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Author Topic: Sweet and Spicy -6th Chapter- [SUSPENDED]  (Read 14324 times)

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -4th Chapter- (Atsuko x Guy hinted here, so no need to read)
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Ah... Atsuko used to have a lover...

Guess this Hata person...would only be mentioned.

Or would there be some drama about Atsuko and Hata again in the future?

Ah... Atsuko also perv. Like Yuko... Touching other oppai.

What would both takamina and Yuko do now...?

Who would be the one that Atsuko would choose?

I hope it would be Minami but think it would be Yuko...

Who is Jurina?

Would you make Jurina as a kissing monster or perv like Yuko?

Would be fun to see Jurina started showing some weird behaviours due to Yuko and Atsuko's influences?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to see it

Thank you for the update

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Sweet and Spicy -5th Chapter- Side A
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cisda, I don't think the two will have much drama but probably~ And Atsuko's future isn't with either of the two. Probably gonna make her forever alone and suffer... Nah, kidding. XD As for JuJu growing up to be perverted... I'll think about it~ XD

   Because of sudden OTP reasons, I think I'd make something innocent with Yuko... Dunno... Oh, and Minami as well. I just can't leave her alone when it's something with Atsuko XD

[5th Lesson] Side A -Atsu-nee and friends!-

   Jurina ran around the house, feeling excited for some reason. Her older sister only looked at her weirdly as she took her eyes from the book she was reading. The younger stopped her tracks and looked at her older sister with a smile before glomping her on the chair, making the older one to fall down with her younger sister. Lying on the ground, Atsuko patted the younger girl, smiling as she saw the happy Jurina smiling for unknown reasons. As to make sure that her younger sister didn't drink, she opened her mouth.

"Something happened, Jurina~?" she asked playfully while tickling the chin of the younger girl, making Jurina to meow like a cat.
"Nya~" Jurina meowed and looked at Atsuko happily.
"About Mayuyu?"
She nodded vigorously, showing the girl her great smile. "She finally stopped resisting my kisses~"

   Hearing this, Atsuko's eyes fell into despair. She sometimes thought of it, but she never believed that could happen. Her younger sister has gone to the wrong side.

"C- Congrats~" Atsuko congratulated with a wry smile, apologizing in her heart for how the younger girl had been influenced by her and another perverted midget.
"Un!" Jurina grinned childishly.

   Seeing the awkward smile in Atsuko, Jurina then felt something. Her grin grew wider as she looked at Atsuko in a way which made the older girl shiver inside.

"W- What's wrong, Jurina?" she asked.

   Without any prior warning, she kissed the older girl on the lips, with a quick smooch before running off and laughing maniacally, leaving the older girl in a state of shock. Atsuko's cheeks turned bright red as she got up, chasing the younger girl, screaming out words which couldn't be made out.

Some of them are "Oi! Jurina! Come back here, you kissing devil, you!"


   Atsuko stretched her sore muscles, finally free from all her work. She was walking through the hallways, all eyes were on her and some were whispering 'Maeda-sama~ How lovely~' but that was a daily occurrence so she paid no heed to it. She then saw a familiar figure a few meters in front of her, which made her grin pervertedly while somehow drooling, looking at the small girl who was fixing her ribbon while looking at the mirror at the end of the hallway. Atsuko spotted a nearby student watching her and she gave her a stop that she somehow brought for some special occasions. Which was that Sayaka forced her.

"M- Maeda-sama?!" the girl was bewildered as the school idol forced the stopwatch on her.
"Time it!" Atsuko ordered, unaware of the blushing girl in front of her.
"E- Eh?!" the girl was bewildered, that was until someone took the stopwatch from her.
"I'll take that, thank you very much." the tall girl said, yawning.
"Oh, yo, Yukirin." Atsuko greeted with a wide smile at the girl.

   She discovered a few weeks prior that Yuki did indeed go to the same university as her, though she didn't attend the lectures much. Atsuko initially thought the girl was a high school student but after a few times of meeting each other, she had learned that it was Yuki's third year. The girl mentioned that she hated the lovey-dovey atmosphere inside it, not to mention she wasn't too comfortable with high-class people. Atsuko wasn't an exception since the girl wasn't even high-classed. She's a country girl, though she would never admit it. She has too much of a pride, that Atsuko.

"Saya made me come to school today." Yuki explained, earning a perverted look on Atsuko.
"Hehe~ Oppai-chan~" Atsuko's groped imaginary breasts using her hands, though it was actually Yuki's...
"What ARE you doing, Maeda-san?" Yuki lifted an eyebrow, making the older girl, who was 5 days older than her, stop her actions.
"Err..." Awkward Atsuko was awkward. "ANYWAY!" she changed the subject. "Time this."

   Yuki thought for a second and only did what the older girl wanted, since she herself liked the girl a bit, though not much into like but as respect, for being the older sister of someone who had made her younger sister smile a bit more. Yuki chuckled and then gave her okay. The older girl grinned, forgetting the fact that there was another girl there, who was looking at the two's exchange while whispering 'Maeda-sama and Black-sama know each other~?! No way~~~!!!' and fangirling, pairing them up in her mind.

   Atsuko took her running stance as Yuki count down, ignoring the drooling unknown girl next to her.

Get set!

   Like thunderbolt, with the pressure from her leg, Atsuko dashed leaving a thunderclap sound at the two, causing them to be shocked by how fast the girl was. Atsuko's grin grew wider as she reached closer to the girl, still trying to adjust her ribbon. The girl was finally satisfied with her ribbon and looked at herself in the mirror proudly. That was until,




NA~!!!!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:"

   Minami fell to the ground with the excited Atsuko who glomped her at the speed of an imaginary 60 kilometers an hour, and making the smaller girl get pinned to the floor after they rolled around for a couple of seconds. Minami finally realized what had happened by the claps of everyone around her, and also her best friend snuggling up to her. Surprised, Minami hits the girl lightly on the head.

"Itai!" Atsuko writhed in pain as she received the blow of love from her best friend.
"Why'd you tackle me out of nowhere?! Not to mention it hurts, aho!" Minami complained as she glared at the younger girl but her resolve crumbled once Atsuko unleashed her secret technique. The younger girl looked at Minami, teary-eyed and pouting, holding the older girl's hand as her body leaned closer, her chest touching Minami's.

"B- But I missed you..."

   Minami's mouth gaped open as she saw the unbelievably forward Atsuko and the older girl's cheeks flushed bright red at the scene, causing Atsuko to burst out in laughter from her successful tease. Everybody looked at the exchange, some were looking at Atsuko admirably and some fangirling about her. There was also one girl that was taking pictures and smiling satisfied.

"Y- You tricked me?!" Minami started her barrages of light hits at Atsuko mostly from embarrassment.
"Minami's just too cute~" Atsuko teased as she chuckled, holding the girl's hands tight as to not get hit more.
"M- Mou!" Minami averted her eyes in an attempt to ignore the younger girl.
"Ya~ Forgive me, kay~?" Atsuko hugged the girl tight in her arms, not minding the stares and glares around her.

   Mariko, who was taking pictures, clapped her hands, pulling all of the attention to her. Atsuko and Minami, who was blushing far redder from the younger girl's touch, looked at the tall model-like girl.

"Okay, enough with all your lovey-dovey moments. We're already students, you know." Mariko chuckled, helping Minami up.
"So true." Yuki, who was watching the scene, helped Atsuko up.

   The curious Mariko looked at Yuki as they helped their respective partners up. Mariko smirked as she saw how much Yuki had changed. She actually knew Yuki since the start, but she had never once talked to her, nor did she ever see the girl smile. Her aura was a bit different. The 'black' aura, that terrifies most of her seniors and of course, juniors. But that time, her aura was more calm, and her face produced a smile, laughing at the childish Atsuko.

"I wonder how you'd manage to tame even her, Acchan." Mariko asked unconsciously.
"Huh?" Atsuko was confused.
"Nothing." she shrugged it off as she signaled all of the other university students to scram, using her glare.

   Yuki, realizing that she wasn't supposed to be with the others, tried to escape, that was until she was caught by Atsuko.

"This is Yukirin!" Atsuko introduced the younger girl.
"O- Osu." Yuki reluctantly greeted since she actually wanted to leave as quickly as possible.
"Nice to meet you, Black Yukirin." Mariko joked, causing the younger girl to be embarrassed.
"Don't call me with that unfitting nickname..." Yuki clicked her tongue and took out her hand.
"Mariko. Shinoda Mariko." Mariko introduced herself and shook the younger girl's hand.
"Takahashi Minami. Others call me TakaMina for fun." Minami also introduced herself.
"Maeda Atsuko!" Atsuko as well.
"No, I already know you, Acchan..." Yuki chuckled, causing the others to as well.
"Well, it's not good to be left out, you know." Atsuko pouted but then joined in the laughs.


   Realizing the stare from behind her, Atsuko arched her back and decided to shrug it off. It became worse as she started to ask Minami of questions which she understood but felt like asking, wanting to see the older girl's reaction. Of course Minami couldn't answer. It was in English. Atsuko gulped down hard, loosening her collar and finally settled back down, focusing on the lecture as the stare from Oshima Yuko kept bugging her.

   It was always like that during lectures. Atsuko would tease Minami, Yuko would stare at Atsuko and Minami would... be short. Not only that, but lately, Atsuko could feel another pair of eyes on her. It was another person. Another person who she respected much. But though she didn't actually mind if it was that person. Atsuko sighed, feeling that Sae's stare just became far sharper than before.

   The lectures thus ended, marking the end of Atsuko's slot for the day, and also, miraculously, all of her other friends'. Atsuko got up and then felt a shiver down her spine. She lost all sense of holding back and burst out dashing to the older girl. She grinned evilly as she snuggled up to her and pinned her to the wall.

"Hey, Yuko~" Atsuko singsonged as she touched the older girl's cheeks.
"A- Acchan?!" Yuko was surprised by the younger girl's assault.
"Missed me~?" the younger asked childishly, causing the older girl to avert her eyes.
"No, but-" before she finished her sentence, she bit the younger girl's earlobe, causing the younger girl to loosen her grip on her and she managed to escape. "-ain't nobody got time for that!" she ran away.

   Atsuko clicked her tongue and looked at Sae, who was packing up. She also realized that Minami has gone to fetch up Yuko so she decided to just go out with Sae. Then she thought of something. So she took out her phone.


   Sae whistled as she was walking with Atsuko who was clinging to her arm. They were waiting for their friends so they decided to just stroll around the park. They passed an ice cream vender and when Sae looked at Atsuko, her eyes were sparkling, the meaning was obvious. Sae chuckled as she thought how simple it was to read Atsuko.

"Atsuko, want some ice cream? My treat." Sae asked though the answer was obvious.
"Really?!" Atsuko's eyes grew wider as she hugged Sae's arm tighter.
"Really. You know I would never joke to you about food." Sae chuckled and the younger girl nodded vigorously.

   The older girl bought to cones of ice cream, a vanilla ice cream for Atsuko and strawberry flavored for Sae, and the two sat on a bench, enjoying their loot. Atsuko was humming catchy songs as she ate it, not forgetting to comment on how 'Sweet~~~' it was. Sae had a smile on her face, seeing the younger girl enjoy herself so much.

"Kinda obvious, but is it good?" Sae asked.
"Yup!" Atsuko answered as a matter-of-factly, causing the older girl to chuckle.
"Then~" Sae pondered, smiling and offered her her ice cream. "Want to try mine~?"
Atsuko, without hesitation, took a lick of the ice cream and squealed of happiness. "Delicious~"
"Is that so?" Sae asked, and she also took a lick, the same spot as Atsuko.

   The younger girl, mouth gaped open as her cheeks turned bright red, seeing the older girl made in indirect... kiss.. with her, and her heart beat faster, much to her dismay. She was helpless at the arms of the older girl. Atsuko averted her eyes, finding the tree next to her look so oddly interesting for some reason. Seeing the cute Atsuko embarrassed, Sae smirked and placed her arms over Atsuko, causing the younger girl to shriek surprised.

"W- What is it?!" Atsuko could feel her face was becoming far redder than usual, and she wasn't actually quite used to it.
"Nothing~" Sae answered childishly, but then she smirked. "But-" the older girl licked a spot on Atsuko's cheeks, causing the younger girl to feel flabbergasted and screaming out inside her heart. "You've got some ice cream on you. Just kidding~"

   Atsuko covered her blushed cheeks with her arms as she felt the wet spot the older girl had claimed and her eyes rolled about in an insane fashion, troubled by her own thought processes and heartbeat. But then, her saviors arrived.


"Acchan, you okay? Your face is red." Sayaka asked as they walked through the shopping district with the usual girls.
"You're the one that invited us so it'd be troubling if you caught a cold now." Haruna said obviously.
"It's okay to take a rest for a while, Acchan." Minami said worriedly for her best friend.
"Either that or you can sleep on my lap for a while." Yuko was also worried. "Though don't blame me if you feel some wondering hands on your body." she joked and was hit in the head by Minami. "Ittai!"
"Sae, check Acchan's temperature to see if she's okay." Mariko smirked as she told Sae what to do.
"Hm? Hai~" Sae placed her forehead on Atsuko's causing the girl's red face to turn even redder than it was before as she felt the hot breath of the younger girl on her skin, and the eyes of the GenKing sucking her entire soul into them.
"I- I'm fine, I tell you!" Atsuko half-shouted, hiding her cheeks with her arms again as she ran forward, leaving the others.

[To be continued]

I think this will have 3 sides, but I don't know XD

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -5th Chapter- Side A
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Erm.. Jurina is becoming a kissing monster

And Atsuko likes to tease Minami...

and she is on par with Yuko

But with Sae, she is the one being teased...

Yeah... may be it's going to be three way love...

Wondering what's going to happen next?

Can't wait to see

Thank you for the update

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -6th Chapter-
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Lesson 6! Jurina, Atsu-nee and a nightmare

”I love you.”

   The confession from the taller made the shorter one speechless. She was always with the taller girl and they could be as one would call them, ‘best friends’. That’s what she initially thought they were. And she still thinks that. There were a few times when the taller one would act strange in the presence of the shorter, but she thought it was probably just how the taller one is. Even when the taller girl was in the fooling around with her childhood friends, she would always make them feel uneasy because of certain reasons. Those certain reasons were unknown to the taller one.

“Yeah, I love you too, Atsu. You’re my best f-“ “I love you more than a best friend, Tomo!”

   Itano Tomomi was speechless again. She thought that it was just Atsuko’s usual way of fooling around, but from the look of the taller girl’s eyes, she knew that it wasn’t a joke or a prank. Maeda Atsuko was serious.

“Atsu, you know fairly well that I am in love with someone else. Yet why do you…” Tomomi bit her lip when she realized what the taller girl was doing.
“Tomo, YOU know fairly well that Kasai doesn’t see you like that.” Atsuko fought back and hit Tomomi where it hurts.

   It hit Tomomi hard, those words of Atsuko’s. Yes, Tomomi always had a crush on Kasai Tomomi, the school’s idol and her distant cousin, but from Atsuko’s view, the crush was unhealthy. The taller girl always stopped the shorter one and wanted the best for her, but Tomomi was stubborn. No, her love was too strong to be stopped by even her best friend. Her heart already belonged to Kasai and Atsuko knows that. But even so, Kasai would never belong to Tomomi. Kasai only sees Tomomi as her friend, nothing more, probably less.

“Tomo, I am better than her… I am your best friend, who knows you best. I will love you forever, more than Kasai would ever hope for. I would do anything for you, anything you would ask for. I might not be as pretty as Kasai, but I will grow up. I will learn to become as pretty as her.” Then Atsuko’s face flushed a little red “M- My chest might not be big, b- but I’ll try to grow them out…” Atsuko looked away for a bit and then looked into Tomomi’s eyes again. “I fell in love with you from the first time I met contact with you. When I was lonely because I have no one to talk to, considering my childhood friends whom I know, wasn’t in the same high school as me, you were the one who came to me and offered a hand towards me. It may be simple gesture from you to me, but to me, you have saved me from loneliness. You would always go out of your way, even to turn down your other friends, just so you could stay around and hang out with me. You saved me, Tomo. As time passed, I grew to love you. When you were talking about the singer you loved really much in our school, I was really jealous. Part of my heart wanted you to look at me with those eyes. But when I was the one the guy asked out, I didn’t know what to do. You said you were okay with it and even supported me with him… That’s wrong, Tomo. The one I love is you and only you. My hurt aches for you every day. Whenever I went out with the guy, you would always come to my mind. My heart yearns for you, Tomo. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

   Hearing all of that from Atsuko, Tomomi couldn’t help but burst into tears. The said taller girl was at lost for why the shorter one did such. She was worried and came to her aide. Atsuko put her hand on the older girl’s shoulder.

“W- What’s wrong, Tomo? Did I do something bad?”

   The taller one asked the shorter girl, worry was evident in her voice.

“I- I never knew that you were hurt… all these times…”

   Tomomi was trying to smile but she couldn’t. She felt guilty for making her friend suffer all these times. She thought that Atsuko was okay being with her, but in reality, the taller one was hurt. Her love for the shorter one couldn’t be hidden anymore. She couldn’t take it anymore, thus was the reason for her confession.

“I’m sorry for that, Atsu…” the shorter girl apologized to the taller one.

   Atsuko bit her lip and then stood up, surprising the shorter girl again. The look in Atsuko’s eyes changed. Her eyes show one thing; one thing which most people would think Atsuko lacks more than anything… Resolve.

“I am not going to joke around, Tomo. I am willing to go anywhere for you… And that is why…” Atsuko closed her eyes for a few seconds and then opened them again with her newfound resolve. “If you accept my confession, I will forever love you. If you reject it, by the end of the day, I will break all ties with you… You are my best friend, but that is how far I will go for my love.”

   Fighting back the urge to cry as well, Atsuko looked at Tomomi straight in the eyes. There was never a time when she would joke with her while glaring at her straight in the eyes, and Tomomi knows that. Tomomi got up and grabbed both of the girl’s shoulders.

“What are you talking about, Atsu?! We’re best friends!” Tomomi raised her voice in an attempt to make the younger girl come back to her senses.

   Atsuko shook her head slowly and then a thundering clap could be heard above them. The sound of thunder was heard and it became louder. Slowly but surely, rain poured down from the heavens into the world. A few drops of rain poured down onto the two, but they paid no heed. The person in front of them is far more important than any weather changes. Finally, Atsuko opened her mouth.

“I want us to be more than that, Tomo.”

   Another loud clap of thunder was heard and followed was a harder pour of rain. Raindrops showered them and their clothes quickly became wet. With her hair wet from the rain, Tomomi looked at Atsuko through her hair in disbelief. She knew that Atsuko was stubborn, but this was on a whole other level.

“I want to be more than your best friend.”

   Atsuko smiled sadly with a longing look. The smile which Tomomi loved so much, was full of pain. This wasn’t the smile which she adored at all. The first time she saw Atsuko’s true smile, Tomomi was speechless. The bright smile of the taller girl could blind any man in her way, but this smile which is in front of her, was something she didn’t dare to look at. It hurts her just to look at that smile. Her resolve weakened slightly, but there was no way it could happen. She only sees Atsuko as her friend, and she would never like to live a lie with her, Atsuko as well.

“I’ll think about it…” Tomomi finally gave in and released the taller girl from her grip.

   Even though the shorter one did such, Atsuko still didn’t take her eyes off of her best friend. Feeling the sudden chill, Tomomi couldn’t help but also look at Atsuko the same way.

“Tonight, I will tell Tomo~mi my feelings. If she accepts my confession, I will reject you. If she rejects my confession, then I will also reject you… But, if the latter happens, then I will give you an interesting piece of information, which may or may not come in handy in your future relationships.”

   Atsuko kept her head down, but her best friend could still spot it. With the rain pouring down and covered their faces, Tomomi could still differentiate between two similar things; the raindrops, and her best friend’s tears.

“What does THAT mean?”

   Even while sobbing, her heart in pain, broken into little pieces, she still managed to let out some sarcasm in her voice. The shorter girl couldn’t help but feel a little lonely as well. Of course she loves her best friend, though not in a way Atsuko feels for her, but she really doesn’t want to end their relationship. But even so, lying to her best friend… is something that she will never ever do.

“That is for me to know and for you to find out.”

   Atsuko formed a smile, though pained.

“Even so, no matter the outcome, we shall be strangers by the end of the day.”

   Tomomi’s face was filled with sadness, but she couldn’t just come out and say that she still wants to be friends with her, that’s just wrong the moment the younger girl confessed to her. She knew of the younger girl’s stubbornness that will always stick with her. Atsuko will not change her decision. No matter how many times the shorter girl tries to persuade her.

“Yes… before that, I will tell you the outcome at our usual park… Wait for me there…”
“If that’s so, then even if you don’t come, our relationship will shatter in midnight. I shall wait for you until then.” Atsuko then glared at Tomomi. Her glare was weak, but it was the strongest one she could show at the moment. “Do not keep me waiting, Tomo.”
“Un.” The shorter one nodded and then turned around.

   Tomomi walked off, and that was the signal for the rain to pour even harder. But she didn’t stop her movements. She kept walking, not turning around or her heart would be in shatters. She could not handle looking at her best friend that was in a sad state. Atsuko looked at the back of her best friend one last time, her eyes not even blinking even if the rain showered her face. She didn’t want to waste the moment. One of the last moments she would see her ‘best friend’. She wanted to call out to her, she wanted to tell her that she was just joking. She wanted to lie to her to make things right again. She wanted Tomomi to be by her side again…

   But even so,

   The girl walked off and her figure disappeared from sight.


   A girl sat alone on the swings, playing with it. Some bystanders saw her and tried to talk to her, but they never succeeded. The girl said that she was waiting for her lover. Even so, her lover didn’t come. She looked at the sky and muttered, “11:57 already…” she didn’t need confirmation from her watch. She counted each minute in her head, and she was never wrong in her calculations. Her breath was so cold that it could be seen. Of course, the night is cold. It was cold, because it is winter. But why in blazes did the girl put on a skirt. What did she even think of? Easy. She didn’t think at all. Her mind was full of one thing; one person that she was waiting for.

   Finally getting up after a few minutes, she stretched her arms and then was about to leave.

“Sayonara, Tomo…”

   And then her watch sounded a beep, signaling that it has already become midnight. Atsuko was about to leave, but her cell phone rang. She checked the caller ID, hoping that her deduction was spot on. She wanted to hear her voice. she wanted to be able to talk to her, even though they have become strangers. But reality hit her. It was another person. A person she knew well. She formed a sad smile that wasn’t seen by anyone. A sad smile nobody could see. Then she answered her phone.

“Hey, Takachibi.” Atsuko greeted the person who called her.

   There weren’t any usual retorts from her childhood friend, which bothered Atsuko a bit. Usually whenever she teased her, Minami would go all tsun tsun and get angry for no apparent reason. This time, it was silent. She didn’t hear the retorts. Someone tried to catch her breath in the other line.

“Acchan, you have to come quick. You have to see Tomochin right now.”

   Sure enough, it was Minami’s voice. But the voice which Atsuko knew as loud and a nuisance, and also cute, had become somewhat heavy. Her pleas turned to somewhat orders of the girl. Atsuko closed her eyes, her heart beating face because she felt something was wrong. Something was definitely wrong. But even so, she had made a promise; to herself, and also, to the said ‘Tomochin’.

“Who’s Tomochin?”

   She could hear Minami gasping in disbelief in the other end of the line. She knew the girl was starting to become pissed off, but she will not move from her spot.

“Acchan, stop fooling around! Tomochin needs you now!”

   Her heart aches badly. She wanted to go to Tomomi at that moment. She wanted to run as fast as she can and even to do the impossible, but that is not something that she can do anymore. She had made a decision already.

“Who are you talking about, Minami? I don’t get you…”

   For some reason, she could imagine Minami wherever she is, was gripping her phone madly in her hands and her face was red of anger. Atsuko didn’t back down. Her resolve was this strong. But…
   The person that was holding the phone switched. It seemed as though Minami had changed places with Atsuko’s other childhood friend, Yuko. Atsuko felt somewhat relieved. Yuko is far more level-headed than Minami in dire situations.


   Atsuko was surprised. It was her childhood friend, Yuko, but her voice sounded weak. Yuko’s voice was usually lively and fun, but the voice she heard pained her heavily. She gripped her shirt in the chest area; the pain in her chest was unbearable at the moment. Like daggers, stabbing her heart slowly, the pain slowly striking her with each thrust, thousands of them around the chest area, stabbing her heart. That was how much Atsuko’s heart was in pain at the moment. Atsuko bit her lip and silenced herself. She knew that the situation wasn’t in need of her usual voice. She said so in the past. If she speaks, then probably the direst situations could crumble in seconds. She caught her breath and then listened to Yuko; her childhood friend.

“… Tomochin… was hit by a car.”

   Atsuko jolted out of bed. Her eyes seemed red and her body was filled with sweat. She could see that she was on the bed in her bedroom. Her clothes were wet, probably from the sweat that came out of her body. Her body was cold, but why was she sweating? She didn’t know. She cuddled herself, her hands on different shoulders.

“It’s been a long time since I dreamt of the past…” she then formed a weak smile as she plopped back to back and pulled on her blanket.  “Why did it have to happen now of all times, anyways…?” she asked nobody in particular

“What’s wrong, Atsu-nee?” she heard a voice from her side.

   There she was, Jurina by her side, gripping Atsuko’s shirt. The young girl was fully awake, probably even before Atsuko woke up. Jurina’s eyes were full of worry. Worry for her big sister. Atsuko felt guilty for dreaming about the past that Jurina did not share with.

“Nothing, kiddo. Did I wake you up?” Atsuko smiled and then patted the young girl on the head like one would do so with a cat.
“No,… I woke up when you were sleeping. You seemed to be muttering a name in your sleep, but I didn’t catch who you were talking about… I’m sorry that I didn’t wake you earlier, Atsu-nee.”

   Then it hit her. One of the few reasons why she dreamt about the past which she shares with a certain girl…

”Wake up, Atsu or we’re going to be late for school.”

   I woke up, with a sudden intrusion of my best friend. Well, actually, I actually woke up earlier and I was waiting for the right moment when my best friend wakes me up. I usually do that to just piss her off. It’s fun to see her trying so hard to wake me up.

“Uhm…” I groaned and then turned around, hugging the girl that was lying in the same bed as mine, probably just awakened as well.
“Get up, Atsu and stop hugging me…” Tomo groaned in her annoyed voice and was struggling under my embrace. I chuckled inside from the reaction.

   We’re always sleeping together when Tomo comes to sleep at my house. She is probably the only person that has slept on my bed with me. Not even Minami or Yuko slept in my bed. I think… Or did they do that when I wasn’t around? That would be really weird if that happened…
Yes, Acchan. That did happen.”

   Now to annoy her even more.

“Tomo, yummy~” I said, sleepily and placed a chaste kiss on her cheek. Tomo’s face turned somewhat red out of embarrassment and then she karate-chopped my head. Man, that hurts. “Ouch! Your love hurts, Tomo!” I placed my hands on my head, soothing the pain.
“Blame yourself for fooling around.” Tomo grunted and then got up as I did as well. “Ah, nice morning.” She breathed in the fresh air after she opened the windows.
“You’re such a tsun, Tomo. Your best friend kissed you out of love and you greeted me with a karate-chop. Doesn’t that sound so wrong to you?” I complained to the girl that was standing near the window.
“No, Atsu. Kissing your best friend early in the morning is already so wrong.” Tomo looked at me with a straight man face. I clicked my tongue at her logical answer and then plopped back to bed.
“5 more minutes~” I asked for 5 more minutes, wanting to sleep a little more, but…
“Not so fast, Maeda.” Tomo grabbed me and then dragged me out of the room, not caring if I’m hugging my pillow or not.
“Yah! I wanna sleep, Itano!”
“Not a chance. Now let’s get ready for school. And no, Maeda, I will not help you put your clothes on.”
“You’re just too spoiled, princess Maeda.”
“Yay, I’m a princess~”
“No, that was not a compliment…”

“I see…” Atsuko mumbled and then proceeded to hug the girl next to her.
“Eh? What’s wrong, Atsu-nee?” Jurina asked, feeling surprised by the sudden hug.
“… Nothing… Just… Let me hug you for a bit…”

   Jurina finally realized the unshed tears in Atsuko’s eyes. She was hugged by Atsuko a lot of times, but this time, it was tighter than usual.  Usually, Atsuko’s hugs were fun-loving but at the moment, it was full of loneliness.


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Re: Sweet and Spicy -6th Chapter-
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Oho~ I senses 2 updates today, lol..  just reading this one, and I want to ask you, is Tomo die? because you don't reveal her situation here..  and ya knows why, I somehow feel there's a little closeness from Atsuko to Yuko when you expressing it like this one
Yuko’s voice was usually lively and fun, but the voice she heard pained her heavily. She gripped her shirt in the chest area; the pain in her chest was unbearable at the moment. Like daggers, stabbing her heart slowly, the pain slowly striking her with each thrust, thousands of them around the chest area, stabbing her heart. That was how much Atsuko’s heart was in pain at the moment.
Or maybe that just Atsuko's feeling guilt when Yuko suddenly speak like that?
Nah, just excited with what you'll be doing in this story "will you also turn this story to AtsuYuu or make it AtsuJuri (Oh,somehow I got really excited about this turn out,  the ex-ace and that being said the next-ace ) and maybe stay still like this?" Neither of that, not bothering me though, just want to know your opinion  :lol: :lol:

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -6th Chapter-
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Ah... Poor Atsuko being rejected by Tomo

But then Poor Tomo for getting into accident

Atsuko really really had very sad past...

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the Christmas update

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -6th Chapter-
« Reply #26 on: January 17, 2015, 06:53:48 PM »
I am going to start back from scratch.

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -6th Chapter- [SUSPENDED]
« Reply #27 on: January 18, 2015, 10:27:10 AM »
Oo, that good to learn you didn't forgot about this :)

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -6th Chapter- [SUSPENDED]
« Reply #28 on: January 18, 2015, 11:03:29 AM »

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Re: Sweet and Spicy -6th Chapter- [SUSPENDED]
« Reply #29 on: January 18, 2015, 06:53:04 PM »
Oo, that good to learn you didn't forgot about this :)

Sorry about my absence. No I did not forget about this fic but I will start it from scratch. I will redo everything from the storyline to the character developments and relationships. I realized that all the time, I haven't been writing properly and it bugs me to this day. Such is why I will start over and hopefully post something that would seem better, at least to me. I will do that for all of my works but I will prioritize this for now. For all that is reading, I'm sorry for doing this. Hate me all you want. Leave all your hate in my pm since posting it here is rather rude. Wait. Not like there are any people reading this. Alas, I shall return.

And Kevs, you don't even read this, BRUH.

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