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Author Topic: Dear Rena-chan (WMatsui) Part 3 [UPDATED 08/29!] - COMPLETED  (Read 6272 times)

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Dear Rena-chan (WMatsui) Part 3 [UPDATED 08/29!] - COMPLETED
« on: August 26, 2013, 12:48:33 PM »
Greetings, everybody! I'm Caitlin, but feel free to call me by my old online alias, Midori Sakura. I spend most of my life in the 48-related tags on Tumblr under the username sakurabana. Anways, I've been a lurker on this forum for years, but I believe that this is the first time I've ever posted one of my own fanfics.

I already posted this on Tumblr the other day, but for those of you who don't visit there regularly or at all, I've decided to post it here as well.

Dear Rena-chan

Description: A WMatsui friendship story
Rating: K+
Summary: AU. Seven-year-old Jurina Matsui loves Rena more than anything else in the world. Each day at school they play together and share lunches, just having fun in each other’s company like most friends do. But what happens when they get into a fight and Rena stops talking to her? Can determined little Jurina win her best friend back?

I don't have that much confidence in my writing ability or anything, so I'd be really happy if you ended up enjoying this story!


Dear Rena-chan (Part 1)

          For the first time in a long time, Jurina Matsui found herself playing alone during recess. It had been a long, tough week for the unhappy seven-year-old. Much to her dismay, Rena had blatantly ignored her apologies and attempts to converse normally, and even completely pretended not to notice her jokes. Today, despite the horrendous situation she was already in, was the absolute worst for Jurina.

          During one of the energetic second grader’s tries to get Rena to talk to her again, Rena had jumped up abruptly out of her chair, threw her book directly at Jurina, and ran out of the classroom.

          So now, she had no idea of what to do.
          She didn’t know how, but somehow Jurina had wandered to the grass patch she and Rena sat under during recess every day. She seated herself between the two protruding roots as she always did and let out a huff. Rena was being unfair! She was trying to say she was sorry, wasn’t she?

          Jurina scooped up a handful of little rocks and absentmindedly tossed them into the grass in front of her. There was nothing to do, and she was just… just so bored. She could go and play kickball with the boys, tag, or maybe read a book inside the classroom.

          Actually, no, she couldn’t. Reading is what Rena did.    


          The girl with her nose in her book stiffened but otherwise did not respond to the call of her name.



          The voice persisted, and after three more calls, she exasperatedly put her book down and looked at the girl beside her.
          Jurina grinned because she finally got her friend’s attention. Now was her chance to apologize and get Rena to play with her. After all, recess was precious and she didn’t want to waste any of it.

          “Ne, Rena-chan, I’m sorry, okay? Let’s be best friends again and go outside, okay?”

          Rena was almost ready to forgive her friend and follow her to the play yard. She even had reached into her desk and pulled out her bookmark so she could mark her page and put her book away.

          To the lively child, seeing Rena prepare to come with her made her nothing short from ecstatic. Her cheeks flushed with joy, excitement and relief, and she enthusiastically made a grab for her friend’s hand. Without thinking, she began to yank on her arm and her big mouth opened to speak.

          “I thought you would never stop reading that stupid book, Rena! That stuff is boring. Come on, let’s go!”

          There was pain in her arm from where Jurina was pulling her and hurt in her heart from her words. It didn’t take long for her to change her mind, and, taking a deep breath, Rena forcefully pulled her hand out of Jurina’s tight grasp.

          Tears in her eyes, Rena leapt from her seat and stepped away from the girl who was now giving her a slightly confused look. “I don’t want to play with you,” she almost whispered.

          “Huh? Come on, Rena-chan,” Jurina persisted, “stop it. Oh, you’re wearing a cute hair bow today!” She couldn’t help but touch it.

          But Jurina’s hand was swatted away. “I said I don’t want to play with you!”

          Poor Jurina was getting desperate. She reached for the same hand she was holding a few moments ago. “But you have to, Rena-chan! Friends are supposed to—”
          “Don’t touch me!”

          The next thing Jurina felt was Rena’s book hit her tummy and the hand, once again, being ripped out of hers. Rena dodged and ran from the classroom, out of sight.

          Jurina, who usually had something to say, was speechless.

          “You made her cry.”

          She turned her head and saw two classmates, Airi and Akane, both looking at her accusingly. “Yeah, but she threw her book at me!”

          “No wonder she doesn’t want to play with you. You keep bothering her, Juri-chan,” continued Airi.

          Jurina frowned and managed to refrain from stamping her foot. “You shut up. I was telling her I was sorry!”

          Airi sighed. “I’m just saying that if you ever want Rena-chan to be your friend again, you need to stop being a bully.”

          She walked away, Akane right beside her, leaving a certain seven-year-old standing alone by her desk, Rena’s book of fairy tales at her feet, and the rest of her classmates staring and giving her disapproving looks.

          Jurina looked at her shoes and noticed one of them was untied, but that sort of thing was not at all important at the moment. She had to figure out how to fix things with Rena or Airi would be right. She was a bad friend – a bully – and Rena would never, ever talk to her again.

          All of a sudden, Jurina was going blind. Her vision went blurry after staring at her feet for too long. She was about to try and make it back to her classroom to tell the teacher about her abrupt loss of eyesight, but then she blinked and it cleared up as quickly as it began. The only difference between before and after was that this time she felt something wet gather under her chin.

          Okay, so she wasn’t blind, but Jurina wasn’t the type to want to admit that she was crying, either. Her nose began to run but she didn’t have a handkerchief or any tissues, so she used her arm.  She tried to stop her tears since she hated, hated crying, especially at school.  The last time she cried at school was in Kindergarten when she hit her head on the playground.

          She missed playing with Rena. She wanted to crack silly jokes and make her laugh. She wanted to share her lunch with her because she finally remembered to bring hers to school. She wanted to ask her about the book she was reading. She wanted to invite her over to her house this weekend for that sleepover they had been talking about for a while now…

          A few minutes after the first teardrops rolled down Jurina’s cheeks, Yukiko the squealer happened to be passing by the tree. Just as expected, Jurina heard her running towards the building calling for one of the teachers.

          “Sensei, Sensei! Juri-chan’s crying!”

          Jurina took the deepest breath she ever took as she tried to calm herself down before the teacher, most likely with a bunch of her classmates in tow, showed up. She practically dug her fists into her eyes to rid them from salty tears that chose to disobey her and keep flowing. She briefly considered bolting out of there and hiding until recess was over and she was okay again, but it was a bit too late for that. Soft footsteps approached.

          “Jurina-chan?” It was her teacher’s voice.

          She didn’t want to respond in case talking only triggered more tears.

          Takahashi-Sensei crouched down so that she was closer to eye-level with her obviously upset student. Before speaking again, she held a pink flowered handkerchief under Jurina’s nose.

          Despite the fact she disliked the color pink and girly, flowery things, Jurina accepted the cloth gratefully since she had run out of dry space to wipe her nose and only succeeded in spreading the icky mess around her face.

          “Jurina-chan,” Takahashi-Sensei repeated, “what’s the matter?”

          Jurina shrugged. She didn’t really feel any desire to tell her teacher a thing. Besides, at that particular moment she still felt like anything that came out of her mouth would turn into another sob if she even tried to answer Takahashi-Sensei’s question.

          Sure enough, peering at her curiously from behind the teacher stood a handful of other second graders. Some of them were whispering to one another. Why couldn’t they go away and mind their own business? Jurina quickly averted her gaze and couldn’t help the deep blush that formed on her damp cheeks.

          Takahashi-Sensei gave a tiny sympathetic smile and placed a hand on Jurina’s shoulder knowingly. “Would you like it better if we talked in my office?”

          A nod.

          Takahashi-Sensei looked over her shoulder and gave a signal to her assistant, Maeda-Sensei, to watch over the children while she took care of Jurina.

          “Have a seat, Jurina-chan,” Takahashi-Sensei instructed once they got into her office. She shut the door behind her and sat behind her desk. Once they were both relatively situated and comfortable, she cleared her throat. “Do you want to tell me what’s bothering you?”

          Jurina drew in a shaky breath and gave in. She needed to get these feelings out somehow. Before she knew it, she was shooting off the entire story—she said it all from beginning to end with very few pauses. Takahashi-Sensei nodded and listened intently to the child as she revealed all that she had been keeping to herself for the past week. By the time she got around to talking about the current day’s events, Jurina got a little teary, but at least she was no longer bawling.

          “…and so I don’t know what else to do,” Jurina admitted, rubbing her eyes. “Rena-chan’s not talking to me.”

          “I know it must be tough for you,” Takahashi-Sensei said and Jurina nodded, “but I think you should give Rena-chan a little more time to herself. Maybe she needs to figure out what she’s going to do, too.”

          “You mean, if I don’t talk to her for the rest of the day, things will be back to normal before the end of school?” Jurina’s voice was hopeful.

          The teacher gave a tiny, sad chuckle. “It might take a little longer than that, Jurina-chan.”

          The little girl’s face fell and it almost looked like she was in physical pain. “But Sensei, it’s Friday and we were supposed to have a sleepover tomorrow!”

          At that news, the Sensei’s heart almost broke along with Jurina’s. “I’m sorry, sweetie, but I think you might have to save that for another weekend. Cheer up, I know Rena-chan enough to know for sure that she really likes being your friend. I’m positive that things will get better, okay? Look, Jurina-chan, there’s no need to cry anymore.”

          Takahashi-Sensei moved from her chair, grabbing a couple of tissues from the box on her desk before stepping closer to Jurina. She put a reassuring hand on her shoulder and gave her the tissues.

          “…Sensei?” The voice was softer than she had ever heard it before.


          “Can…can I…”


          Cheeks warming in a rosy blush, Jurina hopped from the chair and threw her arms around Takahashi-Sensei tightly, whose eyes widened in surprise at the child’s sudden gesture. She quickly returned the hug, though, and rubbed her back soothingly.

          “Do you think you’re ready to go back to class? I believe recess is over in a minute or two,” Takahashi-Sensei said after a few moments. Jurina finally pulled away from her teacher and nodded.

          Following Takahashi-Sensei back to the classroom, she walked silently down the hallway. Starting to think about her situation carefully, the child briefly considered taking her teacher’s advice and giving her friend a little more time to herself, but then shook her head as if to rid her mind of the idea. She was tired of fighting with Rena. She wanted things to go back to normal and for them to be friends again. 

          As if a spark had ignited inside her, Jurina was suddenly filled with determination. She was definitely not going to let their sleepover weekend go to waste.                   Unconsciously picking up speed and staring straight ahead, Jurina made it back to her classroom just as the bell rang. She was the first back at her desk, but even as her classmates slowly came back into the room she was so deep in concentration that she failed to notice the stares and the hushed whispers filling the air.

          Unfortunately, however, she did happen to be watching as a timid-looking Rena walked through the door hand in hand with Airi. She frowned for a split second before deciding that she was just going to ignore them. She was even going to ignore the strange feeling she got in her tummy when she saw them together because it no longer mattered. It was all going to be okay.    

          Jurina knew exactly what she was going to do.

          She was going to win Rena back.


I initially thought that this would be a two-part story, but depending on how long it ends up being, there's a chance that it might have three parts instead. I already have the rest of the story planned out in my head, it's just a matter of actually writing it!

Thanks for reading!  :heart:
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Re: Dear Rena-chan (WMatsui) Part 1
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wow this is seriously cute story!! imagining they're as 7 y.o kid so damn cute!   :nya:
go go Jurina! win rena back  :onioncheer:
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Re: Dear Rena-chan (WMatsui) Part 1
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Yes she will win. :grin:

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Re: Dear Rena-chan (WMatsui) Part 1
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Come on Juju you can!!

continue ASAP


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Re: Dear Rena-chan (WMatsui) Part 2
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Thanks so much for the comments! :heart: I'm just glad that people are actually reading my story  XD
Anyways, here's the second part! It turns out that it's going to be three parts after's turning out longer than I expected.


Dear Rena-chan (Part 2)

          Back in the classroom, Takahashi-Sensei had asked the children to return to their seats and take out their notebooks. It was time for kanji practice, which caused some of the students to groan. Jurina didn’t care much for learning kanji, but nevertheless reached into her desk and removed her notebook and pencil.

          “Today we’re going to be reviewing the five characters we learned this week,” Takahashi-Sensei announced. She carefully drew the first character on the blackboard before turning back to the class. “Now, who can tell me what this kanji is?”

          A little girl whose hair was in twin tails tied with little pink ribbons raised her hand.


          “Heart!” she answered, smiling brightly.

          Takahashi-Sensei smiled back. “That’s right.” She turned back to the board and wrote the next character. This character was a little more complicated and was comprised of more strokes than heart. “How about this one?”

          Jurina recognized it as the kanji for fun. Frowning slightly at the sight of it, she picked up her pencil and tried her best to imitate her teacher’s stroke order as she copied it into the first box of the second column in her notebook. Fourteen strokes! Tilting her head to the side, Jurina examined the character she just wrote and let out a huff. It was a bit messy and the proportions were a little off, but she left it on the page. She would fix it later.

          By that time, Takahashi-Sensei had moved on to the next character. This kanji only had four strokes and was much easier to remember than the previous character. Jurina had no problem recognizing this one either, but as she copied it as neatly as she could into her notebook she couldn’t help feeling a little lonely. 

          It was the kanji for friend.

          Jurina turned her head to look at Rena, who had her eyes fixed on her own notebook and was writing her characters diligently. Taking a deep breath, she forced herself to do the same. She moved her pencil slowly. First stroke. Second. Third. Fourth. The corners of her mouth turned upwards slightly when she looked at her finished character and saw that it didn’t look too bad.

          Friend, Jurina thought, writing the character again and again. She found that she quite liked this kanji. It was almost as if her hand was moving automatically, because before she knew it she had filled up two entire columns.

          And that was when she was suddenly struck with a brilliant idea.

          The second grader was filled with excitement and broke out into a wide grin for the first time that day. She had to hurry! Glancing at the clock, Jurina calculated that today’s kanji lesson would end in about twenty minutes, which meant that she would have to finish her classwork as fast as she could if she wanted to start working on her surprise for Rena. Jurina sped through her characters, filling the two required columns of each kanji in record time: exactly eight minutes and forty-three seconds. After giving the page a quick once-over, she had a feeling that Takahashi-Sensei wouldn’t be happy with her handwriting, but right now she had no time to worry about that.

          Flipping the page, Jurina carefully ripped out a fresh sheet of paper and immediately got to work.

          Meanwhile, Takahashi-Sensei sat at her desk at the front of the room, content with how quiet and concentrated on their assignment her students were. Her eyes travelled across the many faces in the room until they landed on one little girl in particular. She watched Jurina for a few moments and gave a soft smile at how she seemed to be feeling much better compared to the pitiful state she was in earlier during recess. Her tiny frame was bent over her paper, hand moving her pencil in strong, deliberate strokes. It somewhat amazed the Sensei to think that she was able to put so much of her effort into her schoolwork even after a bad day like this.

          Little did she know that what Jurina was working so hard on was not, in fact, a school-related assignment at all. After a few more minutes, Takahashi-Sensei stood from her chair and clapped her hands, signaling that today’s kanji lesson was over and that they were to pass their notebooks up to the front of the class to be collected and checked. Most of the students, save for just a couple who preferred to take their time making their characters look absolutely perfect, had finished theirs on time and were turning them in.

          With a satisfied smile, Jurina folded her paper neatly and placed it in her desk. She had finished her special work on time, too. All that she needed to do now was get through math class and music class before class was dismissed, and then she could move on to the next part of her plan.

          To the seven-year-old who wasn’t a very patient child in the first place, the next two lessons seemed to pass by at a torturously slower rate than usual. Unlike all the others in her class who volunteered to solve problems on the blackboard during math and happily participated in singing songs during music class, Jurina’s mind was elsewhere. She was lost in her thoughts as she mentally organized exactly what she had to do before she returned home this afternoon. Imagining what would happen if everything went according to her plan, the child couldn’t help but let out a giggle.

          She couldn’t wait for school to end.

          As soon as the dismissal bell sounded through the classrooms, Jurina hopped from her chair, shoved her folded piece of notebook paper into her backpack, and ran from the classroom as fast as she could. The other students hung behind, finding their friends so they could get ready to walk home together. Rena, however, dawdled beside her desk and took her time packing her books into her backpack.

          “Rena-chan! Let’s walk home together!”

          Rena turned her head at the sound of her name and saw Airi smiling and waving at her. Akane, who stood beside her, had a small smile on her face, too.

          “Okay,” Rena replied, finishing up packing. She hoisted her backpack onto her shoulders and caught up with her two friends who were waiting for her by the door. The three second graders chatted and giggled amongst themselves as they walked, but even though Rena was as much of a part of the conversation as Airi and Akane, she still felt like something was missing. Well, maybe not missing, exactly, but something was certainly different from what she was used to.

          Every day after school for all of first grade and second grade up until last week or so, Rena would walk home with Jurina. It was always just the two of them, but they would talk and share secrets and sometimes even stop for a few minutes at the playground along the way. Rena remembered the times when she and Jurina would race each other to the swings. Not once did she make it there before her friend, of course, as both of them knew that Jurina was both more competitive and the faster of the two…and that Rena wasn’t too fond of running anyways.

          Despite today’s events, Rena found herself thinking about her energetic friend. As she continued on the path home side by side with Airi and Akane, she started to wonder about what Jurina was doing right now. As if Airi could read her mind, Rena was surprised when the topic of their conversation changed to focus on the other Matsui.

          Airi looked at Rena. “Nee nee, Rena-chan, did you know that Juri-chan was crying today?”

          “Eh?” Rena’s eyes widened and she shook her head in disbelief. “But Juri-chan never cries.”

          “It’s true!” Akane piped up. “During recess Yukko-chan found her crying alone by the tree. Everyone came out to see! Rena-chan, you didn’t know?”

          Rena shook her head, recalling that she had run away to the school library during recess today. “No, I didn’t...”

          “It was kind of weird,” added Airi. “I’ve never seen her like that before.”

          Her comment received a nod from Akane. “Yeah, me neither.”

          With that, their conversation about Jurina came to an end and Airi had changed the topic to the new anime on TV that she was watching. But even as much as Rena loved anime, for the rest of the walk home she didn’t talk much. Her mind just couldn’t move on from their previous topic.

          Sure, a big part of Rena was still upset at Jurina for hurting her feelings, but there was also a tiny part deep down in her heart that had started to worry ever since she heard that her friend had obviously been pretty upset today, too. 


          Rather than the usual path that she and Rena usually took, Jurina hurried down a different path. Her mother always told her not to go this way because not only was it the long way home, but it was also full of distractions as the local shopping district could be found along the way. Normally she would obey her mother’s words, but this time Jurina had some real business to take care of at one of the shops.

          She hoped that she had enough pocket money on her. In her excitement she had forgotten to check before she left.

          The young girl alternated between sprinting and skipping, and before she knew it she could see the marketplace coming into sight. The journey didn’t take her long at all, and once again Jurina felt lucky that she was a very fast runner. By now her forehead was dripping with sweat and she was considerably out of breath, but she was on a very important mission and she refused to slow down.

          “Rena-chan’s gonna--” Jurina’s sentence was interrupted as she paused to suck in a breath, “--be so happy! She’s gonna--”

          The seven-year-old suddenly found herself tumbling off the unseen curb and onto the rough asphalt below.  It caught her off-guard and for a moment she wasn’t even sure what had just happened. Pushing herself into a sitting position, Jurina examined her condition and despite the blood starting to drip from her knee, she stands back up and bravely continues running. Knee beginning to throb, she felt tears pricking the corners of her eyes but she bit her lip. She was not going to cry again. She was just fine. She was perfectly fine.

          Finally, she burst through the doors of Yamada Bakery, shoulders heaving and lungs begging for oxygen. The elderly couple running the bake shop snapped their heads towards the front of the store, shocked to see little Jurina, sweaty and gasping for breath.

          Nana-obaasan opened her mouth in surprise. “Oh dear. Jurina-chan, look at you. What’s the matter?” She walked over to the child and covered her mouth at the sight of her injured knee. “Oh no, sweetheart, you’re hurt. Come on and I’ll fix you right up.”

          The old lady left her husband to help any incoming customers while she guided Jurina by the hand to the back of the shop. She made a low clucking sound with her tongue and shook her head. “My, my, Jurina-chan, what happened to you?”

          Still too out of breath to speak properly, Jurina just stared up at her with sheepish eyes. “I’m sorry, Obaachan.”

          “No, no,” Nana-obaasan cut in, “don’t apologize. Now, you sit down here while I find something to wash your knee.”

          Jurina sat in a wooden chair while the older lady rummaged through a matching wooden cabinet on the wall across the room. Soon Nana-obaasan was kneeling in front of her with a clean cloth and small brown bottle of liquid antiseptic. She noticed the child tense up at the sight of the bottle, gripping the sides of the seat and contorting her face into a tight grimace.

          “There, there, Jurina-chan,” Nana-obaasan softened her voice, “this might hurt a bit but don’t you worry. I’ll be quick.”

          “Okay,” she squeaked, shutting shut her eyelids tight. She allowed the Obaasan to clean her wound. Although the kind old lady worked as gently as she could, as soon as the cool liquid came into contact with her skin her knee felt as if it were on fire and she had to prevent herself from yelling out.

          A minute or two later, Jurina’s knee was all bandaged up. Nana-obaasan had gone into the kitchen and returned with a glass of cold water and slid it across the table towards the child. Jurina thanked her and gratefully downed the entire glass in seconds. She set the glass back on the table and used her arm to wipe away the tiny trail of water that had accidentally dripped down her chin.

          “You’re a brave little girl,” Nana-obaasan remarked once Jurina had seemed to regain her composure. “Are you feeling better now?” A nod. “I’m glad. But anyways, dear, what brings you here today in such a hurry?”

          Jurina’s signature grin returned to her face as she looked her straight in the eyes. “Obaachan, I want to buy some melon pan.”

          “Melon pan?”

          “I have the money,” she told her, rummaging through her backpack and pulling out a little red change purse shaped like a puppy. Jurina shook it and the two of them could hear a decent amount of coins hitting against each other inside of it. “See?”

          “I see you do,” Nana-obaasan replied. “All right, Jurina-chan, let’s go back to the front of the store and you can pick out which one you like. You’re in luck, Ojiichan and I just finished baking a fresh batch just before you arrived.”

          Standing before the basket full of delicious melon pan, Jurina’s eyes sparkled and her mouth began to water. “They look so yummy!”

          “Thank you, Jurina-chan,” Nana-obaasan gave a warm smile.

          “I think,” Jurina began, pointing at a perfectly round and plump melon pan in the center of the stack, “I’ll get this one.”

          Nana-obaasan placed the treat in a paper bag and folded the opening shut. As Jurina handed over the last of her allowance for the month in exchange for the bag, she gave the girl a friendly reminder. “Make sure you don’t spoil your dinner, okay, Jurina-chan?”

          Jurina’s smile grew even bigger. “It’s not for me, it’s for Rena-chan!”

          As she headed towards the door, the second grader turned to thank the Obaasan one more time. “Thanks for everything, Obaachan! I’ll see you soon.” She remembered her manners and bowed before waving goodbye.

          With the paper bag in her hands, Jurina exited the marketplace and continued along the path. She now had both items that she needed. Crossing the bridge, Jurina looked up at the sky while thinking once again about her friend. Would Rena really be happy with her gift, or would she still be mad at her? She reached the end of the street, coming to the fork in the road that served as the separation between her and Rena’s neighborhood. Her house was down the road to the left whereas Rena’s was down the other.

          If today was a normal day, the two friends would say their goodbyes and part right here, Rena disappearing down the right-hand path and Jurina going down the left. But as today was not an ordinary day, Jurina, too, found herself heading down the road usually taken by Rena alone.  She still had one more stop to make before going home.


Once again, thanks a bunch for reading! There's only one more part of the story left, so please be patient until then. I hope to have it done soon!  :D :thumbup

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Re: Dear Rena-chan (WMatsui) Part 2 [UPDATED 08/26!]
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Aaaawnnnn what a cute fic! Sometimes is good to have this kind of reading!~

I wonder how Rena will react huahuahua I bet it will be cute~

Thank you o/

I'll be anxiously waiting for the next part!!!

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Re: Dear Rena-chan (WMatsui) Part 3 [UPDATED 08/29!]
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The last part of the story is finally complete! Enjoy~!  :grin:


Dear Rena-chan (Part 3)

          Before she knew it, Jurina was standing in front of the other Matsui home. For some reason her heart was pounding, but this time it wasn’t because she had been running. She took a few steps forward until she stood face to face with the front door. After a gulp and one deep, shuddery breath, Jurina narrowed her eyes and, once she felt a small burst of courage, rang the doorbell.

          “Coming!” a woman’s voice came from within the house. Jurina hid the bag of melon pan behind her back as the door opened to reveal Rena’s mother wearing a white cooking apron. “Ah, Jurina-chan! What a lovely surprise,” Rena-mama greets her as warmly as always. “What brings you here today?”

          The child looked up at her shyly. “I wanted to talk to Rena-chan…is she home?”

          Rena’s mother nodded, then turned around to call her daughter over. “Rena-chan, come here! Your little friend is here to see you!”

          After a moment soft footsteps could be heard running towards them, and soon enough Rena had come into sight. But once she noticed who had come to visit, her footsteps slowed. Hiding halfway behind her mother, some concern could be seen on Rena’s face as she looked at Jurina apprehensively.

          Rena-mama, oblivious to the tension between the two, smiled and started to return to the kitchen. “Jurina-chan, dear, please feel free to come inside. You two can go and play in Rena-chan’s room while I start to prepare dinner.” Soon she had completely disappeared from sight, leaving the two seven-year-olds standing in uncomfortable silence at the door.

          “Um—” Jurina began, but she was cut off as Rena gestured for her to enter.

          “Let’s go to my room.”

          Nodding, Jurina stepped inside and took off her shoes, placing them next to the others lined up in the entryway. Rena immediately noticed that her friend had put her shoes away neatly for the first time ever. Normally, upon entering, Jurina would excitedly kick her shoes off, leave them strewn messily on the floor and wander about the house freely.

          The two girls climbed the stairs, Rena in the lead and Jurina following wordlessly behind her. When they made it to her bedroom, Rena went to sit down on one of the cushions on the floor beside her miniature table, but the atmosphere was so heavy that Jurina was unable to bring herself to get comfortable. She stood at the opposite end of the table, eyes scanning her all too familiar surroundings.

          There was Rena’s bed with the fluffy lavender blanket…the bookcase—filled with a mixture of picture books, fairy tales, and manga—on the wall by the window…and on the wall to her left was the yellow star-shaped clock that Jurina admires so much. Everything in the room looked exactly the way it always did, yet the usual sense of comfort was gone.

          Jurina shifted her weight from one foot to the other, unsure of what to do next. It was deafeningly quiet and she didn’t like it one bit. Just as she was about to open her mouth and say something—anything just to make the silence go away, Rena, looking at her suspiciously, beat her to it.

          “Something smells like melon pan.”

          Jurina’s eyes widened as she backed up towards the wall, doing her best to keep the paper bag out of her friend’s sight. Rena wasn’t supposed to know about that yet! Laughing nervously, Jurina cleared her throat and reached into her backpack with her unoccupied hand. Her fingers fished around until they met what they were searching for.

          “Um, Rena-chan,” Jurina voiced, holding out a folded piece of paper, “I wrote you a letter.”

          Though Rena stared at it, she made no move to take it. Jurina set her paper bag behind her and walked over to where her friend was sitting. She took Rena’s arm gently and placed the letter directly into her hands.

          “Rena-chan…” Jurina’s voice was sincere, “I’m really, really sorry. I never wanted to get in a fight with you.”


          “It’s just…I miss you.”

          Rena’s cheeks turned a light pink at hearing her friend’s words. When she looked up, Jurina was no longer looking in her direction. Rather, her head was tilted towards the carpet and she seemed to be finding her socks particularly interesting. The sound of crinkling paper was the only thing that the girls heard next as Rena unfolded the note and began to read. Jurina dared to take a peek at her friend’s face and watched as her expression slowly changed from curious to confused. 

          When Rena looked up from the paper, she looked at Jurina questioningly and held it up for her to see. “Why are you giving me this?”

          “Eh?” Jurina snapped her head up and to her horror, she discovered that she had accidentally given Rena one of her old test papers—one that she wasn’t too proud of, at that. Cheeks flushing, she snatched it away and gave an embarrassed laugh. “Sorry, I didn’t mean for you to see that…” Jurina quickly crumpled up the paper and shoved it deep into her backpack, this time withdrawing the correct piece of folded paper and handing it to Rena.

          “You can sit down, you know.”

          Jurina, who was still standing awkwardly, lowered herself to the floor and scooted over until she was sitting across from Rena. Letting out a breath that she didn’t even know she had been holding, she relaxed slightly, watching in anticipation as her friend read her letter.

Dear Rena-chan,

I’m sorry for making you cry.  You might be mad at me right now,
but I want you to know that you’re still my best friend. It’s always really
fun when we play together. Do you think you can forgive me?

I love you with all of my heart.


          Rena could have sworn that she had noticed something familiar about this letter the first time she read it, but after reading it once more her suspicions were confirmed. Now, friend, fun, think, heart…Jurina had included all five of the kanji that they had learned that week inside her message. She was pretty impressed. But what stood out the most to Rena was the fact that Jurina had written the letter so carefully. Rena knew her friend. She knew that Jurina had no patience when it came to writing, which usually led to her characters turning out slightly sloppy. It made her feel special to think that Jurina would want this letter to be nice and neat.

          Both of the girls were quiet again until Rena’s small voice broke the silence.

          “You’re still my best friend, too, Juri-chan.”

          Jurina’s heart practically leapt out of her chest. Feeling as if an enormous weight had been lifted from her shoulders, she broke out into a huge smile.


          Her smile falters.

          “I don’t like it when you pull on me all the time, or when you try to get in the way whenever Airin talks to me, or when you say mean things about the stuff I like!” Rena crossed her arms and pouted. “It hurts my feelings.”

          Hearing her quiet friend speak up for the first time really got to Jurina. She was flooded with guilt as she thought hard about the past few weeks at school and realized that everything Rena was saying was true. She didn’t know what to say.

          “I never meant to hurt your feelings…” Jurina sounded distraught.

          “But you did,” Rena told her.

          “I know…” Jurina admitted, “but that’s not what I wanted. I just wanted to spend time with you. I like spending time with you!” Her voice rose in pitch and she felt a dreaded lump form in her throat as she had begun to fear that she might lose this battle. “Please don’t hate me!”

          “Juri-chan, I don’t hate you,” any remaining traces of resentment that Rena may have still felt towards her friend dissipated once she saw that the other girl looked as though she could start crying at any second. It was true that Rena had never seen Jurina cry before, but now she was fairly certain that she didn’t want to. She scooted over to Jurina and pat her on the head. “Don’t worry, I forgive you.”


          Rena nodded. “Just promise you’ll try not to do those things anymore.”

          “I promise!”

          Rena gave Jurina a soft smile, which Jurina happily returned. Unable to control her joy any longer, Jurina pounced on the unsuspecting girl, who let out a yelp, and squeezed her in a tight hug. “I love you, Rena-chan!” she squealed, nuzzling into her friend’s side.

          “Juri-chan, that hurts!” Rena chided, but she was smiling anyways.

          All of a sudden, Jurina remembered her other gift and pushed herself off of Rena. “Oh yeah! I got this for you.” She crawled over to her backpack, took out Rena’s treat, and handed over the paper bag.

          Rena opened the top of the bag and peered into it. Once she saw what was inside, her eyes lit up and she gasped. “Melon pan! I knew I smelled it earlier.” She giggled and hugged the bag to her chest. “Thanks, Juri-chan!”

          “Eat it after dinner, okay?” Jurina fell to her back and rolled over to face Rena, only to notice that her friend was looking at her weirdly. “Huh? What are you—”

          “What happened to your knee?”

          Jurina sat up and shielded the bandage with her hand. Turning her body away from Rena slightly, she shook her head. “It’s nothing.”

          The look on Rena’s face made it clear that she didn’t believe her. “Did you hurt yourself?”

          “No!” insisted Jurina. “Really, Rena-chan, don’t worry about it…”

          Rena stared at her with a frown. “You’re lying.” Her eyes sparkled with tears, which, of course, didn’t go unnoticed by Jurina, who then panicked. She didn’t want Rena to cry any more.

          “Ah! Wait, Rena-chan. I’m sorry. You’re right…” Jurina’s voice got quieter, “I fell down and scraped my knee today.” Her friend inched towards her in order to get a closer look. “But I’m okay, see? It doesn’t hurt or anything.”

          Rena reached out and touched the bandage gently. “Be more careful, okay, Juri-chan?”

          “I’ll try.”

          The girls exchanged smiles and then Jurina let out a content sigh. She stretched out on the floor once again, lying on her back. The warmth had returned to the room. She closed her eyes for a second before opening them and turning to Rena. “Come lie with me!”


          “'Cause it feels nice.”

          Rena hesitated for a moment, then shrugged and gave in. She settled down on the floor next to Jurina, and the two friends spent the next few minutes enjoying the comfort of just being together again. They talked about school and about the interesting things that had happened during the days they spent apart, catching up with each other and resuming right where they had left off. For the first time in what seemed like a very long while, both seven-year-olds were having such a great afternoon that they had completely lost track of time.

          Soft golden rays of sunlight shone through the window as the sky outside started to turn a pale orange, signaling that the sun was almost ready to begin its descent. Jurina lets out a yawn. She never failed to start feeling a little sleepy at this time of day. Her drowsiness proved to be contagious because a yawn escaped from Rena as well, who pushed herself into a sitting position and rubbed her eyes.

          “Nee, Juri-chan, are you staying for dinner?” asked Rena, stretching her arms above her head. She saw that her friend had somehow rolled over onto her stomach with her face in the carpet. Receiving no reply, she asked again, a little louder this time. “Juri-chan, do you want to stay for dinner?”

          Jurina stirred, then flipped over again. “Dinner…?”


          Jurina stared up at the ceiling blankly, her tired mind taking a little longer to process what her friend was saying. But when she finally realized that it must be getting late, her eyes widened and she bolted upright. “Uh oh, I’ve gotta get home. Mama’s probably wondering where I am.”

          “Eh?” Rena watched as Jurina stood up and grabbed her backpack. “You mean she doesn’t know you’re here?”

          One hand on the doorknob, Jurina turned back and looked at Rena with a guilty grin.


          “I know, I know!”

          Both girls stood near the door, Jurina in a clumsy rush to put on her shoes and the other watching her in mild amusement. Rena opened the door once her friend had gotten her shoes on correctly, and Jurina steps outside, hopping down the two steps leading to the front door. 

          “I’ll see you soon, Juri-chan,” Rena called out. She watched as Jurina starts to skip down the driveway but stops suddenly, turning back around to face her.



          “Will you still come over tomorrow for our sleepover?” Jurina’s voice was hopeful.

          Rena pretended to think long and hard about it. She made her voice sound as uncertain as she could. “Hmm, I don’t know about that…”

          Jurina’s jaw dropped and she looked absolutely miserable, at which Rena burst out laughing. “Just kidding! I’ll come.”

          Relieved, Jurina closed her mouth, but as Rena was still in hysterics, her lips formed into a pout. “Mou, stop laughing!”

          “Sorry, Juri-chan,” Rena wiped away tears of laughter that had formed in her eyes. “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

          Jurina’s smile returned to her face and she continued down the driveway to the sidewalk. She called over her shoulder one last time, “See you tomorrow, Rena-chan!”

          The two girls waved goodbye until Jurina had walked so far that they could no longer see each other. As Jurina continued home alone, she briefly thought of her mother. She would probably scold her for coming home so late and then make a fuss about the bandage on her knee…but not even that was able to bring her high spirits down. The child was too preoccupied thinking of her sleepover with Rena.

          She was going to show her the new board game she received from her cousin the other day, and maybe she could ask Rena tonight if she would bring along some of her favorite manga! They would play all day until nighttime, and even when her mother sent them to bed, Rena would sleep in the futon right next to hers! And as soon as she got home today she was going to ask her mother to make her favorite meat sauce spaghetti for them to eat for dinner tomorrow…

          Jurina giggled in excitement and broke into a run.

          This weekend was going to be so much fun. 


Well, it's finally finished! I hope the ending didn't sound too rushed...

Towards the end of the story I was sort of thinking of writing a about Jurina and Rena's actual sleepover and the adventures the two of them have over the weekend XD

What do you guys think? Should I do it?

Anyways, thank you all for reading my story!  :heart: :heart:
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Re: Dear Rena-chan (WMatsui) Part 3 [UPDATED 08/29!] FINAL
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This is just so sweet. :grin:

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Re: Dear Rena-chan (WMatsui) Part 3 [UPDATED 08/29!] FINAL
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As I was reading part 2-3, I kept on thinking jurina might get into an accident on her way to rena's house.

I'm so glad you're not the kind of writer who strays from their genre.

Because I've read fics that starts with fluff and then suddenly angst/character death out of nowhere. It didn't end well for the reader's emotional well being =_="

A well written story. Thank you.

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Re: Dear Rena-chan (WMatsui) Part 3 [UPDATED 08/29!] FINAL
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I like your story...

Wmatsui were so cute...

Even so sweet with the small drama in between....

Thank you for the story...

Can't wait to see more OS...

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Dear Rena-chan (WMatsui) Part 3 [UPDATED 08/29!] FINAL
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I read this on tumblr.

Very enjoyable and heart-warming.  :twothumbs

The pace and everything is just so smoothly.  :thumbsup

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Re: Dear Rena-chan (WMatsui) Part 3 [UPDATED 08/29!] FINAL
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woow wmatsui childs is so unexpected

but this is indeed a very cute FF


waiting for the epilogue ^_^

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Re: Dear Rena-chan (WMatsui) Part 3 [UPDATED 08/29!] FINAL
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heart warming. . .
I lüv your story. . .

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Re: Dear Rena-chan (WMatsui) Part 3 [UPDATED 08/29!] - COMPLETED
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This story is really cute
I totally love it
Nice work 👍

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