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Author Topic: Adventures in Art School: Minis (WMatsui+) (07/31/22)  (Read 61601 times)

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Holiday Minis (YuiParu,AnRena,+) (12/24/20)
« Reply #60 on: January 04, 2021, 01:48:11 AM »
I'm back from my self-imposed holidays-from-posting (update on the Jurina thread aside)!
*looks at your thanks*
I'm sorry, please accept my belated Thanks. I've been holding them back because the 48 Thanks was so satisfying to look at. (Might feel the same way when you reach 69)
Please don't feel the need to reply to my comments everytime. I'll still come back typing away after every chapter regardless (unless explicitly told to stop).
Well then!

Slow Days
She was going through a multitude of emotions… actually that was a lie. She was pissed off plain and simple. A burning pile of salt.
My favorite line because it sounds so true.
Yuihan being so conscious of the food (and I quote) "she didn't pay for" is hilarious and cute.
Akiyama-san is generous, isn't he? That's nice of him. And the fact that he notices that Yuihan makes Paruru happy. So "Awww"-inducing

Served Cold
Man, between Hollywood Jurina and Kato Rena's rock, civilians sure need to be careful around these parts lol (well technically Ricchan and Juri attacked Rena first but yknow.)
Rena smiled nervously, "...Wow! Annin! Your hair looks amazing today!
DEFLECT, GIRL. DEFLEC- It didn't work. It was nice knowing you, Renacchi!

Angel on the Tree
I hella agree with putting Nako as the angel - she certainly looks like one. And it's so sweet of her to offer support to Miku's idea even after getting thrown because of it.
Mayu certainly looks like an angel too but I think it wouldn't have been a smart move to throw HER into the tree lol. I hope Nako is okay.

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Holiday Minis (YuiParu,AnRena,+) (12/24/20)
« Reply #61 on: January 09, 2021, 10:38:28 AM »
Oh it feels good to comeback and see so many updates! my favorite pairing as always present but the other stories were also very good also I always enjoy reading the dialogues most of them are really entertaining and they also fit very well with her personality, thanks for the holiday stuff there were many funny situations and also there was also time for a little love, romantic relationships can never be missing  XD

Thanks for the effort and I hope you will post again soon, as always we will be waiting.
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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
« Reply #62 on: January 13, 2021, 07:51:26 AM »
Thank you everyone for your comments! We return to our regular non holiday programming. First fics of 2021! 4 Intallments!

I know no one was asking, but one of my biggest inspirations for this story is One Piece (Maybe you could tell because theres a million installments). The sheer love and care put into the world and the characters is truly a sight to behold. So naturally I wanted to make a world with a similar amount of care and effort. So what better way to do that than to make backstories for individual characters?

Here are a few previews of upcoming backstories.

Fukuoka Sunset (Oya Shizuka): Shizuka teaches her lifelong bullies what it means to fuck with a Yakuza.

White (Kashiwagi Yuki): Isn't it weird that the color black is synonymous with death when hospice walls are bright white?

Manic (Matsui Rena): When Queen Gekikara shows herself in the mirror, Rena can't help but laugh. But when she hears her own laughter come out of her mouth, she hears her mother's laughter in her head.

So for those looking for more angst outta me... oh boy. It's coming.

Backstories are reserved for the more standout characters. Most of these students lived normal lives before enrolling after all.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

41. The Laughing Edge (YuuNa)

"Yuuchan? Are you home?" Nana set her portfolio bag down by the door as she shut it. She turned the corner to enter their bedroom only to be stopped at the end of a blade.

"One step closer, and I send you straight to the afterlife."

Yuiri walked forward with the business end of a katana aimed right at Nana's throat. She was completely decked out in samurai's armor already soaked in tides of crimson. Her hair flowed behind her like a billow of smoke.

Nana put her hands up and backed herself into a wall, "Whoa! Yuuchan! The hell has gotten into you?!"

"Silence, intruder!" She screamed, as she lowered her sword. Yuiri took a few steps forward and stood face to face with a scared Naachan, staring her down for a moment. The samurai planted a kiss upon her girlfriend's lips before cracking up in laughter, "Man! You should've seen the look on your face! You're cute when you're scared Naachan!"

Nana slid down the wall and let the breath she was holding finally escape, "Yuuchan, you can't be making jokes like that!"

"I'm sorry Naachan, I got a lead role in the next theater play and I wanted to see if I was convincing." Yuiri rubbed the back of her neck before sheathing the prop sword.

It was interesting to see Yuiri break character, watching a raging demon transition into her sweet significant other.

"Well, you were super convincing…" Nana smiled as she could never stay mad at her Yuuchan for long.

The theater girl helped her girlfriend up before giving an apology kiss, "Now that you're here, can you help me change out of this costume?"

Of course Nana agreed and the two headed off into their bedroom.

"If you kept the act up for another minute, I'd need a change of clothes too…"

42. Pointless Challenge (MogiOn)

"Mion! NO! Put that down!"

"Look Mogi, I got the technique down I promise! I got it this time!"

Mion self imposed the challenge of being able to drink an entire gallon of milk in under 5 minutes. For what reason? Who knows. What would she even accomplish with this ability? Mogi was begging her not to attempt this stunt twice.

"After what happened last time?" Mogi snatched the Milk gallon and stuffed it into the fridge, "the time you vomited freaking everywhere?"

"Give me some credit here, I totally made it to the bathroom."

"You made it to the bathroom and MISSED THE TOILET!" The taller girl cried out, "I AM NOT CLEANING UP MION PUKE TWICE!"

43. Lapse (SakuRuppi)

Sakura hadn't seen nor heard from her girlfriend in days. Usually any other relationship would indicate this as a sign of unhealthiness, but they were different. Haruka dedicated herself to her assignments. She never procrastinated. If there was something that needed to be done, she'd get to work in an instant. Of course Sakura would get fair warning beforehand.

It was always how she worked. Sakura couldn't help but laugh to herself.

Hehehe, Haruppi is such a nerd. Always burying her face in her books… Ugh, who am I kidding. I skip class to play videogames. I'm just a different breed of nerd.

Sakura continued to focus on her games as she had been for the past few days. Either that or destroying her roommate Annin at said games.

In the middle of her gaming session, she heard the chime of a text notification from her phone.

It was from Haruppi. Sakura immediately knew that she was done with her assignments. In a blink, she promptly freshened up and bolted towards her girlfriend's dorm.


The sound of a violin was playing from Haruppi's dorm. Sakura was curious what that was all about. She didn't have any music classes.

Sakura opened the door, and stepped inside. Haruka was proudly looking at all her finished work. Neatly stacked paperwork for her art history class, a self portrait illustration for her drawing class, and a detailed painting of the view outside her window. Curiously, there was a girl seated in the center of the room playing violin.

Haruka rushed in for a hug as soon as Sakura made her few steps inside.

"Finally done with everything!" Haruka squeezed tightly, "we can finally spend time together!"

"Yeah! Of course!" Sakura stepped to the side after Haruka released the embrace, "who's the girl playing violin?"

"Oh, that's Tani Marika. I paid her to play violin for me as I did my work." The girl weakly waved before continuing to play, "let's grab something to eat. I haven't eaten in days!"

Sakura chuckled at Haruka's joking disclosure, until she noticed the bags under her eyes. Not to mention her stare that blankly gazed one thousand yards past her.

"Oh shit, you're not lying are you?"

No response from Haruka. She only shook her head.

"Don't move. I'll just get something delivered here! Pizza or ramen? Ah fuck it, I'll just get both!"

"Uh… can you make an order for me too? I haven't eaten in days either." Marika softly spoke. Shyly raising her hand with her violin bow.



Sakura dialed two restaurants and made two orders for three. Haruka frantically grabbed her wallet and doubled Marika's pay. Sakura even ran into the kitchen and cooked a basic curry for them. Not that she was an amazing cook or anything, but who can afford to be picky at a time like this?

44. Nezumi Radio Broadcast 1 (Watanabe Mayu)

Well! It's Monday morning and we all know what that means!

It's time for your very own Cyborg Idol to start your day off right! Welcome to Nezumi Radio!!! Yaaaaaay!

We're gonna kick this off with a little paid advertisement.



Is there a test coming up that you aren't prepared for? Is there a project that's due tomorrow that you need one more day to work on?

These are now problems of the past! The Oya Family is your solution!

By employing their services, they can cancel one of your classes in a blink of an eye!

Their methods include, but are not limited to;

- Supergluing the classroom door shut
- Setting the Teacher's desk on fire
- Filling Professor Oshima's room with balloons
- Stealing important theater props
- Stealing the exam copies
- Pulling the fire alarm

It comes at the price of ¥10,000 per cancel. If you can't pay up front, no problem! Oya Family accepts payment at later dates. They are eager to extend their services to you!

Just remember to always pay your debts… or else. 


Wow! Look at that! Come to think of it, one of my classes got canceled last week. I wonder if one of my classmates met up with them. Hmm…

Professor Takahashi has a project due this week and I need a little more time to finish it up! So… if anyone has her Tuesday & Thursday class, feel free to help a girl out… please?

Anyway, onto our fan letters!...
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Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (YuuNa,MogiOn,+) (1/12/21)
« Reply #63 on: January 14, 2021, 01:30:43 AM »
I laught a lot with Yuunaa chapter, poor Naachan.

About MogiOn, I could imagine that this happen a lot.

Love it too, thank you for this drabbles, I could figure it

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (YuuNa,MogiOn,+) (1/12/21)
« Reply #64 on: January 16, 2021, 06:47:37 AM »
Welcome back!

I haven't had the chance to start reading One Piece yet. I certainly plan on doing that eventually, though. People's love for it is very heartwarming.

I've come to truly respect and appreciate plot-planning, careful worldbuilding, and compelling backstories-ing when I read A Song of Ice and Fire. So now that I know your inspirations and outlook in writing, I look forward to more from this world of yours that keeps on growing.

That preview for White :O That's deep (and a good question).
Oh no, bullying for Shiichan and child abuse(?) for Rena. I already feel bad.

The Laughing Edge
Woah, Yuiri got Naachan good!
"If you kept the act up for another minute, I'd need a change of clothes too…"
Naachan's clothes are lucky that Yuiri stopped pretty quickly then :P

Pointless Challenge
Props to Mogi for cleaning up Mion puke even once. I wonder if Mion succeeded.

Poor Tani! She deserves the doubled pay and the feast that's coming to her.
I guess that's a fun aspect of art school, you can get commissioned for your work even by your classmates.
It's cute how Sakura rushed to Haruppi's room as soon as she got the signal. Her suddenly going wild in taking care of the two was so sweet.

Nezumi Radio Broadcast 1
Must be nice to have this sort of last resort.
feel free to help a girl out… please?
Girl, you're the one who's getting sponsorships  :lol:
Poor Professor Oshima! They have a special method of attack just for her.

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
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Replies to Comments

@Haruko: Mion really is a handful isn't she?

I wonder if Mion succeeded.
It's safe to say that there are no winners in a situation like that.

child abuse(?) for Rena.
Good guess, but incorrect. Fear not, Rena's mother loves her very much.


I started getting way into IZ*one. As if I couldn't love Sakura more than I already do. (Nako too)

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

45. One Thousand Cuts (YuuNaaMogiOn)

Mogi and Nana flipped through each other's sketchpads giving compliments and occasional critiques on each other's work. Every now and then they'd look up to make sure their girlfriends weren't killing each other. But they seemed to be preoccupied with their own work.

Mogi flipped to a page with a sketch that caught her eye, "Naachan, is this Samurai girl drawing some manga character you're making?"

"Ah, it's not. Yuuchan landed the lead role in a theater production. She plays this wicked samurai girl. And it inspired me. She also got into character and threatened to kill me last week."

"Why did you say that so casually?"

Mion cut in, "Samurai? Pffft… lame! What's a samurai gonna do against a gun!? Think fast Yuuchan!" She pulled out her nerf gun from under a sofa cushion and fired a dart right between Yuiri's eyes.

Nana and Mogi watched as the force of the foam dart knocked Yuiri's head back. These girls never really got along, and they knew Yuuchan was seething.

"YOU'VE BREATHED YOUR LAST, YOU STINKY MIDGET! DIE ONE THOUSAND DEATHS!" Yuiri unsheathed the prop katana (that no one even knew she brought along) and charged at Mion.

Mion made an attempt to escape the raging demon, but she was too slow as the katana was slammed onto her head. Yuiri repeatedly pounded Mion with the theater prop, mercilessly clubbing her body with the blunted edge. The short girl cried out in pain as the Samurai carried out her punishment.

"Hey Mogi?"

"Yeah Naachan?"

"Are our girlfriends crazy?"

"Are we any less crazy for dating them?"

It was solid logic, and Nana simply shrugged. The two watched as Mion fruitlessly tried to put her guard up against Yuiri's weapon… and boundless anger.

46. Infestations (NakoMiku)

It was the weekend, so no Nezumi Radio had to be broadcast. Miku and Nako were in their own dorm for a change.

Nako laid in bed doodling in her digital tablet, and Miku was tinkering with Mayu's drone contemplating if the boss would be mad if she attached a taser gun onto it.

From the corner of Nako's eye, she noticed a dark mass crawling along the wall.

"AAH! Miku! What is that!?" She fell out of the bed and hid behind the other girl.

"It looks like a cockroach."


Whenever there was a bug, it was always Miku's job to deal with it.

She sighed, "fine… gimme a sec."

Miku grabbed one of her shoes and approached the insect, ready to release it from its mortal coil.

The abdomen of the cockroach began to twitch, this ghastly beast had wings. The creature leapt off the wall and took flight before it could be vanquished.

Miku sprinted back to Nako as she fled from the flying roach, "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!"

The two screamed and dived underneath the bed as they could only pray for the monster to fly out of the window.

47. Painfully Dumb (JuRicchan, SayaMilky)

A/N: if I want this place to feel like a living breathing world, I gotta do a better job making some of these couples interact every now and then.

People-watching was a favorite pastime for Sayaka and Miyuki when they were at the cafe. Most of Miyuki's break time would be used up watching the customers go about their day. There was something so relaxing about it.

The two spotted their favorite couple to listen in on.

"Hey Milky, there's Juri and Ricchan. It looks like they're excited about something."

Miyuki leaned in, not even trying to hide that she was totally watching them, "those idiots always say the dumbest things."


Juri, with a mouthful of crepe tapped on Rina's hand, "I was thinking about something!"

Thinking… them? People usually casted their doubts.

"Oh yeah? What were you thinking about?" Rina tilted her head, paying close attention.

"I was wondering why snails can't fly. It kept me up all night. They must get jealous watching their bug friends fly and stuff."

Rina racked her 'brain' over what Juri said, "hmm… maybe it's because the snails just don't believe in themselves."


"Think about it Juri, maybe snails just need extra encouragement so they can fly! Snails need to start believing in themselves!"

"Woah… are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"We should go around campus and start encouraging snails?"

Juri took the other girl's hands and smiled, "I love how you always understand me!" The two ran out the door hand in hand.

They didn't even finish their food.


SayaMilky looked visibly drained after watching their exchange.

For the first time in years, Sayaka dropped her guitar, "at least they're perfect for each other."

A little bit of drool was pooled at the corner of Miyuki's lip, "it feels like all my brain cells were murdered."


PROLOGUE Fukuoka Sunset (Oya Shizuka Backstory)

A/N: Before I get the backstory up, I kinda have to give Shizuka some screentime. Expect more Shizuka soon. I should probably mention that Aimi and Kaede are original characters.

After a day of supergluing doors and committing copious amounts of vandalism to cancel classes, Ryoka entered Shizuka's room with a stack of cash. This being the part where they negotiate how they split the payment.

Shizuka was throwing jabs at the punching bag positioned at the corner of the room. Only wearing a sports bra and a pair of shorts, the intricate designs of her tattoo were put on display.

"Y'know, I think this is the first time I've seen your ink." Ryoka plopped herself down on the couch and watched the captain train.

"It ain't just 'ink'." Shizuka took her boxing gloves off and toweled down her fists,  "it's called an irezumi. Generations of tradition, ya gotta give it some respect."

"My mistake…" Ryoka bowed her head, "what's the design mean though?"

The Yakuza girl turned her back and displayed the irezumi depicting a koi fish chasing a red dragon up a waterfall. She had made this design herself back when she was the tattoo artist of her clan.

"It's the tale about the koi that jumped up a waterfall. It symbolizes perseverance, so I can be somethin' like a dragon." Shizuka said proudly. "But honestly, I think I lost the privilege."

"Eh? Why's that?"

"The dragon symbolizes something different to everybody. To me, a dragon is strong, respected, but most of all… a dragon is merciful."

Ryoka shifted uneasily in her seat, "Hold on… you didn't off someone did ya?"

"No…" she sighed, "but it was enough to disgrace what it means to be a dragon."

Shizuka got caught in the memory of her last day in high school. Remembering what it felt like...

When Kaede's arms went limp when she strangled the breath out of her…

The screams of Aimi as she lowered the lit end of the cigarette down to her open eye…

The blood that ran down her face as she begged for them to try and kill her...

The moment she abandoned her humanity, and disgraced the art of fighting, as well as the art on her skin.

"Snap out of it Shizuka!" Ryoka waved her hand in front of her face.

"Ya got time to hear a story?"

"Sure, looks like you need someone to talk to."

Shizuka laughed, "don't feel the need to split the cash with me today, this is a long one…"
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Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (YuuNaaMogiOn, JuRicchan+) (1/25/21)
« Reply #66 on: February 03, 2021, 12:50:49 PM »
Fear not, Rena's mother loves her very much.
So do I :inlove: *fears not* I leave them in your capable hands.

One Thousand Cuts
Using your theater girlfriend's characters for drawing inspiration is such a good idea! Also, Mion is always bringing these messes onto herself :lol:

Oh my goooood roaches are terrible! >_< Especially when they fly. This is so relatable. I hope it didn't get under the bed with them.

Painfully Dumb
"it feels like all my brain cells were murdered."
Me too, I'm all out.
But JuRicchan as a dumb af couple who understands each other like that is really cute! lol they really are perfect for each other.

Fukuoka Sunset
Ooh irezumi. A new vocab word.
That lit cigarette to the eye got me shookt O_O

Excited for the continuation and looking forward to more!

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (YuuNaaMogiOn, JuRicchan+) (1/25/21)
« Reply #67 on: February 05, 2021, 01:03:58 AM »
Thank you for this update!

YuuNaaMogiOn: Love this fight between them hahaha so fuuny!

NakoMiku: In some ways its cute

JuRicchan, SayaMilky: I prefer Juri with Mako but this baka couple I laught

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
« Reply #68 on: February 11, 2021, 06:00:02 AM »
Replies to Comments

Love this fight between them hahaha so fuuny!
It was more of a beatdown than a fight Haha. Mion didn't stand a chance.

Mion is always bringing these messes onto herself :lol:
I find MogiOns relationship very similar to WMatsui. Rena has to protect the other students from Jurina, but Mogi has to protect Mion... from herself.



I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

48. Valentine's Day in Milkyland (SayaMilky, FuuMiru)

"I'm just gonna wash up before the double date, is that okay with you two?" Miyuki stood up from the sofa and gestured towards the hallway

She waited for Fuuko and Miru to nod in acknowledgment before heading off towards the shower.

Sayaka was leaned up against the door in the hallway strumming her ukulele. "isn't it kinda rude to shower when there's guests over?"

The other girl shrugged, "they were the ones who came over early and besides, I won't take long. Now get out of the way, you're blocking the bathroom Sayanee."

"Hey, maybe I needed to wash up too." The guitarist smirked.

"Oh? We're gonna do this when there's guests outside?"

"Does this mean I can't join you in the shower?"

"I never said that," Miyuki opened the door and pulled in Sayanee by her wrists, "now get in here you dirty girl!"


Fuuko craned her head towards the hallway, "Miyuki really is taking her sweet time in there."

Miru nodded in agreement, "I haven't even seen Sayaka in a while- wait." She froze, "they're totally fucking aren't they?"

"You think so?"

"I absolutely know! And how rude! They didn't even invite us in on the fun!"

Fuuko choked on air.

"We need to teach them a lesson! Let's fuck on their couch!"

Fuuko wasn't sure how banging her girlfriend on their friend's couch would solve any problems, but… whatever.

"Ah what the hell, those two probably have another 30 minutes left in them." Fuuko pushed Miru down on the sofa and furiously locked lips with her.

Several minutes of foreplay later, Fuuko snaked her hand underneath the waistband of Miru's underwear. Miru bit her lip, trying to stifle her moans to not alert the couple still in the shower. 

Milkyland had two sets of passionate lovers for Valentines. That was a first.


"Sorry for taking so long, we- I mean- I totally lost track of the time." Miyuki and Sayaka walked out of the hallway together. A few minutes earlier, they would've needed wheelchairs.

Miru was laid out on the couch with a satisfied smile on her face, while Fuuko was casually licking her own fingers.

"I'll pay for dinner tonight as apology, does that sound good to everyone?" Miyuki announced.

Fuuko interjected, "Uh… no. I can pay the bill tonight."

"Even after you two waited for so long?"

"I'm just gonna say you're probably gonna need the money… for a new couch."

49. Unfocused (SakuRuppi)

A/N: Its been mostly SayaMilky being the ones to get it on. I feel that most pairings will get their steamy fic at some point.

If there was one thing in the academy that was truly impossible, it would be getting Sakura's attention once she started gaming.

The sight was familiar. Sakura on the couch, leaning forward, pure concentration on the screen. A bit of sweat on her forehead.

"Seriously Sakura? You're playing videogames on Valentine's day?" Haruka shook her head disappointedly.

"Valentines day? You mean the hallmark holiday that causes people to go out and buy stupid heart-shaped things? I don't see the issue here. Besides, don't you have a porno to write? " Sakura said, her focus still tethered to the screen.

"It's an erotic manga! And its literature!"


Once again, Sakura's attention remained unwavering. Very few things could break this spell.

Maybe if the dorm was burning down, but even then… there's a possibility that Sakura would stay in and play till the end.

But Haruppi had enough. She was gonna get Sakura to drop those games for today.

She stepped in front of the TV, obstructing Sakura's view of her game.

"Haruppi! Move! You're blocking the screen! What are you…" Sakura trailed off as she noticed Haruppi slowly unbuttoning her shirt.

Haruka smiled as she noticed Sakura's grip on her controller loosening, as she slowly lost interest in the screen.

"Haruppi…" Sakura gulped, "what is this? Reenacting a scene from your porno manga?"

"Perhaps, but isn't this just life imitating art as usual?" she positioned herself upon Sakura's lap, while letting her shirt fall to the ground.

"Man, writing that porno manga really changed you."


"All I'm saying is... I think I like pervert Haruppi." Sakura wrapped her arms around Haruka before planting a long kiss on her lips.

Their kiss quickly became a passionate dance of tongues, the two locking lips until they began to gasp for air. Sakura removed her shirt, quickly moaning as Haruppi grabbed handfuls of her breasts.

Damn… why'd they wait so long to have sex?

The two transitioned over to the bedroom where they were eager to impose their lust upon each other's bodies. (But not eager enough to ruin a perfectly good couch.)

Once Haruka locked the door of the bedroom and hit her with the 'fuck me' eyes. It was all over.

Long story short, Sakura's opinion of Valentine's day had changed.

50. Burning Spirit Part 6: The Main Event (WMatsui)

With a box of melonpan, Jurina approached Rena's dorm. Considering their relationship mostly consisted of throwing lariats and Jurina injuring herself, she at least owed Rena a simple Valentine's day. No wrestling, no nonsense.

Rena's door was slightly cracked open, obvious that she was expecting Jurina to come over.

But the sight she was met with when she entered seemed so foreign, yet familiar. Jurina stared at Rena like she was a ghost.

Queen Gekikara stood in the center of the room, her hair was a mess, her wide smile had bad intentions written all over it. An unplugged microphone in her hand, she slowly raised it to her lips struggling to hold in her laughter.

"JURINA! Hehehe. Isn't this what you wanted? After doing your little wrestling moves to me and your other friends hahaHA?! DID YOU THINK YOU'D GET AWAY WITH IT?!" She giggled before lowering her voice, "Queen Gekikara wasn't a monster you created, she was just the monster you failed to avoid!"

Jurina dropped Rena's Valentine's day treats off to the side. With eyes full of determination, she summoned Hollywood Jurina's strength. Her chance to face the Queen was finally in front of her.


The Queen rushed to her opponent and swung her arm at Jurina. Luckily, Jurina managed to dodge the attack. The pure ferocity of that lariat would've damn near taken her head off.

But this was Hollywood Jurina's time to strike. Her new move. She transitioned behind her opponent and grabbed her wrist from behind. With all her might, she pulled Gekikara like a ripcord and delivered a fiery rainmaker. The same move that concussed Sakura.

But there was a problem.

Jurina's arm hit a wall. The Queen didn't budge. She laughed at the impact. Jurina stepped away, unsure as to how she withstood her new move.

"What the-"

Shades of the Great Muta, Queen Gekikara spat a green mist into Jurina's eyes.

She flailed her arms and screamed as the mist blinded her. Gekikara wrapped her arms around Jurina's waist and delivered a textbook German suplex. She held a bridging position for the three count.




Queen Gekikara was victorious.


The pain of the Rainmaker soon caught up to Rena as soon as their 'match' was over. She fell to the floor next to Jurina clutching her chest.

"Damn Rena… you're a nurse, a musician, and a prodigal wrestler now?" She wiped the mist out of her eyes.

"Did I hurt you Jurina?" Rena said between breaths.

Jurina laughed, "Only my pride. But it's whatever, I'll continue getting stronger."

"That's good to hear… what was in the box?"

"Melonpan, I heard you were crazy for em."

Rena smiled, "Thank you Jurina… do you mind feeding them to me?"

"Huh? Why do you need me to do that?"

"Because I'm pretty sure my ribs are broken."

A/N: Probably the last holiday special for a while eh? Also realized I've been on this site for about a year now.
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Valentine's Day in Milkyland
SayaMilky interacting with another couple, this time from Namba!
"now get in here you dirty girl!"
Dirty. Haha. That's why she's going into the shower.
Miru has some really interesting ways of 'teaching' SayaMilky a lesson. She just gave them a reason to buy a couch AND 'christen' it :P
Looks like someone already had a meal even before they went out for dinner!

Sakura repeatedly roasting Haruppi over her 'porno' is hilarious.
"Besides, don't you have a porno to write?"
Why did they wait so long to reenact Haruppi's porno manga? :dunno:
It was getting pretty hot near the end there *wipes sweat* WOOH! :sweat:

Burning Spirit Part 6: The Main Event
WMatsui in this situation somehow reminds me of JuRicchan in Painfully Dumb: Two people who get along and do dumb/dangerous stuff with each other, best left alone by civilians for their own sanity and safety. What a weird first Valentine's it would be to sit on the floor, feeding your multi-talented girlfriend (whose rib you just broke) a box of melonpan. (Btw since there's mist involved maybe this can be counted as a steamy story too.)

I enjoy your holiday specials. I respect the ability to have works that fit the occasion and have them come out before that occasion passes.
Happy anniversary on JPHiP!

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
« Reply #70 on: March 03, 2021, 10:27:49 PM »
Been a while huh? Here we are with another set. I need to write a one shot soon instead of sticking to the drabbles.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

51. Perfectionist (YuuNaa)

Nana woke up from her sleep when she heard shifting and stomping outside the bedroom. It was also quite curious that Yuiri wasn't in bed with her. Maybe she got up for a midnight snack? At 5am?

When she got up to investigate, she didn't really know what to expect.

But Yuiri practicing her sword fighting choreography certainly wasn't it.

"Yuuchan? How long have you been doing this?" Nana rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

"I waited until you slept so I could practice. I need to get this down perfectly!"

Yuiri had bags under her eyes and her grip on the katana was wobbly. The discomfort she was putting herself through made itself obvious on her features.

"Yuuchan put that down and come back to be-"

"No. I can't be any less than perfect! When you watch me on stage I want you to be proud of me! I need to work harder!"

"Yuuchan, this isn't the first time you've practiced at this hour isn't it?"

"I've been surviving off of 3 hours of sleep for this entire week. Now please go back to bed Naachan."

Nana shook her head, "I'm not going anywhere unless you come with me."

"No! What if I mess up on stage?! In front of everyone! Everyone would laugh at me! You'd laugh at me! And.. and… You'd leave me! You'd get back with Mako or something!" Yuiri snapped unexpectedly.

Nana took cautious steps forward, "hey… none of that's gonna happen. You haven't slept all week, and it's obviously getting to you. You're not thinking clearly." She closed the distance and reached out for her hands, "I'm not gonna leave you, I promise. You just need some rest."

"Then tell me… you... love me." Yuiri's speech began to slur, a week's worth of fatigue finally catching up to her.

"I love you."

"I'm sorry for putting you through this Naachan, I've been so… tired." Yuiri fell forward into Nana's arms as her consciousness faded out.

Luckily Nana caught her and felt her slump further as Yuiri immediately fell asleep in her hold. As best as she could, Nana laid her girlfriend down on the couch and set one of the cushions down under her head.

Unfortunately the couch could only fit one sleeping person at a time otherwise Nana would've joined her in slumber.

After laying a kiss upon the sleeping beauty's forehead, Nana noticed the sun beginning to rise as a faint light began to permeate through the blinds of their windows.

"I might as well get breakfast prepared now." Nana stuffed a dolphin plushie into Yuiri's arms before heading into the kitchen.

52. Wide Awake (FuuMiru)

When it's all said and done, I'm just glad it happened. Right?

Another sleepless night for Fuuko. Her body was tired sure, but her mind was racing with thoughts. What really pissed her off was that there really wasn't a reason for it.

She looked to her side and saw Miru next to her curled up in the sheets.

Fuuko sighed.

One day Miru's gonna see it. I'm not the right girl for her. Maybe she pitied me for never having a girlfriend before, maybe this love is one sided and I'm an idiot for thinking I can keep a girl like her.

Even if we go our separate ways… I can just be glad it happened.

As long as she can find a girl better than me, I'd be happy.

It doesn't get any easier to think about.

Fuuko rolled over and closed her eyes, desperate to sleep and escape these thoughts.

Immediately after, Miru wrapped her arms around Fuuko's midsection and nuzzled her head into her back. She let out a small hum as she hugged tighter.

"Babe, you awake?" Fuuko whispered.

To no response as Miru was fast asleep.

You can't fake that right? A person who didn't love me back wouldn't do that in their sleep.

What a funny thought huh?

Maybe she really does love me.

I sure as hell hope so at least.

Fuuko's eyes began to close, even without spoken words, that was the reassurance she needed.

53. Acumen (SudaYuria)

A girl who couldn't see colors and shapes isn't fit for an academy of the arts unless they were a musician, an actress, a dancer maybe?

But Akari wasn't any of these things. Her gifted hands molded clay into intricate sculptures.

Yuria was in awe looking at Suda's creations peering at the level of detail she put in despite lacking eyesight. Sculptures of tigers, elephants, and various other animals lined the shelves and the floor of her room.

Yuria felt her shoulder get tapped with Akari's cane.

"So Yuria… what kind of art do you do?"

"I'm a photography major."

Akari frowned.

"Aww, I'll never be able to experience your art."

"Eh, we never know. Maybe I can take up pottery or something one day. Hell, maybe I can be a sculptor like you." Yuria smirked, "Maybe I'll even be better than you… maybe I already am."

"Ha ha… Better than me?" Akari raised her eyebrow, "you better be able to back those words up Yuria."

Akari tapped her cane against the drawer next to her bed, feeling for the handle before pulling it open.

She pulled out a block of clay and held out her hand "Let's do some sculpting Yuria! Let's see what those soft hands can do."

"Tch… soft hands, how hard can sculpting even be?"


And it was then Yuria found out that sculpting was incredibly difficult.

Her hands were messy, the desk was messy, and she was really getting tired of the smell of clay.

Akari sat on the floor making a sculpture of her own. One of an octopus. An inhuman amount of detail going into each tentacle. She must've had a photographic memory before going blind to create such an odd creature with such accuracy.

"So Yuria, are you about done with your beautiful creation?"

"Uh… yeah… I guess."

Akari sprang up and felt her way towards the desk eager to see what Yuria had created.

Yuria watched as Akari's fingers touched every surface of the clay, analyzing the image in her head. Yuria could see the look on Akari's face transition from confusion, to pure concentration, before settling on laughter.

"So Yuria, what's this supposed to be?"

"It was supposed to be a cat."

"Ahh… a cat..." Akari laughed, "want some honest criticism?"

Yuria scratched her head as she set aside her abomination, "sure Akari, lay it on me."

"It feels like a sculpture of a cat that got hit by a bus."

"I don't think that's how criticism works, Akarin."

54. Charity (Oya Shizuka, Owada Nana. Non-Pairing)

With a warm box of pizza in hand, Shizuka turned the corner into a run-down alleyway in a really grimy area of the city.

Because someone called this run-down alleyway their home.

Shizuka kicked the dumpster positioned against the wall, "Naanya! Get out here, I brought ya something!"

The dumpster lid flipped open and a girl poked her head out, "Shizuka! Good to see you!" Owada scanned the area and looked at the food Shizuka had brought for her, "Is that for me?! You shouldn't have!"

Owada climbed out of the dumpster and sat on the floor, "what's the occasion?"

Shizuka sat down next to her and handed the pizza box to her, "It's just my way of saying thanks. Ya treat me like a regular girl instead of treating me like a Yakuza. Not many people do that and I appreciate it y'know."

"It's no biggie Shizuka, you go out of your way to treat a homeless girl like me like a regular girl. I guess no one likes being judged by their covers huh?"

"Being homeless… does it suck?"

"It's not all that bad, I hardly have to pay for food and I get good company sometimes. Sometimes I do wonder what its like to have my own bed."

"Well, I didn't come here just to bring you a pizza."

Shizuka unzipped her backpack and unloaded the contents on the floor.

Bundles of cash dropped down onto the concrete. It was more cash than Nana had ever seen in her lifetime.

'Whoa, Shizuka… what is this!? Is this for me?"

"Mmm kinda." Shizuka grabbed a bundle and thumbed through the bills, "this is your tuition. I'm getting you off these streets."

"Whoa, is this some top secret Yakuza crime money?"

"No… my aunt owns a successful bakery franchise."

"Bakery?… is that codeword for black market drug trade?!"

"No… its codeword for 'establishment that sells muffins'."

The two laughed after their little exchange, before going silent.

Nana grabbed a bundle of cash and flipped through the tender, "But really though Shizuka, I owe my life to you now." Tears welled up in her eyes, "you don't have any clue what this means to me."

"Don't think about repaying me ever, I love helping out the underdogs."

Nana smiled, "this calls for a celebration! Everyone get out here!"

A band of raccoons (and curiously enough, one possum) of all shapes and sizes hopped out of the shadows and swarmed the pizza box.

Shizuka quickly backed away from the rodents


"Ah don't worry Shizuka! They're all nice raccoons… except for Mr. Hamazaki over there."

She pointed to a raccoon that was clawing at the walls and ripping apart a pizza.

"He has rabies."

Nana grabbed a slice of pizza for herself and handed another one to Shizuka to which she hesitantly accepted.

But Shizuka wouldn't turn down a celebration. Especially Naanya's last day as a homeless girl.
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Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (YuuNaa, SudaYuria+) (3/3/21)
« Reply #71 on: March 08, 2021, 12:37:18 AM »
Oh, we're seeing a lot of 'she'll leave me' thoughts here. I'm happy to see that they're both resolved.

Sasuga the Theater Goddess. Though Nana is right, she needs sleep. Messing up onstage is likely when one is sleepy. Even her way of thinking is unreasonable, right Naachan?

Wide Awake
The pain is *chef's kiss* I know you said you're "pretty bad at writing angst" but I enjoyed this a lot. It's a good step up from something like Yuihan's almost-angst moment in Confession. Both the reader and Fuuko get to marinate in a few more lines of pain.
Also, kind of you to use the other half of the piece to relieve that pain.

Wow, Dasu sounds AWESOME. So she lost her eyesight and wasn't born blind. Gotta respect her still going through with art and being amazing doing it.

Shizuka is so kind. When Naanya said she owes her her life now, I can't help but agree.
"No… its codeword for 'establishment that sells muffins'."
Riiiiight we're not gonna believe that, right Naanya? Wait, we are? Oh okay.
But what's gonna happen to the raccoons?

Thanks for the update!

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (YuuNaa, SudaYuria+) (3/3/21)
« Reply #72 on: March 18, 2021, 02:16:57 AM »
I love every drabble  but my favorite is Yuunaa of course, our godneed is sometime too strict.

Keep writting! :)

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
« Reply #73 on: March 27, 2021, 01:43:24 AM »
We got a few returning authors back on the site. I'm happy to be writing along with authors that are infinitely more talented than I am lol.

Come to think of it, if they hop into this series... they got a lot of catching up to do huh.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

55. Black Roses (Mayuki)

A/N: The Mayu Birthday Special!

Black Yuki stood in front of Mayu's door for what felt like hours. A bouquet of black roses in hand and a present in the other. She never had a birthday of her own, much less ever celebrated anyone else's. So practically she's winging it.

The girl finally managed to knock on the door, half hoping Mayu wouldn't answer in fear that she'd find a way to mess things up.

But Mayu answered.

"Hey Yuki, what's up? You're up a little early don't you think?" Mayu beamed her amazing smile.

Yuki took a second to form proper words, "umm… I'm aware that today is your birthday."

Mayu looked confused for a second as she checked her phone, "oh… so it is."

"I believe gift giving is the usual tradition on birthdays, so I will begin with these roses."

Yuki made her way inside and grabbed the vase in the back of Mayu's room, tossing the white roses out the window (water and all) and replacing them with black ones.

"Black roses huh? Pretty." Mayu touched a petal of one of the flowers, "what's in the box you're holding? It's pretty big, I hope you didn't spend too muc–"

"I bought you a new laptop."

"You bought… w h a t?"

The taller girl opened the box to reveal a high end laptop that must've cost a fortune. "Was this not an adequate gift?"

"Nononono! I-its… holy shit! Yuki! You didn't have to spend that kind of money on me!"

"This is my first time giving a gift to someone, did I do well?"

"Y-you did amazing! I have to pay this back somehow! I'm gonna pay for lunch, dinner and the cake! How's that sound?!"

Yuki facepalmed, "Ah, a cake… I knew I was forgetting something."

Mayu silenced Yuki with her lips.

"Shut up!"

And shut up she did. Yuki stood frozen as if someone pulled the plug on her brain. A kiss that didn't have darkness or alcohol to plant the seed of doubt of it happening in the first place. Birthdays must be wonderful.

"The scent of… cupcakes." Yuki said during her mental shutdown sequence.

And shortly after… the girl dropped to the floor.

Completely out cold.

56. Outsmart (SakuRuppi)

A/N: Sakura birthday special. Come to think of it, lots of idol birthdays in March.

"So Sakura, I know it's your birthday." Haruka moved a strand of Sakura's hair behind her ear, "I'm feeling quite generous. I'm sure there's something special you want today~"

Sakura stiffened at Haruka's touch, "yeah, actually. But… but only if you're okay with it!"

"Oh?" Haruka smiled with half-lidded eyes, biting her lip seductively, "and what would you like me to do for you~?"

"Can you do my art history homework?"

"Oh Sakura~ it'd be my pleasure to– wait. What?"

"I wanted to ask you to do my homework for my birthday."

"Oh… sure. I can do your homework. Easy peasy. It'd be just like middle school all over again."

"Thanks Haruppi! You're the best girlfriend on the planet!" Sakura hugged Haruka and laid a kiss on her cheek.

There was a knock at the door almost immediately after, and Sakura hurriedly came to answer.

"Happy birthday Sakura!" Two small girls stepped into the dorm and set a cake down on the table.

"Nako? Miku? How'd you know it was my birthday?"

"Oh, we hacked your girlfriend's phone." Nako said nonchalantly.

Haruka hurriedly began deleting private files off her device.

"We also brought a present!" Miku pulled out her phone and fiddled with the screen.

Mechanical humming could be heard outside the window, its volume starting faint, but gradually crescendoing.

A drone carrying a present burst in through the curtains before immediately crashing into a wall. Neither the drone nor the present stood a chance, spilling several wrapped candies onto the floor leaving a wreckage that resembled a robot piñata.

"Good one Miku, you trashed the boss's drone."

Miku slumped, "Aww man, I'm gonna be cleaning bathrooms for a month!"

The birthday girl blankly stared at the mess on the floor, "uh. thanks for the candy."

Haruka stepped over the drone-corpse and set plates down on the table, "let's just forget that happened and eat cake."

Everyone else shrugged and sat down as Haruka divvied out slices of cake to everyone.


Haruka polished off Sakura's homework before anyone even finished a slice of cake

The Renaissance section? A baby could've completed this assignment.

"Sakura, your homework is done. I even purposefully got a few questions wrong so it appears more realistic."

Miku gaped at Sakura, "Whoa… your girlfriend does your homework?! Luckyyyyy."

"I certainly am lucky!" Sakura smiled before changing the subject, "didn't you girls wanna show me some anime? Pull it up on the TV, I'll be over there in a sec."

Nako and Miku nodded and began connecting cables from a laptop to the TV screen.

Sakura turned to Haruka after watching the two leave the table, "are you still in the mood to give me more gifts later?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Earlier, were you not offering sex as a present?"

"Why did you ask me to do your homework if you knew?!"

"Because we both know you're gonna fuck me anyway. Besides, I wanted two gifts!"

Haruka was in shock, never in her wildest dreams did she expect to be outsmarted by Sakura. How exciting.

"Sakura! Are you watching with us or not?!" Nako shouted across the room.

"Yeah! I'll be right there!" She gave Haruppi a playful smirk before seating herself beside NakoMiku.

Haruka composed herself before joining the rest of them. While her full attention was on the screen, in the back of her mind she knew after this kickback was done…

Sakura's second gift was en route.

57. Lovers Quarrel (JuRicchan)

A/N: Kinda going against the birthday theme? Kinda sorta. Adventures in Art School is one year old! This little drabble takes place before 'Figure Drawing' the first installment.

"Ricchan! Ricchan! I need advice!" Renaachi banged on the door.

Asking for advice from Ricchan or Juri meant someone was desperate.

Rina opened her door, "Rena? You need advice? What kind of advice? I can help you with all sorts of stuff!" Rina excitedly pulled her into the dorm and sat on the couch.

"Love advice! I need help!" Rena sat down next to her, noticing Juri in the background having trouble reading an art history textbook. It was upside-down.

Rina reclaimed her attention, "Oooooooh, love! So what's going on Rena?"

"I feel like Annin is avoiding me! She hasn't been answering her phone either! I know she's busy with finals, but UGH!" Rena buried her head in her hands. "Anytime I've ever ran into a problem, I just threw rocks at it! And I can't throw rocks at Annin! Why is dating so hard?!"

Juri cut in, "If you throw a rock at her, maybe write something nice on it first!"

Rena had no response to her nonsense.

"Don't listen to her, Rena. You know Juri can be a bit of an idiot sometimes." Rina said in a hushed tone, "I'm the brains in this relationship, Juri's definitely the pretty one though."

Juri dropped her upside-down book, "I heard that! And we all know I'M the brains here!"

Juri and Ricchan hardly ever argued, but when they did it was always sparked by their unwillingness to admit which one was least intelligent in the relationship.

In fairness, it's not like anyone in the academy could agree on that debate.

Rena had the smarts to know that they were inching towards a full blown lovers quarrel.

Honestly, why did I think asking advice from these girls was a good idea anyway? Man… maybe I'm as dumb as them.

The most logical thing to do in this situation would be to make a hasty exit.






Rena slowly backed away and reached for the doorknob behind her, slipping away like a rock-throwing spectre. As she shut the door, she could hear the two girls still arguing.

Honestly, they were probably gonna forget she even came over.

She sighed, "How'd those idiots find love before me?"
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Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (Mayuki, SakuRuppi+) (3/26/21)
« Reply #74 on: April 06, 2021, 03:23:32 PM »
Wahhh I can't believe I only saw the update now.

Black Roses
The image of throwing a whole vase's worth of flowers (and the water inside) in a single toss is pretty funny. Damn, what an extravagant gift. I hope Mayu can teach her wallet-protecting gift-giving practices!

We love a practical gift requester. Though the group bonding by watching a movie is fun too. Watching more characters interact with each other really gives more life to this universe.

Lovers Quarrel
And I can't throw rocks at Annin!
At the risk of sounding like someone at Ricchan and Juri's level... why not???
"Don't listen to her, Rena. You know Juri can be a bit of an idiot sometimes." Rina said in a hushed tone, "I'm the brains in this relationship, Juri's definitely the pretty one though."
I love Ricchan's conspiratorial whispering to Rena, considering how she thinks about them. Still, Ricchan saying Juri is the pretty one among the two of them is kinda sweet???

Thanks for the update!

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (Mayuki, SakuRuppi+) (3/26/21)
« Reply #75 on: April 13, 2021, 10:53:37 AM »
Ahh thanks for the update!
I was finally able to catch up with the new drabbles and i love them, but more than anything the SakuRuppi I can already imagine all that funny situation on Sakura's birthday  :lol:
I will be waiting for the next update and thanks for the effort!

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
« Reply #76 on: April 24, 2021, 01:38:50 AM »
Replies to Comments

@aneramyre: Watching to see how characters interact is the fun part especially considering how crazy these characters can get. And they'll only get crazier.

@Nozokime: Been a long time! Its good to see you back! Thank you for sticking with me.


Been a while. Were back with our favorite akb fluffy art school gays. I have a lot of crazy characters planned for the next installments. A ton of writers block had to amount to something right?

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

58. Ghost Story (WMatsui)

Much like any other night, Jurina was in bed getting her recommended eight hours of sleep.

Until she was awoken by her ringtone.

At 2am.

Jurina, barely anything more than a pile of hair and fluffy pajamas on her mattress groggily lifted her head to check her phone.

It was Rena ringing her. At 2am, it had to be important… right?

She tapped the screen to accept the call.

She actually missed the button a few times in her dazed state, but managed to hit it on her fourth try.


"Hey! Is it possible for you to come to the practice rooms in the music building? I need to show you something interesting."

"Couldn't you just… i don't know… take a picture of it and show it to me at a reasonable time? Instead of calling…" Jurina glanced at the time on her phone, "at 2 in the friggin morning?"

"I promise it will all be worth it! It's super cool!"



Jurina's head laid back onto the pillow, her hand was losing grip on the phone as she began to drift off to sleep once more.

"Jurina?! Are you still there?"

She jolted awake again, "Huh? What's going on?"

"Okay look Jurina... The lights turned off in the building and I'm super scared. Can you please come get me?!"

"Fine… just gimme a minute."


Music building certainly was dark. Jurina illuminated the halls by shining a light from her phone.

Eventually she turned the corner and ran into Rena which admittedly kinda scared the shit outta her.

"Hey Jurina! I'm glad you came, I don't do well with dark places."

"Afraid somethings gonna jump out at you?"

"Something like that. My mom was a Majijo student. She said she'd turn out the lights on someone before beating them up all while laughing uncontrollably. It's just bad instincts I guess."

"Majijo?" Jurina stopped, "I hear those girls do nothing but beat the hell out of each other."

"And it's all true. My mom was a queen and everything. Good thing this school is nothing like that."

Jurina grinned, "you sure about that?"

"I mean nothing bad happens here. Other than your lariats really."

"Ever hear about the angry spirit that wanders these halls?"

"N-no." Rena stuttered.

"Story goes that there was this girl who studied hard to be the best pianist in the school. Spent hours practicing a day to hone her gifted hands, but the professor never got along with her and failed her on every performance. Girl got fed up being punished for nothing.

So one day…"

'What h-happened?" Rena gasped.

"When all the students left the class, she pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed the professor to death before taking her own life."

Rena was visibly shaken and clinging to Jurina's arm.

"Worst part is… RENA SHE'S RIGHT BEHIND US!"

And Rena ran screaming.

After a few seconds, Jurina spoke into the darkness.

"Uh… Rena I just made that up."

Jurina could hear quick footsteps getting increasingly louder before getting tackled to the floor. The phone light flipping on its back leaving the halls in darkness.

Rena repeatedly punched Jurina's arm "JURINA." *punch* "YOU CAN'T" *punch* "JUST STAY STUFF LIKE THAT!" *punch*

Rena mercilessly clubbed Jurina in the dark.

Her Majijo alumni mother would be proud.

59. The Perfect Shot (YuiParu)

A/N: This was gonna be a Paruru birthday special, but you can only write so many of those before they start to get dull. Its a shame too considering Paruru is my favorite.

It might have been hours. The coffee went cold, and the cake was probably unpleasantly warm.

However taking the perfect picture required that kind of patience, even if it was just a simple shot of cafe food.

"All these shots are boring, how am I gonna win that contest?" Paruru grimaced at her photo set. Rino and Rie's contest still hadn't found a winner in the months the competition was active. She was a regular at the Cafe, so winning that discount would only be good for her wallet because the drinks and pastries really add up over time.

Yui and Bisu entered her dorm, "Hey Paru, what are you-"

"Shut up for a sec." Paruru remained laser focused through the lens of her camera. "Can't miss this shot."

The cat walked into the frame of the photo, curiously sniffing at the cake.

"Hey Bisu, get back here! You're gonna mess up the shot!"

"Wait Yui, I think Bisu's onto something."

Yui tilted her head as she watched her girlfriend work.

"Alright Bisu, take one step forward."

"Meow?" Bisu cautiously stepped forth.

"Hmm…" The photographer carefully measured the shot, "come forward a little more."


"Alright Bisu maybe take one teeny tiny step forward."

Yui smiled at Paruru's strange interaction with her cat. They get along so well. Like… her girlfriend is straight up talking to a cat right now.

Then again, Yui had open conversations with Bisu regularly.

"No! Bisu! Too far!"

"Meow?" Bisu backed up slightly.

"Perfect!" Paru clicked the camera, and the cat scurried off once his job was complete.

This had to be the perfect shot, Paru had been at it for hours and honestly… she's getting really hungry.

She took a look at the photo she shot and hummed, "what do you think Yui?"

"Looks good to me! You're gonna enter the contest with that?"

"With a little bit of photo editing, yes."

Paruru's stomach began to growl after the hours of prioritizing the picture, but luckily she had a cake right in front of her. She sliced into it with her fork and took a heaping mouthful.

"I bought this slice of cake six hours ago."

"Is it still good?"

"Nope." Paruru then proceeded to throw the rest of it away.

60. The Cafe Contest: Part 6 (RinoRie)

A/N: The Paruru double feature baby!

"The composition, natural complementary colors, the cat's pretty cute too." Rino rubbed her chin as she scanned the entry with her eyes.

"You talking to yourself again Sasshi?" Rie walked into the room and paused as she noticed her wife staring at the piece, "oh, is that for the contest?"

"Yeah, sent in by Shimazaki Haruka."


"Uhh, you might know her as Paruru?"

"Oh, the salty girl." Rie stepped beside her partner and observed the entry, "is this a photograph? I was really hoping for some real art." She said with a furrow of her brow.

"A well shot photo IS real art. It's way harder than taking a selfie, and you already delete half of the ones you take."

"Ouch. Point taken."

The entry featured a slice of cake and a cup of coffee angled and shot to make the decadent items appear even more delectable. A red plate complimented the green matcha icing of the pastry, each particle of light doing its job to make the image pop. In the background, Bisu made his appearance giving a little bit of character to what would be 'just a picture of food.'

"You know what Sasshi?" Rie grabbed the picture and imagined it on the wall, "I think we got a winner."

"You think so?"

"Think about it, this picture is gonna attract customers to our menu. Look how amazing that cake looks, people are gonna be throwing money at the display!" Rie spoke with dollar signs in her eyes.

"Now that you mention it, it gave me cravings for our own menu items." Rino said with a hand over her stomach.

"Honestly, I'm getting pretty hungry looking at it too."

"Maybe you're right Rie. I think this is the one, we can finally wrap this contest up."

"I feel like celebrating. Maybe a special dinner for us? What are you in the mood for?"

Rino and Rie stared at Paruru's entry, and instinctively their mouths began to water.

"Honestly, a Matcha cake sounds really good right now."

"Thank goodness, I was thinking the same thing."

61. Nezumi Radio Broadcast 2 (Watanabe Mayu)

It's Tuesday and you know what that means!

It's time for your very own Cyborg Idol to start your day off right!

Welcome to Nezumi Radio!!! Yaaaaaayyyyy!

Okay, so no paid advertising this time around but, I wanna talk about something I've been seeing recently.

Has anyone noticed the raccoons on campus?

Am I crazy?

Are these someone's pets?

It's always the same raccoons too. You're probably asking, 'how do you know they're the same raccoons Nezumi?'

I know because one member of that raccoon squad is absolutely massive. I mean… freakishly huge.

I feel like I'm not coming through as to how big this raccoon is. We're talking like… if I wasn't afraid of it, I could ride it like a horse.

What does it even eat?! Steroids?!

It was also then I realized raccoon paws are super similar to human hands - I swear those things have thumbs. THUMBS!

I saw one of em' pick up an apple. Is that not scary to anyone?!

I also saw a possum hanging out with them, and I didn't even know we had possums in Japan.

Oh my God. They developed inter-species communication.

I need to sit down… wait, i'm already sitting.

I need to lay down.

But I'll lay down later! We still have more Nezumi Radio to go! Onto some campus announcements!

Later tonight at the theater be sure to catch the Magnificent Chori's Magic Show of Wonder! Followed by the Kimoto Kanon puppet show!

Continuing on...
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Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (WMatsui,YuiParu+) (4/23/21)
« Reply #77 on: May 06, 2021, 10:58:21 AM »
I'm late?! For an update that has my favorite ship in it?! SHAME.

Ghost Story (WMatsui)
Jurina's bad at waking up even here. I really felt her sleepiness especially when she was losing her hold on her phone. So relatable!
My mom was a queen and everything.

I enjoyed the image of Rena running away THEN also running back to beat Jurina. The quickness of her mood change after realizing that she was pranked is funny. Guess Jurina got back to sleep sooner than she expected.

The Perfect Shot (YuiParu)
Love the Paruru and Bisu interaction! I wonder if Paruru and Yuihan are the only ones that Bisu can communicate so easily with.
But my favorite part has to be the phrasing of "Yui and Bisu entered her dorm" instead of "Yui entered the room with Bisu" or "Yui entered the room carrying Bisu" or any other variation. It somehow feels like Bisu's agency is equal to Yuihan's (ie a human's) which fits in with the Paruru interaction later on.

The Cafe Contest: Part 6 (RinoRie)
A well shot photo IS real art.
Yeah tell your wife, Sasshi! Let's appreciate all kinds of art! :onioncheer:
A conclusion to the Cafe Contest :O Look at that, someone finally submitted a winner. As a cat lover, I'd definitely be compelled to dine in a cafe that has a picture of their food with such a cute cat. Can't help but support the choice.

Nezumi Radio Broadcast 2 (Watanabe Mayu)
The return of the raccoon and possum squad is hilarious, along with Mayu's fun-to-read panic over them. I also love the casual worldbuilding of what other types of shows there are at the theater.

Re-reading my review, I'm actually kind of ashamed at how unhelpful my WMatsui comments are. I've been trying to say what I enjoy in fics to give proper constructive feedback to the author instead of just speculating about the world or trying to be witty but this one... I just failed. I'll work on not being so distracted by Rena in the future but I make no promises. See you next time!

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
« Reply #78 on: June 08, 2021, 11:01:15 PM »
First things first, RIP Kuro. While I don't have the relationship with him the other members of this website do, I felt the need to mention it because at the end of the day he was a big part of the fanfic circle. A majority of his work is on the pervy fic section, and my goodness sheer quantity of his work is absurd. Genuinely inspiring. I also may have sent in a few requests when he was regularly writing.


Alright a few things before our regularly scheduled program begins, I haven't updated in a month. My bad. I was trying to write an actual one-shot, but I ended up scrapping it after several re-writes. I'm still gonna attempt to write it because i still kinda love the idea.

Nako is sick with a fever, and Miku hires someone to babysit her. A girl named Honda Hitomi accepts the job and she may or may not be a robot... wait... I shouldn't spoil the story haha.

Anyway, I hope to be writing more often.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

62. Ro-boss (NakoMiku)

Mayu invited her assistants over to her dorm for breakfast. It was the weekend, so no Nezumi Radio to record. Just a nice morning to spend a little time with her favorite little workers.

In the middle of their meal, Mayu began the discussion.

"I've always been wondering something about you two."

"What is it, boss?" said Nako.

"We'll tell you anything, boss!" Miku said with her mouth full of food.

"I've always wondered why you two enrolled in art school. You two are gifted hackers, why didn't you two just go down the 'techie' career path like going to a programming school?"

Nako waited for Miku to finish demolishing her food before they responded together.

"Well, boss. Don't you think it's kinda silly to go to take classes on a subject you already know?" Nako nonchalantly poked at her food with a fork.

Miku began taking her first real breaths after practically inhaling her breakfast, speaking after wiping her mouth, "Nako and I made a promise to each other that once we were skilled enough, we'd build a robot together! We can program a robot for sure, but we also gotta make it pretty too ya know."

Mayu smiled, "aww you're gonna build a robot together? That's so adorable!"

"I never knew what the design of our robot was gonna be like, until it came to us in a dream." Nako said as she slid her plate over to Miku so she could continue her breakfast warpath.

"We want our robot to look like you, boss!" Miku exclaimed before going full face-vacuum on Nako's unfinished food.

"Wait, what?! You're gonna build a robot-me?!" Mayu was taken aback.

Nako looked over to Miku, then opted to respond by herself. (Miku looked a little occupied with her food.)

"Of course we are! Me and Miku have the best boss ever!"

Mayu swallowed a bite of her omelette to buy time and try to process how she felt.

"Uh... I guess that's flattering"

"Maybe ten years from now me and Miku are gonna show up at your doorstep and have you meet our very own Robo-Mayu!"

"Please don't."

63. Anxious Delivery Girl (FuuMiru)

As an extension to their services, Rino and Rie's Cafe began to carry out deliveries. After a couple interviews they picked the girl they felt represented the company the best. (Or at least the one Rino liked the best.)

Yabushita Shu promised herself that she'd be the best delivery girl Rino and Rie had ever seen! There was no room for screw-ups on the first day on the job. Absolutely none!

After departing from the elevator, she entered the dorm hallway where she was to meet with the customer and drop off their items.

Shu took a deep breath outside their room.

Don't mess this up Shu… don't mess this up. PLEASE GOD, DON'T MESS THIS UP!

She tapped her knuckles against the wooden door while trying to prevent herself from hyperventilating.

What if this is the wrong door?! What if I get fired on my first day?! Aww crap, aww crap I should turn away now before I embarrass myself!

The door opened before Shu even had the opportunity to make a hasty exit.

Shu stood up straight as she switched to her full customer service mode.

"Hello! I have two iced coffees and one strawberry cream sandwi- OHMYGODMYEYES!"

Shiroma Miru leaned against the doorframe completely unaware of how naked she was.

"Awww, you're the delivery girl? You're so cute!" Miru giggled as she eyed the girl up and down.

"WHY ARE YOU NAKED?! I MEAN- YOU HAVE A GREAT BODY AND I PROMISE I WASN'T STARING BUT-" Shu screamed, (justifiably) freaking out.

"Oh, am I naked agai-" Miru was abruptly pulled back into her room before Fuuko stepped out to replace her, shutting the door behind her.

Fuuko greeted Shu, as if to pretend the delivery girl wasn't in the presence of Miru's boobs as it was exposed to the elements.

"Hey, you're the new girl huh?"

Shu, still shaken up, nodded quickly.

"Umm… just pretend that you didn't see my girlfriend naked." Fuuko took the items from Shu's hands, "oh… just so you know, we're coworkers."

And Shu exploded.


"I'm not mad, okay? Everyone's seen her naked at this point. Just… you know… I don't wanna make it awkward or anything between us." Fuuko nervously scratched at her nape, failing to make anything less awkward.

Shu nodded quickly again.

"You're doing a great job, by the way. You probably needed to hear that." Fuuko reassured her with a smile before slipping a tip into her shirt pocket. "See you at work, I guess." Fuuko said as she turned on her heels and retreated back into her room.

Shu stood dumbfounded at how her first delivery turned out. But she pulled herself together and went to her next customer's door...

...Desperately hoping they wouldn't be as naked.

64. Ninjas Aren't Real (SakuRuppi, MioMeru)

Haruka and Sakura spent much of their day watching movies together. For some odd reason, Sakura was on a big ninja movie kick.

But there were only so many shadow clones and assassinations Haruppi could witness before she started to get tired of it all.

"So Sakura, remind me why we're watching these again?"

"Because I'm in a class with two ninja girls, and I wanted to educate myself on their culture and whatnot. I'm trying to learn Haruppi, aren't you proud?"

"Ninjas? Sakura… There haven't been ninjas since our country's feudal period."

"You gotta meet them! Believe me! They're actual real life ninjas!"

"You're being crazy, this is what happens when you stay up all night to play games." Haruka shook her head slightly amused at her girlfriend.

Sakura simply shrugged and continued watching.

Haruka was trying to follow the plot of the film, something about someone's mom dying and getting revenge… something about some ancient blade… something about forbidden techniques… Haruka eventually stopped caring and only paid attention to the fight scenes.

A loud pop rang out as a puff of smoke wafted across the room. Two girls coming forth as it cleared.

"Ooooh, movie! Good thing I brought snacks!" Meru said as she plopped down next to Sakura.

"Why do these movies make ninjas wield Katanas? It's a dumb stereotype. It'd be too heavy to sneak around with. And what's with the clones? And why do they run like that?" Mio said as she stood with her arms crossed behind the couch.

Sakura casually greeted them as she shared snacks with Meru.

Haruka was broken out of her reverie, becoming completely bewildered at the surprise visitors in her room and how casually Sakura was taking all of this.

"Excuse me… who are you two? And how did you get in my room?!"

"I'm Meru, and that's Mio. Nice to meet ya!" Meru gestured to both of them as she reclined in her seat.

Mio followed up immediately after, "We are both trained experts at infiltration and subterfuge. All it takes is one smoke bomb and we could be anywhere on campus!"

In defeat, Haruka turned to Sakura, "I'm guessing these are the school ninjas?"


Haruka looked at the ninjas in disbelief before accepting the stranger reality, "...Meru do you have more snacks on you?"

"Sure do!"

Meru tossed a bag of gummy snacks to Haruka.

And that's the story of how Kodama Haruka watched ninja movies with ninjas.

What on earth are ninjas doing in art school anyway?

65. Unbelievably Dumb (Atsumina, JuRicchan)

Atsuko dragged her wife to Rino&Rie's Cafe in a way to better connect with the students. To watch the girls in their natural habitat. Minami didn't find it very practical, but she wouldn't say no to spending time with her wife.

Minami took notice of Juri and Ricchan on a date. Those two were some of her most talented students. It took a lot to impress Takamina, but their art was impeccable and she couldn't deny it.

"Hey Acchan, see those two girls over there?" Minami subtly gestured to the dumb couple.

"Juri and Rina? I had them in my class last semester. Super talented girls."

"Incredible amounts of talent from those two." Minami nodded, "too bad they're dumb as a bag of bricks though."


"Seriously... listen to them, Acchan."

The two quieted down to listen in on their conversation.


The couple were bickering once again trying to discover which of the two was the smart one in the relationship.

The girls stopped eating as they got more immersed in their debate.

"I'm smarter!"

"No, I'm smarter!"

"Oh yeah? I can do math super duper fast!" Juri claimed.

"Oh yeah!? What's 4 + 5?" asked Rina, probably in the most aggressive way a math question could.

"It's 67!"

"I don't even think that's correct."

"Maybe it's not!" Juri stabbed her fork into her pancake, "but I solved it super duper fast!"

"Woah… that was pretty fast… maybe you are kinda smart Juri…" Rina said with hearts in her eyes.


Atsuko and Minami wore blank expressions on their faces as they tried to process the events that played out before them.

"I suppose that's the tradeoff for impeccable work." Atsuko turned to her food, unsure if she even had an appetite left.

Minami casually stole a sausage from her wife's plate before speaking with a full mouth.

"How did they graduate high school?"

"How did they graduate elementary school?"

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
« Reply #79 on: June 16, 2021, 11:56:01 PM »
I'm not sure if anyone read the last update, so be sure to read it if you haven't.

Though mostly its just a set of character introducing and a small bit of world building. Now in hindsight, this fic is probably incredibly hard to get into because of that. Well... I had to have suspected it.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

66. Happy Birthday Yuuchan! (YuuNaaMogiOn)

It was Yuiri's birthday, and it was only natural for the YuuNaaMogiOn gang to come together and throw a bit of a celebration.

Nana was busy setting up the table, keeping an eye on her partner making sure she was relaxing and not studying, or rehearsing for any of her classes. Nana also refused her help for setting up decorations and in the kitchen.

Well, Nana would refuse her help in the kitchen regardless of occasion. As everyone knew, Yuuchan's cooking skills were… nightmarish.

Soon enough, Mogi and Mion made their entry with two cakes. Both girls carried their respective desserts over to the table before saying their happy birthdays to Yuiri.

"I'm really happy both of you came… even you, Mion."

Mion grinned and rolled her eyes.

Nana returned to the table with a comically large bowl of chicken karaage. (Yuuchan wasn't even allowed to assist in cooking such a simple dish as chicken karaage.) The short haired girl eyed the two cakes in curiosity.

"What's with the two cakes? Don't you think that's a little much for the four of us?" Nana raised an eyebrow at the two girls.

With a chuckle Mogi answered, "Well, one of the cakes is for us to eat. And the other one is for Yuuchan to throw at Mion's face."

"Yup." Mion said in a tone void of enthusiasm.

In less than five seconds, Yuiri dashed over to the second cake, removing it from its box and sending it hurtling through the air before it made a splattering impact across Mion's face. The small girl was knocked off her feet, leaving her laying in a heap of icing and bread.

Nana stared slack-jawed at the enormous mess on the floor (including Mion). Icing even managed to make it onto the ceiling, which Nana already knew was gonna be a huge pain in the ass to clean up.

Mogi crouched down next to her fallen partner and swiped a small portion of icing off Mion's face before licking it off her fingers. She let out a delighted hum at the flavor.

"Mmm… at least we know that the cake is tasty."

From the pile of desecrated cake Mion grumbled, "I don't think I'm in the mood for cake anymore."

While still staring at the scene Nana wrapped her arm around Yuiri's waist, "Happy birthday, Yuuchan."

Yuiri exposed her dimples with a genuine smile.

"This is the best birthday ever!"

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