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Author Topic: ロマンスを語って/ Let’s talk about romance < 3. Do you wanna to be an heroine 3 26.10.14  (Read 4296 times)

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ロマンスを語って Let’s talk about romance

< Prologue 3

“Mama, Papa. . . I apologized for being such an unfilial daughter. . . But I have to go.” Risako turned around as she surveyed the quiet living room where she had spent most of her time lying on the couch enjoying the television shows; struggling with entrance exams to get into the best university her parents had wanted her to be in. “I need to go. . .” Risako continued in her mind. With that determination in her mind, she pulled the door closed and began to drag her luggage towards the elevator. “I need to experience this special romance of my life. I need to go. . . “

“I’m here!” Risako squealed silently herself as made her way down the steps of the station and spun in circles, as she took in a deep breath to enjoy the little sweetness of the air. “I can’t believe this place really existed! I was so afraid that it was just a myth on the internet!” Risako beamed into excitement as she began mumbling to herself. Excitement had filled her mind so much that she had long forgotten the fact that her luggage was still standing alone at the top of the flight of stairs she had just made her way down.

“Hey little princess, does this luggage belongs to you?” It was a deep voice that sounded beside her ears that she finally woke up from her excitement.

“Ah-“ Risako find her step unable to breathe as she turned around to face the owner of the voice. The only response she could give was a little nod in acknowledgement.

“I guess so too.” The person replied, sliding the luggage nicely beside Risako. “Be careful with your belongings. People could have just taken the luggage with them as they exit the station.” The person continued. Without any much more words spoken, the person turned away from Risako, and moved towards the direction of the town.

“It’s really different! The way the people speak here, it’s just so different!”Risako thought quietly in her mind. “This is really the right place to be here.” Risako turned back to the station as she studied the name of the station. “Berryz Town” Risako mumbled under her breath. “The legendary place rumoured on the internet of being the best place to talk about romance.” Risako turned her sight back to the direction of the town. “And this place really exists.”

Taking a step forward into the mysterious town, Risako continued in her mind.

“Now I am really excited about this. . . “
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Re: ロマンスを語って Let’s talk about romance
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< 1. ROCKエロチィック/Rock Erotic 3

“Ah~ It feels like I am in a dream!” Risako thought in awe as she walked down the streets of Berryz Town. And when there are things at the window that caught her attention, she will run to the window, occasionally forgetting to pull her luggage together with her, and admire them by the window.

“Speaking of Romance. . . “Risako mouth the words she read on the book by the window and registered them in her mind. “I want to get that!” She eventually decided. So she turned around to look for her belongings where her purse where kept, only to find her luggage gone. “Where’s my luggage?” Risako muttered she turned around and started searching her surroundings, only to come into a conclusion that her luggage was nowhere to be seen.

”It’s gone?”Risako thought in her mind as she blinked her eyes repeatedly. ”So how am I supposed to survive now?”

“Has Momoko come back?” Saki asked as she returned the broom back to its place in the locker room. “The interview is going to start in half an hours’ time.” Saki continued as she made her way beside her locker, which was located beside Chinami’s.

“Nope. That midget is not back yet. Neither is Maasa.” Chinami replied as she wrapped the tie across her neck and began to fiddle with it. “Argh.” Chinami groaned in annoyance.

Saki took on the ends of Chinami’s tie after hearing Chinami’s sigh of annoyance, while the latter retreat her hands away from the tie and back to her side, and began to fix Chinami’s tie for Chinami. “Here you go.” Saki slapped Chinami’s chest as she let go the ends of the tie.

“Hey don’t do that.” Chinami placed her right hand at where Saki had just slapped. “I don’t have much here to start with. It will get smaller if you continue to do that each time you help me with the tie.” Chinami frowned as she tried to hold back the giggle she really had.

“Then learn to fix your own tie then, Chinami.” Saki tilted her head slightly as she giggled at Chinami’s statement. She then went on to open her locker. “Are you going to stay here and watch me change?” Saki continued as she peeked her head out of her locker door and looked at the taller girl.

“I’m going out first then.” Chinami answered and swiftly made her way out of the locker room. Just as she did, Momoko had made her way past her and into the locker room. “Oh, Momoko is back. But why is she pushing a luggage?” Chinami directed the question towards Miyabi, who was seated on the fluffy couch, all prepared for the upcoming interview.

Miyabi shrugged her shoulders in response. Chinami made her way to Miyabi and settled down beside the latter and wrapped her arms around her. “So did you get yourself slapped at the chest again by Saki today?” Miyabi asked out of the sudden.

Chinami turned around and stare at Miyabi, in shock. “How did you even know?” Chinami uttered with her eyes wide open.

“Saki has a special way of tying a tie.” Miyabi responded as she took Chinami’s hand away from her shoulder and stood up. “And, your tie just looked way too tidy to be done by yourself” Miyabi continued and began to make her way towards the window.

The window was decorated with a pearl white curtain, with fanciful laces drawing at the end. Miyabi pulled a little the curtain opened and began to peek out of the window. “The queue for the interview is growing really long by now. . . “

“I wonder when Maasa will be back. . . Saki is going to get crazy if she’s late. . . “Chinami muttered as she made her way to where Miyabi was and peeked through the same window about Miyabi’s head”

“Why is Saki going to get crazy? And who’s late? Momoko?” A third voice joined the conversation, causing Chinami and Miyabi to fall backwards as the turned over, with Chinami falling on top of Miyabi.

“Woah, when did you come back, Maasa?” Chinami interrogated Maasa, revealing the identity the third party.

“Around 15 minutes ago?” Maasa responded as she pulled the two ladies, well one lady and one gentleman, on the floor up.

“But I haven’t seen you coming in at all.”Miyabi continued interrogating. 

“I came in from the back door since the front was so crowded with people?” Maasa explained.

“But why haven’t we seen you at all all these while?” Chinami continued asking.

“Because I was up in the kitchen helping Yurina with the breakfast preparation?”Maasa responded as she tilted her head slightly and raised a tone up. “Saki told me to get some ingredients from the market at the next town and helped Yurina up in kitchen when I’m back since the two of you are unable to cook.”Maasa continued with her explanations.

“Alright girls are you ready?” The door to the locker room swung open, revealing the two petite figures of Saki and Momoko. “Let’s have our breakfast and prepare for the interview. I’m sure it’s going to be long day ahead.” Saki suggested, interrupting the conversation that was going on between Chinami, Maasa and Miyabi.

“Ah, Saki!” Upon Saki’s appearance into the room, Maasa’s attention is now all on the oldest girl. “I got your favourite Mentaiko and made Mentaiko Onigiri just for you!” Maasa continued as she made her way to Saki and rested her hand on Saki’s waist, guiding the shorter girl to their dining area.

“Pervert.” Both Chinami and Miyabi muttered at the same time.

At the same moment, Momoko had went up to the both of them and held them by their arms. “Don’t be jealous, you still have me.” Momoko chipped cheekily.

The duo narrowed their eyes and looked down at Momoko. “Don’t want.” The duo said in unison. With that, they dropped Momoko’s linking arm altogether and wrapped their own arms on each other’s shoulder, before making their way to the dining area.

“That’s mean!” Momoko pouted as she chased after the duo.

“What should I do?” Risako worriedly mumbled as she toddled down the streets. “How am I going to survive without my belongings and money?” Frowns filled her face. She dejectedly sank her head and dragged her feet along with her. That was only until she had bang into a wall. A wall of humans queuing outside a shop.

“What is this?” Risako asked to herself as she took a step back and read the signboard of the shop.

“Rock  Erotic”

”What is this shop all about?”

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<2.ジリリキテル / Jiriri Kiteru 3

“NEXT!” Miyabi shouted impatiently as she pressed the bell that was placed before Saki.

The atmosphere that stood inside the room was a little tense. 5 hours had passed since the start of the interview and the members were all tensed up. Chinami was fidgeting around her seat, unable to stay in position. Yurina was drifting away into her own world as she sat in between Chinami and Maasa at the back row. Momoko, who was seated in front of Chinami, was playing with her pinky finger as she watches the interviewees who had came in. Miyabi, sitting between Momoko and Saki, had her arms crossed as her finger continually reaches for the bell. Maasa was eyeing Saki's butt at the while as none of the interviewees had caught her attention. And Saki, in the mist of all these tension, remained quiet and seated at the corner while Miyabi continues to disqualify the interviewees that came in.

"What's your name?" Momoko asked in a childlike voice as she fixed her eyes on the short hair, skinny and tall, not as tall as where Yurina is, but at least taller than herself, girl standing before them.

"Haruka" Came a husky voice response from the girl.

"So Haruka, why have you decided to come for this interview?" Momoko continued asking while Miyabi crossed her arm and leaned back against the backrest of the chair.

“I want to challenge Yurina’s height in this –“


Before Haruka could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by the ringing bell. Miyabi had decided to reach for the bell, not allowing Haruka to speak anymore.

“Next!” Miyabi called out again as the atmosphere in the room continues to tense up. “What’s your name?” Miyabi asked again as the next person walked into the room.


“And your reason for interviewing with us?

“So that I will be able to be with my Yurina every –“


And the bell goes again.


“Your name?”


“And your reason for interviewing with us?



And the cycle goes on and one, until late into the evening, where the back rows and Momoko are all falling asleep, leaving Miyabi and Saki the only sober ones who are still handling the flow of people coming in for interview.

“Miyabi. . . “Saki called out during the short moment of break between interviewees.

“Hmmm?” Miyabi turned her attention towards Saki and glanced down at the shorter girl.

“Aren’t you a little too tight about this? I mean, we had agreed to narrow down to a few before deciding on whether or not are we hiring. . . But we had not gotten 1 since the day had started. . . “Saki continued.

“I didn’t mean to, but it seems like they are all here for the wrong reason. . . “Miyabi explained in a soft voice.

“I know. . . But aren’t we all too the same when this café had started operating?” Miyabi sank into silence upon the statement from Saki.

Before Miyabi could make any response to Saki, the next person walked into and stood before them. Upon the entrance, Maasa woke up from her daze. ”It’s her. . .

”It’s that guy from morning!” Risako thought excitedly in her mind.

“Your name?” Miyabi was back on her usual form.

“Risako. . . “

“And your reason for interviewing with us?

“Hmmm? This is an interview? For?” Risako responded in surprise. She was curious about the queue and the name of the shop and therefore joined the queue without giving a second thought. It was now then she realised what was the queue outside was for.

“Next!” Miyabi shouted as she wanted to reach for the bell, only to be stopped by Saki.

“You are hired.” Saki interrupted.

“Eh?!” 6 pairs of surprised eyes, wide opened, fixed their attention of Saki. Just as so, the alarm clock that sat at the corner of the room started ringing. It was the alarm clock that was supposed to mark the last interviewee of the day.

“Nice timing.” Saki stood up from her seat and approached Risako, offering her hand out for a handshake. “Welcome to Rock Erotic, Risako.”

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< 3. ヒロインになろうか!Do you wanna to be an heroine! 3

“Eh?” Risako stuttered again, unable to recover back from her state of shock.

“Wait a minute, Saki!” Miyabi scrambled from her place and towards where Saki stood, took the latter by her wrist, and swirled her around to face her. “I think we need to talk about this.” Miyabi continued, pulling the shorter girl together with her and made their way towards the locker changing room. And the rest began to follow suit. One after another, they gave Risako a glance as they walked past the girl.  Maasa was the only one who shared a smile to Risako, only to be dragged away by Momoko as she could foresee what will happen next.

Risako allowed her eyes to trail the movement of the people across the room, until the door closes on her, where she realized she was now alone in the room. Feeling slightly relax, she allow herself to study her surroundings – something she had overlooked the moment she stepped in due to the strong aura she experienced.

“The whole place looks so . . . “ Risako mumbled under her breath as she glanced around her surrounding, thinking of a right word to describe her feelings right at that moment. “Lovely.” She mumbled again as she caught her breath.

The interior was decorated with white laces too, similar to the ones on the curtains. White fluffy couches was seen together with coffee tables covered with white laced cloths around the room, with baby pink and baby blue curtain partitions between each set of couch and table. ”Is this a cafe? It looks like one to me. . . Especially with the flowers and teapots on the coffee table. . . “ Risako analysed in her mind.  ”So I supposed they are looking for a new waitress or something like that? That would be great for me! Since I needed some form of income now that my belongings are gone . . .” Risako continued in her mind as she remained standing at the same spot she was in all the while.

”That guy from morning is working here too! That’s like the icing on the cake too.” Her mind side tracked for a moment as a slight blush began to form on her cheek. ”The other two guy are quite good looking too. . . Especially the tallest one. . . “

Out of the sudden, Risako began to slap her cheeks, wanting to wake herself from her daydreaming. ”What are you even thinking, Risako! What’s more important now is to get money and a roof to live under!” Risako reprimanded herself. ”But the way they are dressed in. . . It’s just way too cool! The cute Lolita outfits there are wearing. . . I wonder if I would get one too. . . “ Before she realize it, her mind had began to drift away into her fairyland . . .

Meanwhile in the locker room. . .

“Isn’t that too much of a sudden?” Miyabi asked after she had tossed Saki onto the bench located in the center of the changing room, crossing her arm at her chest. “You did mentioned earlier on, that we had agreed to pick a few before deciding whether are we hiring or not.” Miyabi continued as she the rest began to gather around them, all quiet and looking at Saki, waiting for a response from her.

“I know what you are doing too, Miyabi . . .  All these while for the whole of today. . . “Saki finally spoke after moments of silence. Miyabi looked away as Saki tried to make an eye contact with her. “You were waiting for the alarm to go off, aren’t you?” Saki continued in a quiet voice as she turned to face the rest in the room.

“I don't get it, Saki.” Miyabi started off, getting Saki’s attention back to herself.

“I don’t too. . . “Momoko added in.

“Me three. . . “

“Me four. . . “

Yurina and Maasa added on after each other.

Chinami stayed quiet as she continued to fix her attention just on Saki.

“I don’t understand the need for a new person joining us. We are as fine as we are right now. 3 to 3. So why do we need a new person?” Miyabi continued asking, followed by the many nods from Momoko, Yurina and Maasa.

“I just felt. . . feel that we need a new person. . . to spice up the things over here. . . And maybe, too can help to further increase the business too.” Saki stuttered a little as she answered Miyabi. “I understand how all of you felt. . . That’s why I haven’t stopped your actions at all. . . But . . . I just feel that we need this new person. . . And time is running out. . . I know the alarm was going to ring. . . That’s why I did that. . .”

Silence began to fill the room once again, until Chinami decided to break the silence. “Let’s respect Saki with her decision, shall we? She owns this place too. . . I’m sure whatever decision she has, it has to be of the best interest for Rock Erotic, isn’t that so?” Chinami ended off with a smile, hoping that would lighten up the tense atmosphere. 

Back in the main area. . .

”Maybe I will be able to meet THE one when I work here. . . Just like those novels I had read before. . . “Risako was once again in her own dreamland. It takes a slamming door to wake her up from her daydream. “What happened?” Risako yelped in surprise.

“Miyabi just need some time to sort up her thoughts. I will help to talk some sense into her too, so don’t worry about us.”Chinami chased after the slammed door, whilst pulling on Momoko’s pigtail with her.

“I will help to keep a lookout for them too, Saki.” Maasa added on as she made her way beside Risako. “Bye, little princess. I’m looking forward to working with you tomorrow. . . “Maasa bided goodbye by the touch at Risako’s butt. “You have a nice butt over here.” Maasa smirked, and with that, Maasa left, leaving behind a blushing red Risako and two head-shaking Saki and Yurina.

“I’ll see you tomorrow too, Saki.” Yurina bided next, giving Saki a little pat on her head. “Miyabi will be alright. I respect your decision too.”

“Risako?”Saki called out after Yurina’s departure.

Risako nodded her head in response.

Saki offered her hand out for a handshake again. “Once again, welcome to Rock Erotic.”Saki offered with a smile, and Risako received it rather timidly. “Training for you will officially starts tomorrow, so be back here at 8 am. . . we start service at 11 am”

“Actually . . . I have an issue over here. . .” Risako stutter out.

That caught Saki’s attention. “What issue?”

“I don’t have a place to stay in tonight . . . So is it possible for me to . . .”

“You can stay with me for the night. I am staying upstairs.” Saki interrupted Risako before the latter could finish her sentence.

“Really?”A genuine smile wipe past Risako’s face.

”Things did not get as bad as I thought it would get, isn't that so?”

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