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Author Topic: No matter what happens, I'll always love you... Chapter 1. Part 1. New update.  (Read 2497 times)

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No matter what happens, I'll always love you.

I am trying to get back into writing and have decided to try to write a new fanfic, so far I have come up with a plot and characters. So please bear with me, I will try my best not to drop this fanfic but I will not promise anything. I am also basing this fanfic off two dramas I have watched in the past and I will try to combine the two together. I wanted to make a fanfic that embodied and portrayed Mayu’s relationship with the other AKB48 members. I will be adding more characters in the later chapters. (If, hopefully I don’t give up on this fic…)

Main characters:

Takahashi Minami - A single father to his only daughter Mayu and runs a mochi shop. Minami works hard to provide for his young daughter, Mayu. Although he faces hardships that come along with parenthood, especially the struggles of being a single father. Minami cherishes every moment he spends with her.

Takahashi Mayu - Only daughter or Takahashi Minami. Mayu loves her father dearly and respects him a lot. Mayu does whatever she can to help her father and even does most of the chores of the house. Even though Mayu loves spending time with her father, sometimes she envies her classmates when they talk about their mothers. Mayu is teased sometimes at school for only having a father. That’s when her best friend Yuko sticks up for her.

Oshima Yuko - Mayu’s only and bestfriend, Yuko is kind hearted and cheeky, she loves playing pranks and messing around with Mayu. Even though Yuko loves fooling around, she can be serious and protective of Mayu as she tends to see her like a younger sister.

Supporting roles:

Maeda Atsuko - Mayu’s deceased mother, died shortly after giving birth to Mayu.

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My kami-oshi is Mayuyu, and my oshimen is Oku Manami.

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Re: No matter what happens, I'll always love you...
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The story hasn't started yet and we already killed off Acchan lol.

Always excited to see more fics come out. I'll be watching closely!

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Re: No matter what happens, I'll always love you...
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Sorry for the wait and I haven't written as much as I hoped for, but oh well. Enjoy.

No matter what happens, I will always love you. 
Chapter 1. Part 1.

Above, the ceiling was made from those polystyrene squares laid on a grid-like frame. The walls were painted an off white colour, the only other colours I could see were the vases of flowers and framed pieces of art on the walls. I headed towards the very end of the room, where it was closest to the windows. My eyes started to well up on their own...

“Hello there. Wow… You’re so pretty! Why do you cry with those pretty eyes?


“Did you lose your parents?”

It Hurts… It hurts so much to see him like this… So I selfishly stare at the floor.

“There’s no need to cry. I’ll help you find them.”

His hand still feels the same… Even though he’s changed so much, I still feel safe with him.


With raven hair spread across the pillow, a small figure laid there buried by soft fluffy covers. The sun barely peeked through the tiny gap between the polka dotted curtains. Breathing softly, the small figure rolled onto her left side. In the neighbouring room, another figure laid on a worn out futon. 

“Hmm… What time is it…?”

Staring at a small metallic clock, the groaning adult scratched the back of his head before sitting up. 
“Right! Let’s do this!” 

Two or three eggs? Tempting… Let’s go with three! Atcha! That’s hot! I hold up my finger in the light, watching it suddenly turn a shade of dark pink. I’ve really got to be more careful. Oops… i realise I slightly overcooked the eggs, oh well it's not like they’re burnt. 
I scan inside my cupboard carefully, deciding which plate and bowl we should use. A bear or bunny…? Oh right! She has p.e. Today! Definitely bunny then. I nod in agreement with myself, I know I’m kind of weird… After setting up the final touches on the table, I hurry to the corner of the room and kneel down.
“Morning Atsuko…~” 
My chest aches slightly whilst staring at her photo...

“Mayu! Morning your highness~” 
“Morning papa…~”
Sleep in her eyes, me and her at the breakfast table. She’s still barely awake. My little girl, my reason to smile…

“Papa you have rice on your face!”

“Eh? Really?”
I quickly get up and check my appearance in the mirror, but there’s no rice… I slowly turn my attention towards Mayu and find her giggling to herself.

“Oi Mayu!”

Honestly she’s such a prankster! Yet… I’m hopeless really, everything she does makes me smile.

After breakfast, Me and Mayu get ready to start our day. Schoolbag in hand, she leaves home in the early morning. Waving goodbye with an absent minded smile. I can’t help but wish I could stay by her side.

Mayu hums softly to herself, passing by the coloured signs of different shops.

Out of nowhere Mayu felt a weight on her back.

“Kya! Yuko-chan!”

“Ha! Made you jump!”

The young girl embracing Mayu from behind with a dimpled smile. Was none other than Mayu’s very and only bestfriend, Oshima Yuko.

“Race you to school!”

Yuko sprinted off into the distance, soaring through the street. Mayu slightly gasped at how fast her friend was and immediately tried to catch up, however she didn’t really succeed in the closing gap between them.

“Yuko! Wait for me!”


The morning bell had rung, Mayu and Yuko just started their first lesson of the day. Standing in the front, mayu bit her down on her bottom lip anxiously. She had realised he had forgotten her jump rope for P.E. class. Seeing Mayu frozen in her spot, Yuko sneakily made her way from the middle row to the front, hoping the teacher didn’t notice her.

“Mayu are you okay?”

“I forgot my jump rope… I’m going to get into trouble…”

“This is bad, what are you going to do?”

Yuko uttered with a panicked voice.

“Okay everyone start jumping!”


A union of voices yelled loudly, Mayu looked down staring at her feet in embarrassment.

“Takahashi-san? Did you forget your jump rope?”

Mayu’s teacher brought herself down and slightly crouched in position.

“I’m sorry…”

All of a sudden, Mayu heard a familiar voice calling out to her.



Mayu dashed towards the school gate, relieved at the presence of her father. HUffing and panting, Minami bowed to Mayu’s teacher and apologised for interrupting the lesson.

“You brought all this way to bring it?”

Mayu’s teacher commented, Minami nodded with an awkward smile then turned his attention towards Mayu.

“Do your best Mayu!”

Minami cheered and winked lovingly at his daughter.


“It must be nice to have such a kind father, don’t forget it next time okay?”

“Hai sensei!”

Mayu beamed happily and watched her father leaving the school entrance with a peace sign.


I’ll welcome the four seasons, rain, snow, wind and sun… And continue to build more memories gradually. Even when times get hard… I promise you, I’ll stay strong.
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My kami-oshi is Mayuyu, and my oshimen is Oku Manami.

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