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Author Topic: One and the Same (WMatsui) - COMPLETED  (Read 44404 times)

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One and the Same (WMatsui) - COMPLETED
« on: January 02, 2016, 12:18:18 AM »
Here's one of my longer fics as promised~ I finally finished editing it and I'll be posting one chapter a week (there's 8 chapters in total).

Surprisingly, the first chapter's the longest  :lol:

It's mainly WMatsui but with Mayuki as a small side pairing along with a hint of Kojiyuu and Atsumina. But still, mostly WMatsui, the other pairings are just mentioned  :P

I'd appreciate some feedback like what you thought while reading or any tips to improve. Thanks in advance~ XD

Anyways enjoy~

One and the Same

Chapter 1

My name is Matsui Rena and I’m just your average senior at AKB High. My grades are top notch since it was expected of everyone who went to the most prestigious school in the country. Other than that, I guess you could say I’m a pretty normal girl, at least I thought I wasn’t anything special but my best friend keeps telling me otherwise. She’s the president of the student council and everyone adores her, heck she’s even got her own fanclub...but I bet some would drop out of that club the moment they found out about her black side. Her name is Kashiwagi Yuki by the way, and we’ve been friends for a long time, like since we were born and placed next to each other in the nursery, that long.

But Yuki calls me the ‘princess of the school’ and I just keep denying it. If I’m a princess then that would make her a goddess or something. Which is so not true. But then she’ll just rebut with the same old reasons like how my skin’s so white (which I consider a bad thing) or how I carry myself like an Ojou-sama (which is also something I don’t like because of my family’s rich background). And then we’ll argue for a while until we end up laughing at the ridiculous stuff that she came up with.

Honestly though, I’m not like those preps. Not that Yuki is a prep (most of the time). Just kidding, I labeled her as one just to bug the hell out of her since she’s always loved dressing nice and being popular just somehow came to her naturally. I, on the other hand, prioritize studying and don’t like wearing tons of makeup. I hardly ever dress up since being comfortable is way more important in my opinion. I don’t keep up with trends but I don’t think I’m completely ignorant of style at the very least. She likes to say I’m living under a rock though. I’m not that isolated.

Lately, Yuki has been using that as a reason to get me to go the dance that’s coming up. And I flat out reject her every single time, but she still hasn’t given up just yet. I swear the persistence of that girl will be the death of me...

I’d never even gone to a dance before. Yes I know, high school is all about being social and having fun...but I don’t really care to. Maybe I’m just lazy. Truthfully, I get along with everyone in my class just fine, but I tend to avoid interaction in the first place. I want to be left alone and I’m not really good at talking, I guess you could say I’m kind of shy in a way. That’s what most people tend to think. So Yuki’s the only one who I will actually hang out with outside of school. And I say hang out, but it’s really her dragging me around to wherever she wants to go. Usually I end up carrying all of her bags as she hops from store to store in the mall. She really needs to get a boyfriend so I don’t have to keep doing that!

This time though, Yuki at least helped me carry half of the stuff as we shopped. It was already noon and I was getting hungry so she suggested taking a break in a nearby café. She took my arm and pulled me into this fancy looking one across the street from the mall. Most of the time we’d finish shopping by lunchtime and go to our respective homes to eat, but she sure was taking her sweet time today.

We sat down in the booth by the window. I didn’t like that place since random passerby could watch me as I ate, but Yuki already set the bags down so whatever.

“What’s with you today?” I asked as I took my seat.

Yuki sat across from me and tilted her head quizzically, blinking her doe eyes. “What do you mean?”

“Okay, cut it out. I know you’re trying to be all cute and acting like you don’t know what I mean.” Honestly I was a little crabby since I was starving and some lady just glared at me from outside the window. Seriously what was HER problem?

Yuki just laughed it off and grabbed a menu to comb through. “All in due time~”

I sighed and started fiddling with the salt and pepper stand to kill my boredom. No use in prying since I wouldn’t be able to get anything out of her until she wanted to tell me. But I had a bad feeling about it...

“So what do you want to eat?”

“Surprise me.” I said as I glanced absentmindedly out the window, already bored with the condiments.

On the street there were all kinds of people walking around. A mom with a stroller that was towing another kid along behind her, some businessman talking on his phone hurriedly, and a punk-looking girl in a hoodie leaning against the wall across the street. The girl had her headphones on and seemed to be ignoring the world. How I wish I could do that sometimes. Headphones weren’t allowed in my school and the only reason I had a pair was because I snuck out to buy some, since my parents forbade me from listening to music unless it was classical. They didn’t approve of the ‘rubbish’ kids listen to today. How old fashioned.

But that girl kind of piqued my interest. Was she waiting for someone? Her boyfriend maybe? But she seemed too relaxed...maybe she just felt like standing on the sidewalk and listening to music. I couldn’t really tell.

Suddenly she looked up and somehow, STRAIGHT AT ME. I avoided her gaze quickly and attempted to not seem embarrassed. I didn’t need Yuki harassing me for staring at a stranger.

Our food came quickly and I arched an eyebrow as it was placed on the table. Yuki had ordered my favorite melon pan and not just one either...there were 5 of them stacked neatly on the plate in front of me. Yuki just smiled angelically and if that didn’t raise any alarms than I didn’t know what would. I was still deciding whether or not to make a break for it when she cleared her throat. Oh no...


I gulped and figured that it wasn’t going to be something that I’d like. It never was.

“You’re going to that dance.” Yuki said with a tone of finality. Wow she didn’t even try asking.

I chose my words carefully as to not upset her. An upset Yuki is very hard to deal with. “No, I’m not.”

Okay so maybe that wasn’t very careful since Yuki immediately frowned, her forehead creasing a bit. “I don’t understand you sometimes Rena. It’s just a dance. What harm can come from going? Come on, you haven’t even gone to ONE. And it’s your last year in highschool... Don’t you want to have some fun? Make some memories?”

She stared at me as I seriously contemplated her words. It WAS my last year... Maybe I should go. “I don’t know Yuki...”

She groaned, “Ugh Rena~ What are you so afraid of?”

“Well...” I fidgeted a little in my seat, “Don’t I have to get a date or something?”

Yuki paused for a second before she burst out laughing. She didn’t stop either, she just kept on laughing like a maniac for the next minute and my face must’ve been bright red by that time. She clutched at her chest, gasping for air, “THAT’S what you were worried about?!”

“Sh-Shut up!” Damn it, I was stuttering. I was already embarrassed enough and the funny looks the other tables were shooting us really didn’t help. I smiled sheepishly and let out a sigh as they reluctantly turned back to their own conversations. “Yuki...”

“Hehe sorry~”

“No you’re not,” I accused. “Seriously your reactions are way too big sometimes...” I mumbled it under my breath but she caught it anyways.

“You’re the one that was too funny. You’re always so serious I forget how naïve and innocent you are sometimes~” She winked at me and I frowned.

“Don’t call me that. It makes me sound like a lost puppy.”

“And what’s wrong with that? Puppies are cute~” Yuki argued back and leaned forward insistently. I had no idea why she chose to start fixating on this all of a sudden. “Don’t you like puppies?”

“I suppose...”

“Don’t give me a half-assed answer~”

“Yes yes, puppies are cute. Happy now?” I gave in and just let her have it.

“Yes ma’am~” Yuki grinned happily and finally backed out of my personal space, taking another sip of her milkshake before saying, “But you still have to go to that dance.”

I groaned inwardly. Damn, she caught onto me. And I thought that I was doing a pretty bang up job of distracting her.

I guess I made what I was thinking too obvious though, Sometimes Yuki could actually catch on pretty quickly because then she said, “Hehe, thought I forgot did ya~?”

“Shut up.”

Yuki shrugged indifferently, “Anyways finish your melon pans ‘cause we need to get going.”

“Going where?” I’d already gotten enough surprises today and I really didn’t want another one to add to the list.

She only smiled sweetly and it creeped the hell out of me. “To get you a dress of course~”

At that moment there was nothing I would’ve liked more than to bang my head on the table repeatedly. The only reason I didn’t was because I didn’t want to cause another scene. Then the other customers would think that BOTH of us were crazy, and I didn’t need that.

“And there’s no getting out of it~” She said in a sing-song voice.

I sighed yet again, knowing that there’d be no way to change her mind. Once Yuki decides something, there’s no going back, ever. “Hey go easy on me. I’m begging you here.”

“Hmm...” Yuki pretended to ponder for a moment before smiling at me. “Maybe~”

“Fine~” I gave in and stuffed a melon pan into my mouth, might as well enjoy the treat while I could. At least SOMETHING good came out of this day. And I ate my bread as slow as possible just to irritate her.


“Hurry up would ya? I wanna see what you look like in that dress!”

“Ugh but you’ve already had me try on dozens~ How can this one look any different?” I replied through the thin curtain of the changing stall. I was working on the stubborn zipper, tugging on it relentlessly but it just wouldn’t give. Damn thing. My arms were getting tired from reaching behind my head and my patience was wearing dangerously thin. Lunch had ended too quickly for my liking and now I was stuck in a cramped fitting room, trying on dress after dress after dress...

“Of course it’ll look different! We need to find that perfect one that makes you look the absolute best! Now come out here before I come in there myself.” Yuki didn’t know it but she could really be menacing when she wanted to be, it was like she was all sadistic and cute at the same time. It’s quite frightening actually.

“Argh! I give up!” I ripped the zipper up and tore the curtain aside, not even caring that I probably looked like a crazed lady emerging out of the fitting room. Great. People were staring.

Yuki was also gaping at me openly which I found somewhat disturbing.

“What?” I crossed my arms over my chest impatiently.

She closed her mouth and smiled, her hands clapping together in delight. “I think we found it!”


Yuki started walking around me taking in the dress from all angles, then nodding and making little noises of approval.

“You mean this is what we’re looking for?” It was just a plain white one piece dress that reached about my knees. It left my shoulders bare, and there were little lace designs on the edges. There wasn’t really anything special about it.

“It fits you perfectly~” Yuki said with a glimmer in her eye. “You just can’t tell because you don’t care about clothes.”

“Okay yeah, you’re right about that, I don’t care about clothes. Second, that’s a creepy look on your face right now and you sound like that freaky aunt that nobody ever wants to go shopping with.”

She pouted, “But it’s true~” Now she was just being whiny.

I shook my head and suddenly I felt a sharp pain from my scalp. I hissed in pain, “Ow!”

“What is it?” Yuki asked curiously.

I had tears in my eyes as I turned my whole upper body to look at her slowly, not daring to move my head even an inch. “Yuki...”

She looked at me, still expecting an answer.

“...My hair got caught in the zip.”


After some hair pulling and many curse words later, my hair was finally untangled. The fact that Yuki was not gentle at all just worsened my day. Now I was in an even grumpier mood than before, and I hadn’t though that was even possible. We had left the store with my hair a mess, I tried to be sneaky and leave without the dress but Yuki grabbed my arm and pulled me to the register to pay for it. Darn.

I pulled open the front door to my house and kicked off my shoes. “Tadaima...” It was quiet but somehow the maids still heard me say it and came out to greet me.

“Okaerinasai, Ojou-sama.” The three maids chorused in unison as they bowed.

I forced a smile, I guess I couldn’t be completely rude and grouchy...I still had appearances to keep up. Most of my smiles were fake, okay so maybe all of them were, unless Yuki actually said something funny. But I didn’t have much to smile about, my life was pretty dull and boring, sometimes I wished something interesting would present itself. At least something that would take me out of going through the motions every day, and I don’t mean randomly being dragged to one of my parent’s business meetings every once in a while.

They took my bags as I started up the stairs to my room and one of them followed me at a respectful distance. “Ojou-sama, would you care for dinner or a bath first?”

“I’ll take a bath first, but don’t worry about it. I can do it myself.” They always tried to do everything for me, like running the bath water or picking out my clothes, but I didn’t need the help. I’d just be screwed if I ever moved out on my own. Honestly I hated being waited on. Having the maids around just made me feel entirely isolated and pampered.

Sometimes, being too polite can make people feel very distant and lonely.

“But’s our job.”

I sighed as we reached the door to my room at the end of the long hallway. Did I forget to mention that my house was basically a mansion at the end of the cul-de-sac we lived on? It was absolutely enormous too. I could easily get lost in it and I actually did once when I was little. But the size made everything feel that much emptier.

“Are Mother and Father home yet?” I tried to change the subject. I didn’t feel like arguing with them today, it was never any use anyways. They’d just keep doing what they’re doing and I’d give up eventually.

The maid shook her head, “No, they won’t be back until late and wished that you would dine on your own once again.”

I let out another sigh. I had expected this answer as it was the same every day. They would always have business meetings that ran late or just decide to go out to an expensive restaurant by themselves. Sometimes I wondered if they even remembered that I existed.

“Fine. I’ll just be in my room. Please bring me my food as usual around 7.” I never ate at the dinner table since I’d be the only one sitting there anyways. I wasn’t going to make myself feel lonely on purpose.

She didn’t argue and nodded, bowing again before leaving me. They’d given up long ago to try and get me to eat dinner at the table. It’s not like my parents used the dining table either. What did we even buy it for?

I pushed open the door to my room and trudged over to the bed before plopping down on it. It had been a long and tiring day. After a moment I reached up and tried to dig my earbuds out from between the mattress and the headboard. I plugged them in and scrolled through my song list but that girl from earlier started invading my thoughts. What kind of music does she listen to? Oh man I’m getting really fixated on that girl... But I guess I couldn’t help it...she was kinda pretty. Shit did I just say she was pretty? Since when did I start liking girls? Oh wait, I have kinda liked cute girls for a while now, blame it on Yuki for rubbing off on me. And the number of girls greatly outnumbered the guys in our school, so what did you expect to happen?

That girl’s gaze was really scary, like there was something hidden in those eyes of her’s....Something painful.

I ripped my earbuds out and headed to the bathroom. I really needed to stop that train of thought I was having. I cranked on the shower and got in after peeling my clothes off. The pounding of the water was soothing and I let it run down my head. I almost never took a bath on the contrary to the beliefs of everyone else. My parents liked baths because they were traditional, but I didn’t care. The walls of every room were soundproof too, so the maids couldn’t hear the water running and report me. Parents can be so ridiculously strict. I tended to take extremely long showers and I bet I was in there for a good half hour before coming out. I ended up going to bed since there was nothing else to do anyways. Such a big house but with nothing to do.

The weekend passed by quickly and school started up on Monday again, it was only the first Monday since school had started but I already didn’t want to go back. My family’s car dropped me of like usual and the stares from the other students were still glued to me. I’d already been going to this school for the last year but the stares never stopped. It’s not like I was the only one dropped off in a limo anyways, so I didn’t understand.

Yuki showed up after me like usual. She once asked me why I came to school so early and I told her she was just late. She always showed up 5 minutes before the first class and I figured it was because she liked to sleep and make herself look nice too. Those two together did not make a good combination for showing up on time.

The school we went to was a pretty well known one. It was a private school but it accepted a lot of applications. Since it was so famous, all the rich people sent their kids here and I’m sad to say I’m one of them. Yuki was too, her parents were business partners with mine and they always collaborated on everything. Besides the rich kids, AKB High also offered a lot of scholarships for kids with extremely good academic grades, making it a school for the smart and rich. And somehow, we were also known to have a few idols here as well, which was the real reason why everyone wanted to get in. A few smart, rich pretty girls were the main buzz around here. I don’t know who they are though and Yuki refused to tell me.

But due to the social gap between the normal kids and the rich, they never really interacted. There were some classmates that tended to avoid me probably for that exact reason. I’ll never understand... Why were they unable to approach me just because my parents had money? That was the problem with social order and society in general.

I took my seat just as the first bell rang and the teacher came in. It was Yuki’s job asclass rep to direct us as we all greeted and bowed to him. First class of the day was Japanese Literature and it always made me want to yank my hair out. I ought love this stuff because I look like a perfect Ojou-sama but I hate it, I just don’t show it.

The day passed by slowly until I almost fell asleep but thankfully the bell rang, signaling lunch time and Yuki sauntered over to my seat.

“Hey let’s go to the roof!” She seemed kind of excited for some reason. I wonder what happened to make her so bubbly.

“Why? We never eat on the roof...what’s with the sudden change?” I inquired.

“Just a change of scenery~ Isn’t it boring eating in the classroom or garden every day?” She said so but I liked the garden. It was kind of secluded and people didn’t really go there, so Yuki and I could talk about anything we wanted. The flowers and tall bushes surrounding us were nice too.

But I didn’t argue and just followed Yuki up to the roof. She swung the door open and a nice breeze wafted past. I immediately walked to the edge and leaned on the fence with my eyes closed, just enjoying the feeling of the sun and the wind flowing through my hair.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Yuki smiling at me. “I knew you’d like it up here~”

I’m sure my cheeks were a little red but I ignored it and sat down to eat. Yuki followed suit and we chatted for a while. It was all random and light and I actually really enjoyed myself.

“Do you ever get tired of melon pan?” Yuki had been firing all kinds of questions at me for a good 5 minutes now.

I rolled my eyes and took a big bite to prove my point. “Nope, never.”

“I’m sure you’re not getting enough nutrients from that thing.”

I shrugged, “How about you? You brought another giant bento for lunch again, ever think you’ll get fat?” She deserved a little teasing after doubting my melon pan.

Yuki pouted, “I’m not going to get fat~”

“Are you sure?”

“Why? Do I look fatter?” She started panicking and looking at her waist, trying to pinch her nonexistent fat.

I laughed at her reaction and she looked confused for a moment before recognition set in.

“Meanie~ Quit teasing me!” She punched my arm a several times while sulking all the while. I kept laughing but the girly punches were starting to hurt so I stopped.

“Alright, alright. Ow!” That was a particularly strong one. “Okay I’m sorry~”

“It’s your own fault~” She stopped but not before adding a slap to my shoulder for good measure.

I guess she was still upset that I teased her about being fat. “Don’t worry about it, you’re not fat. So don’t go trying any fad diets or anything, okay?”

She seemed to be a bit reassured after that and relaxed with a small smile on her face. “You know, you can be surprisingly good a cheering someone up~”

I gave her a deadpan look, “What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Hmm...” I let it go for now but I’ll be sure to question her again later, probably after she’s forgotten about the whole fat thing. She forgets about stuff pretty easily.

So I ate my melon pan in silence, since I couldn’t think of anything to say at the moment. And Yuki turned her attention back to her food as well, devouring the bento. See what I mean about her attention span?

Silence spread across the rooftop and it felt kind of weird, not like it was awkward but something was off...

“Nee, do you ever feel like something’s missing?” I asked out of the blue. I’m not sure where it came from but I felt like asking.

Yuki furrowed her eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

“I don’t know... Like you need something, but it’s just not there...something that would...I don’t know, complete your life?”

“I guess...”

“I can’t figure out what it is though...”

“Ah! I know~” Yuki smiled, “You need a girlfriend~”

I was so shocked I spat out my bread, then frowned at the perfectly good, yet wasted melon pan. “I don’t think that’s it.”

“You never know~”

I shrugged my answer. How would she know anyways? It’s not like she had a girlfriend.

We finished the rest of our lunch quietly. Not that we didn’t have anything to say but sometimes you just want to enjoy your food. And since we’re lucky enough to be going to such a rich kid school, the lunch period actually lasted about an hour long and we ate at our leisure.

Classes once again dragged down for an eternity until it was the last period. I’d gotten so bored that I started to doodle on my desk, with the eraser end of my pencil of course. Actually marking the desk was frowned upon and like I said, I have an image to uphold. Nobody needed to see the daughter of the president of the biggest conglomerate in Japan reprimanded for doodling on the table. That’d just be silly.

When school was over, I immediately packed up my stuff and went looking for Yuki. Normally she’d be at her desk, waiting for me, but today she wasn’t...which was really weird. This happened every once in a while, Yuki would disappear and make me look for her but then she would suddenly show up like nothing happened, not even bothering to explain where she went off to. So I wandered through the halls aimlessly and thought I’d just take it easy and not look too hard today. She’d pop up when she wanted to be found.

As I rounded another corner, I finally saw her standing behind the end of a row of lockers. I was about to call out but something made me change my mind. There was another girl that was actually hidden by the lockers that I didn’t notice until I got closer. They seemed to be arguing about something and I didn’t want to eavesdrop. Not to mention I’d never seen that girl before in my life. I didn’t even recognize her let alone see Yuki ever approach her before. She seemed to sense my presence though, and started turning towards me. At the last minute I turned on my heel and walked into the classroom to my right. The door slid shut and Yuki spared it a glance before going back to arguing with the unknown girl.

“Phew...” I let out a sigh and leaned against the wall. I was really curious about whom that girl with the pigtails was but I knew Yuki wouldn’t want me to pry. I ought to trust her a little more, I guess. I just hope she’s not keeping some big secret from me because that’d be way too troublesome to deal with.

“Umm...Do you need something?”

The voice startled me and I jumped a little in response. I hadn’t even noticed that the classroom wasn’t empty and I probably looked like a freak just standing there and sighing to myself.

“Uh, no. I just...” I tried to come up with a believable excuse, “I needed to hide for a sec, that’s all.” At least it was the truth.

The girl looked at me curiously for a second and I just stared back. She had shoulder length black hair and dark brown eyes. She looked kind of boyish and if she wasn’t wearing a girl’s uniform then honestly, I might’ve mistaken her for a guy.

“Hmm.” She hummed and went back to stuffing her things in her bag, finally breaking our staring contest. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just stood there awkwardly. I couldn’t go back out into the hallway yet... So it might be a good idea to start a conversation...

“So I’m just taking a guess here...” And she looked back up at me while slinging her bag onto her shoulder. “But you’re hiding from those two out there, right?” She asked, nodding in the direction of the wall, the one that was hiding Yuki from view.

I nodded.

“Same here. Mayu’s been talking to that girl every day lately and I’m not one to butt in, so I wait in here until they’re done.” She sat down on a desk and motioned for me to do the same on the one directly in front of her, but I chose to sit 2 desks away, not wanting to be too close. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not much of a people person. I’m sure she noticed though, and just chose not to say anything.

“So Mayu is the one with the pigtails, I take it?”

“Yeah, and if I’m not mistaken, then she’s talking to Kashiwagi Yuki...And you must be Matsui Rena.”

I blinked a few times. Somehow she seems to know me. “How do you know my name?”

The girl chuckled, being blatantly sarcastic about it too. And can you even chuckle sardonically?

“Of course I know you. Everyone knows the daughter of the richest family in Japan. The prissiest girl in the whole country. You’re the princess of AKB High, the snow white, the yuki-onna. Should I name any more?” Her eyes were somewhat intimidating. Yep, for sure, she was taunting me.

And I didn’t like it.

I didn’t even know her name. I’d never even MET her before, yet here she was, mocking me for no good reason. “Excuse me, but you don’t need to be rude.”

She shrugged like she didn’t care. Damn was she getting on my nerves.

“And what’s your name Miss Satirist? Or do you prefer me to keep calling you that?” I sneered. Now it was her turn to be a little surprised and I took sadistic pleasure in the look on her face. But it soon faded as she grinned at me.

“Well, well...the princess knows how to riposte~” Her eyes twinkled and I don’t know why but that was even scarier than when she was mocking me. She hopped off the desk and walked around the one that was separating us.

I had this funny feeling that I should get as far away as possible...but willed myself not to move.

Then she held out her hand, “My name is Matsui Jurina. Nice to meet you, your highness~” She winked at me and it made me cringe. Then she laughed at my reaction and grabbed my hand forcefully, seeing as I wasn’t going to return the offered handshake.

“Umm...” I wanted to tell her to release my hand...

“I think we’ll be seeing each other a lot more from now on, so let’s get along shall we?” She let go, but not before sending me another wink, and headed for the exit as I wiped my hand on my skirt vigorously. I knew that was horribly impolite but she didn’t mention anything about it, instead sliding the door open and leaving without another word.

I visibly relaxed after she was gone and sighed heavily. I sigh a lot, don’t I? I guess I have a lot to sigh about...

“Rena~” Yuki appeared in the doorway, snapping me out of my thoughts. “What are you dawdling for? We don’t have a meeting today so let’s go home!”

I rolled my eyes at her statement. “Yeah ‘cause I’m the one that’s dawdling...” I muttered under my breath and this time she didn’t catch it. I stood up and she dragged me away by the same hand that the girl shook earlier.

Matsui Jurina was it? I’m going to remember that name... And if I ever see her again...I’m going to put her through hell and back. I grinned as I thought about it, luckily Yuki didn’t notice or else she would have scolded me for being a creep...again.

But really, I was already against this Jurina person, and that didn’t happen often. I don’t usually hate someone so much right away. But I was sure, that there was absolutely no way I’d EVER get along with her.

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) Chapter 1
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2016, 01:01:32 AM »
Wow this fic is really interesting! No joke it's seriously well written from my impression of the first chapter alone! WMatsui's interactions were funny and clever, and it made me laugh several times! Good work, and I'll be looking forwards to more updates!

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) Chapter 1
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Wow it was really GOOD author-sama :twothumbs
Very interesting. Keep going and update soon please  XD

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) Chapter 1
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wow.... that was amazing....
I'm waiting for the next chapter. and I wish you could update it frequently, or maybe everyday, lol....
please write more...  :deco:

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) Chapter 1
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Wooow..wmatsuii~~ its interesting too
Thnkss for the story..waitin for ur next update..
agreed if u can update it frequently
Write moreeeeeee~~

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) Chapter 1
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Yeeey wmatsui (\´▽`)/
I'm waiting for the next chap :)

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) Chapter 1
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Wow its well written.. The best .. Hope you keep update author san :jphip:

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) Chapter 1
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Its very well written Keiyuu-san. And I like about your thinking of focusing on one pair, cz sometimes its hard to tell the plot of the stories if there are many POV. In this first chapter you make clear of the situation about the MC (Rena) and her boredom. But soon it will be change because of someone (Jurina) that make her angry, someone that will be in her mind without her even realize. And from the way you write, you are already a talented writer Keiyuu-san. So don't worry too much hehe.. :) And if someone request about the other pairing you could try to make a side story for them that won't affect the main storyline. Its been a while since I read a great story about my fav pair (WMatsui). Thanks for the chapter, now I'm one of your fan.. :grin:
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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) Chapter 1
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I'm waiting for the next chapt.
It's really interesting :twothumbs

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) Chapter 1
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Probably the best thing that I read today :D
This is a really interesting story and I seriously love how you desrcibe every scene~ It's as if you really put yourself in Rena's shoes as you write her point of view! I love your writing style and it somehow inspired me to write better hehe :lol:

Anyways, looking forward to Chapter 2, and looking forward to more WMatsui~ :inlove:

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) Chapter 1
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this ff is amazing!youhave talent for writing! waiting for more~


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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) Chapter 1
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definitely waiting for your daily update!!

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) Chapter 1
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It is so interesting.
I'm waiting for the next chapter.

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 2
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Hey~~ Here's the update for this week.
If I can somehow manage to find the time then I will try to update faster, but between school and work...yeah it may not happen but I'll try for you guys!  :lol:

Since I only recently went from silent reader to writer, now I totally understand how happy and encouraging it is to have readers and comments  XD
It's weird since I've seen your names and read your fics before but now you guys are commenting on mine... LOL :P

But thanks for all the replies! Seriously encouraging and makes me want to update for you XD

One and the Same

Chapter 2

A few days later, Yuki finally decided she wanted to introduce me to that pigtailed girl. I think her name was Watanabe Mayu? Well anyways, apparently...they’d been seeing each other for a few months already.

And that made me feel like a shit friend.

My best friend had been seeing this girl for two months already and I never even noticed! Damn...

Yuki assured me that no one knew about it except for them, but then I thought about that Jurina chick and I was sure she knew. And then that made me feel even crappier since I wasn’t even as good of a friend as THAT asshole.

So we headed to the rooftop for lunch again and Mayu was supposed to meet us there later. Yuki was a nervous wreck and kept fidgeting with her skirt.

“Hey, cut that out. You’re gonna get wrinkles in your skirt and the Student Council Prez needs to look presentable.” My speech tended to become rougher and less formal when I talked to Yuki, probably because I trusted her enough to be myself, but not completely. There were still some things that even she didn’t know about me, not as much as someone I used to know...

Yuki dropped the hem of her skirt and smiled sheepishly, but didn’t reply other than that. I don’t know why she was so nervous... I wasn’t even mad at her for keeping the secret from me. I was more angry with myself for being a sucky human being.

But maybe I deserved it, I mean I never really trusted Yuki to watch my back though I should’ve, it was just hard after what happened.

We walked in silence to the roof and she swung the door open just like last time. I was looking forward to the roof since it was my new favorite place. It was really relaxing and tranquil, and best of all there was no one around to bother me. I thought that maybe sometimes I’d hang out here after school instead of going home. An escape from society is what I called it. Did I mention that I was an introvert?

Yuki stepped out first and I was about to follow but then something dropped down from above the doorway. My first reaction, of course, was to punch whatever came down.

“OW! What was that for?! Goddammit!” Jurina rubbed her arm vigorously and paced around while I was still processing what had happened.

“You...”  I blinked a few times until recognition set in. “Why are YOU HERE?!” My index finger pointed right at her face and Yuki seemed surprised at my bluntness.

“Why? Don’t you miss me~?” Jurina sneered.

I was about ready to punch her again when another voice interrupted.

“So you two know each other?” It came from behind me and I whirled to see who it was...luckily it was just that Mayu girl, not some underclassman or something. That would’ve been bad, my reputation would’ve went straight down the drain.

“I don’t know her.” I said at the same time Jurina said yeah and I sent a death glare her way. “I don’t know you at all. Just your name.”

She grinned impishly, “Sure you do~ We met each other the other day and I introduced myself, therefore you do know me~”

Is she using logic to argue against me now? The nerve of this girl...

I didn’t say anything because I knew if I did, it might be something I’d regret later. I didn’t need Yuki’s new girlfriend to think badly of me and I think she’s friends with Jurina...wait a minute...She’s Jurina’s friend?! Crap...

I mentally smacked my forehead and prepared myself for the future that’s to come. So that’s what Jurina meant when she said we’d be seeing a lot of each other...Unfortunately I was too preoccupied with my thoughts and failed to notice that we were all just standing awkwardly in the doorway.

“Umm...Why don’t we sit down and eat?” Suggested Yuki in an attempt to dispel the awkward atmosphere. So we sat down but it didn’t get any less awkward from there. Yuki sat next to me and Mayu sat by her...which meant I was left with Jurina sitting at my other side. Just being in close proximity to her made me uncomfortable.

“I guess I’ll introduce myself first. I’m Watanabe Mayu of Class 3-B. Nice to meet you Matsui-san.” Mayu smiled at me.

I nodded in acknowledgement as I became aware that Jurina had the same last name as me. I hadn’t even realized it and sharing the name made me uneasy. Nevertheless I didn’t forget my manners and introduced myself as well. “Matsui Rena. Class 3-A, the same as Yuki. Nice to meet you.”

Jurina scoffed at my introduction. Okay what’s her DEAL?

“Matsui Jurina.” She crossed her arms defiantly and didn’t even look at us when saying her name. Instead choosing to stare at the clouds in the sky as if they were much more interesting than the other human beings she sat with.

Rude brat.

Yuki went next. “My name is Kashiwagi Yuki. It’s nice to meet you Matsui-san.”

She smiled sweetly and I was once again reminded of her seemingly angelic appearance. I wondered if Mayu had yet to meet her black side. Let’s just say that it’s a real mood killer when you find out your girlfriend could be as ruthless as a serial killer. I say this because I’ve known Yuki long enough to see plenty and am used to it, not because I dated her before or anything. Come on get your head out of the gutter.

But hey, maybe Mayu already met Black, they HAD been dating for two months already.

“We need to do something about the way you address me and Rena.” Jurina stated with a blank expression, finally turning her attention to us. Damn brat’s already calling me by my first name and without honorifics too.

“Just call me Rena if you’d prefer,” I suggested to Mayu. “It’d probably be easier that way since Jurina and I have the same last name after all.” If she was going to call me by my given name then I’d do the same with her.

Mayu nodded with a small smile which I found really cute, “Rena-san it is then.”

She reminded me of those anime girls or some CG character in a dating sim. There really wasn’t any noticeable flaw in her appearance or attitude at all. Oh man Yuki’s gayness has most DEFINITELY rubbed off on me. I couldn’t help it...maybe I was just a lolicon at heart. But can you really blame me?

I didn’t say anything else and just pulled my melon pan out to eat. Mayu seemed to be watching me curiously.

“Is something the matter Watanabe-san?” Her staring was bothering me.

“No... It’s just that I was expecting you to question me or something. Oh and it seems you really do love melon pans like Yukirin said.” She indicated the bread in my hand.

“Yes, I do. Melon pans are my favorite food. They’re really fluffy and soft and-” I cleared my throat in an effort to cut myself off before I kept on gushing about melon pans. It was a bad habit of mine. “And so what did you think I would question you about?”

Mayu shrugged, “Like about our relationship and stuff.”

“Oh I’m not too concerned. It seems Yuki likes you a lot and she doesn’t really get that close to too many people, so I’m fine with it,” I shrugged. If she hurt Yuki though, she would pay. Of course, I didn’t think I should threaten her right away so I decided to wait and see how it goes first.

Yuki had subconsciously been scooting closer to Mayu ever since we sat down. So she was practically sitting on Mayu’s lap by now. Then she blushed because she’d realized her action and tried to focus on eating her lunch.

Had they really been dating for a while? It’s kinda hard to believe because they still acted like a new lovey-dovey couple in my eyes.

“And what did you call her just now? Yukirin?” Jurina spoke up for the first time in a while.

Mayu smiled giddily, “Yeah, it’s the nickname I gave her~” She seemed to perk up a little when she talked about Yuki. So that’s what it must be like to be in love.

Jurina rolled her eyes but didn’t pry anymore.

“So what do you call Watanabe-san?” I asked Yuki, who was still busy eating.

“Just Mayu is fine.” Mayu corrected.

“Okay, then what do you call Mayu-san?” I asked again, she still hadn’t answered me yet.

Yuki set her chopsticks down neatly on her bento, perfectly perpendicular to the edge of the rectangular box. “Mayuyu~”

“Mayuyu?” I frowned but then chuckled while shaking my head, “Oh Yuki, you’re totally head over heels for her aren’t you?”

She huffed at my teasing and ignored me. I just shrugged and left it at that. Maybe I’d go easier on her today since it was my first meeting with her girlfriend...but that didn’t mean I was going to stop teasing her later.

It was surprisingly nice talking with other people. Mayu and Yuki kept up their little lover’s banter with Jurina butting in with her remarks every once in a while. I joined in the conversation too and had fun for the first time in a long while interacting with people. I’m glad Mayu’s not one of those people that irritate me. That’d make everything unnecessarily complicated.

Lunch break passed in the blink of an eye and it was really shocking. I was stuck trying to figure out how a whole hour went by so quickly.

I stopped by my locker before class and told Yuki to go on ahead without me. I had to grab my textbook since it had been forgotten earlier when we went to lunch. I pulled it out quickly and rounded the corner of the hallway but stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a certain someone standing there. I spun on my heel and tried to go back the way I came but an arm stuck out in front of me, blocking the path.

With a reluctant sigh, I turned to the right, facing the owner of the limb. “What do you want?”

“Tsk. No need to be so cold. I just wanted to talk for a second.”

“You could’ve asked instead of blocking my way, Jurina.”

Without answering, Jurina started moving closer to me and I unconsciously backed up until my back hit the wall. Her hand smacked the wall next to my head with a resounding DON, causing me to drop my book. My eyes were as wide as saucers because I did not see that coming AT ALL.

Jurina’s face was inches from mine and I was too afraid to breathe. Her gaze was so intense... Where had I seen those eyes before?

But then she backed up a bit and I gasped for air, because I really did stop breathing for a second there.

“Your smile was so fake when you were introducing yourself.” She remarked and I glared at her. But she just had that blank expression on her face again. It was like a mask she put on that hid her emotions from everyone...a complete flip from the sharp eyes she had a moment ago. Hypocrite. “I almost gagged when you acted all cordial and proper, though I guess that’s to be expected from an Ojou-sama.”

Her tone was mocking again and it made me beyond furious. What did she know about me? And who was she to judge how I behaved? “I’m sorry but it seems you lack the capacity to understand my position. Don’t assume you know everything because you don’t. I don’t need YOU to tell me that I was being fake. I KNOW. But there’s nothing I can do about it.”

At that, I pushed her away roughly and stormed off to my class, not daring to look back.


Surprisingly, that little incident did nothing to our relationship. I suppose I was already on bad terms with Jurina, so how could it get any worse? Yuki and I started hanging out with Mayu and her a lot more and I gradually learned more about them and Mayuki’s relationship. Yes I’d already come up with a ship name for them. It wasn’t my fault, it’s just that they’re so stupidly cute together it makes me want to puke yet fangirl over them at the same time. What a conundrum.

I found out that Mayu was actually very intelligent and got into the school on a scholarship despite the fact that her parents had plenty of money to pay for her education. Overall, she was definitely something. I swear that she’s a cyborg created by some secret national agency or an alien from another planet. There was simply no other way for a person to be so...flawless. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Mayu and all but she’s definitely too adorable together with Yuki for me to break them apart.

Jurina, on the other hand... I don’t know anything about. When Yuki and I had lunch together, Mayu would appear with Jurina in tow. She always joined us but never really said much (unless it was some sarcastic comment which I really didn’t appreciate). On a particularly stressful day when my parents had scolded me for not eating dinner at the table (for the umpteenth time), I snapped at Jurina because she never used any honorifics with my name. Then she proceeded to add a ‘–chan’ to it, and nothing I said could make her stop. It was exasperating. I just gave up after that.

Anyways, Jurina acted like a bodyguard or something, following behind Mayu, and nothing like her best friend as Mayu claimed. I don’t know if Jurina even spoke to Mayu or if she was just some creepy stalker that Mayu just let happen. Her face was always blank or disinterested, either that or smug when teasing me during our conversations. Granted, I never tried to start a conversation with her anyways. I still had a grudge against her after our first meeting. I didn’t want to talk to her. I didn’t have anything to say to her. I absolutely did NOT encompass any interest in her at all.

Okay, so maybe a little.

It’d already been a month since I met Jurina and I didn’t even know anything besides her name and class. The curiosity was beginning to gnaw away at me until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Mayu?” I started calling Mayu by her first name alone after we’d gotten close enough and especially after she’d absolutely insisted. Jurina and Yuki both were both on class duty today so it was just the two of us at lunch.

“Hmm?” She stopped in the midst of eating and glanced at me with wide eyes. I resisted the urge to pinch her cheeks right then. I really wished I had a little sister like her sometimes...I abruptly stopped my train of thought and went back to the topic at hand, the one that I’d finally gotten the guts to breach.

“So... How long have you and Jurina been friends?” Okay, good, that would be a safe question to start off with since it didn’t have any potential underlying meaning behind it.

But Mayu grinned mischievously nonetheless. “Why? You finally chose to voice out your interest in Jurina~?”

That was definitely more of a statement than a question but I chose to ignore it. “I don’t know anything about her and IF I wanted to find out, then I’d have to ask you, considering I’ve never seen her hang around anyone else.” It sounded reasonable enough to me.

“You could always ask her yourself.”

I grimaced at the thought and suddenly my melon pan started tasting like cardboard.

“Wow you must really dislike her huh? I mean...for you to start reacting like that...I’d say you either hate her guts or you just can’t seem to gather up the courage to talk to her. Sounds like denial or maybe you can’t confess your feelings?”

I choked on my bread.

After a good long coughing fit and Mayu performing the Heimlich on me...she finally told me about Jurina, but not before I smacked her on the head for laughing at me. She literally had to wipe tears from her eyes from laughing hysterically at my predicament. I very possibly could’ve choked to death! Hmph.

In any case, I found out that Mayu had met Jurina when they were kids and it kind of reminded me of how I met Yuki. Apparently Jurina was a popular and cheerful girl, always the center of attention and earned herself lots of friends and fans alike. She excelled in sports and school, balancing the two perfectly. But then Mayu’s expression darkened as she explained that something really traumatic happened to Jurina to make her the way she is now. She said it wasn’t her place to tell and I didn’t ask any more.

However, after hearing about the past Jurina, my interest level in her was even higher if that was possible. What happened to change her so much? But now if I wanted to find out then I’d have to ask her myself. And I dreaded it with every fiber of my being.

I figured it’d be fine if I put it off for a while.


School had been in session for almost two months and it went by rather quickly. Luckily I didn’t have senioritis yet and I really hoped I wouldn’t contract it since Student Council was starting up again. New committee members were elected by popular vote among the students. Somehow, all the members were seniors this year too. The class the members came from didn’t really matter since new members were elected every year, so it was no problem that the whole student council would technically be graduating soon. No underclassmen ran because the seniors were too ‘intimidating’ or something like that. All of us were from the big business owner’s families, the Takahashi’s, Oshima’s, Kojima’s, Watanabe’s, Kashiwagi’s, and obviously the Matsui’s, so maybe that had something to do with it, not to mention we were all pretty well known throughout the school.

So we had an all girl Student Council. It definitely wasn’t because people were entirely biased and only voted for who they liked...I hope you caught the sarcasm in that. Now I don’t mean that they’re incompetent, we’re just lucky that the most popular girls also happened to be the smartest. I swear all the female students voted for Takamina since she had this uncanny charm that she herself wasn’t aware of. The guys had to have voted for Yuki and this girl named Haruna, too. Mayu told me that Jurina was still pretty popular with the guys AND girls, which I couldn’t believe. I mean, who would like THAT brat?

We did used to have guys on the Council, but they graduated already. There was Sae, whom Yuki actually dated for a while but didn’t last since they both lost interest. Guess they just didn’t click. I heard that Sae found a new girlfriend though, one that stopped him from flirting with everyone, which is impressive. I think that he even proposed already, and her name...Sayaka? I think?

There was also Kuu, and he was a real piece of work, always pranking everybody and flirting with the cute girls like just like Sae did. He was still amusing though, his antics were stupid but in the funny kind of way. There was only one person who could keep him in line and that was Mariko-sama. We called her that because she was a real diva, okay no but she WAS a sadist. God Kuu would get so scared when Mariko-sama was mad. He eventually followed her to college, those two are just inseparable even though they argue all the time.

Back to the Council, once again I was elected Vice but unfortunately Yuki lost her spot as Prez. She got Secretary as Takamina took the President’s seat. Takamina was this short senior that everyone picked on all the time, honestly though, she had this ability to lead people so I wasn’t worried with her as President. She was in Student Council last year too so that’s how I know her.

Mayu was Treasurer, so basically she was in charge of the money, and Haruna was the Broadcaster. The Broadcaster had to take care of informing students and teachers of our plans, getting them approved, and getting people fired up for events. It seemed like a good job for her since I’d heard she was one of the naturally popular, airheaded beauties on campus. People tended to be attracted to and listen to girls like her.

Activities Director was Yuko...which was a really bad idea. Kuu must’ve rubbed off on her or something is what I think. I was extremely nervous about what kind of ideas and stunts she would pull this year now that she took care of coming up with the events. Last year she didn’t even hold a position and but already had enough sway for us to put on a scandalous maid café in the school festival. Now that was something private academies didn’t see every day.

Last was the Historian and guess who got that job? Jurina. I didn’t expect her to actually do any work so I was shocked when I saw her actually taking notes during our first meeting.

As expected, the first meeting was pretty formal with lots of stiff introductions and polite smiles directed here and there. I was good with names so I’d already learned all of theirs pretty easy. We talked about random things, just trying to get to know each other better and it made me uncomfortable.

I didn’t want to get to know them. I didn’t want them to get to know me. I was afraid of them finding out my real personality - the complete opposite of the side I showed in public.

On the bright side, I found out some interesting stuff, like how Mayu and Jurina were actually younger than us. Yuki, Takamina, and I were 18, while Yuko and Haruna were 19. Apparently those two had left school for a year to do other stuff, students did it often so it wasn’t a big deal. Yuko had been an apprentice for her father’s company and Haruna pursued a career in modeling (in a branch of her mom’s company), so that’s why they were behind a year. Takamina whispered to me that Yuko practically begged her dad to let her skip that year of school like Haruna, so that they’d graduate together. It actually sounded pretty sweet to me.

Mayu was 17 and Jurina 16. They had both skipped a grade due to their academic aptitude. I was really surprised when I heard Jurina’s age but I didn’t let it show, it’d just be a one-up that Jurina would gain on me. But seriously, that brat looked nothing like a kid, in fact she even seemed older than 18 to me. So that’s what they meant by ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’.

However, the conversation plummeted after that. The awkward silence in the room was somewhat distressing until Yuko jumped in with her usual self.

“Let’s play Truth or Dare!” She was grinning like an idiot and I don’t know why that didn’t alert anyone else to her true intentions. They all agreed, thinking it’d be a good way to break the ice.

Obviously, Yuko started and chose Takamina as her first target with Takamina grumbling about why it always had to be her that was picked on.

“Okay Bakamina...”

“Oi! Don’t call me that! Have some respect for the President!”

Yuko just ignored this and continued, “Truth or Dare?”

“Truth.” She must’ve thought she was playing it safe. But no one was safe around Yuko.

“Have you ever kissed anyone?”

What a great question to start off with. I can’t say I didn’t see this coming though...Yuko was just getting started.

Takamina blushed as red as a tomato just from that simple question and gave a small nod as her answer. Yuko hadn’t even asked who she kissed but she was already so embarrassed. I had a feeling Yuko knew the answer anyways from the smirk on her face. “Alright, now you ask somebody.”

Takamina mumbled something about knowing how to play the game without Yuko directing her, but still looked around the room for a target. Her gaze stopped on Haruna and she smirked. “Truth or Dare?”

Haruna chose dare and Takamina gave one immediately. “I dare you to lick Yuko’s neck.”

Now the other members were appalled. Mayu had her cyborg expression on but I swear she got paler after that dare. Yuki, however, seemed too excited. Boy I hoped Mayu would be okay.

I sighed and crossed my legs under the table; I wasn’t worried since I never lost my composure in front of others. The same seemed to go for Jurina, who was still staring at the wall with a bored look, having stopped taking notes. Nobody needed a record of what was going on in here anyways. Student Council most definitely wasn’t supposed to be playing party games in the meeting room. But oh well.

Now Yuko...was a mess. Her hands were gripping the table until her knuckles turned white and her eyes were all dialated. Can she be any more obvious?

Haruna leaned over nonchalantly and did as she was told while Yuko bit her lip to stifle a moan. Damn... Either Haruna was a real airhead or she was a secret seductress. I’m going to have to be careful with that one. The airheaded ones always turned out to be the most dangerous.

There was this awkward silence afterwards as everyone shifted uncomfortably in their seats. I swear Mayu stiffened for a second and Yuki had this odd poker face on. Her hands were under the table too...

Takamina though, was grinning widely with this smug look on her face after getting her payback on Yuko. Yuko actually stayed quiet after that but we kept the game going anyways. Maybe just so that we’d have something to do.

Haruna chose Yuki, who went with truth, not wanting to do anything weird in front of her girlfriend. I don’t know what the question was since I’d zoned out at this point and I think I was staring at the same wall as Jurina. Now I finally understood why it was so interesting to her.

Someone calling my name snapped me back to reality. “Huh?” I blinked in confusion.

“Rena, Truth or Dare?” Looks like Yuki picked me, I was sure she’d pick Mayu though.

“Hmm...” What should I choose? Yuki knew me too well, which meant she knew all my weaknesses so I had to be careful. “I’ll go with dare.”

Doing something embarrassing would be better than letting people see past my façade. Or at least that’s what I thought.

Yuki smiled. Oh no. She knew I’d pick dare. Shit that’s what I get for trying to use reverse psychology!

“I dare you to sit on Jurina’s lap for the rest of the meeting.” Now that didn’t seem so bad...but it was Jurina. If it wasn’t Jurina then I would’ve done it without complaints. I would’ve even been glad that I’d gotten off with something easy. But it was Jurina. It just freaking had to be Jurina.

“There’s no way I’m doing that.”

“Come on, don’t be a spoilsport~”

I sent Yuki the best glare I had but she didn’t even flinch. Damn girl was already used to all my death glares. I stressed my next words carefully. “Yuki... I will do ANYTHING as long as it doesn’t involve HER.”

“You know Rena...” Mayu’s voice caught my attention, she sounded hesitant to say whatever she was thinking, but ended up saying it anyways. “...You don’t really have to keep up your act all the time. It’s fine to let people know how you really are. I don’t think anyone in here will judge anyways.”

Damn, even Mayu was onto me.

“I’ll judge. But only if you don’t tell.” Jurina added. That last comment pissed me off. I knew Jurina hated when I acted polite but at least it was better than bottling everything up like she did. Jurina resented everyone and everything, but I just wanted to be left alone. That wasn’t too much to ask...was it?

The others were all staring at me expectantly. I hated it, being the center of attention was something I never wanted. But since they’re all waiting for a show...

“Yuki, I fucking hate you.” I waltzed over to where Jurina was seated and plopped myself down on her lap unceremoniously. Jurina let it happen and actually didn’t come back with some nasty remark. I crossed my arms and continued glaring at Yuki, silently praying that Jurina wouldn’t pull anything. “I hope you’re happy now because you’re going to regret this later.”

“If you say so~”

“Don’t try me.” I said through gritted teeth.

“You’re just being pissy enough for all of you.”

I scoffed, “Says the Black Marimokkori.”

“Damn Godzilla.”


“I am not!!”

“Would you prefer Dachshund then?”

Yuki crossed her arms exasperatedly and laid back in her seat, a dark shadow passing over her face, but I wasn’t scared. I could’ve sworn I heard her growl a little too.

Then another pregnant silence filled the air after our little spat...




“ least you’re lettin’ loose~” Yuko grinned like a squirrel. “I’ve been trying to get you to crack since the beginning of last year but you never did. I thought for SURE you’d snap and kill me for being an idiot but it never came at all! And now all of a sudden just sitting on Jurina’s lap made you go haywire?! That’s priceless!” She laughed heartily and the others joined in, even I cracked a smile eventually.

“Wait! You mean you caused all that ruckus just to drive Rena insane?!” Takamina blurted out and everyone just laughed harder, my sides hurt as Yuko shrugged her answer. It took a whole 5 minutes until it finally died down.

“I guess...this isn’t so bad.” A small smile crept its way onto my face.

They all hummed in agreement and it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my chest. I could get along with these guys...and stop pretending all the time. Yeah...

Maybe this isn’t so bad after all.

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 2
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Dang  :ding: :ding: :ding:

*re-edit later

fufufufu...thats awesome...XDD

and i found it truly funny..

hahaha..yuki so cute~~~

and lol..way to go yuki..u manage to set rena loose

rena on loose when it comes to jurina only..pfffttt
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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 2
« Reply #15 on: January 09, 2016, 03:31:42 AM »
I'm soooooo glad you stopped being simply a silent reader! Your writing is awesome! This was another humorous, comedic chapter, and you can bet that I'll be one of your frequent readers! Rena's arguments with all of her friends made me laugh, and it's great that you added more to the colorful cast of characters in the form of the Student Council!

Keep up the great work!

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 2
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oh my... i don't know why.. but i always find it cute when someone sit on someone's lap
and it's wmatsui!!! soooo i went crazy after read it haha XD XD
waiting for more!!!!!!

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 2
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woooow.... superb!!!!
and Yuki makes Rena sat on Jurina's lap... oh noooo.....
what did Jurina feel? was she happy?

update reaaaaally soon.......  :cow:

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 2
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In the last part.. Rena is talking/thinking a lot but my thoughs was.. Rena is sitting in Jurina's lap... so.. Where are those Jurina's hands?.. in Rena's waist.. Rena's lap...

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 2
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I did notice that I didn't add what Jurina was doing or thinking, but here's the justification and you can disagree and I'll be totally fine with it. Actually, I encourage skepticism and feedback on my stories so thanks for pointing it out, RenshuChan and Haruko.

Anyways it's all in first person right? So the way I wrote it is lots of thoughts, personal feelings and only from that perspective. Unfortunately, that means you'll never get to know what the others are thinking, or doing outside of Rena's view. She won't know their thoughts unless they're spoken out loud (since this Rena tends to be a bit dense).

When she was sitting on Jurina's lap, she hoped that Jurina wouldn't do anything stupid because that's how she views Jurina and thinks that she will do. Remember that Rena currently hates the younger Matsui, so she may be a bit biased in her thinking.

For all we know, Jurina could've been sitting on her hands to keep herself from touching Rena, or maybe she didn't even care and just let her arms hang loosely at her sides. And we can't see her reaction because Rena can't see her from the position on Jurina's lap.

But I think you can figure out which of those two options Jurina is more likely to be doing  ;)
I guess I could've added something like: "I felt a light touch on my hips and nearly jumped, but held it in. I quickly figured out that it was Jurina's hands and resisted the urge to cringe and swat them away." The thing is though - she didn't. Rena didn't feel anything -namely Jurina's hands - touch her, so it's left out.

And Jurina could just straight up 'defile' Rena (metaphorically in a sense), but she holds a certain...respect(?) for her? Begrudgingly of course.

Just a thought. Sorry if that spoils anything  :sweatdrop:

Hope this 'essay' explains things a bit and sorry if there's too much of just Rena's thoughts, because I did put a lot of those in here. Man I wish I could type an essay this easy for English class, but sadly no haha :lol:
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