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Author Topic: What should I do? (WwatanabeYuki OS) [alexsher's OS Thread]  (Read 6973 times)

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Babysitting: Down below

Knight in Shining armor:

What should I do?:

You guys can suggest the pairings along with what type of genre you like (ex. MaYuki, Comedy)
and I'll see what I can do ^_^

      I'm Kashiwagi Yuki, a college student and I babysit to earn extra money. I get a decent amount of money by doing this so I decided that this is the most effective way to save some. Most of the kids that I take care of are good ones, luckily. But on this particular day something different happened to me.

       I was in my living room watching tv when my phone rang.

“Hi, this is Kashiwagi Yuki speaking. Today at 6? Got it. How old is she? 15? isn't she a little too old to babysit? No! Not at all! It's ok! I'll see you later.”

       The woman hanged up and I started getting ready. The kid that I'm about to baby sit is 15 years old. She don't need babysitting at all in my opinion. But since she's at that age I guess she'll just ignore me and let me do my job easily.


       5 minutes after the girl's mom leave, the 15 year old Watanabe Mayu just went straight to her room without bothering herself with me. I didn't really mind since that gives me time to work on my school work. Since she's a teenager like me I assumed that she's just in her room talking to her boyfriend or something. Silence had filled the room. While doing my work I heard the front door opening and closing. I closed my book to check who it was but there was nobody in front of the door.

“Mayu-chan! Are you up there?” I said looking up the stairs, but no response was given. So I decided to go up myself. Looking from left to right passing 3 bedroom doors was Mayu's room with a cute rabbit sign saying 'Mayuyu's room don't disturb.' I leaned in with my ears pushing against the door and knocked three times.

“Mayu-chan, are you in here?” I asked. I heard a sudden loud thud on the floor so I decided to barged in panicking.

“MAYU-CHAN!” My wide eyes widened even more from the scene in front of me.

“Do you even know how to knock? And stop addressing me so casually like that, it's annoying.” She said with her flawless naked back facing me and her sugary white bath towel  covering her front side. I was too caught up with what I'm seeing right now so I bluntly said


“Tsk!” It seems that she got irritated with my remark as she threw her soda can directly at my face.

“I! I'm SORRY!!!” I said as  I lamely ran downstairs.


       Continuing on what I was doing, I opened my book and resumed studying. Then the tv suddenly opened. I thought this was odd so I looked around.... nobody's around. I heard Mayu laughing upstairs so it can't be her. Then the faucet in the sink started running. I stood up and closed the faucet and the tv.

“It can't be a ghost. There has to be a logical explanation to this.” I said as I tried to convinced myself. I sat back down waiting for another thing to happen again but there was none.

“See! It's nothing!” I resumed studying. The temperature dropped significantly as I distinctively heard a noise. At this time the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. The sound of my pencil scribbling has stopped and all that can be heard was the eerie sound of a little girl crying.

       'Should I run away? Should I turn around? Should I call someone?' All sorts of questions are forming in my mind as I started panicking. The temperature in the room continues to drop as the crying stopped. The atmosphere became very eerie. I can hear footsteps coming towards me slowly but surely. My breathing became faster and faster as if I've been out running.

“Hhhhaaaahhh~~~” a spine chilling breath was laid on my left ear. As a hand reached for my shoulder           
                     “IIIIIYYYYYAAA!!!!!!!” I screamed and froze on spot.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!” Behind me was Watanabe Mayu laughing hysterically. However I was still frozen. Wiping the tears that formed on the corner of her eyes Mayu walked in front of me and said

“Wow, you're the only one who stayed after all that! The others immediately ran out the door as soon as I turn the tv and the faucet on!”

      Feeling a sudden rush of anger in me I pushed the girl down against the sofa behind us and sat on top of her.

“You little devil, so you do this to the other baby sitters?”
                “So what?”
“You deserve a little punishment!” I smirked.
                “Oh yeah? What kind?”
“That's for me to decide, isn't it?”
                “You might want to control yourself, I'm younger than you.”
“So? Naughty kids like you needs to be punished.”

---5 minutes later---

“H-hey~ c-can we stop this already?” A red faced Mayu said

             “No.... you're being punished remember?”

      “C-come on! I-I'm really g-gonna report you for child labor!! I'm s-sweating really bad!”

   “What are they gonna say? Why are you making this spoiled little girl clean the whole bathroom for being naughty?”

“I hate you!” She said pouting.
       I just laughed and went back to studying.

“What a baby sitter!”


      After cleaning the bathroom I wiped the sweat off my forehead. Clenching my fist I said “That baby sitter's gonna pay for getting me dirty!” I sneakily walked down the stairs and saw the baby sitter soundly sleeping with her face against the book.

       “So you dare to sleep while I'm suffering? Naughty girls must get punished right~” I said with an evil smirk forming on the corner of my lips. I walked towards her with my evil scheme but fate was also at play so I accidentally tripped making her fall as I fell on top her bumping her lips on mine. My eyes widened in surprise and I quickly stood up. Realizing what just happened I felt my face heated up like never before.

      'I... I just had my f-f-f-f-first kiss!' I thought as I ran towards my room. Locking myself in, holding my hand against my chest with my heart attempting to jump off.


        After having a really weird dream with me kissing Mayu I woke up finding myself on the floor. 'Why am I on the floor? Did I fell asleep? Wait! What kind of weird dream was that?' I thought. I stood up tidying all my school stuff as I heard the doorbell ringing. I ran to the door only to see Mrs. Watanabe thanking me for taking good care of her daughter. As I was about to leave I turned around and yelled

“MAYU-CHAN! I'M LEAVING! THANKS FOR THE GOOD TIME! IT WAS FUN! Well then Mrs, Watanabe, I should be leaving.”

        “Before you leave, how old are you?” She asked

“I'm 17 ma'am, 2 years older than your daughter.” I said while accepting the money from her. I took another glance at the stairs hoping to see the younger girl but... nothing. I bowed and closed the door. Walking down the lonely street was a loud quick-paced footsteps heading towards me.

“YUKI-SAN!!!” I heard a cute anime-like voice yelled. I turned around and to my surprise it was

“Mayu-chan?” I said in disbelief. She stopped trying to catch her breath as she slowly walked towards me. She pushed her index finger against the center of my chest as she leaned towards my face making a dissatisfied face saying

“You BETTER come back! YOU HEAR ME???” She said bossily even though a tear was forming on the corner of her eyes.

“How can I leave a naughty girl like you alone?” I said acting high and mighty. I guess she doesn't like it when people belittle her and she suddenly leaned in and pushed her lips against mine. The time ceased to exist during that split second.

“NEVER look down on me and DON'T address me like that!” She said with a clearly blushing face.

“Then what should I call you?”

“Let's see~ Mayu-sama! Should be good enough!” She said with her arms crossed. I leaned in close to her face.

“I prefer Mayu-chan” I said sadistically as I gently grabbed her chin and kissed the tip of her nose. I returned to my normal posture watching her face turning redder than rose gives me much more pleasure than I could've imagine.

“You better come back.” She said shyly. It was barely audible but I smiled and nodded my head. I said good bye once more and left.

“You better come back again... huh?” I chuckled. But I stopped walking when I remembered her kissing me out of the blue.



Aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnndddddddddddd that's the end of it!

Opinions, comments, critics and suggestions are highly welcomed!

I'm planning on putting all my OS on this thread  :) 
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Re: Babysitting (MaYuki OS)
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It's been a while since I last saw your updating :gyaaah: I'm so glad :mon cry:
Although I know this is just a Mayuki OS but somehow I want it to be a long fic :mon lovelaff:
Mayuki in this is so different from the others :shy2: But I found it cute :mon blood:
Just thinking Yuki babysits Mayu makes me LOLed so hard :mon lmao:
And that Mayu-try-to-scare-Yuki scene is hilarious :on lol:
Anyway, update the other OS soon :mon loveflower:
P.S: How 'bout making this unique OS a real, separate, long fic :mon whimper:
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Re: Babysitting (MaYuki OS)
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should add more.. aww mayu being naughty again  :cow:

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Re: Babysitting (MaYuki OS)
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alexsher99-san hisashiburi~ T^T
this OS so cute~~ :cathappy:
the ending made laugh a lot tho~ :lol: (loves Yukirin being sadistic lol)
thank you for the lovely OS~ :cow: :bow:
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Re: Babysitting (MaYuki OS)
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omg they so cute Kyaaaa~

They have their first kiss with each other >//<

Update soon

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Re: Babysitting (MaYuki OS)
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I like how you wirteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :cathappy:

I'm looking forward to read your OneShots :D

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Re: Babysitting (MaYuki OS)
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Aww thats so cute  :w00t:

Should have more  :tntrm:

Can't wait for the next OS and this OS is very good  :k-great: :k-thrilled:
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Re: Babysitting (MaYuki OS)
« Reply #7 on: July 15, 2014, 12:08:00 PM »
Hahahaha mayu little devil, thanks
Update soon

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Re: Babysitting (MaYuki OS)
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Nice OS ... ^_^ keep on writing ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Knight in Shining Armor (KojiYuu OS)
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leEwẬy: I'm sorry I haven't been active lately (I'm actually surprised that you still remember me! LOL I'm so happy)  :lol:  It might take a while for me to update my other fics since I have no idea how to continue it. However, I'm sorry to say that this OS being a long fic will not happen BUT what I can do is make a continuation of it. So I guess there will be more Yuki babysitting Mayu on this thread :D
mayuki_daisuki: Hisashiburi!!!! I'm sorry for not being active T_T
kazutoryu, Kirozoro, Koneki, Siren, Archer1992, RenshuChan, mayuki0048: THANK YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU FOR THE KIND WORDS! It really makes me happy to know that people actually likes my writing and I really appreciate it! Really! THANK YOU!!!  :bow: :bow: :bow:

Okay! So I'm really more of a MaYuki writer but since this Story kinda fits more into the KojiYuu image I decided to make this their OS!

Warning: Contains violence, and a very little gory (If I would say) Not much romance

“Reporting live from the front of Tokyo Dome! Right behind me is where the super popular idol group called AKB48 are being held in captive!” A news reporter said. I turned off the tv as my phone rang.

“Oshima, I assume that you already know what I called you for.”

“I'm on it!” I said cheerfully as I took a bite out of my pocky.

       Oshima Yuko's my name and I work for the secret government agency. To make it simpler I guess you can call me an assassin. Of course I must keep a low profile to be able to do this job... it's the basic of the basics! My girlfriend by the way is one of the AKB girls so I better get going!


       I climed on the highest point of the dome and inspected the area. The girls are all in the middle forming a circle. Seven armed man with sub-machine guns are guarding them making sure no one gets through. But there's something missing... the twins. The twins are the mastermind behind this attack so they have to be somewhere nearby.

       From the far off corner was my girlfriend along with the twins. I've been chasing these two for the pass couple of months but they're just too sneaky. I saw one of the twins kicking my girl to the ground. I've just been going easy on them but for them to involve my girl in this is ridiculous! With my blood boiling with anger I'll show them pain!

       I grabbed a smokescreen and threw it on the ground making a commotion. I jumped off from where I was and quickly ran as fast as I can to where Nyannyan is. I jumped and kneed one of the twins on the face and hit the other one on his abdomen with the back of my pistol.

“Damn it! Since when?” The one on the left said.

      “I wonder~” I said playfully. The smokescreen ran out and I could see the armed man pointing at the girls with them screaming.

“Make another move and those bullets will go through them... and her!” The right twin said pointing a gun on Nyannyan.

       “What's your motive?”

“That's none of your business.”

       “Surrender peacefully and I'll do what I can to make your charges a little easier.”

“Why should we listen to you?” The left twin said pointing a gun on my head.

      “Because if you don't, this will happen!” I ducked kicked him on the genitals, grabbed my extra pistol that's hiding on my ankle and shot the seven armed men instantly. I turned around and pointed a gun on the left twin and looked at the right twin that has Nyannyan.

“You can shoot him if you want. We're one and the same. I don't care if he dies or not.”

       I looked at him in disbelief. “How can you say that about your brother? Didn't you grew up together?”

“So? Anybody can grow up together. You can kill me now and it won't affect anything. You're just wasting your time.” The left twin said looking at me tauntly.

“Shoot him and I'll shoot this girl or shoot me and he'll shoot you! Which one is it?” The right twin asked. I twitched a little and he shot Nyannyan's thigh making her scream and cry. Screams from the girls on the background can also be heard.

       I put my hand on my face and started laughing. “Putting my girl's life on the line, shooting her on the thigh and thinking nothing about it? Heh! You must be something! But you know what? It's 100 years too early for you making even thinking about winning against me!” I dropped my gun, took the left twin's gun, shot him in the head and on turned around to shoot the right twin's hand making him drop the gun and scream like a baby. I went over to where he was grabbed my knife and cut off his right hand entirely.

“AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!” He screamed in agony.
  “Why? Why didn't you just killed me?” 

       “Seeing you suffer and crying like a baby gives me more pleasure, you see?” I said smiling devilishly. After getting tired of seeing all the blood gushing out of him I took the knife up in the air and decided to end his life here and now but a warm sensation enveloped me.

“It's ok now. You can stop. See? I'm still here right?” A very warm and soothing voice said hugging me by the back. That's when I regained my senses and dropped the knife.

      “Gomen” I said as I dropped the deadly weapon and tended her gun shot on her thigh.

“What's your motive? Why did you do all this?” Nyannyan asked the guy laying on the ground holding his now cut off hand.

       “We really don't have any reason whatsoever. We just did it because we wanted to. You see, the two of us don't have any reasons to live. We were chased down by drug dealers, mafia, even the yakuzas because we owe them money. Any time now one of those groups would come and kill us. Before that happens we decided that this is the way that we wanted to die. Looking like a bunch of bad people. People had frowned upon us our whole lives so why not be frowned at till the end?"
   "Ah~ the night sky is so beautiful. How come we didn't get to see this before?” The guy said with his left hand reaching for the sky. With a single tear drop falling from his eyes goes his life.

       With the shocking scene unwrapped right before their very own eyes, everybody in the stadium fell dead silent.

“You know, in a way I feel sorry for them” Nyannyan said looking at the terrorists laying down lifeless.

       “I just did my job.”

“I know... and I thank you for that.” Nyannyan said as she leave a soft heart warming kiss on my cheeks. With tears threatening to jump off my eyes I looked at her.

       “You don't hate me for what I did, do you?”

“How could I? You just did what you had to do to save me, didn't you?” She said smiling.

       “Yeah, BUT... but I killed someone in a gruesome way right in front of you.” I said looking down.

“Surely you could've done it in a nicer way but still..”

       Finding myself being lost in words I just kept looking down tending on Nyannyan's wound. She grabbed my cheeks and made me look at her face to face.

“Please keep being my knight in shining armor.”

       “I shall be by your side forever my princess.” I said finally finding the courage to smile.... this time it's a real smile. As cheesy as this may sound I don't regret anything that I said, did, and I'll never will because starting from now on everything I do it will only be for my princess... and her nice body ufufufu :drool:


       Three years after, Nyannyan and I decided to get marry and get a baby. I quit my job and is now working as a police officer. The pay is decent. I still shoot people from time to time, but because I made a promise to never kill again I just shoot them on the thigh so they won't be able to run away. Nyannyan and I are now living a normal happy life.

Opinions, comments, critics and are highly welcomed!

You guys can suggest the pairings along with what type of genre you like (ex. MaYuki, Comedy) and I'll see what I can do ^_^
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Re: Knight in Shining Armor (KojiYuu OS) [alexsher's OS Thread]
« Reply #10 on: July 15, 2014, 07:20:51 PM »
Can you do wWatanabeYuki (Mayuyu x Milky x Yukirin) action with Genderbender (As in someone is a guy) pls? Make either Yukirin or Milky as the guy. (I always see Mayuyu as a guy in ff)

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Re: Knight in Shining Armor (KojiYuu OS) [alexsher's OS Thread]
« Reply #11 on: July 16, 2014, 10:32:53 AM »
Well, everyone has their own reason for not being active, nee :on drink:
Even I have my own reasons for not being active in comment :on cigar:
You don't need to apologize, it's just my sudden idea :bigdeal:
Back to the fic, when I read the first line, I thought it'd be about Kojiyuu relationship after Yuko's graduation :mon one:
But when I continued to read, so Yuko's an assansin and Haruna's still an AKB member :mon star:
Kinda felt sorry for those twin :mon hanky: Such a cruel and unfair world, right :on lol:
My imagine of a cool, cold-blooded and merciless assansin Yuko collapsed when I read the last sentence :mon speechless:
After all, Yuko's still a perverted squirrel :hiakhiakhiak: Haruna's always Yuko's princess :mon inluv:
Let's see, request, huh~ :mon dunno: How about making a Kojiyuu OS (Yuko is uke while Haruna's seme, bold) :mon mischief:
Lately being obsessed with those one from the other fic :mon evillaff:
Working on translating an awesome Kojiyuu fanfic, right now ☆〜(ゝ。∂) :mon beam:

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Re: Knight in Shining Armor (KojiYuu OS) [alexsher's OS Thread]
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 :pleeease: :luvluv2: :on woohoo: :onioncheer: :onioncheer: :onioncheer: :onioncheer: :onioncheer:

Yeay!! alexsher99 san have been back :onioncheer: :onioncheer: :onioncheer:

welcome back, though it late to say that XD
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Re: What should I do? (WwatanabeYuki OS) [alexsher's OS Thread]
« Reply #13 on: July 19, 2014, 08:29:32 AM »
MaYukiIsLife: You're request is now granted~  :)  Hopefully I met your expectations  :nervous
ChibiRine: Indeed it is  :yep:
leEwẬy: "Even I have my own reasons for not being active in comment" LOL :rofl: About the KojiYuu OS... I still haven't think of a plot so it might take a while... gomenasai :bow:
qweakb: Arigatou~  :love:  Don't worry there's no such thing as late on my dictionary!  :lol:

NOW TO THE STORY!!!!!  :deco:

   “MAYU!” My mom barged into my room sweating.

“Yeah?” I asked a little irritated.

   “Yuki-chan got into an accident!”

“WHAT?” I quickly grabbed my my bag and ran towards the hospital.

       Yuki is my childhood friend. Since birth no one could separate us. She was supposed to go to my place today because we have a test tomorrow.

   “Hop in!” My mom said as she stopped the car right beside me. Not wasting any moments I got in the car.

“What happened?” I asked.

   “I don't know but I got a call from her mom saying that she's in the hospital after a car bumped the back of her motorcycle causing her to loose balance and crash.”

“Is it bad?”

   “That.... I don't know.”


“YUKI!!!” I rushed in the room with panic written in my face.

   “You're too loud.” She said smiling.

“Were you speeding again?” I asked as I smacked her shoulder out of frustration.

   “Hey! Is that the way you're supposed to treat an injured person?”

“No, but that's how you're suppose to treat an idiot!”

   “Why are you crying?” She asked as she wiped the tears from the corner of my eye.


   “I'm sorry, ok? I won't do it again.”

“Liar, you already told me that once.”

   “This time I promise.” I just stared at her.
       “Don't tell me I already promised you that 'cause I don't remember making it.”


“If you break that promise I won't EVER talk to you again and don't even think about approaching me again!”

   “Don't you think that's a very harsh punishment?”

“If it will keep you away from being way too reckless with you motorbike then I don't care.”

   “Whatever you say your highness.” She said laughing.

“I'll go get us something to drink, what do you want?”

   “Green tea.”

“Old lady.”


       Before she was able to hit me with the pillow I already escaped. Seeing yuki being that lively, my worries has vanished. Strangely all the vending machines are out of order so I asked the nurse where I can find one that's working and she said that the parking lot on the back has one. As soon as I stepped out of the hospital, looking around, the parking lot is a very creepy place since there's nothing but empty cars around. No people, no nothing.

   “Oujo-chan, cute girls like you shouldn't be out here at night.” A male's voice said followed by four distinguishable voices laughing.

“Just so you know, this is the parking lot and the hospital is just right over there.” I said facing the males. There was five of them. The four are holding baseball bat and the one that's holding a pb pipe looks like their leader.

   “You sure do have a wonderful face there, wanna keep us company?” Their leader said licking his lips. Just thinking about having a long conversation wit them makes my skin crawl.

“No thanks, I better get going.” I said as I walked away but a hand reached for my shoulder.
   “Didn't I tell you that I have to go?”

“Who said that you're allowed to?” He yanked me to the ground as his subordinates started laughing.
   “You do what we tell you to and everything will be okay, got it?”

“SOMEBODY HELP!!!” I yelled with all my might which caused their leader to slap me on the cheek.

   “Make even the smallest noise and you'll see what happens to you next.” He said pinning both my hands on the ground. As hard as I might I wasn't strong enough to resist him. Slowly seeing his face getting close to me I internally yelled help... So foolish of me. There's no way a help would come! I closed my eyes hoping that all this would be just a nightmare.

“What the-” I heard the guy said and a loud thud was followed. I opened my eyes seeing the beautiful sky.

   “You okay?” I heard another male said as he extended his hand. I was hesitant at first but I took it.


       My elder sister got hospitalized and after her yelling at me to get out of her room I decided to go to the vending machine. Due to some unfortunate luck I was lead to the back parking lot of the hospital. That's when I saw a girl pinned down on the ground. It looked like they were forcing her so I decided to butt in.

       I hit two guys on the back of their neck to make them pass out with no resistance, turned around and did the same thing to the other ones. I reached for the shoulder of the one that's pinning the girl down

“What the-” Before he was able to complete his sentence I gave him the hardest punch that I can give and looked at the girl.

“You okay?” I extended my hand. I can tell that she doesn't fully trust me but... this girl... she's so~ cute! Wait! I have to keep it cool!


“Make a run for it!” I yelled and started running since I saw the other four getting up... they looked very pissed. As soon as we got in the hospital I noticed that I grabbed her hand by accident. CHANCE! I yelled internally. Wait, after what those guys did to her I guess flirty approach will just turnn her off... okay! I'll make the cool guy move!

   “Here, take this” I said coldly as I gave her a bandaid that I have on my pocket. She just stared at it and I noticed that the design on it is an anime character. I mentally smacked myself for this failed attempt but immediately recovered as soon as I heard her laugh. Yokatta~

“Even though you look very cool, you have this kind of bandaid.” She said laughing.

   “Got a problem with that?” Oh yeah~ I still need to act cool!

“No, I just find it cute.” Oh god! Her smile is something out of this world!
   “What's your name?”

“Watanabe, Miyuki. What about it?”

   “Miyuki? Even though you're a guy?”

“Apparently they thought I was a girl when I was a baby.” This made her laugh even more. Well~ all my life I've been teased about it so it's like nothing to me now.
   “I'll take you to the elevator, you know... just to make sure those guys won't bother you again.” I said scratching the back of my head. *Sigh* this cool guy act sure does get tiring... I want to revert to the flirty me.

“It's okay, I'll just go by myself.” She said looking down on the ground. I took her hand once again and dragged her to the elevator without saying a single word. Once we get there she pushed the up button. There was a moment of silence between us.

   “I forgot to ask your name.” I said finally breaking the ice.

“Watanabe, Mayu.” She said smiling.

   “That's a very pretty name.” I said... I'm done being cool.


   “I've never met anyone like you before. You're just so easy to talk to.... if it's possible can I take you to lunch one day?” I asked making my killer smile.

“Sure... maybe next time.” She said. When she took her phone out to give me her number but her phone rang suddenly and she had to leave. After a few minutes she never came back so I went to my elder sister's room instead.

     “SO MUCH MISFORTUNES!!!!!!!” I yelled.

“Shut up!” My elder sister said.


    Two weeks later, Yuki finally started attending school again. Everyone was crowding around her desk giving me no space to go to my childhood friend. Well Yuki's been very popular since we were kids so I guess there's really nothing that I can do.

“Watanabe-san! Watanabe-kun from class 2-F is looking for you!” A girl said. With the whole classroom's atmosphere significantly got way awkward I continued walking. Watanabe Miyuki, the guy that saved me back then turned out to be going on the same school but different class and also same age. I never cared about popularity so I never knew how popular Watanabe-kun is in this school. Whenever I'm with him I can feel death glares shooting me.

   “Hey! So what's up?” I asked


       Two weeks later, I was discharged. I made a promise to Mayu not to speed so since then I've been going with the boring speed limit. I wanted to talk to Mayu but people started crowding around me. A girl from our class called Mayu and it turned out that Watanabe Miyuki was looking for her..... wait, what's Mayu's relationship with that player?

“Hey! So what's up?” She asked. Just looking at that player makes me wanna puke!

   “Nothing. I just wanted to see your face.” What? 'Just wanna see your face' my butt! You just want to flirt with my Mayuyu!

“Stop that! Let's go!” She said blushing. That stupid player took my Mayu's hand and dragged her across the hall.

   “THAT'S IT!” I yelled scaring the people around me.
“Sorry, I have to go.” I said and left the room spying the two.

       That stupid Mayu picking another guy instead of me.

“Kashiwagi-san! Long time no see!” A guys from behind said. I mentally punched myself from frustration but I turned around and smiled as I started communicating with this guy.

       A few minutes passed when I left the guy and followed the two to the rooftop.

“MAYU!” I opened the door only to see Mayu hugging Watanabe. My blood started boiling and before I know it I pushed Mayu away from him and punched him. He didn't punch me back but I guess that's because I'm a girl.

   “What's you're problem?” He asked wiping the blood away from the corner of his mouth.

“Stay away! From my girl!” I yelled. Silence filled the air as I realized what I said. I looked down and up turning around to face Mayu. Was that jealousy just now? I don't know but... why did I called Mayu my girl when we're not even... what am I thinking? We're just childhood friends and on top of that we're both girls!

   “Yuki?” Mayu looked at me completely confused. Oh no, this is bad!

       Without saying anything I ran out leaving the two alone and swore not to turn back. I rode my motorbike out of the school and to the road. Not caring about the speed limit sign I started gaining speed and I eventually hit the top speed. Gaining the attention of the cops I continued riding towards the horizon. Turning left and right hiding from one vehicle to another I lost sight of the cops. Arriving at my destination, one muscle head welcomed me.

   “Black! I've been expecting you.” They call me black because of my helmet. Whenever I fight I refuse to take them off but right now I'm really pissed so I took it of.

“Heh~ so the legendary Black turned out to be such a hottie. I know, once I win this match you let me do what I want with you.” Saying nothing I charged towards  him and elbowed his stomach.

   “That does nothing.” He said grinning. He's underestimating me, he's just standing watching me. I kneed him, punched him, kicked him, hit him on the head but nothing happened.

   “Hey, I'm getting bored so~ can I start attacking now?” I hit him on the eye giving him a black eye. He stumbled back but regained his balance. It looks like he's really mad and punched me on the stomach. The impact was really hard that I passed out.


       The sun has set and there's no Yuki around. She skipped the whole afternoon class which is not like her. Her motorbike was nowhere to be found.

“Should we go home?” Miyuki-kun asked. I nodded my head as we walked home.

   “That baka Yuki!” I said barely audible.

“Don't worry, she'll be okay. Girls that can punch like her can protect themselves.”

   “I hope so.”

“What do you mean?”

   “I just feel very uneasy right now... like something bad happened.”

“Hey, about the confession on the rooftop earlier.” Just then I heard a scream coming from the abandoned building. Without hesitations I ran towards the noise. Miyuki-kun is also running behind me.


       Mayu ran towards the noise with me running after her. Just when I finally managed to ask Mayu out! Seriously! SO MUCH BAD LUCK!!!!!!!

       Mayu came to a stop. “Hey, you okay?” Looking up I saw Yuki on the ground barely breathing... bruises can be found throughout her body and one giant guy that has nothing but muscles is standing right before her laughing.

   “GET AWAY FROM HER!” Mayu yelled as she charged towards the guy.

“Oh, another cutie~ I must be in luck today!” he said grinning like a pervert. He grabbed Mayu and showed me her stomach. Usually I would be thrilled by this but seeing someone disrespects my girl makes my blood boil.

   “Let her go” I said. Pretending like he doesn't see me, he proceeds to take Mayu's shirt off.
“Don't say I didn't warn you.” I charged towards him punching him right on the chin. He stumbled back letting go of Mayu with his burning eyes of anger looking straight at me.

   “Heh~ you've got guts I'll give you that... but can you defeat me?” He said. He's running towards me and not wasting any moments I ducked, put my feet on his way causing him to trip and fall.

“Even the oldest things on the book can be very useful you know.” I said winking. He stood up still trying to regain his balance. I backed up jumped three times and again ran towards him performing a flying kick. I hit him straight on the center of his stomach causing him to fall on the ground. Little did I know he accidentally pushed Mayu causing her to fall out of the window.


       I was running towards Yuki but I felt a sudden push on my shoulder causing me to loose balance and before I know it, I'm about to fall. Yuki.... gomen.

   “Eh?” The person right before my very eyes was my childhood friend, Kashiwagi Yuki.
“YUKI! Let go! We're both gonna fall!” I yelled seeing her hands slowly slipping.

   “Not in a million years! I'd rather die now that let you go!”

   “JUST A LITTLE MORE!” Exactly right after we heard him say that a loud thud hit the floor with Miyuki-kun helping Yuki to pull me back up. My knees finally touched the ground. I looked up at my two saviors smilling but Yuki suddenly collapsed.


       I was so happy to see Mayu safe and sound but my body has reached it's limit and I blacked out. When I came around I was in Mayu's room.

“Yuki!” Mayu's tear stained face was the only one that greeted me.

   “You're too loud” I said smiling.

“Seriously! Just how many times are you planning to make me worry about you? You bakarin!” She said... despite trying to look mad all I see is her being extremely worried.... seriously..... this has happened more than twice already. I even broke the promise... really what am I doing?

   “Say, Mayu?” Please just this one last time

“Yeah?” Please don't hate me....

   “Well you see~”

“Just say it already!”  please let me be selfish one more time.

        Well here it goes..... “I really really like you! Wait no it's not like... Watanabe Mayu, ever since we were little, my eyes has been looking at no one but you. I love you! Please go out with me!” There I said it.

“Eh?” There it is again.... the confused face.


       What should I do? First Miyuki-kun, now Yukirin? I'm just an ordinary girl! I have nothing special about me! Plus I'm not popular, so why are all this popular people confessing to me?

“Do you.... not like me back?” She asked with pleading eyes.

   “No, it's not like that but-”

“Of course she don't like you back! She's MY girl!” Miyuki-kun interrupted coming in the room through the window.
   “Right? Darling~” He said winking. I can't say that this action made my heart stop a beat because that would be lying.

“What? Mayuyu's MINE!” Yuki jumped up and hugging me from behind.
   “Right? Darling~” Yuki blew on my ears making me shiver and blush really hard.

“No! She's mine!” Miyuki-kun said pulling my arm away from Yuki.

   “MINE!” Yuki said pulling my other arm back to her.



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Re: What should I do? (WwatanabeYuki OS) [alexsher's OS Thread]
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So cute <3 but I want a sequel with Mayuki
Anyway great story :)

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Re: What should I do? (WwatanabeYuki OS) [alexsher's OS Thread]
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This OS is so funny and cute :wriggly:
Yuki and Miyuki just like kids trying to claim their toys :mon lovelaff:
At first, Yuki got into accident, I thought she's gonna die and then Miyuki appears > WWatanabe :mon psst:
Man, you're totally surprised me with the plot :mon spit: Totally unexpected :sweat:
And about my Kojiyuu request, take your time :mon thumb: I'm still wanting more Mayuki OS before that :mon evillaff:
Looking forward to your new updates :on drink:
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Re: What should I do? (WwatanabeYuki OS) [alexsher's OS Thread]
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Thanks Alex :D *Spazzes at the sight of Male Milky*  :wub: Yukirin and Milky are so immature~

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Re: What should I do? (WwatanabeYuki OS) [alexsher's OS Thread]
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This really has a really great plot, it surprise me  :shocked :w00t:

This could have a sequel  :fap :twothumbs

Thanks for this OS anyways  :oops: :heart:
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WMatsui and Mayuki all the way :D

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Re: What should I do? (WwatanabeYuki OS) [alexsher's OS Thread]
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MaYuki <3

Lame Story ahead!

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Re: What should I do? (WwatanabeYuki OS) [alexsher's OS Thread]
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More mayuki OS pleaseeeee  :deco:

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