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Author Topic: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #57 [NatsuMado,JiiNatsu,ChiiNatsu,AoNatsu] 09/28/22  (Read 152190 times)

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#1 - Visitors
#2 - KojiYuu family reunion
#3 - Uninvited Guest
#4 - My Crazy Parents
#5 - Over Protective
#6 - MaYuki family’s daughters
#7 - Sister complex
#8 - Transfer Student
#9 - Remembrance
#10 - PE CLASS!
#11 - Natsu ganbatte ne!
#12 - Competition!
#13 - Lunch with Madoka’s family
#14 - Threat, Info and Scoop ?
#15 - A Day with Onee-chan
#16 -  Friends, Rivals
#17.1 - Bonding Time Part 1
#17.2 - Bonding Time Part 2
#18 - Acchan’s Birthday
#19 - Unknown Feelings
#20 - Sayanee and Yukirin’s Birthday
#21 - Madoka and Sayaka’s Birthday
#22 - Rena’s Birthday
#23 - Exams!!
#24 - Piano Competition
#25 - A Memory of Her
#26 - Reunion (day 1)
#27 - Reunion (day 2)
#28 - Reunion (day 3)
#29 - Resolved
#30 - Resolute
#31 - Reluctant
#32 - Camping
#33 -  Sae’s birthday
#34 - Innocent Natsu
#35 - New Semester
#36 - Friends that I can trust
#37 - Painful Decision
#38 - Jealousy
#39.1 - Feelings
#39.2 - Feelings
#40 - Between Friends
#41 - Love and Friendship
#42 - Lies and Friendship
#43 - Chances
#44 - Torned Hearts
#45 - Bestfriend
#46 - Longing
#47 - Transfer Students
#48 - Troubles Ahead
#49 -  Bothered
#50 - Doubt and Issues
#51 - Perplexed
#52 - Dishonesty
#53 - Is it okay like this?
#54 - The Yearning
#55 -  Give it all
#56 - Pictures
#57 Strife *NEW UPDATE*


First let's introduce the families:

MaYuki Family profile

Mayu is the offspring of KojiYuu couple (Yuko and Haruna), along with her sister, Sayaka (Sayanee)
she inherited yuko's great mind, yuko's love towards oshiris, and did i already say height? yes, she got her height from Yuko  XD 
while she got her talent for music and her tsundere side from Haruna.
she inherited her cute and ikemen looks from her parents(kojiyuu couple)

Mayu fell in love with an ojou-sama, whose name is Yuki
they had 2 kids, Natsumi and Sakura
Natsu is the eldest and Sakura is the youngest
Mayu is very protective to her children especially towards Sakura.

their 2 children:

Sakura - Sakura was loved and cared so much by her parents and grandparents.
She inherits Mayu's cute face and great mind.
although she's like Mayu on the outside she also inherited some of Yuki's personality.

Natsu - Natsu have an aura like Yuki's, although her personality is deeper. 
She inherits all Mayu's traits especially being a lolicon/ikemen/gentle/smart/tsundere and more.

SayaMilky Family profile

Sayaka(sayanee) is the other offspring of  KojiYuu couple (Yuko and Haruna), along with her sister, Mayu
sayaka inherited her talents and ikemen looks from both her parents.
she also inherited yuko's athletic ability and angst.
but unlike mayu, sayanee got her height from haruna
and also her tsundere side was also from haruna.

sayaka fell in love with Miyuki, they had a child whom they've named Aoi.

their child:

Aoi was Sayanee's and Milky's sweet baby. she is natsu and sakura's cousin.
She easily cries when teased by someone that's why Natsu is always protecting her.
and that's the reason why she developed a secret crush on natsu.
she is sporty like sayanee and got her fighting spirit to face challenges from her.
on the other hand Milky is always teaching her to use her charms to be strong.

JuRena(wmatsui) family profile

Jurina is the offspring of SaeYaka couple (Sae and Sayaka).
she got her heights, athletic abilities and talents from both of her parents.
she also got her ikemen looks and being a playgirl(/sweet talker) from sae,
while she got her mature and sharp looks as well as angst from sayaka.

jurina fell in love with Rena and they had a child named Madoka

their child:

madoka is the only child of jurina and rena, and because of that jurina is always spoiling her giving her what she wants,
although her mother rena was strict.
Like rena she's very much the princess type.
she also emits a black aura like rena whenever she gets angry.
she inherited her talents and love for music and in acting from her parents and grandparents.

natsu's mother (Yuki) is very fond of her that she wants her to be Natsu's girlfriend.

YuiParu family profile

Yui is the offspring of AtsuMina couple (Takamina and Acchan)
yui got takamina's overall(almost all) traits, she is also a good leader like takamina.
she also likes singing and dancing like her parents.

yui fell in love with Haruka who have (almost) the same traits and charisma as her mother(acchan)
they had a child named Chihiro

their child:

Chihiro is very responsible and always care for others like yui.
she is always expected to lead, because she's the daughter of yui who is the successor of the great leader takamina.
she got her ponkotsu character from her mother haruka.
she is natsu's childhood and best friend and natsu always relies on her.
she is also somewhat attracted to natsu[/size]
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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2014, 05:09:49 PM »
update soon! it's so good... :drool:

tanosihimi~!! :deco: :cathappy:

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2014, 12:56:30 AM »
Love those families ^^

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family
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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family
« Reply #4 on: November 22, 2014, 02:18:08 AM »
Love tge family introduced

Update soon

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family
« Reply #5 on: November 22, 2014, 06:31:20 AM »
#1 visitors

It was Sunday morning in MaYuki's residence.
Yuki is preparing their breakfast at the kitchen.

Yuki: Sakura please wake up your tou-chan, and did you see Natsumi?

Sakura: Hai...onee-chan is outside with Aoi-neechan and Chihiro-neechan

When sakura was about to go up stairs someone knocked on the door.
Yuki opens the door and was surprised.

Jurina: Surprise!!!

Rena: it's been a while Yuki-chan 

Yuki: EEEEEEH?!  :shocked Jurina and Rena-chan!!! Please come in...Sakura wake up your tou-chan immediately

At the dining table...Sakura and JuRena's daughter, Madoka, was busy eating breakfast while the others are having a conversation. it was a long time since they met. Jurina was Mayu's bestfriend, they were bestfriends since young because Jurina's parents (Sae and Sayaka) are also bestfriends with Mayu's parents (Yuko).

Mayu: So how's life Jurina-chan? Still under your wife's command? Haha

Jurina: Shut up Mayu... i don't need you to say that to me coz you are also scared of your wife. By the way we plan to stay here in Tokyo now. Can you help us find a place?

Mayu: ehh... it's troublesome, don't want to...

Yuki: Sure, we loved to help you, right mayu? *glared at mayu*

Mayu: *gulped* hai hai of course we'll help

Jurina: So who's scared of her wife now? hahaha *laugh sarcasticly*

Rena: Jurina, aren't you being rude? *glared at jurina*

Jurina: I'm so sorry *bows*

after a while their daughter natsumi came home.

Natsu: Ohayou kaa-chan, tou-chan, sakura *walking(she didn't notice that they have a guest because she's busy with her phone and she have  headphones on her ears)*

Jurina looked at her from top to bottom and then smirked.

Jurina: oh, Is this the little Natsu? She's grown up now and just same as her mother such a beautiful face she have.

Yuki: *giggle* thanks but she may look like me but her traits are like mayu's

Mayu: hehe~ You know she's good at dancing

Jurina: Oh my girl here is also good..she's really good at dancing and she can also play piano

Mayu: Natsu is very responsible you can rely on her. She's very smart. not to mention an ikemen too.

Jurina: Madoka is good at cooking and she's smart too. She likes reading books. She wants to be a model someday.

Mayu: oohh~ and Natsu likes taking pictures, she might be a photographer someday... ah-! she can take Madoka pictures then *evil laugh*

Jurina and Mayu have an eye contact and then grinned at each other.


Just the two finished the conversation and grinning at each other Natsu was about to sit at the dinning table when she finally noticed that they have visitors

Natsu: You!! *points at madoka*

Madoka: *grinning evily at Natsu*

Rena: Oh! You know each other?

Yuki: This is great..

Mayu & Jurina: *Thumbs up* You two will be engaged.  :twothumbs


Rena & Yuki: Oh~ our babies are growing up  :cry:

Natsu: No no no this is not happening...


Yesterday..At a restaurant

*Girls laughing loudly*

Natsu: Uugh... Noisy people.. *carrying ice cream for Sakura*

Natsu was about to go outside the restaurant but she bumped into someone that made both of them are now covered in ice cream

Madoka: Watch where you are going!

Natsu: You should say sorry than shouting at me

Madoka: and why would I do that? you're the one who bumped on me

Natsu: *wiping the ice cream in her shirt*

Madoka: Say sorry to me now

Natsu: What?! you're the one who bumped on me!

Madoka: I said say sorry to me

Natsu: No way!

Then they glared at each other.


Back at present...

Yuki: ah- i know! Rena-chan and Jurina, you can stay here for awhile until you can find a place to stay. I'm sure Madoka will love that too, right Madoka?

Madoka: *smile* Hai~ Aunt Yuki I will surely love too. *turned to look at Natsu smiling evilly*

Natsu: no! *facepalm*

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family
« Reply #6 on: November 22, 2014, 06:41:20 AM »
update soon! :panic: :cathappy:

wanna read the next one~ :thumbsup

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family
« Reply #7 on: November 22, 2014, 06:51:06 AM »
Wo~ I love it :w00t: :inlove:
Update soon~ I wonder what happens next :twothumbs

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family
« Reply #8 on: November 22, 2014, 06:55:24 AM »
ahh~ nice nice :cathappy:
need more~ :heart: :heart:

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family
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#2 KojiYuu family reunion

@ At a resort

Mayu: Why are you here? *glaring at Sayanee*
Sayanee: Oh~ Did you forget I'm your SMALL sister? hehe~ *sarcastic smile*
Mayu: Do you really need to emphasize the word small!?
Sayanee: Heh~ why affected so much by the word small?
Mayu: As if.. Hmpt! Don't you even dare to get near my Yuki..
Sayanee: I should be the one to say that! don't you ever get close with my Milky..

*start the glaring at each other contest*
*thunder strikes in background*

Mayu: Heh~ Poor Milky marrying someone like you...
Sayanee: Yeah, poor Yuki having a cold cyborg as her husband
Mayu: Why you!
Sayanee: You started it!
Mayu: Heh~ You might be a student council president way back in high school but you're too dense not noticing Milky
Sayanee: don't put my wife in our argument! you're always flirting with her that time! *glared at mayu even more*
Mayu: *smirk* coz i'm more cooler than you~ bleeh!

Aoi:  wahhh... oji-chan, otou-chan please stop fighting..

Sayanee: Poor Yuki taking care 3 child at the same time *smirk*
Mayu: What!?
Sayanee: and the third one is you
Mayu: Heh~! at least I don't get lost walking outdoors... such bad sense of direction you have... and who's more childish!? acting that way... crying because you got lost and calling me to fetch you up
Sayanee: that's when we're still kids why you're bringing that up..That's it you ask for it..
Mayu: now what? as if i'm scared and you will tell it to otou-chan and okaa-chan... *kaa-chan~ sob*sob* (mimicking sayanee crying)

while the two are fighting, Yuko and haruna didn't pay attention to them, instead they went inside the resort to enjoy themselves along with Sakura. Actually Yuko likes spoiling Sakura.

Haruna: Why are they always like that?
Yuko: Just expected having a crazy family like this hehe
Haruna: And your having fun huh?
Yuko nods

Sakura: Ne ne ne sofu, sobo, sakura wants to swim at the pool now
Yuko: Hai hai hai! let's leave them for a while they missed each other so much hehe~
Haruna: *sigh*facepalm* `why did they inherit yuko's craziness`

Meanwhile, Yuki and Milky are having a dark aura also glaring at each other but still smiling sweetly

Yuki's mind: Don't dare to kiss my Mayuyu again
Milky's mind: Don't dare to hug my Sayaka again

*start the glaring at each other contest*
*thunder strikes in background*

Back to Mayu and Sayanee

Sayanee: Even Natsu got your cold hearted side... and likes fooling around with lolis... i'm afraid she might become a playgirl like you

Mayu: Hey! I'm not a playgirl! I'm very loyal to Yuki and I am not like you who is always ignoring Milky back then, that's why she always runs to me.

Aoi: Mou~! stop it! Natsu is not like that .. She's very nice and she will never played with... ..with my heart (she said the last part in low voice and then started to cry because Mayu and Sayanee is not listening to her)

Sayanee: huh?! huh?! what did you say?! Oh my little princess stop crying please!

Mayu: *smirked*

Natsu is walking towards Aoi while scratching her forehead and tilting her head. she was getting tired from seeing their parents childish actions.

Natsu: *Patting Aoi's head* come on now Aoi, lets just leave this place *ignoring Sayanee and Mayu and walks hand in hand with Aoi*

Sayanee: Hey! Where will you bring my little princess.. Mayu-nee-san stop your child from kidnapping my child!

Mayu: Heh~ As expected to my Natsu... so ikemen..*looking proudly at her child*
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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family
« Reply #10 on: November 22, 2014, 09:09:16 AM »
lols..this is way too funny!!! :rofl:

i have no word for it..just..pffy..AHAHAHAHA~!!! :rofl: :rofl:

*catches breath...* update soon..*fainted from lack of air*

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family
« Reply #11 on: November 24, 2014, 02:43:51 PM »
#3 Uninvited Guest

It was Saturday morning Natsu and Chihiro just finished their daily jogging

they had decided to go to Natsu's place

@ Mayuki's Residence

Natsu: ohayou *natsu greeted sakura and her mom who was in the kitchen*

After greeting her mother Natsu and Chihiro went straight to Natsu's room

Madoka: "Good morning" *smiling at Natsu*
Natsu: *running towards the kitchen where Yuki is and left Chihiro in front of her room* "Eh? kaa-chan!!!"

at the kitchen

Natsu: Kaa-chan why madoka is in my room?!
Yuki: huh? i've already told you that last night
Natsu: eh?!
Yuki: I told you about that when you were reading a book last night. I told you that Madoka will be your room mate until they found a new place to stay here in Tokyo
Natsu: *sigh*facepalm*

While natsu was gone, chihiro was standing at the doorstep and seems to be frozen

Madoka: *staring at chihiro*
Chihiro: *confused*

When natsu came back at her room

Natsu: "Chii-chan let's just stay at your house"
Chihiro: "eh??why?"
Natsu: "There is an evil witch here, let's go Chii-chan" *grabbed chihiro's hand and was about to go out*

Madoka: *frowned at Natsu and then walked towards them and grabbed Natsu's hand*
Madoka "Where did you think you are going? Is that the way you should treat your fiance, Natsumi?" *smirk*

Natsu & Chihiro: Eh? WHAT?!

Natsu: You! What are you talking about?!
Madoka: Hmpt!
Chihiro: *holding her tears* NATSU BAKA!!!! *hits natsu and run away*

Natsu: Eh?? Wait Chihiro its not what you think... *runs away following Chihiro*
Madoka: Heh~ is that her girlfriend or something?

Natsu was looking for chihiro who ran away, she was sitting on a swing in the park

Natsu: Chii-chan, why did you run away? *pant*huff*
Chihiro: *silent*
Natsu:eh? Chii-chan?
Chichiro: Eh eh..etouu
Natsu: You sure are improving at running hehe *smile at chihiro while patting her head*
Chihiro: *blush* uhm... who is that girl? i-is she telling the truth?! why you didn't tell me?? *panic* uhm.. coz you know, uhm I'm you're best friend, that's right.. best friends always tell each other right?

----Chihiro's mind: Why am I having this uneasy feeling? why did i ran away anyway? *heart beating fast*

Natsu: You believe that? If i'll have some secrets to tell, you will be the first one to know of course and besides I don't like her. And now i'll start living in hell because she will stay in my room *sigh*depressed*

Chihiro:*felt relieved* "but who is she? and why she's staying at your room"

Natsu: Well my parent's best friends will stay at our house for a while until they can find a place and she's their daughter

Chihiro: Oh i see..

Natsu: Why are you still having a sad face? *pinching Chihiro's cheeks*

Chihiro: MOU~ Natsu that's hurts!

Natsu: hehe~ come on let's eat some waffles... my treat and don't put that sad face again

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Re: Daily Life of MaYuki Family
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#4 My Crazy Parents

Natsu just got home, it was late already. she had spend a lot of her time with her bestfriend Chihiro.

When she enter her room again...

Natsu: What happened here??!

Madoka: Oh! Your back! well just so you know because you came home late i  decided to arrange my things here myself

Natsu: Why did you put all my things there?! *pointing at the corner of the room where all of her books and cds and other belongings are stacked in a corner of the room and is replaced by madoka's stuffs*

Madoka: Ah because all of your things are in my way, any problem with that?

Natsu: *sigh* why is she invading my room?
*ignores madoka and gets all her things arranging it*
*she was tired and was not on the mood to argue with madoka*

Madoka keeps on talking trying to irritate her more but Natsu keeps on ignoring her.

Madoka: I'll sleep in the bed and you on the floor

Natsu prepared the futon and keeps on ignoring madoka who was trying to irritate her.
Actually madoka is not really like that, she is just like that in front of natsumi

Madoka: Hey! Natsumi!Hey!

Natsu: *busy with her phone sending emails to Chihiro*

Madoka: I want more pillows here! Natsumi!

*Natsu calls Chihiro*

Natsu: Hi chii-chan did you already eat your dinner? Hehe oh? really that's sounds nice. What are you doing now?

Madoka: *was pissed off and throw a pillow at natsu's face who is laying now on her futon*

Natsu: *ack* What the hell is your problem??

Madoka: Get me some milk

Natsu: geez.. -_-" who am i, your maid?

--on the other line Chihiro

Chihiro: Natsu are you okay? What happened?

Natsu: Yes everything is fine don't worry I can handle the witch here.

Madoka: What did you say?!

Natsu: *glared at madoka* Nothing your majesty..
Natsu: *held her phone again to talk to chihiro* Chii-chan I'll call you again later okay? bye

On natsu's way to the kitchen area she happen to over heard her tou-chan talking with her best friend in the living room

natsu stopped because she heard something inappropriate for kids

Mayu: Mou~ Yuki is so black! she didn't even let me to touch her oshiri I'm so broken
Jurina: Rena too she didn't let me to kiss her and touch her she said i should behave because there are kids who might hear us
Mayu: yeah, she didn't even let me join her in the bath *sulk* I miss my aggressive Yuki huhu 
Jurina: Oh I don't like rena being like that, although i admit that i am  enjoying it *smirk*
Mayu: ho~ i know what you mean, i like aggressive yuki the best..
Jurina: ehh... well i might agree too... aggressive rena is damn hot and  sexy *nosebleed*
Mayu: yeah- i mean it would be tempting those soft *****
Jurina: hahaha~  yeah, the best

Natsu: eh!? what the hell are they talking about!?
*realized what are the things she was hearing*
*reddened face*
what the! why are they talking about those stuffs?

*Natsu stepped on something which made a sound* ah!
*she immediately run back to her room* 

Madoka: That was fast, where's my milk?

Natsu closed the door and leaned on the door, she was panting and her whole face was red

Natsu: why the hell are they even talking about those stuff in front of their children? well it's not really in front but talking about those kind of things... *blush* (talking to herself)

Madoka smirked and gets near natsu

Madoka: Why are you so red right now? *smiling sarcastically*
Natsu: shut up! *walks away...*
Madoka: *pulled natsu*

Natsu noticed that their faces are only a few inches away and blushed redder than before*

Madoka: *having fun at natsu's reaction and getting more closer to natsu's face*

Natsu: *push madoka*

Madoka: kyaa! *out of balance*

Natsu is trying to catch madoka from falling but madoka grabbed her collar which made the both of them fall on the bed and natsu was on top

their lips crashed on each other


Mayu and Jurina heard madoka screamed and opened the door
Yuki and Rena appear at the back

Mayu & Jurina: "What hap-" *shocked*

Rena & Yuki: *super shocked*

Yuki: Ma-Yu!!!

Mayu: Eh? Why me!???

Yuki: *grabs mayu on the collar* what are you teaching to  our natsu?!!

Mayu: Eh? I didn't teach her anything!! she was a natural! Mou~ tasukete!

Jurina: *COUGH*

Natsu and Madoka stood up from the bed, also shocked

Natsu: *panic* I-it was an acci-

Jurina: Good jo- *rena glared at her*

Jurina: *walked towards natsu* *cough* I mean take responsibility to my daughter, she's my princess and i don't want anyone hurting her. You understand? *looking at natsu seriously while tapping natsu's shoulder*

Natsu: *scared* *nods* *nervous*

Rena & Yuki: our babies really have grown up *holding tears but they are happy*

Natsu: No!!!!!!! Why is this happening to me?  :cry: *screams in her mind*

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This is really funny. Can't stop laughing!
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please update soon! :thumbsup

i wonder if chihiro will be.. :cry:

anyway, cant wait! update~!!! :panic: :deco:

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What a crazy family!

I can't wait for the update!  :thumbup

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lol It is really fun.
Good job Natsu [emoji106]

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Actually I'm not ship Mayuki and WMatsui :)

This is the frist time I read it.

It's so funny I can't stop to laugh  :lol: :lol: :lol:

Please update soon :D

Can I trans your fic ???

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Poor  Natsu...Madola is to evil XD scare fo their wives...wives power!!

Update soon

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this is surprisingly good XD

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