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Author Topic: The President's Daughter (MaYuki & others) - COMPLETED  (Read 62117 times)

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Re: The President's Daughter(Ch19)[Mayuki+Other pairings]
« Reply #220 on: September 25, 2013, 09:42:41 AM »
AtsuYuu peeps pooling over here  :shocked
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: The President's Daughter(Ch19)[Mayuki+Other pairings]
« Reply #221 on: September 25, 2013, 09:46:52 AM »
Yuko likes Acchan+haruna
Minami likes Acchan
Acchan likes Yuko+Minami

oh cmon Haruna like Minami too!! you're at loss here!! you should like two persons too!
Mayuki gedem!! MaYuki til the end!!!

Rena @#$%^&%#@(&^$ !!!!!

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Re: The President's Daughter(Ch19)[Mayuki+Other pairings]
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So we're going on strike?


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Re: The President's Daughter(Ch19)[Mayuki+Other pairings]
« Reply #223 on: September 25, 2013, 05:00:27 PM »
Such a complicated love, Takaharunatsuyuu :mon duh: :mon wtf:
Everything so down now, espcially WMatsui and those other people :mon speechless:
Mayuki and the other pair only having two weeks, 14 days left :mon runcry: :badluck:
imteedee such a evil author :fainted:
My heart is slowly broken because your fic :mon cry:
Anyway, so curious about what'll happen next :mon huh2:
Update soon, please :kneelbow:
Working on translating an awesome Kojiyuu fanfic, right now ☆〜(ゝ。∂) :mon beam:

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Re: The President's Daughter(Ch19)[Mayuki+Other pairings]
« Reply #224 on: September 25, 2013, 06:03:26 PM »
Left two weeks.... Time flies.....

When is Mayu going to tell Yuki about her leave? Mayu is going to hurt Yuki :cry: :banghead:

Rena what the hell is she doing? leaving Jurina? Why can't she do something instead of sulking there? (Deeply apologize too angry)

Yuko..... Nothing to say.....  :(

Anyway thx for the update!!! Hope u can update soon

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Re: The President's Daughter(Ch19)[Mayuki+Other pairings]
« Reply #225 on: September 25, 2013, 09:11:00 PM »
*A/N dunno how to separate chapters anymore, I'm just too 'emotional' I guess, can you feel my emotions on the latest chapters *sigh



The next events were cancelled for no apparent reason. Takamina, the adviser apparently took her leave for the moment, such event didn’t surprise the three at all namely, Atsuko, Yuko and Haruna. The three are aware on what’s really going on between them four but despite of the very evident awkwardness filling upon them they just continued to move on for the sake of the council as the much-awaited Annual Play was apparently decided to push through in a matter of two weeks preparation. Minami, being absent at such very crucial time, is being replaced for the mean time by Shinoda-sensei.

“So…Sae would play the part of the King” sensei announced as she read the results report intently though such very important announcement wasn’t treated as one by the council. All just maintained their silence and kept listening (if not) just hearing everything.  Sae on the other hand, winning the poll, couldn’t even seem to rejoice as she felt the problematic ‘feels’ inside the quarters.  After all the reminders, the members with no much enthusiasm left the room except for Mayu who seems lost in her thoughts.

“Are you alright?” Shinoda-sensei asked the troubled looking figure who hasn’t noticed her at all.
“Ah! Sorry sensei~ I-I’m okay….I hope” Mayu answered as she abruptly stood up and threw her stuff on her backpack. Apparently Mariko didn’t bite Mayu’s very evident lie.

“You can tell me anything…I’m willing to listen” Mariko uttered as she showed her warm smile to Mayu and held her shoulder.


“What would you do….if” Mayu uttered, as she’s sitting beside Mariko at some peaceful area at the back of the school grounds.


“If you have to leave the person, but your heart doesn’t want to….”

“So you love the person?” Mariko asked as she sipped into her soda can. Mayu hearing Mariko’s question just nodded.

“Then I shall ask you… are you ready to face the consequences after leaving?” Mariko asked as she stares at the lone tranquil field.

“Just thinking of it….it’s too much..” Mayu answered.

“Then don’t leave….”

“It’s not that easy!” Mayu slightly raised her voice and after realizing what she has done apologized to her adviser, Mariko on the other hand didn’t bother instead let out a chuckle at the sudden over-reaction coming from the emotionless student.

“It isn’t…. But would you rather give up?”

“No, I don’t want to give up~”

“Then what’s the problem…?”

“I-I wanted to save both….”

“You can’t…..that’s the principle of choosing Mayu~”

“Someone has to sacrifice….”

“Would that person”


“Mayuyu….” Yuki appearing at Mayu’s side, who has been absent-minded throughout the whole day. She kept on thinking what to do, which to choose, and how to save their happiness. Yuki, seeing Mayu’s state, couldn’t help but to feel more worried towards the person she holds dearest. In addition to that, Rena’s statements made her even more confused about the real score happening to everyone.

“There are things in life….better left unspoken Yuki”
“Cause if you did…You’ll get hurt….”

“I want to help…but why’s everyone not letting me…?” Yuki uttered as she stopped walking and got a few steps behind Mayu. Mayu stopped as she heard Yuki spoke. Mayu turned on Yuki and lifted her hand, reaching for Yuki’s hand.

“Don’t worry Yuki, having you beside me is enough….”

“Come…” Mayu uttered as she offered her hand closer to Yuki. Yuki took her time staring at Mayu’s hand.
“I love you” Yuki uttered as she look through Mayu’s eyes.

“It’s nice to hear….” Mayu smiled at the serious figure in front of her.



Inside the lone room, a figure kept on scribbling on her paper pad as she couldn’t seem to finish her formal resignation letter. It’s as if making such letter is her very first letter she’ll ever make. The pen on her hand seemed so heavy as she couldn’t properly write. She felt so weak just by keeping her grip on the poor metal stick at hand.

“Am I making the right decision?” Rena asked herself.

Despite of all the distractions which kept on bugging her chaotic mind she managed to finish a considerable ‘decent’ resignation letter and sent it accordingly to the palace.

“I think this is it….” She murmured as she felt the heavy feeling casted on her upon sending the mail.
“You’re really leaving….I see” as a certain voice has echoed across her room suddenly, it’s Jurina who apparently looks like has just gotten up from her bed, keeping the serious expression across her face. Rena just nodded.

“Tell me the reason….”

“It’s personal….”

“At least….let me know before you leave….please?” Jurina asked as she clenched her fist, holding back her emotions.

“Let’s just leave it like that….” Rena showed her warm smile towards the almost breaking down figure.

“Am I nothing to you?” Jurina, couldn’t hold back her tears anymore, asked. Rena didn’t answer instead she turned her back on Jurina and clutched on her aching heart.

“I see…..” Jurina considering Rena’s gesture as a ‘yes’ left the room.



“So it’s the script?” Mayu asked Yuki who’s currently fixing her stuff on her study table. The two decided to hang-out for a moment since Yuki’s mother ‘Mamarin’ has been missing Mayu for awhile since she left….like just ‘yesterday’.

Mayu couldn’t help but to read a little about the play and was amazed on how it is beautifully made by the playwright. “Wow, this is amazing…” Mayu uttered in surprise and paid a glance on the author’s name,

Shinoda Mariko.

“Huh?! Sensei wrote this?! This is amazing….” Mayu uttered. Yuki nodded and sat beside Mayu who’s now scanning the whole script until she suddenly stopped…

“it’s the kissing scene…..” Mayu chuckled as she brushed the page with her fingers. Yuki, unable to deduct what’s going on Mayu’s mind, just bumped her shoulder gently on Mayu’s. “What, you jealous now?” Yuki teased the smaller girl.

“I told you I am…” Mayu murmured and looked at Yuki.

”But I’ll try my hardest not to be….” She added. Silence fell upon the two for a moment.

“it’s about a forbidden love….” Yuki uttered as she grabbed the book from Mayu’s hand.
“The girl has to choose between her family and lover…”

“How did it end…..?”

“She chose her family and left the guy….” Yuki uttered as if feeling the protagonist’s agony.
“I see….that’s a sad story….” Mayu looked down hearing Yuki’s answer.
“But in the end…. They lived happily…” Yuki responded

“How?!” Mayu asked as she felt a slight taint of hope from the story.

“In the heavens……” Yuki uttered wearing a wry smile at Mayu. Mayu felt weak as she heard the sudden realization… “Is it that impossible Yuki?”

Yuki as if reading Mayu’s expression just took a deep breath and caressed Mayu’s cheek “don’t worry it’s just a fiction…Mayuyu”

Hearing Yuki’s words, Mayu tried her hardest to show off a reassuring smile towards Yuki, as she felt more and more miserable at the reality. Mayu pushed the taller girl on her bed and climbed on top her, doing her favourite position, placing her ear against Yuki’s chest.

“It’s beating….louder” Mayu murmured.
“Yeah…” Yuki answered in agreement and brushed Mayu’ hair with her hand.
“Keep beating hard….heart-chan…” Mayu chuckled.

“It’s because it’s you…so never leave my side…..” Yuki uttered, as if sharing Mayu’s unknown misery.


The next day…

Having informed with the sudden resignation of Rena, Sayaka couldn’t help but to confront her co-general to harvest some information on what’s happening.

“What are you doing Rena?” Sayaka asked in a serious tone.
“Can’t you see? I resigned….” Rena answered without paying a glance at Sayaka.

“Why are you leaving? How about Mayu-chan?”

“Don’t worry my resignation would only be effective until we leave….” Rena said blankly as she continued on reading her book.

“You’re not the Rena I know anymore….”

“I guess I am…”

“Tell me the real reason…” Sayaka keeping her furious stare at the emotionless ‘general’. Rena not being able to keep up with Sayaka’s overwhelming aura just wavered and was about to turn her back when Sayaka grabbed her arm.

“You have to tell me! so I can help you!” Sayaka felt pity towards the troubled general who is about to cry for the first time in front of her. She never expected such fierce general would ever react that soft in front of her, never….ever.

“What’s going on…?” a sudden voice entered the scene, the two generals turned their eyes before the origin of the voice, it was Yuko.

“How come I always see people crying since yesterday?” Yuko chuckled crossing her arms on her chest as she paved her way closer to Rena and Sayaka.

Rena pulled her arm from Sayaka, not being able to hold back her tears; she dashed towards her reliable shelter, in Yuko’s arms. Yuko welcomed her with a warm hug as she brushes Rena’s hair with her hand.

“What’s the reason…?” Sayaka asked almost whispering, still in state of disbelief seeing Rena break down in tears against Yuko’s shoulder. Yuko, facing Sayaka, just let a wry smile.


my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: The President's Daughter(Ch19)[Mayuki+Other pairings]
« Reply #226 on: September 25, 2013, 09:39:48 PM »
Imteedee you're making my day sad D: but I'm loving the updates *.* so confusing and complex.

I liked what Mariko said about choosing.

And wow all these misunderstanding are letting me crazy ><

Thank you for the updates o/

Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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Re: The President's Daughter(Ch19)[Mayuki+Other pairings]
« Reply #227 on: September 25, 2013, 10:12:05 PM »
OMG could it get any sadder?!
my heart is breaking!!! MaYuki, wMatsui  :cry: Mayu is pitiful  :cry:
Yuki so clueless on everything  :angry: I wonder when will she know? or WILL SHE EVER KNOW?!! MYGEHD  :bow:

update fast like this please! my tears are forming now  :cry:

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Re: The President's Daughter(Ch19)[Mayuki+Other pairings]
« Reply #228 on: September 26, 2013, 07:16:50 AM »
Imteedee totally can feel your emotional

Mayu will just hurt Yuki no matter what.... :banghead:

Yuki fall deeper.... As her heartbeat beat faster....  :banghead:

Rena still that way.......

Update soon....

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Re: The President's Daughter(Ch19)[Mayuki+Other pairings]
« Reply #229 on: September 26, 2013, 09:06:03 PM »
A/N when i was writing I wondered how my fic became too frustrating, it's just too ironic since I started this fic to make things 'ligthen up' weird. i coudln't get back on my pace.

@BbSis: I like Mari-chan's line too.... well it's sad, cause it's true  :cry:
@Dont: I'm afraid to answer that question.
@Haruto: Yuki hurting would be inevitable  XD pls slap Mayu later on  :lol:
@leEwẬy: yeah, everyone! as in everyone is down, except for the supporting characters!  :lol:
@Ashura/olive: Y U 2 rallying in my thread? (LOL) now I wonder if I should make a poll for that 4 crazy characters  XD

I decided to make the next part, the one-big ending  :) I want to thank you all for supporting this fic with all my heart and soul I'm bowing on all of you  :kneelbow: never expected this story to be this long (LOL) 'it's long already from my POV'

for my next story, of course MaYuki forever  XD


A sudden ring of a cellular phone has echoed across the dead silent room of Mayu. Mayu awoken by the unexpected noise jumped up on her seat and grabbed the vibrating phone beside her. It was her father, the President.

“Hi Dad~” Mayu speaking in an evident sleepy-tone.

“Sorry to bother honey, I just called to check up on you….” Her father explained with a ‘sorry’ tone. Her father seems to be inside his office, probably in the middle of work, cause of their different time zones.

“I’m good, Dad….how are you?”

“oh? Me…I’m working now…..” her dad answered with a slight of awkwardness as silence started to fill in.



“Yes, Dad?”

“I hope I could see you soon…..” as early as Mayu heard his father’s statement, she couldn’t help but feel guilty from just thinking of choosing Yuki over his father, her one and only father, The sole reason of her living, her origin, her savior, the President. She felt tears forming at the corner of her eyes as she realized how she has missed her father.

“I miss you Mayu-chan…”

“Papa! I miss you too….” Mayu’s silent cries being evident over the phone, probably heard by her father, the man over the line just tried to hide his feelings and pretended clearing his throat.

“I wanna see you too….” Mayu said as she held her cries and clutched her fist on the mattress.

“Papa has to leave now, Mayu-chan…take care of yourself….I love you honey” her father said and soon hang up.

“I’m sorry Papa”


The next day…


“You cried….” Jurina uttered without looking to Mayu, who’s sitting beside her. Mayu's eyes were swollen from crying all the last night.

“Daddy…called last night….” Mayu said as she looked down and bury her face on her knees.

“He must’ve missed you so much….” Jurina uttered. Mayu didn’t bother to react on it.

“We got less than two weeks Mayu….”

“If only…..” Mayu uttered. Jurina then turned her eyes on the sulking figure beside her.


“If only I’m a commoner, there won’t be any problem… people won’t judge Yuki staying beside me, I won’t have to choose….” Mayu said as she tightened her hug on her knees.

“Why is it we’re all hurting?” Jurina chuckled at her realization.

“Even though… I won’t have to leave the person I love…why does it have to be her leaving me? I just…. don’t get it….”

 “Jurina….Tell her, before it’s too late…..”

Student Council Headquarters

“I can’t believe you!” Yuki raising her voice for the first time on her admired-president of the council, Atsuko, after hearing her explanation about Minami’s whereabouts. Since the three have been good friends since childhood, Atsuko couldn’t help but feel a little guilt of not informing the Queen.

Hearing Yuki’s reactions Atsuko just took her seat on her post inside the council. They were alone.

“So where’s Takamina?” Yuki asked the sulking figure.

“No idea….she hasn’t called or messaged me since then….” Atsuko said as she stared and played with her fingers.

“I didn’t know you could be this stupid Acchan! How could you ever expect Takamina message or call you?! After all you’ve done?” Yuki already over-reacting but speaks of reality as well.

Yuki feeling a little guilt over her actions towards her good friend, who has been suffering already, just let a sigh and took a seat beside her.

“So what’s your plan now?” Yuki asked.

“No idea at all….” Acchan said along her deep sigh.

“You should make up your mind sooner or later….else~ lose everything”


Mayu who’s wandering around the campus mindlessly, still thinking all about the stuff concerning her departure suddenly noticed a familiar figure drawing closer at her, it’s her cousin, Milky.

“Mayu-chan…” Milky greeted her beloved cousin.

“Milky” Mayu said as a smile became very evident across her face seeing her cousin out of the blue.

“What are you doing here?” Milky asked as she scanned the area for anything special, she found nothing.

“Nothing…just taking a walk…”

“Don’t you know today’s the dry-run of the play? a.k.a rehearsal….” Milky asked the clueless figure. Mayu being clueless as Yuki hasn’t said anything about the rehearsal just shrugged her shoulders.

“Don’t you wanna support your ‘girlfriend’?” Milky asked mischievously.

“Heard there’s gonna be a CHUUU~” Milky pouting cutely at Mayu, more like teasing her cousin.

“So what do you say Kaori…huh?” Milky whispered into Mayu’s ear. Mayu just nodded in agreement as she felt a little inevitable jealousy over Sae.

The auditorium was dark with only spotlights focused on stage…on Yuki and Sae.  The two sat at the most-end of the seats.
“You’re really a Watanabe…” Milky chuckled as she stares at Yuki, acting on stage.

“Why is it?”

“Your taste….” Milky said as she seemed fangirling over Yuki.

“Could you do me a favour…Milky?”

“Yes, anything Mayu….” Milky turned on Mayu, hearing her words.

“Could you help Yuki? case I leave” Mayu uttered as she felt the heavy feeling deep inside. Milky realizing the favour just let a wry smile.

“I will….surely for you” Milky uttered as she stood up and hugged the sitting Mayu, looking down in the dark.

Days have passed, few more days until the annual play will commence and yet the awkward feeling between the council members grew bigger. That day was a free one, for the council to refresh and unwind before the play and so Mayu and Yuki decided to meet up.

“Becoming idol is your dream right?” Mayu asked the quiet Yuki beside her. They were at the mini-park close to Mayu’s apartment, sitting on the swing.

“How did you know?!” Yuki’s eyes grew wider as she heard Mayu’s words.

“When we first met….” Mayu looked down wearing a smile as she remembered the fated day they met for the first time. The day she fell in love for the first time.

“It’s okay I’m not injured….”

Mayu chuckled remembering Yuki’s over-reaction.

“You came from that building…. You must’ve auditioned” Mayu said as she analyzed everything.

“So she remembered….” Yuki thought as she stared at Mayu, smiling at her.

“I thought you didn’t remember me at all…” Yuki said as she took a deep breath and swung her seat. Silence fell upon the two as an unknown sadness hit the two.

“Promise me, you’ll reach your dreams….” Mayu said staring at the empty rides in front of her.

“No, I changed my plans already…” Yuki murmured. Mayu turned on Yuki.

“My dream is seeing you on television” Mayu smiled at Yuki.

“Why would you dream of that?! I’m here in front of you…” Yuki stopped and stared at Mayu, with concerned eyes.

“I want you to reach your dream…”

“Yes, she is….” Jurina speaking over the phone.

“Make sure, the presidential daughter will come back at the palace on the agreed date…” The man said firmly over the phone.

“She’s wavering…..but I’ll make sure she’ll come back” Jurina responded.

“If that’s the case…I’ll leave it all on you Jurina, I trust you…”

“Yes sir…”

“Then I’ll expect my daughter arrive safely….” The man said and eventually hang his phone.

“I’m sorry Mayu…this is for the best”
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: The President's Daughter(Ch19)[Mayuki+Other pairings]
« Reply #230 on: September 26, 2013, 09:30:01 PM »
I can't cry...I can't cry...I can't cry....I am crying. :cry:

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Re: The President's Daughter(Ch19)[Mayuki+Other pairings]
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OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD! imteedee!!!!!!
Sorry for being a silent reader!
I love all your fics!  :gyaaah:

 :bow: :bow: :bow:

don't separate them! my Mayuki!  :cry:
I'm crying what the heck!  :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Re: The President's Daughter(Ch19)[Mayuki+Other pairings]
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Jurina, I trusted you  :cry: why all this??
Mayu, you're making me cry  :cry: :cry: :cry:
I can't believe it, it's ending already  :cry: I'm sad

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Re: The President's Daughter(Ch19)[Mayuki+Other pairings]
« Reply #233 on: September 26, 2013, 11:31:19 PM »
Well..Acchan is really stupid..

She has to make up her mind already..

Or she'll lose everything..

Mayuki.. :cry: chapter, please.. :bow:

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Re: The President's Daughter(Ch19)[Mayuki+Other pairings]
« Reply #234 on: September 27, 2013, 01:08:50 AM »
Just couldn't sit still anymore. Why the hell, Jurina?! When did I teach my lil JuJu to be like that?! As for Maeda, how could she be so idiotic?! Take action, Ace! Oh the amount of rage that I've been keeping up til now are about to burst already...  Oh, and about Takaharu, it's easy to ship them so don't worry~

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Re: The President's Daughter(Ch19)[Mayuki+Other pairings]
« Reply #235 on: September 27, 2013, 04:29:25 AM »
*A/N never thought I'd cry for this lame fic I made  :angry: and the fact I'm writing at a public area rigggght naaaao, 'demfeels'

Okay Chapter 20 is just too long 'again from my POV' to squeeze in one part so I cut it into two. Part 1 of the End Chapter. My warm thanks to all readers. TD here, bowing lowly on all of you.

Chapter 20 (Ending): ‘Til We Meet Again

Few hours to go, and soon the fated day will come. The day, Mayu has to choose. The burden she’s having is too much to handle. She can’t help but wonder how she’s doing at this very moment if she didn’t even come in Japan.

Will she be fine?



Questions weren’t meant to be answered. But how about Yuki? Thinking of the girl she love most, who’s now reading her lines for a few more minutes in front of her, She couldn’t help but welcome the sadness as the heavy guilt kept on pulling her down. Yuki realizing Mayu’s frown across her face in an unusual time couldn’t help but wonder why and so she shortened the proximity between them as she leaned forward on Mayu.

“What’s wrong Mayuyu?” Yuki asked as she brushed Mayu’s fringe. Mayu, being at this close proximity, pouted and suddenly kissed the girl in front of her. Yuki shocked a little just received Mayu’s gift and closed her eyes for a moment.
“Will I be fine tomorrow?” Yuki uttered as she felt jitters coming through her realizing the time and somehow feeling nervous for no apparent reason since she already did the play beforehand. She just doesn’t know why.

“Of course you will be…” Mayu smiled at Yuki trying to console the nervous figure, setting aside her personal worries.
“You’re the best ‘idol’ for me” Mayu added as she pulled Yuki for a hug while sitting.


Three figures are packing the luggage inside the Apartment namely, Rena, Jurina and Yuko. Rena couldn’t help but feel nostalgic as she scanned their recreational area. The room formerly occupied with their laughter, happy memories, things she didn’t expect of having since she came for her mission, mission to protect the sole daughter of the most powerful man such big mission she couldn’t fail and so she couldn’t be more grateful for Jurina staying beside her through thick and thin from tailing Mayu with her craziest dates up to rummaging in an unknown forest just because of an alpaca. Also with Yuko, despite of her pervertness and crazy brain, she’s still a big help even Sayaka, who doesn’t get tired of opposing her, still she’s considered a big hand.

“So many things happened nee?” Yuko muttered as she probably noticed Rena reminiscing. Rena hearing Yuko just nodded in agreement as she take a glance on the quiet Jurina still packaging her stuff.

“But…If I could turn back time…I’ll still choose coming here” Yuko continued as she looked down and wore a wry smile holding her bag.

“Yeah…” Rena nodded.

“I’ll sleep now…” Jurina uttered without looking to Rena and Yuko and just walked inside her room.


It’s the day no one felt ever excited coming for the people living inside Watanabe’s Apartment. Mayu, though already awake, just kept lying down on her bed as she stared on her school uniform hanging by her cabinet.

“Before I could only see you on animes, now I’m gonna wear you everyday.. Not bad! Not bad!”

She chuckled as she remembered her first encounter with her uniform. “It’ll be the last time I’ll wear you uniform-chan…”


The three sitting figures around the dining table didn’t bother touching their food as they realize how frustrating that day can be. They decided not to bother Mayu yet since they knew how heavy Mayu might be feeling that particular day.
“Should I go for Mayu-chan now?” Jurina asked weakly as she kept her eyes on her plate though knows the answer already. The two gently shook their heads.

“Let her be…at least for today” Yuko answered as she let a sigh.


The four kept their silence as they walked towards their university. They kept looking out for Mayu, who’s looking down as they kept on catching Mayu’s slow pace as if not even wanting to go to school anymore.

“No goodbyes….” Yuko uttered out of the blue almost whispering. The three hearing Yuko’s words turned their eyes on her.
“Yeah…” Jurina responded. Rena just nodded in agreement while Mayu’s expression across her face didn’t even change, still blank though deep inside it’s almost crushing her heart realizing Yuko’s statement.

“No goodbyes…” She can’t possibly even say such word to Yuki. No one would know they already left. Like a lone wind just passing by on their lives, they have to vanish eventually.


Mayu decided to take her lone time to contemplate about the things running through her mind. Walking mindlessly her feet brought her to her favourite spot in the grounds, her tree, the seemingly dying Sakura tree. She’s worried about Yuki on top of that she never really wanted to go…

But is her happiness really that more important than her father?

It’s the most crucial question for her. Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t notice a figure drawing closer at her. She turned her eyes and realized it was her adviser. Shinoda-sensei, her now admired-playwirght.

“Hi…Mayu-chan…” Mariko greeted the lone figure.

“Oh! Sensei, you’re here….hello” Mayu responded as satting aside her worries for a moment and pushed herself to let a smile towards the warm figure and offered the space beside her. She wondered how such important person could have a spare time during that crucial hour.

“So…have you thought things through?” Mariko asked as she settled beside Mayu but is more likely closer now. Mayu just nodded.

“So what is it going to be?”

“I’ll go” Mayu uttered.

“I see….” Mariko stared at the down figure for a moment and eventually held her hand. A warm touch as if consoling Mayu’s chaotic heart. Mayu recognizing the gesture couldn’t help but feel tears forming at the corners of her eyes still she tried her best keeping all her emotions and just took a deep breath to control it. Mariko knowing better just pulled and patted Mayu’s head to her shoulder “it’s okay to cry…..”


Yuki has been wondering where’s Mayu since she expected Mayu to be the first to support her before the play but no Mayu was at sight. Above all, she’s worried. But instead of Mayu appearing, she saw her bestfriend, Koji.

“Good luck!” Koji uttered as she pinched Yuki’s cheeks like the old days. Yuki feeling nostalgic didn’t mind the gesture instead let a chuckle.

“Thanks!” Yuki said as she smiled at the figure.

“Are you nervous?” Koji asked as he noticed Yuki’s trembling cold hands and held them.

“I am…” Yuki confessed as she stared on their hands together. She was nervous but more likely worried for no apparent reason.

“Just remember, I’ll be watching you!” Koji said as if threatening Yuki but with a playful tone. Yuki just let a silent laugh realizing Koji’s statement.

“Hai…hai…” Yuki agreed as they both fell into laughter and didn’t recognize a figure who just entered the room, it was Mayu.
“Mayuyu! Where have you been?!” Yuki asked as she dashed towards the smaller girl. Koji just nodded and smiled at Mayu and feeling being a nuisance just bid his goodbye for a moment “Okay…I’ll just be waiting right there outside nee? Hehe~”
And soon the two were alone inside the preparation room.

“You look pretty..” Mayu smiling as she ran her eyes on Yuki.

“Am I? thank you…” Yuki answered the compliment as her cheeks turned even redder.

Silence fell upon the two as Mayu kept her eyes on Yuki’s face and slowly closed her eyes. Mayu lifted her hand and landed on Yuki’s face as if caressing it. Yuki clueless what’s going on Mayu’s mind “What’s wrong?” as Mayu kept on as if tracing Yuki’s face with her fingers.

“I still wanna remember your face even if I close my eyes….”

Yuki feeling more worried about Mayu’s gestures held her hand on her face. “What are you doing?” Yuki asked as she smiled on Mayu. Mayu hearing Yuki’s question opened her eyes.

 “I just miss your face….” Mayu uttered.

“Why? We’re together almost every day” Yuki chuckled.

“It’s just that…” Mayu smiled at Yuki but in reality, she’s almost dying knowing how many times she already lied at Yuki.
“So…. Wanna practice for a bit?” Mayu asked as her eyes stole a glance on the script resting over the table near them. She walked closer, held it and scanned the notes scribbled on it. She needed some time to calm her heart, knowing it’ll be the last time she’ll be with Yuki.

“Yeah…” Yuki answered as she stared on Mayu’s back facing her. Hearing Yuki’s word, Mayu faced Yuki still eyes on the book.
“I wanna practice a particular scene…..since this morning” Yuki uttered as she took her steps towards Mayu and suddenly pulled Mayu and kissed her. Mayu a little shocked with the sudden gesture closed her eyes and answered Yuki’s lips “it’s the ending right?”

As soon as their lips parted Mayu pushed Yuki and made her back face her as she felt almost breaking down, wanting to hide her face. She hugged Yuki’s back tightly as if never wanting to let her go.

“What’s wrong?!” Yuki a little shocked with Mayu.

“L-Let’s stay like this for a bit….” Mayu said as she held back her emotion for Yuki not to notice. Yuki just stood holding Mayu’s arms around her. They stayed like that for a few minutes without anyone uttering a single word, enjoying their lone moment as they heard people started to cheer outside the room.

“I should go now….” Mayu uttered.

“Okay…” Yuki answered as she was about to face Mayu but Mayu retorted her.

“Don’t… just stay like this…don’t watch me going out of the room…” Mayu uttered.

“Why?” Yuki asked worriedly.

“Just….do it…” Mayu stuttered as she slowly let go of Yuki and took her steps towards the door slowly. Every step seemed so heavy, as she carried all the burden of leaving. Holding the knob, she took her last glance at Yuki’s back for a moment and soon gently closed the door. That was the last time.

“I love you…Yuki”


As soon as Mayu walked out the room, she saw Koji waiting just outside. Koji smiled at her as Mayu returned the gesture.
“Let’s talk for a bit….” Mayu uttered. Koji just nodded in agreement and soon the two took a time for a small talk across the mini garden inside the school. The area was empty as all of the students are already pooling inside the auditorium.
“You still remember our agreement…right? Mayu uttered as she was a step ahead of Koji.

“Yes….” Koji answered staring at Mayu’s back.

“I’ll hold onto it…”

Hearing Mayu’s words, Koji couldn’t help but felt the sadness all over Mayu. No words can describe how awful Mayu’s dealing and still she kept it all inside.

“Thank you…” Mayu continued.

“No…don’t thank me…I’m doing this for Yuki….” Koji said as he turned his gaze across the empty land.

“Still….I’m grateful having you here” Mayu said as she faced Koji and offered him her hand. Koji, once again, feeling the same as the first time Mayu offered her hand, wavered if he should receive the awkward gesture coming from his ‘rival’. After staring at it for a moment, he opted to shake it.

“That’s it…I guess” Mayu said taking a deep breath.

“I’ll go now….” Mayu said as she took her steps away from Koji seeming taking her words literally.

“Are you going now…for real?” Koji thought as she watched the figure vanish from his eyes.

“Is everything going as planned?” the man over the phone asked.

“Yes sir…everything is going smoothly” Jurina answered, as her grip on her phone grew tighter.

“I see….I’ll expect her then….” The man uttered as an evident sigh could be heard over the phone and eventually hang up.  Hearing the man’s statement, Jurina felt weak as her feelings wavered on how to deal with Mayu.

“Forgive me Mayu….” Was all she can say.


Mayu, looking down on her feet, as she walked towards the auditorium suddenly bumped on someone; apparently it was her cousin, Milky who’s smiling at her.

“I was standing here since you’re from afar….you didn’t even turn your head up my cousin….” Milky teasing Mayu as she bent over to see her face. Seeing Milky’s smiling face, Mayu couldn’t help but feel her pain eased a little. Thinking things through, Milky has been a big part of her happiness from the start. Knowing Milky’s sacrifice couldn’t be denied. She has always shared Mayu’s pain since the beginning. Mayu has always been thankful having her cousin through thick and thin.

Mayu punched Milky’s shoulder softly and eventually placed her hand on it as if seeking support from her weight, still with her head down. Seeing Mayu’s gesture, Milky just stood straight and held her cousin’s shoulders as if transmitting the consoling warmth Mayu needed at that particular moment. Milky looked up as she held her tears forming at the corner of her eyes.

“I don’t wanna cry, Baka Mayu!” Milky blamed the figure in front of her as she took her deep breath. Mayu finally breaking down in tears just sought her shelter on Milky’s arms as Milky brushed Mayu’s hair.

“It’s time….” Jurina appeared in front of the two with Yuko and Rena beside her, standing straight showing her army aura after a long time. Despite of hearing Jurina’s words, Mayu just kept on crying on Milky’s arms still hoping for a miracle, praying to God.  Few moments after the heartbreaking scenery…

A sound of an air vehicle suddenly echoed across the field drawing closer to where the helipad was placed. The four except Mayu turned their eyes on it, understanding the situation.

“They’re here…” Yuko uttered as she kept her eyes on the helicopter with the presidential logo on it.

Jurina then took her steps towards the crying Mayu and held her arm with a little force. “Let’s go…”

Mayu feeling already weak from crying tried harder to escape from Jurina’s grip and with all her left strength pleaded for a little more time “Just… a few minutes more….”

Hearing Mayu’s plead Jurina took a glance on the two figures with her. Rena and Yuko, sharing Mayu’s pain just nodded. Jurina then let go of Mayu.

Mayu slowly took her steps towards the huge door of the auditorium, wanting to see Yuki for the very last time. The four just watched her from afar.


Mayu POV

It was dark, all I saw was her. I kept my eyes on her as she danced along the soothing melody in Sae’s arms, such melody couldn’t calm my crying heart. It was the very first time I thanked darkness, the darkness I feared most but the only companion who helped me hide my swollen eyes. If I could turn back time I wish I could meet you earlier and I hope, on that time…we could be together.

“I saw scenes like these in mangas I’ve read or even animes I’ve watched. Tch. Then they do this”
“Let’s go to Disneyland”
“I’ll protect you.. Promise”
“Ah that, no worries, didn’t know you’re a scaredy-cat Mayu~YU”
“Nee Yukirin~ let’s take a photo together here”
“No, I think it’s perfect”
“I like the impossibilities of life… Yuki”
“I’ll fulfil your impossibility….”
“Say it again…that you love me…”
“What are you thinking Mayu~?”
“Are you happy? Yukirin~”
“Yuki, I don’t wanna go back~”
“Will you hate me? Will you wait instead? Will you forget me?”
“Prove it…”
“Don’t worry Yuki, having you beside me is enough….”
“It’s because it’s you…so never leave my side…..”
“I want you to reach your dream…”

“And Bakarin loves you~”
“Can you hear my heart beating fast…Mayu? I love you”

My eyes couldn’t get enough of her, her beauty, her grace as she kept on waltzing. I wish I could stop time. Until…their lips met before my eyes.

“I am…jealous”

“I’ll try my hardest not to be…”

This time I won’t lie, Yuki. I’ll keep my promise for you. I’ll try not to be. Thinking of her smiling face made my clenched fists turn soft as I recognize her acting prowess. She was crying while kissing her. “It’s the end right?”

“She chose her family and left the guy…”

“That’s a sad story…”

“You’re the best thing that has happened to me…Goodbye”


Yuki POV

I danced with the best I could. I wanted her to praise me because it’s all I needed even so when I stared at the figure in front of me, still all I see is her. Few inches apart from her lips, I closed my eyes, still all I see is her.


But I felt my heart ache for no apparent reason….I felt like crying.

I am crying.



After seeing Yuki for the very last time, Mayu made her way towards the presidential helicopter on the top most part of the Main building, with all the people who knew her real identity.

Yuko held Rena’s hand, as Rena couldn’t contain seeing Mayu that weak and emotional while Jurina kept her composure. Milky, with Sasshi beside her, just looked down and unusually even Sayaka escorted her.

A number of properly-dressed men wearing black army uniforms lined up and saluted as Mayu passed each and every one of them, giving their proper greetings to their well-missed highness.

“General Matsui…Lt. Colonel Matsui” a man in front saluted Rena, as Rena returned the gesture along with Jurina.

“This is the end of your mission…you may now step on your rank, the president is very pleased with what have you done, Sincere regards from the presidential office…” the man said as he offered his hand on Rena. Rena firmly shook it as she finally and officially stepped down on her position. She’s now a commoner. Jurina beside her just kept a blank face seemingly not bothered at all.

“General Akimoto” the man also saluted the unusually present general in place. Sayaka returned the gesture.

Mayu just paid a last glance on the vicinity she grew loving, her school, the place where she met wonderful people, people who made her life colourful and meaningful for the past months. The time where she expected to feel alone, but wasn’t.  She was about to step inside the vehicle when…

“IS IT ALL YOU CAN DO?!?” A voice suddenly echoed as it battled the raging sound of the propellers, it was Rena.

“How could you?!” the officer along with everyone’s eyes in the area grew wider as they turned their head on Rena. Jurina shocked with the sudden event held Rena’s arm withholding Rena’s future actions towards the presidential daughter.

“ARE YOU GIVING UP THIS EASY?!!!” Rena shouted with all her might, struggling with Jurina’s grip.

“What are you doing Rena?!!” Jurina shouted. Rena turned her eyes on Jurina who seemed very angry with her actions.
“I’m not an officer now! I could do what I want!” Rena shouted as stared on Jurina with a furious eyes. Suddenly a hand landed on Rena’s face….Jurina slapped Rena. People around them became more curious and shocked as they watched quietly on the two.

“You don’t know what you’re doing…..” Jurina said.

“I don’t want her regret anything…” Rena murmured as she held her ‘red’ cheek looking down, with some of her hair messing on her pale face.

“Stop…” Yuko couldn’t contain seeing her friends and almost seemingly ‘daughters’ fight in front of her. Mayu just watched the two, not getting any strength to interfere anymore. Silence fell upon the group of people with only the sound of propellers can be heard along the almost falling heavy rain atmosphere engulfing around them.

“I’ll be fine….” Mayu said wearing a wry smile on her face, looking at Rena.

Rena was about to come closer at Mayu, when she was suddenly stopped by the officers. Seeing such situation, Jurina didn’t bother to interfere and instead waved her hand signalling the officers to block her even more, as she is now the highest officer present in the area, as for Sayaka belongs to another administration.

“MAYU!! DON’T!!!!” Rena’s voice echoed, almost letting her alter-ego come out but Yuko held her hand, stopping a frightening event that might happen. Rena feeling Yuko’s support eventually broke down and surrendered in defeat as she cried in Yuko’s arms. Milky and the other came closer and showed their warm support on Rena.

Mayu couldn’t help but cry in her feet and just watch how Rena broke down in tears….for her. “Rena…thank you, I know I’m not alone…”

Mayu then turned her back and stepped inside the vehicle and sat quietly, waiting for her departure. Milky being a special figure as well, being the presidential niece, came closer to Mayu with no sweat as the officers made way for her.

“I’m staying for a I promised” Milky smiled at Mayu and touched her cousin’s already swollen face. Mayu just nodded. Milky pulled her cousin for a final hug before she leaves.

“I’m happy I came here for you….I met wonderful people as well, Mayu-chan” Milky murmured and felt Mayu make a soft nod.

“Take care of her…” Mayu said as she broke the hug and pushed Milky a little, signalling her to go. Understanding Mayu, Milky took her steps towards Sasshi’s side as they bid goodbye, making a proper gesture towards Mayu, bowing.

And soon, together with Yuko, Jurina and all other officers they left along with their good memories treasured in their hearts.
Part 2-updating soon. Sincere, thanks from TD
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I'm breaking down in tears!!!  :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: my goodness this ending is the saddest thing evvveeeer  :angry:

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This is so sad..  :bleed eyes:

Update soon..

Hope they can be together..

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I'm feeling guilty wanting to cry for a bit before but saw happy moments instead...
but this....

I'm crying for real.....

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No! Mayu! Please dont go!

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