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Author Topic: Angel of Death (Atsumina) ~Oneshot~ [COMPLETE] 23/5/16  (Read 8799 times)

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Angel of Death (Atsumina) ~Oneshot~ [COMPLETE] 23/5/16
« on: May 23, 2016, 07:10:57 PM »
Status: Complete = Oneshot.

Word Count: 951.

Genre: drama.

Characters: Atsuko and Minami.

Pairing: Atsumina.

Plot/Summary: Short story about an angel of death and hope.

A/N: just something I couldn't get out of my mind so I had to sit down and write it.

Angel of Death

Part 1

This is not a story like any other, instead this is a story about a little girl that grow up to be the most charming woman.

She mesmerized people with her smile, her graceful nature and moves, leaving everyone breathless and confused.

She never noticed the affect she had on people surrounding her and even after hearing the compliments of her adorable nature, she didn’t dare to believe it. Instead, she smiled kindly, thanked them, pointed out that she’s not someone special and walked away.

Indeed, adorable and clever woman, who by the age of 18 could have had anything or anyone she wanted. If only her destiny was a different one… if only she wasn’t an angel of death.

Part 2

You see, there are so many differences between angels. Ironically, humans are aware of them and either fear or admire them. Usually, they decide after looking at the color of their wings.

White wings — symbolizes good intentions, sincerity, prosperity. Those were the angels you could shout at, ask for help in a form of prayer or direct approach.

Black wings — let them know that it is the angel of death standing in front of them. Ready to take their happiness and liveliness away. Ready to take humans from their loved ones, from their little pets, their jobs, their daily routines. Nothing good happen after they come face to face with those angels since… it might as well be devil standing in front of them.

Everyone feel the difference… how could they not?

But the one who hurt the most was that little hopeful girl that grow up surrounded by people admiring her. Her name was Atsuko. Atsuko never expected that one day humans will turn against her. That one days those compliments will turn out into snarly comments and hurtful remarks. No one wanted to see her anymore, nor they wanted to admire and understand Atsuko’s good intentions.

Sadly, the good-natured soul believed what she heard of. Getting shy in the past, because of the compliments and smiling kindly, but not really believing the words she heard, Atsuko felt quite differently now. She started believing everything. At first, Atsuko convinced herself that she might not be a good person, but she is not a bad one either. Later on, she started believing that actually… she’s the worst.

Part 3

The girl gave up on the rest of the world, but most importantly — she gave up on herself. Nothing mattered. She concentrated on fulfilling her duty. That was the reason of her creation, all those lessons in the past. Angels were thought not to feel and not to care. Especially angels of death, since they knew that no one likes them and no one wants to see them.

But it was not always easy to distance herself from the rest of the world. Not when another girl looked at Atsuko with admiration and gratitude. It was the same look people gave her while she was still young and no one could see her black wings. The girl kept on smiling everyday when Atsuko came to visit her and asked questions about the after life.

Are people happy there?

Can they still know how their family is doing?

Can they communicate with each other?

It was the first time in many years when Atsuko felt sad that she couldn’t give answers for the girl. She wanted to. She wanted to tell or even lie how perfect it gets, how she will be free to do whatever she likes, but Atsuko couldn’t lie. Not to this stranger. She simply didn’t know.

So every time she just look down shamefully to the ground and apologized for not having an answer. The girl never got angry though… she admired the honesty, kept on looking Atsuko in the eyes and squeezed her hand in a supportive manner.

Everyday the girl reminded Atsuko that life wasn’t that horrible after all.

Part 4

The girl’s name was Takahashi Minami, and they didn’t met by accident. It wasn’t some sort of unforgettable love story that you could tell about to your relatives or children. They met because Minami was dying from leukemia.

Everyday the girl got weaker and she come closer to her last breath and everyday Atsuko visited her, not only because she had to, but also because she wanted to.

It was the first human that didn’t blame Atsuko. She accepted her destiny and instead felt thankful for the company. The little conversations both shared helped her relax and forget about the outcome.

One time she even confessed, that if she has to leave this world, she’s glad that it is Atsuko who takes it away. She also mentioned that all the humans should be thankful that it is Atsuko who’s bringing them to the afterlife, because of her genuine care and concentration.

Minami also told Atsuko that she had the kindness heart and she should never forget it. Even when the rest of the world tries to bring her down, she should never forget it and stay strong… stay hopeful…

Part 5

Minami died after a couple of months later. It wasn’t as painful as it could have been, because Atsuko hold her hand through the whole process and tried her best to take the pain away.

The girl died with a small smile on her face and a faint “thank you”, which Atsuko kept on carrying in her heart.

This is not a story like any other. This is not a love story. This is a story about hope and kindness. This is a story about a little girl that grow up to be the most charming woman.



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Re: Angel of Death (Atsumina) ~Oneshot~ [COMPLETE] 23/5/16
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2016, 08:46:28 PM »
I want more of this..  :roll:
But in any way.. quite interesting OS..  8) Hmm.... angel of death.. yeah.
Thank you for writing Atsumina!!!!  :D
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Re: Angel of Death (Atsumina) ~Oneshot~ [COMPLETE] 23/5/16
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2018, 10:06:42 PM »
I love this story..

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Re: Angel of Death (Atsumina) ~Oneshot~ [COMPLETE] 23/5/16
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2018, 07:40:58 PM »
This is actually a nice one shot. I should read more of your work since you wrote mostly about my favorite pairings. Haha. Good job writer and I’ll keep supporting you

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Re: Angel of Death (Atsumina) ~Oneshot~ [COMPLETE] 23/5/16
« Reply #4 on: April 30, 2018, 03:43:50 PM »
Really really good.I love angels history and if it's possible I would like to see more.Like for example when minami is dead in the other world.Love thissss

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Re: Angel of Death (Atsumina) ~Oneshot~ [COMPLETE] 23/5/16
« Reply #5 on: March 08, 2020, 09:25:43 AM »
Omg that's such a good idea to write about! I really like how you conveyed the atmosphere even though it was rather short and how it wasn't a love story just the story of a girl

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