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Author Topic: Adventures in Art School: Minis (WMatsui+) (07/31/22)  (Read 61508 times)

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Yuuchan Birthday Drabble! (6/16/21)
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I come back to TWO updates?!
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised given that I was stuck with end-of-semester workload for a while and my pinned JPHiP tab was just staring sadly at me from the corner of my browser.

"Well, boss. Don't you think it's kinda silly to go to take classes on a subject you already know?"
I'd say there's always more to learn no matter how good you are, Nako-chan. But to be fair, I think NakoMiku's current skills can already guarantee them a job somewhere so IMO it's all good. Besides, they'll need all the art skills they can get if their goal is to put Mayu's work-of-art face (and body) into a robot. It was nice seeing their motivations for choosing art school. At least they're not letting their technical skills die here either!

Anxious Delivery Girl
"Oh, am I naked agai-"
When are you not?😭

"You're doing a great job, by the way. You probably needed to hear that."
God I love this. Everyone needs to hear this like all the time especially in the service industry (well mostly everyone). This endears Fuuko to me more.

Ninjas Aren't Real
Meru and Mio make an appearance... as ninjas? Interesting. It's great that Sakura made friends with them AND are trying to learn about them. I think Haruppi could show her appreciation for that *nod*.

What on earth are ninjas doing in art school anyway?
My thoughts exactly.

Unbelievably Dumb
AtsuMina comes back 🥺.

"Woah… that was pretty fast… maybe you are kinda smart Juri…"
It's been entertaining to 'watch' Juri and Ricchan's adventures both through other characters' eyes and my own. It's a strange feeling of wonder and confusion at watching a pair of clueless baby animals... or a 'blind leading the blind' situation 🤣

Happy Birthday Yuuchan!
"Yup." Mion said in a tone void of enthusiasm.
Mion obviously knew what she was getting into 😅 this was hilarious.
And hey at least she got called enormous 😃 an enormous mess on the floor, that is. Along with the cake. Still, enormous.
Your financial and physical sacrifice for the cake throw is appreciated for sure, soukantoku.

Thank you for the updates!

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Yuuchan Birthday Drabble! (6/16/21)
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OH MY FRIKIN GOD! :shocked I can't believe that I did not find this thread sooner. For the past weeks, my days has been rather dull and I have been bored to death. You could say that I've read all of the good pics I've been discovering since the first month of this year.  :)2 Coincidentally, today is my birthday and today has been a bad day for me. After reading all the stories you've posted here, I believe that this Drabble thread was the best birthday present for me this year. The way you wrote it made me stand up and punch the wall due to the the cuteness of the stories. :banghead: I couldn't stay still in my seat while reading this. The story had an amazing amount of sugar that I got diabetes  :lol: I realized that my face probably got hot due to too much blood rising to my face while reading this. An overdose of sugar was just fatal to my health. I probably looked like a fool reading this XD It put a really wide and real smile to my face which I have not been having for some weeks. I think I have fallen in love with your stories. It made me fall in love twice for the characters. I just can't describe how happy and thankful I am to be able to find this thread especially in my birthday. You don't know how much this helped me, I've been lovestruck :inlove:;;;

Just leaving traces anytime I want. I guess i'm acting as a silent reader and informant.
I live under a rock but come out only for the girls.^^

I guess I have a lolicon side of mines;;;;;screw it. I am weak for lolis indeed

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
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@aneramyre: It's good that you didn't let my little stories get in the way of your studies. Haruppi would be proud.
@anonymoussilentreader: I'm glad you've come around to my stories. I'm super flattered to have made your birthday better. Also the first time I've been called author san haha. That's a first.


I have more fics coming up guys, I promise! I'm a bit of a slow updater nowadays, but I got this brand new tablet and hopefully I can fire out some quicker updates.

For fun, I kinda wanted to share a few of my scrapped ideas.

The Christmas special was gonna feature Oya Shizuka having a Christmas dinner with her Yakuza dad. I figured I should develop Shizuka more before going on to things like that.

The YuuNaaMogiOn crew were originally gonna be pirates? I have no idea what I was thinking either. I thought it was funny, but that idea certainly will never come back.

I had this whole one shot written where Iwata Karen becomes Kimoto Kanon's roommate. It wasn't romantic or anything, but it was more to introduce the psycho puppeteer that would be Kanon. I was unhappy with how I wrote it so I scrapped it. I still plan on having Kanon retain that character though.

There's definitely more, but they aren't coming to me. But man... I have some really wild ideas sometimes. Anyway, onto the regularly scheduled programming.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

13. Anxious Job Interview (RinoRie)

Rie adjusted her glasses and scribbled a few notes on her clipboard. “Alright Yabushita, we're nearing the end of this interview.”

“You’re in the home stretch Shu! We got one last question for ya!” Rino cheered in an attempt to raise the spirit of the harrowing job interview atmosphere. (Even more so since there’s two interviewers.)

Shu remained scrunched up in her seat and nodded, “Alright I’m ready.”

Rie readied her clipboard and pen as she said the last question, “If you could choose one, what would you say your biggest weakness is?”

“I have anxiety!” Shu said instantly, “I got loads of anxiety! Especially on days where I don’t take my meds! Like today! So I apologize if I messed up anywhere!”

Rie paused and took a moment to observe the interviewee’s body language.

Shu’s teeth were chattering, and it appeared she had a hard time staying still. Any moment the girl wasn’t fidgeting with her clothing, she had a white-knuckle grip on her seat as if she was trying her hardest to prevent herself from getting up and running away.

“I apologize Yabushita, but could you give my wife and I a moment to discuss something?”

“S-sure, take your time.”

Rie made sure to take the clipboard with her as she left the room, giving a small glance to Rino as she waited for her outside the door.

“We’ll just be a moment.” Rino said with a smile.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No, of course not!” Rino reassured as she followed her wife’s steps out of the room, “it’ll just be five minutes. If we take any longer than that, I’ll grab you a muffin. You like chocolate? Who am I kidding? Everyone loves chocolate.”

Shu’s lips cracked into a thin smile as Rino shut the door to the office.


Rie pulled Rino away from the office to diminish any chance of Shu overhearing their conversation.

“So was this the applicant you were excited to show me?!”

“Yeah, what’d you think of her? I liked her!” Despite Rie showing obvious signs of rejection, Rino was firmly behind hiring Shu.

“What do I think of her?! Sasshi, we’ve never had a delivery girl before! She won’t have many moments where we can supervise her, I don’t think she’s capable of being the hire for this brand new position!”

“What?! Why not?!”

“Look at her! She looked like she was on the verge of tears for that entire interview! Do you expect me to turn down other applicants over her?”

Rino dropped the playful demeanor, “Look, she said she has a support dog at her dorm, and she mentioned something about forgetting to take her medication.”

“Where are you going with this?”

Rino was out to bat for Shu, and she was looking to hit a home run for her.

“She must’ve been going through hell today, but she still managed to make it to the interview on time.”

“I guess that’s true.” Rie softened.

“And yeah, I could tell that she was struggling through the interview. Anyone could’ve seen her white-knuckling her seat. But she remained professional despite the fact her mind was acting up on her. Right now, she’s probably tearing herself apart all alone in our office, but I can guarantee you that when we come back, she’ll be right where we left her. She’s definitely an anxious wreck, but the poor girl is powering through it all for this opportunity. In my eyes, that’s a hard worker and wouldn’t you agree that we need one of those?”

Rie smiled and let out a sigh, “Man Sasshi, you really can talk me into anything can you?”

“So what do you say? You wanna hire her?”

Her wife chuckled as she turned the doorknob, “I’m gonna let you do the honors on this one.”

The two owners of the cafe stepped inside the office where Shu was obediently waiting. She stared at Rino and Rie in expectation, while fearing the worst.

Rino was all smiles as she knelt beside their new employee, “Alright Shu I don’t have a chocolate muffin on me, but I think I have something better for you...”


Shu’s support dog Popeye, pressed her snout against the bottom of the door as she sensed a presence approaching the room.

As Shu made entry into her dorm, Popeye sprang up and wagged her tail while sniffing Shu with a tremendous fervor.

“Hey Popeye! I got great news!”

Popeye whimpered slightly.

“I got the job at Rino&Rie’s!”

Popeye let out another whine.

Shu crouched to give scratches to her dog’s head, “I-I know it’s gonna be tough to be separated from each other, but imagine all the treats I can buy you with this money!”

Popeye whimpered again, but this time her tail was wagging.

“Lets celebrate! How do burgers sound?” Shu smiled once Popeye seemed to grow excited at the idea, before craning her neck in search of her sister “Where’s Fu?”

Shu’s sister laid face-down on the couch like a brick. Making no sounds aside from the occasional snore.

“I guess we’ll get her something on the way home. C’mon Popeye, let's get our burgers.” Shu pulled out a leash and attached it to her support dog’s collar.

Popeye needed a walk too anyway, an anxious dog like her can’t be holed in for too long.
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Re: Adventures in Art School: Anxious Job Interview (RinoRie) (7/15/21)
« Reply #83 on: July 15, 2021, 02:57:08 PM »
It feels so nice to be able to write a review so soon since school's kind of out.

Even the ideas that you've yeeted sound interesting. The YuuNaaMogiOn pirate thing reminds me of when some fans called Naachan a pirate captain as the (temporary) ace of STU.
Psycho puppeteer O_O
I love hearing about your writing process and progress. Already having a oneshot written but scrapping it because you weren't satisfied? I respect that regard for quality and your own love of writing.

The subject matter of this shot is particularly timely for me. I've been going through a bunch of interviews myself :P I found Shu's anxiety about the situation very relatable! (In fact, my answer to "What is your biggest weakness" would be a bit similar to hers.) So I'm happy that Sasshi saw that hiring her is a risk worth taking even with their business at stake (a valid concern for Kitarie, of course). Feels great to have someone on Shu's corner. It's so Sasshi of her to spot a girl's potential :lol: Pretty cool to hear that this school allows support animals in the dorms. I hope Shu can buy Popeye plenty of treats!

Thank you for the update! And congrats on the new tablet? :D

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
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Replies to Comments
Congrats on the new tablet?

Oh, it's been a total game changer.


Two whole one-shots back to back? I bet no one else saw that coming. Sakuruppi have been getting a lot of exposure as of late, I might have to dial down on their stories for a bit as I've been neglecting a lot of pairings.

(Poor Kojiyuu only have one drabble to their name.)

I hope I can remedy that.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

14. The Afterburn (WMatsui, SakuRuppi)

A/N: I suggest reading Unconscious and Closet Perv? before reading this installment as one might miss a callback or two. Though it's not a super huge deal if one decides to jump in here though.

Rena was never the type to have guests over in her room very often. Any moment that wasn’t being in class, being a nurse, or practicing her instrument was used to hole up at home and watch anime. (And then there was that period of time where Rena got super good at wrestling.)

Jurina being the ever extroverted type, couldn’t live a lifestyle like that nor did she want to watch her partner live like that. So after some persuading, Jurina convinced Rena to have Sakura and her girlfriend over for dinner. Because honestly… Rena needed to get herself out there more often.

“Ah, So you’re Sakura’s girlfriend!” Rena said as she extended her hand towards Haruka.

Haruka happily returned the handshake, “Yes I am! Honestly, I’m glad Sakura has friends that aren’t ninjas.... or hackers… or magicians… or some mysterious korean transfer student ex girlfriend… I’m just so happy to finally meet someone normal!”

“Haha I’m about as normal as it gets. Of course, other than the fact that I’m a bit of an Otaku.” Rena gestured to the shelves lined with anime figures and the posters on the walls featuring pretty boys in the same artstyle, “Speaking of which, Sakura told me you were writing a Manga?”

Haruppi’s voice got caught inside her throat as she struggled to come up with a response, “uhh, I suppose you can say that.”

“Can I read it-”

“Absolutely not.”

Sakura cut into the conversation, laughing nervously, “anyway, I’m glad you invited us over. Where’s Jurina?”

“She’s in the kitchen plating up the pasta. I like my food real spicy, so she’s probably being extra careful that no one else but me gets the spicy one.”

“I’m fine with spicy food.” said Haruka.

“Oh trust me you don’t want the spicy one, in my kitchen… I take the heat very… VERY seriously.”

Haruka was starting to think Rena might not be as normal as she once thought.


Handling food in Rena’s kitchen was like traversing a minefield. If one were to sample the spices in her pantry, it would essentially be equivalent to playing russian roulette. There were very few items in her pantry that didn’t have the flavor of a nuclear meltdown.

Jurina remembered eating food here for the first time, she remembered the flavor of the curry like it was yesterday. It tasted like the inside of a volcano, and apparently that was Rena going easy on an injured person.

She was tasked with plating the food for everyone. Jurina looked at the pots on the stovetop, knowing one was normal and the other was… well… Rena’s.

First, Jurina began by plating the normal pastas. She allotted the portions generously, making sure the sauce-to-pasta ratio was perfect. Jurina was an artist after all, she’s got an eye for these kinds of things. The aroma of the pasta was heavenly, Rena was one hell of a cook.

Jurina would suggest that Rena should open a restaurant, but the spiciness of her menu would be a danger to the general public.

But soon enough, it came time to plate Rena’s pasta. Jurina readied herself as she stared at the black pot that prepared most of Rena’s meals. The carbon steel walls of this piece of cookware had endured countless of Rena’s infernal creations. There wasn’t a single piece of kitchenware in Japan that harbored even an ounce of torturous rage that this black pot had.

Jurina quickly opened the pot and was immediately taken aback by the hellish fumes that immediately assaulted her face. She coughed for a bit before putting her determined face back on and returning to her mission. She held her breath as she scooped pasta onto Rena’s plate, now subjecting a poor ceramic dish to the brimstone flavored pasta. As quick as she could, Jurina slammed the lid back onto the pot as if she was caging an angry spirit from escaping its prison.

Despite that whole ordeal, all four meals were nice and ready to serve.   

Jurina stepped out of the kitchen and put the plates of pasta on the table one by one. Setting Rena’s at the front of her usual seat, and the others in the remaining spaces.

She looked up from the table and saw Rena, Sakura, and Haruka hitting it off nicely. Jurina took a second to admire the nice moment of each girl enjoying each other’s company.

But unfortunately, Jurina’s mischievous soul decided that it wanted to play.

Jurina tried to keep her snickers quiet as she made ‘adjustments’ to the food, switching Rena’s spicy hell pasta with Sakura’s allotted portion. A good ol’ switcheroo. A classic maneuver.

Poor Sakura is gonna find out what hellfire tastes like.

Jurina let out a whistle to capture everyone’s attention, “Food’s ready everyone!” Jurina smiled with a strong showing of her dimples, mostly trying to stifle laughter.

Everyone got settled into their spots at the table. Jurina took her seat shortly after, making sure she got a good view of Sakura.

“Thank goodness, I didn’t want to mention that I was absolutely starving.” Rena chuckled as she twirled the pasta around her fork. She took a bite, and she immediately made a face knowing something was very very wrong.

But before she could truly process what was going on, Haruka caught her attention.

“You’re a good cook Rena! This pasta tastes great!”

“I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it. What about you Sakura? Are you enjoying the food?”

Sakura hiccuped.

It was then Rena realized what was happening. Jurina couldn’t hold in her laughter anymore, she was wheezing at the sight of Sakura’s face who had an expression as if she was currently being smited from the heavens.

Haruka shook Sakura’s shoulder, “Are you alright Sakura?”

Sakura’s eyes stared through the table, her breaths were rapid, she was sweating, she was shaking.

“Haruppi, if these are my final moments…” Sakura winced from moving her tongue, “I want to let you know I love you very much.”

“Rena, you’re a nurse right?!” Haruppi shouted in panic as she tried to check on her partner, “could this be an allergic reaction from an ingredient?”

“No.” Rena took a bite of pasta from Sakura’s plate, “she’s eating my serving. I… take my spice… very seriously.”

Haruppi leaned in and sniffed Sakura’s plate, she immediately recoiled at the scent of what was supposed to be Rena’s wretched meal, “How could anyone eat this?”

Jurina fell out of her chair laughing, slamming her palm into the floor as her stomach hurt from her howling. She couldn’t feel Rena’s glare on her, but her eyes were fueled by a raging fire hotter than the pasta that was tearing up Sakura’s insides. She’d definitely give her a piece of her mind after this was all done.

But Rena had to go into nurse mode as Sakura was still in immense pain.

“Haruppi… If this is some divine punishment, I’m sorry for keeping so many secrets like my past relationship history. If I make it out of this… I’ll be a better girlfriend I promise.” Sakura’s eyes were staring into the void. She was caught in a trance.

“Haruka, I’m gonna bring Sakura to the nurse’s office. Can you meet me there as soon as possible? I have popsicles in the freezer, I suggest you bring those with you.” Rena laid Sakura softly onto the couch as Haruka ran into the kitchen.

Rena slowly approached Jurina who was still laughing. Her laughter slowed down a bit as the fear settled into her body.

“First a concussion, and now poor Sakura has to suffer this. This experience has been deeply humiliating.” Rena took a hold of one of Jurina’s arms, “Forgive me Jurina. I am a medical professional, and you’ve hurt someone under my watch.”


Jurina woke up in the familiar nurse’s office with a searing pain in her left shoulder. She shifted carefully, not trying to aggravate her new injury and noticed that she was laying next to a pile of popsicle sticks in her bed.

Just as she noticed that detail, a popsicle stick flew through the air and hit her head.

“Oh, you’re awake?” Sakura laid in the bed next to Jurina’s and popped open a new popsicle.

“Heh, good to see you’re recovering well Sakura.”

“I’m totally getting you back for this.”

Rena and Haruka returned to check up on the two. (Haruka was mostly concerned for Sakura of course.)

Once Rena noticed Jurina’s regained consciousness she shook her head, “Is there anything you have to say for yourself, Jurina?” She crouched down and picked up the bin containing several empty boxes of popsicles.

“Yeah.” Jurina sat up and winced. She slowly turned her head to Sakura and made direct eye-contact. “It was totally worth it.”

Haruka and Rena watched as Sakura calmly got up and walked over to Jurina’s bed, popsicle still in mouth.

Sakura threw a devastating right hook to Jurina’s injured shoulder.

Jurina let out a strangled yelp upon impact before returning to the land of the unconscious.

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My, my. I certainly didn't expect another installment so soon. It's an honor to give you your 100th "thank you".

“Can I read it-”

“Absolutely not.”
I found this exchange fucken hilarious. Nice delivery.

I hope Haruppi gets some time to absorb Sakura's 'dying' wishes, because those were pretty sweet.

It's entertaining how much of Jurina's stupidity physical injury JuriSaku's friendship can endure. Thankfully Sakura got some revenge with her own hands in the end. I was cheering for it!

Thank you for the update and see you next time!

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
« Reply #86 on: August 11, 2021, 02:48:27 AM »
Me and super-late birthday fics... name a more iconic duo.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

15. The New Black (Mayuki)

A/N: I suggest reading past MaYuki stories to get some extra context on their characters.

Mayu heard a knock at the door and the sound of a package dropping to the floor. She’d been anticipating this package for a while now. She’d be fuming if Yuki’s birthday present came late.

Mayu swiveled around in her chair and gestured at her assistants, “Someone left a package outside the door. Can one of you grab it for me?”

“Yes boss!” Nako set her phone aside and immediately made for the door.

“Wait, hold on! I wanna get the package!” Miku shoved Nako aside as she raced to complete the mission first.

“But I said ‘yes boss’ first!”

Nako leaped and tackled the other girl’s legs, sending them both tumbling to the floor. The two assistants wrestled each other trying to be the first one to carry out their boss’s order.

Mayu sighed, “Get off each other, I’ll just get it myself.” She picked up the package outside her door and brought it back to her desk. Miku and Nako picked themselves up off the floor and curiously watched.

From the package, Mayu pulled out two matching hoodies in different colors. One in black for Yuki, and the pink one for herself.

Of course there was no topping Yuki buying her a whole-ass laptop, but Mayu knew that her girlfriend would appreciate the effort she put into the gift regardless.

But she noticed a problem.

The black hoodie was in Mayu’s size and the pink one was in Yuki’s.

Blood in Mayu’s veins froze to ice. How could she mess up something so simple? There’s no way Yuki would accept an article of clothing that wasn’t black. For goodness sake, her underwear is black!

Mayu stomped her foot, “MOTHERFU-” she caught herself, remembering that Nako and Miku were still in the room with her.

No swearing, Mayu! Not in front of the babies!

“Something wrong, boss?” Her two assistants said in unison.

“N-no. But I’m gonna need some time to myself. I’m gonna dismiss you two from my room for today.”

“Sure thing, boss.” Once again in unison. They looked at each other confused, but they’d never turn down a request from Mayu. The girls left silently leaving Mayu by herself..

And now that those two were gone…

“How did I fuck this up!?”

Mayu slid down the wall and buried her head in her hands. Maybe there was a way out of this. Mayu was always good with her words. She’s a student radio host dammit!

Perhaps she could say that the sizes were deliberate and the smaller black hoodie would fit like a crop top or something and since oversized clothing was in style, the larger pink one was an intentional fashion choice for herself. There was the possibility that Yuki would simply read the tags and notice the sizes were wrong, pushing that defense directly off a cliff.

But this was a decent start, she just needed a little extra time to workshop the excuse.

She scrambled to check her phone to see how much time she had left until Yuki got out of her class. It was then she noticed she had received a text notification from her.

Yuki had texted her that her class was released early and she was on her way to Mayu’s room.

And this text was received 10 minutes ago.

And once that realization was made, Yuki was already knocking on the door.

Well, I guess I’m screwed then.

Mayu pulled herself up and put her best confident-face on. Mayu always wanted to be at her best around Yuki. (When she’s not drunk.)

She swiftly pulled open the door and wrapped Yuki into a hug, “Hey Yuki! Happy Birthday!”

The taller girl chuckled, “I was curious if you’d remembered.”

“Of course I’d remember! How could I forget such a special day?”

Yuki stood awkwardly, looking around and scratching her head, “So… what events take place on my birthday? Do I get presents? Would it be similar to yours?”

“Uh… yeah, presents. about that...” Mayu gestured to Yuki to follow her into her room, leading her to the box on the desk containing the presents in question.

Yuki being the observant girl she was, immediately looked at the tags. She was completely silent as she picked up the pink article of clothing that was perfectly in her size. 

Mayu couldn’t bring herself to meet her eyes.

“I’m sorry Yuki, I totally messed up. I don’t know how I messed up something so simple. I know I… dropped the ball on this one.”

“A present from you still means the entire world to me... and besides, I had always thought you’d look good in black.”

Mayu lifted her head, “wait, you’re not mad?”

Yuki smiled and pulled the pink hoodie over her head and wove her arms through the sleeves.

It almost hurt Mayu’s eyes seeing the taller girl in such a bright color, she was so adjusted to her donning dark tones.

“Admittedly, wearing colors like this still won’t come naturally to me. But I’ll still cherish this forever.” Yuki bent down to meet Mayu’s lips, marking the first time she had ever initiated the action, “…So how do I look?”

“You look great. You think you’re gonna start dressing up with brighter colors?”

“Probably not.”

“Alright, fair enough.” Mayu shrugged.

“Since I’m starving, how about we get dinner like we did on your birthday?” She took a hold of one of Mayu’s hands as she led her towards the door, “since it’s my birthday you’re gonna spoil me, correct?”

“Hey, remember that I paid for dinner on MY birthday?”

“Yes, but those expenses didn’t even come close to the price of the laptop I purchased you… I’m kidding of course. I can pay for my own food if I need to.” Yuki giggled, “however, if it’s your treat you’d make me a very happy birthday girl.”

“Fine I’ll pay, whatever.”

Mayu smiled to herself. She’s a whole different girl from the stiff and awkward Black Yuki from the beginning. Maybe she was rubbing off on her.

Can it be? I, the Great Watanabe Mayu... becoming whipped?

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Re: Adventures in Art School: The New Black (MaYuki) (8/10/21)
« Reply #87 on: August 11, 2021, 03:26:17 PM »
*Pressing F to pay respects* I can almost feel the cold sweat of realizing there's an aspect of your plan that you can't fix. It's pretty funny that Mayu was gonna spend the rest of her time building up a strong argument for her lie if Yuki didn't come so soon. And that she refuses to curse in front of the 'babies'.

Yuki is so sweet accepting the PINK hoodie anyway. Hopefully she really wasn't expecting Mayu to match the laptop :sweat:

“Fine I’ll pay, whatever.”

Come on, the Great WHIPPED Watanabe Mayu, put your yakuza ad money to good use!  :lol:

Thanks for the update!  :twothumbs

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Re: Adventures in Art School: The New Black (MaYuki) (8/10/21)
« Reply #88 on: August 17, 2021, 08:41:47 AM »
Hmmmm what can I say about this? I really appreciate the fact that you are still writing about Mayuki  :thumbsup Nako and Miku quarreling over who is going to take the package is cute and so wholesome! :lol: Mayu trying to find out what reason she would use to fix the clothes problem is fun to watch. :w00t: I honestly thought Yuki would get all BLACK to Mayu when she sees the clothes size being swapped.  XD Thank you, author san! :twothumbs
Just leaving traces anytime I want. I guess i'm acting as a silent reader and informant.
I live under a rock but come out only for the girls.^^

I guess I have a lolicon side of mines;;;;;screw it. I am weak for lolis indeed

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Re: Adventures in Art School: The New Black (MaYuki) (8/10/21)
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Aww I haven't read a Mayuki for a long time but i liked this a lot poor Mayu paying for dinner for both birthdays but at least they had a good time together, it's funny how Yuki is able to change the black just for her :lol:

Lately I am having more free time in my life and I am catching up with your one shots :thumbsup
Thanks for the effort and I hope you keep updating, I will be waiting for the next ones!   Please i hope SayaMilky

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
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Thank you everyone who left a comment! I'm glad that you're reading and seemingly enjoying this fluffy gay art school.

Okay, once again for funsies I feel like talking about a few of my scrapped ideas.

Halloween special was gonna have Kanon (currently queen of scrapped content) going on a psycho murderous rampage only for it to be revealed at the end that the events that took place was simply her roommate recalling the plot of her manga in which she used Kanon's likeness as the villain. This never saw the light for... very obvious reasons.

Kojima Mako and Owada Nana were gonna be Sakura's minions in a similar vein NakoMiku are to Mayu. For those who have watched Majisuka Gakuen 4, it would've been a callback to their roles in the show. I scrapped it because it'd be pretty hard to top adorable hacker girls who call their leader 'boss!'. They'd probably get overshadowed if I stuck with it. Besides, the plans I have currently for Naanya being a formerly homeless girl, and Kojimako being *checks notes* a massive horndog is a far more fun role for them to fill.

Black Yuki was originally going to be a tarot card reading fortune teller. Let's just save that character for her roommate yeah?

I know including IZ*one would be super risky. But since there are three akb members that are deeply affiliated with them, there's a good opportunity for interactions. I thought a fun idea would be Sakura and Hyewon being well-known rivals in the local arcade. Also Eunbi being a teacher would be gold. (Of course the exclusively IZ*one members would have a backseat to the world as a whole, so no installments that are exclusively 2kim or anything like that.)

I was tossing around the idea of Churi being the owner of the last Dodo bird alive and another girl on campus trying to hunt it, but that idea was fun for a laugh and that's pretty much it. (Might hang onto the last Dodo bird alive thing though... we'll see.)

Well... that was a long preface. Let's get to our stories shall we?

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

67. Masterpiece (SayaMilky, FuuMiru)

Sayaka found her girlfriend along with Miru and Fuuko sitting in a booth in the corner of Rino&Rie’s. Naturally after ordering her food from what she assumed was a new hire, (she didn’t quite catch her name, was it Yoshida?) she slid into the booth next to Miyuki taking her rightful place next to her lover.

“Y’know, I’ve been having a really good week. Is anyone feeling the same as me?” Sayaka announced to her group.

“I’ve been procrastinating on some assignments and It’s all starting to catch up to me.” Miyuki whined, “So I’ve been having a terrible week!” She let out another whimper and laid her head on her girlfriend’s shoulder.

“Sorry to hear that…” Sayaka turned to the girl across from her, “what about you Miru? Was your week any good?”

“I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in like… a month!” Miru put her head down into her arms, “I hope it doesn’t affect me during my big performance.”

Sayaka gave a small pat to Miru’s downed head before turning to her partner, “What about you Fuuko-”

Fuuko peered up from her sketchbook with obvious eyebags as her left fist was white-knuckling a cup of coffee. If a look could kill, Fuuko’s glare would’ve leveled the city.

Sayaka sat back in the seat, “I guess I’ll just die then.”

After a moment of silence, Miyuki lifted her head from Sayaka’s shoulder, “Miru, what did you say about a big performance?”

Sayaka followed up, “Yeah, come to think of it, I don’t know what kind of art you do. What do you specialize in?”

Miru shot up immediately with a big smile on her face, “I’m a theater girl! And I am one of the lead roles in the next theater production!” she said proudly.

Sayaka and Miyuki gave a look to each other and they both had the same thought in their head.

Miru being a theater girl? It makes total sense.

“But wanna know my masterpiece?” Miru leaned in closer to the girls across from her.

“I once gave Fuuko an orgasm without even touching her.”

Fuuko spat her coffee all over her sketchbook.

68. First Kiss (MogiOn)

Only when she was giving a haircut, would probably be the only time someone should trust Mion handling sharp objects.

Nana appointed Mion as her go-to hairstylist ever since the 'burning hair incident' that happened during the beginning of her relationship with Yuiri.

Not only did Mion have the ability to make a girl look stunning, but Nana genuinely enjoyed Mion's company and the two grew closer during these moments.

"So Mion, is it true you kissed Mogi before you two started dating?"


"There's gotta be a fun story behind that right? Or was it a friend with benefits thing?"

"Nope, not a friend with benefits thing." Mion breezily said as she carefully snipped away at Nana's precious locks, "also it isn't much of a story."

"Aww cmon Mion, you gotta tell me what happened."

"Trust me, it's anticlimactic. But if you wanna know so bad…"


It had been a month since Mion and Mogi became roommates. The two got along sure… but they weren't particularly getting close at all. They averaged about 12 words a week and Mion wasn't satisfied sharing a room with someone she barely knew. So she was gonna break the ice only in a way a girl like Mion could.

Mion walked out of her room and confronted Mogi who was lounging on the couch watching TV. She noted to herself how cute the older girl looked getting all immersed in whatever romantic drama she was invested in at the moment.

"Hey Mogi, question… asking for a friend."

"What's up?"

"Would you make out with your roommate for ¥10,000?"

Mogi eyed the shorter girl up and down, "Sure, why not? I am a little strapped for cash at the moment."

Mion slammed a large wad of cash on the coffee table, "Well today's your lucky day."

And that night was history.


"Wow, you'd be single if Mogi had a full wallet that day."

"I guess so, huh."

Mogi casually entered the dorm room after her classes concluded.

"Hi Naachan!"

"Mion told me the story of your first kiss with her."

Mogi chuckled, "Hah! Fun fact, she even pulled out her wallet when she suggested bringing handcuffs to the bedroom."

"Man Mogi… I really didn't need to know that…"

69. To Pay it Back (SaeYaka)

A/N: 69. Get your laughs in now folks. Anyway, it's been a while since we've seen these ladies eh?

When it comes to being a nurse at the academy, some days were more exciting than others.

Some days, a girl launches herself down the stairs to avoid an art history test, and other days consist of counting inventory several times a day to keep oneself occupied.

Sae had to have taken inventory for the fifth time today. Her being one of the senior nurses, would never wish injury upon anyone, but in the back of her mind she was secretly hoping that someone caught a rogue lariat or a flying rock on the way to class just so she could have something to do.

The nurse made marks on her clipboard, double checking her count despite having done this several times during her shift. Having been a quiet day, she quickly noticed the sounds of a commotion raging outside the storage room.

“RELEASE ME THIS INSTANT!” a familiar voice shouted out from the hallway.

Sae set aside her work and poked her head out to see what was going on only to retreat back into the room when the body of a nurse was sent flying towards her.

“The hell is going on out there?!” Sae made another attempt to investigate only for her colleague Rena to come sprinting inside the room in a panic.

“THERE IS A BERSERK LADY OUT THERE!” Rena scrambled towards boxes in the back pulling out syringes, “SEDATIVES! WE NEED SEDATIVES! WE GOTTA STAB HER LIKE… 10 TIMES!”

“That's not necessary. Just stay put Rena, I think I can handle this one.”


Sae ignored her as she stepped out into the hallway, her protests growing quiet as she shut the door behind her.

It better not be who I think it is.

It was who she thought it was. The theater teacher was standing amongst a pile of freshly mangled hospital staff.

“Miyazawa! I wasn’t aware you were working today!” Sayaka rapidly tried to fix her hair and dust off her jacket as if nothing unusual was afoot.

“You mauled my staff members.”

“I...I… Please allow me to explain.” Akimoto stumbled backwards and caught her balance on a wall.

“Are you hurt?”

The taller woman stood straight and scoffed, “Me? Hurt? Nonsense! I take excellent care of my health.”

“Then you have no issues carrying my unconscious staff into hospital beds, yes?”

“Of course not! I’ll begin right away” Sayaka took wobbly steps forward before falling over.

Luckily Sae rushed over to catch her before she fell, gently laying Sayaka down against a wall. It definitely appeared to be some sort of leg injury.

Sae checked Sayaka’s legs for swelling feeling around to find the location of the damage, “Okay, just lemme see what we’re dealing with- OH MY GOD IT FEELS LIKE A GRAPEFRUIT! I ALMOST MADE YOU CARRY SOMEONE!”

The theater teacher hung her head, “I apologize for causing all this trouble. I didn’t want you to see me in such a weak state. I’ll pick myself up and lie down on one of the beds to make it easy for you.”

“Like hell if I allow you to walk on your own!” Sae knelt down and draped the taller woman over her shoulders before kicking open a door and laying her down onto a bed, “Akimoto… I owe you an absolute shit-ton. Please, let me be the strong one this time and pay it all back to you!”

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (SayaMilky,MogiOn+) (9/09/21)
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her roommate recalling the plot of her manga
Hmm? Another manga artist? Haruppi might want to meet a fellow mangaka... or not XD
Again, lots of respect for keeping up with multiple groups, or really just knowing them. I myself am incapable of that so I think that's a cool thing to be able to do.

Ooh, Miru! That's cool, I'd love to hear how she does onstage. Though her masterpiece does seem pretty awesome too lmao. That's a pretty high bar for her stage performances XD

First Kiss
Mion W H Y ? But I gotta I admit she's kind of got game...? Mogi's getting some win-win situations over here, must stan.

To Pay It Back
A/N: 69. Get your laughs in now folks.
This calls for a celebratory Nice

I love irl Sayaka so much and I'm so happy that her self-sacrificing character made it in here. Though the nurse-mauling isn't exactly self-sacrificing, huh?  :nervous I'm relieved Rena in particular managed to escape. And Sae has more stuff to do now! ...hooray?

Yay, another fun update. Thanks and see ya!

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (SayaMilky,MogiOn+) (9/09/21)
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Ahhh another update, thank you!
I love how you maintain the harmony between so many couples, it is really admirable and thanks for the little mention to SayaMilky, I missed her cloying presence in your stories :inlove:
LOL Miru always ruining the good moments XD
Thanks for all one shots and I will be waiting for your next updates.

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
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This is my longest writing yet sitting around 6-7k words. It was difficult writing this, because at the end of the day making Shizuka a good hearted character while not glorifying the Yakuza is a hard line to tread. Honestly, least I can ask for is that it all makes sense. I've been sitting on this idea pretty much since the beginning.

I'd like to warn my readers. This is quite different in tone than what I usually write. Tbh, this might even be a terrible idea.

It's mostly angst, with little bits of comedy in between.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

16. Fukuoka Sunset (Oya Shizuka backstory)

A/N: TW for bullying, blood, violence.

The word Yakuza comes from the losing hand in the card game Oichi-ka.

8-9-3. The worst possible hand that can be dealt.

Shizuka grew up around the Yakuza, practically born in it.

Her first birthdays were celebrated by debt collectors, extortionists, hitmen, and other sorts of hired muscle. Many of those men didn't live to be around for her 10th.

The Yakuza attracted men who were dealt a bad hand at life.

Shizuka had already lost right from the start.

Growing up around the Yakuza didn’t allow her to have the proper life of a regular girl, high school was the only thing in her life that was particularly… normal.

Shizuka walked off campus and pulled a cigarette out of her bag. She bit down on the filter as she reached into her pockets to find her lighter, only to find them empty. Shizuka let out a sigh and put the cigarette away before continuing on her journey.

Around the halfway point, Shizuka stopped and stared down the alleyway bringing back memories of the last times she was there.

This alley reminded her of years of torment from two girls.

Aimi, a sociopath rich girl from Tokyo. Never got her hands dirty, yet still loved to watch others bleed.

Kaede, a psychopath also from Tokyo who averaged 12 words a year. Always letting her victim's screams make up for the talking she never did.

When those girls found out about Shizuka's family ties in middle school, it was all over for her.

“The world is better off without girls like you.”

“I wish some rival gang would gun you and your family down already.”

“You’d think a thug like her wouldn’t be such a fucking pussy.”

Anytime she’d pass that familiar location, she’d taste the blood in her mouth and feel the bruises on her skin forming again. She hated this alley. But the fact that she wasn’t in there getting her ass beaten, meant that some poor girl was getting thrashed in her place. Shizuka paused and considered her options, before making her way in.


“Look at her Kaede! She’s crying. Ugh, she’s so fucking ugly when she cries.” Aimi spat at her victim.

Kaede brandished her battered umbrella, which trickled more blood than it did rainwater. She smiled as she walked closer to the cowering freshman girl, before raising the weapon above her head and slamming the wooden handle onto the crying girl’s knee.

The girl screamed and begged the monsters to stop only for her cries to be responded to with laughter.

“Leave that girl alone. Just beat on me like you girls usually do.”

Aimi groaned when she saw Shizuka, “You know it gets boring beating your ass all the time. Just get outta here, I don’t wanna look at you.”

Shizuka ignored Aimi and stepped between Kaede and the crying girl.

The two girls exchanged glares only for a second before the Yakuza girl spat on Kaede’s face.

“What about now, huh? Still in the mood for the other girl?”

Kaede growled as the grip on her umbrella grew tighter.

“Kaede… just do what you’re gonna do. Make it quick.”


Shizuka grit her teeth as the umbrella slammed into her ribs for the final time, bringing her down to her knees.

“You’d think a thug like her would put up a fight. But I guess not.”  Aimi grabbed her bag and prepared to leave.

The freshman girl scrambled over to Shizuka, “are you alright?”

“Don’t worry about me, I can take it.” Shizuka said, while clutching at her side.

“Oh new girl, don’t make friends with Shiichan over here…” Aimi walked back to the victims with Kaede at her side giggling at her handiwork.

“Don’t you know? Oya is the daughter of a Yakuza patriarch. C’mon Oya, show her your tattoos.”

Shizuka glared at the bully, refusing to follow her orders.

“Honestly, I bet she was planning to put you up for sale so some creep could have their way with you. She probably didn’t want us damaging the merchandise. Hm…” The bully put a finger to her lips, “she’s underage isn’t she? Maybe she planned to sell her mom instead? That ought to fetch some sort of price. Eh, I don’t know how you stupid Yakuza work. Just watch yourself, new girl. Oya isn’t your friend.”

The girl backed away from Shizuka wide-eyed. It wasn’t the beatings that bothered Shizuka, but rather the same wide-eyed look everyone gave her when they would expose her relations to a criminal organization. How they’d scurry back to the corner as if she was the bully. It never failed to make her feel like a monster. It’d be so damn easy for Shizuka to cave Aimi and Kaede’s faces in. But the day she does, would be the day she justifies everyone who fears her and her family.

“See you tomorrow.” Aimi stuck her tongue out and left with Kaede following shortly afterwards, dragging the tip of her umbrella along the concrete while she cackled to herself.

Shizuka stood up and extended her hand to the freshman girl, “Do ya need help getting up-”


That’s what they say every time.

They bite Aimi’s bait. Every. Single. Time.

Shizuka hung her head and bit her tongue before leaving the alley, “Loud an’ clear. You’ll never see me again.”


Shizuka limped all the way down to the seedy part of town where she lived. A place littered with punks, gangsters, and other ruffians. The kind of place where walking alone at night makes you a ‘target’.

She heard her name being called from the balcony of a dingy apartment, “Shizuka. Did those girls get you again?”

A familiar voice.

Her name was Maria. A foreign sex-worker that used that job to pay for her college classes. The world looked down on a girl like her, but that’s what she and Shizuka had in common.

She was the only non-yakuza in her life that treated her like she was human.

“How could you tell? Is it the way I’m limping or the fact that there’s blood dripping down from my eyebrow?” Shizuka smiled at the lady who called her.

“C’mon in here, let me patch you up.” Maria sighed, “Again.”

Shizuka had time to kill anyway, her work started in two hours. And if she was late… What were they gonna do? Fire their patriarch’s daughter?


“How’s work goin’ Maria?” Shizuka spoke casually as Maria applied several bandages onto her body.

“Actually Shizuka, I got hired to be a nurse recently. All those classes paid off and I can move away from this dump. So I get to retire from this sex-work stuff.”

“Regarding the retiring from sex work part, I bet lotsa your loyal customers are gonna real sad about that. I wouldn’t know myself, but the testimonials rave about ya.” The two shared a laugh together before Shizuka softened, “really though, I'm happy for ya. I’m sure gonna miss ya too. I’m probably trapped in this shitty town forever.”

“I doubt that. And if you are, at least I know where to find you if I ever need some ink done.”

“Hey hey, it isn’t just ink-”

“Yeah, yeah. It’s an Irezumi… blah blah, centuries of tradition.”

Shizuka and Maria laughed as the final bandages and treatments were being applied onto her skin.

“How much longer till you start your shift?”

“A little under 40 minutes. So once I'm gone, this is goodbye?.”

“Yeah. Looks that way.”

Shizuka pulled her bag over her shoulder, “I’m glad at least I gotta see ya for one last time. Now I gotta find a new nursing student to patch me up when I get my ass kicked.”

Maria nodded and smiled as Shizuka bit her lip and turned away, leaving her friend behind for the final time.

Two steps from the door, Shizuka was pulled into an embrace.

“I ain’t gonna be here if those girls hurt you again. Promise me you’ll stay safe.”

“...yeah. I promise.”

“Let it out.”


“You’re not some tough yakuza girl right now. Those girls have been hurting you for years. You're hurting. Don’t hide anything from me.”

First, Maria noticed a slight shaking. Then, she felt a portion of her shirt becoming damp. And only seconds after, Shizuka finally broke down.

The girl's chest poorly muffled the sound of Shizuka's tortured wails.

It was only around Maria that she could bare her heart like this and be allowed to be a normal high school girl instead of the monster she was perceived as.

And by the time she left that apartment, she would lose the last person that had ever understood her.


There usually weren't any words exchanged when Shizuka was tattooing a client. It was completely silent besides the buzz of the electric pen that needled ink underneath the man's skin. Every single line was decisive, whether it was detailing the elegant feathers of a crane that was dancing in the sky, or the gnarled fangs of a roaring oni as it smashed through a mountain. Watching her art become immortalized was the highlight of her day.

Believe it or not, despite all the avalanches of shit she had to suffer growing up, Shizuka wasn't ashamed of her Yakuza ties. It’s not like she chose this life. This life chose her. There really is no use running from it.

Shizuka got lost drawing in the colors of the flowers that adorned the snake on her client's back.

An older, burly man with wiry facial hair tapped on Shizuka's shoulder.

"Oya. Boss is calling ya. Wouldn't wanna keep your dad waitin', would ya? There's a car waitin' for you outside."

"Can't ya see I'm in the middle of a tattoo? Who's gonna color this shit in if I'm gone?"

"I know the design, I can do it."

The two casually argued on each side of a half naked man with an unfinished Irezumi.

Shizuka huffed, "Whatever, ya know I'm real particular 'bout the colors. If I see that ya fucked it up, I'm cuttin' your asscheeks off!"

The burly man released a small rush of air from his nostrils before taking the tattoo needle from Shizuka.

Shizuka began walking out of the tattoo parlor, "And don't ya even think about not payin' me for a full shift. If I don't get full pay, not only am I cuttin' your asscheeks off, I'm telling dad to chop a pinky off your hand!"

As she made her exit, she was greeted with the sight of several suited men lined up at both sides of her making a sort of path on the way to an open car door. Each of them bowed as she walked past. Pausing midway, she tapped on one of their shoulders.

"Do ya happen to have a light?" Shizuka said while pulling out a cigarette from her bag and pinching the filter down with her teeth.

The man straightened up and flicked open his lighter. Shizuka smiled and lowered her face and toward the dancing flame. The cigarette tip glowed a bright orange at her first puff, a small cloud of smoke escaped her lips.

With a lit cigarette in mouth, Shizuka sat down in the backseat. The assigned driver shut Shizuka's door before returning to his position at the front.

And soon enough the engine roared to life.

Destination: Oya Estate.


To those who lived in this run-down countryside, it was easy to hate the Yakuza when they laid eyes on the Oya Estate.

The residents of the town lived in dusty apartments, or neighborhoods that were dangerously close to criminal turf. Everyone who lived here were people who were dealt a shit hand of cards in life and very few ever made it out.

At least Maria was lucky.

Shizuka could imagine how maddening it must be to be a typical struggling salary man and seeing the only luxurious house for miles over the horizon.

Shizuka entered through the front door of the estate, and was immediately greeted with glass cases full of her father's accomplishments at both sides.

Accomplishments not from being a Yakuza patriarch.

But from being Oya Takumi, the Fukuoka Asura. 3x boxing heavyweight champion.

Shizuka never got tired looking at them though. The trophies, newspaper article cutouts, match cards, boxing gloves he wore during his famous bouts, and even a can of her dad's branded Asura-Power Energy Drink. (Which in Shizuka's words, tasted like monkey shit.)

"We've become so busy with work that we hardly get to spend time together anymore."

At the end of the hallway stood a tall, muscular man. His long graying hair was tied into a ponytail, with the same graying seasoned his beard. Despite being a little faded, his tattoos peeked out from his tank top.

That man was a Yakuza boss, a boxing legend, and Shizuka's father.

"Well dad, if you convinced your boys to increase my pay maybe I'd take more days off from tattooing." Shizuka chuckled.

"Are you willing to fight for that raise?"

"If you're telling me we're taking this to the ring, then you're on old man!" Shizuka excitedly fired off a few practice punches into the air before running past her father.

"You smell like cigarettes, Shizuka! I told you to stop smoking!"

Shizuka's dad had a massive garage to fit as many luxury vehicles as he wanted, but instead chose to model it as a boxer's paradise filled with state of the art excercise equipment, an assortment of heavy bags, speedbags, and a fully set-up ring as the cherry on top.

It had been a while since Shizuka stepped foot into the ring, leg alone tested her abilities in them.

"Are you ready Shizuka?" Takumi said as he put a fist into a glove.

"Don't go easy on me, old man!" Shizuka said with a smirk.

"Same rules as usual, you get one minute on the timer to land a good hit on my face. It's been a while, I hope you're not too rusty."

As soon as Shizuka put the gloves on and set the timer, the sparring session began.

The two fighters touched gloves before the man started off with a flurry of blindingly quick fists at his daughter.

Shizuka constantly changed the level of her head to dodge each blow, and attempted a counter-punch which unsurprisingly was blocked.

Her dad earned the Asura nickname when commentators made the remark that Takumi's hands moved so fast, that it was like entering the ring with a man with six arms.

Shizuka's father rolled his head to deflect his daughter's jabs. His veteran senses detected an opening, in which he closed in and fired off another barrage of strikes.

Shizuka put her guard up just in time before any of them landed on her, once she felt the pace slow down, her head weaved in between her father's hands and primed her fist for an uppercut.

She launched her fist upward, but it barely grazed her father's chin. It wasn't the hit she needed, but it gave her space.

"Predictable, Shizuka. You got 30 seconds left."

She advanced forward, but unfortunately Takumi's jabs forced her back into the corner.

Shizuka immediately tucked in her chin and put her guard up as she felt herself being buried in her father's swift precision strikes. Any part of her body that wasn't guarded properly was punished.

Strike to the right side of the temple.

Body blow left into her abdomen.

Hard left hand to the temple.

The retired boxer's footwork moved him swiftly side to side, constantly shifting positions to where his opponent's guard fell weak.

It must’ve been a nightmare to fight the Asura in his prime, Shizuka thought. The way her dad moved at an inhuman speed for his size, it was damn near impossible to escape his pressure.

She had fifteen seconds left on the clock.

Shizuka desperately slipped out of the corner and tried to stay at her maximum range. Her dad was one flurry away from defeating her.

Ten seconds left.

As predicted, the Asura went for a blitz, and fired off multiple strikes. Shizuka ducked, weaved, rolled, and slipped through the raining blows.

Five seconds.

Shizuka feinted a counter punch, causing her dad to dodge on-reaction. As she noticed his hand going for a counter of his own, she put half of her guard up, and parried with a right cross flush against the mouth of the Asura.

Victory goes to the challenger.

Time was up.

Her dad rolled out of the ring and took his gloves off before toweling off his fists, "Not bad. The way you weave through my strikes is impressive. You've developed those techniques on your own."

Shizuka fell to a knee panting, drenched in sweat, "Holy shit, if we were in it for real, you woulda KOed in seconds." She laid on her back and ripped the gloves off with her teeth.

"Well, you're not KOed and now you can tell everyone you outboxed a heavyweight champion." He chuckled as he handed a towel to his daughter. She accepted and immediately began to wipe the sweat off her face.

"You move and strike like a fighter, you effortlessly slipped my last flurry. Some professionals out there couldn't even manage. So tell me..." Her father peered between the ropes of the ring.

"What girl could possibly be beating you up after school?"

Shizuka dropped the towel and sat up, "w-what? How do you-"

"My boys saw you limping out of the alleyway, busted open." Takumi rolled back onto the ring and sat down next to his daughter, "Tell me what's going on and don't lie."

It's never recommended to lie to a father. Especially when they're a retired heavyweight boxer and Yakuza.

"There's two of em. Aimi and Kaede."

"And they best you every time?"

"I don't fight back."

"Why's that? You allow yourself to get hurt?"

Shizuka paused, there really isn't an easy way to explain a situation like this.

"The other students think I'm some sorta criminal even though I've done nothin' wrong. If I break those girls' jaws… everyone would be right about bein' afraid of me. I just want the rest of the kids to see me as a normal girl y'know." Shizuka sighed, "tired of bein seen just as a damn Yakuza."

"You're left with no choice but to fight Shizuka."

It wasn't the response she wanted to hear, she remained quiet.

Her father scooted closer to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, "the outcasts never get a fair shake in this world. It's unfair, really. No matter how you play the cards, it always seems that you always end up losing."

"...tell me about it."

"Do those girls bully other people too?"


"When I lived in the streets… Nothing was more inspiring than seeing the outcast fight back and win. It always reminded me that no one deserves to be treated as lesser than anyone. You fill that role, Shizuka. Even though they villainize you, you have to clean up the streets and inspire the other victims that they can fight back."

Shizuka still didn't want to fight, but unfortunately that's just the hand that was dealt to her.

It's not like she wasn't used to losing hands.

Her father continued, "The key is the restraint behind your fists. It's about teaching a lesson. If you go too far, you simply replace that monster with yourself."


Shizuka had a dream that night.

A crystal clear river underneath a waterfall.

She watched her own body move and submerge underneath the surface.

And once she re-emerged, she found herself at the top of the waterfall, looking down at the still pool.

The water turned red.


It was the first time she ever ditched class. Shizuka sat on a wooden bench located at her school's rooftop.

With a pocket knife, she carved a message into the backrest. 

'Aimi and Kaede are stupid bitches.'

Was it immature and juvenile? Yes.

Was it true? Also yes.

After appreciating her handiwork, Shizuka stuffed the pocket knife into her jacket and pulled out her carton of cigarettes.

She looked down and sighed when she saw she was on the last one. Bringing it up to her lips with one hand, she looked for a lighter with the other.

"Who said you were allowed up here, Oya?"

Shizuka threw her head back when she heard her voice followed shortly by the familiar sound of an umbrella being dragged along the ground.

Shizuka put the cigarette away and slowly turned around.

"Aren't ya girls supposed to be in class or somethin?"

"Same could be said for you. Now, we'll be nice this time." Aimi and Kaede stepped closer to the Yakuza, "Leave or else we fucking kill you."

From 1 to fucking 100.

Shizuka stood her ground, "because you've roughed me up a few times, ya think you can just make a threat at my life and get away with it?"

Aimi had a smug grin on her face, "my dad is chief of police, and you have criminal ties. They'll sweep your corpse under a rug and say it was mere gang violence. In this city? Gang violence runs wild, but I bet you know that."

Kaede stepped face to face with Shizuka with a maniacal glare, her eyes belonging to an animal.

"What are you waiting for Oya, didn't I tell you to fuck off?" Aimi spat.

While still squaring up with Kaede, Shizuka spoke, "I ain't goin anywhere. If I send your ass to the hospital, I know for a fact your pussy police dad wouldn't wanna stick his nose in a Yakuza's business." Shizuka turned her back on Kaede and stepped face to face with Aimi, "Have you walked alone at night where we live? People can't even grab a drink at a vending machine without getting their purse snatched...

...Your dad must be a fuckin idiot to do a job this shitty."

Aimi snarled, "You cocky fucking-"

"Hey don't worry though at least I ain't ever gonna kill ya." Shizuka laughed, "Can't imagine the pain your dad would go through putting your murder case at the bottom of the stack."

Aimi took a swing at Shizuka, but she dodged it.

"Did I take it too far? Sorry. I'll just take my leave." Shizuka turned on her heels.

"No, Oya. You're not going anywhere now."

Kaede dropped her umbrella and picked up a steel pipe that was laying on the floor, she gripped it tightly and began to cackle.

"Hell no. Put the damn pipe down and let this be a fair fight." Oya shouted, "at least give the fight some respect and try to earn your victory!"

"Yakuza deserve to die. They don't deserve a fair fight." The bully sneered, "and besides, I'll never show respect to a dirty, backwater animal like you."

These were insults she had heard countless times. But her life was being threatened, and she knew Kaede didn't have the restraint to only hit her once with that pipe.

Shizuka had to fight for her life. If she died, these girls would just find some other girl to torment and she couldn't allow that.

"Ya know what? Fuck it! Go ahead, double team me and use that pipe! Try to kill me for all I care! I'm kickin' both your asses anyway!" Shizuka relaxed her shoulders and tied her hair into a ponytail, "Despite all the years of shit you two put me through! This whole time, you've mistaken me for a girl you could fuck with!"

She saw Kaede make the first approach, rushing at her with her pipe.

There was no room for error against a weapon, Shizuka ducked under Kaede’s swing and immediately homed in on Aimi.

Haymakers weren't Shizuka's style, but they deserved it. A devastating sucker punch landed flush against Aimi's mouth, sending her flying backwards. The look on her face told Shizuka that this was the first time she'd ever been punched in the face. She better get used to it.

Yeah… how's that taste? Fucking bitch.

The sound of quick footsteps alerted Shizuka to Kaede’s attack. She narrowly dodged the wild swings of her pipe, weaving between a mixture of vertical and horizontal slashes.

Shizuka landed a counter-punch on Kaede, but she didn't go down quite as easily as the other one. Kaede continued forth swinging violently at Shizuka, only to strike at the air against Shizuka's evasive outboxing style.

Shizuka used her footwork aggressively in order to get Kaede to back herself up into the chain link fence of the roof. Once she heard the clinking sound of her opponent's back against the wall, Shizuka cut loose.

Her eyes scanned for an opening to strike before rushing in with a rapid flurry of fists. She wanted to bury this girl in punches.

Strike to the right side of the temple.

Body blow left into her abdomen.

Hard left hand to the temple.

Shizuka's knuckles were beginning to bleed, but she continued to fight through the pain.

Kaede’s head opened up like a tomato can, a trickle of blood spilled down from her hairline. Her beating left her battered and dazed, the pipe dropped to the ground  a loud clang when it hit the floor.

Shizuka charged up an uppercut for the knockout.

But was pulled away when Aimi’s arms wrapped around Shizuka's neck in a chokehold and felt her hand pushing her head forward, adding leverage to maximize airflow restriction.

Kaede returned to form and began landing body blows to Shizuka, increasing the pace at which she lost air.

Shizuka swung her fist in desperation and luckily caught Kaede on the chin, effectively ringing her bell causing her to fall back onto the fence and stumble for balance.

Time was running out for Shizuka as her vision began to fade and her face started to change colors.

She traced her hands up Aimi’s forearm until she felt her attacker's fingers. Shizuka grabbed a hold of her pinky and ring finger and pulled down as hard as she could until she heard a sickening snapping sound.

Aimi instinctively released the chokehold and screamed as she clutched onto her newly broken fingers. Shizuka let her knuckles fly into Aimi's jaw before going down to catch her breath.

She fell to her hands and knees, a small splash as she caught herself on the wet rooftop. Light pounding against the surfaces as droplets crashed down on them.

Was it always raining?

Shizuka quickly tried to get back to her feet.


Kaede’s steel pipe cracked Shizuka's head wide open. Her face was covered in a crimson mask as blood rushed downwards from the impact site. She stumbled back and swung her hands into the air before falling face first into a puddle. The rain poured harder, as the blood began to mix with the rainwater.

Aside from the falling water drops hitting the ground, it was completely silent.

Kaede shuffled towards Aimi and brought her to her feet. The two struggled to walk as they tried to exit the scene.


Shizuka roared as she peeled herself off the ground. A waterfall of blood falling from her head into the puddle where head used to lay. Shizuka held her pocket knife tightly into her fist, before taking her jacket off and quickly slipping out of her uniform top.

Her chest was bound by wrappings and bandages to remind them what they've done to her. The tattoo of the red dragon roaring above the koi's waterfall adorned her skin to remind them who she was.


Shizuka's eyes belonged to a mad dog.

Kaede wasted no time trying to put Shizuka down again, another violent slash of her pipe made contact with her head. But Shizuka didn't go down.

Shizuka smashed her head into Kaede’s nose. Blood began to gush out of her nostrils as she stumbled back onto her ass.

Aimi dove for Shizuka's midsection and rammed her spine into the fence. Shizuka countered, throwing Aimi into the chainlink and began to work her like a heavy bag.

The boxer's footwork moved her swiftly side to side, constantly shifting positions to where her opponent's guard fell weak. Battering her abdomen with a storm, she stomped on her victim's foot, keeping her in place so she had no place to run.

Landing blow after blow, Shizuka released a tortured scream as she released every last bit of her bottled rage upon her enemy's body.

She heard Kaede rushing back in with her pipe, she turned around only to feel Aimi pull her ponytail to keep her head in place as her partner went in for a home run swing at the Yakuza's skull.

Shizuka flipped her pocket knife open and slashed her ponytail off just in time to dodge the pipe.


Aimi’s body fell limp to the floor. Her fist clutching a handful of Shizuka's hair.

Kaede stumbled forward as she threw herself off balance in the rain during her swing.

Arms wrapped around Kaede’s neck and Shizuka squeezed as hard as she could. Kaede made an attempt to copy Shizuka's earlier escape. Once the Yakuza felt her fingers being touched, she immediately pulled her up off her feet, dangling her in the air by her neck.

Shizuka spun around before falling with her to the floor, wrapping her legs around the bully's abdomen to squeeze more air out. Kaede made harsh choking sounds as she reached for ropes that weren't there. Soon enough she felt her struggles grow weak as her arms fell listlessly at both sides.

Shizuka released her after she was put to sleep and got up to finally smoke her last cigarette. Pulling her wet jacket off the floor, she grabbed her lighter and cigarette.

It took a few tries for the lighter to spark the flame in the rain, but managed to get the cig in her mouth lit. After exhaling a smoke cloud, she noticed Aimi crawling towards the exit.

The waterfall on Shizuka's irezumi was red in her blood. She approached the beaten girl who also bled from her head.

"Leave me alone Oya!" She cried, "Aren't you satisfied already?!"

Shizuka spoke no words as she straddled her waist and pushed her head into the ground with one hand, forcing her eye open with her fingers. Aimi screamed as Shizuka pulled the cigarette out of her mouth and lowered the burning end down to her iris.

The smoke made the girl's eye water as the distance began to grow close between eye and flame. Shizuka stopped inches away from her target.

The girl screamed as tears began to rush from her eyes. She shouted unintelligible words as she begged for her to stop.

It hit her.

They were right about her.

She was a monster.

This is what she's capable of.

She was so fucking ashamed of herself.

Trying to stuff a cigarette into the eye of a girl who was trying to escape.

How fucking depraved.

She looked over to Kaede’s unconscious body, who she couldn't even tell with confidence was alive or not.

Shizuka put the cigarette back into her mouth and blew smoke into Aimi's face. "You're probably never gonna see me again. But if I hear about you fucking with other girls again, I'll be back to finish my work." The monster dismounted Aimi.

She left her to lie there and think about her sins. Shizuka put on her drenched jacket and uniform top before leaving the roof.


"Hello class! I am Oshima Mai. The principal and representative of the 48 Art Academy. Unfortunately for all the boys in the classroom, this is an all girls school. I had made it that way so girls don't let romance get in the way of their art, but I could've never anticipated every single student being gay..." Mai paused and caught her breath, "Anyway for the artist girls that are intere-"

The classroom sliding door was forcefully thrown open as Shizuka dragged herself inside.

She was drenched, her uniform had obvious bloodstains, and her chopped up hair was matted.

The class was silent as she stumbled to the back of the class.

She kicked the table leg of a student's desk, "You're in my seat."

The student stared in a mix of confusion and terror.

"GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY SEAT!" She shouted and the boy scrambled away. Shizuka plopped into the chair and stared off into space. "Sorry for interruptin' your speech. Continue with whatever you were doin."

Mai stared curiously, before continuing promoting the art school.

Wouldn't want a girl like that in my school.


Shizuka got herself as clean as she could. Showered off the blood on her head, wrapped up her knuckles, got a change of clothes, and even cut her short hair to make it more even.

To be honest, she might just continue rocking the short hair.

She winced as she tattooed a Kirin on a client's back. Holding her hand in a single position as her knuckles were slightly swollen from punching.

"What happened, Shizuka?" She heard her father's voice from across the tattoo parlor.

"Taught those girls a lesson. Ended up takin a lot more outta me than I thought, but I took even more from them."

"Take the week off Shizuka, it seems you've been through a lot."

"Nah, this has been the only thing that's made me happy today. Probably gonna drop out of school too and start tattooing full time. I'm just not cut out for normal life I guess." Shizuka didn't lift her head from her work.

Takumi frowned, seeing his daughter drained of her fight. It broke his heart to see another person join the Yakuza full time because they didn't manage to fit into a world that didn't accept them.

This was his fault too. He encouraged her to fight. He just never knew how much hate she had in her.

Just outside the tattoo shop, Oshima Mai and her assistant walked down the alley leading her to cross paths with Shizuka once more.

"Oshima! We have to get outta here! This is Yakuza territory!" Fujie Reina, Oshima's assistant, panicked in a scream-whisper.

"Let's check out this tattoo place, maybe we can scout ourselves a new student here?" Mai said playfully, ignoring the warning signs of gang territory.

"The only thing you'll find here is a bullet to the head!"

"Last stop, then we're done. Promise."

Reina huffed as she opened the door to the shop for her boss.

Shizuka looked up from her work and saw the two ladies walk in, "you ladies don't look like clients. Did ya have an appointment with me?"

Mai composed herself, "Actually I'm a representative of 48 Art Academy. I think you were the girl who came to class late… covered in blood."

Reina's face went pale.

Mai walked forward and looked at the detailed tattoo Shizuka was applying on the man's skin, "Is this your design? You're an amazing artist."

Shizuka raised an eyebrow, "If you're here to scoop me up to your little school, I ain't interested. I'm employed by the Yakuza and that's gonna last a lifetime. You don't want a girl like me in your school anyway." She put the pen down and gestured towards the door, "shouldn't stay here too long either. Pretty ladies like you aren't safe 'round these parts at night."

"Well look at that, Mai! She isn't interested! Let's go!" Reina immediately turned on her heels.

Shizuka's father dusted off his suit and stood up, "Ladies! Wait please!"

As he got closer, his intimidating stature became clear.

Reina fell to her knees, "P-please don't kill us! We don't owe any money!"

Mai turned her head to the intimidating man ignoring Reina begging for her life, "Oya Takumi? The boxer?"

The recognition flustered him a bit.

"Y-yes. Anyway, I'd be glad to enroll Shizuka into your school."

Shizuka shot up out of her seat, once again leaving a half naked man in the middle of an awkward situation, "Hey dad, WHAT THE FUCK?! You're making some big group decisions without me!"

After reassuring Reina of her safety, Shizuka's father offered them a seat in the waiting area, "May I have a moment with my daughter?" He tapped on Shizuka's client's shoulder and gestured for him to leave the parlor before taking the conversation with his daughter to the privacy of his office.

Shizuka immediately fired off, "what the fuck, dad?! I don't wanna go to that stupid school! I finally fuckin get it. I was born a Yakuza, and that's not gonna change!"

"Your father was a firefighter, and your mother was a librarian." Her father said without any hesitation.

"What? You're not a firefighter."

Once again ignoring her words he explained the story,

"My last match as a professional boxer, I was up against another Yakuza of a rival family. They had paid my boss off to pick up the win against me. It was rigged, and I was supposed to throw the match.

There's nothing that boils my blood more than match rigging. So I didn't listen, I won by knockout. And when I saw the promoters… They were furious.

I knew I was in trouble, so me and my boys rushed me to the car to leave the arena… And they caught up and they opened fire on us in the parking lot. Luckily none of us got hurt, but in the crossfire…"

Shizuka stayed silent and waited for her father to finish.

"A young couple caught the strays." His words were stained in shame.

"I saw the woman crawling to me when the shooters left, her husband dropped immediately. She was holding a baby in her bloody hands. I couldn't leave her to die alone, so I comforted her in her final moments, then when she handed the baby to me. Her final words were...

'Her name… is Shizuka.'

I didn't even bother to check her ID to see your real surname."

Shizuka was speechless. This whole time…

"I took your life away!" Takumi couldn't even look his daughter in the eye, "you never got a fair shot at life. It's my fault everyone sees you as a monster. Please, attend that art school. Forget about me! Forget about the Yakuza! Please live a happy life!"

It was silent between the two before Shizuka softly responded.

"I bet that firefighter and librarian were good people. But… I'm an Oya. You're always gonna be my real father." She embraced him, "Ya taught me how to fight. Ya taught me how the streets work, ya taught me everything! I don't think I'll ever have a normal life, but… I'll go to that school and give it a fair shot. If it doesn’t work out, then I’m comin back here."

“Of course Shizuka…” He held Shizuka tight in his arms, “Remember that part where I said to forget me? I was lyin’ ‘bout that.”

“Dad, your accents comin back out.”


“You think they’re in that office to pull out weapons and kill us?”

“Reina please, they seem like nice people.”

The two Yakuza stepped out of the office and greeted the two ladies once again. Shizuka’s father set a briefcase down onto the counter.

“Hm? What’s in that briefcase?” Mai raised her brow.

“This is my tuition. We’re paying upfront and in cash. Probably a couple thousand extra too just because you're pretty.” Shizuka smirked.

Reina hesitantly stepped forward and took the briefcase with trembling hands.

"You've made a wise choice. There are plenty of girls just like you at the academy." Mai placed a hand on Shizuka's shoulder.

Shizuka snorted, "Ya got other Yakuza students over there?"

"Well, no."

"Good. I'm a Yakuza. I'm nothing like those other girls." Shizuka turned to her dad, "Can you call one of your boys to give us a ride home so I can pack my stuff?" Shizuka also had one last question.

"Do any of you need nurses at your school? Because I might have a good recommendation."

This school is her last shot to live a normal life.

Not everyone gets a fresh start.

Now she's the one in charge of what kind of dragon she becomes.
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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
« Reply #94 on: October 02, 2021, 12:59:56 AM »
Now that we're in the wonderful month of October, we all know what that means...

Halloween fics! Another set of stories during the halloween festival!

Since there will be two instances of these events happening in the canon of this universe, if I plan to have a story take place at last year's halloween festival, I'll be sure to mention it.

Also, I plan to edit some of my published stories for the sake of better grammar and storytelling. After reading a few of them, I do catch some things I could have worded better and jokes that don't quite land. If I do, I'll be sure to mention it in the preface.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

70. Dream Girl: Part 1/2 (YuuNaaMogiOn)

A/N: This story takes place before Nana and Yuiri got together.

Mogi and Mion settled to watch some garbage television programming as they waited for their show to come on.

The two sank into the couch and found most of their entertainment from making fun of the plot, or their acting, or even how the people on screen looked.


The two girls jumped out of their seats. They could hear their neighbor's muffled shouts of pain before she properly opened the door and made her way in.

"Ack, stupid door." Nana rubbed her head as she plopped down on the couch next to Mion and Mogi.

The three watched TV without exchanging any words. MogiOn gave a strange look to the third girl before turning their attention back to the screen.

"So Nana, I see you invited yourself in." Mogi spoke up.

"I'll cut to the chase. I messed up badly. Can I sleep over tonight?"

"Oooooh, what did you do? Get into a fistfight with someone? Rob the convenience store?" Mion laid across Mogi's lap as she made curious eye contact with her.

"I walked in on Murayama changing! She freaked out and started throwing stuff at me, and I ran out and here we are!"

"Guess that explains the screaming we heard earlier. Anyway… get fucked loser, lol."

"Just tell her it was an accident and clear it all up, no biggie." Mogi shrugged.


"It WAS an accident… right?"


Mogi gave a hard smack to Nana's head. Nana whimpered and rubbed the area where she hit her. (Which was also the same area where Nana hit her head on the door.)

"You were perving on your roommate, and you want us to save you?!" Mogi cried out.

Nana got on her knees, "please please, just once! I'll pay, I'll make out with you, I'll make out with a teacher! Please let me sleep here!"

"Only because I don't want to see you make out with a professor, I'll accept on a few conditions."

"Name them!" Nana was ready to start kissing their feet.

"One. You're sleeping on the couch."


"Two. You're gonna sleep with Mion's blankets."

Mion huffed, "Wait, why does she get my blankets!?"

"Because you're short and I doubt it'll cover her whole body. This is a small part of the punishment."

Nana nodded, "is that all?"

"Three. If Mion cracks an egg into your open mouth while you're asleep, you're not allowed to wake me up to complain."

"Is she… prone to doing that?"

"Now that you've taken her blankets?


71. Read it for the Plot (SakuRuppi)

A/N: Haruppi birthday special. Fashionably late as always.

Haruka was told to meet Sakura at the Kamisori Ramen shop after her classes ended.

She was curious where Sakura would be seated in the restaurant, but Sakura simply responded with,

"I'll be pretty easy to spot… trust me."

Once she stepped inside and looked through the patrons of the busy restaurant, she realized that Sakura was right. She spotted her immediately.

Sakura sat patiently in a booth.

With bright pink hair.

Haruka settled down into the seat across from her, "so… what's with the hair?"

"I lost a bet."

"And the bright pink eyebrows?"

"I wagered double or nothing."

Haruka pretended to understand. But whatever, it looked cute on her.

Kojima Mako walked up to the girls with a notepad, "Loving the new hair, Sakura." Mako clicked her pen, "what can I get for you girls?"

"Two bowls of Tonkotsu Ramen, and a plate of gyoza." Sakura made the order for both of them, "oh it's Haruppi's birthday too."

"Oh? Then her ramen is free." Mako scribbled into her notepad with a smile.

"But mine isn't?" Sakura whined.

"Hey, my mom's gonna kill me if I just start handing out free food. Gimme a break." Mako set down two glasses and a pitcher of water.

After they finished ordering, Mako assured them that their food would be ready quickly before retreating behind the curtain.

As the two girls waited for their ramen, Haruka noticed a bag next to Sakura, "Hey, Sakura what's in there?"

"Ah!" Sakura opened the bag and pulled out a thick book onto the table. "It's your present!"

Haruka curiously pulled the book closer to herself and flipped through the pages.

It was a manga, featuring familiar handsome characters… getting into sexual situations.

Oh my goodness, she made fanfiction of my erotic manga. And these illustrations are… incredible.

"Sakura, your drawings are amazing. I can't wait to read the whole thing."

"You sound surprised by the artwork's quality."

"I didn't know you could draw like this."

"Wow, it's like we're in art school or something." Sakura vocalized sarcastically. "Anyway, I worked hard on it. I hope you like it."

Some words appeared to get caught in her throat before Sakura simply let it out.

"I watched gay porn for hours, Haruppi."

Haruppi flipped through a few more pages, "yeah, it really shows."

Mako came back with their ramen and gyoza, "two bowls of ramen and gyoza for the prettiest girls in the restaurant." Mako set the food down before noticing the manga, "oh? You girls are mangaka? Lemme have a read!"

The girls were too slow to stop Mako from picking up Haruka's present. The smile on her face slowly morphing into wide-eyed shock.

"Whoa… that's… detailed. You even got the shading on the… wow." Mako gently set the book down, "I see art school is really paying off for you, Sakura." Mako chuckled before leaving the scene.

The two girls watched her leave before starting on their food.

"I worked super hard on the plot, and you two only looked at the pictures." Sakura pouted.

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (YuuNaaMogiOn,SakuRuppi) (10/01/21)
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I missed being able to comment on your Oya Shizuka backstory before you posted another update! TToTT I hope you'll forgive the abhorrent flow of this review, I wanted to send my praises ASAP but so many things are happening and this is the best I can do to organize my thoughts.

Where do I begin?

Characters, their feelings, and their motivations were so good:
- Shizuka's reason for not fighting back. Sounds like a solution that someone really could reach.
- The bullies' confidence even against the threat of Yakuza because of connections with authorities
- The way the bullies super-effectively turned their victim against Shizuka was very convincing. Like, lowkey I still can't blame the girl. She was hostile with her dismissal of Shizuka because of the Yakuza's bad rap. It's a bit unreasonable but that's just humans when threatened. Good job on showing that.
- Mr. Oya seemed pretty soft and not-crime-y for a Yakuza boss, and I liked the irony when he tells Shizuka to 'inspire victims to fight back' when the Yakuza might have victims that they can just... kill... if they fight back against them ._. (Relatively nice) Yakuza leader aside, he seems like a good man for deciding to take Shizuka for his own and most definitely a good dad. He even remembers her parents' jobs even though he never checked their last name (wait, how did he find out their jobs?). In this cruel world, I'm glad that Shizuka at least has him.
- Mr. Oya's suggestion. As typical as 'fight back' may be as advice, the important part (i.e. fighting but knowing when to stop) is, I think, a good reminder to Shizuka that her options are not only black and white ('I'm a monster' or 'they beat me up')
- Shizuka not caring that she's adopted because who she is now is how she was raised. I definitely agree, and I think being born into a Yakuza family and ending up in one as a baby are preeeeetty much the same, identity-wise. It's not like having normal-but-dead parents would have changed her in society's eyes or personality-wise. She was dealt a bad hand, so she fits right in with the rest of them.
- Maria was really sweet. I hope she got into the art school as a nurse... though that might mean she's one of those hospital staff that Sayaka knocked out in the previous update O_O

There's a couple of plot things I'm curious or confused about and I'm not sure if these get involved/explained in any of your future stories but imma say them anyway.

- As it is, this whole thing with Shizuka breaking the years-long status quo of getting beat up by the two girls hinged on the mere coincidence that her father's men saw her walk out of the alley busted up after years of apparently never having that happen. Since every action and decision after that flowed nicely and logically into the final fight, I wonder if there's also a reason for why his men were there at that time for the first time.
- MaiMai showed wariness at Shizuka's loudness, violence, and bloodiness (or so I assume) yet insisted on going into a tattoo shop in gang territory on the off-chance that there's a potential artist student in there. There's a contradiction in her reaction to violence so idk if she has a reason for that or she switched outlooks pretty quickly?

The angst was great, didn't feel contrived, and it fit in with the seriousness of the story. The first scene alone was so good at making me understand that this wasn't a shonen anime where the main character is a strong fighter who just lets themselves get beaten up because they're such a saint and sees their bully as "oh, they're just lashing out because they're hurt so I forgive them". Shizuka is traumatized and hates her bullies, she's a human with a personality who responds realistically to shit treatment. As a reader, I cared for her and hoped that she finds herself and her peace. I was able to see the goodness in her that led her to realizing during the big fight that she was so close to crossing a line into becoming a monster.

The action was well-described, thrilling, and non-repetitive, which was impressive especially since there's more than one fight within these 6k-7k words. And I think the fact that the fights aren't one-sided helps with how exciting they are. Shizuka and her opponents both gave hits and got hit. Descriptions of movements were great. I think if your reader cringes at an event/movement even before they see the word 'sickening' to tell them that what is happening is sickening, I believe you're doing something right, and that's exactly what you were able to do.

Let's jump into a short section called: Oh lawd I'm not a good reader what do I make of this?
Alternative title: My shortcomings as a reader.
Alternative alternative title: aneramyre can't symbolism
Or at least I feel like there's symbolism here? And I feel bad for not being able to appreciate them as they deserve.

1. Shizuka, cigarettes, and lighters - I'm trying to understand the scenes in which Shizuka puts a cigarette in her mouth and looks for a lighter. Like, in scenes where she doesn't have a lighter (where she soon gets beaten up), she is 'not accepting her true self' or being ashamed of being a Yakuza or something. Opposite goes for when she's among her father's men and they provide a lighter for her, she is a Yakuza, she is where she belongs, and she acts as such. But my theory falls apart when Shizuka's father tells her not to smoke (which this theory associates with Yakuza identity acceptance). Which would mean he doesn't support her accepting her identity. Or you might not mean anything by it and I'm looking for meaning where there isn't lmao. I actually enjoy these little moments where I question whether it's symbolising something or not. And even if it doesn't stand for anything, I think it's good to include other movements (in this case, looking for a lighter) that don't always accomplish anything and is just people doing people things (for example, drinking water!).

2. Dragons, dreams, and tattoos - I love that you used these three to get various sorts of imagery across. They're a good medium for conveying meaning/symbolism plus they fit in with your setting. Unfortunately, idk how to process Shizuka's dream :cry: Here's a transcription of my thoughts while trying to understand it:
I understand that the dragon radical is present in the kanji for waterfall but I'm not sure if that's relevant here. The fight later mentions a waterfall of blood while it was raining which MIGHT be related? The water turned red, which probably meant somebody died in the clear river. It might have been her, it might have been... some other person. Yeah, I have literally no idea what's going on. I'm totally lost on this one.

3. The last line seems to imply that there has been mention of or familiarity with 'kinds' of dragons or Shizuka turning into a dragon or of anyone else being in charge of what dragon she turns into or of anyone choosing to turn into any kind of dragon. It kind of surprised me as a concluding line because I don't remember encountering such a conflict. Unless turning into certain kinds of dragons is a metaphor in Yakuza culture?

{End of wordy af section}

The dialog is good. It didn't sound stiff and you demonstrated good control of the potty mouth. There are stories in which I check how many instances of 'fuck' there are. There's 20 here, the majority of which were in the climactic fight scene. And even then, it wasn't used several times in a row in such a way that felt like it was just trying to be edgy. I also like the comment regarding Mr. Oya's accent and how it slipped out when he got emotional. I must admit I missed that he speaks without an accent in previous scenes.

A couple of typos, missing/extra punctuation, capitalization, and hyphening inconsistencies. No big deal and nothing too distracting and I won't hold that against you considering it's a lot longer compared to your usual and the writing in general is so good.

It had been a while since Shizuka stepped foot into the ring, leg alone tested her abilities in them.
Since the word 'foot' was mentioned, I can't tell if 'leg' is a typo of 'let' or a pun...

Oshima Mai and Fujie Reina make an appearance! I find it interesting that you chose MaiMai for the principal.

"I had made it that way so girls don't let romance get in the way of their art, but I could've never anticipated every single student being gay..."
I cried with laughter at this line, both for what it says and for its delivery. Damn, didn't see that coming, did she?

I enjoyed the little silly things as well, like the men just being left lying there, waiting for their tattoo artist to come back or finish an argument, when Shizuka gets interrupted with her work.

Congrats on finishing a 6k-7k piece! I think this work is something you should be proud of.

Unfortunately, I was too slow in writing this review that I'm putting another comment for the new update here! ^^; The difference between my comment for Fukuoka Sunset and the new update is... pretty noticeable lol. But I guess that's to be expected from a long serious fic and your short doses of happiness, right?

First thing I noticed is that your dialog just keeps getting better and better! There's something I love about seeing lines that capture the casual, teasing, sarcastic, cheeky vibe that familiarity among friends and lovers brings. So I guess it makes sense that my favorite lines were "Guess that explains the screaming we heard earlier. Anyway… get fucked loser, lol." and "Wow, it's like we're in art school or something." But even if I single these out, the whole interactions of the two stories are just so funny, natural, and ridiculous all at the same time.

This is a small part of the punishment.
Haha literally.

Naachan offering to kiss a professor and Mogi saying she wants... not-that... is(are?) my runner-up favorite line(lines?) for this mini, I think.

Sakura's gift was WOW! I can't imagine everything that she had to do for that gift. Storytelling, writing, drawing, learning about the... subject matter... that was a lot of work and I think even only doing one of those would have been enough of a present (even the last one, maybe) but she went all the way.

"Whoa… that's… detailed. You even got the shading on the… wow."
The shading on the what? THE SHADING ON THE WHAT? (just kidding, I'm actually afraid to know)

Even if it weren't my genre, I'd love to read what story Sakura came up with for this scandalous manga.

Good luck with the editing! I'll do a full re-read of the series to appreciate the changes, definitely. I've found a lot of people (including myself) torn between leaving a work as a 'product of the author's state as a writer at the time' vs updating everything you have as you evolve and continue to evolve. They both have their pros and cons and I'm glad to see your take on that.

Two great updates lately, we must be blessed. Thank you so much for your work and see ya next time!

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Re: Adventures in Art School: Minis (YuuNaaMogiOn,SakuRuppi) (10/01/21)
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Two updates! thank you for this.

I think that very few times I read a fic with Oya Shizuka as the protagonist and this really caught my attention, it seemed very good to me how you treated a story as dark as that of the yakuza that the truth is a subject that interests me a lot and more when it is so Well related also the story can be something strong but I really liked Shizuka in this role, I hope to see more stories with this theme in some future..

Thanks for the lengthy fic it probably took a long time to write but as the effort is always appreciated :thumbsup

On the other hand, the story of Sakura and the birthday present to Haruppi made me laugh a lot, especially the part of the illustrated manga, I think Sakura is a great artist in that sense lol

Halloween stories are always one of my favorites (along with Christmas ones obviously) in this case I wonder if we will read about a costume party or a romantic getaway :roll:
but anyway thanks for the one shot and I will be waiting for the stories during the halloween festival.

Thank you for continuing to update your stories so continuously, I confess that with time you have already become one of my favorite writers related to the 48Group fanfiction.
So I hope we keep reading more of your work.


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Re: Adventures in Art School: Replies to Comments.
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Replies to Comments

@Nozokime: It's so crazy to think that you've been following my stories for over a year now. I'm super happy to know that I'm one of your favorite 48 writers. Thank you!

@aneramyre: Oh boy, where do I begin! I'll begin with the symbolism segment.

Cigarettes: This is not an object of symbolism as much as it is a little character detail. Shizuka is the first student in the story depicted as a smoker, and it was a simple way to show that she had a bit of hooligan in her. I also thought it was a nice detail to not have the Yakuza patriarch smoke as one would expect of him. I'd like to believe his passion lies with boxing before being a Yakuza, so he doesn't smoke so he can stay in good boxing shape. He disapproves of Shizuka smoking because cigarettes aren't good for your cardio lol.

Waterfalls, Dreams, Tattoos: These all kinda tie together.

Waterfalls, Koi, and Dragons: There's a tale in Japan of the koi that try to leap out of the river, and up a waterfall. The koi that can manage to endure the hardship it requires to finally reach the top are rewarded with the transformation that turns them into a dragon. It's a story that represents perseverance. It was mentioned only very briefly in the story, but the tattoo on Shizuka's back is a koi chasing a dragon up a waterfall.

Her chest was bound by wrappings and bandages to remind them what they've done to her. The tattoo of the red dragon roaring above the koi's waterfall adorned her skin to remind them who she was.

There's also a lot of imagery that leads back into waterfalls as you've caught.

Shizuka roared as she peeled herself off the ground. A waterfall of blood falling from her head into the puddle where her head used to lay.

This is a mirror of her irezumi. She has become the dragon however the issue is her ability to control it.

In eastern mythology, the dragon is the top of the food chain. Pound for pound, the most powerful creature that can exist. One can imagine that being the top dog is mission #1 in the Yakuza. 

Dream: The waterfall dream is meant to be a foreshadowing of the blood she has to spill to reach the top of the waterfall (and become the dragon.)

The tattoos: We have already went over Shizuka's. But there are more that mirror her story, specifically the one's she's tattooing onto others.

Tattooing the snake: The snake sheds it's skin to represent an upcoming change. This scene closely leads into her meeting up with her father, which spurs the change where she realizes that fighting is truly the only way out.

Tattooing the Kirin: A Kirin is essentially an eastern unicorn. A Kirin is a gentle protector, however it wields the power to kill a dragon if it ever needed to. Shizuka was tattooing this on a Yakuza member when she was at one of her lowest points in the story. A moment where she finally gave up trying to be a girl, and gave in to her Yakuza lifestyle. As far as she was concerned, the dragon in her heart was dead.

The "leg alone" typo you caught... nope. Not a pun at all. It was a typo as much as I wish to accept credit for it. Can I blame autocorrect on this one?

MaiMai: I have a huge soft spot for Oshima Mai. Completely fell for her in the beginning of AKBingo. She was brimming with Idol aura and a huge what-if? member if she stayed. I imagine she'd be Kami 7 easy.

As far as her personality concerns. Maimai is a strange character. She may be mostly against violence, but her passion for art and her school made her put herself into harms way in the pursuit of art and/or artists. She may abhor violence, but she has no fear of it. She's one of those people who thinks art can save lives and strongly is behind that set of beliefs. Her ambitions may be seen as a little naive, and in a way she knows it. But she's past the point of backing down, her school is a success after all.

Just thought of this now, but it probably taught her a good lesson in being accepting any student from all backgrounds.

However, I concede to the fact that I definitely could've written her a little bit better and more clearly to illustrate that.

Mr Oya's discovery: It may be a bit of a weak explanation. But I imagine that Takumi tried his hardest to keep Yakuza business away from Shizuka's school. But sometimes some nearby guy was a little late on his debts and tried escaping towards the school's direction. And it's not like his collectors are supposed to let the guy go or anything.

Yakuza business can be unpredictable like that.

Fight Scenes: I've been really excited to write the climactic fight pretty much since I've introduced the idea of Shizuka in the first place. I find it funny that you mentioned that they weren't repetitive considering I did intentionally reuse lines from the fights.

Strike to the right side of the temple.

Body blow left into her abdomen.

Hard left hand to the temple.


The boxer's footwork moved her swiftly side to side, constantly shifting positions to where her opponent's guard fell weak.

I reused these moments to show off how much Shizuka takes to her father. Using her father's techniques to fend off her bullies.

Shizuka's parents and surnames: He may not have checked the ID's of her parents, but probably knew their occupations when the story was brought to the news the night after his fight. And likely couldn't stomach reliving everything and turned off the TV once they were getting into detail of who they were.

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Box.
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Lets begin right away, shall we? The replies to comments are the post above if you're interested. More should be on their way soon! We got new parirings too! More the merrier eh?

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

72. Betrayal (YuiParu)

Paruru aimed her camera at Bisu, who had a hard time staying still on the counter of the convenience store.

Maybe for a good reason too. Bisu was dressed up in a silly spider costume for the Halloween spirit. It was pretty obvious that Bisu felt like an idiot.

“C’mon Bisu, stay still.”

“Hrmm… Meow.”

Paruru snapped a picture at the unenthusiastic cat before turning her attention to the girl restocking the shelves.

“Hey Yui, any idea where Akiyama is?”

Without taking eyes off her task she answered as best she could, “he said he was going to an important meeting and he’ll be back soon.”

”Important meeting is codeword for ‘Akiyama ditched us to play pachinko.’”

“How do you know that?”

“I followed him out without him knowing once.”

“And you left the store unattended?”


“You’re a terrible employee.” Yui shook her head.

Paruru cracked open a soda she didn’t pay for, “I guess I am, huh.”

Just as their discussion about Paruru’s work ethic had concluded, Akiyama stepped in through the doors.

“Alright girls, you get to leave early. Get outta here.”

“Huh? But there’s still two hours left in my shift.” Yui diligently continued stocking shelves.

Paruru had already begun packing her things, “are you seriously trying to stay?”

“That little festival thing is tonight, right? Get outta here and enjoy it. Anyway, my meeting netted me some positive returns so I can afford to close up for tonight.”

“Ah, you got lucky at the pachinko parlor?” Yui blurted out.

Akiyama sighed, “where did you learn that, Yokoyama?” 

Being the goody two shoes (and terrible liar) she was, Yui immediately ratted her girlfriend out.

Paruru spat out her soda into a sugary mist that showered Bisu in carbonated beverage. He just wasn’t having a good time.

Akiyama reached under the counter and pulled out a spray bottle and other cleaning supplies.

“I’ll still let you off early, Shimazaki. But you’re gonna clean the toilet first.”

The salty girl grumbled and took the supplies and slammed the bathroom door shut.

“I screwed up this time huh, Bisu?”


Akiyama lit up a cigarette, “Eh, you’re gonna be fine.”

“What do you know about love, Akiyama?”

“I’m married?!” Akiyama almost sounded offended, “I once left Shimazaki alone for three hours after her shift ended, and she got over it once I bought her ice cream.”

“You’re a terrible manager, Akiyama.”

Akiyama puffed his cigarette, “I guess I am, huh.”

73. Piping Hot (YuiZukky)

At some point I should include the newer stars of AKB. I gotta think about the potential newer fans, no?

"One order of takoyaki please!" Yamauchi Mizuki politely placed her order and handed the man at the vendor exact change. "Oh Yui, you're gonna love it!"

Oguri Yui was Mizuki's roommate, and for this moment also her date for the festival.

"Takoyaki? Isn't this some sort of commoner food? A staple of street vendors like this one? I'm not interested."

"Hey! You said commoner instead of 'poor person'! I'd say that's good progress!" Mizuki kept her optimism high, trying to raise the spirit of the other girl who was conditioned to her affluent upbringing.

"I can't imagine myself enjoying this. So I suppose you can have the entire share of it."

Mizuki frowned, "Aww, c'mon. Don't be like that. Try it."

The cook prepared the order quickly, handing the Takoyaki balls to Mizuki on a modest cardboard tray.

"Please Mizuki, I doubt that takoyaki can reach the complex flavor profile of luxury culinary delights such as-"

In the middle of her speech, Mizuki shoved one of the piping-hot takoyaki into Yui's mouth.

As expected, Yui physically recoiled and freaked out.

"THAT WAS STILL HOT! DO COMMONERS NOT WAIT FOR THEIR FOOD TO COOL?! MY GOODNESS! YOU BARBARIC-" Yui carefully chewed and tried to cool it off in her mouth, "hold on a minute…"

Mizuki watched in expectation for her full review.

Yui's eyes widened after she swallowed it down.

"That was… delicious."

"Would you like another?

"Yes. I'd like to be sure my taste buds aren't deceiving me."

74. Meet the Queen of Golf (WMatsui)

"So Jurina, what's the plan for today?"

"Well right now I'm trying to scope out a game that hands out the best prizes."

Rena tilted her head, "Do certain games hand out better prizes than others?"

"The trick is to go to an unpopular game, so you get the early pickings for prizes when you win." Jurina said matter-of-factly.

"I'm starting to get tired of the word 'prizes'."

The two walked down the lanes, until Jurina suddenly stopped.

She spotted a mini-golf course with no one in line.

"Mini golf?" Rena scratched her head, "seems rather time consuming for a festival game."

"Yeah, but look at that." Jurina pointed at the prize pool which included a massive box of melonpan next to the typical plushies.

"Melon...pan? WHERE ARE THE CLUBS? I CAN'T LET ANYONE ELSE GET IT!" Rena tried rushing for the attendant, but Jurina yanked her arm back.


Jurina was a little amused at her girlfriend’s ravenous cravings, "We're probably gonna suck at golf, so no point doing it ourselves."

Rena deflated, "So what are we gonna do?"

"I know a girl who specializes in this stuff. Lemme make a call real quick." Jurina hit a few buttons on her phone before bringing it to her ear.

"Suzuran… you at the festival? How quickly can you get to me?'


"Hey Jurina!" The energetic Suzuran skidded to a halt, "I heard you say golf, and I knew I had to be here!"

"It's mini golf, child's play to a girl like you. Can you offer your services to win my girlfriend that melonpan box?"

"Uhhh… not for free."

Jurina sighed and slapped a couple bills into Suzuran's palm.

After pocketing the cash, Suzuran asked for a set of clubs from the attendant before getting herself into position to work her magic.

"Jurina, who is she?" Rena asked curiously.

"Yamauchi Suzuran. She's the girl you call for any golf-related problem you may run into."

Rena was trying to process which question to ask first, " often do you run into golf-related problems?"

Jurina dodged the question.

"Just sit right there and look pretty! One box of Melonpan coming right up!"


Rena happily munched away at her newly acquired treats, occasionally swatting Jurina's hand away any time she tried to steal one.

Suzuran was still swinging away at golf balls, pocketing them left and right.

A long line formed behind her as several girls stepped up to pay the golf queen to win them a prize.

"How'd a girl like that end up in art school instead of a sports team or something?" Rena said with a mouthful of melonpan.

"She got a sports scholarship when she was in high school and used it to enroll in this art academy."

"I find that to be… incredibly unwise."

"Well if she wasn't here, you wouldn't have any melonpan to eat right now."

"I guess you're right."

Jurina tried to reach for one of Rena's melonpan again, only for her hand to be slapped out of the sky once more.


75. Home Run (RyoNya)

A/N: Not that continuity is taken that seriously or anything, but assume this takes place at last year's event.

It must have been her third try. Shizuka kept trying to win herself a prize from the batting cage with little to no success.

Ryoka and Nana, the two loyal members of the Art Academy's Oya Family watched as she repeatedly failed the challenge.

"This shit is impossible!" Shizuka threw the bat at the floor in frustration after she whiffed on the third fastball from the batting cage.

The clang of the bat hitting the ground startled some of Owada Nana's raccoons in attendance.

"Tag me in, Shizuka. This actually hurts to watch." Ryoka groaned.

"Tag her in!" Naanya chimed in.

Shizuka rolled her eyes and signaled the attendant for another round of pitches.

Ryoka walked in and refused the complementary equipment, opting to use her own baseball bat that she carried around everywhere.

She stepped onto the plate and readied herself for the machine to launch a ball.

The first one flew, and Ryoka delivered a perfect swing. Cracked it at the sweet spot for the home run.

And it went the same for all the other nine balls the machine readied. A solid ten bombs In a row.

She took a moment to admire the results.

"Gimme a prize." Ryoka said lazily to the attendant.

After procuring a teddy bear, Ryoka walked outside and tossed it into Shizuka's hands, "Here's that bear you wanted."

"I'm guessin' ya want somethin' outta this?"

"Buy a nice dinner for Naanya and her little raccoon pals."

Nana gasped and hugged Ryoka, "Ah, really?! You're the best Ryoka! I already have a place in mind!"

Shizuka smiled, "Go on and we'll meet ya there. And save a seat for us, I wanna talk to slugger about somethin."

Nana nodded and ran towards a vendor down one of the busy lanes. Her band of obedient rodents followed closely.

"Didn't know ya had a selfless side."

"The poor girl tried to eat out of the trash."

"She was homeless not that long ago." Shizuka shrugged, "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you had a little crush on her."

"I do." She shamelessly admitted.

"Oh shit… huh."

"Yup. I fell for the homeless chick."

"I'm just surprised a grouchy asshole like you could even fall in love."

"Tch. Fuck you." Ryoka stood up and walked towards the vendor Nana chose.

"Hey, slugger." Shizuka placed a hand on Ryoka's shoulder before she could leave, "Not like ya need my permission or nothin, but I think you two'd be cute together."

A rare smile crept across Ryoka's face. (One not birthed by punching someone or breaking stuff.)


"Fist bump?" Shizuka held her fist out for Ryoka to follow.

"Whatever." Ryoka completed the fist bump before the two set off to catch up with Naanya.

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  • Gimme dat WMatsui
Hello. Thanks for the explanations! They're informative and insightful. My curiosity has been sated. About the fight scenes, I definitely missed the repetition of certain moves so that's embarassing. Though what I actually mean about them not being repetitive is that none of the 3 action scenes felt like... hmm... a list?  i.e. "She did thing 1" "She did thing 2" "Then she thing 3'd". Stuff like that lmao

Betrayal (YuiParu)
Haha Yuihan is so relatable. Might have to practice not speaking her thoughts out loud (and maybe lying :P) more.
I keep finding Akiyama likeable. Maybe the reason why Paruru can work for him is because they share some similarities (and he gives her early offs, of course).

Piping Hot (YuiZukky)
These fics continue to give me ideas of who to ship in new AKB.
Yeah Zukky! Show Yuiyui how we plebs eat! Price need not be directly proportional to taste. Though next time make sure it's in a humane temperature. Hot af takoyaki can cause a bit of the roof of your mouth to peel!
Now I want takoyaki >_<

Meet the Queen of Golf (WMatsui)
Jurina has other friends?! Whose arms are still intact?! A miracle. It was funny how Jurina reminded me of Rick from Pawn Stars ("I know a guy") when she called Ranran. RanJuri is reunited! I love that we see another instance of students making money out of their talents. I'm also interested how often you can run into a golf-related problem (though I suppose everything is a golf-related problem if you're brave enough).
"Just sit right there and look pretty!"

Home Run (RyoNya)
lol the raccoon gang just following Nana around while in a festival is both funny and cute.
Damn, Ryoka was good! She scored a teddy bear AND free dinner for Nana. I think a person who likes someone would feel pretty good after being able to give them those.
I feel sympathetic to Nana's situation, even now that she's no longer homeless. I'm happy for everything she gets and curious about where she's been living.

Festivals are fun. Thanks for the update!

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