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Author Topic: ~One sided love~ AiGaki CH.15  (Read 32696 times)

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Re: ~One sided love~ AiGaki CH.10 SORRY!!
« Reply #120 on: December 13, 2012, 06:01:11 AM »
Oh, that's bad.
Don't worry... will patiently wait  :)2


Sh*t! New page GetZ  ;D

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Re: ~One sided love~ AiGaki CH.11
« Reply #121 on: December 23, 2012, 10:29:45 PM »
                                                                                  One sided love

After a few weeks..

(After rehersal)

Everyone was already changing to leave

Risa looked herself in the mirror,she started to take off her make up.After a few seconds her phone rings showing on the screen a new text message from Ren.

The ex morning musume leader sighed "he's a good guy but he's not her.." she thought sad


"Finally a day off just you and i!" Aichan says smiling as she throws herself on Risa's bed face down

Risa smiled and also climbed on bed and hugged the older girl's back "Aichan with this short hair you look really handsome!!!" the bean says with a smile as she plays with her short hair

Aichan turned and looked at the younger girl in the eyes "you think?" she asked with a grin on her face

Risa blushed

the older girl took advantage and climbed on top of the red bean "i take that as a yes..." she says as she leans and kisses the younger girl roughly

"Aichan .." Risa says between kisses

"i can be anything you need.." Aichan says blushing then gives her a peck

Risa looks at the older girl in the eyes "there's no doubt you're really handsome but you need to be anything else because i only want you" she says as gets on top and leans her head on the older girl's chest and rubs on it

"Risa.." Aichan says smiling

"Aichan i love you.."Risa says serious

"i love you too.." Aichan replies


Another text message brought Risa back to earth

"meet us in X place" from Eri

"what do you want?" Risa murmured


"who you're texting to?" Aichan asked

Eri smirked "my bunny.." she replied then drinks her juice

Aichan sighed "i'm tired i should go!" she says as she gets up

"what? no way Sayu wants to see you .." Eri replies

Aichan pouts "maybe you dorks can make me feel better" she says not so happy and sits again

"AICHAN!!" someone shouts happy and gets to their table

"why are you so happy to see her? i'm going to get jealous!!" Eri says pouting

"Sayu.." Aichan says with a weak smile

Sayumi ignores Eri and hugs Aichan

"this monkey is going to steal my bunny!" Eri thought then got up and separate the two girls and made Sayu sit next to her

Sayu smirks

"so this is funny to you, playing with me!!" Eri says not so happy

"so is funny to you making me do those kind of things in...(Eri covered the bunny's mouth)"

Aichan laughed cause the stupid couple

"you had fun!" Eris whispered on Sayu's ear which caused the bunny to blush then pouted while Eri has a pervert grin on her face

Aichan didn't understand a thing but i didn't matter

Soon sombody else appeared changing the mood into a serious one

"Gaki san!" Sayu and Eri smiled then got up to hug the bean

"hi!" The bean says

"Aichan what are you waiting to say hi?" Sayu asked

Aichan got up and looked at her ex best friend "hi Gaki san!"

Both girls had eye contact for a moment

The four girls sitted

Aichan was lost on her thought while the three girls were talking about their lives and morning musume

Fast an hour passed and it was time to say goodbye

"Eririn take me home!" Sayu says clinging on Eri's arm

Eri smirked "Aichan you should take Risa home!"

Risa looked at Aichan and this one reacted "what?"

Sayu also smiled " you two live close and you're the older so take her!" she says

Aichan scratched the back of her head "well i.."

Risa just loooked down

Sayumi pushed Risa to Ai " you two haven't talk besides i don't think your boyfriend come to pick you up!"

"he thinks i'm home!" Risa replied

Aichan looked at her

"you lied.. you just came to see your friends ARE YOU PLANNING TO DO SOMETHING BAD?" Eri asked with a grin

Risa got red "you're crazy!" she says then turns around and starts walking

Sayu and Eri pushed Ai behind her


Risa was two steps ahead while Ai just looked at her back not saying a word

"you don't have to take me home!" Risa spoke

"i would be worry.. so i rather take you home!" Aichan says

"worry? funny!" Risa says still walking

"funny? i always worry about you!" Aichan says

Risa laughed " don't make me laugh!"

Aichan stopped walking and frowned, Risa sense that and turned to look at the older girl

"that's not funny!" Aichan says serious

"but it's the truth" Risa says with a smile

Aichan pouted

TO BE CONTINUED!!! i'll post the second part lateer

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Re: ~One sided love~ AiGaki CH.11
« Reply #122 on: December 24, 2012, 02:07:02 AM »
cmze, you have make our eririn too easily getting jealous of others borrowing Sayu  XD

i see there is something going to happen in the second part... please update soon... i want to read.  :cathappy:

merry x'mas and happy new year to you... and i miss you  :heart:

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Re: ~One sided love~ AiGaki CH.12
« Reply #123 on: December 24, 2012, 09:29:36 PM »
                                                                                        One sided love

Aichan grabbed Risa by her arm and made her turn around to face her "what the hell got into you?" she asked mad sharing eye contact with the younger girl who also seemed mad.

Risa release her arm "is the truth you're just a selfish bitch who didn't care about me so STOP PRETENDING!!" she shouted the last part

Aichan was speechless then shook her head "why? why are you thinking those kinda things?" she asked while shakes the younger girl

Risa pushed Aichan who end up falling on the floor "stop messing with my head, you left me YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME!" she shouted

The older girl got up then putted her hand behind her hand and showed a smile " sorry!" she says

Risa looked other way then suddenly slapped the older girl "that's for all the tears.." she said

Aichan looked at the mad bean then her hand cupped the younger girl cheek

The bean was shocked "what are you doing?" she asked while still Ai has her hand on her cheek

"i just love your face,you look cute even when your mad!" The monkey says with her charming smile

Risa's tears came out

"my eyes only want to look at you so please don't cry!" Aichan says softly as she wipes her tears with her thumb

Risa bit her lips to try to stop crying "why? why you do this to me?" she asked sobbing

Aichan sighed " i was about to let you again and let you be happy but i'm a selfish bitch who needs you, you have no idea how much i missed you,your kisses, your touch everything" she replies

Risa looked down "i don't know what to do.." she murmured and thought about Ren then looked Aichan swollen cheek

The two shared eye contact for a moment

"come home with me!" Risa says blushing

Ai only smirked then both walked to Risa's home


both got out of the elevator and looked at Risa's door

"Eripon!" The two ex morning musume members said in unision

Erina smiled "Nigakii san!" she says excited

Ai smiled ackwardly "when she's going to give up?" the monkey wondered

The three girls entered to the dept

Risa went to get her guests something to drink

Erina was looking to Risa while Aichan now was feeling jealous

"so who are you Eripon?" Aichan asks

Risa went to her room to charge her phone

"You don't have to ask.. you know why i'm here YOU ALWAYS KNEW THAT I LOVE GAKI SAN!" Erina says serious

Aichan was shocked she knew about that but she never thought Erina would declare war to her

Risa got back and brought juices to the girls,she felt a little ackward "what's going on?" she asked not knowing anything

Aichan smiled "nothing i was telling Eripon that no matter how hard it gets i'm not letting go! " she replied

Erina pouted, she knew what Aichn was talking about "i'm not going to let go eatther!" she says with a smile

Risa smiled "good for you two! ohh the ice!" she says and gets up to go get some ice

Eripon and Ai looked eachother

Aichan sighed then Risa got back with the ice,she putted on Ai's cheek without noticing showing that tender side that Ai loves so much

(Both girls had eye contact for a second and that second seemed years were many sensations and feelings struck their hearts)

"Eh Nigakii san you promised me that we will go out this saturday.." Eripon says

Risa turned to look at the younger girl "eh?!"

"shopping!" Erina says with a smile

Risa scratched her head "yeah now i remember!" she says not so happy

Ai smiled then got up "it's late i should go!" she says

Risa reacted "wait what? is late and dangerous, i'll be worry" she says then regretted saying those words and looked down blushing

Aichan putted her hand on her shoulder "don't worry i'll be fine.." she says with a smile

Eripon could sense the vibe and she feels ignored but still she's determinated to not give up

Risa walked Ai to the door then looked at her before closing it "what am i doing? falling again for this monkey.." she thought while Eripon only looked at her

"what kind of relantionship do we have? i love Ren but i also love Ai.. i can't live happily without Ai! can i live without Ren?" The bean wondered worried

Eripon sighed, she knows she's not part of Risa's thoughts

Risa looked at Erina "i guess you want to stay over.." she says as an older sister

"yep!" Erina says with a smile

Risa sighed "my back is going to hurt the couch is not comfortable" she says pouting a little

"you can sleep with me!" Erina says smirking

Risa ignored it and went to get a her things to sleep on the sofa


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Re: ~One sided love~ AiGaki CH.12
« Reply #124 on: December 25, 2012, 04:17:33 AM »
XD people gaki-sann't want to sleep with eripon... how sad.


since you want to drama.
you should let eripon join in the fun and let the relationship get messier...
and i think you should let her sleep with eripon...
i want to know what eripon is intending to do with her when they are together on her bed... 

i really enjoy these drama... please continue :twisted:

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Re: ~One sided love~ AiGaki CH.12
« Reply #125 on: December 25, 2012, 06:52:41 AM »
 as much as i love this very dramatic update // ,,  :cow: wew ! what the hell is wrong with you gaki-san ?! you couldn't live without her of course ! and surely you could live without that ren whatever ! or do you want me to steal aichan from you?  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: hahaha ! why i am so hopeless !!! wew ! please update dont judge by the covers too ! thank you ! and merry xmas !

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Re: ~One sided love~ AiGaki CH.13
« Reply #126 on: January 09, 2013, 01:57:02 AM »
                                                      One sided love

"I gotta seriously start thinking..Aichan can't do this to me all the time,i mean i know she's cute and adorable but i need to stop those Aichan's butterflies on my stomach *sigh* time to wake up!" Risa thought as she tries to stretch

"What the hell? why i can't move?" Risa thought still with her eyes closed then opened them

"Eripon!" Risa says trying to break free from that mortal embrace

"Niigaki Risa oshi forever!" The younger girl says still sleeping and hugging tigher her ex leader

Risa sighed "I wish Aichan was as deterimate as you..." she whispered and let the younger girl hugs her for a bit longer

~FLASHBACK~ A few years ago..

"Gaki san wait!" Aichan shouts while runs after her outside the building they practice their dancing choreography

Risa kept walking ignoring the older's girl calls and even walked faster

"Wait!!" Aichan shouts

Risa made any bus stop and got in not caring it takes her,she looked through the window

Aichan stood there for a second then just walked the opposite way

"Stupid Monkey!!" Risa murmured

<At home>

Risa throwed herself on bed and looked her phone's screen,she sighed cause she had no new text messages or missing calls

"Stupid Monkey!" she murmured again before falling sleep

(The next day At practice )

Risa as always got there first,she felt bore so she looked to her phone's screen "no call or a message" she murmured sad

"Am i not important to you?" she wondered

Suddenly somebody else entered to the room

"Gaki san!" Aichan says with a smirk

"Hi" The younger girl replies not so happy and pretended to be texting with somebody

Aichan just looked at her "who's texting you so much?" she asked feeling kinda jealousy

Risa ignored the older girl and keep playing with the settings to make her phone vibrate

Aichan pouted then sighed "Is this revenge or something?" shs asked

Risa kept looking at her phone "don't know what are you talking about!" she replies coldly

Aichan got closer and putted her hand on Risa's phone screen to not let her see  "It's not my fault besides Sayu is like know it!" she replied kinda serious

"Why would you feel if Eri tries to kiss me during concerts?" Risa asked putting her phone on her pocket

Ai looked downn "i would totally kill her!" She replied now feeling what Risa was feeling

"and after that i didn't call you in all night to apologize and send you a f-ing text message or at least try to explain me!" Risa says irritated

"what? i followed you and you took a bus and left me then i thought you were really mad so that might be sometime on your own so i didn't call or send you a message to not screw it up more!" Aichan replied taking Risa by her shoulders

"Sometimes i think that i love you more than what you love me.." Risa whispered

"not true!" Aichan says looking at her in the eyes the hugs her

"Even though i know it,i can't let you go unless you hurt me real bad to learn" Risa thought then wrapped her arms aroun the older girl


"Niigaki san is day dreaming so cute!" Eripon says happy

Risa smiled a bit then got up "i don't know how you got to the couch?" she says as she walks to the bathroom

Eripon smirked then also got up and went to the kitchen to try to prepare something for the older girl

While she's frying some eggs something happened and produced fire

Risa got out of the bathroom and saw the fire, luckyly shd had an extinguished and could turn the fire off

"Niigaki san thank you!" Erina says and jumps on the older girl

Both fell on the floor

Risa rubbed her head then noticed how close Erina was to her face

Both looked eachother eyes

Risa was nervous while Eripon just smirked and took advantage of the situation and kissed the older girl


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Re: ~One sided love~ AiGaki CH.13
« Reply #127 on: January 09, 2013, 03:36:33 AM »
 child abuse huh gaki-san ?? hahaha  :lol: XD !!!

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Re: ~One sided love~ AiGaki CH.13
« Reply #128 on: January 10, 2013, 01:31:14 AM »
what the ......? (sorry for cursing)

ok, interesting  :thumbup
finally Eripon has joined in the fun of complication  :thumbsup

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Re: ~One sided love~ AiGaki CH.13
« Reply #129 on: January 10, 2013, 05:35:53 AM »
I love eripon and gakisan :P perfect way to make aichan jealous hehe  XD

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Re: ~One sided love~ AiGaki CH.14
« Reply #130 on: February 07, 2013, 02:14:13 AM »
                                                       One sided love

Risa pulled away from the kiss fast and got up "What the hell?" she asked confused,nervous and all the emotions you can have after a 16 years old kid kisses you

Eripon just smirked,suddenly the doorbell rang

Risa sighed and went openning the door "Aichan.." she murmures just looking at her friend

"Takahashi san!" Eripon says and hugs Risa from behind

"What are you doing? let me go!" Risa says trying to remove those hands off her

Aichan smiled and entered to the dept while Risa is still dealing with those sticky hands

"Eripon you better behave or we'll not go shopping!" Risa shouts

"you guys are going shopping?" Aichan says with a smile

Eripon pouted "you already knew that!" she says

"If you want you can come with us!" Risa says a little embarrassed

Aichan smiled and agreed

After a few minutes the three girls went shopping

Aichan was holding Risa's right hand while Eripon was holding the left hand while they walk

Risa's phone started to ring so she used her left hand to pick up (weird caused her phone was in her right jacket pocket!!)

"Right..exactly what i needed!" Risa thought as she sees " in coming call from Ren" on her phone screen

Aichan looked other away and Risa let go her hand and went ahead to talk in private with him

"what are you doing here?" Erina asked serious looking at Aichan

Aichan smiled "shopping.." she replied looking at Risa

Erina pouted "It's not fair, you had your chance and you blew it just leave her alone!"

"who are you to decide that?" Aichan got irritated

"i never going to leave her,she knows how deep is my love!" Erina says
Aichan smiled warmly "i admire you Eripon and as your senpai i don't want you to get hurt.. it's almost 12 years of knowing eachother, 12 years of friendship,12 years ahead of you!"

Risa got back to her friends "guys i'm sorry i have to go!" she says not so happy and interrupting the two fierce girls

"why?" Erina asked grabbing her arm

"job.." Risa replied then release her arm and walked away

Erina and Ai looked at each other

~After a few minutes at Risa's dept~

Risa sitted on her couch with a bottle of "drink", she started to drink by herself as she watches the tv

"This shouldn't be this way.." she murmured sad and drank more of the bottle

<Phone vibrating>

She looked at her phone screen:

"Have a good time on work!!" (^o^) from Eripon

Risa sighed "why? why this happening to me?" she asked then drank more

"Stupid Aichan you got me in trouble!" she says and smashed the bottle against the floor

Risa was already feeling dizzy but she she was able of dialing her phone number then hanged up

Aichan who was near to Risa's dept noticed so took advantage and went to her dept to check if everything was alright

~After a few minutes~

Aichan knocked the door which opened fast

"Gaki san!" Aichan says looking at her drunk friend who seemed to be crying

"Is okay if i miss you?" Risa asked

Aichan hugged Risa "i miss you too.."

"i thought i could forget you but.." Risa whispers

Aichan closes the door and direct Risa to her bed

The older girl puts Risa on her bed softly then remove her shoes and sitted next to her to look at her for a bit

"I'm sorry.." Aichan murmured as she holds back Risa's hair from her face

Aichan sighed and she was about to get up but a hand stopped her and pulled her on bed again

"Don't go.. i want you now!" Risa manage to say as she sits and looks at the older girl's eyes and kisses her on her cheek

"I can do this Risa, you're drunk and probably you'll say more words that tomorrow you won't remember!" Aichan says while tries to not to lose as Risa is kissing her neck

Risa hands went under Aichan's feeling her toned stomach

"Risa.." Aichan says still trying to not lose her senses

"I will remember!" Risa says then proceed to kiss the older girl on her lips roughly

And Finally Aichan gave in...


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Re: ~One sided love~ AiGaki CH.14
« Reply #131 on: February 07, 2013, 10:36:14 AM »
no long time did not see your update... such update is so surprising... anyway, thanks... please update the next one soon :cathappy:

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Re: ~One sided love~ AiGaki CH.15
« Reply #132 on: July 28, 2013, 01:32:29 AM »
                                                       One sided love

The next day~

The smell of breakfast woke Risa up, she looked around still feeling dizzy "Are those.. Aichan!" She said before get up with a blanket around her body.

"Gaki san you're up.. Good Morning!" Aichan says with a smile preparing breakfast with one of Gaki' s shirt on.

Risa looked at her but then smiled "I'm going to the bathroom!" She says still with a smile on her face.

After some minutes she got back and the table was already settled by Aichan.

The two Sat and looked at each other for a moment before eating.

Both were flirting with their eyes they didn't need say a word, the silence was enough to clear their doubts.

Suddenly the door bell rang interrupting the two peaceful moment.

"Don't worry I'll get it.." Aichan says with smile before get up.

Once she opened the door she saw Eripon who was looking at her with a sad Look.

Risa came out and saw the two then sighed "She gave me that shirt" she thought looking at So' s back.

Eripon ran away while Ai sighed and looked down.

Risa took her jacket "I'll talk to her, Don't worry it will be fine!" She says before kissing Aichan's cheek and leave.

Thanks to GPS Risa found Eripon in a park close to her home sitting looking down.

Risa Sat next to her "Ikuta.." she said then took a deep breath.

"I always wondered what you see in her.. " Eripon said looking down sad.

Risa hugged Erina the sighed "Aichan is my first love.. I love her" she said with her chin on Ikuta' s shoulder.

"If Takahashi san wasn't your first love, would you look at me?" Eripon asked looking at her senpai.

Risa gulped "You're too young!" She said.

"If Takahashi san wasn't your first love, if I wasn't this young would you look at me? Eripon asked sad looking at the older girl.

Risa blinks a few times.

"I'm the one who loves you the most" Eripon says before get up and walk away leaving a confused Gaki san.

"Did I just hesitated?" She asked to herself.

~Back at home~

Risa entered to her dept and there it was her first love waiting for her  sitting on the couch.

Risa Sat next to her then rested her head on her lap.

"What happened?" Aichan asked worried.

"It will be alright" Risa replied closing her eyes.

~Flashback~Before Ai' s graduation~  practice room~

"What do you mean?" Risa asked serious.

Ai sighed "We will be separate most of the time.. " she says looking down sad.

Risa was already crying "We'll find a way to be with each other.." she replied.

"That's not enough!" Aichan says turning around avoiding to see Risa crying.

"Please Aichan don't do this.. I'll graduate after a few months later wait for me trust me!" Risa says hugging Aichan from the back.

Aichan was also already crying but she wiped her tears fast and then removed Risa's arm off her to walk away.

"Aichan" Risa whispered sad as she leaves the room.

After some minutes someone else entered to the room ready to practice.

"Niigaki san what's wrong?" Eripon says worried as she gets closer then wiped her tears with her fingers.

Risa looked down broken hearted.

Eripon couldn't resist and hugged her.


Risa opened her eyes and saw Aichan smiling at her "You took a little nap.. How was it?" She asked.

Risa only looked at her "Why I dreamt about that?" She thought worried.


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Re: ~One sided love~ AiGaki CH.15
« Reply #133 on: July 28, 2013, 05:29:21 AM »
hi friend  :grin:
sometimes i really wonder if aichan wasn't the bean's first love... would she consider eripon?  :?

but why the bean is dreaming that? you make feel me feel that she started to be shaken for being with aichan again  :catglare:
if you wants her to be a timer, i also don't quite mind as long as the 3rd party is eripon   :twisted:

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Re: ~One sided love~ AiGaki CH.15
« Reply #134 on: July 28, 2013, 06:55:45 AM »

The fic is about to end so a little more drama before the end :grin:

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Re: ~One sided love~ AiGaki CH.15
« Reply #135 on: July 28, 2013, 06:59:49 AM »
understood :)

I have updated  :grin:

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