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Author Topic: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New WMatsui OS! - Think of Me)  (Read 21117 times)

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Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New WMatsui OS! - Think of Me)
« on: September 01, 2015, 03:38:04 AM »
Heyo! Nezu here! I'm fairly new to JPH!P, but I've been a fanfiction author for some time now, but I've never actually gotten around to posting any of my 48 Group fanfics on here! Anyways, I can't wait to leave some stories here! I usually write stories in my free time, so I'll post oneshots every so often in this thread! Here's the first of many! And it's Gekikara/Black! Also, after I've written a few oneshots, I'll probably create a Table of Contents here on this post for convenience!

P.S. Is anyone willing to give me one shot requests? Cuz I’m totally open to them! Granted, I don’t know when I’ll be able to get around to them, but still! Just send me a couple and a scenario if you want! It can be AU or anything!

Table of Contents
To Stay Forever - BuraGeki (Black/Gekikara) below

To Stay Forever - BuraGeki

Black’s never exactly been a “people person”. She doesn’t like socializing or talking in general, thus resulting in her having very few acquaintances, let alone friends. Many of these so called friends usually end up leaving her one way or another anyways. Be it because they simply fall out of touch, find better things to do, or in Yuko’s case, die. Usually, they just walk out of her life altogether once they find out that she has a child. After all, many don’t like associating with “those” types of people.

Black doesn’t try to stop them, she makes no excuses, and honestly, she doesn’t care much either. Again, she’s never, ever been much of a “people person.”

Her generation of Rappapa has moved on for the most part. Yuko’s gone, Sado’s become a nurse, Shibuya’s off on some “quest for redemption” and Torigoya’s… off being Torigoya. They haven’t “left” Black, per say, but one thing’s for sure, they’re certainly not “together”.

Gekikara is the exception.

Never once has Black’s crazed friend ever left her side. Not a single time. Every time that Gekikara would up and walk away, she’d only be back next to Black the very next day.

No, instead of moving on, rather, Gekikara has moved in. As in, moved into Black’s house.

After work everyday, Black exits the building to find Gekikara standing outside, waiting to walk her home

“It’s dark out,” Gekikara says, looking down the dimly lit road, suspicion in her eyes. “It’s too dangerous to walk home by yourself.”

And Black generally accepts Gekikara’s help. Partially because she knows that Gekikara wouldn’t leave her regardless, but also because in reality, Black misses Gekikara. (They also have encountered some fights on their walks home, and everything is easier with Gekikara.)

When they reach Black’s house, Black never allows Gekikara to go home to her own place.

Surprisingly, Gekikara hates to intrude.

“It’s not that far a walk,” she explains without success, “I’ll be fine.”

Black isn't having any of it. She rolls her eyes and reiterates Gekikara’s words from earlier.

“It’s dark out. It’s too dangerous to walk home by yourself. Get in. Now.”

Eventually, Gekikara stops protesting, and she and Black are practically living together.

They have a routine as well.

After they get home, Black pays the babysitter before starting dinner. While she’s cooking, Gekikara does an uncharacteristically good job of taking care of Black’s son, Leo. (Although at this point, he may as well belong to both of them.)

After dinner, Black gives Leo a bath as Gekikara cleans up the table and washes the dishes. The first time, Black was surprised by how domestic Gekikara was. Gekikara just said that she was used to it, having lived alone by herself for so long. (They don’t bring up the subject after that.)

Together, they put Leo to bed, and after, they enter the shower together. It is here where they start calling each other by their real names and discard their day time personas. Secretly, Black takes pride in the fact that she’s the only one who can call Gekikara “Rena”. In return, only Rena can call Black “Yuki”.

It is also in the shower where they wash each other and have small talk. Occasionally, Rena sneaks in a few kisses, and Yuki welcomes them because they’re from Rena, and only Rena can make Yuki feel so safe.

Yuki’s favorite part is after their shower, and they’re both so tired and they stumble into bed just holding each other. Yuki lies down on her left side and Rena scooches in behind her and wraps her arms around Yuki’s waist. In turn, Yuki snuggles into Rena and relaxes into the warm body spooning her, and usually, they fall asleep like this after a drawn out goodnight.

However, tonight Yuki feels a bit brave because she’s just realized that she wants to be with Rena forever, so she turns in her embrace and presses a kiss on Rena’s lips before turning back to her initial position.

“I love you.” She whispers to the dark room.

Yuki doesn’t need to turn around to know that Rena’s grinning her signature Gekikara grin.

“I love you too.” Rena replies in a hushed tone, and they both fall asleep with wide smiles on their faces.

The next morning, Leo asks why they were smiling in their sleep, and Black says that Gekikara was staying forever,

When Leo asks if it’s true with wide, excited eyes, Gekikara leaps out of bed, picks Leo up, and whirls him around in circles, shouting “I’m staying! I’m staying!” over and over again.

The two most important people in her life are right in front of her, laughing uncontrollably, and Yuki can’t stop smiling at her family.

And with Leo still in her arms, Rena plops them both down on the bed next to her new girlfriend, before leaning over to kiss Yuki senseless.

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! A place to leave some stories!
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2015, 04:17:15 AM »
It's a good start overall.

I think I want to see what you have in the repertoire before seeing where you stand based on your writing but mainly the writing is great just what else you supply can influence others to follow :nervous
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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! A place to leave some stories!
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2015, 07:26:21 AM »
Make more BuraGeki thank you

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New WMatsui OS - Tell Me About Your World)
« Reply #3 on: September 02, 2015, 05:55:52 AM »
AN: Ok, wow... Just where this oneshot came from, I have no idea. Basically, anzai48 suggested a WMatsui 'shot, and since one of my Kami-Oshis, Matsui Rena, just graduated the other day, I decided that now that I'd moved on, I'd write a post-graduation WMatsui fic! I ended up finishing this 'shot in one sitting! Naturally, all the events that follow are of pure fiction, but eh, I can dream. Of course, I still ship WMatsui like crazy (I will go down with this ship), so there will definitely be more WMatsui in the future. Enjoy~


P.S. Like always, suggestions for future fics are always welcome!

Tell Me About Your World -- WMatsui (Rena/Jurina)

“I don’t want to forget…” Jurina murmurs to herself under breath as she stares out over the balcony, her gaze lingering over the city lights.

“These unexplainable feelings… They won’t disappear, right?” she asks to no one in particular.

Behind her, inside the warmth of the building, Rena’s graduation party was in full swing. Jurina must have severely underestimated Akimoto Yasushi’s devotion to Rena, as the producer had personally invited all of SKE48, as well as quite a few sister group members (and even a few graduates) over to his grandiose penthouse as a final goodbye. Yes, these parties occurred for many of the high-ranking, first generation AKB members, but it was the first time a sister group member had received the same treatment.

Jurina had been surprised enough when Takahashi Minami, Yokoyama Yui, and Shimazaki Haruka had first arrived. She had supposed that it was only natural that the general managers and the Melonpan Alliance vice-chairman would come, and it was well-known that both Yui and Paruru were big fans of Rena themselves. However, it turned out that the trio were only the first of a long string of other sister group members. Kashiwagi Yuki and Watanabe Mayu followed a few minutes after, and the next thing she knew, Jurina was assisting Rena in greeting Yamamoto Sayaka, Watanabe Miyuki, Jonishi Kei, and a decent amount of HKT kids.

The biggest shock of the night must have been when Maeda Atsuko and other graduates walked through Akimoto’s doors, holding bouquets of flowers and bearing gifts and smiles.

And Rena, being Rena, had welcomed them all with wide, open arms, engulfing each and every one of them into hugs and exchanging words of congratulations.

It was nice, though. To see members and graduated members alike, mingling together and talking about their lives in such a fashion.

Despite usually being fairly well known as a social butterfly, Jurina couldn’t help but stay out of the festivities this time. Yes, she stood at the entrance and happily said hello to each member who entered, but after a while, she had found herself standing in one corner of the main room, simply observing Rena interact with everyone else and not saying a word. Finally, she couldn’t take it and escaped away to the balcony.

To a certain extent, Jurina was still in denial that Rena’s graduation concert had ever happened. Everything had gone so smoothly, and everyone (including Jurina herself), had sent Rena off with huge, beaming smiles on their faces.

So just how was Rena no longer an SKE48 member?

Reality hadn’t struck Jurina until earlier that day, when Rena’s portrait finally came off the SKE theater wall. She had been there in person, taking a picture of Rena when she posed with her frame.

But when Rena, the theater manager, and the other members had walked away, Jurina had been left staring at a blank, empty space in the wall, frowning to herself because it looked so strange.

Because Rena had always been there, and now she just wasn’t.

Shaking her head at her own negative thoughts, Jurina sighs and closes her eyes. Everything was going to be alright.

“You okay?” A voice abruptly cuts through Jurina’s musings.

Opening her eyes, Jurina turns around to find a sympathetic Watanabe Mayu gazing concerningly up at her.

Jurina takes a deep breath, “Yeah, I guess so.”

“You’re saying that, but you’re really not, right?”

There’s no use denying it, so Jurina shrugs, “Yeah, I guess so…”

“I guess I can empathize with you a little.” The shorter girl says, “I’d probably feel the same way if Yukirin decided to graduate.”

“Has she begun talking about it?”

“Yeah…she still doesn’t know when though. And as much as I want her to stay, I can’t keep her tied down in AKB48 forever. Of course, it’s not like I would never see her again, but still… I can barely imagine what an AKB without Yuki would be like.”

“I don’t even know what a 48 Group without Rena is like.” Jurina whispers in response, already feeling the tears building in her eyes, and Mayu puts a comforting hand on her shoulder. “With the way these past few days have been, it didn’t feel like her graduation was coming. It felt so normal.”

“Hey, everything will be okay, alright? She’s not going away forever, and you can still see Rena whenever you want. Knowing Rena, she’ll always be there for you.”

“But I love her.” Jurina simply replies pathetically. “I really love her, and I don’t know what to do now, Mayu.”

Mayu’s eyes soften, and she reaches up to pat Jurina on the head, “Silly. You talk to her and tell her. Don’t keep it in. It never did me any good, remember?”

Vaguely, Jurina remembered when a fuming Mayu kicked everyone out of the dressing room to talk to Yuki after a live a few months ago, after a certain scandal came to light. When they re-entered, they found Mayu and Yuki crying in each others arms, with Yuki whispering “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” and Mayu shaking her head and replying with “I love you! I love you!”

“I suppose I should…”

“Well, now is as good a time as any, right?” Rena’s voice interrupts, and Mayu smirks.

“I think you owe me something, Rena.” Mayu laughs, walking away from Jurina and back indoors, “I did what you asked, so now it’s your turn.”

“I’ll get you an Attack on Titan figurine later.” Rena replies, patting Mayu on the back, “Thanks, Mayuyu.”

“Anytime. And congrats on graduating again.”

“Thank you Mayuyu.”

“‘What you asked’?” Jurina questions, quoting Mayu as Rena joins her at the balcony railing.

“I had her get you to agree to talk with me.” the older Matsui explains, “Otherwise, I knew you’d be too stubborn and we’d never get anywhere.”

Jurina chuckles, “You know me to well.”

“Of course! You’re a big part of my world.” Rena answers, “I can read you like an open book.”

“You’re a bigger part of my world than you know.” Jurina says, refusing to meet Rena in the eyes, “Right now... My world is a bit chaotic right now. I feel like my world is shrinking…”

“That may be what it feels like, but I think your world is expanding.” Rena returns, inching closer to the younger girl, “I think that something may be breaking down in your world, but it’s not getting smaller. No, instead the walls that were always there, that had sheltered you for so long, are finally coming down. All the dangers of the outside are coming in, and now you’re scared that you have to face and conquer them alone.

“But the thing is, you’re not alone, are you? Now that those walls came down, you can see other worlds with much more clarity. You have so many friends surrounding you, Jurina.”

“Is your world one of the worlds right next to mine?” Jurina asks tentatively.

“The very next one over, exactly to the right of yours.” Rena smiles, tapping Jurina’s right arm. “Worlds are permanent too! So you can’t move me!”

“I wouldn’t dream about it.” Jurina giggles a little, feeling a tiny bit lighter than before.

There’s a temporary moment of silence, but neither of the two dare to move from their spots. Rena knows that the party inside is for her, but they can live without her for a few more minutes.

“Hey Rena? Your world is growing as well, right?” Jurina begins, “Can you tell me a little bit about it?”

“There’s not much to know.” Rena says sheepishly, “It’s right next to yours, and it’s going to stay there. Honestly, you probably would be third if I ranked people by how much land in my world they own.”

“Who are the two in front of me?”

“My mom and dad, of course.”

“Ah, ok… What about your dog, Ruby?”

“Oh… um… she shares with my parents.”

“Right.” Jurina says, looking at Rena in amusement, until her expression drastically changes from entertained to worried.

“Rena, what if somebody comes along who’s not your family and suddenly claims a large portion of your world? More than your parents and me?”

Rena frowns, “And why would that happen?”

“You’re no longer subjected to the love ban,” Jurina explains quietly, “You’re free to love whoever you want, including other men.”

“I guess that’s true, but I’ve already said that I’m not looking for romance.” Rena shrugs, “Besides, why on earth would I want a man in my life?”

“Well,” Jurina starts, biting her lip as she thinks, “They can be helpful, opening and lifting things that you can’t. They can give you presents and gifts, especially on Valentine’s Day. In turn, I suppose that gives you something to prepare for White Day. Men can just be overall romantic with you. They can love you.”

“Ah, I see…” Rena nods in understanding with a thoughtful look on her face.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about this stuff?”

“Well, I didn’t know it was exclusive to men.” Rena replies with a short laugh.

“I mean,” she continues, “Don’t you do all that stuff with me too? You always open my water and juice bottles and lift heavy things for me, because, you know. I’m me, and you’re you. You give me presents on Valentine’s Day, like that homemade jam, which tasted amazing, by the way. I didn’t see you on White Day, so I couldn’t give you anything in return, but you said, ‘Oh, you don’t need to do anything for me, Rena-chan. As long as you say you liked it, I’m happy!’ and that sounds pretty romantic to me.

“And don’t you love me, too?” Rena finishes, intertwining their hands and squeezing tight, “I don’t see why I could possibly need someone else in my life when I already have you.”

Jurina doesn’t know what to say to that, so she stares at Rena blankly in disbelief and blinks.

Eventually, Rena gets tired of waiting, and with a roll of her eyes, leans forwards and kisses the stunned girl softly, leaving her breathless.

“You…” Jurina stutters when Rena pulls away slightly, a mischievous glint in sparking in the older girl’s eyes. The younger can only shake her head once again, her expression mixing between astonishment and interest before pulling Rena closer and leaning their on each other’s forehead.

“I love you.” Jurina breathes, finally staring into Rena’s gaze.

“I love you too.” Rena replies, a teasing smile tugging at her lips as she bumps their noses together playfully. “I’m not going anywhere.”

"I think we may need to discuss treaties,” Jurina says a few minutes later, after they’ve exchanged a few more words and a few more kisses. Rena looks confused at the seemingly off-topic comment, so Jurina explains, “So that I can go into your world whenever I want to.”

Rena chuckles, latching her arms around Jurina’s neck and pecking her cheek.

“I think that can be arranged.”

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! A place to leave some stories!
« Reply #4 on: September 02, 2015, 12:07:20 PM »
You know, it's been a long while since I read any wMatsui OS (and pretty much many other threads). I dunno why I was even intrigued to open yours but man, I guess I don't regret that.  :welcome

I see you have a Milky avatar so maybe you can write an Antonio x Coby fic. Haven't seen people writing about that painfully obvious pair here  :panic:
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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! A place to leave some stories!
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Hi Yuki88, and thanks so much for taking the time to read my WMatsui fic!

You suggested some Antonio x Kobii (or Coby, but I've been calling her Kobii this whole time  XD), and that's definitely up my alley! Milky is my current oshi, and I've actually been planning to write some AnKobii for a while, since, as you already know, NO ONE seems to write for them  :sweatdrop:

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! A place to leave some stories!
« Reply #6 on: September 02, 2015, 07:58:16 PM »
Hi Yuki88, and thanks so much for taking the time to read my WMatsui fic!

You suggested some Antonio x Kobii (or Coby, but I've been calling her Kobii this whole time  XD), and that's definitely up my alley! Milky is my current oshi, and I've actually been planning to write some AnKobii for a while, since, as you already know, NO ONE seems to write for them  :sweatdrop:

we have the ebb and flow effect with fics, although I'm going with Salt/Antonio :nervous
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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! A place to leave some stories!
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I can definitely see where you're coming from! Personally, I love them all as some sort of ultimate OT3  :thumbup

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New AnKobii OS - In Which We Accept and Keep Living)
« Reply #8 on: September 04, 2015, 07:12:20 AM »
AN: Woooooow... okay, I seriously did not think I could finish this today, but my high school teachers decided to be cool and not give me homework! Plus, I have a long weekend, so yay! More time to write! Anyways, it was suggested by Yuki88 that I write an Antonio x Kobii (Coby). Yeah, this entire time, I've been spelling Coby as Kobii, and that's how I've seen it spelled on tumblr and all, so I decided to stick to that spelling.

*Spoiler Alert!* This oneshot contains spoilers about Majisuka Gakuen 5's 3rd episode, specifically about Antonio and Kobii(Coby), so if you haven't watched it or just don't enjoy spoilers, you should probably wait to read this OS.

P.S. Any more suggestions for a new OS?

To Accept and Keep Living - AnKobii (Antonio/Kobii)

“Where did you go?” I whisper, staring out at my empty classroom from my throne. Outside, the moon filters through the fluttering window curtains, as it’s far past the usual leaving time, and as much as I’ve try to prevent myself, I find that I’m lingering in our old room once again. A room that once gave me so much hope suddenly chokes me, and I want to leave but I can’t seem to to. If I leave, it feels as though I’m getting further and further away from you.

I stand and walk behind my esteemed chair, staring at the abysmal black leather.

“Hey, can you hear me?” I ask no one in particular, my throat tightening, and I clamp my hands into harsh fists, digging my nails into my palms such that they left imprints of thin crescent moons.

Upon receiving no answer, my gut twists in the worst way, and it’s like I’m suffocating, all air leaving my lungs, and I can’t breathe. My heart hurts, throbbing in my own mental pain, and if I could, I would probably rip it from my very own body. Anything to feel relief from this constant grief.

But I can’t wrench my heart out, so I crouch down behind my prideful throne and scream.

And scream.

And scream.

I scream until I can’t scream anymore, and then I’m panting hard like I’d just sprinted a thousand miles. My throat is scratchy and sore, and it seems like I can’t talk even if I try.

How much more would I have to shout? How many more tears would I have to cry until I ran out?

Grasping the head of my chair, I grip it for dear life, leaning my head against the leather pathetically.

If only she can see me now. That Salt. I must look pitiful.

But even in heaven, I know that Salt isn’t looking at me. No matter how much I love her…

But Salt isn’t the reason of my cries.

Oh, Kobii… If only you knew how sorry I am.

I’m sorry that I got obsessed with taking the top. I’m sorry that I didn’t pay attention to you. I’m sorry that I disregarded all of your feelings. And even then, I’m sorry when I didn’t understand what you wanted. You never wanted to take the top, did you? I was stupid and believed you, but that’s not what you desired, right?

You just wanted me to look at you.

I’m so sorry for so many things, Kobii… But most of all, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to love you the way you loved me.

Tears start to trickle down my cheeks, and I feel myself falling further and further into my own pit of self-hate. If I ever reached the bottom, perhaps I can finally be able to join Kobii.

“Call my name.” I say to dead air, my voice quivering feebly, clutching my right hand over my heart, and I squeeze my eyes tight to try to cease the tears.


I snap my eyes open.

I’m still alone in the room.

Yet suddenly, a pair of intimate arms envelopes me around my waist, and an accustomed warmth floods into my cold body. A familiar weight gently rests against my back, and I can practically feel her hair tickling the back of my neck.

“Kobii…” I whisper, and the girl behind me giggles slightly. I attempt to wriggle around and look at her in the eyes, but Kobii’s arms hold me in place.

“I’m sorry.” She says back in a hushed tone, “I can’t let you see me right now. It’s against the rules.”

“I should be the one apologizing!” I exclaim, moving my hands to my waist so that our fingers intertwine. I continue to stare straight ahead, now afraid that if I catch even a glimpse of her, she would vanish once more.

“For what? For decisions that I made myself?”

“I…” I trail off.
“Nothing was your fault, Antonio.” Kobii says, and I can feel the smile in her comforting tone. “I knew the risks that came with trying to take revenge on that man, but I needed to try. I would, and still will, do anything for you. Because I love you.”

“You love me too much!” I gasp out, “You’re still insane, even in the afterlife! What happened to learning from your mistakes?”

“Silly,” Kobii chuckles again, “You can never love someone too much. I learned that from you and your unconditional love for--”

“Don’t say it!” I warn her, “I don’t want to think about her! Just you. Just us. Please, Kobii.”

“As you wish,” the devilish girl sings in reply, and I nearly choke. This was too familiar.

“Take me with you!” I suddenly burst out desperately, my heart tensing up once more, “Take me with you, Miyuki! I don’t want to be here anymore! I want to be with you!”

“Oh, Sayaka,” she murmurs, “You have no idea how much I want to.”

“Then do it! Kill me now!”

“You don’t really want to die, though.”

“You’re wrong! Take me now!”

“I think you’re the one who’s wrong, Sayaka.” Miyuki shoots back, “I could steal your breath at this very moment and you would be with me, but you don’t want to die. You want to live seriously. That’s how we yankees are, no? We live each and every day walking on the line, always coming back from the very brink. And do you know why we always come back? It’s because we want to live.”

“So why didn’t you come back?” I demand.

“Because I decided to cross the line between walking forwards seriously and running forwards seriously. I wanted to make a difference, and there are more dangers when you run. But honestly, as brief as it was, it was exhilarating.

“So you were stupid.” I rephrase bluntly.

I feel Miyuki nod into my back, “To put it forthright.”

“... I want to be stupid too.” I reply after a minute in silence, “Just for a little longer. I want to spend some time running forwards seriously. I… I also want to experience the exhilaration that you felt, as fleeting as it was.”

”Good girl.” I sense Miyuki’s smile, and she squeezes our hands together once more.

“I have to go now.”

“When will we be able to talk like this again?”

“...I don’t know.”


“Antonio…” Her embrace is disappearing, her warmth with her.

“I love you, Antonio.”

“I love you too, Kobii.”

And just like that, she’s gone.

I make my way out of our room and silently shut the door, a small smile playing on my lips. Through a cracked window, the wind blows, tussling my hair.

“Stop playing around, Kobii.” I chastise softly as I step out of Gekioko and a warm gust blows my skirt up slightly.

From some ways away, a nostalgic peel of laughter can be heard, dancing on the breeze.

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Okay, this is probably the cutest angst-y fict that I have ever read. More AnKobii/SayaMilky from you please~ XD

Antonio being the M because of Kobii is so cute. Like really. :glasses:

But, she's still sad. :frustrated:

More OS to come please~ :mon bye:

Damn, I wish you're familiar with FuuMiru/ShiroKuro. :on gay:


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This is a touching OS of SayaMilky.
Hoping to read more OS.  :thumbsup
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I haven't actually watched that episode but thank you twitter and tweetdeck and every single realtime screencaps spoiler here and there that I practically know what you're talking about lol.

Now you can write the continuation IF Antonio dies in future episode LOL.
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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots!(New Fuuko/Miru OS - Wholeheartedly)
« Reply #12 on: September 06, 2015, 07:27:37 PM »
AN: Nezu's back again with something new! I'll be quite honest here in saying that I've never written a FuuMiru before. However, when ChibiRine mentioned FuuMiru in their comment, I couldn't help but take up the challenge! I can't say that I know Fuuchan and Mirurun to the same extent as people who oshi them though, so I just wrote an OS based on pure fluff! There's also a bit of SayaMilky at the end as well. Enjoy~

P.S. Again, suggestions for pairings and themes for more future oneshots are welcomed!

Wholeheartedly - FuuMiru (Fuuko/Miru)

"Waaaah! Fuuchan! What are you doing?" Miru's eyes widened as she stared down at her fellow next-generation center in confusion.

"Digging a hole!" Fuuko replied happily, halting her digging and propping herself on her heels to look back up at Miru.

NMB48 had traveled to the beach to film the PV for their newest summer single, and  the shoot had been completed only an hour ago. It was still a good two hours until their beachside dinner, so the members were allowed to play on the beach until it was time to eat.

"Why?" Miru questioned, cocking her head to the right slightly.

"I don't know," Fuuko shrugged, "I saw the shovel, and I guess I just felt like digging a hole!"

"Don't most people play in the water when they're at the beach?" Miru wasn't very convinced, "Or build sand castles?"

"I'm not like most people!" Fuuko grinned, waving her beach shovel playfully, "And sand castles are overrated anyway! You have to be a god if you want one to look good! With holes... Well, anyone can dig holes!"

"Fair enough," Miru giggled at the slightly older girl, crouching next to her, "Do you mind if I help?"

"Of course not!" Fuuko quickly picked up another shovel and tossed it at her friend, "The more the merrier!"

Miru abruptly caught the shovel and immediately started to dig, "Let's make one deep enough for someone to stand in!"

"And wide enough for both of to fit in at the same time!" Fuuko added, picking up her own shovel. "This is going to be great, Mirurun!"

An hour later, Fuuko looked into their gaping hole, peering down at Miru, who had now traded in her tiny beach shovel for a larger, more practical one.

"Do you think we'll both fit now?"

"I think it should be possible..." Miru replied, surveying their work with pride. She tilted her head up to Fuuko. The walls of their hole was a few centimeters taller than herself.

"There's plenty of space down here!"

"Can you try climbing out just to make sure we won't get stuck down there?" Fuuko anxiously asked.

"It's not deep enough for us to get stuck in it, Fuu!" Miru laughed, easily hoisting herself out of the pit. "I can get myself out just fine!"

"But you're stronger than me!" Fuuko pouted, "I know I was the one who wanted to make this hole, but I might not be strong enough to pull myself out!"

"Then I'll be strong enough for the both of us!" Miru reassured, "Trust me. I'll always be there to pull you out, okay?"

"... Promise?"

"With my whole heart."

Fuuko was silent for a moment, and Miru could practically see the gears turning in the other girl's head. That was when Miru realized the weight of her first statement (as well as an unintentional English pun in her follow-up), and her face flushed red.

Oh well, Miru thought to herself, still a bit embarrassed, it's not a lie.

"Okay!" Fuuko finally answered, her smile back and beaming. "I want to get in now!"

"Alright, uh..." Miru frowned, trying to think of a way for both of them to safely enter the hole without either of them getting unintentionally stepped on. "I think we should try getting in one at a—"

"Kya!" Fuuko shrieked loudly as her foot accidentally slipped on the rim of the hole. Naturally, reflex kicked in, and she threw her arms out to Miru, who was completely unprepared.

That was how Fuuko and Miru found themselves in their hole, Miru awkwardly laying on top of Fuuko, their faces only mere centimeters apart.

The two blinked at each other in bewilderment, trying to comprehend what event had just taken place, before Fuuko giggled sheepishly.


The duo promptly burst into laughter at their own clumsiness, laughing until they ran out of breath and their stomachs hurt in all the right ways, not at all bothering to budge out of their current positions. Miru couldn't control herself and she simply flopped down on top of Fuuko, letting her laughs wrack through her system. Meanwhile, Fuuko clung to the girl laying on her, not bothering to let the other girl up as they shared the humorous moment.

Eventually, Miru got off of her friend, hand over her heart, trying to calm herself down.

"That—" Miru nearly broke into giggles again, "That was golden!"

Fuuko didn't even try to stop herself, laughs still jolting through her body as she brought herself into a sitting position next to Miru. "I— I will remember this moment for the rest of my life!"

"I guess I should keep my promise and get us out now," Miru said, shuffling to her feet, about to hoist herself out.

"You don't need to though..." Fuuko frowned, pulling Miru to sit back down.

Miru obeyed willingly, plopping down next to Fuuko. Her body was just beginning to feel the after effects of the PV shoot, digging non-stop for a full hour, and laughing so hard it caused a near loss of breath.

"This was fun," Fuuko commented, immediately resting her head on Miru's shoulder. Her eyelids started to feel heavy, "But I'm really tired now... Do you think it would be okay to just stay down here and rest for awhile?"

"Umm..." Miru began thinking, her own eyes beginning to close against her will. Dinner was probably in thirty-or-so minutes, and that meant that the other members would be looking for them pretty soon.

"I think that sounds like a perfectly good idea."

"Hmmm..." Fuuko hummed in agreement, her eyes fully now fully closed. "I think so too... I love you, Mirurun~"

"Love you too, Fuuchan..." Miru mumbled under her breath, on the very edge of sleep, simply hoping that Fuuko understood what she was trying to say.

Her mind was put at peace when she felt Fuuko nod and nuzzle into the crook of her neck, mewing quietly.

Twenty-five minutes later, Sayaka frowned. Two of her members were missing, and she and the others were currently scowering the beach for the pair.

"Have you found them?" Sayaka called to Miyuki and the others.

"They're not over here!" Miyuki replied, returning from the ocean.

"I didn't see them by the food stands either!" Rika shouted, running over to Sayaka with snacks.

The NMB captain rolled her eyes at the girl's  antics and moved on. She was currently looking all over the right side of the beach, closest to the rocks.

"How's it looking over there, Reinyan?" Sayaka yelled at the Team M leader who was covering the left side.

"Nothing so far..." Reina answered back, her eyes scrutinizing the area as she walked. Where could her two team members be?

"Just where on earth could those two— Whoa!"

Reina's heart nearly stopped and she instinctively leaped backwards the moment her foot touched the edge of the giant, gaping, abysmal hole in front of her.

Immediately, she smacked herself mentally, not even bothering to look inside the glaringly pitfall.

"Of course those two..." Reina muttered to herself with a shake of her head, "Hey guys! I found them!"

A minute later, Sayaka, Miyuki, and Rika were at Reina's side, staring down at the sleeping Fuu and Miru, not quite knowing what to do.

"Um... do we wake them up?" Rika asked incredulously.

"What do you think, Sayanee?" Reina directed the question to the NMB leader, who sighed in turn, scratching her head.

"Let's give them a few more minutes." She finally said, "There's still some time before dinner anyways. You guys can go on ahead. I'll wake them up."

Rika shrugged, "Sounds good to me. Tell them if they don't get up quick, we'll finish the food with nothing left!"

"Thanks, Sayanee!" Reina also thanked her friend before leaving with Rika.

On the other hand, Miyuki lingered back with Sayaka, staring at the sleeping duo wordlessly.


"Hey, Sayanee?"

"What's up, Milky?"

"How do you feel about digging a hole with me next time we go to the beach?"


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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots!(New FuuMiru OS! - Wholeheartedly)
« Reply #13 on: September 06, 2015, 09:56:43 PM »
Can you try a FuruYanagi or RenAirin oneshot? Please?

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots!(New FuuMiru OS! - Wholeheartedly)
« Reply #14 on: September 07, 2015, 04:53:57 AM »
Such an adorable FuuMiru fic. Hope you write more wonderful NMB stuff.

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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots!(New FuuMiru OS! - Wholeheartedly)
« Reply #15 on: September 07, 2015, 01:07:52 PM »
I'm literally giggling and screaming after reading your oneshot. I love it! Like really! It was really cute, funny, and fluffy. Like seriously! We need more NMB ficts here! Thank you for writing this awesome FuuMiru OS! Plus that SayaMilky in the end was hilarious as heck. More SayaMilky and FuuMiru to come please~ /o/ :mon inluv:

By the way, can I request for AnKobii and ShiroKuro in one OS? :ding:

But still, thank you for the OS! :mon bye:


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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots!(New FuuMiru OS! - Wholeheartedly)
« Reply #16 on: September 10, 2015, 10:12:45 PM »
BTW lol

Now you can write the continuation IF Antonio dies in future episode LOL.


God I foresaw a future episode.
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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots!
« Reply #17 on: September 11, 2015, 01:26:01 AM »
BTW lol

Now you can write the continuation IF Antonio dies in future episode LOL.


God I foresaw a future episode.

Lol I was waiting for it to happen after you commented a few days ago XD I'm already planning the AnKobii continuation fic with some ShiroKuro in it (as suggested by ChibiRine) :P

I had already started a Furuyanagi fic first though, so that's probably going to be put up here soon (perhaps tonight or tomorrow?)
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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots!
« Reply #18 on: September 11, 2015, 04:46:33 AM »
BTW lol

Now you can write the continuation IF Antonio dies in future episode LOL.


God I foresaw a future episode.

Lol I was waiting for it to happen after you commented a few days ago XD I'm already planning the AnKobii continuation fic with some ShiroKuro in it (as suggested by ChibiRine) :P

Yay~! :on gay: But the way Antonio died, I don't know why I laughed about it. XD


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Re: Nezu's Box of 'Shots! (New Furuyanagi OS! Of Birds and Sketches)
« Reply #19 on: September 13, 2015, 05:09:02 AM »
AN: Heyo, Nezu here! Wow, where did this come from :shocked Honestly, I'm surprised that I even finished this little piece. Even though I'm totally into writing NMB fics (I oshi Milky, of course I am!), I want to have some variety with other 48 groups in my writing! Thus, as requested by MayukiIsLife, this Furuyanagi fic was born! I worked on it all week and couldn't seem to find the right way to word it until today. I guess I'm only a day or so off from when I said I'd post this? Anyways, enjoy!

On another note, I've made it to the second page of this thread!

P.S. I've got an AnKobii fic coming up as well, so please anticipate that! And like always, suggestions for more fics are always welcome!

Of Birds and Sketches - Furuyanagi

Airi frowns as Akane plops down in the seat next to her, the younger girl staring intensely at the page in Airi's sketchbook. Akane's silence and strong gaze makes Airi a little concerned, but she doesn't press further. Knowing Akane, she would speak her mind eventually.

And eventually, Akane does talk.

"Another picture of Rena?" She voices, not taking her eyes off the picture, "Isn't this the third one you've made over the past three days?"

The two girls were currently at Airi’s apartment, supposedly to meet for lunch. Akane, having been invited by Airi, should’ve known that the other girl would have been busy with another drawing.

Airi shrugs, "I'm really psyched for her new drama. It's her first work after graduating. I want whatever I give her to be perfect."

"You're giving it to her? You're hand-drawn portrait of her?"

"Of her character." Airi corrects, "And yeah. I decided that I wanted to give her a physical copy."

"How many are you going to draw of her?" Akane asks, wondering just how many pages of Airi's sketchbook Rena would fill. It's not that she hated Rena, in fact far from that. Akane loved Rena very dearly. It's just that Airi also loved Rena, perhaps a little too much.

"This is the last one." Airi responds, and Akane tries not to release her sigh of relief.

"I have another person on my drawing agenda anyway," Airi continues, and Akane's stomach drops a little.

"And who's that?"

"Jurina-chan of course!" Airi grins, "Her 'Halloween Night' outfit is just too cute!"

"What about mine?" Akane pouts, feeling neglected.

"Anything you wear is adorable Churi!" Airi immediately exclaims, tussling with Akane's hair, and the other girl swats her hands away, tsking in mock annoyance.

"But you're not going to draw my outfit, are you?" Akane sighs, looking away from Airi.

"I did already!"

Akane promptly looks down at the page Airi turns to, only to be disappointed when she sees that stupid yellow bird wearing her maid outfit.

Like her relationship with Rena, Akane did not hate that little yellow bird. In fact, Akane loved the fact that Airi had created a unique character all for her, but once again, Airi seemed to love that little yellow bird a little too much.

These days, Akane wished that Airi would actually draw her.

With a final sigh, Akane stands up, facing Airi with her hands on her hips, “Hey, are we just going to sit here this whole time, with me watching you draw, or are we actually going to make lunch?”

“Let’s start cooking!” Airi snaps her sketchbook shut, smiling at Akane, slightly guilty for making her best friend wait for her. “Oh, hold on a sec… Uh, Churi, you can get started in the kitchen. I have pencil lead marks on my hand from smudging. Let me just wash my hands before I help you.”

“They better be spotless when you join me!” Akane calls as she heads over to Airi’s kitchen, “I’m going to inspect your hands later!”

“Yes!” Airi answers, her spirits lifted a little as she hears Akane’s far more happy tone. She walks to the bathroom, picking up her sketchbook to drop it off in her bedroom. Just as she’s about to leave it on her desk, she turns to the back page and scribbles a little note to herself. She scours the desk briefly, just to make sure that she didn’t leave her second, more ‘classified’ sketchbook outside her room before grabbing her camera and leaving to wash her hands.

Five minutes later, Akane laughs in amusement as she faces the lens of Airi’s new Nikon camera, still holding a frying pan in one hand and lightly covering her mouth with the other. “What are you doing, Airin?”

“I’m taking pictures of you, of course!”

“And why?”

“Is it wrong to want to save memories of my wife cooking me a meal?”

Akane blushes a little, and she shakes her head playfully, “We’re not married, Airi! And did you even wash your hands?”

“I did! I did! See?” Airi sets the camera down on the kitchen table and holds up both hands to Akane. “I’m going to help now! I promise!”

A few days later, Akane sits in the park, a bag of birdseed firmly grasped in her right hand. Surrounding her are birds of all different kinds, chirping happily as she throws more of the feed on the ground. Eventually, she simply cups her hands and allows the birds to eat directly from her. A gentle smile leaves her lips as a small red robin lands to feed.

Suddenly, a familiar shutter sound goes off, and Akane whips her head up. Thankfully, the birds are too busy taking their food to notice. Regardless, Akane can’t help but be curious, so she turns her head more carefully, trying to find where the sound came from.

About ten feet away from her, peering from behind a tree, was Airi, her face covered by her not-so-new-anymore camera, taking picture after picture of Akane.

“You look like a stalker!” Akane giggles, being mindful not to be too loud.

“Sorry, but this looks too much like a scene from Pocahontas to pass up!” Airi replies, a cheeky smile playing on her lips as she walks closer.

“Have you finished your picture of Rena?” Akane can’t help but be curious.

“Yup.” Airi nods, “And my picture of Jurina as well.”

Akane raises her eyebrows in surprise, “Really? That was fast. Are you free now?”

“I’m taking a day off from drawing today.” Airi says, helping herself to some of the bird food and cupping it in her own hands. Not long after, a bluejay lands on her. “Tomorrow, I have to start working on a new project.”

“New additions to your illustrations?” Akane asks, biting her lip. “More pictures of members?”

The bird-lover almost sighs in relief when Airi shakes her head.

“Nope. Not either. It’s a commission this time. I got asked to draw something specific.”

“And you’re getting paid for it?”

“‘Course! I am a professional illustrator, you know! And commissions can go for a lot.”

The bluejay flies away from Airi, as does the robin, and Akane refills her hands with bird seeds. Meanwhile, Airi takes out her sketchbook from her backpack, once again turning to the back page and scribbling a few more notes.

“Can I ask what you’re writing?” Akane questions, noticing Airi’s furious scribbling.

“Hm?” Airi looks up, “Oh, this? Just a few notes on references I thought I might need in the future. You see, the commissioner wanted a picture that included some birds. After you mentioned on Google+ that you were in the park, I thought that I should go and find you, since there’s always birds all around you.”

“I’m a good reference, huh?” Akane smiles slightly, trying to hide her disappointment that Airi wasn’t taking pictures of her earlier. A yellow Goldfinch bird lands on her hands and begins hopping around.

“The best one yet.” Airi answers, pulling out her camera once more and snapping a quick picture.

Akane frowns, “It don’t think you focused on the Goldfinch enough in that photo, from the way that you were holding your camera.”

“No, I think I took a pretty good picture of a bird,” Airi confirms, bringing down the camera to view the picture of Akane staring at the yellow Goldfinch endearingly, “After all, it’s the most beautiful one in this entire park. It looks good in any photo it’s in.”

Akane doesn’t know what to say to that, but she’s sure that her blush speaks louder than words ever could.

Akane has the feeling that she’s really not supposed to notice, but she does anyway. Airi’s not exactly the best at keeping hidden, and Akane easily catches the older girl “sneakily” taking pictures of her when she’s doing various things. When they went to the arcade and Akane won a bird plushie. When Akane was planting some vegetables in her small rooftop garden, and Airi was “helping her”. Even when Akane was simply sitting on her living room couch, reading a rather engaging book. And more. Much more.

Akane begins to wonder what Airi could possibly be doing with these pictures. Airi doesn’t post any of them on her blog or any social media. When she comes to the theater shows, Airi mingles with the members backstage, telling them all the activities her and Akane had done over the past few weeks, but the photos are never exposed.

It’s then that Akane gets the crazy idea that Airi prints out the pictures of her and hangs them on the wall in her room, à la creepy stalker. That idea is quickly thrown out the window once Akane almost effortlessly persuades a very confused Airi to examine her room. There’s nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever. Just Airi’s usual clean and pristine bedroom and Airi’s well-kept desk with all of her sketchbooks and whatnot. Nothing that really catches the attention.

What does catch Akane’s attention, however, is a new, leather-bound sketchbook that’s Akane’s never seen before.

“You’ve gotten a new sketchbook?” Akane asks, pointing to the darker sketchbook seated neatly on the corner of the workspace.

Airi nods, “Yup.”

“But what’s wrong with your current one?”

Akane gets a shrug in return,

“I could run out of space in my old sketchbook at any given time, so I realized that it’s best if I had a spare. I just so happened to spot that particular sketchbook in an art store one day, and I decided to get it on a whim.” Airi explains, “It looks really nice, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Akane finds herself agreeing, “It looks nicer than your current one. You should try to keep this one cleaner.”

“That’s the plan!” Airi grins cheekily, “I can’t wait to begin using it!”

“I can’t wait to see what drawings you’ll put in there!” Akane’s suddenly excited for no apparent reason, but she shrugs inwardly and just goes with it.

As soon as Akane leaves, Airi heaves a big sigh of relief and returns to her bedroom, collapsing onto her bed, absolutely exhausted.

She had been more surprised and worried than she’d originally let on when Akane made the sudden announcement that she wanted to investigate Airi’s room. And bless her lucky stars when her best friend decided against opening Airi’s new sketchbook (or any of them, for that matter) with the intention of examining their contents.

“Thank goodness that’s over…” Airi mutters to herself, flopping onto her stomach and burying her head into a pillow, “That was a nightmare…”

After a few more seconds spent sulking over the previous events, Airi pushes herself up and staggers over to her work bench. She reaches to the far corner of her desk and picks up that new sketchbook, opening it up to the first page and looking at her previous works.

In truth, her “new sketchbook” wasn’t very new at all. Airi hadn’t decided to get it on a whim either, and she had walked into that art store with the urge to buy a new sketchbook for a very specific purpose. To top it all off, the sketchbook wasn’t even empty anymore.

Oh, it had been used alright. Drawings fill almost every page, and Airi is almost done with her special project.

For some reason, Akane can’t help but think of that new sketchbook on a daily basis. In fact, most of her thoughts before bed these days include wondering about that sketchbook. Theory upon theory enters and leaves her brain, each one becoming more and more unrealistic than the previous. It couldn’t simply be empty.

It’s the night before her birthday, and Akane realizes that this has to stop. That sketchbook is driving her mad.

She goes to sleep repeating the words, “The sketchbook is empty,” over and over again like a mantra, trying to convince herself of what she believes to be otherwise.

It’s Akane’s birthday, and the theater performance has just ended. She receives a letter from Matsui Rena herself, naturally with Jurina reading it aloud to her with a rather humorously bad imitation of the former member. She knows Airi’s somewhere in the audience, but she doesn’t know where, and in the back of her mind, Akane wonders if Airi is snapping away with her Nikon camera, storing memories for just-who-knows-what.

Airi meets her backstage, a gift bag on her arm and her camera around her neck. She sits down right next to the birthday girl, and Akane just comes to terms with the fact that the dressing room was emptied faster than NMB girls during the food catering period.

“Happy birthday!” Airi beams, pulling Akane close for a hug, “Let’s have a great upcoming 24th year, Churi!”

“Thanks, Airin!” Akane grins back, obviously enjoying the close contact.

“I’m sure you’ve been waiting for this, so here!” Without another word, Airi thrusts the gift bag into Akane’s arms, hopping excitedly in her seat.

“What is it?” Akane asks, sifting through the paper before coming in contact with… a book?

“This is…” Akane is stunned as she pulls out Airi’s leather-bound sketchbook, still looking as new and clean as the day she first saw it.

“Open it!” Airi says excitedly, motioning to the book in Akane’s hands.

Wordlessly, Akane flips the cover of the book open.

The words:
“To my best friend and wife, Churi,
Happy Birthday!”

greet her few, and Akane inhales deeply.

Besides her, Airi motions for Akane to keep flipping, and she does.

And what she sees is more than she could ever ask for.

It’s her. They are her. Picture after picture, page after page. Every single page of that leather-bound sketchbook is filled with pictures of Takayanagi Akane-- the person, not the stupid little yellow bird.

So that’s what Airi has been doing with all those pictures...

It starts with Akane cooking in her kitchen, laughing as she did so. Then there was Akane surrounded by birds in the park. There were even more. Akane in the arcade with her new bird plushie. Akane planting vegetables in her rooftop garden. Akane reading her engaging novel on her living room couch. And even more. Akane playing around with Jurina during a concert. Akane laughing as she and Airi splash soap bubbles at each other when they’re supposed to be washing the dishes. Akane singing at karaoke. The second to last page is Akane wearing a flower crown at her birthday theater performance that had just occurred moments before (she’s not sure how Airi accomplished this one, but she’s grateful nevertheless).

By the time she reaches the last page, there are tears freely falling from her eyes, especially as she flips to the back page and sees one final picture that makes everything all the more perfect.

One final picture of Akane and Airi, locked in an embrace. Their eyes are in the shape of perfect crescent moons, and their smiles are bigger than Akane could ever think possible. Airi’s arms are hugging her waist, and Akane’s are threaded around Airi’s neck. They’re leaning their foreheads against one another, staring into each other’s eyes, and Akane wonders how Airi can manage to portray such emotion with a single look in a drawing.

When Akane looks up at Airi, sniffing and hiccuping, Airi smiles and leans closer, so close that their foreheads are almost touching.

“I knew that you were tired of being portrayed as that little yellow bird,” Airi whispers, “And I know you got annoyed when I drew the other members like themselves, but never you. I wanted to make up for it, so I filled this sketchbook of pictures of you because I want you to know that I love you more than you think, and that you mean so much to me that I could draw you over one hundred times and never get tired of your beauty.”

“I love you too, Airin…” Akane murmurs, pushing closer such that she could lock her arms around Airi’s neck. Immediately, Airi’s arms snake around her waist, and they’re leaning against one another, staring into each other’s eyes, and Akane mentally asks herself what she did to deserve someone as perfect as Airi.

“Did I get the ending right?” Airi asks cheekily, nuzzling her nose against Akane’s playfully.

“You nailed it perfectly.” Akane says in response, her smile growing wider.

“Good,” Airi says fervently before leaning in and claiming Akane’s lips.

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