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Author Topic: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 22 - (10/28)]  (Read 78474 times)

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 20 - (1/21)]
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I think I just went @_@ then DDDD:

now I can't express myself in words. LOL
Like I’m the most calm... Like, it must definitely be because, Like when we enter, I’ll be hurrying. But Because Junjun is older, I can calm down? I don’t really know, Like I just absolutely want her there beside me. Whenever we go abroad, if Junjun is absolutely not beside me, I absolutely won’t go. Something like that. -- Tanaka Reina about Junjun.

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 20 - (1/21)]
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What is really happened here??  :banghead:

Ai-chan and Risa are not couple? Just together? Risa saying is serious? Oh nooo....!

Please update soon! ^_^
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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 20 - (1/21)]
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LOL well i'm prone to breaking my promises...

 :on cloudeye: It's evil to do so.....

   “… Well…” Risa mumbled, “I told her I’m not.”

   “… You what.”

*High fives with Aika*  That's exactly what I said.

AAAARRGH!! I'm so sure you're just messing with us... Soon Risa and Ai will argue and then Reina comes and rescue with her money and then she will coo Risa on her side and then Risa will be with Reina and Ai is all alone and I am going to cry so long that I have no more liquids in my body and...... XD

I still have hope.... Takagaki wont die so easily!!!

to reveal the face of her dear one behind it, smiling.  There were droplets of rain still running down her skin but that didn’t hinder her natural beauty at all.

   “I hope this isn’t a bad time,” she said, shrugging innocently.

   “Even if it was, I wouldn’t say so,” the bean laughed.

  Her past worries had melted away as soon as she saw Ai’s face.  And how could it not?  Just the image of her smiling was enough to make Risa lose her mind sometimes.  It almost made her think that it was okay to leave things the way they are, despite Aika’s protests.  She had Ai and Ai had her.  What more did they need to confirm?

   Her eyes rose up until it made contact with Ai’s gaze.  “I really like you… you know.”

   “I like you, too,” Ai replied casually. 

   Then, Risa reached forward and grabbed the collar of Ai’s shirt and pulled her in, kissing her lips softly but firmly.  Ai seemed a little surprised by the sudden action but didn’t back away.  Slowly, Risa leaned back until her back hit the sofa cushions, making it so that Ai was on top of her.  She broke away to breathe in a little air without breaking her eye contact for even a second.  They were the same dark brown eyes that she had met, seen, and known for months now, but the spark was always there when she gazed into them.  It was what got her heart racing, every time, without fail.  It was the reason why Risa could not escape.

   “I love you,” she confessed.

   “I love you, too,” Ai whispered without missing a beat.

   And that’s enough for now.

   Keeping her thoughts silent, Risa kissed her love again, slowly and sincerely, being careful with every move.  Ai graciously followed her pace, allowing her to lead.  Neither of them knew how it happened but they eventually ended up off the couch and standing somehow.  With their arms still wrapped around each other, their lips locked together, their feet automatically led them away into the bedroom where they would experience a replay of their passion from a past night.

See all this? Even you can't deny it, for you keep on writing about it all the time! XD

Lol, I ended up ranting again.... Sorry, but I am again in A BIT MOODY. :doh:

Anyways, great chapter, keep up the good work and don't you dare to mess with Ta.... *Smacks inner fan*

Yah, I'm waiting for more  :nervous

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 20 - (1/21)]
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 As long as they're together :)  :ptam-aww: as long as they love each other !!! TakaGaki !!!!!!!!!!!  :ptam-ok: you know loveLove - Sama , when will you update again ? haha i always get excited yet worried right now !!  :nervous :panic: hehe .

P.S : KameShige :)  :on crazygran:

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 20 - (1/21)]
« Reply #264 on: January 24, 2013, 01:51:45 AM »
@yellow: lol yeah i'm making them all be idiots :lol:
:rofl:  :grin:

about this chapter, i am at least satisfied to know there is actually a place in Juilet's heart for the Cinderella.  :pimp:

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 20 - (1/21)]
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@risa_ai: it aint that easy hun :P

@rndy: LOL that just killed me :rofl:

@arisa: lol story of my life, it's okay.  XD

@correne: haha yup~ that's the way it is for now~  :twisted:

@MsSmigge: dude you are SHARP.  read this chapter.  :w00t:

@maikea: hehe i'm trying to update as fast as possible while i can!  :D

@yellow: awwww positive energy! yeah!  XD

Thank you for all the comments and the thanks~~  :twothumbs

I present to you the next chapter~


Chapter 21 – “Cinderella could never do as much as Paris could do for Juliet”

   On the outside, no one doubted that anything was out of place with Niigaki Risa.  Walking down the hallway at a quick pace, she was greeting every employee that she encountered with a polite smile and a small bow.  She was on her best behavior and in the most presentable appearance she could manage.  But even if her act was able to fool everybody in Bijou, she knew she could not fool herself.  Despite trying to hold it together, Risa was very much aware of the turmoil within her. 

   And who could blame her?  She was conflicted in the most confusing way.  So confusing that she wasn’t even sure what the conflict was.  It was probably her inability to make, or rather stick to, the decision that she would not discuss the nature of their relationship with Ai.  She kept on telling herself that she was so sure that she did not want to talk to Ai about this, for fear of the risks that it came with, but there was a desire deep within her that wanted to just clear up everything with her.  It was a desire that she was relentlessly pushing down, even with Aika constantly yapping at her to talk to Ai about this, saying tt was something she needed to do.  The girl was probably right—Aika usually was—but Risa was desperate enough that she had continued to knowingly push the voice of reason away.  And now she had to deal with the consequence of having that strange, unsettled feeling at the pit of her stomach every moment she was awake.  Even while she was in bed with Ai, she couldn’t get rid of the discomfort.

   Keeping her robotic smile plastered on her face, Risa grabbed a hold of the door handle of the conference room that she was assigned to for the day.  Ready to greet her fellow interns with a cheery shout, she energetically swung the door open.  And in no way prepared for what was on the other side, her mouth naturally dropped open in shock. 

   On the other side of the table, right in front of her eyes, were the two younger interns, wrapped in each other’s arms, in the middle of some heavy making out.  The older one turned head towards Risa first, alarm evident on her face, and blushed bright red.  The younger blonde turned to look a little slower with less surprise than the girl in her arms, but seemingly still caught off guard. 

   “… Ah… Ano…”

   Risa stopped there.  She didn’t exactly know what more to say.  Not that she could anyway, for her throat felt very dry all of a sudden.  She just stared for a couple more awkward seconds before Saki finally pushed herself away from her friend and proceeded to leave the room.

   “I-I’m going to go get something to drink,” she announced meekly, unable to lift her head as she walked through the door. 

   Risa just nodded as she continued to stare at the blond girl left in the room.  Miyabi noticed her stare and just shrugged before casually take her seat.  Risa exhaled sharply, still trying to make sense of what she had just seen.  She took the younger girl’s example and slowly sat down as well. 

   “Should I be congratulating you?” she finally asked.

   “You can,” Miyabi shrugged again, a small smile appearing on her face this time.

   “Congratulations,” Risa said, smiling but raising an eyebrow at the same time.  “May I ask exactly what happened?”

   “I took your advice,” the girl grinned.  “I told her about how I felt, right to her face.  She was reluctant at first: she thought she would drag me down.  I assured her multiple times that wouldn’t be the case and then… bam.  It just happened.”

   “Wow…” Risa breathed, still in awe of what had just happened.  She was surprised that her little advice had actually helped Miyabi to such great extent.  Frankly, she didn’t really remember exactly what she had said to her.  But hey, it worked, right?  She must’ve said something pretty cool.

   “Niigaki-san, your phone!”


   Risa blinked, finally realizing that her ringtone had been going off.  She stood up and took the phone out of her bag and checked the caller ID.  She unintentionally let out a small gasp at spotting her bank’s name printed on the screen. 

   “You still have time before Junjun-san gets here,” Miyabi assured, realizing that it must be an important call.  “Go in the hallway.”

   “Un,” the bean nodded determinedly.  “I’ll be right back!”

   As she picked up the call, Risa quickly made her way out of the conference room and leaned against the wall.  “Moshi-moshi?”

   “Is this the cell phone of Niigaki Risa-sama?”

   “Yes, it is.  Are there news?”

   “The investigation as to your account hacking is still in process,” the kind female voice informed.  “We are doing our utmost best to work out the situation to your favor.  We hope to bring you some good news in time.”

   “Ah… I see…”  Risa bit her lips, unable to hide her apparent disappointment.

   “But we do have a pleasant surprise for you at the moment,” the woman continued.  “In regards to your home, the late bills have all been paid and cared for.  In addition, your future bills have been funded by a generous donation.”

   “What?”  The bean furrowed her eyebrows, unable to comprehend the unexpected situation.  “What does this mean?”

   “It means that your residence is back under your name and it belongs to you,” the voice said.  “The expenses will be paid for by your donator until your account is restored.”

   Risa could not believe her ears.  She had no idea what was going on.  What donator?  Her house was hers again?  Her account was currently empty.  How in the world did this exactly happen?  Who would do such a thing?”

   “Ano… may I know where this donation is coming from?”

   “It’s recorded here as… ‘Bijou’.”


   Then, it hit her.  Of course, who else had the money to cover such expenses?  Risa felt her muscles tightening.  Exhaling slowly in a failed attempt to calm down, she bid the bank representative farewell and hung up.  And before she knew it, her feet were already taking her straight to where she needed to go to.  She vaguely remembered hearing something about there being a big meeting in one of the larger meeting rooms, which was where Junjun was supposed to be before she was to meet with the interns.  There was a fair chance that the person Risa needed to see was at the very same meeting.

   At the furious pace she was going, Risa was in front of the correct door in no time.  Without the slightest hesitation, she burst through the door with a hard expression.  There were quite a lot of people sitting by the long table, all of whom turned to look at the sudden intruder.  At the head of the table was Tanaka Reina, looking fashionably splendid as usual, who was staring at the bean with a surprised yet amused expression.  Her secretary, on the other hand, who was standing by her right side, did not seem so happy.

   “Niigaki, what do you think you’re doing?” Junjun said harshly.  “This is an important meeting; it’s no place for someone like you.”

   “Please excuse me for interrupting,” Risa apologized, bowing, “but I must speak to Tanaka Shachou immediately.” 

   A wave of whispers bustled through the room, questioning who this person was and what her inquiry was.  Junjun seemed simply speechless about the bean’s attitude; she was most certainly not this type of person, normally.  In fact, Risa was surprised by herself as well.  She had no idea where this courage was coming from.  Possibly anger.  That simmering feeling at the pit of her stomach…  Oh yes, it was most definitely anger. 

   “Niigaki,” the panda said threateningly, scowling, “I suggest you—”

   “I’m so sorry to have to say this, ladies and gentlemen,” Reina interrupted, standing up, “but you’ll have to excuse me for a brief while.”

   Junjun turned her head towards her boss, stunned by her words.  “Shachou—”

   “It seems that one of my interns here have a very urgent matter to discuss with me,” Reina continued, successfully ignoring her secretary’s protest.  She smiled amusingly as she bowed her head slightly to her board.  “Please forgive me; I’ll be back in a moment.  Niigaki, if you will please step outside.”

   The bean nodded and gave another deep bow to the people present at the meeting before stepping out of the room.  Soon, the kitten followed her out and closed the door.  She faced her employee in a relaxed manner, her expression being that of full interest.

   “Now what’s this all about?” she asked. 

   “My home,” Risa stated simply.  “You bought it.”

   “Don’t tell me you interrupted my meeting just to tell me what I already know,” Reina said, chuckling. 


   “Yes, I bought it,” Reina confirmed.  “And yes, it’s under your name again.  So you can go back home.  It’s yours.”

   “I didn’t ask for you to do that, Tanaka Shachou,” Risa said grimly, her hands balling into fists. 

   “I know.  I simply wanted to.”

   “Well, I didn’t need you to!” Risa yelled.  She immediately sighed and dropped her head, regretting her action.  “Shachou, this is too much.  I can’t accept this.”

   “Of course you can,” Reina insisted.  “Think of it as a gift.  It is a gift.  From me to you.”

   “A house does not fall under the category of ‘gift’, Shachou,” Risa argued.  “I’ve done nothing worthy of deserving such a prize either.  I don’t need you to do this for me.”

   “But I want to do this for you,” Reina protested.  She placed a hand on Risa’s shoulder, begging her to meet her eyes.  “Look.  You’ve done more for me than you’ll ever know.  Please accept it as a token of my gratitude.”

   The older woman sighed.  “Shachou, I can’t—”

   “If you want, I’ll let you repay me,” Reina offered quickly.  “Just… take it for now.  You can pay me back slowly, little by little.  I’ll even let you pay interest, if you want.”

   Risa pursed her lips, thinking this through.  Her president’s eyes were soft and pleading yet hard enough to be determined.  Deciding that she wasn’t going to be able to have it her way, Risa sighed as she nodded. 

   “I’m going to pay you back,” she warned.

   “Excellent,” Reina smiled.  “The deed and all the documents that you need are already at your place.  Most of your belongings by now should’ve been delivered, too.  You can go back today.”

   “Arigatou gozaimasu,” Risa thanked, bowing respectfully to her boss.  “Please excuse my rudeness for interrupting an important meeting.”

   “It’s fine,” Reina shook her head.  “I needed a break anyway.”

   Giving one last wave and a satisfied smile, the kitten reentered the conference room, leaving Risa to ponder her decision on the matter. 

**  **  ** 

   “So we’re going back to your place because you own it again?” Ai inquired, raising an eyebrow.   “Because… Tanaka Shachou bought it for you?”

   “Yeah,” Risa answered.  “And she paid off past and future bills.”

   “… Huh.”  Ai nodded slowly, comprehending the situation.  “And… you need me to go with you, why?”

   “Just… because.”

   Risa shrugged as she started to walk a little faster.  It was a frail attempt at trying to get her companion to focus more on picking up the pace than the topic at hand, but nevertheless, it was an attempt.  Just like how the answer she gave was quite the frail one but still the best answer she could give Ai at the moment.  And this was because, frankly, Risa herself had no idea why she wanted her to be there when she went back home.  It was supposed to be her own house, yet there was a certain sense of uneasiness about returning.  She felt as though she wasn’t supposed to go back, as if she shouldn’t go back, because it was no longer hers.  Which wasn’t true but… still.  It was how Risa felt.

   “Kind of odd though, isn’t it?” Ai inquired casually.  She shivered in the cold night air and shoved her hands inside her pocket.  “That Tanaka Shachou would reacquire her intern’s home for her…  I mean, you’re not even a full employee yet.  Even if you were, it’d still be odd.”

   Risa licked her dry lips and pursed them together, not wishing to reply to her friend’s comment.  She knew she was right.  Of course, it was odd.  Even though she was the one who accepted the “gift”, she still found it odd.  But what was she supposed to do?  She couldn’t very well continue to debate with her boss like that in the hallway, could she?  For heaven’s sake, she was her boss.  So naturally, Risa didn’t wish to be judged in any negative way because of her receiving this overly generous gesture.

   Even so, she couldn’t deny the small part of her that wanted Ai to be mad at her.  She wanted her to scold her for accepting the house and money, tell her that she doesn’t want her to accept anything from anyone, unless it’s from Ai herself, because she belongs to Ai and Ai only.  Even if it was through a burst of anger, they were words that Risa had truly wanted to hear.  Yet, the older woman was reacting as nonchalantly as she usually did, breaking what little hope Risa had into pieces.

   “Well,” Ai sighed, breathing out a puff of cold air, “it’s a good thing I finished work a little earlier today.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to go with you.”

   “Un… Sou da ne.”

   Ai glanced at the unusually quiet bean whose eyes were glued to the sidewalk, seemingly determined to focus on walking.  A hint of guilt flashed across the older woman’s face as she realized that she could probably tone down the attitude a bit.  Feeling sorry, she took Risa cold hand in hers and put it in her pocket.  Risa looked at Ai with a hint of surprise in her eyes to which Ai reacted by simply squeezing her hand gently.

   “You know I would’ve gone with you either way,” she said.

   A slow, relieved smile spread across Risa’s face.  She squeezed Ai’s hand back as she nodded.  “I know.”

   Sharing the same pocket for both of their frozen hands unintentionally brought them closer together.  Some people stared or glanced and whispered with each other but the two women successfully ignored all attention.  As they walked through the town, they kept their gaze straight ahead, their destination being the only thing in their mind.  And with that sort of resolve, they reached the bean’s home in no time.

   Risa pushed her key through the doorknob and entered her flat swiftly so she wouldn’t waste time on pointless hesitation.  She looked around the place, astounded.  Her home looked… normal.  Too normal.  Everything was in its right place—well, almost everything—including the furniture, the television, the pictures…  It was as if they had never been taken in the first place.  Was this another kind gesture of Tanaka Shachou? 

   “Wow,” Ai remarked, standing behind the bean.  “It’s like you never left.”

   “I thought everything would be in boxes…” Risa mumbled.  She turned into the kitchen and of course, just like the living room, found mostly everything in its rightful place.  On the table was a yellow file.  Risa opened it and pulled out a stack of papers. 

   “What is it?” Ai asked.

   “It’s the deed to the house,” Risa said, “and the receipts to all the bills.”

   She dropped the folder back on the table and walked back to the living room.  She slowly turned in a circle while standing in the middle of the room, laying her eyes upon everything she saw.  The clock and the picture frame were hanging on different places, but she could fix that later.  The DVD shelf was switched with the album shelf… but they were all there.  Everything had returned to its place without a single thing missing.  Risa couldn’t help but stare in awe at her home.  Her lovely home that she had lived in ever since her college years.  Her home and no one else’s.  And despite the guilt she felt about accepting her kind proposal, Risa couldn’t help but be grateful to Tanaka Reina for what she had done. 

   “I think I should go home now.”

   Risa turned around to face the older woman who was standing by the front door.  She smiled as she motioned around her face.  Confused, Risa touched her own cheeks and felt a wet sensation at the tip of her fingers.  That’s when she realized that she had been crying with the most idiotic smile on her face.  Not crying, as in bawling, but tearing enough so that one could tell she was honestly touched.  Sniffling, she quickly wiped the tears from her eyes. 

   “You’re leaving?” 

   “I just remembered,” Ai said, “Sayumi needed me home tonight for something.”

   As the older woman started to put her shoes back on, Risa quickly headed towards the foyer.  Before she could say anything, Ai simply embraced her silently.  Then, she wiped away a stray drop of tear from Risa’s face and smiled.  It was a perfectly sculptured smile, the type of smile that was simply painted on the outside but not on the inside.

   “I’m glad you got your house back,” she said.  “I’ll see you later.”

   With that, she disappeared from Risa’s sight before she could be stopped, leaving Risa to stand alone in an empty apartment.

**  **  ** 

   Takahashi Ai shuffled out of the building with a grim face.  She looked like someone who had absolutely no intention to stop walking any time soon.  She could’ve been going the wrong for all she knew but she didn’t care.  She just had to keep going, away from this place, away from her. 

   After a couple minutes, she came back to her sense and stopped wherever she was and looked around.  She hadn’t gone too far; she was still in the neighboring apartment complex somewhere.  She had probably walked in circles.  But it didn’t matter.  She was far away enough.

   Looking around one more time, she eyed the nearest apartment building.  Without a second thought, she marched right over and punched the concrete wall with her bare hands.  A painful shock ran through her arms and into her body but that was the least of her concerns.  Ignoring the scraped skin on her knuckles that revealed traces of blood, Ai pressed her back against the wall and slipped down to the ground into a crouch, hanging her head.

   Why?  Why couldn’t she be the one to make Niigaki Risa happy like that?  The girl had cried.  She had actually cried because she was happy, touched, relieved.  And she hadn’t been the cause of it. 

   Why was she so helpless?  Why couldn’t she just be useful for once, at least to the girl she loved?  She was willing to give everything up for the girl but that just didn’t seem to be enough.  Even with that kind of mindset, she was powerless.  There was nothing she could do for her that someone else wouldn’t be able to do.  Yes, that someone was better than her.  She was better for her.  It was something she didn’t want to admit but had known all along.

   She could never do as much as Tanaka Reina could do for her.


okay.  this MAY be the end to my chapter-updating rage :nervous

I'm leaving my home again in a day or so and i don't know how often i'll be able to update after i leave  :(

But i shall try my best!  because this is the point where the story gets interesting!  :cow:

 :byebye: :sleep:

avii&sig by the wonderful kawaii beam~!

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 21 - (1/24)]
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 uh !  :on shady: you're too obvious reina !!! wew ! and LoveLove-sama will be leaving soon again  :stoned: :shock: :stunned:  :on blackhole: but it's okay !! just update when you can !! we can wait ! how long ? 1 month ? haha !  :lol:
but really i feel sorry for aichan.  :bath:

P.S. : KameShige !  :on crazygran:

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 21 - (1/24)]
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Such a wonderful triangle :wub:

Somehow, I would have thought that Reina's gift would have served to push Risa away from her, but, even more advantageous, she pushing Ai away from Risa!

Oh god, am I rooting for Tanagaki?
Ah, well, I'm just glad SakiMiya worked things out!

We'll be waiting for you when you get back~!

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 21 - (1/24)]
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Aichan come here. ;__; Lemme give you a huggie. LE ME KNOWS EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL BECAUSE. ;___; Because le me and fwen.  :cry: :cry: :cry:

This. All my namidas. TOO MUCH. *takes plaster and pates on heart* *gives Ai three*

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 21 - (1/24)]
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All these tragic.

I cannot express myself in words #2
Like I’m the most calm... Like, it must definitely be because, Like when we enter, I’ll be hurrying. But Because Junjun is older, I can calm down? I don’t really know, Like I just absolutely want her there beside me. Whenever we go abroad, if Junjun is absolutely not beside me, I absolutely won’t go. Something like that. -- Tanaka Reina about Junjun.

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 21 - (1/24)]
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Wow! Reina bought house for Risa...  :shock:
Poor Ai-chan!  :on speedy:
More TakaGaki!  :ding:

Please update soon! :byebye:
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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 21 - (1/24)]
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i am totally stoned after reading this chapter  :stoned:

quickly, maikea, come and console Cinderella  XD

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 21 - (1/24)]
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I knew Reina would play her money card for Risa...

AI!!  :fainted: Damn it, fight for your girl and show her how much you can give to her!!!

For some reason, I have an odd feeling about how Risa's house was in so good order, as it was said, like she had never left it. *a lot of thinking*

   She could never do as much as Tanaka Reina could do for her.

Bu****it.  XD You can do a lot more Ai~

Again, I have a very very bad feeling where this is going... But I'll be still waiting for more, even though it might take a bit longer time for the next update.
Write more when you have time.  :)

Till next time~

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 21 - (1/24)]
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Gonna take five from all the emoticons.

Chapter 18

Geez, talk about complicated relationships. Instead of a love triangle this one should be called a love zig-zag. Reina likes Risa, but Risa loves Ai and Ai loves Risa, but they both can’t admit that they’re in a relationship. Sayu adores Ai, who only sees her as a sister.

Then there’s Eri, Aika and Jun. Will they be part of the zig-zag in the near future? Say yes :D

Ah, the magic of guilt. Makes people do things they secretly don’t want to do for the sake of others.

Totally agree with the title. What the hell you two? Somebody’s gotta take the initiative to do something about this ‘relationship block’(couldn’t think of a proper term). But it looks like that somebody isn’t going to be one of the two who’s actually in the relationship.

Then again, Tanagaki ain’t a bad combi…

Chapter 19

Awkward silence in the “new” empty room… *looks around own room* … Room’s too messy for me to feel the awkwardness of being alone, and it’s not new.

White room? Now this definitely sounds familiar.

  “… Shachou?!”  Risa found herself automatically straightening up properly as if her boss was in the room with her.  “Um… is there something wrong?”
Lol. There’s just something about hearing the boss’s voice that makes employees straighten up, whether they’re right beside you or three floors up. It’s like once we hear their voice the mind’s like “It’s the boss! He/she can see you. Quick act like you’ve been doing work since earlier.” even though he/she is speaking via phone.

The tiny kitten shuffled around in her home, her hand squeezing her phone.
I don’t know why but I had to reread this three times before my mind could process that the tiny kitten was referring to Reina and not an actual kitten. And here I was thinking a kitten had gotten ahold of a phone and was trying to squeeze it to death with its tiny paws.

  In fact, this was probably the first time her kitchen was ever being used.  The sound of the sink water running and the stove lighting up was strangely unfamiliar.
Coming from a family full of cooks I couldn’t help but go “eeeeehhhhh?”. Nothing could top a quality home-cooked meal. The best part of eating is the grueling wait for the meat to cook while the scent of the meal’s just urging you to forget cooking and just eat the damn thing.

Reina eating – Like I said, nothing beats a home-cooked meal. There’s just that special something that makes it more appealing to the palate, especially if someone you like made it. Wouldn’t even matter whether it taste like it’s been through the dead sea and back or dipped in all sorts of sweetness that your blood sugar would spike faster than you could finish the dish.

Which reminds me… I haven’t had diner yet.

Chapter 20

“Well, why not volunteer?” Risa argued back.  “What’s so bad about making another friend?  Tanaka Shachou is, contrary to popular belief, actually a normal person.  And a very nice one.  She has another side to her.”
Cause to Reina she’s not looking for a friend when it comes to Risa. Damn, Risa’s going to be breaking hearts with her realizing too late(or not at all). It’s cruel… I like it.

“You’re supposed to be with Takahashi-san!” the younger girl said, sounding slightly annoyed.  “You chose her over Tanaka Shachou so now, you have to stick by that choice.”

   “… I’m not seeing the connection,” Risa said slowly.  “What does Ai-chan have to do with me making a new friend?”
Oh dear Lord. Looks like Aika’s gotta spell it out for Risa.

  “Can I just say that this is really dumb?  Of both of you?”
I concur.

“No, you don’t understand,” Risa said, shaking her head.  “You’re talking as if I have a choice.  I love her, okay?  I love her.  She loves me too but I love her back.  I need her as much as she needs me… no, more than she needs me.  Don’t you see, Aika?  I’m not in a position where I can afford to choose.”
Well just tell her already! -_-

  “… Can I just say that I think you’re an idiot?”   
And again I agree. I like how Aika thinks.

The first thing Risa saw was flowers.  A bouquet of it, to be precise: pink roses.  As she gasped in complete utter amazement, the flower bouquet sank a little lower to reveal the face of her dear one behind it, smiling.  There were droplets of rain still running down her skin but that didn’t hinder her natural beauty at all.
Aw… that’s so cute and sweet and with Ai slightly drenched in rain.. so hot. Yes! Go Ai! That’s what I’m talking about.

She had Ai and Ai had her.  What more did they need to confirm?  I mean, the woman brought her flowers with chocolate and movies on a rainy day.  This was enough, right?
Well if Ai would ask Risa to be her girlfriend it will.

  “But she also said I should take advantage of this oh-so-beautiful day to stay in with you.  Which, in my book, is absolutely wonderful logic.”
And again Eri had to get things going for there to be any progress with these two. On a side note, good going Eri.
Throughout the first part of the talk I just wanted to slap Ai senseless. Come on, read the atmosphere why don’t cha?  Then the thing about who liked the movie? It was like kids arguing over something like whether the sky was blue or light blue. Pointless, but funny none the less. The end of the talk was definitely the highlight of the night. Looks like Risa’s missing “personal time” with Ai. Aw yeah, another round of sexy time. Too bad there’s no extended chapter...

Reina’s so head over heels in love with Risa. This ain’t gonna end on a happy note.

Chapter 21

*realizes that it’s the fourth chapter she’s read and is face palming for not checking for so long*

Sorry, I’ve just been busy for the last… I don’t know how long.

Woot! Miyabi  took Risa’s advice and got some Saki action. I can just imagine Risa’s face when she unintentionally walked into the two new couple’s oh-la-la activity. And then Saki’s reaction to getting busted for their *ahem* activity. Priceless!

Phone rings- it’s the bank. I wonder how Risa will react when she finds out what Reina did, assuming I’m right with thinking Reina bought her house for her…

I figured she would be shocked, and a bit upset, but suddenly intruding in the middle of a meeting, more so your boss’s meeting, is a bone headed move. Good thing Reina’s got a thing for Risa.

Hearing someone bought something for your special someone is not a good for ones ego. Especially when you know this something is special to your er.. special someone, and you know there was no way for you to afford it. This is going to be a hard blow to Ai.

And Risa unintentionally crying due to extreme happiness is just that additional weigh to tip over the scale. It’s already bad enough to know you couldn’t afford something but knowing someone else made your specialsomeone so happy she cried, it’s like a stab to the heart.

Got a feeling there’s going to be a devastating break up in the near future, like super near.

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 21 - (1/24)]
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Hi, I'm a new one who reply (sorry about that  :doh:) but I always read your fic.

I love your fic a lot.

This story make me giggling like a crazy (everyone always wonder what's wrong with me), I like both of TakaGaki and TanaGaki.

I hope you'll update soon  :) 

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 21 - (1/24)]
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Prepares powers:  :shakeit:


Prepares even MORE power:  :shakeit:

 :mon roll:


 :mon zoom:

 :cool1:  All the way. From the far corners os the Universe; one stands tall and reads and re-reads an awesome piece of work. Then one comments at 1 in the morning in an insomnia induced madness.


Anywhoo XD  Just passing by to say hello! I'm reading ! XD like I just finished your first (for the nth time XD) and am going through the second (for the 3rd time XD) and am goin through this one (for a second time) XD


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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 21 - (1/24)]
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Hey~ i forgot where i had stopped at so i am rereading and i am currently at chapter 12. I absolutely love Sayu in this fic and i am glad there are more chapters... I love your fics! You should get a fandom award for your contribution! Thank you thank you thank you thank you! :thumbup


I just finished Ch. 19 and i am totally cheering for Reina! I hope she gets her love. I dunno how u make me care about members i dont even like but wow!

As for Sayu, i am torn! I want Ai to know her feelings but i wonder if Sayu can start to care for Eri!

When you started this fic i was worried it would not be at the level of your other too. It seemed to build slowly but the payoff and the level of angst is off the charts! The pairings are all to my liking and everything seems so balanced! I can't wait to see what will happen next!


OMG! What important thing does Sayu have to tell Ai? Are you going to write a scene where Sayu is bandaging Ai's bloody knuckles? Like i just want them together right now!

I am totally shipping Reina and Risa so hard in this fic... Strictly for this fic only.
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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 21 - (1/24)]
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What this is still here what what what? :mon ghost:

wow. it's been a REALLY long while, hasn't it? :sweatdrop:

I don't even know if people are still following this... but what the hey.  I'm on leave from school and I have way too much time right now so.... I'm writing! lol :nervous

Thanks for those who left comments ancient times ago and a bit more recent as well. I live for you :bow:

Chapter 22 – “Paris made his brave proposal to Juliet”

   Never had Mitsui Aika felt so incredibly uncomfortable in her own home.  True, this place wasn’t really “home” since she would credit that title to where her parents lived back in Shiga prefecture, but this place was as “home” as she could get while she stayed in Tokyo.  Yet “home” did not feel like “home” anymore, as it carried a certain foreign air now.  Yes, everything was arranged the same—well, almost the same, with the few exceptions of picture frames and such—yet there was a sort of change to this place now, a change that she could not get used to.  Everything just seemed much… classier.  It felt as though nothing in the apartment should be touched, as if they were artifacts in a museum.  In fact, this unusual pressure was so strong that the poor girl could only sit in her chair with her arms wrapped around her knees, balled up as tightly as she could in an effort to limit the amount of space that she was taking up.

   Wrinkling her eyebrows with envy, Aika watched her older friend move around the kitchen freely.  Despite the recent series of shocking events, the bean seemed very casual, busily preparing their breakfast.  Had she already gotten over the initial shock of having her house returned to her out of the blue?  By her boss, nonetheless?  How could she be so comfortable already?

   “I still don’t think you should have,” Aika remarked, cutting through whatever random tune Risa was softly humming to.

   “Should have what?”

   “Accepted the house.”  The younger girl pulled her knees in even closer and placed her chin on top of it.  “It’s unnatural.  For your boss to buy your house back.”

   Risa sighed as she scooped up the scrambled eggs from the frying pan onto a plate.  “I know, I know…”

   “I know Tanaka Shachou is fond of you, to say the least,” Aika continued, “but this sort of gesture is a little too much, don’t you think?”

   “I do…” Risa mumbled, bringing the food over to the table and sitting down.  “But what was I supposed to do?  I couldn’t exactly refuse her generosity.  I couldn’t disobey her.”

   “Yeah, I know…” Aika nodded, sighing out her frustration.  “You had no choice.  But I still don’t like this.  Accepting Tanaka Shachou’s grand gift while still being with Takahashi-san… you realize there’s something odd with this picture, right?”

   “I know…” Risa mumbled again.  “Ai-chan, she… she was acting a little odd too, when she saw that I got my house back.”

   “I don’t blame her,” Aika shrugged.  “I would’ve been worried if she hadn’t acted weird.”

   “I guess…”  Risa swallowed as she quickly picked up her fork and seized some scrambled egg, chewing on it as if she was recharging her battery.  “I swear though, I’m going to pay Tanaka Shachou back.  She may have thought I was joking but I wasn’t.  I really am going to repay her.  Little by little.”

   “I guess that’s the best you can do for now,” Aika agreed, smiling a little.  “I’ll help, too.  After all, I live here as well.”

   “Thanks, Aika,” the bean grinned.  “Come on, eat up!  We both have a long day ahead of us.”

**  **  ** 

    “You know, being at home is such a wonderful thing!” the pale bunny remarked, biting into the melon bread in her hand.  “Don’t you agree, Eririn~?”

   “Your excessive happiness is creeping me out, Sayu,” the turtle replied, watching her friend twirl around in her store as she fixed a hat set upon a mannequin.

   “Oh, don’t be such a party-pooper!” Sayumi said, sticking her tongue out.  She skipped towards the counter and sat herself on top of it playfully.  “You know, I’ve never fully appreciated the idea of home.  Sleeping in your own bed, using your own bathroom, eating in your own kitchen…  It’s great being back home!”

   “You’re gonna have to get down from there when a costumer comes in,” Eri warned, walking over to the counter as well.  “I’m running a business here, you know.”

   “You’re no fun at all today, Eri,” Sayumi grumbled, frustratingly biting off another huge chunk of her melon bread.  “And after I made the effort to bring snacks all the way here…  How lame.”

   “Actually, I distinctly remember telling you on the phone that you really… really didn’t need to come by,” Eri remarked, smiling mischievously.  “So whose fault is this, hm?”

   “… Oh, shut up.” 

   Sayumi mumbled out her frustrations under her breath as she ripped her bread apart again with her teeth, chewing furiously in a manner unfit for a lady.  Eri snickered as she celebrated a silent victory against the bunny.  Despite relentlessly teasing Sayumi, the turtle could actually tell that the girl seemed to be much happier these days.  After being kicked out of her home for a little while, she seemed to have discovered some sort of newfound gratitude towards the fact that she lives with the person she treasures the most in the world.  The little bunny had grown. 

   “Tell me, though…” Eri continued, her tone changing, “what’s up with Ai-chan today?”

   Sayumi raised an eyebrow.  “What do you mean?”

   “Well… she just seems… different.” 

   Eri nodded her head towards her friend who was minding some of the mannequins on the other side of the store.  Sayumi turned and observed her stepsister.  After she got beyond the fact that the woman looked ever so naturally beautiful, as usual, she noticed something was indeed off upon paying closer attention.  At one point, Ai would be organizing the clothing racks or straightening out a wrinkle in a mannequin’s shirt, as she should be.  But the next moment, she would suddenly freeze in place, look down, and sigh as she blanked out.  After a minute or two of that, she would do a little head jolt as she came back into reality and continued her work silently. 

   “And what’s up with her hand?” Eri asked, concerned.  “Did she hurt herself?”

   Only then did Sayumi notice the white gauze wrapped around her sister’s hand, weaved around each finger.  When had Ai hurt herself like that?  What had exactly happened for her to have gained such an injury?  Sayumi bit on her bottom lip, unable to help feeling beyond pathetic.  How could she have not noticed that her loved one was hurt like that?  She shouldn’t have needed Eri’s mentioning of it.  For god’s sake, she lived with the woman!  She should’ve known that Ai had gotten hurt and the reason for it.  She was a failure as a sister and anything else that she may ever hope to be. 

     But what could she have possibly done to help, even if she knew why Ai was acting peculiar?  She was just Sayumi, just the little sister, who has a completely different life than her older sibling despite living together.  In comparison to Ai who worked two jobs, did all the household chores, and was an orphan, Sayumi was unemployed, living off of her mother’s money, and was always pampered.  Someone like her could never understand a scarred person like Ai.

   But still, she wanted to try.  Whatever little things she could do, she wanted to do it for her.  Even if she can’t make much of a difference, at least it’ll let Ai know that she cares.  At least, she can hope it will.

   Deciding to act upon her instincts, Sayumi hopped off the counter and grabbed whatever her hand first touched inside a plastic bag of snacks that she had brought.  Then, she marched straight up to her stepsister and jabbed the food into her face.  Ai flinched as she looked at the bunny in surprise, unable to decipher what was going on.

   “Sayu?” she blinked.  “Wha—”

   “It’s for you,” Sayumi said quickly, shoving the bread into her face again.  “Melon bread.”

   “I’m not very hungry…”

   “Just eat it!” the younger girl insisted, opening the plastic wrapping and offering the food again.  “Sweet things are supposed to make people feel better…  It’ll make Nee-chan feel better…  So eat it.” 

   Sayumi looked away as she spoke, unable to get herself to meet her sister’s eyes.  What was she thinking right now?  Could she be thinking that this is childish and unnecessary?  Maybe she was being a little ridiculous…  Was it too late to go back to her nice little area on the counter? 

   “… Arigatou.”

   The bunny looked up at the sound of a warm voice, making contact with an equally warm gaze.  Ai smiled as she received the melon bread and took a small bite. 

   “It’s delicious,” she commented.  “Sweets really do make people feel better, huh?”

   Sayumi immediately looked away just in time to conceal the blush in her cheeks.  “I-I don’t know, it’s not like I said it first!” she said, trying to sound harsh but ending up with a series of stumbling words instead. 

   “Either way,” Ai laughed.  She reached out and gently patted her sister’s head, allowing the bunny to blush even more as she looked down.  “Thanks for letting me eat this, Sayu.”

   “D-don’t… touch me… baka…”

   Despite her mumbled words, Sayumi showed no intention whatsoever of moving away, which she could’ve easily done.  Eri chuckled to herself as she watched this scene, shaking her head.  It was hard to believe that the helpless girl who was frozen in place right now was the same girl who could spit out poisonous words at will.  Looking at her now, she seemed so childlike with only the purest intentions of making her sister feel better.  Either way, Eri knew, Sayumi was Sayumi.  The gap in her character was what defined her.  It was nice to know that it was possible for the girl to actually have a soft spot for something—or rather, someone.  It was only regrettable that the certain someone was a person she could never have.  Or at least, one would think. 

**  **  ** 

   There were few moments in Niigaki Risa’s life when she felt like she had done something good in her past life that allowed her to gain something equally precious in retribution.  This was one of those moments as she silently celebrated her excitement in the calmest way she could manage without getting up and dancing on the table.   The reason?

   “You will all receive your own work space by tomorrow,” President Tanaka informed.  “We just need to open up more space since we were only planning on hiring one intern, but ended up keeping all three.  So, ladies, I give you my official welcome to the Bijou family.”

   Boom.  Fireworks and applause exploded in Risa’s head as she formed a restrained smile on her face.  She bowed her head slightly in gratitude along with her two colleagues, who also seemed quite excited as well.  After a long, long wait and hours of hard work with low pay, Niigaki Risa had finally been promoted as a full-time employee at her dream job.  With this, she could finally start dipping her soul fully into her passion and also start paying off her debt to her boss.  This was the first step to her newly acquired independent life.

   “Though your work spaces remain unprepared,” President Tanaka continued, “I have decided to give you your assignments in advance.  Each of you will only need to focus on the individual project that is given to you.  This may involve working under certain departmental chiefs, in which case, you will be expected to strictly follow their orders.  Junjun?  If you would do the honors.”

   “Hai.”  Nodding her head, the secretary stepped forward and put down a set of manila folders on the table.  She handed the first one to the girl sitting closest to her. 

   “Natsuyaki-kun,” she said, “your first project will be street research.  Observe the streets of Tokyo and check out summer hair styles.  The Hair department’s chief will have more details for you.  Report to her office on the 14th floor after lunch.”

   “Hai!” Miyabi answered brightly, hugging her folder tightly.  She was obviously overjoyed at being assigned to something hair-related, which was where her passion lied.

   “Shimizu-kun,” Junjun continued, passing the folder to the aforementioned employee, “your department is the cosmetics department.  They’re in the midst of putting together a summer makeup tutorial issue along with new products from various companies, including ours.  You’ll be assisting in that project.  Floor 16.”

   “Hai,” Saki answered shyly, her face blushing in joy.

   “Lastly, Niigaki-kun.”  Junjun slid the final folder towards the woman who was keeping her fingers crossed underneath the table.  “You will be assisting in coordinating the models for the summer spread.  You must be present at every photo shoot.  Your schedule will be available with your chief, 5th floor.”

   “Hai,” Risa nodded, pulling the folder close to her while making a serious effort to not tremble.  Every photo shoot, she says.  Coordinating the models, she says.  This was all Risa could ever wish for: a direct, hands-on experience in fashion!  Her dreams were starting to be realized!

    “That is a special post that was created for you by Tanaka Shachou so please make sure to carry out your duties diligently,” Junjun noted. 

   Risa blinked as she looked up from the table.  Her colleagues seemed just as confused as she was as they suspiciously eyed back and forth from the bean to their president.  Reina remained in her seat, smiling calmly.

   “What better way to learn the business than charging into it head on, yes?” she said.

   Risa wrinkled her eyebrows as she quietly agreed and thanked her boss.  On one hand, she was grateful for the president’s care.  But on the other, she was incredibly uncomfortable with the extra attention that was being given to her, especially now that it was very visibly obvious to her colleagues and probably whoever else was in the company as well.  It was hardly appropriate.  Why was the president intentionally drawing so much attention?

   “Niigaki, is something wrong?”

   “Huh?  Oh, it’s nothing, nothing at all…”

   “You’re not sick, are you?” Reina asked, looking concerned.  “You do seem awfully tired.”

   “No, I’m okay, Shachou, really,” Risa mumbled quietly, feeling the same discomfort rising again from the unnecessary attention. 

   “Well, don’t overwork yourself,” Reina continued, either ignoring or not noticing her employee’s embarrassment.  “Take breaks if you need to, okay?”

   Risa nodded silently, sensing all eyes in the room landing on her.  Damn it, she hated this!  If her boss didn’t ease up soon, the entire company was going to find out about them!

   Wait.  Stop.  Find out what about them?  What were they anyway?  They weren’t anything!  There was nothing between Niigaki Risa and Tanaka Reina, as far as the older woman was concerned.  There was nothing for her to be embarrassed about.  But the president’s behavior was, nevertheless, not going to go unnoticed by the other workers. 

   “So that’ll be it for now,” Junjun said, deciding to wrap up the meeting before the atmosphere got even more awkward.  “Lunch break for all of you.  Then report to the locations you’ve been assigned to.”


   Risa immediately got up and started to gather her things at the speed of light.  She had a bad feeling that if she didn’t escape soon, another inevitable would happen…

   “Niigaki!”  There it was.

   “Shachou?” Risa answered, reluctantly turning around to face her boss.

   “With me.  Now,” Reina curtly ordered, walking past the bean and out the door.  Risa’s eyes widened as she stood frozen for a second, looking around for help.  Junjun just simply raised an eyebrow and walked out, making a smart decision to not take a part in this.  Miyabi and Saki shot looks of confusion at their co-worker, to which Risa shrugged casually with an effort. 


   Jumping at the sound of her name, the bean quick shoved the rest of her belongings in her bag and quickly left the room and briskly walked down the hall to catch up with her employer.  For a tiny woman, she could really walk.  And at such a speed, before Risa knew it, she was following the kitten out to the parking lot towards a familiar black car.  With the click of her keys, Reina unlocked her vehicle and stepped into the driver’s seat.  Risa froze in front of the car, clutching her bag to her chest, unsure of what was going on. 

   “Shachou, I… what… where…?”  Though she tried to phrase some sort of question to this situation, she had no idea where to start.

   “Stop mumbling and get in,” Reina said, sticking her head out the window.  “Lunch break doesn’t last forever.”


   “Niigaki,” the kitten said sternly, “you know I don’t like repeating myself.”

   Sighing, Risa helplessly clambered into the passenger seat and put the seatbelt on.  There was no way out of this game, was there? 

   With a satisfied smile, Reina revved her car into gear and drove off and entered the main road.  At some point, she took out a pair of sunglasses from a compartment and put them on.  Risa glanced at her boss who looked way too young to be an entrepreneur and stylish enough to be a pop idol.  Really, her entire being was such a mystery.  How could Risa possibly root out what was going on in that little mind of hers?

   “Ano… Shachou…?”


   “If you don’t mind me asking… where are we going?”

   “Isn’t it obvious?” Reina chuckled.  “I’m taking you out to lunch.”

   “Haa?!”  Risa wrinkled her eyebrows.  “But… no, I mean, you don’t need to do that!”

   “I want to,” Reina shrugged.  “For that delicious homemade dinner you made me that time.”

   “That and more was already paid for when you bought me my house back!” Risa said, in utter confusion. 

   “That’s that, this is this,” Reina said.  “It’s different.”

   Risa’s mouth remained dropped open in disbelief.  Really, did this woman’s brain just run on a different frequency than everybody else’s?  How was treating someone to dinner and buying someone a house unmatched in the level of favors?  What kind of math did she learn in school?

   Before Risa could further argue, the car came to a stop as Reina stepped out of the car without a warning.  The bean hurriedly followed out as a man in a vest got into the driver’s seat.  Valet parking.  Oh boy, this was definitely one of those restaurants that Risa could only afford in her dreams.  Yikes. 

   “Don’t get lost, Niigaki.”

   Risa looked up from her spaced out thoughts and found her boss already at the entrance of the restaurant, smirking.  The bean quickly caught up to her as she entered the building and greeted the waitress there.  They were immediately led to a table with considerable sunlight beaming down on it, making the small flower case in the middle of the table shimmer.  Risa couldn’t hide her awe as her head spun this way and that, catching a glimpse of every fancy white curtain and majestic designs of the ceiling and the well-dressed waiters. 

   “You can pick whatever you’d like,” Reina said.

   Though it was a kind gesture, Risa found such an offer useless, as she understood none of the dishes listed in the menu.  It was still Japanese but it was in a fancy culinary language that she could not figure out.  Alas, she had gotten nowhere when the waiter came to take their orders.

   “I’ll have an iced strawberry-peach lemonade,” Reina said, “and herb-roasted capon chicken.  With a side of salad.”

   “And for you, miss?” the waiter asked politely, turning towards the bean. 

   “Uh…  I’ll have the same.”

   “Very good,” the waiter nodded, writing down the order.  “I’ll be right back with your drinks.”

   As soon as the waiter walked away, Reina leaned in towards the bean with a smile and whispered, “You know, if you didn’t understand the menu, you could’ve asked me.” 

   “I understood!” Risa retorted back, her cheeks turning red.  “I just… I trust your taste in food so I wanted to get what you were getting.”

   “Uh-huh.  Okay,” Reina laughed.

   Risa blushed brighter, she was sure, but somehow, she still felt comforted by her employer’s teasing.  The way she laughed wasn’t meant to make her feel even more foreign to such a high-class atmosphere, but rather to loosen her up more.  It was something Risa could appreciate. 

   And the rest of the lunch went along the same way.  The drinks arrived, Risa had taken less than a liking to it, and noticing this, Reina ordered a different, less sweet drink.  The salad arrived and Reina made sure that the waiter gave Risa the first scoop with all the croutons she wanted (which she claimed was none, but Reina, of course, saw through her politeness).  The main dish arrived and when Risa accidently dropped her fork on the ground before she could even touch the food, Reina put her own fork in the bean’s hand first before asking for a new fork for herself.  This lady was not planning on holding back the least bit in kindness and care for the bean.  And the more consideration Reina showed, the more confused Risa became.  Though she tried to question the reason for such attention, the president would continuously direct the conversation towards elsewhere.  Even after the meal, when they were on their way back to Bijou headquarters, Reina made sure to continuously chatter or ask inconsequential questions of her own to give Risa no leeway whatsoever.  So by the time they were stepping out of the car in the parking lot of the Bijou building, the bean’s mouth was itching to finally get an answer out of the kitten, once and for all.

   “Shachou,” Risa started, blocking Reina’s way.

   “Niigaki,” Reina answered, walking around her employee.  But Risa sidestepped to stand in her way again. 

   “Why are you doing all of this?”

   Realizing she wasn’t going to get away with it anymore, Reina faced the older woman.  “Doing all of what?”

   “You know what!” Risa said a bit louder.  “Giving me a place to live in when I got evicted?  Buying me back my house?  Taking me out for lunch?  All of this and more.  Why?”

   “Couldn’t we simply leave it as random acts of kindness?”

   “No, Tanaka Shachou,” Risa answered, “because we both know it’s not that.  And if it is, I don’t want it.  I don’t need your charity, Shachou.  I’ve been supporting myself for a long time and I can still do it.  I don’t need pity points—”

   “You think I pity you?” Reina interrupted with a small scoff.  “Please, pitying you is the last thing I’d do.  No, I respect you, Niigaki.  Like you said, you’ve been living by yourself for so long, it’s a mystery how you made it by yourself in Tokyo.  Though it may have seemed impossible at times, you followed your risky dream of getting into fashion and now here you are, interning at Bijou.  You’re the oldest intern we have but also the most hardworking.  I respect you, Niigaki.  And I admire you.”

   “But why are you—”

   “And I love you.”

   With that, the world stopped.  Risa froze mid sentence as she stared blankly at the woman in front of her, this woman whose cat-like eyes pierced back into her fearlessly. 

   “… What….”

   “I said, I’m in love with you,” Reina repeated without a moment of hesitation.  “Niigaki Risa, I’ve loved you for a while now.  And I’d like you to go out with me.”

   Risa didn’t say a word.  All of  Aika’s future I-told-you-so’s echoed in her head along with flashbacks to every moment of her time spent with Reina, the clues that she never picked up on.  But the most present thought in her head was of Ai.  Takahashi Ai, her close… ‘friend’.  The one she truly wanted to be with.  The unsettled confusion between them, the unsaid words, the unclear borderlines.  Nothing made sense in Risa’s head as a series of films just ran through her mind.  She couldn’t think, she couldn’t see, but she could hear. 

   “Please go out with me.”


BOOM. come back.  :yossi:

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 22 - (10/28)]
« Reply #278 on: October 28, 2013, 02:59:24 PM »

You totally made my weekend complete posting this update!

I was laughing so hard during the Risa/Reina part.  Reina is so thoughtful and nice and using her position to spoil Risa  :oops:

And Sayu was perfect as always.  I love this fic!  I hope you will update more soon especially since now you are rearranging everyone and I can finally get some Ai/Sayu  :otomerika: maybe  :nervous

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 22 - (10/28)]
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Oh ma gash! You updated! Welcome back! Been waiting for this since forever

How could she have not noticed that her loved one was hurt like that?  She shouldn’t have needed Eri’s mentioning of it.  For god’s sake, she lived with the woman!
I guess that’s what you call “blinded by love”, like literally. But Sayu seems to have grown up after having been temporarily kicked out of her own house… though she sure still has a funny way of showing her concern.

  “That is a special post that was created for you by Tanaka Shachou so please make sure to carry out your duties diligently,”
I wonder if the sachou will be in every photo shoot “watching” every session.

the entire company was going to find out about them!

   Wait.  Stop.  Find out what about them?  What were they anyway?  They weren’t anything!
Oh the drama… and the mini spazz attack in Risa’s mind.

Holy Fu-dge brownies with sprinkle toppings! She confessed!

And argh… Cliff hanger
Totally awesome chapter though.

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