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Author Topic: A Grateful Deal - chapter 7 (AtsuMina) 29/10/2012  (Read 18302 times)

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Re: A Grateful Deal UPDATE! Sept. 21 CHAPTER 6 Under The Rain (Atsumina)
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Ow~ Takamina is a true gentleman ^^

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Re: A Grateful Deal UPDATE! Sept. 21 CHAPTER 6 Under The Rain (Atsumina)
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aww takaboy you are a gentleman :D...

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Re: A Grateful Deal UPDATE! Sept. 21 CHAPTER 6 Under The Rain (Atsumina)
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aahhh so romantic moment atsumina.... :D :D :D
please update soon.... 

thank you for your fanfic...... :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Re: A Grateful Deal UPDATE! Sept. 21 CHAPTER 6 Under The Rain (Atsumina)
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immmm very busy with my studies especially for my upcoming tests next week but I promise tommorow I will update :D

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Re: A Grateful Deal UPDATE! Sept. 21 CHAPTER 7 The Project (Atsumina)
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Chapter 7: The Project


Acchan is now going to school but since yesterday after she went home when she and Takamina get wet under the rain she didn’t stop sneezing because she got cold, fortunately she didn’t get fever maybe because of Takamina’s jacket and umbrella, so she can still go to school.

On the other hand Takamina is already on the room seating but she really feels dizzy and her head really hurts a lot it’s like she is going to have a fever, Rena noticed the pain her friend is going through approached her Takamina.

Rena: Takamina are you okay?
Takamina: I’m okay I’m just a little dizzy
Rena put her hand to Takamina’s forehead
Rena: you’re slightly hot it’s like you have mild fever.
Takamina: I’m okay, don’t mind me.
Rena: What happened? You’re not a sickly person you don’t get sick unless you subjected to extreme situations.
Takamina: I just got wet in the rain yesterday.
Rena: how did-

Rena was stopped by the sound the door opening and it shows Acchan whose wiping her nose...

A huge smile suddenly crept on Takamina’s face and the pain she feels seemed to fade then she shouted.

Takamina: Good morning Acchan!!
Acchan stopped in front of Takamina’s seat then
Acchan: (as soon as she saw Takamina she smiled widely) Good morning Takamina!!
Then Acchan seated on her seat

Rena watched the whole scene silently then when she’s going to continue her conversation with the midget their history teacher arrived.

Teacher: Good morning class!! Before we go on our discussion I would just like to remind you of your project the history album of Japan I hoped you already finished it because its deadline is tomorrow.

Other students were not surprised because they didn’t forgot and finished it their project already just like Takamina who just smiled slightly on her seat and some were still confident because they already started it and they only need to continue or polish it, but most of the students were worried because they totally forgot it and one of them is our dear Atsuko who became very worried and anxious because she didn’t even know how to start her project.

Takamina was watching Acchan and she already knew that the other girl forgot to do her school responsibilities again.

The school bell rang signaling for lunch Takamina and her friends including Acchan will eat all together at the rooftop and as usual Takamina brought Acchan again a delicious lunch. As they eat Takamina decided to open a conversation.

Takamina: guys! Regarding our project in History how was it? I hope all of us did it right?
Mayu: Yes! Of course Yuki and I finished it the day our teacher announced it!!!
Mayu looked at Yuki beside her and Yuki blush a little and mouthed a Thank You at Mayu.
Haruna: Yes I already finished it yesterday.
Rena: shocks!! I forgot that project I didn’t even know how to start it!!
Acchan: Me too. I forgot to do it, I also didn’t know how to start..
Acchan said sadly
Takamina put her hands around Acchan’s shoulder beside her then said.
Takamina: Don’t worry Acchan! Rena! You can go my house later and I will help you with your projects!!
(Mission Success!!! She thought)
(Acchan is blushing madly and her heart is beating fast again!! But she felt that Takamina is a little hot but shrugged it off thinking it might just be her because she can feel her own body temperature rising)
Rena: Really midget!!! Thank you!!!! You really are a model student!!! And good friend!!!
Takamina: so after class Rena?  Acchan?
Rena: yes!!
Acchan is still stunned because of Takamina putting her hands on her shoulders
Takamina: Acchan???
Acchan: ahhhh ahaha…YES OF COURSE!!Thank you Takamina!
Takamina: you’re welcome!!:D
The lunch ended and the class resumed, but Takamina observed that Acchan is sneezing non-stop since this morning so again she started to worry for the welfare of the other girl so after class she talk to Acchan.

Takamina: Are you feeling well Acchan?
Acchan: Yes.. just a little cold
Takamina: no, you’re not you didn’t stop sneezing since this morning!!! I think you should go home and get rest.
Acchan: I can’t how about the project??? I can’t rest without doing it and I can’t do it alone at home!!!
Takamina: It’s alright; I’ll do it for you!!!
Acchan: no, you can’t that’s too much already!!! You already did many things for me!!!>_<
Takamina: It’s okay really besides don’t you think you can repay me better when you get well? Than to force yourself to do it you may get worse.
Acchan watched Takamina’s sincere eyes and she can’t help but accept the other girl’s offer, because she can’t reject those pure eyes that are really pure and caring for her.
Acchan: Okay!! But I will repay you for sure!!
Takamina:  (smiled triumphantly) that’s your choice, go home straight and take care :D

Im sorry it seem that I forgot to post this chapter so I am posting it to remove the frustrations that may happen Im sorry again for inconvenience.

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I know that this chapter is boring but I wrote it to emphasize how deep Takamina love Acchan that even she don't feel well she still did Acchan's project. I also wanted to emphasize Rena x Takamina's friendship I just gave a hint, on their friendship but I will assure you it is a nice one.
I hope you don't find the story very slow...I just wanted to make many TAKAMINAXXXXACHAAN moments
Our story is still in its very beginning I hope you dont get bored but I assure you it will be worth reading for :D
I need you comments plssssssssssssssssss


So I can improve my work plsssssssssssssssss...
you can also guess what happened in the past between Takamina, Rena and Acchan.

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No its not boring but I want more Chikane-Himemiya-san~~~!!  :farofflook:

I want to know more about Takamina and Rena. Maybe you can make Acchan jealous because of their friendship?  :hehehe:

please update soon~ :thumbsup
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It's not boring at all :)

Rena is really a good friend and after each chapter, I love Takamina more and more :heart:

Can't wait for the next chapter :wub:

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OMG! Takamina! Don't overdoing!

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aww poor minami.. i love this rena X minami .. meybe a few jealousy from acchan :D...

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And here we see Rena-chan is a caring person and all.

Can't wait for next update!
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Chapter 7: Takamina's love and Rena's Concern

Takamina and Rena are now walking together they will go to Takamina’s house to make their project in History. Takamina will help Rena do her project at the same time she will do Acchan’s project because she knew that the other girl is not feeling well. Takamina is now smiling while they are walking because the thought of she can do something to make Acchan happy really made her glad. She thought that she will not have a chance to make her happy because Yuu is always beside Acchan and really determined to make Acchan fall for him. Every morning Yuu would bring snacks for Acchan, since they went to the boy’s house and he discovered that Acchan really love eating. He also noted that Acchan love sweet foods so Yuu didn’t fail to give something sweet to the girl every day. He also don’t fail to find a way to talk to the princess like girl, whenever one of Acchan’s seatmate (of course including Takamina) leave their seat even for a second, he will quickly grab the opportunity and seat beside the girl ( without asking permission ). Of course whenever Yuu take Takamina’s seat without permission Takamina will just give Yuu a fake assuring smile then she will say: I will let you two love birds have your private time, sometimes Acchan will force Yuu to leave Takamina’s seat but sometimes Takamina is like a ghost because neither Yuu nor Acchan notices her, because they are really enjoying talking to each other. He will also do some of Acchan’s homework’s so that Acchan will not have to worry about them. Whatever Yuu do for her Acchan will always reject it at first but will still accept it in the end and she doesn’t forget to give her gratitude to the boy. Takamina could also see that the princess like girl is really enjoying the attention the boy is giving to her; she always smiles whenever she is with the boy and sometimes she will tell stories about the bubbliness of the boy, she really enjoys being with boy etc.,  with Takamina. Of course Takamina will smile then tell Acchan that she is happy for her, she hope that the other girl will always be happy but deep inside she is always hurt whenever Acchan tell stories about Yuu because she realizes that slowly Acchan is falling for Yuu and she can do nothing to prevent it. To prevent him from making the most important for Takamina, fall for him.

Rena is watching her midget in her deep thoughts and constantly changes her facial expressions while they are walking. Then Takamina suddenly stopped then hold her temples massaging it, she suddenly felt dizzy first because she is thinking too much, second she really doesn’t feel well (because of the rain incident with Acchan). Rena is worried at her midget friend. So she decided to talk to her.

Rena:       Takamina are you okay? (Then put her hand above Takamina’s forehead)
Takamina:    yes, just feeling a little dizzy (still massaging her temples)
Rena:       you still have a mild fever!!
Takamina:    don’t worry it will fade away it’s just a slight fever.
Rena:       No it isn’t I think you need to rest I can do my project alone.
Takamina:    No!! I promise to help you so I will!!
Rena:       You promised to me or to ACCHAN? You will do her project right?
Takamina:   (she stopped massaging her temples then look at Rena questionally)
Yes, then what about it, she doesn’t feel well so I like to help her. Isn’t that what a friend do? To help?
              Rena:      You also don’t feel well!!! And helping a FRIEND has its limits.
Takamina:   I’m okay!! And what do you mean by stressing the word friend?
Rena:   I knew for a long time already Takamina. Forgive me for saying this but you are self centered, selfish, studious, harsh, boastful, and most of all you are greedy, you never give anyone anything except it you will have something in return or you can that person can help you in the future. But hoe you treat Acchan it is very different you are gentle, kind, understanding, caring, and generous and most of all you really gives her whatever she needed without fail, everyday. You even give your answer to her freely during exams without hesitation, and teach her whenever she doesn’t understand the lessons.
Takamina:   People change.
Rena:   No you are only that kind to her.
Takamina:   This conversation will lead to nothing it’s getting late let’s go to our home fast

You are always escapes whenever we talk about your feeling with Acchan tskk. Rena thought.

Then Takamina walked very fast so that Rena will not have time to ask her about Acchan. Then Rena did her best to walk as fast as the other girl. This girl is a midget but she sure is fast walker even she have short legs. Rena thought.

Really what do I feel for her?

They arrived at Takamina’s house. As Rena expected it is really small and simple. Of course Takamina came from a poor family, Rena thought. They head straight at Takamina’s room to do their projects (for Takamina’s case Acchan’s project). As Rena looked at Takamina’s room it is clean and simple, but too simple for a girl. Rena could not see anything girly at Takamina’s room she can see few mangas, anime DVD’s, some anime memorabilias, like keychains, bracelets, few posters there are also some rare anime items like replicas of Edward’s alchemist’s badge in Full Metal Alchemist, Luffy’s strawhat, in One Piece, Ezra’s lightning empress armor in Fairytail, but other than that some pleasure she can only see books ballpens, documentary DVD’s. She sighed Takamina sure is studious she thought, no wonder she finished earlier our very hard project in History.

Then they started doing their projects, it is really hard so Takamina really help Rena a lot even though she is already having a hard time doing Acchan’s project. Also her head really hurts and she feels very cold that her hands are already trembling, the weather is not cold it’s just Takamina already had a high fever but she doesn’t want to show it to Rena because surely she will ask her again why she got fever, and she can’t tell her it is because of Acchan, because she will ask her again what she feels for the other girl.

After many hours of doing the very hard projects, now they are finished. Rena’s work is okay simple but beautiful, but Acchan’s project made by Takamina is really beautiful and a work of Art. Rena is shocked in Takamina’s work then sighed, what do I expect from a geek?

It is already 11pm and they are already cleaning and arranging the things and garbage they used in doing the project. They did their projects for 6 straight hours!!! It is really a tough one. While cleaning to Rena’s surprise Takamina suddenly had her knees on the floor. She fell but not totally because she managed to hold one of the tables foot so that she will not totally fall and will just have to kneel. Forcing herself to be tough as always Rena thought then she went to Takamina.

Rena:      What happened? Are you okay?

But as Rena placed her hands to the midget’s body she suddenly removed it because it is too hot.

Rena:    Whoa!!! You are burning in fever why you didn’t told me earlier that you do not feel well. I should have done my project alone!!
Takamina:   I am just dizzy (Takamina said weakly)
Rena:      No, you’re burning in fever!! You should go to the hospital.
Takamina:      NO!!!(Takamina shouted quickly and hold Rena’s wrists) please … my guardian will be worried I heal quickly I just need to rest please do not let them know..ple..a…se

Then Takamina fainted I Rena’s arms.

Rena: Takamina!!! Arghhhhhhhhh what will I do???!!!

Then Rena took her phone and dialed some of her former bodyguards. On a blink of an eye they arrived at
Takamina’s house quietly just like what Rena ordered them. Then they carried Takamina on her bed and gave Rena some food and medicine for Takamina. Then Rena ordered them to leave.

Rena took care of Takamina the whole night. And just like Takamina said she is a fast healer her fever
Went away after just a few hours but she still didn’t open her eyes. She must be really tired Rena thought.
Rena did not sleep the whole night taking care of Takamina.

Morning came. Takamina awakened only to find out that Rena, at her side using her arms as a pillow. She took care of me the whole night, Takamina thought. She get up slowly so that she will not wake up the other girl. Then she carried Rena in a bridal way and put her on the on the other room’s bed (the guest room). Then she bowed on the girl and whispered something on her ear. Thank you. Then she kissed the girl’s forehead. Rena is really a caring person she thought that’s why she became her friend. I just hope that bastard stop hurting her!

Takamina POV
Rena is really a caring friend Takamina thought. In the end she still took care of me for the whole night. Rena is a quiet, serious, intelligent girl. That how Takamina could describe her, but when she is with her friends or with the ones that are close to her she is a noisy, funny, kind and caring. And that’s what Takamina like to her friend. Rena and Jurina had saved her from a past broken friendship (the author will write a different chapter for the friend history of Takamina, Rena and Jurina), and she is very thankful in them for it. Now she must go to school and she knew sooner or later she will tell Rena what she feels for the princess like girl.

Then she gets up ready herself and get Rena ant Acchan’s projects. I think you can’t go to school now Rena chan. Then she went to school.

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please continue this story  :)

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Ah... I agreed with Rena...

Takamina is avoiding and not wanting to recognise her feeling....

Coz' she was scared she was too late to stop Atsuko's from falling for Yuu...

She preferred living in ignorance so she doesn't get hurt...

I can't wait to see the next

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Update soon please

its a good story

i love atsumina!!!

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Hi author, I like your story, I love Atsumina, so please continues writing 😄

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