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Author Topic: 48G OS Haruko48's Collection - All I want for Chrismas is… (21-DIC-20)  (Read 2030 times)

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¡Hello everyone! I want to share this new topic in which I'm gonna put my OS stories. Hope you enjoy it and drop down your comment.


1. All I want for Christmas is… Paru! (Yuiparu)

2. All I want for Chrismas is… Tomu! (Tanotomu)

3. All I want for Christmas is… Nao! (Furumarion)

4. All I want for Christmas is… Ikemens! (MomoMaoAiri)

- - -
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Re: 48G OS Haruko48's Collection - All I want for Chrismas is… (21-DIC-20)
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Hope you enjoy it and drop down your comment.

- - -
All I want for Christmas is… Paru!

And again I am here with a problem that I cannot solve. Again my dear girlfriend was angry with me but I cannot blame her, I swear, IT WAS JUST A KISS. Ok I need to rephrase the matter, I was meditating about all AKB problems after an arduous training in the theater. My eyes closed, listening to nothing, my calm breathing did not disturb me. Then I felt that a few steps were approaching but they were very stealthy like a cat, then I felt a breath on my face and without avoiding it a smile was drawn on my face, I have missed her a lot and just like that, I took her by the neck and brought her closer to my lips until they collided.


The kiss lasted a long time, it was long but there was something that did not fit, it felt different, it felt as if it were not ...

"YOKOYAMA YUI, WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS MEAN?" I heard my girlfriend's angry voice which was definitely not who I was kissing. I opened my eyes suddenly and at the same time I got up meeting Mako chan's surprised look with a strong blush.

- Yokoyama .. San .. I .. -

- Not now Makochan, excuse me I have a cat to calm down - I tell her as I run to look for Paru.


It is worth saying that I did not reach her and I could not talk to her, not that day, not the next ... we could be in the same place but she managed to slip away from her. She really was a cat but there was a day when she couldn't escape.


I look at the calendar… December 24, two weeks have passed since the last time she spoke to me in an intimate sense. I miss her a lot, Bisu misses her too even though she seems normal. But today I know that she will come to my department, she has to ... I make a plan that I hope works. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of keys, I quickly turned off the lights and I hid in the room trying not to make noise.


- Bisu cutie, did you miss me? Forgive me but your owner acted like an idiot - I hear Paru's voice while Bisu's purrs indicate that she is caressing him and I'm dying of jealousy just for that. I also want to be given love.


With no idea of what to do I called to my favorite line group chat to ask for advice like last time


== Group chat in line

Kyotogirl: I'll be brief, Paru found me kissing with Kojimako. What do I do?

Korisu: Dig a grave, stand there and stay buried.

Kyotogirl: I'm serious YUKO !!

4timesQueen: The squirrel idea is not bad, what do you think of kissing Mako and in the theater?!?!

Kyotogirl: How did you know it was in the theater?

4timesQueen: Remember that I have my contacts

Antonio: An easy solution, put on your best outfit, with which you feel more fashionable and… you will get a smile and a fixed matter.

Kyotogirl: I don't know if I should be offended or thank you for the advice >_>

ex-NiiGta: And if you speak the truth to her and ask for forgiveness? Speak to her in Osaka ben (Osaka dialect) .. the old reliable

Korisu: Yes that, seduce her with your Osakaben

Antonio: Yes, we are irresistible with that accent

Kyotogirl: Well that could work, thank you girls I'll see what to do




I decided to leave my place while I watched her put a gift on our makeshift Christmas tree.

- Do you plan to continue ignoring me even if it's Christmas? - I said with a neutral voice.

- Yes, so excuse me - Paru tells me without showing any kind of feeling on her face.

- Come on Paru, let's talk - I tell her while I took her forearm I don't want to provoke her anymore because I know it's my fault.

- I don't want to, it's Christmas I want to spend it with my loved ones - she tells me, looking into her eyes while I avoid her gaze as I release her grip - Merry Christmas! -


That said, the gift she had in her hand gave it to me reluctantly and when she felt that I was taking it in my hands she released it and went to the exit but in a quick movement I dropped the gift and I hugged her from behind.


-Forgive me Paru .. Haruka .. I swear I did not know that she was Mako .. I thought it was you .. - While I said this she tried to get rid of me but I had her well held is the advantage of being stronger. I accidentally dropped some tears and my sobs become loud - I don't want to spend a Christmas without you, all I want at Christmas is to be with you, please forgive me -


For a moment I felt her tense and then she relaxed which indicated that it was my chance for her to forgive me so I turned her face to face and made her look directly at me.

- I love you Paru .. Haruka .. I love you .. Please forgive me - I say looking into her eyes

- YOU KISS HER; HOW YOU WANT ME TO FORGIVE THIS - she tells me while a tear comes out of her eyes.

- You're right, I don't know if I could forgive that ... - I tell her as I slowly released her - You can go, I will not stop you, I know I have no forgiveness -


After I said that I went to the couch, apparently Bisu understood my pain and went to my side trying to heal the pain that was beginning to emerge from my heart, slowly I heard footsteps and hoped to hear the door close but instead I only heard the padlock on it.

-You know I have never understood how you can be so clueless and be soukantoku at the same time, but if something I admire about you is your honesty and I can feel that what you tell me is true - I heard her voice as inte same time I slowly raised my face to see her - It makes me unlikely that you did not distinguish in the second two that those lips that you kissed were not mine -

- Sorry ... -

- Shhh .. I don't want to hear more, that's why this Christmas I will take care of making sure, you never forget what my kisses taste like -


That said, she took my face to kiss it slowly as she pushed me to the couch and sits on top of me.

- Forbidden to be near Kojimako in a long time, understood? -

- Yes ma'am - she answered quickly

- Merry Christmas Yui -

- Merry Christmas Haruka -

The end.


What do you think? Can you guess which member are in line group of yuihan?

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Re: 48G OS Haruko48's Collection - All I want for Chrismas is… (21-DIC-20)
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Enjoit it!


All I want for Chrismas is… Tomu!

35. Those were the opportunities that Muto Tomu had counted in attempts that her "friend" Tano Yuka had tried to kiss her under the mistletoe, since the beginning of the holiday season she had seen how subtly her friends and practically everyone conspired so that both were under a mistletoe and therefore as tradition says it could steal a kiss. But they did not have the cunning of Tomu, who was more active trying to decipher all the traps they had set and was proud that to date she had not succeeded, it was already the last party on December 24 and apparently she would leave victorious.


-Do you plan to continue this torture during these dates? - Asked her friend Iwata Karen.

- I don't know what you mean - Tomu tells her, pretending not to understand.

- I mean you, making the chibi suffer for a kiss that you refuse to give her - Karen says with a laugh.

- I do not deny her anything, she makes false illusions alone - says Tomu as she observes that the chibi has just arrived at the Christmas Eve party - Now if you excuse me, I need to verify that there are no "mistletoes" that appear suddenly -


Throughout the night it was a chase that amused everyone by Yuka's occurrences to put mistletoes from using a fishing rod to telling Matsui Sakiko if she could hold it over Tomu's head so she could get closer, unfortunately this happened account and walked away quickly. There was a time when Tomu was strange because she did not see Yuka anywhere, she even thought that she had already left when turned to the balcony and despite the cold the little girl was outside on the railing watching the lights of the city.


She doesn't know why but she decided to keep her company, maybe it's because of the melancholy air that surrounded her. Yuka was looking towards the buildings that were seen in the distance without paying attention to the presence that was approaching

- You should get in, it's very cold - says a voice that takes her out of her thoughts.

- I should .. But I don't feel like it, the view from here is beautiful - she tells her, putting aside that little feeling of frustration at not achieving her goal.

- It is but you could get sick - she says something worried.

- Who would think that you do care about me - she says with some arrogance the smallest.

- Of course I do, you are my friend - says Tomu somewhat surprised by what her friend said.

- Friend ... - Yuka says in a low voice in a sigh.

- Are you sure you are alright? - Tomu says while she touches her shoulder delicately

- Tomu, do you think there is a remote possibility that one day you will see me as something more than just your friend - Yuka says quickly without breathing and looking at her so that she can see that her words are serious.

- But what are you talking about Yuka, you and I are friends, you also know that Ponchan ... - says Tomu releasing the same speech that comes out automatically when referring to a possibility that she and Yuka are something else.

- Stop, don't say things on automatic. For a long time I have this amazing fellings for you, I always try to gain your heart but you know even I have a limit. I dream about being with you as a Christmas gift, I wanted you for Christmas but I also know that feelings are not forced so I need to know there is a possibility, even if it is small, that you feel something for me - Yuka says as she takes Tomu by both shoulders so that she can see her from the front.


Tomu could see in that look feelings that she had never noticed in a person, besides that something inside told her that there was a small, very small possibility that Yuka could be her partner in the future. She does not know why but she could not help but remember all the times that Yuka has been on her side encouraging her, the truth was that she did not know if she loved her as a best friend only or as something else but if there was that possibility maybe it was good to inform her.


She just opened her mouth to inform Yuka of her decision when, upon returning to reality, she realized that Yuka is not there anymore, now the space was empty at the end due to the lack of response Tano decided to leave to avoid being more ashamed than what due.


The smallest was already at the entrance when she heard a voice that she spoke to

- Wait Yuka - says Tomu while running to her side to be able to talk to her - You asked me if there is a minimal possibility and the truth is I could not say it well but what I can tell you is that you are someone very important in my life, you have taken care of me and supported on occasions that other people do not, you are one of the few people who know me very well so I can tell you that you occupy a place in my heart. I don't know if that place is the one you want, but what I can assure you is that the place that you want to occupy until today is vacant waiting for someone so if you want then ... -


- Yes ,I accept Tomu, we will be girlfriends and we will hold hands, we kiss ... - Yuka says with a huge smile while hugs Tomu by the neck hanging on to her.

- Wait, wait .. I just said that I like you but I have not said anything about being girlfriends - Tomu says, obfuscated by Yuka's effusiveness that it was not really something new.

- Well no but soon I'll take care of that - she answers with a big smile to which Tomu just rolled his eyes.


- HEY TANOTOMU  KISS EACH OTHER, WE WANT TO FOLLOW THE PARTY - says Iwata Karen as they observe that everyone is looking at them.

- You're crazy, Karen - says Tomu, dazed by the comment.

- I'm not saying it, tradition says so. Look up - says Karen pointing at their head where they both looked at her to see that a mischievous mistletoe was hanging over their head. Then Tomu looked down from her to Yuka looking for an answer to this.

- I swear I did not plan this, really - Yuka says scared that Tomu would be angry with her but contrary to what she thinks she knows that her friend could not plan what just happened she simply left it to fate - You don't have to do it believe me, just ignore Karen -

- I believed that for only this time I will pay attention to the traditions- said this and before Yuka could react she placed a kiss on her cheek - Merry Christmas, Yuka -


That being said, she withdrew from the same that she was totally petrified by what happened and saw how Tomu was moving away from her. After recovering the shock  she could not help but outlining the biggest and brightest smile she had, knowing that at least she had a little hope.


- Merry Christmas, future girlfriend -




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Re: 48G OS Haruko48's Collection - All I want for Chrismas is… (21-DIC-20)
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Hope you enjoy it and drop down your comment.

- - -
All I want for Christmas is… Nao!

December 24 - Nagoya

The streets began to be left alone with the reasons for the holiday, what was it and although in a country like Japan it was not celebrated in the same way, there was something in the atmosphere that made people get together to talk but it was still a bit empty because it's so cold.

Despite this cold in one of those small parks that are surrounded by those white snowflakes, a soft sound was heard that changed as the rhythm progressed, sometimes it was a melancholic melody, other times it was a happy melody where very skilled hands made the atmosphere permeated with that delicate whisper that was called music. Few people who passed by would stop a bit to listen to the artist and then throw a few coins into the instrument case where they could be heard tapping the interior softly, indicating that our artist had not much luck in collecting money in exchange for their melodies.

Focusing on this person we can see she is a young woman, calculating about 18 or 20 years old, who had tight pants with boots that were seen to help her not lose body heat, above in the upper part you could only see that she was wearing a matching trench coat, thin scarf and a hat. Of all the ensembles that she wore, the highlight of her was that saxophone that shone, despite her appearance being so sloppy, her instrument was the opposite which made her look elegant.

"One last song before I leave here, people are running low and staying to freeze makes no sense" thought the saxophonist as she looked at her clock that read almost 6 pm. She elegantly set up her instrument and began that melody that she played since she was 4 years old by going over the top and letting it flow. The piece ended quietly, a few more coins arrived and she proceeded to put her instrument away.

Just when she began to collect the coins from the case she saw a piece of paper that caused her curiosity, she picked it up and when she opened it, she was surprised to read the words:

Cake factory

She continued collecting her things and curiously began to look around for something but he did not know what, perhaps the person who left her that note, at the end she could see a large sign that said "Cake Factory" just a few meters from where she was, honestly she had never paid attention to the business since he did not have money to buy anything from there.


The ringing of the bell indicated that a customer was arriving, so she fixed her gaze on the new customer and waited for her to advance until she reached the cash register.
- Good morning ma'am, what do you want to drink? - The cashier who was looking at the newcomer said that she had a little lost sight.

- I .. this ... - Actually the young saxophonist did not know what to say, how to tell her that she had only entered because an anonymous had been depositing messages in her case for almost two weeks while she was playing. Among the notes she received were recommendations to improve her melodies, tips, requests for songs that she pleased without knowing for sure why and finally that message, it was the first time that it was something not related to music and she was very curious about that because this person apparently knows a lot about music.

- Miss? - The cashier tells her, waiting for her to order.

- Well .. - said while she put her hand to accommodate a lock of hair behind her ear, with this movement the cashier could glimpse a curious bracelet of a small piano.

- Oh! I understand .. - she says with a slight smile - What is your name? -

- Eh!? - She says surprised by the change in cashier attitude.

- I need your name to put it in your coffee - the cashier says with a smile.

- Furuhata Nao .. - says the aforementioned in a low voice.

- With the name it was enough Furuhata san but well ... please take a seat in a moment I will call you in a moment - says the cashier while from the bottom of the register she takes out a large and sealed envelope and hands it to her.

That said, the young saxophonist that we now know is called Furuhata Nao, she takes the envelope and goes to sit in a place that is for two people (one in front of the other) and sees the envelope that says "HOK" which causes her curiosity. perhaps the name of that person who leaves her notes. She turns around to see if she sees someone in a suspicious attitude but in reality she cannot distinguish anything, everyone is accompanied except for a middle-aged man with a raincoat and a coffee but is more focused on his cell phone than anything else.

When she open the envelope, she can see a book about the beginnings of jazz with its main exponents, the truth is that she is looking for this a long time ago because this material is too difficult to get it in Japanese, she began to read the introduction while warming up, she decided to relax, take the coffee that also offered her. She was in a public place, she didn't think her life was in danger.

- Miss Furuhata Nao, here is your coffee and this piece of cake courtesy of the house. The person you are looking for says that if you could wait half an hour ... - says a young girl of around 18 years old, short hair, relaxed smile and voluminous lips.

- Sure, no problem - Without checking the watch, she made this statement since she had been out in the open for a long time, someone offered her something hot, cake and a good reading, and she would finally know who this mysterious character called "HOK" was. So she decided to dive into reading to pass the time while her mysterious admirer appeared.

Time passed without her realizing it by the time she took her eyes off the book, she looked around her and glimpsed how the person who had brought her the cake put the closed sign and also locked the door so that no one could get in.

- Miss! Wait I'm still here - Nao said terrified that they would leave her locked up.

- I know, but this is because I don't want clients to enter besides expecting to know someone, right? - she says while after Nao's silence she turned around to go to the kitchen.

Now everything was too suspicious, Nao was seriously thinking about leaving but curiosity gnawed at her, she hoped that she would not regret it after all, no one was waiting for her at home, she lived alone since she entered the academy to study. Without saying anything, she decided to return to her book and she could see through the window what specifically that place led directly to where, curiously, she began to play with her saxophone; In other words, it was a wide view towards her.

- Sorry for the delay - she hears a female voice behind her startling her.

- Hello? -

- I'm sorry, I made you wait more than half an hour, I need to fix some things, I'm glad you haven't left. My name is Azuma Rion - the newcomer tells her with a smile that turned out to be the same person who had brought the coffee to the table and also closed the coffee shop.

- Furuhata Nao. Although I think that is not necessary, you already know my name beforehand - says Nao with a frown at her, perhaps they were trying to tease her or play with her - Would you be so kind as to explain to me what I am doing here? -

Nao was able to watch her newcomer with a cup of chocolate in hand take the seat in front of her and they just watch each other for a few minutes until someone decides to break the silence.

- Up close, you are prettier - says the newcomer, drawing a blush from the counterpart for the direct statement - I'm sorry, but so far I can observe you more closely in the others occasions I only can see you behind your saxophone -

- So .. Are you the person who wrote me all those messages? And did you also give me this bracelet? -

- Yes, from the first time you started playing in that park, you caught my attention. You know, I also know some music because I studied at the Nagoya conservatory that's why I work here part time - she tells her with a beautiful smile that surprised Nao since she also studied there but she had never seen her before.

- Do you know that I also studied there? - Nao says curious, maybe it was a stalker.

- Seriously? I have never seen you wander the corridors - says Rion curious.

- That's because I'm going in the 2nd semester but due to ... my lack of money I don't go out much, I almost always spend my time practicing in my room - Nao says somewhat embarrassed.

- I understand ... that explains many things, well in that case I should introduce myself properly, maybe you've heard about me. My name is Azuma Rion. 4th semester in the Piano section. Or as many know me as The Hokkaido Prodigy - she says with pride.

- HOKKAIDO PRODIGY?!?, I knew I had seen you before - Nao says with surprise now she understood "HOK" which is short for Hokkaido prefecture.

- By the way you are very good, you just have to polish some parts. You should try to enter the spring Jazz contest, I assure you that it would be very good for you - she says with a smile.

From the moment Rion heard the first song she fell in love with the way she played, every day she could feel the mood of that person just listening to her music. Little by little she became interested in her and she was determined to meet her in one way or another, that is why she devised this way of leaving messages until that day December 24. She chose that day since she felt melancholic because she could not go with her parents since they are in Hokkaido and the music of that young woman who played in the square filled her with peace.

-I must be flattered that the Hokkaido prodigy praises me so much- Nao says with a smile.

- You should and also because the prodigy from Hokkaido is going to invite you to dinner - she says flirtatiously.

That said it brought a blush on Nao, she honestly didn't know what to feel about it, It's the first time that someone showed real interest in her. Maybe she should stop thinking, make things up and trust that the Christmas spirit guides her that night since she had the feeling that from that day on she will never spend a Christmas alone again.

And so begins this story that began at Christmas where two lonely souls meet through music, what fate brings them, no one knows but something is certain, it will be surrounded by melody and love.



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Re: 48G OS Haruko48's Collection - All I want for Chrismas is… (21-DIC-20)
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Hope you enjoy it and drop down your comment.

- - -
All I want for Christmas is… Ikemens!

 A young woman was bedridden in what appeared to be a student infirmary, outside of this place the snowflakes were slowly falling. Nobody knows the time, only the ticking of a clock that nobody could see was heard. Little by little the sleeping beauty began to regain consciousness of her but it was by a certain noise that she began to bring her back to the mortal world and tear her from the arms of Morpheus. She faintly saw a calendar that was on the table next to her and could see that it was still December 24, the most important day for her and all kendo fans.

- Idiot arrange the flowers here -

- Don't call me an idiot, you were the one who decided to buy this tiny vase for those huge flowers, which makes them unbalance -

- Well, you didn't want to accompany me -

- And let them think that we are something, no thanks so I'm fine, I have a reputation to take care of -

The young woman who had just awakened could not help but do it suddenly since those voices are well known to her but she believed it was impossible for something like this to happen to her.

- Lower your voice, you will wake her up -

- I think it's late look ... - says while pointing to the bed

- Oh! You woke up, I'm sorry I woke you up… Mita san - says one of the young boys

- Sorry but this idiot does not know how to accommodate a simple vase with flowers well - the other person answers with a smile

- Kinoshita senpai, Tanigawa senpai. What are you doing here? - Says a surprised girl when she realized who was in front of her, nothing more and nothing less than the captain and sub-captain of kendo of her school. What she didn't understand was what they were doing there, what she was doing lying there, the last thing she remembered was that she was going in a hurry to the Kendo tournament where the people in front of her were going to participate.

- We came to see how you were doing, as soon as we found out what happened we came to see you - the shorter person replied with a smile that made a tooth protrude from his lips.

- But shouldn't you guys be in the tournament? - The terrified young woman  tells him that her senpais were wasting time with her.

- About that, it is over and thanks to you we have achieved the victory - answered the other person with a calm and serious voice - Look! here are our medals and we brought you the cup -

That said, she took the cup that was on the floor to show them and at the same time with a haughty air she showed the medals that indicated that they got the first place.

- But I did not do anything, all the effort was yours and the team - says the young girl blushing at the situation.

- Of course you had to see, we found out what you did for the team if you had not brought those papers we would probably have been disqualified but unfortunately just arriving you had an accident on the bicycle because you were coming at full speed. Really thank you very much - Kinoshita stepped up to her to pat her head, which made her blush more if it's possible - We owe you a lot -
If someone saw this scene could not believe it unless they saw it, it was well known that Mita Mao was a fan of the kendo team but more fan of the captain and sub-captain, to the extent that she went to all the meetings, also went to all the training sessions and sometimes she helped with logistics but most people believed that what she had was an obsession for them and therefore the team members (including the leaders) and that's why they tried to ignore her since her passion for the team was excessive.

But due to recent events, when the kendo's captain found out what happened and although the team did not want to follow them, the captain knew that he had to thank his most fervent fan (and savior) so he decided to go for some flowers and force the sub-captain to accompany him because neither crazy was going to alone. So there they were without knowing much to do, since in reality his hope was only to leave the flowers, pretend sadness for not finding her awake and leave.


- Emh .. Kinoshita senpai does not have to stay here, if you want, you can go now because  I know that my presence is uncomfortable - Mao says sadly, she knows her reputation as a stalker with the kendo group but actually admires them too much how they dedicate themselves to sports, how they train daily to improve their techniques, the companionship and why not ... how ikemens they are. So she knew they had come out of commitment and she didn't want to delay them - I'll be fine, thanks for coming -

- Wait, don't say that we…. -

- Maachan, I did not find your dad but now ... - Mrs. Mita entered the room thinking that her daughter was alone but what was her surprise when she found two young men, one near her daughter and another with a serious look near the window - I did not know you were accompanied -

- Well... -

- Nice to meet you, my name is Kinoshita Momoka and I am the captain of the women's Kendo team - says the young ikemen lady

- I think it is my turn, my name is Tanigawa Airi and I am the sub-captain of the women's Kendo team - says the other girl, pulling a smile at Mrs. Mita due to the formality

Of all the scenarios she could imagine, this was the strangest since Mita Mao never imagined that her mother could meet two of the people she admires the most at school.

- I know where I know you from, you are on that huge poster that Maachan has in her room. I knew I had seen you before - says the lady suddenly surprising the two girls.

- MOM - says the girl again blushing - You are embarrassing me -

- You do not have to Maachan, being in a school with only women it is normal to fantasize about one of these beautiful young women who look like ikemens -


At this point, she no longer knew where to go, while those present only smiled at the occurrences of the old lady, sincerely it was not the first time that a mother made these types of comments. They both knew the effect they caused on women but more so in their high school than being exclusive, they were very popular with their “rebellious boys” look and needless to say, being from the representative kendo team that only increased their fame.

- Well madam we are retiring, we just came to thank Maochan for what she did for the team, we also want to offer her a formal position on our squad so that she can be part of the team - says Airi with a smile that would melt anyone - You don't have to answer now, think about it and when we return to class you can give us an answer -

- Wait, wait a minute. Maachan keeps talking about you everyday about how beautiful you are and how cool so I think a photo with you as a Christmas present would be great, don't you think so? - says the lady.

- Mom! What things do you say? Kinoshita senpai and Tanigawa senpai have many things to do - says Mao blushing.

- It is true, It's a great idea Mita san, today is December 24, for us there is no problem - says Momoka gallantly.

- Ok!, get on each side of the bed to take a picture, this will be the best gift my daughter can have - says the lady as she takes out her cell phone to take the photo. That said Momoka was on the right side while Airi was on the left side - Well, when I say three say "Merry Christmas" .. One .. two .. Three ..-

- MERRY CHRISTMAS - the three said in unison.


*The next day*
- Damn Maokyun tell me how the hell did this happen - her friend says while she showed her a  photo that Mao had uploaded to her social networks.

- Let's say that Santa Clous brought me everything I asked for Christmas - she answers with a smile that does not fit on her face as she saw her own image reflected on her friend's cell phone where you could see the photo that her mother took of them but what she did not count is that both ikemen had agreed to kiss her cheek at the same time after saying “Merry Christmas”, where her mother took the opportunity to take the next photo of her daughter being kissed by the most popular ikemens of all her school and it is worth saying that her "crush".

That had definitely been her best Christmas present.



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Re: 48G OS Haruko48's Collection - All I want for Chrismas is… (21-DIC-20)
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Theres a few pairings I don't see a lot written for! So I'm happy for that.

I especially liked YuiParu and TanoTomu

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Re: 48G OS Haruko48's Collection - All I want for Chrismas is… (21-DIC-20)
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@StrongStyle9Q I know!! my motto is.. If nobody write about them.. well.. I'm gonna write about them

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