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Author Topic: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (41/41 END) [WMatsui] - REPLIES  (Read 247571 times)

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 12
« Reply #100 on: October 18, 2014, 08:22:04 PM »
an update~ :onioncheer:

i'm not really sure if its okay to say this glad rena refuse airi! (gomen airi, your love is better with a certain someone)

rena's finally having the uneasy feeling about jurina! :mon money:

airin's so sweet~ :mon inluv:

cant wait foe the next one!! :mon yeah:

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 12
« Reply #101 on: October 19, 2014, 06:18:35 AM »
Thank you for the update :cow:
I still believe that Jurina still has feelings for Rena. She has to be putting a façade, after hearing that RenAirin were never a 'thing' Wmatsui still has a chance together
i'm not really sure if its okay to say this glad rena refuse airi! (gomen airi, your love is better with a certain someone)
Agree, I wonder if Churi will help Airin go through her feelings?
I got to respect Airin for understanding Rena's feelings and accepting that Rena doesn't feel the same way.
I really hope Rena finds out Jurina's feelings. Or at least someone that knows Jurina's real feelings and tell them to Rena
Can't wait for next chapter~

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 12
« Reply #102 on: October 21, 2014, 01:11:42 PM »
Update plss

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 13
« Reply #103 on: October 24, 2014, 11:25:29 PM »

Rena pulls her rolling suitcase in a hurry, watching in terror the train that's about to depart. It's unusual for her to be late, but her mind was elsewhere all day, and she was one of the last to leave the radio station. Truth to be told, she wasn't herself since she rejected Airi's feelings. The guilt just refused to leave her.

Now the platform is almost empty, and the older girl stops when she finally spots her door, releasing a sigh in relief and trying to catch her breath.

Climbing the three small stairs, she puts her hand on her racing heart, before turning her head to the carriage full of SKE members. Gripping tightly the handle of her suitcase again, she moves forward, tilting her head right and left, looking for an empty space to rest her exhausted body. She shouldn't have run so much.

Airi and Akane suddenly come in view on her right and Rena's feet slow down, feeling a small pain in her heart as she watches her best friend chatting with Akane. The girl notices her presence and shoots her a small smile in acknowledgment which Rena replicates a bit awkwardly, before speeding up again.

She's halfway through the carriage when her eyes catch a glimpse of an empty seat on her left, and she knows she's going to take it, her hurting feet refusing to go any further. She halts her suitcase and releases a sigh in relief, before Jurina who's sitting near the window comes into full view. The younger girl is pressing frenetically the buttons on her phone, obviously engrossed in a game. It takes her a few seconds to notice the girl's presence and when she finally does, she raises her eyes to the panting girl.

"Hi Rena."

"Hi. Can I sit here?"

Jurina smiles in surprise at the sound of the girl's erratic voice, before nodding.

"Of course."

Rena gathers her last strength to place the suitcase on the luggage rack, before collapsing in her seat and putting her bag at her feet. When the beating of her heart finally goes back to normal, she glances at her watch. The train will soon depart. She arrived right on time.

A laugh suddenly reaches her and she tilts her head to Airi and Akane who are laughing profusely. Pushing her guilt aside a second, her mouth tugs into a small smile at the view of the two girls.

"It's nice to see them getting along, isn't it?" she murmurs, before turning to her traveling companion when she doesn't get a response. "Jurina?"

At the lack of reaction, Rena moves closer to girl who's now turned to the window, her head resting heavily against the right side of the seat. The older Matsui frowns at her closed eyelids. She knows Jurina isn't sleeping enough lately, the bags under her eyes are a clear evidence of it. A part of her wants to get mad at her for it, but the anger doesn't reach her eyes at the view of the peaceful sleeping girl. Suddenly noticing her phone that's slipping out of her left hand, she reaches over and carefully takes it to lay it on the tray in front of the younger girl. Her eyes then get back to the girl and linger on her a little while, admiring her beautiful features and listening to her soft breathing. When the younger girl's black jacket that's covering her chest starts to slip Rena carefully grabs it, pulling it to cover the girl's shoulders again.

The older Matsui then retreats back and tries to get comfortable in her seat, leaning over to her bag and grabbing a manga. Her digits brush the soft cover and Scipion's blond hair, mesmerized by the quality of the drawing. Opening the book, she starts to read the first pages, before feeling her eyelids progressively closing without her consent. After fighting it a few times she finally relents and puts the book in front of her, after placing a bookmark inside. The train starts to slowly move forward and Rena looks out of the window, watching as the city buildings progressively disappear and the countryside comes into view. Her eyelids start to close again, and the swaying of the train is all she needs to put her definitely to sleep.

When she wakes up, it's already dark outside and Rena straightens up in her seat, noticing how the carriage is now really quiet, everyone dozing off here and there. Tilting her head to Jurina, she notices the girl typing a message on her phone, while stiffing a yawn.

"You shouldn't go to bed so late. I don't like seeing you so tired," Rena murmurs in a small concerned voice.

Jurina's digits halt their movements at the girl's sudden voice, before getting back in action.

"Always the caring older sister," the younger Matsui mumbles, before leaving her phone aside and staring out of the window pensively.

Rena's eyes widen at the girl's words, hearing a hint of bitterness in it.

"I'm saying that as a friend," she corrects, getting a weak nod in reply.


Rena shoots her a confused look before getting back to her book, her fingers flipping a page in frustration at the girl's attitude. Why did she get the impression that she didn't believe her one bit?

It's already late when Jurina walks in the hallway of the hotel, followed by the quiet footsteps of Churi. When she spots her room she stops her blue rolling suitcase and gets the key out of her pocket, pushing the door a few seconds later. Her fingers quickly switch the light on and she moves forward, only surprised when she notices that the other girl is not following her. She turns in confusion to Churi who's waiting at the doorstep, her eyes glancing at Jurina nervously.

"Churi, what is it?"

"I totally forgot to tell you, but Airin asked me if we could share a room for tonight. Do you mind?"

The younger Matsui widens her eyes, and a few seconds pass before she finally speaks up again.

"Of course not."

"You hesitated."

Churi shoots her a concerned look, before Jurina swiftly waves her hand.

"I'm sorry, you just took me by surprise."

Jurina moves forward to squeeze the girl's arm reassuringly, and Churi watches the girl carefully to assess if she's telling the truth, before nodding at the girl's sincere smile. 


"I'll see if someone else is available to share the room with me."


Jurina watches Churi curiously as the girl's voice trails off, before hearing footsteps in the hallway and seeing the older Matsui suddenly appearing behind Churi's back. When the girl notices her presence she moves aside, shooting a small smile at Jurina.

"I thought maybe Rena and you could share a room."

Jurina watches in surprise the older Matsui who's looking at her expectantly, before Churi raises her hand to wave at her and leave.

"I'll see you tomorrow."

Jurina stares at the empty space bewildered, the light footsteps of Churi and the rolling noise of her suitcase on the carpet ringing in her head as the girl progressively moves away, until she hears the sharp noise of a door opening and closing.

When Rena clears her throat, her attention gets back to her, and she watches the older girl who's clutching the handle of her suitcase nervously.

"Do you mind?" she asks in a small hesitant voice, and Jurina knows her silence must have given the girl a bad impression.

"Of course not. Come in."

Jurina stares at Rena as she takes a few steps forward, closing carefully the door behind her, before stopping her suitcase near the closest bed and taking her coat off. When Rena notices that the younger Matsui hasn't moved an inch, she tilts her head to her curiously.

"Are you sure you don't mind me staying here?"

Jurina's strange attitude unsettles her and she watches her as she waves her hand, a small smile on her lips.

"Not at all."

Rena's eyes linger on the girl as Jurina moves to the dresser to put her coat on a hanger, before approaching the bed near the window and sitting on it to open her suitcase. Despite her best efforts to play it cool, her nervousness doesn't go unnoticed, and Rena follows the girl's movements, wondering what's wrong with her. Sure, it's been a while since they shared a room, but they used to do it plenty of time when she was a kid. Why was she suddenly acting like it was the first time?

When she hears her phone buzzing, she finally looks away from Jurina to turn her attention to her bag, rummaging through it before grabbing the white device. She smiles at Airi's message, before sitting on her bed, her thoughts now on her best friend. When Airi had asked her early on is she was okay with switching rooms, she had agreed, although not naive about the girl's reasons. She knew it wasn't only because she wanted to spend more time with Akane. It was also because she needed some space. From her. Since her rejection, Airi had kept her word: she did not try to distance herself from her during the day, and there was not too much awkwardness between them. However, it was a different matter when it came to sharing rooms. That still proved to be a bit problematic.

An hour later, Rena is laying in bed, flipping a page of her manga, her reading glasses resting on her nose. It was actually really good, and she was pretty much engrossed in it, admiring Hannibal Barca's genius mind and tactical moves until she suddenly hears a girl screaming on the television. Raising her eyes to the movie Jurina is watching, she frowns a little, before tilting her head at the girl's small shriek. She knew it was a bad idea the minute the younger Matsui switched the television on to watch this scary movie, but had stayed quiet nonetheless, despite knowing full well what was going to happen. Now Jurina was gripping her sheets tightly, fear written all over her face, and Rena lets out a small sigh, lowering her eyes to her book again. She's halfway through it when she starts to feel sleepy, her eyelids closing on their own without her consent. Stifling a yawn, she turns at Jurina's surprised voice.

"I'm sorry, you should have told me you wanted to sleep."

"It's okay, you can finish your movie."

Rena waves a reassuring hand, going back to her book immediately. However, her vision starts to blur and she shakes her head, her eyes narrowing, trying to fight to sleep the best she can. The girl's actions prove to be vain, as the book slips from her hands and her eyes progressively close a few minutes later.

When she wakes up again, she feels someone tugging at her glasses and she slowly opens her eyelids to see the younger Matsui hovering over her.

When she notices the girl is awake, Jurina shoots her an embarrassed look, before carefully placing the small black glasses on the bedside table.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you up. I was afraid you would break your glasses," she explains nervously, and Rena's mouth tugs into a small smile, moved by the girl's attention.

"Thank you, Jurina."

The younger Matsui retreats back and Rena places her manga on the table, before tilting her head to the black screen and going back to the girl.

"The movie is over?"

"Yes. Sorry for keeping you awake."

Rena watches as Jurina averts her eyes, and she lets out a small chuckle.

"What's happening with you? Why are you apologizing so much? I told you it was okay."

Jurina nods weakly and Rena leans over to grab the girl's hand softly, while trying to catch the girl's eyes.

"Come on. It's getting late. Let's go to bed."


Rena lets go of her hand after a light reassuring squeeze, and her eyes follow the younger girl who's now moving to her bed and getting under the sheets, before switching the light off. Rena tries to adjust to the dark as she moves her pillow and lays her head on it, looking at the younger girl who's pulling the bedcover on her. Their eyes meet briefly and Rena smiles sleepily at the girl's head who's now half buried under the cover.

"Goodnight Jurina."

Rena starts to close her eyes, knowing sleep will soon claim her, until she hears a soft reply a few seconds later.

"Goodnight Rena."

When the older Matsui slowly opens her eyes again, she knows by her heavy eyelids that it's way too early to be awake. She tilts her head to the alarm clock on her bedside table, frowning at the flashing red letters. It's 3 AM. The girl mentally curses herself, wondering why she suddenly awoke in the middle of the night. She's about to close her eyes again when a small whimpering catches her attention and she turns to Jurina who's tossing and turning in her bed. Rena watches her in confusion as the girl continues her strange behavior, the whimpering intensifying second after second, before it hits her. She's having a nightmare.

The older Matsui follows her movements a while, before realizing it's not about to end anytime soon. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she slowly gets out of bed and sits on the side, watching worriedly the girl's frantic movements.

"Jurina?" Rena calls in a small hesitant voice, that unfortunately doesn't reach the sleeping girl.

The older girl ponders her options carefully before getting up and approaching the girl. She repeats her name a little louder this time, frustrated when she still doesn't get a reaction.

She knows her next action may be a bit dangerous - as it's never a good idea to wake up someone who's having a nightmare - but she still goes for it and leans over to lightly shake the girl's arm. She carefully retreats back, expecting the girl to wake up this time, but groans when her action has no effect. She moves forward again and her fingers grip the younger girl's arm a bit more tightly, releasing a small sigh when the girl suddenly opens her eyes. She's retreating back again when Jurina swiftly sits up, her hands pushing in her daze Rena away. The action takes the girl by surprise, and she hits her back against the bedside table, letting a pained sound out. Her fingers start to rub her hurting back, while Jurina stares at her in shock.


"This was a bad idea."

Jurina slowly gets out of bed, taking a few unsteady steps towards the girl.

"I'm so sorry. Are you alright?"
Rena tries to wave a reassuring hand, but her wince says otherwise.

"I guess this is payback for the punch I gave you during Majisuka Gakuen 4," she murmurs in a small teasing voice, but Jurina doesn't catch it.

"No, I didn't do it intentionally. I'm really sorry."

Rena stops rubbing her back and raises her eyes in surprise, before chuckling at Jurina's petrified look.

"I was joking. I know you didn't do it on purpose, silly."

Jurina nods weakly and sits on the bed, watching guiltily the girl who's now taking place next to her.

"So, what was your nightmare about?"

"I was in a white small room, and there were snakes that were coming at me and they..."

"Okay, I get it," Rena cuts off Jurina's stammering, releasing a frustrated sigh. "I knew you shouldn't have watched that movie yesterday. Why do you always want to watch scary movies? You know they give you nightmares."

"I know, but I can't help it. I love them," Jurina admits in a small sheepish voice.

Rena watches the girl who's trembling and sweating and she gets up, moving to the bathroom before coming back with a glass of water in her hand.

"Here, have some water."

Jurina takes the glass in her shaking hands and raises it to her lips, before lowering it and placing it on the bedside table, a small frown on her face.

"I shouldn't, or I'll spend the rest of the night going to the toilet."

Rena's eyes widen, before her mouth tugs into a smile.

"I can't believe you listened to what I said."

"What do you mean? I always do," Jurina answers in confusion, and Rena squeezes her still trembling hand, moved by the girl's words.

"Let's go back to bed."

Jurina nods and awkwardly gets under the sheets, her left hand immediately squeezing her pillow. The girl's distraught state doesn't go unnoticed, and Rena - after a minute of reflection - turns to her bed to take her pillow, before grabbing Jurina's bedcover.

"Okay, move over."


Jurina stares in confusion at the older girl, who pushes her arm lightly.

"I'm sleeping with you."

Jurina's jaw immediately drops in surprise, and she waves her hand.

"Rena, you don't have to do that. I'm not a kid anymore."

"I know you're not."

Both girls stare at each other for a while, before Rena lets out an irritated sigh when Jurina doesn't move an inch.

"Why are you being so difficult? Don't you share a bed with Akane all the time?"

"Yes, but..." Jurina's voice trails off, and Rena pulls the bed sheet.

"Come on, move over. I need to sleep and you do too."

Jurina finally relents at Rena's insistent voice, grabbing her pillow and scooting over to let the girl in. The younger Matsui stares at the ceiling while the older girl adjusts herself in the bed next to her. Her heart is still racing because of her previous nightmare and she lets out a small sigh, trying to clear her mind to slow its frantic beating. Rena somehow seems to notice the girl's struggle and scoots closer, circling her waist with her right arm. She feels Jurina's body tensing up at the gesture and tries to comfort her, misreading her uneasiness.

"Try to relax. Don't think about it anymore."

Jurina nods and closes her eyelids, before feeling a light and constant tap on her stomach. She doesn't need to open her eyes to know what Rena is doing. When she was a kid and used to have nightmares, the older girl would always soothe her with this comforting gesture. Somehow, it always worked and put her to sleep soon after. Tonight is no exception, and Jurina listens to Rena's soft breathing, before feeling her own body relaxing and drifting off.

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 13
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 :ptam-glow: :ptam-glow: :ptam-glow: :ptam-glow:
Ï love this chapter!!

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 13
« Reply #105 on: October 24, 2014, 11:59:16 PM »
Furuyanagi is back to their old selves  :D
Wmatsui's progressing slowly :thumbsup
Aw, Jurina got scared by the movie at least Rena was there to comfort her, when she had that nightmare  :wub:
Thanks for the update, can't wait for next chapter :twothumbs

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 13
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 :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
This chapter is so.. Cheesy!

 :cow: :cow: I like it! :cow: :cow:

The way Rena fixed every little things is so..

 :hip smile: :heart: :hip smile:

Hopefully this will happen alot of time though!  :twothumbs

So.. Churi and Airin. Do you gals help Wmatsui to get back together? Did you talk about it? 'Cause you know what?

THANKYOU! :heart:

Anyway, thankyou! Sophcaro-san


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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 13
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wmatsui are going close again

and furuyanagi too, i wanna see more churi and airin together

rena-chan sleeping with juritan i like it a lot

i really like your story alot

hope you update soon

i will wait pattiently
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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 13
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WOw I really like the chapter wmatsui is getting closer. Can't wait for the next update  :twothumbs :D

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 13
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An update~ this chapter is the best!!

Gotta love wmatsui!

Cant wait for the next one!!  Too exciting!

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 13
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ayeee an update~~

ahh wmatsui is getting back again :3
i love this chapter and every chapter is so interesting

aaaaaand can this fanfic turn into a  dorama??? yes!!!!!!!!!

and author-san, GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FANFIC <3

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 14
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Thank you @Minami-chan, @River1721, @andurooo, @Ava, @peaceandlove27, @Kairi65, @xerone914 for your comments.
Here's a new chapter, full of wmatsui and mayuki moments. Enjoy!


Jurina swiftly turns at the corner of the street, while being careful not to fall in the snowy slippery streets of Tokyo. Since Christmas, the temperature hasn't risen at all, making it impossible for the snow to melt. Even worse, ice has started to appear, making it tricky not to slip. The girl knows she can't afford to fall - an accident is not an option right now - but she still hurries up, knowing she is late. Her host places high value on punctuality.

She exhales deeply in relief when she finally makes it to the entrance of the building and thoroughly wipes her long black boots on the mat, pushing the door a few seconds later. Once she's in the elevator she removes her wooly hat and scarf, before her gloved fingers knock on the familiar door a few minutes later. Her mouth tugs into a smile when it opens and her best friend comes into view.

"Hi Jurina," Mayu says, before lowering her eyes to her watch and frowning, "you're late."

"Oh come on, I'm thirty minutes late," Jurina retorts, shaking her head in disbelief.

Both girls stare at each other for a few seconds - Mayu crossing her arms over her chest in determination - and Jurina starts to wonder how long she's going to make her wait outside, before Yuki comes into view.

"Let Jurina in," she chides, moving past Mayu to hug and kiss Jurina on the cheek, "I'm sorry, don't mind her."

Mayu does as she's told, and Jurina rolls her eyes at the girl who's tapping her feet on the carpet, a disapproving look on her face.

"Here, it's for you," the younger Matsui raises the bag in her left hand to her, and Mayu's eyes immediately lighten up.

"What is it?" Her voice pitches up, and her fingers slide into the small blue plastic bag, before opening a box and grabbing a small keychain.

"The photoshoot didn't finish on time and I knew I would be a bit late, so I stopped on my way here to buy this," Jurina explains to the girl who's turning the keychain between her thumb and her index, admiring the small fighting Mikasa.

"It's fine, I understand," Mayu waves her free hand to the girl, her anger suddenly all forgotten.

Jurina's eyes follow in amusement the girl who's now moving to the living room and hanging the keychain to her backpack, before hearing a soft chuckle beside her.

"I'm impressed. You always know how to handle her," Yuki points out, stretching her hands to take the girl's coat.

"Years of practice," Jurina jokes and the two girls exchange an amused smile, before Jurina removes her coat and heads to the bathroom.

When Mayu comes back from the living room, she notices Yuki who's setting four plates on the table, and she raises a curious eyebrow.

"Are we expecting someone else?" she asks, taking in the process the glasses the girl is handling to her.

"Yes. Rena should be here anytime soon. She texted me she would be late," Yuki replies, turning her back to her to open a cupboard.

"What? You've invited Rena?" Mayu's voice pitches up in shock, setting down the glasses on the kitchen table, and moving closer to the girl. "Why would you do that?" she whispers in panic, taking a peek behind her back to make sure Jurina is not listening.

"Did I forget to mention it?" Yuki asks once she's facing her again with a bottle of water in her hand, and Mayu raises an eyebrow at the girl's unfazed tone. 

"You didn't say anything, but that's not the point. Jurina is going to be furious," the shorter girl hisses, emphasizing on the last word.

"Oh, you mean like the last time you invited Rena without telling anyone?" Yuki continues, grabbing the glasses with her free hand and moving to the living room.

Mayu watches the girl who's setting the table nonchalantly, before Jurina pops out of the bathroom and glares at Mayu.

"Mayu, you've invited Rena again?" she moves forward, and Mayu unconsciously takes a step back at the girl's angry look.

"I didn't do it, I swear!" she stutters, her eyes searching Yuki for support, who unfortunately for her decides to stay quiet.

A painful silence engulfs the three girls as none of them speak, before Yuki and Jurina suddenly burst into laughter.

"Of my God, Mayu! You should see the look on your face!" Jurina chuckles.

"That was so funny," Yuki confirms, moving forward to play with the shorter girl's bunches.

"What is going on?" Mayu asks, staring at the two giggling girls in incomprehension.

"I knew Rena was coming," Jurina states.

"Yes. I asked her beforehand if she was okay with it, not like a certain someone I know," Yuki continues, before moving to the kitchen again.

Mayu watches in surprise Jurina who's nodding, trying hard to stop laughing.

"Okay, I get it. This is payback for Christmas," Mayu sighs when she understands she has been played. "But still. I don't understand why you would invite Rena for New Year's Eve," the girl follows Yuki into the kitchen.

"Actually, Rena and I have spoken quite a lot since Christmas," Yuki answers, turning around to look at her girlfriend, "She's a funny girl."

"Really? I didn't know you two got on well together. And funny is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think about Rena," Mayu's voice trails off, tilting her head to Jurina.

"She has an odd sense of humor, but she can be funny," the younger Matsui confirms, smiling at Mayu's astonishment.

"She's a really nice girl. She even did a lemon cake to thank us for inviting her for Christmas," Yuki adds, nodding at Jurina's affirmation.

"Really?" Mayu frowns.

"Yes. We finished it two days ago. I even told you it was from her," Yuki answers.

"I don't remember," Mayu murmurs.

"Of course not, you were too busy playing that 'Bravely something' game of yours to listen," Yuki rolls her eyes. "Anyway, I knew she was alone for New Year's Eve, and I thought it would be nice to invite her."

"Bravely Default," Mayu corrects, before turning to Jurina, still a bit doubtful about her girlfriend's plans. "And you're really okay with this?"

"I don't mind," Jurina nods.

The conversation is interrupted when someone knocks at the door, and Yuki moves forward to open while Jurina nudges Mayu's elbow playfully.

"By the way, I'm surprised to see you with your bunches today. I thought you hated them."

"Well, I followed your advice and in the end, you were right. It worked," Mayu murmurs, before continuing, now making a pained face. "The problem is, Yuki loved seeing me with bunches so much, that she asked me to keep them for the whole week."

"Oh. Sorry," Jurina chuckles. 

Both girls then turn around when they hear light footsteps in the kitchen, and move forward to welcome a smiling Rena.

Mayu ticks another item off the shopping list, her eyes lingering on the food already in her shopping cart, before inhaling deeply when she reads the next one: soba. She tilts her head to Yuki who's hesitating between two kinds of vegetables, while humming the Ayumi Hamasaki's song that's currently playing on the radio of the store.

She's in a really good mood, and Mayu already hates herself for what she's about to do. Her fingers grip the paper in her hand nervously, repeating in her head the words she is going to say, before turning to the girl, a confident smile on her face.

"Yuki, I was thinking, maybe I could cook tonight."

Yuki turns at the sound of her voice and - after finally opting for mushrooms - moves to her, and drops the vegetables in the shopping cart.

"Why?" she asks, leaning forward to take a peek at the list, before watching Mayu curiously.

"Well, you always cook, so I thought I could do it for a change," the shorter girl answers, trying her best to stay nonchalant.

Yuki nods in confusion and is about to move away, when she suddenly halts and turns.

"Mayu, are you complaining about my cooking?"

"Of course not," the girl swiftly answers, but her face starts to decompose at Yuki's suspicious expression.

The older girl scoots closer - her eyes never leaving Mayu's - before stopping when they're only inches apart.

"Mayu... tell me the truth," Yuki growls, crossing her arms over her chest, "what's wrong with my cooking?"

"It's just that you always put too much... salt in everything," Mayu stutters, now avoiding Yuki's piercing eyes. She purposely avoids to mention the fact that she also tends to overcook the food.

"That's it? Too much salt? You never said anything!" Yuki's voice pitches up in shock, before grabbing a packet of soba on the shelf and shoving it in the shopping cart.

Mayu gulps at the girl's frantic action and lowers her eyes to the poor packet of soba that's just landed on top of the mushrooms, grimacing at Yuki's choice. She then lets out a small defeated sigh, knowing she did exactly what she was trying to avoid: making her girlfriend angry.

"I can't believe it! Anyway, it's just soba. I'll do it," Yuki continues, waving her hand.

"Okay..." Mayu murmurs, watching from the corner of her eye Yuki who's shaking her head and distancing herself.

The shorter girl internally curses herself for broaching the subject and pushes the shopping cart, ill-at-ease, following the angry girl.
Jurina suddenly appears at the end of the vegetable section, and looks at them curiously.

"Are you alright? We can hear you right at the end of the store," she whispers.

Yuki tilts her head to her, before noticing Rena popping up behind the young Matsui and watching them worriedly.

"We're fine. Just a little cooking disagreement," Yuki mutters, and Mayu shudders when the older girl stares at her coldly.

"Yes, don't mind us," the younger girl adds, a fake smile on her face that she knows is not fooling anyone.

Jurina nods and disappears again, looking at her shopping list, before aiming for the sweets section. At the view of the familiar yellow packaging her eyes lighten up and she swiftly grabs one packet of Puré lemon gums, before adding another one in her shopping basket.

"I can't believe we just witnessed that. I hope everything's fine," Rena suddenly speaks up, and Jurina turns to the girl who was following her quietly until now.

"I wouldn't worry about that," Jurina shakes her head, lowering her eyes to her shopping basket pensively, before stretching her arm to grab two other packets of gums.

"It almost looked like a couple's quarrel," the older Matsui murmurs, a small amused smile on her lips.

At those words, Jurina's hand freezes as she's about to take another packet, and the action doesn't go unnoticed.

"What is it?" Rena asks, raising a curious eyebrow at the girl's sudden odd behavior.

"Nothing," Jurina answers swiftly, grabbing the packet of gums as nonchalantly as possible.

Rena watches carefully the girl who's now averting her eyes ill-at-ease, before letting out a shock sound at the view of the shopping basket's content.

"Jurina, what are all these?" she gasps out, her index pointing at the five yellow packets.

"It's for Mayu. She loves them," the younger girl answers.

"Really?" Rena scoffs.


Both girls stare at each other for a while, before Rena rolls her eyes.

"Oh come on, I've known you for years. You're the one who loves Puré gums," the older Matsui chuckles.

Jurina's eyes widen like a deer caught in the headlights, before gazing at the shopping list again and clearing her throat, internally cursing Rena's perceptiveness.

"Okay, only one item left and we're done," she notes, ignoring the older Matsui's previous statement.

Rena shakes her head in disbelief, and watches in amusement the younger girl who's moving away. She jogs to catch up the girl who's distancing herself from her swiftly, and grips Jurina's right arm when she's finally at her side, making her stop.

"Wait," she says, taking three packets of gums from the shopping basket, "I'll put these back. That's too much sugar for you," she chides, before trotting back to the sweets' section.

Jurina's eyes follow the girl who's putting them back on the shelf, letting out a small growl in disapproval, and waits for the girl who's making her way back to her, a satisfied smile on her lips.

"I hate you," she mumbles once she's within reach.

"You know it's for your own good," she smiles, lightly patting the girl's shoulder.

Rena then notices a white closed paper bag in the shopping basket, and she looks up curiously.

"What's in the white paper bag?" she inquires.

"Melon pan. I took them while you were busy in the manga section," Jurina answers.

"Oh," the older Matsui murmurs, and her digits softly grab the bag, trying to catch a glimpse of the bread through it.

"Do you want to eat one?" Jurina asks after a few seconds, trying hard not to laugh at the girl's behavior.

"No, that's fine. I'll wait till we're at Mayu's," Rena waves at her, her eyes still not leaving the bag in her hand.

Jurina nods and expects the older Matsui to put the bag back in the shopping basket, but  rolls her eyes when the girl is still staring at it a minute later.

"Go on, open it. I know you can't wait to have one," she sighs.

Rena turns to her in surprise, swiftly putting the bag in the shopping basket.

"You make me sound like an addict. I like them, but I don't need to eat melon pan all the time," she rolls her eyes, sounding slightly offended.

Jurina watches the girl's retreating back, and an idea suddenly pops up in her head.

"You're right, I'm sorry. I'll put them back," Jurina nods, reaching over to grab the bag, before feeling Rena's hand on hers.

"Okay, I admit it. I'm addicted to melon pan. Happy?" Rena groans at the younger Matsui's mischievous smile.

"Oh yes," Jurina chuckles, lowering the bag in the shopping basket again.

Jurina, Rena and Mayu are sitting in the living room and watching the singing contest on the television, debating which team is going to win tonight. While the younger Matsui is rooting for the white one, Rena is absolutely convinced the red one is going to win. Mayu who's stuck in the middle groans when the argument starts to heat up between them, and gets up when she's had enough, moving away from the two bickering girls.

"They are impossible," she mutters to Yuki once she's in the kitchen, and watches the older girl who's laying the vegetables on the counter, getting ready to start dinner.

"They are watching the kohaku?" Yuki inquires, grabbing a knife and starting to prepare the mushrooms for the soup.

"Oh, yes," Mayu cringes, before staring with intensity at the packet of soba on the counter.

The action doesn't go unnoticed and Yuki stops what she's doing to look at her.

"You really want to prepare the soba, do you?" she sighs.

"Well, if you don't mind," Mayu's voice trails off, trying not to sound too hopeful to not offend the girl again.

"Okay, go on," Yuki finally relents, her knife getting back in action.

Mayu lets out a small squeak in delight at the girl's approval and leans over to kiss her cheek, Yuki's mouth instantly curving into a smile at the gesture.

Mayu blows the hot soup in her spoon, before taking a tentative sip. She knows Yuki is watching her on the other side of the table, and she tries not to look too happy when the liquid touches her tongue. She takes a curious peek at Rena and Jurina who are eating quietly, noticing the look of surprise on Jurina's face.

"So, how is it?" Yuki inquires, glancing at the two Matsui.

"It's really good," Jurina exclaims, taking another spoonful of her soup to prove her point.

"It is," Rena confirms, before starting to eat the soba, "you're a really good cook, Yuki."

There's a small silence in the room as Yuki observes the happy faces of her two guests, before turning to Mayu who's eating her soba, sending her a shy smile when their eyes meet.

"Thank you, but Mayu did most of the cooking," Yuki replies, sighing deeply, "I only prepared the vegetables."

"Oh, so that's why..." Jurina starts, before noticing how Mayu is glaring at her, "the mushrooms are so good," she finishes lamely, lowering her eyes in embarrassment to her soup again.

The four girls are standing in front of the television, watching expectantly the man who's approaching the Joya bell, before ringing it when it's finally midnight.

"Happy New Year, Mayuyu!" Yuki exclaims, turning to hug her tightly and kissing her on the cheek soundly.

"Happy New Year, Yukirin," the shorter girl answers, responding to her embrace and patting her girlfriend's head in amusement.

Jurina smiles at the exchange, before tilting her head to Rena. She doesn't know why she's suddenly feeling so shy as their eyes meet, but she stares at the older girl for a few seconds, pondering whether she should hug her or not. Her internal debate doesn't seem to reach an end, and she hesitantly takes a step forward, finally opting for a chaste kiss on the cheek.

"Happy New Year, Rena," she smiles, retreating back, before seeing the older Matsui moving forward.

"Happy New Year, Jurina," Rena answers, slowly wrapping her hands around the girl's neck.

Jurina freezes at the girl's unexpected action, and it takes her a few seconds to relax and encircle her waist. She doesn't know how long they stayed this way, but Rena doesn't once tries to move away. Jurina internally curses herself as she's starting to relish a bit too much the girl's body against hers, before raising her eyes and meeting Mayu's. There's a small amused smile at the corner of her lips, and Jurina doesn't want to know what's crossing her mind right now.

"So, what do we do now?" Mayu finally asks, and Jurina takes it as an opportunity to disentangle herself from Rena, avoiding her best friend's gaze.

"We can go to the temple," Yuki suggests.

"Do we really have to? It's freezing outside, and I don't want to wait for hours," Mayu mutters, her attention now fully on Yuki.

"We barely waited 30 minutes last time," Yuki rolls her eyes, before turning to Jurina and Rena, "What do you want to do?"

"I don't mind staying here," the younger Matsui answers, trying hard not to laugh at Mayu's pleading look.

"I'm fine with it," Rena confirms, smiling when Mayu sighs deeply in relief.

"Who's up for a board game then?" Yuki asks, before moving to a shelf when the three girls nod in approval.

While Yuki lays the game on the table of the living room, Jurina goes to the bathroom, only to bump into Mayu when she gets out a few minutes later. The younger Matsui watches curiously her best friend, who's staring at her intensely.

"What is it?" Jurina asks, when the girl doesn't make a move to let her pass.

"You lied," Mayu states, now crossing her arms over her chest.

"About what?"

"Rena. You still have feelings for her."

Jurina's eyes widen at the girl's words, and she tilts her head in fear to the living room, before letting out a small sigh in relief when Yuki and Rena are still focused on the board game.

"Mayu," Jurina moves forward, stopping when they are only inches apart, "don't start."

"Oh come on. You may have fooled Yuki and Rena, but I can see right through you," Mayu scoffs, lightly tapping the girl's chest with her index.

"I am over her," the younger Matsui groans, trying her best to sound convincing, but knows she has failed when her best friend's mouth curves into a smile.

"Yes, yes. I heard that before," Mayu chuckles, before shaking her head in disbelief and moving to the living room.

Jurina exhales deeply in irritation at the girl's behavior, watching her as she's now sitting next Yuki and grabbing cards nonchalantly.
"Are you coming?" Yuki asks, when she notices the girl who hasn't moved from the bathroom's doorstep.
"Yes, sorry," Jurina swiftly answers, trying to ignore Mayu's sly grin as she goes to sit next Rena.

The younger Matsui's phone suddenly starts to buzz, and the girl grabs the device from her pocket, before smiling at the message she just received.

"It's Churi, she's wishing us a happy New Year," she states, raising her phone to let the girls see the picture accompanying the text.

"Airi and Akane are so cute in kimonos," Yuki exclaims, before nudging Mayu's elbow, "See? We should have gone to the temple too."

"Next year, I promise," Mayu answers, before lowering her gaze to the board game, eager to change the subject, "Let's start?"

Rena is tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable on the small sofa. Her eyes briefly meet the alarm clock on the living room's table, and she sighs, knowing it's way past her bedtime. Usually, she's already sound asleep at 2 AM, but she can make an exception. Her eyes shut again tightly, the girl trying desperately to find the sleep that's not coming. She's really trying to relax, but her mind gets constantly distracted by this noise she's been hearing for quite a while now, preventing her from drifting off. She frowns when it becomes even louder and she finally straightens up on the sofa, tilting her head to the sleeping body on the floor.

"Jurina, your teeth are chattering," she murmurs, trying to catch a glimpse of the girl who's laying on a futon.

"I'm sorry. I didn't think the temperate would drop so much," Jurina answers, trying hard to stop her body from shivering.

"Do you want to switch places? You can sleep on the couch if you like," Rena suggests.

"No, I'm fine," the younger girl answers, gripping the bedcover tightly and pulling it to cover her head.

Rena lays back on the sofa again, staring absently at the ceiling. Her heavy eyelids finally close again and the older Matsui knows sleep is about to claim her, when the picture of a shaking Jurina suddenly pops up in her head. She tries to clear her mind, but the image won't disappear, and her fingers grip her bedcover, pushing it away to sit on the sofa.

The older Matsui stares at Jurina, noticing how the girl is trying hard not to make too much noise. Her mouth tugs into a small smile at the girl's kind thought, and her feet meet the carpet in determination, kneeling a few seconds later near the sleeping form.

"Jurina, go and sleep on the couch," she repeats, lightly patting her shoulder.

"No, I'm fine, really," Jurina answers after tilting her head to her in surprise.

Rena groans at the girl's stubbornness, and catches the hand the girl is waving at her reassuringly.

"You're freezing!" she gasps out when her fingers meet the cold palm, and she encircles her hands around it to warm it up.

Jurina straightens up at the girl's action, Rena's hands immediately grabbing her other palm when it comes into view. The younger Matsui stays quiet while the older girl gently rubs her hands, feeling her fingers progressively warming up.

"Thank you. I'm already feeling better," she smiles a few minutes later, retreating her hands.

Rena nods and Jurina lays back on her pillow, seeing the girl moving back to the sofa. She's about to drift off when she suddenly hears a soft noise near her head, and widens her eyes when she sees another pillow on the futon, and Rena laying on her back.

"Rena, you..."

"No," the girl cuts off, pulling the bedcover on her body, "I don't want to hear a word."

Jurina stares at the older girl who's making herself comfortable, her eyes already closed.

"You're really stubborn," she mutters.

"You're the one to talk. You were freezing and didn't say anything," Rena replies.

Jurina sighs defeated and silence engulfs them anew, before the older Matsui opens her eyelids when she feels the girl still shivering next to her a few minutes later.

"Come here," she murmurs, pulling the girl's arm softly and laying on her side to face her.

Jurina finally relents a few seconds later and scoots closer, knowing by the girl's decided look that she's not going to take no for an answer. Rena's right arm swiftly makes its way around her back and starts rubbing it gently, while her left palm grabs Jurina's hand that's laying by her side, still a bit cold.

Right now, the older Matsui would give anything to get into Jurina's head, confused by the nervousness she's seeing in her eyes.

"Are you alright?" she asks, only receiving a small nod in reply, before Jurina starts to close her eyelids.

Rena watches her carefully for a few minutes, trying to understand what's going on, before feeling her own body relaxing and sleep claiming her.

Jurina opens her eyes again when she notices Rena's hold on her hand diminishing and she slowly retracts it, knowing the girl is finally asleep. She hears her heart hammering inside her chest and Mayu's words immediately fill her mind, admitting she's not completely wrong. It's getting harder and harder to keep the promise she made to herself, especially when Rena is acting this way.
She raises her eyes to the sleeping form and without thinking leans over, lightly kissing the girl's forehead.

"Please stop being so nice to me," she whispers after retreating back, laying her head on her pillow and listening to her heart that's stubbornly refusing to calm down.

She knows she has to try harder if she wants to stick to her decision. Her eyes close again and she sighs, knowing deep down how challenging it's going to be.

Exhaustion finally gets to her a while later and she drifts off, missing the older Matsui who's now staring at her in surprise - full awake - trying to understand both Jurina's words, and the meaning of her own racing heart. Confusion washes her when no explanation comes to mind, but her palm slides a few minutes later beneath Jurina's hand, intertwining their fingers together.

Mayu opens her bedroom's door and aims for the kitchen, taking a peek on her way at the living room, and stopping when she notices the two girls entangled on the futon. Her mouth curves into a smile at the view, before hearing light footsteps behind her, and feeling two arms around her neck.

"What are you doing? It's 9 AM," Yuki whispers, laying her head on the girl's shoulder and stifling a yawn.

"I was hungry," she answers, tilting her head to the older girl, "you should go back to bed, you're still tired," she suggests, before looking again at the two Matsui.

"Okay," Yuki murmurs, following Mayu's gaze, "they are too cute together. It's a shame, really."

"I'm pretty sure Jurina is still not over her," Mayu confesses, before continuing, "it's just frustrating that I can't read Rena at all."

"Why do you think that?" Yuki asks, now fully awake.

"I know my best friend, and Rena is her first love. You don't forget it easily," she sighs.

"I hope you're not going to play the matchmaker again," Yuki scolds her, "Remember what happened the last time you tried."

"I know, and I'm not going to do anything, don't worry," she assures, "I just sometimes wish Jurina wasn't so stubborn."

"Why do you think it's her first love?"

"Did you not see the way she was looking at her? She clearly reminds me of myself," her voice trails off, before seeing Yuki facing her and wrapping her arms around her neck again.

"I love you Mayuyu," she whispers, pulling the girl to her and pressing her lips against hers.

"What was that for?" the shorter girl asks, when Yuki retreats back.

"Do I need a reason to kiss my beautiful girlfriend?" she inquires, closing the distance to connect their lips again.

The kiss starts to intensify and Mayu wraps her hands around the girl's waist, really getting into it, before a sound catches their attention and they tilt their head to the living room. A now fully awake Rena is watching them, her mouth agape, and Yuki immediately buries her face in Mayu's neck.

"Not again," she groans, feeling Mayu's body shaking in amusement against her, "Do you think she heard us?"

"Probably not, but she definitely saw us," she whispers, "I think we should continue this in the bedroom," she continues, before waving shyly at the older Matsui.

"Good idea," Yuki answers, disentangling herself from Mayu and entering the bedroom, making sure not to meet the witness's eyes.

When Mayu closes the door behind them she lets out a small chuckle, watching the girl who's sitting in bed, her hands covering her face in embarrassment.

"What are we going to tell her?" she asks, when Mayu slides beneath the sheets and scoots closer.

"I don't think we need to explain anything, it was pretty clear," Mayu replies, trying to contain her laughter the best she can.

Yuki nods, before averting her girlfriend's gaze.

"I'm sorry for getting angry at you earlier. You were right, I put too much salt in everything," she confirms.

"It's okay, don't think about it anymore," Mayu replies, leaning over, "where were we anyway?"

Yuki raises her eyes at Mayu's seductive tone and smiles, pulling the girl closer.

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Hihihiihihi. . . .
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I can't stop giggling read this chapter. . . .
Omg.!!!!! MAYUKI kissed with Rena witnessed it. . . . LOLOLOLOL.

Rena actually have the same feeling toward Jurina. I hope she realized it in next chapter.
Thank You,,I think This is the Most I Love chapter in this fiction.
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Thank you for the update :cow:
Jurina and Yuki trolling Mayu in the beginning :mon lol:
"It's just that you always put too much... salt in everything," Mayu stutters, now avoiding Yuki's piercing eyes.
Mayu you just had to bring the topic of cooking didn't you? You knew what you were getting yourself into after asking that question. :mon ignore:
"Oh, so that's why...", Jurina starts, before noticing how Mayu is glaring at her, "the mushrooms are so good," she finishes lamely, lowering her eyes in embarrassment to her soup again.
But I'm glad later on Yuki let Mayu cook. Jurina was about to say something bad, luckily Mayu gave her that glare. Who knows what would have happened if Mayu hadn't done something. :sweat:
Honestly these two are just adorable. But that ending where Rena had seen them kissing each other. They really have to be careful in times. Well we all know what happened next to these two. :hehehe:
Mayuyu is definitely right about Jurina still having feelings for Rena. :mon determined:
"Oh come on, I've known you for years. You're the one who loves Puré gums," the older Matsui chuckles.
Wmatsui knows each other too well. :mon fu:
Rena knows how Jurina loves Puré gums, while Jurina knows how addicted Rena is to Melon Pan. :on lol:
"Happy New Year, Jurina," Rena answers, slowly wrapping her hands around the girl's neck.
Eh? Why did Rena wrap her hands around Jurina's neck all of a sudden!? :ding:
missing the older Matsui who's now staring at her in surprise - full awake - trying to understand both Jurina's words, and the meaning of her own racing heart.
Wow! Rena heard what Jurina had said! Her hearts racing, this only means she has feelings for Jurina :mon star: (I'm probably jumping to conclusions here :nervous)
I hope Rena had heard Mayu and Yuki's conversation about Jurina. :mon sweat:
Can't wait for what happens next :mon bye:

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finally...finally...finally~!!! :deco:

rena's feeling something! as expected of mayu. jurina cant hide anything from her... 8)

speaking of mayu, cant believe all it take was a mikasa keychain! :rofl:

this chapter is just so... :twothumbs :inlove:

cant wait for the next one!

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waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah   i cant wait to see what happens in the next chapter. wow did rena hear all they said and has she realized her feeling for jurina's figured or jurina's feeling for her. loved i  :bow: :twothumbs :heart: :heart:

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I finally caught up

Now the misunderstand about Mwatui with furuyanagi is clear

Jurina just admit that u still loved Rena!!

Yes Mayuki moment but i need more!!!

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Re: Heartbeat [wmatsui] Chapter 15
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It has finally melted. Snow has now entirely disappeared from the streets of Nagoya. Rena doesn't know why, but snow always had a peaceful effect on her, easing her mind instantly from troubled thoughts. That's why she can't help the disappointment out of her eyes as she watches the landscape moving fast in front of her, void of this white and beautiful substance she loves so much.

This morning, the inside of the train is quiet as most of the SKE members are resting, trying to catch as much sleep as possible before the concert. Rena took a nap as soon as she stepped in the train and now she is fully awake, watching absently the buildings of Nagoya coming into view as they are approaching their final destination.

Her attention gets back to her manga, one that is supposed to be funny according to Airi, and that she had borrowed from the girl just before New Year's Eve. The older Matsui is known to be a fast reader, and she had planned to give it back a week ago, but despite her best efforts, she still hasn't moved past the first five pages. An occasional smile would move to her lips now and then, but the book doesn't have the relaxing effect it should have. Her digits pause on the sixth page as she starts to lose focus again, and she places the bookmark inside, knowing it's useless to insist.

She curiously tilts her head to Airi who's sitting by her side to see what's she's doing, only to meet her closed eyelids. Rena notices a half opened manga in her hand and softly pulls it away from the girl's grasp, before marking the page. She must have been really exhausted to fall asleep right in the middle of the latest volume of her current favorite manga, Sprite.

A small sigh leaves Rena's lips as she watches her best friend peacefully sleeping, wondering if everything is really going to be okay between them. Airi has been spending a lot of time with Akane lately, and she doesn't see her as much as she used to. A part of her is glad that they finally managed to reconcile, but another one deeply misses her best friend.

A soft groan distracts her musing and she turns her attention to the two girls sitting on the other side of the table opposite her. A half asleep Jurina is trying to make herself comfortable in her chair, a few groans escaping her lips when she fails to find a suitable sleeping position. On her left Akane is listening to music, her index sliding on her iPod, obviously not finding what she's looking for as her frown keeps deepening minute after minute. When Jurina's head suddenly ends up on Akane's shoulder the girl tilts her head in surprise, before a small smile forms on her lips at the view of the sleeping girl. Rena watches as Akane slightly moves on her right to make the girl's position more comfortable, until their eyes suddenly meet and the older Matsui averts her gaze to the window again.
She quickly frowns at her own attitude, wondering why she feels the need to look away. Again. She knows she's been having this strange behavior for a few weeks now, and always when it involved Akane and Jurina. What prompted her to do that? She has no idea, and it unnerves the older Matsui that she's doing it each time she sees Akane and Jurina acting intimately, whether it's a simple kiss on the cheek or a hug. It doesn't make sense at all for her to behave this way, but that's another mystery that she can't manage to solve. Along with those cryptic words Jurina uttered during New Year's Eve.

She had a few times tried to ask Jurina what she meant by that, but the question had never left her lips during their conversations. At the third tentative, she had given up the idea of asking. Maybe she is over thinking and it means nothing. It was very late that night, and the younger girl probably doesn't even remember uttering those words.

"Not interesting?"

Rena's heart skips a beat when a voice suddenly interrupts her musing and she lets out a small sound out in surprise, before tilting her head to her right and meeting Airi's sleepy eyes.


"The manga. You don't like it?"

Rena lowers her gaze to her manga again, before nodding.

"I don't know why, but I can't manage to finish it," she admits, a small defeated sigh escaping her lips.

Airi - straightening up in her seat - covers her mouth with her palm and lets out a small yawn, her gaze following Rena's fingers that are brushing the cover absently. She then raises her eyes to the girl, noticing her troubled features, and watches her as her frown deepens and she releases another almost inaudible sigh out.

"Is something troubling you lately?"

Rena's digits halt their movement on the manga and she tilts her head in surprise.

"Why do you think that?"

"I don't know. You sometimes seem... lost in thoughts."

Silence engulfs them as Rena stays quiet, and Airi really wonders what can be going on in the girl's head. She used to tell her pretty much everything, even her doubts and problems, but Rena had been a bit distant lately. Airi knows it's partly her fault: she has been spending more time with Akane and less with Rena. Even if it's hard for her to admit it, she has been doing it intentionally. At first, she had tried not to distance herself from the girl, but that had proven to be more difficult than she thought. Each time she talks to the older Matsui, she feels this small pang in her heart that reminds her of that day when the girl rejected her feelings, and it just refuses to go away, despite how much she tries to move on. 

It really bothers her that she is not able to keep the promise she made to Rena that day. She misses their complicity, and she knows by the look in her eyes that she does too. Her mind is trying to get over her heartbreak, but her body is still aching at the view of the girl. Her only wish is that time will ease the pain, as it is out of the question to distance herself from the girl anymore than she is already doing. Rena and her have a unique bond that she cherishes more than anything, and she is not going to throw that away.
Airi's fingers hesitantly move to rest on Rena's right hand, squeezing it when she feels it trembling slightly under her. A shy smile forms on the older Matsui's lips that Airi quickly reciprocates.

"You know you can tell me everything."

"I do."

Airi watches expectantly Rena who seems to be pondering her words, her mouth opening and closing a few times, before releasing a frustrated sigh when her lips refuse to produce an explanation to her messy thoughts.

"You don't have to say anything."

"I'm sorry. I wished I could."

"It's okay. I'll be there when you're ready."

"Thank you."

Rena suddenly gets distracted when the train starts to slow down and she averts her eyes to the window, before lowering her gaze to her watch. Ten more minutes before their arrival. She's kind of eager to arrive as she wants a distraction from all that unnecessary over thinking, and she knows the showcase's preparation is going to be a good one.

"About tonight..."

Airi's voice suddenly trails off, and Rena tilts her head to her again.


"I'll share the hotel room with you."

Rena is momentarily taken aback by the girl's words, before feeling her heart warming up at Airi's shy but sincere smile. She knows the girl is doing her best to reduce the distance between them - despite her still obvious uneasiness - and it makes her hopeful their friendship is not lost after all.


It's now the fourth song, and even if they have only performed for twenty minutes, Jurina can't wait to leave the stage. It's quite cold outside and because it has rained during the night, the floor is still a bit wet. The staff obviously did its best to dry it, but the younger Matsui felt her feet slightly slipping a few times since the beginning of the showcase. She's trying to stay focused on the performance, but she can't shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen.

The first notes of Kiss Datte Hidarikiki start and everything is going smoothly, the audience singing and cheering along with it. The song now reaches its end and Jurina prepares herself for the final move, grabbing Rena's hand and making her spin as usual. That's when she feels her boots slipping on the floor and she starts to lose her balance. Before she can do anything about it it's already too late, and as she gets closer to Rena, her lips don't end up quite where they are supposed to.

She can feel Rena's body tensing up and her right hand squeezing her costume as their lips touch. Jurina freezes. This is not happening. She wants to slightly retreat back to correct her mistake but she knows she can't, as it's going to look awkward. Rena and her have an agreement: they are not supposed to kiss for real, but right now, she has to maintain the illusion that it is all part of the choreography. Her mind keeps telling her to stay professional, when she wants nothing more than to move away from the girl.

Jurina wonders if her behavior somehow betrayed her thoughts, as she feels Rena tightening her grip on her shoulder, the gesture keeping her effectively in place. Rena Matsui. Always acting as professional as usual, despite her obvious own uneasiness. She can't really blame her though. If there's one thing that this business taught them, it's to stay professional at all costs.

Seconds seem like hours as she impatiently waits for the next song to start. This is when she wishes time could pass more quickly. She can feel Rena's erratic breath on her, and she has to maintain all the willpower she has to keep her eyes shut and prevent her hands from shaking anymore than they already are.

She never has been happier in her life to hear the first notes of Kareha no Station. Her hands swiftly slip away from the girl's embrace, and she makes sure not to meet Rena's eyes as her feet bring her hastily backstage. 

As the SKE members make their way to the dressing room, Jurina's heart is racing with guilt. She knows Rena is going to be mad at her. Of course, it's not her fault if she lost her balance for a second, but she has the feeling she's going to have to be very convincing if she wants Rena to believe her. Blame it on her 'kissing monster' title that just refuses to leave her.

Jurina lets out a frustrated sigh as she enters the room to change costume. Grabbing first  the white shirt then the reddish skirt and vest on the coat hanger, she starts to remove her clothes, muttering under her breath when her fingers can't keep shaking. The incident keeps playing in her head over and over, making it hard for her to concentrate on the task in hands. She finally manages to get rid of her blue costume and slips into her skirt, before fumbling with the buttons of her shirt. She raises her gaze to check herself in the mirror - groaning when she misses a button - before her eyes suddenly meet Churi's. There's an amused smile at the corner of her lips, and Jurina raises a curious eyebrow. 

"What is it?"

"I can't believe you kissed Rena."

Jurina's fingers suddenly halt their movement as she's finishing buttoning the collar, and her jaw drops.

"You saw it?"

"Of course I did. Don't forget I'm behind you during the performance."


Both girls stay quiet and Jurina's digits clumsily go back in motion, before a small chuckle erupts near her ear.

"You really couldn't help yourself, could you?"

Jurina stares in shock at the girl who's now fully dressed and smirking.

"I didn't do it on purpose. I slipped and lost my balance."

"So that's your excuse? You can do better."

"It's the truth!"

Jurina knows she has raised her voice when everyone starts turning to look at her. A groan leaves her lips at Churi's behavior and she turns her back to avoid her gaze, and hastily put her vest on.

"You're cute when you're flustered."

"Shut up."

She knows her tone is a bit harsh, but she can't deal with Churi's teasing right now. Her heart is still pounding from the kiss, and she knows she has to calm down if she wants to be able to perform the next song. Churi's reminder of the incident is not helping in any way.

A staff member suddenly comes in and the countdown for the next song begins. Jurina exhales deeply as she adjusts her mic and follows the members out of the room. As she's waiting in line near the stage she takes a peek at Rena who's finishing her ballad, noticing the composed attitude of the girl as the lyrics leave her lips. Oh how Jurina wishes she could be as calm as her right now. As the music comes to an end, the younger Matsui releases a defeated sigh and shuts her eyes, trying to clear her head and focus on the choreography of Kataomoi Finally.

Jurina lifts her left fist for the third time, but her knuckles stop a few inches from the hotel door, refusing to meet the wooden fabric. Again. She releases a defeated sigh as her hand drops slowly by her side, and a groan escapes her lips. She knows she's dreading her conversation with Rena, but she can't drag it any longer. After the concert, she had tried to explain herself in the dressing room, without success. When she had intended to talk to Rena words had refused to leave her lips, and in the end, she had cowardly stayed quiet.

For a second, she ponders going back to the room she's sharing with Churi and giving up for the evening. Her feet almost back away at the thought, before she exhales deeply and raises her hand in renewed determination. She is never going to be able to sleep if she doesn't apologize first.

She almost sighs in relief when she finally manages to knock. She can hear some noise coming from inside the room and she swallows a lump, recognizing the familiar footsteps. The door opens slightly a few seconds later and a bare-footed Rena pops out her head, one hand holding the door while the other is keeping in place a towel over her wet hair.


"I'm sorry, you're busy. I'll come back later."

Jurina is already turning on her heels when she hears the door opening wide behind her.

"No, it's fine. Come in."

Jurina gazes at the girl again and ponders the invitation a few seconds, before finally nodding when Rena raises a curious eyebrow.


As Rena steps aside Jurina moves forward, briefly scanning the room before turning to the girl when the door is closed.
"Airi is not here?"

"She had something to discuss with Masana. Do you mind if I finish drying my hair?"

Jurina shakes her head and Rena swiftly disappears in the bathroom. Jurina stands awkwardly in the middle of the room, before deciding to sit on the closest bed when she starts fidgeting. A high-pitched noise reaches her and she tilts her head to the half-open door of the bathroom, watching as the older Matsui carefully brushes her long black hair with one hand, while moving the hair dryer with the other. She knows she shouldn't be staring, but she can't help herself, until she suddenly meets Rena's eyes in the mirror and averts her gaze.

The next minutes seem an eternity as Jurina impatiently waits for the girl to finish, using the time to repeat in her head the words she's about to say. When the sound of the hair dryer finally fades Jurina looks up, her eyes following Rena as she exits the bathroom and moves to sit next to her.

"Did you want to talk about something?"


Jurina swallows a lump as she momentarily averts her gaze, her eyes falling on the blue carpet at her feet, before raising them again with determination.

"About Kiss Datte Hidarikiki, I'm sorry I kissed you. I know you probably won't believe me, but I lost my balance for a second, and I... "

Jurina suddenly stops talking when she realizes she's stuttering like a kid. She's supposed to sound convincing, and she's doing quite the opposite. She raises her eyes hesitantly to the older girl, and what she finds in her eyes unsettles her. She expects her to be mad, maybe even shouting at her a little, but none of this happens.

"It's fine."

Jurina notes a slight uneasiness in the girl's voice, but no sound of anger. More surprising, there's a small shy smile on her lips, and Jurina's eyes widen, not knowing what to make of the girl's reaction.


A few seconds pass without any of them anything, and Jurina tilts her head to the door, pondering leaving to get away from that awkward silence. Just as she's about to get up, she feels a hand on hers, and she turns to Rena in surprise.

"Don't think about it anymore."

Her words are soft and caring, and Jurina's heart starts hammering in her chest when she feels fingers squeezing hers. She tries her best to keep her feelings in check, but Rena's gentle smile is not helping. She knows her hand is shuddering under Rena's palm, and for a second, she wonders if she's not also feeling Rena's fingers trembling slightly. Before she can assess it any more the older Matsui has retreated her hand, and Jurina follows her movements as Rena gets up from the bed.

"It's getting late. I think we should call it a day."

Jurina nods and lifts herself up from the mattress, watching as Rena moves to the chair and reaches for her bag. Jurina frowns as the girl's fingers rummage through it frenetically, before diverting her attention to the door and moving towards it.

"Goodnight Rena."

"Goodnight Jurina."

The younger Matsui looks back in confusion as she hears a hint of nervousness in Rena's voice, before slowly grabbing the handle and heading out.

When Jurina enters her room, Churi is laying in bed and watching the television. The older girl immediately turns her attention to her, and her fingers swiftly grab the remote to mute the sound when she notices her troubled features.

"So, what did she say?"

Jurina briefly glances at the animated characters on the screen and releases a heavy sigh,  before moving to their bed and laying on her side. She stares absently at the ceiling before covering her eyes with her palm, Rena's words flowing her mind again. Lost in thoughts, she suddenly feels the mattress shifting and a hand gently caressing her right arm. 

"That bad?"

"No. She said it was okay."

"Well, that's a good thing, no?"


Both girls stay quiet for a while, before Jurina feels Churi tugging at her fingers and she removes her hand, her eyes meeting Churi's worried look.

"What is it?"

"I thought she would be mad, but she took it unexpectedly well."

Both girls stare at each other for a while, Churi trying to understand the younger girl's uneasiness, before Jurina finally lifts her body and gets up to remove her clothes, her fingers then grabbing her pajama on the chair to get ready to go to bed.

"Why is it bothering you so much?"

"It's not."

Churi switches the television off before getting back to the girl, frowning at her behavior. The girl is acting really strange, and she stares at her as she gets into bed and buries her head in her pillow.

"Are you sure you're alright?"

A muffled sound leaves Jurina's lips and Churi releases a small sigh, knowing she's not going to get anything more from her tonight.

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