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Author Topic: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 22 - (10/28)]  (Read 99652 times)

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 17 - (1/10)]
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@kawaii beam: If I could thank this more than once, I would.  :lol: :rofl: :bow:

@rndmnwierd: oh, you know I bring drama when it's time to bring ittt  XD

@arisa03: LALALALA did NOT hear about Junjun's boyfriend  :banghead:

@maikeatoot: hehehe glad you enjoyed it!!  :D

@risa_ai: wooo lots of SayuEri fans! I didn't even realize lol :P

@MsSmigge: lol Aika REDEMPTION  XD told you~

@yunagi: woah that is a NICE quoted long comment lol thank you!  :lol:

Thank you soo much for all the comments/thanks~  :wub:

Just to clear this up, the reason I didn't write a separate chapter for the AiGaki moment was because I wanted to keep this story moving along as fast as possible and frankly... I have no talent for it and i had no fresh ideas.  Sorry!  :nervous

But hey, the next chapter is out sooner, thanks to it!  :D


Chapter 18 – “Simply put, Juliet and Cinderella were the most idiotic lovers in history”

   People often have those regrettable moments when they seem to be successful at something when it doesn’t matter so much, yet when it comes to a more crucial moment they seem to fail miserably.  Like doing terribly on a test, then realizing later while doing homework that you had gotten a rather simple question wrong on the test.  This was the particular type of regret that Niigaki Risa was feeling right now.

   At the moment, the bean was sprinting down the hallway of the Bijou building, peeking into every meeting room she came across.  She couldn’t help but wonder why she couldn’t run this way back in high school when it actually mattered.  She definitely would’ve come in first every gym class.  Unfortunately, those young days were long gone.  But alas, for some strange reason, Risa was able to run faster than she ever had in her entire life.  It was probably a burst of energy from pure desperation.

   And desperate, she was.  She was barely presentable today—clad in jeans, sneakers, a sweater—and seemed rather disoriented, what with the unorganized pile of papers and sketchbooks tucked under her arms.  And the inevitable fact was that she was completely unprepared.  The assignment that was due this morning was unfinished and she was already late to the first meeting where Junjun was supposed to collect the work.  As for the reason as to why her portfolio was incomplete… well, let’s just say the bean was very distracted the previous night. 

   So in a last spurt of desperation, Risa was trying to find an empty room that she could hide out in and quickly finish her work so she could hand it in later in the day.  Better late than never, right?  Unfortunately, she hadn’t had much luck so far in her search.  All the conference rooms were either locked or being used already.  Refusing to give up, however, the bean had continued upwards until she had reached some of the more upper levels of the building that she didn’t visit too often. 

   But finally, good karma came to her aid as Risa finally discovered a room that was empty.  She looked left and right, making sure no one was watching, before making her way into the room.  It looked like a pretty average meeting room, but smaller.  There was a rectangular table that fit snugly in the middle with six chairs around it.  The bean dropped all her load onto the table with a grunt, glad to be relieved of the weight. 

   “Let’s see…” she mumbled to herself, “Assignment #5, Assignment #5…”

   Risa flipped through her papers in search of the rough sketches that she had made.  She needed to hurry before someone found her here.  She was pretty sure this room was off-limits for a mere intern like her, not to mention the rest of the floor.

   But then she realized that something felt off.  It was as if the room wasn’t completely silent, like it should be.  When Risa stopped all motions and listened carefully, she could’ve sworn she heard something shift across the carpet.  Alarmed, the bean looked up and slowly turned towards the door.  There was no one there.  Another shifting noise was heard at that moment, causing Risa to whip her head the other way towards the opposite corner, causing her to almost scream at the sight.

   There, in the corner, was President Tanaka Reina, sitting on the floor, leaned against the wall, sleeping soundly.  She shifted her legs a little, straightening them out as she mumbled something.  Her hair was loosely and carelessly undone into long locks while her glasses barely clung onto her nose. 

   Risa put her hand against her chest, trying to calm herself down from the sudden shock.  What was the president even doing here, sleeping on the floor, in a random conference room?  It was hardly appropriate for someone so important… not to mention unusual.  She was always so fashionable and prim and proper but today, she seemed rather… average.  Just a normal woman in her twenties who is absolutely exhausted for whatever reason.  It was an unfamiliar sight.

   Quietly, Risa stepped closer towards her boss and knelt beside her.  The kitten’s sleeping face almost made her look younger and more innocent: a great contrast from the strict Shachou image that she had.  She seemed much more approachable, dressed casually, and soundly sleeping. 

   She must be really overworked... Risa thought to herself, smiling a little.  She should sleep with her glasses off, though…

   Slowly, the bean started to reach forward to take off Reina’s glasses for her.  But as soon as her fingertips touched the rim, the sleeping woman’s eyes fluttered open.  Risa gasped in shock and the next thing she knew, she was being pulled forward by her wrist until she fell practically on top of her boss, her cat-like face only an inch away from her own.

   “What do you think you’re doing?” Reina asked, her voice a soft murmur.

   The bean swallowed hard, feeling the kitten’s gaze dig deep into her.  “I… I was just trying to take off your glasses for you.  I-It’s not good to sleep with them on so I just… um…”

   After a slight pause, Reina started to sit up slowly, naturally bring the bean back up into a sitting position as well.  Risa’s eyes were still wide from shock and a certain level of fear.  Realizing this, the president smiled apologetically as she reached out and tucked a loose lock of hair behind the bean’s ear.

   “Thank you for your concern,” she said.  “I’m sorry I scared you.  I was just a little shocked myself.”

   “N-no, I’m fine, Shachou,” Risa replied quickly, her ear feeling ticklish where she had been touched.  She immediately got to her feet and gathered herself as her employer took her time to stand up as well. 

   “Well, this is rather embarrassing,” Reina chuckled, adjusting her glasses.  “I didn’t think I’d get caught sleeping on the job this easily.  And I thought I had found such a great hiding spot, too… it’s a shame.”

   “Sumimasen!” Risa apologized, bowing her head.  “You seem really tired and I shouldn’t have interrupted… I’ll leave immediately!”


   Before she even realized it herself, Reina automatically reached out and grabbed the bean’s wrist, holding her back.  Risa turned around, surprised by her employer’s action.  Reina herself was confused: why did she stop her?  But all she knew at the moment was that she didn’t want Risa to disappear from her sight. 

   “It’s okay, I just didn’t get much sleep last night,” Reina said calmly, immediately letting go of the bean’s wrist.  “You can stay.”


   “I want you to stay,” Reina rephrased.  “Please.”

   Risa stared for a while, unsure as to how to take this sort of request.  But through the president’s glasses, her dark eyes were clearly visible now.  They were tired and soft yet contained a certain level of determination, a want that begged for her to stay. 

   “… I know that you love your work, Shachou,” Risa said, smiling sadly, “but I wish you would take care of yourself more, too.”

   “I appreciate your concern,” Reina laughed, pulling a chair out from the table and sitting down.  “You seem a little disoriented today as well, though.  Did you have a rough night?”  She motioned for the intern to also sit down, which she did.

   “I suppose I was tired,” Risa smiled, “but… it was overall a good night.”  Just the thought of the previous night’s activity with that special person in her life made her heart race faster than ever.

   “Well, as long as you got some sleep,” Reina laughed.

   Well, I didn’t say I got sleep… Risa thought to herself, blushing silently.

   “What are you doing here anyway?” Reina questioned.  “It’s rare to see an intern in this part of the building…”

   Risa looked up, gulping as she caught her boss’s curious eyes.  “I… uh… I was… just exploring!  I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been snooping around—”

   “No, that’s perfectly fine, but…” Reina cocked her head to the side, “don’t you have a meeting right now with Junjun and the other interns?”

   Bull’s eye.  Risa’s jaw tightened in fear before she sighed in defeat.  Getting caught was worse enough but getting caught by the president?  She had absolutely no excuse if she was dead in the streets by this evening. 

   “Um… the truth is…” she started, her voice barely audible, “I… didn’t get to finish… my assignment…”

   Reina raised an eyebrow.  “That’s unusual for you, Niigaki.  Is there a particular reason why?”

   Risa bit her lips.  She couldn’t exactly tell her boss that she spent the night doing that, could she?  But then again, it was completely unintentional!  Or… at least it was supposed to be.  “I… I had to sleep over at a friend’s place.”


   “… Because I was kicked out of my own.”

   “… What?”  Reina’s eyes widened in bewilderment.  “You were kicked out?  Why?”

   “Um…”  Risa hesitated, feeling slightly uncomfortable about telling her employer about her personal problems.  But it wasn’t as if she could deny her an explanation either.  “Something went wrong with my bank account… and I couldn’t pay the bills.”

    The kitten exhaled sharply in disbelief.  “So they just kicked you out?”  The bean nodded in response.  “That’s the stupidest—most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.” 

   “It’s upsetting,” Risa admitted, “even more so because my flatmate is now resorting to staying in different dorm rooms every night.  At least I had a place to go to.”

   “So where are you staying right now?” Reina asked.  “A friend’s?”

   “Yes…” Risa mumbled.  “I’m staying at Ai-chan—I mean, Takahashi Ai-san’s place.  You remember her, right?”

    “… Of course.” 

   In contrast to her calm reaction, her lips pursed together tightly as her hands balled into fists.  Something about what the bean said didn’t sit right with her.  It felt like the last thing she wanted was for Niigaki Risa to be close to Takahashi Ai…

   “Are you two in a relationship?”

   Risa blinked.  “Pardon?”

   “I asked if you and Takahashi are in a relationship,” Reina repeated, her face betraying no emotion whatsoever.  “Are you committed?”

   Risa remained silent, unable to give an answer.  It wasn’t because she didn’t want to share her personal life with her employer or whatever but rather because frankly, she actually had no idea what the answer was herself.  Were they committed?  They had never really discussed anything like this…  All they had done was make their feelings clear for each other but neither had confirmed that they were in an official relationship or anything like that.  In fact, they still didn’t refer to each other as girlfriends or lovers.  They simply said, “friends”.  When Risa thought of it this way… it actually seemed like nothing had truly changed, despite their physical manners.  It almost made her curious as to how Ai would respond to this…

   “I… no,” Risa answered slowly.  “We’re not in a relationship…”

   “I see,” Reina nodded, her expression immediately brightening.  “Well, it was kind of Takahashi to take you in during your time of need.  But I would also like to take responsibility of my employee as well.  There are more suite rooms in the upper levels that you can use until your bank situation clears up.”

   “Oh no, I could never do that,” Risa said, shaking her head.  “I would be imposing too much, Shachou—”

   “I insist, Niigaki,” the president reassured.  “That’s what the suite rooms are there for, just in case an employee needs it in an emergency situation.  And this is it.  You’ll be fully provided for.”

   Risa lowered her head a little as if to hide her conflicted expression.  She was most sincerely grateful for her boss’s offer; there was no doubt about that.  However, on the other hand, she was looking forward to spending a couple days, just with Ai…

   But then she remembered a certain bunny and how unhappy she was to be kicked out of her home, which was something the bean could definitely relate to.  And through that, Risa had ended up imposing on Kamei Eri as well, who had nothing to do with the situation in the first place.  After considering all of those factors, Risa knew she had to say yes.

   “Thank you, Shachou,” she answered, bowing her head again.  “I’ll happily take you up on your offer.”

   “Lovely,” Reina smiled, standing up.  “Now you stay here and finish your work.  I’m going to go notify Junjun that I gave you a special extension on your assignment.”   

   “Arigatou gozaimasu!” Risa thanked again, standing up and bowing to the president as she waved and left the room.  The bean sank back into her seat and sighed.  “Thank you… I suppose.”

**  **  ** 

   “… So you’re going to stay in the Bijou company building from now on?” Ai asked, pressing her phone closer to her ear.

   “Un!” Risa’s voice confirmed energetically through the cell.  “Tanaka Shachou offered me one of the suites.  Said it’s for employees anyway, in case of an emergency.  So I accepted it.”

   “I see,” Ai said curtly, trying to force a smile.  “That’s good.”

   “It’s great,” Risa laughed.  “This way, Michishige-san can come back home, too.  Kamei-san won’t have to share her space… It’s much better this way.” 

   The last thing the bean wanted was for Ai to pick up on her reluctance to move out.  It wouldn’t be much better this way; she didn’t want to hinder anybody as a result of her own incompetence. 

   “I suppose,” the older woman sighed, “as long as you’re okay with it.” 

   Even whilst saying that, Ai’s fingers on her phone immediately tightened.  She couldn’t say she was exactly fond of this idea of Risa staying in the same building as Tanaka Shachou for the next couple of days.  It wasn’t the same room or anything, but still…

   “What else did you two talk about?” she asked, feeling the sudden need to know everything that went on between them.

   “Huh?” Risa’s voice said, suddenly nervous.  “Uh… well…”


   “… She asked if we were in a relationship…”

   “… What did you say?”  Please tell me you said yes.

   “I said, no.”  I wanted to say yes.

   “Oh.”  I wanted you to say yes.

   “… Should I have said otherwise?”  Please tell me I made a mistake.

   “No, you did fine.”  You made a mistake.

   “Because… we’re not in a relationship… we’re just… together?”  Say no.

   “Yes, exactly.”  Say no.

   “Okay, then!” Risa quickly said, pitching up her voice higher to seem lively.  “I’m gonna go back to work now.  I’ll talk to you later!”

   “Un.  Later.”

   With that, Ai hung up and lowered her phone.  But before she could put it away, she stared at the name on the screen for a little while longer.

   “Did something happen?”

   Ai looked up to find her turtle friend and her stepsister, staring at her curiously.  They both had coffee in their hands, which Sayumi had just brought back from a café. 

   “No, it’s nothing,” Ai answered, smiling.  “Sayu, you can come home tonight.”

   The bunny blinked in confusion.  “Wait, what?  Seriously?”

   “What’s going on?” Eri asked.

   “Gaki-san found another place to stay.  Bijou offered to house her.  Since she’s an employee and all.”

   “… Oh.”  An awkward silence ensured for a while, all three women feeling rather unsure as to how to react to this sudden situation.  Sayumi was the first to break the silence.

   “Well… I guess I’ll go upstairs and pack up, then.”

   As the bunny skittered towards the backroom and disappeared behind the curtains, Ai went back to staring blankly at her cell phone screen again, which was now blacked out.  It was exactly how she felt in her mind right now: everything black.  She sighed in frustration as her friend, standing behind her, gritted her teeth together.


yup. this is the start of the drama. :twisted:

 :byebye: :sleep:

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 18 - (1/15)]
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*should not be rooting for Tanagaki, but just can't help it*

I think the title sums up my feelings on the matter! XD

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 18 - (1/15)]
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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 18 - (1/15)]
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Yeahyeah, I made a mistake by judging Aika too fast and blahblah.... XD

Nooooooooo!!!!  :panic:
I knew this!  Why, oh why??!!
I just can't say anything else.... XD Lol.

Aika, if you save Takagaki I will adore you for the rest of my life!  :bow: Gain back your points from me girl! XD

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 18 - (1/15)]
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My Friend and I are totally ignoring about Junjun's boyfriend because JUNREI

Well... at least they had some skinship /-shot

But... but... but... ; A ; WHERE IS MY SAYUERI *shotdead*

*Bawls by the corner*
Like I’m the most calm... Like, it must definitely be because, Like when we enter, I’ll be hurrying. But Because Junjun is older, I can calm down? I don’t really know, Like I just absolutely want her there beside me. Whenever we go abroad, if Junjun is absolutely not beside me, I absolutely won’t go. Something like that. -- Tanaka Reina about Junjun.

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 18 - (1/15)]
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  :grr: what happened ?!  :scared: start of the drama ? and the super love triangle ?!  :depressed: but hmm .. im a loyal fan of takagaki but i think tanagaki is not bad wahaha !!! they have this strange chemistry haha!  :dizzy:

 and i agree !! juliet and cinderella were the most idiot !! wew !! but i also wish for some Kameshige goodness from you LoveLove-sama !!  :kneelbow: :kneelbow:  hehehe !!! please update update update soooooooooooon !!! ASAP !!! hehehe  :bath:

 P.S : KameShige  :on crazygran:

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 18 - (1/15)]
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@rndy: LOL right??? they're STRANGELY attractive together XD

@risa_ai: hehehe its what i do best!

@MsSmigge: LOL Aika's a bit awol right now though...  :P

@arisa: lol it comes and goes honey :P

@maikea: right? right? it's strange, but it's there! :lol:

Thanks for the comments and thanks guys!

Unfortunately, this isn't an updating post... BUT i want to leave you guys with something anyways. :D

[Trailer] Juliet and Cinderella - Chapter 19 ~MoMusu Fanfiction~
Song: "Itsukaraka... Zutto" by JUJU

Yup! I made ANOTHER one of these trailers (this fic is getting a LOT of it, i know) :lol:

There are SO many songs that inspired me for this fic and I just wanted to do some of them justice hehe :D

So that's a slight preview into Chapter 19, i hope you enjoy it! :twothumbs

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 19 TRAILER - (1/17)]
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Tanagaki!!~! XP

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 19 TRAILER - (1/17)]
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You know, I love this and at the same time I don't like this... (Hate is too strong word in here)

Your story is great, you're an amazing writer, but my inner TakaGaki fan just cries right now XD I just don't know why I always take it so heavily, when they are paired with other members.  :?

Anyways, keep up the good work. I try to behave *Kicks the takagaki fan* though this story might (Lol, I just can always wish, ne?? XD) be about something else than my favorite pairing.

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 19 TRAILER - (1/17)]
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@rndy: dammit its growing on me :lol:

@MsSmigge: lol no i totally get it.  it's what the trailer was meant to do, actually.  just tear up that inner takagaki lover you have... :twisted:

well what do you know. I actually just finished the chapter before the trailer even sunk in.  oh well.  :lol:
if you didn't check out the trailer yet, scroll up 3 posts!  :)


Chapter 19 – “Since some time, Paris has started to love Juliet”

   Niigaki Risa had experienced many different awkward moments in her life, but not quite like this.  Usually, said awkwardness would come from over-awareness of a certain person in a room with them or the realization of some unexpected outcome.  However, the reason for this particular awkward moment was because there was no one there.  Niigaki Risa was sitting in a white living room, all by herself.

   Her eyes shifted around, observing every corner of the suite, while she sat still on the white sofa.  Everything was too… clean.  Too perfect.  Too white.  She couldn’t find a single flaw about this place but frankly, that’s what made her feel so uncomfortable.  The living room to the dining room to the kitchen to the bedroom…  Everything was the same.  The silent atmosphere was much too different from one that she was accustomed to, and it made a sense of awkwardness rise within her. 

   “What am I supposed to do now…”

   She had no answer.  She had been unable to answer this question for the past hour and she wasn’t going to start now.  This white place just made her go blank and forget everything, forget the time and place.  Except for some lingering thoughts about the woman she was supposed to be in love with, Risa could not set her mind on anything solid.

   And even thoughts about Takahashi Ai were confusing.  Normally, her thoughts helped in calming the bean down but tonight, it was completely different.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that they spent the night together?  Yet, they had both confirmed that they weren’t in a committed relationship. Why did Risa even agree to that?  Why couldn’t she just scream out, “Damn it, I love you and I say we’re in a relationship!” like she wanted to?  Why didn’t Ai say otherwise?  Perhaps… she actually didn’t think that they were official.  Just because they kissed and dated and had sex… it wasn’t unusual in the present day for all of those things to mean nothing between two people.  They were just… together.

   Then, Risa rapidly shook her head to rid of the thoughts.  All these contemplations were only making her head hurt even more.  She needed to direct her attention to something else.

   “… I didn’t eat dinner yet.”

   Making a spur of the moment decision along with the sudden realization, Risa got up from the sofa, grabbed her jacket, and headed for the door.  She would do some grocery shopping and make herself some dinner.  It seemed like she was going to be here for a while so it wouldn’t hurt to stock up in the empty fridge.  Hopefully, the grocery shopping would also keep her busy and help her forget.  After all, it took going down about 20 to 30 flights in this building just to simply get to the ground floor.  Maybe she’ll take the stairs…

**  **  ** 

   Well that was ridiculously and pathetically unproductive.

   Niigaki Risa stood in her doorstep, plastic bags filled with food in hand, making a very unsatisfied face.  The shopping trip had gone much faster than she had imagined, even though she took the stairs down.  It had indeed helped to keep her mind off things but it only lasted so long.  In no time, Risa was back in the plainly white suite that she was staying at, making her mind go blank again. 

   Sighing in defeat, the bean shuffled into the kitchen and shoved all her groceries in the fridge.  She was much too lazy at this point to actually organize anything.     

   “What should I make…”

   As she started to ponder on the subject, her cell phone rang from her pocket.  Risa quickly shook off her coat and tossed it over the counter before she picked up.


   “Niigaki?  It’s me.”

   “… Shachou?!”  Risa found herself automatically straightening up properly as if her boss was in the room with her.  “Um… is there something wrong?”

   “Have you eaten dinner yet?”

   “Not yet…”

   “Then would you like to come up to the penthouse to eat with me?” Reina offered.  “I’m about to order some food…  It’s better to eat together than alone—”

   “YES!” Risa answered instantly.  “I-I mean… yes, that sounds great, Shachou.  Yes, yes, yes.  I’ll be up soon!”

   “Oh, um… okay, then.  See you soon.”

   Without the slightest moment of hesitation, Risa rushed to the door and shoved her feet into her shoes liked a crazed person.  The white silence in this place was actually starting to drive her nuts.  She definitely needed company, even if it meant eating together with her boss.  All she needed was to get out of this place, right now. 

**  **  ** 

   The tiny kitten shuffled around in her home, her hand squeezing her phone.  This kind of behavior was most unusual for her.  After all, she was normally quite well kept together and always in control.  But right now, for some reason, she couldn’t stop walking around in circles as her nerves got the better of her.  And the reason for that?  … Well, she was about to have a rather special guest.

   Reina checked herself in the hallway mirror again, making sure everything was perfect.  Her hair was now nicely arranged into a bun, piled on top of her head.  She was wearing a cute sweater with shorts and knee length socks and indoor slippers; something that said, casually-made-for-home but still presentable enough.  She didn’t want to overdress or anything but definitely didn’t want to be seen the way she was discovered today in the conference room either.  Which explained the removal of her glasses along with more cover-up for her dark circles.  They weren’t as visible as before anyway, so she could manage without the thick frames. 

   Then, a knock came from the door, making Reina jump.  She beat her chest a little, trying to force herself to calm down.  It really wasn’t like her to freak out like this over a little dinner.  Looking around one last time to make sure her home was perfectly clean—which it usually was, since she liked to keep it that way—the kitten headed towards the door and opened it to reveal an equally casually dressed Niigaki Risa standing in the hall.

   “Konbanwa, Tanaka Shachou,” the bean greeted, huffing out dry air.

   “Un.  Konbanwa,” Reina responded, eyeing her worker in an odd manner.  “Um… Are you okay?”

   “I’m fine, I’m fine,” Risa grinned.  “I just… I kind ran up the stairs…  It’s no problem!”

   “… Well, okay, then,” Reina chuckled.  “Please, come in.”


   The bean entered the home and helped herself into one of the indoor slippers prepared for her.  The penthouse was quite similar to the suite that she was in, only bigger.  Everything was white and nicely arranged along with a couple of paintings and fashion posters and such that adorned the plain walls.  Risa couldn’t imagine how Reina to bear to live alone in this place.

   “So, um,” the kitten started, “what kind of food do you like?  We can order anything you’d like so…”


   “Or we can go out,” Reina offered quickly.  “Anything you’d like.”

   Risa took another quickly look around, directing her attention more towards the kitchen now.  It was spotless, just like the rest of the house, but somehow, it was more than that.  It was… empty.  There were no signs of any sort of kitchenware or sink tools or anything.  There was absolutely no life in there.

   “You… don’t cook very much, do you, Shachou?” Risa asked.

   “… I suppose I don’t,” Reina answered after giving it some thought.  "Nobody in my family really cooked so… I guess I never really learned how to either.  I usually don’t have time to anyway; it’s much easier to just go out.”

   “That’s such a shame,” the bean said.  “Don’t you miss eating at home?”

   “There’s nothing to miss,” the kitten chuckled.  “I rarely eat at home in the first place.”


   Reina stopped smiling as she observed the older woman’s reaction.  Contrary to her own attitude towards the matter, Risa seemed to actually be genuinely upset about this.  Her face was filled with a sense of regret, as if she was feeling sorry for the kitten.  Her sad face made something within Reina break a little; making Risa feel sad was the last thing she had wanted to do.

   Suddenly, the bean clapped her hands together and grinned, exclaiming, “I have an idea!  I’ll be right back!”  Before Reina could even ask her what she was thinking, the woman flew out of the penthouse.  After the kitten stood in utter confusion for about five minutes, Risa was back, this time with plastic bags in her hands.  She entered the kitchen and dropped them on the floor and started to pull her sleeves up.

   “I’ll be using your kitchen, Shachou!” she announced, starting to wash her hands. 

   “… Ee?”  Reina raised an eyebrow as she quickly followed into the kitchen as well.  “What are you doing?”

   “I’m going to cook dinner for you!” Risa grinned, crouching down on the floor to rummage through the groceries.  “Let’s see what we have here…”

   “W-wait a minute,” Reina said quickly.  “I don’t want to inconvenience you with all this.  We can just go out—”

   “You’re not inconveniencing me,” the bean assured.  She looked up at her boss with big round eyes, filled with energy.  “I want to make dinner for you.  A home-cooked meal.”

   “… F-for… me?”

   “Yup!” Risa chirped.  She took all the vegetables that she bought and dumped them in the sink, letting the cold water run on them.  “I may not be the best cook out there but I’m pretty capable in the kitchen.”

   “A home-cooked meal… for me,” Reina repeated quietly, staring at the woman washing the vegetables.

   “Yes, for you, Shachou,” Risa laughed.  “Everybody needs that kind of food once in a while.  Since nobody’s really cooked for you before, I’ll do it.  So you just sit down and wait, okay?”

   Reina blinked a couple times, still unsure as to exactly what had just happened.  Instead of bothering to further question, she obediently shuffled over to the dining room and sat down at the table.  Nobody had offered to ever cook for her before.  In fact, this was probably the first time her kitchen was ever being used.  The sound of the sink water running and the stove lighting up was strangely unfamiliar.  Reina turned her head towards the kitchen, her eyes immediately landing on the short-haired woman who was now starting to chop vegetables on the counter.  She had always thought the woman was beautiful but at this moment, she seemed even more dazzling than ever. 

   “You don’t need to watch me cook, Shachou,” Risa said after a while, a smile forming at the corner of her lips.  “You can do other work to keep yourself busy.”

   “I’m watching because I want to,” Reina replied, placing her chin on her hand.  “I’ve never seen anybody cook before.  I suppose it’s… interesting to me.”

   Risa looked up from the counter, catching the younger woman staring at her with a small smile.  Risa smiled a little too, then looked away.  That woman… she was so lonely.  She had no family, no friends, nothing.  Hell, her entire house was white, the only decorations being pencil sketches of dresses and faceless models.  How someone like her could remain strong enough to uphold an entire company, much less continue to live on by herself, was a mystery to someone like Risa who had led a generally average life.  At this thought, the bean’s hand squeezed the knife tightly, as if she had come to some sort of resolution. 

   “Tanaka Shachou,” Risa started energetically, “did I ever tell you the story of how I moved out of my parents’ home?”

   Reina blinked, slight taken aback by the random question.  “No, I don’t believe you have.”

   “It was after I graduated high school,” the bean said, returning to chopping her vegetables.  “My parents told me that when they were little, they had to provide for themselves right after high school.  So they were going to do the same to me.  And then they actually kicked me out, no money, no support.  Can you believe it?  I had to get a job and pay off my own tuition for college.  It was rough.”

   “It sounds rough,” Reina replied, still bewildered at how the woman had started to prattle on, nonstop. 

   “Especially since I didn’t really know how to do anything,” Risa laughed.  “I only got into fashion during college years and then I realized, I wanted my life to be about that.  I guess I have my parents to thank for that.  It was because I couldn’t pay off one semester’s dorm costs that I started to sleep in the fashion workshop at night.  I had to sneak in but… it worked out in the end.  And now I have a roommate.  I’ve never told you about her either, have I?”

   This time, Reina just chuckled a little as she answered, “No, but I have a feeling you’re going to tell me right now.”

   “Oh, Aika is a great person, really,” Risa exclaimed, grinning at her boss.  “I used to be her babysitter a long time ago but now, I feel like our roles have switched a little.  She’s only a freshman in college but she’s way more mature than I’ll ever be.”

   “That’s hard to imagine,” the kitten mused.  “You’re pretty mature, too.”

   “Maybe,” Risa laughed, “but not like Aika.  She’s really focused and caring and smart…  She’s a really great friend.  I think you would like her too, Shachou.  I have a feeling I’ll get to introduce her to you one day.  She’s always with me anyway.  But she has a serious thing for dogs and…”

   As the bean driveled on continuously about her family, her friends, stupid childhood stories, so on and so forth, Reina could help but simply watch the woman and be mesmerized by her.  She was talking and cooking, all at the same time, yet she never lost her smile.  Most people couldn’t do that in front of President Tanaka, the strict and cold businesswoman.  Even Junjun, who was one of the rare people, if not the one and only, who was comfortable around the kitten could not smile and talk like that, with her guard completely down.  Reina herself had never felt the need to be so bright like that either.


   “Hai?”  Risa answered immediately, her hand still moving crazily around the busy kitchen.

   “… Why do you always smile?”

   The movements stopped as Risa slowly looked up at her boss.  Reina was still staring at her but this time, with intense curiosity.  “Pardon?”

   “I asked, why do you always smile like that?” Reina repeated.  “I mean… I can’t find something particular to be smiling about right now.  Am I missing something?  Is there something amusing?”

   Silence ensued.  Reina didn’t take her eyes off the older woman for one second.  Risa also stared back blankly.  But then, she cracked a small smile, that same smile again.  “I guess…” she started, “there are a lot of different meanings to it…”

   She then took the time to lower the fire of the stove and shut the pot filled with whatever she was cooking.  She washed her hands and wiped it with a paper towel and opened her mouth again. 

   “There are so many things weighing us down in this world.  Sadness, anger, regret, stress…  And who is truly to blame for all of that?  There no one making us feel that way.  No one but yourself, Shachou.”  She paused a little, observing her boss’s reaction.  Seeing that Reina’s face remained unchanged, Risa continued.  “I think there’s definitely a part of everybody that fights with themselves.  So first, it’s about not losing to that ‘self’.  If you smile through all the hard times… you win, right?” 

   “… Is that so.” 

   Reina looked down now, falling into deep thought.  Was Niigaki Risa talking about her right now?  Is she trying to say that Reina is only bringing herself down, every time she gives into regret?  Regret over her mother, her dream…

   “But I guess none of that matters either, right?”

   Reina looked up again at Risa who was smiling at her again.  “Excuse me?”

   “I mean, in the end, none of that bad stuff is going to matter either,” the bean repeated.  “Because when we look back later, we’re going to realize there were much more important things that actually mattered over the bad things that we focused on.  Life is just too short, Tanaka Shachou.”  Risa leaned forward against the counter, taking a more casual position.  “So if you ask me why I smile… I guess I do it because I might as well.  As I keep in mind that, when the end comes, it comes fast.  As I keep in mind that I want to… spend the time that I have left preciously.”

   As the short-haired woman continued to grin, Reina could not avert her eyes from those lips, that brightness.  She just seemed so… happy.  Almost stupidly happy, but any kind of happy was better than not being happy.  It was most certainly better than whatever Reina usually was.  Niigaki Risa just shined by herself because she had that mindset.  That smile was just an additional asset that she didn’t need, but had.

   “Aren’t you a happy person,” the kitten said quietly.

   “I try,” Risa shrugged, laughing.  Then, she went back to her cooking—opening the pot cover and stirring the mixture with a wooden spoon.  Reina was still watching her but her hand on the table balled up into a gentle fist.

   She wanted her.  That smile, that brightness, that light… she wanted all of it.  It wasn’t jealousy or anything petty like that.  It was desire.  She would’ve never thought this just ten minutes ago, but now she knew for sure.  She could accept it and she wasn’t ashamed.  The proof of it was obvious: her chest felt like it was going to burst through whenever that woman smiled at her.  She could feel her fingers twitching, her eyes traveling whenever that woman got close to her.  She wanted her everything—her laughter, her warmth, her affection…  She wanted it all.  She wanted Niigaki Risa.  She loved Niigaki Risa.

   “And… it’s done!”

   Reina blinked as if she broke out of a trance and put her attention on the woman in the kitchen.  Risa was starting to deliver dishes of food to the dining room table from the kitchen.  There were eggs to fishcakes to vegetables to meat…  And finally, she brought out the bowls of rice with fish sauce on top of it.  Reina could not close her mouth as her eyes examined the table.  She had never seen it covered with so many different kinds of food before.  Did normal families usually eat like this every day?

   “Niigaki style, home-cooked meal!” the bean announced, sitting down across from her boss.  “It’s not much, but I hope you like it.  Please try it, Shachou!”

   “Un…” Reina nodded, picking up her chopsticks.  “Itadakimasu…”

   Slowly, the kitten reached towards the tamagoyaki and took a piece cautiously.  She felt like she was exploring unfamiliar territory.  As she started to chew, she ate some rice along with it as well.  Risa watched intently as she bit down on her lips.

   “How is it?” she asked meekly.

   Reina covered her mouth suddenly, her hands closing tightly around her chopsticks.  Risa made an alarmed expression but the kitten quickly shook her head, indicating to her that it wasn’t what she was thinking.

   “It…” she mumbled, “it’s really good…  Like, really, really, good.”

   Risa’s worries swiftly turned into joy as she grinned.  Looking closely, she could’ve sworn she even saw the president blush a little.  “Is it really?  You like it?”

   “I’ve never really had food like this before,” Reina mumbled.  “It’s great, Niigaki.  Really.”

   Then, as if to prove her claim, the kitten’s chopsticks quickly swiped a little of everything on the table into her rice bowl.  Her pace picked up as she started to eat heartily, enjoying this new type of food.  Risa, feeling proud of herself for what she had done, picked up her own chopsticks and started to eat as well.  In between bites, Reina occasionally glanced up at the bean, who would sometimes be looking at her with a satisfied smile.

   There was no denying it.  She was in love with her.  Tanaka Reina loved Niigaki Risa.  It was something that Reina never would’ve thought would happen to her, nor would acknowledge, but it was true.  And now, there was no going back.  She could only act on this and continue forward.  As she stole another look at the girl across from her, she thought to herself. 

   Well, then… what do I do now…?


GOD okay i don't know what but writing out this chapter just gave me goosebumps XD

 :byebye: :sleep:

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - TRAILER + Chapter 19 - (1/18)]
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 that was a fast and interesting chapter LoveLove-Sama !!! oh my .. tanagaki was just so ..  :ptam-aww: :wub: kyaaaaaaah !!! they're so cute together !! but how about Aichan :( haaaaaaay ..

and SayuEri !!!!!!!! yay hehehe !!! hope you update again this weekend :)  :on gay:

P.S. : KameShige  :on crazygran:

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - TRAILER + Chapter 19 - (1/18)]
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All these TanaGaki. I keep laughing whenever I see them together (Romantically or not). LOL. I just don't know, why, I laugh. LOL. Anyway ;A; Risa's probably being a bit confused now, and I also thought that AiGaki 'were' together. LOL In any case ;AAA;

*creys by the corner*
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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - TRAILER + Chapter 19 - (1/18)]
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it's what the trailer was meant to do, actually.  just tear up that inner takagaki lover you have... :twisted:

 :OMG: :frustrated: :pleeease: :scared: :shock: :stoned: :tantrum: OMG, I could never!!!!!! *Protects her inner takagaki fan from SarangAi's evil thoughts*

Reina must have had hard times in past I guess. Poor kitten. :O2 And damn, she's in love with Risa, though who could not? XD She's just so lovely~

I go cry to the corner as well BUT,

I won’t let you go.  Never.

You better remember that one too XD My hope lays in that sentence.

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - TRAILER + Chapter 19 - (1/18)]
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And here I begin to fret. A part of me really wants Reina to win Risa over, so long as she doesn't turn into the villain to do so, and if only so Ai will fight harder for the bean. Doushiyo~!

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 :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: Tanagaki.... WHY. WHY WHY.

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - TRAILER + Chapter 19 - (1/18)]
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Wow! TanaGaki!  :mon inluv:
What about Ai-chan!?  :mon scare:
I want to know what happen next!  :mon ref:
Please update soon!  :mon pray2:

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - TRAILER + Chapter 19 - (1/18)]
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after reading ch.18, i feel like straggling certain bean... 8)2

after reading ch.19, i am intending to now... stupid bean, what about aichan? :catglare:

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - TRAILER + Chapter 19 - (1/18)]
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@maikea: ahh i missed the weekend but i was close enough XD

@arisa: lol i know it seems like they're officially together but they never confirmed it which is dumb i've been careful trying to keep them from talking about it  :lol:

@MsSmigge: LOL well i'm prone to breaking my promises...  :twisted:

@rndy: that, my friend, is self-confliction.  :P

@risa_ai: ahahahaha it's a story, don't be mad :P

@correne: welcome~~~! :welcome :cow: lol good to see you commenting! i hope you enjoy reading the rest of it too!  :D

@yellow: lol yeah i'm making them all be idiots :lol:

@nora_nora: dudeee it's been a WHILE.  :lol:  stick around, gosh.  XD

Thank you for all the comments and the thanks~~  :wub: :twothumbs

I'm working so hard to make this story move forward lol sorry if it seems rushed :nervous

But it's ALSO because i'll be leaving home again soon, and then i'll get busy again.  So i'm trying to write a lot while i can! :yossi:


Chapter 20 – “Juliet was truly frightened of Cinderella”

   “I don’t know, Aika, I just felt really bad for her at that moment, you know?  I mean, she’s never had a home-cooked meal before.  What kind of person living in Japan has never had a home-cooked meal before?  I just think that she’s probably lonely all the time… Can you imagine living alone in this big giant building by yourself?  I don’t even know how she does it.  Honestly.”

   “And you think that you cooking for her and eating dinner with her will somehow make her less lonely or something?  Gaki-san, you’re a lot of things but you’re not a house keeper.”

   Risa groaned in frustration as she let her body fall backwards onto the sofa.  She turned her body so that she was lying on top of it with her foot dangling off one end.  She had been on the phone for the past hour or so, explaining to Aika how she had spent her past couple of days.  When the topic of her cooking dinner for her boss came up, Aika had been less than eager to rejoice in her behavior. 

   “I’m telling you, it’s not like that,” the older woman emphasized.  “Look, I think she just needs company.  Everyone does.  And I’m being that for her.  Do you have any idea how lonely her job is?  She works so hard, too.  She left for a business trip today, Aika.  On a Sunday.  On a disgusting, rainy, Sunday.  How terrible is that?”

   “Okay, so her life isn’t the most wonderfully happy fairy tale ever,” Aika said over the phone.  “My sympathies.  But it doesn’t mean you have to volunteer for this job to be her… her friend, or dinner-buddy, or whatever you are.”

   “Well, why not volunteer?” Risa argued back.  “What’s so bad about making another friend?  Tanaka Shachou is, contrary to popular belief, actually a normal person.  And a very nice one.  She has another side to her.”

   “Gaki-san, I’m not doubting your boss’s character,” Aika explained.  “I understand that she is a very nice person from what you’ve been telling me.  But that’s not the point!”

   “Then what is?”

   “You’re supposed to be with Takahashi-san!” the younger girl said, sounding slightly annoyed.  “You chose her over Tanaka Shachou so now, you have to stick by that choice.”

   “… I’m not seeing the connection,” Risa said slowly.  “What does Ai-chan have to do with me making a new friend?”

   “… Please tell me you’re not blind.”  When no answer came, Aika groaned again.  “Okay, you’re blind.  So I’m going to make this clear and precise for you: Tanaka Shachou is so very obviously still interested in you, Gaki-san.  And you eating dinner with her every night might give her the wrong idea.  Especially if she doesn’t know that you’re going out with Takahashi-san yet.”

   “… Well…” Risa mumbled, “I told her I’m not.”

   “… You what.”

   “She asked, and I told her I’m not.  I’m not going out with Ai-chan.”

   “… And why would you say that?”

   Risa sighed, squeezing her eyes shut before answering.  “Because… because we’re not, okay?  Ai-chan and I aren’t in a relationship.  We’re not committed.  We’re just… together.  Just together.”

   “… Something happened.”

   Risa exhaled deeply again.  Aika wasn’t asking.  She was saying.  She already knew.  The girl was always a sharp one, especially when it came to her.  Even when she was just a little kid, she could read Risa like a book.  It was a useful asset, but also a bit frightening at times.  It always put the bean in a situation where she would have to tell the girl everything.  Even when she left out a little detail that she wanted to keep for herself, Aika would realize that there was more she hadn’t heard.  So was Risa’s fate.  And so was what she had to do now.  She repeated every little word spoken in the phone conversation between her and Ai when they had discussed their relationship, practically venting out all her inner feelings while she was at it.

   “I mean, what was I supposed to do, right?” Risa moaned.  “We had never confirmed it or talked about what we really were!  But she didn’t disagree with me either!  She just said we were together.  How was I supposed to react to that?  Insist that we were a couple?  I couldn’t do that, Aika!”

   “Can I just say that this is really dumb?  Of both of you?”

   Risa remained speechless for a while, completely caught off-guard by Aika’s quick and harsh interjection.  “Um.  Okay.”

   “Look,” the younger girl sighed, her tone low with forced calmness, “you made a mistake in telling Tanaka Shachou that you and Ai-chan aren’t in a relationship.  But then you made a second mistake in telling Takahashi-san what you told Tanaka Shachou.  You should’ve just told her what you wanted.  But that’s not even my point.”

   “What’s your—”

   “My point is,” Aika cut in, not waiting for her friend to finish, “if Takahashi-san isn’t willing to commit to you and just you, than she doesn’t deserve you.  She should be willing to have this bond with you if she truly feels strongly for you as we all thought she did but I don’t really see her fighting for you right now.”

   Risa sighed again.  She ran her fingers through her loose hair, hoping to help with the headache that she was starting to get.  “But Aika… I love her.”
“I know you love her, Gaki-san, but… you deserve more.”

   “No, you don’t understand,” Risa said, shaking her head.  “You’re talking as if I have a choice.  I love her, okay?  I love her.  She loves me too but I love her back.  I need her as much as she needs me… no, more than she needs me.  Don’t you see, Aika?  I’m not in a position where I can afford to choose.”

   “… Can I just say that I think you’re an idiot?” 

   Risa kicked her heel against the sofa with a grunt of aggravation.  She could practically see her young friend rolling her eyes at her.  “I know, I know…”

   “Okay, fine, whatever, you do what you want, Gaki-san, I have to get to class anyway,” Aika sighed in defeat.  “But… I still think that you should keep some distance from Tanaka Shachou.  Don’t let it get to anything more than a relationship between that of an employer and an employee, understand?”

   “Hai, hai,” Risa answered half-heartedly.  “Don’t be late to class.  Take an umbrella, it’s raining pretty hard.”

   “I will.  Ja ne, Gaki-san.”

   “Un.  Mata ne.”

   Risa hit the end button on her phone and let her hand drop by her side, her muscles happy to be finally relaxing.  Grumbling for no particular reason, Risa twisted her body to the side to change her position on the comfy sofa.  But just as she did so, her phone vibrated again.  Risa checked the incoming call, raised her eyebrows, then quickly picked up.

   “Moshi-moshi?  Ai-chan?”

   “Gaki-san, what floor do you live on in Bijou?”

   The bean blinked, taken aback by the unexpected question.  “What?  Why?”

   “Just tell me what floor!”

   “Um… 28th?”

   “So this is the right place!”

   The signal clicked off without another minute’s warning.  Risa remained frozen before starting to stare at her phone, utterly confused.  “What the—”

   Before she could finish her thought, a series of quick knocks came from the front door.  Risa shot up and rolled off the couch.  She bolted to the door and opened it without a moment’s hesitation.  Could it be…?

   The first thing Risa saw was flowers.  A bouquet of it, to be precise: pink roses.  As she gasped in complete utter amazement, the flower bouquet sank a little lower to reveal the face of her dear one behind it, smiling.  There were droplets of rain still running down her skin but that didn’t hinder her natural beauty at all.

   “I hope this isn’t a bad time,” she said, shrugging innocently.

   “Even if it was, I wouldn’t say so,” the bean laughed.

   “Great, then,” Ai grinned.  She held out the bouquet in her hand along with a flat rectangular box that she had been holding behind her back with a plastic bag.

   “What is all this?” Risa breathed, receiving the gifts slowly.

   “Flowers for the beautiful lady, chocolates for the lonely girl, and rented movies for two hopeless women who have nothing else to do on a rainy, Sunday afternoon.”  She leaned in and kissed the younger woman’s cheek.  “Not that we would rather do anything else in the first place.”  She winked with a smile, automatically making the bean smile back.

   “Of course not,” she agreed, kissing her visitor on the lips.  “Thank you, Ai-chan.  This is very sweet of you.”

   She motioned for the woman to come in as she went into the kitchen.  Her past worries had melted away as soon as she saw Ai’s face.  And how could it not?  Just the image of her smiling was enough to make Risa lose her mind sometimes.  It almost made her think that it was okay to leave things the way they are, despite Aika’s protests.  She had Ai and Ai had her.  What more did they need to confirm?  I mean, the woman brought her flowers with chocolate and movies on a rainy day.  This was enough, right? 

   After some adventurous explorations through the kitchen that she had yet to become familiar with, Risa managed to find a large bowl in the cupboard which she put in the sink, filled with water, and carefully placed the stem of the bouquet in. 

   “It’ll have to do since there’s no vase here,” she sighed.  “By the way, shouldn’t you be at work?”

   “Eri gave me the day off,” Ai said from the living room while turning the television on.  “Said something about it being too beautiful a day to not stay indoors at home or whatever.”

   Risa raised an eyebrow.  “Interesting logic.”

   “She has her moments,” the older woman chuckled.  “But she also said I should take advantage of this oh-so-beautiful day to stay in with you.  Which, in my book, is absolutely wonderful logic.”

   “Couldn’t agree more,” Risa smiled. 

   “So,” Ai said, holding up a couple DVDs, “should we go comedy or horror or sad or sappy?”

   “Sappy?” Risa questioned.

   “I don’t know, the girl at the movie rental place strongly suggested it,” the older woman explained, shrugging.  “But it seemed like she was quite the… melodramatic type.”

   “We’ll take her up on the suggestion,” Risa grinned.  “Let’s go sappy.”  Hopefully, the movie was boring enough that she could focus on something else other than the actual film. 

   “Sappy it is,” Ai laughed, cracking the case open.  As she got the DVD into the machine and somehow figured out how to change the channel so it would appear on the screen, Risa dimmed the lights and made herself comfortable in her couch and opened the box of chocolates.  After a short while, Ai was snuggled up by her side, helping herself to a piece of the milky candy she had brought. 

   The movie did not disappoint them: it was as sappy as they came.  It was one of those old, black-and-white, American films that had many romantic and gushy moments that were, simply put, not possible in the real world.  Just by watching it, Risa could imagine exactly how much of the “melodramatic” type the movie rental girl who suggested this was. 

   Even so, the bean would normally try to appreciate this sort of film but today, with total lack of concentration, she did not feel even an inkling of obligation to give the movie her attention.  She was too preoccupied with the arm that was around her, holding her shoulder gently but firmly.  In fact, she was pretty hyperaware of the rest of where the arm came from, it being the woman that she was cuddled up next to. 

   Ai didn’t seem as distracted as her companion, her eyes glued to the television.  Occasionally, she would notice the bean looking at her and smile and start playing with her hair before they settled down on her shoulder again.  But there was no doubt that her first priority seemed to be paying attention to the film.  Well, not if Risa could help it.

   “Nee, Ai-chan.”


   “What are you gonna do after the movie?”

   “I don’t know.”  Ai thought for a while before answering, “I might go back to Tresor.”

   “I thought Kamei-san gave you a day off?”

   “She did, but I feel bad about it,” Ai said guiltily.  “I’m supposed to be there, working with her right now.  Rain makes business a little slower but… still.”

   “I see…”

   Risa mumbled to herself as she let her head fall on Ai’s shoulder.  After about a minute of silence, the older woman grabbed the remote and paused the movie.  Risa looked up at her with a questioning expression.


   “I don’t think you’re really enjoying the movie,” Ai said.  “Do you want to watch a different one?”

   “No, no, it’s fine,” the bean replied.  “You like it.  We can finish it.”

   Ai wrinkled her eyebrows.  “What makes you think I like it?”

   This time, it was Risa’s turn to scrunch up her eyebrows.  “You… don’t?”

   “Well, I don’t hate it but I don’t like it either,” Ai said.  “I thought you liked it.”

   “What made you think I liked it?”

   “You picked it, Gaki-san…”

   Risa blinked a couple times.  “… Oh.  I did, didn’t I?”

   Ai laughed at the girl’s expression.  “Gaki-san, if you didn’t want to watch it, why did you pick it?”

   “I only picked it because I thought it would be boring enough that we’d be able to do other stuff during it,” Risa admitted, a hint of frustration in her voice.

   “Other things?”  Ai laughed again, raising an eyebrow.  “Really, Gaki-san?  Really?”

   “Not that kind of stuff!” Risa retorted, hitting the older woman gently on her head.  “I mean like… just talking.  I just thought that we could talk.”

   “Talking’s good, We can talk.” Ai turned her body towards the bean, indicating that she had her full attention.  “What do you want to talk about?”

   “I don’t know…  Anything,” Risa sighed.  “I feel like we haven’t had much chance to talk to each other this week.  We’ve both been busy and I’ve been getting used to this and all…”

   “True,” Ai agreed.  “It would’ve been nice if you just stayed at my place.  We could’ve seen each other more, then…  I could never say that in front of Sayu, though.  She is fully appreciating our home these days.”

   Risa laughed a little.  “I’m sorry I couldn’t stay.  Were you upset?”

   Ai’s face hardened a little at this, almost as if she was angry.  But she shrugged nonchalantly instead.  “Not really.  I guess, a little.  But you had no choice; it’s never a good idea to disagree with your employer’s idea.”

   Risa smiled half-heartedly, fairly disappointed that her leaving hadn’t affected Ai as much as she had wanted it to.  “I guess you’re right.  It was all of the better, I think.  I think it’s safe to say that I’m on Tanaka Shachou’s good side.  I really hope this means I can get a permanent position here.”

   “I hope you get it, too,” Ai nodded.  “You definitely deserve it.”

   Risa nodded as well in response, expressing her thanks.  This conversation wasn’t exactly going towards where she wanted it to.  But a part of her couldn’t deny the fact that she was relieved that it was like this.  She wasn’t sure if she wanted to touch upon the subject of their relationship right now.  Yes, Aika had insisted she must talk this out with Ai but it was easier said than done.  What if things go wrong because of this?  That was something Risa would not be able to bear.  She treasured Ai more than anything else in the world now, and that was what made her so frightening.  To her, Ai was the loveliest, yet the scariest person in her life.



   Her eyes rose up until it made contact with Ai’s gaze.  “I really like you… you know.”

   “I like you, too,” Ai replied casually. 

   Then, Risa reached forward and grabbed the collar of Ai’s shirt and pulled her in, kissing her lips softly but firmly.  Ai seemed a little surprised by the sudden action but didn’t back away.  Slowly, Risa leaned back until her back hit the sofa cushions, making it so that Ai was on top of her.  She broke away to breathe in a little air without breaking her eye contact for even a second.  They were the same dark brown eyes that she had met, seen, and known for months now, but the spark was always there when she gazed into them.  It was what got her heart racing, every time, without fail.  It was the reason why Risa could not escape.

   “I love you,” she confessed.

   “I love you, too,” Ai whispered without missing a beat.

   And that’s enough for now.

   Keeping her thoughts silent, Risa kissed her love again, slowly and sincerely, being careful with every move.  Ai graciously followed her pace, allowing her to lead.  Neither of them knew how it happened but they eventually ended up off the couch and standing somehow.  With their arms still wrapped around each other, their lips locked together, their feet automatically led them away into the bedroom where they would experience a replay of their passion from a past night.

**  **  ** 

   “Here’s the coffee you asked for, Tanaka Shachou.”

   “Ah.  Arigatou gozaimasu.”

   Reina smiled politely at the stewardess who placed a steaming cup of coffee down on her little pull-out table.  She shuffled the papers that she was going through into a folder and shoved it into the seat pocket in front of her for the time being, deciding that now was a good time to take a small break.  Even while traveling in an airplane, President Tanaka’s work never stopped.  Or rather, she didn’t let it stop.  It wasn’t too bad though; at least she had plenty of space and all the comfort she needed in the first class.  Plus, she was a VIP.  She was treated like royalty on most planes. 

   After a small sip of the coffee, Reina looked up to find that her secretary had approached her.  She wasn’t dressed as formally as she usually was today, what with it being a traveling day, but she was still presentable enough in a classy business-like dress with low heels and her hair pulled back in a neat ponytail.  She bowed her head a little in greeting and handed her boss a yellow file.

   “I got you what you asked for,” she said.  “It took a while but I got it.”

   “I knew you would be able to do it,” Reina smiled.  She opened the flap and pulled out the contents, flipping through them swiftly but thoroughly.  “Everything else I asked for is settled as well, I presume?”

   “The investigation is going to take a little longer, but the bank is confident that it will draw to a close, eventually,” Junjun answered.  “And of course, they were willing to cut a deal with us.  So yes, everything is set.”

   “Excellent.  Thank you, Junjun.”

   The panda stood for a little, hesitating without going back to her seat.  “Ano… Shachou?”


   “Are you sure about this?” she asked carefully.

   “Of course I’m sure,” the president replied immediately.  “I’m always sure.”

   “I know, but… may I ask why?”

   “Do you have a particular reason as to why I can’t?”

   “No, that’s not it.”  Junjun sighed, taking a pause before she continued.  “It’s a kind gesture, no doubt, but the gesture itself, Shachou, to me, seems a bit too… big.”

   “It’s a very small gesture compared to what she’s done for me,” the kitten said, putting the papers back into the yellow folder. 

   “And exactly what is that?”

   Reina smiled.  “She’s given me a new taste in life.  Quite literally.”

   Junjun frowned.  “I’m… not following.”

   “Don’t worry about it.”  Reina chuckled to herself as she picked up her coffee and took another sip.  “Thank you for your concern, Junjun, but I’m absolutely sure of what I’m doing.  It’s something I truly want to do for her right now.”  Anything for her.


 :byebye: :sleep:

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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 20 - (1/21)]
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So right now, Risa wants Ai to get her home but Ai thinks Risa is really happy and everything is just WSKNPFCOIANS:NMV SAPPY. Whatever it is LOL XDDDD


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Re: Juliet and Cinderella ~ [UPDATE - Chapter 20 - (1/21)]
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Something tells me that Reina will be feeling quite a bit less generous when she finds out what her employee has been doing all day.

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