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Author Topic: Shibuya Dream [YuriAnnin] - COMPLETED  (Read 7925 times)

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Shibuya Dream [YuriAnnin] - COMPLETED
« on: August 21, 2016, 03:01:04 PM »
Dear Friends,

It's Sunday night. I had been working since the night before. Seriously tired and sleep deprived right now. But, I still have some work to do and this story idea had been bugging me since Friday. So, I gave up and wrote this, from start to finish, in one sitting at a coffee shop. I just need to get this out of my system so I can concentrate working again. So, I'm not sure whether there will be some continuation or not. When I have the time, I want to focus on finishing "Strangers" in Yonjujo thread and "Morning Light" in my YuiParu delusion thread after all. However, there's no point in storing it away and let it rot in my laptop's hard drive, right? So, here it is, a special present for all of you who have probably been looking forward to read more YuriAnnin fic lately. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed typing it down :)



“Hey, you’re alone? Wanna hang out with us?”

Annin was in trouble. All she wanted to do was finding out how it feels to skip school. She was tired of being an honor student. She was tired of being the class representative and future student council president. She was tired of her parents who kept on pressing her to be the best of the best in anything she did. She started to focus on studying because she liked it—just like how she liked playing her flute. But, what started as something fun soon turned into unbearable pressure. Why couldn’t she be like anyone else? Why should she keep a perfect attendance record since elementary school? Why did she have to bend over backward even when she was not feeling well? What was all that for? Pleasing her parents? Pleasing everyone else who put their expectation on her? Did they ever think of her feeling? Had they actually ask what she truly wanted to do?

“Hey, are you listening?”

Annin was lost in her own thoughts. For a moment there, she forgot about the troubling situation she was in. Yes. All she wanted to do was ruining her perfect attendance by skipping the day’s classes. She wanted to let her curiosity run wild. She wanted to wonder about things she had never done, things she had never seen, things she had never experienced. But, now, being trapped in two older guys’ troubling advances... Was this the thing she wanted to experience? No. She knew it was not. The boys made her feel uncomfortable after all. But, how would she be able to escape that situation?

“We can see that you are not familiar with this area. If you come with us, we’ll show you around. We can also hang out in Tsutaya if you want to. You’ve never been there, have you?” The other guy started to chime in.

“Yeah, let’s have some fun! If you keep us company, we’ll keep you company as well,” the first guy leered.

Annin was really in trouble. She was not used to such situation. She had been going to an all-girls school all her life. Normally, her days only consisted of going to school, doing student council work, playing flute with her orchestra band mates, studying, and repeating the whole thing all over again. What should she do in such circumstances? She did try to say that she was actually waiting for someone. But, the guys didn’t buy it.

“Ah, Aoi-chan! There you are!”

Right when the first guy was trying to pull her by the hand, someone came running toward them. It was a shorter boy with a rather round and feminine face. He was wearing a school uniform Annin did not recognize with a black hoodie under his ash color school blazer.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you, you know! You’re supposed to wait for me near that Hachiko statue!”

Annin was puzzled. She did not know this boy, let alone having a prior appointment to meet up with him by the statue. She did not know how to answer him.

“Tsk! If you’ve already had a boyfriend, you should’ve just said so!” the guy grumbled and started to walk away with his friend.

Annin didn’t know what had just happened. But, she felt relieved. At least, partly. She still needed to deal with the round-faced boy.

Ano... Sumimasen...,” she tried to grab the boy’s attention, “I am not Aoi-san. My name is Iriyama Anna...”

The boy looked at her and grinned, “I know.”


“I thought you could use some help, so I came over. I didn’t know your name, so I randomly called out the first name that crossed my mind,” he laughed, “Though it seemed like the guys misunderstood some things.”

The explanation and the laughter from the boy made Annin smiled.

“Aah... you’re from Akibajo, aren’t you?” the boy looked at the school insignia on Annin’s vest, “Aren’t you supposed to be in school right now?”

Annin averted her eyes and blushed. As she thought, she didn’t feel comfortable skipping school after all—even more when someone found out about that.

“What about you?” she asked back, “Aren’t you also supposed to be in school?”

The boy laughed, “That’s true. But, I had some business to take care nearby, so I’m skipping.”

Annin was amused at how easy it was for the boy to admit that. Was that something he frequently did? He did look like the complete opposite of her—so carefree and happy.

“I’m done with that business, though. I’m thinking of wandering around, grabbing something to eat, and having some fun before going home. Want to tag along?”

The boy smiled widely. But, the smile faltered when Annin did not answer.

“It’s all right if you don’t want to, though,” he quickly said, “I didn’t mean to bother you like those guys did.”

Actually, Annin didn’t feel bothered. Unlike the previous guys, the boy seemed nice and genuine in his invitation. She was just wondering how she could easily feel comfortable around a boy she just met.

“I’ll come along,” she tried to smile, “If you don’t mind.”

The boy laughed, “Of course I don’t!”

Annin never thought that skipping school could be that fun. They grabbed some food to eat at a junk food joint nearby. They walked around to see all the popular spots in Shibuya. The boy couldn’t believe that Annin had never tried to walk across the famous Shibuya crossings. So, they tried to cross the street together  a few times—letting themselves drowned in the swarm of hurried looking people every two or three minutes. When they felt tired, they went to a small café nearby, chatting away while enjoying a warm drink and looking at people crossing the streets. They laughed as they noticed some foreigners trying to cross the streets a few times just to know how walking at the busiest intersections in the world felt like—just like what they did minutes earlier.

Yes. It was really fun. It felt just like a dream. Annin wondered whether it was because of the activities they did or because of the company. She realized that she stole some glances at the boy during their time together. She had never thought of dating before—at least, not before she’s finished with school like her parents told her. But, if this was what dating feels like, Annin started to wonder if it’s possible to stay like that forever.

They were at the game center when Annin noticed that the sky had turned dark. She looked at her phone and silently cursed herself as she noticed that she was not only skipping a school day, but also her student council meeting and her band practice. Even worse, it was fifteen minutes to her curfew. She knew that she would get in trouble as she would be getting home really late. But, time really flew as they had a lot of fun. It saddened her to think that she had to end it right then.


Her heart skipped a beat as the boy called her by her first name so casually. When she turned to look at him, she was greeted by a small furry teddy bear. The boy’s grinning face popped up next to the bear.

“I finally got it!” he said, pointing at the crane game machine, “This is for you!”

“Eeh? But, you tried so hard in getting the bear...”

“It’s all right. I just like the challenge,” he grinned wider, “Besides, I have a huge one at home that I named John Kotaro.”

Annin laughed, “What’s with that name.”

The boy laughed along.

“But, we need to go back soon. It’s already night,” he said.

They walked side by side to the train station. Annin was silent the whole time. She really didn’t want the day to end. When she tried to recall everything they had done together that day, she realized that she didn’t even know the boy’s name. They were having so much fun, she didn’t even bother to ask.


Right when she thought of asking, someone called the boy over. It was a short-haired woman who was singing while playing her guitar on the side of the street near the station. Some CDs were piling up on a small table in front of her with a sign showing the price.

“Aah, Sayanee!” the boy approached her, “Did you manage to sell some CDs today?”

“Yeah... just a few,” the woman called Sayanee smiled, “How about you? How did the dance competition go?”

“How do you think?” the boy grinned.

“Of course you won! Right?”

The boy showed a peace sign, “We still have the final next week, though.”

“You’ll be all right,” the woman said before noticing Annin’s presence behind the boy, “And this is...?”

“Ah! This is Anna-chan, my new friend!” the boy practically beamed.

Annin bowed a little and said her greeting.

“Nice to meet you Anna-san,” the woman smiled.

Right after she said that, the boy’s phone rang.

“Hello?” he answered, “Ah, you’re at the station? I am just outside the station. I was talking to Sayanee. Just come here and we’ll go home together then.”

The boy ended the phone conversation. Annin was wondering with whom the boy was talking to. But, she knew she had no right to ask. Despite all the time they spent together, they had just met that day.

“It was Renacchi,” the boy said to Sayanee, “She had a club meeting today and just got off school.”

Sayanee just nodded.

“She actually goes to the same school as you,” the boy said to Annin, “That’s why I could recognize your school uniform right away.”

Not long after that, a gal looking girl approached them. She wore the same uniform as Annin—but she seemed more stylish with her long wavy brown hair and some cute accessories. Annin thought that the girl did look familiar. But, she couldn’t recall her name. When their eyes met, she just smiled at Annin.

Jaa... We’ll be leaving then,” the boy said, “Thanks for today, Anna-chan!”

“Aah... No. It’s me who should say thanks.”

The girl called Renacchi just smiled and waved her hands to Sayanee and Annin while saying, “Bye bye!”

Then, they walked side by side into the station while chatting with each other. When the boy put his arm around the girl and leaned on her side, Annin felt a hurtful pang in her chest. She looked down to the ground trying to calm herself.

“So... They boy has already had a girlfriend after all...,” she mumbled to herself, “Well, it cannot be help... He’s kind and fun... Of course he already has a girlfriend...”

Sayanee didn’t mean to eavesdrop. But, she could hear Annin clearly.

“Huh?” she seemed confused.

“Ah, it’s nothing!” Annin tried to fake a smile.

“No, no, wait... the boy? Girlfriend?” Sayanee got her confirmation by the troubled look on Annin’s face.

“Hold on, Anna-san... Kizaki-chan?” Sayanee tried to hold back some laughter as she saw Annin reluctantly nodded, “Kizaki Yuria-chan?”

Confusion started to show on Annin’s face.

Yuria? That’s the boy’s name?

“I think you misunderstand something, Anna-san,” Sayanee bursted in laughter, “Kizaki Yuria-chan is a girl.”

“A girl?”

“Yep. Totally,” Sayanee kept on laughing, “She just did a danso today as part of her dance group performance for the competition. Renacchi is her childhood friend. Their houses are next to each other’s.”

Annin immediately turned her gaze back to the two people they were talking about. She almost lost them in the crowd. But, she could still see them. Right at that moment, Kizaki took her wig off, showing a long straight dark hair underneath.

“I don’t blame you if you didn’t realize it though,” Sayanee’s laughter turned into a chuckle, “That girl is so dense, she might not even think that she needed to tell you. If you tell her that you thought she’s a boy, she’ll just seem surprise, not comprehending why you’d thought so. While in fact, even when she’s wearing a skirt and sporting a long hair, she still seems so boyish sometimes.”

Annin kept looking at the two girls that started to disappear in the distance.

So it was not her girlfriend? She doesn’t have a girlfriend?

Annin didn’t realize that Kizaki’s relationship status bothered her more than the revelation about the girl’s gender. Even if she realized it, she might not understand why it should be a problem. She just knew that knowing that Kizaki Yuria was single made her feel relieved. Other than that, everything that happened that whole day felt surreal. It felt like a dream. A Shibuya dream. Even when she lied on her bed that night, she hoped that she could experience it all over again in her sleep. Meanwhile, the last thing that crossed her mind was:

This means that I have a chance... Right?

The End.

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Re: Shibuya Dream [YuriAnnin]
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2016, 06:06:20 PM »
That was interesting :lol:

Wow she was convinced that Yuria was a guy but to only realize everything was away from the general perception from the bubble within school :nervous
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Re: Shibuya Dream [YuriAnnin]
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2016, 11:07:34 PM »
Thank you, kuro_808-san.
Annin really was sheltered in this story, wasn't her :) ?
I was thinking about "Seifuku Ga Jama Wo Suru" while writing the fic and that's how it turned out :)

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