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Author Topic: Running with the Wolves - Chapter 1 [22/5/16]  (Read 6617 times)

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Running with the Wolves - Chapter 1 [22/5/16]
« on: February 16, 2016, 05:51:10 PM »
First of all, this is something that I'm going to concentrate on only after I finish up with New Love (not that much left). But I feel really inspired with this, so I don't want to turn down my own inspiration (sounds weird, I guess). Sorry about it but either way, this is the prologue with the idea. Let's see if (and how) this is going to turn out.



We live in a world where other people control our lives. Even the smallest decisions are influenced by others, we might not even realize it until it is too late that the thing we did — is not what we actually wanted to do.

The world is a strange and scary place, especially for those who are still innocent, hopeful and naive. There are not too many of them, of course, and with years everyone gets more experience but in every place can be found exceptions of the case.

Young, reckless, naive. These are the people who like adventures the most, they thrive and look for it in all the wrong places. Most importantly, they see opportunities whenever they go. For example, one friend suggests going camping in the woods at night and it sounds like the most brilliant idea anyone could have come up with. Young, reckless, naive… do people really think about consequences at that point? Living one day at a time. That is their motto.

For all these reasons and most importantly, because of boredom, six best friends decide to go and look for some sort of adventure. They agree to equip themselves with only the most important things that might be necessary for that one night. Among those things… nothing can be used for protection. No one actually considers the possibilities of this being the last fun they will have.

The group of six, have no idea that for four of them… this is going to be the last night of their life. They have no idea… that only two of them will survive.

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Re: Running with the Wolves - Prologue [16/2/16]
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2016, 08:56:01 PM »
Oh shit... I definitely want to read this.

When you can Post the first part  :cow: Im excited  :)

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Re: Running with the Wolves - Prologue [16/2/16]
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2016, 01:59:51 PM »
OH MAH GAD!! Who's the two people?  :? :?
the rest will die!!?? :shocked :shocked
Gosh so nice!!! XD XD
Will be waiting for part one.  :) :)
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Re: Running with the Wolves - Prologue [16/2/16]
« Reply #3 on: May 12, 2016, 06:21:43 AM »
calista-san~ heyy~~

This prologue is amazing!  :farofflook:

It got me intrigued. Who are the characters? What will happen to them? Who will survive?  :dunno:

I'm looking forward to the death scenes! I love weird death scenes. HAHAHAHA.

Expect that I'll be lurking around once in a while on this thread~ So... yeah.  :drool: XD :lol:

I'll patiently wait for your next update! Ganbatte!  :onioncheer:

 :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda: :wigglypanda:

- ametakarano

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Running with the Wolves - Chapter 1 [22/5/16]
« Reply #4 on: May 22, 2016, 08:50:23 PM »
Chapter 1

The Two Who Couldn't Go

[Unknown; Present Time]

I’m lost.

I am nothing.

I feel cold.

I am hopeless.

I can do nothing.

I barely feel my legs.

Will I be lost forever?

[Two days before the incident. Matsui Jurina.]

“This camping trip is the best idea ever!”, Jurina, the youngest of the group jumps around excitedly while facing her friends. Saying that she’s the youngest one is hypocritical considering that all of them are pretty much the same age. They differ with one or two months. Jurina is 3 months younger than the oldest of them all. So yes, she is considered the youngest of the group.

Jurina stopped jumping around when she heard Shimazaki Haruka snorting “You were the one that suggested this in the first one. Obviously you believe it is the best idea”.

“And we do know why you invited us all to join you. You think we haven’t noticed how you look at that crush of yours”. Yui commented with a laugh while kissing her girlfriend on the lips shortly.

For the first time during that whole morning Haruka shared a small genuine smile. 


“Oh come on Yui… you’re not even going. Don’t complain”, Jurina pouted, remembering how Haruka’s girlfriend had responsibilities with the family and disagreed to join them. It was surprising enough that she let Haruka go alone. 

Though… truth to be told. Haruka would have rather stayed by her girlfriend’s side, not with the crazy and usually annoying friends.

Jurina ignored the disappointment evident on Haruka’s face and put some of her friends clothes in her bag “Hurry up! We don’t have all day!”

“We are going there at night. It is still morning. We literally have all day ahead of us”, Haruka rolled her eyes for who knows which time and shook her head shortly with disapproval.

“Also… please enlighten us… what did you exactly like about that girl…why did you invited her?”

“I don’t know… she had a beautiful voice… looked a bit mysterious… in her own kind of way…”

“More like… she was just beautiful and you were crushing on her for the longest of time”, Yui put both of her hands around her girlfriend’s shoulders and showed Jurina tongue teasingly.

It was kind of ironic that Yui had no idea that she was indeed torturing younger girl, by the fact that she’s having someone she can’t. Jurina liked Haruka for as long as she could remember, but without a doubt — it was morally wrong to like your cousin. So instead she settled for being a good friend and simply staying by her side.

The time when Yui joined their circle wasn’t the easiest one for Jurina, but just at the same time she also met a girl. Someone who till this day she held close to her heart… probably the only person at that point who could have helped her with this stupid crush. Matsui Rena. Unfortunately, the girl died couple of months later. Car accident. Fatal.

Jurina felt grief. Everyone in their group did, since they always accepted new people, but even worse was those moments where she had no one and had to witness all those sweet-cute Yui and Haruka’s interactions. That was the moment when Jurina felt truly lonely.

For this little adventure of theirs, she was lucky to notice a girl. Quite a dark and mysterious one. She got the girls name after listening to her sing. 

Kashiwagi Yuki. 

Nicknamed as black from some of workers at that bar. 

It seemed like ‘Black’ was indeed her color and the lyrics of her chosen songs gave that mysterious feeling that made Jurina made up her mind and invite her to join a group.

The plan was to go as eight. Yui announced about her parents plan pretty much at the last minute and they were left with seven. Uneven number, but Jurina didn’t mind it in the end. Not only she wouldn’t have to witness those sickening interactions between the couple, but also she will have someone by her side. There was no doubt that Yukirin was just as interested in her.

When Jurina invited Yukirin to join them, the two spend the rest of the evening together and even kissed while saying goodbye. Unconsciously Jurina smirked after hearing Yukirin’s ring-tone that evening. The same song that this girl chose to sing to everyone that evening:

He holds the gun against my head
I close my eyes and bang I am dead
I know he knows that he’s killing me for mercy

He holds my body in his arms
He didn’t mean to do no harm
And he holds me tight

Oh, he did it all to spare me from the awful things in life that come
And he cries and cries
I know he knows that he’s killing me for mercy

“It is creepy, isn’t it?”

Maybe it would have freaked other people out, but instead Jurina just shrugged her shoulders shortly “I think I’m starting to like that song. I like a different song of AURORA… by the title: Running with the Wolves. Have you heard that one?”

Yukirin nod her head excited. “Yeah…I have listened to that one for a year none stop… I switched to this one… you kind of reminded me of that one just now”.

After some more vague conversation, the two kissed. Just like Jurina remembered. She smirked slightly. The kiss indeed… left her speechless for a moment.

Yui and Haruka brought her back to reality though “Are you even listening to us?”

“Are you confessing your undying love to each other? Because that usually makes me want to throw up”, younger girl commented sarcastically with a roll of her eyes. “I’m guessing you will spend the rest of the day together and I’ll see you in the evening?”

Jurina didn’t wait for confirmation knowing those two way too well. “I will leave you to your smexy time and off I go. Maybe I can annoy someone else in the meanwhile… you know… just as much as the sigh of you annoys me”.

It was usual thing for Jurina to comment like that. They were used to sarcastic remarks that expressed Matsui’s true feelings. No one believed that the girl was serious though, so were is the harm, right?

[Unknown; Present Time]

What is happening?

Is this really the end?

Was any of this worth it?

What have I accomplished in my life?

There is no end to this hell.

I want to scream. I want to let everything out. Scream as loudly as I can.

I’m terrified.

There is no exit.

There is no place to hide.

Am I even hiding?

I’m pretty sure I’m visible. I can be found at any point.

I want to scream again.

Only a meek sound leaves my mouth.

My vision is blurry.

Oh yes… it is because I’m crying.

I have been crying all this time.

I feel like I’m losing consciousness.

No. I need to stay awake if I want to survive this hell.

Do I even want to survive anymore?

[Two days before the incident. Haruka and Yui]

After Jurina left, Yui turn around facing her girlfriend completely and pouting a bit. “I’m a bit disappointed, actually”.

“Disappointed?” Haruka questioned while putting hands on Yui’s waist. It came naturally to the girl so she didn’t think even for a second about it.

“I think Jurina dislikes me a bit. Just a feeling I get. I doubt I’m imagining it… I mean… it has been quite some time and she’s avoiding us even more after… Rena…”

Haruka shrugged her shoulders shortly “Yeah…well… that’s life. Her girlfriend is dead. She just needs to accept that”.

Yui hit her girlfriend shortly (and strongly) on the shoulder which made Haruka wince and glare angrily “What?”

“Paruru you can’t speak like that! It is not nice! But I know that you care… even if you have a very strange way of showing it since you chose spending time with Jurina and your friends instead of me and my family, but still… Also, why are you pouting all the time, like someone is forcing you to go there? It was your choice”.

Haruka sigh defeated “I know, I know. I would prefer spending all my time with you… but I can’t leave that idiot alone. And I don’t like that new girl…”


“Yes, that one. Jurina has the worst taste when it comes to girls, I’m not even joking.”

Haruka and Yui kept on staring at each other for some time, as if in some sort of stare-war, until Yui shook her head shortly giving up “I’m glad that you’re not so overprotective with me. I don’t know if I could handle it”.

“Try dating other people and let’s see if I will or will not be overprotecting”, Haruka joked this time and leaned in kissing Yui’s neck seductively. “How about… instead of talking about my cousin and her none-existent love life, we do something useful for the rest of the day?”

Yui felt herself falling on the bed behind, but she saw no point in fighting her girlfriend back, letting her kiss her repeatedly and asking in a joking manner as if having no clue “mmm… I wonder what that might be?”

[Two days before the incident. Matsui Jurina.]

It is a good thing that Jurina asked for Yukirin’s phone number. In that way, the two girls had a chance to text each other none stop. That is what they did. Telling little secrets, asking 20 questions in a form of a game.

Yuki: Okay… you know I’m kind of… a dark soul… so a question. Have you even lost someone?

Jurina: You mean as in person? Well… my mother when I was around 6 years old. She died. My father… when I was around 13 years old. One morning he took all things and just left. I was lucky enough that my aunt take me in. So I live with my cousin… we don’t need to share a room though. The house is big enough. One of those houses that can make you feel empty. Some time ago…I also lost my girlfriend. She died in a car accident.

Yuki: Oh… I didn’t expect that many people.

Jurina: Yeah. It seems that people like leaving me. Hopefully, we will have a fun adventure and you won’t. But how about you?

Yuki: Nah. Actually I’m quite spoiled. If I wanted to… I could live like a princess. I’m not even kidding. Next question… can I keep up with the questions?

Jurina: Sure.

Yuki: Okay… so we barely talked, because of other activities, so I have to ask. Who else is going?You mentioned 7 more people? Well including you.

Jurina: Oh… well Yui can’t go. But you’re right. I haven’t told you about the others. Don’t worry, they are not scary…but I kind of forced some of them to join us… You know, they need distraction and adventure. They just don’t know about it… YET. Hehe.

Yuki: So you have organized all of this?

Jurina: Pretty much. My evil plan was to invite as many people as possible… but I can’t force random strangers (unless it is you). So in the end I had to settle for my closest friends. I think you have met some of them before. Haruka and Yui were with me that evening. Haruka is my cousin, remember?

Yuki: Oh yeah. That couple that stayed by your side?

Jurina: Yup. Those two. Also, when we walked outside my other friend was just going inside and she greeted us… Nao. I introduced you two.

Yuki: I remember. Black hair? I think she was jealous of me.

Jurina: Haha. What? No… she’s just a very good friend, like a sister.

Yuki: Well maybe she’s a sister to you, but…

Jurina: Hey! Don’t put strange thoughts into my mind! I don’t think of her like that! Let’s continue with my other friends. You might know them from school… Airi and Akane… well Akane goes by the nickname Churi, since she’s a lover of birds…and Airi… she’s Airi’s lover.

Yuki: You’re funny. Yeah, I have talked a couple of times with those two… I think I disturbed Akane’s bird…(parrot?) once. She might not like me much.

Jurina: She’s a forgiving soul. Don’t worry about it.

Yuki: I will try. I think only one more person left?

Jurina: Yeah… I don’t have as many friends as I would like to have. So the last one is Rino…or Sasshi. I adore her… but she’s a weirdo. She has a couple of strange obsessions… oh! I doubt you met her but she has that radio show… at school. She announces the latest news and adds her random comments that leaves everyone either snickering or surprised and petrified. In the end folks either like or hate her.

Yuki: I have heard her… can definitely recognize that voice.

Jurina: You see! You practically know all of my friends! We can get married already! Though it would be hard to decide who could by my maid of honor… eh… any suggestions?

Yuki: once again. You’re funny. Nope… maybe Haruka? Your cousin? I’m guessing you’re closest with her. You also live together, right?

Jurina: Mmm…maybe… okay let’s change the subject. What song are you listening at the moment?

Yuki: What’s with the random question? Actually… since you reminded me of it… Running with the Wolves. You?

Jurina: Same! Yey! We’re soulmates!

The jokes continued in a form of texting, lots of emojis. Jurina liked the fact that the conversation was flowing well. No doubt that is how it should continue for the rest of trip. When it will actually starts. 

Jurina couldn’t help but feel excited. The school is ending… who knows when she will get a chance to spend that much time with her friends… and having a crush made her feel giddy too. This will certainly be the best couple of days of her life.

[Unknown;Present Time]

I feel nothing.

A horrific feeling surges through me.

A feeling which makes me think that I don’t care anymore.

Shouldn’t I want to fight?

Be brave enough?


Instead I feel like I have no legs. They barely move out of fear.

I’m paralyzed.

Have I already lost whatever it is?

Before even trying?




I froze.

I’m freezing.

Breathe in, breathe out.

I want to scream.

Ask for help.

“Somebody help me!”, I hear my voice.

But only inside my own mind.

I don’t shout.

I don’t move.

I stay hidden.

They are dead. How am I better? Why am I still here? Why couldn’t I have been the first one to disappear?

Sleep is my enemy. I feel like losing energy, but I can’t sleep.

I’m trying to stay conscious. Isn’t that a form of a fight? Isn’t that enough?

There are different types of fighting.

Am I not a warrior?


I am a coward.

Coward lying in the bushes.







I’m losing myself. I can’t even open my eyes anymore. I can hear sounds… rustling… leaves under someone else boots…

I can hear a voice. It feels like that person stood in front of me, but instead… her voice is so far away.

Did I lose my hearing too? I can’t see and can’t even hear what is in front of me? Why can’t I understand what that person is telling me?

Haven’t I lost enough already?

I haven’t lost a feeling though. Someone is touching my shoulders…

My hands…

Is it a good time for me to die?

[Two days ago; everyone].

“You sure she’s coming? We have been standing for at least half an hour… maybe longer”, Nao complained annoyed while hugging herself. She wasn’t the only one angry about the situation, but the first one to speak up.

Jurina nod her head with determination and messaged Yukirin one more time: “We are you? We’re waiting”.

All day two girls messaged each other excitedly. Judging by that Jurina knew that Yukirin really wanted to go. She reeked of excitement.

Her friends losing patience didn’t help in the current situation. Rino wondered if that girl was even real, Airi and Akane wanted to start the camping as soon as possible so they could cuddle and sleep in a tent. Haruka just rolled her eyes every single time when Jurina tried to convince her friends that Yukirin will show up soon.

Finally Jurina hear a beep from her phone and looked down hopefully. An answer from Yukirin. At least! She’s probably just around the corner…

Yuki: I can’t go. I’m sorry. Something came up. I really wanted to. I’m sorry.

Jurina sigh defeated. What the hell? She was about to speak up and haven’t noticed that Nao leaned on her shoulder and also read the message “That girl is no show. Can we go now?”

“So we waited here for no reason? Amazing”, Haruka shook her head while throwing Jurina her backpack “We’re still going to enjoy the trip, aren’t we? You organized it! Lead the way!”

The command made Jurina react quickly. She was truly disappointed that Yukirin couldn’t show up… but something important might have happened. Just like with Yui. They can spend some time after the camping trip. Yeah… there is no reason to think negatively about it. There’s plenty of time for everything.

Or so she thought.


@ametakarano, thanks for the encouraging comment it reminded me the plot and how I actually wanted to continue writing this (just kept on putting this off), since it was my first time trying different things. Well, I have revealed the characters for story and show more about the others in the following chapters. I have whole plot figured out, just writing this down is a bit more difficult than just imagining how things should happen! Hope you will stick around and thanks once again for the wait and for the comment!
@rorask45, it took me forever. But the first chapter is here. I can only hope that the next one will happen sooner than this one!!! Argh...!
@Janix123, yeah a bit darker fic. I kept on thinking about it (but I don't want to JUST think about it, I also want to write about it). So here comes first chapter (I guess it is like introduction in a way... but there will always be clues... even in simple/meaningless moments).

Thanks for reading and fingers crossed I'll upload chapter 2 sooner than I did the first one! Thanks for the patience with those who waited!!! Hope you'll enjoy this first chapter.  :err: :hee: :sweat:

Just Tell Me It's Not The End (Kojiyuu)  [2015]
Consequences (MaYuki, JuriYuki, JuriMayu)  [2015]
Money Can't Buy You Happiness (WMatsui, Atsumina, MaYuki) [2015-2016]
New Love (RinoRie, MaYuki + Others) [2015-2016]
OS Corner + Other Short Stories [2015-2016]
- My Rommate From Hell, Literally (KojiYuu) + How I Fell For My Idiot Roommate (sequel)
- Searching for Happiness (WMatsui)
KitaRie dedicated OS Collection [2016]
Angel of Death (Atsumina) ~Oneshot~ [2016]

Dating Game (Multi-Pair)
Psychotics (Multi-Pair)
All I Want Is You (Kojiyuu, JuriAnnin + Others)
The Lake (AtsuYuu)
Randomness: Cal's Stories Based on Prompts (Various)
You're the Worst (WMatsui + Others)
Running with the Wolves (Multi-pair)

~All of my on-going stories will continue in September~

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Re: Running with the Wolves - Chapter 1 [22/5/16]
« Reply #5 on: May 27, 2016, 05:27:21 AM »
Heyhoo, calista-san!  :hee:

I've read your update and I was really intrigued!  :ding:

Yuki and Yui couldn't go. Jurina's secret feelings for Haruka. Jurina flirting with Yuki...

I love twisted plots. It gets me excited.  :wigglypanda:

Okay… you know I’m kind of… a dark soul…

When Yuki said that, I have my mind convinced that she isn't a suspect or anything. Hahaha. Dunno why. XD

They just don’t know about it… YET.

- Jurina

I was thinking about what IT is? Well guess the next updates will tell ^_^

I can hear sounds… rustling… leaves under someone else boots…

Who's point of view could this be? First thing that came to my mind... It might be Jurina's or Paru's Hahaha. XD

Anyways.. So that my questions will be answered, I'll patiently wait for the next update  :cool1:

I honestly love this story. Please don't drop it. Hahaha. Expect me to be here once in a while.

And I hope my comments are helping you in any way~

I'm listening to the song now~ Running with the wolves~
  :on lol:

Bye bye!!  :byebye:

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Re: Running with the Wolves - Chapter 1 [22/5/16]
« Reply #6 on: May 27, 2016, 10:24:52 AM »
i LOVE this!

 :mon hi:

update when you get back plheeze!!!

 :mon cute:

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Re: Running with the Wolves - Chapter 1 [22/5/16]
« Reply #7 on: March 28, 2017, 09:43:35 PM »
Well.... I didn't think I would be replying to this... But I bet everyone's gonna die.

Nao, Churi and Airin in one fic is heaven for me

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Re: Running with the Wolves - Chapter 1 [22/5/16]
« Reply #8 on: March 29, 2017, 12:14:52 AM »
This looks good.
Please continue the story.

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