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Author Topic: The President's Daughter (MaYuki & others) - COMPLETED  (Read 62113 times)

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The President's Daughter (MaYuki & others) - COMPLETED
« on: August 15, 2013, 11:37:42 AM »
Hi guys!! you see It's my first fanfiction here. I'd gladly take your constructive criticisms and let's all have fun  :) You  may also suggest characters or couples to appear in the future or any ideas. I'm planning to make this fiction as light as possible, I need to take a break seeing characters die and die everyday *yeah, I'm talking as a fan there*  :cry: I'm not an English native speaker so pardon my sentence construction and I have limited vocab. else~ gonna hide behind the bushes now  :on speedy:


It was a rainy day. I’ve been spacing out since morning and here I am staring at my passport, Visa and my newly printed school admission papers….

School Admission
Tokyo University
School Year 2013-2014
Student : Watanabe Mayu

Yes. I’m going to study abroad starting the day after tomorrow. Everything went by so fast. I had to do this for my sake as for my father told me. “….”

“spacing out?” said by a lady with squirrel-like aura in mid 20’s as she approaches me.
“un” I answered.
“must be hard on you going abroad, I know these things are so sudden but expected” said the lady.
“yes, I know I’m gonna miss my friends here and stuff but what can I do? I have to do this ha!” as I hugged the woman who has been with me through my growing years. She’s been taking care of me. You may call her my personal assistant but I’ve already grown to love her as a family member more like of a sister.

“mou~ I know you’ll do well in Japan” as she left out a sneaky grin and made our infamous oshiri sign.
“oshiriiiiii” I responded. We both laughed like a fool. Nobody knows we both love oshiris in our own perverted ways and there a moment of silence once again.

“I’m gonna miss you Yuko” I muttered.
“I’m gonna miss you too Mayuyu-chan” as she hugged me tightly.

“nee~ Mayuyu_chan, it’s time. We have to go now” Yuko said.
“yep, else I’ll miss my plane haha” as I smiled at her.

*knock *knock

“We have to go now Mayu-sama” said by the man behind the door.

“hai” as me and Yuko responded.

After few minutes we managed to settle inside the car and fixed my stuff.
‘”new life, new environment, new friends.. hmmm not bad at all” I thought while watching the scenery outside the road on our way.

“ Ring!! Ring!!! Ring!!”

“ Hai!” as Yuko answered the phone and suddenly on the act of giving me the phone.
“Mayu-chan it’s your dad on the line, He wants to talk to you” Yuko said.
“Dad! It’s me Mayu” as I answered the phone.
“Mayu-chan, I’m sorry can’t be there to accompany you. And all these stuff happening. I know you understand very well the situation. All I wanted is the best for you my daughter” father said.

“Dad I know, I understand” as I felt a hunch of loneliness knowing I won’t be seeing him for a year or God knows how long I’ll be away.

“be good there! And oh before I forget I might visit Japan this year and send me some Pikachu stuff, let’s hope for the best” he said happily.

“DAD! Enough of silly things! You still like poke~” *cough* I can sense Yuko and the chauffeur on the mirror staring at me with eyes widened.

“ POKER! Yeah poker!”  As I let out a big sigh. ‘phew, that was close” I muttered to myself.

“okay! Honey the convention will start very soon. I have to go now. I love you honey, be good there and make a lot of friends! I’ll call you later. Love you honey” Father said.

“Hai! Love you Dad, have a safe trip back here, I heard it’s cold out there in Australia nowadays so don’t catch a cold!” I told him.

“Hai, you too Bye” he answered.
“Bye, Dad” as I return back the phone to Yuko.

“you know Mayu-chan, the President really cared a lot for you after all he’s your father” Yuko said.

“I’m very aware of that, and I do too! How I wish mom’s still here” I said.

I felt a sudden longingness for my mom who already passed away when I was still small. My father and mother were divorced for an unknown reason to me and of course my mother got my custody. Though we’re in that kind of situation, my father still cared for me and mom, he still managed to visit us every week or whenever he had spare time. But due to a tragic accident. Mom died by a car accident. My father since then, worked really hard for both of us. He has been both my father and mother. Until then, he reached an extraordinary prestige through his hard work on the nation and eventually won the past 2 elections. Voila. He’s the standing President of the Nation and Yes!

 I am the daughter of the President.


A room filled of promising and hopeful individuals waiting for their turn. Here I am doing the best I could ever do in my whole life. As I audition to be part of any agency I could get. This has been my ultimate dream. TO BE AN IDOL. I would do anything to reach my dream.

“state your name” asked by the man in front me.
“Kashi… Yuki” as I felt goosebumps enveloping me seeing glares by other contenders.
“and your talents?” he asked again.
“Ahm… I could Sing! Yeah. Yeah. I’m good at it” stuttered.
“uhm.. any other special thing you could do?” he asked.
“Ahm… Ahmmm” I uttered. “dance? Maybe. No. I CAN dance! And… and… ACT! Yes I can act” I answered with a big doubt on my face. “ugh. This is killing me” I thought.

Few hours later….

“here is the list of the successful individual who made it to the final screening..1… 2……3….

And for the last slot…” said the announcer.
“oh no! please God, bless me this time! Onegaaai” as I pray with my eye-closed tightly and both hands together.

“20.  @$&#@!&*(^$”

“It’s not me” as I left out a big sigh. I know my dream isn’t that ordinary for some people. But since I was small, I’ve been really seeing myself as an idol and decided that It’s really for me so I’m gonna go make it come true. I know, my physical features aren’t ordinary too though. With my long shiny black hair and aura of a princess inside the campus, no wonder I’m the most admired student both female and male. My studies are not that bad though, in fact I’m above average.

“but… I know there’s something missing in me” I uttered to myself while walking to the exit of the building.


Mayu POV

(Japan Airlines)

“Welcome to Japan as you can see on the left side…” as the flight attendant explains the view outside the plane.

This scenery isn’t new to me. Well it’s obvious I’m Japanese. Mom already took me to Japan several times and I’ve grown to love it. My mom is pure blood Japanese. And I’m using hers as my last name, Watanabe, since the divorce. And my dad is a half-Japanese and half-American. Though I’m using a different first name known by the public, it’s Kaori. I’m known as Watanabe Kaori. Just for privacy reasons, just like this sudden happening. Me, studying abroad.

“at last I’m going to be called Mayuyu by other people: I uttered to myself and look at the scenery outside the window.

When I got out of the airport. “hiyaaaaa!!” as I enjoyed the air of Tokyo. “not bad. Not bad. looks like a not so bad idea after all, Hello Tooookyooo” I told myself.

I took a cab and made it to the address of my flat given to me. Yes, I’m going to stay in an apartment only because I have to keep a low-profile outside the country for security purposes. As I get there a woman by mid-20’s greeted me.

“konbanwa Mayu-chan” as she greeted me.
“konbanwa…” with a big question mark written all over my face.

“I’m Rena Matsui, I’m going to take care of you from now on” and then bowed on me.
“I see… so.. *cough*” as we shared a meaningful stare at each other.
“what?” Rena asked. “OH! I forgot. Yeah. Yeah. I know your very situation. I’m very much aware you get here because of certain reasons” she added.
“good! Yay!” I playfully smiled at her.
“I didn’t know that election there is that vital so much you have to transfer here to take some cool down” she said.
“yeah, I might be in danger, so for my father to have a peaceful sleep, he had to send me here” I answered.

“wanna have coffee?” she asked.
“nope, but maybe I’ll go for a walk, I missed Tokyo!” I answered. “And I won’t have plenty of time since school is starting tom” I added as I started to climb the stairs to my precious room.
“sou-ka” Rena said.

After few minutes I managed to change my shirt, put on my favourite red hoodie, my phone on my pocket and got off the flat. I took a stroll along the business centre and didn’t notice how long I have been walking and walking….then BADUM! I miscalculated my weight and get out of balance and fell on the ground.

“Itaai” As I felt the pain and took a glance on the person who just bumped on me. That moment. I felt something I’ve never felt before. I was stunned by the beauty in front of me. But I managed to collect myself and got myself on the act of standing when she suddenly offered me a hand.

“gomenasai” as she bowed way way low in front of me.
“uhm… it’s fine, I’m not injured” I coldly told her since I don’t wanna make it so obvious I was stunned.

“Ring! Ring!!”

“moshi-mosh” as I take a few steps back, turn around and answered my phone.
“Mayu-chan it’s late already. Where are you? You should go back now” Rena said on the line.
“hai! Gomen gomen, I didn’t notice the time, I’ll be there in a few, bye” I assured her.

“ano~ I’m really fine” I told, seeing her still looking at me worried. “I have to go” I added. I signalled the upcoming cab. I got in and made a slight bow on the girl.

“geez. Tokyo” smirking.



“bad luck!” said the guy over the phone.
“yeah, not my day again haha” I answered.
“well then, you’ll get there soon. Don’t worry! Keep your hopes high! Never surrender!” he excitedly spoke.
“haha! Yeah. NEVER SURRENDER!” and we both laughed.
“nee~ and again don’t forget to remove your name tag before going out Princess Ka~shi~wa~gi. Nee~?” he said.
“Oh~ HAI” as I realized I’m still wearing my very precious nametag during the audition.
“okay. I have to go now, see you tomorrow Yuki” he said.
“yeah see you Koji, bye!” as I cut the line and tried to put off my name tag while walking down the exit and suddenly…. BADUM! I just bumped a guy outside the building. “geez. Whatta day for me?!” I thought.

“gomenasai” as I bowed really low and offered her a hand.
Just when I realized one I just bumped on wasn’t a boy but a girl with the hoodie on. I can’t explain what I felt I felt my heartbeat going faster.. and faster as I appreciate her features. I thought I’ve just seen an anime character alive in front of me. She’s just too… cute. I struggled on hiding my blushing cheeks.


“Ring!” “Ring!” she answered her phone, and moment later..
“ano~ I’m really fine, I have to go” she said and hurriedly took a cab and wooosh~ GONE.

And there I am, stoned on my feet. Still shocked with the beauty I witnessed.

“Kami-sama, SERIOUSLY?!!” I said with an undescribable feeling and smiled.


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Re: The President's Daughter ( Chapter 1) [ Mayuki +???]
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2013, 12:14:25 PM »
Nice story..  :twothumbs

Mayuyu as the president's daughter..

Mayuki.. Yay!!  :inlove:

Looks like love at first sight..

I want WMatsui as well... :bow:

Can't wait for the next chapter..

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Re: The President's Daughter ( Chapter 1) [ Mayuki +???]
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2013, 12:31:45 PM »
This is going to be interesting. :grin:
I like when Mayu wear hoodie. 

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Re: The President's Daughter ( Chapter 1) [ Mayuki +???]
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2013, 12:56:34 PM »
MaYuki !!! :luvluv1:

Haha the Oshiris sisters  :lol: No one can separate them ! :onioncheer:

Hmm...I think i'm smelling some I right ?  :dunno:

And maybe some Wmatsui  XD

Anyways it's good! Please update soon! :gyaaah:
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Re: The President's Daughter ( Chapter 1) [ Mayuki +???]
« Reply #4 on: August 15, 2013, 02:44:18 PM »
watanabe kaori such a cute code name for mayuyu :deco:
yuki thinks mayuyu is pretty :cathappy:
want moar pwease :cow: :bow:
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Re: The President's Daughter ( Chapter 1) [ Mayuki +???]
« Reply #5 on: August 15, 2013, 03:12:14 PM »
Yiiiihaaaa~~~ New Mayuki fanfic !!!  :onioncheer:
He~~ Love at first sight....  :on BDay:

Please update soon.... :hee:

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Re: The President's Daughter ( Chapter 1) [ Mayuki +???]
« Reply #6 on: August 15, 2013, 05:52:49 PM »
A new Mayuki fic :onioncheer: So happy :on gay:
Mayu's the President daughter :on drink: She's always cool in her hoodie :luvluv1:
Yuki wants to be an idol but unfortunately, she failed :err:
She seems to love Mayu at the first sight :kekeke:
Anyway, great fic :on GJ:
Update soon, please :kneelbow:
Working on translating an awesome Kojiyuu fanfic, right now ☆〜(ゝ。∂) :mon beam:

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Re: The President's Daughter ( Chapter 1) [ Mayuki +???]
« Reply #7 on: August 15, 2013, 05:57:41 PM »
A/N I swore to myself I'll keep the other chapters to myself for a bit, but.... I just can't contain it, I had to share it.  :lol: again, Pardon if I cause some confusions, just ask, I'll try to explain as logical as possible  :cry: well then, TO THE BUSHES!  :on speedy:



*kring!!!* *kring!!**kring!!* as the alarm clock goes wild every second. I managed to turn it off and got off of bed.

(sliding curtains) zzzzzz…..

“hiyaaaaaaa!!!!” while stretching enjoying the view outside. “first day of school! Interesting!” I thought. Suddenly I noticed the uniform hanging on my cabinet. It was above the knee gray-striped skirt, with black coat and red tie.

“ before I could only see you on animes, now I’m gonna wear you everyday.. not bad! Not bad!” talking to the uniform.

“Mayu-chan! You ready now? Breakfast is ready! C’mon!”Rena shouted.
“Hai! Coming!” I answered.

After breakfast she drove me to school.

“okay so, this is your school now, I’m gonna go pick you up later after school, nee?” Rena said.
“hai! Thanks Rena-chan” as I walked down the entrance of the infamous Tokyo University.

I went to the school faculty to look for my homeroom teacher. The University is so big, so big that I got lost already just looking for the faculty.

“perks of a new student huh” I thought. Then suddenly a tall handsome-looking guy approached me. “He must be popular here… wow I’m feeling like I’m in an anime now geez” I thought.

“ano~ are you lost? New student?” he kindly asked me.
“yes, I’m looking for the faculty here, I got lost haha” I answered and smiled at him.
“if you don’t mind, I could take you there” he politely suggested.
“oh! Thank you!” I answered. “oh! Hello, I’m Watanabe Mayu, nice to meet you……?” I said.
“oh! Furukawa Koji-des yoroshikou.” He answered.

We managed to get to the faculty area which is incredibly 3 buildings away from where I was. GEEZ TOKYO!!!

“so, here Mayu-san, see you around” he said.
“hai, thank you very much Koji-kun” I said  and there he’s out of sight.

“such a good guy”



I managed to go to school a little early. I got on my desk and slam my head on the desk. “GAAH! I’m so haggard this early!! Seriously?! “ I thought as I remember the failures I had yesterday and that….. that girl I saw. *doki* *doki* and remembering the PERKS OF BEING THE CAMPUS QUEEN. I literally facepalmed here.




“YUKIRIN-SAMA!! Ohayooou! “ As juniors automatically greet me EVERYDAY, EVERY MOMENT THEY SEE ME. Oh just literally EVERY TIME.

~end of flashback~

“not really getting used to it huh?” said by a familiar voice beside me.
“oh Koji! ohayou” as I let out a big sigh.

Well, He is Furukawa Koji, technically my best friend here. I’ve been friends with him since I don’t know remember. Really! And he’s *cough* the KING of the SCHOOL. That title technically makes us a ROYAL couple of the university. But then, we’re just friends. Compared to me, he’s much better at everything. He’s the top student of Tokyo U, he made it to the student council and on top of that he’s definitely good-looking. Somewhat experiencing the “PERKS” too, though he’s more likely used to it now.

“O~HA-YOU” he playfully greeted. “ and a not so good morning to you” as he pats me on my shoulder.

*ZZZZZDDDDD* door opens.

And there our homeroom teacher has arrived. Shinoda-sensei. She’s a graduate of Tokyo U too, though a little baka sometimes. But she’s fun and well-loved by the students.

“okay. Ohayou” She greeted and as we bowed on her.

“Today, we’ll be accompanied by a new student” sensei said. “Okay you may go in now” as she looks on the door.
“Hai!” A familiar voice I heard before. So familiar, my heart starts to beat faster with this presence.

And there,

“EHHH?!?!” I couldn’t help but stand up with my ever MELODRAMATIC face as always.

Everybody looked upon me in shock too and I’m seeing Koji laughing on my peripherals. SIGH. Another facepalm moment.

“any problem Kashiwagi-san?” Shinoda-sensei asked.
“AHHHH… GOMEN GOMEN. Nothing, never mind me” as I shyly take my seat again and hide my face from everyone who’s laughing at me now.

“Okay! Quiet! You may introduce yourself now” sensei said.
“Hi! I’m Watanabe Mayu, I came from abroad. Please take care of me. Nice meeting you all” as the girl introduced herself.
“kawaii~” everyone murmured and with a not so murmur I could hear all of them.

I can’t believe it. That girl, the reason why I couldn’t sleep last night, the reason I got stoned on my feet last night is standing in front of me now. AND HELL YEAH~ she’s my classmate now * evil laugh on my head*

“and a not so bad day after all” Koji whispered me as he is sitting beside me.
“tch. Go away! You laughed at me, I  hate you! Grr” I whispered back and saw him laugh on his own.

“Watanabe-san you may seat in front” as sensei guided her on her seat in FRONT.

And well we’re seating at MOST LATTER PART OF THE ROOM,.

“geez. Really??! Sensei why?!” I thought. I’m crying inside.

Hours passed. I can’t get enough of staring at her back hoping she might glance on our direction. I can’t explain the feeling, the feeling that there must be something special on her. I just don’t know it.

“Daydreaming MY QUEEN?” Koji whispers while smirking.
“tch. Go away! I hate you” I said.
“ haha gomen gomen, I just feel like the QUEEN has found a princess now” he added.


She’s still on her desk, staring outside the window. She’s not moving at all.

“Yo~ I might not go with you for break today, I have a meeting with the council” Koji said.
“sou-desu nee mata-nee” I answered.
“okay, I’ll go now… and Oops! Lessen the staring please! The king is getting jealous now!” as he smirks at me by the door.
“tch. Go NOW!” as I acted kicking him out.

She’s still there. Gazing at the sky. I felt the sudden urge of approaching her but I’m feeling intimidated.

“ano~ Mayu-san?” I approached her.
“yes?” as she face me.
“Ano~ hmmm” I’m so nervous I can’t even say what I wanna say.
“ any problem Kashiwagi-san?” she asked me.
“EHH?!? How did you know my name??!?!” I over-reacted as THE QUEEN OF REACTIONS.
“ah! That? You just say EEHHH?! (mimicking my face earlier) earlier right?” she said while laughing softly.
“ahhh… ohgod” I’m so ashamed now. I’m regretting approaching her now. “I need to change the topic now”

“ano~ you wanna have lunch with me? you seem alone” I asked her.
“ah, sorry I got something to do, just letting few minutes pass, then I gotta go” she said apologetically.
“ah sou-ka, well then, nice meeting you” I said and went off. “GAAAAH SERIOUSLY MY FIRST EVER REJECTION IN SCHOOL” I uttered in despair.


PS: thanks for commenting guys, I appreaciate it  XD
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: The President's Daughter ( Chapter 2) [ Mayuki +???]
« Reply #8 on: August 15, 2013, 08:35:38 PM »
Nice as always. :grin:

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Re: The President's Daughter ( Chapter 2) [ Mayuki +???]
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lol poor yuki got rejected :lol:
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Re: The President's Daughter ( Chapter 2) [ Mayuki +???]
« Reply #10 on: August 16, 2013, 01:07:10 AM »
aah. mpre chapters please!! >u< hahah poor Yuki, she is just failing too much xDD
I don't get well the thing about the names, her real name it's Kaori o Mayu?

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Re: The President's Daughter ( Chapter 2) [ Mayuki +???]
« Reply #11 on: August 16, 2013, 04:17:16 AM »
Thank you for the fast update..  :bow:

Poor rejected..  :grin:

Can't wait for the next chapter..

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Re: The President's Daughter ( Chapter 2) [ Mayuki +???]
« Reply #12 on: August 16, 2013, 06:17:06 AM »
A/N I, myself got surprised too when suddenly couple of ideas come at me from time to time, I think I might go crazy  :banghead: oh yeah, actually couple of chapters are done pre-hand  :lol: I'm sorry if the story moves too slow, I actually do this whenever an idea struck me  :banghead:

@rochilu: Mayu uses her "stage name" as Watanabe Kaori in her country to lessen possible controversials as Presidential Daughter whereas in Japan, she can freely use her original given birthname Watanabe Mayu as for no one knows her real identity except for some people of course  :)

well then! TO THE BUSHES! WOOOOSH!  :on speedy:



Mayu POV

As I get inside the faculty room. I asked the nearest person by the door as for my adviser.

“ei~ Shinoda-san Watanabe is already here” said by the homeroom teacher.

“Oh you’re here Watanabe-san, come have a sit” she offered.
“I heard from the Principal that you’re over-qualified for the Student Council, so he wants me to ask you if you’re willing to join” she explains.
“oh I see” a gave a not so shocking reaction since I’m really used to it. I’ve been the unimaginable untouchable queen of my previous High School, though *cough except for Physical Education.
“sure, I’ll do my best” affirming.
“well done! So let me call Koji-kun to guide you during your stay here”
“hai, arigatou Shinoda-sensei”


(at the corridor)

“Hey! Watanabe-san!”
I turned my head and saw Koji-kun running after me.
“Oh Furukawa”
“nee~ why so formal now?, you can just call me  Koji” he smiles.
“Mayu as for me then” I replied.

“Mayu-chan, Shinoda-sensei asked me to orient and guide you about the Student Council”
“yeah she told me, arigatou Koji-kun”
“don’t worry, it’s not a big deal, adjustment period would only be for a few” he smiles.
On the other hand, I could feel the death glares of the girls around us.
Errrrm this is not good

“ano~ Koji-kun you seem very popular in this school, you must be at the top or maybe an ace player? Well aside from good-looking” I asked him.

“ah! That~” while he rubs the back of his head.
“well then, question answered” teasing him.
“but, not only me though” interrupting me.
“what do you mean?”

“ I have my Queen”

“Did I just see him blush there?” as I gave him a questioning look.
“you see, they see me as their King, well a King must have his Queen right?” he explains.
“who would be that LUCKY girl then? Continuing the teasing. “yeah right, he’s really blushing, what a kid?”

“it’s Kash~”

then suddenly a girl interrupted us.  “FURUKAWAAAAAA!!!!” a girl crazily shouting.
“Eh? Yuki???”
“ah~it’s her again and… AGAIN”

“Oh, It’s you Watanabe-san! Sorry for interrupting your MOMENTS, but MAY I PLEASE BORROW MY KOJI-KUN FOR A MOMENT?”
“MY?” I thought. “Oh, no worries, I’m about to go too now, see you around Koji-kun Kashiwagi-san” I bowed my head and left them alone.

“ I have my Queen”

“well a King must have his Queen right?”

I see now Queen Kashiwagi….


Yuki POV

“fufufufu this is really bad, she’s so weird.” Talking to myself

~Inner Yuki~

BAD Yuki: yeah she’s weird!!
GOOD Yuki: she’s acting normal.
BAD Yuki: She, rejecting Yuki is a big Matter!!!
GOOD Yuki: well, not good enough to be a weirdo
BAD Yuki: we must seek revenge! Mwahahahaha!

“ No no no! what am I thinking about, it’s not like I want her to like me too though”
“wait what?? Did I just say TOO?”

“NO no no I don’t like her, I just met her yesterday”
“well not bad given I’m the first to meet her above all of these brats”

As I walked passed by the corridor I saw a bunch of girls staring at two familiar figures.

“EH?!” giving my infamous reaction. Living my title REACTION QUEEN.

“why those two together??! I thought Koji’s doing SC stuff and this Mayu???” releasing my black aura.
“you seem to enjoy each other’s company eh~? Why so lovey-dovey on your first day?!?”
“eh?! Did I just see Koji-kun blush there?! “


“Oh, It’s you Watanabe-san! Sorry for interrupting your MOMENTS, but MAY I PLEASE BORROW MY KOJI-KUN FOR A MOMENT?” I sarcastically said. Grabbing Koji-kun’s arm.
 “Oh, no worries, I’m about to go too now, see you around Koji-kun Kashiwagi-san” and left us.


“ano~ Yuki-chan” stuttering Koji said.
“hmmm?” still holding onto his arm.
“you need something?”
“oh!” I realized I was still holding him and then let go of his arm.
“oh no! what should I do now?!” Mentally facepalming myself.

“OH I forgot to do my homework for Math! Let me copy yours~oneeegaishimasu?” giving my pleading eyes. “whew that was close”



Mayu POV

( end of classes)

I carefully fixed my things on my backpack and preparing to leave my classroom when my phone went….

RING!! RING!!! RING!! And saw a familiar mobile number. It’s Daddy.

“moshi! Mosh~”
“Mayu-chan! How’s your first day at School? I’m home now”
“Daddy uhmm… not bad. Rena-san’s taking good care of me at home so don’t worry much”
“ I see, did you make friends already?”
“uhm…” *thinking of Yuki and Koji*
“yup, I guess so.”
“ well, that’s good!”
“Dad, I joined the Student Council today too…..”
“ Oh that… “ I can sense he’s laughing on his own now.
“ I see now” realizing this is his own plot behind my back.
“well you see, the Principal there knows your profile, I made Yasushi make you an officer”
“ you told me to keep my low-profile eh?! What about this?”
“to keep you safe”
“better to figure it out on your own for now honey~ I have presidential matter to attend by now, I’ll call you later again”
“I see, take care Daddy, bye bye, talk to you later then, love you” and he hang up.

“Daddy, I miss you”

I was waiting for Rena-san alone at the empty campus when I saw a girl from far behind waiting at the front gate alone. “must be waiting for boyfriend huh?”
And realized it’s…. Kashiwagi Yuki.


A sudden gush of wind struck me, but it didn’t bother me while staring at her. Her hair goes with the flow of the wind. “So pretty”

“seems something’s bothering you Yuki” I uttered to myself.


PS: I'm actually doing the chapters, It's decided. more more pairs will appear on the next chapters, too many characters I think I'm getting dizzy  :dizzy: Arigatou for reading minna-san  :) sorry this one is short I can't really balance the chapters one short, then next long, then short again  :banghead: I'm a newbie.  :cry:

my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: The President's Daughter ( Chapter 3) [ Mayuki +???]
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Another chapter already!! :D i'm so happy~
hahah Yuki is a mess inside her head xD that was funny :B
Ah, thanks for the aclaration, i get it now :3

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Re: The President's Daughter ( Chapter 3) [ Mayuki +???]
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very funny and interesting

update soon :)

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Re: The President's Daughter ( Chapter 3) [ Mayuki +???]
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Thank you for the great chapter~  :twothumbs

waiting for the next update :twothumbs

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Re: The President's Daughter ( Chapter 3) [ Mayuki +???]
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Just met Mayu a few times and now Yuki beins to jealous of her best friend :wahaha:
So that Koji guy seems to like Yuki :kekeke:  maybe there'll be some dramain this love triangle :on gay:
Mayu joined the Student Council :on drink: Did Yuki there :dunno:
I wonder when will Mayu start to have feeling towards Yuki :err:
Next chapter will have some new characters, maybe in the Student Council :on study:
Update soon, please :kneelbow:
Working on translating an awesome Kojiyuu fanfic, right now ☆〜(ゝ。∂) :mon beam:


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Re: The President's Daughter ( Chapter 3) [ Mayuki +???]
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Wahhh~ This is so interesting!!  :nya:

I cannot wait to see what happen next!!  :on woohoo:

Yuki seems talking to herself right?! That is so like her!  :hehehe:

By the way, thanks for the story! I'll be waiting for the next update!  :twothumbs

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Re: The President's Daughter ( Chapter 3) [ Mayuki +???]
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He~~~ Yuki getting jealous already....  :lol: :hee:

This is funny and interesting !!! XD XD XD

Thanks for the update... 8)

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Re: The President's Daughter ( Chapter 3) [ Mayuki +???]
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A/N meeeh couldn't help it. Here I am posting another chapter again. Let's bombard this fiction with so many pairs  :lol: okay no more talking Dozou~ I got another hiding place now... to OUTER SPACE!  :on blackhole:



The next day


I got to school just in time. As I walk at the corridor I sense girls are stealing glances at me for an unknown reason but I just got here yesterday so I decided to brush it off. “Just my hallucination maybe” I thought until I noticed a familiar figure walking at my opposite direction. It’s so easy to track her since people are literally making a way for her while greeting her.


GIRL 2: (in unison) OHAYOU YUKI-SAMA!!

Yuki: Oha.

“Eh?”  she maybe noticed me and we made a fairly eye-contact.


(she broke it off and went straight to the hall wearing her flat affect)

“what a weirdo Queen” smiling on my own.

I managed to find my locker.

LCKR #714 (WM)

“there” as I happily opened my locker then suddenly a mini envelope slid out and fell on the floor.

“hmmm? Nani~”  I carefully checked it. It has a cute little heart clip at the opening. Then suddenly I realized….

“EH?! This must be a lov~” as confused as I might get.

Suddenly I noticed my neighbour locker on my right which is a bit open, “so careless. sigh” I thought. I was kind enough to properly close it when I noticed it has incredibly QUITE A NUMBER OF LETTERS  inside.

“LOL?! You kidding me? is this actually a locker or a MAILBOX?!” I got a hunch of maybe the letter was misplaced on my locker so I decided to place it inside too. “there good job Mayu-chan, you saved a confession for good” praising myself.

“though, who might be this lucky person?” I took a glance on the code written on the locker.

LCKR #715 ( KY)




Somehow today, I got to school JUST on time. Well I rarely go to school at this hour since, I intentionally go to school as early as possible to avoid…… you know what I mean. But today. “Sigh. I couldn’t get a proper sleep last night, thanks to you hoodie girl”

errm. Here they go again. KAMI-SAMA, FORGIVE ME WITH ALL MY SHORTCOMINGS. PROMISE TO BE A GOOD  PERSON NOW. I’LL BE A GOOD CITIZEN OF JAPAN just…. ONEEEGAAAAAI” short silent prayers that were never granted.

GIRL 2: (in unison) OHAYOU YUKI-SAMA!!

“Oha” suddenly I noticed a very much familiar figure looking at my direction. I started to feel intimidated again. I was stoned on my feet again. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. “What a view, just perfect” *doki *doki

1….2…..3….. *lighting bulb blink! blink!*

~inner Yuki~
BAD Yuki: WOOHOO! Stare to death Yuki-chan! Melt her! Melt her!
GOOD Yuki: GO YUKI GO YUKI! *cheer dance mode ON* TALK TO HER!  A-P-O-L-O-G-I-Z-E

“ I just can’t…..” I thought and decided to break it off and walk elsewhere just to avoid her.


MATH class….

“okay. Who could solve this equation…. Where x=……..” asked Shinoda-sensei. On the other hand all of them avoids eye-contact with sensei or just pretends busy reading a book or just merely scrabbling on their notes.

*cough! “Anyone?!”

“I’LL DO IT!” as the guy at the back proudly raised his hand.

“thank goodness Koji-kun you’re on my class, well then” as sensei gave Koji the pen and he started solving the problem.

“CORRECT! As always, A flawless answer. GOOD JOB!” as sensei praised him.

“NOW. How about this? This might be an advanced question but who knows? I’ll give credits to who can solve this equation. FYI only the top student of the Junior class has solved this one, Maeda Atsuko”

*their thoughts*
Koji: well, that’s really an advanced question…
Yuki: In my dreams, I could answer that….
Mayu: eh?! Is that considered advanced here?

“So. Anyone?” as sensei carefully inspect for any other brave student to try….

*cough! *cough! “why don’t give it a try? Our new comrade here” as she approached the Cyborg-faced girl.

“hai” affirming.
Everyone looked at her in awe and looked down. “poor Mayu-chan, already asked with the legendary equation”

*scrabble *scrabble *scrabble

“VER~ GOO~….D” sensei shockingly applaud her.

“hai” as the Cyborg Girl returned to her seat as if she has just solved a 1+1 equation.

“SUGGGGGGOOI~!!!” everyone in class shocked at the event. *jaw-drop moment here*



Mayu POV

Mayu and Koji heading towards the Student Council Quarters..

“nee~ Mayu-chan you were amazing there”
“ah~ that. Thank you then”
“now, We already have 2 students who answered it impromptu” he stated.
“ I see, lucky me then! Hehe” as I tried to brush off the topic. Well it’s not very new to me these kind of situations since I got to answer far harder than those of questions here. I might say I really am advanced with studies.

“and we’re here” as we stand in front of a classy wooden door with a label on top….


He calmly turned the knob, and “Dozou~” as gentleman as he can be offered me to go in. As I get in, I’m pretty stunned with the classy student council-ish style of the room. There were a few desks around the room. But one seat is incredibly outstanding among the rest. In that desk there was a bunch of paperwork scattered all over. It was standing at the far most-end of the room. At the middle. “Kaichou’s must be”

“they’re not here yet, you may take a seat first Mayu-chan” as he offered me a chair.
“nee~ Koji-kun… where’s your desk?” I asked him.
“Oh it’s here!” as he took a seat on the desk of the one beside the president’s desk.

“ I’m Vice”
“sou ka~” I nodded.

Suddenly the door slid open and few girls barged in.

“oh! Koji-kun you’re early and….. must be Watanabe Mayu?” as the tall girl with cat-like ears approached me.
“Hai! Watanabe Mayu-desu Yoroshikou” and bowed.
“I’m Kojima Haruna the secretary here and a Junior, Yoroshikou” she slightly bowed here head.
“and here is our very much-loved President Maeda Atsuko” as she drag the girl spacing out at the back.

“iiie~ Mayu-chan! Maeda Atsuko-desu, call me Acchan! Yoroshikou!” as she came back to her senses and eventually smiled creating lines on her nose.

“is she drunk? She’s a bit weird, though she’s cute teehee” I thought.

Then suddenly a midget girl with a huge ribbon on top of her head appeared at the door.

“oh! Sensei you’re here!” as the 3 officers greet her in unison.
 “must be Watanabe Mayu, the newcomer” as she slowly approached me and smiled,
“I’m Takahashi Minami, the student council adviser, glad you’re here now, I heard a lot from you from Yasushi-sensei” she explained.

“so where’re the others?” sensei asked the three present officers in the room.
“Yui-chan and Paruru would be doing some extra-curricular activities, they’ll catch up later they messaged me” Acchan explained.
“Well then, let’s start the meeting” sensei announced.


“first of all, take this Mayu-chan” as sensei gave me a white blazer with a logo of the student council on the right arm sleeve.
“eh? What’s this?” I asked. I just then realized that they’re all wearing a white blazer and as for me a black one, the regular student ones.

“yeah, you’ll stand out with the exclusive blazer” Haruna said.

“Welcome to the club Mayu-chan!” all of them in unison.



“gaaaah~ what a tiring day?” as I lethargically slammed my face on my desk inside the empty classroom. Somehow I managed to redeem myself from the sea of fangirls all over the campus.

“No Koji-kun for lunch…..”

“No Mayu-chan to stare at…..”

Feeling so down and alone, I sneak off to my locker to get my stuff for the next subject.

“errm. Nothing has changed. I took all the letters and put it on a paper bag and slid it inside the outer pocket of my bag.

“there. All clean and classy” as I arranged my stuff inside. Suddenly I noticed I already have a neighbour locker which was particularly unoccupied since the beginning of the school year. “ I wonder, who mi~” suddenly the idea struck me.

“there’s only one transferee this year! This must be!” I carefully took a glance on the initials on the locker.

LCKR #714 (WM)

“W…. Watanabe….”
“M… Mayu…….”

I made an evil grin without me noticing it. “KAMI-SAMA I KNOW YOU LOVE ME AFTER ALL! ARIGATOOOU~!! Silent prayers finally answered.


PS: yeah, I'll post another one sooner than you think. sigh.  :cool2:
my hat is off. saluting.

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