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Author Topic: The Sun Is Blue. (Sakuruppi Fanfic)  (Read 2297 times)

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The Sun Is Blue. (Sakuruppi Fanfic)
« on: July 06, 2018, 05:22:28 AM »
heya! Nice to see you guys! This is a Sakuruppi fanfic that is a little bit on the different side. It's also an original story before it became a fanfic so don't be surprised if you see another story that has the same title somewhere around the internet. I'm already done with the story but I'll post it everyday just because I like it :) If you like the story please comment! I need at least 2 comments before I upload the next chapter :) Thank you and I hope you enjoy it! :twothumbs

I met and liked a girl who was basically different from anyone I know. She basically changed my life into an interesting one. Interesting in a sense where I get chased by scary looking gangsters in weirdly-patterned shirts and expensive Rolexes. Also, why the heck am I suddenly back in Japan?

Chapter 1

The sun is blue, right? If a person believes it then let her be. What if for that person, blue is actually yellow? Your reality can differentiate from others. For example, the thing I was talking about awhile ago, “the sun is blue” thingy. If the person is actually colorblind, the sun really is blue, right? Blue! The sun is blue because that is what she saw. With those thoughts engraved in my brain, I basically grew up as a pretty laid-back person that do not necessarily care about debates regarding well, life in general.

Because of that fact, I basically became the type of person that befriended anyone and everyone. In my life, I respect everything. I guess that’s what made me likeable as a person. I don’t know about your school but mine’s actually pretty peaceful. Maybe because I am in college and our studies are more important than some dumb drama regarding the Queen Bee or the Bad Boy.

Anyway, life is actually quite ordinary in this university. I wake up, I study, I eat with my friends, I go to parties to get drunk sometimes, and I sleep every night or morning. You know the deal with college.

I was actually pretty fine with this life. Like I said, I’m a pretty laid back person, right? I guess god’s not satisfied, because he sent me an angel.

An angel with guns, loads of money, and a huge dragon tattoo on her shoulder. I like her, I guess;  and liking her actually meant being a part of her mess, right? So, uhm, can I ask if it’s normal to be kidnapped and be in a private jet straight to Japan? Because I honestly don’t know at this point.
In order to make this story less cliché than the others, I’m going to start in the middle. Is that alright with you? Okay, thanks.


“Run!” She said out loud as she dragged me in the streets of I-DON’T-KNOW-I-CAN’T-READ-JAPANESE!

“Wait!” I said in between puffs as I struggled to follow her, still high from an Adrenaline haze. I heard a gunshot behind us and a high-pitched scream escaped my lips.

“Shush!” She warned and I swore there was a freaking grin on her face. The people around us were already in chaos as big, burly, heavily tattooed men followed us, with guns. With her hand still holding mine, too tightly I might add, she took something from the waistband of her skinny jeans.

A deafening shot rang in the air as I let out another high pitched scream. I looked back, and saw one of the men kneeling on the ground, blood oozing from his leg. I used my other hand to cover my mouth. I think I am going to throw up. 

She seemed to notice someone from the distance because I saw her waving the gun in the air with the same cheshire-cat grin. We finally stopped running; I was about to faint anyways.

A big, black hybrid of a truck and a car, stopped in front of us. She opened the door and pushed me, pulling me up by the waist and using her hands to push me up through my butt. I groaned as I finally managed to enter. A rough, heavily tattooed hand forcefully dragged me to the side and I huffed at the harsh treatment.

I looked at the man driving the truck-car. His eyes were basically slits. He had neat dark hair that is slicked back away from his face. He had a wisp of a mustache and tattoos adorned every inch of his skin that is not covered in clothes. His face was the only bare skin except there was a small tear drop tattoo beside his right eye. He looked shady as hell.

This girl on the other seemed so relaxed despite the scary mess we just experienced a while ago. At the corner of my eye, I saw her enter the vehicle as well. The truck-car began to move in a fast and reckless way. I heard another gunshot directed to us and looked back in horror. She chuckled a little when she saw my expression.

“Don’t worry, this car’s bullet-proof.” She said calmly with a slight smile.

The hair tie that was keeping her hair together in a messy pompadour was now on the very edge of her hair. She relaxed on the expensive looking leather seat and finally removed the tie, pulling it to her slightly tanned wrist. I stared at her short, dark hair. Her face finally looking more feminine as thick strands of hair framed her her small, delicate face.

She turned to me with a smirk, delicate fingers reaching out to put a lock of hair behind my ear. I glared at her and shied away, too confused about everything.

First of all, I remembered confessing to her. Telling her that I like her. And then what happened? I think I vaguely remember her giving me a tight hug and then.. I was in America, in New York. Like I always was, every single day. Well, until today. I felt my face scrunch up.

Her smirk turned into a gentle smile. She moved closer to me, stopping when she was finally a few inches away.

“You passed out before I could tell you.” she said vaguely. She once again, used her hand to play with my hair, which was probably so tangled and messy by now.

“Huh? Wait, what is happening? How come I don’t really remember..” I trailed off. She then started to laugh, much to my annoyance.

She finally stopped laughing as I sat there, seething in anger.

“Okay, okay. I’ll explain it all to you.” She said.

“But first,” she grinned again, moving impossibly closer. I froze as I felt her lips brushed against mine.

“I need to tell you this. I like you too.” She said with a blinding smile. I blinked, once, twice.

“Now that is out of the way, try to remember first and then I’ll fill in the gaps.” She said calmly.

I leaned down, my hands on the upper side of my face as I rubbed my closed eyes in frustration.

“Okay, I remembered I was with you,” I felt my face heat up, “telling you that I like you.” I looked up. She nodded as she also leaned down, her elbow resting on her thigh and her hand on the side of her face.

“And then you hugged me.” I screw my eyes shut, trying to remember. Wait..

“You hugged me and then you kissed me and I swore- I freaking swore I swallowed something, like a pill, or something, and then I can’t remember anything after that, and then by the time I woke up I was in a freaking jet plane with your hand deep inside my freaking pants.” I told her.
She laughed again, tilting her head back. I looked at the shady man in worry when I realized that I was almost shouting. I felt my face heat up again.

“He can’t understand English. Keep talking.” She said, putting a reassuring hand on my knee.

I sighed. “And then before I know it you’re putting a freaking  parachute on me. We jumped from the jet! We freaking landed in Japan! I was so scared. I don’t know if you know but I’m freaking scared of heights and you freaking pushed me!” I complained, glaring at her.

“And then- well there’s the scary men with guns. And then you also have a gun..” I trailed off before staring at her. “Seriously, what the hell is happening?” I asked, gripping her slender shoulders and started shaking her to show my deep frustration.

“I’ll tell you everything. I promise; soon. But for now, rest. You must be tired. We still have a few hours to go before we reach our destination. “ She said. She removed my hands from her shoulders and held it in front of her. I watched as she gave my hands a peck, soft lips radiating warmth all over my skin, calming me.

 She opened a compartment beside her and I saw a small refrigerator and a pantry. She took out two bottles of water and bread. She handed the water and the bread to me.

I didn’t realized how hungry and thirsty I was until I took a gulp of water. I quickly opened the packet of the bread and took a bite. After we ate, she turned to me.

“You can sleep on my lap.” She said, patting her thighs. I shyly thanked her and laid down, not bothering to say no. I was too tired, even though I was asleep the whole time before. All the running and the falling was just too much for me.

I rested my head on her lap and felt her fingers on my hair, gripping it in a tight hold before releasing it softly.

Before I knew it, I finally fell asleep.

Reminders, I need at least two comments before I upload the next chapter so if you're interested, please do so! Thank you  :jphip:

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Re: The Sun Is Blue. (Sakuruppi Fanfic)
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2018, 07:27:36 PM »
The chapter is a bit confusing not knowing who the character is where we're starting at  :nervous

As for now, I wouldn't wait for two comments :lol:
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Re: The Sun Is Blue. (Sakuruppi Fanfic)
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2018, 06:38:35 AM »
We didn't get any names but with the physical description and gestures I have an idea of who is who...I think :nervous
The beginning is really interesting, starting in the middle of the action then filling the gaps was a good idea. Please post the next chap soon  :bow:

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Re: The Sun Is Blue. (Sakuruppi Fanfic)
« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2018, 02:02:47 PM »
nice story, bit confuse for not knowing who being who (?_?)

aaaa, i miss haruppi :cry:

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