsuko came in in the nick of time to remove Mayu away from Yuki. Poor Yukirin... She doesn't mean it and just had her natural vampire instinct kick into her system. :panic: But seriously though. I think it would cause quite a lot of trouble if Mayu did become a sire at that time in the story. Would make things a whole lot more complicated than it should. A human to vampire relationship is more than enough trouble so imagine being sired by one!

While Atsuko goes on to talk to Yuki, there is both the Oshiri Sisters little talk. As they were exchanging to each other, Yuko's statement here:

"The life you have as a human being, will be gone for good." Yuko tightened her grip on the younger girl's shoulder. "You will live an eternity, suffering forever. You will never see the sunlight again. You will not be able to control your urges, even seeing your family seemed hard. Everything you know, will be gone. Your human life, shall be finished. WILL YOU BE ABLE TO ENDURE THAT, WATANABE?!"

It made me think about not just Mayu really wanting to be a sire by Yuki but you know, our nature of sacrificing almost everything (or maybe even everything literally) in hopes of being with the ones we loved. Reminds me of the saying "How far are you prepared to go?" How far are we willing to go and endure for the sake of being with our lovers/family/whatever? It's always a wonder and the squirrel here is right. Especially poking at Mayu with the harsh, but realistic, question at the very end. Best to think logically about the situation and the emotions that aren't muddled to make the decision that's critical to the situation at hand.

Ah, then there's the past with Yuki and Atsuko... Poor Yuki in regard to her brother's death. Must be really painful to live on with that memory, especially when it's Atsuko that had killed him. But I guess the deed has already been done and you'll have to live on with it. Find some way to cope it or something. :cry: And it doesn't help for a fact that the other girl is continuously apologizing over and over about the incident. Talk about a depressing atmosphere in the air for a moment there. :panic:

Reading onward, I couldn't help but... crack up despite how serious the theme and tone was in the previous paragraph or two of the fiction. Especially with this part:

"Are you sure you don't wanna sit on my lap, my cute Mayuyu?"
"Really~? It will help you sleep, though."
"Knowing you, Yuko, I don't think I would be able to sleep thanks to some 'wild hands' attacking me."
"Can't blame my lu- I mean, curiosity of the female body."
"Why don't you just grope your own body, then?"
"Tried. Unpleasant as it sounds..."

WOW. Just... wow Yuko. I have no words to say, LOL. :rofl: Jesus Heaven Almighty, you really did try it on yourself you squirrel. :rofl:

But the... tension went back to being serious when Yuki took Mayu away. Ah, Yukirin... Couldn't resist the little girl can you? :nervous Doesn't really look like Mayu approves of the action the older girl is taking. Situation looks even worse the moment Jurina steps into the picture. Love triangle much? And... yikes Yuki. She's going all-out and striking those that oppose against her. Even towards Atsuko! Holy cow girl, calm yourself! :shocked:


"I... guess... not...."

   Sighing at the answer, Yuki murdered Atsuko brutally, stabbing her with Yuko's katana whilst Yuko watched in agony, not being able to do anything. Jurina attacked quick and tried to stab Yuki but was stabbed instead by the older girl. Yuki then smiled evilly and strangled Yuko. Mayu watched in horror as her childhood friend was squashed to death by the force of Yuki's strength. Yuki still smiled and then raped Mayu there and then, siring her to become her slave. For an eternal service.
   Yes that was a joke. Now back to the real story

YOU TROLL! I seriously fell for that the first time when I read it! But the moment that little last night popped up, I almost wanted to throw ice cubes at your direction and at the same time, laugh my oshiri off. Good grief, I actually am thankful that's not the ending nor scenario that really did occur in the story. Though it is a good place and timing to input angst if this is seriously considered, LOL.

Now... Looks like Atsuko is finally taking in some blood to reveal her inner self. The deep and hidden secret that only she herself will reveal upon drinking another person's blood... Er... Is something that I wasn't exactly expecting, LOL. Rather I am quite amused and it's unique, haha! Guess this is true, pure horror in her vampire form. I can guarantee that seeing naked bodies out on the battlefield is much... much... much... worse than seeing blood splattered all over the place. Just... wow. Hilarious though! Made me crack up once again despite the atmosphere of the portion there! And I see that it resumed back to being a normal fiction where it's comedic overall. :rofl:

Ah, glad to see that the Mayuki couple are back together and both wMatsui and Atsuyuu are in their own little world. In the end, it all worked out safe and sound with no deaths between the characters from the ordeal.

I'm glad to have the chance to read this OS of yours and thank you so much for posting and working on it! Made me crack up many times and I do not regret reading this more than once. :thumbsup And I'll be quite blunt, this is one of the very rare responses that are on an extreme length of my post. So yeah. I actually do not mind typing it all out considering that I really do enjoy the one shot. Keep up the good work and once again, arigatou! :deco:
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apple, ungrateful, sir! >< Ah well, you still updated your fic. Good kiddo U_U And NO I AM NOT SORRY OR YOUR SLEEPLESS NIGHT! MUAHAHAHAHA!

Kazan, man, I missed that pic XD

jell_o_jello, Supernatural Partner is kevinwkl's fic LoL. And yeah, I kinda agree that there's been a lack of Vamp fics lately... Hope the others will make more OwO

imteedee, wait, what???

Shinoki, yeah, there aren't many lately... So write some, brada! :v / And I like Acchan's 'In the Zone' mode as well, if you know what I mean~

cisda, doncha think there should be more moments of Atsuko's perverse? Just saying :nervous

pyonpyon, I just love trolling everyone. It's like my blood in my meat, my trident in my castle, and my jizzle in the shizzle... okay, I'm confused as well. :doh:

atsukojiyuu, thanks mate XD and wait no more! Here's moar AtsuYuu for everyone's daily dose of Atsuyuu watchamacallit!

Flutist, LONG! :shocked: Are you trying to kill me with writing a reply for this, girl?! :bleed eyes: Oh well. I wasn't really expecting ya to reply though. XD You said that it was good, and that was all that matters. U_U Unless you invited me to le raep train. Join me, imteedee! AND DON'T CALL KATE! NOPE! DON'T! btw, i will reply to that reply in some chat. ._. Too emotional to do it here.

   Anywho, here's some AtsuYuu goodness for all yar freaks out there! And no, it's not really christmas-centered. Just wanted to do it for fun XD And yes, I will post a bundle of Christmas OS's until my finger bleeds! May or may not contain AtsuMina depending on my mood. It will contain more AtsuYuu though. :lol: can't stop my love for those two perverts, can I?

   So I got the idea of writing this after reading miayaka's Christmas-AtsuYuu a while back. And I just HAD to try and do my own version of that. So here it is!

[Promises] [Christmas 1/?] -AtsuYuu-


They are fragile, weak, lost.

God’s creation which had gone wrong

Though there are times which they become something that they are supposed to

They become strong and gallant, which would make Him smile,

The times when they are powered by the desire, the desire to be with someone

The desire to protect, to respect and to accompany them through time

All of that, comes in one simple factor

The emotion,


   Tightening her fist as she bit her lip, she looked at the house in front of her with mixed emotions. She knew that from now on, she will be living in that house because of her parents’ promise to an old friend of theirs, but for some reason, she can’t shake off that feeling of anxiety. She was going to be in an environment which was unknown to her, so of course she would feel anxious!

   Shaking her head a few times and slapping her face with both hands to motivate herself, she stepped forward and pressed the doorbell. A few dings were heard and then she waited, her hands holding her bag and her face bright red from the cold.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” a voice was heard and what come out of that door, was a tall man, probably in his thirties. Seeing the girl, the man smiled happily as he patted the girl’s head. “Hey, you must be Yuko, right? Oh, the things I hear about you from your mother.” With a cheeky grin, he invited the girl in.

   Inside the house was awfully normal. Well, that was to be expected.

“Err, are you Maeda Koji?” the girl asked, and the man nodded in acceptance, leading her to the living room. The girl, Yuko, then sat on a sofa which the man offered her to sit on.

   The man then sat on the opposite side, coffee already in between them on a table. He grabbed a cup and then took a sip of the warm coffee. He then placed the cup on the table and grabs a pair of spectacles from his shirt pocket. He put it on and then fixed his eyes on the girl. The girl then flinched, since she was not really comfortable when a man is looking straight at her. The man then realized his rudeness towards his new ‘roommate’, or so.

“Have a cup.” The man gestured towards the cup in front of Yuko. “Don’t worry, that’s tea. I know you kids don’t like coffee much.”

   Switching her attention to the cup of tea on the table of her side, she grabbed the cup and took a sip of the warm tea. Her eyes opened wide as she realized that it was actually pretty good. Well, more than her usual share of tea.

“This is pretty good. Did you make this, Maeda-san?” the girl asked, curious for the answer.
“No, not really.” The man smiled wryly, which made the girl even more confused. “You’re eighteen now, right, Yuko-chan?”  The man asked, curiosity could be seen within those eyes shielded by the glasses.
“Err, yeah. I turned eighteen last October.  I’m thinking of auditioning myself as an actress but I still don’t know how to do that.” Yuko smiled a wry smile which already shows her cute dimples.

   The man then chuckled. His smile was really contagious, which made Yuko smile as well. There was no reason for her to smile but she smiled nevertheless. The first time she saw the man’s smile, it was really warm. Even though the temperature was really in the city of Akihabara, she felt warm inside her. She could easily fall in love with the man’s smile. That was how much that smile was to people.

“You’re going to live with us for a few weeks until Christmas, right? You have to get your gears together. And I have a friend who is currently a producer and script writer. I could introduce you to him, and that could probably be your first step in show business. Interested?” the man smirked.
“Eh?! Seriously?! Thanks, Maeda-san!” Yuko sprung out of the sofa and smiling, she bowed deeply to the man. The man of course didn’t mind.

   Yuko then sat down, with the man’s advise to behave herself. She was really thankful for the man inside. She had dreamt of being an actress ever since she was a kid. There was one time in her childhood days when she was watching television with her parents. She was really attracted to a person in the tiny box. She asked her mother who that person was and her mother told her that the person was an actress, playing the role as a cowboy. She was really attracted to the actor and she vowed within herself to one day become and actress and star in a cowboy movie. Though once she reached adolescence, she realized how difficult it was to accomplish the dream of hers.

“Though, it’s really ironic.” The man chuckled, earning a questioning look from the girl.
“What of it?” Yuko asked, seemingly confused by the man’s statement.
“Well, I have a daughter, one year younger than you. And when she was a kid, she always said that she wanted to be an actress, wanting to act in a cowboy show or something.” The man had a nostalgic look as he looked at the coffee on the table.
“Oh, is she still aiming to become one?” the girl asked.
“Who knows.”

   As they were talking they heard the front door open The man smirked and then spoke to the girl.

“That’s her now.” He turned his attention towards the living room door that was open and then a girl passed by it. “Atsu, come here a bit.” The man urged the girl to come to him.

   The girl stopped her tracks and looked at the living room. She saw there was an unknown girl in there in front of her father and there was no doubt that she was the girl that she was going to live with from now on. The girl sighed and walked towards her father.

“This is my daughter, Atsu.” The man introduced his daughter to the girl in front of him.
“Maeda Atsuko. It is a pleasure to be living with you from now onwards.” Atsuko introduced herself as well because her father did not introduce her completely.
“Oshima Yuko, hope we’d get along well.” Yuko smiled and put up her hand to shake it with the girl.
“Yeah” Atsuko bowed once and then left the living room quickly, not noticing the hand that was trying to shake hers at the moment.

   Yuko was dumbfounded by the girl who just left her hanging in there.

“She’s really antisocial, isn’t she?” the man smiled nevertheless and apologized for her daughter’s rudeness. “She was always like that to everyone. Even me… Anyways, don’t mind it. I’m sure she’s happy to have you aboard the Maeda residence!” the man assured her but Yuko wasn’t so sure about it.

“I hope so.” Yuko put down her hands and sat down again.

“Tomorrow’s Christmas, huh…” Yuko talked to herself as she lied down on the bed.

   She has lived in the house for a few days and she was really comfortable in it. Koji always keeps her company when he can and he plays with him a lot. They have a lot in common, truthfully. Yuko always seeks advice from him and the man happily helped her in any way he can. She respected him a lot.

   The only thing she was not so comfortable with was the fact that she never interacted much with Atsuko even though they were living in the same house. Every time Yuko greeted her, Atsuko would always turn the opposite direction of Yuko’s and walks away, without greeting her back. Yuko thought she was just shy but it turned out like that every time. Except once when she greeted her and then she was glared at by Atsuko, which left her stoned in the living room.

   She sighed, thinking of ways for her to get closer to the girl. She wanted to be friends with her since Koji told her a lot of stuff about his daughter that she is interested in. They had a lot in common. Both Yuko and Atsuko love movies, food and of course, the female body! And no they are not lesbians, or so Yuko thought.

“And she always had that plain face.”

   Yuko thought for a second. In all those times, Atsuko never changed her expression. Not even once! She always had a poker face and Yuko never knew why. Koji mentioned that it was just Atsuko being herself, but Yuko doubts it. She wanted to see the girl smile for once. Yuko smirked, springing up out of bed.

“Yosh! This, I swear!”

“Acchan~” Yuko pops up out of nowhere, and hugged Atsuko from behind as the girl was sitting on the sofa, reading a book.

   Atsuko, surprised by the sudden interference and intimate gesture of one Oshima Yuko, stumbled forward in an exaggerated fashion with her books still in her hands and her glasses, which she sometimes wear to read, fallen to the floor as well. Annoyed at the older girl, she did her usual glare which almost terrified the poor girl but thankfully, Yuko was already prepared for that the moment she thought of her plan to get closer to the younger girl. Thinking of an interesting topic in mind, Yuko then started to initiate some conversation with the younger girl, but was interrupted by Atsuko before she could even say anything.

“What are you doing, Oshima?”

   Atsuko kept glaring at the girl, now in front of her as they sat opposite each other. Now seemingly more terrified than before, Yuko thought of excuses to respond to the other girl but failed. She then recollected her thoughts from last night. She had improvised every single possible situation but she forgot it all already. She cursed her forgetful mind and just responded to her like she seemed right.

“No, no! Call me Yuko, Acchan!” Yuko grinned mischievously.

   Oh no, bad move, Yuko. Or so she thought. Atsuko’s glare seemed to be a little more sharper than her usual sharpness, and she doesn’t know how she even remembered her glare. Yuko gulped once and loosened up her collar a bit so that she could breathe in a little easier, because God knows she’s a nervous wreck at the moment.

“And WHY do I have to call you that even though we just met a few days ago? And stop calling me that, will you?!” Atsuko hissed, her glare never seemed to move at all from her target.

   Yuko kept her cool and thus, had to skip to Plan J: Improvise!

“But I think ‘Acchan’ sounds cute~ you’re cute~” Yuko smiled in a way which made Atsuko’s heart skip a few beats.
“Thanks for the compliment, but I don’t need it. And besides, don’t you think you’re being WAY too over-familiar with me?” the question from Atsuko caused an invisible arrow to pierce Yuko’s heart like one of those weird cartoons.
“W- Well, I just want us to be friends…” Yuko pouted and tapped her fingers cutely.
“And I don’t, so back off, Oshima.” Atsuko sighed and then stood up.

   Atsuko turned her back from the older girl and was about to walk out of the room when suddenly, her hand was grabbed by the girl. She turned around to see Yuko with a determined look. She could have sworn that there was fire burning within her eyes, and she of course doesn’t want to know if her deduction was on the spot or the other way around.

“Have you not heard what I just-“ “Do you like movies?”

   Atsuko was interrupted by Yuko before she could start bashing the girl again. Yuko asked a question which Atsuko never even thought of answering. If to make it worse, Yuko was determined to get the question out of Atsuko and the younger girl knows better than to answer in a way which would satisfy the older girl. So, she took the easy route out.



“Lies.” Yuko stated it with her face unchanged, and Atsuko was surprised by the older girl yet again. She was clueless as to how Yuko thought of stating that she lied.
“Why do you say that?” Atsuko asked, this time, wanting to know what exactly the older girl is thinking inside that head of hers.
“Your eyes tell it all, Acchan. Your eyes were always sparkling, as if my soul could be sucked inside it in any given time, but when you said that you dislike movies, your eyes appeared dead… Lifeless.”

   A long silence was then filled inside the room. No one talked. The younger girl puts her head down and looked below, and as Yuko said before, her eyes were dead straight at looking at the floor which seemed so lonely. Yuko only looked at Atsuko, not even trying to calm the younger girl down even though she knows that the other girl was having a hard time.

“It’s not that I hate movies…”

   Atsuko finally spoke, her head not being but up, but just looking down. Yuko kept silent this time to listen to the younger girl.

“… It’s just that I hate you.”

   Koji was at the door, finally released from his work all day. But as he reached for the door knob, the door burst open and came from it was a small girl he knew well. He avoided the girl’s way and the girl passed by him and at that moment, he could see that her eyes were wet. A thought came across him but he didn’t try to stop the girl. He closed his eyes, praying the best for the girl. He opened his eyes again and saw that the girl was now far away. He looked at her back fading away into the distance.


“What did you do?”

   The question came from Koji as he entered the living room, seeing Atsuko on the sofa reading a book. The girl did not take her eyes from the book but answered the man anyways.

“Just a couple of stuff happened. Nothing you should be worried about. Now can you leave me alone, I’m trying to read here, for God’s sake!”

   In an outburst of anger, the man grabbed the book and then threw it away to the wall, leaving Atsuko dumbfounded. The girl glared at the man but he wasn’t taken aback by it even a bit. The man hit the girl on the head, though lightly, but it was hard enough for the girl to feel a considerable amount of pain. Atsuko yelped and then held her head, soothing the bump on it.

“What was that for?!” Atsuko hissed at her father for the sudden pain he was giving her.

   The stern voice from her father caused Atsuko to silence herself. She knew well enough than to anger her father any more than she already has. The last time she angered her father, things did not end to well for her. Atsuko calmed down and finally sat up straight, looking at the taller and of course, older man.

“I’m your father. I’ve known you long enough to even know what you’re doing in your bed almost every night- And no, I’m not stalking.”
“… You sick perverted lolicon.”
“The fact is, I know when you’re not reading. Whenever you read, you will always put on your glasses. And are you wearing them right now?”

   Atsuko was silent. She was not wearing her glasses at the moment and said glasses were on the table, untouched. She also knew it was her habit. She realized some time that she liked wearing glasses even though in actuality her eyesight was already tolerable. She just liked wearing glasses when reading.

“I know you’re having a hard time, Atsu, but I don’t want you to regret letting her go like that. Remember what we talked about last night? You promised me that you will tell her your true feelings. You promised me that you will make it right between you and her. You promised me that you will tell her everything, ever since she became your long-time crush.”

   Atsuko’s head was down. She bit her lip and clenched her fist as she felt a sudden burst of emotion in her heart.

“You’re really shy, Atsu, but I want you to just come out of your shell and do what you want the most. You are my precious daughter, and I will always want the best from you…”

   Atsuko heaved a sigh and smiled a bit. She brought her head up and then smiled charmingly to her father. Koji also smiled. Atsuko then proceeded to walk past the older man.

“Where are you going?” the man asked, though the answer was already clear in his head.
“I’m just going for a walk. You need anything?” the girl asked.

   Koji then chuckled at the answer from his daughter. He thought that his daughter couldn’t get anymore obvious.

“Then can you bring me back a squirrel?”
“Who in their right minds would want a squirrel?”
“Well… can you eat it?”
“YOU can.”

   Koji winked and then Atsuko showed him a disgusted face.

“Idiot.” Came the reply from Atsuko.

   Atsuko then proceeded to leave.

“Take care. I love you, kiddo.” Koji bid her farewell.

   Atsuko stopped her tracks for a bit and turned around to face the older man. A smile was formed across her lips as he answered the man.

“I love you too, dad.”

   Yuko was running, her eyes in tears and her face was smudged by said liquid. She kept bumping into people along the way but she paid no heed to them. Heck, she didn’t even know where she was heading to. All she knew was that she wanted to get away from her; Away from the girl that she wanted to befriend the most.

   Yuko then reached her destination. The place she liked the most. The place she always goes to when trouble was around her; when she wanted to get away from everything.

“As expected, I’m at the park again, huh…”

   Yuko sat on a swing for some reason like always. The park she was at was full of kids, but for some reason, none of the kids liked playing on the swings. That was why she could use the swings at he own measure. Yuko then proceeded to play on the swings as she was deep in thought.

   She reminisced about the past; back when she was still a kid.

”Yuu-chan~” a slurred voice was heard and then without any further notice, Yuko fell down because of a certain someone slammed- or should I say tackled onto her.

“Mou, it’s you again!” Yuko pointed at the slightly taller girl.

“You’re always calling me ‘you’. Why not call me by my name, mou.” The taller girl pouted, puffing her cheeks cutely as they sat on the swings together, on each side.

“I don’t even know your name, hentai-chan.”

“I am NOT a hentai!”

   The two were always playing by the swings and would always play together. The reason Yuko called the taller girl ‘Hentai-chan’, was because one time when Yuko was playing alone, a girl suddenly popped out and grabbed her butt out of nowhere! This caused a really REALLY deep impression to the shorter girl and of course, Yuko grew up to become slightly more aware of butts.

“You know what? I want to be an actress when I grow up.” Yuko suddenly opened up a topic.
“Eh? An actress?”
“Yup! Like those on TV! I want to act in a cowboy movie!”
“Why a cowboy movie?”
“I dunno. I just thought they were so cool and all. Like, bang bang! You know?”

   Yuko imitated a cowboy by making a pistol sign with her hands and trying to shoot and random directions. The taller girl, amused by the actions, awed and then clapped her hands in amusement.

“And I’ll watch you in TV when I’m faraway, okay?”
“Ah, you’ll be seeing a lot from me even if you’re in Akihabara!”

   The taller girl was going to move to Akihabara, thanks to her father’s transfer. She had already told Yuko about it and Yuko, though hesitant, eventually decided to face the facts and moved on. She was still a kid, but she knows her limits.

“Ah!” the taller girl suddenly thought of something “Then I want to be an actress as well!”
“Eh? Why?” Yuko questioned, confused.
“I want to act in a cowboy movie as well. With Yuu-chan!”

   Yuko’s heart skipped a beat at the sudden declaration from the taller girl.

“Eh? You don’t have to…”
“I want to!” the taller girl smiled a wide smile and puts up her hand, her pinky finger raised slightly. “Let’s pinky swear! That one day, both of us will be Actresses and act in a cowboy movie!”

   Hesitant to take the promise, she stood for a bit. Yuko wasn’t so sure, but seeing the smile in the taller girl’s face, the irresistible smile that could persuade almost anyone in he path, Yuko eventually gave in.

“Fine!” Yuko wrapped her pinky finger around the taller girl’s. “Promise!”

“I wonder where she is right now…”

      Yuko yawned as she played in the swings. A few days after their promise, the taller girl moved away to Akihabara. And a few years after, Yuko also went to Akihabara to realize her dreams, since Tokyo is pretty much the only place she could think of to go. And not to mention that she wanted to search for the girl she used to play with. That was actually one of the reasons she moved in with the Maedas; To search for that girl in the city of electronics.

“I want to be an actress fast and meet her…”
“Who are you talking about?”

   The sudden intrusion by the voice caused Yuko to spring up in surprise and fall onto the ground. She didn’t realize that from the moment she was thinking about the past, there was a girl that came and sat on the swing next to her. Yuko looked at the girl and then was surprised even more.

“Ac- I mean, Maeda?! What are you doing here?!” Yuko asked the girl that was sitting on the swing, bored.
“I was looking for you, of course.”  Came the somewhat bored response from Atsuko as she sat up and also helped the shorter girl to get up.
“Eh? How’d you know I was here?” Yuko was confused.
“Just a guess.”

   Atsuko realized her mistake and then closed her eyes for a bit to gather up some courage from the already hard-beating heart of hers. She grabbed Yuko’s hand and held them in her own, causing Yuko to flinch from the sudden contact she wasn’t used to from the younger girl.

“I need to tell you something.” Atsuko stated.
“Huh? Tell me what?” then Yuko realized it. “Ah… I’m sorry… for the things I did to you before… I never knew you hated me so-“
“You’re wrong!” Atsuko raised her voice which surprised Yuko again. Atsuko then realized how loud she was and a blush crept slowly on her face. “I- It’s not like I hate you or anything…. But…”
“Then why are you always calling me with ‘you’? That’s not nice, you know?”

   Yuko felt a sudden feeling of nostalgia in her voice and she then knew why. A certain someone used to ask that.

“Ah, then, Yuu-chan…”

   Yuko was surprised again. In all her years, only one person has called her that. And that one person was someone she wanted to meet again with the most. She wanted to see the certain someone which used to call her that. Coming from the younger girl, Yuko could feel a sudden image overlapping each other. The image of Atsuko, and the image of someone she missed dear.

“I- I know that we haven’t seen each other for years… And when I saw you, I couldn’t even speak to you normally. I always ran away when I saw you because I was too embarrassed. Whenever I see you, my heart would always beat in an incredible rate, and to calm my heart down, I had no choice but to keep my head straight and act like that in front of you… I wanted to see you, Yuu-chan. I wanted to be able to talk to you about foolish things again… I wanted to be able to see you from eye to eye again… I missed you a lot, Yuu-chan…”

   The truth from Atsuko hits Yuko hard. She then realized her mistake. She realized why Atsuko felt so familiar to her.

“Eh?! You’re hentai-chan?!” she pointed at Atsuko.
“Don’t call me that!” Atsuko protested, but did not deny her. Atsuko then realized it. “Huh? Y- You didn’t remember me?”
“N- No! I always remembered you, but I couldn’t recognize you! You looked a lot more beautiful and I couldn’t recognize you at all!”
“C- Complimenting me won’t get you anywhere!” Atsuko said so, but her face denied it as she blushed bright red.
“I know.” Yuko chuckled, but then just as Atsuko let her guard down, Yuko grinned mischievously and went closer to her, giving her a peck on the lips.

   It was just a quick kiss, but everything inside their heart pours out of each other. Atsuko’s feelings, Yuko’s feelings, their love for each other; Everything. That short moment was a moment of bliss for the pair and they didn’t want it to end. Though, Yuko eventually separated herself from the younger girl and then they looked at each other passionately in the eyes.


   As the two girls breathed the same air, breathed in their breaths, their face close to each other and their foreheads placed on each others’, a white crystal was then seen by the two’s eyes.

“Eh?” They both said in unison.

   Soon after, more crystals fell, and what came of it was; Snow.

“A white Christmas?!” Yuko asked, seemingly spirited as she ran around to play with the falling snow.
“It seems so…” Atsuko chuckled and then proceeded to play around with the older girl but was tackled by the person that she was supposed to play with.
“Eh? What is it?” Atsuko asked as a smile formed on her lips, breaking the poker face she always showed the older girl. Seeing the smile, Yuko’s face become red and her heart skipped a few beats. What she wished for finally came true. She then also smiled and then,
“Let’s make a promise!”
“Huh? We still haven’t finished our previous promise yet. You know, the one about us being actresses.”
“Nah, I’m sure that will come true one day.”
“Why are you so sure about it?”
“Dunno. Just a hunch~”
“You’re always weird, you know that?”
“I know~” Yuko smiled cheekily and then proceeded “So let’s make a promise! Let’s be together forever! Even after being actresses and all, I want you to stand by me in all times!”
“That sound like an awfully hard work.”
“Fine, fine” Atsuko chuckled and wrapped her pinky finger around Yuko’s.

“I promise, that I will love you forever.”

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Wow.. finally you updated your fics Ashura-san... You make me wait so long already... And updated more please *stare* *being really ungrateful, although Ashura-san already updated, mode on* but, anyway thank you for ur update..  got nothing to say about this fic, too damn tired now, but its really make my night  :P so thank you very much.. I'll waiting for your next update
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YAY~ There's no good Christmas without atsuyuu  :cow:
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Thankyou ashura-san, this makes my christmas in merry (>̯͡⌣<̯͡)
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AtsuYuu, reunited again! :')

I like endings like these, especially when it's Christmas time. The time for joy and happiness. So thank you, Ashura-san, for making this oneshot! :D

I can't wait for your other Christmas fanfics~ :)
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Sorry, guys, I'm kinda busy, so I'll get to the replies some other time.

And yes, I'm also sorry for not updating what I promised, the daily AtsuYuu Christmas thingy. I actually wanted to but time got in the way and yea, I only now have the time to actually write again.

This is gonna be a bit nauseating for most of you, since there's a crack paring in here, but hell, I still love you guys XD

Ah, and this will be a multi-shot. I dunno how much, but I'll try to do a chapter for all pairings, (excluding atsuyuu and the other atsu-pairing)

This will contain 2 Atsu-pairings,
TakaHaru, MariHaru

Tomo and Sayaka won't have a pairing, considering I'm completely out of it to make a pairing for them, so they'd just be there for the lols... I might add Michan there too... Or Paruru... Maybe Yuihan *thinking*

Some of you may be asking. Why two Haruna-pairings? Because NyanNyan deserves a harem!

Now enough ramblings.

[And it all happened on Christmas] -Multi Pairing- [Prologue thingy]


   It was all Yuko could summarize and show just how the day went by. Of course, it was one of the busiest days for the girls; Christmas. One thing is that they al get the nights off of work, and she’s thankful for that, but what’s hell for them is the day. The day that they would not want to face, ever again.


   Came the comment from the girl next to her, Takahashi Minami. Takamina reminisced of the times when the group was small; Well, not really small, but well, smaller than it is now. By that time, Christmas would’ve been one of the most blissful moments for them, the day when they would gather up with the members and party all day and night. She missed those times a lot, but even so, just by looking at the group now, she knows that they’re on the right track.

“You coming tonight?” Takamina asked the slightly taller girl.

   Yuko glanced at the shorter girl with a questionable look. Takamina realized the meaning and proceeded to explain everything.

“Mariko wanted to invite us to sleepover at her house. You know, party all night, just like old times.”

   Hearing that from Takamina, Yuko couldn’t help but imagine all of the things that may or may not await her at Mariko’s house. The naked bodies of all the girls that doesn’t include Takamina, bathing together… A creepy and perverted smile crept up the squirrel girl’s face and Takamina took the precaution to back away from her.

“You’re incorrigible, Yuko…” Takamina narrowed her eyes as she looked at the girl next to her.
“I’m just being myself.” Yuko happily replied, complete with her squirrel grin which terrifies the younger girl. Yuko then proceeded to just get on back to the topic. “So, who’s going?”

   Takamina thought for a few good seconds, the members that were going to Mariko’s house. She put her finger on her chin, remembering who she heard it from.

“I heard it from Paru, and she said Mariko invited some others. High chance of your other mates coming, seeing as Yukirin’s overjoyed.” Takamina remembered how a certain cyborg was sulking because of the fact that Yuki was grinning ever so goofily because of the ikemen girl’s return to Japan.
“From NyanNyan? Whoa… It’s been a long time since I’ve been together with the ex-Twin Towers.” Yuko mentioned with a look full of nostalgia as she remembered her old Team.

   Looking back at how the three girls interacted, Yuko couldn’t help but smile like an idiot. She missed those times where the trio would mess around backstage, with her leading the way, Sayaka trying to be responsible and restrict her, and Sae being the goofball, would finish what Yuko couldn’t. She missed them… Fooling around with them again would be something she indeed would hope for.

“Tomochin coming?” Yuko asked, the name popped up in her head when she heard Sayaka’s also coming.

   Takamina thought for a second more.

“I think. Paru said it’d be like a reunion for the 6 1st Gens, so Tomochin is probably coming.”

   Yuko’s heart skipped a beat as she heard that from Takamina. No, it wasn’t that she has an incredible liking for Tomochin or anything, but when someone mentions the first Gens of AKB48, one name would always come to mind. The name which skyrocketed throughout Japan, the name- No. The person she missed a lot.

“I’m in.”

   Yuko readied her heart for what might happen. Talking to the others might not be so bad, and she wouldn’t let the chance of reunion with the girl she called her rival, her best friend, and her idol go to waste. This might be the only chance she would get, knowing how Mariko’s mind works.

“I’ll bring the drinks.”

   Mayu and Yuki sat in the practice room back to back, listening to some song which Mayu said that was good. Yuki thought it was really good, considering how Mayu lacks taste of the matter. The raven-haired girl bopped her head from left to right, following the beat of the song and singing it. Mayu also sang with her, just fooling around, changing lyrics here and there. Then a thought crossed Yuki’s mind.

“Hey, wanna go to Mariko’s tonight?” Yuki asked the shorter girl.

   Mayu of course, was confused. Yuki couldn’t have had something sinister plan for her at Mariko’s house. When someone mentions Mariko, one would think of various torture devices and such. And Mayu wouldn’t want that. Besides, she’s never been to the troll’s house.

“Why do you ask? Something happening?” Mayu asked her back for confirmation.
“Mariko invited the girls for a sleepover. She said to just invite the others.” Yuki told the younger girl what she heard from the troll herself.
“I’m not really sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…” came the worried reply from the young girl.
“Come on, it’s Christmas~ It’d be a pretty good change of pace for us, you know. Besides, Sae’s coming as well.”

   The name that came out from Yuki’s mouth caused the younger girl to turn her head around dramatically with some sort of sound effect going around if there was one. Mayu glared at the taller girl who dared to mention her name in her presence. Of course Mayu wouldn’t be too comfortable with said Sae. She’s having all of Yuki’s attention, for God’s sake!

“That’s the only reason you’d go to the sleepover, huh?” came the tease from Mayu, causing the older girl to blush furiously from just imagining about her.

   Yuki cupped her blushed face with her hands and made a couple of ‘yaa~da~’ from the tease. Seeing the sight of the vulnerable Yuki in front of her, Mayu couldn’t help but sigh. She thought of the things she could be doing there anyways.

“So who else is going?” she asked, thinking of other people that could take her mind off of the lovers.
“Dunno. Maybe Acchan’s coming as well, seeing as how close she and Mariko are.”

   Mayu’s eyes almost peeled open when she heard her coming. She gulped, her heart beating faster and faster just by hearing the girl’s name. She always had a huge admiration for the said actress who is making a name for herself in the entertainment industry. It’s Christmas, and what better way to spend it than hanging out with the one you fell in love with?

“Might as well.” Mayu couldn’t hide the big grin on her face.

   She was looking forward to the said sleepover… Well, except for the fact that she has to look at the lovey dovey SaeYuki for God knows how long. But that may become worth it.

[To be continued]

   I know you guys hate me and all but sorry to burst your bubbles...

I DAISUKI YOU ALL!!! :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco:

   And I'll update as soon as I finish writing the next part... which is... not anytime soon since I need sleep. Plus I've got work. Damn it all.
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And I daisuki this one...   XD XD I'm curious now,man.. gotta update fast, brada, coz I'm waiting lol.. and no worries about that , I think it too much to update it daily though, just don't push yourself too hard, so you can update it the other day  :twisted: :twisted:
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Love your fic!!!!  :heart: :love:
and i love the idea about Acchan harem, the more the better  :twisted:
i kinda like AtsuMayu though, my two oshimen (but i also like Mayuki) XD
please update soon, ganbate  :cow:
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apple, I ship all Acchan-pairings~ so I might make Acchan pairings if I see that Jurina's not fit for my queen and wants to get Rena involved with Sae.... Some other day. I also ship AtsuSasshi. Dunno why. I won't ship any AtsuAkigori anytime soon. Akigori is only for Sae U_U

kazushi, thanks, mate~ Oh~ You're not only an AtsuMayu shipper but also an Atsu-Harem shipper?! COMRADE~! *brother hug* I will update... some other time... when I have time.

   Just wanted to tell you guys I wrote an OS which... is... not suitable for the younger ages... Smut... ._.
   And since I don't have access to the weird perverted section since I'm underaged, (yeah, I'm 17) So I thought I'll post it here so that the AtsuYuu shippers could see that AtsuYuu still lives strong.... Yes.... Smut is MADE for AtsuYuu~ I mean, come on! Who else in the AKB kingdom who would have the same taste, perverse and train of thought as each other than AtsuYuu?!
   Oh well, here's the link for that tumblr Atsuyuu smut thingy I did.
   I already warned you, though O.O (
Title: Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: THANK YOU SANTA! [AtsuYuu]
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Errr... I don't know where this AtsuAkigori idea coming for, but  I think it would be very funny if you can make lol, but don't you make, just can't think how the fics will turn out to be  :lol: ohh, and make Rena involved with Sae? it'll be three way then. I pity the puppy who left alone by Ashura-san. Condolence for her  XD I know this one will be interesting one, but the difficulties also arise, not forget you planning to make the hareem,.. ya~ I think I don't need to say anything though -3- it's my time to be reader, so I'll just wait and enjoy it~ so, ganbatte ne~

P's. I vanished after reading your smut, I can say, I'm speechless now..    :sweatdrop:
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Yizz! another AtsuYuu from AshuraX-san   :cow: mooooooooooooooooooore pweaze XD


'pyonpyon' I like how you call me. I feel like a rabbit   :usagiii: lol! *jumps around like a rabbit* XD XD
Title: Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: THANK YOU SANTA! [AtsuYuu]
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As the title, I want to THANK YOU Ashura-san!!!
Atsuyuu smut FTW XD XD
Top two of pervy thought, agree lol

Btw glad you post it somewhere else, bcos same with you, I don't have access to that special section :p

Keep spreading atsuyuu! \m/
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 :k-great: This is what I'm waiting from you Ashura san,atsuyuu smut  :thumbsup. and extremely precise, you post elsewhere.  :k-thrilled: :vv:
Title: Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: THANK YOU SANTA! [AtsuYuu]
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I finally got some time off to read so I went through your entire thread in one sitting and now I am full

You have an enjoyable and amusing story-telling style I really like. Thanks for writing- hope to see more from you.  :thumbsup
Title: Of love letters and midgets
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apple, everyone love smut! WE ARE ATSUYUUNEERS AND SMUT IS OUR BLOOD!!! And yeah, when I make that multi-shot thingy, I'll be sure to think of a decent plot for that XD

pyonpyon, AtsuYuu is forever! I SHALL FOREVER POST ATSUYUU AND ONLY ATSUYUU! Except this post is different LoL :lol:

atsukojiyuu, I blame society for not giving me le measure of le perv room access *sobsob* And no problem~ I'll do anything for AtsuYuu~

Kazan, you're waiting for smut from me? *stare* O.O

cyanical, thanks for taking your time to read it all, cyan! XD And yes, you WILL see A LOT more from me~ Oh yeah, welcome to the Ashura OS thread~ :welcome

   So this is a little different. Usual suspects, Mocchi as the rival and Acchan's love for the captain midget. I give credit to Altrox-san's 'Love, life, laughs' for giving me an idea to write this. I even followed his style of dialogues lol :lol:


[Of love letters and midgets]

   It was a beautiful day. Acchan had just finished her practice and was about to leave. She entered the dressing room and went to her purse. She then realized that the purse was open, and a piece of paper was inside it.

“Huh? What’s this?” Acchan asked, then after thinking about the question again, she mentally facepalmed.

“Yo, what do you got there, wifey~” A random bystander, Mii-chan, came and hugged the other girl from behind after noticing Acchan was looking at the paper weirdly.

“It’s a piece of paper, Mii-chan.”

“Err… Yeah, I got that but what’s on that piece of paper?”

“Well you should silence yourself so that I could actually read what it’s about.”

“Oh. Okay. Mii-chan’s silent.”

“Good.” Acchan then continued to look at the piece of paper, reading it in her mind. “Seems to be some kind of letter.” She noted after reading a bit.

“Oh, what kind of letter? Read it out loud~”

“Let me see…”

Atsuko then read the letter out loud; or at least loud enough so that Mii-chan could hear.

“Dear Maeda Atsuko-san, I have always been looking at you, always admiring you from the distance. I have fallen for you ever since I first laid eyes on you. Your voice, your hair, your eyes, your breasts.” Mii-chan laughed when she heard that part. “Everything about you. I wish that we could actually get together. I know we’re both girls, but that doesn’t matter much at the moment. All I want you to know, is that I love you. More than anyone I’ve ever loved before.
-Sincerely, your secret admirer”

Hearing that letter read by Acchan herself, Mii-chan couldn’t contain her laughter anymore and burst out laughing, causing the twenty-odd girls in the room to look at her weirdly; thinking what the heck did Mii-chan drink last night.

“Okay, Acchan. That was seriously too funny. Besides, who the hell would write a Love letter at this day in age?”

“I don’t know. Maybe she’s old-fashioned or something.” Acchan thought as she read the letter again, this time in her mind so that Mii-chan wouldn’t break out in a laughing fit again. “Any ideas whom that could be?”

“Dunno. Any possible candidates in mind?”

Acchan listed out all possible names in her head, thinking of what or why they would love her at all.

“Harugon? Nah, she’s too kiddy to write love letters. She’d probably yell and confess straight out, knowing her. Yui-chan? Nah, she’s not really the romantic type. Oh, I got it!” Acchan placed her palms together.

“Found someone?”

“It must be Sasshi! Damn it, that little prankster!”

“As much as I’d love to agree with you, Sasshi’s too much of an idiot to write.”

“Ah, that’s true.” Acchan sighed, running out of options in her head after hearing someone, presumably her teammate, Sasshi, sneeze out of nowhere.

“You know who I think it is?” Mii-chan asked, a hint of amusement in her voice as her head sat on the girl’s shoulder.

“Hm? Who?” Acchan asked, now interested in the topic.

“Takamina~” Mii-chan singsonged, making Acchan blush faintly as she avoided eye contact with the Gachapin.

“Eh? Takamina? No way~ I mean, seriously? Takamina couldn’t have… Nah… Seriously…?” Acchan then looked straight into Mii-chan’s eyes. “You think so?”

“Of course~ Knowing how close you two are, there’s probably no doubt that it’s her!”

“B- But come on~ It’s Takamina here~” Acchan fidgeted cutely.

“Listen here, Atsuko. You’re the Ace of the group. Get your act together and sweep that midget Captain right off her feet!” Mii-chan reassured.

“Yo, what’s going on?” then came a new comer in their conversation.

“Oh, Yuko. Great timing!” Mii-chan grabbed the girl into their circle and huddled up. “Acchan just got a love letter and I’m now persuading her to answer to Takamina’s feelings! Help me out, here!”

“And why do you assume it’s Takamina out of all people?” Yuko asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Come on! Old fashioned love letter, love in every sentence, gooey mushy love lines, letter for Acchan, this REEKS of Takamina!”

“Now that you mention it…” Acchan puts a finger on her chin as Mii-chan’s words sank in.

“So what are you going to do, Acchan?” Yuko asked, now interested in the topic.

“Pffttt! I can’t just run up and answer to Takamina! I mean, what if she’s not the person who wrote it? That would be really awkward! Plus, she’s Takamina for God’s sake! She makes non-awkward moments feel awkward already and now that I would make more awkward moments for her, think of all the awkwardness that midget would bring into the situation!”

“Or you could just ask her.” Came Mii-chan’s reasonable suggestion.

“Ask her? Pffttt! NO! I’ll use lies, trickery and deceit!” Acchan grabbed both of them to a nearby corner and surveyed her surroundings. There she spots the midget they were talking about. “So this is what we’ll do!”

“Okay, how does that sound?”

“Pretty weird, considering she would recognize you right away.” Mii-chan criticized Acchan’s plan.

“Who cares about Mii-chan’s criticism? Go for it, Acchan!” Yuko supported it instead.

“… Crap. I forgot my cell.”

“And so we’re gonna abandon this plan and you’d go ask Takamina instead, right?” Mii-chan tried to persuade again but stopped as she realized the glares of her two counterparts. “Okay. Mii-chan shutting up.”

“I need a phone. Yuko! Phone!”

“Roger~” Yuko gave her cellphone to her fellow Ace.

“Now to call Takamina…” Acchan dialed a number.

“Can you explain this plan in full detail again?” Mii-chan asked, somewhat confused as to why the two girls were doing this.

“Haven’t you been listening at all, Mii-chan? I’ll call Takamina, pretending to be her best friend, which is you, Mii-chan, and we’ll talk about our likes and dislikes and people we like and all. Simple as that!”

“And why aren’t you giving the phone to me instead so that I could pretend to talk girly girly with Takamina? Heck, why are you even using Yuko’s phone to impersonate as me?”

“Shut it, Mii-chan, I heard a beep!”

Mii-chan only shrugged as the squirrel covers their mouths.

“Moshi moshi?” it seems that Acchan put the call on loud speaker so that they could hear.

“Yes, Takamina, this is… err… Mii-chan~” Acchan said with the tiniest voice possible, Yuko trying to hold her laughter and Mii-chan facepalming herself.

“Huh? Mii-chan? Why does your voice sound weird? Heck, why are you using Yuko’s phone?”

“Told you.” Mii-chan whispered but was hushed by the Ace’s glare.

“No reason~ Er, just, er, stuff happened. That’s all.”


“So how about we do a little girl’s talk~”

“… Eh? Seriously?! With me?! Aw Mii-chan that’s so sweet of you~ Okay, lets!”

Acchan at the time was making a victory pose as Yuko clapped silently whilst Mii-chan was looking at her with her pokerface.

“So, is there anyone you like?” Acchan asked.

“No, you first~ Is there anyone you like~?” Takamina asked back.

“No, you~”

“No~ I insist~”

 Acchan thought to just give up on it and take the bait.

“I like… err…” she surveyed her surroundings. “Yuko. Yeah. I like Yuko.”

“Aw, Acchan you shouldn’t have~” came Yuko’s tease.

“Yuko and Acchan~ Sitting in a-“ Mii-chan wanted to tease but was stopped by a karate chop from le Ace.

“Eh? What do you like about Yuko~?” came the question from Takamina.

“Err… She’s funny… Cute… and… er… has big boobs.”

“As expected of the boob lover.” Mii-chan mused but again, she was hit by Atsuko at the same spot with the same technique.

“Anyway, who do you like?” Acchan proceeded to ask instead.

“Erm… Well, I like…”

   Just when the most important word would come out from Takamina and the others held their breaths patiently, waiting for the moment, a sudden dull pain came in contact with Acchan’s head. The Ace yelped and rubbed her head.

“Ouch, What was that for yo- T- Takamina?!” Acchan leaped up when she realized who hit her in the noggin.

“Well hello there, ‘Mii-chan’.” Takamina closed her cellphone, still looking at Acchan.

“Err… I can explain.” Acchan puts both of her hands up.

“No need. I realized you were trying to prank me from the start.”

“From ‘when’, exactly?” Yuko asked with curiosity in her eyes.

“From when Acchan said she liked your big boobs. Besides, Mii-chan likes small boobs.” Takamina clarified.

“Hey! I’m offended.” pouted the unsatisfied Mii-chan.

“Well, everyone knows that… Except that I think you have a thing for kids. Hey, do you have a thing for kids?” Yuko asked the Gachapin.

“You mean pedophilia? Of course I don’t.”

“Then why do you know what it’s called?” Takamina asked this time.


“Why DO you know what it’s called?” Acchan narrowed her eyes.


“Okay, plan A failed. Now it’s onto plan B!” Acchan announced as she sat in the table in the restaurant.

“And why exactly are we in a restaurant?” Mii-chan asked seemingly unaware of Acchan’s needs to eat something; anything!

“Because I want to.” Then her stomach grumbled. Yuko heard it but decided to just let her off the hook this time. “And to do that, I have acquired the assistance of two other people.”

“Hey Mii-chan, Yuko.” Rena greeted.

“Wuzzap~” Jurina also greeted.

“And why exactly are you two here? Tell me you didn’t use your Ace authority again, Acchan.” Mii-chan narrowed her eyes at the girl who was drinking her ice tea calmly, waiting for her other gluttonous servings.

“Please, Mii-chan. Jurina’s like a child to me. I could order her to do stuff whenever I want. Just that I don’t feel like it most of the times. Jurina, can you get me a napkin?”

“I thought you’d ask that.” Jurina took out a napkin from her pocket and gave it to Acchan.

“As expected of my child.” Acchan nodded, satisfied with the status quo.

“And why exactly is Rena here?” Mii-chan looked at the other new comer.

“I’m always there wherever there is Jurina. Wherever there is Jurina, I am there. Jurina is there only for me. I am there only for Jurina. She is my love, my friend, my love, my love, and most importantly, my love.”

“Okay, Rena is creeping me out.”

“What are you talking about, Mii-chan my fellow ped-“

“Okay, quiet Rena or you’re gonna make the situation worse for me.” Mii-chan interrupted as she realized the stares of the other girls.

“That’s it. The answer’s clear. Mii-chan loves lolies. And God knows if she’ll actually get into some team full of lolies in the future.” Yuko closed her eyes, imagining Mii-chan with a loli-harem. “Wow, that’s a sight to see.”

“Pffttt.” Rena chuckled. “By that time, I would have already gotten hold of all the lolies in SKE. Mii-chan is nothing to me!”

“I feel somewhat challenged…” Mii-chan had doubts inside her mind as she heard the challenge from Rena.

“And she’s even considering Rena’s challenge to get lolies. Now that’s just creepy. Someone warn the other members.” Acchan looked at Jurina.

“Already did it. For SKE, I mean.”

“Okay, now all we need is to get someone to tell the AKB members about Mii-chan’s disease, infected by Rena.”

“No, Acchan. I didn’t show her the way of the pedo.”

“Huh? Then who exactly infected her?” came the question from Acchan.

“…” They all looked at Mii-chan.

“… Meetan.”

Then knowing glances and nods appeared on the other girls.

“Forget that. The question is, who to call when we need to inform AKB of the dangers which is Mii-chan?” Yuko asked, finally getting pumped.

“Mii-chan is not a danger, and I will never be one.”

“Quiet, Mii-chan. We’re discussing your disease.” Jurina hushed the older girl.

Mii-chan could only sigh in defeat as she listened to the others’ discussion.

“I think there’s only one person to call, and that’s Takamina-san!” Rena voiced out her opinion.

“Nah, Takamina’s a nervous wreck. She’d probably go all midgety and nobody would believe her.” Yuko rejected the opinion.

“Plus, she’s Takamina. God knows what would happen to a Takamina being midget.” Acchan stated.

“I COULD HEAR YOU, YOU KNOW!” came the said midget’s voice from behind Yuko and Atsuko’s spot.

“Oh, hello there Takamina. I seem to not recall that you were there.” Acchan closed her eyes, not even looking behind.

“I was here from the beginning, talking to Harunyan! Besides, you guys already saw me!”

“Eh? Is that so? Did we, Yuko my dearest?”

“Oh, I do not think so, Acchan my dear.”

“Or so it seems, Takamina.”

“You guys are insane…” Takamina had her palm on her forehead as the girl in front of her looked at her with worry.

“Relax, Takamina. I’m sure they’re just fooling around.”

“I know, Harunyan. That’s why I never wanted Acchan to get too close to Yuko.” Takamina sighed and then got up. “We’re leaving. NOW!” then she grabbed Haruna’s arm and dragged her out of the restaurant.

Back to Acchan and the crew’s table,

“Wait, Takamidget was here?!” Mii-chan asked, though she’s the only one being confused as the others looked at her with pity. “Why was I not informed of this?!”

“Quiet, Mii-chan. We’re here to listen in on NyanNyan and Takamina’s girly conversations. Since they’re close, they’d probably talk about people they like. I’m going to extract the information off of her whilst we listen in closely as they fail to realize our presence!” Acchan stated proudly.

“Too bad those two already left.”

“WHAT?!” Acchan turned around briskly, looking at the now empty table behind her.

“Tch. Nice job, Mii-chan. Coz you were being all creepy, Takamina escaped. AND WITH MY NYANNYAN!” Yuko complained as she got up with Acchan.

“Yes. Blame it all on Mii-chan...” Mii-chan frowned, looking at the other girls.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but this sounds fun!” Jurina had sparkles in her eyes.

“I fail to see the reason you’re even near the vicinity.” Rena elbowed Mii-chan.

“Oh, you’re right. I should get going now-“ but Mii-chan shut up as Acchan glared at her yet again.

“Mii-chan, sit. I may need to use you since you’re one of the No3bs, and I might need to make out with someone to use Plan J. I can’t make out with Yuko since she’s Yuko, I can’t make out with Jurina since she’s way too young, and I seriously can’t make out with Rena. They’re gonna skin me alive if I did that.”

“Who will?” Mii-chan asked.

“The lolies.”

“Ah…” Mii-chan only nodded. “Acchan, I would love to make out with you, just as much as the other girls, but I think I should-“ then Acchan let out a terrifying grin, her eyes turned evil as the background changed to black and lightning clashed with each other as a couple of wolf howls could be heard. “-make out with you. Yes, Acchan. I will make out with you.”

“NOW TO PLAN C!” then Acchan dragged the unwilling Mii-chan, and with Yuko, Jurina and the somewhat confused Rena, they left the restaurant to give chase the pairs, or so Mii-chan thought…

“And why exactly are we in Takamina’s house?” Mii-chan asked as she looked around.

“SO PINK! WHY THE HELL IS EVERYTHING SO! FRIGGIN! PINK?!” Yuko covered her eyes as she lied on the floor in agony.

“I heard about this, but this is way pinker than I would have imagined.” Rena scanned Takamina’s pink pink house full of pink pinkness.

“Okay… Am I the only one feeling nauseated here?” Jurina placed her hand on her forehead, almost as if a sudden headache would appear.

“Quick, people! We only have about a couple of minutes to search all of Takamina’s house for some shrine of me!” Acchan shouted.

“Huh? Shrine? What shrine?” Mii-chan asked, confused.

“Seriously, Mii-chan? Everybody knows old-fashioned people usually make shrines for their crushes! That’s like, Takamina’s thing!” Jurina stated, answering the older girl’s question.

“You’re seriously gonna make Takamina cry if she heard that, you know?” Mii-chan sympathized with the midget Captain. “Wait, how did we even get into the house?”

“Do not question my Ace authority, Mii-chan.”

“So you DID use your Ace authorities!” Mii-chan narrowed her eyes at the taller Ace.

“Mii-chan aside, we need to be quick. I’ve already deployed two trustworthy members to delay Takamina from coming home. Use this chance, my fellow comrades!” Acchan announced and they started searching, except for Mii-chan who had a question in her mind.

“Who did you deploy?”

“… Trustworthy companions…”


“Sasshi? Rie? What are you two doing here?” Takamina looked at the two who just somehow ended up on a road on the way to Takamina’s house.

“Ah, Takamina-san. What a coincidence to bump into you on this fine day.” Rie smiled, somewhat suspiciously.

“We just got back from practice. Heck, your house is on the other side.”

“Yes… A very intriguing coincidence, Takamina-san.” Sasshi interfered and grabbed Takamina on the wrist.

“Wait? What are you doing?! Please tell me Acchan isn’t behind this and you’re not trying to stall me as Acchan tries to prank me.”

“What?! My word! We would never do that, Takamina-san!” Rie said, not looking at the midget Captain.

“Yes! We are only going to drag you to some place which is far away from your home as possible as Assan goes through all your stuff like a sex-crazed individual!” came the confession from Sasshi.


Rie facepalmed as her younger accomplice goes around confessing out of the blue like that.

As Sasshi struggles to keep Takamina on hold as the older girl was obviously trying to escape, she had an idea. She knew that it was risky and Acchan would probably get mad at her after that, but this was the only way to stall Takamina for time.

“Rie-chan, get my phone and call Mocchi.”

“And we STILL didn’t get anything! Heck, where do you usually place something as weird as a Shrine of your crush?! LIKE ANY OF US WILL KNOW!”

“I agree with Mii-chan there… As much as I don’t want to admit it…” Rena shivered at the thought of agreeing with the somewhat younger girl. “Where would you usually place a shrine of your crush?”

“This is Takamina we’re talking about. I’m sure we’ll find it eventually.” Jurina mentioned in an attempt to brighten up the others’ spirit.

“Acchan, any luck?” Yuko looked at the taller girl who was searching under Takamina’s bed for something.

“Porn magazines? None.” Acchan clicked her tongue as she got up.

“No, I meant the Shrine we were looking for… But that’s also a good search item.”

Acchan sighed as she looked around the room. No luck.

“Damn it. Isn’t there some sort of cliché secret drawer Takamina puts her stuff in?!” Acchan complained to the other girls.

“Well, if you’re searching for a secret drawer…” Jurina pointed behind Atsuko, next to the bed.

There, a drawer with ‘SECRET DRAWER’ written on it could be seen.


“NO! MERCY! MERCY!” Takamina cried as the younger girl was clinging on her.

“No~ Takamina-san~ It’s been such a long time since we pronounced our love to the world because a certain Ace forbade our relationship! Let us confirm our feelings for one another again!”

“No, Mocchi! I don’t love you and I never will so get the hell off me!”

“Then what’s with the red flushed face you have right now~?” Mocchi pointed out.

“If someone was clinging to another’s arm, of course their face would flush uncontrollably!”

“That means Takamina-san shares the same feelings as I! Ah~ Takamina-san is so cute~” Mocchi snuggles up to the midget captain more, much to Takamina’s dismay.

“Our job here is done.” Rie sighed in relief as her younger counterpart nodded.

“Now, how about we go grab something to eat for the meantime?” Sasshi placed her hand over the willing Rie.

“Well, can’t hurt to have fun a little.” Rie smiled, somewhat tired. “Let’s ditch these two lovers.”

“Oi! Don’t leave me alone with this ear-lover!” Takamina cried again as she watched her uncaring members leave, not caring about what happened behind the scenes.

“Seems like it’s locked.” Yuko stated the obvious.

“Well, considering there’s a keyhole on that drawer, and considering it’s SECRET, meaning nobody else should ever see it… OF COURSE IT’S LOCKED!” Mii-chan retorted.

“There ought to be some way for us to get the drawer to open…” Rena placed a finger on her chin as she tries to think of a solution for their current problem at hand.

“Well, won’t Takamina usually place a spare key around her room? Maybe we should search for that instead.” Jurina suggested.

“Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Acchan stated, with an alien accent. “Yuko, picklock this drawer like how you usually do to NyanNyan’s door!”

“W- What are you talking about, my dear Acchan? There’s no way I would know to pick locks of NyanNyan’s door and drawer which contains her panties and even her bathroom which she usually puts her used panties!”

“…” Everyone narrowed their eyes, looking at the guilty squirrel.

“Okay, fine. Damn NyanNyan-CCTV.” Yuko was about to take something from her pocket.


Everyone raised their hands above their heads because of the warning from the person behind them, at the door. Slowly, they turned around to look at the source of the voice and as per suspected,

“Eh? What are you doing here, Takamina?” Acchan asked with her confused face.

“This is my house… SO OF COURSE I WOULD BE HERE!” Takamina stated the obvious.

“Well, that was pretty obvious.” Mii-chan mumbled.

“Wait, whatever happened to Rie and Sasshi?” Yuko asked since she didn’t see the two people Acchan mentioned, but stopped because she just saw someone she least expected behind Takamina.

“What are you doing here, Mocchi?” Rena asked, confused to see Mocchi sticking like glue to Takamina’s back.

“Yes. What. Are. You. Doing. There. With. TakaMina. You. Stalking. Kuramochi?” Acchan asked in broken sentences as she glared at the seemingly terrified Mocchi.

“Takamina-san said that she’d let me eat up her ears if she I let her go to her house.”

“I said ‘touch’!” Takamina retorted, her face flushed red.

Acchan made some signals with her hands which meant ‘You’re’, ‘Dead’, to Mocchi who shivered at the glare of the older girl.

“Now…” Takamina caught her breath and then proceeded to glare at the taller Ace in front of her.

“I can explain!”

“Why… are you here in my house, in my room, in front of my drawer…?”

“… Well, there’s this sudden thrilling adventure that awaited me and-“ before Acchan could make up some lie, Takamina was already crying.

*sob* Takamina was in tears, looking at the Ace, who was at lost for words.

Rena glared at the older girl who was the root of the problem, Mii-chan made an ‘I told you so!’ face, Jurina sympathized with the midget and Yuko was thinking about boobs.

“Er…” Acchan couldn’t come up with any words to back up her intrusion to the midget’s home.

“I thought you were my friend…” Takamina said in tears.


“What?” the others looked at the Ace, baffled.

“You can ‘what’???” Takamina was also confused with the Ace’s outburst. “I never wrote you a love letter, Acchan…”



“Well, I’ll have to go now. See ya, guys.” Acchan was about to leave, just when she felt a hand grabbing her arm.

“What did you say you would do If I wrote the letter?” Takamina asked.

“I… Err…” Acchan looked at her accomplices who just shook their heads, Rena looking away, Jurina made a sorry face, and Mii-chan had a sadistic grin pasted on hers. And as for Yuko… Well, she’s still in LalaLand.

“Acchan?” Takamina was still focused on her, her hand gripping the Ace’s arm tightly.

“… Err… Look! One Piece!”

“WHERE?!” Takamina fell for it.

With this chance, Acchan fled.

“Darn it.” Takamina cursed herself as she was fooled yet again by the Ace.

“Well, that was foolish of you to fall for a simple trick like that.” Rena sympathized with the midget.


“WHERE?!” Rena turned around briskly as Jurina pointed at some pencil. “…”

“Hah! You fell for it!” Jurina teased and was chased by the angered Rena, leaving the house.

“Relax, Takamina. I’m sure she’ll come around sooner or later.” Mii-chan patted the shorter girl.

“Yeah… I hope so.” Takamina could only let out a weak smile as she looked at the taller girl with the same name.

“So Takamina-san, about that dea-“ just when Mocchi was about to attack the midget, another midget saved her and dragged Mocchi out of the room. “NOOOOO!!!!”

“I’ll leave her to Akicha for now.” Yuko dragged the unwilling girl out of the house.

“Thanks for trying, Mii-chan…”

“Yeah. But Acchan’s too shy to do it straightforwardly, you know what I mean?”

“Pretty much.”

With that, Takamina grabbed a key that was hung around her neck as a necklace. She then used the key to open the drawer which was the main focus of the other girls a few minutes prior. When it opened, it showed a picture of a certain girl and below It was a book; A magazine, entitled “ACCHAN”

“Damn it, I can’t believe what happened today. That was so embarrassing.”

   Atsuko sat on the bench. Her facials were weary and tired from running. She wasn’t too fond of being the center of everything, much to Akimoto Yasushi’s dismay. She then looked at the sky. She hid herself too long that it became night time already. She sighed and stretched her arms for some reason, tired from everything that happened at the time.

   She then got up and went to the handrail, looking at the scenery she could see from above.

“Blame yourself for running away.”

   She heard someone mention such and then the person went to the girl’s side. Atsuko didn’t even have to glance to her side to see who it was. She could recognize the voice of the person from a mile away. That was how close the two are.

“Hey, Yuko.”

   Atsuko greeted the girl next to her and the shorter girl greeted back. She could see that Yuko was amused by what happened that afternoon and she could’ve sworn that Yuko actually knew something.

“Who do you think wrote that love letter?”

   Atsuko asked, the writer of the said letter was still not confirmed and Minami, the suspect that she thought of the most, wasn’t the culprit. She wanted to know but the possibilities inside her head kept piling up, making her confused of what to do anymore.

“Who do you think?”

   When Atsuko heard that, she jolted. She glanced at the shorter girl whose cheeks were red as she smiled, looking only at the scenery and nothing more. The taller girl’s heart jumped as she realized the way the shorter girl was saying that. Yuko’s voice sounded a lot more different than her usual voice and just by looking at Yuko’s face, Atsuko knew.

   Silence filled the atmosphere as Atsuko looked at the same place as Yuko did; Particularly nowhere. They just looked at a certain spot without minding what that spot was. They kept looking like it was some sort of interesting situation in front of them, but there wasn’t. Was it their shyness, their inability to proceed with the topic, or just plain spacing out?

   They don’t know, but under the moonlight, two top AKB48 members….

…Intertwined their hands.



Man, if there was any AtsuYuu-haters reading this, that probably would've killed me :lol:

Anyways, see you next Sathday!
Title: A senior's gift
Post by: AshuraX on March 26, 2014, 10:41:00 PM
   Well, this is a present from me to mayuki_daisuki. It's her birthday so give her a heads up and some pie. The latter preferably. And also I'm writing this for Mayu coz it was also her birthday. Thus why I used Mayu as Atsuko's partner and not Yuko. Why AtsuMayu, you may ask? Coz both me and mayuki_daisuki ship dat. Why not MaYuki? Coz I recall a bad experience with writing them. A very bad one which contains Yuki acting OOC. Though most of my work contains OOC characters... Well enough of the rants.

   I CLAIM FIRST ATSUMAYU OS ON SITE! (Unless ya guys have anything to say to that)

   Heads up for Jose for proofreading (I don't actually know his JP name XD)

[Birthday with my senpai!]


   The cyborg ate her cake, enjoying every last bite as the Actress looked at her, amused, waiting for the comment from her. Mayu did not take much time in consuming said sugary delight since the older girl would have finished it way quicker than she ever would. Mayu finished the plate and smiled an adorable smile.

"It's delicious, senpai!"

   That one comment caused the older girl to burst into a laughing fit. It wasn't the words that the cyborg said which caused her into this condition, but it was the condition the young girl was in which brought an amused smile on her face. Said cyborg still had a bit of cream left on her lips, which would've caused a lot of boys to feel awestruck by her cuteness. Mayu looked at her laughing senior, confused by the sudden laughter.

   Atsuko tried to calm down, slowing down her laughter and then took a breath of air. She needed it.

   The young girl wanted to ask what was wrong, but the sudden action from the older girl brought a fiery red to her cheeks and her heart to run in an incredible rate. The ex-AKB Ace has leaned in on her and licked the cream right off her lips!

   Mayu was utterly flabbergasted, to say the least. She instinctively backed away, forming a larger distance between them, still not realizing the crimson on her puffy cheeks. After forming a safe distance from the glomper, she froze.

   Seeing this reaction, Atsuko couldn't help but to chuckle at how red the younger girl was. True, she was quite amused by this but decided to just continue this when things would have escalated more.

"There was some cream on your lips, Mayuyu~ No reason to feel flustered over your thoughtful senpai licking it off~" came the tease from one Maeda Atsuko as she came back to her sitting stance.

   Mayu doubted that Atsuko didn't have any more ulterior motives under her sleeves, but decided to sit next to her again; albeit reluctantly. Slowly, she crawled back to the spot next to Atsuko's, eyes not leaving the Actress for fear of the older one's next move. The older one could only smile, hiding every last bit of plan to 'eat up' the cyborg whom was admired by a lot of AKB48 juniors.

   Slowly but surely, Mayu came back to her spot and then set her eyes back to the cake which she was previously eating a slice of.

"I can't believe senpai actually managed to improve her cooking in just a few years. I would have been surprised if it weren't for Yuko's constant bragging about how she ate your parfait the other day on her graduation announcement."

"Harsh, Mayuyu. I may not look like it, but I try hard to appeal to my lover." came Atsuko's warm smile as Mayu blushed furiously at the statement.

   Even though they have been dating for months now, it was still surprising and embarrassing for Mayu to be called a lover by the Actress. She still couldn't help it when her heart skip a few beats from just that word alone coming from her senior's juicy lips.

   And since we're talking about lips, Mayu couldn't help but to look at the moist lips of her senior that had made contact with hers a few seconds prior. This caused Mayu to blush even redder than before- If that was even humanly possible.

   Shaking her head from the thoughts, Mayu replied to the older girl, still somewhat red from he previous thoughts.

"I- I know..." she looked down, embarrassed by the statement, but happy in the inside for how sweet her senior was treating her.

   Atsuko actually realized that the young girl was staring at her lips but decided to let her be for now. It WAS her birthday and she couldn't just tease the girl too much on said girl's birthday, right? Actually, she could but decided not to. Besides, there's a time and place for everything. The room and the other inhabitants, Mayu's parents are only a nuisance since if Atsuko makes her move, then there's no doubt that Mayu would be moaning too loud or throwing a tantrum in embarrassment. And that would have been awkward.

"Now onto the presents!" Atsuko exclaimed, reaching for her purse that was right below the coffee table in front of them.

   Mayu could only sigh, thanking how much mercy the older girl was giving her for the day. She smiled and then squatted over closer to Atsuko, a curious gaze fixed on her senior's purse as the older girl took out a few things.

"Err...." Atsuko searched and searched but could not find what she was looking for.

   She then proceeded to turn the purse over, shaking it, causing all of it's contents to come out of it. Contents contained things from makeup to notepads in which Atsuko commented that she needed it when in the set. Taking notes is good way to fool the other actor and actresses that she's actually listening to their lectures about acting. Yes, Mayu did hit the older girl in the head with a reminder for the older girl to actually pay attention to those who are more experienced in the acting business.

   A box, wrapped in pink wrapper with hearts on it, and a yellow ribbon, tying it all, dropped to the floor as Atsuko shook her purse. Realizing that the object she searched for was there, she stopped her action and then cleaned the other non-important contents into her purse; organized, if i may add.

   There were three things which caught Mayu's eyes. One was obviously the gift-wrapped present which was in the size of a tablet, which she blushed to because of the cute wrappings. Another one was an object, a small metal ball, with a string attached to it and at the end of the string, was a remote control. Mayu instantly knew what it was in first glance and then glared at her senior who then flinched from the death stare.

"In my defense, I actually thought to give you a little 'service' as a present but Rena opposed for God knows why." Atsuko avoided the glare, not wanting to explain it any further.

   Mayu's blush reddened a darker red as she heard the explanation from Atsuko and thanked (or mentally murdered) Rena for the opposition. She hid her reddened cheeks in a facedesk attempt, slamming her face to the table for her girlfriend's behavior.

   Then in her mental conflict within her head on what to do with the device which Atsuko brought, another thought came into her head since she was close with both Atsuko and Rena and due to that, she learned that Rena was ignoring Atsuko for God knows why just a few days ago. Have they made up? Then Mayu lifted her head, only to see the third object that caught her eye.

"Oh God No..." Mayu looked at the object and then back to Atsuko with a glare. "Explain. Now."

   Atsuko was cleaning up when she saw the object which Mayu picked up. She mentally facepalmed herself for seeing said object which she forgot to throw out from her previous... 'work'.

   In Mayu's hand was... A pencil... A broken pencil... Previously wet with a certain liquid, judging from the surface of the pencil.

   And when speaking of broken pencils, there's always a certain person which would come to mind. Said person was the one whom Atsuko met a few hours prior. And the liquid? God knows.

"... In my def-"
"I don't need an excuse. I need a real explanation." Mayu interrupted before Atsuko could make an excuse.

   The Actress gulped. Her lover was usually, as some people might call it, a 'tsundere' when it comes to her but in some rare cases which involves Atsuko, getting close to other girls, she would give Atsuko a glare which would even break Akimoto Sayaka's solid abs. One case was how she always cuddled with and tackled Takamina out of nowhere, much to the midget's protests. Whenever Atsuko hugged the midget, she could feel that her skin was being drilled from a direction and whenever she turned to see said perpetrator, she would see Mayu, with eyes of a predator. She mentally noted to never ever tackle or hug other girls out of nowhere in front of her lover ever again.

   In her experience, she could do three things which would get her out of this situation. One, run away and wait three days before confronting her, when she would lose all sense of anger. This plan would be perfect, but since this is the younger girl's birthday, she had to drop it for now. Two, use a lie pertaining one of Yuko's usual dares or antics. This would usually work for those small, things that are lower phases such as a kiss or a grope or two, but this? No, that won't work. She'd spot the lie right away or won't talk to her for months since the older girl didn't object to the squirrel-like girl's dares...

   Well, there's always plan C.

   Atsuko pulled the girl by the arm, shortening the distance and forcing the girl to come to her. Mayu had a surprised look when the older girl did such but was completely speechless due to the Actress's next act. The Actress kissed her right on the lips! And no, this wasn't any normal kiss! Tongue involved, with the sweet sweet cream the older girl tasted in the young girl's mouth, this kiss was FAR worse than what they did before!

   Mayu's eyes shot open at the sudden kiss. She struggled under the taller girl's embrace but after a few seconds of pleasure given to her in the long kiss, she gave in and returned the kiss.

   After a few seconds,Atsuko separated herself from her junior, knowing first hand in her mind that the young girl needed air.

   She smiled at the younger girl who blushed even redder than before.

"I'm sorry, Mayu..." the older girl apologized, using her real name. A rarity indeed due to Atsuko's behavior. "It's just that I'm not happy if somebody ignores me for too long that I had no choice but to use the thing which Rena enjoys doing to her victims."

"Shove a pencil up her ass."

"No, A little bit higher."

"What am I going to do with you..." Mayu could only sigh, feeling not a single remorse towards her senior.

   True, she can be weird sometimes and hell of a lot affectionate to other girls but in the end, she would always tell her everything. There was a few instances she lied to escape from the situation but there was never a time which Mayu didn't find out the truth. Either indirectly or from her.

"I guess I'll forgive you for now then..." the young girl smiled her innocent smile.

   Atsuko took that smile as a forgiven apology and then hugged the girl, being considerate to not kiss her because more than that, Mayu would have fainted.

"Though I'll be mad if you do it to her again..."
"And Jurina"
"And Takamina."
"... Fi-"
"Or Yuko."

   Atsuko could only sigh in defeat because her lover had seen right through her. They say that a woman's jealousy is ugly but seeing it from Atsuko's eyes, she could see that Mayu was really cute when she's jealous. More so how the young girl was hugging her back in a tight embrace, cheeks obviously red, judging from the heat Atsuko felt on her skin.

"You're the one I love, Mayu. I'll never do that with anyone ever again."

   Mayu, cheeks now red in an impossible color, smiled genuinely at her lover's oath. This was one of the rare times she loved the girl's bluntness and of course, appreciated the kind gesture of the hug.

"Now, open up the present." Atsuko smiled lovingly at the girl, breaking away from the hug so that they could continue with the girl's birthday.

   Mayu nodded and reached for the present, careful not to mess with the other things that laid around the table, still uncleaned since they were too busy.

   As Mayu opened up her present, she was reminded of the times which her senior always got through to her, the times she always helped her when she's in need of it and the times she lent her shoulders when Mayu needed one to cry on. Since the days in the group, there was some sort of rivalry between them, though not one that was as deadly as Atsuko and Yuko's, but it was still something that brought the two together. One time, she thought it was just some platonic relationship, but instead, it was something far more gentle. Something which became their relationship today. She could never thank the lord more, to give the chance with her beloved senior even though there were already too many rivals in the way of their love. Their love was stronger, and that's all there is to it.

"I really love you, sen-"

   Mayu stopped in track, frozen in place as she discovers the object inside the gift box.

"Cat ears~ Aren't they cute~" came the carefree voice from Atsuko

   ... She's still speechless.

"Don't you love it? I knew you'd love it~ It's the most perfect birthday present ever!"

   ... She still couldn't get why, thus she asked.

"Why are you giving me cat ears?"

   The question came a little too simple for Atsuko, but she managed to answer it.

"As a birthday present for you~"

   Mayu was about to ask again, but Atsuko continued.

"So Mayuyu could wear it the next time we do it. I'll make ya meow out loud, if you know what I-"
"SENPAI YOU PERVERT!" was Mayu's last words before she bombarded her senior with pillows around the room and the things lying around.

   Present or not, that turned out to be the most memorable birthday in the life of one Watanabe Mayu. It wasn't memorable because of how the cake tasted or how her schedule was empty thus having some free time in her hands. Goodness, no. It was simply because of one simple factor. That she managed to spend it with the person she loves the most; Her beloved senior, her close friend, and her lover.

   And true enough, Atsuko did manage to make the young girl wear the headdress in one of their nights, but that, my friend, is another story.


   Short, I know (I initially intended to write a drabble but... Oh well, OS it is then). Hope ya enjoy this Higappi~ Though I doubt ya will...

   Oh well. *goes back to the hole*
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I just finish reading it Ashura-san~ Arigatou!! I love it! Atsuko senpai and Mayuyu are so cute!! :cathappy: pllus I know where you got the cat ears idea from.. mou :sweatdrop: ~ ^o^ Thank you for your hard work :bow: , you deserve some rest now!~
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 So I got lost on the way to the MariHaru, Kojiyuu and MariMii fics ... I am bad at reading maps so yeah and since I was already here I decided to read this and I am done reading it... this is my reaction to this fic  :shocked and I am only doing this once great job  :glasses: and now ill take my leave  :byebye:
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Never thought that you're also shipping atsumayu~~~


I'm thankful that I met you xD
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Kawaiii! or more like, Eroiiii!  :heart:

AtsuMayu~ xD

I was thinking of them while writing one of my fics, but I never thought them as a couple.

This fic is a trigger of my AtsuMayu ship!
Title: Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: Reaction Ficlet
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"Oh my God you were serious..."

   Oshima Yuko could only stare at her partner, thinking how she could get through with this. The Ace could only tilt her head, not really understanding what the big problem was.

"Well I did say we're going to do it." Atsuko muttered as she shrugged it off as something normal.

   Yuko facepalmed, ignoring the piece of paper in Atsuko's hand entitled as a 'Marriage Registration Form'. Yuko could only eye her partner suspiciously while the younger girl acted oh so innocent as Maeda Atsuko would always do.

"Acchan... don't you think that's a little too... wrong?" Yuko started as Atsuko kept tilting her head innocently.

"Not really? We're both old enough anyways."

"We're girls, Acchan..."

"No, Yuuchan... From now on you shall be a man."

"I'm not Bakamina."

"Takamina was always a man to begin with."


"Soooooo..." Atsuko looked around the empty changing room before looking back into her partner's eyes. "That's a yes?"

   Yuko could only sigh before she took the paper in Atsuko's hands and kept it in her purse.

"I'll think about it."

"See? That's not so bad. That's why I love you, Yuuchan."

"You'd better not make me treat you after this."

"Y- Yuuchan! I- I would- Never- Not- You-"

"Not gonna happen."

"Fine." Atsuko pouted cutely.

   Yuko smiled. It has been a long time since the two spent the day with each other like that. They've chatted with each other frequently on the phone but since their schedules have been busy, they couldn't meet up ever since the older girl's Graduation Announcement. Sometimes Atsuko gets jealous over Yuko's constant flings with Haruna, but Atsuko couldn't say anything since she's constantly been going out a lot with Haruna herself, even if Yuko was considered the 'true lover of Kojima Haruna', dubbed by the fans of AKB48.

   Speaking of which, Yuko's smile faded. AKB48. The one thing that had kept her going until now. Now that she had left the group, unknown challenges await her from now on. She may have appeared tough in front of her juniors but all her closest friends could see it. Yuko was scared. She doesn't know what she was afraid of. Because what awaits her in the future... is something she wouldn't know.

   Atsuko caught the glimpse of Yuko's eyes changing. It wasn't the physical form of said part that had changed, but something inside of her. Yuko was troubled. She realized it. Why was she troubled? She already knew. She had been on the same shoes as her, even before her. The weight of AKB48 had been released from the small girl's shoulders, but now a new weight had been placed. A weight of the unknown.

"It's going to be okay, Yuko." she hugged the small girl in a tight embrace, enveloping her in the warm hug Yuko always loved.

   There were rare moments Atsuko would call the people she knew with their real names and one of those moments, were when she's comforting them. Before this, Atsuko would always seek the small girl for comfort, mostly due to boredom or something simple, but when the time gets tough for Atsuko, Yuko would always hug her like that. Even with their height difference, Atsuko would always feel warm from the embrace. Was it a spur of the moment feeling or was it just her embarrassment? She didn't know. But now, the same feeling Atsuko felt, Yuko felt it as well.

   The older girl closed her eyes at the taller one's embrace. She felt warm. Was Atsuko always that warm? She felt warm with her during their nights together, but this was something completely different. She felt warm, not only outside, but inside her heart as well. She couldn't explain it. Bring in a doctor. Bring in a scientist. Bring in whatever the hell you can, but all their explanations wouldn't be understandable at all. For the warm feeling she felt, was something one could only feel, not told.

   Yuko wrapped her arms around the taller girl's hips and hugged her closer. This feeling of warmth was addicting. Usually if she was this close to a girl's breasts, her heart would race uncontrollably, like Harugon. But not now. Her heart beat in a steady pace, it was almost like a slow music. A ballad. She listened to her own heartbeat, mixed in with the heartbeat of her lover she could hear on the girl's chest. This was peaceful.

   She completely forgot about her worries, What was she so worked up about a few minutes prior? She didn't know. All she knew was that she felt calm. Calm at her lover's embrace;

   Calm just by being in the embrace of Maeda Atsuko.

   A few minutes had passed as Yuko inhaled the scent of her lover in their embrace. Atsuko could finally say that the older girl has calmed down. She attempted to break the hug, about to put her hands away from her lover but Yuko hugged her even tighter than before.

"Please... just a few more minutes..." the shorter girl managed a whimper.

   Atsuko finally realized it. Yuko was crying. Now that she thought about it, the front of her clothing was wet. Tears? Was it Yuko's tears? How airheaded could she be to not realize such an important detail? She cursed herself for not realizing it sooner and sighed.

   Her lips then curved back into a smile as she enveloped her lover back into the embrace.

"We have all the time in the world, Yuko..."
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All hail ATSUYUU!!!! It's been a while since the last, Ashura-san.. Glad to see you come with Atsuyuu again XD XD

Mature side of their relationship....awesome!!
Embracing each other, can I get between them?? LOL :lol: don't mind me, my brain lost some screw caused by a certain squirrel.......

Btw, more Atsuyuu please~~
Thankyou so much :D
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 :on GJ: :on GJ: :tntrm: :vv: :k-thrilled:
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Heh. Heh heh hh. You're making me wanna write while still on a high from those rare two-shots (praise goddess of cockblock mariko-sama)

This was really sweet- you've captured Atsuko's whimsy and Yuko's vulnerability here really poignantly.  :wub:
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Write, cyan-chan! WRITE!!!
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Write, cyan-chan! WRITE!!!
Title: Careless Whisper
Post by: AshuraX on January 26, 2015, 08:20:31 PM
Summary: Guilt, Redemption and Comfort

Note: A songfic of a song I recalled, but in this fic, it's a cover made by Seether.

Song: Seether - Careless Whisper (c/ George Michael)

Careless Whisper

   A lone woman stood in front of the crowd, followed by a few others behind her. She looked back to see the familiar faces of her friends. She was glad that they were here. She then looked at the crowd, a face she could clearly make out, but nevertheless, it was her...

   Maeda Atsuko bit her lip. There were many things she wanted to tell to the person in the crowd. There were a lot to tell her. There were many mistakes she needed to clarify to her. But she swallowed it all in. There was only one way to convey everything to her. She needed to make things clear.

   This was the final night they will dance together.

   She looked back at her friends.

   Matsui Jurina, her beloved junior, with her drums. She looked calm, but she knew that Jurina was worrying about their relationship. She needed to spend some time with her when things are over.

   Matsui Rena, her good friend, on the bass. She never really wanted to take part in all these charades but she came in last minute to say that she would help convey Atsuko's heartful declarations. God knows what was in her mind right now, but Atsuko knew one thing. Rena is a good person.

   Yamamoto Sayaka was with her beloved guitar. There weren't many instances where the two ever talked to each other, but they could somehow convey anything to each other wordlessly. It could have been their mutual respect, or the fact that they have faced similar things in life, but one thing is for sure, Sayaka would always have her back.

   Atsuko breathed deeply and exhaled so loud that it could even drown out her heartbeat right now. She was in front of many people who were anticipating great things from her. She didn't care. She only wanted to show one person that she could do anything right now. She only needed to speak with her and her alone.

'Minami...' she mouthed wordlessly and shook her head.

   She grabbed the microphone, and the most heartful performance started, drowned out by the beat of the instruments.

   Their tongues intertwined as the taller girl pushed the shorter to the bed. Chaste touches on their skin, sweet words in between and finally, The taller separated herself from her lover. The short girl smiled a weak smile, knowing that she could not stop her lover any more. Therefore she gave in to the girl's touches and provided her with the moans she loved so much.

I feel so unsure

As I take your hand, and lead you to the dance floor

   As they moved closer to the inevitable, the taller girl then stopped giving chaste kisses to the short girl's soft skin. The girl was confused of the taller girl's action and looked at her, a concerned look adorned on her facial. The tall girl was not looking at her. It was as if she was looking at absolute nothingness. She was not focused on anything. It was as if she was not even there.

“Atsuko?” the girl inquired, concerned for her lover.

   The tall girl almost flinched as her name was called, not realizing that she was not focused on the task at hand. She then smiled a weak smile, with a look that said 'It was nothing, don't inquire any more'. The shorter girl was even more confused, but decided to leave her be. She was her lover, and if she wanted to talk about it, she will. Not to mention that she was not thinking straight from all of the flirtatious touch the girl was giving her.

   They made love as if usual that night, and at the end, as the shorter girl was reaching climax, she realized something on her taller counterpart's eyes. Those eyes were not the eyes she had ever seen on her. Those eyes-

“Minami...” her tone sad as she rested her head on the shorter girl's arm.

As the music dies

Something in your eyes

Caused the mind to silver screen

   - were the eyes of guilt.

And all it's sad goodbyes

I'm never gonna dance again

This guilty feet have got no rhythm

Though it's to pretend

I know you're not a fool

I should've known better than to cheat a friend

And waste a chance that I've been given

So I'm never gonna dance again

The way I danced with you...

Time can never mend

“Do you like what you touch, Atsu?”

   The taller girl asked flirtatiously as she cupped a hand to the girl's cheek, her other hand caressing the girl's soft thigh. It took great effort for the shorter girl to not embarrass herself, but she managed one way or another.

The careless whispers

Of a good friend

   Weeks has passed since they started this charade. The taller girl would always wait for the girl right after she finished her work and the shorter one, obliged to do as she says, would give in and they would have this dance of theirs. They battled for dominance and they managed to one way or another pass hours just having this battle of theirs. No emotions in their little play, just fun as the tall girl would whisper to her.

“I know what you're thinking, Atsu.” the girl would say and their charade would stop for a moment. “But look only at me...” her smile shows hidden motives as she moved closer to take the shorter girl's lips. “She won't find out about us...”

   They kissed passionately, the tall girl leading her on.

“Yuki...” the shorter girl murmured her name and the tall girl finally separated and lied back on the bed.

“Good girl.” she managed to congratulate the girl through her luscious lips. “Come...” she spread her arms up to embrace the girl and continue what they were doing.

To the heart and mind

   They could hear the door slowly open through their frenzy as they touched each other, breathed through each other, became one. The newcomer looked at the scene in front of her, her hands cupped on her lips as her eyes filled with tears.

Ignorance is kind

“Atsuko...?” the girl managed to murmur in her tears.

There's no comfort in the truth

   The girl looked at the new occupant of the room and her eyes became wide in horror. She could not speak a word. Her hands stopped moving. As if her heart stopped pulsing. And her entire mind became blank.

   The only words she managed to murmur were her last words to the girl.


Pain is all you'll find!

I'm never gonna dance again

This guilty feet have got no rhythm

Though it's easy to pretend

I know you're not a fool

I should've known better than to cheat a friend

And waste a chance that I've been given

So I'm never gonna dance again

The way I danced with you...!

   She grabbed the microphone with all her might, reasons unknown. She didn't even think anymore. Her eyes on her lover, her eyes on the one she had hurt the most, her eyes on the person she loved, her eyes on the person that hated her the most right now.

   Her other hand gripped her chest tight. Her heart was in pain.

   With all her might, she managed to all but scream out the next chorus as she remembered the empty promises she made for her. Guilt was not a thing she could live by.

Tonight the music seems so loud

I wish that we could lose this crowd

Maybe, it's better this way

We hurt each other with the things we want to say

   Then everything came in. The what-if's. The things that could happen if she had only been loyal. She hated herself so much at the moment. She wanted to fix things over. She wanted to tell her she loved her. She wanted to... not be herself right now.

We could've been so good together

We could've lived this dance forever

But now who's gonna dance with me...?

   She didn't know. She promised to herself in this split second. She promised to any mighty being that heard her thoughts at the moment. She would never love somebody ever again. She will never accept anyone other than her... She will do anything in her power to have her... She knew.

   She screamed out the pleas of impossibility.

“Please stay!”

   It wasn't just lyrics. It was her entire plea. It was something that came from the bottom of her heart. She didn't want her to leave. She wanted her. She needed her. She loved her.

   As she shouted aloud, Sayaka covered for her.

I'm never gonna dance again

This guilty feet have got no rhythm

Though it's easy to pretend

I know you're not a fool

I should've known better than to cheat a friend

And waste a chance that I've been given

   Atsuko then gripped her microphone tightly as she joined in.

So I'm never gonna dance again

The way I danced with you...

   As the music dies, Atsuko looked at the crowd. She could not hear anything anymore. The crowd were jumping up and down and probably shouting, but she couldn't hear anything. Perhaps she was lost in the moment or perhaps she simply wanted to hear one person. She looked at her.

   Minami's face couldn't be seen from the stage due to the fact that the girl was looking down, tilting her head from Atsuko's view. She could not make out the exact expression the girl was making. Her heart beat loudly. Loud enough that in her ears, it drowned out everything; from the cheers of the crowd to the MC Sayaka was giving at the moment. She couldn't even hear the stage directions from behind. She could only hear her heartbeat rise rapidly in the moment.

   To her, it seemed as though decades has passed. That was how slow time moved for her as she looked at the girl in question, hoping for her to move, to tilt her head up and smile, to even scream out something; anything!

   And she did.

   She turned around-

- and walked away.

   Tears built up in her eyes as she saw her love walk away. Her figure now gone from her view, she released the built up tears and cried. Sayaka, who was giving it her all to stall the crowd, was surprised to see her cry. Jurina and Rena knew it was coming eventually and they left their instruments to soothe the girl, patting her back.

   The crowd was speechless at the spectacle. The most famous girl in all of Japan cried for no reason on stage. It wasn't for no reason. It was for a reason they did not know.

   Silence reigned the entire club. The only sound could be heard were the sobs of the girl on stage. Through the entire tragedy, they could somehow make out a soft murmur in all the silence. The words that were stuck on her throat for weeks. Months, even. Finally, she said it.

   Not to the crowd, not to the people backstage, not to her friends.

   To the one she loved

“I'm sorry...”

“You caused quite a stir there.”

   She could hear someone from beside her. The person sat on the bench with her, not even asking if it was occupied. Well, given her situation, it was clear that it wasn't occupied. Not any more, at least.

   She then felt a sudden change in temperature on her cheek and almost bolted upward. When did it became so cold? Then she realized that it was Sayaka, the person who sat next to her, who had childishly rubbed the can of juice on her cheek. A cold can of juice, mind you.

“Orange juice. I knew it was your favourite.”

   The girl muttered and Atsuko reluctantly took the can.

   Okay, a cold can of orange juice.

   Wait, they rarely even talked to each other excluding a few sexual harassments she did to her.

“I knew it's your favourite just because.” the girl said with a sly grin and continuing after nudging the girl with her elbow playfully. “And because I saw you drink this a lot when we were practising.” she added just for information.

   Atsuko decided to not ask her why she was looking at her during practice. She did do it on some occasions, but that was because of her professional love for breasts and whatnot. She then opened the can and drank the juice. Ah, F&N. Her favourite brand.

   They sat there wordlessly, Atsuko drinking her juice and Sayaka drinking what appears to be coffee. Hmm... Sayaka seems to be more mature than she thought of her to be. Maybe time really does change the image of a person a lot.

'Wow this thing is bitter... I was going to show her my mature side but I really can't take coffee...' was Sayaka's train of thought.

   A few good seconds has passed until Sayaka finally moved her hand on top of Atsuko's. The taller girl was surprised at first, until she saw how spirited the younger girl was. She was then reminded of how she got together with Minami.


“Call me by my name!”

   Sayaka was serious now. It was rare for her to raise her voice against her seniors but here she was now, screaming from the top of her lungs at the senior she respected the most. Atsuko then realized, ah, she was a girl as well.

   The shorter girl blushed, realizing her mistake and apologized quickly, afraid the older girl would take it the wrong way.

“I- I'm sorry I didn't mean to-”

“Sayaka.” she called her name with a tone of friendliness, a smile on her face.

   They looked each other for a while like that. Sayaka felt happy. Happier than she ever felt before. Just a name could make her so happy. It was absurd how happy she was just from hearing someone call her by her name. A child-like smile was plastered on her face. It seemed permanent, judging from the fact that she couldn't stop smiling right now. She was all too happy for the moment.

“A- Atsuko!” she managed to say through conflict with her mind as she looked a the older girl for permission to use her given name.

   The taller girl actually laughed at this one. Well, it wasn't that important to her so she decided to nod and let her be. The smile on Sayaka's face was so wide that Atsuko couldn't stop smiling at how happy the shorter girl was.

“I-” Sayaka started, but was too nervous to continue. One look at the smiling Atsuko, she was fired up once again. “I want to know... how to dance to Kinjirareta Futari.”

   Atsuko was confused for a while, even asking the younger one a stupid question.

“You know Yuko or even the other members are still available, right? I think even Chiyu would be glad to hear that a fellow junior wants to learn the ways of the sexy lad-”

“I want to dance with you!”

   The girl shouted louder than intended. It took a few seconds for Atsuko to put the puzzle pieces together and she wouldn't even figure it out, until Sayaka squeezed her hand tighter to Atsuko's. Then it clicked. She finally realized of Sayaka's true feelings.

   Her smile faded.

“I don't think I could dance for a while, to be completely honest.”

“I don't care.”

   Atsuko looked at the girl, confused. Was Sayaka always this stubborn even with her peers?

“I'll wait for you. I don't care how long it would take....” She said, a smile on her face, beaming at Atsuko as they held hands. “Besides, it took this long for you to finally call me by name ever since you started groping me...”

“You were actually looking forward to me groping you?”

“... I can't deny that...” Sayaka confessed, embarrassed.

   Atsuko chuckled. The girl was funny. She liked those kind of people.

“You're a weird one, huh.”

“Is that a no?”

   The scared look on Sayaka's face was almost amusing. It was surprising how much emotion she could put on her expressions. Perhaps she could see the other sides of Sayaka whom people have not seen before. Perhaps...

“Perhaps someday...”


And you thought it was going to be AtsuMina
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You are teaser!!  :cry: 
I really thought it will be Atsumina, after what was happening there, and she would have chance to talk with Minami... but Noooo!!! In the end you change it.!!  :panic:

But still, thank you!
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You are teaser!!  :cry: 
I really thought it will be Atsumina, after what was happening there, and she would have chance to talk with Minami... but Noooo!!! In the end you change it.!!  :panic:

But still, thank you!

I do agree. But still, thank you for the fic.
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kdfhgkxzdjbvjl,hdv,fksjdzhb,fjbs,kdf,szdvj,fxnfg lrshbzdlvhjd,xfgb THIS MAKES ME CRY. AND I'M AT WORK!! I REALLY THOUGHT IT WAS ATSUMINA... YA BETRAYED YER BRONEH


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You are teaser!!  :cry: 
I really thought it will be Atsumina, after what was happening there, and she would have chance to talk with Minami... but Noooo!!! In the end you change it.!!  :panic:

But still, thank you!

I do agree. But still, thank you for the fic.

WDF! is not atsumina.. well.. I can play that game too... in my mind.. atsuko  was with Akimoto Sayaka!!.
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You are teaser!!  :cry: 
I really thought it will be Atsumina, after what was happening there, and she would have chance to talk with Minami... but Noooo!!! In the end you change it.!!  :panic:

But still, thank you!

I do agree. But still, thank you for the fic.

WDF! is not atsumina.. well.. I can play that game too... in my mind.. atsuko  was with Akimoto Sayaka!!.

I ain't even mad. That's genius.
Title: More than Meets the Eye
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Title: More than Meets the Eye
Genre: Comedy, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Pairings: [Atsuko/Yuko], slight [Atsuko/Mayu]
Summary: Have you ever tried to cook food on someone's abs? Well, Atsuko is on the case!

WARNING: For those who wants comedy, read only the one-shot and OMAKE 1. For those who want AtsuYuu, read only the one-shot. For those who wants AtsuMayu, read only Omake 1. For those who wants something more, read everything.

If it was one thing Atsuko loved more than anything, it was the sweet smell of food in the morning. The fine delicacies she creates with her own hands. Living alone does have its perks. One of them being you can moan ever so loudly while eating these masterpieces without judging eyes. Not to say that she was conceited by telling herself that her cooking was delicious. It was just a known fact as a food lover. All the cooking in the universe is delicious. No exceptions. Well, she did survive Valentine's Day with all her former teammates giving them their 'creations'-

'Wait- No, Atsu. Be nice!'

Their.... COOKING

'Good Lord, that was harder than I thought.'

Anyway, she survived Valentine's Day without getting sick for too long. Sure, she loved those girls. It's just that not many of them can cook anything adequate. Heck, even fewer of them can cook anything edible! If she didn't know any better, she would say that most of her former teammates wanted to kill her or make her suffer for 4 to 5 days.

The very next day, she managed to thank every single one of them and said the chocolates were... delicious.

It was the hardest thing she ever did in her life. Even topping dancing, singing, having a career as an idol, and that one night she got crazy drunk with Meguri and things escalated to a point where they got into a situation which left them threadless; not a piece thread on their bare bodies.

Atsuko shivered.

She did not want to recall how hard it was to satisfy the older woman. That long sleepless night of torture... Memories of her foolish adolescence.

'Wait, we're getting off-topic.'

Point was, food is food. No matter how inedible they are. It was Atsuko's job to finish all that is started. To eat all that is to be eaten. TO PROTECT THE WORLD FROM DEVISTATION!

Not to say she would dig out an entire garbage just to eat leftovers though. She does have common sense, no matter how many times Minami Takahashi denies it. Atsuko, that's my drink! Atsuko, don't eat the cherry I dropped! It's dirty! Atsuko, what are you doing with my panties?!

Atsuko this, Atsuko that.

Sometimes Takahashi could annoy even Atsuko with her constant pestering. Who cares if she was sniffing Takahashi's underwear? It's not your problem! Sheesh, the girl needs to learn some delicacy.


Atsuko stopped walking, the plastic bag in hand almost tearing from her sudden stop in movement.

She forgot where she was going with this train of thought.

The Actress shrugged.
Forget that. She needed to focus on the matter at hand.

Atsuko Maeda currently stood right in front Yuko Oshima's residence. There was actually no reason for her to walk all the way there when she could just ride a car or fly her private jet there. But studies from her experience shows that one has a higher chance of getting into an adventure while walking than other transportations.

The research was proven to be true, as she had met with Jurina Matsui prior and the two had stumbled into an adventure to discover the lost city of Atlantis while also fighting a head on war against the Dark Lord. It was not easy, but they managed to overcome everything and shared a last kiss at the end. It was beautiful. If someone were to tell their adventures in literature, it would bring even the coldest of hearts to tears.

But she has no time to do such.


One should never break the fourth wall.


She did a quick check on her current choice of clothing to see if there were any rips and tears. To her relief, there was nothing out of the ordinary. Nodding to herself for her fabulous choice of fashion, she knocked on the door.


Waiting was not Atsuko's thing. When she waits, her mind tends to wander; analysing what could be happening while she was waiting. On this occasion, she wondered what was happening on the other side of the door. A few situations played in her mind. Perhaps Yuko was with her boyfriend and they were busy getting dressed after hearing the sudden knock on the door. Perhaps Yuko was busy planning World Domination by Mole Rats™. Or perhaps the Dark Lord was still in Japan and held Yuko captive. You never know.

One never knows the untold story behind closed doors.

Then the door opened.

To Atsuko's relief, it appeared that Yuko was fully dressed, though only in her underwear and half a shirt. But hey, if you know Yuko, you know that her even wearing anything is considered completely dressed. Atsuko checked what she could see inside the room from outside. There weren't any mole people digging holes in the floor, so that means she wasn't planning any World Domination anytime soon. What? You can't conquer the world without using moles. That's unheard of! It also appeared that she had no marks on her forehead, therefore the theory of the Dark Lord invading her territory could not be true. Unless the Dark Lord found the Lost Treasure of Tul'Khan.

Highly unlikely though.

But just to make sure,

”Sal Khan'it Nor Lugar.”
“What?” was the shorter girl's response.

Good. It appears that the other girl has never met or came into contact with the Dark Lord before. A relief.

Now to get back to why she came here.

“Yuko, can I eat you up?”

The day was going along smoothly for one Yuko Oshima. She had came into contact with her long lost cuddle plaything Haruna Kojima, looked at perverted magazines with one Sae Miyazawa whilst Sayaka was busy cooking and when she got home, she was flooded with messages on her private Skype account from Jurina, retelling the story of how she fell in love with a certain friend of hers that day.

Yuko did not really know what to tell the Junior in this occasion, and she sure does not want to know who this friend of hers was. Therefore, she only took a picture of herself shirtless and sent it to the Junior. Jurina would know that she does not want to talk about it, unless the Junior herself asked her for actual advice on the situation. Rarely happens, though. The members know enough not to ask any of the legendary members for love advice.

Putting her shirt back on, she recalled her adolescent days. One time, Sashihara was stupid enough to come out and confess that she had feelings for Atsuko Maeda, the former Ace of their group. Sure, it would have been okay if she just confessed it to someone like Kitahara or Minegishi. The problem was that she confessed it to Mayu Watanabe. If it was one thing the members learned over the years, one should never, ever compete with Mayu for Atsuko's love.

The next day, they found Sashihara's body in a house full of cats with scratch marks all over her skin and clothes. The only thing worse about that was the fact that there was a small television in front of her that has been cut off approximately an hour before they arrived. The comment that came out of Sashihara's mouth about the incident was :-

”I could never look at another burger the same again...”

Therefore, one should know to never ask their 1st to 3rd generation members about love advice. And one should not contest Mayu's love for her beloved 'senpai'.

Well, it was a good thing Yuko cut herself off from the group. Having to shoulder the weight of the members in an epic battle for love and glory was one thing, but to have a Yandere Mayu behind your back, plotting every single thing to take you off of the equation for her 'senpai's' affection was another.

Yuko rolled around in bed.

Today had been the most calming day of her life. Nobody to interrupt her, nobody to scream at her to go to work or something, no midget to be a nuisance to her. Yes, today was a great day indeed.

At least, that was what she thought until she heard the knock on the door.

Sometimes, you just wished to have the power to control objects with the power of your mind. In this instance, for example. You just feel all too lazy to get up and walk to the door and open the door and talk to the person on the other side of the door and think and breathe and all sorts of things. If she can control objects, she would just open the door from the bed, look at the person behind the door, strip them of all things and close the door.

People should vote Yuko for the next Marvel superhero.

She then looked at her clothing. Hmm... Panties and half a shirt. She would say that to be adequate at a time like this.

She got up, dragged herself to the door and opened it.

To her surprise, she was very glad that she did not do what she thought she would do if she had supernatural powers because the person on the other side of the door was Atsuko Maeda, her best friend since their AKB48 days. If she had done it, then she would have had to answer to Mayu. She would not want to answer to Mayu. The girl is cute, but very, very, psychotic when it comes to her beloved senpai.

She realized that Atsuko was analysing her choice of clothing and also the layout of her room. It wasn't too uncommon. She knew Atsuko was not the type to bother someone when they had other things to do. Atsuko is nice in that aspect. The only problem that the National Actress had was her personality.

”Sal Khan'it Nor Lugar.” the woman let out.

“What?” was Yuko's immediate response.

It was also everyone else's immediate response when talking to Atsuko for the first time. The girl could be weird at times.  One can never tell what Atsuko Maeda is thinking. That had been proven true by all of Atsuko's friends.

The taller girl managed a nod of satisfaction followed by a sigh of relief by the girl's answer. Yuko learned a lot in all those years talking to Atsuko that when the taller girl was talking nonsense, she should just shut up and let her do what she wants.

You know what they say.

What Atsuko Maeda wants, vice versa.

“Yuko, can I eat you up?”

Wait, what?

“Yuko, I'm going to start now...”

“No, I won't be able to hold in that much... Please, Atsuko...”

“Too late to back out now, Yuko... Here I go.”

“Please, no! Ahhh!”

“I- It actually worked.”

“You idiot... At least let me prepare myself...”

“You already prepared yourself nice and good, Yuko... Now here comes more.”

“N- No more. Atsuko, wait- Ahhhhhhh~”

Atsuko managed to to put the two bacons nicely onto Yuko's abs, right next to the egg she just cracked moments prior.  Yuko let out a luscious moan as the food product cooked on her hot, hard abs.

“When you said you wanted me to do 100 situps in under 5 minutes, I thought we were preparing for something even more, but this... this... Ahh~”

“Yuko, focus on heating your abs. I can smell the bacon now.”

“How does this even scientifically work? And where did you even get the idea? Atsuko, the eggs are slipping down!”

“Ah!” Atsuko managed to hold the egg yolk with a spoon and slid it right back onto Yuko's delicious abs. Wait- I mean, abs, next to the delicious bacon. Yeah, that's what I meant. “I saw it on 9gag where they did the exact same thing and I thought it would be cool. And screw Science. Who needs logic when you have food?”

Before Yuko can even rebut, Atsuko squealed in delight to see her creation coming to perfection. It was like a mama chicken looking at her baby chicks. Except what came out of the egg was nothing more than dead, slimy chicks. And what's next too it was the meat of pigs removed from its rightful owner.

It would have been a murderous scene if it weren't for the fact that Atsuko was singing along joyfully while cooking them on Yuko's abs.

That is just psychotic.

“I- Is it done yet? I'm not actually used to people cooking on my stomach, as much as I don't want to admit it.”


“Well, that was faster than expected.”

“All thanks to your burning hot abs, Yuko!”

“Don't say something so embarrassing, idiot...”

Atsuko grabbed the sunny side up eggs and bacon and placed it on her plate. With a drool and a hyperventilating breath, she ate her meal with gusto.

It took everything in Yuko's sane mind to not be embarrassed about the situation. Atsuko was eating the meal that was cooked to perfection on her stomach. If one were to twist the words right, it would seem like Atsuko was eating Yuko herself! Burying her face in her hands in embarrassment, Yuko cried tears of shame.

Let it never be known how all this ever worked.


Finishing her meal with a burp of satisfaction, she then thanked Yuko and the Food God somewhere for her delicious meal.

“I hope you enjoyed whatever delicacy I had left.” Yuko glared at the taller girl, offended by how casual the girl was after she ate something from stomach.

“I enjoyed it very much, thank you.” Atsuko smiled an innocent smile.

Yuko wailed again.

After much crying from Yuko and tissues used for not taking care of one's sexual desire, Atsuko then thought of something genius. And when Atsuko thinks of something genius, it usually isn't something genius at all. Which says much about Atsuko's true nature.

“Hey, I wonder if there are any leftovers on your abs...”

See? Genius Atsuko at its finest.

Yuko looked at Atsuko in horror, terrified by what was the younger girl's plan now. She ate the eggs and bacon. What more can she probably want? Then Yuko's mind raced with speeds that put even light to shame. She came to multiple conclusions but she figured out what Atsuko would possibly be thinking. It was the first time in human history that someone figurred out Atsuko Maeda's motive. Yuko should probably win an award for this. Preferably something that was not going to happen in the next 2 seconds.

“Atsuko, don't you dare-!”

Whatever Yuko was about to say was muffled as Atsuko slammed her hand to the girl's lips, pushing the shorter girl to the ground with force that made even Luke Skywalker jealous. Atsuko crawled on top of Yuko, hand still on the shorter girl's lips as Yuko felt tears leaving her eyes.

“Thank Lord you wore something so easy on the eyes, Yuko. If you wore a full shirt, I would have had to strip you naked.”

Yuko could have retorted with something clever about Atsuko always seeing her naked and that it doesn't even affect her anymore, but the hands currently on her lips made it a wee bit difficult. Now she knows what Haruna feels like when Takamina gets drunk. Not pretty. Though she could lick Atsuko's hand just for fun. Sadly, she didn't even think of doing that. Having Atsuko Maeda on top of you would do that to you.

Atsuko moved her head just above Yuko's abs and with a smirk, proceeded to lick the well-trained girl's abdominal muscle from the bottom, moving ever so slowing to the top. Yuko squirmed in her place, attempting to let out a squeal, a scream, a moan; anything!

The older girl's face was tinted red from embarrassment. Atsuko Maeda was licking her abs! Why wouldn't she?! It was as if Atsuko was stimulating something even more perverted at this point. If the readers didn't know what Atsuko was licking, then they would probably be thinking this is smut, as well. But it is not. Because reasons. Borderline things.

Eyes making sure the shorter girl has her mouth covered, Atsuko licked the girl's whole abdominal muscle clean, stimulating Yuko even more than she needed.

Deciding to grant the somewhat older girl mercy, Atsuko slid her hand down from Yuko's mouth until only her index finger was touching the bottom part of the girl's lips. Yuko let out a moan of pleasure once she was released from her verbal inability and grabbed the younger girl's fingers as softly as possible.

Atsuko could only watch as the older girl brought her finger to Yuko's lips. Without a second thought, Yuko licked the younger girl's finger, even going so far as putting it in her mouth. If the previous act didn't cause Atsuko to blush enough, this was the moment. Atsuko turned red to her ears as she saw the older girl licked her fingers clean, a lewd expression on her face.


Time seemed to freeze as the words slipped off of Yuko's lips. Atsuko looked at the older girl in shock, past memories playing inside her head. The memories of her time in AKB48. The memories of the best time of her life. The memory of the best friends she had. The memory of staying by her side.

“Yuko... I thought you promised not to-”


The words came out of Yuko's mouth like a whisper, a plea to the younger girl who had initiated something, not because of their past relationship, but their current. A troubled expression appeared on Atsuko's face as she contemplated her current predicament. However, her resolve to reject the girl's invitation instantly crumbled as the older girl pulled her into an embrace, hugging the girl tightly from her position.

“Please... Atsu...”

The name that came out from Yuko was not something Atsuko preferred to hear. It was something she least liked to happen at the moment. But at the same time, it was the name she most wanted to hear.

It was the name she heard from her in the past. It was the name that she was always called by someone, very, very dear to her. Someone who meant the world to her.

'Atsu~' the voice from her past spoke to her and with a smile of affection, she finally replied.

“Just one last ride...”


A/N:[/b] HAH! I just made you guys remember Paul Walker! I'm such a troll. By the way, how did it feel like to go from Comedy to Borderline-ecchi to Hurt/Comfort? I don't know. I just write it. And here's a little extra for all your trouble. Relax. It's just whatever happened with Mayu in the past and it's fluff.


It was a casual morning of practice in the theatre. Some girls were dancing, some were chatting, some were singing together, and some were trying to open up a portal to the spirit realm. Another normal and glorious day in the AKB48 Theatre.

All but one lone girl.

A single girl stood out more than necessary due to her adorable face and silky long hair, tied in her trademark twintail. In only over a year, she became one of the most favoured girl of the team without even doing much. Due to that, people stayed away from her and decided that the girl was anti-social.

The only one who could talk to the girl was none other than the Captain of the Team, Yuki Kashiwagi. Sadly, said Captain was on leave that day due to some of the members shipping her off to California by accident. Well, who could blame them? They can't really read English contracts really well. May their Captain rest in peace wherever she was.

Thus, the silent girl sat at the corner of the room, reading a comic book she borrowed from the Captain. She made no attempt to converse with the others. She did not want to. Who cares? It was her life. Nobody can tell her otherwise.

As the girls continued their daily activities, a girl older than most of the other girls in the room walked in. Nobody noticed her and nobody even made an attempt to notice her. The girl, in all her years, learned of something very important during her training.



The ability to stand out more than anyone, was also the ability to conceal her presence, making her an equal; one of the crowd.

'Why did she say to meet here? We could just go to the movies without meeting up here. I don't want to be considered weird here since I'm on another team, walking into their team's practice session. They must think I'm weird...'

Sadly, the girl in question didn't know she could do something like that and only did it subconsciously. Therefore, her internal panicking makes somewhat sense in this situation.

The girl scanned the room. Thankfully, nobody noticed her and she sighed in relief.  At the end, though, in the far corner of the room, spotted a cute girl, alone, reading a comic book. She then looked at the other girls. They were either chatting with each other or practising, yet that girl sat on the corner without doing anything but reading.

A sense of admiration filled her as she thought of how satisfying it would be to come to practice without practising. That girl must know how to handle other people. Whenever she tries to slack off, her Captain would drag her by the ear back to practice. If whenever said Captain wasn't there, the others would drag her in her stead. Her Team was stupid like that. They should let her slack off but Noo.

Deciding that standing there at the door made her look like a fool, she proceeded to walk towards the lone girl.

The footsteps echo throughout the room as every single girl stopped talking. All amount of movement and happiness from the girls were gone, replaced by surprise, admiration or anxiety. They were made to know the footsteps of the girl that was walking at the moment. The footsteps that even echoes so loudly in their minds that all form of verbal ability turned to nothing. All thoughts were lost as they could only hear those footsteps getting closer and closer to the corner of the room.

That was, except for two girls; the cause of the Team's anxiety, and the girl who she was walking to.

Team B's most famous member was reading her comic book in piece, that was until she realized everyone stopped talking. It was a weird day if Team B stopped talking. Usually, they would talk for hours and still have topics too spare.

Then she heard a voice from in front of her.


At the greeting, everyone turned around to look at the corner of the room. They looked at who was called The Ace of AKB48, greeting the rumoured Ace of Team B. They were now more anxious than ever.

The Team B member who was greeted looked up from her book. In front of her was a girl, hair reaching her shoulders, smiling a dazzling smile at her. The girl at first glared at her, not knowing who the girl was. Though she seem to recall her sometimes when she's dancing to AKB48 songs. What was her name again? She forgot.

“What?” the twintailed girl instantly replied, clearly surprised by how the girl who had suddenly approached her. "Wait, who are you?"

Everyone else in the room screamed internally as they heard the young girl question her Senior with that tone. Some of them wanted to kick some sense into the girl but they couldn't. They were petrified by the Senior's presence.

“Oh, me? I'm no one in particular. My name's Atsuko. What's yours?”

Some wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, some wanted to knock some sense into the girl now known as Atsuko.  How can a Senior be so casual about everything?

“Mayu.” the girl said flatly.

“Mayu, huh...” Atsuko murmured her name, her never-lasting smile still plastered on her face. “Mayu... Mayu~” the girl singsonged, which made the younger girl blush a slight red.

“Can you not murmur my name so much? It's somewhat irritating...”

'HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT TO YOUR SENIOR?!' the majority of team B chorused in their minds. A rare act that they actually think alike.

“Oh, sorry. Mayu-chan~”


“I haven't seen you around...” Mayu narrowed her eyes, fighting the blush on her cheeks.

“Oh, I'm not from this team. I'm from Team A. Just waiting for some people.”


'THAT'S IT?! 'OH'?!'

As the members questioned the ridiculousness of the situation, the door opened yet again and more people entered the room.

“Anyone seen Atsuko?” questioned Takahashi, the shortest of the group of friends.

“Or better yet, anyone seen someone who casually enters someone else's Team Practice without giving a single thought to the others?” added Minegishi, who shares the same first name with Takahashi which is why I am currently using their last names.

“Hey, that hurts!” Atsuko glared at the chatterbox of Team A.

“Wow, she was really inside.” Itano whistled, awed by how accurate Minegishi and Mariko's prediction were.

“You owe me a drink.” Mariko casually smirked at Haruna who had her cheeks puffed in an attempt to pout.

“Acchan, you now have to buy me a drink, which I will give to Mariko.” Haruna informed Atsuko.

“Don't pull me into your crazy bets.” Atsuko sighed.

The majority of Team B were awed by the arrivals. It's like one of those yankee movies where Big names suddenly appear out of nowhere. It was just that surprising. If this were a Yankee movie, the big names would be like Center Acchan, Sabertooth Tomochin, Dino Mariko, Kitty Cat Haruna, Chatterbox Miichan, and Small Takamina.

“Let's go, Acchan. MaiMai said she'd treat you.” Takahashi informed the Ace and the latter brightened up immediately.


Before Atsuko was able to run, she felt a tug on her skirt. The girl turned around to see that Mayu was holding on to it.

Mayu sighed and got up, thinking of getting this over before things escalate too much. She knew then that Atsuko was not an equal to her. She was a senior, therefore should call her in a more formal manner. She would not change her speech pattern for her, per se. But at least she should call her in a more appropriate name. And also thank her for talking with her when nobody else did.

She would not admit that she felt a slight tinge of happy in her heart when Atsuko talked to her, though. She would keep this to the grave!

That was what she thought. Not any more.

“See ya, senpai.” the girl bid her farewell like any normal Juniors would.

At that moment, in a slight heartbeat, Atsuko moved closer and hugged the shorter girl with all her might, causing everyone else in the room to either gasp in shock, hyperventilate (Dammit Miichan) or facepalm. (Poor Takamina)

“Wha-” was what Mayu managed to say before the embrace became tighter.

They stayed in that position for a full three seconds before Takahashi, being Atsuko's Private Guardian, pulled her from embracing their Junior any longer.

“Hey, don't disturb them.” Takahashi scolded.

“But Takamina! She just called me senpai! SENPAI!

“Yeah, she called you what you are. Good job.” Mariko sarcastically commented.

“Wait, it took you almost three years in A.K.B for someone to call you senpai?” Itano grinned from ear to ear, amused by the situation.

“Well nobody called me that, yet.” Haruna inserted her own dissatisfaction.

“You're not really the senpai-type, Haruna.” Itano patted the girl on the back and Haruna frowned even more.

“Can't you people just be happy for me? Miichan, you know how I feel, right?!” Atsuko looked at her partner-in-crime, her companion, and confidante.

“Acchan, you're 1 year older than me.” Minegishi blurted out.

“And why have you not called me senpai?” Atsuko raised an eyebrow.

Minegishi thought for a moment.

She got nothing.

Minegishi ran for her dear life.

“HEY!” Atsuko chased after her shorter companion.

The others followed the two after saying their farewells to the still shocked Team B members. The only Team A member left behind was Takahashi, who walked to Mayu. The girl still stood there, head hung low. The older girl thought that Atsuko had offended her in some way, causing the girl to feel slightly hurt, or even badly judging from how she hadn't spoken anything for like ten seconds.

When she looked closely at Mayu's face though, she realized something crucial. A worried look spread on her face as she tried to piece the puzzle together. She then clicked her tongue.

“Goddammit, Atsuko.” she mumbled to nobody in particular.

She then left to catch up to her friends, not before apologizing to the Team B members for ruining their practice, or chatting, or whatever they were doing. Half of them still had their mouths gaped. Don't they have to worry about flies and whatnot? Damn, Team B is brutal.

After the Team A Captain left, she was replaced by their current Team B Captain, Yuki Kashiwagi, who was breathing raggedly from running all the way to the Theatre from California. Trying to catch her breath, Yuki stood there for about ten seconds before walking towards Mayu who was in the same spot, unmoving.

“Sorry I... left... you... alone, Mayu... California is pretty... far...” Yuki managed to mutter between ragged breathing.

The only sound in the room was Yuki's ragged breathing. It was like everyone else stopped breathing entirely. Freaked out by how silent the room was, what with all the chatty Team B members and whatnot, she then looked around to see everyone else was still in shock.

“Er... Anything happened while I was gone?” Yuki asked, not really knowing what happened to make everyone so silent.

“Hey, Yuki...” Mayu finally spoke to the older girl, her first words for minutes of silence.

The younger girl lifted her head up.

Yuki could clearly see her face blushed from ear to ear, her eyes wide open from having found out a revelation. And if she actually tried to listen more closely to the room, she could hear not only the silence and her breathing, but also a fast heartbeat, beating like never before. And if she tried to hear even more closely, the source of the uneven heartbeat was none other than her best friend.

“I think I'm in love...”


A/N: Told you it was fluffy. Though not much fluffy. More comedy. BUT WAIT! There's more!

[OMAKE #2]

“So, anything happened to you guys? You chased Miichan pretty hard there.”

“She was lucky I lack energy.”

“So your faults show when you're trying to beat up someone.”

“Seriously, MaiMai! It was the first time someone called me senpai!”

“I'm older than you. How come you never call me senpai?”

“... Fair point.”

The older girl giggled.

“You're so cute sometimes, Atsu~”

Mai ruffled the girl's hair as the younger girl fought her own blush.

“You're more, Maimai...”

“What was that?”