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Author Topic: Ashura's OS's...Newest: More than Meets the Eye  (Read 38442 times)

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: POKEMON to XX and Why's
« Reply #80 on: October 23, 2013, 05:51:37 PM »
Huahahaa~ Yeah, so continue this one please.. lol.. Acchan never cease amazed me in your fics, "satisfied with her own body, eh?" XD.. and it'll be cool if TakaMina will evolve to Jolteon or Leafeon later >A<..

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: POKEMON to XX and Why's
« Reply #81 on: October 24, 2013, 01:07:40 PM »
I suddenly felt nostalgic. Its been a long time since I played pokemon.

Nice story. Its really funny. :twothumbs

Pls. continue. :twothumbs

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: POKEMON to XX and Why's
« Reply #82 on: October 24, 2013, 02:53:55 PM »
*reading your OSs*

Since I feel like reading Atsumina Fanfic I decided to read Fallen first. :D And ................  :scared: :stoned: Speechless D:

Ughh.. whut just happened? I mean the first part is sooo cute <3 .. then suddenly a bloody scene. XD

edit: I just loled at Pokemon to XX and Why's XD continue more :3 and no worries about the new generation of pokemon. 1st gen is still the best :D
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I'm sorry. I know. I'm a silent reader.  :barf:

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Hi, Im new here. Nice to meet you :D

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Trick and love [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #83 on: November 02, 2013, 05:03:29 PM »
Tii, maybe. I don't know yet. I'm just doing that for fun LoL XD Ashura uses tackle! *tackles Tii* :cathappy:

Zorx, thanks, mate XD I'm surprised someone realized bout my PokeMon story reference there~ She will come out of the closet, mate. She will. ;) I don't know if I will continue that coz I was doing that just for fun :lol:

cisda, weird relationship indeed... maybe I'll continue that... or maybe not... depends on my works :lol:

apple, maybe... Acchan loves le smexy body of hers :nervous and I was thinking of making TKMN evolve to Jolteon as well if I ever continue that. :thumbsup

Konoe, same. I never played Pokemon in ages. Thanks for the compliment, mate~ :thumbsup And I don't know if I'm gonna continue that or not :nervous

pyon, that was actually a request of my friend, to make an AtsuMina OS. And when I do AtsuMina. There must be a price! :twisted: Nah, that was just me fooling around with the readers XD Maybe I'll continue that but I don't know yet :lol: And yeah, 1st Gen is the best! :cow: <I LOVE THIS!

   This might be the longest update I EVER did... Oh well. Here's some AtsuYuu. Since I miss AtsuYuu, TOO MUCH ATSUYUU HATERS LATELY :bleed eyes: AND WHEN THERE'S ATSUYUU, THERE'S BOUND TO BE TAKAHARU! It's a non-written rule, mate XD And no it has nothing to do with Halloween even though it sounds like it. Oh well, so I give you our two lovely Aces' drama story! DOUZO!

[Trick and love] -AtsuYuu-

"Yuko, wait up~"

   A girl with black shoulder-length hair chased her friend- Or at least trying to. She was out of breath from all the running they did since she woke up. It was clear in her face that she needed rest but that doesn't mean time had given her the chance to take one. Well, it was her fault for waking up late in the first case.

"Mou, you're too slow, Acchan! We're gonna be late for school, you know!"

   The shorter friend, with long brown hair called out to her to hurry. She mentioned one word which she couldn't help but to laugh it out. It was 'school'. The one named 'Yuko' could never imagine herself to even go to 'school'. But everything changed a year prior.


   A lone girl walked the streets, in search of some more victims she could take her anger out on. She spotted a brawny man, 200cm with a distinct mustache that could catch anyone's eyes. The girl smirked and went towards the man, causing the poor guy to flinch out of sheer surprise as the girl approached her. He was about to leave slowly but the aura the girl gave out wasn't something one could just ignore.

    Before the man could open his mouth to talk about something, the girl had already punched the man straight to his guts, causing the man to crouch down and clutched his stomach. The girl didn't stop. She beat up the man with a barrage of kicks aimed at anywhere she could hit. Anywhere one could think of.

   A few minutes later, the man laid in the alleyway, beaten to a state of demise. He had fainted from all the pain the girl had given him.

   The girl sighed and continued to walk away, that was until, someone else found the man to be beaten to a pulp. The cause of this was obvious enough but she didn't pay much attention to the girl whose hands was full of blood, which clearly wasn't hers.

   The tall girl reached for the man and shook him lightly, "Dad! Dad!!!" she shouted, not believing what happened to her dear father.

   The shorter girl, the cause of the man's bleeding, clicked her tongue and tried to get away, but for some reason, she couldn't move. Did she actually feel sympathetic for the taller girl? Or did she just want to look at the girl? She didn't know. But what she does know is that she should get out of there as soon as possible. She took a breather and slowly walked away. But, someone grabbed her hand.

   "... You're just going to walk away after beating someone half to death, miss?"

   The girl was surprised. It wasn't the taller girl, but the man himself. He could still stand up, even though he was bleeding badly. It was the first time the girl could feel fear in her heart. Though the man was all bruised up, bleeding all over, clothes torn a bit and eyes redden due to unknown circumstances, she wasn't scared the least about it. It wasn't anything, but the solitude of the man. How the man stood in all his glory, stood up, making an aura which frightens her even more.

   "... You... are strong..." the man said, before collapsing to the ground again, with a big thump. It was as if the fall itself caused the entire world to shake.

   A surge of emotion manifesting from her heart, the short girl used all in her strength to pick up the man. She gritted her teeth and looked at the taller girl who was in disbelief. "Come with me to the hospital!" she shouted at the girl, before dashing off to the nearest hospital she could think of. She avoided all obstacles and quickly went to her destination, holding the man in her arms. She didn't know... at that time... she was crying.


   Nothing could be heard except for the sound of people buzzing about, some shouting and some crying. It was a busy hospital, she knows. Some of the patients were lunatics and some were beating each other up. What is with this hospital?

   She looked at the operation status. It still wasn't done. As she waited, she could feel a surge of guilt built in inside her chest as she looked at the crying girl sitting across of her. She tried to come up with some courage and as time passes, "I'm sorry..." she finally apologized to the girl.

   The taller girl heard her apology and shook her head. "No... It's fine..." she was lying through her teeth. Of course she wasn't fine. Her father was beaten up half to death. How could anyone be fine with that?

   The time passed slowly, and painfully for the shorter girl. No more conversations were made for them. She wanted to introduce herself and also ask the girl's name, but of course she couldn't. It was far too uncomfortable at the moment.

   Then, the door of the operating room opened, and a man, probably the doctor, came out.

   "How is he?!" miraculously, both of the girls asked in unison.


   "Haha! Sorry to worry you two!" the man said merrily as he slapped the butt of a nurse next to him.

   The woman yelped and slapped him in the face, before stomping her way out of the room.

   "Whoa, cranky, ain't she?" the man joked, but continued to laugh it off.

   The short girl was stunned to her place as the taller girl facepalmed at her father's behavior.

   "I didn't quite get your name yet, miss." the man turned his attention to the shorter girl.

   The girl thought for a second before actually giving her name to a stranger but still, "My name's Oshima Yuko." she introduced herself.

   "Oshima Yuko-chan, huh?" the man smiled, which caused Yuko to blush a bit. "My name is Maeda Koji." he also introduced himself. "And that there is my daughter." he nudged his daughter to introduced herself.

   The taller girl smiled wryly but after a few thoughts, she decided to just get it over with. "I'm Maeda Atsuko. Nice to meet you Oshima-san." she smiled sincerely this time, causing Yuko to blush even redder than before.

   'Smiling Genetics???' Yuko thought to herself and then faced the man again. "I'm sorry for my actions... and if there is any way that you could forgive me... please ask of so." Yuko bowed to the man.

   Koji looked at the bowing girl with a smile and then asked her to raise her head. He patted the girl on the head and "There is one request that I could ask you to do...". He then continued "Don't worry, it's nothing TOO perverted."

   "Dad!" came the warning from his daughter, Atsuko.

   "I'm just joking~" he smiled and then turned his attention to Yuko again. "I want you to become friends with my daughter, Atsuko."

   Yuko was as surprised as Atsuko. She didn't know why the man had asked her of that. She beat up the man half to death and THAT was his request?

   "To tell the truth, Atsu, my wife, has already passed away and left us two when Atsuko entered midde school. Atsuko couldn't take it and cut all ties with everyone. She didn't have any friends and she never smiled in front of anyone except me. And you can't deny that, Atsuko." he cut off Atsuko's interruption before the girl could say anything. "I would be very glad if you can take the role as her friend. Because what matters more to me, is Atsuko's happiness. I lost my wife years ago, and I'm not ready to let Atsuko live unhappily. It would be as if my deceased wife is the sole cause of all her suffering..." he was silent for a bit, almost as if reminiscing a certain someone dear to her. And he opened his mouth again "So, if you could... please..." he got up, painfully, as Atsuko tries to stop him for hurting himself more. He got up and then bowed down deeply in dogeza. Tears started to run down from his eyes. "Please... at least... try to be friends with my daughter."

   Yuko was at loss for words. Asking a stranger he just met to become friends with his daughter. Was he nuts? She thought of such but for some reason, she felt touched. The man could do anything for his daughter. Yuko didn't know what it felt like since both of her parents had passed away and left her with her sister. She didn't know of the love a father could give to his child. But for some reason, she just knows it... Maeda Koji... is an excellent and kind father. "I will..." she agreed "... because you told me of such... and... because I really wanted to be friends with your daughter."


   Yuko started coming to school again. It turns out that Atsuko was a second year and Yuko was a third year. It was already the third semester when Yuko came to school and it terrified the students, knowing that 'The Wild One' was back. But Yuko didn't act like before. She was more kinder and friendlier than her past self. The old Yuko was wild, glaring and beating up everyone that even talks to her. The incident made her change herself for the better. She regretted beating people up for no reason. She would always go to Atsuko's class, even to the point that it caused their teacher, Shinoda Mariko to have a headache from the squirrel's come and go inside the classroom. Well, that was until Atsuko lectured her to behave and go o her own class during lectures. Yuko wasn't satisfied but she reluctantly obeyed the younger girl.

   Atsuko's days turned more fun after that. The squirrel would always hang out with her whenever needed AND unneeded, and she also gained the courage to talk to others again. She was always secluding herself before that, building up an invisible wall between her and the other students. She was gloomy and boring. But everything changed with an unannounced visit of Oshima Yuko to her class. She showed her true emotions to the squirrel who was always clinging to her and even groping her. She was always herself when with the squirrel. Her first smile was seen with the squirrel. And of course, she was the happiest with Yuko. But even so, she summoned up the courage and talked to some of her classmates, starting from the Class Rep, Takahashi Minami. The two become friends and hit it off right away, and then the chain of friends didn't stop as she made more and more friends, from Takahashi's acquaintance's to others', and even to people she met randomly.

   Turned out that Yuko had to repeat her year because she didn't meet the minimum attendance needed to graduate and thus, she became a third year again, with Atsuko. But she didn't care. All is well if she is with her friend- No, her best friend. And maybe... something far more...


"MADE IT!!!" Yuko yelled as she entered the classroom. Though the teacher was already there.
"S- Sorry we're late, Shinoda-san." Atsuko apologized for their tardiness and walked up to their teacher.

   Mariko-sensei sighed and then hit the two lightly with the attendance book.

"Ya can hit me all ya want, but if ya hit Acchan again, I'm gonna-" before Yuko could finish, she was met with another hit from Mariko and Atsuko herself. "Ouch! Eh?! Why Acchan as well?!" she looked at Atsuko, surprised.
"Because you're embarrassing me, Yuko." came the tired reply from the blushing Atsuko.
"You two are always late, you know that? You're already in your senior year, for God's sake!" Mariko scolded.
"That's okay. If I had to repeat again, then I'm gonna bring Acchan with me!" Yuko confessed honestly but was hit in the head again by the two. "Hey! Don't you know that this squirrel's head is sensitive?! Mou!"

   The entire class laughed at the scene. It was a normal day occurrence in the class and Yuko was funny. She would always bring laughter and smiles to everyone's faces. Also, seeing Atsuko blush like that was too cute for them to bear.

"Just take your seats, you two." Mariko sighed for the nth time, before giving up.
"HOORAY!" rejoiced the squirrel, making the others laugh yet again.


"Hey, Acchan. Late again as per usual, I recon?" Takahashi Minami, better known for her nickname, TakaMina, asked Atsuko on break. Their teacher was out so they had free study time.

"I blame Yuko. She stayed at my house last night to study but then it turned out my dad was back and we fooled around for how many times I lost count... So, we didn't study NOR get a wink of sleep. Wait, Yuko did but she slept on my lap, making me unable to sleep..." Atsuko sighed as she explained to her friend.

"You two are so close, you know?" TakaMina smiled wryly and commented.

"Well, we ARE best friends." Atsuko explained and then was hugged in the back by someone she didn't even need to turn around to find out who. "Get off, Yuko..."

"Hey, Acchan~ Study with me today~" Yuko asked, ignoring the girl's orders to let go.

"Yuko... We were SUPPOSED TO be studying last night but remember what we ended up doing?" Atsuko asked her.

"..." Yuko searched her memory. "Play games, fool around, tag, hide and seek, and sleep?" Yuko answered.

"YES! And you're the only one sleeping! How could I sleep when you're sleeping on my lap and clinging to me so hard that I couldn't sleep a wink?!" Atsuko complained.

"But that was yesterday and today is today~" Yuko made sense, though it doesn't and pleaded to her friend. "Please~" she showed her puppy dog face to Atsuko, causing the taller girl to sigh.

"Fine. Do as you wish."

"HOORAY!" Yuko rejoiced and hugged the girl more. "You really are my wife, Acchan~"

"Hai hai." Atsuko could only sigh as she was hugged tightly by her best friend.

"Hey! Acchan's MY waifu!" Mii-chan, another one of their friends, protested.

"You've lost to Yuko since the beginning, mate." Sae patted Mii-chan's head.

"And not to mention Yuko and Atsuko are already taken, you know." Sayaka also butted in.

"Oh yeah..." Mii-chan recalled such.

   Hearing about it, Yuko's smile turned a bit sad. In actuality, Atsuko was dating TakaMina and Yuko had been dating her girlfriend from the start. Yuko met her girlfriend ever since her delinquent days. TakaMina confessed to Atsuko at the start of the year and Atsuko happily accepted her confession. Then why... Why was she so sad...?


   After class, Yuko went to where Atsuko sat.

"Acchan, let's go home together~" Yuko asked sweetly.

"Ah, sorry, Yuko. I've got a date with Minami today." Atsuko said apologetically.

"Eh?! I wanna go too!" Yuko wailed her arms around like a child.

"Err..." Atsuko glanced at Takamina who shook her head and turned Yuko down. "Maybe next time, Yuko. Okay?"

   Then the two left quickly, leaving Yuko alone in the classroom.

   The girl sighed and then sat on the chair near the window. She looked at the people leaving the school. Some of them laughing, some of them running and some are being intimate. She found the ones she was looking for are one of the third group mentioned. Atsuko was clinging to TakaMina's arm, though weirdly, since TakaMina was a lot more shorter than her. They were talking about some things that Yuko couldn't make out. Well, not like she knows lip syncing.

   She sighed again for the nth time, while looking at the couple. In truth, Yuko had already broken up with her girlfriend. She confessed to her that she likes another person. It caused her a slap in the face and a beating but that didn't bother her much. What bothered was how she could proceed the relationship with the said 'Another person'. One could say that she is a player who is able to come inside anyone's hearts, but truthfully, she couldn't get past that. She could be friends with just about anyone, but she couldn't be more than that. Just friends, close friends, and acquaintances. That is why... Maeda Atsuko, is a special case.


   "Hey..." after a few attempts in banging the door, since knocking seemed a little too mainstream for the squirrel, a girl opened the door and greeted the guest with a glare. "Good to see you up and about, NyanNyan."

   Kojima Haruna, called 'NyanNyan' by Yuko, sighed and then pulled the older girl inside the apartment. Making sure that nobody was there outside of it. "What do you want, Yuuc- Yuko?"

   "You could just call me 'Yuuchan' like usual, you know..." Yuko smiled wryly at the taller girl.

   "After all that we've been through? After you walked out of my life, saying that you fell in love with another girl when you were still mine? Fat chance."

   Yuko was silent. She knew she had to cut all ties with Haruna, she knew that Haruna loves her even more than anyone, and she knows the close to nothing chance that her crush would return her love, her 'real' love. But she would take the chances. She would gamble everything for the chance. That slim chance. "I... want you to help me... with my crush."

   A slapping sound was heard. The cheek of Oshima Yuko was bright red, and the pain was evident. Haruna has slapped Yuko right in the cheek. A powerful slap which contained everything. Her love, her feelings and her pain. "You want your ex-girlfriend to help you with your current love life? Are you insane, Yuko? What happened to you...?"

   The shorter girl looked up to see Haruna in tears. The instincts and past love she had almost made her hug the girl tightly, enveloping her in the warmth Haruna missed so dear. Yet, she could only bite her lip, not wanting Haruna to think she still has a chance. A face, a smile she loved so much entered her head, thus making her resolve immovable. An iron will. "I'm simply in love." she smiled from the bottom of her heart. A smile which contained the love she has for another person. A smile Haruna has never seen before.

   Haruna was speechless. She couldn't even imagine the smile Yuko had at the moment. The smile of a person in love. Yet, her heart was at ease. It was as if the smile which the squirrel girl showed, was something unreachable to her. A line was drawn between them, and Haruna could see the distance between. But even so, she was happy. For she knew, that this was only the beginning. She could now move forward with her life. She wiped her tears away and patted Yuko on the head. "I'll help if it's not impossible." she smirked and went to the kitchen. "Your favorite orange juice like usual?"

   Yuko backed away for a moment, fear was evident in her eyes. "NO! I already got a slap! I don't wanna have food poisoning!!!"

   "Idiot. I could at least pour orange juice, you know." Haruna sighed.

   "Oh... You have grown, Haruna, my child." Yuko closed her eyes jokingly.

   "I'm not your child, you idiot." Haruna hissed.

   "Umm... Do you have some instant tea?" Yuko asked.

   "Yeah, why?" Haruna was puzzled.

   "Can you make it?" Yuko asked curiously.

   "OF COURSE I CAN, YOU IDIOT!" Haruna's pride was hurt.

   "Then I'll take some tea~" Yuko laughed.

   Haruna sighed at her ex-girlfriend's and current friend's jokes. She turned around to the kitchen and walked to the cabinet. "I'm not the only one that has grown huh, Yuko..."


   A few days later, since the next days were holidays, Yuko didn't come to Atsuko's house, which made Atsuko feel uneasy. She was woken up by her father who was going to go out and travel as per usual. Maeda Koji likes traveling. He's an adventurer. Atsuko went to school alone that day, which earned some questioning gaze by the other students. It was no question that Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko are close inside the school. Atsuko was known as The Silent Beauty while Yuko was known as The Wild One. The two were always hanging out ever since the year prior and nobody has once saw Atsuko alone. Though the sight of that was pretty famous in her second year, it was already rare in the third year, thanks to the overprotective Yuko always being with her.

   Atsuko entered the class and she greeted her classmates. But when she looked at her friend's seat, she was surprised. There was Yuko. Earlier than usual and still stunning as ever- Wait, that's not the point. Yuko's right hand was bandaged up. "Yuko?! What happened?!" Atsuko asked Yuko.

   Yuko greeted her friend and smiled wryly. "Well, it was just something. And no Acchan I didn't get into a fight." Yuko denied before Atsuko could even accuse her. "Don't worry. It will heal in a few days or so. Nothing too bad."


Atsuko :"Yuko..." she sympathized with the girl.
Yuko :"Something like this is no problem for the Great Oshima Yuko!" she was trying to open a bottle.
Mii-chan :"You could put it between your thighs, you know."
Yuko :"Yeah, but don't you think that's perverted? Having something sticking up from your thighs?"
Sae :"Sadly, you're the only one who thinks that."
Sayaka :"And why the hell won't you ask us to help anyways?"
TakaMina :"Yeah, we're your friends, Yuko. Here, give me the bottle." she reached for the bottle but Yuko puts it away.
Yuko :"NO! I need no assistance from ye! HISS!!!"
Sayaka :"Something wrong with her?" she directed the question to Atsuko.
Atsuko :"I have no idea..."
Sae :"Give me the damn bottle, Yuko."
Yuko :"Okay." Yuko cheerfully gave the bottle to Sae.
Mii-chan :"What the...?"
TakaMina :"I see..."


   Atsuko looked at TakaMina questioningly. "What's wrong? You figured something out?"

   TakaMina glanced at Atsuko once before sighing. "You don't need to know, Acchan. This is something she needs to settle herself."

   The younger girl pouted and hit TakaMina lightly "But Yuko's my best friend! Tell me~!!!"

   Yuko could only laugh wryly at the scene.


   When they were going home, Atsuko thought of something. "Tell me... What really happened, Yuko...? I promise I won't tell anyone. I'm your best friend, right?" she asked cutely, tugging the older girl's arms in hers.

   Yuko rolled her eyes, blushing slightly. "You don't need to know, Acchan. Plus, you'll laugh."

   Atsuko pouted and looked at Yuko pleadingly. "I promise I won't laugh nor tell anyone." she promised. "Please~" and asked cutely again, with pleading eyes which caused the older girl to gulp nervously.

   The older one bit her lip but sighed in the end. "Actually..." she says, before looking down "I was trying to get a cat off of a tree but I fell down on my arms trying to do a handstand. It failed and... yeah..."

   Hearing this, Atsuko burst out laughing uncontrollably, breaking her promise.

   "Oi! You said you're not gonna laugh!" Yuko glared a the younger girl.

   "S- Sorry, Yuko. It was too damn funny." she continued laughing, clutching her stomach from too much of it.

   After a few moments of Atsuko trying to apologize to Yuko and Yuko sulking for no reason, they continued their walk home.

   "Did that happen the day I told you that we're not going home together?" Atsuko asked Yuko randomly, for confirmation.

   Yuko was puzzled by the question. She didn't know why Atsuko would even think of such question. Her mind wondered about the incident which caused her arm to become like such. "Oh. If you mean how my arm got hurt, yeah."

   Atsuko felt a sudden guilt built up inside her chest. She felt guilty. Maybe she was the cause of why her arm became hurt. Maybe she was supposed to be with her to prevent any accidents to happen. She bit her lower lip and stopped.

   "What's wrong?" asked Yuko as she looked back at Atsuko who halted her movements.

   "Do you have anyone at your house?" Atsuko asked, which caused Yuko to feel puzzled again.

   "Not right now. My sister is studying abroad at the moment." Yuko answered honestly.

   Atsuko thought for a second. She bit her lip for what she was going to say. She was thinking she was foolish to even think of such, but she did anyway. "Can I stay at your house...? Until your arm heals."

   Yuko's heart skipped a beat at the question. It wasn't as to what Atsuko said, it was more of to how she said it. Wait, what she said was also perverted and loveable but that's not the point. She could never figure out what Atsuko was always thinking but then it hit her. She realized that Atsuko was feeling guilty for not going home with her that day. Atsuko is both foolish and easy to misunderstand things. "It's not your fault, Acchan. Besides, this happened because of my own mistake."

   Atsuko pouted and glared at Yuko, which made the older girl take a step back. "I don't care. I have to take care of you. It's not like you can do anything with one hand, right? And how can you even cook?" Atsuko asked the girl.

   "I could easily boil some water for instant ramen or order some food. No big deal." Yuko said and patted Atsuko's head with her left hand.

   "That's unhealthy! I can't let my friend become unhealthy, right?!" Atsuko grabbed Yuko by the shoulders once they were close enough and her face was right in front of Yuko's, only a few centimeters apart. "RIGHT?!"

   Yuko couldn't think straight. She could feel the hot breath of Atsuko's on her face and her own face was getting hotter and redder. Her heart was beating at an amazing rate and she bit her lip, looking at the black orbs of Atsuko's. They were so close to each other and could kiss each other at any moment. Yuko couldn't control her nervous heart. "S- Sure." she decided to just give in, before her heart explodes from the intimate Atsuko's heat and skin.

   "Good." Atsuko distanced herself and finally the two went to Yuko's house.


   "Everything okay?" the voice was heard from Yuko's handheld device. It was the voice of someone she knows well. Someone that she had spent her past with. Someone she had hurt more than anyone ever before. Well, except for her victims of stress-relieving.

   "Yeah. She's with me. Please take care of things on your side." Yuko said to her, making sure that her best friend is sleeping on her lap.

   Atsuko was sleeping soundly, tired from all of their fun they did. They were fooling around all night. Playing games and Atsuko was trying to make her friend become responsible and sleep rather than start glomping on her too much. Ironically, she was the one who fell asleep because of the older girl's 'kindness' to let her sleep on her lap.

   It became quiet all of a sudden. Haruna didn't speak, which was rare. Until, "If she finds out about this, she will kill you, Yuko..."

   Yuko was ready for all the consequences. She had thought about it long and hard. Her crush's happiness, or her own? Which was more important? "I'm selfish, NyanNyan..."

   Haruna sighed a the end of the line. She knows it far and well. "I love you, Yuuchan..."

   Yuko bit her lip, sadness and guilt wanting to manifest her and tears wanting to come out. But she didn't. This was the path that she chose. She could easily turn back and love Haruna again. But she knows it well. Her heart had already belonged to someone else. Someone she loves more than Haruna. She would not hurt Haruna any more than she did. Thus... "I loved you as well, NyanNyan..."

[Kojima Haruna's POV]

   It seemed that Yuuchan has made her decision. It means that it's over between us. I'm sad. Really... But what can I do? I can't do anything anymore. I'm hopeless without her... I'm actually a goody two shoes and I fell in love at first sight with Yuuchan when she was beating some punks in the alleyway. That time, she treated me harshly. Abusing me to the point she even punched me in the face several times. Yet my love for her was still strong. I loved her far too much to leave her.

   At some point in time, she became someone that I had never met. She was more cheerful, more kinder than her usual self. When I made mistakes, she would pat my head and say that it's alright. That time, she changed. She changed for the better. Becoming more like what she was supposed to be. Becoming the Yuuchan which I loved more.

   But... for some reason, sometimes I realized that her eyes were always looking elsewhere. She never once looked at me straight in the eyes when we're making out. She looked guilty. When we kiss, she didn't realize it, but her tongue didn't move at all. Usually she would become wild when we kiss, her hands moving across my body, pleasuring me, but for some reason, she stopped doing that. Then when we were walking one day, we met her friends shopping in the shopping district. She was talking with her best friend and I was talking with a certain midget, cuter and shorter than her. She looked absolutely cute that I refrained myself from taking her home with me. But then, when I looked back at Yuuchan, I realized...

Her smile... already belonged to someone else.


   To tell the truth, I already moved on. The week has become merry. It was all because one incident. It was raining at that time and I was crying, the day Yuuchan told me everything. I was sitting on a bench at a nearby park. I didn't have an umbrella with me so the rain watered me down to the core. I was wet, cold and messy but I didn't care. I cursed the world, cursed the entire human population. I was mad. Mad at myself, mad at the damn rain, and of course, mad at a certain squirrel...

   "Hey" then I didn't feel the raindrops. When I looked up, there was an umbrella above me and the one who brought the umbrella was one of Yuuchan's friends. "I'm Minami. Takahashi Minami. I believe you're Yuko's girlfriend, right?" she introduced herself as she sat next to me, sharing the umbrella.

   "'was'. I 'was' her girlfriend." I corrected her, looking down. For some reason, her height reminded me a lot of Yuko. She's so short that I almost mixed them up. "She broke up with me the past month." I explained to her.

   She smiled a knowing smile. "Let me guess. She fell in love with someone else?" Luckily, she's quick on the uptake so I didn't have to explain to who. I nodded and she sighed. "To tell the truth, my girlfriend's eyes were weird lately." I glanced at her. Her face looked sad.. "Like, she's always thinking about another thing... or someone else..." she bit her lip and I patted her back, knowing how she felt. "When we left Yuko to go somewhere else, earlier, she would sometimes glance back to check on her. I don't know why. And every time we go out, one name would always pop up..." she stopped for a while, almost as if she lost her breath. "And..." a drop of liquid started to fall from her eyes. "She never once mentioned that she loves me..."

   Were those raindrops...? Or were they tears? "We're similar in that aspect." I confessed... "I'm Kojima Haruna..." I introduced myself and she tried to smile. It was a sad smile, but it was all it took for me to know just how sincere she was.


   Now, in the current time, I'm here in front of her house to discuss of something. I told her what I heard from Yuuchan and the mission she gave me. "That's only if you want to..." I finished my explanation and she sighed, leaning back on the wall as I sat next to her.

   "She might kill your squirrel, you know." she said the thing I was worried about.

   "I know." I agreed and she sighed.

   "I'm in." she says, sighed and looking down. "This might be the only time I could let her go..." her voice sounded a bit sad.

   Then, came silence. I didn't speak so that I could give her some time to herself. She needed it. Then, I remembered something. She looked up again and sighed, meaning that she was okay a little bit. "Hey, are you free on Friday?" I asked her and she looked at me questioningly. "Want to go hang out or something? Just the two of us?"

   Thus, I moved forward.

[Kojima Haruna POV END]

   Yuko got up by the sound of roaring thunder as lightning cracks the sky and threatens to burn the world down. Yes, it was raining heavily. The heavy winds could be heard outside and she could not see anything outside of the window for it was far too cloudy. She yawned and went towards the refrigerator to see what she has in storage. A bottle of water, some canned sardines, ice cubes and ice cream. It was damn cold... Meaning.. there was nothing for her to eat. Her arm has healed and she could cook again, but for some reason, she did not feel like doing so.

   She yawned again and then laid on her bed, wrestling her hug pillow like her life depended on it. After a few seconds of doing wrestling moves to the poor pillow, she looked up towards the ceiling to just enjoy the peace and tranquility, though outside was in chaos, with the wind blowing hard and the thunder roaring loudly and all.

   The girl closed her eyes, and pictured the face of someone she loved dear. Someone she had wanted to have since forever, someone who changed her completely for the good. She smiled unconsciously as she imagined the girl's smile. The smile she adored since the first time she saw it. The smile that brought her heart to race unnaturally. The smile of that person.

"Acchan..." she called, for her beloved.

   Then as God wills it, if ever, there was a knock on the door. The knock signaling someone was there.

   Yuko raised an eyebrow with suspicion. There was a storm outside. Who would ever go outside with this storm? Then, her heart raced. She did not know why but for some reason, her heart raced madly, like a galloping horse on a sea of flames. She put her hand on her chest to feel the rate of her heartbeat and then tried to soothe it by breathing rhythmically.

   The girl got up and went towards the door, each step making her heartrate become higher than before. Each step brought her to uncertainty and of course, each step, was something she would remember dearly. She opened the door and greeted the figure outside.

"Hey, Yuko." It was none other than Atsuko. Her dress was wet and ruined, her hair was a mess and her eyes weren't alive.

"Acchan?! What's wrong?!" Yuko asked worriedly, as she grabbed the girl's hand and pulled her inside.


   Yuko forced the younger girl to take a bath and Atsuko had to borrow Yuko's sister's clothes. The older girl of course, didn't look at Atsuko changing for she did not want to cause anymore trouble for the girl. After bathing and putting on the clothes, pajamas of Oshima-neechan, Atsuko went towards the sofa to sit next to Yuko.

"Sorry for having to borrow your sister's clothes." Atsuko apologized, not forgetting her manners.

"Nah, MaiMai won't mind it. Plus, it's good that your heights aren't that far apart." Yuko smirked and then looked at the breast area. "Though maybe MaiMai's too big for you." thus she was hit in the head again by Atsuko. "Ouch! Okay, I'm joking!"

   Atsuko chuckled at the squirrel's jokes (probably) and looked at her cute pajamas, with rabbit patterns and such.

"What kind of person is your sister, anyway? I don't think I've met her." Atsuko asked.

"MaiMai... in one word..." Yuko glanced down, looking at the floor as if thinking into the past.

   Atsuko gulped from the nervousness and listened to Yuko's explanation.

"Is an idiot." she said, with a straight face, but again, received another hit from her best friend.

"She's your sister, you know? That's not nice." Atsuko pouted cutely and chuckled thereafter.

   Yuko also grinned evilly and then skillfully placed her head on Atsuko's lap, naturally at that.

   Atsuko only laughed it off and stroked the girl's head and scratched her scalp as one would do so to a cat.

   Yuko meowed cutely and stretched, hugging the younger girl's waist thereafter. She then looked up at Atsuko seriously and asked her "So what happened?"

   By the question, Atsuko's face turned sadder and she bit her lip. She clenched her fist tight and answered truthfully of what happened beforehand. "TakaMina... broke up with me..."

   The older one's eyes opened widely as she remembered her request of Haruna. She felt guilty inside but for some reason, happy. "Condolences." Yuko joked and was hit in the head again by Atsuko.

   "What do you mean 'Condolences', mou!" Atsuko pouted cutely but in an instant, everything changed.

   "I was waiting for this to happen." Yuko said honestly, but before the girl could question her on the matter, she brought Atsuko close to her, actually she just went closer to her, getting up from her position and kissed the girl sweetly on the lips, not giving her the chance to do anything.

   Atsuko was surprised, but even so, she accepted the kiss and kissed her back, sliding her tongue in between Yuko's lips, causing the older girl to yelp in surprise. Hearing the unexpected moan from her best friend, she placed a hand on the girl's cheeks and deepened the kiss, as she pulled Yuko's head closer to hers.

   Yuko was surprised by how well and skillful Atsuko messaged her insides and knew that it was something she never felt before. She felt how the girl was too much of a good kisser. More than anyone she had met. Another moan escaped her lips as Atsuko pushed her down on the sofa. "W- Wait up."

   The younger girl raised an eyebrow but parted her lips from Yuko's out of respect. "What's wrong?" she gave the chance for Yuko to speak up.

   Yuko blushed madly, embarrassed of what she was going to say afterwards, but for the sake of her best friend and of course, herself, she just had to say it. Even if it means being laughed at. "I- It's my first time..." she confessed, surprising the younger girl. "S- So can we... maybe... do it on the bed?"

   Hearing the request from the older girl caused Atsuko's heart to beat faster for some reason, her mind squealing from the cuteness of her best friend. She never once thought that the badass Yuko could be that cute and innocent. Atsuko chuckled and then placed a chaste kiss on the girl's lips, just a light peck. "It's the same with me, Yuko." which also surprised the older girl. "TakaMina sometimes made advances to me, but for some reason, you came into my mind the entire time." she confessed, and pulled her best friend up, obliging her request.


   After the fight for dominance between the two, it turns out that Atsuko won and they had a passionate time together. Sometimes Yuko would fight back and turn the tides, but for some reason, Atsuko would always dominate Yuko in the end, even though it was both of their first times.

   "Kuso~" Yuko whined, almost childishly as she hugged her pillow instead of the girl next to her in bed.

   "Don't be such a baby, Yuko." Atsuko chuckled and hugged the older girl from behind.

   The two were, of course, naked under the covers of the blanket, and Atsuko carressed to soothed the flesh she had just ravaged, due to her uncontrollable urges to break the girl silly.

   Yuko gave up and turned around, hugging the girl. "I swear I'm going to make you moan my name one day..." she said seriously, causing the younger girl to chuckle.

   "Yuko, I was moaning your name who knows how many times." Atsuko chuckled and kissed the older girl, naturally.

   The older girl thought and was still unsatisfied. "Meh. That was that. I WILL be on top!" Yuko declared and the younger girl only sighed and patted her head, with a 'Hai hai' like a mother would do.

   "I love you, Yuko." Atsuko smiled from the bottom of her heart.

   Hearing the confession, a surge of uncontrollable emotion surged from her chest and tears started to fall from her eyes. "I love you too, Acchan..." she hugged the girl tighter, kissing her with all the love she have, giving her all the emotion she had kept for far too long "Zutto."

   Under the night sky, under the roof, two figures vowed to each other, for an eternal love, that will be kept, forever. A love... from a mistake. A love caused by fate. Destiny. The love they will feel for each other. They looked forward, for the future, together.


   A clap for Ashura to actually finish this 2-day-only project! *clap clap clap* XD Happy belated-Halloween~

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Trick and Love [AtsuYuu]
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 :inlove: :inlove: woooaaahhh
Ashura san this is great :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Trick and Love [AtsuYuu]
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Yaiii~ applause for Ashura-san..  hahaha just checking the forum now.. woah,  in the end Acchan doesn't know that was Yuko's plan and got killed..  lol XD nice ones.. and happy belated-Halloween too..

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Trick and Love [AtsuYuu]
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I'm seeing the AtsuYuu shippers O_O I shall read now  :shakeit:
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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Trick and Love [AtsuYuu]
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Interesting... though I'm not AtsuYuu fans...

But it was very nice and sweet story...

Thank you for the OS

I enjoyed reading it...

Can't wait to see more OS

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Trick and Love [AtsuYuu]
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Interesting although for everyone it worked out and it didn't seem to have more conflict than it should :nervous
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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Trick and Love [AtsuYuu]
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I've fell in love in your FALLEN Atsumina fanfic. Looking for more genre like this  :lol: :lol: (no kidding XD I've read it many times already.)
and... You must continue Pokemon to X and Why's!  >< I love Pokemon :3 :3 Hahaha. Will wait for it :)

*stop commenting and read Trick and Love XD *

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Kazan, thanks~ Rare for ya to drop by in my OS section though LoL. Long time no see :welcome

apple, very belated indeed. It's Yuko who might get killed though >.> Oh wait, Acchan was supposed to get killed by Sayaka. ._.

teedee, we are the AtsuYuu shippers! ASSEMBLE, all ye AtsuYuuneers!

cisda, I am flattered QwQ Though you did read almost all of my OS's :lol: And I thank ye for that, mate o/

kuro, I know. I already had something in my mind, but for some reason it was too dark and it involves Acchan dying. I can't let Acchan die yet... Well, not at least I release an angsty OS!

pyonpyon, aw, thanks mate~ :thumbsup I might continue Pokemon, but I don't know when. And as for you shipping AtsuYuu. Here, have this dancing cow as a bribe. :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :deco: :deco: :deco:

   I wanna say happy VERY Belated Bday, LoyalFlutist, a writer I respect a lot~ Though our genres are different, she still helps me with things that I don't know. Give a big clap for Flutist~ *clap clap clap* And welcome to the Ashura's OS thread LoL

   So since this has a lot of MaYuki feels and some AtsuYuu, I made it kinda... weirder... It also has WMatsui, but since my bias for Atsuko is too biased, I made some AtsuJuri moment. And when I add Rena to the scene, I made some YukoRena.... Don't ask why >w>

   So here's my longest OS/Update yet~ Douzo U_U

[Desire] -MaYuki, AtsuYuu/AtsuJuri/WMatsui/YukoRena <I don't have a clue which one is it -w-

"But the girls said it's normal. Nothing too wrong with it."
"Mayu... Don't you think that kissing your friends is kinda wrong from your point of view?"
"Of course not. I kiss her all the time, Yukirin."
"And you just accept it?"
"Well, it's her way of playing around."
"You're gullible sometimes, you know?"
"I'm so not- Left- and I know how Jurina is."
"She already tried to kiss me a few times. Thank God Rena was there to stop her."
"Rena's just not so- above- up-to-date with these sort of things."
"She's the same age as me, you know."
"Exactly my point."

   And at that moment, Yuki was hit in the head with a baseball bat from one of her offenders. A man with red eyes, corrupted skin and lazy movements, A zombie. Yuki snarled and then hit the man with a kick in the sides. She glared at her friend who forgot to mention more of the zombies' attacks.

"Warui. I forgot to mention that one."
"Don't forget important things like that! I could have gotten killed, you know!"
"Who cares. You've already lived for almost 1800 years."

   Mayu then pointed to Yuki's left. The (Mentally and Physically) older girl reacted and kicked the zombie next to her again. Another one came from her back and Yuki used her nails to scratch the zombie's face. Feeling unsatisfied, she then proceeded to kick it yet again but this time in the nether region. Clutching his 'precious', the zombie could not even scream as he fell to the ground in the utmost pain he could ever imagine, even during his life.

"Ouch. That has got to hurt." came the comment from Mayu.
"You could at least help, you know!" Yuki said, dissatisfied that she was the only one fighting the hordes of zombies, coming to eat her brains.
"Me? Against those hordes of brainless hoodlums? Well I'd never!" Mayu said, almost as a matter-of-factly.
"MAYU!" Yuki snarled, surprising the younger girl as Yuki kicked another of the zombies in the face.
"You know well that my guns don't work on those zombies." Mayu sighed, clapping to cheer on the older one. "Go, Go, Yukirin~"
"SHUT UP!" Yuki punched another zombie right on the face. Poor zombie having to face the wrath of an angry Black-hearted girl.

   Yuki's eyes turned redder as she moved at an incredible speed, passing through the zombies, almost as if going through them. She ripped them apart, cruelly and violently scratching them, sometimes ripping their arms off. Assisting her, Mayu stopped hugging her sniper and shot each of them straight in the brains, killing them. It was their way of doing things. Yuki would paralyze the enemies and Mayu would kill them off with a single headshot. Thankfully, Mayu was an expert sniper in her days so killing zombies was something she could do even in her sleep.

"And done." Mayu said after shooting the last of the zombies in the head.

   Bodies of the 10 undead beings lied on the ground and it was clear that they could not even stand a chance against the two. Yuki sighed, finally free from her work and sat next to Mayu who was eating melon pan so peacefully. Yuki then sighted something rather fascinating next to Mayu. A necklace, a beautiful one at that. Simple, though.

"What's that?" Yuki pointed next to Mayu.
"Hm?" Mayu looked at her side and grabbed the necklace. She then examined it. "Dunno. Must be left by these dead people or something."
"Hm~" Yuki hummed, still not taking her eyes off of the necklace.
"Seriously?" Mayu realized the curiosity behind Yuki's eyes and sighed. "You want something you find on top of someone's grave?"
"Eh? Of course not..." or so she says, but her eyes indicated otherwise.
Mayu then sighed before smiling wryly. "Come here."
Obliging Mayu's request, Yuki went closer to Mayu and squatted down.
Mayu carefully put the necklace on Yuki, making sure that the older girl wasn't hurt in the process. "There!"
Yuki smiled happily, thanking Mayu. "Thanks~" and the younger girl blushed bright red.

   Ignoring how red Mayu was, Yuki then looked at the situation on the other side.

   They did not need words. They were focused on the fight. The taller girl would choke each zombie and slam them to the ground. The shorter one would use her katana to behead each zombies. They weren't talking, but for some reason, they knew each others' position, attacks and dangers. If a zombie was going to the taller girl, the shorter girl would drag the taller one away, and they would switch positions. They don't need to talk. They were already used to each other.

"Acchan and Yuko are really amazing, huh..." Mayu commented, watching them in amusement.
"Yeah..." Yuki agreed, not taking her eyes off of each of their movements.

   For some reason, Atsuko and Yuko were smiling. Not one of those cynical smile as one would do when enjoying the pleasure of killing, they were smiling from the bottom of their hearts, back-to-back, they held off each of the zombies, dodging them, helping their partner out. They were meant to be.

   After a few moments, the 20 or so zombies were down, and stood on top of the carnage was none other than the two girls. Yuko was exhausted and sat on the zombies in a tired fit. Atsuko chuckled and then sat next to her best friend as well, not minding the undead below them. Yuki and Mayu went to them and gave them some water bottles.

"Ah, thanks." Yuko thanked them, trying to catch her breath.
"You really need to exercise more, Yuko." came the low reply from her best friend.
"Shut up, Acchan. You're like 3 years younger than me." hissed Yuko.
"Physically. I'm more than 1800 years old already." Atsuko backtalked and got up, wiping the blood of the zombies from her butt and offered her hand to Yuko.
"Tch. At least let me rest a bit, you slave driver." Yuko sighed but still took the girl's hand, getting up, not minding the blood.
"Ah~ You just touched my hand that touched my butt." Atsuko commented but was then hit in the head by Yuko.
"I may like butts, but your butt is safe." Yuko chuckled.

   Yuko gave Mayu her sheathed katana and Mayu kept it inside her guitar bag. She then gave the bag, which contained her sniper, guns, ammunition and Yuko's katana and porn mags to Yuki. Yuki strapped the bag on and then followed Atsuko and Yuko who was walking away with Mayu. They chatted about pointless things.

"So, about our chat before, Mayu." Yuki re-opened the topic.
"Tch." Mayu clicked her tongue, thinking that she had made her forget about it.
"No more kissing with Jurina." Yuki ordered, making the young girl have a look of dissatisfaction.
"Huh? What's the deal? Something wrong with JuriMayu?" Yuko butted in.
"Oh. JuriMayu. I like the sound of that~" Atsuko agreed.
"Eh? Whatever happened to MaYuki?" Yuki looked at the two in disbelief.
"Ara~ Did our cute Yukirin feel jealous~" Yuko teased, causing Yuki to become slightly red due to embarrassment.
"A re~ You're red to your ears, Yukirin~ So you really are jealous because Jurina and Mayu were so close~?" Atsuko also joined the tease of the already red Yuki.
"O- Of course not!" Yuki protested, though her red face belied all of her efforts of protest. "I- It's just that I'm afraid if Mayu would be assaulted by that kissing monster or something! I don't want her to be like that!" Yuki avoided the gazes of the two amused older girls. "A- Anyway! Let's go! We need to report our findings to Rena!" Yuki stormed off from the group, going ahead of the others as Yuko and Atsuko chuckled at the girl's behavior.

   Yuko then patted Mayu on the head, smiling.

"You heard that, Mayuyu?" Yuko asked, a warm smile on her face looking at the retreating figure of Yuki as Atsuko chased her.
"Un..." head down, Mayu nodded, face also red of embarrassment.
"You just need one more step forward..." Yuko advised, ruffling the girl's hair.
"Hai!" Mayu grinned, with utmost confidence for that one step...


   Plopping down on the bed, Mayu finally let out her anger for the day. "MAN! THAT WAS EXHAUSTING!" she admitted, earning a chuckle from the older girl. "Well, that's to be expected. You're like Yuko. Maybe even weaker, since you're always acting sly and all." Yuki intervened and sat next to the younger girl on the bed. They always slept together at Mayu's request. Well, it's okay since Mayu is still a kid in Yuki's eyes. Though she did not know that Mayu had been staring at her breast almost every time they slept. "Wah, I worked really hard today!" Mayu continued to vent out her stress. Yuki looked unamused by the younger girl. "Oh really? And you were the one who sat so lazily not moving an inch while I had to use my entire body to fight the horde. You should be grateful I didn't report you to Rena."

   Mayu ignored the nagging of the older girl and continued to hug her pillow, earning a glare of dissatisfaction from the older girl. "You ungrateful brat..." Yuki could only sigh, and lied down on the bed next to Mayu.

   The two lied down, looking at the ceiling for some reason as if it looked interesting. Yuki then closed her eyes, in an attempt to sleep. It was impossible, though. Her internal clock doesn't allow her. It was only 3 A.M and a vampire would usually go out roaming the night for victims. Yes, Yuki, with Atsuko, is a vampire. Those blood-sucking monsters one would usually see on TV. But sadly for Mayu, Yuki is real, same as her thirst for human blood.

   "Mayu..." Yuki uttered the girl's name. Her voice was weak and her eyes are red. Mayu could tell what the girl wanted, and could only sigh. It was a nature of a vampire to want to drink blood. Like humans eating food to live, a vampire drinks blood to survive. Of course, they could drink animal's blood or something but a human blood's quality is far different. The blood of a human being could ease a vampire's hunger for days and could also boost their abilities. And Yuki couldn't just go to the streets to search for victims and harm them, could she? She has someone important to her that could be her alternate source of power and love. Yes, she has Mayu right in front of her.

   "Again...?" Mayu asked, sighing at the older girl's thirst. "You just drank my blood yesterday." she said in dissatisfaction. But, the older girl was already teary-eyed from holding in her thirst. Her vampire nature was screaming at her to jump on top of Mayu and drink the girl's blood forcibly. It was hard to control one's nature. Mayu lazily got up and faced her partner, followed by the older girl. "But I guess this can't be helped..." Mayu smiled and then turned around, her back faced Yuki. She turned around and smiled again, "You can do what you want." before taking a deep breath and looked ahead.

   Gulping hard, Yuki reached for Mayu's shoulder as she got close to her, decreasing the distance. She stopped midway as she realized that the younger girl was unbuttoning her shirt. She bit her lip, holding herself back as Mayu revealed her smooth and pale skin. The small figure of Mayu made Yuki think twice. Yuki touched the arm of Mayu, feeling the girl's skin. Mayu had such smooth skin, pale in comparison to her violent nature. One touch and the young girl yelped in surprise. A moan escaped Mayu's lips which was not gone unnoticed by Yuki. "Y- You okay?" Yuki was worried, she didn't want to sink her fangs inside Mayu's skin again because she just did the day before. She was afraid that Mayu was still sensitive to it. Mayu gave a short nod and then Yuki reluctantly moved her hands upwards the beautiful skin, making the girl shudder. It was so smooth, Yuki thought. It was as if Mayu was so fragile that just a little force could break the girl, like a slim, shiny mirror. "I'm going now..." Yuki warned and Mayu braced herself.

   It happened in a flash, one moment, it was okay but then, Yuki's fangs sank into her skin, making Mayu unable to move but to endure it. It wasn't painful. Yes, her blood was being sucked at the moment, but that wasn't painful in the least. All Mayu could feel was, something far weirder. Being bitten, was of course, painful. But having the blood sucked right out of her made her feel somewhat pleasurable. A moan escaped her lips as the older girl sucked her blood, making sure to hold Mayu's arm tight enough so that she wouldn't run away. "Yukirin..."

   The older girl's eyes gaped open by the low slurred voice of the younger one. Her wild instincts started to kick in, she was losing herself. The blood of the younger girl was making her think of things that she wasn't thinking of even before. Her hands moved by itself, touching the younger girl in her front. A questioning yelp escaped from Mayu and Yuki hugged the girl tighter, sinking her fangs deeper into the younger girl's nape. All her mind was thinking of only one thing. She was thinking of her best friend. She wanted her best friend. She wanted everything about her. Her blood, her breath, her mind, her soul, everything.

   "Y- Yukirin!" yelped Mayu as she felt the sudden force from the older girl. Yuki's hug was tighter than usual. She couldn't breathe at all. No air escaped nor enter her lungs as the older girl's fangs went deeper into her skin. Her eyes became unfocused and watery as she felt both the pain and the pleasure of being bitten by a vampire. Her heartbeat became faster than usual as if it could burst any moment. The coldness of the air and the warmth of the older girl made Mayu unsure of the idea. But even so, she couldn't think of anything. Anything except the older girl. She couldn't help but think of Yuki. Her mind almost lost control. She was almost at her limit. It wasn't as if she was sleepy, but for some reason, she was about to pass out. "Yu... ki..."

"YUKIRIN!" a loud shout was heard, followed by the door breaking. In an instant, Yuki was pulled off from Mayu and was slammed right into the wall. The perpetrator was glaring at Yuki straight in the eyes, her red eyes petrified Yuki to the core.

"Acchan...?" she was at loss for words. Atsuko pinned the younger girl to the wall with her elbow, not allowing the younger girl to move in the slightest. Yuki looked at the anger inside Atsuko's eyes. It was evident as day that Atsuko was pissed off.

"What did you try to do...?" came the simply yet sharp question from Atsuko. It took a few minutes for Atsuko's words to sink into Yuki's mind, but nonetheless, Yuki realized her mistake and kept her head down, afraid of not only the anger of the older girl but also, the actions she just did a few moments prior. "Tell me Yukirin...

Did you just attempted to sire Mayu?"


"You take Mayu to our apartment. I'll stay here and watch over Yukirin." Atsuko said to Yuko, gripping Yuki's hand.
"Are you sure about this?" Yuko asked, altering her gaze from Yuki to Mayu and then finally landed on Atsuko.
"I'm gonna be fine. You don't have to worry." Atsuko chuckled, followed by the older girl's sigh.
"I'm worried because you're my best friend." Yuko admitted honestly, earning a surprised and happy look from Atsuko.
"I know..." Atsuko smiled warmly, showing the girl that she was indeed, going to be fine.

   Yuko left, Mayu in tow, towards her apartment, leaving Atsuko in the room with a silent Yuki. Yawning a silent yawn, Atsuko plopped onto the bed, finally feeling the fatigue from all of her work before. Yuki was right next to her, looking down in the dumps. "It's not your fault." Atsuko commented, letting go of the younger girl's hands. "It's a Vampire's nature." Atsuko patted the younger girl on the head.

   It was calming for Atsuko. She already knew that the girl would not try anything to her. She knew the respect the girl had for her. There was no denying it. Ever since they met 1300 years prior, Yuki had came to look at Atsuko with eyes of respect. Though it crumbled away once Atsuko turned 548. She did not know why Atsuko did such. And why Atsuko had to make herself suffer. She knew nothing. "Acchan..." Yuki whispered softly, so quietly that Atsuko almost missed it. Atsuko hummed in response, not sitting back up, but just let heself drift in the moment. "Why did you stay behind...? You know I won't do anything to Mayu once I've regained myself..."

   The older girl was almost surprised by the younger one's bluntness and insecurity, yet she only chuckled, finally getting up and walked towards the window. In the solitude of the night, she stood, as the wind carried her hair, swaying it lightly. Yuki looked at the brilliance of the older girl. It was as if the girl was in a painting. The beauty of the older girl as she stood there, with the image of the night, was something which brought even the National Models to shame. "Who knows." Atsuko answered, back faced the younger girl. "Maybe it's because I'm lonely or something..."

   The statement caused Yuki to chuckle. She already knew of the older girl's hardships. Atsuko was exiled from her clan, the Shinoda clan, and lived alone in solitude for more than a thousand years. They were separated and Yuki did not know her location since. Though there were rumors of a lone Vampire walking the streets, only to not attack anyone. She knew though, that Atsuko have never tasted human blood since her exile. Though, she did not know why. Drinking human blood is what kept vampires strong and healthy. It's what kept them going for generations. "I see..."

   "Though, you can't attack me, Yukirin." Atsuko mused, looking at the bright moon above them. The beauty of the night which captivated her through all of her days of solitude. Even to that day. "Drinking your own kind's blood is taboo."

   Yuki bit her lip, looking at the back of the older girl. Something inside her burns. And she knows why. It was hatred. Hatred for the older girl. Hatred because of one thing. Hatred of the older girl's sin. The reason she was exiled in the first place. "AND YOU THINK KILLING YOUR OWN KIND ISN'T?!" she raised her voice at the older girl. All of her hatred came out. She didn't have any excuses. She realized her outburst and sank back into depression. "Sorry..."

   Atsuko shook her head, not looking back and only looking at the night sky. "I'm the one who should say sorry..." a stray tear streamed down her face as she apologized to the younger one. "I'm Sorry...

... for killing your brother..."


"Make yourself at home." Yuko invited her in, making sure that Mayu was comfortable.
"Un." Mayu nodded, and since she was already used to Yuko's apartment, she located the sofa easily and sat on one end, inviting Yuko to sit on the other.
"Hai hai." Yuko obliged and sat next to Mayu.

   Mayu leaned her head on Yuko's shoulder, enjoying the tranquility of the moment. In everyone she knows, she has the most trust in Yuko. She trusts the older girl more than even her family. The two are childhood friends. In her childhood age, Yuko was her neighbor. Because of such, Mayu would always go to Yuko's house to play with Yuko. They were together even when they became older.

   A moment of peace filled the apartment. Only the breath of the two girls and the sound of the cicadas were heard. There were also a few crows outside but that was probably one of Rena's familiars. "They sure are noisy, huh?" Yuko asked, seemingly annoyed by the sound of the crows being so lively outside. Mayu could only chuckle in amusement at the older girl's annoyance.

   "I guess..." Mayu flashed a wry smile as she cuddled with the arm of the older girl. Yuko could only oblige her silent request as she patted the younger girl who was slightly taller than her. "Ne, Yuko..." Mayu called the older girl and Yuko turned to face her.

   "What is it?" Yuko asked, slightly worried if there was anything wrong with the younger girl. She had taken care of Mayu for years, and she was always worried by how Mayu would seclude herself from other people. If it weren't for Yuko, Mayu would not have had any friends, though Yuki was a different case. One could say Mayu meeting Yuki and Yuko meeting Atsuko was something a little too amusing to be taken lightly as just 'coincidental occurrence'.

   "I wonder why she did that..." the forbidden topic. Mayu knew that it was because of a Vampire's nature, but usually Yuki would be able to hold it in, sometimes even to take it on innocent people. "I..." she stopped, thinking and choosing her words carefully. She gulped the saliva she had gathered inside her mouth and looked straight into Yuko's eyes. She needed courage, for the next step. She needed the older girl's wisdom. "I think... I want Yuki to sire me."

   'Sire', a word used when a Vampire turns his victims into a vampire as well, being obliged to the vampire's every will. Though that was only in fantasy. Being sired means that the human shall become a half-breed. They will become exactly like a vampire, except for the fact that they would need both food AND blood to live on. But, there are special cases, like Atsuko and Yuki. Both of them are pure-bloods, but they were born from Vampires involved in same sex relationship. Thus, they were born as humans and was sired at the age of 18, the both of them. Even so, they still became pure bloods even though they were sired. Though for a human, being sired... is also a loss.

   Using all of the strength in her twat body, Yuko pushed Mayu down hard into the sofa. Surprised, Mayu escaped a yelp and looked into the orbs of the older girl. Yuko was glaring at her, a glare that she had never seen before in all of her days knowing the older girl. Mayu was speechless. She could not believe that on top of her, the one who pushed her, the one with the eyes of a someone she doesn't know, was the one that she have spent the most time together with. Mayu couldn't breathe calmly as she looked at the older girl. It was clear as day that Yuko wasn't her usual self. Just what is wrong with her, that is the question.

   Finding a little bit of courage in her guts, Mayu finally opened her mouth. "Y- Yuko?" she called out to the older girl, yet the eyes of the older girl didn't change. The alien eyes she had never seen the older girl make. Her heart beat faster, afraid of what the older girl was trying to do.

   "Watanabe." Yuko opened her mouth and called out to the younger girl. Her voice had become one of anger. She knew the younger girl was terrified, but she could not just let this slip. She rarely even calls the younger girl or even anyone by their last names. Well, Yuko is Yuko with her lack of personal space. "Did you know? Being sired is something with it's pros and cons. The pros are, you will gain inhumane abilities, and also you will live for an eternity with the one you love." Yuko mentioned it carefully, "BUT. There comes a price." She did not move from her position on top of the younger girl, only locking her gaze with her. "The life you have as a human being, will be gone for good." Yuko tightened her grip on the younger girl's shoulder. "You will live an eternity, suffering forever. You will never see the sunlight again. You will not be able to control your urges, even seeing your family seemed hard. Everything you know, will be gone. Your human life, shall be finished. WILL YOU BE ABLE TO ENDURE THAT, WATANABE?!"

   Yuko's words spat out like venom. Like a hammer strike down in her head, it finally became clear to her. Her heart sank into uncertainty. She knew Yuko meant that in the nicest possible way, and the words of worry from the older girl was evident. Her decision was only on a whim. Knowing this, she wasn't so sure about it anymore. Mayu looked away from Yuko, turning her head to the side. She couldn't say anything. Her heart wanted to protest, but after thinking about it, was she ready to offer her life to Yuki? Was she ready for a huge change in her life? Were her feelings even real?

   "Mayuyu..." came the soft words from Yuko, caressing the younger girl's face. Mayu turned to Yuko and saw the smile she always knew. The smile of the girl she respected the most. "Rather than go to Yukirin, I would undoubtedly be of a more possible choice. I'm human, I've known you longer than anyone and I can offer you anything. I can make you smile even more than Yukirin could ever think of. I could love you and not hurt you. I can protect you for as long as I live." Yuko closed in the distance between their faces, almost meeting up.

   Mayu's heart beat became faster, but not like before. It was something far more than that. Was it love? Was it the emotion of adoration for the older girl...? No... It was... worry. "You don't love me like that, Yuko."

   Hearing the words, Yuko almost laughed aloud as she distanced herself away from Mayu to her original position. "Yeah, I guess you're right about that." Yuko then released her held in laugh and ruffled the younger girl's hair as she got up as well. "Though I'm serious that you have to think about it more." she smiled a wry smile at the younger girl.

   Mayu's thoughts were held up for a moment as she saw the wry smile of the older girl. One name entered her mind as she saw that smile of hers. "Would you be able to do the same if it's for Acchan, Yuko?" was the question she had thought. She knew the older girl loved Atsuko deeply. She knew the bottled up feelings the older girl kept from Atsuko. She knew just how hurt whenever she saw how Atsuko would always negate the older girl's feelings as 'Friends'. The word would probably mean something unexceptionally good for Yuko a year prior before she started having feelings for Atsuko, but now... She wanted something more than that. And Mayu knows that 'something more' is something unreachable for Yuko at the moment.


   It was quick. Quicker than Mayu would have thought. Yuko didn't waste any time answering her question. Only one word. One word was all it took. For Mayu, it might have seem simple, but for Yuko, it was one word which caused her to the state of complex inside her mind. But even so, Yuko managed to let it out, even to smile at the younger girl. Mayu didn't know what the older girl might have felt in her heart once she heard the question, but now it doesn't matter. Yuko had made her decision. That was when she realized it. Yuko was strong. To be able to face her feelings so simply. It was something Mayu could never do. Yuko was ready to face the consequences for Atsuko. Would Mayu be able to accomplish that? Would Mayu ever discover her real feelings?

   "Though..." Yuko bit her lip as she looked away. "It might take a while..."

   "Huh? What do you mean?" Mayu was confused. But after a short while, she finally caught on. "Ah..."

   "Yeah." Yuko had a faraway look on her. She was bothered by it ever since she met Atsuko. She didn't know when she might become someone more to Atsuko. She didn't know if Atsuko would sire her, because... "Atsuko wouldn't even suck anyone's blood, let alone sire me."


   Yuki sighed as she heard the apology from Atsuko. The older girl had apologized so many times before, and Yuki would usually get mad or something. That was why their relationship had been so rocky the past year. "I'd be lying if I said I'm okay with that, but could you at least tell me why you had to kill him, Acchan? Could you please tell me why you had to kill Sae?"

   Yuki loved her brother dearly. He would always be nice to her. Whenever she sees him, he would always smile a warm smile to her. The smile was of a good person, but why did Atsuko have to kill that sort of person? Why did he have to do such, even though she knew that she would have been exiled for killing another vampire. To that day, Yuki couldn't figure out why. She wanted an answer. She knew that Atsuko was actually a kind person, and she must have had her reasons. She only wanted to know what the reason was. She wanted to believe in Atsuko again, accepting her apology and being friends again. Why can't Atsuko just say it?

   "Sorry." It was the usual pattern. Atsuko would always dodge the question and apologize even though she could just answer it truthfully. It was just how she is. She would rather keep the secret for all eternity, until the time of her disappearance.

   Yuki sighed hearing Atsuko dodge the question. She could only smile wryly at Atsuko's evasion and patted the empty space next to her for Atsuko to sit on. "Come here, you'll be cold, you know." Yuki advised the one who was enjoying the breeze of the night sky. Atsuko chuckled and went towards the bed, getting inside the warm and comfortable blanket, not forgetting to smell it pervertedly to piss Yuki off. "Oi oi." Yuki glared at the older girl who was far amused at the situation. "And no I'm not jealous." Yuki denied before Atsuko could even tease her, which made Atsuko to click her tongue in dissatisfaction. Yuki then crawled up under the covers with Atsuko, prying off the perverted hands off the older girl in an attempt to remind the older girl to be responsible and act her age.

   "Ah~ Wait a sec, I'm not even sleepy." Atsuko stated the obvious. Well, it was to be expected. They're vampires. Of course they wouldn't feel like sleeping at around 5 A.M. There's still a little time before lights out for them. By the time, they would have gone out to have some 'fun' with the humans. Though Atsuko didn't want to do that and Yuki's too choosy of whose blood to suck.

   Which reminded Yuki of one other thing. "Why won't you suck human blood, anyway?" she asked the older girl as Atsuko cuddled with her under the covers. A vampire couldn't simply die by starvation. In fact, Atsuko enjoyed the weird tasting human food very much. But still, that didn't quench her thirst of blood. Atsuko had lived for more than a thousand years, suffering from starvation. Why?

   Atsuko bit her lip. She didn't know if she should answer the question or not. She was reminded that she had evaded Yuki for hundreds of years. The only reason they met again in the year prior was because of how Yuki met Mayu. If it weren't for that, Atsuko was positive that she would never even show herself to Yuki. Atsuko then sighed, finally feeling like she needed to open up to her 'childhood friend' more. "It was a promise."

   That was all Atsuko would say, Yuki thought and she sighed. Though, she actually did get a some good information. She embraced the older girl and then stroke her hair. Then, another thought crossed her mind again. "Wait... how did you even know that I was attacking Mayu?" Yuki asked the question which she forgot to question the older girl.


   One word made it all clear. The name she despised the most. The name Yuki was jealous of. Jurina was actually someone in Atsuko's clan, and she moved there to meet with Atsuko. Atsuko really cared for Jurina, and Jurina cared for Atsuko just as much. Jurina also loves kissing Mayu in the lips, much to Yuki's dismay. And Yuki hated that. Yuki despised Jurina just because of that. The smug look on her face when she snuggled up to Mayu in front of her. She was really annoyed with her.

   "Her again... that brat..." Yuki hissed, but was responded by nothing. She then took a closer look at Atsuko to realize that the older girl had fallen asleep quicker than usual. "Oh." Yuki was surprised, but decided to just shrug it off. It was rare for Atsuko to be hugged by her and even when they were kids, Yuki and Atsuko would always sleep together and Atsuko would be the first to fall asleep.

   Yuki then smiled.


"Are you sure you don't wanna sit on my lap, my cute Mayuyu?"
"Really~? It will help you sleep, though."
"Knowing you, Yuko, I don't think I would be able to sleep thanks to some 'wild hands' attacking me."
"Can't blame my lu- I mean, curiosity of the female body."
"Why don't you just grope your own body, then?"
"Tried. Unpleasant as it sounds..."

   "Seriously?" Mayu showed Yuko a surprised look, followed by the older girl's chuckle.

   "Kidding, kidding." Yuko snorted and got below the covers, before hearing a knock resonated on the door. Now who would that be? "Huh? Jurina?" she made an assumption and tried to stand up, only to be stopped by the sleepy Mayu who wanted to be of use to the older girl. But though, for some reason, something didn't seem right to Yuko. Why would Jurina come this late? The clock had already struck 5 A.M and she didn't think Jurina, a vampire, would be dumb enough to go out just before sunrise. There's a heavy feeling in her chest just by looking at the door. Like something, an aura of darkness resonated behind the door.

   "I'll get it. You sleep, Yuko." Mayu said calmly, making the older girl also smile, shaking off her worries as nothing. Mayu got up and walked to the door. It was a sheepish looking Yuki outside the door. Even though her hair covered a part of her face, Mayu could tell that it was Yuki, her best friend. A smile formed on her lips and she opened her door. She didn't know why she opened the door, nor why she gave the girl permission to enter. God knows... She was starting to regret the action.

   "Gotcha~" Yuki mused, grabbing Mayu by the collar. A gleeful grin formed on her lips as she placed Mayu on her arms, carrying her as she took one last look at the surprised Yuko. Yuko clicked her tongue and tried to get up but Yuki escaped, leaving Yuko alone inside the room. "See you later, Yu~ko~" Yuki teased, dashing off towards a certain direction.

   Seconds after, Atsuko appeared in front of the door, looking a little tired and exhausted. "Where's Mayu?!" Atsuko asked worriedly as she looked at how pissed Yuko was at the moment. "Yuko?" Atsuko's eyes widened in shock as she was slapped hard in the face by her best friend. Pain crept in her cheek, feeling the anger of the shorter girl. She was speechless.

   "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU LET HER LOOSE?!" Yuko shouted from the top of her lungs as she grabbed the collar of the taller girl. "NOW LOOK AT WHAT THE FUCK YOU DID TO MAYU!" the eyes of Oshima Yuko was a scary one. She glared at her best friend straight in the eyes. She tightened her grip as she pulled the taller girl hard enough so that their faces were only a few centimeters apart. Her heart raced of anger. The anger she has for the taller girl. That was until...

   "I'm... sorry..."

   Yuko snapped out of her anger once she looked at the taller girl closely. She was crying. Maeda Atsuko, the vampire, was crying from the bottom of her heart. Her eyes were already red ever since she came to the apartment, which meant she was crying on the way. What did Yuko just do? Did she just scream at her best friend without thinking of her feelings? No- Atsuko was her crush. She was feeling anger at her own crush. "... Sorry." This time, Yuko apologized as she lets go of the taller girl, looking away from her. "For now... Let's just search for her, okay?" Yuko asked for confirmation, still not looking at her. She waited until she got an 'Un' from her best friend who was wiping her tears away. Yuko smiled wryly and then called Jurina.

"Yo, Yuko. No need to say anything. I'm already on their tail at the moment. They're probably heading for the cemetery. You should come quick or things might turn ugly. I don't think I can hold Yukirin off once she's in heat right now. Rena can't help since she's in Osaka right now-"
'So that explains the crows.'
"-Anyways, I'm hanging up. I'll try to divert her attention from Mayuyu as long as possible."

   Then came the sound of a long Beep, signaling that the call has ended. Yuko sighed and then told Atsuko the details. Atsuko had a worried look for some reason but Yuko decided to just shrug it off. Then the two quickly gave chase to their childhood friends.



   A voice spoke, the figure looking at the shorter of the pair. She stroked the girl's arm, carefully pinning her to the ground, making sure she doesn't use too much of her strength. She smiled warmly as she played with the girl's hair, even though the younger girl was clearly glaring at her to the death. She didn't mind, though. The more the girl hated her, the more feelings the girl has for her, good or bad, the more she likes it.

"Aishiteru yo..." (I love you)

   She confessed, the lens of her eyes glowing bright red of all the blood she had sucked from before. She grinned evilly as she leaned a little closer to the shorter girl. Mayu, surprised by the sudden confession and advance the girl did, pushed her away hard.

"NO!" Mayu shouted as Yuki fell back.

   Vampires may have incredible power, but that doesn't mean that their bodies are tough. Yuki's expression didn't change. She very well liked the treatment the younger girl gave her. Her grin grew wider, laughing maniacally as she got up.

"This... This is the best..."

   Before Yuki could advance on Mayu more, she heard footsteps from behind her. Her grin grew to a frown as she realized the presence and smell of the intruder.

"What the fuck do you want, Jurina?"

   Yuki turned around to see the smug face of the person she despises from the bottom of her heart. The blood inside her boiled, her heart screaming at her to kill the vampire in front of her right there and then. She wanted to have fun with Mayu a little bit more, but for some reason, the nuisance in front of her eyes forbade her to do such. She wanted to take care of her first.

"Hoo~ Feisty, aren't we, Yukirin~?"

   Jurina teased almost mockingly as the older girl glared at her. Jurina was born a couple of years after Yuki. She was a pure blood. She was born as a true Vampire. What Yuki hated her more was that Jurina always had Atsuko's attention. Always, the young girl would cuddle with Atsuko and puts a smile on the older girl's face. Oh, of course Yuki didn't like Atsuko that way. No, she doesn't see her more than a best friend. Maybe... Or did she?

"Sorry, but Mayuyu is mine."

   Instantaneously, Yuki appeared in front of Jurina and tried to punch her in the face. Jurina reacted quickly, crouching down and then tackled the older girl hard, causing them to both fall to the ground. Yuki then kicked Jurina in the stomach with full force. Jurina was blown away by the strength of an older vampire and she was smashed into a tombstone. Jurina then quickly got up, and grabbed the rubble around her and threw it at Yuki in which she dodged, but without the older girl realizing it, Jurina crept closer in each throw. Before she realized it, Jurina was only a few meters in front of her.


   Jurina said playfully as she initiated her payback to the older girl, kicking her in the stomach and causing her to be blown away to Mayu, but Mayu dodged her. Mayu was not stupid enough to catch someone who was kicked by a powerful vampire. Besides, Yuki's also a vampire. It's not like she'd get critically hurt. Yuki spat her own blood and then glared at Jurina which makes the younger girl laugh childishly.

"Yukirin, can you turn around~? I wanna see that sexy back of yours~"

   Jurina said childishly, which earned a surprised yelp from Yuki. The older girl felt her back and true enough, her clothes were torn are her back was laid bare. She could feel the anger inside her boil up more as she looked at the laughing Jurina. She sighed and then without warning, leaped to Jurina, grabbed her head and punched her in the stomach. She then kicked her sides, and with that powerful blow, Jurina was sent flying to another tombstone.

"Ouch. Yukirin's not playing nicely!"

   Yuki wasn't effected by Jurina's remark. She only looked at the girl without any emotion showing on her face. She wanted to laugh at the girl's demise but for some reason, she didn't feel like it. She only wanted to finish the job that instant and continue to her beloved Mayu who was currently shielding herself with some basket she found lying around. Why the hell is there a basket in the graveyard?

   Then the two continued their fight, hitting each other and then recovered almost miraculously. Well, they're vampires. Of course their regeneration abilities are far more superior than a human's. Though it was clear in Mayu's eyes that Yuki had more of an advantage. She was faster and a lot stronger than Jurina. Jurina took many hits but didn't seem to fall down permanently. She would always get back up, even though there were bruises and scratches (which disappeared almost instantly) around her body.

   Even so, Jurina panted hard. It was clear that she was far too exhausted to fight with someone who was 'In the Zone' like Yuki. Yuki was far more superior than her, ability-wise. There was absolutely no way she could hold out for much longer. Just as Yuki was about to hit Jurina again in the head, she felt a sudden shiver down her spines. She knew just who could cause her into such state. Yuki clicked her tongue and then quickly backed away from Jurina. She looked at Mayu and saw that someone was with her. It was Yuko.

   She then looked at the source of the bloodlust. The one with the distinct beauty, her silky black hair fell slightly on her shoulder. The girl was smiling, but her eyes weren't.

"Acchan... Had a nice nap?"

   Yuki asked teasingly, but Atsuko ignored her and went to Jurina instead. Atsuko patted her 'sister's' shoulder and then her head. She smiled warmly at her and then managed to make her sit down.

"You can rest now, Jurina. You did a great job."

   It was no surprise that Atsuko had a certain liking for Jurina. She doesn't know why but when she's with Jurina, all her troubles would go away, like her times with Yuko. Yuko was a special case, since she's her best friend, but Jurina is more than that. She's like a sister to her.

   Jurina obliged her request and then took a breather, resting.

"Man, stalling me was your plan? You could've tried something a little more... I don't know? Hot?"
"What are you? Yuko?"
"Hey, I heard that!" came the response from Yuko herself for Yuki and Atsuko's conversation.

   Yuki paid no heed and simply dashed forward to punch Atsuko's face. The older girl tried to dodge it but alas, her body wouldn't listen to her will fast enough. Atsuko was hit straight in the face. Luckily, she was trained to handle heavy punches thanks to her years of traveling and learning. She took it well and was still standing, unlike Jurina who was blown away. Atsuko smirked and then punched Yuki in the face. Yuki was weak, but the punch from Atsuko's felt more like a human's. Yuki snorted and with full force, she punched Atsuko yet again, this time, sending her to the ground.

"What's this, Acchan? You're weak. Weaker than Jurina."
"Well, I can't deny that..."
"Weaker than Mayu."
"Well, that's true."
"Weaker than Mayu without her guns."
"Now that's a little too far-stretched."
"Hey! I feel insulted!" Mayu also complained at the two's close friendship, causing Atsuko to chuckle even though she was hit hard just seconds ago.

   Yuki continued her assault and Atsuko could only grit her teeth, trying her best to avoid or block the younger girl's attack but alas, it came to naught. She was badly beaten faster than Jurina who ended up playing with Yuki for a while. Well, it couldn't be helped. A source of a Vampire's strength and abilities comes from the blood of a human. Atsuko had never tasted blood for more than a thousand years. She lacks the strength she needed to be on par with Yuki's level. Truthfully, Atsuko was known to be the Ace of her clan, the most powerful Vampire that ever existed. But due to her starvation, she couldn't even muster up a small amount of her full potential.

"Do you still have the power to stand, Acchan?"

"I... guess... not...."

   Sighing at the answer, Yuki murdered Atsuko brutally, stabbing her with Yuko's katana whilst Yuko watched in agony, not being able to do anything. Jurina attacked quick and tried to stab Yuki but was stabbed instead by the older girl. Yuki then smiled evilly and strangled Yuko. Mayu watched in horror as her childhood friend was squashed to death by the force of Yuki's strength. Yuki still smiled and then raped Mayu there and then, siring her to become her slave. For an eternal service.

   Yes that was a joke. Now back to the real story

"Who... do you think I am...?"

   Atsuko grinned weakly, still standing tall and proud as she looked at Yuki. She knew that she was going to be killed either way, so it was better to at least stall her until sunrise which was in about 45 minutes. Hearing the proud response from Atsuko, Yuki snorted and smiled nostalgically. That was the Maeda Atsuko she knew. That was the girl she respected. It wasn't her strength but her ability to still look at the enemy in the eye even though she was faced with a threat that she couldn't handle.

   Yuki then stopped smiling and grabbed Atsuko by the collar. Atsuko stuck her tongue out in an attempt to agitate the girl more and it worked. Yuki has had it. She kicked Atsuko in the stomach again and she was sent flying to Yuko who caught her with difficulty. The two tumbled to the ground and then Yuki could finally divert her attention from the fight. She looked at Mayu and then went towards her.

   Ignoring the pain of her back that hit a tombstone, Yuko checked to see if Atsuko was okay. She cupped her hand on the taller girl's cheeks and then pressed her ear on the girl's chest. Wait, why did she even do that? Oh yeah, Vampires' hearts still functions well and still pumps blood like a regular human's, though they wouldn't need to breathe for it to work. It's just natural. Yuko still heard the heartbeat of the female and sighed a relief sigh.

"Acchan, you okay?"

   She shook the taller girl lightly and Atsuko slowly opened her eyes.

"Huh? Where's all the food?"
"No Acchan, there are no food here..."
"... I'm going back to heaven."
"Don't, you idiot!"

   Yuko chuckled at the taller girl's behavior and then took a glance at Mayu and Yuki's direction. Yuki pinned the smaller girl down to the ground again, this time with no one to stop her. Mayu struggled to get away from the older girl's grasp but failed miserably.

"Acchan, I need you to do something..."

   Yuko looked at the taller girl seriously. Atsuko had finally caught on with the grave situation and tried to get up. She was too exhausted though. Yuko made her sit down with her.

"I need you to suck my blood."

   Atsuko was surprised by the shorter girl's request. I mean, seriously. What kind of human in their right mind would just volounteera let a vampire suck on their blood for the first time? That's just unheard of! Even Yuki had to plead Mayu for weeks to get her to let her suck her blood. And that's from Tsuntsun Mayuyu!

"What are you talking about?! You know I don't like sucking human's blood! I don't even like blood in general!"

   Atsuko glared at Yuko, seemingly disturbed by the girl's request.

"Acchan... you know in your current state you can't even beat Mayuyu who's using one hand."
"Well, it IS true that I'm REALLY weak right now..."
'Why the hell do I feel like someone's making fun of me... AGAIN' Mayu thought as she struggled to escape from Yuki.

"But I'm not that we-"

   A heavy voice silenced Atsuko immediately as she looked at the calm Yuko in front of her. Yuko heaved a deep sigh and then placed her forehead on the taller girl's. Atsuko felt the warmth of the older girl resonating in front of her. She felt her heartbeat steadily increase, like a slow train beginning to move at a steady pace before going into accelaration. Only difference is, her heartbeat became a little too fast before she even realized it. Her cheeks flushed bright red but her face was still as calm as ever, belying her unsteady interior.

"Please... This is for Mayuyu..."

   Something inside Atsuko burned in rage. Was it jealousy? Was it simply angst? She didn't know. But for some reason, the shorter girl's persuasion succeeded. Atsuko smiled childishly, finally giving up. She then sighed and her face went closer to the younger girl's neck as she remembered a certain promise she had made to a certain girl.

"Don't talk, you idiot! You're injured!"
"My love..."
"... Even though I told you not to, you're still not listening...."
"Haha... I guess..."
"You... are a vampire... is that so...?"
"... Hai..."
"... I see..."
"... Sorry for hiding it all these times..."
"... Were you... the one who attacked Haruna...?"
"No! I would never do that to her!"
"... I guess you're right.... Then... Promise me one thing, Atsuko..."
"... What is it...?"
"... You will never suck a human's blood ever again..."
"But that's-"
"Unless... you find someone you would like... by your side... forever..."
"What about you?!"
"... I don't like immortality..."
"What kind of a-"
"Promise? That you would find someone... feed on the person's blood... only if you love them... unlike me..."
"How did you..."
"I know, Atsuko... I was always watching you..."
"... So... Promise...?"
"... I promise... Minami..."
"I... knew... you'd.... understand..."
"Sayonara, Minami..."
"... Heh... Sayonara... my love..."


"Mayu, don't you love me?"

   Yuki stared in the eyes of Mayu, as if pleading to her. She loved Mayu deeply, and she knows Mayu loved her as well, but why didn't she accept her love? Was it because of the state she was in? Was it because she was worried about the future? Was it because she's hungry? She didn't know. But she wants answers. She wants Mayu to love her just as much as how her heart aches for her.

"Yuki. I-"
"I love you too, Mayu!"

   The two looked at the source of the voice dumbfoundedly. There they found Jurina, looking impeccable as always, with no bruise left over on her body.

"EH?! You're still okay?!" Yuki asked, surprised.
"Well, I'm also a vampire, you know? Of course I'd be fine in no time." Jurina stated as a matter-of-factly, winking at Mayu's direction like Yuki wasn't there.
"I don't think this is a good time to proclaim your love for me, Jurina..." Mayu glanced at the the oldest of them three, both physically and mentally.
"..." Yuki was silent, but an aura of darkness could be seen from behi- Wait a sec.


   A voice shook her to the bones. As if a predator had crept up behind her, slowly but effectively. The predator was chuckling behind her, looking at her like one would look at food. And as we all know, Atsuko loves food.

"Acchan?!" Yuki turned around in a fast motion to see Atsuko smiling ever so childishly.
"Yo~" came the greeting from Atsuko though they just interacted only a few minutes ago.
"You're... different..." Yuki analyzed her childhood friend from head to toe to breasts.
"Hm? Really? I feel as light and fluffy as always!" Atsuko smiled cheekily, earning a questioning glare from the younger girl.
"Just what did..." Then it struck her. Yuki finally realized it.

   It was finally clear to her. Atsuko's aura changed. It was a lot more fiercer than before, even fiercer than the time Atsuko witnessed Yuki's assault on poor ol' Jurina. Yuki smirked, a soft laughter of thankfulness and one of exasperation could be heard as she stepped forward a little closer towards the older girl. Jurina grabbed Mayu's hand and backed away from the older girls in fear of what might happen. Yuko, exhausted from Atsuko's action, leaned herself on a tombstone watching the meet up of the two vampires.

"So, shall we get started?" Yuki asked quickly, not wanting to drag the scene any longer. It was only 35 minutes until sunrise and she had to finish the fight quickly or else, they would have to fight indoors. And she knows that she doesn't want to mess up anybody's property. Well, unless you call the graveyard someone's property. She hissed, initiating the start of the fight.

   The other girl though, was in complete silence. She was laughing moments ago but once she saw how serious Yuki was and how short the time she had, she didn't want to play around. Well, not unless her inner side has something to say about this. A loud thump in her heart was heard and her eyes shot open, almost as if something was triggered. She knew that it would come sooner or later, but this was way too fast. She bit her lip (not seriously, since biting her lip with those fangs are kinda...) and let her inner self out. Her eyes turned red, bloody red, as she looked at the younger girl who was shortening their distance.

   Not long after, Yuki let out a low seductive growl as she leaped fast towards the older girl, not wanting to give the her any time to react. She reached out to grab the head of Atsuko's but as she looked closely, she grabbed absolute nothingness. The older girl was no longer in front of her. Her expression turned into one of shock as she stopped her movements with her unused foot and turned around. There was no sight of her as well. She was nowhere to be seen!

"Yu~ki~rin~" unlike the threatening voice like before, this time, the voice become somewhat playful, seductive even. Yuki gritted her teeth for what might happen next and as she barricaded herself, crossing her arms in front of her as she jumped back in fear.

   That was a wrong move, and she regretted it. She wasn't behind her, or more specifically, she WAS behind her, but not that moment. She cursed her brain and what came next, was something she never even thought about.

"Oppai~" came the slurred voice of Atsuko's from behind her position and Yuki felt a sudden emergence of surprise and pleasure coming from the mounds of flesh at her chest. A red flush crept slowly on her pale face, replacing her surprised expression to one of embarrassment. Blushing furiously, she instinctively yelped from the sudden pleasure of her breasts and regretted it heavily as she heard the snort of satisfaction from the girl behind her. Yuki hissed loudly and turned around in one swift move, punching the spot where the older girl was but to hit nothing as the older girl had once again, disappeared.

"Now I remember why I hated your inner self." Yuki snickered, regretting to force the older girl to drink Yuko's blood.

   Yuko was laughing uncontrollably even though she was tired, pointing at the red Yuki, even though she was oh so exhausted. "HAHAHA! Now that's my best friend! I'm so proud I raised her like that!" Yuko joked, teary eyed from laughing too much as she clenched her sides. Jurina was trying to control herself from laughing but instead, she laughed along with Yuko, knees on the ground as she saw the priceless expression of Yuki. Yuki of course, had more priceless reactions but this one takes the cake! Mayu, on the other hand, was lost as to what happened. It was no mystery that she belonged in the Pervert ratio in the Defense Against The Undead (DATU) squad, the squad which the girls belonged to, (It was only her and Yuko though, but Atsuko, Jurina and Yuki were known as 'helpers') but she couldn't comprehend Atsuko's actions at all. Sure it was priceless and all, but she knew Atsuko for so long. There was never a moment Atsuko acted perverted even once!

   "Yuko! Your perverse is contagious!" Mayu put the blame on Yuko as Yuki covered her blushing face with one hand and her breasts with the other. Yuko denied it immediately (well, not really immediately, since she was trying hard to control her laughter) and Jurina also backed her up. They then looked at Yuki who was mumbling incomprehensible words that could not be made out by the three.

   "Oi, Yukirin~ Wanna tell these girls what the REAL Acchan was like~?" Jurina asked as she remembered the first contact.

   Yuki kept quiet, her eyes were becoming tired and watery. The first one because of how she actually wanted to fight seriously with Atsuko but regretted it since she finally remembered what happens when Atsuko drinks blood and the other is because of how she was groped by someone for the nth time, and ALL of those times were from the same person! Nobody has ever done that. Not even Mayu! The person who did that to Yuki, causing her into a state of regret and embarrassment was none other that Atsuko.

   She recalled the first time everyone realized about Atsuko's... condition...

   "Oi oi... what the hell happened here..." Yuki looked at the sight in front of her.

   Few bodies laid bare, not hurt or anything, but naked. Not a single thread of clothing on their naked bodies. She could see that most of them were girls and some of them were men. Even her (female) uncle, Shinoda Mariko, Atsuko's 'father', was surprised. Mariko has seen a lot of bloodshed in her life but never before did she see such a sight. Naked humans collapsed in the wet floor of their own sweat. They looked at the center of everything. The lone girl sitting on a chair, looking impeccable as always, though her eyes were red.

"... Is this maybe her first time drinking fresh human blood?" Yuki asked Mariko, curious as to what was the cause of the mess.
"Yeah. She usually drinks the blood supply we saved at the castle. This was the first time I let her out alone to hunt."
"I see... Where's Jurina?" Yuki asked again but was soon answered as the girl's figure was seen next to Mariko suddenly, almost as if she appeared out of nowhere. Well, they ARE vampires...
"Whoa whoa whoa! What did Atsu-nee do?!" Jurina's eyes sparkled in the pique of interest as she looked at the interesting situation right in front of them.
"..." Mariko decided to just pat Jurina's head, not giving the answer since she herself didn't know. "Atsuko." she called, her voice was heavier than usual, and Atsuko flinched as she heard the name. Atsuko's red eyes turned like usual, black orbs.
"Huh? Wha- Ow shit." Atsuko almost jumped from her chair as she realized the situation she was in. "Damn... I thought I was dreaming..." (Yes, vampires dream)
"Did you do this to them?" Mariko asked but was interrupted by Jurina.
"What DID you do?" Jurina asked but was stopped by the glare of Mariko and Yuki. She retracted herself from the front and pouted cutely.
"Explain yourself, Atsuko." Mariko locked her gaze with Atsuko's and the younger one had trouble trying to find the right words...

"Well, it was like this. I as per usual, sank my fangs into a girl's blood, since well, I thought they were more fragile than a man's skin, so I chose the easiest route. Anyways, when I tasted the girl's blood, my vision became blurry and for some reason, I lost control over my body... Well, not really..."
"What do you mean by that?" Mariko squinted her eyes as Atsuko avoided their gazes.
"Well... it's like my inner desires were unleashed..."

   Everyone was then silenced. Jurina was trying hard not to laugh since she found the situation really funny. Mariko had a look of a proud father and Yuki was showing her usual priceless shocked reaction.
"Bwahahaha! That's my sistah!"
"My daughter, you have grown into a fine woman."
"Oi! What the hell?! So your inner desire was to do perverted things to people?!" Yuki glared at Atsuko.
"Well, kinda... Sometimes my head thinks of perverted things- Wait, just to make myself clearer, I didn't lose my virginity or anything. I only stepped on a few 'rods' to see their reactions, and true enough, they looked pleasured. And I also started to like groping girls now... Boobs feel g-" Atsuko stopped herself once she realized her friend was looking at her with disgust. "Not my fault." Atsuko evaded.

"Well, let's do this." Mariko went closer to Atsuko and patted her head. Her eyes turned red, same with Atsuko's as they gazed into each others' eyes. Mariko then smirked, finally finding a solution for all the troubles. "If there is a time you feel your sexual needs and, or perverse rises to a certain point in which you want to release it, I order you to only do such to Yuki." then her eyes became back to normal.
"OI!" Yuki raised her voice and Atsuko grinned mischievously. Yuki turned around to run away but in an instant, she felt someone tackled her from behind and from the voice, she could already figure out who it was. "Acchan! Nooooooooooooo!"

   And from then on, whenever Atsuko is in The Zone, and she needed to do perverted things, she would either grope Yuki or kiss her deeply, much to the younger one's demise. And Jurina would never have enough from laughing at Yuki's luck. Well, even if Jurina became Atsuko's target, she wouldn't mind. Jurina loves the older girl a lot, and would gladly do 'indecent' things with her. Though there's no way she would admit it in front of her... 'partner'.

"This is damn embarrassing..." Yuki then looked at her chest and she finally realized something. She quickly searched the grounds to find the thing she dropped.

   Jurina looked at Yuki with surprise and Yuko looked curious. And then the two realized something. "Oh! Yukirin dropped her oppai?!" "HELL NO!" they were denied instantly by Yuki who was searching for something. Mayu also realized the situation and when she looked closer at Yuki's worried face, she then remembered something. "You dropped your necklace?" Mayu asked Yuki and the older girl nodded her head.

   "Oh, if you're talking about that necklace I gave you, you lost it the moment you fought with Jurina." Mayu stated and Yuki glared at Jurina. "Oi oi, I've got nothing to do with this. More like I never even knew you had a necklace to begin wi- Wait. YOU GAVE YUKIRIN A NECKLACE?! WHAT ABOUT ME?!" Jurina wailed her arms as she protested at Mayu who facepalmed at the younger girl's train of thought.

   As Yuko leaned on the gravestone, she sensed someone on the other side of it. "Jurina got it already." Yuko confirmed the (mentally) older girl's deduction and the taller of the pair sighed. "At least her inner desires were finally sealed. I don't wanna go through that again." Atsuko leaned her head. "Oh~ But that's a shame though~ I just found out an INTERESTING piece of information, ya hentai~" Yuko teased and the taller girl blushed slightly. "Shut it."


   "I wonder why I attacked everyone like that..." Yuki asked as she sat on the bed. Mayu could only shrug her shoulders and sat next to the older girl. "Who knows. Maybe you were in heat or something." Mayu joked and the older girl glared at her. "We're not werewolves! We do not go in heat!" she protested but after a few moments of thinking "Well, except Acchan. She's a special case." Mayu giggled hearing that part from Yuki and she leaned her head on the older girl's shoulder.

   Thankfully, it became sunrise just as soon as they got to their homes. Mayu and Yuki lived the farthest from the graveyard so the others made it back safely. Mayu closed her eyes, enjoying the peace of the moment yet again. Usually, her heart would beat in an unusually fast rate whenever she's with Yuki but this time, it was calm. Her heartbeat was slow and steady as she heard the sound of birds chirping and even though she felt uneasy before, she was calm now. She felt a little more assured as she enjoyed the time with Yuki.

   Yuki was supposed to sleep and Mayu was supposed to go to school in a few minutes but after Mayu put her head on her shoulder, she couldn't move an inch. It's not like she couldn't move, but moving meant she would disturb the younger girl from resting and she didn't want that. She wanted Mayu to be at ease with her, unlike what happened before. She regretted ever doing such to her. She took a glance at Mayu's sleeping face, but her eyes instantly went towards the younger girl's cleavage, visible through the opening of her shirt. Yuki's face turned red almost as instantly as the incident with Atsuko. Though this time, she thanked the heavens for such a valuable sight. Her breathing became ragged as she stared straight into the small cleavage of Mayu's. She gulped the saliva gathered in her throat and leaned a little to the side to get a closer look but then,

   "... What ARE you looking at, Yukirin?" Yuki instantly regained her posture, as ladylike as always, her face became more normal and her blush crept away, her breathing became like usual. "What are you talking about, my dear Mayu?" came the smooth and ladylike response from the older girl as she smiled ever so untruthfully. Mayu sighed at the response from the older girl and then an idea hit her head.

   "Ne, Yukirin..." Mayu tugged her arm with the older girl's causing Yuki to blush bright red again, and even Mayu's face had become slightly red as well. She leaned in closer to Yuki's ear and whispered to her in a seductive voice she learned from Yuko, "Do you love me?" she asked sweetly, causing Yuki to turn even more red than before. Yuki's eyes wandered from place to place, in search of something to take her attention away from the seductive girl next to her. "W- Well,.." she decided to just be honest this time. She sighed and looked into the eyes of the younger girl, locking their gazes. They were only a few centimeters apart, which almost made both of them lost. "I- I love you, Mayu!"

   This time, without the disturbance of anyone, without forcing her, she confessed to Mayu of her real feelings she had kept locked inside her. "All these time... I don't know since when though, but for a long time now, I've fallen for you... Head over heels for you..." Yuki braced herself for words she thought up. "I mean, it's kinda stupid, right? You're a human and I'm a vampire. The only way for me to be with you forever is to sire you..." Mayu's heart skipped a beat, almost in depression, but what she was going to hear next calmed it all down. "I won't sire you, though... You have something precious. A life as a human being. I won't rob you of that... Before my own selfishness, I care about your happiness the most. I want you to live the life you want, so..." Yuki got up, "This... is goodbye!"

   Mayu's heart ached as she sees the older girl pass by her. Time crept slowly for her, like there was something sharp, like her heart was wrapped around a tightened sack full of needles, like heart heart was being squeezed from the inside. Her mind went blank for a moment, as she looked at the quick yet slow retreating figure of Yuki leaving. Her hand moved instinctively forward, in slow motion. She didn't know why she acted like that, but seeing Yuki leave was something she would never want. Not even in her life did she think Yuki would leave. She thought the older girl would stay with her forever, take care of her, play with her, and of course... love her.

   "Don't leave!" Mayu raised her voice as she grabbed Yuki's arm. The strength of a vampire was supposed to gain Yuki strength to pull Mayu away but for some reason, she couldn't. There was something that pulled Yuki towards the younger girl. Yuki bit her lip and wanted to protest but she was then indulged in a tight embrace by Mayu. The warmth of the younger girl, even though Mayu was a lot shorter than her, warmed Yuki up inside as she felt the embrace of the girl turned tighter. She then felt that her torso was turning cold. No, it became wet.

   "Mayuyu...?" hearing the older girl's voice, Mayu couldn't help but cry more. She was afraid. Afraid of it all. "Please... Don't leave me..." Mayu mumbled in her soft cries, begging the older girl to stay with her. She didn't want to lose her best friend... She didn't want to lose her... "I love you more, Yukirin!"

   Hearing the confession from Mayu, Yuki felt a surge of emotion manifested inside her chest. She felt everything around her became white and all she could see was her and Mayu. She only needed her in her life. Yuki's lips formed a warm smile as she accepted the hug and embraced the younger girl as well, patting her head and back in process. She hummed a soft melody for the younger girl to calm down. After a few moments, Mayu's cries stopped and Mayu lifted her head, teary-eyed. "Oh, you cute little angel~" Yuki couldn't help but to push the younger girl to the bed, squealing on how cute Mayu looked.

"Y- Yukirin!"


"Mou, you tsundere..."

   Yuki rubbed her own head that currently has a bump with one hand and hugged the younger girl from behind with the other. Mayu glanced behind her and glared at Yuki with a 'Serves you right!' kinda look. "You still didn't negate the statement though." and thus, she was glared yet again by the younger girl. By Yuki's request, Mayu let Yuki hug her from behind since she pleaded ever so loudly that the neighbors could hear. Sighing, Mayu leaned back to Yuki's chest, blushing madly from the contact of the older girl.

   Seeing the chance to strike, Yuki grinned mischievously and placed a kiss on Mayu.

"Chu~" she placed the kiss right on Mayu's mouth, causing the girl to blush even redder than before.
"W- What are you doing?!" Mayu was surprised and embarrassed by what Yuki did. And now she realized how Yuki felt with a certain older vampire.
"Kissing my girlfriend?" Yuki replied innocently.
"Why?! We just confessed to each other like 5 minutes ago!" Mayu protested as she glared behind her.
"Eh~ But waiting's a pain~ I kiss you when I want to~" Yuki smiled cheekily and Mayu couldn't help but be surprised by the older girl's bold statement.
"You..." Mayu could only sigh again for the nth time.
"Hey, your ears are so small." Yuki said as she looked at the ears from the gap between Mayu's untied hair. "It's so cute~"
"W- Wha-" Mayu tried to cover her ears but Yuki kissed her ear before Mayu could complete the action. "Hya! S- Stop it, you idiot!"
"Eh? You don't like it when I do that?" Yuki asked innocently as she leaned closer to look into Mayu's eyes.
"Urg..." seeing the pleading eyes of the older girl, there was no way Mayu could turn don her pleas. "Yukirin, you idiot..." Mayu murmured, even her ears are red.
"Such a tsun~" Yuki giggled and then looked at Mayu seriously. "Hey, can I nibble your ear?"
"HUH?!" Mayu almost spat out her words at Yuki's question.
"Even though I already dranked your blood, your body looks really delicious." Yuki licked her own lips, looking at her target, Mayu's ears.
"W- What are y-"
"Can I?" Yuki asked, almost as if she didn't understand the younger girl's embarrassment.
"No!" Mayu rejected it firmly.
"You're a tsun, so that means that it's okay, right? And you even want me to punish you for being such a tsun~" Yuki chuckled.
"What kind of interpretation is that?!"
"Ri~ght~ and who is it that's avoiding my gaze right now~" Yuki snorted and gently rubbed her tongue at the end of the younger girl's earlobe.
Mayu squinted her eyes from the sensation and moaned from the pleasure. Releasing her moan for the first time caused Yuki to grin even wider almost as if a swich have been flipped inside her.
"Mayu's voice turns me on~" Yuki continued to lick the younger girl's sensitive ear.
"D- Don't say that!" Mayu puffed her flushed cheeks in protest. "Why are you even doing this, mou."
"Dunno. I wanted to try it once~" Yuki beamed a happy smile but then it turned slightly evil "I want to do LOTS of things you 'don't' like~"
"... W- What are you thinking right now...?" Mayu finally looked into Yuki's eyes.
"I wanna touch you." Ignoring Mayu's resistence, Yuki whispered next to Mayu's ear.
"T- Touch?! W- Where?!" Mayu looked confused and embarrassed,
"Well..." Yuki pervertedly looked at Mayu's body.
"Y- You don't need to say it. I can already tell from your perverted eyes..."
"Oh. That makes it easier then~ Lemme touch you~"
"No. I never said I would let you, right?" Mayu sighed "Geez, I can't believe you're such a pervert."
"Says the girl that loves to touch other girl's butts."
"T- That is-" Mayu tried to protest, but the more Mayu protests, the more turned on Yuki became. She started to wonder what would happen if she touched Mayu's body more.
When Mayu covered her ears to stop herself from hearing anymore of Yuki's perverted pleas, Yuki sighted an opportunity. She grinned widely and then pushed Mayu to the side, causing the younger girl to tumble to the bed. The position right now was Yuki, who was grinning ever so pervertedly, on top of the blushing Mayu.


"I think I forgot to tell Yukirin how you rigged their place." Atsuko said, eating her popcorn as she looked at the action of the two lovers.
"Probably. Now I don't regret anything. Popcorn~" Jurina hugged Atsuko from the side, wanting the older girl to feed her.
"Hm? Oh. Here, Ahn~" Atsuko took a piece and offered it to Jurina.
"Ahn~" Jurina opened her mouth and was fed by Atsuko from hand. "Waa~ Hugging Atsu-nee is the best~"
"Un." Atsuko only nodded as she focused on the actions of the lovebirds in the screen but then suddenly,
"Ahem!" Rena and Yuko coughed loudly, which got the attention of the two girls.
"So you like hugging her more than me, huh~?" Rena asked, almost as if there was an aura of darkness behind her.
"Err... I can explain!" Jurina got up and hugged Rena. "I love hugging Rena too~"
"Yeah, right." Rena rolled her eyes to look at Yuko, with a slight blush.
"Eh?" Jurina was surprised by the older girl's reaction and tried to look at where Rena was looking but was then hit in the head by Rena. "Ittai!"
"Serves you right." Rena said and then left the room.
"Matte~ Rena-chan~" Jurina chased after the (physically) older girl.
"Acchan..." Yuko looked at Atsuko who was busy staring at the screen.
"Well, instead of going for Jurina, you should go to me! I have bigger breasts than her!"
"... Nothing." Yuko pouted and then sat next to Atsuko. "Whoa, they're really going at it."
"I wonder if we can have a relationship like theirs one day..." Yuko murmured.
"A relationship without restraints of gender, race and tradition?" Atsuko asked.
"Kinda like that..." Yuko continued to look at the screen.
"Maybe one day... And by that time, I want you by my side, Yuko..."
"... Heh. Very well then, my little perverted vampire princess."
"You tease." Atsuko punched Yuko's arm lightly, careful not to release any of her inner strengths.
"Haha. I'll remain by your side, at least until I die."
"I'll wait for that day patiently."
"That is, unless you sire me."

   Before Atsuko could finish her sentence, Yuko grabbed the back of the girl's head and indulged her in a deep and passionate kiss as the girl blushed bright red and was surprised of her action.

Parting from the kiss, Yuko smiled cheekily and scratched her cheek. "How about now?"


   Woot! Yay~ My own record breaker XD 13k+ words @_@ Wew, I need a breather. I hope everyone, including AtsuYuu shippers enjoyed this~ Well, I really like AtsuJuri but in the end, Yuko deserves Acchan more U_U And sorry for killing Takamina >w> Bye bye Takamina~ *waves*

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eh, ya I mean, Yuko will the one who get killed lol~ and why Sayaka will kill Acchan?  XD
and long story you got there.. hahaha it really take my time to read it lol I'll blame ya for my lack of sleep later.. kidding~ and more Atsuyuu pleasee~ Huahahahaha... I want to be reader now *actually I always be the reader one* XD XD XD :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: thank you and sorry Ashura-san  :P

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 :on drink: :sashiko: hahaha

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Wow what a birthday present, LoyalFlutist must be very happy :)

I miss vampire MaYuki so much, this just made me realize that there used be so many vamp fics but not so many now (except your Supernatural Partner, of course!). Vamp MaYuki is the hottest XD

Thank you so much for writing this! :deco:

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"!!!!!~!"  :monster:
my hat is off. saluting.

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a vamp fic...
that was awesome... and as said... there used to be so many, but now there ain't many...
I loled so hard at Acchan though :3

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Minami was Atsuko's lover

But she died... and she did not want to be a vampire

At last Atsuko had someone that wanted to be with her forever....

Atsuko's inner perv. was so fun.... Poor Yuki... getting harassed

Great OS here as always

Can't wait to see more....

Thank you for the OS

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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"I... guess... not...."

   Sighing at the answer, Yuki murdered Atsuko brutally, stabbing her with Yuko's katana whilst Yuko watched in agony, not being able to do anything. Jurina attacked quick and tried to stab Yuki but was stabbed instead by the older girl. Yuki then smiled evilly and strangled Yuko. Mayu watched in horror as her childhood friend was squashed to death by the force of Yuki's strength. Yuki still smiled and then raped Mayu there and then, siring her to become her slave. For an eternal service.
   Yes that was a joke. Now back to the real story

Made me feel what I felt when I read Fallen for the first time.  :lol: I thought its true but then I laugh when I read it was just a joke :lol:
Perv Atsu at the end XD  :thumbup :thumbup

Thanks for this:  :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow: XD
I'm sorry. I know. I'm a silent reader.  :barf:

---kind of BUSY---

Hi, Im new here. Nice to meet you :D

JPOP lover
-AKB48 (oshi: Mayuyu, Yukirin, Sayaka Akimoto)
-SKE48 (oshi: wMatsui)
Anime lover
JDrama lover

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Finally you back with great story!!
Although it doesn't atsuyuu-centered story, but makes me happy a lot :D
Vamp story, hilarious well-writen, and some atsuyuu scene already makes this great xD

Well, I'm still waiting for your next atsuyuu stories :3

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Apologize for delayed reply, but please allow me to edit this in the near future to properly respond to you. Just letting you know that I didn't forget about it, haha. :sweatdrop:

[Will be edited]

A comment like I promised! :)

First off, I would like to thank you for writing such long OS for my birthday! It doesn't matter how late or early you decide to write it, the thought does count and I'm more than glad to know that you took the time and effort to creating this fiction. 13,000+ words is A LOT. I can tell you at least that while I was reading it, I was smiling like a doofus with great content. I took the time to read it through and despite being excited, reread it through at a much slower pace to soak in the entire storyline. Seriously, thank you! :cathappy:

Now it's time to get on with the story.

In the opening scene, I couldn't help but chuckle and even laugh out loud with amusement of the dialogues between both Mayuki and Atusyuu. To see that Mayu watch Yuki fighting as she herself merely point out the zombies is hilarious. The poor vampire. Spoiling Mayuyu and at the same time, both mentally and verbally expressing her hopes for the younger girl to assist her in exterminating the creatures. In the meantime, she was busy scolding and having a serious talk about Mayu going around and kissing Jurina. Hints of JuriMayu I sense there. And to see that this all happened during the battle! Honestly, my favorite part was this:

"Warui. I forgot to mention that one."
"Don't forget important things like that! I could have gotten killed, you know!"
"Who cares. You've already lived for almost 1800 years."

Oh poor Yukirin, LOL. Got attacked and ended up in a position that nearly got her killed due to a simple mistake by Mayu. Then again, Mayu did have a point about how long the vampire was living. If she lived that long, then it would be fairly difficult for the girl to be struck down, yes? Anyhow, at least Watanabe got the chance to finally get serious and use her sniping technique with her gun to bring an end to the zombies. Attacks combined by the duo are fatal. :nervous

And some Atsuyuu moments I spot here:

"Ah~ You just touched my hand that touched my butt." Atsuko commented but was then hit in the head by Yuko.
"I may like butts, but your butt is safe." Yuko chuckled.

I could not imagine what would happen if Yuko actually dare touch Atsuko's oshiri there. Whether she would end up blushing and trying to smack Yuko's hands away or going batshit crazy and scolding the squirrel... It's a wonder. But I don't know if I want to ever know about it, haha. (Or it could end up with a smexy scene but that topic is for another day, LOL)

At least at the very end of the section there, Yuki is clearly seen to be jealous from Mayu's affection towards Jurina. Oh you Yukirin. :rofl: I'm sure Mayu's playful personality is only for jokes and her heart truly lands on you. When Yuki went on ahead, it seems that Mayu had already clearly gotten the message. Even Yuko got it too. Mayuki~ One of the many cute couples~ :deco:

Fast forwarding a bit... Uh oh. Although knowing that being bitten by a vampire at least isn't agonizing and painful, being a sire without consent due to the nature of the vampire wanting to intake in more blood is... well... That's definitely not a good sign. Not at all. Glad that Atsuko came in in the nick of time to remove Mayu away from Yuki. Poor Yukirin... She doesn't mean it and just had her natural vampire instinct kick into her system. :panic: But seriously though. I think it would cause quite a lot of trouble if Mayu did become a sire at that time in the story. Would make things a whole lot more complicated than it should. A human to vampire relationship is more than enough trouble so imagine being sired by one!

While Atsuko goes on to talk to Yuki, there is both the Oshiri Sisters little talk. As they were exchanging to each other, Yuko's statement here:

"The life you have as a human being, will be gone for good." Yuko tightened her grip on the younger girl's shoulder. "You will live an eternity, suffering forever. You will never see the sunlight again. You will not be able to control your urges, even seeing your family seemed hard. Everything you know, will be gone. Your human life, shall be finished. WILL YOU BE ABLE TO ENDURE THAT, WATANABE?!"

It made me think about not just Mayu really wanting to be a sire by Yuki but you know, our nature of sacrificing almost everything (or maybe even everything literally) in hopes of being with the ones we loved. Reminds me of the saying "How far are you prepared to go?" How far are we willing to go and endure for the sake of being with our lovers/family/whatever? It's always a wonder and the squirrel here is right. Especially poking at Mayu with the harsh, but realistic, question at the very end. Best to think logically about the situation and the emotions that aren't muddled to make the decision that's critical to the situation at hand.

Ah, then there's the past with Yuki and Atsuko... Poor Yuki in regard to her brother's death. Must be really painful to live on with that memory, especially when it's Atsuko that had killed him. But I guess the deed has already been done and you'll have to live on with it. Find some way to cope it or something. :cry: And it doesn't help for a fact that the other girl is continuously apologizing over and over about the incident. Talk about a depressing atmosphere in the air for a moment there. :panic:

Reading onward, I couldn't help but... crack up despite how serious the theme and tone was in the previous paragraph or two of the fiction. Especially with this part:

"Are you sure you don't wanna sit on my lap, my cute Mayuyu?"
"Really~? It will help you sleep, though."
"Knowing you, Yuko, I don't think I would be able to sleep thanks to some 'wild hands' attacking me."
"Can't blame my lu- I mean, curiosity of the female body."
"Why don't you just grope your own body, then?"
"Tried. Unpleasant as it sounds..."

WOW. Just... wow Yuko. I have no words to say, LOL. :rofl: Jesus Heaven Almighty, you really did try it on yourself you squirrel. :rofl:

But the... tension went back to being serious when Yuki took Mayu away. Ah, Yukirin... Couldn't resist the little girl can you? :nervous Doesn't really look like Mayu approves of the action the older girl is taking. Situation looks even worse the moment Jurina steps into the picture. Love triangle much? And... yikes Yuki. She's going all-out and striking those that oppose against her. Even towards Atsuko! Holy cow girl, calm yourself! :shocked:


"I... guess... not...."

   Sighing at the answer, Yuki murdered Atsuko brutally, stabbing her with Yuko's katana whilst Yuko watched in agony, not being able to do anything. Jurina attacked quick and tried to stab Yuki but was stabbed instead by the older girl. Yuki then smiled evilly and strangled Yuko. Mayu watched in horror as her childhood friend was squashed to death by the force of Yuki's strength. Yuki still smiled and then raped Mayu there and then, siring her to become her slave. For an eternal service.
   Yes that was a joke. Now back to the real story

YOU TROLL! I seriously fell for that the first time when I read it! But the moment that little last night popped up, I almost wanted to throw ice cubes at your direction and at the same time, laugh my oshiri off. Good grief, I actually am thankful that's not the ending nor scenario that really did occur in the story. Though it is a good place and timing to input angst if this is seriously considered, LOL.

Now... Looks like Atsuko is finally taking in some blood to reveal her inner self. The deep and hidden secret that only she herself will reveal upon drinking another person's blood... Er... Is something that I wasn't exactly expecting, LOL. Rather I am quite amused and it's unique, haha! Guess this is true, pure horror in her vampire form. I can guarantee that seeing naked bodies out on the battlefield is much... much... much... worse than seeing blood splattered all over the place. Just... wow. Hilarious though! Made me crack up once again despite the atmosphere of the portion there! And I see that it resumed back to being a normal fiction where it's comedic overall. :rofl:

Ah, glad to see that the Mayuki couple are back together and both wMatsui and Atsuyuu are in their own little world. In the end, it all worked out safe and sound with no deaths between the characters from the ordeal.

I'm glad to have the chance to read this OS of yours and thank you so much for posting and working on it! Made me crack up many times and I do not regret reading this more than once. :thumbsup And I'll be quite blunt, this is one of the very rare responses that are on an extreme length of my post. So yeah. I actually do not mind typing it all out considering that I really do enjoy the one shot. Keep up the good work and once again, arigatou! :deco:

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