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Author Topic: My Beautiful. Chapter 2 [01/15] <AtsuYuu, MariMii, other couples undecided>  (Read 23531 times)

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Re: A Drastic Change: PART I Chapter 3 [07/17] <AtsuMina, KojiYuu, others>
« Reply #41 on: August 16, 2012, 02:36:50 PM »
waw, i should be the one being speechless with this fic of yours <3
please keep writing! i like it very much :D
My doodle box~ :3
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Re: A Drastic Change: PART I Chapter 3 [07/17] <AtsuMina, KojiYuu, others>
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WOW dark...
But interesting ;)

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Re: A Drastic Change: PART I Chapter 4 [11/13] <AtsuMina, KojiYuu, others>
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@ichikawa: yes, Sakuya and Gakuran are the bodyguards, hehe. And she's scary as a yankee, but she's sweet also, nee? :)
@ScarletWings: ah, arigatou gozaimasu  :bow: :bow:
@kahem: arigatou :bow:
@O r i g a m i: you'll get the continuation some time later. As for now, have some other characters ;)

A/n. Ano, minna, hello!! So I am updating this very late, I know and I'm sorry. I hope I don't disappoint you with this chapter... OTL

IMPORTANT NOTICE and A HUGE THANK YOU. The fight scene was written by stv_wong-san, miyumi-san and kahem-san. Also, of course, me. Other part of the story is written by me. Those who got my PM, and were not able to send their works... You can send me them, and I will be very thankful, as for them you might get a OS of your fav pairing, nanana  XD It might seem short, yes, it is shorter than the previous chapters, but the next chapter is longer, so yeah, have fun reading...

\/\o-o/\/ \/\o-o/\/ \/\o-o/\/ \/\o-o/\/ \/\o-o/\/


Chapter 4

"Oi Sasshi!"
"What Miichan?"
"You’re late! Where's Reina? You both were supposed to be here an hour ago. I’m tired of waiting!"
"Hey! I had my reasons for being late, because..."
"Gomen!" Reina came running down carrying a crepe in her mouth.
"Where have you been?" asked still pissed Miichan.
"I was hungry so I stopped to get a snack." Reina said.
"For a whole hour?" Miichan said.
"The line was long!" pouted innocently the fashionable girl.
"Forget it, let's just get moving." shook her head Sasshi.

The three girls started walking down the street minding their own business. But then Sasshi noticed they were being followed by some unwanted guests. Miichan and Reina also figured it out and decided it was time to ditch the followers. They made a right turn into an alleyway so no one could see them. Then when they reached a dead end, they turned around to see a group of guys. They looked older and scary but neither one of them was afraid.
"How about you ladies come with us? How about it? We'll have a little fun." The guy grabbed his crotch indicating what he meant.
The three looked at each other and smiled. Then Miichan walked over and leaned in close to him.
"You wish~" Then in a flash she kicked him right where it counts making the other guys wince at their fallen comrade. Little did they know, the girls they were messing with were from a popular Yankee school and were very good at fighting. They had no idea they were in one heck of a fight.

"Get them!"
The guys charged and the girls just waited for them to attack. One tried to attack Reina but she quickly avoided the punch and punched the guy in the stomach sending him doubling over in pain. Then she hammered his head with an elbow smash. As one went down another came but Reina was expecting them to play dirty. She quickly moved out of the way and watched the guy punch one of his own buddies.
Meanwhile Miichan was having a blast. She punched one guy in the nose making it gush like a fountain and then she gave him a low kick sending him flying into the trash pile. Then she ducked as two guys swung their fists above her head and then quickly grabbed them and flipped them over. She nailed one of them in the chest and the other in the face. To finish it off, she hit another guy right in the jewels. Then she did a back-flip to avoid the swinging of the bat and she sent a spinning kick afterwards. The guy who's spun the bat was too surprised from seeing the back-flip that he didn't even see a kick was directed to him.
"Yosh, that's the fourth one today!"

Sasshi laughed at Miichan's comment as she smashed one guy's head into the wall and took out another with one punch to the face. There were only five guys left, one of them being the leader. And suddenly the four pulled out knives pointed right at the girls.
"Hey, it’s not fair!" Miichan said.
"Relax, we can handle them." smiled Sasshi.
"Shut up and let’s fight!" shouted playfully fashionable girl.
The four came charging at them with their knives waiting. Two of them went after Miichan while the other two went after Reina and Sasshi. Reina had no problem disarming her guy when all she had to do was make him trip and fall over. Sasshi easily snatched the blade out of her guy's hand and threw it to the side. Then like a true Yankee she finished him with two punches to the stomach and one in the chest.

Miichan however was having a little difficulty. The two were striking randomly and Miichan was barely able to dodge. At one point one of the guys slashed a tear in her jacket.
"Hey, no one messes with our school uniforms!" Miichan whacked the blades out of their hands and then grabbed both of their heads and slammed them together. When she let go, their bodies dropped like logs. "Knock out!"
"Nice one Miichan!" Reina said.

There was just the leader left. He tried to run away but Sasshi easily caught up with him. She made him kneel down, grabbed his right arm and put it behind him, preventing him from moving.
“Please let me go.” He begged.
“You shouldn't have messed with stronger than you.” said Miichan while approaching him. When she was in front of him, something caught his attention. It was a red pin with a white flower and the initials MJ drawn on it. His eyes widened, because he knew this insignia.
“Please don't hurt me. I didn't know you were...” He couldn't finish his sentence because Miichan put her hand on his mouth.
“It's too late, we are pretty upset now.” said Miichan before making a sign to Reina to finish him. The guy was completely scared. Then Reina violently hit his face with her knee.
“We can go now.” said Sasshi.
“Yeah, let's go. And by the way, I won.” declared Miichan.”

“You were so cool!” exclaimed Reina and then frowned. “I lost my crepe in the middle of the fight...”
“And that reminds me... Sasshi, why were you late?!” yelled Miichan.
“Our class had to go and have a check up... And you know our school’s nurse...” she shivered, but then grinned widely. “I made sure he won’t be touching anyone for at least a week.”
“Yay! Go Sasshi!” smiled Reina.
“Mhm... I forgive you then... While I was waiting for you, I checked my twitter and Tomomi updated a blog!! Ah, yappari Yamamoto sisters are so cute together!!” squealed she and jumped around for a minute.
“Now you’re so not cool...” teased Sasshi and then her face turned into a sparkling one. “Nee, Reina, tell me more about Kuumin, please!!!”
“You’re whining too much... I cannot understand how can you be heels over someone you never saw... Ah, I should ask my sister for a meeting with Gaki-san...”
“Yap, we lost her...” stated Miichan, who knew too well about Reina’s obsession over Niigaki Risa, an assistant at Shibuya Fashion Line.

Sasshi’s face suddenly became unreadable. “Talking about twitter, I read the latest news... It seems there was a huge murder not far away from our town, some mafia gang was killed off...”
“Yeah, I read about it too...” sighed the bubbly yankee. “By the way, on the lighter note... Have you heard the latest news, while being at school?”
“About the transfer student?” asked the hetare girl.
“Un. I heard her father was a priest...”
“Say what?! EH?!”
“That’s not all... People said she’s very cute and pretty... And innocent, on top of that...”
“Poor girl... Does she know our school is not for sweet girls..?”
“Well, it’s not our problem, is it?” asked Miichan.
“No, it’s not... Anyway, we should take Reina home, she’s still in her Niigaki-land...”

When Reina was brought home, she snapped out of her thoughts, as she saw her sister’s car in a driveway. She left her friends behind and ran inside, smiling widely.
“Neechan! Tadaima~!” shouted she and jumped on her sister full force, making them both fall on the sofa.
“Reina-chan... Okaeri. You should have just hugged me normally, you know. My dress will be crinkled..”
“Oh, oneechan, who’s more important? Me or your dress?”
“Mhm... Definitely the dress.” teased the older one. “Now get up and make me dinner, as I am really hungry.”
“Mou~” pouted the yankee girl, yet still skipped to the kitchen.
“You know, I have good news to you, fangirl. Your favorite model agreed to appear on my fashion show.”
“She what?!” a happy squeal could be heard. “Yatta!!!!! Ogura Haruna-san is finally not just unreachable dream!! I can meet her, yay!!!”
“Don’t forget to cook, Reina-chan.”
“Un un.” she kept silent for awhile. “Ano, is Takamina-san coming tonight?”
“Even though she’s my girlfriend, she’s not supposed to come here every night, now is she?”
“Iie... Ah, so happy~! But how? You said she declined.”

Tomochin came to the kitchen and sat on the chair.
“I want to know the real reasons too, but I have my own opinion, no, more like guesses about it. But as I thought, you haven’t read it in the newspapers. Why?”
“I went to school, and after school we got into a fight. But of course we beat them.” proudly stated the younger Itano. “What should I wear, neechan? I want to look good, when Ogura-san signs for me.”
“I think you’re too happy, Reina-chan. Are you forgetting your dear Gaki-san?” asked in a teasing manner the fashion queen.
“ W...why do you ask?” stuttered cat girl and continued cooking, concentrating more than needed.
“Mhm, just curious, that’s all. She was asking about you, you know...” smirked designer and waited.
“Really?!” excited Reina turned around at her sister, then suddenly lifted her chin and lowered her voice, yet the sparkles in her eyes stayed unmoved. “So what?.. What she wanted?..”
“You can hide your feelings from anyone but me. I know you like her a lot. She asked if you’re going to attend, I said yes. She was happy.”
The yankee girl turned away from her sister, continuing with the dinner.
“Um... So, what about you and Takamina?”
“I love her, she loves me, end of story. We’re happy together.” smiled warmly Tomomi. “Ah, smells good, hurry!” she patted her sister’s shoulder and went to make a call to her girlfriend.

After dinner both sisters went to take a bath, then to their beds. One was thinking about a certain midget before falling asleep, another was too preoccupied thinking about a certain assistant to fall asleep. But eventually she gave in and drowned in her dreams, full off fluffy kittens. Do all yankees dream like that?..
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Re: A Drastic Change: PART I Chapter 4 [11/13] <AtsuMina, KojiYuu, others>
« Reply #44 on: November 13, 2012, 01:56:38 AM »
Reina is a funny character ^^
Haruna seems to be a bitch though lol

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Re: A Drastic Change: PART I Chapter 4 [11/13] <AtsuMina, KojiYuu, others>
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There's so many characters (non-akb) here that i'm a little confused with who' who.  :nervous

But, I like it. I want to know more about their relations in this story. And since you're good with unexpected story (and pairings), I know this will turn out good. And as much as I like takatomo and atsutomo, please let it be tomotomo in the end  :bow: :bow: :nervous

That would really make my day, since I'm currently on a mood swing because of the whole Tomo~mi`s situation. :( :banghead:

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Re: A Drastic Change: PART I Chapter 4 [11/13] <AtsuMina, KojiYuu, others>
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I was waiting for this >< there's really a lot of characters and scenarios, but loved the way you're making them interlace >< even though there's a lot to happen I can figure it will be awesome :3

thanks for the update, I'm definetly waiting forward the next chapter @_@ and my kojiyuu~ nyahaha~ xD

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Re: A Drastic Change: PART I Chapter 4 [11/13] <AtsuMina, KojiYuu, others>
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Just Joining

Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next chapter

Thank you for the fanfic  :twothumbs :twothumbs

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A/n. MINNA, HELLO~!! The story I once kinda promised to miayaka and arrow27 to continue on writing is finally here~

I have no idea when I will continue 'A Drastic Change' but I have some ideas so decided to bring this topic up~

Replies to your comments will be at the end of the post.

My Beautiful


Chapter 1

Holding two huge bags in her left hand, three a bit smaller in her right one, compared to the one on her head, and one oversized bag bitten by her ; that’s how Takahashi Minami, better known as ‘THE midget’, was going home after shopping all day long. If one looked from afar or even from up close all one could see would be…

“Mommy, look! The bags are moving by themselves!! Suggoii!!!”

“Eh…. Maybe it’s the ghost…”

“Daddy… Can you buy me the bags that can move without being carried?”

And so on. Takamina scoffed and kept on walking. It was nothing new to be made fun of. More like, there were many who really didn’t see her but it was not her fault. She was always tiny thanks to her parents being not tall too. The reason why she bought this unreasonable amount of bags…

She shook her head, not wanting to dwell on the sad and depressing memories, and kept walking. She could faintly see where to go through the small opening between the bag on her head and the one in her mouth but it was enough for her to swiftly (!) move past the streets and rushing people to her destination.

Suddenly she stumbled and fell on the asphalt, more like sprawled there, the bags fully covering her tiny body. She groaned and tried to move but the sharp pain around her waistline made her stop in her tracks. Her fingers ran the skin under the banana parka, feeling the wound from a while ago with her fingertips, realizing it apparently opened and blood now was rushing out of it.

Grumbling once again and enduring the pain she moved the bags from herself and stood up. Gladly the blood was running not too fast and she fell in front of her house’s door so it was easy to grab and drag the bags inside. Leaving them and the shoes by the doorstep she then slouched to the bathroom and took a first aid kit.

After taking care of her wound and emptying the bags she plopped herself on the sofa in the living room. The baka midget forgot about the wound so ended up groaning yet once again. She closed her eyes and the memories from this morning resurfaced despite her efforts to try and fall asleep.


“Takamina-san… How far are you prepared to go? How long are you going to do this?”

“Sasshi… I think I had enough… But I say that every time, don’t I?”

Minami’s right-hand nodded her head in a sad manner and patted her boss.

“I’m sure you don’t want to hurt them and I know they all say you won’t… But do you really believe in that, that you can so simply walk away without leaving them heartbroken?”

“No… I know I hurt them… But what can I do?... I have to forget…” Takahashi slammed her fist into a wall and then kicked it hard. “I have to forget…yet I can’t, no matter how many women I sleep with… I just can’t forget…”

“Then go back and solve things instead of running away, Takamina-san…” Sasshi stated and shook her head. Her boss was such a stubborn person, dealing with things on her own. “Ah, don’t forget you have an appointment with your doctor today!”

“Un… At least one good thing awaits me in the evening… Wait, isn’t it her birthday today?” The chibi asked.

“You have to do something about that memory of yours, Takamina-san... It’s too great…” The hetare woman sighed and glanced at her electronic device. “Yeah, it’s today according to the calendar.”

“Ah, I should bring her a present.” Minami noted more to herself than to her right-hand person.

~end of flashback~

Minami propped herself up and gathered all her strength to go to the dressing room. There she changed into a white shirt, dark blue jacket and black tight pants. The short woman put on a watch, some perfume and combed her short hair. Gritting her teeth because of the pain where her wound resided, she went to the kitchen and picked a gift pouch from the table. She put that into the pocket of her jacket and then went outside. Locking the house’s door, she went to the garage, put on her helmet, jumped on the motorbike and drove into the city, forgetting all the bad things and already enjoying the upcoming meeting.

“Yuki-neechan! Your client came!”

“Hai!” Doctor Kashiwagi Yuki tried to keep her heartbeat steady but that was not easy as only the thought of seeing her private client again made her heart dance Charleston. She checked herself one last time in the mirror and nodded to the reflection. Slightly wavy long black hair, fair white skin, big obsidian colored eyes, black blouse, black pencil skirt and a white doctor’s coat. It was her work outfit. Yet she was at home, so why was she wearing these clothes? To make an impression, obviously.

Yuki went down the stairs and into her study. She noticed her sister laughing at some joke her client probably said and it made Yuki grip the side of her coat. She coughed discreetly – more like really loudly to make sure they notice her presence – and motioned for her sister to leave the room.

“Mou, neechan, you’re no fun~” the young girl pouted playfully and headed towards the door, not forgetting to wink to the client before leaving.

“Milky!” Yuki shouted once and it was enough for her sister to scuttle away because the black aura, that the doctor sometimes had showing up, made her fear for her dear life.

Her client casted the deep stare on Yuki and she blushed really hard. Her feet didn’t want to move but she put all strength she got and sat on her chair behind the desk.

“Good evening, Takahashi-san.” The black haired beauty said, trying to stop her voice from shaking. Her cheeks were flushed and she looked anywhere but at her client.

“Good evening, doctor Kashiwagi.” A low voice made Yuki look at the chibi woman. The midget looked stunning tonight and it made Yuki’s heart nearly jump out of her chest. “I am here like you appointed.”

“G..good.. Well…” Yuki inhaled some air. “Brace yourself, Yuki. You have to be professional….

“Well?” Takahashi raised her eyebrow, trying not to smirk and Yuki frowned, realizing how it was easy for her tiny yet gorgeous client to read her.

“I think I should ask you how your wound is…” the black haired doctor started and her eyes darted at the white shirt, trying not to blush from the perverted thoughts in her head. Her imagination was driving her nuts, making her wonder about the body under that shirt.

“It’s fine.” Minami dropped the topic and smiled gently. “But I can easily tell you really want to inspect it, am I not right?”

“I am your doctor and I am worried about your health, it’s my duty to inspect your wound…” Yuki blushed at the thought of touching that perfectly toned skin.

“Well…” Takahashi was about to tease the doctor more, but seeing those beautiful eyes going really wide she realized it was wrong to switch her sitting position. The jacket went slightly apart, revealing the red mark on her shirt slowly getting bigger and bigger due to the wound opening up once again. Those plump inviting lips opened wide and Minami could barely control herself.

“Takahashi-san!!” Yuki quickly stood up and was about to reach for the white shirt but little did she know that this action shattered the last drop of patience for the midget woman. Yuki was pulled into a deep kiss which made her jolt out of sheer surprise, her eyes nearly bulging out of the sockets.

The kiss was deep, sucking air out of her, while the impatient tongue explored her mouth. All she could do was hold onto the jacket tightly in order not to fall onto Minami completely. Yuki tried to find some logic in her head and tried to remind herself that she is a doctor, and that this all should stop right this minute. However,  the lack of air turned her head into a jelly and it was really hard to produce any logical statement. She was about to give up when the kiss suddenly ended, leaving her panting and gasping for air. The midget chuckled and brushed her thumb over Yuki’s parted lips.

“If you want to inspect me, Kashiwagi-san, you have to be fair.” In a deep and low voice Minami stated.

“Wha….t… do you mean…by that..?”

“If you want to touch me, let me touch you too. Where your fingers brush my skin, my fingers brush your skin also. Where I feel you touching me, I shall touch you there too.” Minami pulled gently on the lower lip of the black haired doctor. “It’s the only way for you to inspect me, or I’ll take my leave.”

“Eh… EEEEH?!!!”

END of Chapter 1.


@kahem: we'll see about Haruna, and yes, Reina is funny. She is always funny, even in real life - at least me being her No.1 fan and stalking all behind the scene videos was able to make sure of that XD

@stv_wong: I know you're a wTomo fan and we'll see how the story progresses when I update it someday  :nervous if you have questions about the members, dun be afraid to ask  :)

@deH: I am happy you like this  :bow: I'll be sure to update it someday soon  :nervous

@cisda83: hai, arigatou for commenting  :bow:
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 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs i'm looking forward to the sequel

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takamina and yuki kissed?! :shocked
i am speechless at the ending... (although i admit it was hot) :lol: :inlove:
thanx for this sakura-san!~ :cow: :bow:
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Sakuchan~  this was cool! A self conscious player Takamidget!
I got my attention here ;p I'm curious about what is gonna happen~
and while I don't see the MariMii, I'll enjoy the good plot ;)

Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

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AN update at last...

Minami such a player here....

Eh... it's atsuYuu story...

Who Minami is going to end up with?

Can't wait to see the next

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Just reading sakura-san is "Drastic Change".. its good..  waiting for your next update then  XD and just some deduction that I want to express which I know the story already far away, about the chapter before, that Haruna tear off the fan letters because she hate lesbian that I think there was a connection with Tomochin, right?  XD if that right, I'm waiting for the story behind them..  is seems interesting.. and sorry, if that was wrong *Gah, it'll be embarrassing if that was wrong,  but just want to saying things that have been my mind  XD* and, sorry again for such long comment here.. but I would like to say, your fics was good, better than mine certainly.. I like your fics that maybe you don't know because I'm usually just a silent reader in this forum  :lol: so don't let that thinks make you down,  it's all that I want to say.. hehehehe and update it soon  :twisted: :lol: :lol:

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TKMN's so popular XD and dirty. Unlike the other fic, Drastic Change. I like DC since it has TomoTaka. Hooray TomoTaka! As for MB, I like how ya use TKMN's height against her XD And not to mention she's getting kinda ahead of herself. O.O There's no way my TKMN could be this full of herself!!! Hot TakaYuki scene there~ =w=b

Thanks as per usual, Saku~ And I shall wait for le AtsuYuu~!!!

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I apologize for the nth time about replying late to this fiction. As promised, here's a response to this work that you have updated so far at its current state.

Before I start, I will make note of something that I've seen on here. I see there's a HUGE improvement between the year of 2012 and 2013 with your writing technique. To be honest, reading through the 2012 version with the first couple chunks of the fiction was a little struggle. (Possibly due to the formatting though, LOL.) But at the most recent update, I could see that you jumped far ahead in your writing ability. So kudos to you there! :)

In regard to the story, I like the dialogues and exchanges between the characters. Though I'll mainly be focusing on the recent update, I could tell the characters are speaking for themselves rather than a writer who just stuffed their mouth with words. Definitely flows well back and forth. Most importantly, it shows that you have mastered the interactions via dialogues. :)

This caught me by surprise:

“Yuki-neechan! Your client came!”

“Hai!” Doctor Kashiwagi Yuki tried to keep her heartbeat steady but that was not easy as only the thought of seeing her private client again made her heart dance Charleston.

Now here is something new. We always saw Yuki playing the nurse role. So to see her be a doctor is a nice change for once, haha. Glad you implemented that into your fiction here. And boy, Minami here really is different from the stereotypical role and aura that she carries around. Once again, it's good to see something different with the characters in the role of the story. :) Not to mention that TakaYuki scene is... well... I didn't see that coming at all, LOL.

You should continue this fiction! :) I apologize in regard to such a short response. I'll do my best to bring out a better quality and quantity post the next time I get a chance to comment. On the other hand, ganbatte and continue to keep that pen/pencil/cursor moving throughout your writing hobby life! :deco:

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wew~ I only read TakaYuki part~~  XD XD XD
wew~ love it~  :yep: :heart: :heart: :heart:
ta~ ta~

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A/n.  :gmon peakaboo:

 :gmon hi:

honestly, it's been ages since the last time I posted anything in here... or updated any of my works. Not gonna shower you with excuses, just gonna drop this update here. Replies are at the end of the update. I hope guys enjoy this~

 :gmon witch:

My Beautiful


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

“If you want to touch me, let me touch you too. Where your fingers brush my skin, my fingers brush your skin also. Where I feel you touching me, I shall touch you there too.” Minami pulled gently on the lower lip of the black haired doctor. “It’s the only way for you to inspect me, or I’ll take my leave.”

“Eh… EEEEH?!!!”

"You heard me. So either we begin or I'll leave." Minami's finger now was gently caressing Yuki's cheek.

"B-but... you cannot leave!!!" Kashiwagi protested, her eyes casting glances between the big red spot on her client's white shirt and those smirking lips that were kissing her so fervently just minutes ago. "Your wound needs to be treated!!!"

"Then take care of it~~~" Takahashi was really looking forward to see what the next move of the beautiful doctor was going to be.

"..." Yuki gulped and tried to retained her professional side. Her shaky fingers started undoing buttons of Takahashi's shirt, revealing a small chest under sports bra and refined abs that were marred by a bleeding wound. She gasped when Minami did the same to her, undoing Yuki's black blouse's buttons with much confidence. The beautiful doctor cheeks flushed in deep red color when her client's finger traced the outline of Yuki's black lace bra. "L-let me...concen-trate...please"

"But I am merely giving you the same treatment. Don't you think that I am also affected by your touches?" Minami asked in a low voice, watching Yuki straightening her back and walking around the office, picking all the things she needed to proceed with the wound treatment. "You never asked me where I've got this from..."

"I assumed you won't tell me... Will you?" Kashiwagi brought the tray over and placed it on the side table. She took a damp cloth and pressed it gently over the wound, until it absorbed the excessive amount of blood, and couldn't help but smirk when Minami let out a low grunt. She didn't need to ask; the petite female held the damp cloth herself while Yuki removed the old stitches remnants and prepared a sterile needle and thread. She then waited for Minami to remove the cloth and then started disinfecting the wound with another piece of cloth, soaked in the disinfectant solution. Minami let out another hiss and took in a few sharp breaths. After getting used to the inconvenience she finally spoke.

"It's funny really, how it was my own fault, I mean, I got distracted." Minami said while her fingers traced Yuki's abdomen, watching it shiver under the touch and the doctor's cheeks once again tinting with red. "Me and my best friend were practicing fencing, then a distraction was in sight and I lost focus."

"Your best friend stabbed you?!" Kashiwagi made one of her reactions and shook her head, pulling the thread through the needle and getting ready to close the wound. She had no idea why her client was so against painkillers, but to argue with Takahashi was not something she ever wanted to do. " know it's gonna hurt, right?"

"If it's you, I don't mind the---UGH." Minami was somehow able to twist her body in such a way, that while Yuki was still able to attend to the wound, the smaller woman sunk her teeth into the inviting neck of the black haired doctor.

"Tak---" Yuki gasped, the sound very reminiscent that of a hushed moan, yet continued stitching, hoping her professional side can finish the job until her body went limp under the older woman's seduction. Her body was already on fire and all she wanted at that moment was to bask in Takahashi's embrace, but she had a task at hand to finish. Over the remaining time that she was stitching, not one or two but way more hushed moans escaped Yuki's lips, yet she was somehow able to properly close the wound without complications. At that point Minami was suckling on the skin just above the beautiful lace that Yuki's bra was covered with. The doctor placed the bandage over the wound and let out another moan. "The----re---nnnmn..."

"Mm~" It was easy to ignore the pain when the sweet soft skin was shivering under her teeth. Minami pulled back and focused her deep gaze onto Yuki's half lidded eyes. "The distraction I was talking about. Care to know who it was?"

Yuki simply nodded, unable to utter a word, slightly panting from overwhelming fire in her whole body. Suddenly Minami's finger slipped behind the lace and started tracing circles on Kashiwagi's sensitive mounds, making the doctor moan and hold onto Takahashi firmly.

"She was once my girlfriend... I thought we loved each other..." Minami stopped for a second, letting Yuki grasp what was said. "I don't blame her though, she came to visit her lover."

Yuki's confused gaze made Minami chuckle.

"I didn't know it then. Well, actually, just a week ago her and that best friend of mine got married." With those words Minami closed the distance, tasting those delicious lips again, her hand getting bolder with the ministrations, making Yuki melt under the touch.


She moved her body automatically, swaying her hips from side to side, lazily scanning the area she was in. The club was crowded with all sorts of people, not that she cared much anyways. Her intoxicated body felt light and her mind actually gave no f*cks. Someone's hands gripped her as* and she even leaned to the touch, not even realizing she was being groped. Alcohol made everything so much more easier, it all was a blur to her, yet over the past week this was the woman's every day thing. Some old geezer pulled her into a kiss and she lazily rolled her tongue over his, not minding anything in this world.

So it was a huge surprise to her after she opened her eyes only to find herself seated by the bar.

"Haruna... You shouldn't drink this much..." A tall Ikemen woman spoke and gave a glass of a bubbling see through liquid to the confused woman.

" here...Mari-chan..." She gulped the drink and nearly spit it out, scrunching her face in disgust. "Ew, water."

"Of course I gave you water, to clear your mind from alcohol at least a bit." Shinoda Mariko spoke and sighed. "Look, I know it's hard...but it doesn't mean coming here and drinking till you're unconscious and in some old geezer's arms is going to solve anything..."

"Then...make...forget...Mari-chan..." Kojima slurred out and leaned over, her intoxicated eyes casting a sultry look on the woman in front of her, her hands sneaking around the firm waist. "Kiss me..."

"You're drunk."


"I have a girlfriend."

"Won't." Haruna scoffed. "Find out. No. Kiss me"

"I don't care. I love Miichan."

"Our...past...don't care?.." Haruna tried to pull off a sad look but if most, it looked really pathetic to Mariko. "Kiss me..."

"It was a one night stand, Haruna... A consolatory one after Yuuko rejected you... It meant nothing." Shinoda sighed and somehow was able to pull the woman off of herself. "Let me take you home."

"Home... tomorrow work..." Kojima murmured and giggled. "Is...rain?"

With those words she slumped in Mariko's arms, suddenly succumbing to sleep.

"Yeah...I'll take you home..."

END of Chapter 2.


@Kazan: here it is, hope you like it :)

@mayuki_daisuki: cous~~~ hehe, it's gonna get even hotter at this chapter lol

@BbSis: dun worry, soon there's gonna be plenty of MariMii ;) thanks for liking it :)

@cisda83: I just want to say that even though Minami seems infatuated by Yuki, it doesn't necessarily mean she is gonna end up with her. So your question really shall get some applause xD I like player Taka

@applelink: oh, I dunno when will I update it, but it might be someone you maybe never expected, or simply a random fan xD glad you like Drastic Chnage and I hope I can update it someday, recently been procrastinating a lot xD

@AshuraX: TomoTaka is great, right?! AtsuYuu in the next chapter probably. And I like this ahead of herself Taka, I cannot wait to show you all even more of this Minami  :roll:

@LoyalFlutist: shachou!!!! I love your comments!!! Thanks for taking time and commenting!!! It means a lot to me, you know that  :bow: I never know how to reply to these construcive well thought of comments, so I am just gonna thank you from the bottom of my heart. and you know, doctor Yuki is hot :inlove: hope you enjoy this one too, though I feel really rusty and this update's quality is probably not as great... oTL

chiqinna: here's more TakaYuki to you ;)
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hello~ it's me...
I read the first part again and then second part..lolz
thanks for the takayuki tho its short..
annndd.. Intriguing.. lolz
its not enough!! Dx
I want mooooreeee!!!
(is actually craving for TakaYuu too ...just saying..)
and noona please...

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Atsuyuu is cute too! Good story, takamina tho   8)

Update soon! I really like this story
Atsumina and Wmatsui for life.
Takamina Oshi!!!

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