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Title: (Band) RIZE
Post by: Guchi_Jnr on March 22, 2007, 06:05:56 PM
Saw these guys last night, so who better to dedicate my 666 post, but to my favourite Japanese band..RIZE (

From left to right

[2000.08.23] - Kaminari [カミナリ]
[2000.11.01] - Why I'm Me
[2001.01.24] - MUSIC
[2001.04.25] - NAME
[2001.09.05] - Light Your Fire
[2001.11.07] - Dream Catcher
[2002.11.07] - 02/ONE
[2003.01.22] - VIBRATION~introducing Def Tech
[2003.02.19] - Gun Shot
[2006.11.22] - Pink Spider
[2007.02.07] - heiwa [Digital Single]
[2007.02.07] - KAMI [神] [Digital Single]
[2007.10.10] - LADY LOVE
[2008.03.26] - Live or Die

[2000.11.22] - ROOKEY
[2001.12.05] - FOREPLAY
[2003.02.05] - Natural Vibes
[2005.03.24] - FUCK'N BEST [best of album]
[2005.07.06] - Spit & Yell
[2007.02.21] - ALTERNA
[2008.04.16] - K.O.

[2001.04.25] - Fresh Blend
[2002.11.07] - FUCK'N LIVE
[2005.03.24] - LOST CLIPS
[2007.10.10] - ALTERNA LIVE



Pink Spider (hide cover)

Vibrations - Rize introducing Def Tech

Title: Re: (Band) RIZE
Post by: Guchi_Jnr on April 08, 2007, 05:07:41 PM
Was going to write about the show, but then got a little busy with work, and then the forum was in temp mode, so never got around to it. Anyways, the forum's back, and I have some free time (also a little drunk), so this was the RIZE show day.

Went to bed around 3:30am Wednesday morning, and woke up at 7:30am. Left home by myself at 7:50am to feed my little friends. (Here is where I would link to the thread about "Hobbies" and where I wrote about the stray cats I feed at a train station near home.) Returned back to the apartment at 9:10am, had a coffee, shower, grabbed the concert tickets and the wife, and were on the train to Osaka around 10:30am. Straight into Osaka, changed platforms, and straight out the other side bound for Kobe. We arrived in Sannomiya, Kobe just before noon.

--Kobe Before Lunch--
Kobe is famous for footwear, just like Kyoto is for clothing, so where better to buy a new pair of shoes. Now the shoes I was wearing that day, and everyday for the last 4½years, were totally fucked, but I just loved my slip-on Docs, so was hoping I could find another pair there. There's a really cool little shopping arcade that runs under the train line from Sannomiya station to Motomachi station, so we went hunting for a pair there. Found a Doc shop in the arcade, but the guys in the store said they haven't even seen a pair like the ones I was wearing before, and doubted I'll be able to find them. "Ahh, so screw it", I thought, and we headed to the Birkenstock store, bought a pair of lace up shoes, and had the shop assistant throw my Docs in the bin.  (Docs have just lost yet another customer!)

By this stage, we were feeling more than a tad hungry, so heading off to Kobe Harbour Land, and had lunch in the "MOSAIC" building.
( (

--Kobe After Lunch--
After we filled up on food and beer, it was time to have a look around. Now I gotta say, if you only go to one city in Japan, make that Kyoto, if you ever move to Japan, make Kobe your home!! This place is just GREAT.. Not too big, not too small, mountain range, harbour, trendy shops and beautiful architecture (mostly because most of it collapsed in The Great Hanshin Earthquake...ok, minus point for being earthquake prone). Kobe actually reminds me a lot of Sydney, but smaller.
Anyways, we look around for ages both above ground and the countless miles of underground maze shopping, the time was almost 4pm, so we decided we should find where the live house was.
So went back to Sannomiya and headed in the general direction of where I remembered from the internet map at home. No probs and found the place quite easily. The doors were open, and people were lined up to buy merch, so lined up too, and bought a tour book and a Takoloan keitai strap. 

--Hunting Down Granny--
It was about 4:30pm, and we had 1½hrs to kill, so the wife asked if we could try and find where her grandma lived, since we were in the general area. Of course, I'm always up for a challenge, so hunting down grandma's place it was. It's quite hard finding places in Japan, since streets don't have names and instead a whole bunch of blocks are grouped as a name. Now the live house was in a place called "Yamamoto 2 chome", and the wife's granny lived in "Yamamoto 4 chome", so we knew it wouldn't be far, but since my wife hasn't been there since she was 6, it was going to be a challenge all the same. So we started walking, and it went "Yamamoto 2 chome", "Yamamoto 3 chome", "Something Else 1 chome"..  ??? Turned a few corners, rounded a couple of bends and I'll be damned if we could find the right area. Just when we were about to give up, it dawned on me...the wife's keitai had GPS!! After that, it was a piece of piss. Found the area, and the wife could remember the streets, and found it easily. That killed about an hour, so it was time to return to the live house. 

--The Show--
Walk into the live house (WYNTERLAND (, and this place is unbelievably small..PERFECT!! Straight to the bar to beer up, and then into the smokers area. Did that a few times until it was nearly time for the band to come on, then found a spot to watch the show. Had a nice little spot in the middle of the crowd with a bit of personal space, and my wife said "This is great", and I stared to laugh. She's like "What's so funny?", and I said I thought the crowd might go nuts. Sure enough, the lights went off and the opening song "Kami" started, and the crowd just went fuckin' mental. Moshing, slamming, crowd surfing. The temperature in the room jumped about 30°C in 10mins. Haha, my poor wife had no idea of what it was going to be like, but she just loved it and had a blast. As for myself, this was the norm for the western shows I've been to (I've moshed at Anthrax and Body Count to name a few...and they were fuckin' beyond crazy)

Jesse is such a talented artist and had the crowd worked into a frenzy the whole show. The way he looked and moved on stage kinda reminded me of Kid Rock, but really cool. He had a friendly vibe about him the whole time, but also had the intensity of Henry Rollins. Before the song "Ghost" he spoke about when he was travelling around America and met some Japanese RIZE fans (BF & GF) and hungout with them. Once he returned to Japan, he heard how the guy died in a car crash, and since they were from Kobe, he invited the guy's parents and girlfriend to the show. Also, once when he was throwing out water into the crowd, he thought he might have hit a girl in the head with the plastic bottle, so asked if she was ok, and said he was sorry if he did. So while he was a mad man on stage (in a great way), he was also very sweet.
While Jesse is the frontman, KenKen was someone you just had to watch. This guy can play!! He's way up there with Flea and Les Claypool in my books. And the whole time, he was just going nuts. If you watch the end of the Kami clip posted above, he was like that for the whole show (about 90mins). After one bass run, his hair stuck to the ceiling padding, and when he moved away, a chunk of it fell on the stage. After that song, Jesse noticed it on the stage, and him and KenKen were looking around to see where it came from, then KenKen apologized to the live house.
Near the end of the show, they were playing "Nihontou" (clip posted above), and they had 2 guys from the crowd come up on stage to sing a verse. I thought these guys would suck, but they nailed it and had the whole "Rockstar" thing going for a few minutes, followed by the mandatory stage dive, which included Jesse who was still playing the guitar.
At the end of the show, the members spent about 5mins offstage thanking the people at the front. I've never seen a band do that.

That's it, after the show we just jumped on the train, and were home around 10pm. Had quite a long day, but gotta say that was one of my all time favourite days in Japan.
Title: Re: (Band) RIZE
Post by: StreakInTheSky on April 10, 2007, 01:10:25 AM
lol never expected them to be so nice.

nice review.
Title: Re: (Band) RIZE
Post by: Guchi_Jnr on October 20, 2007, 02:10:01 PM
Bought their latest DVD today, so thought I'd pimp a clip of my favourite track..  :hump:

BLACK FLY [live]
Title: Re: (Band) RIZE
Post by: RIZEUP37 on September 15, 2010, 10:25:15 AM
Glad to see RIZE on there they're amazing and idk why this thread died. They've had 2 albums out since then and a DVD.