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Author Topic: Reminiscence - chapter 2 (Multipairing schoolAU) 20/03/2014  (Read 5861 times)

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Reminiscence - chapter 2 (Multipairing schoolAU) 20/03/2014
« on: February 23, 2014, 12:29:29 PM »

Prologue: Intertwined Fated Meetings
Pairings: Main Pairings: YuiParu, FuruYanagi, JuriMayu, Side Pairings: KumiYuri, SayaMilky
Genre/s: Romance, Comedy

A/N: My first Multi-couple fic. Nice to meet you, the name's Hitori.
It's a SchoolAU! And I'll try to hold on to the genre/s I have planned originally for this fic.
Enjoy, and your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

MN: I'm kind of thinking of editing Chapter 1 when I have the time. I won't promise this tho




Even though I got into a lot of trouble, like the one I am in now, I couldn't forget everything about her.
I tried to leave her once because I could see the both of us suffering.
But I was wrong. She didn't want me to leave her either.
The only best thing I could do for her now is to stand by her.
And we are happy.

"I'm going out!"
"Take care, Yui!"
"I will, mom!"

I had a weird dream a while ago, huh.
It's like a reeeaaaallly reeeaaalllyyy cheesy drama story.
These dreams are sure getting weirder and weirder.
Continuous dreams that doesn't make any sense to me.
Maybe, just maybe, should I go to the doctor?

"Nah, what am I thinking?"


All that I could see was fading lights as I fell into the ground, unconscious.



I walked cheerfully towards my new classroom.
I'll finally be a highschool student! I'm gonna have a lot of friends, and I'm gonna do a lot of things...
Maybe, I'm gonna have a pretty cool and handsome adviser... my seat's gonna be near the window...
All my middle-school friends are gonna be all here, And I think that I'm gonna have a pretty cool and awesome seatmate... well, I wish!

As I entered the room, I saw all of my classmates have already sat at their respective seats.
I saw every face of my classmates, but I never saw anyone familiar.
There was only one seat remaining.... and it's at..... the back. Far left side at the back, to be exact.
The only good thing about it is that it's beside the window.

And I stared at the person on the teacher's table.
Our homeroom adviser turns out to be a scary-looking old woman in her 50's. It seems that she is still single.
She immediately shouts at me for being late.
"Are you... Furukawa-san?! Do you realize what time is it?"
"Yes..." I glanced at my watch. "Um... it's 7:30."

The class laughed in unison.

"Stop laughing!" " Irresponsible children nowadays..." She whispers to herself.

She should stop muttering. That's annoying and disrespectful, even.

"Sit beside Takanayagi-san!"
"Um, who is Takanayagi-san, exactly? I have just arrived, I have no idea who is who. Would you kindly show me the seat where I am supposed to sit down? KINDLY?"

Burn. Burn old hag, BUUUURN I TELL YOU, BUUUURN.

"Do I hear smirking and giggling from all of you?!"

"Now, FURUKAWA-SAN, this is the seat ALLOTED for you. Now, SIT DOWN, and SHUT UP."

I kindly sat down, according to the old hag's orders.
I glanced at my seatmate.

"Uh... Takanayagi-san?"
She shyly glances at me while saying, "Uh... goood moorning..?"
She then covers her face quickly with a book.

Her face was just revealed for an instant.
It revealed a girl who is wearing large-rimmed glasses, has a flushed and cute face.
Even though she is covering half of her face, I could see that her ears are bright red.

A nerd. My seatmate's a nerd.
"Could this be the first thing that made me lucky, just for this day?" I blatantly spoke out.

"Uh... what..."

"UHHHHH NOTHING I WAS JUST TALKING TO MYSELF OKAY NOT ABOUT YOU IT'S ABOUT ME HAHAHA" I turned away from her face and pretended to look out of the window.
As I looked out of the window, I gasped.
There was someone lying on the ground, and from a guess... she was hit by a bicycle or what.

"Did something... happen?" Takanayagi-san quietly asks me.
"Oh... Oh nothing."

I guess that someone's having a worse day as I am.



I glanced down the rooftop, a view that I thought I could only keep for myself.
Well, I was wrong.

"Why are you skipping the first day of school?"
A girl wearing the uniform slovenly, with a hoodie on suddenly speaks.

"I could say the same to you, hoodie-girl."

I faced her to see her face, and her features.
She seems to be a frail, white-skinned and beautiful high-school girl.
From a first glance, I thought that she was an idol.

"Well, as for me, I was also here last year. And I shared this spot with no one on the first day of school. Cardigan-girl."
"You're a senpai, huh. Ominous hoodie-senpai."

She smirked. "I've never seen anyone have that much guts."
"I'm a rather passionate cardigan-girl, I guess."

We both gasped as we saw a girl getting owned by a bicycle across the street.

"Wow, is she alright?" Was all I could say.
"You think? After being hit by a bicycle? You're still gonna ask if she's alright?"
"Look at the driver flustered about what to do. I'm gonna lend her a hand."
"I'm coming with you cardigan-girl."

I was looking forward to share the view with her.
A view that I was ready to share with a stranger I have met for the first time.
I figured that there was something already wrong with me.

"Whatever. Go with me, if that's what you want, hoodie-senpai."
I ran down the stairs.
But I'm not alone. I could also hear faint steps as she went down with me.


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Re: Reminiscence. (SchoolAU!) [YuiParu. FuruYanagi. JuriMayu] (o n g o i n g?)
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2014, 05:01:40 PM »
Please continue!  :bow: :bow:

I'm already dying cause omg Furuyanagi I'm not biased okay >> But it's a really good story and I like your way of writing it. Keep the good work up! Please update soon I can't wait \;A;/

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Re: Reminiscence. (SchoolAU!) [YuiParu. FuruYanagi. JuriMayu] (o n g o i n g?)
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It's awesome!!!!!
:D, even though I say that, I've got no clue what to say.
Airin is funny...

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Re: Reminiscence. (SchoolAU!) [YuiParu. FuruYanagi. JuriMayu] (o n g o i n g?)
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It's cool! I like it, FuruYanagi and YuiParu is one of my favorite ships~ uwu but I have a question... why do you keep doing italics and bolds in places that aren't needed?


All of you can call me Cross! (Honorifics are nice, but I'd rather not with too much formality. o w ob!)

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Re: Reminiscence. (SchoolAU!) [YuiParu. FuruYanagi. JuriMayu] (o n g o i n g?)
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Crossing Crossroads-san:
I'm guessing that the italics are for a sarcastic-y or exaggerated or unsure tone of voice (it's hard to say exactly)
and the bold is the words that are being emphasized strongly.

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Re: Reminiscence. C H A P T E R 1 - Interwined Red Strings of Fate
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A/N: It's the Reformation today. For some reason, I get really nervous when I think about it. What.
If Kami-sama puts Paruru in the same team as Yui, that would be awesome. (That's all I could ever wish for)

A special thank you for @Jollibee-san for showing interest in my fic by saying "NO," whenever I try to ask him to proof read this.

@Crossing Crossroads-san: Thank you, but regarding the over-usage of bold and italics, to be honest I dunno. I got the habit from way back then (Grade 5 or 6 maybe?) And till now, all of my essays look like that.
Is it a bad habit? Maybe I should avoid using them too much, then.
@Shinoki-san: Thank you, and my over-usage of bold and italics can be taken that way as  well.  XD
@LittleTina-san,  To be honest, instead of doing a multi-fic, I originally planned a FuruYanagi fic. And btw, thank you. I'll do my best! I'll continue this, then.
For the following people: @toeisynth, @Sara-chan, @Kazan_faith, @nickyololol, @noel nguyen, For thanking the post, THANK YOUUU.

[[And I'm thinking of adding another ship into this one... but I can't really choose between KumiYuri or SayaMilky though]]

This is gonna be a short one. I'm still thinking of what to do next chapter, but for now, it's kind of all messed up in my head. I'll still sort it out.
It's just how they are all gonna meet and shmawz like that.

Chapter I: Interwined Red Strings of Fate

All I could remember was...
Bright lights to a fading darkness.
After the blinding darkness, my eyes finally saw an image.
An image... of a face?

I groggily opened my eyes to catch a glimpse of that said face.

"Where am I?"
Was all I could say. I mean, where the hell am I exactly.
All I could feel is a soft, fluffy and comfortable bed.

"Owww! My head hurts..."
I can't seem to recall anything... Even my own name.

"Oh, you finally woke up! Don't try to get up yet, just lie down..."
Finally my vision returned to normal. I could see the girl's face.

I stared in awe as my vision explores the parts of her face.
From her fair-skin, to her brown locks of hair, all of them are in perfect harmony together.

"How long are you going to keep staring at her?"

Suddenly, out of the blue, a weird scary-looking long haired girl wearing a hoodie appears near my bed.
It made me jump, and due to  my head the pretty girl's forehead.

"Ouch... W-Wait, are you okay...? Miss?"
"Agh, it hurts... W-WAIT, you're the one who I should be asking that! Are you okay?"
"Uh... I'm fine, but where am I exactly? And who are you people? And before all of that, WHAT HAPPENED?"
"But most importantly, WHO AM I?"

"Uh-oh. This seems to be a big problem, huh, Haruka." a cardigan-wearing girl behind the mysterious hoodie-wearing girl suddenly speaks up.
"Uhuh. You're so DOOOOMED. Maybe you're gonna get SUSPENDED, or maybe even... EXPELLED for this, I tell ya." The hoodie-wearing girl smirks and nudges the worried girl.
The girl hesitates and speaks, "I'm... gonna take care of her. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry..."
"Aww no, YOU STUPID HOODIE-SENPAI, HOW DARE YOU MAKE HARUKA CRY." The cardigan-girl hits the girl, from what it looks from here, it's not a playful slap.
"UH-UH, AWH NO YOU DIDN'T~, YOU DON'T SPEAK TO ME IN THAT TONE, I'M YOUR SENPAI." The shorter girl retorts, with a somewhat weird accent.

Haruka's cries and moans then fills up the atmosphere, as the two girls who are accompanying her are squabbling over her.
All I could do was embrace her helpless arms.

"Uh, could you please end this needless babble? Um, Haruka-san, is that right? Please stop crying, I'm not gonna get mad at you, please just be honest, and answer all of my questions."
"Sniff... really?" Her face eases up and slowly, the tears began to stop.
"Yes. You're a very pretty girl, you don't deserve to cry like this. You're gonna waste your pretty face, crying over me."
Her face then suddenly hints a bright red pink and she turns away,"Uhhh, stop embarassing me, please... I'm gonna stop crying, then."

"Smooth moves, right, right fricking there."
"I know. Maybe you should learn from her."
"WHAT, I d-dont... I am not interested in girls..."
"Wait, I never meant that in THAT way! .... Could you possibly... SWING THAT WAY?!"
"N-No! You stupid hoodie wearing s-senpai!"

"Would both of you mind to introduce yourselves before even start another arguement?"
"Ah, yes. I'm Mayu Watanabe, and this shorty wearing a cardigan while looking so ominous is Jurina Matsui. And your future girlfriend right there is, uh, what was it again...?"
"Ah, my name is Haruka Shimazaki. And... I am not sure about that future girlfriend part, but, I'm the only person besides them, so could that be me?"
"Ah, yes. You are. Thank you for reminding me your name."
"No problem...? I guess.."

"Now, could you fill me in with all the details I need? Because my memories are all jumbled... I don't understand, I can't make sense of things."

"Can I come? Can I come?"
"Y-Yes... you could, but if there are patients, you can't disturb them, alright?"

Suddenly, I became friends with Akane Takanayagi!
Since she's the only person closest to me, she's the only one to share a lunch with me, answer all of my questions, and laugh at my jokes.
I didn't think that she was actually a pretty fun person, cause she had this nerd aura around her.

"Uh, it's open? Could there be a patient?" She wonders, looking at the slightly opened door.
"Probably, and I could also hear noises coming from that room, if you're gonna ask me."
"To be safe, I'm going in first, okay? I'll call you out once I look at the situation. There might be someone who broke in." I bravely declared my intent like a heroic soldier raging on to a life-risking battle.
"O-Okay, but I don't think that there would be any burglars of some sort in this kind of place... I mean, it's a school infirmary...?"
"What if it was a person looking for drugs? FOR FREE DRUGS?"
"If that's what you want, then..."

I entered the room, kicking the air.
Supposedly, I was only supposed to kick the air to let the said person inside know my presence.


"Ow. YOU IDIOT! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND WHAT THE FUDGEBALLS ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?!" A short girl suddenly shouts at me in measures of unimaginable decibels.
"Well, random citizen, calm your mammary glands! I was plainly doing a high-kick for self-defense!"
"What if there was a burglar? I wasn't sure!"
"And what could a burglar fricking steal from an infirmary? YOU IDIOT!"

I just got owned by a fricking bag held by a girl shorter than me. I can't believe-

"W-What's happening?"
As Akane enters the room, she sees a scene that really confuses her.
Her friend, Airin, in the ground, crying.
A hoodie-wearing girl, grunting and shouting at Airin.
A cardigan-wearing girl and a girl covered in blood stains talking with a girl laying in the infirmary bed, who is wearing a bandage on her forehead.
Akane began to get more confused as she looks into how all of the infirmary's supplies are lying on the floor.
She begins to question herself if she has entered the wrong room.
Akane gets out of the room quickly and glances at the nameplate of the room outside.


It seems like she has entered the correct room. This is indeed the infirmary.

"As far as I could remember, the infirmary couldn't look so devastated after the first day of class.
It's merely a day, I mean what could happen...?
Am I dreaming, or am I high?"


To be continued.

Watch out for dat Airin kick tho people
I'm gonna have to make a fic cover for this, I guess. Maybe next time.  :lol:
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It's a bad habit of you honestly use bolds and italics for essays too! I mean, your teacher would critique you pretty hard on that wouldn't she... (I used to be so horrible at writing, lord have mercy on my failings, lol. Actually, I still do suck.) I'm only saying unnecessary because it's excessive. Using it too much can limit the varying characteristics a character of a story can have. As Shinoki-san says, it puts emphasis and sarcasm into the character, but the use of it for every character will show a limit in characteristics. Not everyone should be sarcastic, y'know what I mean?

It's also great if you type out who is talking too... I couldn't understand the beginning at all... Rather, I got confused on who was speaking. Typing out the name in dialogue would have helped. Or if you want to keep it a secret first for us to guess who the character is, you use features of the character to help us understand or predict who is who. (Which you did there so you're cool.) I quote, "When there is more than 2 persons in the room, one should make it clear when a certain person is speaking." This is possible through the use of language and dialect from a character. Ex: Do they curse a lot? Are they calm most of the time? Do they often speak with their mouth full? Do they use a lot of intelligent words? Do they use weird phrase that don't make sense? Do they act more than they speak? How would you imagine one person react to another person's statement? Do they have an accent? Typing actions out help as well. Actions can tell you words.

Say Juri, Ricchan, and Annin are in this scene. Juri takes on a playful and teasing attitude, Ricchan is overconfident, and Annin is the simple good friend.
Ex: "Are you going to study today, Ricchan?"
I scoffed at the idea of homework, "No, I think I can do the quiz without studying."
A laugh from my right as I looked to her, "That's what you said last time, baaaaaaaaaka!"
"Oh shut up. You didn't do so hot either, with studying!"
"Maa, maa. Confidence is a good thing, just don't get carried away, you two."
"Eeeh? Don't drag me into what this idiot said," she poked at me where it tickled most. I screamed.

I'm honestly sorry if this got you down, but this isn't neccessary for you to take action unless you want to. On the upside, it was interesting. Airin is obviously a dork, and Churi is seems to be the type to not believe in some people's idiocy. Crap, I forgot what else I was going to say about this story, but I'll get back to it when I remember it LOL.


All of you can call me Cross! (Honorifics are nice, but I'd rather not with too much formality. o w ob!)

You can try to contact me at my blog on tumblr, andreabutts. I also have another blog that you can try to contact me with if andreabutts is not replied within two days, callmeawota.

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Because my emotions are confused because of the reformation
I'm going to comment a bit shamelessly... (boku no peace... (;A;) <- not fic related)
Lol, Airin's kick was so omg...she's the incarnate of awesomeness sometimes
Poor bird-san walking in at the wrong moment
These situations, I love them soooo much...

And...too much italics and bold in essays
If you're younger than me:
Child! *no no* doing that in essays is more or less NG. *shakes finger
If you're older than me:
Onee-san, I expected more of you. *looks at you with kawaii puppy eyes

(okay, sorry, I'm kind of high on sugar (fundip powder) from trying to drown my sorrows XD
I can't write essays either after all.

Calming down...I feel like I just said something really rude...
But yea... minimizes text size, if you wanna read it douzo, just don't get mad)

And if you're gonna add another ship~
KumiYuri onegaaaaaaaaiiiiiii~~~ nyahaaaaaaaaan~

cough cough... I didn't just act like an idiot right there
*waves hand in front of your eyes* you did not just read this.

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i'm here because i love FURUYANAGI  :inlove: and because you fic is really great please continuous.   :twothumbs

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Not that you really have to do this.....BUT PLEASE PUT BOTH KUMIYURI AND SAYAMILKY IN DIS FIC  :bow: :bow: :bow:

But if you only had to choose one, then SayaMilky please  :thumbsup

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Re: Reminiscence. (SchoolAU!) [C H A P T E R 2 ] (UPDATED)
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A/N: Sorry for the long break, we had our finals and there was this thing called requirements that was made by Satan to destroy people's daily lives on a daily basis.  :twisted:  :smhid

And I also did something really stupid that I couldn't even move my body until now
I walk like a fricking Piplup and I can't even stand properly
I have a lot of ideas now about Sadism due to what I experienced and I would never want to experience that for the rest of my life ever again.  :bleed eyes:

Anyways, I had to read my fic all over again since I forgot what this was all about  :?

Well since they said KumiYuri and SayaMilky, I'll make up somehow. Please forgive me if I mess up again.  :cry:

Once again, Thank you for the people who are reading this once again and I hope that you could continue on reading my fic even though my Author's Note is basically useless and takes up time.  :yep:

Short update. I'm kind of working on another fic right now.    8)


Chapter II: A Messed up Storyline is Messed up


Takanayagi Akane hears a faint voice and immediately jumps up, and to her surprise, she hits a girl in front of her.
Akane's vision blurs for a moment, but she then recognizes the girl in front of her.

"Y-Yuria." She stammers, and stares into her wincing assistant. "Wait, I'm sorry, are you okay?" Akane touches her stares at Yuria's forehead, just to make sure that her kouhai's managing just fine.

Akane then remembers that she was just introduced to her assistant, Kizaki Yuria, a freshman the previous day. She was a kind and cute little girl, and she would seem gentle and kind. Actually, she is ultra kind to Akane, and Akane was happy to work with her. She might be a little bit of an airhead, and a little too much of a happy-go-lucky girl, she is surprisingly hard-working when the situation needs it. Akane thinks that she's blessed to have such a person as her assistant.

"I'm okay." She smiles at Akane reassuringly, and to which Akane smiled back.

"Hey roundie, is she still alive?" Airin peeks at Churi, with a menacing look on her face.
"Hey, don't call me roundie, I don't even know who you are." Yuria glares into Airin, but immediately shifts her gaze. "She is, thankfully-"

"Ah, this situation is the most unfortunate, isn't it, hoodie-senpai." Airin shrugs, then taps Mayuyu's back. "Grrr get away from me you creepy weirdo." Mayu hisses back at Airin.

"What about the infirmary? There were things everywhere , there and, and-" Akane manages to blurt out, as she rose up from the infirmary bed.
"Ah, I took care of that." Yuria held up her hand, as Akane sighed in relief.

"And, EHEM, your patient?!" Mayuyu stares at Churi with a deadpanned expression.

"Ah, eh yes! The one... the one with amnesia."
She walks in a weird way while thinking, then finally comes up with an idea. "Ah, yes, we have to contact her parents about this. Does she have a younger sister, a cousin, or a familiar friend with her in this school?" Akane questions the crowd of people.

"No idea." Mayuyu looked at Churi with a deadpan expression on her face again.
"I mean, seriously, we don't even know her name." Mayuyu continued her relentless onslaught on the poor Churi.

"Shut up Hoodie-senpai, you sound like you're on your period. The way you're talking isn't helping. Have you forgotten that Churi fainted and wasn't aware of that situation?" Jurina retorts, silencing the hissing Mayuyu.

"I suggest that we look inside her wallet for her Student  I.D? I mean we don't even know her name to begin with." Airin suggested.

"What's with that? You actually said.... said something that was actually helpful." Churi looked at Airin with an unbelievable shocked face.
"For once." Yuria smirked and continued Churi's sentence.

By hearing that, Haruka inspected Yui's bag in search for her wallet. Not long enough, she finds it and she started to look for any I.D or contact numbers that may lead to her name.

"Well, I already found her student card," Haruka held her hand upwards, silencing the squabble between Airin, Yuria and Churi.

"Well, what's her name?" Mayuyu asks Haruka.
"It's... Yokoyama. Yokoyama... Yui?" Haruka confusedly stares at the student card to make sure she wasn't misreading anything. "Ah, yes. Yokoyama Yui." She declares while looking at the now surprised people standing.

"My name... is Yokoyama Yui, huh." Yui smiles, while looking at Haruka. Haruka shifts her gaze then blushes, causing a certain uproar in the infirmary.

"Wooo~" Airin shouts.
"Shut up, Hentairin." Yuria smacks Airin's head, causing her to wince a bit.

"More importantly, Yokoyama? Isn't that surname... a bit familiar?" Jurina stares at the girls gathered around her.
"I may have seen that name somewhere before..."Akane stares at Yui intently.

"AH!" Airin shouts
"What?" Akane stares at Airin, confused.

"Nothing." Airin laughs, and she was hit by Mayuyu, Churi and Yuria altogether.

"Her surname sure rings a bell, but have you heard of anyone mentioning her name in your respective classrooms?" Akane asks the gang.

"Nope, I've never been to my classroom, I was here the whole time." Haruka states.

The others nod in unison except for Yuria.

"I... may have heard about it from someone..." Yuria shyly declares.

"From who?" Airin asks the now flustered Yuria.

"She.. .she kind of knows almost everyone in this school... she has this handbook that contains names of various people, and I have heard her mentioning Yui-san..." She blushes and shifts her gaze so that no one could notice.

"A stalker huh. Women this days..." Airin looks into the ceiling like some action hero of some sort.

"She's not!" Yuria shouts, and startles Airin.
"Whoa there girl."

"If that's the case, can you call her then? We might need her help around here. We still don't have any idea about Yui-san here." Jurina talks to Yuria  with utmost seriousness.


"U-Um... Kumi-san?" Yuria shyly blurts out.
"Ah, yes? What's up?" Yagami Kumi, a girl in Yuria's class replies.
"C-Can you come here? In the infirmary? I need you right now..."

'Could this be? Yagami Kumi thought to herself.
Is Yuria gonna confess to her?

Is this gonna end up like Sono Hanabira no Kuchizuke wo?


"Anything for you, Yuria. Be there in a sec."


"So, I called her, and she said that she's coming here right away." Yuria smiled at the girls.

"Wait. Isn't class supposed to be going on now?" Akane stares at Yuria in wonder.

Mayuyu stares at the wall clock that hung above Yui's bed. "Yeah, though 2 hours remain until dismissal."

"She'll be able to manage, I guess."Airin also stares at the wall clock, and when she did, Mayuyu decided that she would look somewhere else. She stared at Yui and Haruka, who's now giggling and happily chatting to each other, obviously flirting. She then decided to look at her cardigan-wearing kouhai, but it was too awkward since she might think that she suddenly has feelings for her so she decided to look at Yuria but she might be mistaken for as a loli-hunter so she decided to look at Akane, who's wearing a strange face now, so she shifted her gaze to the window, thinking about how cruel life and god is, putting her in this kind of situation that doesn't make any sense.

To be Continued.

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Re: Reminiscence. (SchoolAU!) [Multi-Couple] (CHAPTER 2) (UPDATED)
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I stumbled upon your fanfic. It is a very interesting start. I am so happy to see that all of my favorite pairings are in one story! Hope you update soon!

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Re: Reminiscence. (SchoolAU!) [Multi-Couple] (CHAPTER 2) (UPDATED)
« Reply #12 on: May 15, 2015, 02:38:43 PM »
I had fun reading this but you haven't updated this fic thou it's been 1 yr and 2 months I guess.

[Shimazaki Haruka/Paruru]
[YuiParu Pair]
[WMatsui Pair]
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Re: Reminiscence. (SchoolAU!) [Multi-Couple] (CHAPTER 2) (UPDATED)
« Reply #13 on: May 16, 2015, 03:18:28 AM »
Feading this fic is fun😄 !!!

It kindna confuse a bit but it still funny

Update soon

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Re: Reminiscence. (SchoolAU!) [Multi-Couple] (CHAPTER 2) (UPDATED)
« Reply #14 on: May 16, 2015, 06:00:16 AM »
Jurimayu just so LOL XD
I kinda confused in the first, but its fine now~
And this fic is interesting><
Can't wait for my SayaMiruki>0<

Keep going, author-san!
I'll wait for the next one~
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Re: Reminiscence. (SchoolAU!) [Multi-Couple] (CHAPTER 2) (UPDATED)
« Reply #15 on: May 29, 2015, 05:07:52 PM »
Author-san , i need your update T.T

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Re: Reminiscence. (SchoolAU!) [Multi-Couple] (CHAPTER 2) (UPDATED)
« Reply #16 on: December 06, 2015, 10:04:16 PM »
update , please  :inlove:

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