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Title: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu] Chapter 9 Updated
Post by: AlmiraTheGreat on August 21, 2013, 01:15:02 PM
rawr!!!! I still have many fan fics on going but.. uhmm~~~ my idea will be lost if I don't type it~
please do forgive me~!!!!!!!!!!
as the title suggests.. this is a side story of my other fic that features KojiYuu one year before the events of Heart Shaped Virus..
don't worry, this fic will not coincide with Heart Shaped Virus fan fic (because this is set one year before that will eventually undergo some time shift XD)

DEDICATED TO MY READER Tam_atsu-san~ and other KojiYuu fans out there XD



I was aware the he’s a good for nothing guy..
He had many girls in his arms..
Had many affairs with them at some point..
A bad boy you could say
And oh! I should probably mention that he’s a pervert

He’s one year my senior and yet I could not respect him because of his attitude.
He has some good points too..
He so handsome
My eyes are blinded
I can't breathe because I'm trembling
I was captured from first glance, caught so closely

This is such wondrous high
A wild pulse coupled with the shouts
Before my eyes a rain of misses
Adrenalin always pumping

Ahh~ I think I’m in love with him~
I can't even say anything
I'm too embarrassed
Do I not have any courage?
What would be the right thing to do?
My heart is anxious as I'm looking at him

“Yu-chan-senpai~” I murmured his name like a fool

“Haruna~ if you keep fantasizing about him then why don’t you just confess?” my good friend Yuki said


“why?” another good friend of mine, Reina has said it

“I don’t know too”

“maybe it’s because he’s a good for nothing guy~” Rena said

“haha LOL yea~” Acchan agreed

“mou~~ he has good points too!!!!” I pouted

I’m crazy in love with that perverted gentleman..

Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu]
Post by: blakwhite on August 21, 2013, 01:47:43 PM
nice story  :D
pls continue  :D

i want to know more  :oops:
Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu]
Post by: Tam_atsu on August 21, 2013, 01:54:51 PM
omg. i didnt expect that you will post this.  :P i was planning to sleep already but before i sleep i opened
jphip to see if you updated your fic again. then suddenly i saw this!  :wub: :wub:
and you said this is dedicated to me! lol. im so happy!!! :wub: :heart: :heart:
you never failed to make me smile! thank you so much! now i can sleep peacefully lol  :P :lol:
and i hope tomorrow you'll update  :lol: :thumbsup :bow: thank you again!  :love: :heart: :inlove: :)
Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu]
Post by: ezha on August 21, 2013, 02:00:44 PM
wooo new story from almira-san hahaha
u know i'm become u'r loyal reader and most important is wMatsui side story (yeaaahh)
keep writing ok...
Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu] Chapter 1 Updated
Post by: AlmiraTheGreat on August 21, 2013, 03:16:13 PM
@blackwhite -- thank you the support  :)
@Tam_atsu- -of course~ I will update again tomorrow XD
@ezha - thank you so much~  :)


Chapter 1 [The Pervert, the Camera and the Chocolate]

As a senior middle school student,
I decided that I will do well in my studies so that I can enter the prestigious Akiba High.
A school intended for the elites..
I’m no elite so all I can do is cling unto the scholarship that is handled down if you happen to pass the super hard entrance exam and is one of the top ten passers
Because of that..
I had to undergo some intense Study Session with my genius little sister
I would even bring the textbooks in the bathroom just to study..
At that time, I was confident in passing the entrance exam
Until the day I was looking forward to come finally arrived.

“uwa~ pencil~ where’s my pencil!?” I said in a panic mode

“Oneechan, please calm down~” my sister Mako said

“I can’t calm down~!!” I was about to go insane~

“Haruna, please bring some snacks so that you will not get hungry~” Mom made me bring some pocky and some sandwiches

“thanks Mom~”

“Haruna, you don’t have to force yourself in taking the entrance exam of this school.” My dad was worried

“I want to bring honor to our family too just like Mako”

“You’re already bringing us honor Oneechan, through your modeling career.” Mako smiled

“I could not ask for more with a daughter like you” Dad smiled

“no, please let me bring honor to our family through academics”

“if you’re that determined, who are we to stop you?” My mom smiled

“you should probably leave now if you don’t want to be late” Mako reminded me

“jaa.. itekimasu” I went out from the house smiling

“iterashai~” my family waved their hands

I’m super blessed with my caring and supportive family
Even though Mako is a child prodigy,
My parents didn’t pressure me to be like her..
Mako even helped me with my studies at some point
When I was scouted to be a model of Teen Vogue Magazine..
They are the first ones to support me with all of their heart
At the time I step in the train on the way to Akiba High..
I said to myself that I’m bringing the pride of the Kojima Family
There’s no way I could fail like that..

A few moments later..
I finally reached the Akiba High..
As I thought,
It was full of elites and I was not even an inch on being like them

“this is it..” I said excitedly

As I step in to the campus..
I noticed a guy in the gate..
He was talking pictures of every single girl student entering the campus
Looking clearly to it..
He was taking the picture of their oshiris

“such a pervert..” I mumbled

To think that Hasselblad H4D-60 camera would be such a waste because of what he is doing
Boys these days..

“well either way, it’s time to take the entrance exam~” I said excitedly

We were guided by the current student council president in our testing rooms
The number of the aspiring Akiba High was quite high than I imagine..
When we were given the signal to take the test..
I excitedly opened the questionnaire
Much to nervousness..
The questions in the test were super easy!
Thanks to Mako’s sample test, I can know answer all of these questions without a hitch!

A few moments later..

“huah~ finally done~”

I stretched out my arm after finish the test
It seems, I was the only one to finish the test early
With that said..
I roamed around the Akiba High campus before going home

“such big campus~” I murmured

Then I saw him..
I saw the pervert guy again..
The one who is taking pictures of girl students’ oshiri
I wonder why he was accepted in this school with that attitude anyway.
He then noticed me all of sudden and approached me

“you done with the test already?” he smiled

“unn..” I just nodded in response

“here, eat this. This will help you booze your energy again” he gave me a Cadbury chocolate and walk away

At that time..
I learned not to judge a person just by their first impression qualities
That perverted gentleman left me in awe
Without even knowing his name
Nor his year
“for now.. I will call him Hentai Oniichan” I smiled

A month has passed since that unexpected meeting..
The results are going to be posted in the Akiba High campus
Oh god!
Hope that I can pass~
With that said..
I immediately went to the Akiba High only to find tons of people
It was hard to sneak in front of the bulletin board
But I need to find my name!!
I forced myself in the swarm of people until I was in the front of the bulletin board
I saw the results

1.   Watanabe Mayu       
2.   Kojima Haruna
3.   Fujie Reina
4.   Kashiwagi Yuki
5.   Matsui Rena

I passed!!!
And more over..
I’m included in the top ten~!!!!!!
Such happiness!!!
I can’t wait to tell my family about this!!
Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu] Chapter 1 Updated
Post by: Tam_atsu on August 22, 2013, 03:01:34 AM
taking picture of every girl... as expected from yuuchan such a perv xD but still he's a gentleman  :heart:
and congrats nyannyan!! wohooo!! 2!!  :lol: :inlove:
Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu] Chapter 1 Updated
Post by: Haruko on August 22, 2013, 03:13:38 AM
wow.. interesting story..
Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu] Chapter 1.5 Updated
Post by: AlmiraTheGreat on August 23, 2013, 11:44:37 AM
Chapter 1.5 [The Pervert, the Yakiniku Restaurant and the overly-teaser Sister]

The moment I saw my name on the passers of the Akiba High entrance exam..
I immediately went straight home just to tell my family about the results

“Mom~ Dad~ Mako~ I’m home!!!”

“Neechan?” Mako was shocked

“Haruna~ okaeri~ how did it go?” Mom said excitedly

“Haruna..” Dad was getting worried

“hehehe~ I passed!!!!!!!” I said with a big grin on my face

“really!?” Mako was happy

“Yokata~” Mom was happy too

“and more over   ~ I was included in the top 10!! Scholarship baby!!!”

“Haruna..I’m so proud of you” Dad was shedding tears of joy

“I knew you could do it!” Mako raised his thumb

“I’m so proud of you~” Mom hugged me

“Yosh! Let’s have a yakiniku party tonight!!” Dad claimed

“yay!” me and Mako jumped with joy

And with that said~
the two of us siblings looked forward for the yakiniku party
I’m so blessed with my family~
On exactly 6:30 pm..
Us family headed towards the famous Yakiniku Restaurant in Shibuya
Legend says that the yakiniku there is so delicious that you won’t be able to sleep until you eat more..
Let’s just see about that~
Me and my sister Mako are foodwhores!
So the challenge is on!

“Oneechan~ here we are!!!”

“woah~ so crowded than I thought~”

“don’t worry the wait in here is worth it~” Dad raised his thumb

“Irashaimasen~” a clerk greeted us

“table for four please~” Mom said to the clerk

“this way please..”

The clerk eventually led us to a vacant table and took our orders
We couldn’t get more excited~

“ahh~ I wonder when will our food arrive~” Mako said

“haha~ I better post a picture of our food in instagram~”

“LOL! Hahahaha” Mako laughed

Then after a few minutes of chit chatting..
Our order finally arrived..
I was so shocked..
Not because our order looks scrumptious..
But the one who take our foods in our table was none other than..

“Hentai Oniichan” I murmured

I never thought that he’s a clerk here
So there are also middle class students in Akiba High
Not only me..

“hey.. Aren’t you the one you the one who finished the entrance exam early?” he suddenly asked me

“ah! Yes I am!” I was nervous

“so how did it go?” he smiled

“I passed”

“good for you~ I’m looking forward in seeing you were the uniform next spring” he then walked away

“Oneechan.. is it true that you finished the exam early?” Mako smiled


“that’s our Haruna!” Mom and Dad said in unison

“I’m so proud of you Oneechan~ and to think you seduced a handsome student already~”

Did I hear it right?
Seduced a student?
There’s no way I could do that!!
I didn’t even know his name
Nor his year!
But I do want to know it~

“no~ I didn’t seduced him!”

“well~ did he confessed to you at first meeting?” Mako smirked


“haha~ you don’t have to lie~”

“it’s nothing like that!”

“LOL~ must be great to be confessed by a handsome guy~”

“Haruna’s boyfriend is handsome” Otousan smiled

“our Haruna is already grown up” Okaasan smiled too

“it’s not what you think~” I blushed

“haha you’re blushing~” Mako teased me even more

“no~~ I’m not~”

“okay~ it’s time to eat~” Otousan said

“let’s eat before it gets cold~”

“Itadakimasu~” Mako said


With that..
Our family time continue again
Even though Mako was a teaser..
I knew she was really worried about me..
LOL she got the wrong impression~
There is no way I could love someone who is pervert!
Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu] Chapter 1.5 Updated
Post by: Tam_atsu on August 23, 2013, 02:02:05 PM
i love haruna's family lol.

and nyan-nyan~. you're wrong...... CAUSE YOU LOVE PERVERT PEOPLE LIKE YUUCHAN!!  :lol: :wub:
Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu] Chapter 2 Updated
Post by: AlmiraTheGreat on August 23, 2013, 03:32:21 PM
Chapter 2

Us family went to a Yakiniku store to celebrate
Then I saw him again..
I saw Hentai Oniichan again
He asked me on what happened to the results of the entrance exam
Although I’m a bit happy because he asked..
Mako teased me non-stop about him..
My parents also thought that he was my boyfriend
Hell no!

“I don’t like perverts..” I murmured while lying on my bed

“but.. he’s a perverted gentleman..” I smiled

The next day..
I woke up early than usual
Must be because I already passed the entrance exam and have nothing to think about..
With that said..
I immediately put on my school uniform and looked at myself in the mirror

“just a few more months.. I’ll be a high school student~!!” I shouted in my room

“Oneechan? Are you okay?” I heard Mako said that by the door

“yea~ don’t mind me..”

“seriously Oneechan”


I then dashed towards the kitchen

“Ohayou~” I greeted my parents

“Ohayou, Haruna” Otousan greeted me back

“Ohayou, the food is ready Haruna” my Mom smiled

“what do we have here today?”

“your favorite”

“bacon and egg~” Mako said

“woah~ it’s been ages~” I said with sparkling eyes

After that..
I head towards the school
For some reasons..
I can’t stop thinking about Hentai Oniichan..
Why wonder why?

-Shibuya Private School-

-After School-

“Haruna~ let’s go to the mixer~” one of my classmates said

“hmm~ sorry~ but I need to go to the bookstore today to pick up my special order~” I joined my hands

“okay~ let’s do it some other time then~” she smiled

“of course”

“I’ll be sure to introduce Shinoda Mario-san to you~”

“the model!?”

“yea~ for some reason~ I got to meet him and we will be meeting him today with some other boys from Akiba High”

“that’s great~”

“so I’ll see you around”

With that said..
I went to the bookstore
I need to pick up the book a pre-ordered
A new book from Shimada Ryuunosuke
My favorite author
He was a best-selling author so I expect that the bookstore will be crowded
I guess not this time

“book~” I murmured while smiling

“welcome..” the clerk greeted me

“uhmm excuse me~ where should I pick up the book a pre-ordered?”

“just go to the counter~” the clerk smiled to me


I was instructed to go to the counter to pick up my book
As I walk towards..
I took a glimpse of a familiar person
My eyes widened
My jaws dropped
This is the 2nd time this week
Is he following me?
Probably not
Why the heck is it that wherever I go he’s working there?
Does he need money that badly

“oh~ you again~” he smiled

“that’s supposed to be my line~” I pouted

“haha, so you’re here to pick up something right?”

“well’s a romance book”

“what is the title?”

“24/7 in Love” I smiled

“let see… oh here it is~”

“yay! Thank you so much..”

“don’t mention it..”


“by the way.. I’ve been seeing you for a while now but.. I still don’t know your name” he showed his sweet smile to me

“Kojima Haruna” I smiled back to him

I then walk away..
But before I could exit the premises..
I heard him murmur my name

“Kojima Haruna..”

I seemed to left him in awe
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Post by: Tam_atsu on August 23, 2013, 03:58:56 PM
why yuuchan have 2 part time job?  :?
Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu] Chapter 2 Updated
Post by: AlmiraTheGreat on August 23, 2013, 04:05:43 PM
why yuuchan have 2 part time job?  :?

want some spoiler? XD
Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu] Chapter 2 Updated
Post by: Tam_atsu on August 23, 2013, 04:14:34 PM
why yuuchan have 2 part time job?  :?

want some spoiler? XD

ahhh!! nononono xD JUST UPDATE SOON HAHAHAHA!! i want to go with the flow of the fic xD :lol:
Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu] Chapter 2 Updated
Post by: Haruko on August 24, 2013, 04:27:02 AM
aww I want a stalker like him..
Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu] Chapter 2.5 Updated
Post by: AlmiraTheGreat on August 24, 2013, 05:59:24 AM
@Haruko - Yuu is not a stalker here~ XD it's just coincidence  :lol:

Chapter 2.5 [The Pervert, the Park and the Car]

For the second time this week..
I saw Hentai Oniichan again yesterday..
This time..
In the bookstore..
I wonder why is it that he’s always there whenever I go
Is he my stalker that can read my mind or predict my next location?
I hope not..
I have no interest in dating a pervert!
Even if he’s so handsome!!!

“why am I getting all agitated anyway?” I murmured

I cannot read my newly bought book because of that..
I was thinking..
Why the heck I didn’t ask for his name anyway..?
Oh well~
It’s just a matter of time before spring comes anyway

In the midst of my delusions…
My phone suddenly rang.

*kring* *kring*

“Hello, Haruna desu”

“Kojima-san, it’s me. I just want to inform you that our pictorial and interview for this month’s issue will be today”

“okay, I got it.”

“please do come one hour before the said time”

“I will..”


“work huh?”

With that said
I immediately went to take a shower..
Finish packing all I need..
and ate breakfast



The said place was Shibuya National Park
We’re going to Miyawaki Sakura’s place to interview her
She’s a young model who’s very popular right now
I dashed towards the station with that mindset
After a few minutes of travelling..
I finally arrived


Since I’m a bit too early..
I decided to roam around the park
I saw a familiar person..
Oh great!
He’s here again..
And this time..
He’s not on a part time job..
He’s constantly taking pictures of girl in the park

“hue hue hue~” I heard him laugh


“oh god..” I murmured and face palmed myself

A girl then head towards him

“Ecureuil-kun! Let’s go~”

“wait a minute baby~” he smiled to the girl

“let’s go~ stop picturing other girls besides me!”

“Mind your own business. Don’t be too attached to trivial things; it’s not good for your body” I can see Hentai Oniichan smile

“unn..” the girl pouted

“okay~ let’s go~”

Then the two of them suddenly entered a luxurious car
If I remember it correctly..
That car was..
Maybach Exelero!
The most expensive car in the world!
He’s working on small time business and yet..
How the hell could he afford something like that!?
He’s just working for fun..
But in reality..
He’s a super wealthy person..
That could be true!
Maybe I should ask him when I enter Akiba High

“oh well~”

After a few minutes of roaming around..
I got tired and just read a book
Without knowing it..
It was almost time for my pictorial

“okay.. Haruna-san, I want you to give me a variety of poses” the cameraman said


“I want you to feature your adult aura!”

“okay!” I replied enthusiastically

The photographer then took a variety of shots
Sexy pose..
Casual pose..
Lovely pose..
Kawai pose..
Being a model is tough indeed
Especially when you’re modeling for a famous magazine

“This is my forte anyway~”

After the pictorial..
We went to the main studio to interview Miyawaki-san
Like the rumors said..
She’s really beautiful despite being so young..

“I need to work harder!”

With spring entering soon..
I better work harder
Both in my career and in academics..
I don’t want to engage myself in love as much as possible

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Post by: Tam_atsu on August 24, 2013, 06:05:50 AM
ehhh??? whats going on  :? :shocked :lol:
interesting  XD
Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu] Chapter 2.5 Updated
Post by: Kochiki on August 24, 2013, 04:23:03 PM
Oh wow, this look so interesting~~
-Ah...The 3rd time already?? Hrm...
-Coincidence or fate??~ Hehe...
-A wealthy person and working for fun...
-Possible~~ Jya...

>Plz update soon!!~ I can't wait for the next one!!~ Nice chap.!!~
Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu] Chapter 2.5 Updated
Post by: Tam_atsu on August 26, 2013, 04:09:04 AM
this is a rare thing that you dont update for a couple of days :shocked
i miss this already  XD update pleazzzz :inlove:
Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu] Chapter 3 Updated
Post by: AlmiraTheGreat on August 26, 2013, 05:23:01 AM
Chapter 3 [Haruna, the Mixer and the Spoiled Rich Lad]

The next day…
I was still feeling restless on seeing Hentai Oniichan for the 3rd time this week. I began to this that maybe he really is stalking me. But maybe it’s just my imagination again. After all there no way someone will be interested with a girl like me. I maybe modeling for a famous magazine but I’m not yet that popular. Not popular like this girl on the front cover of Seventeen Magazine.

If you’re wondering why the heck did I chose to be a model as my side activity. Well it’s because I was influenced by a famous model and T.V. Personality, Shinoda Mariko. She was a model for Cosmopolitan Magazine for over 3 years now. She came from a super-rich family that is rumored to buy an International Corporation in the U.S. Aside from being pretty and all; I read from a magazine interview that she was currently studying Economics at the Harvard University in America. Beauty and brains she got indeed. Rumor has said that she was currently dating the 5-star chef Minegishi Kuu.

“I wonder if I will be popular like Mariko-sama and have a handsome boyfriend” I muttered

Yea right!
I’m hundred years too early to be like her! It’s out of my reach!

I heard a knock on my door

“Oneechan~ if you don’t eat your breakfast right now, you will be late for class!” Mako said

“oh gosh! I forgot about school!”

“then go on and move your ass!”

“okay okay! I got it!”

Hah~ and this is the reason why I don’t get a boyfriend up until now. I had a tendency to space out and I always depend on my little sister.
I wonder if I should be disqualified as an older sister this way.

“I better get going”

With that said..
I immediately took a bath and prepared my things for school. I didn’t tied up my hair his time as I was running late for school. I didn’t eat breakfast too and instead took a slice of bread with nuttela and dashed. I was like an anime character at that time.



“be careful Neechan~”

As I ran with all my might, I began to think about my upcoming school life this coming to spring. Obviously I spaced out..
All of sudden..
A car was about to hit me..
This is how I die!!!!
With that..
I closed my eyes


I was so sure that the car should have hit my by now. But why is it that I’m still standing here in the intersection in awe. Maybe I’m only dreaming and I’m now in the afterlife?

I then opened my eyes,

“oi! What are you doing!?” the man on the car got out from his car

“I should probably the one saying that!”

“you’re the one in who dashed all of a sudden!”

“you should have a look on the traffic light! It was clearly on red when you started to accelerate!”

“no, it’s not!”

“then give me a proof!” I demanded

“enough of this, how much do you want to shut up?” the man sudden took out his wallet and brought out some money

“don’t bribe me with you money! Jack ass!!!”

I then slapped that man.
Honestly! Bribing me just because he’s rich!
That’s why I hate guys these days!

“what was that for!?”


Looking at the time, I only have a short time before class starts. And with that, I dashed with my might again and luckily, I was on time. Afterschool, one of my classmates invited me over on the mixer.

“Haruna~ let’s go~ Mario-sama will be there!”

“okay I’m on it!”

With that said, we immediately went to the mixer event that is gonna be held on the Yakiniku Restaurant near on Akiba Park. I was so excited to see Shinoda Mario, Shinoda Mariko-sama’s younger brother. I really didn’t have a chance to see him when Mariko-sama went to the Akiba Park.

“I’m really excited!” I said

“we’re almost there!!!” one of my classmate said

After a few minutes of walking in our destination, we finally arrived at the place.

“hehe…” I chuckled

“so Haruna~ let me introduce you to the Akiba Private High guys   ~”

The moment I took a seat..
A saw the guy from earlier. The both of us were shocked and cannot believe on what we saw.

“you!” I said

“oh~ it’s you!” the guy smiled

“you know Mario-sama already?” one of my classmate asked


She said Mario-sama…
So this aggressive guy is the younger brother of Mariko-sama!?

“yea! He is the guy who almost bumped me this morning!”

“I did not! It’s your fault anyway!”

“no! it’s yours!”

“haha~ you know what~ you to are going to get along well~” she said

What the hell!?
Me? Going to get along with Mario!? No way!
At first I’m eager to meet him but now..
My image of him broke into pieces!!!
And to think he’s the younger brother of the model I look up too
That’s why I hate boys these days!!!!

Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu] Chapter 3 Updated
Post by: Kochiki on August 26, 2013, 09:04:34 AM
Aa!!  So Haruna wanted to be like Mariko huh??~
-I see...And gosh, she almost hit by a car!!~
-And guess what!! It's Mario~ Mixer~~
-Lol, the spoiled rich guy...Hrm...I wonder...
-If they can really get along with each other~
-But how about Yuu-kun??~ Ah...Just gonna wait~

>Plz update soon!!~ I can't wait for the next one!!~
Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu] Chapter 3 Updated
Post by: Tam_atsu on August 26, 2013, 09:51:44 AM
here comes yuuchan's rival!! presenting MARIO!!
lol. but still nyanyan's heart is only for yuu :heart: :heart:
Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu] Chapter 4 Updated
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Chapter 4 [The Protective Sister, Haruna and the Spoiled Lad]

I was about to get bumped by a car while running my way towards school. I was running late at that time so it can’t be helped. I knew I was a goner the moment I saw the car and heard it horn. Then, when I opened my eyes, I saw myself still standing in the intersection in awe. The heck!? And here I thought I was a goner. A few moments late, a guy went out of the car and scolded me suddenly. I explained everything to him but he just won’t take a hint. Without knowing it, the two of us, stubborn citizens of Japan, argued in the intersection. As the two of us continued to argue, he suddenly asked me on how much I need to shut up. What the hell!? What does he think of me? A hostess!? Boys these days! And with that said, I slapped him and left him in awe.

When I arrived in school, I was so pissed off that I didn’t listen to our lesson and instead looked in the window pane. After school, I was asked by one of my classmate to go on a mixer. I agreed to it since she mentioned that Shinoda Mario, the younger brother of the model I look up too, will be also there alongside with some Akiba Private High boys. With that said, I was so excited in meeting him. But I didn’t know utter disappointment will be waiting for me once I get to meet him. Ever wondered why? It’s because the jerk who was so close in bumping me and Shinoda Mario are the same person! More over throughout the mixer, we did nothing but argue. My classmate and the others have the guts to say that we will go along fine! How so!?

“I don’t want to see him ever again!” I muttered to myself while reading a magazine

“Who?” my sister asked

“You know~ the guy I mentioned~ Shinoda Mario~”

“Oh, the brother of ShinoMari right?”


“Hah~ Oneechan, first the guy on the restaurant, now him? Please do choose only one!” Mako smirked

“Like I said! That Oniichan and I are not dating! Moreover me and that Mario jerk!” I blushed


“Mako!” I pouted



“I never thought that someone as handsome as him can be a jerk”

“Me too…”

My phone suddenly rang

“Haruna desu”

“Haruna-san, it’s me. I just want to inform you about our work today”

“Of course”

“another work?” Mako asked


“when will you have your free time? I want to go on a trip with you Oneechan~”

“hmm…after graduation I think?” I smiled

“heh~ that long?”

“just wait for it Mako”

“well you better go on a trip with me before you go to high school!”

“hehe of course~”

“but Oneechan, I’m worried”

“how so?”

“it’s because once you graduate from middle school, you will always be busy with love and high school stuffs”

“Mako, since you’re going to be a middle school student, you will be busy too.”

“but not as busy as you!”

“don’t worry Mako, even if I find a boyfriend, I will always find time to be with my family


“so do not worry about unnecessary stuffs okay?”

“unn…” Mako nodded

“good girl~”

With that said, I somehow console my little sister. Even though our levels are completely different, we are not the typical sisters you usually see in the community. Me and Mako are type of sisters that will always be with each other no matter what happens. Mako tends to be jealous whenever I talk about the boys I like.  With this little sister around, I can’t find a boyfriend that easy. But, I am blessed with a sister like her.

The Next Day…

I somehow woke up early due to the fact that I have work today. I immediately prepared all the things I need and head towards the kitchen to eat breakfast. After a few moments I then headed to the Studio. I was told that I will work with someone now. I wonder who it is.

“ahh Haruna-san you’re finally here”

“so, where is the one I will be working?”

“come here~”

“Kouki-san you called?”

The moment I saw the man I will be working with, my eyes widened and my jaw dropped.

“you again!?” he said

“that’s my line!”

“ehh? You know each other?”

“yea!” I answered furiously

“then I hope you can get along well~” Kouki-san said

“no way!” Mario said

“there’s no way!” I replied

“oh come on~ how will the photo shoot end early?”


“….” I didn’t respond

“well?” Kouki-san asked

“yoroshiku onegaishimasu” Mario bowed

“kochira koso…” I bowed down too

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Yuu, where are you? Mario is going to stole your nyan nyan~ just saying~ xD
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where's my kojiyuu?  :cry: yuuchan seriously where on earth are you right now???  :cry:
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Chapter 6 [The Pervert, the Chocolate Shop and One-Sided Feelings]

The photoshoot ended very well even though me and that spoiled brat Mario are not in a good terms with each other. The staffs and the Photographer were impressed with us and even praised us. Before I head home, I went to a chocolate shop to buy some milk and dark chocolate that I will use in baking a cake for my graduation celebration this week. As I loiter around the shop to find some quality items, I saw a familiar man in the counter. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped the moment I saw him. Hentai Oniichan has a lot of jobs than I thought. After I had all of the ingredients, I went straight to the counter.

“that will be 500 yen” Hentai Oniichan smiled at me

“here you go~” I smiled back to him

“thank you for buying~ We hope to see you again”

My transaction was already finished and yet, why the heck I couldn’t move my legs towards the exit? Something was definitely wrong with me.


“yes?”  he replied with a smile

“I’ve seen you countless of times working from one store to another, aren’t you getting tired from working all the time?” I gathered all of my courage and finally asked him

“Oshima-san~ you can now take your break~” I can hear the manager said that

“why don’t we talk about this on the nearby park?”

“O-Of course…”

With that said we head to the nearby park, bought some couple of sodas and sat on a bench

“the reason why I had to take multiple jobs because…”


“I want to help the daughter of our gardener finish middle school….”

“ehh?” I was puzzled

“You see, I was born in an elite family. I never experienced helping someone by my own effort. But when I saw the man getting all pumped up to support the school fees of his daughter, my point of view changed and I decided to help our gardener.”

“uhmm this might be quite rude but, why did you decided to work instead of asking money to your parents?”

“Helping someone is more fun if you exerted some efforts right?”

“Oniichan…” I murmured and then smiled to him

“hehehe” he smiled back

“all this time of meeting…I still don’t know your name. You already knew my name and yet I don’t know yours, quite unfair…” I pouted a little

“Oshima Yuu”

Oshima Yuu…
Oshima Yuu he said…
That name sounds familiar…
The son of the owner of the Oshima Group of Companies!
I never taught that Hentai Oniichan was the son of one of the most influential business man in Asia!

“I never taught that I could meet some influential person…” I said to him

“ehh?” he was puzzled

“I mean your father is the owner of the Oshima Group of Companies right?”

“well yea…” he smiled

“so that makes you an influential person”

“hmm I’m just his son, nothing else” he smiled again to me

I never imagine that Hentai Oniichan was so humble about his family status.  I’m impressed with him even more. Even though he is a pervert, he has still good points.

“your name was Kojima Haruna right?”

“uhmm yea”

“I saw you on a magazine yesterday”

“hehe well I’m a model at a magazine”

“that job suits you…” he smiled

“thanks…” I blushed a little

After talking for a moment, Hentai Oniichan eventually went back to the store and we parted ways. I still don’t know if this is Fate’s Play or coincidence that we always meet somewhere. When I was on the train, I still can’t stop thinking about him.
“Oshima Yuu huh?” I murmured

When I arrived at home, Mako greeted me with a smile

“I’m home~”

“okaeri Oneechan~” Mako smiled


“oh by the way, I have something to show you~”

“what is it?”

“wait I’ll get it~”

With that, Mako rushed to her room as I wait in the living room. After a few moments, Mako came down to the living room with a magazine in hand.

“Oneechan look at this~ your boyfriend is the front model~”

I then took the magazine only to find Hentai Oniichan as the front model.

“Mako, like I said… he’s not my boyfriend…” Haruna blushed

“heh~ then who is he to you?” Mako was curious

“well uhmm… you could say that we’re getting along well”

“is that all?” Mako smirked


“how about Mario?” Mako showed a sinister smile

“I hate him!” I shouted in frustration

“oh really? Hate can turn into love you know?”

“Mako! What’s up with all of the teasing~” I pouted

“hehehe~ gomen gomen~”


But honestly speaking...
Do I only view Hentai Oniichan as the person I get along with?
Or there’s more to that?

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more than that! Haruna need to stay with the pervert guy!... sorry, with the awesome Oshima Yuu!
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more than that nyan nyan!! and yes you can hate mario so that yuu can have you lol. update soon plzzzz!!  :lol: :love: and now.. they already know each other ahh :heart: :heart: :)
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Geh...A-Again huh?? Hentai Oniichan...Zamn...He's so kind...
-Wow, so that's why he's working so hard...As i said, so kind~~
-What a kind hearted perverted gentlemen~ Helping the gardener~
-Now i so respect Yuu!!~ I'm on his side!! Mario...Stay. Away. From. Her.
-Argh!! I'm so scared of what action will Mario take...Plz hate him more!!~
-Love only Yuu!!~ Wow, i'm so demanding...Well, for her own future!! Lol..
-Ah~ Yuu is on the front cover??~ Is it because of Haruna or just his other job??~

>Hrm...I can't wait for the next one!!~ Plz update soon!!~ Really great chapter!!~
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Chapter 7 [Haruna, the Graduation Ceremony and the After-Party]

3 days later.

I woke up only to find a cool breeze and a sweet sunshine by my window pane. I stood up and looked at the calendar. Today is the Graduation Ceremony; finally, I’m gonna be a high school student now! I really can’t wait! How long did I yearn to finish middle school? How long did I yearn to go to the prestigious Akiba Gakuen when I’m a high school student already? Although it seems like an impossible dream, I somehow manage to pass the entrance exam and got a scholarship already. My hard work finally paid off. I’m so happy that I cannot even express it. I wonder what kind of life will await me in Akiba Gakuen. Who knows…?

“Oneechan~ breakfast is ready~” Mako called up

“I’ll be there in a sec!” I replied while fixing my hair

After I finished preparing, I went to the kitchen to eat some breakfast only to find Mako and my parents setting up a cake for me. It was a chocolate cake, my favorite. Looking closely, I saw words encrypted above the cake.

“Congratulations on your graduation Haruna! We are proud of you”

As I saw those words, I cannot stop my tears from falling. I’m so happy right now. Supportive parents and little sister, how could I ask for more?

“Thank you…” I said to them

“Finally, you’re one step close to your dream Oneechan” Mako smiled

“We’re so proud of you Haruna” My mom hugged me

“really, I’m so proud of you Haruna” my father almost tear up


After we ate breakfast, my father drove me to the venue of our graduation alongside with Okaasan and Mako. It seems Mako will leave school for one day just to attend my graduation ceremony. Such kind sister I have. Few moments later, we’ve arrived in the venue.


As we march to the gym and wait for the Principal to finish his speech, I can see Okaasan and Otousan tearing up already and Mako who is constantly cheering for me.

“Kojima-san, you really have a supportive family don’t you?”

“uh huh, I’m blessed with them…”

“hah~ I wish I could have a family like that too~”


“Okaasan~ Otousan~ I’m going somewhere~”

-Outside of the school-

Meanwhile outside of the school, Yuu leaned on the side of his car, took off his sunglasses and murmured to himself.

“Congratulations  on your graduation, Kojima-san….”

As Yuu murmured to himself, Mako saw him.

“isn’t that Hentai Oniichan?”

Yuu then went back to his car and started to engine so that he can proceed to his work. While Mako dashed back to the gym.

-Going back to the Graduation Ceremony-

“to give her speech, let us all welcome Kojima Haruna, this year’s Top 1”

“Haruna!!!! Papa is so proud of you!!!”

“Haruna~!!! Mama is so proud of you too!”

“Oneechan~ Hentai Oniichan is here~”


I was shocked by Mako’s words. Hentai Oniichan is here? Oh god, is he watching me or he has a relative here? Why the hell my heart is beating so fast? Could it be that…
My imagination maybe…
Oh well time to start my speech.

“Good day my fellow student, parents, teachers, faculty and staffs. Today is the day that you will all witness the fruit of our hard works.”

And my speech continues to go on until it’s time to distribute the diplomas and end our middle school days.

“Next up, Kojima Haruna-san”

I walked up to the stage and received my very own diploma.

“Haruna!!!!!” I can hear my family cheer

After a few moments, the graduation ceremony has ended. The four of us eventually went to the restaurant where Hentai Oniichan is working to celebrate there.

“nee Oneechan~ I’m sure that you’re happy right now~” Mako smirked

“hehe~ yes~”

“I thought so! I mean, this is the restaurant where Hentai Oniichan is working~”

“ehh!? I don’t mean it like that! I mean… I’m happy because I graduated from middle school!” I flustered

“Haruna, you can now date someone if you want. We’re not against it.” My dad smiled

“we also want your happiness Haruna…” my mom smiled back too

“it’s nothing like that~”

As they tease me with, Hentai Oniichan suddenly went to our table to take our orders.

“can I take your order?” he smiled widely

“one deluxe please~”

“of course…”

Hentai Oniichan then left

“hehe~ that’s Hentai Oniichan nee Oneechan?” Mako smirked


Meanwhile with Yuu

“dude~ is that girl on table an acquaintance of yours?”

“uh huh~”

“lucky bastard! That’s Kojima Haruna! I can’t believe you are friends with a beautiful model!”

Yuu gave his co-worker a smirk and said

“you know what’s on my mind right?”

“don’t worry, I won’t do that to her” his co-worker showed an awkward smile

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my conversation with Simsimi XD how ironic XD KojiYuu FTW!!! :D

Chapter 8 [Fated Meeting or Coincidence?]

I woke up in my room earlier than usual. I don’t know why but I’m feeling extra happy today since I just graduated from middle school yesterday. Moreover, Mako told me that Hentai Oniichan went to my school with his luxury car. I wonder why got happy over that? I mean I have no right to become happy since I don’t know whether Hentai Oniichan came over for me or someone I don’t know. Wait… why the hell am I thinking about that!? Gosh, Hentai Oniichan has been running to my mind lately. Could it be that… meh, impossible! I’m pretty sure she has a girlfriend now anyway.  Meh, I better head somewhere today. With that said, I took a bath and ate my breakfast. Although I decided that I should go somewhere, I don’t know where to go~ I should probably do some shopping for myself or better yet watch some movies and stuffs. Hah~ this is my day so I should enjoy it to the fullest!



“where are you going?” Mako asked with a smile

“that, I still don’t know…”

“what about we go to Shibuya together?”

“might be good but, don’t you have things to do in your school today?”

“meh~ I want to go out with you Oneechan!”

I hate to admit it but, one of my weaknesses is Mako begging me with such look on her face. Looks like I couldn’t resist her when she is like this. I might as well go somewhere with her now; it’s been a while since we last bond so this might be a good opportunity.

“if you insist~”


With that said, I went out to Shibuya with my sister. The instant we get there, she immediately dragged me in a shop. A shop full of sneakers; I didn’t know my sister fancies sneakers. I’m so outdated.

“I didn’t know you like sneakers Mako…”

“well, I’m not into it…” she smiled mischievously

“then why the heck are we here?” I was puzzled

“hm~ not telling~”


“just wait for it Oneechan~”

Hmm~ I wonder why the heck we went here if she does not fancies sneakers. Maybe, Mako fell in love for the first time and she wants to look for a good sneaker she will give to her crush? Meh, so not-Mako. She probably wants to show me something here. With that said, we went and explored the sneaker store. After a few moments, a clerk approached us.

“you need some customized sneakers?”

“Yuu-oniichan~” Mako smirked

Ehh!? H-Hentai Oniichan is also working here!?
If I remember correctly, Hentai Oniichan’s real name is Oshima Yuu. I heard Mako called him Yuu-oniichan. Does this mean he knew Hentai Oniichan all along and forcedly drags me here because she knew Hentai Oniichan was working here as well? That Mako~

“K-Konnichiwa… I’m Mako’s sister!” I bowed down

“Mako-chan, I didn’t knew Haruna-san was your sister”


“anyway, thank you for always guiding my little sister Mako-chan” Yuu bowed down

Ehh? Little sister? What does he mean by that?

“ano~ does that mean Mako-chan and your sister are friends?”

“yep~ Ryoka-chan is my best friend and we’re on the same class~” Mako smiled

“That’s right” Hentai Oniichan nodded in response

“heh~” I smiled

After a little peep talk, Mako decided to buy a sneaker for her gym class on the new term. She was eventually given a discount by Hentai Oniichan. Gosh, I never thought that my sister and Hentai Oniichan’s sister are in good terms with each other. I guess this a good start in getting to know Hentai Oniichan more. Once the new term starts, this might be a good topic between me and Hentai Oniichan. After we bought the sneaker, me and Mako went to clothes shop that was owned by the model I look up too.

“Ricori~” I muttered

“wow… this place is so amazing~”

“what do you expect Mako? This place was owned by Mariko-sama~”

Mariko-sama is a person to be looked up to, unlike her jerk younger brother Mario! Wait… why the hell am I even mentioning that jerk Mario!? Gosh! His jerkiness made an impact to me. Oh well~ I need to forget about that and buy some clothes for myself.

“I wonder what should I buy~”

As I about to go the dress corner, I bump somebody without realizing it.

“huah… I’m sorry about that…” I bowed down in an instant

“same here…”

When I turned my head up, I saw the person I hated the most.

“Y-you!” he said

“Shinoda Mario…” I muttered

“you know her Oneechan?”

“meh, I don’t know some jerk like him”

“what the heck!?”


As tension builds between me and that jerk, a beautiful lady approached us and patted that jerk Mario on the shoulder.

“Mario, how many times do I have to tell you that you should be polite to my customers…”

“B-But Oneesama!”

“no buts Mario…”

Huwaa!!!! It’s Shinoda Mariko-sama!!! What a lucky day indeed! I guess bumping that jerk is not bad at all since I get to glimpse the person I look up.

“Uhm… sorry for my jerk brother. As an apology, I will give this special-made handkerchief. Hora Mario! Go and apologize too!” Mariko-sama then forcedly made that jerk Mario down


“I-It’s okay…”

“are? Aren’t you Kojima Haruna-san?”


"so you're the one who was paired up with my jerk brother" she smiled at me

"Yokata wa nee Oneechan..." Mako whispered to me whilst smirking

Haaa~~~ and to think Mariko-sama knows my name too~ thank you for the Gods who let this happen!!!! Such Lucky day indeed!!!
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a good start for haruna to know more about yuu :)
thanks for the update :) more please~  :bow: :heart: :)
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Chapter 9 [Freshman Days Start!]

After 2 weeks, it’s the much awaited day of my life. The Opening Ceremony for High School Freshmen!!!! God! How long did I strive for this much awaited day? How many personal leisure times I lose just to study for the entrance exam of this school? Although that is the case, it’s really worth it. I wonder how will I do as a high school freshman. Who knows? As I stood there in front of my mirror, I can’t help but think of various things. I thought that maybe it’s about time I date someone capable of loving me for who I am. Maybe I should mingle and make friends now even more. On top of that, maybe I should get to know Hentai Oniichan even more. Come to think of it, Hentai Oniichan once mention that he will be an incoming 2nd year student. I should definitely meet up with him in the courtyard or somewhere that allows us to talk peacefully. After a few moments of thinking, it’s time for me to head out to my new school. My father said that he will drive for me on the way to school with Mako. Hua~ I’m getting excited even more at my new school~!

-Few Minutes Later-

“bye bye Oneechan~ gambatte nee~” Mako waved

“good luck Haruna”


I then walked up towards the front gate of my school. The cherry blossom leaves are falling as I took captive by the garden of the school. It took much earlier than expected and the Opening Ceremony was about to start. As per usual, I sat next to an unknown person. How I wish I can have the guts to talk to someone on this kind of scenario. Unlike middle school, high school is really tough. Be it on the Academics or making friends.

“and now to give the opening speech, let us all welcome the current Student Council President, Shinoda Mario”

Wait, did I just heard Shinoda Mario?
Looking closely to it…
It’s the jerk younger brother of Mariko-sama! God! And to think that jerk is the Student Council President of this prestigious school! This is an error is in it? Definitely an error!

“thank you…” that jerk Mario smiled

Seriously, I hate it when he smiles like that. It irritates me when he does! After a few moments, his speech came to an end thus the Opening Ceremony also. We then went to our respective classrooms. I was assigned in Class 1-A. Gosh I’m so excited!

“I’m Oya Shizuka, the homeroom teacher for this year’s Class 1-A. I hope we all get along well” the teacher introduced herself

“yoroshiku onegaishimasu” we all stood up from our seats and bowed down

“so, as per usual, we’re going to elect our class representative~ but first, let us all make a round of introductions starting at this row~”

The round of introductions then commenced.

“Watanabe Mayu de gozaimasu”

“ara~ such handsome student with glasses” Shizuka-sensei replied

I agree with Shizuka-sensei, that boy is so freaking handsome. Jet black hair. Those stunning eyes. That aura he possessed. God. He’s a perfect model for a magazine. Huah~ Watanabe-kun~

“I’m Kashiwagi Yuki. Pleased to meet you all”

The moment Kashiwagi-san introduced herself, all of the boys in our class squealed except for Watanabe-kun. Kashiwagi-san, she’s really pretty. Pretty like Mariko-sama. I hope the two of us can get along well.

“my name is Matsui Rena and I love melon pans”

All of the students in the class including Sensei laughed their hearts out the moment. As per usual, Watanabe-kun didn’t react.

“Fujie Reina is my name”

Like Kashiwagi-san, Reina-san is also pretty as I heard squeals from the boys in the classroom. Well except for Watanabe-kun.

“Maeda Atsuko desu, I’m Takahashi Kai’s childhood friend”

So Atsuko-san is Takahashi-tantei’s childhood friend? Amazing indeed.

“I’m Kojima Haruna. I hope we all get along well”

The moment I introduce myself, I can hear my classmate chatter about me being a model. For some reasons, it makes me happy that someone recognizes me despite being a part-time model. After the introductions, we then elected our Class Representative. The result was expected, the class representative of our class is Kashiwagi-san. As for me, I’m the assistant of Kashiwagi-san. I guess this is not half bad at all. Few moments later, the morning session ended.

“Konnichiwa~” Kashiwagi-san approached me on my seat with Rena-san, Atsuko-san and Reina-san

“hello~” I smiled to them

“huah~ you’re really cute in person Kojima-san~” Atsuko-san complimented me

“yea~ I do agree with you Acchan~” Rena-san added

“kawaii sugiru~” Reina-san claimed

“hehe thank you ”

“you may call me Acchan” she smiled

“you can call me Rena then~”

“Reina is fine with me~”

“Yuki. Call me Yuki”

“then… please do call Haruna”

The four of us then smiled and continue our peep talk about our personal lives. After a few moments of our peep talk, our talk suddenly went to Watanabe-kun.

“hey… Watanabe-kun… he’s so mysterious right?” Reina said

“closeted heartthrob if you ask me…” Acchan added

“I wonder if he has a girlfriend already…” Yuki mumbled

“guys like him definitely catches girls faster than simple guys so…” Rena claimed

“chances that he has a girlfriend already might be possible~”

“I thought so~” Yuki laid her head on the table

“you fell for him on first sight no?” Acchan started to tease Yuki


“N-Not really…” Yuki blushed

“come on~ you don’t need to deny it~!” Rena said

“yea!” Reina smirked

“hahaha~ I laughed at their actions

Come to think of it, what about Hentai Oniichan? Does he have a girlfriend already? If he has, then, I better avoid him so his girlfriend won’t think about it the wrong way. But still, I don’t know whether he has a girlfriend already…
Why the hell am I thinking about this matter anyway? It’s not like I’m interested on Hentai Oniichan’s personal life or something like that. I’m just curious about it. Hah~ I really need to get him more. Well, I should probably find him in the campus if I’m planning to do that.
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kojima-san should already go and find hentai oniichan  :heart: :heart: :lol:
Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu] Chapter 9 Updated
Post by: MiyuLover09 on October 09, 2013, 12:16:50 AM
yahoo~! an update~  :cow:
Title: Re: Perverted Gentleman (Heart Shaped Virus SS) [KojiYuu] Chapter 9 Updated
Post by: Tam_atsu on January 17, 2014, 05:46:22 AM
i miss this fic please update  :bow: :bow: :bow: :( :heart: