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Author Topic: Warriors - Chapter 29 [WMatsui] (01/07/2020)  (Read 108042 times)

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Warriors - Chapter 29 [WMatsui] (01/07/2020)
« Reply #200 on: July 01, 2020, 03:21:06 PM »

Jurina peeled her eyes open, relaxed beyond any feeling she had ever known. A dim morning light penetrated through the outdoor fusuma; it was barely sunrise. Jurina tilted her head to her left, and observed the beautiful woman lying naked beside her. Her protector was on her back, eyes closed, her chest slowly rising and falling, her breathing steady as she was peacefully asleep.

The bedcover rested over her chest, covering her breasts but tantalizing her with a peek of naked flesh. Her long dark hair spilled over the pillow and her face, contrasting sharply with her pale face. Jurina was unable to look away, her thoughts and emotions in a jumble. She had longed to touch and possess her body more intimately, and last night, it became reality. Pride and satisfaction swelled in her at the accomplishment, but at the same time, she felt a twinge of vulnerability.

She had laid with a few women in the past, but never had she experienced what transpired between them.

Her protector brought out of her a softer side that she didn’t often expose. How come her protector had such an influence on her? Long gone were her initial feelings of distrust and animosity towards her. As days turned into weeks and transformed into months, she felt more and more irresistibly drawn to one who had been assigned as her protector. At first, she believed it was merely physical attraction, before realizing she was in the wrong. There was something else between them she had difficulty describing.

Her protector moaned in her sleep and turned to the other side, the bedcover sliding down to her waist. She wanted to run her fingers over the smooth expanse of skin showing. By the subtle change in her breathing, Jurina could tell she was slowly awakening. She edged closer on the futon. She slipped her hand beneath the covers, wrapping her arm around her midriff. For an instant, her protector’s body tensed and she thought she’d pull away. Then she felt her ease up. Holding her, she buried her nose in her hair and drew in a breath, filling her lungs with the sweet scent of her. Her body felt soft and engaging against her. She had to fight the urge to tighten her hold even more.

Jurina’s heart pounded. The impact her protector had on her didn’t only make her vulnerable: it also destabilized her. This was such unknown territory for her. 

She leaned forward and took a small nip of her exposed neck, testing the waters. As she didn’t receive any resistance to her ministrations, she grew bolder. Her hand explored her protector’s ribs, her stomach, rediscovering every inch of her smooth skin. The sweet whimpers she received in response ignited another spike of desire within her. She moved her hand across the bottom boundaries of her breasts, and contemplated her next move, wavering between conflicted feelings. Could she afford to let loose of her overwhelming need to possess her again, or should she better control her ardor? 

“Maybe I should stop,” she whispered in her ear - trying to sound confident - but already regretting her words.

Her protector turned halfway around in her embrace. Whether she caught the uncertainty of her voice, she didn’t say. Her protector’s gaze was riveted on her face, studying her intently, and she cupped her chin between her fingers. She brought her mouth close to hers, and gently kissed her. The feather-like touch of her lips sent her aflame, more persuasive than she cared to admit. Jurina’s gaze bore into her in expectation, eager to reclaim them.

“I…” After what seemed a moment’s hesitation, her protector kissed her again, more deeply. Her eyes were no longer weary with sleep, the light of desire illuminating her dark brown orbs. “No, I don’t want you to stop.”

Jurina’s eyes gleamed, sparkling with heat. Her mouth swooped down to capture hers, and they shared another kiss, full of passion. She smothered her lips with demanding mastery, her protector’s lips parted. Her tongue slipped inside, teasing, tasting, exploring. When she withdrew her mouth from hers, she stared in her smoldering eyes for a beat. Her protector gave her a heavy look of lust that sent her pulses racing.

Jurina moved her hair to one side and placed a few lush kisses down her neck, starting behind her ear and moving down her shoulder. Her protector attempted to turn around completely to face her, but Jurina wouldn’t allow it. Despite her protector’s confusion, she gently but firmly made her regain her previous position and pressed her front to her back, trapping her body in another embrace.

She nibbled playfully on her earlobe, eliciting another lewd sound, while her right hand roamed intimately over her breasts. Her protector tilted her head in her direction, and Jurina joined her mid-way, pressing her lips to her. Her hand continued to move on her breasts, expertly massaging, stimulating them. By the way her nipples quickly firmed under her touch, she realized her protector was particularly excited.

Removing her hand from her chest, she pulled the bedcover down. Her hand explored the soft lines of her waist, her hip, and traveled down between her thighs. Her protector shuddered in anticipation, and she didn’t wait. This morning, her instincts were telling her there was no use to take things slowly. She parted her legs slightly, and dipped a finger between the pink folds. When she felt how wet and hot she was, Jurina’s heart gave a wide lurch and arousal pulsed through her veins.

She eased a finger inside, her vision narrowing when her protector let out a moan and rocked against her hand. Slipping a second finger inside her, she placed her thumb against her clit and stroked lightly. She circled the hard little nub before pressing on it. As more wetness flowed from her protector’s body, she pushed her fingers deeper, moving them in and out at a steady rhythm.

Her protector was panting, little gusts of breath that let her know she was enjoying it. She squeezed her clit harder, before pressing her thumb against the bundle of nerves and plunging her fingers deep inside her. Her protector had gripped the bedsheet, her lips trying hard to suppress another moan. She continued to stroke her and increased the pressure and speed of her fingers, knowing she was close. By every minute, Jurina found it harder to ignore her own aching burn growing stronger in the pit of her stomach.

At last, she clenched on her fingers, the tight ring of muscles vibrating with an intense orgasm. Jurina pushed deeper inside her, flicking her thumbnail over her clit at the same time. Arching her body against her hand, her protector buried her face in the pillow to muffle a scream as she pulsed against her fingers, and crashed over the edge of ecstasy a second time. As she whimpered softly and went limp in her arms, Jurina let her ride out the waves of pleasure, before slowly extricating her fingers from her.

Jurina’s body throbbed with pent up lust, her climax on the verge. Opening her legs, she reached for her nether regions to touch herself, swimming in desperate and building urgency. Her protector turned around, catching her in the act. She looked at her with half-lidded eyes, lips red and swollen and curled into a small smile. Jurina didn’t have time to proceed, that she had gently removed her hand and replaced it with her own. She didn’t show hesitation as she slid a finger into the moist warmth between her thighs, and into the slick folds of flesh. Jurina shut her eyes close and let out a low, feral growl, rocking her hips as the pleasure coiled tight in her belly.

Her protector pumped her finger in and out of her, the slow pace driving her to the brink of insanity. Jurina wrapped her hand around her wrist, urging her to move her finger quicker in her. Understanding the message conveyed, she moved faster. Stimulating all the right places, she added a second digit. Blissful pleasure built and tightened all Jurina’s muscles until she thought she’d burst. She couldn’t deny her body its sweet release any longer. A few more thrusts were all she needed to convulse around her. Her body spasmed; electric thrills washed through her as she felt wave after wave assault her senses.

For a moment, she drifted, glowing with the aftermath, listening to her frantically beating heart. After a little while, the futon shifted beside her, and Jurina felt a pair of lips on hers. They laid side to side, sharing lazy kisses and slow caresses. Rather than being awkward, Jurina felt at ease with the simplicity of the intimacy shared, welcoming it when her protector rested her head on her shoulder. Jurina felt her own breathing slowing, calm in a way she’d not known in a long time, if ever. Her eyelids again felt heavy. She heard her protector falling asleep and she couldn’t resist joining her, letting her head fall against her in her last stream of consciousness.

“Rena-san, are you here?”

The soft knocking on the door woke Jurina from her sleep. She immediately recognized the voice, even through the haze of slumber. Kashiwagi-san. She let out a groan. First, she had gotten her claws on her innocent sister. Now, she messed up with her precious private time with her protector. Why did that woman had to intrude in every aspect of her life? She forced her eyes open, only to throw her arm over her eyes at the bright light inundating the bedroom. She stole a peek at her protector; she hadn’t moved an inch, visibly still absorbed in a heavy slumber. Right now, Jurina was seriously considering mimicking her and ignoring the distraction.

A second, more insistent, knock told her otherwise.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, but it’s already late and…” Yuki’s voice trailed away, filled with uncertainty.

Jurina couldn’t take it any longer; she shoved the bedcover aside and took a seat on the futon, facing the door. Through the fusuma, she distinguished the feminine silhouette of the woman who had dared disturb her peaceful sleep. Maybe if she didn’t answer, she would give up and walk away? That could work, right?

“Y-Yuki-san?” Behind her back, her protector’s sleepy mumble reached her. “Did I hear Yuki-san knocking at the door?”

Jurina wanted so badly to reply that it was the fruit of her imagination, but a little voice inside her head told her it wouldn’t be right to lie.

“That woman is something.” Jurina gritted between her teeth. Resolute, she stood up, not bothering to put clothes on, and padded bare feet to the front door.

“What?!” She asked, after she swung the door open.

“Oh, W-Watanabe-san…”

The kyudo instructor’s mouth dropped, stupor written all over her face. Despite Jurina’s annoyance at her presence, a sparkle of amusement flashed through her eyes. The woman facing her was forcing herself to keep her gaze at an appropriate level, and not look down at her nakedness.

“So, what do you want?” Jurina placed her hand on the doorjamb and stared at her, irritation gripping her once more. “We were sleeping, so you better have a good reason for disturbing us.”

“I apologize for waking you up, but the trainees were worried,” Yuki stammered. Noticing Jurina’s confusion, she quickly continued. “The kenjutsu lesson. When Rena-san didn’t show up in the dojo, a few trainees got concerned by her absence, and wondered if the lesson had been cancelled. I wasn’t aware of any other obligation Rena-san had to attend this morning, so I feared she might be unwell.”

“No, she’s fine. Let the others know she’ll arrive when she’s ready.” Jurina gave a nonchalant wave of her hand. “Goodbye, Kashiwagi-san.”

Jurina shut the door close, and returned to the futon. She laid down, well decided to put that brief encounter at the back of her head and sleep, only to witness her protector’s shocked expression. “That woman has no shame.” She pretended to not notice it and made herself comfortable again, pulling the cover up her body. “Disturbing us for nothing.”

“N-nothing? I’m late for my lesson!” Rena shot up and out of the futon, rushing to take her clothes. “How could that happen?” She almost tripped as she slipped into her hakama, her fingers fumbling with the belt. “I can’t even imagine what Yuki-san must think of me.” She murmured, horrified. “And she saw you naked! How could you answer to the door in such an undressed state?!”

“Don’t worry, she didn’t look.” Jurina shrugged it off. “And the trainees can wait. It’s not as if the lesson can start without you.” She added, proud of her joke. The stern look she received in return told her she didn’t share her sense of humor.

“You better get up and dress up to join the lesson.”

Jurina fell pensive, watching as her protector finished tying her hakama, and picked up her kimono from the chair. “Wouldn’t it look suspicious if we both arrived at the same time?” Her mouth crooked into a smirk. “What will the other trainees think?”

As realization dawned, the kenjutsu instructor went pale. “A-Alright, you may arrive a bit late.” Her fingers worked clumsily on closing her kimono, as she tried to compose herself. “But don’t take too long. It would be improper if you missed the lesson.”

“Why not?” Jurina propped herself on her elbow, not caring if the bedcover slid down her waist. “I have my own private lessons.” Her smile widened. “They are far enough.”

Another long, silent disapproving stare.

“Fine, I’ll arrive after you.” Jurina sighed in a laid back, almost nonchalant way. When she noticed the way her protector’s gaze traveled down the length of her body from her face, over her exposed breasts, her eyebrows arched mischievously. “You’re sure you don’t want to come back to bed?” Jurina peeled back the bedcover, and held it back in invitation. “You still look sleepy to me. You should rest a little longer.”

Her protector gave her a knowing look. “Something is telling me we don’t have the same definition of rest.”

“Probably not,” Jurina grinned unapologetically.

Her protector shook her head with an amused smile. She marched straight towards the front door and paused, glancing over her shoulder. Jurina watched her attentively, sensing by the way her mouth opened and closed a few times that she wished to add something. “I don’t regret it,” she said at last, softly but seriously. “I’ll expect you in the dojo. Please don’t take too long, Jurina.”

Jurina was caught off guard, and followed her retreating form as she slowly exited the bedroom, leaving her alone with her thoughts. Jurina. For the first time, she had spoken to her without using any honorifics. Her face split into a wide smile; an odd, warm sensation fluttered through her chest. Jurina groaned, and buried her face into the pillow. Her reaction was silly and childish. It was only a trivial thing. So why did it fill her with such strange happiness?

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Re: Warriors - Chapter 29 [WMatsui] (01/07/2020)
« Reply #201 on: July 09, 2020, 04:45:15 AM »
Hi, Sophcaro!

It seems that waking up next to Rena has caused Jurina to realize how differently she feels for her. Something that until now had not felt with any other girl.
I really liked that moment of realization. Waking up with your loved one is one of the best feelings in the world.  :wub:

Although after the scene grew in intensity and... I definitely needed a cold shower after reading that part  :lol:

Speaking seriously and leaving the jokes for later, I think here you can see the difference between the Rena who fearfully began to explore her feelings for Jurina and the one who now accepts her without shame ...and that Yuki had to end their plans to stay longer in bed... well... :nervous  :nervous
I think this only makes Jurina feel more irritation towards her: First trying to pervert her innocent little sister and now interrupting her very peaceful moment with Rena.  :smhid :smhid

I am very curious to know Yuki's thoughts about it. Especially taking into account the vision that she had of Jurina, because I'm sure she must have noticed her lack of clothes XDXD

Now, I think Rena should put Jurina on a strict schedule so that they can both continue enjoying their "private sessions" without affecting their daily routine. I'm sure Rena doesn't want anyone to think that she is neglecting her other obligations.  :nervous

Thanks for the new chapter and I will gladly wait for the next one.

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Re: Warriors - Chapter 29 [WMatsui] (01/07/2020)
« Reply #202 on: August 13, 2020, 07:10:32 AM »
Wow…it was hot! And funny as well, especially when Yuki knocked the door and it was Jurina who opened it hahaha! I can imagine how Yuki felt about it. She must be very shocked to find Jurina instead of Rena in Rena’s room. Yuki is Jurina’s senior yet she was awkward around Jurina. Not only because of the situation, maybe it was also because she had to get Jurina's blessing for her relationship with Mayu.

I was surprised Rena let Jurina opened the door. I mean, she heard Yuki came to her room. Why not she opened her room herself? Maybe because Rena felt safe and comfortable that it was Yuki?

Rena was too sleepy that morning. Why was she so sleepy? Should I ask Jurina to clarify? Hahaha! She's the one to blame. Rena was never late before.

Nice chapter, author-san! Ganbatte!

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Re: Warriors - Chapter 29 [WMatsui] (01/07/2020)
« Reply #203 on: August 28, 2020, 08:05:21 AM »
Hello! Apologies for the late review. Seeing Rena kiss men multiple times in a single video sent me on a Warriors binge and I remember that I haven't reviewed the latest chapter yet.

Waking up next to your loved one must be such a wonderful feeling. I believe I'm adding this to the top 10 of my favorite love scenes in all your writing. I love Rena telling Jurina directly that she doesn't want her to stop.
That said, we seem to have an overenthusiastic pair here, jumping into the ...proceedings... after a night of doing it as well. On the plus side, lack of activity in the bedroom won't be a problem :lol: but I'm afraid they're going to have to postpone the honeymoon phase, especially considering Mariko-sama's illness (I hope this is not a death flag :cry: ).

Watching Jurina's interaction with Yukirin was very interesting for me because it tells so much and so little at the same time. Jurina's gentleness and calmness with Rena in the previous night did come a bit suddenly for me, but here we learn that it was either temporary, or her peace only comes out when alone with Rena. With Yukirin, she's still a bit rude, as always. Jurina interacts so differently toward two people that she has opposite feelings for, so we have no idea if her 'default' treatment of people has changed. For now, I assume that Jurina's newfound 'patience' last night was not a sudden character development but a beginning of her gradual improvement (hopefully). I look forward to Rena seeing Jurina slowly change and become kinder to others who are not herself, becoming a better person to others through love.

“Don’t worry, she didn’t look.” Jurina shrugged it off.
Seeing is not the same as looking, Jurina XD How do you suppose she knew not to look if she saw nothing? :?

Their banter before Rena left was cute, and so was Jurina's happiness at being called without an honorific especially by someone as 'formal' as Rena. I love that she took that step for them.

Thank you so much for this chapter! Looking forward to more!

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