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Author Topic: The President's Daughter (MaYuki & others) - COMPLETED  (Read 60934 times)

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I think the surprise is Yuko !!!  :grin:

I really hope that Yuko come to Japan as well..

Oshiri Sister together...  :shakeit:

Can't wait for the next chapter...

Mayuki's date !!!  :twothumbs  :twothumbs  :twothumbs

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I think the same as olive29-san that Yuko is the surprise :on gay:
So there'll be Kojiyuu :wahaha:
Eh~~~ There's WMatsui, I thought it doesn't :mon sweat:
Rena's the Major General :shock: And why Jurina brought all her grenades here :stoned:
To terrorist or something :sweat:
A little Atsumina :mon fan:
Laughed hard at the part of WMatsui disguise :hiakhiakhiak: :mon lmao:
Mayuki finally had some development :mon angel:
Next chapter is Mayuki date :mon firecrack: :ding:
Update soon, please :kneelbow:
Working on translating an awesome Kojiyuu fanfic, right now ☆〜(ゝ。∂) :mon beam:

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come on mayu confess to yuki now!!!!

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Soldiers, you've got to soldier on
Sometimes even right is wrong

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even though mayu's dad is such a busy person :banghead: hes so sweet :cathappy:
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
My kami-oshi is Mayuyu, and my oshimen is Oku Manami.

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Oh Rena is in army?
Cool. :grin:

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I think that the person that is joining the council is Yuko, righ?
You're fic is fine, i can read it very well and understand everything. Also is very funny! :3

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A/N Oha minna-san, Thanks for following this fiction  ^-^ I was trying hard to make this fiction a romantic-comedy one, I'm failing so hard at this I always end up writing a comedy strip  :bleed eyes:   :huhuh so many times I tried to push through MaYuki all the way... I'm such a crazy fangirl, but always fails to do so gomen~ gomen~  :nervous anyway, let's see what happens next jaa~ to outer SPACE!  :on blackhole:



Mayu POV

Tokyo Disneyland…

I managed to get into the Disneyland 15 minutes before our agreed time. No Yukirin at sight though. God forbid these two weirdos following me since I left the apartment.

“tch. These two sure makes a perfect couple. Baka baka! Baka! Which normal person would wear hats with twigs and leaves pfft”

I decided to take my seat on a bench beside the parking area.

“Mama! Buy me that pink cotton candy and that alpaca toy, oneegaai!” as a cute little girl persuades her mother to buy her candy.
“okay. There” mother gave in.
“yaaay! Love you mama!” as the little girl hugged her mother.

“Mama….” I felt alone. I then realized…. I really am…alone. I instantly felt teary-eyed…


I turned my head and saw the girl calling my name. It’s Yuki. The girl who got my attention I might say. I wiped my eyes and wore my Cyborg smile and walk towards the panting Yukirin.

“nee~ why in a hurry?” as I pat her shoulder.

“I don’t wanna be late of course!” still panting and catching her breath
“you’re 5 minutes early though. Excited?” as I tease her. Smirking.

“IM NOT!” as she tries to hide her blushing face.
“fine. Fine. LET’S GO!” I announced while smiling happily to her. I suddenly realized the two weirdos taking pictures of us.

*click *click*click *click*click *click

*eyes twitching “wait Yukirin~ excuse me, I need to make an urgent call” I told my companion.
“oh, sure” I then took few steps away from her enough for her not to hear me and dialled a number.


“moshi mosh~” said the one on the line
“WHAT THE HECK! EARLIER YOU TWO ARE TERRORISTS WHAT NOW?! YOU WANNA BE STALKERS TOO?!” I angrily shouted at the phone enough to make the other deaf on the line.

“we need to take pictures too! You two are kawa~ <3 *cough! I mean, we need to get some background check on this girl too you know!!” said Jurina.

“OKAY! I give up. I’ll think of something else. Just please stop these weirdo things you are doing! Or…. Just have your own date!! Grr” then I hang up.


Jurina POV

We kept on following the Presidential Daughter since she left the house.

“We shouldn’t waver! We have to do our duty!” said the girl beside me wearing her okaa-san disguise. I nodded. We then noticed the girl Mayu-chan has been waiting for.

“Target on sight!” I reported.
“Copy!” she responded.

“errm. Kawaii~” as I noticed the chemistry between the two. “Geez. I NEED TO TAKE PICTURES FOR YUKO-CHAN! KAWAII~ <3” I thought. I slid out my handheld mini camera outside my mega squeeze in bag.


“KAWAII~ this one is so cute! More! More~ “


*KRING!! *KRING!! . I didn’t notice the phone cause I’m lost on my own wonderland taking pictures of Mayu-chan and Yuki-chan.

“Jurina, your phone is ringing!” said Rena
“oh! Moshi mosh~”

“We need to take pictures too! You two are kawa~ <3 *cough! I mean, we need to get some background check on this girl too you know!!” I said with distinction.

“teehee. YOU LOSE MAYU! That’s a good shot <3” I thought.

“OKAY! I give up. I’ll think of something else. Just please stop these weirdo things you are doing! Or…. Just have your own date!! Grr” as she surrendered on me and hang up.

“nyaaaa~ I won! I won!”

“What did she say?” Rena confusedly asked me as she is now using her binoculars.

“She said….ano~” me stuttering.

“HMM. She couldn’t know my picture modus operandi” problematic Jurina mind.

“SHE SAID, LET’S JUST HAVE OUR OWN DATE MA’AM!” as I straightened my body and saluted my superior.

“EH?!”  Rena said in awe.


Mayu POV

“sigh. These two. Really”
“something wrong Mayu-chan?” Yuki asked me with her mega worried face.
“oh. Nothing! Nothing! Don’t mind me.” as I brushed off her worries.
“ sou desu nee~ well then, where should we go first?” she asked me while looking at the map.

“hmm.. nothing in mind though, wherever you like” I answered and smiled at her.
“erm. Same. Okay. To settle this… say STOP whenever you feel like it” as she wanders her index on the map while closing her eyes.

“HEY. I USED TO DO THAT TOO! So funny Yukirin” I thought.

“STOP!” as we both turned a peek on what ride her index finger stopped on.


“iiiiieeee~”  *cold breese swhoosh swoosh*

“What Mayu? You scared?” Yuki teases me.
“What did you say? I’m NOT! Never!’ as I try to hide my pale face which is now trembling in fear


Inside the Nightmare House…

I felt eerie inside. “huuu. This is too much for me! Daddy!!” as I tremble in fear, good thing its dark enough inside for her not to notice it. Suddenly I felt someone held my trembling hand. It’s Yuki.

I felt safe.

I bravely caught up with her walking down the alley inside the house with eyes closed, well tightly closed.

*creek *creek *cre~ eekk

Blame my curiosity I opened my one eye and turned to the origin of the sound. There I saw a girl wearing a white gown, soaked in blood waling after me with her one leg broken.

“ERRK?! Hiyaaaaaaaaaaa~” I was scared enough to let go of Yuki’s hand and dashed to nowhere.



Yuki POV

“STOP!” Mayu said as we both turned a peek on what I stopped on.


I noticed Mayu turned instantly pale and is slightly trembling. “teehee Mayu-chan scaredy-cat <3” I thought.

“What Mayu? You scared?” I teased her.
“What did you say? I’m NOT! Never!’ She responded with attitude.

“let’s see Mayu-chan <3”

Inside the Nightmare House…

It was an eerie dark cold room. I walked by her side by side but somehow, she walks extra slow as we push through inside. I felt she’s really scared. I held her hand. It was cold and.. Trembling I noticed. I decided to follow her pace.

*creek *creek *cre~ eekk

“hiyaaaaaaa~” she shouted in fear and literally dashed off to the darkness.

“MAYU!!” I called her worriedly. I then noticed the actress wearing gown soaked in blood at the side, “tch that’s so lame though” I thought as I searched for Mayu.

“Mayu-chan!! Mayu-chan!!” I called for her endlessly as I enter every room in there. Nothing,

“Mayu, where are you?”

I then noticed a moving object across the room. A girl on her knees trembling in fear. It’s Mayu.

“MAYU!” I uttered as I dashed off towards her and knelt before her.

“Mayu, I’m here! It’s fine now” I hugged her softly placing my chin on her head. I suddenly felt her hugging me too.

*hic *hic Yuki don’t leave me” she said crying.
“baka! You’re the one who left me tch” as I gave her a fair smile and led her outside while hugging her.

“I’ll protect you.. promise”

Rena POV

“erm! I told you Lt. Colonel Matsui! We shouldn’t waver!”  as I, Major Matsui said distinctively.
“Ma’am, that’s an order from the Presidential Daughter, Ma’am!” Jurina answered.
“What order?! Dating you?!” I asked her.
“Calm down Major… calm down. We don’t need your Gekikara mode in here” Jurina said as she led me to a chair near the rides. Suddenly I noticed Mayu-chan and Yuki-chan going out of the Nightmare House near our table.

“erm! That’s Mayu-chan and Yuki-chan!” As I point to the two figures at the exit.
“NO! NO! NO! We shouldn’t disrespect an order” Jurina said as she restrains me.

“Well then, Why not try that Nighty House there? What do you think Major?” Jurina added.
“What?!” I asked her with a furious face.
“Don’t tell me…..”
“What?! NO! I’m not scaredy-cat! Never!” I told her assumingly.

“VERY WELL THEN MAJOR!” As she dragged me inside the room.

Inside the Nightmare House…

“errm so eerie. But I must not waver! I’M MAJOR GENERAL MATSUI RENA! I’M NOT SCARED OF ANYTHING!” I thought. When I turned on how is Jurina doing, well I think she’s doing very well not manifesting any signs of gayness. “tch”

*creek *creek *cre~ eekk

Using my army instincts I thought of… ” Lt. Colonel Matsui, guards up! Someone is following us! Stalker~” I ordered.
“Copy!!” as Jurina responded.
I then readied my handheld firegun while Jurina took out her….

“errm?! Jurina what is that??”
“Tear gas ma’am! We need to capture the culprit!” she said proudly.

And the rest is history. *creek *creek *cre~ eekk

Mayu POV

Sitting with Yukirin side by side outside the cafeteria now, I felt shy at the same time relieved of what she did for me earlier.

“Nee~ Yukirin, Arigatou” as I looked down while stirring my coffee, more likely to hide my tomato red face now.
“Ah that, no worries, didn’t know you’re a scaredy-cat Mayu~YU” she teases me, smirking.

“Mayu~YU?” as I turned my gaze on her and saw her smiling at me. “so pretty~”

“I’ll call you Mayuyu from now on” she announced happily.
“What? It’s cute” she said teasingly. Somehow I think it really is cute so I just let it go. Suddenly…


“What’s that?” I asked Yukirin as I saw her looking confused too on what’s happening.
“I didn’t know they’re having special fireworks display here too…” as she points at the mini fireworks-ish scene near the Nightmare House area.

“Must be, must be” agreeing with her “ I wonder”

 It’s almost dark.

“Nee Yukirin~ wanna try the Ferris Wheel? They say the view up there is very nice” I told her.
“Oh yeah it is, very nice. You haven’t tried it I assume.” she answered.
“Yeah, I guess you already did” I said.
“Yeah, I already tried it, I was with Koji that time” she explained. When I heard it I felt a sudden pain in my heart.
“nani Mayuyu?” she asked me worriedly.
“Nothing. Let’s just go” I assured her. And there we struggled to get through the swarm of people to the Ferris wheel line.

*UP UP UP on the Ferris wheel*

“kyaaaaa~ such a nice view!!!” I uttered while enjoying the very nice view of Tokyo, sparkly city lights and fresh air. I turned my head to look at my companion.

I suddenly remembered my promise to Jurina. “Nee Yukirin~ let’s take a photo together here” I happily suggested.
“Good idea” she agreed. We then made our “peace-sign” together and happily smiled in front of our mobile phones.


We took photos for each of our mobiles phone. “there~ our first picture together”

 I just then fully appreciated how she looked like, her dress, her make-up. Everything is just way too perfect. She’s a princess… much more like a Queen indeed. “perfect”

“See? Such a nice view” she said while holding her gaze on the Tokyo view.

“No, I think it’s perfect” I said.

Sidewalk to Watanabe Apartment..

She’s kind enough to walk me home. We are now walking side by side. Though no one has even bothered to utter a single word since we left Disneyland. Step by step we are now heading near my apartment. Finally, one step and there we are now in front of my Apartment.

“so, this is where you live Mayuyu?” as she take a glance on our pretty simple apartment little did she know where I really live.
“yeah, it’s simple but it’s cute I think” I said and smiled.

“I had fun today, thank you Mayuyu” she said.
“yeah, me too” I replied to her.

“why do I get this feeling? I wanna kiss her….eerm” I thought.

“sou~ jaaa Mayuyu!” as she turned her back at me.
“wait!” as I grabbed her hand.

I thought.

We shared our gazes, undecided on what to do. Suddenly…

“MAYU-CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!”  I heard a very much familiar voice, so much familiar I was right with my instinct when I turned my head to verify it.

“YUKO-CHAN!!!” I shouted out of happiness.

PS: nyaaa~ there Yuko finally appeared  XD jaa~ Tokyo U school trip coming soon! jaaa~  :nervous

my hat is off. saluting.

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YAY !!! Yuko-chan come.....  :thumbsup

 :lol: :lol: :lol: Wmatsui, you're really funny  :lol: :lol: :lol:

thanks for the update

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A/N I'm not gonna hold back these finished chapters as long as it's technically finished. I'll post it  :lol: and also I'm really happy seeing my fave writers here still alive.  :roll: *cough update! *cough update!

so now, here's our ULTRA MEGA SQUIRREL IN ACTION! DOZOU~  :on cigar:


Mayu POV

Watanabe Apartment (Mayu’s room)

After a fair introduction Yuki already went ahead.

“kyaaaa~ Mayu-chan! I missed you so much!” as she gave me a bearhug.
“Yuko-chan!!! Me too! I missed you so much!” as I answer her bearhug <3

[ Author talking here: they’ve been separated for only few days here *facepalm*]

“Nee~ Mayu-chan! I see, I see, so she’s the ladybug you’re seeing nowadays huh?!” as she teases me with her ojii-san face.
“whaaat?! How did you~?” *blink* *blink* I guess I know the answer.


|Meanwhie at the dining area: wMatsui eating                
|Rena: Jurina what’s wrong?! You choke on something?!   
|Jurina: EK! Uck! Erk! Wattteeer! Waatt ~eer!                 

“Anyway, Yuko-chan why are you here? Since when? HOW?!” I happily asked while we hopped on my bed.
“Mr. President!” she answered as she placed some papers on my face.
“nani~” as I carefully grabbed the papers and read what’s written on it….

School Admission
Tokyo University
School Year 2013-2014

Student : Oshima Yuko

“HUWAAAA~” shocked on what I just read.
“Hontoni?!” I happily asked her.
“Hai!” she answered.
“This must be….” As I remembered one particular event just early morning.

“I have a surprise for you honey~”
“surprise? Oh no! no! no! I’ve had too much already”
“nope. This one will certainly make you the happiest”

“Daddy, I love you teehee<3”

“YUKO-CHAN! YOU WON’T REGRET COMING HERE!” I swore to her while holding both of hands with sparkly eyes.
“I KNOW! I KNOW! MAYU-CHAN!! “ as she gave me a very much familiar look and then…

“OSHIRI!!!!! <3”

Yuki POV

Homeroon class…

Today is a normal day. Except for the fact I didn’t get to see Mayu at my ever precious locker area today because Koji went to pick me up as his “sorry “ for not seeing me during breaks these past few days. I missed him. Well, not that much…


*ZZZDDD* Shinoda-sensei got in and we made our morning greetings.

“hmm, where’s Mayu? Class is starting, I wonder…” Sensei, started roll-calling our names but eventually skipped Mayu’s number.

“Uhm, sensei! You didn’t call Mayu-chan’s number, though she isn’t here.” As I raised my hand and eventually answered my own question.

“ah~ it’s fine Yuki-san, Mayu-chan is at the Principal’s Office, she was called for a discussion” sensei explained.
“EH?!!? DISCUSSION?! DID SHE DO SOMETHING WRONG?” and there again my infamous overreaction yet again.
Everyone in the class has never had enough of it, even sensei. “EHHH BAKA YUKIRIN BAAAA~KAAAA~”

“ah~ don’t worry Yuki-san, it’s nothing serious” she smiled at me.

“ARA~ Today, we have to discuss for the upcoming School Festival!” sensei announced.
Girl 1: “kyaaaa~ I’ll get to see Yuki-sama play as the Queen again! <3”
Girl 2:”and and and…. Koji-kun <3”
Girl 3: “the one last year is soooo amazing!!! I’m so excited for this year!”

Boy 1: “last year is amazing, yeah… but I wanna see Mayu-chan play too!”
Boy 2: “yeah! I agree!”
Boy 3: “this will be awesome!!”
“sigh. OH NO!!! I don’t want to play agaaaain! Mayu-chan will see meeee!!! No kissing pleeease UGH” I thought.
I started daydreaming… WHAT IF…

“SENSEI!!” I said as I stood up and slammed my hand on my desk.
“eh? Yes Yuki-chan?” she asked me. Everyone is now looking at me intensely.

*tic *toc *tic *toc



Four figures are standing before the highly respected Principal as well as the Director of the School, Akimoto Yasushi. A squirrel-like girl standing beside a Cyborg-like figure, and a girl with cat-like smile beside an okaa-saan… Okaa-san?! Well never mind. Let’s move on.


*cough *cough

“You four know very well your situation right?” the man asked the four.
“hai.” The four answered in unison.
“Well then, I can’t put you all on the same section, it’s very risky and let’s just put some effort on this as Mr. Pres~ *cough your father requested” he explained and particularly looking at the Cyborg-like girl.

“so, Oshima-san, you may join class 3-C, the Junior class, You Matsui lowbie you may join Watanabe-san to keep a closer look at her, and finally you, Gen. Matsui, you may join the Council President.”

“Hai” said the four in unison.

Yuki POV

Homeroom class…

“ I… I~ suggest giving the role of the prince to a girl”

“EHHHHHH?!?” everyone uttered in shock with the sudden statement.

“ano~” I stuttered. “baa~KA! Now everyone thinks you’re weird Yukirin” I thought to myself.
“You see, Koji-kun is really tired with council stuff, so I think… hmm let’s give him a break this year!! Yeah hehe”  I explained.

Girls and boys in class: AWWWW. Sweet Queen <3

“erk?! These people are sure weird” I thought as I felt my eyes twitching.
“ano~” everyone stopped with the sudden voice of Koji at the back.
“I decided to play the part this year again’ as he stood up and smiled at me.
*ZZZZDDDD* door opens and I saw my little Cyborg with an unexpected companion.
“Sumimasen sensei~ Ohayou minna-san” as she walked straight to my side leaving the girl with a cat-like smile.
“Oh, cmon’in, Class it’s a surprise we have a new student here to accompany us, go on” as she led the girl to introduce herself.
“Matsui Jurina-desu, Yoroshikou onegaishimasu” and bowed in front of the class.
“So, you may sit at….” As sensei scanned the room for an unoccupied seat.
“OH sensei! Oneegai? I have a very VEEEERY MUCH POOR EYESIGHT!” as she persuades sensei with puppy eyes.

“thaaat~ THAT!!! STRATEGY!!!” as I widened my eyes and turning my gaze at my seatmate which is now revolving her eyes left and right and eventually hid herself with a book.
“oh~ what’s happening with the society today? Too much technology well then, you sit in front too, go take this seat beside Yuki-san” as sensei emptied the seat.
“oh no no no! sensei can I take the seat beside Mayu-chan?” she said pleading while stealing glances at me.
“TCH! THIS GIRL! WANNA STEAL MY MAYU! Grr” as I shared a furious stare with her *bzzt bzzzt bzzt
“okay fine… fine.. I’ll seat beside Kashiwagi-san” she surrendered and winked at me and eventually took her seat beside me.

“Well then, going back to our topic, how about this Yuki-san? Koji-kun still wanna play the part? What do you say?’ sensei asked.

“What play?” Mayu asked curiously.
“oh~ you were not here Mayu-san, we’re having a play this year again for the school festival, our Queen suggested to have a twist though, it’s giving the role of the prince to a girl which is previously taken by our non-other than King Koji-kun” sensei explained.
I turned my head to see Mayu’s reaction. But all I saw was a blank face, a cyborg-flat affect one precisely.
“SENSEI!” all the students in class turned their attention to our new classmate.
“I’D LIKE TO REQUEST FOR A COSPLAY EVENT THOUGH, SENSEI!’ as she stood up with straight body.

*cough *COUGH!

“Mayu, you okay?” as I heard Mayu cough excessively.
“oh! Nothing. I’m fine.” She answered.
Girl 1: KYAAAA~ COSPLAY! Sensei! That’s a good idea!
Girl 2: yaddaaa~ I can finally wear my maid costume!
Boy 1: that’s a good one! Sensei let’s try something new!
“What about our play?” sensei asked the class. Everyone stopped and thought for an answer.

“LET’S SKIP THIS YEAR!!! Teehee <3’ everyone said cheerfully.

Yuko POV

Junior classrooms corridor…

“teehee Mr. President! You’re my saviour! 3-C, 3-C, <3” as I put out my hidden pictures of campus lovely girls on my blazer pocket
“Oshirii! Oshirii Oshirii! <3 Jackpot! You’re my classmate now Haruna-chan! OHOHOHO this girl is cute too! Maeda Atsuko hmm…” as I took my lovely journey to my classroom staring at my pictures. Suddenly..
*BOINK! *BOINK! I bumped on something… soft.
I carefully examined the soft thing.. *pinch *pinch
“KYAAA~ what’s this thing?! So soft nyaaa~”
“HENTAAAAAAAI!!!” as the soft thing I was pinching was a girl’s *cough you know.
“hwaaa~ I’m not Hentaaaai!!” as I redeem myself from her hitting me with her books. Suddenly I realized the girl hitting me was the girl on the picture that Jurina sent me.

“Nani~ Haruna-chan?” as the girl behind her approached her, Appearing to be the girl again on other pictures.


“this girl Acchan!!! This!!! Heeeeeentaaaai!!!! Hentai! Hentai!” haruna points at me blushing.
“I’m not heeentai! Calm down, I’m actually looking for my classroom, here! Look!” as I showed them my admission paper.

Enrolled: Oshima Yuko
Section: 3-C

“sou~ Haruna-chan, you’re classmates” as Acchan smiled to Haruna and patted her shoulder.
“nyaaa~ Kawaaiii~” I thought.
“tch well then, come with me” as she angrily walked down the corridor leaving me.
“Wait! Wait! Nyaaaa~”

Class 3-C..

“Oshima Yuko-desu, Yoroshikou Onegaishimasu” as I bowed in front of the class.
“sou~ let’s see where you can sit” as sensei scanned the room. NO VACANT.
“Sensei! I can sit here!’ as I took my seat on Haruna’s lap.

“kyaaa~ Hentaaaaai!”

Mayu POV

STUDENT COUCIL HEADQUARTERS (complete members except for the NEW one YET AGAIN and Secretary)

“Ara..Ara..Ara.. we have another member again!” as Takamina-sensei announced.
“BUT! due to certain circumstances…. She’s now taking her rest at the clinic” she added.
“Circumstances teehee<3” I thought.
“Circumstances?” YuiParu asked in unison.
“well, must be excessive lost of blood, and bruises” Jurina said while smirking and a sudden Major appearing at her side hitting her with a notebook while shaking her head.
“Ittai!!!” Jurina said in pain.
“No! No! No! Yui-chan, Paruru it’s not for kids, c’mon let’s just talk about something else here <3” as she drag the two at the corner and there her smile.

“I wonder where’s Ms. Secretary”
Haruna POV

School Clinic…

“tch heeentaaaai!” as I angrily sat beside the bed which is now occupied by a certain squirrel-like girl which apparently harassed me just earlier in front of the class.
“Oshirriii…” she murmured.
“tch! See?!!? Heeentai!” I said staring at the girl. And then suddenly she smiled, not a perverted one, but a cute one showing her dimples.
“kawaaaii~” I thought. I suddenly couldn’t help but pinch her dimples. She slowly has awoken from her slumber.
“nggt… ittai. Ittai.” As she held her forehead which now is bruised cause of her previous fall. I suddenly felt guilty.
“ano~ gomenasai Yuko-san” I muttered.
“nyaaa~ Haruna-chan! You took care of me? nyaaa~ how sweet? <3” she said awkwardly between happiness and pain.
“Of course not! What’s the use of having a school doctor and nurse?!” I said as I try to hide my blushing face.
“sou ka~” she uttered.
“Again I’m sorry” I restated.
“mou~ it’s fine.” She smiled at me. Her cute smile again.
“Though… I have one request” she said smiling, but the perverted one yet again.
“tch, this girl is such a weirdo! REQUEST?!?! HENTAI HENTAI!” I thought.
“let me sleep again….ON YOUR LAP! Nyaa~” she announced happily.
“EH!?!” I muttered in shock.
“Ittai. Ittai. My face. Huuuuu” she murmured on herself most probably fake-crying with puppy-eyes. “tch!”
“Okay! Fine! I’ll let you sleep” as I sat on her bedside and let her sleep on my lap.

“Goodnight Yuko-chan”
nyaa~ some other couples on the next chapter which is barely 3 parts, I'll post all of them at once. jaa~  :on blackhole:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: The President's Daughter (Ch7-2/8)[Mayuki/YuiParu/wMatsui/KojiYuu+???]
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Re: The President's Daughter (Ch7-2/8)[Mayuki/YuiParu/wMatsui/KojiYuu+???]
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Thank you for the updates
Yuko is being a Hentai as usual huh :nervous
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Re: The President's Daughter (Ch7-2/8)[Mayuki/YuiParu/wMatsui/KojiYuu+???]
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Re: The President's Daughter (Ch7-2/8)[Mayuki/YuiParu/wMatsui/KojiYuu+???]
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A/N thanks for reading/commeting guys. It has come to my attention the recent situation of some Asian countries. GodBless Japan, China, Phillippines and everyone. Be safe, to my fellow colleagues who don't get tired of doing stuff with my craziness, STAY ALIVE PLEASE. My idol writers, get well soon :)

I give you the next episo~ I mean chapter dozou~  :deco:

CHAPTER 9 (Part 1)

Jurina POV

The next day @ Homeroom class…

“geez. That Kashiwagi!” as I slammed my face on my desk as soon as I turned my head to look after Mayu on my left I saw a black smoke oozing out of this Black girl beside me.
*zzzt zzzt (stare)
“geez this girl. Really. She scary as much as Rena-chan” I thought. Suddenly our beloved Shinoda-sensei has arrived and immediately started our Homeroom class after the greetings.
“Ara~ it’s been announced that instead of next month, our school trip will push through NEXT WEEK!”
As soon as sensei uttered “week” “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! <3” all students happily shouted.
“tch, School trip?” on the second thought. “YAY! I could finally refresh my army excercises!! Nyaa~” I thought.
“So from the time of after Lunch onwards all classes will be pre-empted to give way to your preparations for the school trip, finish all your homework and projects, DON’T-WASTE-ANY-SECOND-GOT-IT?”

“HAI!” everyone excitedly answered.

Homeroom and Mathematics Classes have gone so fast. It’s finally lunch time though I still have to perform my duties as; well you could call me as personal bodyguard literally. I was about to stand up when suddenly….
“Nee~ Jurina wanna come with me and Yukirin for lunch?” Mayu asked me.
“ano~” I stuttered as I saw the girl behind her oozing with black smoke I could even feel thunders around us. “sigh. This girl is sure in love” I thought. Suddenly I saw a moving twig just outside the window.

*to the left *swoosh *swoosh
*to the right *swoosh *swoosh

“EERK? THAT TWIG! IT’S ALIVE!” as I stared awkwardly at the moving twig outside the window.
“nani~ Jurina?” Mayu asked worriedly.
“aah~ nandemonai~ hahaha!” as I tried to brush the topic off.
“I forgot, I needed to do something important ha~ha~ha~” I added and immediately dashed outside the room and hid at the nearest post. I took off my white blazer and covered my head duck walking to the moving twig just outside the window.
“YOU WILD POKEMON! I’LL CATCH YOU~ nyahahaha” I thought while slowly moving towards the moving twig.
“GOTCHA!!” I shouted euphorically.




“WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!” we both asked.

“tch! Get off me” she said while pushes me away breaking the hug-catch.
“ERK?! What’s with the stupid twig, as I prickle her twig on her head.
“ssssh!” as she put her index finger on my lips to shut up.
“Keep your voice down, Mayu-chan might hear us eh~” she added.
“Okay, fine” I replied.
“It’s a sure thing, she won’t like us tail her all day” she added.
“You’re right though…but erk?! Could you just remove your twig sigh.”
“NO! It’s awesome can’t you see” *wiggle *wiggle
“NO! It’s not!” as I struggle to remove her twig.
“IT IS!!! Baakaa! Baakaa!” as she strangled our arms fighting for the twig. Suddenly it just happened that we both fell on the floor and realized how near our faces to each other.

Our eyes met.

“Rena-san is pretty much…hmm attractive” I thought.

*cough “I told you, it-is-NOT” as I removed her twig using my one hand while the other pinning her down and gave her my cat-like smile. She’s still not moving and still focused on me.”Did I just see her blush there?”
“nani~ Rena-chan?” I asked her.


“MAYU-CHAN!” she realized and immediately looked over the window.
“She’s gone” she concluded.
“AHHH!! Lt. Matsui! Hurry!” as she dragged me along the corridor with all the students staring at us.
We managed to find Mayu and Yuki eating in a very cozy yet secured place near a Sakura Tree behind the school grounds. We took the safe spot near the bushes and decided to eavesdrop.
Mayu: yadda!! What’s up for lunch Yuki-chan?
Yuki: Ara~ tadaa!
Mayu: huwaa what’s that?
Yuki: oh. Here it’s called Melon pan teehee <3
Mayu: it looks yummy, can I give it a try?
Yuki: of course, here!
I was busy taking pictures of the two when suddenly I noticed the girl beside me at the verge of fainting.
“nani~ Rena san?” I asked her.
“ME~ me~lon pan” she murmured.
Yuki: try it now, Mayu-chan, youll love it.
Mayu was about to take a bite when suddenly.
“KYAAAAAAAAA~” Rena-instantly appeared in front of the two.
“MAYU-CHAN! YOU~ YOU….GIVE ME THAT MELON PAN RIGHT AWAY!” as she pointed and glared at the melonpan at hand.
“EHHHH??!” Yuki and Mayu shocked at what’s happening.
“tch, what are you doing Rena-chan?! Ruining the moment!!!” as I hid my handheld camera again.
“I~m I’m ano~ I’m here to…TO DO SOME SANITARY CHECK AS STUDENT COUCIL!” she declared.
“EH?! SANITARY CHECK?!?” they both uttered.
“So gimme that melon pan! I need to try it first! We should check first if it is poisoned!” she explained extending her arm to get the melon pan.

After few minutes….

“Mayu-chan stop crying…. I’ll bring you one tomorrow again, nee? And some jellybeans nee?” as Yuki tries to console the crying Mayu.
*hic *hic “ I didn’t know *hic we have to do so many tries to check up if something *hic is poisoned” *hic *hic as Mayu continued to cry on Yuki.

“tch. That Rena-chan ruined this moment! Really.” I just then decided to leave the two alone and look for the culprit who just ruined my moment. As I ran around the campus I found her sitting behind a tree, sleeping.
“erm. Pretty” I was about to fix her messy hair on her face when suddenly…

“Melon pan” she murmured on her sleep.

“Yeah, let’s blame the Melon pan” I chuckled.

CHAPTER 9 (PART 2) Simultaneous with Part 1


Inside an empty haunted-ish classroom @ abandoned building….

“Sigh. What are we gonna do with these junks Paruru?” as I threw the junk I’ve been dragging all the way.
“tch. You lazy! Why’d you threw my babies?!?!” as the perfect student-ish girl in front of me picked her “babies” one after another carefully.
“I’m so tired of this SPECIAL CLUB we’re doing!” as I sat on the nearest empty desk.
“So are you gonna quit now? And leave me?” she said while her back still facing me.
 I was stunned with the sudden change of her aura. Normally, I’ll jokingly brush it off and ends up following her desires. But now I just couldn’t carelessly let this feeling go. “Is she mad?”
“You know Yui-chan….” She said while turning her body facing me and suddenly looks straight into my eyes.
“What I’ve always wanted is to make people happy” she added as she flashed her smile at me. “You sure are, Paruru” I thought and just surrendered yet again.
“Ara~ what’s up for today though” as I carefully examined her “babies” on her hands. Well, they’re much likely weirdo gadgets.
“That Jurina-sempai! I told you, we should make her our member!” she said euphorically, sparkly eyes.
“Hmm, it’ll be a problem since that weirdo Rena-sempai is always with her” as I placed my thumb on my chin.
“Very well then!! We shall make them both our NEW MEMBERS! Kyaaa~” Paruru announced.
“Ara ~ Ara~ Lazy Yui-chan! MOVE IT! MOVE IT! Let’s find our members now!” as she recklessly dragged me out.


We managed to find our newest targets at the very unlikely spot at the back of the school grounds…
“Gotcha!” Paruru said as she uses her ultra mega high-tech binoculars.
“Nee~ Yui-chan hold this for me, HURRY!” as she gave me a nylon-made fishing net.
“And wear this!” as she gave me a mask.
“EH?! What the heck is this?!” I curiously asked her. Instead of answering she just gave me a very awkward smile.
“Geez. Paruru always making trouble” Sigh.
“on the count of 4!”
“EH? Why 4?!?”
“I just like 4! No more questions!” as she went back on her fishing-stance.



Jurina POV

I found her sleeping behind a tree at the back of the school grounds. She’s fast asleep. Not even bothered by her environment. “So careless general” I moved closer and closer.
“erm. Pretty” I was about to fix her messy hair on her face when suddenly…
“melon pan” she murmured on her sleep. I chuckled.

“GOTCHA!” I then found myself trapped inside a nylon-made fishing net with Rena.
“EH??!” shocked with what’s happening.

“What these kids doing these days?!” but I decided to go with the flow since I’m very much confident on my army skills whatever happens. We moved inside an abandoned building.
“Hmm didn’t know we have this kind of place here” I thought as the two girls dragged us while Rena still fast asleep.
“What the?! Rena-chan?”

Inside a room…

“Ara~ you better follow my orders or follow my orders!” as the girl with a very much familiar voice turned on me.
“errm, Do  I have any OTHER CHOICE?” I asked her sarcastically.
“ano~ sumimasen, but I think you just follow her gomen gomen~” as the other girl bowed on me a million times.
‘EH?!? You two are sure weirdos” I said as I slid out my hidden army knife on my socks and freed myself.
“EEEEH?!?!” the two uttered in shock.

“Yadda~ so now, you better answer my question or answer my question!”
“Sou desu nee~” I said after hearing the explanation of the two weirdos who apparently happened to be my  fellow Student Council Members, Yui and Paruru.
“nani Jurina-chan~ Okotteru?” Rena asked me with a very much familiar face, half wake-half asleep.
“KYAA~ no! no! No! Rena-chan!” as I calm her down and led her on her seat again.
“So your club, is to help people confess their feelings to the one they love?” I asked the two.


“We saw you confess to Mayu-sempai before! YOU LOOK AWESOME!!” Paruru said as she moved closer on me.
“EH?! That~”
“is apparently a joke~” she continued my sentence.
“yeah ha~ha~” as I took my seat.
“ANYHOW! YOU LOOK AWESOME! I STILL WANT YOU TO JOIN MY CLUB!” as she points at me hysterically and poor Yui restraining her.

“Well then, welcome to me and Rena-chan I guess ha~ ha~”

CHAPTER 9 (Extra Part) Simultaneous with 1&2

Atsuko POV


“I don’t know what’s really happening on Earth, the royal section decided to break off the school tradition” as Takamina slammed some papers on her desk.
“You mean the school play?” as I moved on her back and placed my arms around her.
“un” she muttered.
“MI~NA~MI~” I chuckled. Little did the campus know what my relationship with the council adviser is? She’s actually my girlfriend. Well, it’s not so much of a secret there’s one person who knew this, Queen Yuki.
“Don’t worry much about it, I’m sure they have something more fun to show” as I sat on her lap anchoring my arm on her shoulder.
“nee~ Minami?” *wink then eventually smiled assuring her.
“sigh. Hopefully, let’s just wait for the Principal has to say with this” she said as she looked up on me and smiled.
“nee~” as I stared on my girlfriend which is now manifesting signs of fever on her face and moved closer to her ear.

“I LOVE YOU, maji de~”

“hmpt!”as she leapt on her seat.
“MI~na~MI~! you sure are still sensitive..” as I kissed her lips softly and turning my stance facing her.
“You better treat Yui-chan and Paruru as thanks” I uttered as I playfully lingered my fingers through her hair.
“huh? Thanks? For what?” she curiously asked.

“secret <3”
I'm soooooooory, Promise to relieve our MaYuki feels next chapter  :yawn: sorry for boring you  :bow: :bow:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Just because a melonpan, Rena ruined Mayuki moments :mon exhaust:
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