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Author Topic: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "It's a Love-Hate Business! pt 3" (WMatsui & Mayuki)  (Read 92268 times)

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Hello, people! A compilation of my one-shots in here~ As usual, the pairings would be random and you can also suggest/request/beg for any pairings of oshiis you favor but it will all depends on my mood and time. Ehehehe, sorry about that...

My Entry in AKB Fanfic Contest (RenaYuki)

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Enough (Soukantoku/slight AtsuMina)
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Compromise (KojiYuu & Saeyaka)


Jurina was lying upside down on the couch with her legs hanging on the head rest and her head the other way. She sluggishly press the remote control button changing the channels for the 48th time already. Drama… Losing memories again? Duh... Documentaries? Ehh no puppies... Boring… Playback movies… Crappy lovestory… News? Who watch news?? Haaaa…  Isn’t there some adult thingy in here…


“Oh! A message!”

Jurina quckly reaches her phone on the coffee table. Unlocking the screen, she reads the message.

“Ehehehehe… how dare you…”

Jurina types her reply like the Flash, as fast as lightning… suitable with her character of a player, once upon a time that is… she giggles like a high school girl who had just received a corny line from her boyfriend.

"HAHAHAHA! That was funny!"

Unknown to her, a pair of eyes is observing everything. Rena just got out from her morning bath inside Jurina’s room. She was just staying over for the night after their study session finished a little bit late... I repeat, it was a “study session”, people! Seeing her girlfriend's act, she starts fuming with smokes visibly rose from her head.

“JURIIINA… WHAT ARE YOU DOING…” Rena asks calmly with menacing voice.


“Re… Rena-chan… ahahaha… Good morning to you too, hyon-honey…”

“Is it really a GOOD MORNING to you, Jurina?”

Jurina looks outside seeing birds merrily tweets on the tree branches under the shines of the glorious sun with the background of a baby blue sky.

“Errr… it is?” Jurina scratches her head.

"Not for long..." Rena mumbles... She continues her interrogation...

“Are you flirting with some other girls…?”

“What? Of course not… how can I flirt when there’s a hot girl standing right in front of me now...” Jurina wiggles her brows playfully at Rena. She eyes Rena who was wearing a bathrob at the moment, like a horny cute puppy…

“You know, you really look fine in that… but I think you look better without anything on, honey…” Rena tries to keep her cool with Jurina’s constant flirt. It was such a turn off to see the dumb puppy is still holding the phone, her constant target. A light bulb dings inside her head.

“You want a piece of me, baby?”

Jurina nods like an obedient dog with a goofy idiotic smile as she is still lying upside down…

Rena approaches the adult-like kid slowly, swaying her hips ever so temptly… Jurina’s body tenses as she awaits her sexy angel, you can literally see a wagging tail comes out from her bum.

Jurina’s POV

Oh My Kami-Sama!!! Is this it? Am I getting it right here, right now??? Please, spare my childhood life for the moment…

“Are you sure…” Rena-chan pulls the bathrobe collar on one side, showing those sexy collar bones and godly-sculpted shoulder… GULPS.

“You can…” Rena-chan pulls out her long slender milky white leg… GASP!

“Handle me…?” Rena-chan bit her lower plump pink lips with a finger on her mouth, a provocative pose shown as the finishing move… KYAAAA!!!


Ouch! My head! Finally, I can see my Rena-chan in a normal 180 degree sight… Her slender alluring legs are right in front of me! I should chomp this piece of meat and make it mine!!!


Wait… what?

“Now lets see who were you talking to earlier…”

My hand… my phone… HUH?? MY PHONE!!!

“Wait, Rena-chan! Don’t open that! I beg you, please!!!”

“Why?” Rena-chan asks with a raised eyebrow… Damn hot! Hey… I shouldn’t think of that you devil Jurina, not right now!

“Ummm… because… it’s from Mizuki!”

Just in cue, the door slams open revealing three people with a smokescreen surrounding them…  well, more like a big fire had just been set out in the hallway…

“Did someone says ma name?” Mizuki comes in clad with a cowboy outfit with that pitiful Texas slang… Masana shakes her head… It is unknown why she bothered to hang around with these two clowns…

“Good heavens… I’ve told you Mii-chan we should use less smoke. I can’t see anything… Hey, what’s this…” Shiitan rubs her way around like a blind man only to grab hold of something soft…


“KYAAAA!!!” Masana shrieks as she pushes Shiitan’s hand away from her flat chest…

“Ah sorry… I didn’t mean to… it’s squishable, if that’s make you feel better…” Shiitan acts out the squishiness of Masana’s chest with her hands. Mizuki hits the back of Shiitan’s head…

“Sorry bout that… Hey, Jurina… so how was it?”

“What was what?” Rena interrupts before Jurina manages to cut in.

“Eh? You didn’t told her? I thought she already agreed with it…” Jurina fidgets while her hand still trying to grab her phone back from Rena…

“Oh boy… Here comes trouble!” Shiitan backs away with Masana on tow…

“Does this had anything to do with earlier, Jurina?”

“Rena-chan… seriously, it’s not what you think… you should give that back to me…”

“Not until I see who is this girl you’re talking to.”

“What? Girl? Hey you cheating on her, Jyu baby? I thought you’ve deleted the list…” Jurina lets out an exasperated sigh. Shiitan sure knows how to lighten up the mood…

“Nooo that’s not it!!! I’ve told you it was Mizuki…”

“Who? Me? I’m the girl…?” Shiitan and Masana both gasps, unable to grasp the horror thought of Jurina flirting with Mizuki…

“Yeah… you sent me something remember???”

“Oh… that? Ahahahaha that was hilarious!!! You should see that picture Jurina sent back… “ Mizuki said out loud like the smart girl she is… Jurina frantically sends out hand signals to avoid her from spilling any more misfortune to the puppy girl…

“What picture?”

“Your picture of course…” Jurina face palms… Mizuki sure is innocent. And blunt… there’s no way to escape from this madness as Jurina sees Rena sliding her phone screen trying to look for that certain hilarious picture…

“This is…” Rena’s eyes widen with her face beginning to redden from anger…  Jurina silently backs away from the scene… But no one can run away from Rena’s… no, this time it’s Gekikara’s wrath as she sees the ROCK necklace hung on Rena’s neck. The three newcomer was long gone from the room, sensing the weather is about to become stormy… Jurina holds her breath for the hell she is about to go through.


“Y..yes, my hyon…?” Jurina cowers at the corner of the living room…

“You and I… are going to have a rough day today…” Rena grins like a sicko just got out from the mental asylum… “In the bedroom…NOW.”

“Umm... does it include… some smexy time…?”

Rena laughs with a sickening howl… she glares at Jurina with a seductive smile…

“Oh it does, baby… it does…” To think she would be aroused is the opposite in her mind right now. But who cares? At least she got to have Rena-chan all to herself today… There’s only one more request to keep her from calling Mizuki to order a coffin for her burial tomorrow…

“Please… be gentle?”

And... CUT! That was really short LOL... Alright, Oyassumi~ :P
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Please... Be Gentle?"
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2013, 04:07:40 PM »
What kind of pictur it is, what is she doing on this picture? :D

And I don't think she is going to be gentle. :grin:

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Please... Be Gentle?"
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2013, 07:43:32 PM »
I like the title hehe and fic is funny as expected

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Please... Be Gentle?"
« Reply #3 on: December 03, 2013, 09:26:26 PM »
Rena scary... I wonder what picture did Jurina send :?

Love the title

Can't wait to see next ch, and more couple?

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Kinjirareta...Futari? (AtsuMina)"
« Reply #4 on: December 04, 2013, 08:29:15 AM »
Yo, guys... Another one-shot and this time it's going to be.... *drumrolls*  ATSUMINA, baby!!
Before that... looks like everyone is curious about Rena's photo on previous shot... let's just say, if the pic is leaked, it will affect Rena's idol life LOL I'll leave it to your guys imagination tho... :lol:

This new shot is written like waaay back in 2011. It has been collecting dust since then so here it is! Bear in mind that this shot happens during the 2010 Yokohama Arena concert during the Majisuka Gakuen glory days... If you read it, then you'll know what's it all about... Let's just say, Takamina wasn't suppose to appear during the Kinjirareta Futari song ending...  :D

Alright, here goes nothing... Raise the curtains for.... ATSUMINA!


“This is bad. This is bad. This is bad. THIS IS BAD!”

Yuko is getting lightheaded as Minami shook her body making her head bobble like a spring toy… She pushes Minami away and starts doing the same with every syllables…

“Get. A. Hold. Of. Yourself. BAKAMINA!”

“Oh, I am… if she’s not out there singing together with her!!!”

“What’s wrong with them singing together?”

“It’s a blasphemy! Even the fans would think so…”

“Then, what are you scared of… isn’t that a good thing?”

“NOOOOO… This is Acchan we’re talking about!”

Sayaka snorts at the back. She makes a lashing gesture with her hand…


“That means you’re whipped, by the way…” Sae interrupts stating the obvious, earning a slap on her head from Sayaka…

“They know that, dude…”

“What? It’s in the script… and I need some screen time too…” Sae rubs her head with a pout while Sayaka gave her some judging eyes…

“I can’t stand this… They’ll be up in a couple of minutes!” Yuko rubs her head. To think the leader is troubled because of something petty like this… that is sooo Bakamina…

“So what are you gonna do? Run up there in the middle of the song…?”

Minami eyes gleams as if Yuko just gave the most incredible idea ever…

“Oh no…no… no… you can’t do that, Takamina!”

“Why not? I think that’s a good idea…” Sayaka approves the idea while Sae nods… they looked at each other and grabs Yuko like some criminal trying to get lose…

“You just go, Takamina… We’ll take care of squirrel here…” Sayaka puts a strong chokehold on her…

“What are you… MMMPH!!” Sae puts a hand on Yuko’s mouth to shut her for good…

“Yeah! Go get your girl, midget!”

“Thanks guys… You’re the best twin towers ever!!!” Minami dashed away like a knight about to save her fairytale princess…

-     -    -

Atsuko’s POV

“Maeda-san, get ready! Your turn is next.”


Take a deep breath, Atsuko… This is just like other times… Nothing to get worked up on… nothing to get scared off… nothing to… EEEEP!

“Hey, Atsu-nee! You okay? You look pale…”

“Ahahaha… It’s nothing… just a little bit surprised…” seeing your horrid face that is… Gosh… why am I getting so worked up on this… is it because of the lines I had to sing in the end?

“You know what? I can’t believe I’ll be singing with you, Atsu-nee…” Me neither…

“And to even sing this song… I can’t wait! This will be fun!” Not for me, doll girl… I can’t wait for this to end…

“Okay, guys! Go up there now!”

This is it… the awkward moment of singing Kinjirareta Futari with Nacchu…ugh ... Kami-sama, please hear my plea… do make my face unemotional as the angel of Death… cause this is seriously an abomination!

-     -     -

“Make way! Move aside! Hey, watch out!”

Minami runs to the stage as she push, pulls, jumps and even crawls through the crowds of crews and members… Suddenly, she heard the sound of the song she barely wants to hear at the moment… except for Atsuko’s soothing voice…

Kodachi ni asamoya
Marude dare ka no toiki
Chizu ni nai mizu umi wa
Mada mizu ga nemutte iru

“Damn, it has started already… I gotta be quick!”

Then, the unwanted started… The voice of Nachu reverberates around the backstage as her parts comes in… It was comical to say the least, but Minami isn’t having any of it… She has to save her Atsuko from that hideous yankee even if her career is at stake…

“Wait for me, Atsuko…”

-     -   -

Onna toshite umare nakatta nara
Wakare ko nakatta
Watashi ga otoko ni umarete itara
Musubareteta futari

The crowd went wild with the performance. Never had they expected this sad romantic song to be this fun and entertaining with the presence of Daruma. The ending part is nearing…

Atsuko’s POV

This is it… I’m going to declare my love for my only one shorty in front of these fans… Please, give me some strength!

“… My heart remains with Minami… Because we can always love each other amidst a dream…”

Haaa... finally... I've said those words... Can you hear me, Minami?

“Atsuko!” Eh? Where did that come from… Is there a ghost behind me... Minami?

Minami’s POV

Ah man I’m drenched in sweat… This is soo not good! Whatever… I just had to go up this one last step and my Atsuko will be right in front of me…

“… My heart remains with Minami… Because we can always love each other amidst a dream…”

Huh? Wait… is that a confession? Atsuko… did you really mean that? Oh my, my heart can’t stop beating… THIS FEELING OF HAPPINESS!! KYAAA!

Okay, Minami… get a hold of yourself… keep it cool… I don’t smell bad, am I? Well, here goes nothing…

“Atsuko!” She turns around with a flick of her silky raven hair, her face bearing confusion all over…

Oh My GODDESS! She is soooo pretty I’m gonna melt… Go get her, Takamina!


“Hey, my Atsuko…”

“What are you doing here?”

“Fetching my angel... to be together in our dreams.” Whoa that sounds cheesy… ehehehe

“Minami…” I could see faint blushes on her face amidst the darkness of the stage. I should give a pat of good job on myself…

“Come, my love… let’s climb the stairs of forbidden love together.”

End of Minami’s POV

Daruma just watches the newly made couple walk off the stage with butterflies literally flying around them… Ah, young love sure is great… To have your prince charming walks you off the stage…Eh, wait… this is not even in the script, is it?

"At..Atsu-nee! Wait up!"

Meanwhile in the backstage… everything is in chaos with Bakamidget’s appearance… the crews are running around trying to make up for the haywire that is caused by the team A leader…  Some of the members were shocked with the scene...

“Whoaa… damn that Takamina… she really done it…” Minnegishi says as they watch the scene from the backstage monitors.

“Oh yeah!! Way to go, Takamidget!” The twin towers high fived each other…

“I wonder what will happen now…” Kojiharu wonders cutely with Yuko hanging onto her body like a koala…

“Ehhh… probably some establishment of a worldwide fanbase of Atsumina…”

On the other side…

“What the hell…? What is that Takamina doing up there?” Togasaki can feel his blood pressure rises up…

“I don’t know… she just runs around like some mad man… not to mention the casualties she had caused backstage.”

“Damn it! Hey, put out the lights! Hurry!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Should we call security?”

“What? She’s an idol, you idiot! Call her manager!”

Just as the situation is getting worse, the producer comes in with heavy godly steps…

“What’s with the ruckus, Togasaki-san?”

“Ah! Akimoto-sensei! There’s nothing to worry about… Everything is under control here… Takahashi-san will surely get her punishment after this…”

“No… that is not necessary…”

“Yes, I understa… huh?”

“This is quite entertaining, isn’t it? I wonder what will the future holds for those two…” Togasaki was dumbfounded with the producer. The love affairs of members are forbidden in the management… or was it just a cover up from the media? Is he actually rooting for the girls just like the fans are worshipping their oshiis’ pairing? Akimoto-sensei grins as he watches Minami and Atsuko runs away from everyone…

-     -    -


“Yes, Minami?”





“My Atsuko.”

“…” Atsuko blushes heavily hearing that coming from Minami… she had been dreaming of it for quite some times now and to have it turns into reality after the song…

“Hey, Atsuko… did you really mean everything you said up there?”

“No. It was in the script.”

“What? Is… is that it… I see…” Minami scratches her neck… Disappointment plus embarrassment were written all over her face hearing that coming from her crush… Atsuko smiles cheekily seeing her midget frowns deeply…

“I was joking, Bakamina! Of course I meant every single word I’ve said… even if it was just a script…”

Minami grins widely, happiness swells in her heart…

“So what about you, Minami… you like me?”

“No… I don’t.”


“I don’t like you… I’ve fallen deeply in love with you, Atsuko… Ever since I’ve set my eyes on you the first time we met. To be honest, I was scared of what was going to happen to us if I ever confessed. You know, the rules for love affairs… But nothing matters right now. I can’t keep this feeling from haunting me day and night…”

“Minami…” Atsuko can’t help but felt URESHII with Minami’s confession. Her heart trembles wildly as Minami looks straight into her eyes, showing how great her love is for Atsuko…

“Atsuko, even if this is a forbidden love, I promise you we will always fight through all obstacles, even Togasaki-san… or Nacchu… or even your fans from all around the world… We will always be together as long as you’re right here beside me… I love you, Atsuko.”

“Yes… I love you too, Minami!” Atsuko hugs the life out of the short leader as she is extremely, definitely, outrageously ecstatic with this confession scene…

Minami pulls from the hug as she looks deeply into Atsuko’s eyes. Minami can feel Atsuko’s heart pounding like she just ran a 10 miles distance in an hour, if that’s possible… The midget stands on her toes, approaching Atsuko’s face slowly. Their noses touch each other as the pair await which one will initiate the gesture first… Their breath tickles on their lips as they get closer and closer… a little bit closer… just a millimeter more…


Minami and Atsuko jumps away from the hug, clearly frustrated with those cockblockers… Sayaka and Yuko comes in innocently like they didn’t do any wrong…

“Can’t I have a moment of peace??? What do you want?”

“Hey we have a concert to settle, girls… Let’s go before Togasaki beats you up on stage…”

“Ah yeah… I forgot about that…”

“We will continue that later, Minami… You owe me one…” Atsuko walks out before giving a sneaky seductive look towards Minami...


“You sure are lucky, midget…”

“Uh huh… I sure am…” Minami has a dreamy look on her face… Sayaka snickers while patting both shorties’ back.

“Well, I guess it’s time for KojiYuu moments next time…” Sayaka walks off coolly like a diva before winking with those dashing sexy smile of hers…


That's it, guys... quite lame huh... it's not that short, but it is still short? Ahaha...
Wait, did Sayaka said there would be KojiYuu moments next time? Ahh... looks like I have to obey the SuperLady command... :P

Until next time!  :tama-bye:
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Kinjirareta... Futari? (AtsuMina)"
« Reply #5 on: December 04, 2013, 08:56:35 AM »
Lame ?? it is not ! I enjoyed reading it !
But i agree with the second comment, you cant disobey sayaka, so you have to write some KojiYuu now that you said that :)

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Kinjirareta... Futari? (AtsuMina)"
« Reply #6 on: December 04, 2013, 10:08:28 AM »
How is that lame? Best idea that you could come up with that performance. I've always wanted to read a one-shot of this Kinjirareta Futari version. I was literally squeaking when I watched it. But I thought that Yuko would be the one to come up with that idea since she's so playful and not afraid of taking risks and all; therefore to have it coming from team K almighty captain was something totally out of ordinary.

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Kinjirareta... Futari? (AtsuMina)"
« Reply #8 on: December 04, 2013, 10:50:32 AM »
I like the Atsumina story...

Yeah... I was always wonder if those was in script or Minami wanted to do it...

Because Minami was supposed to be a dead girl... suddenly she appeared...

Yeah... nice back stage plot

Eh... really the next would be Kojiyuu part...

Can't wait...

Thank you for the OSs

PS: Wmatsui OS was also okay... but the plot was a bit random... so the impact was not so strong...
      Sorry if I offense u... But I enjoyed it too...

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Kinjirareta... Futari? (AtsuMina)"
« Reply #9 on: December 04, 2013, 04:43:10 PM »
@Senelcar: Thanks for reading~ I was just stating the title of my shots... :D I'll post the KojiYuu shot later just wait for it  :roll:

Tanchan: Thanks for reading~ like i said before, just stating the title of my shots...  :P I just want to shine some light on our mighty team K leader.. Too bad she graduated!  :cry: She will forever be Team K's super wacky iron leader in my eyes... 8)

TakaminaBG: Thanks for reading~ I think this actually happened for real... in my delusional mind  :w00t: what do you mean you need a second??? You just wanna see them smooch, isn't it...  :shocked JK

cisda83: You've broke my heart... Yo, you die!  :on voodoo:  LOL! JK JK... You can see the diff between my teenage mind and the older one... Haa, i think I'm losing some imaginary sense and skills as i grew older...I wanna go back in time!!!  :cry: Hey i sound like an old hag HAHAHA! thanks for reading tho...  :D
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Kinjirareta... Futari? (AtsuMina)"
« Reply #10 on: December 04, 2013, 05:22:25 PM »
KYAAA!!! That was really fun to read  :lol:

Its been sooo long since I read an AtsuMina fic since I've basically finished majority of the fics on here.

Thanks for writing them, it really calms me to know that there are still writer out there trying to write AtsuMina  :twothumbs I'm also writing one, but life been hectic lately lol.

Ya know, its highly likely that, that was what happened when Minami went to get Atsuko during that performance  :wub: I really like all this behind the scene thing, really makes you think that, that was the hidden secret

anyway, gotta go to school now, cya :) hope you would write more in the future
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Kinjirareta... Futari? (AtsuMina)"
« Reply #11 on: December 04, 2013, 07:09:50 PM »
Hahaha Taka.ina was so brave xD
Yeah listen to Sayaka!!!  Kojiyuu!!!

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Kinjirareta... Futari? (AtsuMina)"
« Reply #12 on: December 05, 2013, 07:44:41 AM »
yeah kojiyuu!! maybe "yuuwaku no garter" scene o.o

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Kinjirareta... Futari? (AtsuMina)"
« Reply #13 on: December 05, 2013, 02:57:47 PM »
@lezperv: Thanks~ To tell the truth, Atsumina was the one that brought me to the AKB fandom so the see a fellow Atsumina shipper, NICE TO MEET YOU~!  XD And you better update your tenshi fic coz I've been waiting for it like ages!!!  :D

@kahem: Kojiyuu coming up!  :roll: Thanks, btw~

@Haruko: Whoa that song is smexylicious, you just gave me an idea for another Kojiyuu OS!  :w00t: Your wish is my command! Thanks~
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Kinjirareta... Futari? (AtsuMina)"
« Reply #14 on: December 05, 2013, 03:22:39 PM »
Sup, guys? Since Sayaka has been pestering me for the OS I've promised, so here's the KOJIYUU shot for all KOJIYUU shippers~! Wooot!

I think I'm writing fic based on real life situation... and I think others might had done an OS for this scene so I apologized beforehand if mine is not as enjoyable as other more skilled and experienced writers... Do comment for any unsatisfying things you've found in my writings and I'll try my best to fill up your fic-hunger....whatever that means lol.

It feels like I'm betraying my WMatsui... I had to make up for the first OS!!! Gotta lurk around for their moments.... :ph43r:

Enjoy another lame OS from me~!  :roll:


“3 people choose Takamina, so she is the WINNER!”

“Eeehh? Seriously?? That’s unexpected…”

“You can only marry me if you need a wife…” Takamina boldly said with a gentleman pose…

“Then, what about Takamina? Who do you choose?”

“Well then… I was in a conflict between two people…”

Takamina pointed her hand towards the tall brunette girl like some man disguised in a girl’s body.

“EEEHHH? Kojiharu???”

“WHY ME??? NOOO!!!” The audiences laughed along looking at Haruna’s reaction… The girls pulled the hesitant Haruna towards Takamina.

“So these two are a couple!”


Amidst everyone congratulating both of them, a certain squirrel girl was in rage… She pushed Takamina aside.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you?” Yuko seemed annoyed with TakaHaru interactions… Realizing what it was all about, Haruna cut in…

“Why you didn’t pick me in the first place?”

- - -

“Good work, guys…”

“Yeah, good work to you too…”

“Especially you, Yuko… that was a great comic relief…”

“Ah… yeah…” Yuko replied unenthusiastically towards the midget. She quickly walks away from the group to clear off her head from the earlier scene…

“Ummm… did I do something wrong?” Bakamina scratches her head innocently. Understanding the situation beforehand, Mariko pats her back trying to relieve Takamina…

“You did, Takabear…” Takamina leapt a little, worried with whatever she had done to her bestfriend that would made her gloomy like this… “But no worries… Kojiharu will take care of her…”

“Eh? Me?” Mariko glares at the guiltless airhead who isn’t the least concerned about the squirrel…

“Yes... You. Now go catch your squirrel before she runs off venting her frustration to other tall people…” Haruna immediately took off to where Yuko was last seen… Meanwhile, Mariko turns her glare towards the midget…

“As for you…” Minami lets out a short squeal as the tall goddess Mariko-sama squeezes her shoulder with a the pressure of a bodybuilder strength


“Y…yes?” Minami cowers under Mariko-sama’s gaze…

“Care to explain why you choose Haru-nyan over me…?”

- - -

Haruna has been running everywhere but there’s not a single trace of Yuko found. If I was her, I would search in team K’s dressing room…

“Ah! Of course! Why didn’t I think of that… Tank u!” Errr… you’re welcome? Anyway…

As soon as she reaches the location, there was a crowd outside…

“Hey, what’s going on?” Sayaka who caught sight of Haruna’s figure, quickly makes her way through the crowd…

“Kojiharu!!! Thank god you’re here! Make way for Kojiharu, guys!”

“Eh? Why?”

“You must save Sae! She’s inside… man the madness happening in there… I can’t even imagine!”

“What do you mean…?” Sayaka gulps the last remaining spit she had while opening the door of the dressing room… Everyone covers their eyes, afraid of the sight that is to be seen. It was unbearable…


“What did I tell you, Miyazawa… Are you really that weak to handle this Korisu???”

One can say that it wasn’t Yuko inside, but an entity of a dark being that possesses the little girl with black aura emanating from her body… She is straddling the poor trembling Sae on her shoulder with a strap holding her neck.

“Yu..Yuko! Get a hold of yourself!” Sae whimpers with sweats covering her face… it was an unlikely scene to see Sae even drops a sweat…

“Giddy up, Genking! Come on! Ride like a wind!” Yuko yells loudly while shaking the poor girl underneath with immeasurable force. Having enough of this, Sayaka whistles to gain the HellYuko attention.

“Oy, Yuko! Catch this!”

The mighty team K leader pushed the clueless Haruna inside in exchange of Sae… Just as Haruna collided with Sae, Yuko’s face immediately changed back to normal. She jumps down from the tall girl to reach for her lovely Haruna… Sae took the chance to run outside before shutting the door for good.

“NyanNyan!” Yuko hastily attached herself to Haruna’s body, burying her face in between the soft huge mounds. Haruna cooed the upset squirrel in her hold while stroking her silky hair…

“Yuu-chan… what’s wrong?”

“NyanNyan… are you not happy with me?”

“What are you saying… Of course I am… I’m the most happiest girl in the world when I’m with you…”

“Really…? But… just now…” Yuko hesitated on telling Haruna the truth… it would seem like she is a spoiled kid if she ever voice out her feelings from the TakaHaru scene before…

“Yuu-chan… you can tell me anything you want…”

“Why did you choose Takamidget?!”


“You choose Takamidget for your No. 1 member as your wife…”

Haruna tries to contain her giggles but Yuko can feel her shaking…

“Hey! I’m hurt here…”

“Alright, alright… it was just for fun, Yuu-chan. It’s true that I want to get married to Takamina though…”

Yuko frowns with those cute dimples showing…

“But… I don’t want to get attached under a signed contract called marriage. You know how those married couples always go through divorcement when there are some unresolved issues that they can’t handle with each other? I don’t want that… I just want to live my love life freely without the so called law of marriage…”

Yuko blinks thoughtfully… this is the first time she ever heard her NyanNyan talks like a renowned philosopher with that dumb brain of hers….

“We don’t have to be married to love each other, Yuu-chan… As long as NyanNyan can be with Yuu-chan and Yuu-chan can be beside NyanNyan forever, we can be the happiest loving couple ever that even the world would be envious of our strong relationship.”

“NyanNyan…” Yuko was speechless… Her heart goes DOKI DOKI with Haruna’s confession. It was like she is falling in love with her all over again… Yuko closed her eyes as Haruna left a loving kiss on her short squirrel’s forehead, proving her undying love for her lovely midget…

“Feeling better?”

“Ummm… not yet…”

“What do you mean…?”

“Can I get a smooch?” Yuko finally puts on the sweet dimpled smile that can only be shown to her lovely Haruna, even if it was cheeky…


Closing their distance, Haruna put all her love into the kiss, making all of Yuko’s insecurities gone with that deep passionate gesture that is sealing both of their promises towards each other…

To love, there’s no need to put as much effort as climbing up a mountain, swimming across the ocean or walking through fires… As long as you can keep up being with each other, day and night, through happiness or hell, then all is well with faith and trust as a strong pillar.


Did I just wrote the last paragraph...? :? That is sooo not 
Oh yeah...I don't have anything against marriage, btw... :P Gotta run!  :mon lurk:
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Squirrel Jealousy" (KojiYuu)
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This happened a long time ago but it's better to be late than never. :D

Kojiharu is cheesy here. :lol:

Takamina and Mariko?! :shocked

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Squirrel Jealousy" (KojiYuu)
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No, there's no word of "late" for kojiyuu! Lol
Honestly I never read story based on that moment anywhere before, and I really want this!!!
Thankyou so much :D

Funny moment turned out to be cheesy one, I like it XD

P.S: I'll patiently waiting for 'yuuwaku no garter' story XD m(_ _)m

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Squirrel Jealousy" (KojiYuu)
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Yay! A cheesy kojiyuu!! I love cheese!

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Squirrel Jealousy" (KojiYuu)
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@Konoe: Thanks~ just reminiscing the past of AKB glory days... :D No worries bout Mariko and Takamina... Mariko-sama is just being Sado here  :lol:

@atsukojiyuu_C: Thanks~ Glad you enjoyed it... I'll patiently write Yuuwaku no garter scene, then... But it's stuck in my mind, I just can't!!! :P

@kahem: Thanks~ Me luuurve cheese with a lil dash of fluff toooo  :inlove:
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Squirrel Jealousy" (KojiYuu)
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aww nyan nyan is so sweet  :heart: :heart:
and what the hell is yuuchan doing with sae lol xD
takamina and mariko? hahaha!  :lol:
more kojiyuu please  :bow: :thumbsup :)

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