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Author Topic: The Yankee and The Ice Princess (YuriAnnin OS) - COMPLETED  (Read 3186 times)

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The Yankee and The Ice Princess (YuriAnnin OS) - COMPLETED
« on: July 04, 2016, 10:31:49 PM »
Hi guys ! I'm a new writer here ! (And a reader recently !) English is not my first language, sorry for the mistakes  :nervous

I hope you like my OS ! See you soon  :)

The Yankee & The Ice Princess (YuriAnnin)

Annin’s POV

It's just an ordinary school's day. Alone, in the back of the classroom. I'm High School Student, I don't have a lot of friends. Just Renacchi, she is my best friend, but she's not my classmate. The other people don't speak at me, they nickname me ‘'Ice Princess”. As I'm a little unsociable and cold. It's not because I'm shy, but I don't just want to be a friend with the other.

The teacher comes in with a student by his side. She has a hair blacks and beautiful attractive eye…

“Today we have a new student. Please, be nice with her”

I feel a strange aura around her, she seems special…

‘'My name is Kizaki Yuria, nice to meet you.”

She finishes her sentence with a beautiful smile. The boys around me seems dumbfound. The teacher points the seat beside me. 

“Kizaki-san, your seat will be beside Iriyama-san.”

She nods and walks toward the seat. Now, I can see her more closely. She is damn pretty her skin seems smooth.

‘'Nice to meet you Iriyama-san.”

“Nice to meet you too, Kizaki-san.''

When I reply, our class start. Honestly it was very boring, often my teacher says I'm smart, I have a good notes, but even that I don't like school.

Takahashi-sensei assigns me to look the campus with the new student. I think it's bothersome… Why me?

“Do you have a questions?”

“No, thank!”

That's good, I won't stay with you.

“I'm leaving, bye.” I said coldly.

Yuria’s POV

She's so cold nevertheless pretty. I watch her. She's taller than me, with beautiful brown hair like a princess.

After I came toward my locker for put my books and I heard a conversation from the other students.

“… With the Ice Princess? *laugh* Unlucky person!”

“Yeah, she's sitting beside her too.”

“Anyway, she will that it's not a good person. The Ice Princess is too cold.

So, her classmate don't like her and she's so much cold therefore they call her like that. I agree, she's cold, but why princess… I closed my locker and I'm going back home.

-- Few Days Later --

Annin’s POV

“Hi Renacchi”

“Good morning Annin”

“Do you want to go with me after the school?” She asked kindly.


“It's new café with dancers! Please come with me'' She begged me while pulling my arm.

I know, she loves dance contrary to me, I don't like that especially, but Renacchi is my friend, so I will make it up.

“Ok” I said with a little smile.

“See you!” She said while pressing my cheek.

I reply with a smile, a simple smile. I go to the classroom and see Yuria wait on her chair.

Yuria's POV

Anna put her bag and sat down.

“Good morning Iriyama-san” I said shyly.

“Good morning Kizaki-san” She didn't turn around.

-- After the school --

Annin’s POV

“C’mon Annin! We will be late!”

She’s too speed up. I nod and we go inside the café. I look around me, it’s a nice place with beautiful lights above our heads. We sit and order drinks. Renacchi so looks glad. Frankly I’m happy to see her like that. The light turns off, just a few neon light keeps switch on. The place is overwhelm of a soft bluish light. It’s a magic, I have none word. I look Renacchi, she smiles, and she’s in her world.
The stage is illuminates, we can see a girls. They wear different clothing. They begin a dance but… It’s her, it’s Yuria… She wears a High School student’s skirt with a black sweatshirt over a shirt. She’s a perfect dancer, I can’t look away.

“Are you ok, Annin?” I heard a voice and felt a hand touch my shoulder.

“Yeah, look the show Rena.” I said still watch this perfect dancer.

-- 1 hours later --

“Aaaaaah, it was so cool!”

I don't answer. Yuria had made a lot of show. Why I'm so interested by her, she's just my classmate after all…

“It's time to go home, we come back here?”


“Annin? I'm worried, are you ok? You seem elsewhere.”

“No, don't worry, I'm ok… I'm just tired...” I said while stood up.

“Hmm, ok.”

Yuria's POV

During the show I see Anna and her friend. I know she looks at me few times. Her gaze is so cold. I decide to come to speak to her before she leaves.

“Hi Iriyama-san.” I said softly, behind her.

“Oh, hi Ki-.“ She turned around me, but she was interrupted by her friend

“You're a great dancer! Really! I'm Kato Rena!” She shook my hand.

“Thank you, I'm glad. I'm Kizaki Yuria, you can call me Yuria” I said with a little smile.
“Okay Yuria, so call me Rena or Renacchi! Sorry, it's time to go home. See you Yuria!” She was as attractive as Anna, but she was a broad grin and none cold gaze. They are really different.

Rena and Anna leave the place. The Ice Princess says nothing more, she has barely pronounced my surname. I'm frustrated… It's strange, this girl is strange… Or maybe it's me?

-- The Next Day --

Annin’s POV

*Ding ding*

Now? I want to sleep more…

“Miss, it's time.” He is my steward.

Yes, my family is rich, I don't like this and I don't want to be different. But I'm lucky since I'm in normal High School. Then I quit my bed with a cold gaze at my steward. After my breakfast I went to school. When I close the door I see Yuria, she's my neighbor?

“Hi Iriyama-san.”

“Good morning Yuri-“ Oops… I stopped to speak. She blushed, it's cute.

‘'Y-You can call me Yuria.” She answered with a little red cheek.

“Really?” She nodded. “Thank Yuria.” I smiled and I felt my cheek becoming hot and red too.

“Let's go to the school together?” She asked shyly.


Yuria's POV

On the way for the school we talk a little, but not about yesterday. She's always cold. It's her personality maybe she's a tsundere… 

-- In The School --

“Good morning Yuria! Good morning Annin!” Rena said while gave a warm smile.

“Hi Rena! I'm sorry, I'm going to the locker, I forgot my book yesterday.” I didn't hear any answer and I'm leaving them.

Today too, there are the girls who speak about Anna. No matter what they say, I think about last night. Why is she stares at me? That's so strange… But deep down I like her cold gaze… Eh? I'm-* DING DONG *

I go to my seat. Anna is already here, I'm going to my seat with a smile at her. I don't know why I do that, she doesn't answer. Takahashi-sensei comes in the classroom.

“We need to work with pair. So, I let you decide on pairs.”

Great, I know nobody, just the Ice Princess and she doesn't seem like me.

“Do you want work with me?” I asked with a little bit anxious.

Even if she doesn't like me I try.

“Yeah, w-why not.” She said nervously. Oh God! She accepts for work in pair. 

-- After The School –

“Yu-Yuria, you would come in my place to work?” She blushed a little, she's so shy suddenly.

“Yeah, I need to go to the locker, I will take my phone for telling my mother.” I said while leaving in their direction.

The same girls, in the same place who speaking about the same things. They are my classmates, the typical hypocrite girls. So boring. I open my locker to take my phone. I live alone with my mother, we back to Tokyo from Nagoya because of her work. She's very important for me.

Annin’s POV

I follow Yuria, she doesn’t see me.

Yuria’s POV

“So, Yuria, you work with the Ice Princess? Oh God, it’s so sad.”

“Why? She’s not a monster.“ I closed my locker and I looked her.

“Oh, if you knew… She’s the worst person.” She laughed

“Don’t speak like that about her, you are certainly the worse.” I smirked.

“Why this smile? You’re like a Yankee…” She looked away.

I didn’t reflect, I walk toward her and I grab her collar. I pull her closer to my face. Sometimes I lost my control, she’s right I have a Yankee side.

“Don’t speak about me or Anna, if not you answer to me...” I released her collar and leaving at Anna.

Annin’s POV

Wow! She’s a red-blooded. Thanks Yuria…

Yuria’s POV

“Oh Yuria, you're ready?” She asked simply. She heard me? Oh… I don't expect.

“Y-yeah, are you here for a long time Iriyama-san?” I said and my cheek turned reds.

“No, I've just got here. You can call me Anna.” Saved! I just nodded and we left are her place.

 We didn't talk too much through the way. Her place is so impressive with a large black portal like a manor. We leave our shoes in front of the entrance.

“You're here Miss.” It was an old man. “Who is it?”

“Nobody, c'mon Yuria” She grabbed my wrist and pulled me in her room.

“Miss! Normal people can't come here! If your mother…” I couldn't heard the rest. We arrived in her room and she closed the door behind me.

“Sorry, it's my steward. He's boring.” She said coldly.

I'm a little stunned, but I nodded.

I put down my bag and we have begun has to work. We didn't talk.

She has a steward, so her family is rich. She acts strange with him. He said normal people... But she's normal too. She-

“Where are you from?” She asked suddenly.

“Nagoya” I didn’t dare to talk more. In fact I wanted to return her question but I’m too impressed to tell it.

“Ok, you’re a good dancer.” She didn’t look at me.

“Th-Thank Anna.” My cheeks become hot.

Suddenly the door open violently.

Annin’s POV

It made us jump. It's my mother, she is returning earlier. And I'm here, in my room with a young girl, just a down-to-earth girl. She's not rich, she's a normal High School student.

“Who is she?! Why is she in our place?!” She yelled. Yuria look at me, maybe she saw the anger in my eyes. “Normal person are banned!” 

Why is she return now? I'm normal person too like Yuria. I feel the rage in my body, I press strong my fist.

“I don't care!” I screamed. “I want just to be a normal student!! I hate you and your money!” I cried and I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“You! Leave this place! Now!” Mother said while pointing Yuria.

Yuria’s POV

Anna is crying so loud. I removed my hand off her shoulder while I got up.  I took my bag and walked toward her mother. I stopped by her side while looking her in eyes.

“You're the worst, Anna doesn't deserve a mother like you.” I'm leaving.

I don't know what happens after I'm gone. I decide to call Rena.

‘Yuria? What happens?'

‘Can I have the phone number of Anna, please?'

‘Are you interested in the Ice Princess?' She teased me.

‘I'm waiting for your message' I laughed and hanged up.

To: Yuria
From: Rena

*phone number*

Bye~ (*^▽^*)


To: Rena
From: Yuria

I’m sorry to disturb you m(_ _)m
Thank you and good night (#^.^#)


To: Anna
From: Yuria

I hope you’re well (ーー;)
Take care of yourself


Annin’s POV

My phone vibrate. My mother lefts a few minutes after Yuria. I’m alone, I cried but now I regret to cry in front of Yuria. She doesn’t repeat that at the school, I think. I’m curl up in my bed, I turn toward my phone and I take it. It’s Yuria, a smile appear on my lips. I wanted to reply at her but I fell asleep.

-- Few Weeks Later --

Outside’s POV

Anna and Yuria talk sometimes unlike Rena who talk a lot with her best friend and Yuria. Yuria has the reputation of Yankee as she answers back at the teacher and her classmates don’t speak of her because she likes the Ice Princess.

*Ring ring*

Yuria's phone ring, she's with Rena and Anna. Rena looks at her and she takes her phone.


‘Yuria~ I miss you!'

‘I miss you too…'

“Maybe it's her boyfriend” Rena teased while looking at Anna. Anna blushed.

“Hmm…” She said coldly.

‘Yeah, I listen you.'

‘Since you're leaving Nagoya, I miss you so much… And… I think I-I'm in love with you… Please, be my girlfriend!' Yuria's cheeks became red.

‘In love… with me?' Yuria mumbled, but her friend heard her. Rena looks her best friend who was dumbfounded.

“Annin, are you ok?” She asked, worried.

Anna doesn't answer and leave the place, Rena follows her.


‘Oh, sorry Kuumin… I-I'm sorry…' She hanged up without wait any answer.

Annin’s POV

“Annin! Annin!” Rena screamed her friend's name, but no answer.

I walk, but Rena grabs my arms.

“Annin? Are you fine?”

Of course no. Why I'm feel so strange… My heart beats faster. I can hear it.

“Are you… Jealous?” Rena teased me, but I'm annoyed.

Yes, I'm jealous. I stare into the void. If she has a boyfriend… I have lost my crush… I panic, I think she's my crush… I don't know… I'm on the verge of the tears. Rena pull me in her arms. She understands me. She strokes my back.

“It's ok Annin, I'm here” I felt my tears in my cheeks. What's going with me? Why am I react strange? I don't like cry in front of a people.

“Rena… I-I'm lost…” I mumbled.


Great… It's time to go into the classroom.

I push softly Rena and thank her.

Yuria’s POV

I don’t know where Rena and Anna are… Why is she reacts like that? I wait on me seat. Anna walks into the classroom. She sits down in front of me. I can’t speak. My heart pound in my chest.

-- After The School --

Anna takes her bag and leaves quickly the classroom. I look for Rena, I wait in front of her-

“Rena!” I yelled.

“Ah Yuria, sorry for just now.” She said with a smile.

“What happens with Anna?” I asked soon.

“Nothing, she’s just… tired.” She leaved me, I looked her…

Tired? Well…

-- Few Days Later --

Annin’s POV

I don't talk with Yuria since the last time, I'm too afraid. I'm coward and now she has a boyfriend.

I'm on my bed, my eyes are red. I often cry, I have a heart-breaking.

* Knock * Knock *


“Miss, your-“

“I don't care.” I interrupted me steward.

“Sorry Miss, but your mother calls you.”

“I don't care…” My voice cracked.

“Anna! Come here now!”

I don't answer. I stay in my bed, but my mother comes.

“Are you cry again because of her?! Anyway, she was not a good person and this a forbidden love!''

“I love her and no matter if it's forbidden love! But you're too stubborn to understand that!” I screamed and cried too.

She moves toward my bed. She slaps me… I don't believe…

“Don't speak at me like that!” I saw the anger in her eyes.

I take my bag with my phone and I leave the house. I can hear my mother calls my name.


Outside’s POV

“Do you want to go in my place to work?”

“Yes, it's better than mine, Yuria.”

“”Great, so let's go!”

“Always with the Ice Princess Yuria?” Said a voice behind them.

“Of course, you're jealous Ryoka?” Yuria said while looked her classmate.

“No, of course no.” She laughed.

One more time Yuria lost her control and she grabbed Ryoka's collar.

“So, you're just a dumbass.” She said calmly.

“Calm down Yuria” Anna said while pulled friend's shoulder. Yuria released Ryoka's. She nodded and leaved with Anna.

-- At Yuria’s Place --

A little apartment, not far from the school.


“Your mother is here?”

“Oh no, she works late, it’s just a habit”


Anna closes the door behind her. Now she walks in the street, it's dark. She is going to head over to Yuria.

Her heart beats faster, she's in her place.

*Ding Dong*

Yuria opens the door. The tears flowed on Anna's cheeks which are red without thinking she hugs her.

“Anna…” Yuria said softly.

Her mother works late again. She makes sit her friend on the sofa. She puts her arm around Anna's waist.

“Tell me-“ She began.

“I hate her…” Anna put her head on Yuria's shoulder. “She doesn't understand me… I-I'm in love…”

This revelation was like a shock for Yuria. This looks as kind of electrical discharge. Anna raises her head and see Yuria in the verge of tears. Gently her tears flow on the red cheek.

“Yuria?” Anna put her hand on Yuria's cheek and stroked her slowly, she blushed. They hearts beat faster.

She moves closer, she looks Yuria’s lips, her attractive lips. Yuria closes her eyes and puts her arms around Anna’s neck. Their lips meet finally. Yuria don’t reject the kiss and moves her lips slowly. Thus Anna wrap her arms on Yuria’s waist and stroke her back softly. Anna pulls Yuria closer and the kiss become more passionate. Yuria infiltrate her tongue into Anna’s mouth-


Yuria push quickly Anna. The boths gets breath back with red cheeks.

“Mom! You're already here?” Yuria asked, embarrassed.

“Yeah finally- Good evening, you're Yuria's friend?”

“Yes… I'm Anna.” She said while took her breath.

“Are you ok, you two?” She laughed.

“Yes mom, we're going to my room. Good night.” Yuria pulled Anna's in her room without more explanation.

Their heart beat still quickly. Yuria grasp always Anna. They sit on the bed.

“W-why you didn't reject my kiss?” Anna asked surprised.

“Anna… It's… I love you” Yuria grabbed the warm hands in front of her. 

“But… your boyfriend…” Anna lowered her head.

“Eh?! I don't have a boyfriend. I'm just in love with… you.”

After heard Yuria's answer, Anna gives a little peck has Yuria and hug her. She‘s glad now.

“So, you want to be my… girlfriend?” Anna asked shyly.

“Of course! But… your family…” Yuria knew, Anna's family are against this ‘forbidden' love.

“I don't care, I want to be with you… I love you Yuria” Anna smiled and kissed Yuria's neck.

“I love you too”

The boths fell asleep in each other's arms…

-- Few Days Later --

“You know, your nickname is ‘The Yankee and The Ice Princess'” Rena said while looking at her friends. 

They laughed. It's true, the boths kept their nicknames, but now they are together. Anna lives in Yuria's place, with her mother. Anna doesn't talk at her family that's why she's glad with her girlfriend.

“Yuria, who was it the last time by the phone?” Anna asked curiously.

“Oh, it was Nagoya's friend. She asked that I become her girlfriend.” Yuria said simply, her hand around Anna's waist.

“Eh? But you speak always at her?” Anna blushed and look her girlfriend with a cold gaze.

“Yeah, she's my friend. Are you jealous?” Yuria teased Anna.

“Me? I… No!” Anna said a little in panic.

Yuria hugged her girlfriend

“Don't worry” She whispered to her. 


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Re: [OS] The Yankee and The Ice Princess (YuriAnnin)
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2016, 04:06:04 AM »
More... more.... MORE YURIANNIN (♡´艸`)

This is nice author-san! I'm glad to see yuriannin os when i open jphip wkwk ( ´ ▽ ` )

Okay~ you need to update another os actually. It's okay if you want to write another yuriannin (^ω^)

Thanks for the os by the way... (*´▽`)ノノ
And... welcome to jphip :3
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Re: [OS] The Yankee and The Ice Princess (YuriAnnin)
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2016, 07:03:18 PM »
Like the plot, maybe concentrate on one POV on the next one :3
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[OS] Don’t make a joke (YuirAnnin) [Part 1]
« Reply #3 on: July 08, 2016, 11:14:08 PM »
@fath107 : Thank you very much ! I will make anothers YuriAnnin :3

@kuro_808 : Thanks :) I followed your advice !


Please enjoy with this other FanFic and don't hesitate to comment :)

I'm sorry for the mistake  :bow: I'll work harder to be better, please forgive me  :bow:

Don’t make a joke (YuirAnnin) [Part 1]

My friend nickname me ‘’Baka’’ sometimes, I’m not good in study. I wait Juri, my best friend around our school. We’re High School Student. I see a bike stopping, a tall girl removes her helmet and rides down. Her hair flutters with the wind, a long brown hair. The driver removes his helmet too and kisses the girl. 

“Hi Yuria! You’re hypnotize by the smart girl?” Juri teased me.

“Smart?” I asked while look my friend.

“Yeah, she’s the best in the school. Iriyama Anna, you didn’t know her?” She laughed. “Let’s go, baka!” She grabbed my wrist and dragged me away the school.

I know Juri since the elementary. We came closer quickly and we never separate since.

“Nee Juri, Iriyama-san is a quite popular girl?” I asked curiously.

“Yeah, so many girls follow her and the boys are jealous of her boyfriend. Why?” She said simply.

“Just like this” I answered with broad grin.

“You’re strange sometimes Yuria. It’s class time! See you” She left me.

I’m going to the classroom. In the way I see Anna, Juri was right, a lot of girl follow the smart girl. She doesn’t pay attention to them.

-- After The School --

“Sorry Juri, I can't keep with you today. My mother tells me to buy any milk.” I said with a sad face.

“Ok, don't worry! I see you tomorrow!” I nodded and left her.

In the way I see a manga shop. I'm stoping here and look the store front. I love manga and anime, it's all my life! I hear the bell's shop.

“Sorry, we are soon going to closing. If you want-“ I looked the seller, but a word escaped from my mouth.

“Iriyama-san?” I interrupted suddenly.

“Sorry, have we met?” She asked surprised.

“Oh, n-no… But everybody know you in the school.” I said a little stunned.

“Ah…” Her smile fell quickly. “You're a follower?” She asked with cold gaze.

“No, I know since today not before.” I laughed and gave back her smile.

“Oh, sorry. I'm so annoyed by these followers. I apologize.” She bowed.

“Don't worry.” I answered simply.

“You want to go inside?” She asked with a warm smile.

I nodded and we're going.
I was never entered here. It's a large place, manga covers the wall.

“I never see you here before, you're transferred student?”

 “No” I answered only that because I was captivated by all this manga. I looked my watch. “Oh! My mom waits for me, I'm sorry, I need to get home.” I stepped back, but she calls me.

“Wait! What's your name?”

“Yuria, Kizaki Yuria. Bye Iriyama-san” I left her without wait answer.

Finally she's not the quite popular type who hurt the people.

I bought any milk and went back in my place.

-- Few Days Later --

I'm going my locker and take my book. When I close it, I hear so many scream and voices. I return in my classroom, but Juri calls me, I turn my head toward her, but strike someone. I fell backwards and dropped my books. Suddenly the screams and the voices stop.
“I'm sorry, I didn't see you…” I said while raising my head, but because of sun through the window I didn't see the person.

“Are you fine Yuria?” It was female voice, she grabbed my hand and help me.

I can finally see her.

“Iriyama-san…” The girls behind her whispered. Anna looked at her with a cold gaze and bent for picked my books.

“You can call me Anna, you're friend now” I looked her stunned and she left me.

Her follower looked at me with disgust. I feel hand on my shoulder.

“Wow, you talked with the smart Iriyama.” Juri teased me.

“Yeah… We met several days ago…” I didn't look my friend and I left into my classroom.

When I saw her, she was so close to me. I could see her smooth skin, her beautiful eyes and… her attractive lips… Eh? Why I think at that? It's-

“Kizaki-san? Can yougive me your answer?” Oh… I was in my mind… I didn't hear his question.

“I-I…” I mumbled

“You aren't listen me!” He yelled. Yeah sorry sensei, I think about the smart girl…

My classmates laugh at me. I lower my head and look my book. Anyway, even if I heard his question, I couldn't answer. I'm too foolish… I stay like this tor few time. I don't want moving, I'm ashamed…

“You know, everybody left the classroom” I heard a voice, but I didn't answer. I felt a warm hand on my shoulder.

“Juri?” I raised my head, it's not Juri. She patted my head. “Anna… W-Why are you here?” I felt the tears rolling in my cheeks.

“Don't cry Yuria, I'm here… Juri asked me to see you, she's busy with her mother and worry about you.” She pulled into her arms.

 Damn, it's so gentle and warm. I want stay here.

“Honey, what are you doing? Are you ready?” It was a male's voice. Anna's boyfriend.

“No, I keep with her.” She said suddenly.

“Eh? No, no, no!” He came closer and pulled Anna. “Listen your boyfriend, don't keep with this baka.” Anna left me reluctantly, but she stayed at my side.

“I'm not yours. You-“ He interrupted her girlfriend while pulling her arms.

“Shut up and go with me.” Anna couldn't resist and she looked a last time at me. He's aggressive with her, he doesn't deserve a girlfriend like Anna.

-- Few Days Later --

I'm in front of the manga's shop. I hope for see Anna, we don't talk since the last time. I open the door and go bring inside.

“Finally, you're here.” I looked toward the voice. Anna. I smiled.

“I want to see you.” She walked toward me.

“Me too… I'm sorry, it's my boyfriend.” She said while grabbed my wrist.

“Do you love him?” I asked confidant.

“No.” She said coldly. I didn't expect that. “He is violent with me…”

“Yeah, I've seen that. Why you don't leave him?” I asked surprised.

“Because, he will hurt me…” She said while lowered her head.

“I will help you!” I said while a warm smile.

-- Few Months Later --

I become friend with the smart girl and she left her boyfriend. Her follower was really jealous about me. It's funny, but so many boys want win Anna's heart. Me too… I want win Anna's heart… But I'm girl and she's just my friend.

Today I'm at Anna's place.

“Nee Yuria, I don't know how dressed for my date. Please help me.” She pouted while looking her dress.

“Do you have a date?!” I stood up quickly.

“Yeah, with my new boyfriend. Are you ok Yuria?” Necessarily, with all these boys…

I don't answer, but I help her, reluctantly. After, I'm going at home and she is going at her date.

-- The Next Week – After The School --

“Anna, can we go out this night? Please!” I begged her.

“Oh, sorry, I have a date today…” She said with bright smile.

I don't believe. I'm so jealous, I don't spend a time with her since she has boyfriend.

“You're just a smart girl…” I mumbled. I wanted to cry. “I hate you!” I yelled and left her. She looked at me, dumbfounded.

-- Next Week -- 

“Are you fine Yuria? You don’t talk with Anna now.” Juri asked me. Please, don’t speak about her.

“Y-yeah, don’t worry Juri. She’s busy with her boyfriend.” I made a fake smile.

I want just forgot Anna.

-- At Yuria’s Place --

“Yuria, your friend is here!” Mom yelled.

I don't leave my room. In true I didn't understand her sentence.

*knock knock*

“I'm coming~” Said the female's voice. I couldn't see her.

I have my head on my cushion. She strokes my back softly.

“Who?” I said without move.

“Anna.” My blood froze. “I'm sorry, I was afraid…”

“By what?” I looked at her.

“You” She said coldly.

I stand up quickly. The tears flowed on my cheeks. She looked at me and stand up too.

“I-I… can't erase… my feelings for… you… but-” I sobbed while backing out.

“Baka.” She said simply.

She moves toward me, we don't increase the distance between us. On the contrary we're closer. Suddenly I feel the wall behind me, I can't move back anymore.


Oh my… It's kabe-don… I look into her beautiful eyes… Actually, I miss her so much…

“I was afraid because… I love you Yuria…” Without answering her gentle lips meet mine. I blushed.

I embrace her waist. She put her hand under my shirt and I let out a little moan. Our kiss become wilder. I start to kiss her neck and she taking off my shirt. Suddenly I push her, she falls on my bed. I climb on her stomach and lean toward her ear.

“I miss you Anna… But you know, my mother is nearby… We need to stop now…” I whispered with a seductive voice while bit her ear.

“If I refuse?” She said while unclasped my bra.

“You don't have a choice…” I liked her lips and left her for dressed me again.

She hugs me by behind, I feel her warm arms. It's an indescribable feeling.

“I love you.” I said she kissed my head

I feel something of wet on my shoulder. I turn over her, she cries. I hug her.

“Anna…” I said softy.

“I'm so sorry... I waste my time… With a man because… I was afraid by my feelings…” She hugged me stronger.

“Now we're together…” I stroked her back gently.

“But, I’m sorry… I can’t keep with you…” I pushed her strongly.

“Eh? Why?!” I couldn’t believe in that, yet she said she loved me…

 I don’t understand… I’m confused… She doesn’t answer but smirks.

“Anna! Tell me…” I was on the verge of the tears. She came closer slowly.

“You’re too cute when you panic.” She kissed my lips and stroked my head gently while gave me a warm smile.

“Mou~ Anna! Don’t make a joke like this!” I turned my back while pouted. She laughed and hugged me by behind.

“You know, you’re cute when you sulk too... I don’t want leave you, I love you Yuria.” She kissed my neck, I blushed.

“I love you too… But never doing this again!” She laughed.

I love hear her laugh, it’s like a sweet melody.
Since this day we’re together. She doesn’t have any follower. But sometimes she teases me and makes so many joke, of course I panic. She’s always saying I’m cute when I sulk or blush. I love her so much, I want stay with her forever.

To be continued... 


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Re: [OS] The Yankee and The Ice Princess (YuriAnnin)
« Reply #4 on: July 08, 2016, 11:59:56 PM »
Grammar needs working on and reading others will help into writing a cleaner fic :nervous

Plot is good just need to work on grammar
Random Thought:


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Re: [OS] The Yankee and The Ice Princess (YuriAnnin)
« Reply #5 on: July 12, 2016, 09:05:58 PM »
Writing in a language that is not your first language is quite hard, isn't it  :) ?
I feel like that whenever I write in English  :)
Thank you for the stories.
I really like the pairing.
I like the plots as well.
Keep on reading and writing. It will help improve your grammar *at least, that's what happen to me :)
Hope to read more YuriAnnin from you in the future

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Don't make a joke [Part 2] (YuriAnnin)
« Reply #6 on: July 20, 2016, 03:21:13 PM »
@kuro_808 : Yeah, sorry...  :bow: I work harder to correct my mistake ! Thanks for reading and commenting :)

DeNight : Yup  :banghead: I keep on reading and writing in English  :nervous Thanks for reading and commenting :)


I know, I need to improve my English, sorry  :bow: But I wanted to post the last part ! I hope you enjoye :)


Don’t make a joke [Part 2]

“I won’t stay with you anymore…”

“It's a joke? Like habit?” I asked to be sure.

We've been together for one year now. Sometimes she makes a joke like that… But she adds ‘’Sadly I love you so much!”. Only this time she seems serious.

“I'm sorry Yuria…” She answered while taking her bag.

I keep here while looking at her, dumbfounded. She leaves me without more explanations. I feel so many tear flowed on my cheeks. Why doesn't she want to stay with me? Humans can really stop to loving someone overnight? I'm so empty now… I sit on my bed and I fall asleep while crying.

-- The Next Day --

I wake up late. Today is Sunday, so my mum didn't wake up me. I'm still dressing, I'm going to the bathroom quickly. My eyes are so red. I cried all the night, in fact, I don't sleep so much. I leave the bathroom, my mum is in the kitchen. She cooks the meal.

“Did you have a nice sleep?”

“Y-yeah…” I answered quietly.

“Are you okay? Your eyes are red…” She said while looking at me, worried.

“I had a bad dream.” I said with a fake smile. “Where is dad?”

“He is at Kyoto for his work… You know, he left last week…”

Oh… I forgot that… I'm just too tired.

“I'm sorry mum, I'm not hungry… I'll take a walk.” I said while changing the subject.

“You seem to need it, don't go back later.” She said with a little smile.

She's right, I need to get some fresh air.

I'm going to a little park. I see someone sitting on a bench. I-It's Anna? I need to talk with her. But a boy sits by her side. I hide quickly behind a tree. I'm in front of them. The boy grabs Anna's chin and kisses her. But she doesn't move, she doesn't seem stunned, but she's just impassive. Suddenly the boy starts to be angry. I can't hear them, but she doesn't answer and looks him. Maybe she smiles because he doesn't seem angry now. That hurt… I feel another tears on my cheeks. I put my back against the tree and go down slowly to reach the floor. I hold my knees and put my head on them, I’m crying.


No. It's not me, disappear, I don’t want to talk with someone. She pats my head gently.

“Stop crying… Yuria, I don't like seeing you like that…”

I raise my head. It's Juri, she helps me to stand up.

“Tell-“ She began to speak.

I fall on her arm… I'm too tired. My stomach is empty and I didn't sleep last night. I cry so much, I can't stay standing. She hugs me, I don’t want leave her arms.

“I-It's… A… A-Anna…” I tried to say.

“We're going back at home and you tell me.” She said calmly.

-- At Juri’s Place --

I'm sitting on her bed. I snap out of it. I stopped crying. Juri sits next to me.

“Y-Yesterday… Anna told me… She doesn’t want to… Stay with me anymore… B-But I saw her… With a boy… They k-kissed…” I said while sobbing. Juri pulled me in her arms.

“She didn't give more explanation?” She asked while stroking my back.


She says nothing more... But my stomach gurgles. Juri laughs a little.

“You need to eat. I'll pick up a food.” She said while pushing me kindly.

She's going to the kitchen. I lay on her bed, I can resist and I fell asleep.

-- Few Hours Later --

I don't know how long I slept. Now I'm waking up. I see Juri at her desk, maybe she's working. I sit at the edge of the bed.

“You're woken up, now eat. I don't want to see you sick.” She said while handing a food.

“Thanks.” I said without a smile.

I take it and I eat.

“I need to go back at home now.” I said while finishing my food.

“Don't worry, I warned your mother. You know, it's late.” She said with a smile.

I look the clock. She's right, it's 11pm soon. I slept so much…

“I'm sorry Juri, it's late and you didn't sleep because of me… Moreover, we are schools tomorrow…” I said while looking down.

“It's okay, I take care of my friend.” She answered with a bright smile.

“Thank you Juri.”

“Now you've eaten I can sleep on the sofa!” She teased me.

I wanted to answer, but she stood up and left me for her sofa.

“Good night.” She said while turning off the lights.

-- The Next Day –

We wake up early because I need to take my uniform in my home. After, we’re going to school. This year I’m not in the same class that Juri and Anna. It’s our last year. We’re going to be graduating.

I’ve been avoiding Anna all day.

-- After The School --

I leave the school. I saw the same boy who was with Anna. He seemed angry again. Anna came toward him. He yelled at her.

-- Few Days Later --

Anna’s boyfriend was all the day in front of the school and he was always angry. I didn’t talk with her since she left me. I’m still love her, I can forget her and erase my feelings. So, today I want more explanation from her. I want understand.

I leave my classroom quickly and wait in front of Anna’s classroom door. She’s with her friend. I follow her until the portal and decide to call her.

“Anna!” She turned toward me. “Please! Explain me!”

“I won’t talk with you…” She walked, but I followed her.

“Why? Just, explain-“ I couldn't finish my sentence because her boyfriend interrupted me.

“You have to speak. You know what happens after.” He said coldly at his girlfriend.

She lowers her head and walks with him. What? Can't she speak? I don't understand…

-- Few Days Later --

I'm still in love with Anna, but I said my feelings was disappeared. When I saw her that hurt, I miss her… Her voice, her eyes, her arms, her smile, her lips… It's so complicated to forget someone.

I'm going to the library of the school. There is a little room at the end. They are always empty, I like to stay here. I open the door, but I hit something.

“That hurt!” She said and I turned on the light.

“I'm sorry!” I looked at her.

 It's Anna, her body is covered of injuries. I close the door quickly.

“Anna…” She looked at me, afraid. “What happens?” I said softly.

“…” She was moving back.

“It's your boyfriend?” I asked, but the tears flowed on Anna's cheek.

“P-Please… I can't talk with you…”

I can't believe. Her boyfriend fights her, and she can’t talk with me… I understand a little now, but I don't know why she breaks up with me.

“You need to leave him… Look at you, you're…” I felt the tear on my cheeks too.

That hurt to see her, but more than she is like that.

“I can't… He will hurt me if I do that…” She said while walking toward the door.

She leaves the room. I don’t follow her, it’s like I’m paralyzed, my body won’t move. He fights her… Nobody can't hurt my Anna. He will pay for that… She needs my help. I want help her.

-- At Yuria’s Place --

“You seem elsewhere Yuria, are you okay?” My mum asked.

“I reflect…”

“That often doesn’t happen!” She teased me while laughing.

My phone vibrate. I take it and look the text.

From: Anna
To: Yuria


No more text, a simple word. Where? In her home? Why? I take my bag and leave my place in the direction of Anna’s place.

-- At Anna’s Place --

*Knock Knock*

“Oh Yuria, are you looking for Anna?” It was her mother.

“Yeah, is she here?” I asked hurriedly.

“No, she's going out with her boyfriend, but I don't know where.”

“Thanks…” She closed the door.

Think Yuria, think… Where is she…? I know! I run to the manga shop of Anna's parents.

-- At Manga Shop –

The door is ajar. I push it slowly. It's quiet. I walk until the back shop. On the ground Anna's body is stretched out. She's half naked.

“Anna!” I yelled, but she didn't answer.

Her phone is in her hand, I touch her back slowly, she doesn't move.  I take my phone to call an ambulance. But a faint voice interrupts me.


“Don't move, I'll call an ambulance.” I said while sitting by her side.

I don’t know what happened… Maybe he has tried to ra- I can’t think about that… I want to just protect Anna without thinking at that… 

-- At The Hospital --   

I was sleeping on the bench in front of Anna’s hospital room. I don't know what time is it. The policeman speaks with me, Anna's boyfriend was drug trafficker, and they found so many drugs in him place. So, he can’t hurt Anna anymore. Now, I wait the doctor. He leaves Anna's room and comes toward me.

“She's weak, but out of danger. You can talk with her if you want.” I nodded and came at Anna's room.

I open the door slowly. Anna is covered with wounds, but she smiles at me.

“Are you staying all the night?” She asked.

“Y-yeah, I was worried about you…” I said while staying at the door.

“Please Yuria, come closer.” She said slowly.

I walk at her side, she grabs my hand. I want to cry, I don't know why, but I want to cry.

“I'm sorry, I hurt you…” She said without looking at me.

“Yeah…” I said simply.

I’m looking at her. I miss her so much…

“I'm afraid.” She said suddenly.

“By what?” I asked quickly.

“I'm still in love with…” She began.

I release her hand abruptly. The tears flow on my cheek. Now, she looks at me.

“What? But he hurt you! How can you say that?” I yelled.

I'm mad against her. I want to protect her! Why is she loving him? He fights her!

“…You.” She said softly.

“Eh?” I could give like only answer.

“I'm still in love with you…”

I'm dumbfounded. Why has she left me? If she loves me...

“I didn't want to break up with you… He threatened me… That’s why I couldn’t stay with you…” She continued. It was like she read in my mind.

“Why didn't you tell me?” I said while grabbing her hand.

“He wanted to hurt you too…” She said and her voice cracked.

I’m sorry, I saw nothing, I couldn’t protect you…
I kiss her forehead slowly.

“You need to sleep.” I released her hand.

“Please Yuria, come back at home, you need to sleep too.” She said with a little smile.


“I'll be safe here, don't worry.”

I leave the room and come to my place. I'll be coming back tomorrow.

-- The Next Morning --

We don't have school today, I come to the hospital to see Anna. The doctor says that she can go out now but she’s always weak and has so many injuries. When she's ready, we leave the hospital. She walks behind me. I feel something grabs my shirt. I stop to walk, Anna puts her forehead on my shoulder and she's gripping my shirt in her hand.

“P-Please, don’t leave me alone… Y-Yuria… I love you… I miss you…” She sobbed.

I turn over her, and she releases her catch. I'm looking into her eyes. I put my hand on her cheek and touch softly her lip corner which is injured. Which made her a grimace. I smirk and kiss her gently.

“I love you Anna.”


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