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Author Topic: Ashura's OS's...Newest: More than Meets the Eye  (Read 47060 times)

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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: A senior's gift [AtsuMayu] -for mayuki_daisuki-
« Reply #120 on: March 31, 2014, 04:45:02 PM »
Kawaiii! or more like, Eroiiii!  :heart:

AtsuMayu~ xD

I was thinking of them while writing one of my fics, but I never thought them as a couple.

This fic is a trigger of my AtsuMayu ship!
my forever Kami OTP which is starting to bloom again:

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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: Reaction Ficlet
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"Oh my God you were serious..."

   Oshima Yuko could only stare at her partner, thinking how she could get through with this. The Ace could only tilt her head, not really understanding what the big problem was.

"Well I did say we're going to do it." Atsuko muttered as she shrugged it off as something normal.

   Yuko facepalmed, ignoring the piece of paper in Atsuko's hand entitled as a 'Marriage Registration Form'. Yuko could only eye her partner suspiciously while the younger girl acted oh so innocent as Maeda Atsuko would always do.

"Acchan... don't you think that's a little too... wrong?" Yuko started as Atsuko kept tilting her head innocently.

"Not really? We're both old enough anyways."

"We're girls, Acchan..."

"No, Yuuchan... From now on you shall be a man."

"I'm not Bakamina."

"Takamina was always a man to begin with."


"Soooooo..." Atsuko looked around the empty changing room before looking back into her partner's eyes. "That's a yes?"

   Yuko could only sigh before she took the paper in Atsuko's hands and kept it in her purse.

"I'll think about it."

"See? That's not so bad. That's why I love you, Yuuchan."

"You'd better not make me treat you after this."

"Y- Yuuchan! I- I would- Never- Not- You-"

"Not gonna happen."

"Fine." Atsuko pouted cutely.

   Yuko smiled. It has been a long time since the two spent the day with each other like that. They've chatted with each other frequently on the phone but since their schedules have been busy, they couldn't meet up ever since the older girl's Graduation Announcement. Sometimes Atsuko gets jealous over Yuko's constant flings with Haruna, but Atsuko couldn't say anything since she's constantly been going out a lot with Haruna herself, even if Yuko was considered the 'true lover of Kojima Haruna', dubbed by the fans of AKB48.

   Speaking of which, Yuko's smile faded. AKB48. The one thing that had kept her going until now. Now that she had left the group, unknown challenges await her from now on. She may have appeared tough in front of her juniors but all her closest friends could see it. Yuko was scared. She doesn't know what she was afraid of. Because what awaits her in the future... is something she wouldn't know.

   Atsuko caught the glimpse of Yuko's eyes changing. It wasn't the physical form of said part that had changed, but something inside of her. Yuko was troubled. She realized it. Why was she troubled? She already knew. She had been on the same shoes as her, even before her. The weight of AKB48 had been released from the small girl's shoulders, but now a new weight had been placed. A weight of the unknown.

"It's going to be okay, Yuko." she hugged the small girl in a tight embrace, enveloping her in the warm hug Yuko always loved.

   There were rare moments Atsuko would call the people she knew with their real names and one of those moments, were when she's comforting them. Before this, Atsuko would always seek the small girl for comfort, mostly due to boredom or something simple, but when the time gets tough for Atsuko, Yuko would always hug her like that. Even with their height difference, Atsuko would always feel warm from the embrace. Was it a spur of the moment feeling or was it just her embarrassment? She didn't know. But now, the same feeling Atsuko felt, Yuko felt it as well.

   The older girl closed her eyes at the taller one's embrace. She felt warm. Was Atsuko always that warm? She felt warm with her during their nights together, but this was something completely different. She felt warm, not only outside, but inside her heart as well. She couldn't explain it. Bring in a doctor. Bring in a scientist. Bring in whatever the hell you can, but all their explanations wouldn't be understandable at all. For the warm feeling she felt, was something one could only feel, not told.

   Yuko wrapped her arms around the taller girl's hips and hugged her closer. This feeling of warmth was addicting. Usually if she was this close to a girl's breasts, her heart would race uncontrollably, like Harugon. But not now. Her heart beat in a steady pace, it was almost like a slow music. A ballad. She listened to her own heartbeat, mixed in with the heartbeat of her lover she could hear on the girl's chest. This was peaceful.

   She completely forgot about her worries, What was she so worked up about a few minutes prior? She didn't know. All she knew was that she felt calm. Calm at her lover's embrace;

   Calm just by being in the embrace of Maeda Atsuko.

   A few minutes had passed as Yuko inhaled the scent of her lover in their embrace. Atsuko could finally say that the older girl has calmed down. She attempted to break the hug, about to put her hands away from her lover but Yuko hugged her even tighter than before.

"Please... just a few more minutes..." the shorter girl managed a whimper.

   Atsuko finally realized it. Yuko was crying. Now that she thought about it, the front of her clothing was wet. Tears? Was it Yuko's tears? How airheaded could she be to not realize such an important detail? She cursed herself for not realizing it sooner and sighed.

   Her lips then curved back into a smile as she enveloped her lover back into the embrace.

"We have all the time in the world, Yuko..."
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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: Reaction Ficlet [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #122 on: June 08, 2014, 08:39:23 PM »
All hail ATSUYUU!!!! It's been a while since the last, Ashura-san.. Glad to see you come with Atsuyuu again XD XD

Mature side of their relationship....awesome!!
Embracing each other, can I get between them?? LOL :lol: don't mind me, my brain lost some screw caused by a certain squirrel.......

Btw, more Atsuyuu please~~
Thankyou so much :D

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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: Reaction Ficlet [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #123 on: June 09, 2014, 03:17:54 AM »
 :on GJ: :on GJ: :tntrm: :vv: :k-thrilled:

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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: Reaction Ficlet [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #124 on: June 09, 2014, 08:38:15 AM »
Heh. Heh heh hh. You're making me wanna write while still on a high from those rare two-shots (praise goddess of cockblock mariko-sama)

This was really sweet- you've captured Atsuko's whimsy and Yuko's vulnerability here really poignantly.  :wub:

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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: Reaction Ficlet [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #125 on: June 09, 2014, 12:55:54 PM »
Write, cyan-chan! WRITE!!!

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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: Reaction Ficlet [AtsuYuu]
« Reply #126 on: June 10, 2014, 06:21:12 PM »
Write, cyan-chan! WRITE!!!

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Careless Whisper
« Reply #127 on: January 26, 2015, 08:20:31 PM »
Summary: Guilt, Redemption and Comfort

Note: A songfic of a song I recalled, but in this fic, it's a cover made by Seether.

Song: Seether - Careless Whisper (c/ George Michael)

Careless Whisper

   A lone woman stood in front of the crowd, followed by a few others behind her. She looked back to see the familiar faces of her friends. She was glad that they were here. She then looked at the crowd, a face she could clearly make out, but nevertheless, it was her...

   Maeda Atsuko bit her lip. There were many things she wanted to tell to the person in the crowd. There were a lot to tell her. There were many mistakes she needed to clarify to her. But she swallowed it all in. There was only one way to convey everything to her. She needed to make things clear.

   This was the final night they will dance together.

   She looked back at her friends.

   Matsui Jurina, her beloved junior, with her drums. She looked calm, but she knew that Jurina was worrying about their relationship. She needed to spend some time with her when things are over.

   Matsui Rena, her good friend, on the bass. She never really wanted to take part in all these charades but she came in last minute to say that she would help convey Atsuko's heartful declarations. God knows what was in her mind right now, but Atsuko knew one thing. Rena is a good person.

   Yamamoto Sayaka was with her beloved guitar. There weren't many instances where the two ever talked to each other, but they could somehow convey anything to each other wordlessly. It could have been their mutual respect, or the fact that they have faced similar things in life, but one thing is for sure, Sayaka would always have her back.

   Atsuko breathed deeply and exhaled so loud that it could even drown out her heartbeat right now. She was in front of many people who were anticipating great things from her. She didn't care. She only wanted to show one person that she could do anything right now. She only needed to speak with her and her alone.

'Minami...' she mouthed wordlessly and shook her head.

   She grabbed the microphone, and the most heartful performance started, drowned out by the beat of the instruments.

   Their tongues intertwined as the taller girl pushed the shorter to the bed. Chaste touches on their skin, sweet words in between and finally, The taller separated herself from her lover. The short girl smiled a weak smile, knowing that she could not stop her lover any more. Therefore she gave in to the girl's touches and provided her with the moans she loved so much.

I feel so unsure

As I take your hand, and lead you to the dance floor

   As they moved closer to the inevitable, the taller girl then stopped giving chaste kisses to the short girl's soft skin. The girl was confused of the taller girl's action and looked at her, a concerned look adorned on her facial. The tall girl was not looking at her. It was as if she was looking at absolute nothingness. She was not focused on anything. It was as if she was not even there.

“Atsuko?” the girl inquired, concerned for her lover.

   The tall girl almost flinched as her name was called, not realizing that she was not focused on the task at hand. She then smiled a weak smile, with a look that said 'It was nothing, don't inquire any more'. The shorter girl was even more confused, but decided to leave her be. She was her lover, and if she wanted to talk about it, she will. Not to mention that she was not thinking straight from all of the flirtatious touch the girl was giving her.

   They made love as if usual that night, and at the end, as the shorter girl was reaching climax, she realized something on her taller counterpart's eyes. Those eyes were not the eyes she had ever seen on her. Those eyes-

“Minami...” her tone sad as she rested her head on the shorter girl's arm.

As the music dies

Something in your eyes

Caused the mind to silver screen

   - were the eyes of guilt.

And all it's sad goodbyes

I'm never gonna dance again

This guilty feet have got no rhythm

Though it's to pretend

I know you're not a fool

I should've known better than to cheat a friend

And waste a chance that I've been given

So I'm never gonna dance again

The way I danced with you...

Time can never mend

“Do you like what you touch, Atsu?”

   The taller girl asked flirtatiously as she cupped a hand to the girl's cheek, her other hand caressing the girl's soft thigh. It took great effort for the shorter girl to not embarrass herself, but she managed one way or another.

The careless whispers

Of a good friend

   Weeks has passed since they started this charade. The taller girl would always wait for the girl right after she finished her work and the shorter one, obliged to do as she says, would give in and they would have this dance of theirs. They battled for dominance and they managed to one way or another pass hours just having this battle of theirs. No emotions in their little play, just fun as the tall girl would whisper to her.

“I know what you're thinking, Atsu.” the girl would say and their charade would stop for a moment. “But look only at me...” her smile shows hidden motives as she moved closer to take the shorter girl's lips. “She won't find out about us...”

   They kissed passionately, the tall girl leading her on.

“Yuki...” the shorter girl murmured her name and the tall girl finally separated and lied back on the bed.

“Good girl.” she managed to congratulate the girl through her luscious lips. “Come...” she spread her arms up to embrace the girl and continue what they were doing.

To the heart and mind

   They could hear the door slowly open through their frenzy as they touched each other, breathed through each other, became one. The newcomer looked at the scene in front of her, her hands cupped on her lips as her eyes filled with tears.

Ignorance is kind

“Atsuko...?” the girl managed to murmur in her tears.

There's no comfort in the truth

   The girl looked at the new occupant of the room and her eyes became wide in horror. She could not speak a word. Her hands stopped moving. As if her heart stopped pulsing. And her entire mind became blank.

   The only words she managed to murmur were her last words to the girl.


Pain is all you'll find!

I'm never gonna dance again

This guilty feet have got no rhythm

Though it's easy to pretend

I know you're not a fool

I should've known better than to cheat a friend

And waste a chance that I've been given

So I'm never gonna dance again

The way I danced with you...!

   She grabbed the microphone with all her might, reasons unknown. She didn't even think anymore. Her eyes on her lover, her eyes on the one she had hurt the most, her eyes on the person she loved, her eyes on the person that hated her the most right now.

   Her other hand gripped her chest tight. Her heart was in pain.

   With all her might, she managed to all but scream out the next chorus as she remembered the empty promises she made for her. Guilt was not a thing she could live by.

Tonight the music seems so loud

I wish that we could lose this crowd

Maybe, it's better this way

We hurt each other with the things we want to say

   Then everything came in. The what-if's. The things that could happen if she had only been loyal. She hated herself so much at the moment. She wanted to fix things over. She wanted to tell her she loved her. She wanted to... not be herself right now.

We could've been so good together

We could've lived this dance forever

But now who's gonna dance with me...?

   She didn't know. She promised to herself in this split second. She promised to any mighty being that heard her thoughts at the moment. She would never love somebody ever again. She will never accept anyone other than her... She will do anything in her power to have her... She knew.

   She screamed out the pleas of impossibility.

“Please stay!”

   It wasn't just lyrics. It was her entire plea. It was something that came from the bottom of her heart. She didn't want her to leave. She wanted her. She needed her. She loved her.

   As she shouted aloud, Sayaka covered for her.

I'm never gonna dance again

This guilty feet have got no rhythm

Though it's easy to pretend

I know you're not a fool

I should've known better than to cheat a friend

And waste a chance that I've been given

   Atsuko then gripped her microphone tightly as she joined in.

So I'm never gonna dance again

The way I danced with you...

   As the music dies, Atsuko looked at the crowd. She could not hear anything anymore. The crowd were jumping up and down and probably shouting, but she couldn't hear anything. Perhaps she was lost in the moment or perhaps she simply wanted to hear one person. She looked at her.

   Minami's face couldn't be seen from the stage due to the fact that the girl was looking down, tilting her head from Atsuko's view. She could not make out the exact expression the girl was making. Her heart beat loudly. Loud enough that in her ears, it drowned out everything; from the cheers of the crowd to the MC Sayaka was giving at the moment. She couldn't even hear the stage directions from behind. She could only hear her heartbeat rise rapidly in the moment.

   To her, it seemed as though decades has passed. That was how slow time moved for her as she looked at the girl in question, hoping for her to move, to tilt her head up and smile, to even scream out something; anything!

   And she did.

   She turned around-

- and walked away.

   Tears built up in her eyes as she saw her love walk away. Her figure now gone from her view, she released the built up tears and cried. Sayaka, who was giving it her all to stall the crowd, was surprised to see her cry. Jurina and Rena knew it was coming eventually and they left their instruments to soothe the girl, patting her back.

   The crowd was speechless at the spectacle. The most famous girl in all of Japan cried for no reason on stage. It wasn't for no reason. It was for a reason they did not know.

   Silence reigned the entire club. The only sound could be heard were the sobs of the girl on stage. Through the entire tragedy, they could somehow make out a soft murmur in all the silence. The words that were stuck on her throat for weeks. Months, even. Finally, she said it.

   Not to the crowd, not to the people backstage, not to her friends.

   To the one she loved

“I'm sorry...”

“You caused quite a stir there.”

   She could hear someone from beside her. The person sat on the bench with her, not even asking if it was occupied. Well, given her situation, it was clear that it wasn't occupied. Not any more, at least.

   She then felt a sudden change in temperature on her cheek and almost bolted upward. When did it became so cold? Then she realized that it was Sayaka, the person who sat next to her, who had childishly rubbed the can of juice on her cheek. A cold can of juice, mind you.

“Orange juice. I knew it was your favourite.”

   The girl muttered and Atsuko reluctantly took the can.

   Okay, a cold can of orange juice.

   Wait, they rarely even talked to each other excluding a few sexual harassments she did to her.

“I knew it's your favourite just because.” the girl said with a sly grin and continuing after nudging the girl with her elbow playfully. “And because I saw you drink this a lot when we were practising.” she added just for information.

   Atsuko decided to not ask her why she was looking at her during practice. She did do it on some occasions, but that was because of her professional love for breasts and whatnot. She then opened the can and drank the juice. Ah, F&N. Her favourite brand.

   They sat there wordlessly, Atsuko drinking her juice and Sayaka drinking what appears to be coffee. Hmm... Sayaka seems to be more mature than she thought of her to be. Maybe time really does change the image of a person a lot.

'Wow this thing is bitter... I was going to show her my mature side but I really can't take coffee...' was Sayaka's train of thought.

   A few good seconds has passed until Sayaka finally moved her hand on top of Atsuko's. The taller girl was surprised at first, until she saw how spirited the younger girl was. She was then reminded of how she got together with Minami.


“Call me by my name!”

   Sayaka was serious now. It was rare for her to raise her voice against her seniors but here she was now, screaming from the top of her lungs at the senior she respected the most. Atsuko then realized, ah, she was a girl as well.

   The shorter girl blushed, realizing her mistake and apologized quickly, afraid the older girl would take it the wrong way.

“I- I'm sorry I didn't mean to-”

“Sayaka.” she called her name with a tone of friendliness, a smile on her face.

   They looked each other for a while like that. Sayaka felt happy. Happier than she ever felt before. Just a name could make her so happy. It was absurd how happy she was just from hearing someone call her by her name. A child-like smile was plastered on her face. It seemed permanent, judging from the fact that she couldn't stop smiling right now. She was all too happy for the moment.

“A- Atsuko!” she managed to say through conflict with her mind as she looked a the older girl for permission to use her given name.

   The taller girl actually laughed at this one. Well, it wasn't that important to her so she decided to nod and let her be. The smile on Sayaka's face was so wide that Atsuko couldn't stop smiling at how happy the shorter girl was.

“I-” Sayaka started, but was too nervous to continue. One look at the smiling Atsuko, she was fired up once again. “I want to know... how to dance to Kinjirareta Futari.”

   Atsuko was confused for a while, even asking the younger one a stupid question.

“You know Yuko or even the other members are still available, right? I think even Chiyu would be glad to hear that a fellow junior wants to learn the ways of the sexy lad-”

“I want to dance with you!”

   The girl shouted louder than intended. It took a few seconds for Atsuko to put the puzzle pieces together and she wouldn't even figure it out, until Sayaka squeezed her hand tighter to Atsuko's. Then it clicked. She finally realized of Sayaka's true feelings.

   Her smile faded.

“I don't think I could dance for a while, to be completely honest.”

“I don't care.”

   Atsuko looked at the girl, confused. Was Sayaka always this stubborn even with her peers?

“I'll wait for you. I don't care how long it would take....” She said, a smile on her face, beaming at Atsuko as they held hands. “Besides, it took this long for you to finally call me by name ever since you started groping me...”

“You were actually looking forward to me groping you?”

“... I can't deny that...” Sayaka confessed, embarrassed.

   Atsuko chuckled. The girl was funny. She liked those kind of people.

“You're a weird one, huh.”

“Is that a no?”

   The scared look on Sayaka's face was almost amusing. It was surprising how much emotion she could put on her expressions. Perhaps she could see the other sides of Sayaka whom people have not seen before. Perhaps...

“Perhaps someday...”


And you thought it was going to be AtsuMina

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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: Careless Whisper
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You are teaser!!  :cry: 
I really thought it will be Atsumina, after what was happening there, and she would have chance to talk with Minami... but Noooo!!! In the end you change it.!!  :panic:

But still, thank you!
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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: Careless Whisper
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You are teaser!!  :cry: 
I really thought it will be Atsumina, after what was happening there, and she would have chance to talk with Minami... but Noooo!!! In the end you change it.!!  :panic:

But still, thank you!

I do agree. But still, thank you for the fic.
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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: Careless Whisper
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kdfhgkxzdjbvjl,hdv,fksjdzhb,fjbs,kdf,szdvj,fxnfg lrshbzdlvhjd,xfgb THIS MAKES ME CRY. AND I'M AT WORK!! I REALLY THOUGHT IT WAS ATSUMINA... YA BETRAYED YER BRONEH


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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: Careless Whisper
« Reply #131 on: January 27, 2015, 05:03:03 AM »
You are teaser!!  :cry: 
I really thought it will be Atsumina, after what was happening there, and she would have chance to talk with Minami... but Noooo!!! In the end you change it.!!  :panic:

But still, thank you!

I do agree. But still, thank you for the fic.

WDF! is not atsumina.. well.. I can play that game too... in my mind.. atsuko  was with Akimoto Sayaka!!.

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Re: Ashura's OS's...Newest: Careless Whisper
« Reply #132 on: January 27, 2015, 02:10:02 PM »
You are teaser!!  :cry: 
I really thought it will be Atsumina, after what was happening there, and she would have chance to talk with Minami... but Noooo!!! In the end you change it.!!  :panic:

But still, thank you!

I do agree. But still, thank you for the fic.

WDF! is not atsumina.. well.. I can play that game too... in my mind.. atsuko  was with Akimoto Sayaka!!.

I ain't even mad. That's genius.

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More than Meets the Eye
« Reply #133 on: May 30, 2015, 07:44:12 PM »
Title: More than Meets the Eye
Genre: Comedy, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Pairings: [Atsuko/Yuko], slight [Atsuko/Mayu]
Summary: Have you ever tried to cook food on someone's abs? Well, Atsuko is on the case!

WARNING: For those who wants comedy, read only the one-shot and OMAKE 1. For those who want AtsuYuu, read only the one-shot. For those who wants AtsuMayu, read only Omake 1. For those who wants something more, read everything.

If it was one thing Atsuko loved more than anything, it was the sweet smell of food in the morning. The fine delicacies she creates with her own hands. Living alone does have its perks. One of them being you can moan ever so loudly while eating these masterpieces without judging eyes. Not to say that she was conceited by telling herself that her cooking was delicious. It was just a known fact as a food lover. All the cooking in the universe is delicious. No exceptions. Well, she did survive Valentine's Day with all her former teammates giving them their 'creations'-

'Wait- No, Atsu. Be nice!'

Their.... COOKING

'Good Lord, that was harder than I thought.'

Anyway, she survived Valentine's Day without getting sick for too long. Sure, she loved those girls. It's just that not many of them can cook anything adequate. Heck, even fewer of them can cook anything edible! If she didn't know any better, she would say that most of her former teammates wanted to kill her or make her suffer for 4 to 5 days.

The very next day, she managed to thank every single one of them and said the chocolates were... delicious.

It was the hardest thing she ever did in her life. Even topping dancing, singing, having a career as an idol, and that one night she got crazy drunk with Meguri and things escalated to a point where they got into a situation which left them threadless; not a piece thread on their bare bodies.

Atsuko shivered.

She did not want to recall how hard it was to satisfy the older woman. That long sleepless night of torture... Memories of her foolish adolescence.

'Wait, we're getting off-topic.'

Point was, food is food. No matter how inedible they are. It was Atsuko's job to finish all that is started. To eat all that is to be eaten. TO PROTECT THE WORLD FROM DEVISTATION!

Not to say she would dig out an entire garbage just to eat leftovers though. She does have common sense, no matter how many times Minami Takahashi denies it. Atsuko, that's my drink! Atsuko, don't eat the cherry I dropped! It's dirty! Atsuko, what are you doing with my panties?!

Atsuko this, Atsuko that.

Sometimes Takahashi could annoy even Atsuko with her constant pestering. Who cares if she was sniffing Takahashi's underwear? It's not your problem! Sheesh, the girl needs to learn some delicacy.


Atsuko stopped walking, the plastic bag in hand almost tearing from her sudden stop in movement.

She forgot where she was going with this train of thought.

The Actress shrugged.
Forget that. She needed to focus on the matter at hand.

Atsuko Maeda currently stood right in front Yuko Oshima's residence. There was actually no reason for her to walk all the way there when she could just ride a car or fly her private jet there. But studies from her experience shows that one has a higher chance of getting into an adventure while walking than other transportations.

The research was proven to be true, as she had met with Jurina Matsui prior and the two had stumbled into an adventure to discover the lost city of Atlantis while also fighting a head on war against the Dark Lord. It was not easy, but they managed to overcome everything and shared a last kiss at the end. It was beautiful. If someone were to tell their adventures in literature, it would bring even the coldest of hearts to tears.

But she has no time to do such.


One should never break the fourth wall.


She did a quick check on her current choice of clothing to see if there were any rips and tears. To her relief, there was nothing out of the ordinary. Nodding to herself for her fabulous choice of fashion, she knocked on the door.


Waiting was not Atsuko's thing. When she waits, her mind tends to wander; analysing what could be happening while she was waiting. On this occasion, she wondered what was happening on the other side of the door. A few situations played in her mind. Perhaps Yuko was with her boyfriend and they were busy getting dressed after hearing the sudden knock on the door. Perhaps Yuko was busy planning World Domination by Mole Rats™. Or perhaps the Dark Lord was still in Japan and held Yuko captive. You never know.

One never knows the untold story behind closed doors.

Then the door opened.

To Atsuko's relief, it appeared that Yuko was fully dressed, though only in her underwear and half a shirt. But hey, if you know Yuko, you know that her even wearing anything is considered completely dressed. Atsuko checked what she could see inside the room from outside. There weren't any mole people digging holes in the floor, so that means she wasn't planning any World Domination anytime soon. What? You can't conquer the world without using moles. That's unheard of! It also appeared that she had no marks on her forehead, therefore the theory of the Dark Lord invading her territory could not be true. Unless the Dark Lord found the Lost Treasure of Tul'Khan.

Highly unlikely though.

But just to make sure,

”Sal Khan'it Nor Lugar.”
“What?” was the shorter girl's response.

Good. It appears that the other girl has never met or came into contact with the Dark Lord before. A relief.

Now to get back to why she came here.

“Yuko, can I eat you up?”

The day was going along smoothly for one Yuko Oshima. She had came into contact with her long lost cuddle plaything Haruna Kojima, looked at perverted magazines with one Sae Miyazawa whilst Sayaka was busy cooking and when she got home, she was flooded with messages on her private Skype account from Jurina, retelling the story of how she fell in love with a certain friend of hers that day.

Yuko did not really know what to tell the Junior in this occasion, and she sure does not want to know who this friend of hers was. Therefore, she only took a picture of herself shirtless and sent it to the Junior. Jurina would know that she does not want to talk about it, unless the Junior herself asked her for actual advice on the situation. Rarely happens, though. The members know enough not to ask any of the legendary members for love advice.

Putting her shirt back on, she recalled her adolescent days. One time, Sashihara was stupid enough to come out and confess that she had feelings for Atsuko Maeda, the former Ace of their group. Sure, it would have been okay if she just confessed it to someone like Kitahara or Minegishi. The problem was that she confessed it to Mayu Watanabe. If it was one thing the members learned over the years, one should never, ever compete with Mayu for Atsuko's love.

The next day, they found Sashihara's body in a house full of cats with scratch marks all over her skin and clothes. The only thing worse about that was the fact that there was a small television in front of her that has been cut off approximately an hour before they arrived. The comment that came out of Sashihara's mouth about the incident was :-

”I could never look at another burger the same again...”

Therefore, one should know to never ask their 1st to 3rd generation members about love advice. And one should not contest Mayu's love for her beloved 'senpai'.

Well, it was a good thing Yuko cut herself off from the group. Having to shoulder the weight of the members in an epic battle for love and glory was one thing, but to have a Yandere Mayu behind your back, plotting every single thing to take you off of the equation for her 'senpai's' affection was another.

Yuko rolled around in bed.

Today had been the most calming day of her life. Nobody to interrupt her, nobody to scream at her to go to work or something, no midget to be a nuisance to her. Yes, today was a great day indeed.

At least, that was what she thought until she heard the knock on the door.

Sometimes, you just wished to have the power to control objects with the power of your mind. In this instance, for example. You just feel all too lazy to get up and walk to the door and open the door and talk to the person on the other side of the door and think and breathe and all sorts of things. If she can control objects, she would just open the door from the bed, look at the person behind the door, strip them of all things and close the door.

People should vote Yuko for the next Marvel superhero.

She then looked at her clothing. Hmm... Panties and half a shirt. She would say that to be adequate at a time like this.

She got up, dragged herself to the door and opened it.

To her surprise, she was very glad that she did not do what she thought she would do if she had supernatural powers because the person on the other side of the door was Atsuko Maeda, her best friend since their AKB48 days. If she had done it, then she would have had to answer to Mayu. She would not want to answer to Mayu. The girl is cute, but very, very, psychotic when it comes to her beloved senpai.

She realized that Atsuko was analysing her choice of clothing and also the layout of her room. It wasn't too uncommon. She knew Atsuko was not the type to bother someone when they had other things to do. Atsuko is nice in that aspect. The only problem that the National Actress had was her personality.

”Sal Khan'it Nor Lugar.” the woman let out.

“What?” was Yuko's immediate response.

It was also everyone else's immediate response when talking to Atsuko for the first time. The girl could be weird at times.  One can never tell what Atsuko Maeda is thinking. That had been proven true by all of Atsuko's friends.

The taller girl managed a nod of satisfaction followed by a sigh of relief by the girl's answer. Yuko learned a lot in all those years talking to Atsuko that when the taller girl was talking nonsense, she should just shut up and let her do what she wants.

You know what they say.

What Atsuko Maeda wants, vice versa.

“Yuko, can I eat you up?”

Wait, what?

“Yuko, I'm going to start now...”

“No, I won't be able to hold in that much... Please, Atsuko...”

“Too late to back out now, Yuko... Here I go.”

“Please, no! Ahhh!”

“I- It actually worked.”

“You idiot... At least let me prepare myself...”

“You already prepared yourself nice and good, Yuko... Now here comes more.”

“N- No more. Atsuko, wait- Ahhhhhhh~”

Atsuko managed to to put the two bacons nicely onto Yuko's abs, right next to the egg she just cracked moments prior.  Yuko let out a luscious moan as the food product cooked on her hot, hard abs.

“When you said you wanted me to do 100 situps in under 5 minutes, I thought we were preparing for something even more, but this... this... Ahh~”

“Yuko, focus on heating your abs. I can smell the bacon now.”

“How does this even scientifically work? And where did you even get the idea? Atsuko, the eggs are slipping down!”

“Ah!” Atsuko managed to hold the egg yolk with a spoon and slid it right back onto Yuko's delicious abs. Wait- I mean, abs, next to the delicious bacon. Yeah, that's what I meant. “I saw it on 9gag where they did the exact same thing and I thought it would be cool. And screw Science. Who needs logic when you have food?”

Before Yuko can even rebut, Atsuko squealed in delight to see her creation coming to perfection. It was like a mama chicken looking at her baby chicks. Except what came out of the egg was nothing more than dead, slimy chicks. And what's next too it was the meat of pigs removed from its rightful owner.

It would have been a murderous scene if it weren't for the fact that Atsuko was singing along joyfully while cooking them on Yuko's abs.

That is just psychotic.

“I- Is it done yet? I'm not actually used to people cooking on my stomach, as much as I don't want to admit it.”


“Well, that was faster than expected.”

“All thanks to your burning hot abs, Yuko!”

“Don't say something so embarrassing, idiot...”

Atsuko grabbed the sunny side up eggs and bacon and placed it on her plate. With a drool and a hyperventilating breath, she ate her meal with gusto.

It took everything in Yuko's sane mind to not be embarrassed about the situation. Atsuko was eating the meal that was cooked to perfection on her stomach. If one were to twist the words right, it would seem like Atsuko was eating Yuko herself! Burying her face in her hands in embarrassment, Yuko cried tears of shame.

Let it never be known how all this ever worked.


Finishing her meal with a burp of satisfaction, she then thanked Yuko and the Food God somewhere for her delicious meal.

“I hope you enjoyed whatever delicacy I had left.” Yuko glared at the taller girl, offended by how casual the girl was after she ate something from stomach.

“I enjoyed it very much, thank you.” Atsuko smiled an innocent smile.

Yuko wailed again.

After much crying from Yuko and tissues used for not taking care of one's sexual desire, Atsuko then thought of something genius. And when Atsuko thinks of something genius, it usually isn't something genius at all. Which says much about Atsuko's true nature.

“Hey, I wonder if there are any leftovers on your abs...”

See? Genius Atsuko at its finest.

Yuko looked at Atsuko in horror, terrified by what was the younger girl's plan now. She ate the eggs and bacon. What more can she probably want? Then Yuko's mind raced with speeds that put even light to shame. She came to multiple conclusions but she figured out what Atsuko would possibly be thinking. It was the first time in human history that someone figurred out Atsuko Maeda's motive. Yuko should probably win an award for this. Preferably something that was not going to happen in the next 2 seconds.

“Atsuko, don't you dare-!”

Whatever Yuko was about to say was muffled as Atsuko slammed her hand to the girl's lips, pushing the shorter girl to the ground with force that made even Luke Skywalker jealous. Atsuko crawled on top of Yuko, hand still on the shorter girl's lips as Yuko felt tears leaving her eyes.

“Thank Lord you wore something so easy on the eyes, Yuko. If you wore a full shirt, I would have had to strip you naked.”

Yuko could have retorted with something clever about Atsuko always seeing her naked and that it doesn't even affect her anymore, but the hands currently on her lips made it a wee bit difficult. Now she knows what Haruna feels like when Takamina gets drunk. Not pretty. Though she could lick Atsuko's hand just for fun. Sadly, she didn't even think of doing that. Having Atsuko Maeda on top of you would do that to you.

Atsuko moved her head just above Yuko's abs and with a smirk, proceeded to lick the well-trained girl's abdominal muscle from the bottom, moving ever so slowing to the top. Yuko squirmed in her place, attempting to let out a squeal, a scream, a moan; anything!

The older girl's face was tinted red from embarrassment. Atsuko Maeda was licking her abs! Why wouldn't she?! It was as if Atsuko was stimulating something even more perverted at this point. If the readers didn't know what Atsuko was licking, then they would probably be thinking this is smut, as well. But it is not. Because reasons. Borderline things.

Eyes making sure the shorter girl has her mouth covered, Atsuko licked the girl's whole abdominal muscle clean, stimulating Yuko even more than she needed.

Deciding to grant the somewhat older girl mercy, Atsuko slid her hand down from Yuko's mouth until only her index finger was touching the bottom part of the girl's lips. Yuko let out a moan of pleasure once she was released from her verbal inability and grabbed the younger girl's fingers as softly as possible.

Atsuko could only watch as the older girl brought her finger to Yuko's lips. Without a second thought, Yuko licked the younger girl's finger, even going so far as putting it in her mouth. If the previous act didn't cause Atsuko to blush enough, this was the moment. Atsuko turned red to her ears as she saw the older girl licked her fingers clean, a lewd expression on her face.


Time seemed to freeze as the words slipped off of Yuko's lips. Atsuko looked at the older girl in shock, past memories playing inside her head. The memories of her time in AKB48. The memories of the best time of her life. The memory of the best friends she had. The memory of staying by her side.

“Yuko... I thought you promised not to-”


The words came out of Yuko's mouth like a whisper, a plea to the younger girl who had initiated something, not because of their past relationship, but their current. A troubled expression appeared on Atsuko's face as she contemplated her current predicament. However, her resolve to reject the girl's invitation instantly crumbled as the older girl pulled her into an embrace, hugging the girl tightly from her position.

“Please... Atsu...”

The name that came out from Yuko was not something Atsuko preferred to hear. It was something she least liked to happen at the moment. But at the same time, it was the name she most wanted to hear.

It was the name she heard from her in the past. It was the name that she was always called by someone, very, very dear to her. Someone who meant the world to her.

'Atsu~' the voice from her past spoke to her and with a smile of affection, she finally replied.

“Just one last ride...”


A/N:[/b] HAH! I just made you guys remember Paul Walker! I'm such a troll. By the way, how did it feel like to go from Comedy to Borderline-ecchi to Hurt/Comfort? I don't know. I just write it. And here's a little extra for all your trouble. Relax. It's just whatever happened with Mayu in the past and it's fluff.


It was a casual morning of practice in the theatre. Some girls were dancing, some were chatting, some were singing together, and some were trying to open up a portal to the spirit realm. Another normal and glorious day in the AKB48 Theatre.

All but one lone girl.

A single girl stood out more than necessary due to her adorable face and silky long hair, tied in her trademark twintail. In only over a year, she became one of the most favoured girl of the team without even doing much. Due to that, people stayed away from her and decided that the girl was anti-social.

The only one who could talk to the girl was none other than the Captain of the Team, Yuki Kashiwagi. Sadly, said Captain was on leave that day due to some of the members shipping her off to California by accident. Well, who could blame them? They can't really read English contracts really well. May their Captain rest in peace wherever she was.

Thus, the silent girl sat at the corner of the room, reading a comic book she borrowed from the Captain. She made no attempt to converse with the others. She did not want to. Who cares? It was her life. Nobody can tell her otherwise.

As the girls continued their daily activities, a girl older than most of the other girls in the room walked in. Nobody noticed her and nobody even made an attempt to notice her. The girl, in all her years, learned of something very important during her training.



The ability to stand out more than anyone, was also the ability to conceal her presence, making her an equal; one of the crowd.

'Why did she say to meet here? We could just go to the movies without meeting up here. I don't want to be considered weird here since I'm on another team, walking into their team's practice session. They must think I'm weird...'

Sadly, the girl in question didn't know she could do something like that and only did it subconsciously. Therefore, her internal panicking makes somewhat sense in this situation.

The girl scanned the room. Thankfully, nobody noticed her and she sighed in relief.  At the end, though, in the far corner of the room, spotted a cute girl, alone, reading a comic book. She then looked at the other girls. They were either chatting with each other or practising, yet that girl sat on the corner without doing anything but reading.

A sense of admiration filled her as she thought of how satisfying it would be to come to practice without practising. That girl must know how to handle other people. Whenever she tries to slack off, her Captain would drag her by the ear back to practice. If whenever said Captain wasn't there, the others would drag her in her stead. Her Team was stupid like that. They should let her slack off but Noo.

Deciding that standing there at the door made her look like a fool, she proceeded to walk towards the lone girl.

The footsteps echo throughout the room as every single girl stopped talking. All amount of movement and happiness from the girls were gone, replaced by surprise, admiration or anxiety. They were made to know the footsteps of the girl that was walking at the moment. The footsteps that even echoes so loudly in their minds that all form of verbal ability turned to nothing. All thoughts were lost as they could only hear those footsteps getting closer and closer to the corner of the room.

That was, except for two girls; the cause of the Team's anxiety, and the girl who she was walking to.

Team B's most famous member was reading her comic book in piece, that was until she realized everyone stopped talking. It was a weird day if Team B stopped talking. Usually, they would talk for hours and still have topics too spare.

Then she heard a voice from in front of her.


At the greeting, everyone turned around to look at the corner of the room. They looked at who was called The Ace of AKB48, greeting the rumoured Ace of Team B. They were now more anxious than ever.

The Team B member who was greeted looked up from her book. In front of her was a girl, hair reaching her shoulders, smiling a dazzling smile at her. The girl at first glared at her, not knowing who the girl was. Though she seem to recall her sometimes when she's dancing to AKB48 songs. What was her name again? She forgot.

“What?” the twintailed girl instantly replied, clearly surprised by how the girl who had suddenly approached her. "Wait, who are you?"

Everyone else in the room screamed internally as they heard the young girl question her Senior with that tone. Some of them wanted to kick some sense into the girl but they couldn't. They were petrified by the Senior's presence.

“Oh, me? I'm no one in particular. My name's Atsuko. What's yours?”

Some wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, some wanted to knock some sense into the girl now known as Atsuko.  How can a Senior be so casual about everything?

“Mayu.” the girl said flatly.

“Mayu, huh...” Atsuko murmured her name, her never-lasting smile still plastered on her face. “Mayu... Mayu~” the girl singsonged, which made the younger girl blush a slight red.

“Can you not murmur my name so much? It's somewhat irritating...”

'HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT TO YOUR SENIOR?!' the majority of team B chorused in their minds. A rare act that they actually think alike.

“Oh, sorry. Mayu-chan~”


“I haven't seen you around...” Mayu narrowed her eyes, fighting the blush on her cheeks.

“Oh, I'm not from this team. I'm from Team A. Just waiting for some people.”


'THAT'S IT?! 'OH'?!'

As the members questioned the ridiculousness of the situation, the door opened yet again and more people entered the room.

“Anyone seen Atsuko?” questioned Takahashi, the shortest of the group of friends.

“Or better yet, anyone seen someone who casually enters someone else's Team Practice without giving a single thought to the others?” added Minegishi, who shares the same first name with Takahashi which is why I am currently using their last names.

“Hey, that hurts!” Atsuko glared at the chatterbox of Team A.

“Wow, she was really inside.” Itano whistled, awed by how accurate Minegishi and Mariko's prediction were.

“You owe me a drink.” Mariko casually smirked at Haruna who had her cheeks puffed in an attempt to pout.

“Acchan, you now have to buy me a drink, which I will give to Mariko.” Haruna informed Atsuko.

“Don't pull me into your crazy bets.” Atsuko sighed.

The majority of Team B were awed by the arrivals. It's like one of those yankee movies where Big names suddenly appear out of nowhere. It was just that surprising. If this were a Yankee movie, the big names would be like Center Acchan, Sabertooth Tomochin, Dino Mariko, Kitty Cat Haruna, Chatterbox Miichan, and Small Takamina.

“Let's go, Acchan. MaiMai said she'd treat you.” Takahashi informed the Ace and the latter brightened up immediately.


Before Atsuko was able to run, she felt a tug on her skirt. The girl turned around to see that Mayu was holding on to it.

Mayu sighed and got up, thinking of getting this over before things escalate too much. She knew then that Atsuko was not an equal to her. She was a senior, therefore should call her in a more formal manner. She would not change her speech pattern for her, per se. But at least she should call her in a more appropriate name. And also thank her for talking with her when nobody else did.

She would not admit that she felt a slight tinge of happy in her heart when Atsuko talked to her, though. She would keep this to the grave!

That was what she thought. Not any more.

“See ya, senpai.” the girl bid her farewell like any normal Juniors would.

At that moment, in a slight heartbeat, Atsuko moved closer and hugged the shorter girl with all her might, causing everyone else in the room to either gasp in shock, hyperventilate (Dammit Miichan) or facepalm. (Poor Takamina)

“Wha-” was what Mayu managed to say before the embrace became tighter.

They stayed in that position for a full three seconds before Takahashi, being Atsuko's Private Guardian, pulled her from embracing their Junior any longer.

“Hey, don't disturb them.” Takahashi scolded.

“But Takamina! She just called me senpai! SENPAI!

“Yeah, she called you what you are. Good job.” Mariko sarcastically commented.

“Wait, it took you almost three years in A.K.B for someone to call you senpai?” Itano grinned from ear to ear, amused by the situation.

“Well nobody called me that, yet.” Haruna inserted her own dissatisfaction.

“You're not really the senpai-type, Haruna.” Itano patted the girl on the back and Haruna frowned even more.

“Can't you people just be happy for me? Miichan, you know how I feel, right?!” Atsuko looked at her partner-in-crime, her companion, and confidante.

“Acchan, you're 1 year older than me.” Minegishi blurted out.

“And why have you not called me senpai?” Atsuko raised an eyebrow.

Minegishi thought for a moment.

She got nothing.

Minegishi ran for her dear life.

“HEY!” Atsuko chased after her shorter companion.

The others followed the two after saying their farewells to the still shocked Team B members. The only Team A member left behind was Takahashi, who walked to Mayu. The girl still stood there, head hung low. The older girl thought that Atsuko had offended her in some way, causing the girl to feel slightly hurt, or even badly judging from how she hadn't spoken anything for like ten seconds.

When she looked closely at Mayu's face though, she realized something crucial. A worried look spread on her face as she tried to piece the puzzle together. She then clicked her tongue.

“Goddammit, Atsuko.” she mumbled to nobody in particular.

She then left to catch up to her friends, not before apologizing to the Team B members for ruining their practice, or chatting, or whatever they were doing. Half of them still had their mouths gaped. Don't they have to worry about flies and whatnot? Damn, Team B is brutal.

After the Team A Captain left, she was replaced by their current Team B Captain, Yuki Kashiwagi, who was breathing raggedly from running all the way to the Theatre from California. Trying to catch her breath, Yuki stood there for about ten seconds before walking towards Mayu who was in the same spot, unmoving.

“Sorry I... left... you... alone, Mayu... California is pretty... far...” Yuki managed to mutter between ragged breathing.

The only sound in the room was Yuki's ragged breathing. It was like everyone else stopped breathing entirely. Freaked out by how silent the room was, what with all the chatty Team B members and whatnot, she then looked around to see everyone else was still in shock.

“Er... Anything happened while I was gone?” Yuki asked, not really knowing what happened to make everyone so silent.

“Hey, Yuki...” Mayu finally spoke to the older girl, her first words for minutes of silence.

The younger girl lifted her head up.

Yuki could clearly see her face blushed from ear to ear, her eyes wide open from having found out a revelation. And if she actually tried to listen more closely to the room, she could hear not only the silence and her breathing, but also a fast heartbeat, beating like never before. And if she tried to hear even more closely, the source of the uneven heartbeat was none other than her best friend.

“I think I'm in love...”


A/N: Told you it was fluffy. Though not much fluffy. More comedy. BUT WAIT! There's more!

[OMAKE #2]

“So, anything happened to you guys? You chased Miichan pretty hard there.”

“She was lucky I lack energy.”

“So your faults show when you're trying to beat up someone.”

“Seriously, MaiMai! It was the first time someone called me senpai!”

“I'm older than you. How come you never call me senpai?”

“... Fair point.”

The older girl giggled.

“You're so cute sometimes, Atsu~”

Mai ruffled the girl's hair as the younger girl fought her own blush.

“You're more, Maimai...”

“What was that?”


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