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Author Topic: Re: RinoRie FFs - Ai ( One Shot )  (Read 7639 times)

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Re: RinoRie FF - Be happy always ( Chapter 2 )
« Reply #20 on: October 08, 2017, 07:08:20 PM »
This new story is interesting but a little weird with the start as Yui being the focal.point. No complaints about that keep it up
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Re: RinoRie FF - I am with you ( One Shot )
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I am with you

I am with you

I always stand beside you

Whenever you need someone, I always there

Whenever a tear flow down on your cheek, I always there to wipe that

When you need a shoulder to lean on, my shoulder always there

Wherever you go, I follow you from behind

When you smile, I smile

When you cry, I hurt

When you get hurt, I feel the pain too


Now I am here alone,

Looking at you from near yet feel so far

Still watching over you

What am I hoping to happen?

I am the one who left you

I made you cry

I made you lost your happiness

Because of my ignorance

I lost you, Rie

I lost my own life too

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RinoRie FF - Be happy always ( Chapter 3 )
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Be Happy Always

Chapter 3

After that short yet shocking conversation we had, I haven’t met her for weeks now. I knew the reason though; if she wasn’t with NGT48 then she was with Sashi, hanging out together. They became closer lately. I couldn’t join them because my schedule is full for these 3 months

Three hell months already passes and I really want to meet Rie now, I went to her home and brought her some of her favourite food to eat. I pressed the bell two times but didn’t get any response. I tried to call her but she didn’t pick it up. I thought she was out to buy
something or had some job to do so I decided to wait for her while sitting near the door

Hours had passed since I arrived here and the sky already dark outside, but she hasn’t come yet. Then suddenly I heard someone stepped closer to my direction. As I thought the person was Rie, I immediately stood up, and I was right

“ Hey… Rie…” I greeted her

She looked up at me and all I could see were the red eyes with tears flowing down from it

“ Eh..? What’s wrong..??” I asked her as I pulled her to my ambrance

“ Shh… Don’t cry, okay?” I tried to calmed her down as I caressed her back

“ Let’s talk inside, where is the key?” I said and took the room key from her bag

I still didn’t break the hug as we entered the room because I was afraid that she might faint because of too much crying. We sat on the sofa and I tried to calm her down with all my might. After her cries stopped she began to talk

“ She dumped me”

“ What? She? Who?”

“ Rino”

“ Eh?! What do you mean?”


Rie’s POV

This morning I received a mail from my beloved Rino, she asked me to go out with her this afternoon. You know? I am really excited now. We hung up more lately and became closer too, I am really happy. I immediately prepared for the afternoon and wore the one piece dress that she bought to me yesterday

At the said time when I stepped outside my apartment I saw her with her car were waiting for me at the entrance, as fast as she saw me she immediately smiled and waved at me

“ Hey!! Rie!!” she said as she approached me

“ Already waiting for a long time?”

“ I have been here for 2 hours, you know?”

“ Eh? Really?”

“ Nope… I was joking” she said as she tapped my head which made me blushed

“ Let’s go then” she added as she offered her hand to me

“ Okay” and reached the hand, it was really warm and somehow it fits my hand

“ Where are we going?” I asked her, still holding her hand even though we already in the car but she still held my hand with her left hand and her right hand on the wheel

“ An amusent park?”

“ Okay!!!”

It’s been a long time since the last time I went to an amusent park with Rino and Yui. I was wondering if Yui wants to join us, but she had been really busy lately

After we arrived at the amusent park, Rino kept holding my hand. She never be this kind of person before, I always the one who made the first move. Although I felt strange of it I enjoyed it the most. We rode almost the entire ride there and took many photos together. At 7 p.m. she asked me to have dinner together that I found out she already reserved the whole restaurant for us

“ Eh? Why did you do it?”

“ I don’t want someone disturbed us and I just want being together with you, just two of us”

“ I know you are a rich person but it is too excessive”

“ I will give all of mine for you Rie”

“ What a mouth of player do you have” I said and we began to laugh

After we ordered the meals we were having a light yet precious conversation until we entered the love kind of conversation

“ Rino, do you have someone that you like?”

“ Yes I do”

I began to regret why I asked it

“ Who?”

“ No need to know” she said lightly

“ Tell me…”

“ No…”

She looked at me for a while then shook her head. I felt some stabs on my heart. All of the excitement I had today disappeared in second. Then the orders came

“ Itadakimasu” she said happily and began to eat

I felt my stomach refusing the meal just when I saw it

“ Eh? Why? You don’t like it?” she asked me and put her spoon, and all I could do was shooking my head

“ Want to order something?” she asked again and this time she reached for my hands and hold it

“ Eh? Your hands are sweating and cold, are you okay?” she asked me again

I pulled my hand from her hold and stood up

“ I must go now, it’s already late” I said and stepped out

“ Eh? Let me drive you home then” she said as she stood up in front of me, trying to stop me

“ No thank you” I said and avoided her

“ I have the responsibilities” she said and stood in front of me again

“ I said NO!!!” I shouted at her and pushed her away, my action made her fell to the floor, I knew her body was not as strong as mine, I felt guilty to make her fell but I kept going out

I walked to my apartment, trying to hold my tears as long as I could but I just two steps away from the building’s door, my tears began to flow

Flashback End

Yui’s POV

After I heard her explanation I felt my rage in the whole of my body. I stood up and wanted to go to Sashi when you stopped me

“ Where are you going?”

“ I have something to do”

“ No, don’t do that. She doesn’t know that I love her”

“ But…”

“ It’s not her fault Yui”

“ If she has someone she love then why she did that to you? Bringing you to an amusent park, holding your hand, reserving the whole restaurant to you?” and now the jealousness exploded

“ She did that to her other friend too, didn’t she?”

“ Rie… bad mouthing her one time is not a sin”

“ I will never bad mouthing my love one, Yui”

“ Want to stay over here tonight? I need a friend” she said to me

“ Okay”

I always by your side Rie… Why you never realize my appearance? It’s hurt you know? Look at me for a while and forget about Sashi for a minute, could you?

2 months after that

It’s already 2 months and I haven’t met Rie since the last time, she was very busy with her NGT48 team while I was busy with AKB48. This night I was in my apartment while opening internet. Then I saw a news that made my heart cracked “ NGT48 Kitahara Rie announced her graduation”

I immediately called her to ask for her clarification and hoping so hard that the news was a hoax

“ Yes, that’s right” was the answer I received from her

“ What about our promise? We promised to graduate together, right?”

“ I’m sorry Yui”

“ What’s the reason?”

“ I already finished my duties here, in NGT48. And I want to be an actress, I already told you about that, right?”

“ Sashi isn’t one of the reason, is she?” I asked her but she remained silent that signed that it was the main point

“ So you break our promise because of Sashi”

“ I am disappointed Rie, I am your friend too. I know that Sashi is more important than me”

“ I always by your side whenever you need me Rie, but one promise with me was not that important for you, right?”

“ I am very disappointed Rie” I said as I hung up the phone

Oh God… this is the first time I feel this disappointed in my life. I knew she never looked at me, at my appearances and my sacrifices for her, but I just wanted her to make a promise to me, is it that hard?

To Be Continued

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Re: RinoRie FF - Be happy always ( Chapter 3 )
« Reply #23 on: November 04, 2017, 01:32:05 PM »
Hello!! I am sorry for the late update  :kneelbow: i had a mid exam last week and i had to study for it  :on study: but don't worry because the i already received the result that doesn't really good  :sweat:

Be Happy Always

Chapter 4

7 months after the graduation announcement, the night before the graduation concert

I was here, in my bedroom, reciting all of the moments when I was with Rie, remembering all of the laughs and the tears we had been produce together, and remembering her smile whenever I made a fail joke

 Finally tomorrow is the graduation concert and our relation was still not better since the last time, I really want to go to the concert but the wound in my heart still not cured. After hours of reflecting myself I decided to go to the concert tomorrow, at least to bid my good bye to her and to told her my true feeling that I buried for this long time

The graduation concert

Today was the concert and unfortunately I woke up late this morning. I quickly prepared myself and called my manager to pick me up. The unfortunate still haven’t left me when I trapped in a traffic jam. The concert already began two hours ago and here I am, in my manager car

I arrived late and the concert already at the final when I stepped on the stage. Everyone was silent when they saw me. It was a shame, right? The General Manager is coming late to an important graduation concert. I approached Rie

“ Rie… Congratulation on your graduation”

“ Thank you Yui, you are really late you know”

“ Hehehe…  I must give Bisu her meal and bath her”

“ Thank you, for coming today” she said as she hugged me

“ I am sorry Rie” I whispered to her

“Apologize accepted” she said and broke the hug

At the end I didn’t tell my own feeling, I just didn’t want to ruin our relationship even more. Then after the concert ended we gathered at the back stage, I saw Rie was talking to her NGT48 friends

“ Ri-“

“ Rie, let’s go”

Before I could call her, Sashi approached her and held Rie’s hand

“ Hmm… okay” Rie said and she said goodbye to her friends and went with Sashi

“ The new couple is really envying, right?” Kojimako that came from somewhere said to me as her eyes looked at Rie and Sashi

“ A new couple?”

“ Eh? You don’t know?”

I shook my head

“ Sashihara-san confessed Kitahara-san in the middle of the concert today”

I was late, huh?

The End

Thank you for reading the story :kneelbow:
 i think i should take some rest for a few days  :fever:
but don't worry i will be back as soon as possible  :on asmo:
See you  :mon bye:

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Re: RinoRie FF - Be happy always ( Chapter 4 )
« Reply #24 on: December 07, 2017, 01:24:27 PM »
Hey Minna-san!!! :on asmo: It's nice to see you all again  :wahaha:
So i make a poll to decide the next story  :shy1:

As i make an option about translating one of my not-English story, i thing i should give you some scene about the story  :hee:

"No.. Please... Let him go... I will let you do everything you want but please let him go" said the lady as she hugged her son.

" Which way did you use to get here?" asked Ren to Rino
" The right one," said Rino.
" I went with the left one," said Ren.
They looked at each other and then run out of the room immediately.

So those are some scenes from the story.
And yeah... i will include my own character in this story  :kekeke:

So please give your vote  :kneelbow:
See you in the next chapter then  :byebye:
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RinoRie FFs - New Story ( Prologue )
« Reply #25 on: February 18, 2018, 07:13:27 AM »

It’s dark. Where am i? Where is this? I had never seen this place before. That girl? Who is she? I think I had met her before but where? I couldn’t remember anything. The most important thing is, Who am I?

Note: I haven't decided the title yet. Can you help me?

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Re: RinoRie FFs - New Story ( Prologue )
« Reply #26 on: February 19, 2018, 12:44:43 AM »
I would prefer a chapter first and then go to find a title
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Re: RinoRie FFs - New Story ( Prologue )
« Reply #27 on: February 19, 2018, 07:11:45 AM »
I would prefer a chapter first and then go to find a title

I agree.
It's hard to give a title with very little to go off of.

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Re: RinoRie FFs - Ai ( One Shot )
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I am really sorry for not posting my story since forever  :kneelbow:
I have been really busy for these few months
may i get your apologize for this one shot?  :on kimbo:


So here I am, alone by myself, in the last day of my school day. When the other person, by any mean my friends and classmates, are laughing or chatting with each other, I am sitting here in the corner. I am not a social person but a few days ago I still had a best friend.

She is such a charming person, a beautiful lady with many friends. I don’t really know why she wanted to be friend with me since the first time. We have too many differences with us, but there we are, being best friend that made many other students envy for almost three years.

Are you wondering why we separate? It’s all because of my selfishness. As I am not a social person, I don’t really have friend at all. And she is just too hard to resist. She with her charm just broke away to my heart. At first I thought that we were best friend no more. And as I know her day by day, I begin to feel something strange.

Whenever I see her, my heartbeat begins to race. I just want to make her smile, to protect her. I become an overprotective person whenever it comes to her. At first the other friends don’t really care about me being overprotective but one day a friend of her told us that I already acting too much. I didn’t really care of her words. I just am showing my care for my friend that’s all.

Until the time that same friend told us about the same thing for the nth time. My said best friend then told me to stop of what I am doing. I feel a really hurt pain in my heart but I don’t want to make my best friend feel bad. So I tried to stop caring of her. Just being in her side and her best friend is enough, I thought.

And I was truly wrong. I can’t stop caring, I can’t stop overprotecting. Whenever she holds the other friend hand, I feel pain. If the other could hold hand with her then why I can’t? Then one day, I tried to think about it, the feeling I have. I realized that I want more then best friend. I love her.

So a week before the graduation ceremony I gathered all of mu courage to told her my feeling and I don’t want to separate with this uncertainty situation.

“Rie… ” I said as I approached her slowly.

“Ah…” she looked a bit surprised, no wonder because I had been avoiding her for three days.

“If you don’t mind, can we have a little talk?” I said again, not making any eye contact with her.

“Sure, let’s go,” she said, as if knowing that I don’t want the other hear our talk.

When we arrived at the back of our class, I couldn’t say anything. My hands began to sweating.

“So… What do you want to talk?” she opened the conversation first.

“Actually i…” I said nervously, looking down.

“Wait, before you say your words. Can I ask you something?” she said.

“Yeah... sure,” I said still looking down, feel a bit relieved.

“Why do you avoiding me for these days? You didn’t read my message even though you are online, why did you do that?” she said, took a step closer to me.

“I…” I mumbled.

“Why did you do that for me? We are friend, aren’t we?” she said.


“Don’t you want to be friend with me anymore?” she said, her voice began to trembling.

“It’s not like that, I just…”

“You just what? Look at me Rino. Why don’t you want to look at me?” she said as she took more step closer.

“I like you Rie,” I said softly, almost heard as a mumbling.

“I like you too,” she said.

“No, not that way. I like you, I love you,” I said as I looked deep into her eyes.

“I just can’t help when I see you with Yuihan, I feel burning inside, and I can’t stop that feeling,”

“I thought that I like you as a friend but no, I love you,”

“I know that this is wrong, but I just want to tell you about it,” I said then ran away.

I am such a coward, right? And since that day I haven’t talk to her, i am the one who avoid her though. I feel relieve because I had told her about my feeling but I feel terrible at the same time. Our society will never allow our relation. Heh… what am I thinking? We are not together so if the society allows or not, it’s not a matter.

I looked at her for the last time. She is still laughing with her friends. That smile, I miss it so much. I stood up from my chair and went back home.

People said that love is happiness but for me love is the other form of pain.

The End

Thank you so much...

PS:Do you know? half of the story is my own experience?

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