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Author Topic: Ashura's OS's...Newest: More than Meets the Eye  (Read 38771 times)

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Christmas bundle [1/?] AtsuYuu
« Reply #100 on: December 23, 2013, 12:33:58 PM »
apple, ungrateful, sir! >< Ah well, you still updated your fic. Good kiddo U_U And NO I AM NOT SORRY OR YOUR SLEEPLESS NIGHT! MUAHAHAHAHA!

Kazan, man, I missed that pic XD

jell_o_jello, Supernatural Partner is kevinwkl's fic LoL. And yeah, I kinda agree that there's been a lack of Vamp fics lately... Hope the others will make more OwO

imteedee, wait, what???

Shinoki, yeah, there aren't many lately... So write some, brada! :v / And I like Acchan's 'In the Zone' mode as well, if you know what I mean~

cisda, doncha think there should be more moments of Atsuko's perverse? Just saying :nervous

pyonpyon, I just love trolling everyone. It's like my blood in my meat, my trident in my castle, and my jizzle in the shizzle... okay, I'm confused as well. :doh:

atsukojiyuu, thanks mate XD and wait no more! Here's moar AtsuYuu for everyone's daily dose of Atsuyuu watchamacallit!

Flutist, LONG! :shocked: Are you trying to kill me with writing a reply for this, girl?! :bleed eyes: Oh well. I wasn't really expecting ya to reply though. XD You said that it was good, and that was all that matters. U_U Unless you invited me to le raep train. Join me, imteedee! AND DON'T CALL KATE! NOPE! DON'T! btw, i will reply to that reply in some chat. ._. Too emotional to do it here.

   Anywho, here's some AtsuYuu goodness for all yar freaks out there! And no, it's not really christmas-centered. Just wanted to do it for fun XD And yes, I will post a bundle of Christmas OS's until my finger bleeds! May or may not contain AtsuMina depending on my mood. It will contain more AtsuYuu though. :lol: can't stop my love for those two perverts, can I?

   So I got the idea of writing this after reading miayaka's Christmas-AtsuYuu a while back. And I just HAD to try and do my own version of that. So here it is!

[Promises] [Christmas 1/?] -AtsuYuu-


They are fragile, weak, lost.

God’s creation which had gone wrong

Though there are times which they become something that they are supposed to

They become strong and gallant, which would make Him smile,

The times when they are powered by the desire, the desire to be with someone

The desire to protect, to respect and to accompany them through time

All of that, comes in one simple factor

The emotion,


   Tightening her fist as she bit her lip, she looked at the house in front of her with mixed emotions. She knew that from now on, she will be living in that house because of her parents’ promise to an old friend of theirs, but for some reason, she can’t shake off that feeling of anxiety. She was going to be in an environment which was unknown to her, so of course she would feel anxious!

   Shaking her head a few times and slapping her face with both hands to motivate herself, she stepped forward and pressed the doorbell. A few dings were heard and then she waited, her hands holding her bag and her face bright red from the cold.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” a voice was heard and what come out of that door, was a tall man, probably in his thirties. Seeing the girl, the man smiled happily as he patted the girl’s head. “Hey, you must be Yuko, right? Oh, the things I hear about you from your mother.” With a cheeky grin, he invited the girl in.

   Inside the house was awfully normal. Well, that was to be expected.

“Err, are you Maeda Koji?” the girl asked, and the man nodded in acceptance, leading her to the living room. The girl, Yuko, then sat on a sofa which the man offered her to sit on.

   The man then sat on the opposite side, coffee already in between them on a table. He grabbed a cup and then took a sip of the warm coffee. He then placed the cup on the table and grabs a pair of spectacles from his shirt pocket. He put it on and then fixed his eyes on the girl. The girl then flinched, since she was not really comfortable when a man is looking straight at her. The man then realized his rudeness towards his new ‘roommate’, or so.

“Have a cup.” The man gestured towards the cup in front of Yuko. “Don’t worry, that’s tea. I know you kids don’t like coffee much.”

   Switching her attention to the cup of tea on the table of her side, she grabbed the cup and took a sip of the warm tea. Her eyes opened wide as she realized that it was actually pretty good. Well, more than her usual share of tea.

“This is pretty good. Did you make this, Maeda-san?” the girl asked, curious for the answer.
“No, not really.” The man smiled wryly, which made the girl even more confused. “You’re eighteen now, right, Yuko-chan?”  The man asked, curiosity could be seen within those eyes shielded by the glasses.
“Err, yeah. I turned eighteen last October.  I’m thinking of auditioning myself as an actress but I still don’t know how to do that.” Yuko smiled a wry smile which already shows her cute dimples.

   The man then chuckled. His smile was really contagious, which made Yuko smile as well. There was no reason for her to smile but she smiled nevertheless. The first time she saw the man’s smile, it was really warm. Even though the temperature was really in the city of Akihabara, she felt warm inside her. She could easily fall in love with the man’s smile. That was how much that smile was to people.

“You’re going to live with us for a few weeks until Christmas, right? You have to get your gears together. And I have a friend who is currently a producer and script writer. I could introduce you to him, and that could probably be your first step in show business. Interested?” the man smirked.
“Eh?! Seriously?! Thanks, Maeda-san!” Yuko sprung out of the sofa and smiling, she bowed deeply to the man. The man of course didn’t mind.

   Yuko then sat down, with the man’s advise to behave herself. She was really thankful for the man inside. She had dreamt of being an actress ever since she was a kid. There was one time in her childhood days when she was watching television with her parents. She was really attracted to a person in the tiny box. She asked her mother who that person was and her mother told her that the person was an actress, playing the role as a cowboy. She was really attracted to the actor and she vowed within herself to one day become and actress and star in a cowboy movie. Though once she reached adolescence, she realized how difficult it was to accomplish the dream of hers.

“Though, it’s really ironic.” The man chuckled, earning a questioning look from the girl.
“What of it?” Yuko asked, seemingly confused by the man’s statement.
“Well, I have a daughter, one year younger than you. And when she was a kid, she always said that she wanted to be an actress, wanting to act in a cowboy show or something.” The man had a nostalgic look as he looked at the coffee on the table.
“Oh, is she still aiming to become one?” the girl asked.
“Who knows.”

   As they were talking they heard the front door open The man smirked and then spoke to the girl.

“That’s her now.” He turned his attention towards the living room door that was open and then a girl passed by it. “Atsu, come here a bit.” The man urged the girl to come to him.

   The girl stopped her tracks and looked at the living room. She saw there was an unknown girl in there in front of her father and there was no doubt that she was the girl that she was going to live with from now on. The girl sighed and walked towards her father.

“This is my daughter, Atsu.” The man introduced his daughter to the girl in front of him.
“Maeda Atsuko. It is a pleasure to be living with you from now onwards.” Atsuko introduced herself as well because her father did not introduce her completely.
“Oshima Yuko, hope we’d get along well.” Yuko smiled and put up her hand to shake it with the girl.
“Yeah” Atsuko bowed once and then left the living room quickly, not noticing the hand that was trying to shake hers at the moment.

   Yuko was dumbfounded by the girl who just left her hanging in there.

“She’s really antisocial, isn’t she?” the man smiled nevertheless and apologized for her daughter’s rudeness. “She was always like that to everyone. Even me… Anyways, don’t mind it. I’m sure she’s happy to have you aboard the Maeda residence!” the man assured her but Yuko wasn’t so sure about it.

“I hope so.” Yuko put down her hands and sat down again.

“Tomorrow’s Christmas, huh…” Yuko talked to herself as she lied down on the bed.

   She has lived in the house for a few days and she was really comfortable in it. Koji always keeps her company when he can and he plays with him a lot. They have a lot in common, truthfully. Yuko always seeks advice from him and the man happily helped her in any way he can. She respected him a lot.

   The only thing she was not so comfortable with was the fact that she never interacted much with Atsuko even though they were living in the same house. Every time Yuko greeted her, Atsuko would always turn the opposite direction of Yuko’s and walks away, without greeting her back. Yuko thought she was just shy but it turned out like that every time. Except once when she greeted her and then she was glared at by Atsuko, which left her stoned in the living room.

   She sighed, thinking of ways for her to get closer to the girl. She wanted to be friends with her since Koji told her a lot of stuff about his daughter that she is interested in. They had a lot in common. Both Yuko and Atsuko love movies, food and of course, the female body! And no they are not lesbians, or so Yuko thought.

“And she always had that plain face.”

   Yuko thought for a second. In all those times, Atsuko never changed her expression. Not even once! She always had a poker face and Yuko never knew why. Koji mentioned that it was just Atsuko being herself, but Yuko doubts it. She wanted to see the girl smile for once. Yuko smirked, springing up out of bed.

“Yosh! This, I swear!”

“Acchan~” Yuko pops up out of nowhere, and hugged Atsuko from behind as the girl was sitting on the sofa, reading a book.

   Atsuko, surprised by the sudden interference and intimate gesture of one Oshima Yuko, stumbled forward in an exaggerated fashion with her books still in her hands and her glasses, which she sometimes wear to read, fallen to the floor as well. Annoyed at the older girl, she did her usual glare which almost terrified the poor girl but thankfully, Yuko was already prepared for that the moment she thought of her plan to get closer to the younger girl. Thinking of an interesting topic in mind, Yuko then started to initiate some conversation with the younger girl, but was interrupted by Atsuko before she could even say anything.

“What are you doing, Oshima?”

   Atsuko kept glaring at the girl, now in front of her as they sat opposite each other. Now seemingly more terrified than before, Yuko thought of excuses to respond to the other girl but failed. She then recollected her thoughts from last night. She had improvised every single possible situation but she forgot it all already. She cursed her forgetful mind and just responded to her like she seemed right.

“No, no! Call me Yuko, Acchan!” Yuko grinned mischievously.

   Oh no, bad move, Yuko. Or so she thought. Atsuko’s glare seemed to be a little more sharper than her usual sharpness, and she doesn’t know how she even remembered her glare. Yuko gulped once and loosened up her collar a bit so that she could breathe in a little easier, because God knows she’s a nervous wreck at the moment.

“And WHY do I have to call you that even though we just met a few days ago? And stop calling me that, will you?!” Atsuko hissed, her glare never seemed to move at all from her target.

   Yuko kept her cool and thus, had to skip to Plan J: Improvise!

“But I think ‘Acchan’ sounds cute~ you’re cute~” Yuko smiled in a way which made Atsuko’s heart skip a few beats.
“Thanks for the compliment, but I don’t need it. And besides, don’t you think you’re being WAY too over-familiar with me?” the question from Atsuko caused an invisible arrow to pierce Yuko’s heart like one of those weird cartoons.
“W- Well, I just want us to be friends…” Yuko pouted and tapped her fingers cutely.
“And I don’t, so back off, Oshima.” Atsuko sighed and then stood up.

   Atsuko turned her back from the older girl and was about to walk out of the room when suddenly, her hand was grabbed by the girl. She turned around to see Yuko with a determined look. She could have sworn that there was fire burning within her eyes, and she of course doesn’t want to know if her deduction was on the spot or the other way around.

“Have you not heard what I just-“ “Do you like movies?”

   Atsuko was interrupted by Yuko before she could start bashing the girl again. Yuko asked a question which Atsuko never even thought of answering. If to make it worse, Yuko was determined to get the question out of Atsuko and the younger girl knows better than to answer in a way which would satisfy the older girl. So, she took the easy route out.



“Lies.” Yuko stated it with her face unchanged, and Atsuko was surprised by the older girl yet again. She was clueless as to how Yuko thought of stating that she lied.
“Why do you say that?” Atsuko asked, this time, wanting to know what exactly the older girl is thinking inside that head of hers.
“Your eyes tell it all, Acchan. Your eyes were always sparkling, as if my soul could be sucked inside it in any given time, but when you said that you dislike movies, your eyes appeared dead… Lifeless.”

   A long silence was then filled inside the room. No one talked. The younger girl puts her head down and looked below, and as Yuko said before, her eyes were dead straight at looking at the floor which seemed so lonely. Yuko only looked at Atsuko, not even trying to calm the younger girl down even though she knows that the other girl was having a hard time.

“It’s not that I hate movies…”

   Atsuko finally spoke, her head not being but up, but just looking down. Yuko kept silent this time to listen to the younger girl.

“… It’s just that I hate you.”

   Koji was at the door, finally released from his work all day. But as he reached for the door knob, the door burst open and came from it was a small girl he knew well. He avoided the girl’s way and the girl passed by him and at that moment, he could see that her eyes were wet. A thought came across him but he didn’t try to stop the girl. He closed his eyes, praying the best for the girl. He opened his eyes again and saw that the girl was now far away. He looked at her back fading away into the distance.


“What did you do?”

   The question came from Koji as he entered the living room, seeing Atsuko on the sofa reading a book. The girl did not take her eyes from the book but answered the man anyways.

“Just a couple of stuff happened. Nothing you should be worried about. Now can you leave me alone, I’m trying to read here, for God’s sake!”

   In an outburst of anger, the man grabbed the book and then threw it away to the wall, leaving Atsuko dumbfounded. The girl glared at the man but he wasn’t taken aback by it even a bit. The man hit the girl on the head, though lightly, but it was hard enough for the girl to feel a considerable amount of pain. Atsuko yelped and then held her head, soothing the bump on it.

“What was that for?!” Atsuko hissed at her father for the sudden pain he was giving her.

   The stern voice from her father caused Atsuko to silence herself. She knew well enough than to anger her father any more than she already has. The last time she angered her father, things did not end to well for her. Atsuko calmed down and finally sat up straight, looking at the taller and of course, older man.

“I’m your father. I’ve known you long enough to even know what you’re doing in your bed almost every night- And no, I’m not stalking.”
“… You sick perverted lolicon.”
“The fact is, I know when you’re not reading. Whenever you read, you will always put on your glasses. And are you wearing them right now?”

   Atsuko was silent. She was not wearing her glasses at the moment and said glasses were on the table, untouched. She also knew it was her habit. She realized some time that she liked wearing glasses even though in actuality her eyesight was already tolerable. She just liked wearing glasses when reading.

“I know you’re having a hard time, Atsu, but I don’t want you to regret letting her go like that. Remember what we talked about last night? You promised me that you will tell her your true feelings. You promised me that you will make it right between you and her. You promised me that you will tell her everything, ever since she became your long-time crush.”

   Atsuko’s head was down. She bit her lip and clenched her fist as she felt a sudden burst of emotion in her heart.

“You’re really shy, Atsu, but I want you to just come out of your shell and do what you want the most. You are my precious daughter, and I will always want the best from you…”

   Atsuko heaved a sigh and smiled a bit. She brought her head up and then smiled charmingly to her father. Koji also smiled. Atsuko then proceeded to walk past the older man.

“Where are you going?” the man asked, though the answer was already clear in his head.
“I’m just going for a walk. You need anything?” the girl asked.

   Koji then chuckled at the answer from his daughter. He thought that his daughter couldn’t get anymore obvious.

“Then can you bring me back a squirrel?”
“Who in their right minds would want a squirrel?”
“Well… can you eat it?”
“YOU can.”

   Koji winked and then Atsuko showed him a disgusted face.

“Idiot.” Came the reply from Atsuko.

   Atsuko then proceeded to leave.

“Take care. I love you, kiddo.” Koji bid her farewell.

   Atsuko stopped her tracks for a bit and turned around to face the older man. A smile was formed across her lips as he answered the man.

“I love you too, dad.”

   Yuko was running, her eyes in tears and her face was smudged by said liquid. She kept bumping into people along the way but she paid no heed to them. Heck, she didn’t even know where she was heading to. All she knew was that she wanted to get away from her; Away from the girl that she wanted to befriend the most.

   Yuko then reached her destination. The place she liked the most. The place she always goes to when trouble was around her; when she wanted to get away from everything.

“As expected, I’m at the park again, huh…”

   Yuko sat on a swing for some reason like always. The park she was at was full of kids, but for some reason, none of the kids liked playing on the swings. That was why she could use the swings at he own measure. Yuko then proceeded to play on the swings as she was deep in thought.

   She reminisced about the past; back when she was still a kid.

”Yuu-chan~” a slurred voice was heard and then without any further notice, Yuko fell down because of a certain someone slammed- or should I say tackled onto her.

“Mou, it’s you again!” Yuko pointed at the slightly taller girl.

“You’re always calling me ‘you’. Why not call me by my name, mou.” The taller girl pouted, puffing her cheeks cutely as they sat on the swings together, on each side.

“I don’t even know your name, hentai-chan.”

“I am NOT a hentai!”

   The two were always playing by the swings and would always play together. The reason Yuko called the taller girl ‘Hentai-chan’, was because one time when Yuko was playing alone, a girl suddenly popped out and grabbed her butt out of nowhere! This caused a really REALLY deep impression to the shorter girl and of course, Yuko grew up to become slightly more aware of butts.

“You know what? I want to be an actress when I grow up.” Yuko suddenly opened up a topic.
“Eh? An actress?”
“Yup! Like those on TV! I want to act in a cowboy movie!”
“Why a cowboy movie?”
“I dunno. I just thought they were so cool and all. Like, bang bang! You know?”

   Yuko imitated a cowboy by making a pistol sign with her hands and trying to shoot and random directions. The taller girl, amused by the actions, awed and then clapped her hands in amusement.

“And I’ll watch you in TV when I’m faraway, okay?”
“Ah, you’ll be seeing a lot from me even if you’re in Akihabara!”

   The taller girl was going to move to Akihabara, thanks to her father’s transfer. She had already told Yuko about it and Yuko, though hesitant, eventually decided to face the facts and moved on. She was still a kid, but she knows her limits.

“Ah!” the taller girl suddenly thought of something “Then I want to be an actress as well!”
“Eh? Why?” Yuko questioned, confused.
“I want to act in a cowboy movie as well. With Yuu-chan!”

   Yuko’s heart skipped a beat at the sudden declaration from the taller girl.

“Eh? You don’t have to…”
“I want to!” the taller girl smiled a wide smile and puts up her hand, her pinky finger raised slightly. “Let’s pinky swear! That one day, both of us will be Actresses and act in a cowboy movie!”

   Hesitant to take the promise, she stood for a bit. Yuko wasn’t so sure, but seeing the smile in the taller girl’s face, the irresistible smile that could persuade almost anyone in he path, Yuko eventually gave in.

“Fine!” Yuko wrapped her pinky finger around the taller girl’s. “Promise!”

“I wonder where she is right now…”

      Yuko yawned as she played in the swings. A few days after their promise, the taller girl moved away to Akihabara. And a few years after, Yuko also went to Akihabara to realize her dreams, since Tokyo is pretty much the only place she could think of to go. And not to mention that she wanted to search for the girl she used to play with. That was actually one of the reasons she moved in with the Maedas; To search for that girl in the city of electronics.

“I want to be an actress fast and meet her…”
“Who are you talking about?”

   The sudden intrusion by the voice caused Yuko to spring up in surprise and fall onto the ground. She didn’t realize that from the moment she was thinking about the past, there was a girl that came and sat on the swing next to her. Yuko looked at the girl and then was surprised even more.

“Ac- I mean, Maeda?! What are you doing here?!” Yuko asked the girl that was sitting on the swing, bored.
“I was looking for you, of course.”  Came the somewhat bored response from Atsuko as she sat up and also helped the shorter girl to get up.
“Eh? How’d you know I was here?” Yuko was confused.
“Just a guess.”

   Atsuko realized her mistake and then closed her eyes for a bit to gather up some courage from the already hard-beating heart of hers. She grabbed Yuko’s hand and held them in her own, causing Yuko to flinch from the sudden contact she wasn’t used to from the younger girl.

“I need to tell you something.” Atsuko stated.
“Huh? Tell me what?” then Yuko realized it. “Ah… I’m sorry… for the things I did to you before… I never knew you hated me so-“
“You’re wrong!” Atsuko raised her voice which surprised Yuko again. Atsuko then realized how loud she was and a blush crept slowly on her face. “I- It’s not like I hate you or anything…. But…”
“Then why are you always calling me with ‘you’? That’s not nice, you know?”

   Yuko felt a sudden feeling of nostalgia in her voice and she then knew why. A certain someone used to ask that.

“Ah, then, Yuu-chan…”

   Yuko was surprised again. In all her years, only one person has called her that. And that one person was someone she wanted to meet again with the most. She wanted to see the certain someone which used to call her that. Coming from the younger girl, Yuko could feel a sudden image overlapping each other. The image of Atsuko, and the image of someone she missed dear.

“I- I know that we haven’t seen each other for years… And when I saw you, I couldn’t even speak to you normally. I always ran away when I saw you because I was too embarrassed. Whenever I see you, my heart would always beat in an incredible rate, and to calm my heart down, I had no choice but to keep my head straight and act like that in front of you… I wanted to see you, Yuu-chan. I wanted to be able to talk to you about foolish things again… I wanted to be able to see you from eye to eye again… I missed you a lot, Yuu-chan…”

   The truth from Atsuko hits Yuko hard. She then realized her mistake. She realized why Atsuko felt so familiar to her.

“Eh?! You’re hentai-chan?!” she pointed at Atsuko.
“Don’t call me that!” Atsuko protested, but did not deny her. Atsuko then realized it. “Huh? Y- You didn’t remember me?”
“N- No! I always remembered you, but I couldn’t recognize you! You looked a lot more beautiful and I couldn’t recognize you at all!”
“C- Complimenting me won’t get you anywhere!” Atsuko said so, but her face denied it as she blushed bright red.
“I know.” Yuko chuckled, but then just as Atsuko let her guard down, Yuko grinned mischievously and went closer to her, giving her a peck on the lips.

   It was just a quick kiss, but everything inside their heart pours out of each other. Atsuko’s feelings, Yuko’s feelings, their love for each other; Everything. That short moment was a moment of bliss for the pair and they didn’t want it to end. Though, Yuko eventually separated herself from the younger girl and then they looked at each other passionately in the eyes.


   As the two girls breathed the same air, breathed in their breaths, their face close to each other and their foreheads placed on each others’, a white crystal was then seen by the two’s eyes.

“Eh?” They both said in unison.

   Soon after, more crystals fell, and what came of it was; Snow.

“A white Christmas?!” Yuko asked, seemingly spirited as she ran around to play with the falling snow.
“It seems so…” Atsuko chuckled and then proceeded to play around with the older girl but was tackled by the person that she was supposed to play with.
“Eh? What is it?” Atsuko asked as a smile formed on her lips, breaking the poker face she always showed the older girl. Seeing the smile, Yuko’s face become red and her heart skipped a few beats. What she wished for finally came true. She then also smiled and then,
“Let’s make a promise!”
“Huh? We still haven’t finished our previous promise yet. You know, the one about us being actresses.”
“Nah, I’m sure that will come true one day.”
“Why are you so sure about it?”
“Dunno. Just a hunch~”
“You’re always weird, you know that?”
“I know~” Yuko smiled cheekily and then proceeded “So let’s make a promise! Let’s be together forever! Even after being actresses and all, I want you to stand by me in all times!”
“That sound like an awfully hard work.”
“Fine, fine” Atsuko chuckled and wrapped her pinky finger around Yuko’s.

“I promise, that I will love you forever.”

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Christmas Bundle [1/?] AtsuYuu
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Wow.. finally you updated your fics Ashura-san... You make me wait so long already... And updated more please *stare* *being really ungrateful, although Ashura-san already updated, mode on* but, anyway thank you for ur update..  got nothing to say about this fic, too damn tired now, but its really make my night  :P so thank you very much.. I'll waiting for your next update

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Christmas Bundle [1/?] AtsuYuu
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YAY~ There's no good Christmas without atsuyuu  :cow:
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ALL THESE HUGS ... i want one :cry:

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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Christmas Bundle [1/?] AtsuYuu
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Daily?! You said daily?!
Does it means you'll post a story each every single day??? XD XD XD
I surely will get overdose, but I'm very okay with that LOL

Thankyou ashura-san, this makes my christmas in merry (>̯͡⌣<̯͡)
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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Christmas Bundle [1/?] AtsuYuu
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AtsuYuu, reunited again! :')

I like endings like these, especially when it's Christmas time. The time for joy and happiness. So thank you, Ashura-san, for making this oneshot! :D

I can't wait for your other Christmas fanfics~ :)
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Re: Ashura's OS's... Newest: Christmas Bundle [1/?] AtsuYuu
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my hat is off. saluting.

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Ashura's OS's...Newest: And it all happened on Christmas [Prologue] MultiPairing
« Reply #106 on: December 26, 2013, 11:19:13 PM »
Sorry, guys, I'm kinda busy, so I'll get to the replies some other time.

And yes, I'm also sorry for not updating what I promised, the daily AtsuYuu Christmas thingy. I actually wanted to but time got in the way and yea, I only now have the time to actually write again.

This is gonna be a bit nauseating for most of you, since there's a crack paring in here, but hell, I still love you guys XD

Ah, and this will be a multi-shot. I dunno how much, but I'll try to do a chapter for all pairings, (excluding atsuyuu and the other atsu-pairing)

This will contain 2 Atsu-pairings,
TakaHaru, MariHaru

Tomo and Sayaka won't have a pairing, considering I'm completely out of it to make a pairing for them, so they'd just be there for the lols... I might add Michan there too... Or Paruru... Maybe Yuihan *thinking*

Some of you may be asking. Why two Haruna-pairings? Because NyanNyan deserves a harem!

Now enough ramblings.

[And it all happened on Christmas] -Multi Pairing- [Prologue thingy]


   It was all Yuko could summarize and show just how the day went by. Of course, it was one of the busiest days for the girls; Christmas. One thing is that they al get the nights off of work, and she’s thankful for that, but what’s hell for them is the day. The day that they would not want to face, ever again.


   Came the comment from the girl next to her, Takahashi Minami. Takamina reminisced of the times when the group was small; Well, not really small, but well, smaller than it is now. By that time, Christmas would’ve been one of the most blissful moments for them, the day when they would gather up with the members and party all day and night. She missed those times a lot, but even so, just by looking at the group now, she knows that they’re on the right track.

“You coming tonight?” Takamina asked the slightly taller girl.

   Yuko glanced at the shorter girl with a questionable look. Takamina realized the meaning and proceeded to explain everything.

“Mariko wanted to invite us to sleepover at her house. You know, party all night, just like old times.”

   Hearing that from Takamina, Yuko couldn’t help but imagine all of the things that may or may not await her at Mariko’s house. The naked bodies of all the girls that doesn’t include Takamina, bathing together… A creepy and perverted smile crept up the squirrel girl’s face and Takamina took the precaution to back away from her.

“You’re incorrigible, Yuko…” Takamina narrowed her eyes as she looked at the girl next to her.
“I’m just being myself.” Yuko happily replied, complete with her squirrel grin which terrifies the younger girl. Yuko then proceeded to just get on back to the topic. “So, who’s going?”

   Takamina thought for a few good seconds, the members that were going to Mariko’s house. She put her finger on her chin, remembering who she heard it from.

“I heard it from Paru, and she said Mariko invited some others. High chance of your other mates coming, seeing as Yukirin’s overjoyed.” Takamina remembered how a certain cyborg was sulking because of the fact that Yuki was grinning ever so goofily because of the ikemen girl’s return to Japan.
“From NyanNyan? Whoa… It’s been a long time since I’ve been together with the ex-Twin Towers.” Yuko mentioned with a look full of nostalgia as she remembered her old Team.

   Looking back at how the three girls interacted, Yuko couldn’t help but smile like an idiot. She missed those times where the trio would mess around backstage, with her leading the way, Sayaka trying to be responsible and restrict her, and Sae being the goofball, would finish what Yuko couldn’t. She missed them… Fooling around with them again would be something she indeed would hope for.

“Tomochin coming?” Yuko asked, the name popped up in her head when she heard Sayaka’s also coming.

   Takamina thought for a second more.

“I think. Paru said it’d be like a reunion for the 6 1st Gens, so Tomochin is probably coming.”

   Yuko’s heart skipped a beat as she heard that from Takamina. No, it wasn’t that she has an incredible liking for Tomochin or anything, but when someone mentions the first Gens of AKB48, one name would always come to mind. The name which skyrocketed throughout Japan, the name- No. The person she missed a lot.

“I’m in.”

   Yuko readied her heart for what might happen. Talking to the others might not be so bad, and she wouldn’t let the chance of reunion with the girl she called her rival, her best friend, and her idol go to waste. This might be the only chance she would get, knowing how Mariko’s mind works.

“I’ll bring the drinks.”

   Mayu and Yuki sat in the practice room back to back, listening to some song which Mayu said that was good. Yuki thought it was really good, considering how Mayu lacks taste of the matter. The raven-haired girl bopped her head from left to right, following the beat of the song and singing it. Mayu also sang with her, just fooling around, changing lyrics here and there. Then a thought crossed Yuki’s mind.

“Hey, wanna go to Mariko’s tonight?” Yuki asked the shorter girl.

   Mayu of course, was confused. Yuki couldn’t have had something sinister plan for her at Mariko’s house. When someone mentions Mariko, one would think of various torture devices and such. And Mayu wouldn’t want that. Besides, she’s never been to the troll’s house.

“Why do you ask? Something happening?” Mayu asked her back for confirmation.
“Mariko invited the girls for a sleepover. She said to just invite the others.” Yuki told the younger girl what she heard from the troll herself.
“I’m not really sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…” came the worried reply from the young girl.
“Come on, it’s Christmas~ It’d be a pretty good change of pace for us, you know. Besides, Sae’s coming as well.”

   The name that came out from Yuki’s mouth caused the younger girl to turn her head around dramatically with some sort of sound effect going around if there was one. Mayu glared at the taller girl who dared to mention her name in her presence. Of course Mayu wouldn’t be too comfortable with said Sae. She’s having all of Yuki’s attention, for God’s sake!

“That’s the only reason you’d go to the sleepover, huh?” came the tease from Mayu, causing the older girl to blush furiously from just imagining about her.

   Yuki cupped her blushed face with her hands and made a couple of ‘yaa~da~’ from the tease. Seeing the sight of the vulnerable Yuki in front of her, Mayu couldn’t help but sigh. She thought of the things she could be doing there anyways.

“So who else is going?” she asked, thinking of other people that could take her mind off of the lovers.
“Dunno. Maybe Acchan’s coming as well, seeing as how close she and Mariko are.”

   Mayu’s eyes almost peeled open when she heard her coming. She gulped, her heart beating faster and faster just by hearing the girl’s name. She always had a huge admiration for the said actress who is making a name for herself in the entertainment industry. It’s Christmas, and what better way to spend it than hanging out with the one you fell in love with?

“Might as well.” Mayu couldn’t hide the big grin on her face.

   She was looking forward to the said sleepover… Well, except for the fact that she has to look at the lovey dovey SaeYuki for God knows how long. But that may become worth it.

[To be continued]

   I know you guys hate me and all but sorry to burst your bubbles...

I DAISUKI YOU ALL!!! :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco:

   And I'll update as soon as I finish writing the next part... which is... not anytime soon since I need sleep. Plus I've got work. Damn it all.

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And I daisuki this one...   XD XD I'm curious now,man.. gotta update fast, brada, coz I'm waiting lol.. and no worries about that , I think it too much to update it daily though, just don't push yourself too hard, so you can update it the other day  :twisted: :twisted:
And this one is very interesting, do you also plan to make Acchan have a hareem? And I don't expect you to also make AtsuMayu here..  hohohoho~ this might be so funn~ and thank you for updating..  :P

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Love your fic!!!!  :heart: :love:
and i love the idea about Acchan harem, the more the better  :twisted:
i kinda like AtsuMayu though, my two oshimen (but i also like Mayuki) XD
please update soon, ganbate  :cow:

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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: THANK YOU SANTA! [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #109 on: December 27, 2013, 10:16:52 PM »
apple, I ship all Acchan-pairings~ so I might make Acchan pairings if I see that Jurina's not fit for my queen and wants to get Rena involved with Sae.... Some other day. I also ship AtsuSasshi. Dunno why. I won't ship any AtsuAkigori anytime soon. Akigori is only for Sae U_U

kazushi, thanks, mate~ Oh~ You're not only an AtsuMayu shipper but also an Atsu-Harem shipper?! COMRADE~! *brother hug* I will update... some other time... when I have time.

   Just wanted to tell you guys I wrote an OS which... is... not suitable for the younger ages... Smut... ._.
   And since I don't have access to the weird perverted section since I'm underaged, (yeah, I'm 17) So I thought I'll post it here so that the AtsuYuu shippers could see that AtsuYuu still lives strong.... Yes.... Smut is MADE for AtsuYuu~ I mean, come on! Who else in the AKB kingdom who would have the same taste, perverse and train of thought as each other than AtsuYuu?!
   Oh well, here's the link for that tumblr Atsuyuu smut thingy I did.
   I already warned you, though O.O

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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: THANK YOU SANTA! [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #110 on: December 27, 2013, 11:01:59 PM »
Errr... I don't know where this AtsuAkigori idea coming for, but  I think it would be very funny if you can make lol, but don't you make, just can't think how the fics will turn out to be  :lol: ohh, and make Rena involved with Sae? it'll be three way then. I pity the puppy who left alone by Ashura-san. Condolence for her  XD I know this one will be interesting one, but the difficulties also arise, not forget you planning to make the hareem,.. ya~ I think I don't need to say anything though -3- it's my time to be reader, so I'll just wait and enjoy it~ so, ganbatte ne~

P's. I vanished after reading your smut, I can say, I'm speechless now..    :sweatdrop:

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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: THANK YOU SANTA! [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #111 on: December 28, 2013, 07:01:48 AM »
Yizz! another AtsuYuu from AshuraX-san   :cow: mooooooooooooooooooore pweaze XD


'pyonpyon' I like how you call me. I feel like a rabbit   :usagiii: lol! *jumps around like a rabbit* XD XD
I'm sorry. I know. I'm a silent reader.  :barf:

---kind of BUSY---

Hi, Im new here. Nice to meet you :D

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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: THANK YOU SANTA! [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #112 on: December 28, 2013, 09:14:56 PM »
As the title, I want to THANK YOU Ashura-san!!!
Atsuyuu smut FTW XD XD
Top two of pervy thought, agree lol

Btw glad you post it somewhere else, bcos same with you, I don't have access to that special section :p

Keep spreading atsuyuu! \m/

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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: THANK YOU SANTA! [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #113 on: December 28, 2013, 11:46:33 PM »
 :k-great: This is what I'm waiting from you Ashura san,atsuyuu smut  :thumbsup. and extremely precise, you post elsewhere.  :k-thrilled: :vv:

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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: THANK YOU SANTA! [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #114 on: January 02, 2014, 09:16:33 AM »
I finally got some time off to read so I went through your entire thread in one sitting and now I am full

You have an enjoyable and amusing story-telling style I really like. Thanks for writing- hope to see more from you.  :thumbsup

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Of love letters and midgets
« Reply #115 on: January 03, 2014, 11:42:21 AM »
apple, everyone love smut! WE ARE ATSUYUUNEERS AND SMUT IS OUR BLOOD!!! And yeah, when I make that multi-shot thingy, I'll be sure to think of a decent plot for that XD

pyonpyon, AtsuYuu is forever! I SHALL FOREVER POST ATSUYUU AND ONLY ATSUYUU! Except this post is different LoL :lol:

atsukojiyuu, I blame society for not giving me le measure of le perv room access *sobsob* And no problem~ I'll do anything for AtsuYuu~

Kazan, you're waiting for smut from me? *stare* O.O

cyanical, thanks for taking your time to read it all, cyan! XD And yes, you WILL see A LOT more from me~ Oh yeah, welcome to the Ashura OS thread~ :welcome

   So this is a little different. Usual suspects, Mocchi as the rival and Acchan's love for the captain midget. I give credit to Altrox-san's 'Love, life, laughs' for giving me an idea to write this. I even followed his style of dialogues lol :lol:


[Of love letters and midgets]

   It was a beautiful day. Acchan had just finished her practice and was about to leave. She entered the dressing room and went to her purse. She then realized that the purse was open, and a piece of paper was inside it.

“Huh? What’s this?” Acchan asked, then after thinking about the question again, she mentally facepalmed.

“Yo, what do you got there, wifey~” A random bystander, Mii-chan, came and hugged the other girl from behind after noticing Acchan was looking at the paper weirdly.

“It’s a piece of paper, Mii-chan.”

“Err… Yeah, I got that but what’s on that piece of paper?”

“Well you should silence yourself so that I could actually read what it’s about.”

“Oh. Okay. Mii-chan’s silent.”

“Good.” Acchan then continued to look at the piece of paper, reading it in her mind. “Seems to be some kind of letter.” She noted after reading a bit.

“Oh, what kind of letter? Read it out loud~”

“Let me see…”

Atsuko then read the letter out loud; or at least loud enough so that Mii-chan could hear.

“Dear Maeda Atsuko-san, I have always been looking at you, always admiring you from the distance. I have fallen for you ever since I first laid eyes on you. Your voice, your hair, your eyes, your breasts.” Mii-chan laughed when she heard that part. “Everything about you. I wish that we could actually get together. I know we’re both girls, but that doesn’t matter much at the moment. All I want you to know, is that I love you. More than anyone I’ve ever loved before.
-Sincerely, your secret admirer”

Hearing that letter read by Acchan herself, Mii-chan couldn’t contain her laughter anymore and burst out laughing, causing the twenty-odd girls in the room to look at her weirdly; thinking what the heck did Mii-chan drink last night.

“Okay, Acchan. That was seriously too funny. Besides, who the hell would write a Love letter at this day in age?”

“I don’t know. Maybe she’s old-fashioned or something.” Acchan thought as she read the letter again, this time in her mind so that Mii-chan wouldn’t break out in a laughing fit again. “Any ideas whom that could be?”

“Dunno. Any possible candidates in mind?”

Acchan listed out all possible names in her head, thinking of what or why they would love her at all.

“Harugon? Nah, she’s too kiddy to write love letters. She’d probably yell and confess straight out, knowing her. Yui-chan? Nah, she’s not really the romantic type. Oh, I got it!” Acchan placed her palms together.

“Found someone?”

“It must be Sasshi! Damn it, that little prankster!”

“As much as I’d love to agree with you, Sasshi’s too much of an idiot to write.”

“Ah, that’s true.” Acchan sighed, running out of options in her head after hearing someone, presumably her teammate, Sasshi, sneeze out of nowhere.

“You know who I think it is?” Mii-chan asked, a hint of amusement in her voice as her head sat on the girl’s shoulder.

“Hm? Who?” Acchan asked, now interested in the topic.

“Takamina~” Mii-chan singsonged, making Acchan blush faintly as she avoided eye contact with the Gachapin.

“Eh? Takamina? No way~ I mean, seriously? Takamina couldn’t have… Nah… Seriously…?” Acchan then looked straight into Mii-chan’s eyes. “You think so?”

“Of course~ Knowing how close you two are, there’s probably no doubt that it’s her!”

“B- But come on~ It’s Takamina here~” Acchan fidgeted cutely.

“Listen here, Atsuko. You’re the Ace of the group. Get your act together and sweep that midget Captain right off her feet!” Mii-chan reassured.

“Yo, what’s going on?” then came a new comer in their conversation.

“Oh, Yuko. Great timing!” Mii-chan grabbed the girl into their circle and huddled up. “Acchan just got a love letter and I’m now persuading her to answer to Takamina’s feelings! Help me out, here!”

“And why do you assume it’s Takamina out of all people?” Yuko asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Come on! Old fashioned love letter, love in every sentence, gooey mushy love lines, letter for Acchan, this REEKS of Takamina!”

“Now that you mention it…” Acchan puts a finger on her chin as Mii-chan’s words sank in.

“So what are you going to do, Acchan?” Yuko asked, now interested in the topic.

“Pffttt! I can’t just run up and answer to Takamina! I mean, what if she’s not the person who wrote it? That would be really awkward! Plus, she’s Takamina for God’s sake! She makes non-awkward moments feel awkward already and now that I would make more awkward moments for her, think of all the awkwardness that midget would bring into the situation!”

“Or you could just ask her.” Came Mii-chan’s reasonable suggestion.

“Ask her? Pffttt! NO! I’ll use lies, trickery and deceit!” Acchan grabbed both of them to a nearby corner and surveyed her surroundings. There she spots the midget they were talking about. “So this is what we’ll do!”

“Okay, how does that sound?”

“Pretty weird, considering she would recognize you right away.” Mii-chan criticized Acchan’s plan.

“Who cares about Mii-chan’s criticism? Go for it, Acchan!” Yuko supported it instead.

“… Crap. I forgot my cell.”

“And so we’re gonna abandon this plan and you’d go ask Takamina instead, right?” Mii-chan tried to persuade again but stopped as she realized the glares of her two counterparts. “Okay. Mii-chan shutting up.”

“I need a phone. Yuko! Phone!”

“Roger~” Yuko gave her cellphone to her fellow Ace.

“Now to call Takamina…” Acchan dialed a number.

“Can you explain this plan in full detail again?” Mii-chan asked, somewhat confused as to why the two girls were doing this.

“Haven’t you been listening at all, Mii-chan? I’ll call Takamina, pretending to be her best friend, which is you, Mii-chan, and we’ll talk about our likes and dislikes and people we like and all. Simple as that!”

“And why aren’t you giving the phone to me instead so that I could pretend to talk girly girly with Takamina? Heck, why are you even using Yuko’s phone to impersonate as me?”

“Shut it, Mii-chan, I heard a beep!”

Mii-chan only shrugged as the squirrel covers their mouths.

“Moshi moshi?” it seems that Acchan put the call on loud speaker so that they could hear.

“Yes, Takamina, this is… err… Mii-chan~” Acchan said with the tiniest voice possible, Yuko trying to hold her laughter and Mii-chan facepalming herself.

“Huh? Mii-chan? Why does your voice sound weird? Heck, why are you using Yuko’s phone?”

“Told you.” Mii-chan whispered but was hushed by the Ace’s glare.

“No reason~ Er, just, er, stuff happened. That’s all.”


“So how about we do a little girl’s talk~”

“… Eh? Seriously?! With me?! Aw Mii-chan that’s so sweet of you~ Okay, lets!”

Acchan at the time was making a victory pose as Yuko clapped silently whilst Mii-chan was looking at her with her pokerface.

“So, is there anyone you like?” Acchan asked.

“No, you first~ Is there anyone you like~?” Takamina asked back.

“No, you~”

“No~ I insist~”

 Acchan thought to just give up on it and take the bait.

“I like… err…” she surveyed her surroundings. “Yuko. Yeah. I like Yuko.”

“Aw, Acchan you shouldn’t have~” came Yuko’s tease.

“Yuko and Acchan~ Sitting in a-“ Mii-chan wanted to tease but was stopped by a karate chop from le Ace.

“Eh? What do you like about Yuko~?” came the question from Takamina.

“Err… She’s funny… Cute… and… er… has big boobs.”

“As expected of the boob lover.” Mii-chan mused but again, she was hit by Atsuko at the same spot with the same technique.

“Anyway, who do you like?” Acchan proceeded to ask instead.

“Erm… Well, I like…”

   Just when the most important word would come out from Takamina and the others held their breaths patiently, waiting for the moment, a sudden dull pain came in contact with Acchan’s head. The Ace yelped and rubbed her head.

“Ouch, What was that for yo- T- Takamina?!” Acchan leaped up when she realized who hit her in the noggin.

“Well hello there, ‘Mii-chan’.” Takamina closed her cellphone, still looking at Acchan.

“Err… I can explain.” Acchan puts both of her hands up.

“No need. I realized you were trying to prank me from the start.”

“From ‘when’, exactly?” Yuko asked with curiosity in her eyes.

“From when Acchan said she liked your big boobs. Besides, Mii-chan likes small boobs.” Takamina clarified.

“Hey! I’m offended.” pouted the unsatisfied Mii-chan.

“Well, everyone knows that… Except that I think you have a thing for kids. Hey, do you have a thing for kids?” Yuko asked the Gachapin.

“You mean pedophilia? Of course I don’t.”

“Then why do you know what it’s called?” Takamina asked this time.


“Why DO you know what it’s called?” Acchan narrowed her eyes.


“Okay, plan A failed. Now it’s onto plan B!” Acchan announced as she sat in the table in the restaurant.

“And why exactly are we in a restaurant?” Mii-chan asked seemingly unaware of Acchan’s needs to eat something; anything!

“Because I want to.” Then her stomach grumbled. Yuko heard it but decided to just let her off the hook this time. “And to do that, I have acquired the assistance of two other people.”

“Hey Mii-chan, Yuko.” Rena greeted.

“Wuzzap~” Jurina also greeted.

“And why exactly are you two here? Tell me you didn’t use your Ace authority again, Acchan.” Mii-chan narrowed her eyes at the girl who was drinking her ice tea calmly, waiting for her other gluttonous servings.

“Please, Mii-chan. Jurina’s like a child to me. I could order her to do stuff whenever I want. Just that I don’t feel like it most of the times. Jurina, can you get me a napkin?”

“I thought you’d ask that.” Jurina took out a napkin from her pocket and gave it to Acchan.

“As expected of my child.” Acchan nodded, satisfied with the status quo.

“And why exactly is Rena here?” Mii-chan looked at the other new comer.

“I’m always there wherever there is Jurina. Wherever there is Jurina, I am there. Jurina is there only for me. I am there only for Jurina. She is my love, my friend, my love, my love, and most importantly, my love.”

“Okay, Rena is creeping me out.”

“What are you talking about, Mii-chan my fellow ped-“

“Okay, quiet Rena or you’re gonna make the situation worse for me.” Mii-chan interrupted as she realized the stares of the other girls.

“That’s it. The answer’s clear. Mii-chan loves lolies. And God knows if she’ll actually get into some team full of lolies in the future.” Yuko closed her eyes, imagining Mii-chan with a loli-harem. “Wow, that’s a sight to see.”

“Pffttt.” Rena chuckled. “By that time, I would have already gotten hold of all the lolies in SKE. Mii-chan is nothing to me!”

“I feel somewhat challenged…” Mii-chan had doubts inside her mind as she heard the challenge from Rena.

“And she’s even considering Rena’s challenge to get lolies. Now that’s just creepy. Someone warn the other members.” Acchan looked at Jurina.

“Already did it. For SKE, I mean.”

“Okay, now all we need is to get someone to tell the AKB members about Mii-chan’s disease, infected by Rena.”

“No, Acchan. I didn’t show her the way of the pedo.”

“Huh? Then who exactly infected her?” came the question from Acchan.

“…” They all looked at Mii-chan.

“… Meetan.”

Then knowing glances and nods appeared on the other girls.

“Forget that. The question is, who to call when we need to inform AKB of the dangers which is Mii-chan?” Yuko asked, finally getting pumped.

“Mii-chan is not a danger, and I will never be one.”

“Quiet, Mii-chan. We’re discussing your disease.” Jurina hushed the older girl.

Mii-chan could only sigh in defeat as she listened to the others’ discussion.

“I think there’s only one person to call, and that’s Takamina-san!” Rena voiced out her opinion.

“Nah, Takamina’s a nervous wreck. She’d probably go all midgety and nobody would believe her.” Yuko rejected the opinion.

“Plus, she’s Takamina. God knows what would happen to a Takamina being midget.” Acchan stated.

“I COULD HEAR YOU, YOU KNOW!” came the said midget’s voice from behind Yuko and Atsuko’s spot.

“Oh, hello there Takamina. I seem to not recall that you were there.” Acchan closed her eyes, not even looking behind.

“I was here from the beginning, talking to Harunyan! Besides, you guys already saw me!”

“Eh? Is that so? Did we, Yuko my dearest?”

“Oh, I do not think so, Acchan my dear.”

“Or so it seems, Takamina.”

“You guys are insane…” Takamina had her palm on her forehead as the girl in front of her looked at her with worry.

“Relax, Takamina. I’m sure they’re just fooling around.”

“I know, Harunyan. That’s why I never wanted Acchan to get too close to Yuko.” Takamina sighed and then got up. “We’re leaving. NOW!” then she grabbed Haruna’s arm and dragged her out of the restaurant.

Back to Acchan and the crew’s table,

“Wait, Takamidget was here?!” Mii-chan asked, though she’s the only one being confused as the others looked at her with pity. “Why was I not informed of this?!”

“Quiet, Mii-chan. We’re here to listen in on NyanNyan and Takamina’s girly conversations. Since they’re close, they’d probably talk about people they like. I’m going to extract the information off of her whilst we listen in closely as they fail to realize our presence!” Acchan stated proudly.

“Too bad those two already left.”

“WHAT?!” Acchan turned around briskly, looking at the now empty table behind her.

“Tch. Nice job, Mii-chan. Coz you were being all creepy, Takamina escaped. AND WITH MY NYANNYAN!” Yuko complained as she got up with Acchan.

“Yes. Blame it all on Mii-chan...” Mii-chan frowned, looking at the other girls.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but this sounds fun!” Jurina had sparkles in her eyes.

“I fail to see the reason you’re even near the vicinity.” Rena elbowed Mii-chan.

“Oh, you’re right. I should get going now-“ but Mii-chan shut up as Acchan glared at her yet again.

“Mii-chan, sit. I may need to use you since you’re one of the No3bs, and I might need to make out with someone to use Plan J. I can’t make out with Yuko since she’s Yuko, I can’t make out with Jurina since she’s way too young, and I seriously can’t make out with Rena. They’re gonna skin me alive if I did that.”

“Who will?” Mii-chan asked.

“The lolies.”

“Ah…” Mii-chan only nodded. “Acchan, I would love to make out with you, just as much as the other girls, but I think I should-“ then Acchan let out a terrifying grin, her eyes turned evil as the background changed to black and lightning clashed with each other as a couple of wolf howls could be heard. “-make out with you. Yes, Acchan. I will make out with you.”

“NOW TO PLAN C!” then Acchan dragged the unwilling Mii-chan, and with Yuko, Jurina and the somewhat confused Rena, they left the restaurant to give chase the pairs, or so Mii-chan thought…

“And why exactly are we in Takamina’s house?” Mii-chan asked as she looked around.

“SO PINK! WHY THE HELL IS EVERYTHING SO! FRIGGIN! PINK?!” Yuko covered her eyes as she lied on the floor in agony.

“I heard about this, but this is way pinker than I would have imagined.” Rena scanned Takamina’s pink pink house full of pink pinkness.

“Okay… Am I the only one feeling nauseated here?” Jurina placed her hand on her forehead, almost as if a sudden headache would appear.

“Quick, people! We only have about a couple of minutes to search all of Takamina’s house for some shrine of me!” Acchan shouted.

“Huh? Shrine? What shrine?” Mii-chan asked, confused.

“Seriously, Mii-chan? Everybody knows old-fashioned people usually make shrines for their crushes! That’s like, Takamina’s thing!” Jurina stated, answering the older girl’s question.

“You’re seriously gonna make Takamina cry if she heard that, you know?” Mii-chan sympathized with the midget Captain. “Wait, how did we even get into the house?”

“Do not question my Ace authority, Mii-chan.”

“So you DID use your Ace authorities!” Mii-chan narrowed her eyes at the taller Ace.

“Mii-chan aside, we need to be quick. I’ve already deployed two trustworthy members to delay Takamina from coming home. Use this chance, my fellow comrades!” Acchan announced and they started searching, except for Mii-chan who had a question in her mind.

“Who did you deploy?”

“… Trustworthy companions…”


“Sasshi? Rie? What are you two doing here?” Takamina looked at the two who just somehow ended up on a road on the way to Takamina’s house.

“Ah, Takamina-san. What a coincidence to bump into you on this fine day.” Rie smiled, somewhat suspiciously.

“We just got back from practice. Heck, your house is on the other side.”

“Yes… A very intriguing coincidence, Takamina-san.” Sasshi interfered and grabbed Takamina on the wrist.

“Wait? What are you doing?! Please tell me Acchan isn’t behind this and you’re not trying to stall me as Acchan tries to prank me.”

“What?! My word! We would never do that, Takamina-san!” Rie said, not looking at the midget Captain.

“Yes! We are only going to drag you to some place which is far away from your home as possible as Assan goes through all your stuff like a sex-crazed individual!” came the confession from Sasshi.


Rie facepalmed as her younger accomplice goes around confessing out of the blue like that.

As Sasshi struggles to keep Takamina on hold as the older girl was obviously trying to escape, she had an idea. She knew that it was risky and Acchan would probably get mad at her after that, but this was the only way to stall Takamina for time.

“Rie-chan, get my phone and call Mocchi.”

“And we STILL didn’t get anything! Heck, where do you usually place something as weird as a Shrine of your crush?! LIKE ANY OF US WILL KNOW!”

“I agree with Mii-chan there… As much as I don’t want to admit it…” Rena shivered at the thought of agreeing with the somewhat younger girl. “Where would you usually place a shrine of your crush?”

“This is Takamina we’re talking about. I’m sure we’ll find it eventually.” Jurina mentioned in an attempt to brighten up the others’ spirit.

“Acchan, any luck?” Yuko looked at the taller girl who was searching under Takamina’s bed for something.

“Porn magazines? None.” Acchan clicked her tongue as she got up.

“No, I meant the Shrine we were looking for… But that’s also a good search item.”

Acchan sighed as she looked around the room. No luck.

“Damn it. Isn’t there some sort of cliché secret drawer Takamina puts her stuff in?!” Acchan complained to the other girls.

“Well, if you’re searching for a secret drawer…” Jurina pointed behind Atsuko, next to the bed.

There, a drawer with ‘SECRET DRAWER’ written on it could be seen.


“NO! MERCY! MERCY!” Takamina cried as the younger girl was clinging on her.

“No~ Takamina-san~ It’s been such a long time since we pronounced our love to the world because a certain Ace forbade our relationship! Let us confirm our feelings for one another again!”

“No, Mocchi! I don’t love you and I never will so get the hell off me!”

“Then what’s with the red flushed face you have right now~?” Mocchi pointed out.

“If someone was clinging to another’s arm, of course their face would flush uncontrollably!”

“That means Takamina-san shares the same feelings as I! Ah~ Takamina-san is so cute~” Mocchi snuggles up to the midget captain more, much to Takamina’s dismay.

“Our job here is done.” Rie sighed in relief as her younger counterpart nodded.

“Now, how about we go grab something to eat for the meantime?” Sasshi placed her hand over the willing Rie.

“Well, can’t hurt to have fun a little.” Rie smiled, somewhat tired. “Let’s ditch these two lovers.”

“Oi! Don’t leave me alone with this ear-lover!” Takamina cried again as she watched her uncaring members leave, not caring about what happened behind the scenes.

“Seems like it’s locked.” Yuko stated the obvious.

“Well, considering there’s a keyhole on that drawer, and considering it’s SECRET, meaning nobody else should ever see it… OF COURSE IT’S LOCKED!” Mii-chan retorted.

“There ought to be some way for us to get the drawer to open…” Rena placed a finger on her chin as she tries to think of a solution for their current problem at hand.

“Well, won’t Takamina usually place a spare key around her room? Maybe we should search for that instead.” Jurina suggested.

“Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Acchan stated, with an alien accent. “Yuko, picklock this drawer like how you usually do to NyanNyan’s door!”

“W- What are you talking about, my dear Acchan? There’s no way I would know to pick locks of NyanNyan’s door and drawer which contains her panties and even her bathroom which she usually puts her used panties!”

“…” Everyone narrowed their eyes, looking at the guilty squirrel.

“Okay, fine. Damn NyanNyan-CCTV.” Yuko was about to take something from her pocket.


Everyone raised their hands above their heads because of the warning from the person behind them, at the door. Slowly, they turned around to look at the source of the voice and as per suspected,

“Eh? What are you doing here, Takamina?” Acchan asked with her confused face.

“This is my house… SO OF COURSE I WOULD BE HERE!” Takamina stated the obvious.

“Well, that was pretty obvious.” Mii-chan mumbled.

“Wait, whatever happened to Rie and Sasshi?” Yuko asked since she didn’t see the two people Acchan mentioned, but stopped because she just saw someone she least expected behind Takamina.

“What are you doing here, Mocchi?” Rena asked, confused to see Mocchi sticking like glue to Takamina’s back.

“Yes. What. Are. You. Doing. There. With. TakaMina. You. Stalking. Kuramochi?” Acchan asked in broken sentences as she glared at the seemingly terrified Mocchi.

“Takamina-san said that she’d let me eat up her ears if she I let her go to her house.”

“I said ‘touch’!” Takamina retorted, her face flushed red.

Acchan made some signals with her hands which meant ‘You’re’, ‘Dead’, to Mocchi who shivered at the glare of the older girl.

“Now…” Takamina caught her breath and then proceeded to glare at the taller Ace in front of her.

“I can explain!”

“Why… are you here in my house, in my room, in front of my drawer…?”

“… Well, there’s this sudden thrilling adventure that awaited me and-“ before Acchan could make up some lie, Takamina was already crying.

*sob* Takamina was in tears, looking at the Ace, who was at lost for words.

Rena glared at the older girl who was the root of the problem, Mii-chan made an ‘I told you so!’ face, Jurina sympathized with the midget and Yuko was thinking about boobs.

“Er…” Acchan couldn’t come up with any words to back up her intrusion to the midget’s home.

“I thought you were my friend…” Takamina said in tears.


“What?” the others looked at the Ace, baffled.

“You can ‘what’???” Takamina was also confused with the Ace’s outburst. “I never wrote you a love letter, Acchan…”



“Well, I’ll have to go now. See ya, guys.” Acchan was about to leave, just when she felt a hand grabbing her arm.

“What did you say you would do If I wrote the letter?” Takamina asked.

“I… Err…” Acchan looked at her accomplices who just shook their heads, Rena looking away, Jurina made a sorry face, and Mii-chan had a sadistic grin pasted on hers. And as for Yuko… Well, she’s still in LalaLand.

“Acchan?” Takamina was still focused on her, her hand gripping the Ace’s arm tightly.

“… Err… Look! One Piece!”

“WHERE?!” Takamina fell for it.

With this chance, Acchan fled.

“Darn it.” Takamina cursed herself as she was fooled yet again by the Ace.

“Well, that was foolish of you to fall for a simple trick like that.” Rena sympathized with the midget.


“WHERE?!” Rena turned around briskly as Jurina pointed at some pencil. “…”

“Hah! You fell for it!” Jurina teased and was chased by the angered Rena, leaving the house.

“Relax, Takamina. I’m sure she’ll come around sooner or later.” Mii-chan patted the shorter girl.

“Yeah… I hope so.” Takamina could only let out a weak smile as she looked at the taller girl with the same name.

“So Takamina-san, about that dea-“ just when Mocchi was about to attack the midget, another midget saved her and dragged Mocchi out of the room. “NOOOOO!!!!”

“I’ll leave her to Akicha for now.” Yuko dragged the unwilling girl out of the house.

“Thanks for trying, Mii-chan…”

“Yeah. But Acchan’s too shy to do it straightforwardly, you know what I mean?”

“Pretty much.”

With that, Takamina grabbed a key that was hung around her neck as a necklace. She then used the key to open the drawer which was the main focus of the other girls a few minutes prior. When it opened, it showed a picture of a certain girl and below It was a book; A magazine, entitled “ACCHAN”

“Damn it, I can’t believe what happened today. That was so embarrassing.”

   Atsuko sat on the bench. Her facials were weary and tired from running. She wasn’t too fond of being the center of everything, much to Akimoto Yasushi’s dismay. She then looked at the sky. She hid herself too long that it became night time already. She sighed and stretched her arms for some reason, tired from everything that happened at the time.

   She then got up and went to the handrail, looking at the scenery she could see from above.

“Blame yourself for running away.”

   She heard someone mention such and then the person went to the girl’s side. Atsuko didn’t even have to glance to her side to see who it was. She could recognize the voice of the person from a mile away. That was how close the two are.

“Hey, Yuko.”

   Atsuko greeted the girl next to her and the shorter girl greeted back. She could see that Yuko was amused by what happened that afternoon and she could’ve sworn that Yuko actually knew something.

“Who do you think wrote that love letter?”

   Atsuko asked, the writer of the said letter was still not confirmed and Minami, the suspect that she thought of the most, wasn’t the culprit. She wanted to know but the possibilities inside her head kept piling up, making her confused of what to do anymore.

“Who do you think?”

   When Atsuko heard that, she jolted. She glanced at the shorter girl whose cheeks were red as she smiled, looking only at the scenery and nothing more. The taller girl’s heart jumped as she realized the way the shorter girl was saying that. Yuko’s voice sounded a lot more different than her usual voice and just by looking at Yuko’s face, Atsuko knew.

   Silence filled the atmosphere as Atsuko looked at the same place as Yuko did; Particularly nowhere. They just looked at a certain spot without minding what that spot was. They kept looking like it was some sort of interesting situation in front of them, but there wasn’t. Was it their shyness, their inability to proceed with the topic, or just plain spacing out?

   They don’t know, but under the moonlight, two top AKB48 members….

…Intertwined their hands.



Man, if there was any AtsuYuu-haters reading this, that probably would've killed me :lol:

Anyways, see you next Sathday!
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A senior's gift
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   Well, this is a present from me to mayuki_daisuki. It's her birthday so give her a heads up and some pie. The latter preferably. And also I'm writing this for Mayu coz it was also her birthday. Thus why I used Mayu as Atsuko's partner and not Yuko. Why AtsuMayu, you may ask? Coz both me and mayuki_daisuki ship dat. Why not MaYuki? Coz I recall a bad experience with writing them. A very bad one which contains Yuki acting OOC. Though most of my work contains OOC characters... Well enough of the rants.

   I CLAIM FIRST ATSUMAYU OS ON SITE! (Unless ya guys have anything to say to that)

   Heads up for Jose for proofreading (I don't actually know his JP name XD)

[Birthday with my senpai!]


   The cyborg ate her cake, enjoying every last bite as the Actress looked at her, amused, waiting for the comment from her. Mayu did not take much time in consuming said sugary delight since the older girl would have finished it way quicker than she ever would. Mayu finished the plate and smiled an adorable smile.

"It's delicious, senpai!"

   That one comment caused the older girl to burst into a laughing fit. It wasn't the words that the cyborg said which caused her into this condition, but it was the condition the young girl was in which brought an amused smile on her face. Said cyborg still had a bit of cream left on her lips, which would've caused a lot of boys to feel awestruck by her cuteness. Mayu looked at her laughing senior, confused by the sudden laughter.

   Atsuko tried to calm down, slowing down her laughter and then took a breath of air. She needed it.

   The young girl wanted to ask what was wrong, but the sudden action from the older girl brought a fiery red to her cheeks and her heart to run in an incredible rate. The ex-AKB Ace has leaned in on her and licked the cream right off her lips!

   Mayu was utterly flabbergasted, to say the least. She instinctively backed away, forming a larger distance between them, still not realizing the crimson on her puffy cheeks. After forming a safe distance from the glomper, she froze.

   Seeing this reaction, Atsuko couldn't help but to chuckle at how red the younger girl was. True, she was quite amused by this but decided to just continue this when things would have escalated more.

"There was some cream on your lips, Mayuyu~ No reason to feel flustered over your thoughtful senpai licking it off~" came the tease from one Maeda Atsuko as she came back to her sitting stance.

   Mayu doubted that Atsuko didn't have any more ulterior motives under her sleeves, but decided to sit next to her again; albeit reluctantly. Slowly, she crawled back to the spot next to Atsuko's, eyes not leaving the Actress for fear of the older one's next move. The older one could only smile, hiding every last bit of plan to 'eat up' the cyborg whom was admired by a lot of AKB48 juniors.

   Slowly but surely, Mayu came back to her spot and then set her eyes back to the cake which she was previously eating a slice of.

"I can't believe senpai actually managed to improve her cooking in just a few years. I would have been surprised if it weren't for Yuko's constant bragging about how she ate your parfait the other day on her graduation announcement."

"Harsh, Mayuyu. I may not look like it, but I try hard to appeal to my lover." came Atsuko's warm smile as Mayu blushed furiously at the statement.

   Even though they have been dating for months now, it was still surprising and embarrassing for Mayu to be called a lover by the Actress. She still couldn't help it when her heart skip a few beats from just that word alone coming from her senior's juicy lips.

   And since we're talking about lips, Mayu couldn't help but to look at the moist lips of her senior that had made contact with hers a few seconds prior. This caused Mayu to blush even redder than before- If that was even humanly possible.

   Shaking her head from the thoughts, Mayu replied to the older girl, still somewhat red from he previous thoughts.

"I- I know..." she looked down, embarrassed by the statement, but happy in the inside for how sweet her senior was treating her.

   Atsuko actually realized that the young girl was staring at her lips but decided to let her be for now. It WAS her birthday and she couldn't just tease the girl too much on said girl's birthday, right? Actually, she could but decided not to. Besides, there's a time and place for everything. The room and the other inhabitants, Mayu's parents are only a nuisance since if Atsuko makes her move, then there's no doubt that Mayu would be moaning too loud or throwing a tantrum in embarrassment. And that would have been awkward.

"Now onto the presents!" Atsuko exclaimed, reaching for her purse that was right below the coffee table in front of them.

   Mayu could only sigh, thanking how much mercy the older girl was giving her for the day. She smiled and then squatted over closer to Atsuko, a curious gaze fixed on her senior's purse as the older girl took out a few things.

"Err...." Atsuko searched and searched but could not find what she was looking for.

   She then proceeded to turn the purse over, shaking it, causing all of it's contents to come out of it. Contents contained things from makeup to notepads in which Atsuko commented that she needed it when in the set. Taking notes is good way to fool the other actor and actresses that she's actually listening to their lectures about acting. Yes, Mayu did hit the older girl in the head with a reminder for the older girl to actually pay attention to those who are more experienced in the acting business.

   A box, wrapped in pink wrapper with hearts on it, and a yellow ribbon, tying it all, dropped to the floor as Atsuko shook her purse. Realizing that the object she searched for was there, she stopped her action and then cleaned the other non-important contents into her purse; organized, if i may add.

   There were three things which caught Mayu's eyes. One was obviously the gift-wrapped present which was in the size of a tablet, which she blushed to because of the cute wrappings. Another one was an object, a small metal ball, with a string attached to it and at the end of the string, was a remote control. Mayu instantly knew what it was in first glance and then glared at her senior who then flinched from the death stare.

"In my defense, I actually thought to give you a little 'service' as a present but Rena opposed for God knows why." Atsuko avoided the glare, not wanting to explain it any further.

   Mayu's blush reddened a darker red as she heard the explanation from Atsuko and thanked (or mentally murdered) Rena for the opposition. She hid her reddened cheeks in a facedesk attempt, slamming her face to the table for her girlfriend's behavior.

   Then in her mental conflict within her head on what to do with the device which Atsuko brought, another thought came into her head since she was close with both Atsuko and Rena and due to that, she learned that Rena was ignoring Atsuko for God knows why just a few days ago. Have they made up? Then Mayu lifted her head, only to see the third object that caught her eye.

"Oh God No..." Mayu looked at the object and then back to Atsuko with a glare. "Explain. Now."

   Atsuko was cleaning up when she saw the object which Mayu picked up. She mentally facepalmed herself for seeing said object which she forgot to throw out from her previous... 'work'.

   In Mayu's hand was... A pencil... A broken pencil... Previously wet with a certain liquid, judging from the surface of the pencil.

   And when speaking of broken pencils, there's always a certain person which would come to mind. Said person was the one whom Atsuko met a few hours prior. And the liquid? God knows.

"... In my def-"
"I don't need an excuse. I need a real explanation." Mayu interrupted before Atsuko could make an excuse.

   The Actress gulped. Her lover was usually, as some people might call it, a 'tsundere' when it comes to her but in some rare cases which involves Atsuko, getting close to other girls, she would give Atsuko a glare which would even break Akimoto Sayaka's solid abs. One case was how she always cuddled with and tackled Takamina out of nowhere, much to the midget's protests. Whenever Atsuko hugged the midget, she could feel that her skin was being drilled from a direction and whenever she turned to see said perpetrator, she would see Mayu, with eyes of a predator. She mentally noted to never ever tackle or hug other girls out of nowhere in front of her lover ever again.

   In her experience, she could do three things which would get her out of this situation. One, run away and wait three days before confronting her, when she would lose all sense of anger. This plan would be perfect, but since this is the younger girl's birthday, she had to drop it for now. Two, use a lie pertaining one of Yuko's usual dares or antics. This would usually work for those small, things that are lower phases such as a kiss or a grope or two, but this? No, that won't work. She'd spot the lie right away or won't talk to her for months since the older girl didn't object to the squirrel-like girl's dares...

   Well, there's always plan C.

   Atsuko pulled the girl by the arm, shortening the distance and forcing the girl to come to her. Mayu had a surprised look when the older girl did such but was completely speechless due to the Actress's next act. The Actress kissed her right on the lips! And no, this wasn't any normal kiss! Tongue involved, with the sweet sweet cream the older girl tasted in the young girl's mouth, this kiss was FAR worse than what they did before!

   Mayu's eyes shot open at the sudden kiss. She struggled under the taller girl's embrace but after a few seconds of pleasure given to her in the long kiss, she gave in and returned the kiss.

   After a few seconds,Atsuko separated herself from her junior, knowing first hand in her mind that the young girl needed air.

   She smiled at the younger girl who blushed even redder than before.

"I'm sorry, Mayu..." the older girl apologized, using her real name. A rarity indeed due to Atsuko's behavior. "It's just that I'm not happy if somebody ignores me for too long that I had no choice but to use the thing which Rena enjoys doing to her victims."

"Shove a pencil up her ass."

"No, A little bit higher."

"What am I going to do with you..." Mayu could only sigh, feeling not a single remorse towards her senior.

   True, she can be weird sometimes and hell of a lot affectionate to other girls but in the end, she would always tell her everything. There was a few instances she lied to escape from the situation but there was never a time which Mayu didn't find out the truth. Either indirectly or from her.

"I guess I'll forgive you for now then..." the young girl smiled her innocent smile.

   Atsuko took that smile as a forgiven apology and then hugged the girl, being considerate to not kiss her because more than that, Mayu would have fainted.

"Though I'll be mad if you do it to her again..."
"And Jurina"
"And Takamina."
"... Fi-"
"Or Yuko."

   Atsuko could only sigh in defeat because her lover had seen right through her. They say that a woman's jealousy is ugly but seeing it from Atsuko's eyes, she could see that Mayu was really cute when she's jealous. More so how the young girl was hugging her back in a tight embrace, cheeks obviously red, judging from the heat Atsuko felt on her skin.

"You're the one I love, Mayu. I'll never do that with anyone ever again."

   Mayu, cheeks now red in an impossible color, smiled genuinely at her lover's oath. This was one of the rare times she loved the girl's bluntness and of course, appreciated the kind gesture of the hug.

"Now, open up the present." Atsuko smiled lovingly at the girl, breaking away from the hug so that they could continue with the girl's birthday.

   Mayu nodded and reached for the present, careful not to mess with the other things that laid around the table, still uncleaned since they were too busy.

   As Mayu opened up her present, she was reminded of the times which her senior always got through to her, the times she always helped her when she's in need of it and the times she lent her shoulders when Mayu needed one to cry on. Since the days in the group, there was some sort of rivalry between them, though not one that was as deadly as Atsuko and Yuko's, but it was still something that brought the two together. One time, she thought it was just some platonic relationship, but instead, it was something far more gentle. Something which became their relationship today. She could never thank the lord more, to give the chance with her beloved senior even though there were already too many rivals in the way of their love. Their love was stronger, and that's all there is to it.

"I really love you, sen-"

   Mayu stopped in track, frozen in place as she discovers the object inside the gift box.

"Cat ears~ Aren't they cute~" came the carefree voice from Atsuko

   ... She's still speechless.

"Don't you love it? I knew you'd love it~ It's the most perfect birthday present ever!"

   ... She still couldn't get why, thus she asked.

"Why are you giving me cat ears?"

   The question came a little too simple for Atsuko, but she managed to answer it.

"As a birthday present for you~"

   Mayu was about to ask again, but Atsuko continued.

"So Mayuyu could wear it the next time we do it. I'll make ya meow out loud, if you know what I-"
"SENPAI YOU PERVERT!" was Mayu's last words before she bombarded her senior with pillows around the room and the things lying around.

   Present or not, that turned out to be the most memorable birthday in the life of one Watanabe Mayu. It wasn't memorable because of how the cake tasted or how her schedule was empty thus having some free time in her hands. Goodness, no. It was simply because of one simple factor. That she managed to spend it with the person she loves the most; Her beloved senior, her close friend, and her lover.

   And true enough, Atsuko did manage to make the young girl wear the headdress in one of their nights, but that, my friend, is another story.


   Short, I know (I initially intended to write a drabble but... Oh well, OS it is then). Hope ya enjoy this Higappi~ Though I doubt ya will...

   Oh well. *goes back to the hole*

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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: A senior's gift [AtsuMayu] -for mayuki_daisuki-
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I just finish reading it Ashura-san~ Arigatou!! I love it! Atsuko senpai and Mayuyu are so cute!! :cathappy: pllus I know where you got the cat ears idea from.. mou :sweatdrop: ~ ^o^ Thank you for your hard work :bow: , you deserve some rest now!~
My kami-oshi is Mayuyu, and my oshimen is Oku Manami.

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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: A senior's gift [AtsuMayu] -for mayuki_daisuki-
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So I got lost on the way to the MariHaru, Kojiyuu and MariMii fics ... I am bad at reading maps so yeah and since I was already here I decided to read this and I am done reading it... this is my reaction to this fic  :shocked and I am only doing this once great job  :glasses: and now ill take my leave  :byebye:
Spanish original name es mary es mi amor por leo dan:
Mari(mariko)es mi amor, solo con ella
vivo la felicidad yo se que nunca a nadie
mas podria amar, por que la quiero de
verdad por eso mary por favor dame tu
mano continuemos siempre asi
despues de todo que mas te puedo
pedir si soy feliz...muy feliz.
Si un dia me faltas tu que
Dios me ayude a morir ya que
no volvera a hacer en esta vida feliz
sin ti mari...sin ti estoy
viviendo por ti... 
English ver dow originally name mary is my love by leo dan :
My love is Mari, just with her
I live in happiness
I know I will never again
fall in love with nobody, because I
feel a true love Because of that,
Mari, give me your hand we'll
forever continue this way After all,
what can I ask you more if I am happy...
very happy If one day I will miss you,
God help me to die ,
without you Mari...
If i live my life for you...  -----------<@

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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: A senior's gift [AtsuMayu] -for mayuki_daisuki-
« Reply #119 on: March 27, 2014, 04:45:15 PM »

Never thought that you're also shipping atsumayu~~~


I'm thankful that I met you xD
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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