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Author Topic: Is It Bad Enough? (JurixAnninxMayu) - Chapter 10 [15/08/2015]  (Read 23896 times)

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Is It Bad Enough?

Chapter 1

- At Cafe -

Jun's POV

"Hahah! It's so funny.." Said a boy with short hair, well it's me. "That teacher, I wanna puke right in front of his face because of his low brain." Now my friend is talking.

Inside this cafe, there's just me, my girlfriend, my little sister, and my friends. Of course there's a barista here. Confused? Although it's sunday, it's still early morning and the weather is so cold out there. Why me and my friends end up here? Because they don't have any activity so they're just hanging around to kill time here with me and my girlfriend.

Why my little sister here? Well she's not that little, she's just one year younger than me. I ask her to get some coffee with my friends before I take her to attend her piano lessons, at first she refuse. But I force her to come because I know her very well that she's really bored if just sitting and drink some tea that our maid made it for her. Fyuhh.. cannot imagine how BORING is it.

"How a teacher can be so slow at solving a little problem?" Ask another girl beside me, she has a soft long hair and her skin is quite pale. She's my girlfriend, anyway. "Not as slow as you run, Rena-chan~" I tease her and tugged her arm with my elbow. "You jerk."
Me, my friends, and my lil'sister gasped because she leave us all of sudden. "Oh no, your girl is sulking now" said one of my friends. "Yeah yeah, you don't even need to make it clear." I said as I begin to running out from cafe for catching my Rena.

"Hahah, is your brother always act annoying like that?" Ask Jun's friend to Jun's lil'sister while the girl just answer the question with a soft chuckled and a little nod.

- Meanwhile, at the street -

"Owh, Rena, please stop acting like that" Finnally I could grab her wrist, but still in a gentle way.
"See who's speaking" She answered me with a cold glare.
"Okay, I'm sorry.. Please forgive me." I kiss both of her hands but she slip out her hand from my grip harshly.
"Rena-chan~ what's make you in a bad mood today?"


"Mm.. Beside that? I know you couldn't angry just because of my little joke"


I caressed her cheek with my warm palm "Come on, just tell me"

"Let's break up"


"Let's break up"

"Yak! I don't need you to say it twice."

"I thought you couldn't hear it because you just said 'what' before"

"I can hear it CLEARLY"

"Good, because I don't want to repeat those words again"

"I mean, why? Why on earth.. you.. just.. what.. the.. heck.. am I.. saying...?"

"It's not funny, Jun."

"Tsk, you're the one who's not funny. Why don't you just laugh because I feel really nervous now, honey" I playfuly patting her head.

"Don't call me like that again" she reply me as cold as this weather.

"Give me a reason why do you want us to break up. If that a logic reason, I will let you go, Rena."
Now, I'm not giving any teasing or playful tone on my words. I'm being serious here, like seriously?! We've already has a relationship almost four years since we still in junior highschool. Do you think I will just let her go so easily? No way.

"There's no a reason or explaination, I just want to break up with you." She checking her wristwatch. "I don't want to waste more your time because you need to take care of your lil' sister, bye."

Great. She just leaving me here with my jaw hanging. Shit.

- Back to the cafe -

"Oh you're back. Where's Rena?"


"Stop joking around"

"No, I'm not joking. I broke up with her" I swear all of my friends and my little sister can see my teary eyes.

"Our cutie Jun is crying?! Come on, take a seat first. Then, tell us what's happen before, dude."

I sat beside my little sister "Stop it, I'm a boy, so it's handsome or cool. Not cutie! And no. I won't tell you, damn it!" Tears keep rolling on my cheeks. My little sister caressed my back "Sssh.. Don't say harsh word to your friends" she give me a warm smile.

"You're too nice to them!" I continue my words "She said there's no a reason why she wants to break up with me, but I know that she still have a feeling towards me!"

"Jun, you're really strong at fighting, and you're just crying for a girl? Seriously?!" That sentence earning a laughter from my friends. I wipe my tears, actually it's embrassing. I never crying in front of my friends and never crying this hard in front of my sister. Argh! Damn it, Rena! You're the one who make my emotion unstable like this. I know she still cares about me from the way she mention about my sister's course. Crap! I forgot about that!

"Oh no, it's time to attend your piano lessons!" I said it to my lil'sis and she answer me with a slight nod and keep her warm smile on her beauty face. That smile really can makes my heart feels relax.

"Here's is the money to pay all of your coffee, take the change. See you, guys!" I said as I pulled my sister's hand and quickly get outta from cafe.

- Inside my car -

"Are you okay, Aniki?" That's. My cute little sister spoke. And yeah, she used to call me 'Aniki', means yakuza's big brother because I kinda looks like that people. Curse my attitude and face.

"Yes. Why?" I ask her. "It's dorsn't looks like you're okay. I'm so worried. You don't need to take me home after I finished my piano lessons, anyway. Our driver do it as ussual" she give me her worried expression.

"We're here" I turn my head to face her. "Listen, my little princess. If I said I'm okay, that's mean nothing happe-"

"No, you're not. Now, just go home and take some rest. I'm big enough to take care of my self. I'm just one year younger than you, remember?" she reach out her hand to caressing my cheek.

"Annin, we rarely talk at home because you always studying so hard inside your room. I want us oftenly talk like this. That's why I invite you to come along chatting with me and my friends at cafe, offering to take you here, that's because I miss talking to you, I miss your presence." I held her hand in my cheek.

"Aren't you feel the same?"

She look into my eyes deeply, and she sends shock to my body as she plant a small kiss on my cheek. Ugh, it's feels better than Rena's kisses "Yes, I feel the same, Aniki. I miss you too." That. That warm smile is coming again across her face. And I can't help but grinning to her.

"Stupid." She slap my arm playfuly.

"You're so cute!" I pinch both of her cheeks.

"Mou.. don't treat me like this. I'm not a child anymore.." She frowned.

"Get your butt off from my car now, my little princess! Your teacher is waiting for you" I command her like a captain. "Yes, sir" She saluted to me, and get out from my car as fast as possible.

How cute.

Then I drive my car back to my residence.

- At my house -

"Welcome back, ojou-sama" The maids and butler greeting me with their bows. My butler take off my thick coat. "It's getting colder out there, isn't it?" He ask me. "Yeah. That's why now I need my hot chocolate, Paul". He smile at me before I make a way to my room. "Give our 'Aniki' the best hot chocolate from the best chef in this country!"

- At my room -

Prrt! Shit! This is my last box of tissue. Argh! I don't expect that my precious Rena had left me. I'd already give my best to her. Accompany her studying, eating, shopping, bathing.. eek, that doesn't count. But still! I cannot wondering why she want to broke up with me?! No reason? Bullshit! Rena never talking nonsense like that! Between Rena and me, the one who's always talking nonsense is ME!

So it's so abnormal if Rena taking over my character. See? Now I'm start talking nonsense again.

I'd already tell this, but I swear I never crying hard like this. And I know it's not really manly, but I couldn't help it. Last time I crying it's when I'm in elementary because my parents can't come to see my sport festival. And again, the one who stopped me from crying is Annin, my sister. Hiks.
"Ah, holy shit! I must stop this! I'm Annin's big bro who must protect her! No woman no cry! Yeah!" I said as I threw hard my tissue box to the floor. "Are you okay, Jun-sama? Here's your hot chocolate" my butler, Paul, said from outside my room. "I'm fine. J-just come in and put it on my table". He put the hot chocolate on my desk.

"Well, if you say so. But if you need anything, just call me, or another maid. Be careful, that's really hot. Excuse me, Jun-sama" He closed the door.

"I know, that's why people call that thing 'hot chocolate'" I mumbled.

I took that hot chocolate and sipped a little. "Fuah! It's totally hot!" I yelled and curse the chef that make this thing. I calmed in a second and let out a sigh.

"Rena, I love you. Why don't you love me back?" I thought. I think I just need to add some activity to forget Rena. I get out from my room and called Annin's driver. "Yes, Ojou-sama?"

"When Annin finished her piano lesson?"

"It's at 8pm"

"What took her so long?"

"That's because she has a big show in three days. And she needs to preparing for it"

"Huh? I don't know that. Okay, you can leave. I will take her home."

"As you wish, Ojou-sama" then he left.

"Why that little princess didn't tell me about this. Well, I'm not her mother, but still.. I'm her brother, right? I have a rights to know her full activity!" I thought.


Knock! Knock!

"Jun-sama, Jun-sama. Please, wake up! It's the time!"

Still no answer..

"Jun-sama, Jun-sama! Plea-"

Brak! After I opened my door I said to my maid with angry tone "What?!" "S-sorry for my rudeness, but you told me to wake you up before 8 pm, b-but this already.." I took a glance at my wristwatch. Holy crap.

I run as fast as my feet can bring me to my car. "Master! Your shoes!" Oh, it's not funny if I go out with my bare foots, so I run to my butler that already held my shoes "Thank you!" I turned again to my car, but my butler shouted again "Master! Your coat! It's really cold out there!"
There's no time anymore so I started my engine. "Sorry, I don't need that!" And I drive my car with full speed to a place where Annin waiting for me.

- at  piano course -

I see someone inside that piano course building. And.. That's my Annin. I get out from my car and run to the building, because YES! It's really cold out there.

"Annin, sorry to make you wait.." I still trying to catch up my breath. Hah.. Hah..

"Aniki!" She look at me with her shock eyes. "I told you to take a rest, why you keep forcing your self to take me home?! And-" I cut her sentence with my thumbs on her lips "You could feel how cold I am? If you want to scold me, do it later at house. Now, come on get in my car" I said as I pull her arm and lead her to my car.

After we get into my car, I raise the temperature of the heater in my car becomes warmer. "Fiuh~ how is your practice, Princess?" I get confused because she remaind in silent. "Annin?"

"I still mad at you, Aniki" Oh~ my little princess is sulking now. "Mm, I'm sorry because I'm not listen to you. But what's wrong if your aniki want to take her little sister home?"

"You're not wearing a coat. You're just wear t-shirt"


"What if you catch a cold?!" Yep. She'd already scolding me.

"S-sorry, but.." I make some pause. And I held her hand at that pause.

"You will take care of me if I catch a cold right? I don't wanna that maids taking care of me, Annin~"


"Because you make me more comfortable than them." I said as I squezeed her hand so gentle.

"W-well if you insist.." What? Wait a minute, is Annin face became a bit red? "Whether the heater in here is too hot? Your face is red, I can make it cooler"

"Ah! No need to do that, Aniki. I'm fine! It's better like this to make you warm, since you're not wearing anything except that t-shirt."

When I drive my car, Annin's soft hand never left my arm, she wrap her hand on my arm, caressed it, keeping it warm. "You're like Mother" I said it but not turn my gaze from the road.

"Of course, because I'm her daughter" she let out a soft chuckled.

"But why I cannot be kindly or lovely like her?" I slightly took a glance at her eyes, and back staring at the road. She stop wrapping her palm on my arm and squezze my arm. In tenderly way. "Because you grow up like our Father, Aniki"

"Hahah! Many people say that, my princess" I laughed hard. She pinched my arm "But Dad's never being careless like you."

"Ouch ouch.. okay, I'm sorry" Finally, she stopped pinching my arm and kiss where she pinched me before.

"Hah.. feels like that hurt is goes away~"


"Annin, will you kiss my heart? My heart is so hurt since Rena left me."

"I will cut your chest to get your heart, then I will be able to kiss your heart."

"Since when you became a sadistic?" I watched her in horror.

"Since you told me how to."

"Am I ever told you how to become a sadistic?" I try to remember it so hard.

"It's fine if you cannot remember that, Aniki. Um, by the way, why are we still couldn't reach our house?"

"As you can see, we get trapped in a trafic jam" I stopped my car and turned around to see Annin's face. "So, you won't following me to my highschool? And decided to enter that Academy?"

"Yes, Aniki. I've already made my dessicion, sorry to make you dissapointed" She frowned.

I caressed her face with my palm. "Oh, don't make that face, Annin. I always happy with your dessicion as long as you happy, dear"

"I'm glad that I have you, Aniki" She looking right into my eyes. Those eyes makes me hypnotized. Without me realizing, our distance became smaller. When my lips is about to touch hers..


I snapped back to reality "S-sorry.." I turning back my head to the road and continue riding my car. Now we're just silent in embrassed. I mean, just me who's getting embrassed. I increased my car's speed to 120km/hour when this car success escaping from the traffic jam. Shit! What the heck am I thinking about? Kissing my own sister? Ridicolous! Well maybe that's normal.. but,

this feelings is just different.

"Aniki, you've just passing our house"

"Owh I just passing it. E-eh? I just passing it??!" I turned my head almost 180 degrees to see my house at the back. Oh great. So I rotated the steering wheel to our house direction. My guard opened the gate as my car is about to entering the house area.

Then I stopped my car right in front of the main door. I want to get out from this situation as soon as possible so I open my car's door quickly before my butler could open it from me. And it caused his head bumping with my car's door. I just ignored it and keep moving my feets in to my house. I keep walking, faster than before. When I'm about to climb the stairs, suddenly I heard my name being called.


"Y-yeah?" Why are you stuttering, my mouth? Damn it!

"Thanks for your ride. Good night."

"A-umh.. Y-you're welcome, Annin"

Now I'm running, I don't care anymore what's she gonna think about my stupid action. I just want to hide my self from her sight now. That's my room, I reach the knob, opened it, entering my room, then closed it. "I.......... WILL GONNA DIE SOON!" I'm a player, how the heck I can be like a stupid beginner who just experienced a love?!

I took a deep breath. Well, I admit that Annin has a beautiful face and personality. But, at that time when we inside the car, I just feel like her face being so much beautiful than before! It makes me wanted to feel her tempting lips. I let out a big sigh. I go to my little fridge near my desk for grab some can of beers and drink it. I am underage? I don't with care with that shit. Look at me. I'm so hopeless now. That beers give me a headache, so it's better if I go to sleep now.

- Morning -

"...-sama, wake up"

"Jun-sama, you're gonna be late coming to school"

"Shut up, my head is so hurt. Leave now" I said inside my blanket "Yes, I can see it from your beers here. But you have to go now" My butler pull me up, now I show him my annoyed face.

"Do you speak Mandarin? So you do not understand what I've said before. I said, leave my fuckin' room right now. I'm your master, my command is absolute!"

"Put aside that command thing. How about your duty as a schooler?"

"A-annin?!" I saw my sister standing in front of my door with her intense glare. Oh that's really a nice timing, Annin. I quickly jumping out from my bed and hiding my beers behind my back.

"M-morning, Annin. I'm sorry, I don't mean it" I pull my butler's arm to take that beers away from her sight. "I told you once again, LEAVE" I whispered him in sarcastic way and make sure that Annin couldn't hear it.

"Ehm. I'll take my leave now" He give us a bow and left my room with my beers inside his jacket. "So, Annin, what brings you here?" She cross her hand on her chest "Our maid, even Paul really take a long time to wake you up. So I think, I must do it by my self" I confused and just say "I don't get it". She sighed, I think because of my stupidity. "Let's go to school together, Aniki. I will wait you at dining room" she said before she left my room.
Huh? My brain cannot thinking clearly now. I still couldn't get what she said before. I mean, am I dreaming? She NEVER ask me go to school together since we're still in elementary.

Yossh~aaa! Ikuzo! Tiger, Fire, Cyber.. Wait, why the heck am I doing a chant? Oh whatever.. I just feeling happy right now, so I entering my bathroom in hurry because I feel excited wanna go to school with my lovely Annin! Yeay!

- At Dining room -

"Annin~! Let's go! Paul! Where's my car's key?" I yelled as I came out from the glass elevator. "You're not having a breakfast?" Annin asked me with something in her hand. "Nah, I already eat" I approach her.

"Eat what? Air? Here, eat up" She gave me a well-cooked roasted bread to me. "O-oh, thank you. Now, come on. We're gonna be late!" I take that bread and put it inside my mouth. "I don't want you riding your car" Annin stood up from her chair. "Then, I'll ride your car!"

"You can't."


"You get a headache after drunk last night"

"I'm not drunk. It just.. *sighed* okay, I cannot stand the pain here" I grab my head.

"That's the problem. Why do you keep drinking that? You're underage, Aniki. Come on" She grab my hand and lead me out from our house to her car. What's going on with me? I feel really nervous when she grab my hand. "Now just sit at the back here with me, while the driver ride this car" I just nodding in reply.

We keep sillent without no one from us starting to break the ice.
"We're arrived at your school, Anna-sama" Said the driver. Then, Annin taking her bag and make sure there's no something left. "Thanks for your accompany, Aniki" She said that to me, but when she opened the door, I talked.


"Yes?" She slowly turned her head to me.

"You have a show in two days, right? Why don't you tell me?"

"Oh, you know it. Sorry, I'm planning to tell you tomorrow, and I thought you has some schedules with your school, friends, and dinner with some of Father's colleagues. I'm scared that I'll make you more tired because you need to put the day of my show into your schedule list, Aniki"

"You make me sounds like a big entertainer. You are too overthinking" I chuckled. "No, I'm not get tired if it's come to you, my princess" I grab her face and kissed her forehead. "Now go, your friends is waiting for you, Annin"

Annin smiling at me before she closed the door's car and walked off with her hand waving to me. Stab! Urgh! My chest.. "Hah~" I threw my back to the seat with my hand on my chest and laying there, fascinated by her smile and her sweet waving hand.

"Is there something wrong, Jun-sama?" Ask the driver. "There's no something wrong. Just ride this car straight to my school as fast as possible"

"On my way, Jun-sama."

- At Jun's school -

"Jun-sama, we're here. By the way, do you need me to bring your car here?"

"It's okay, you don't need to do that. I will just go home by bus"

"But, your father will.."

"No need to worry, I will tell him. Thanks for your ride" I leave that car.


Crap! I forgot that today is still as cold as yesterday even colder than yesterday. And I forgot to bring my coat too. Curse my careless side. I drag my foots in to the school building. "Hoam.." I yawned a little when I walking to my class. Something slapped my back. I turned my head and saw someone with a short hair grinning at me. It's Nakanishi, one of my friend. We called him Nishishi anyway. "Damn you. It's hurt" I said to hime with my poker face. He just put his grin became wider and open the class's door.

"Ohayou, Nishishi and Jun!" Our friends greet us. Nishishi just walking to his table and show my friends his white teeths.

"Ohayou!" I greeted them back. I don't know why, but I feel so happy today! Oh, that's because I'm going to school with my lil'princess, right? Fufufu~

"Look who's in a good mood after he broke up with our great senpai?" That's Churi teasing me. "Means that you want to broke up with her too, right?"

"Oh, shut up, stupid bird. You know nothing" I reply her.

"After I see you crying so hard yesterday at cafe?"

"If you won't shut your mouth, I will burn your bird toys!"

"You're so mean!"

"You're the one who started it!"

"Stupid puppy!"

"Stupid bird!"

"CUT IT OUT, YOU TWO!" I jumped a little when I heard that voice, and turned my head to see who's the person that brave enough to yelling at me. Oh it's Airin, friend of mine and our class president. "Don't make a stupid quarrel at this great morning."

"Just shut your mouth and watch me fight with this bird, nerd-otaku!"

"Airin, did you hear that? She just said that she's gonna burn my bird toys!" That Churi hiding behind Airin's back.

"What? Looks like our Churi's gonna cry~" I rolling on the floor laughing so hard.

"Okay class, go back to your seat. Let's begin our lessons" That's my teacher, so the bell is already ringing? I don't hear that :huhuh

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woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa panda san....
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Is this....really a JurinaAnnin fic?? I feel that Annin will meet someone else at the academy and get over her complex. Hope it won't be the last time we see Rena in this fic!

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Re: Is It Bad Enough?
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but is a wmatsui or a JuriAnnin fic?

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Re: Is It Bad Enough? - Chapter 2
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@kuro_black29: Ah, Kuro-san. Thank's for the comment. I'm waiting for your fic too~ :shy1:
@saeyu: Yeah, I wonder too.. it's too early to conlude it. Maybe what you've just said will happen later. Maybe no :dizzy: So stay tune :v
@Minami-chan: Ehm.. How I say it.. it's a JuriAnnin or Wmatsui? That's still a mystery lol. But in this chapter, you'll see JuriAnnin. :mon psst:

Is It Bad Enough?

Chapter 2

Jun's POV


"Yes, Matsui-san?"

"My stomach is hurt.. Can I go to the infirmary?"

"Jun, do you want me to accompany you?" Said girl 1. "Jun don't want being accompanied by a low life girl like you. Let me accompany you, Jun" Now girl 2 is speaking. "Don't go with her! Just choose me" Girl 3. And the other girls start joining the fight.

I sighed. "I don't need anyone to accompany me. So can I go to infirmary now, sensei? It's getting worst" I pointed at my stomach.

"Well, although your face doesn't showing any of pain, I can't let you collapsed here if your words is true. So yes, you can go now"

"Thank you" I left that class in a blink of eye.

- At infirmary -

Now I just laying on the infirmary bed. My stomach is hurt? Hahah! That's just an alibi to skip a class. Oh by the way I forgot to tell my father that I will go home with a bus. So I called him.

What took him answered my call so long? A meeting? He's the boss, he can pause the meeting anytime he want. Time is money? Well I never find any problem with time, because money is always coming to me without caring one or two seconds passed by. "Hello, Jun? What's happen?"

"Father, I need your permission to go home with a bus"

"Do you have a friend to accompany you?"

"Mm.. Not yet"

"You can't go home with a bus if there's no one with you"

"Father, I'm a boy.. Geez.. Okay, okay. I get it. Bye"

"Bye, Jun. Do not forget to help your little sister if she needs something"

"Yeah, I will give her anything she need. Don't worry" I ended the call.

"Hoaam~ nyem nyem.." I think, it's better to sleep here for a while. So, I move my body to a comfortable position. No need to take a long time, I sleep in a minute.


'U-ugh.. my nose is so itchy..'

'But, why my hand cannot reach for it? Errgh..' I open my eyes slowly. I was silent for a moment.


I can't move my body! I keep strugglling and found my self being tied by many sticking plaster. Then I heard a loud of laugh.

"You're so ridiculous in that position, Jun!" He continued his laugh.

"Quit it Yuria! You idiot!"

"Geez, don't take it so serious will you?" Said Kanon as she start to take this annoying crap sticking plaster off from my body.

"I'm not in my mood, Kanon."

"Oh! Why don't you come with us to make your mood back?" Said Yuria, with his forget-about-what-she-have-done-before face.

"Going where?"

"Game center." Kanon said with her sparkling eyes. Yes. I love game center.

- At game center -


"Woohoo~! Home run! I told you!" I yelled, but I kinda regret it because more girls attracted with me, geez. Curse my good-looking face. "SHIT! How the heck this could be happen??" Yuria whining on the floor because he can't win over me. "Face the reality, Yuria~" I said with my victory's smile. Oh, shit. Those girls now starting become more fanatic seing my gorgeus smile.

"Let's go home, Kanon. I'm so tired" I'm pulling Kanon to the exit door.

"Oh, winning from that baka Yuria can make you tired?"

"Yeah, because he want me to make him lose again and again. That's makes me forgot about time, and you're right, Yuria. My mood is coming back. Thanks for taking me here" I laugh so hard in front of his face. "What's make you laugh that hard?" He laughed hard too, for no reason.

"Your idiot face. HAHAHA!"

"Stop it, Jun. You looks like a drunk man now" Said Kanon weirdly.


We turn turned our head at the same time to see who's the one that called her name. "Azuma Rion-san? What's happen?"

"Ya.. Yaba-"

"Yabai?!" Yuria cut Azuma's sentence with his idiot face. "No. Yabakune! They just appear in front of us in the middle of the road all of sudden. They're bring many boys!"

"But, you can escape from them, right?" I want to make her calm. "Nakanishi-san! He's trying to hold yabakune while I escape from them"
Holy fuck.

- At Yabakune's basecamp -


A boy with scary face kick another boy on his stomach. "Why don't you just do what we ask? Call your friends, little brat! Call that Jun!" The other boy never reply the scary boys that surrounding him. He just ignored them and keep trying to push his body up from the floor. His face is already covered by blood. But there's no hint of pain in his eyes.

Nakanishi's POV

Like I want to let out my voice for you..


Normal POV

The boy, seems like he's the leader, grab Nakanishi's collarbone and bring him up. "You want me to kill you and let your dead-body in the trash being founded by people, or call your friends! NOW!"

"Hey, what's your problem with my friend, asshole?"

The yabakune's leader turned his head to the source of the voice.

"Oh, you're finally came here, Jun" His smirking annoying Jun.

Jun's POV

"Put him down, I will serve you the game." I said. That ugly boy just threw Nishishi heartlessly to the floor. That son of a bitch. "I will make you suffer, Jun" We glaring each other, no one from us want to lose. "Like you can" I threw him my smirk.

Holy.. Shit.

"...n!" Ah, Yuria's voice..


I'm trying so hard to open my eyes. And I found myself on Nishishi's back. He's piggyback me. I want to reply, but I can't. I can't moving my mouth. "He's awake!"

"Jun! Please stay to hear my voice. Hang on. Just for a little bit. We're gonna reach your house"

"I don't know, Kanon.." Finally, I'm able to open my mouth. "I'm so tired.. Let me sleep for a while.." I continued my words. "HELL NO! You don't have my permission to sleep!" Yuria yelling at me with his teary eyes, he's still running with Nishishi and Kanon to.. I think this is a way to my house.

"Since when you became that brave towards me, Baka Yuria?"

"Huh?" There, his idiot face is show up.

"It's dark, means already night. Why I can't sleep?" I sighed. "Okay, I'm not going to sleep. But, just let me rest. You keep yelling my name. IT'S SO ANNOYING"

"O-okay, Jun. But, promise me, that you won't left us."

"Of course. I'm not gonna die just because of this, Baka Yuria!" I chuckled. O-ow, my stomach is hurt. After a long enough journey, finally, we reached my house. "Jun-sama!" One of my guard approach us. And then he hurriedly help Nishishi taking my damaged body into my house.

"Call the doctor!" Said my guard to the maid and then he put my body on the couch. My butler provide first aid to my bloody head. He now cleaning my head with alcohol. "It's hurt!" I'm yelling in pain. "Sorry, but I need to do this before you get infected, Jun-sama" My butler said it without his hand leaving my injured head. While my friends just watching me from his back. Not taking too much time, my personal doctor is arrived, and quickly taking care all of my damaged body.

- 20 minutes later -

"I'm done, Jun. What your parents gonna say after seing their only son like this. You're not changing, Jun. Still as brave as before." He ruffled my hair.

"Please take a rest. Your wounds need to recover as soon as possible, and your left leg bone is crashed. So don't moving too much, okay?"

"I'm sorry and roger, doct!" I replied him.

"Do not forget to drink your medicine!" He left after saying that. Fyuh.. Too much restrictions.

"Want me to take you to your bedroom, Jun-sama?" Said my maid. "Um yeah, wait a minute"

"Jun, why were you so idiot? Why do you come alone to Yabakune's basecamp? You're in tired condition, and you fighting them all alone? it's good that Azuma could bring police before you lose your life there."
"Sorry, Kanon. I couldn't control my anger back then" I give her a reply.

Before Kanon could scolding me more, someone's talking "It's time to go home. Let him take some rest" now the one who rarely speaking finally spoke. "You're right, Nishishi. See you after you fully get recover. Come on, Yuria" He said as he pulling Yuria's arm. And then, they left my house.

I sighed. "Where is Annin? It's already 10pm" I asked my maid. "She said she want to playing piano in a perfect way at her show. So she's still practicing at her course"

What?! That girl. "Take me to my room!"

"Yes, Ojou-sama" Said my maid as she put my body to the wheel chair and bring me to my room. Thank's to my mother because she make an elevator here. So bringing me on my wheel chair to the 3rd floor is a piece of cake for my maid.

- Inside my room -

"I put your drink on the table beside your bed. Do you need something else?" "No. Thank you" I said in my laying position on my bed. "Then, I'll take my leave now. Have some rest, Jun-sama" she closed the door.


My phone is ringing, and I'm too lazy too see who's calling. So I just hang it up and say "Jun's here, who is it~?"

"Your Mother." I already expect this. Wait. First, I need to prepare my mental, before my Mother start to scolding me. "Y-yes, Mother? What makes you calling me at this late night?" I'm trying to sound normal.

"Don't playing dumb on me, Jun. Your butler already told everything to me"



"S-sorry, Mother.."

"Oh my love, Jun.. you make me so worried. I will forgive you 'again' this time. But make sure that an accident like this won't be happen again. I'm still have some business meetings in Shanghai. I will go home as soon as possible"

"Mother! You don't need to come here, seriously! I can take care of my self, Mom"

"I'm not taking any complain. Now, go to sleep. Make sure you're doing what your doctor said. I don't want you not attending your school for a long time, okay?"

"Okay, bye Mom"

"Bye. I love you Jun"

"Love you too" I end my call.

Now, I'll take my rest. I'm really tired. That Yabakune's boys. I will take my revenge! Well, after I get recovered.. hehe. I closed my eyes and fell asleep so quick.


'U-ugh.. so thirsty..' I opened my eyes, grab a glass of water on the table in my right side, and drink it. After that, I put my empty glass back on my table and ready to sleep again. Until I feel something heavy on my right arms.

Holy sweet.

There's Annin inside my room! She's sitting on a chair beside my bed and sleeping with her head on the top of her hand that placed on my bed, while her another hand's holding one of my hand. My lips curved into a wide smile now. I reach out my hand in a slow motion and stroke her hair softly. "I love you" I whispered that words near her face.

"I love you too.."

Eeeek?! I'm completely finished now. Argh!! Thanks to my frank mouth.

"Y-you're not sleeping?"

She open her eyes slowly. And pull her head up to face me with her beauty face. "Almost. You're awaken me by your unexpected move, Aniki"

"How embrassing.." I wrapping the back side of my neck with my palm.

"You're so stubborn. Look at you now. Your body is totally damaged. It's really hurt me seing you like this" Oh, I just noticed her red teary eyes. Shit. I make her crying all night long.

"I forget how many times I've said this words to different peoples at the same night. I'm sorry. Yeah, I'm so stubborn. You know me very well but.." I grip her hand.

"It's hurt me too seing you crying for a brat like me."

She chuckled. "Why not? You're the most important person in my life. When our mother and father not here, when I'm get some trouble, when I feel lonely," She put her index finger on my nose.

"This brat is always here by my side" Just by hearing that, I obviously can collapsed right now. My hand slowly grab hers that still pointing at my nose and kiss her finger. "Am I deserve to have such a caring little sister like you?"

"Yes. You're the right person who deserved it" She caressed my full of bruises face. My hand's still grabbing her hand that caressing my cheek. Her touch is full of tenderness. "So, you just got here?" I bringing some topic.

"No. I'm arrived in about three hours ago"

"Why don't you just practicing here? In our house"

"Don't you remember? Two days ago, when I'm still studying at my school, you're playing with your friends near my piano.."

"I'm jumping from sofa and accidently landed on your piano, caused it... destroyed. I just remember that, thank's for reminding"

- Morning -

"Say aah.." As a spoon moving in the air gesturing like a plane want to landing inside my mouth. "Aum~ omnomnom.." I chewing food with a smile plastered on my face. Yes, that's because Annin's feeding me right now. "So are you happy?" She asked me, still busy with my food on her hand.

"Of course! How can I won't be happy, you even not going to school just for taking care of me. I know you never absent from your school before" My smile grew wider. She chuckled because of my funny face. I mean, my stupid face.

"You really understand me. I need you, Annin"

"Yes. I know it" She cleaning some mushroom's sauce on the corner of my mouth. "I know you need me. You even need me to wipe your own mouth. That's why I'm here, because you looks like a big baby. I cannot let those maid to touch you like this"

"Oh, so my sister is jealous~" I tease her. "No. Stop it or you will eat this food with your own broken hands" She's angry. I'm so scared "Sorry". Suddenly, someone opened the door of my room.



"Oh my God.. Honey, this must be really hurt" she caressing my broken leg.

"Not that hurt. Calm down, will you, Mom? I'm okay. Well, although it looks like is not really 'okay' in physical, but I swear it's not hurt at all, trust me"

"No. I'm your Mother. I know it more than you. It's not okay at all. Annin, is this spoiled kid already eat, drink his medicine, and changing his bandage?"

"Mom, he just woke up. Now, I'm feeding him. It's okay, I will taking care of this baby"

"Annin, you have an important show tomorro-"

"Now, you must be so tired after long journey from Shanghai, right? Just take some rest, Mom. Leave this spoiled kid to me" Annin lead my Mother to door. "My sweetie Annin, I'm going home because I want to taking care my injured son. But, you're right. I'm a bit tired, so I will sleep for a while. Just don't force your self too much. If you feeling tired, just leave it to those maid. When you want to go practicing, just wake me up, kay?"

"Okay, Mom" My mother kiss Annin's cheek. "Love you, my sweetie. Jun, don't be too spoiled with Annin!" She get out from my room. "I can't promise, Mom!" I laughing hard. "Ow.. Shit!"

"W-what's happen, Aniki?!" Annin fastly approach me with her worried face. "My stomach.. is hurt.. Ouch.." I grip and pushed my stomach with fingers. "Don't make it become worst" Annin said as she shove away my hand from my stomach.

Her hand tracing my tummy and start to rubbing it softly. She make a circle move on my tummy. I can feel my neck's hair standing. "Better?" She keep focusing her eyes in my stomach that still being caressed by her hand. I keep remaind in silent. "Aniki?" Now she look in to my eyes. "....Great" I'm being lost in her mesmerizing eyes. "O-oh" She replied me and take away her hand from my stomach.


"What's now?" She put her worried looks again. I grab her hand and lead them to my stomach. "Keep doing it. If you left my stomach, that just make it hurt again" I lied~

"How about your food?"

"I'm full."

"F-fine then" Now she start to wrapping her hand around my stomach again. Oh, Annin.. I'm feeling comfortable only with your little touch. Of course those maids cannot do it as good as you, Annin! No need to be jealous with them! After that, I drink my medicine. And I still won't let Annin taking away her hand from my stomach. "Aniki, let me change your bandage. It's becomes dirty because of your own sweats"

I give her my scared face. "A-are you sure you can do that? It's really hurt.." I still remember the pain when my butler flushing alcohol on my head. "I'm sure. Trust me" Now, she opened my bandage carefully. I'm not that brave enough to see all of this anymore, so I just shut my eyes while Annin busy 'playing' with my head.

"Done. How is it? Is that hurt?" Eh? What the.. What's going on? "I don't feel anything. Is it mean that I'm starting to get numb? You've got to be kidding me.." I wanted to cry. "I never thought my brother that it was so stupid. Of course you don't feel anything. It's my skill, I'm good at treating people"

"I'm not that stupid! Well, you're right. I think you've success treating my broken heart too~" I winked at her, oh crap, I just forgot that she doesn't like me flirting with her. "I-I just kidding, Annin. Don't leave me" I give her my pleading eyes. She smiled "Of course. I won't leave you"

- Tomorrow -

Annin's POV

I heard a lot of applause echoed in this hall. Yes, I made success of this show. If you ask me how's my feeling, the answer is absolutely 'happy'. Well, I'm not really that happy because I still couldn't find Jun among these sea of people. I accidently saw someone with bandage sitting on VIP seat. My eyes isn't wrong, that's Jun. I'm very grateful because he watched my show. But on the other hand I felt slightly worry because his body still not recovering yet.

After giving my audience some bows, I turn around and take my leave to the backstage. "Great, Anna! You make them never let their eyes off from your perfect performance!" My teacher praise me. "Thank you very much. It's because your efforts too" I bowed at him.

"Okay, now you can changing your clothes and take a rest, Anna."

- At my changing room -

After changing my clothes, I just reading my books here. Huft.. I'm so tired. Today I sleep at 2am because taking care my Jun. He's really spoiled. Whenever I want to do my homework, reply some messages about student council's probs or just because I make a little move, he's got angry. He won't let go of me and keep forcing me to sit beside him. Well, I'm okay with that. I even feel happy, because he still need me although we have a bunch of maids and butlers in our house.

Suddenly, someone knock at the door. "Come in. I didn't lock the door". When the door is opened that suprised me because I see my Mother standing in front of the door, with smiling Jun on his wheel chair. He looks so cool wearing a white shirt inside her brown jacket with an ordinary jeans. He loosing his two upper buttons shirt, showing his bare collarbone. Sexy.

H-huh? What am I thinking about?


"Annin? Are you spacing out?" Jun said as my Mother pushing his wheel chair to my direction. "Ah, N-no. Pft. H-how can I spacing out.."

"Annin, I really proud of you. Your father will be happy if I told him about this. I'm sorry because he cannot attend your show, honey"

"It's okay, Mom. That's not really a big deal for me. So, you're enjoying my performance?"

"A lot. I-" suddenly my Mother's phone rang, and she quickly take a look at her screen phone to see who's calling for her. "Oh, this is our company's client. Sorry, Annin, please take care Jun for a momment."

As our Mother had left us alone, we just keep silence for a long time. So I try to break the silent "How's my perform-"

"Awesome." He cut my question with his fast answer.

"Your skill or even your serious face, your smooth hair, your dancing finger, all the part of your body when you playing that piano it's really makes me stunning!"

"That much?" I giggled because his face really have a simillarity with a kid who got a new balloon. "Yes! Not only Mom and Dad, I'm really proud to have a sister like you too"


"Yes, my princess?"

"Why don't you just resting at home? You're not recovering yet, how if.." I stopped my words when I see him stood up from his wheel chair with one foot. "What are you doing?"


I don't know, I think your voice just make me hypnotized." He put his idiot face again.
"Sit down, I'm not finished yet."

He did what I said like a puppy who listened to his master's command. "But, Annin. You'll move in about a month again, right? I want to spend more my time with you before you move to your new academy.." His puppy eyes is showed up. I smiled to him and hold his hand. "You don't need to spend your time for me. I'm the one who will spend my time for you. So all you need to do is just sit here, on your wheel chair until you get recover."

Jun's POV

My Gosh! I feel my chest being thightened when she smiles, saying that unbelievable words, and hold my hand at the same time! Seriously?! Is this what people called love? I'm in love with my sister? I'm so frustated causing my face became so ugly in confused. Suddenly someone opened the door. "Sorry, Iriyama-san, you are needed to attend our last meeting. We'll wait you in Hall-C." Said a crew. "Okay, I'll be there in five minutes" Annin responded his order. "Sorry for interrupting your time" He closed the door.

'YES. You really interrupting our momment' I thought.

"Aniki, do you want me to take you to your car?"

"No. I'll just wait you here"

"Oh. Well, don't go anywhere until I'm back, okay?"

"Yes, my princess" I give her my salute. She let out a soft chukled because of my silly action and left the room.

- One month later -

Oh shit! Oh shit! I shouldn't playing at game center with that baka Yuria! I'm gonna be late to see Annin take off. Now I'm on the back seat of my car. "Can you running this car in full speed?!"

"I'm sorry, Jun-sama. But the traffic jam make me unable to increased the speed"

"Idiot! Find another way to reach the airport as fast as possible!"

"Yes, my Lord!" My butler searching for another way to the airport in GPS and has found it in a blink of eye, then give the rute to my driver. He turning the car to the left and drive my car in a small path. I felt relieved when we could see the end of this path. But that happy feeling is all faded because it's also stucked, same with earlier road before.

I cannot bear this anymore, so I get out from my car and open my baggage to take my fold bicycle. After unfolded it, I hurriedly ride my bicycle through all of this shit traffic jam. "Ojou-sama! Your leg!" The hell with my unrecovered leg. In my head is just filled with Annin now.

I pedalling my bike with a high speed on the trotoar. All of pedistrians curse me because they're almost got bumped with my bike. "Sorry! I'm sorry! Sorry, Madam!" I just give a quick apologize to them without stopping my bike. There! The Airport! I just keep my bike running through the entrance barrier, make it break in to two pieces. What a cheap thing.. It's easily get broken.
"Hey, kiddo! Stop your bike! Take the ticket first! What the heck!" The security try to catch me. I just keep pedaling my bike and throw it as I arrived at the entrance door and run in to the building. Now I'm searching for F-4 gate. Meteor garden? Ah, I mean F-5. Well, honestly I'm not sure where's the gate. Teehee. WTF? There's no time for joking! I keep searching and searching. Bingo! That's it! I saw Annin in her expensive-look coat. "Annin!"


I run approching her "W-wait a minute!" I bent down, still trying to catch oxygen. She lovely caressing my back. "I thought you won't come here. Why are you sweating this much, Aniki?" She took out her dove-coloured handkerchief and wiping all the sweats on my face. I don't wanna her become angry if she knows that I'm pedaling my bike to came here.

"T-the air conditioner in my car is broken" Yeah. That's a nice lie.

"Where's Mom?" I asked her, try to change the topic. "She's already take off in a minute ago" I grab her hands. "Um.. By the way, Annin. I want to tell you that.." It's the time for me to confessed her! But when I'm about to tell her my feelings, someone grab my arms.

"I get you"

Shit! This security really don't know the situation. "Tch.. Wait a minute will you?! I have some business here!" I yelled right in front of his face.
"I don't care. Now, just follow me to the office now" He keep pulling my arms harder because I still could standing straight on my place, he's weak anyway. "Not only your ugly face, but also your little brain have succeed makes me annoyed! You don't know with whom you're talking?"


"I will tell you later *yaomingface* now just leave me and my sister alone! I'm not going anywhere! I promise!!"

He scratched his chin "You promise?"

"YES!!!" I run out of my patience.

"Okay, hurry up" He finally left us. I let out a BIG sighed. "Annin, may I continue?" She just nodded in respond. "All this time, I always wanted to tell you that.." "I am sorry, Iriyama-"

"WHAT'S NOW?!" One had left, the other's coming. I feel like smacking him now. "Iriyama Anna-san, it's the time." Annin give me a warm smile and turned her head to the security. "Could you give us a little more time?" He checked his watch "Okay, two minutes. The plane will be take-off soon" and he went away five meters behind us.

"So, what do you want to-" I quickly cut her sentence with my lips on hers. Oh. My. God. So this is the taste of her lips. I really want to tell you guys how it feels, it just.. I bet you can't imagine how amazing it is! In about 5 seconds I pulled it away from her soft-pinkish lips.

"I love you..

Will you be mine?"

I don't care anymore if she slap me at this public area. To my surprise, I didn't get any slap but she give me a slight kiss on my lips instead. "Yes. I'm yours now." By hearing that, I collapsed.

Just kidding. I could feel blood rushing inside my body with a flash speed from head to the toe. "Haha.." a creepy laugh escaped from my mouth. "Aniki?" She's get worried from my weird act. I just ignore it and pulled her body to my embrace and hold it so tight. "Ugh.. A-aniki, I can't.. breath.." Even though I couldn't see her face, I can feel that she's smiling right now.

"Ahem! Time's over"

I released Annin's body, turned my head to face that security and give him a death glare "Fuck you."

"Okay I will go now, Aniki. Take care" Annin planting a kiss on my cheek and entering the gate. "Annin!"

"Yes?" She turned her head and answered me in a far distant. "Don't you ever forget to me when you got there!" She laughed a little, still not put away her alegance "Yes, I won't ever forget you." She smiled and turned her back to me, then walking away untill I cannot see her figure anymore.

"Ojou-sama! Please use this wheel chair. I won't let you walking again this time or your leg is gonna get hurt" My butler approached me with my wheel chair. "No. I looks like a sick person if I sit there. No way"

"Hey kiddo! Where's your promise?! You lie!" This security approach me and when he want to grab my shoulder, my butler blocked it away. "Stay away from Ojou-sama." His give him a glare. "O-ojou.. Sama?!" He shocked with my tittle. "My God. Why the heck Annin must go with a public plane? I hate this!" I said with my annoyed face. "Sorry, there's a thecnical problem with your family's private jet. And there's no time to buy or booking another private jet, Jun-sama" He give me an explanation that actually I don't really care and just walk away.

"All of you just can ruining my mood! Finish my problem with that security in five minutes, I will wait you in the car. Don't you force me to sit on this wheel chair again."

"Yes, my Lord."

I left him there to settle my problem with that security. But when I've walked quite a far from them.. "Ou-ouch! Gosh!!" Now I just noticed the pain due to hard pedaling before. It's really impossible for me to continue my walk. I regrets refuse to sit on that wheel chair.

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Is It Bad Enough?
Chapter 3.1

"Jun. We're gonna be late for a breakfast with the other. Wake up!" Airi kicked my body to wake me up, caused me fell on the floor. "Ouch! It's not hurt! Would you be more gentle? You stupid otaku!" I take my revenge with a kick on his butt . "What? You've just said that it's not hurt, then why are you still need to take your revenge? It's hurt for me" He caressed his butt. "Because it's not hurt for me, so I thought you'll feel the same" I stood up from the floor. "Oh. Stop this nonsense talk of yours, Jun. I'll go first." He left our hotel's room.

"It's just 7am. We're not gonna be late, you just want to meet Churi as soon as possible. Tsk!" I'd already became a second year student. Now, I'm inside a hotel room because attending a study tour in Australia from my school. This is my last day anyway, and we can go anywhere we want so.. I just want to spend my day with sleeping here in my hotel room. I make some earl grey to refresh my mind because still, even in our tour, my teacher keep give us a bunch of damn tasks. I can't sleep due to working that task because we must have done it today. While waiting for the water be boiled, I take my phone and check it.

Yes! There's a message from Annin!

To: Jun
From: Anna
Hello, Jun. Is your study tour went well? I hope so.
Tonight you'll came back to Japan, right? Have a save flight.

Hohoho. I think I don't need that tea anymore because I'd already refreshing my mind just by reading a message from Annin. Lately, she used to call me by my first name. Kyaa~! Ups.. Sorry, my feminine side is just showed up.
Oh yeah! I must reply it.

To: Anna
From: Jun
It's running smoothly, my princess.
Say, do you already make some friends in your new highschool?
Yes. Thank you, dear.

I kissed my phone that showing Annin's face in my wallpaper, then put it on the desk. After that, I continued to make my tea.

- At my Residence -

"Welcome home, Jun-sama. You must be so tired after a long journey from Australia"

"Absolutely. Let me sleep, don't you wake me up until tomorrow morning"

"Yes, my Lord"

After I get in to my room, I can feel my phone vibrates again. "Yes!" I thought it was Annin but I got mistaken.

To: Jun
From: Akane
I'm not keeping my eyes on you in a seconds, and you has gone in a blink of eye from airport?!
Are you kidding me

To: Akane
From: Jun
I'm so tired. Do not message me unless there's an urgent matter.

To: Jun
From: Akane
Why the heck you're so cold towards me? Please be more nice will you?
Mumumu~ ;**

This stupid message from stupid person just make me feel annoyed, so I just throw my phone to the floor. But before it could totally touch the floor, I saw there's a message coming from the screen. With my quick reflect, I jump to catch my phone and safely landed my body on the floor. I looked at the screen phone "Yesss! Finally!!" I kissed my phone - at the second times today.

To: Jun
From: Anna
Sorry, because I just can reply your message at this time.
Yes. People here is so respectably, it's so easy to get along with them.
You're welcome, Jun. Are you just arrived?

To: Jun
From: Anna
It's okay, Annin. It's not really a matter for me. Take your time.
Easy to get along with them? Yeah, they really fits you. Respectably, full of politeness.
Yes. I'm so tired, Annin. I really need your warm hug right now~

I praying to the God, hope that Annin could read and reply my message as soon as possible.
Huh? This Churi can't read hiragana or what. Maybe next time I should writting in romaji. I take my phone and see the screen phone. Seems like God have heard my prayer, because Annin has sent me a reply message!

To: Jun
From: Anna
Thank's. I'm glad that I have such an understanding boyfriend like you.
Why, Jun? Don't you like it?
Then go to sleep now. You'll get my hug when I'm home. Be patient, okay?

To: Anna
From: Jun
Woah! I'm the one who must say that!
Yes, I like it very much. I like everything that coming from you.
I'll try to sleep even though you're not here.
Okay okay! I'm willing to do everything to get you back by my side!

To: Jun
From: Anna
I like you too, Jun.
Nice then. Good night.
Have a nice dream, my prince.

"UWAAAAAAH!" I closed my mouth "Shit.."
Knock! Knock!
"Is there something wrong, Jun-sama?!" My butler asked me from outside my room. "T-there's no something wrong. I'm fine, you can leave" "Oh. Okay, Jun-sama. If there's something wrong happen, just call me" He left. I keep silent for a while and began to type a reply message for Annin.

To: Anna
From: Jun
Good night.
See you in my dream!

"Fyuh.." OMG. I cannot believe that my heart beating so fast when my step sister that already became my own girlfriend say that she likes me too. And she called me 'My Prince'! Oh God, I'm sure I will have a really fuckin' nice dream tonight.

- Three days later -

- Normal's POV -

A man standing beside a desk. His head is covered with a white-coloured hair, but his face doesn't really looks like an old man. The man even still has charming in a black suit. His face has decorated by an angry looks. He lighted a cigarette and began to smoke. Then he sat on the black couch, where in front of him there's a boy that already sat on the other couch for a minutes ago.

"Seriously, Jun. Why do you keep doing an unnecessary things?" The other boy just sit there with his eyes never leave the man's eyes.

"Sorry, Father. I just find it fun."
"Don't you know that your 'having fun' behavior has succesed makes me got a vertigo?"

"You have been kicked out from your school because you pick a fight with another school again" Jun's Father bring his face closer to his son's face
 "You've already got many warnings. Before. You accept those warnings from your pricipal and had promised him that you won't do all of this fighting stuff again. BUT YOU EASILY BROKE YOUR PROMISE OVER TIME."

- Jun's POV -

He sighed "Me and your mother already made a decision"

"Decision? I'm just gonna transferred to another ordinary school, right?"


"What? What do you mean by 'no'? I'm not taking another desicion!"

"Who's the parents here, Jun? Watch your mouth." Said my Father as his pointing his finger to me who's just silent in fear and regret because of my own uninhibited comment. Argh! Curse my mouth! "You already changing your school many times! But it doesn't work. It even doesn't show any progress!"

"So, you're not going to study at the ordinary school anymore.." What? Wait. I got some bad feelings about this.

"You'll followed your sister," I don't wanna hear this.

"..studying in a best, luxurious, and reputable school ever" I can't bear it anymoree!

"Next week, you'll be transfered to the Throne Academy!" You hear the name? I mean, you read it? Throne Academy? WTH. Is the author have just watching Game of Thrones? He just merely perfunctory give a name!

NOO WAAAAAAAAY! That's my late reaction.


"That uniform really good on you!"

"Oh man, why the heck it must be happened to me. Father, you've already make me suffered like this. At least give my phone back to me.. I want to tell my girlfriend that I can't contact her for several months" it's a lie.


"Aaah! Please, Father! I beg you!"

"I don't need your beg. You just allowed to get your phone back in one condition"

"W-what's that?"

"Got a highest rank in your 1st semester"

"Okay! I surrender"

"Jun! Our family have no 'surrender' word in dictionary"


My Father just shook his head. After I leaving the family's room, I take this troublesome Throne uniform off from my manly body and just throw the trouser to the floor. I let my boxer exposed when walked in to my room. I jumped to my bed and just simply laying there. This is my last day at Tokyo before my departure to the Throne Academy. I sighed. I hate this lonely feel. Aha! An Idea has just peeped out. I get out from my bed and left my room. Guess what? I think I'll just spend my night at Annin's room. So now I running to her room and can't handle my mouth to stop smilling. This girl's really can make me crazy.

When I arrived at her room, I get a little surprised because this room kinda have a more mature-looks since last time I came here in about two years ago. "Annin.. I can't wait to see you again. I really miss you" I kissed her photo in my hands.

- Flashback -

"Jun, say 'Hello' to your new beautiful sister!"


"Just 'Hello'?" My mother raised one of her eyebrow.

"Umm.. Hajimemashite! Boku wa Matsui Jun, desu!" I bowed my head to a ten years old girl in front of me.

"Watashi wa Iriyama Anna, desu. You can call me Annin, Onii-chan." She shakes my hand.

"U-un.." I reply shyly.

'Uahh her hand is so smooth.. I'd never found any girl with a hand like this' I thought. "Well, I don't mind if you call me by my name instead of that 'Onii-chan'"

"I can't. That's a symbol to show you my respect, oni-chan"

She's so mature. "Mmh, fine then."

"Okay, Jun! Now I have a mission for you! Let's we talk. Ahem! Just between Father and Son." A man that has standing beside me for a minutes ago took a glance to my Mother and Annin. My Mother just sighed and smilling to us. "Okay. Ah ya, you have a piano practice don't you, Annin?" "Yes. It's the time. See you, Mom, Dad, Jun." This girl is now leaving us for her piano practice.

"See you!" Mom said as she waving her hand. Me too. I waving my hand at Annin and she waving back at us. But when she give her smile to me again, I can't help but stop waving my hand because of embrassment. "I'll just go to room, then. Take your time." My mother leave me with my 'New' Father here.

"So Jun, about the mission that I've told you before.. If you could finish the mission, you can have a new game console!" A middled-aged man said it with his genki tone. He treat me like a five years old child. But is okay. I kinda like it.

"What is it, Dad?"

"You should get along with Annin in as fast as possible."

"Oh. That's easy!"


"Yeah. Just buy that new game console now. Because I can finish your mission in a day, Dad. Fufufu~"

"Hm.. Okay, let's just see"

- Tomorrow -

"Thank's for the meal! I'll go outside to playing with Paul!"

"Don't swimming in the fishpond like yesterday, okay?"

"Aye aye, Mom!" I grab my pirate hat, giving a waving motion to my parents and start running to Paul that has waited me at garden.

"Our captain is ready?"


"What's our captain's name again?"

"It's Hook! Captain Jun-Hook!"

"Owh. Why you want to be a Hook instead of Peterpan? He's better that Captain Hook." Paul has two wooden-swords in his hand and threw one of it to me, make me jump out to catch it.

"No. Hook is more cool, powerful, gorgeous, evil, and cruel than Peterpan!" I swung my sword in a fast motion to him. "Oh, so that's the reason.." To my surprised, he can managed to fend off my attack.

"..but you can't be so cruel to a lady, Captain."

I climb a wooden table near me to equalized our height. "Oh, are you a lady?" I smirk as I launched my attack to his face.

"No, I'm not. I'm a man, you're right to treat me like this. But you should treat lady in a gentle way." He dodge my sword.

I stopping my attack for a while, still standing on the table. "Huh? I'm a captain of the pirate's ship, Paul. Captain! Not a prince!"

"But if you want to be a man, even if you're just a labourer, you should treat lady in a good way too"

"Oh, then help me to be a man!"

"I can't help it. You're the one who can help yourself, Captain Jun-Hook. But I'll help you as I can." He bowed his head.


"I got you~" I hit his head with my sword when he's still bowed. He chuckled. "You're so smart, Captain! If Peterpan being compared with you, he must be far behind you."

I jump off from the table and landed in a grass "Of coure, because I'm Captain Jun-Hook! Hahahah!"


Me and Paul stare with each other for a while. "Is that Annin voice?"

"Absolutely, Jun-sama. It must be an urgent matter because it's so rare to hear Anna-sama calling me. Wait for a minute, okay?" He heading to Annin's direction. I followed him without his know.

"Yes, Ojou-sama? What's happen?"

"Noir is climbing the tree, but now he can't go down. Please help him"

"Meow.. meowww.."


"Wait! Paul! Let me get Noir down!" I came up from my hiding place. Looks like Annin get surprised because of my sudden appearance.

"But, Jun-sama.."

"Now, will you leave us? I sense that you want to help me."

He sighed. "Fine, but please be careful, Jun-sama." He leave us.

"Okay, Annin. I'll get down your cat!" I start to climb the tree. "It's not really hard for m- ow! An ant has bit my hand!"

"Oni-chan! You don't need to do that. Let's just ask Paul to-"

"Don't! I will do it for you!"


Finally I could reach this Noir and carried him in my arms. "Hoho! I caught you! Let's get down to catch up with your beautiful owner, ne~? Hup!" I start to climb down the tree, but my feet accidently slip and causes me fell to ground.

"Ittai!" The cat already jump before I landing, in other words, the cat is safe now but not for me. "Jun! I've told you before!" Annin run towards me and looking over my body to search for injured part.

"Look at here. Your elbow is bleeding! Follow me!" she take me to her room, let me sit on the edge if her bed, while she still busy searching for a first aid. After she found it, she came to me and treating my wound. I wonder where she learn this kind of thing. Seriously? She just ten!

"Don't do it again. You make me worried, oni-chan! You're so lucky because you just got this wound, how if you broke your arms or-
Why are you grinning?"

"Ehhehe.. Because you've just called me by my name." I can't stop my self from smilling widely. She then looked away, avoiding my gaze. "I-i.. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-"

"It's okay. Well, if you still won't call me like that, please call me other than 'onii-chan' or 'oji-san' will you? I don't like it."

"S-since when I called you 'oji-san'? Baka Aniki!"

"Ah! Aniki? Sounds good.." I messing her hair and we just silently exchanged our gaze and smilling with each other.

- Flashback End -

The atmosphere here is really can make me feel more comfortable rather than inside my own room. I take a deep breath to sniff her scent that still left in this room. "Haah.. I think I can make out just with your scent here, hahah. WTH that I was thinking? Well, I'm just saying the truth" Now I start talking nonsense again.

- Morning -

"Paul! Where is my I-pod's charger?" I said as I pulling my luggage to my private jet. "Sorry Jun-sama. I can't find your charger in this whole place. Where do you put it last night, Jun-sama?"

"Mm.. Oh. I threw it on the roof top. Get it in hurry, Paul!"

"Yes, my Lord" He left me to climb the roof top so fast.

"Why do you need to throw that thing to the roof?" My Father asked me. "At that time I get so upset because of you, so I excite my temper with throwing that thing. Well, I'm still upset untill now" "Yes, Jun. Sometime in the future, you'll thank me for what I've done. Now get in to the jet. Let Paul take care the rest" He pushed my body to enter the jet. Then I throw my butt to the back seat of this luxurious jet.

"Here's your I-pod charger, Jun-sama. Have a save trip." I take my charger and check it in the socket inside this private jet. "Hm. Thank you" I nodded my head in response, and then the pilot began to start the engine. 'Well, although I can't messaging you, I can meet you every day at your school, Annin!' I thought, and doesn't realize that I smilling unconsciously. "What's wrong with your face?" My father asked me. "Ahem, N-nothing. It just, the muscle on my face became a bit stiff"

"Oh. Are you an old man?"

I rolled my eyes "That's not funny, Father" The jet is already take-off, and now I just sleeping to kill the time.



As ussual, boring as hell. Actually, it's still have some continuation, but.. well.. blame my laziness :banghead:. So I divide it become two part, this one is chapter 3.1, and the other one is chapter 3.2
Hope you like it, see you on the next part!
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Re: Is It Bad Enough?
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Hahaha.. Very interesting

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Re: Is It Bad Enough? - Chapter 3.2
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Is It Bad Enough?
Chapter 3.2

- At Throne Academy's headroom -

It's already a noon, but there's still a few of student back and forth at the corridor. Finally, my feets could touch down on the headroom's floor. Now I'm inside this headroom with my father, and also the principal. "Long time no see" said the principal with his hand shaking my father's hand. "So, this is our Matsui boy?"

"Yes, this troublemaker really need some lessons, so I bring him here"

"Okay. Jun-kun, your Father has signed the agreement. All you need to do, is just studying and obey the regulation." He hand me a regulation and discipline book. That's the main reason why I don't want to go to this academy. Too much regulations and restrictions.

"Is there any question?"

"..." I just shook my head means I don't have any question. "Tonight, you'll sleep in a guest room because you will be able to know your dormitory and room tomorrow. You can put your luggages there. The attendant will bring it to your room." He stood up from his seat to lead me the way.

When we get out from the headroom, he turned his head to my Father. "Leave your son to me, Jeff. I will take care of him" my Father tapped his hand on this principal shoulder "Thank you, Sergio. Well, now it's time for me to take my leave. Jun, don't you ever made Sergio mad!" He said when he left me here with this.. Scary man.

"Jun, this is your room for tonight. If you want to know something or more about this school, feel free to ask me. Have a nice sleep."

Now, it just me inside this creepy room. This room is kinda like an all black and brown gothic room in a western castel. Well, this academy's building is a castel but I don't expect that the room is also has a castel-like interiors. Great. An old creepy castel, a creepy principal, a creepy regulation book, and I don't even could expect something more creepy that will be coming next. "Fuck." I climbed a big red-coloured bed in the middle of this room and jumping on it.

I must survive in this different world.

- Next day -

My hand grab the hanger that my uniform are already hanging there. I sighed. Am I really need to wake up in this early morning everyday? "I hate it!" I pull my uniform that hanging the hanger harshly, and wore it. I don't care if it looks all messy, well everything in my body it will looks great anyway. Pfft, I want to puke because of my own over confidence.

Knock! Knock!

I opened the door quickly as I heard a little knock at the door. There I see a girl.. or a woman? Well a girl, because she wore the same uniform like mine, just the colour is different. But her face is so mature "Matsui Jun-san?"


"Introduce me. My name is Shimazaki Haruka, third years student from the Blue dormitory. I has choosen as your guide"

"Oh so that's mean, I'm in that Blue dormitory?"

"No. Your dormitory has not announced yet. Now, please wear your uniform clean and neat. I'll wait you in five minutes before we go to the dining room to have a breakfast together. So, do you mind if you increase your speed a little fast?"

"I don't mind" I closed the door to fix my.. what is it again? Oh, my tie. Sorry, I never wore that thing since I'm still in middle school. Then I put my jacket before go out from this room. "Let's go!" I said in enthusiastic tone.

"Your coat."


"You must wear your coat too. This is one of the regulation of this school."

I rolled my eyes and sighed at the same time "Okay.." I opened my room door again to grab a quite heavy black coat. "Shall we go now? I'm starving"

"Yes. Please follow me, Matsui-san"

She start walk and I just followed this Shimazaki at her back. I don't know how much time I've sighed. Is this way is too long? It's even has many alleys. I'm not sure that I will remember the way in a week. I feel bored so I run towards her to walking side by side with her and start to ask something

"I'm a boy, why the one who guide me is a girl? The dormitory is divided into a boy's dormitory and a girl's dormitory, isn't it?"

"No. Is not that simple. It's divided into Red, Blue, Green, and Purple dormitories. You'll get more explanation later." She answered me, but her eyes still not staring at mine. This girl really has a salt-expression. I turned away my head and sighed once again.

- At the dining room -

"You can sit here, beside me."

"But this is a third year's row, isn't it?" I asked her, not sure it's fine if I sit there.

"It's okay"

I nodding and take my seat. Woah this place is really majestic. This dining room has a five tables, four for the students and one in front of our table is for the teacher. Every one table is filled with a students that wore a same uniform colour. There's students wearing a blue, green, red, and purple. This table is really long, somewhat looks like a hogwarts dining table. The different is, we got one chair for ourselves. We aren't using a really long wooden bench used for many students.

Wait. If all of the students is here to have their breakfast. That means.. Annin's here too! Oh God, just by realizing that I'm in the same room with Annin has make my heart beating so fast! Where's she? Where's she? My eyes won't stop looking around to search Annin's presence. I sighed. It's really hard to search her in this bunch of students.

This big hall is really noisy, but it turned become a silent when some teachers entering this dining room. Ah, is that a Sergio-man? The principal. This Shimazaki whispered something "Matsui-san, take your coat off when-" I took my coat off, this coat really heavy and make a little noises in this silent. "Not now, Matsui-san." Shit. Now all students glaring at me "O-oh.." I hurriedly trying to wear my coat again. "Attention!"


When I still busy wearing my coat, all of the students take off their coat in concern. Ah! Fuck! I take off this fuckin' coat from my body again. "Next time, please listen in my words  more carefully" Oh fuck you, Salt-san.

"My great pupils, today's a great day like ussual. Let's we cheer up and fill up our stomach with this food that God's already granted that for us."

Clap! Clap! Clap!

They're clapping? For that twopenny short speech? What's with this Throne's students? In about four seconds, they stopped their claps together. Seriously, this school is really something. And without any command again, they began to ate their own foods that already served on the table.

"Ahem! Sorry, Salt- I mean, Shimazaki-san, this food's made for human or goat? There's no even a little of meat being served on this so-long-long table. At least where's my bacon?"

"No. We don't eat too much carbohydrate for breakfast. This whole wheat bread, all of this salad and fresh milk is enough to start our day. At least, you got a half-boiled egg there"

"Erggh.. I can't eat this"

"Well, our teachers won't let your food still left on your plate even a little. You must displace whatever on your plate into your stomach. No matter what"

"Tch!" I make my sullen face. Grmbl! Grmbl! Ah, what's that? So noisy.. I turned my head to the right side, and found a big-boy munching his food inside his full mouth. "Psst.. Dude.." I whispered and get his attention "Is that food enough until lunch time?" He shook his head. "Well, my name is Jun," I reach out my hand to shake his hand.

".. and here, you can take all of my foods. Just consider it as our introduction, ..who's the name I'm talking with now?" "-Monh" I can't hear it clearly because of the food inside his mouth. I don't care, though. "Right, Moon. Nice to meet you" I tapped hard his back causes he coughing. I turned back my gaze to my now-empty plate and drink my milk.

- In front of teacher room -

"Matsui-san, this is teacher room of this academy. You've been waited by the principal and the teachers inside"

"W-what's my fault?"

"You have no fault (that being discovered yet). This is just a 'choosing ur dormitory' stuff, Matsui-san. No need to be scared at all."

"I-i'm not scared!"

"Okay, I get it. Now you can get in. Please be hurry. My class is gonna get start soon."

"Alright" I take a deep breath, open the door and stepped my foots into the teacher room. "Ohayou gozaimasu.."

"Ah, ohayou gozaimasu, Matsui-san" All of the teacher greet me. "We're already waiting for you. Do you know  why are we calling you here?"

"Yes. Shimasazaki-san has told me before that there is 'choosing ur dormitory' stuff. But I still cannot get it"

"Okay I'll explain it. But before that, please take a seat first, Matsui- san." When the principal gestured me to sit, I sat on the couch beside him. If you need me to describe his physical look, well this guy really has a BIG body. Not fat, but I think he has some muscles. Kinda has a similarity with a giant. So I get shocked when I saw him for the first time. Like, Is this the real 'Fum'?

"Shimazaki-san is right. Now you will be able to know your dormitory, Matsui-san. I'd already checking your data. And the teachers and me has decided your dormitory based on this." He said as he put all of the papers that contains my personal data on the table in front of me.

"Oh yeah, before that. Where do you think you'll entered? Is that blue, red, purple, or the green one?" Said a woman with a creepy clothes covering her quite skinny body.

"How could he expect that, Ms. Norgwent? He doesn't even know the characteristics of each dormitory as well. Am I right, Matsui-san?" Said a man em.. dressed in black. Is this guy want to look like Neo from Matrix movie? But he ended up dressing like a street magician. "Y-yes, sir."

"Oh, me! Me! Let me explain that to this handsome Matsui-boy!" Now a man dressed in a lab clothes speaking. I think this guy is a 'half-breed' because he has a blonde hair, blue eyes, and pointed nose. "Yes, please." The principal give him a nod.

"This academy is divided into four dormitories. First is the red dormitory. The students inside that dormitory is an elegant student. Second, is a green dormitory that filled with a sporty students. Third, the purple dormitory. This dormitory is a place for an art genius students. And the last is the blue dormitory for an intelligent students."

What.. I thought I could wear a magic-hat like in the Harry Potter movie that will choose what dormitory I'm gonna enter. But it turned like a black butler manga? Well, I know about this black butler because of Airin. He's an otaku after all. So it's unsophisticated if I get some effects here.

"What dormitory that you think you could enter?"

"Red dormitory, maybe?" Do you know why I choose that? It's because of nothing but I'm a handsome and rich boy. So it's good if I have an elegant prince image. "Oh. Well, let's just check it out. Shall we?" This foreigner give a wink to the principal. And when I see that scene, I just feel like 'eww'.

"Matsui Jun. You'll be placed in.."



@purnamazaki: Hello, reader! Is my fanfic that interesting? I don't think so lol. Thank's anyway, for your comment

Sorry, it took a quite long time to post this part. Still there's no conflict or some interesting scene here, but it'll come out in a few chapters later. Haha
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Re: Is It Bad Enough? - Chapter 4
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Is It Bad Enough?
Chapter 4

"You'll be placed in.."

Drrm! Drrmm!

What? Since when there's a drum inside this room?

"Purple Dormitory!"

What?! Am I that genius in art one? "May I know why I placed in Purple Dormitory? I thought that.. Well, I think if I can't enter that red dormitory I'll just need to enter the green one. The reader also thinking like that!"

"You know, Matsui. Based on your data, your IQ is 155. It means you're a genius kid. But if we put you to the blue dormitory, it won't fit you since you don't like studying that much. So I think it'll be good if you play a little with your imagination. I know that you could think different with the other. And your Father has told me that you can play some musical instrument such as percussion and recorder, right?"

"Mm.. Y-yeah" I just admit it.

"And if you want to fight, well I know you like fighting to the core. But it just an unessecary thing. You don't need to waste your time for a thing like that. You're a busy man, right?"

"Yes, I am!" My head is moving up and down in a fast speed, want to tell him that actually I have a tight schedule.

"Beside that, you also waste your energy for useless things like that. So it's better if you use your limitless energy to something useful activity like participate in the prestigious olympic for our school, and of course for yourself! Because sport olimpyc is not just for a students from green dormitory. But other students from different dormitory can join it too, Matsui-san."

Oh, right. 'Jun.. We're so proud to have a gorgeous son like you!' I imagine my parents smilling and shouting my name happilly with a teary eyes hearing their charming son became a champion in a olympic.

And most importantly, Annin will see me wearing a number #1 medal! She'll be proud too for having a cool atlethic boyfriend like me! 'Jun.. Meccha kakkoi~!' Her face is playing in my mind. Fuahahah!!

"OKAY! Just wait for me, my triumph!!" I said it with a high-spirit while my hand is punching in the air.


I just realized that now one of my feet are standing on the table and my body giving these teachers some kamen rider pose. "O-oh. Sorry, my bad habbit is just had slipped out" I putting back my feet to fhe floor and smilling nervously.

- at the hallway -

"This coat is much better that the one that I wore before." Now I'd already wearing my new purple-coloured coat It's lighter that that black one. Now we're heading to my class. This Shimazaki still need to lead me the way.

"We're here. If your class has ended, just go to the dining hall."

"Dining hall?"

"The room when you eat your breakfast before, Matsui-san" She reply me with an annoyance face. 'Sorry, I don't know' I thought. "Then, when you has finished your lunch, wait for me to show your room. I'll take my leave now. Excuse me" But, when she's about to left, I called her.

"Oh! Zaki-san"

"Who's that?"



"Your name is Shimazaki.." I paused a while, try to remember her full name. "Shimazaki.. something. So I tried to be close with you by calling you 'Zaki'"

"Do you got my permission to call me like that, Matsui-san?" She asked me with her sharp eyes.

"Well, should I? I don't need your permission to call you like that" I give her my teasing face and I think she doesn't want to get involved with me any longer because she just turned her body leaving me here without any voice come out from her never-smilling mouth.

"Thank you, Zaki-san!" I shouted at her figure that has fade away. "Huh! She's so boring" Suddenly, the class door is open. I jumped a little in surprise. There I found a man with a mustache in a gray-coloured suit "Matsui-san?"

"Yes, I am"

"You can come in"

"Okay" So I entering the class room. When I get in, I thought the student will greet me with screaming 'he is so handsome~!' or something, but this class is just silent.


"You can introduce yourself"

"Ah! Mm.. yeah, my name is Matsui Jun, all of you can call me Jun. I'm from Tokyo. Yoroshiku" I bowed my head a little.

"Welcome, Jun!" They said that together with a smile plastered on their face. Oh, I think they're friendly enough. "Alright, without wasting any time again, you can sit beside Oshima-san. Oshima-san, please raise your hand"

"Over here!" A little hand poking in the middle of the class. I can't see this person face, and that means he/she has a small body. I bowed my head once again and go to my seat beside that Oshima. "Okay, class.. Open page 45!" The teacher's starting his lesson.

"Oha~ Oha~" When I turning my head, I see a guy with a squirrel-look smilling wide to me.

"O-ohayou.." I greet him.

"You aren't ask my full name?"

"Well.." I rolled my eyes "Okay. What's your full name?"

"Oshima Yuu!"

"Ohh, yoroshiku onegaishimasu" I grab his hand on the table and shake it.

"Mm, Oshima-san.."

"You can call me Yuu"

"Right. Yuu, do you mind to tell me what lesson now?" Yeah I'm a little confused because this teacher just tell me to open my book all of sudden without telling me his subject.

"It's English, Jun. See, he start talking in english now~ Oh! I forgot that you still haven't got a book! Here, you can use mine." He push his book to the middle side of our table so we can read it together. Why the heck it looks like a love scene in romance movie?

Ew! I'm not a gay!!!


"Do not forget to finish your task!" The teacher warn us before he left the class. "Thanks for your book, Yuu" I gave back his book. "Ur welcome, Jun! Let's go to the dining hall! My stomach is growling now.." "Okay. Come on!" We're following the teacher to left our class to have a lunch.

Now, I'm walking side by side with this squirrel boy. He never stop talking, well.. I have no problem with that. Because eventhough I don't like talking that much, I don't like an awkward silence situation too. So this is better.

"-that's why Jeremy never want to go to the infirmary again. And that's the auditorium. Don't tell the teachers, but my gang often sneak out in the middle of the night to play some DVD inside there. You should join us too.."

"Woah.. Sounds good to me, fufufu" My bad side has just came out -_-

When I see the auditorium big entrance, there's something that catch my attention. I walk closer to see more clearly a big poster with a potrait of some girl wearing red uniform.

"What's up, dude?" Yuu tap my shoulder.

"Yuu, who's this beautiful girl?" I pointed my finger to the poster.

"Oh. She is our junior and new school president council, Iriyama Anna. You're right. She's so beautiful and clever. She even can easily beat other candidates from 2nd year."

Oh so my lover has did a great job here, huh?

"But don't you ever think that you could easily get her. This girl is really popular here, she even already has a fans club just in a days! Could you imagine how amazing is it??"

I'm her boyfriend, dude.

"Ummh.. Too bad.. Then it just can be a dream for me, isn't it?" I put a dissapoint face. Of course it just a lie. That dream has come true a months ago.

"Yeah. So just burry your dream as deep as possible, okay? Oh! Come on! We're gonna be late!"

We run along our way to the dining hall.


I playing my finger in dumb way as I sat on the bench of the library. "Hm.. mmm.. hm"

"Can't you stop humming?"

"What? No. I can't. I'm so bored. Why the heck I must keep waiting for you to search a reference book here, Zaki-san? If there's something important, I'm just gonna heading now to my room!" I said as I sat up from the bench.

"Are you sure you can enter your room without a key that still in my hand?"

"Okay, then give me the key."

"I can't. The principal want my self direct you to your room."

"Just go to library after you done show me my room."

"I won't. It will wasting more my time." Her hand still won't stop searching for the right book.

"Mouuu!! You're so slow!" I yelling as I threw my back laying on the bench with my foot kicking an empty air.

"Ssssh!" My silly action causes the librarian and other student in the library get disturbed.

"I- I'm sorry.." I quickly sat up again and give a bow to them.

"So noisy.."

"Tsk! Just shut up and finish it. I wanna go to sleep as soon as possible!"


"We're arrived at your new room. Your dormmates is not back yet, so here's the key."

"Wait. I have a dormmate?"

"Yes. Three student"


"Calm down, all of you get your own bed."

"Oh, fine then." I grab my room key from her hand. "See you tomorrow, Zaki-san" I waving my hand and as expected, she just ignored me. I unlock the door and grab my luggage to put it into my new room.

Wow. I don't expect that the room will be this luxurious. And yes, there's 4 bed here. Actually one bed is enough for two people, but I'm so happy because they don't put us in this room jostled with each other like a mackerels.

Take a bath or no? Okay, I think I'll just take a bath now since yesterday I hadn't. Don't laugh. Because yesterday I was just too tired and lazy to take a bath.

I took my towel and walk in to the bathroom. If you wonder how the bathroom is looks like, well it's looks like an usual bathroom in the hotel. Although it has a bathtup, I'll just showering anyway.

I'm done cleaning my smelly body, ready to start dressing until I realized that I forget to bring my clothes together with me when I entering this bathroom. "Hhh.." a big sigh escaped from my mouth as I wrapped my waist to the knee with towel and get out from this bathroom to take a clothes.

"Ah, Yuki. You've arrived?"

Huh? Who's Yuki?

There I see a little girl, I mean her body is seemed like a little girl but I'm sure that she has a same age with me. She sit on the corner of the bed with her back facing me. "Who are you?" I asked it to this stranger.

And I don't know that my stupid action just can bring me bad luck as she turned her head and suddenly screaming "Kyaaaaaaa!!" Ugh! A pillow flying to my face. "Why are you screaming?!" I asked her with my stupid face.

"Because there's a stranger in my room!"

"Who?" I searching for this stranger.

"That's you, idiot!" She threw a pillow again to my face.

"Ouch! Could you stop throwing pillow to me? Listen to me first!" When she parted her lips, want to scream again I close her mouth with my palm and grab her hand with my other hand to prevent her throwing more pillow.

"I'm not a stranger. I'm new here. Look, I even have a key to enter this room." I show her my key in front of her face. "So don't scream again, okay?" She just reply me with nodding her head up and down in a slow motion. After that, I pull my hand off from her and grab my shirt. Then, I put on my shirt in front of her "I'm Jun. What's your name?"


I'm turning my gaze to her. "Hey, I'm talking to you, girl."

"A... A-at least wear your clothes in the bathroom, will you!"

"O-oh ya. I'm sorry.." I go to bathroom to put on my short. I'm so stupid! I don't realized that I'm showing off my half-naked body to a girl that I just meet. By the way, that girl is quite cute. She just looking down to the floor when I'm walking around in my towel.

When I get back to my bed, I see the girl before now on her desk working on something. I wanna ask her name again, but I don't want to distrub her. So I'm doing nothing but just laying on my bed waiting for her to finish her work.


"Huah! Seriously, Ms. Marry just pissed me off!" Ah.. My other new dormmate has appeared, um but I think I know this voice. "Jun!" I turned my head to see the source of the voice.

"Ah, Yuu!"

"Jun! So you're my dormmate?! Yeay!!"

"You know him, Yuu?" The girl asked Yuu.

"Yes. He's my new classmate. Don't tell me that you two still not get to know each other?"

"Well, I already tell her my name, but.." I took a glance at her, giving some code. And it's earning a sigh from the girl. Her face is grew redden now. I don't know if it because she's get angry or she's get embrassed.

"My name is Watanabe Mayu. It's not nice to meet you."

- Mayu's POV -

Seeing his face just can remind me of his half-naked body before. Arrgh! This boy is really stupid. Why he can dress up calmly in front of a girl? "Nice to meet you too, Watanabe-san. Please take care of me~" He give me a cheerful cat-smile.


"Y-yeah, whatever." I hurriedly faced away and pretending to read my manga again. What was that? Why my heartbeat increased became faster all of sudden when he smilling like that?

I must calm my self! First, take a deep breath. "Snifff.." Hold!
And release it. "Fyuhh"

- Back to Jun's POV -

"Sorry, Jun. She's always like that when she talk to a strange people. But believe me, she's not that bad."

"Nahh. No need to worry, she just need times to get along with me."

"Good you understand that, hehe"

"Yuu, I wanna ask something. Is it okay to put boys and girls in a same room together? If something happen.. it'll be bad, right?"

"Yeah, really bad. But don't you see something there?" He pointed out his finger to the corner of ceilling. Oh, great. There's a CCTV here. That CCTV moving to the right and left side, since this room is just too big. "You can't hack or crack the system. My friend has try it, but that's useless." This school is really can't let me have some privacy space. The only place that I can get my privacy is just in the bathroom.

"I see. And as I know, I still have one more dormmate, right? Who's it?"

"It's Kashiwagi Yuki. She's a student council. I think she has some meeting, so she still hadn't come back yet."


"You should go to sleep. I know it's a exhausted day for you. Tomorrow as well~"

"Shit. You're so right. God, I hate that I must schooling here. Okay, good night Yuu! Good night, Mayu!"

- Tomorrow morning -

"One little, two, little three, little indian~"


"Four little, five little six, little indian~"

Zzz.. Zzz..

"Seven little, eight little, nine little indian~"


"Uwaaah!" I woke up because of my dormmate's shouts causing me falling from bed to the cold floor.

"Ten little indian's boys~" Click! "That's it. I just turn it off." I take a glance to my annoyed dormmate. "W-what else?" I ask it with my innocent face. Mayu took her watch and bring it near my face.

"Chotto!! I can't read it. Too close, geez!" I backed it off a little so I can see it clearly. Wait. It's still 4 AM? Looks like there's a little mistake when I set my alarm clock. "Nice. At least we're not going to be late, right? Hehe..


"What a tiresome morning.. Huam.."

"It's all because of this boy"

"I'm so sorry Yuki, Mayu. I really didn't mean it" I give them my apologizes because of the accident I caused it before as we walking together to the dining hall. "Yeah.. just forgive him. Why are you so mean, Mayu?"

"Yuu, you aren't get angry because his alarm cannot wake you up from your dreamland at all. I don't even sure that you're gonna wake up if there's a 8.9 ritcher earthquake shaking the ground under your bed."

Yuu sighed "See, now I get scolded by you too."

"That's enough, Mayu. They don't deserve that."

"Okay, Yuki. I'm sorry."

"You should say sorry to them."

"Yes, you should say sorry to me!" I crossing my arms in front of my chest and showing my teasing grin to her. "Yeah, me too." Yuu following my action. "Okay. SORRY. Happy now? Why I must get stuck with a person like you?" She shook her head in disbelieve.

"It's what we call fate, Mayuyu"

"Sorry? Did I misheard it, or you just call me-"

"Mayuyu~" I winked at her and running away like a child to the dining hall. "Don't call me like that!!" I found that it's so funny to tease her and earning some irritated shouts but still she doesn't let off the cute tone on her shout.

"Jun" Yuu tapped my back. "Hm? What's up?" I turned my head to face him. "What cross interest that you want to pick?"

"Cross interest? What is it, Yuu? Never hear it before"

"Cross interest is some subject that we don't get in our dorm subjects."

"Eh?? Hontou? That's cool"

"Yeah. Do you want to know any kind of subject that you can choose as your cross interest?"

"Of course I want to know!"

"Okay, maybe Yukirin have one, since she's a student council. We'll ask her about the list later, ne?"


- When the school finished -

"Is it the student council room?" I asked Yuu that now standing beside me. "Yes. There's a plank with 'Student council' written on it if you still doubt it" Yuu pointed his finger to the plank direction. I just nodded in reply. Yuu knock at the door "Summimasen" When the door has opened, I dropped my jaw. I feel my body became stiff. Each second that has passed by feels like an hours to me.


A pair of arms wrapping on my body. "Annin.." I hug her back tightly and start sniffing her lovely scent. We stayed embracing each other for a quite long time. "I miss you." I whispered it near her ear. She parted our hug and looking deep in to my eyes with a smile plastered on her face. "I miss you too, Jun. I really get shocked when I see you here"

"Ahem. Sorry for disturbing you, but.. What the hell is going on here? I don't get it at all."

"Oh hahah, sorry. Anyway, you don't need to know it at all, Yuu."

"Eh? Tell me tell me! I'm so curious!"

"Okay okay, I'll tell you later. You're so noisy"


"What brings you here?" She asked us kindly.

"We're looking for Yukirin. Is she inside there, Anna-chan?"

"Sorry. But Kashiwagi-san is not here for now, Oshima-san."

"Or maybe you have a cross interest list, Annin? I need that thing to help me choosing a good one choice." I just pointed it out.

"Oh wait a minute. Let me take it one for you. Wanna wait inside?" She open the door. "No, it's okay. We'll just wait here." She reply me with a nod and get inside to take the cross interest list. She's get back in about three minutes.

"Sorry for taking a long time because it's quite messy inside there. Here's the list." She give me the paper of cross interest list. "If you had choosen what cross interest that you want to enter, you can fill this form." She handed me another paper.

"Thank you. You're helping me so much, Annin." I kissed her cheek and feeling not enough for that, my face getting closer to reach her lips. But she just facing away and whispering something. "We're still in public" She's blushing heavily. Oh.. Look at my shy kitten here.

I give her my smile "I'm sorry, Princess. I won't do that again." I rubbed her adorable cheek lovingly. "I think I'll take my leave now. Come on Yuu"


"Yes, Honey?"

"I still need your explanation about this"

I chuckled "I'll see you later, Annin." I said as I waving my hand to her.

When me and Yuu walk in the bridge to go to our dorm, he began to ask me many question. "What was that?? You're being all lovey dovey with the greatest president council, Iriyama Anna?! UNBELIEVABLE!"

"Sst.. Lower your voice will you? She's my step sister. Well, no longer after she became my girlfriend."


"Don't tell anyone. Or your head off from it place."

"Chillax, bro. You can trust me!"

I see the paper that Annin gave me before and squat in the edge of the the bridge "Let's we see. 'Chemical class' no way. 'German class' no way. What? 'Table manner class'? Who want to enter that class? 'Horse riding class' this is fit me so much!"

"Flip! Flip! Flip the paper. You might have interest in Green dorm subject" He said it. "Umm.." I do what he said. Woahh to much subject that I wanted to enter here.. Such as hockey, soccer, tennis, and many more!

"Aaah.. I got dilemma!"

"It's okay, you can take one subject or more. As long as your cross interests schedule is not clashing with each other."


"Yes! I take basketball and soccer. How about you?"

"Then I'll take kricket, house ride, and biology class then"

"What? Are you sure?? Just drop the biolog-" he stop talking all of sudden.

"What? What's wrong?" I asked him.

I heard a laughter behind my back. When I turned my head, I see a group of girls walking to our direction. "Nyannyan~!!" Yuu running happily to that girl's group and suddenly he jump to hug one of the girl. "What a bold action." murmured me.

"Kyaa!" Slap! I've expected this. "Get away! You pervert squirrel!" Now Yuu on the floor rubbing his red cheek that caused by a slap from the girl. "Nyan nyan, you're so beautiful like always! I love you so much. Please be my girlfriend!" He jumped again and rest his head on the girl's boobs.

Slap! That's an expected move again. "Ow.. You has slapped both of my cheeks.. Is that means you accept me? Mumumu~" Now he wanted to kiss the girl. Bugh! "Ugh.." Oh. That was unexpected. She just kicked Yuu right on his ball. "Hell no." Well, he deserve that.

"Yuu!" I run and catch him before he collapse to the ground. "Who's this? Friend of the pervert squirrel?" The other girl speaks. "Y-yeah.." I replied. The girls start surrounding me.

"Are you new here? We never notice a handsome boy like you here before."

"You better not hanging around to much with this squirrel."

"Yes. You're too cool to become a pervert. But if you're the pervert, well.. I'll be very happy~" another girl nudged my chin in a teasing way. "Ah-hh-ha-ha.. Thank you, girls" Better if I get out from here. "Please excuse us." I drag Yuu's body out from this group. "Eh?? Why are you in rush? We still want playing with you!"

"Sorry!" I'm trying to escape from there as fast as I can. "Matsui-san!" I turned my head to see who's the one that calling my name. "Yes, Zaki-san?" I walking closer to her direction.

"I'm sorry, but I forget to tell you about-"

"Cross interest?"

"Y-yes, so you've know it. Do you already pick your choice?"

"Hm.. I think.. not yet. Please give me a little time more."

"It's okay. How about tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow's good. Thank you!"

"You're welcome. And sorry for the late information."

"No need to worry, Zaki-san. Matta nee!" I continue to drag Yuu. When we arrived in front of our room, I try to open the door and felt a little surprise because it's unlocked. Seems like Mayu or Yuki have come back. When I entered, I see Mayu studying on her desk.

"Tadaimaaa!" I shout it but she's just ignoring me. I sneak behind her, close to her ear.


"Kyaaaa!!" She jumped in shock from her chair. Bugh! Ouch. She slapped my head with her book. "What was that for?!" I yelled in angry. "You scared me! Why are you need to do that??"

"Beause you ignoring me! Now, please answer my greet, kay?


"Okaeri~! Nandeyanen?!" She slapped my head with her book again. "Huuuu.. why do you need to slapped my head twice?"

"The reason is because you're so annoying. And stop pretending that this is our house (!!?) I-I mean your house! Cut that 'tadaima-okaeri' thing out!"

"Tsk tsk.. Both of you looks like a young married-couple if you meet with each other.."

"Shut up, Yuu!" Her cheeks is getting redden as she threw her thick book to Yuu. Accidently, it's hit Yuu's injured part. "God" I running towards him. "Yuu, I think that thing of yours is getting worst. I'm worried if you can't reproducing in the future.."


"It's impossible." Replied me.

"What's happen here? So noisy, all of your voice can be heard from outside."

"Yuki! You've come! Can you help Yuu? He said that he need to go to the hospital to check his injured part." I pointing my forefinger to Yuu's ball direction. "Ew. Gross." Commented Mayu.

"Ssst.. Mayuyu, you're the one who make it became worst."

"I said stop calling me like that!" She slap me straight on my chest. "Ouch. Oh? Now I need some revenge~" I smirked and bring my hand in front of my face, motioning like it squezee something. My eyes stare right on her chest. She stunned for a while as her face became more and more red. "Kyaaaa! PERVERT!!" She running and hiding behind Yuki.

"Come here, Mayuyu~"

"Get out! You just making trouble here! You pervert!!" Mayu using Yuki for her shield.

"Oh my Gawd. Why all of you doesn't care with me and my injured 'junior'? At least, please help me standing. I wanted to meet the doctor!" Yuu now crying in pain.

"It's gonna be a long night" Yuki's thought.

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Moreeee .. Update fast pleaseee. I really like this

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So funny .. LOL :lol: :lol: :lol:
Keep going author-san..  Like it  :)

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despite it being jurimayuannin things
i need moarr~....xDD
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Why did I just find it today???
damn it, I love all the three character!
I want to read more JuriAnnin or JuriMayu!!!
and, what the hell with this school? the dorm let you sleep with cross gender LOL :lol: XD

update soon!

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want more of juriannin and jurimayu!!!
keep writing and update author-san, ganbatte ne! hehe
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@purnamazaki: woah easy boy.. Here's the updates!
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I made this fanfic in hurry, so please kindly forgive my bad grammar

Is It Bad Enough?
Chapter 5

"Are you sure this is the safe way?"

"I'm skilled at this. Just follow me."

Me and Yuu now walking silently inside a big pipe that connected our dorm to the auditorium. Yes, we're going to watch some movie together with Yuu's gang in auditorium. Well, I'm quite expert at this stuff, but you know.. this school is so strict. I'm afraid if I get caught that Sergio will tell my Father. If that happens, he'll definitely exile me to an unknown island this time.

If you wondering how we can escape from CCTV, Yuu've already handle that. We just need to tricked that CCTV. And don't you ever think that we can do something bad with girls if we can do that trick. That trick just can be use in about three seconds for maximum. "Ugh! This place is stinky as hell!" I grumbled.

"Just be patient. We're almost reach the exit." He said it as we keep running with a flashlight in our hand. Brug! "Ugh! Don't stop so sudden like this!" I get up after landing on that wet ground when bumping with Yuu. "I'm sorry. Help me open this?" He pointing a steel door beside him. I grab the door handle and push it hard. "Why are just standing there!!"

"Oh yeah! I forgot." He showing his stupid smile.

"Errgh.. So hea..vy!"

"Come on squirrel, you can do it. With my command, push it hard in three, two, one!" Finally the door has opened with that quite strong push. I felt relieved we could get out from that stinky pipe. "Yuu! You're so late!" I see a group of boy near the enter door of auditorium. "Sorry. I must waiting for Mayu and Yuki fall a sleep. We just get scolded by the two of them an hour ago, you know. It's really a hard day for us, right Jun?" I just nodded.

"Who's it?" A midget talked.

"It's Matsui Jun. And you?" I reply him.

"Oh, it's Takahashi Kai. I'm from blue dormitory." He reach out his hand to shake my hand.

"I'm Miyazawa Sae, from green dormitory. Yoroshiku, ne." He's really cheerful, same as his slap on my back. "Ugh. Y-yeahaha.. Yoroshiku."

"I'm Shinoda Mario, from red dormitory. Alo.. Alo.. Aloha~!!" Sae slapped Mario's head. "Lower your voice, will you. We'll get caught for sure if you keep shouting like that."

"Okay, let's get in. We don't have so much time, or we can't watch untill the end of movie like before because we need to wait for this Sae finished his problem with diarrhea." Mario said as he opened the auditorium's door with a key so we could get in. "Well, it was just Telenovela, Mario. We can skip it. Let's watch another movie."

"Huh? What movie? What's better than telenovela?" Looks like this Mario looking down on Sae. "It's 'The Ring'.." Sae put his hand inside his brown coat to take a CD. "Here. Come on! Let's play it!"

"Sae! It's a wrong CD. That horror movie is good to watch together with the girls!" Yuu said. "So do you have any sugesstion, squirrel?" He threw his CD to a table beside him, angry because his advice is not accepted. "Oh, don't be sad. I brought a new CD. Be careful! It's still hot, just get out from oven. Hahah" He pull out something from his coat's pocket and give it to me.

"Fifty shades of grey? Wow! This is for adult isn't it?" I read the tittle and the other boys start surrounding me to see what's in my hand. "And just released on the cinema (It just released when the author make this chapter)." Kai doesn't believe it. "How could you get it?" Mario said with his sparkling eye.

"Don't call me Yuu if I can't do a little matter like this."

"Oh whatever, Yuu. Just play it!" I grinned as I throw that CD to Yuu. "Yeah. Come on. Haha~" Mario and Sae say it together. "You don't even need to say it loud, guys. I'll do it by my self." He opened the computer, turn on the projector and start playing that movie.

"Mario, got my order?" Sae tugged Mario's arm. "Yeah. Here's" He opened his backpack and give each of us a jollytime's popcorn. "Oh great. Thanks, dude." I thanked him. "No probs. You're lucky because I brought some reserves. And see, Sae, you must learnt to say 'thank you' like Jun." Said Mario as he opened his Jollytime. "Yeah yeah, Thanks buddy."

"Okay. Shut your mouth will you? The movie is gonna start in a seconds." The midget beside me (well it's Kai) warn us.

"Oh so our shy and quiet Kai is getting interested with this kind of movie too?"

"Tsk! Shut up, Yuu!"

"Okay okay" he laughed. But when the movie just get started..



"Kyaa~! What it is??!" Pfft. I wanna laugh because of Yuu's screams. "This is student council! All of you, catch them!" A guy with idiot's look gave a command to his friends. Sae without waiting for any second, start running away from here. Well no wonder, he's from green dorm, he has a fantastic speed. Yuu and Mario now just climbing a table and throwing many useless kick to prevent those student council to get any closer to them. Kai on the other hand already get caught from the very beginning. *sighed*

While for me, I just could easily knocked them down. But when I'm still enjoying playing around with them, I feel something touched my back and that send me an electric shock. "Gaaah!!" Because of that dirty play, they finally caught me. Yuu and Mario have been caughted as well.

A short boy with idiot looks walking in front of me who's now kneeling down. I tilted my head so I can see the person that ruining our time. Oh so this is the culprit that just hit me with that shock machine? He fixing his messy hair "Wild people. So hard to be domesticated." He staring at me that I reply with my dead glare "Bring them to student council room!"

I don't like his style. Let's just call him 'Idiot guy' since I don't know his name.


Now we were taken to the student council room. This room has a room. So yeah, there's a room inside a room too. It's not really complicated. And Sae finally get caught by them inside a ladies restroom, we're complete now. Ah! There's Yuki in this room. She's still busy working with some paper on her desk. I heard from Yuu that she took position in student council as a secretary. I try to greet her "Hi Yukirin~!" She suddenly jump in shock hearing my voice and turning her head to me. "What are you doing here?"

"All of them are making a trouble." The idiot guy answer Yukirin's question that actually it addressed to me.

"Oh" her face indicates that she will tell this 'hot news' to her beloved friend, Mayu.

"Yuu again. We're boring to see your face, catching you every time you messing around. You're really such a rebel student." Said the idiot guy 'again'.

"Then stop catching him, you're really such an idiot." I suddenly talked. It's success to change his attention from Yuu to me. I can tell from his expression that he is angry. And I like to make someone's angry. This already became my habbit since I'm in middle school. Lol.

"Oh.. Look at here, you are.." He's looking at his note. "..Matsui Jun, the new student. I don't expect someone like you will get along with this delinquent group."

"So what do you expect? I'll hang out with tea club's member? Pft. You sure has a narrow reflection, right?"

"Mind your attitude, Matsui! He's your senior." The other student council's member is speaking.

"It's okay, Yamamoto." It's not. The look on his face can't lie to me. If Yuu expert at sneaking, I expert at lying. So this trick of him cannot give any impact to me. "Well Matsui, I heard that the reason why are you being transfered here is because you are.. a troubled student. No wonder if you talk that way to me before. You sure have no manner, right?" He said that last sentence with smirk on his face.

"If yes, what you wanna do? Tell me how to do a manner? Don't make me laugh. Believe me, I can do that better than you. Maybe I don't know you, but your face could tell it all." My words earning laugh from my friends. Of course he's getting more angry. "You!!" He suddenly grab me on my collar.

"Cut it out."

All of us turned our head together to the source of the voice.

"I-Iriyama-san?! But.. He.. O-okay." This guy now just lowered his head. "Sorry for a little mess that this guy have done, senpai." She's smilling warmly to us. Oh God. It's just a few months that I can't see her smile but like forever to me. I really miss that!

"Why are you apologize to them? They're the one who supposed to do that! They're making trouble again, we should punish them, Iriyama-"

"We're not a teacher, Kawaei-san. We have no rights to punish them. Kashiwagi-san, could you give them some warning letters? And please tell them about the rules." Ohh so this boy name is Kawaei-something.

"Sure." Kashiwagi get up from her chair.

"Wait. Warning letter? What's that? I don't know that!"

"It's a new regulation. You should often attending the meeting, Kawaei-san."

Wohoo! That's my Annin! We chuckled when he looked away in embrassment. "Alright group let's go outside, shall we? I'll give you that warning letter." Yukirin opened the door and let us get out first. "Cho-chotto!" We turned our head again to Annin "Is there something else?" Yukirin asked. "Yes, I need to talk with Matsui-san. Just the two of us. So could you guys leave us alone?" She asked to the other student council member that still in the room.

This Kawaei look confused as he exchanging his gaze with his friends before he talk "Oh yeah, no need to ask a permission. Just give us command, and we'll commit it with pleasure." He bowed his head to Annin and leave this room with the others. So I come back inside, and when everyone had left I began to talk. "So what do you want to talk with me, Iriyama-san?" I give her my mischievous smile as we just stare with each other before we laughing together "Seriously, what was that with 'Matsui-san'? I don't want you to call me like that, Annin~" I circled my arms around her waist and she put her hands on my neck. "Really? And you want they to feel suspicious with us? I can't call you 'Jun' in front of them."

"You're so mean." I kiss her lips. I really miss these lips. I get a little surprised when she parted our lips "I'm calling you here not because I want to do this with you, Jun."

"Ehh? So you don't wanna kiss me? Nandeee? You don't like my kiss?" I frowned with my puppy eyes.

"No, Jun. I love your kiss. I-"

"Just my kiss??" I cut her sentence.

She give me her usual warm smile while one of her hand held my cheek "I love you." Those words caused my smile grew wider. She pulled my hand to make me sit on the couch with her. "Now please tell me why are you here, Jun? Father didn't say anything about this."

"Guess why"

"Don't tell me that you fighting again"

"100 point for you."

"Oh Jun.. You said you won't do that again. You lied to me."

"No I'm not. Actually I'm not fighting. I just defend my self from their attack."

"Why don't you just tell Father the truth?"

"Father won't listen to me."

"You're not trying to deceive me, right?" She raised one of her eyebrow.

I tilted my head up to look straightly at her eyes. "Oops. You got me." I said playfully as I sticked out my tongue. She sighed "Kawaei is right. You're really a troubled student." I know that she doesn't mean about it, she just want to tease me. "Anyway, who's that Kawaei? He doesn't look smart enough to be a member of student council."

"Well, he is a chief of security subdivision. His job is making sure that there's no such a trouble maker here."

"Oh that's clear enough. He has attacked me with shock gun"

"Really? Where?" She asked me. "Over there" I pointed at my back. "That must be really hurt.. I'm sorry for that." She said as she caressing my back. "No no, it's not your fault. It just sends shock to my body anyway. Doesn't hurt at all."

"I think I'll ban that shock gun. That's included in harshness isn't it?"

"No! Seriously Annin, you don't need to do that just because of me."

"Um? Do you think it just because of you? I'm a president council. I'm not only thinking about you, but also the whole entire students here."

"O-oh.. Um w-well.. If that.." Shit. I'm too confident.

"Okay okay. I'm just messing around with you." She giggled and ruffled my hair. "Now you can go back to your friends, it's almost breakfast time. I've got the answer anyway."

"Okay then. I hope we can chatting more often like this. See you" before I could get up from the couch, suddenly she grab my hand. I turned my head to her automaticly to see her watching the floor hiding her face "Just chatting?" She asked. I giggled hearing that because she's so cute, it just sounds like a child who feel lonely when her parents want to left her. "Anything you want is fine, my Princess." I kiss the back of her hand and left the room.

"Oh. Done already? Here's your warning letter. The rules-"

"Tell me that in our room later, Yukirin. I'm starving. Or maybe Yuu'll tell me the rules"

"No. I'm the one who'll tell you directly."

"Fiiine. No need to sounds like you wanna confess your feeling to me."

"Come on, Jun! Foods are waiting~" Mario calling me from outside.

"On the way!"


"We're lucky because Irayama-san come and save us. I'm so tired being knocked down by that Kawaei!" Yuu kicked the dustbin.

"Yeah, me too.." Said Sae with his teary eyes. "You're disgusting, Sae. Cut it out or I'll smacked your face." Yuu give his annoyed face to Sae who overeact with this shockgun-thingy.

"Let him cry, Yuu. He's not hurt because he get knocked down by Kawaei's genk, he's just feel so sad because he's get throwed with a lot of toilet papers by some girls inside toilet before."

"Thank's, Mario."

"I'm not defending you. I'm trying to make you feel ashamed."

"What a good friend you are"

"Stop it, are you not hungry? Why do you guys still can mouth-fighting while your stomach is growling inside?" Kai trying to end this silly tiff.

"Yeah I'm not in the mood because I'm hungry! Now you've known the reason. So just shut the f*ck up, okay, Takahashi?" This squirrel is really in a badmood.

"Do you want to pick a fight with me, midget?"

"What? You're way shorter than me, what the heck is wrong with your eyesight? Want me to make it heal?" Yuu raised up his fist.

"Ow yeah come on. I wonder how good you are at healing people."

"AHAHAH! Two midgets is in fight!" I burst into laugh making all of them staring at me. "Oops, sorry. I don't mean it."

"Guys, today's snack is pudding!" Sae announced that after he saw the menu board. "Yeay! We love pudding!!" They cheered up and walking to dining hall hand in hand. "Hurry up, Jun! Or you won't get those pudding. Is a favourite menu here." Yelled Sae calling for me to follow them. I still couldn't get it. They make up within a short time, just because of.. pudding.


"..-n, Jun"

What? Who called me at this late night?


Fine. I'll wake up, but- ugh.. my head feel so heavy. Well, I think I'm just gonna open my eyes then. Slowly, I opened my eyes to see who's calling my name, but suddenly I get surprised because of someone's presence in front of me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"You're just awake and asking me a silly question. This is my room too." Said a sitting girl who sat beside my bed where I laying down.

"Oh yeah. I-I mean, why do you keep yourself this close to me. I know you have some disgust desease to me, Mayuyu."

"Well, you're right about that disease, but I think I took some responsiblity for what I have done to you." I get surprised again. What with this cyborg. "Is your head get hit by something? Or your brain can't work properly?"

"I swear if your head not get injured, I will slap that hard with my dictionary."

"W-what? Get injured? Why?? Oh that's why I feel my head so dizzy!"

"Why don't you recognized it at the first place?"

"I thought I get drunk again."

"I never get drunk, but even a stupid person know that get drunk and get hit is different."

"Just answer my question before, Mayuyu."

"Okay, yes you get injured. Because of me. Sorry, but I thought you're a criminal that want to steal something inside this room. Blame yourself to wore a weird outfit." Oh I remember. That's when I wanna steal some of Mayu's yaoi manga to show that to Mario. He also suggest me to wearing a mask and some black clothes so I couldn't be noticeable.

Mayu continued her explanation. "Don't tell me that it's so weird if some criminal come inside this school stealing something and do some harrashment to the girls because I read a news that kind of incident happened at other academy in Japan recently."

"Well I don't give a shit about that. Just.. You hit me? By what?"


"Are you even a human?"

"Keep going, and your stomach will be next."

"Please disregard my previous statement"

Suddenly someone opened the door "I'm back. Here's the medicine for Jun. Oh! You're awake. How's your head?"

"It's definitely hurt."

"Doctor said you don't need to come at school for a few days. You just need laying here on your bed until you get recover."

"Tch, that's so troublesome. I've experienced this and it will take a quite long time to get recover. Now I can't get a nice rank if I just resting here." And can't get back my phone for sure.

"I'm sorry for causing this. Then good night." She go to her bed like there's nothing happen. "She's so cold even after she makes you like this." Yuu just whispered it because I know he doesn't have any courage "I dare you to say it loud." I smirked before gulped down my pill with some water. "You better talk to a fool." Yeah I know it's a foolish act if someone want to pick a fight with that little cyborg. "Hahah good night, Yuu." I pull up my blanket to cover my body.

"Good night, Jun."

- End of Jun's Pov -

- Tomorrow's noon -

Sound of hum can be heard reverb inside the room. A boy sitting on the edge of bed swinging his foots in exicitement as he read some manga that actually not belong to him. His mouth is busy munching a salty snack, still busy untill suddenly someone appeared in front of the door. He's get too much shock for what he have seen as his mouth now hanging open, making some of snack dropped from his mouth to the bed. "Annin?!" He hurriedly throw the manga from his hand to nowhere (because there's some pervert scene in it) when the girl coming closer. "What are you doing here? I-I told Yuu to not-"

"Is not Yuu. Yukirin tell me."

"Curse that marimokkori-faced girl!!"

"Excuse me?"


"It's so rude of you, Jun. I told you to stop cursing at people."

"My bad. Promise it won't happen again."

"I really appreciate that."

"..." He just silent not asking a stupid question that actually he want to ask. Because he'd already knew the answer.

"I know. I'm coming here just want to check you, Jun."

"As you can see, I'm okay. I can still using my feet, not like last time."

"Who want that happen again? I'm really sad because of that."

"I beg your pardon to make you remember that incident again." He slowly pulled younger girl to his embrace and carresing the back of her head as the girl wrapped her arms around his waist. "No. It's okay. I just don't wanna see you suffering."

"That's actually what I want to say. Me too can't see you crying because of me." The boy pulled their hug. "Hei, how about your class?"

"I just get back from principal's office, so why not I pay a visit to see you for a while. I'm really worried about you."

"I'm fine. You should get back to your class now."

"It's almost time for lunch. Want me to bring your meal here?"

"No no no. I'll just ask Yuu to bring them for me."

"Is that okay? Is not good if he doesn't want to."

"It's okay, really. Not a big deal for him." Lol

She sighed "Okay then. Don't forget to drink your medicine, nee?"


"Please get some rest." She said before take a left.

"Thank you.." The boy murmured it. He get up from his bed and walking to his desk, getting for a napkin to wipe his dirty mouth. After cleaning his mouth, he put that napkin back on the desk and get silent. The look on his face show a troubled expression. His brain spinning fast. Not like he will get faint, but there's something troubling his mind. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't know what it is. So he decided to ignore it and searching for a manga that he just throw that a while ago. The boy took the manga after he found it laying on the corner of the room. He isn't doing anything but sat down on floor and leaning against the wall reading back his manga.

Is it bad?

"What?" The boy was taken aback when he heard that sudden strange voice.

I said is it bad?

"Where are you?! It's better if we talking face to face, isn't it?" The boy put aside his manga before he get up and clenching his fist, preparing for a sudden appearance.

No need to do that. I'm inside your mind.

"Stop joking around with me."

Is it bad?

The boy's start running out of his patience when the strange voice just repeat a same question from the beginning. "No. Is not bad." Jun just following the game.


"ARRRGGH!!" He crying as he felt a sudden pain coming inside his head. "What are you doing! Stop!!" Jun begging for the sound to take a way the pain from his head. "What's my fault?? Please! Stop this!"

Answer it truthfully.

"Fine it's bad! It's bad! Stop!!!" Jun is already squirming on the floor with his hands grabbing hard his head. Sweats dripping all over his face. Finally, after saying the answer that the sound wanted to hear from Jun's mouth, the pain suddenly gone. Jun still trying to catch his breath "I don't get it. What do you mean by 'bad'?"

There's time that you'll got the answer.

"What do you want?"


"Me? You even doesn't have a courage to reveal yourself."

After sixteen years waiting in the deep darkness, finally I could get out from this torture. Now it's your turn to replace me here.

"What? Darkness? Replace you? Me? What? What are you talking about? Stop this nonsense and just come out!"

Fine. I'll come out.

"erRRGH.. GOD! DAMN!!" The pain inside his head is coming again and Jun began to shut his eyes tightly.

And you..


The pain is left. Completely gone. So he's trying to open his eyes and can't see anything. Jun afraid he become blind because he can see nothing but dark although he's sure that he'd already makes his eyes fully opened. He want to scream for help, but he can't open his mouth like there's a zipper locked it tightly. He even try to search that zipper around his mouth but of course he found nothing. stay here. Deep. Dark. And fears.

After he could heard that voice again, it can't be accept by his brain.  He realized something. It's his own voice. He wanna ask something and really wanted it can be answered by whoever he's talking with. But he know he couldn't release his voice, so he ask that inside his mind. "What's your name?"



Next will be Jurimayu, so stay tune!
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I love it for sure!
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The boys was surely a troublemaker XD
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Can't wait for the next one~
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Jurimayu .. Yattaaaa..
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I recently watched Korean drama about multiple personality disorder (DID) . I'm curious, would you make it that way?  :huhuh.. But i think it's different from your fanfic. Hahaa nevermind.  I'm just guessing.   XD
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eh? what's wrong with jun?
huh? jurio?
what's happened?! need more hehe
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